30 Ekim 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Ekim 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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9 # * ' ' ' ' ? 7 ? < ? ...? -HI -= # <?qp ? ^ r * rv i (Stoning Star. _ V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 30. 1861. N9. 2.713. ^? ?^ii (the evening star II PUBU8HBD EVERY AFTERNOON, . (SUNDAY BXCKPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDUPS, j^ar tf Pnuuflvuxo avtnu* and BUvtntk it. ST W. D. WALLAOH. paper* served la packages by carriers it Ma ?r 37 cento per month. To mall subscribers Ike price la S3 SO a fear, mb * for aU aooUti; tl for three mouths; and for 1cm thaa liff* month* at the rate of IS cents > week. Blagiceeplea, on cnsr; la wrapper*, two cbhts. q- Advubtisbmbjts ahoutd be aent to the Ace before 13 o'clock m ; otherwise they may art appear until the next day. FROM THE SOUTH 1PPRB9S or MS MKMNINGRR 021 TUB PBODBCB LOAJI. The Southern papers publish a circular of Mr Meinminger, ine Secretary of the Treasury under the Confederate government, relative to the produce loan, and the appeal of the cotton I planters for re'ief. The oircular is in reply to the following inquiries: 1. Whether, during the continuance of the blockade, efforts should be msde to procure further subscriptions. 2. Whether tbe government will authorize promises to be held out of aid to the planters, ai sn inducement to such further subscriptions. Mr. Meinminger. in reply to the first query, reasserts what he has said in several previous communications on the same subject, that the subscription is confined entirely to the proceeds of sales, and amounts simply to an agreement on tbe par* of the piaster to lend tbe government so much money, the latter making ne pretentions to exercise any control over the produce itself. The Secretary advises, therefore, the continuation of all efforts to secure nibecriptions, despite the existence of the blockade, inasmuch as government derives an available credit from the certainty of eventual payment. Commissioners are authorised to aay that a reasonable extension of the time appointed for sales will bo allowed. He then takes up the second query, and discusses it at length. We quote as follows: Two plans of relief have been proposed. The one is that the government should purchase the entire erop of the country; the other that an advance should be made of part of its value. In either case the payment is to bo made by the issuance of treasury notes: and, therefore, if we put aside for the present the many and serious objections to the possession, transportation, and management of the crop by the government, it becomes simply a question of amount. To purohase the whole crop would require its whole value, less the amount of subscription cotton at $209,000 000, and the subscription at $50,000,000, the purohase would then require $150.000.tM)0 of treasurv notes, and if to this sum be added the amount "of value for other agricultural products, which would certainly claim tbe same benefit, the sum required would probably reach $175,0^,000. The amount oalled for by the other plan of making an advance would depend upon the proportion of that advanoe. Few of tbe advo cates of this plan have put it lower than five ?ents per pound on ootton, and at the same rate on other produce. It may, therefore, be very fairly set down at about $100,000 000. If we consider, first, the least objectionable of these plans, it is certainly that which requires the smaller sum and if this b* Pound impracticable, tbe larger must, of necessity, be rejected. Our inquiry, then, may be narrowed down to a proposal that the government should i?sue one hundred millions of Treasury notes, to be distributed among the planting community upon the pledge of the forthcoming crop The first remarkable feature of this scheme is, that it proposes that a new government, yet struggling for existenoe, should reject all the l?i*ons or experience, and undertake that which no government, however long estabtablished. has yet succeeded in effecting. The organisation of labor*' has called forth many ingenious attempts, both speculative and practical. among well-established governments, but always with disastrous failure. With us. bow- 1 ever, the experiment is proposed to a new government, which is engaged in a gigantic war, and which must rely on credit to furnish means to carry on that war. Our enemies are in possession of all the munitions and workshops that 1 h .ve been oollected during forty-five years of ( peace, their fleets have been built up at ouf joint expense. With all these on hand they are yet obliged to expend nearly $10,04)0,000 per week to carry on the war. Can we expeot to centend with them at less than half that exJendituru? Supposing that it may require 200,000,000, then the proposal ia that, at a time when we are called upon to raise this lar/e sum for the support cf the government, we shall raise a farther sum of one hundred millions for the benefit of the planting interest. If the government should undertake, for the sake of private interests, so large an increase IS*' maJ hajard its entire credit and stability The experiment is too dangerous, and relief for the planters most be sought in sonia other direction; and may not that remedy bo found? In the first place, let the planters immediately take measures for winter crops, to relieve the demand for prain and provisions. Let tuem prooeed to divert part of their labor from cotton and make their own clothing and suppliet. Thea let them tpplj to the jrroat resource preeented by the money capital in banks and private hand Let this capital come forward and assist the agricultural interest. Hereto fore the banks have employed a large part of their capital in the purchase of northern exchange. Let them apply this portion to faotors' acceptance >f planters' drafts secured by pledge of the produce in the planters' hands. An extension of tho time usually allowed on these drafts would overcome most of the difficulties. This extension could safely reach the probable time of sale of tbe crops inasmuch a? tbe suspension of specie payments throughout the entire Confederacy relieved each bank from calls for coin The banks are aooustomed to manage loans of this character, and srill conduct the operation with such skill as will make them mutually advantageous. The amount of advance asked from the banks would be greatly less than if advances were offered by the government, and all the abuses incident to government agencies would be avoided. It seems to me, therefore, that it is neither neoecaary nor expedient that the government should embark upon this dangerous experiment. It is far better that each class of the community should endeavor to secure its own existenoe by its own exertions, and if an effort be at once made by so intelligent a class as the planters, it will result in relief. Delay in these efforts, occasioned by va*ue expectations of relief from government, which oannot be realised, aay defeat that which is yet practicable. The Memphis Appeal of the 18th inat. has the following editorial in reference to the add re? . The address of Secretary Memminger to the comatesioaers appointed to raise subscriptions to the Produce Loan is of especial interest to the planting portion of the southern community. He reasserts what he has said in several previous communications on the same subject tbat the subscription is confined entirely to tbe proceeds of salce, and amounts simply to an Sreement on the part of the planter to lend a government so much money, the latter ftkfcg no pretensions to exercise any oontroi over the produce itself. The Secretary advisee, therefore, the continuation of all efforts te secure subscriptions, despite the existence f the bioekade, inasmuch as government derives an available credit from tbe certainty of eventual payment. Commissioners are authorised to say that a reasonable extension of tbe tine appointed for sales will be allowed. It ? lJ b* m?ds a very nice question as to whether this address do * not silently wink it the exptrtalton of coiiou during ikt continuation 0f tke blockade Mr Meminger presents a o?gent argument against what he terms the "dangerous experiment" oj government purchasing tk* cotton erop for tke relief of tke p'anters, or even of making an advance of j eo metek on tke found upon the kupotkeca- 1 t*om ?f tke whole. While we may differ with ' kim la regard to the logic that would apply < the same objection to both schemes, we ooa- 1 s'der the remedy he suggests to the planters of resorting to the hanks for relief as equally C > d if it can only be made to meet the eon vreaee of these institutions Not the least i important portion of the Secretary's letter, by t * iy mean*, is his earnest advice to the plant- ' to immediately enter upon preparations i f winter crops, se a* to relieve tbe demand ' f r grain and provisions the ensning year. We , already taken ooeeeion to press this ne- | c*a<tJ bjoo the public ooMiderlioa at tone < length, and of such manifest propriety is the recommendation that nothing Further, we imagine, is required on the subject beyond the perusal of Mr. Memminger's remarks. It is earnestly to be heped that the suggestion be followed bj the whole agricultural community of the South. confiscation of northern propertt. The Richmond Enquirer gives a list of the shares of stock in the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, sequestered under the confiscation act of Congress. The total number is 747. That paper adds:?All of the shareholders enumerated are Philadelphians, with the exception of Mrs. Ellies, who resides in the interior of Pennsylvania, and Mrs. Van Conrtlandt, who is a resident of New fork. The entire number ef shares constituting the capital stock of the oompany is 9,b66?less than one-twentieth of which, it will be seen, was in the hands of foreigners. The market value of the sequestered shares, as determined by the last quotations, would be about $42,57tf?or $j7 per share. arrest of col- ad lb r In compliance with orders issued by the War Department, Colonel Adler. a Polish officer, recently attached to the Wise Legion in Western Virginia as an engineer, with the ejmmis* sion of Colonel,was arrested on Wednesday by the government deteotives and cetsveyed fo the Columbian Hotel, where, in consequence of his weak condition, caused by a selt-inflicted wound, he was permitted to remain upon parole until yesterday forenoon, when he was taken to the^ prison hospital as a prisoner. The charges preferred against him are understood to be that of the spy, and ef holding communication with the enemy. Col. Adler came here highly recommended as an officer of ability, who had served with distinction in the Hungarian war. and in the Italian struggle under Qarabaldi, and under those representations obtained a commission in our army. His unaccountable conduct in Western Virginia exciting the suspicion of Goveror Wise, he was arrested as a spy. Upon hearing of his arrest he attempted to commit suicide, through mortifieation, it is said, inflicting a serious gash upon bis throat, from the effects of which ho is now suffering.?Rich. Enq. Interesting Particular! of the F*ghton ?anta K*>a lilknd. From an amount in the New York Times we take the following additional particulars of the late fight on Santa Rosa Island: Between 3 and 4 a in. firing was beard about two miles from tbe Fort, beyond Wilson's aamp; and it appeared subsequently, by information got from the prisoners, that a deserter, who had been paid off from Pickens two days previous, had given suob information to the Confederates as induced them to land on the inside beach, and cross over to the south beach, and so come upon Wilson's camp suddenly, without encountering the heavy guns of the batteries. They first came upon and shot two of Wilson's picket guards, and drove in the rest near the old Spanish Fort, following up the Zouaves and driving them from tbe camp, and setting the tents and stores and camp equipage on fire. As soon as a messenger reached the Fort, (previous to the fire,) Col. Brown ordered out thirty regulars, under Maj. Vodges and Lieuts. Langley and Taylor, who lost no time in marching to the scene of commotion, where they encountered a large body of the invading force, who surrouc Jed them and demanded their surrender. Major Vodges. being in advance, seeing himself overpowered, and without support from the Zouaves, surrendered as a prisoner, and. with two or three men, was disarmed. Lieut Taylor was also grasped bv the arm. and told to surrender. but, suddenly extricating himself, drew bis sword, and said if they wanted it they must fight for it, and giving the word. "Open order, Fire," to hia men, commenced an attack on the enemy, who had been divided whilst setting fire to the tents. In the meantime Lieut. Langley had galloped back to the Fort, and obtained from Col. Brown a reinforcement of two companies of regulars, which marched in double-quick to the conflict. The Confederates finding that tbe alarm was general, ai d having succeeded in firing the teuis, Ac., retired before the small body$ of troops rallied under Lieut. Taylor, this time taking their rente through n swamp-wood and along the inside beach, firing as they retreated. on the regulars and some Zouaves who had rallied to their assistance. In this way they reached the rebel flotilla, which consisted of four lighters, a number of six and eight oared launches, and two steam-tugs,?which latter were bard aground.?at about 6 a. m Tbe landing had taken place at about two miles from the old Spanish Fort, and upon first arriving at this point on their retreat, Major Vodgee and the other prisoners were taken off to tbe launches, the rebels wading over the flats to get to them, and aboard th? steamers, which did not float for a full half hour. In the meantime the two companies of regulars had come up, and with a few Zouaves, fired volley after volley upon the rebels. One launch whs so riddled that she sunk between the dry-dock and navy-yard, as she was being towed back by the steamer, and after the rebels (some of whom were wounded) had been transferred to the steamer. While the steamera were stuok fast, scares were seen to fall overboard under the fire from tbe shore, and from information received next day, upon the arrival of a flag of truce, it is supposed tttat between three or four hundred fell. In the first attack, eight of our side (privates) were killed and two wounded. Fifteen rebels were killed between the camps and Spanish Fort, on the retreat before the regulars. They were buried in the sand, but disinterred the next day and delivered over to Lieut. Slaughter, C. S. A., under the flag of truce. He had com* over to raolaim the dead. Twenty-eight prisoners were taken, three of whom were wounded, also three officers, and a Major Anderson, (mortally wounded, and supposed to be a brother of Gen. Anderson, U. S. A.) The latter died, and his body was givon to Lieut Slaughter, as were three doctors of the C. S. A. The rebels took on board their boats many wounded, and great numbers were shot dead while wading in the water. Just as the reembarkation of tbe rebels took place, a steam tuj?the Time?made her appearance, with reinforcements, but upon seeing tbe state of things ashore, she contented herself by taking in tow the launches, which had hauled on from under the raking fire of the troops on shere. The flotilla had a narrow escape, as the Potomao, upon observing the fire at Wilson's osmp. got under way, and was towed by the McClellan just within shelling distance as the rebels rot their steamers afloat, and left the island for the navy-yard. Two false alarms had baen given on the previous night, or Col. Brown was beard to say he would, instead of thirty men, have ordered out a sufficient force at onoe to have given a greater defeat to the rebels. It seems Wilson's men have not the best reputation in the world for subordination, as they hare got a decidedly bad habit of talking back to their officers, and Colonel Browa has ordered that any insubordinate Zouave shall be sent to the fort to be taught better manners seder the offioera of the regular Army. A Scene in CuvacH?During divine service yesterday morning m tbe Strawbrldge Church, aear the Richmond market, an unusual affair transpired Tbe services of the morning was tolng closed with prayer, by the Rev Mr Daiblells, who, after earnestly Imploring the blessing of the Savior upon onr Country, railed noon the Lord to blesa the President of the United State* As quickly a* tbe latter words bad been ipnken. a young lady, ' j a stjong voice, ex:1a med, "We have ne President now " The remark rau'ed great commotion In tbe church, ind great Indication was expressed at tbe roniuct of the yeenglady ?gait Clupptr, Oft 88 0y The Committee on the Defena- and Safety if the citv nf Philadelphia have expended up to pet sent Una ?l*l 91V UU, leaving a balance of Ki'15,0Mi 91 of the appropriated by the Joonells SICK AMD WOUNDED SOLDIERS 1* HOSPITAL. Published in conformity trith (he resolution, of the Senate of July 16, 1851. At General Ho*pitt.l on E street, between Fourth and Fifth streett, Washington, Oct. 25. lat Excelalor Brigade. 1 'MNewHampshireVol 2 3d do do.... 1 3d do do l Iftth New York Vol ... 1 1st Michigan Vol.!".* 2 22d do do ... 2 2d do do 1 yolh h? j0-!M do do 1 2Pth do do.... 1 8th do do 3 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan i?TK 2? do.... 2 Independent Vol... 4 ? doL do -" 1 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 atMaaaaehuaettaVol.. 1 nt Rhode Island Vol. 1 2? do... 3 4th do do.. 2 lMlh do do... 1 5th do do., l 19th do do... 1 1st German Artillery 2d Vermont Volunteer! 2 New York Vol .3 4th do do.... 2 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 1 i .i. . do.... 1 lat New iork Cavalry. 2 lat Pennavlvanla Vol . 7 lat Penn.Independent fi,h do do., l Riflea 1 Hth do do.. 5 UtN.JeraeyCavairy(6) 1 j? do.. 1 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 o5!k ** 1 19th 'ndlana Vol 3 i>Z.? do do.. 1 Cameron Dragoona ... 1 30th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry l Vt'i 2? do.. 1 Oth do do.J ?.r do .; l iat California Brigade 1 5th New Jeraey Vol... | _ 4)h W*i?e V?i (a) 1 Total 90 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (c) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Oct 25. 2d U 8. Infantry 3 9th Penn. Volunteera . 7 5th do Cavalry l loth do do 1 2d Maine Volunteera . 2 26th do do 1 6th do do 1 33d do do...!!! 7 2d Vermont Volunteera I 42d do do 3 3i do do 12 |st do Artillery .. 4 9tbMas.aeht.aet. Vol.. 1 tit do Ridea .?..!! 5 19th do do.. 1 4th do Cavalry.... I 14th New York Vol... b 3d do do...!!! 3 4? do.(a) 1 19th Indiana Vol...(b) 5 )Mth do do.... 2 lat Michigan Vol..... 2 S? 1? 1 -3d do do...(e)13 do do.... 3 4th do do...(d) 3 ? ? 2? do.... 1 6th do do 2 36th do do.... l Stockton'a Michigan .u _.do 1 '"dependent Vol ... 1 Oarlbald) Guards 1 2d Wisconsin Vol. (e) 3 Mozart Regiment 1 5th do do.... 5 lam many Regiment. 1 ?th do do... i Kicelsior Brigade.... 2 Teamsters, Q. M. D .. 3 lat New Jeraey Vol... 1 3d Penn. Volunteera. 1 Total 120 (.(?' Oneomcer (6) One officer (e) Two officer.. (d) Two officera. (?) One officer. At (general Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct 25. lat Long Island Vol .. 1 list New Jersey Cavalry 1 2d New YorkVol 2'2d Maine Volunteera. 4 13th do do...... 2,6th do do ..... 3? 14th do do 6 9 h do do 1 17th do do ] id NewHampsbireVol 2 18th do do 1 2d VermontVolun'.eers 7 do do 1 3d do do 8 23d do do 1 4th Rhode IsNnd Vol. 7 26'h do do l 1st Michigan Vol i 33d do do 3 2d do do 24 35th do do 2 3d do do 4 40th do do 1 4th do do 5 43d do do 2 2d Wisconsin do 5 50th do do 2 6th do do 2 7S>th do do 5 1st California do !lo 3d P?nn. Volunteera . 2 2d do do 2 do do 5 1st Minnesota do ! ] ?tb do do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 th do do 3 1st Lxrelaior Brigade. 1 v M? 4? *'2d do do... 1 ?? 3 OneidaCountvCavalry 1 ^ do do a Stockton's Mlc.bieau 3oth do do ]| Independent Vor... 1 47th do do 2 Mott'? Battery 1 lat do Artillery.... 5 Baxter*. Fire Zouavea I >th U. 8. Artillery.... 2 Teameter.... 1 2d Cameron Dragoon*. 5 "_I 3d do do.... 1 Total 163 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Oct. as Vavnlry l|3d New Jeraey Vol... 2 2d Maine Volunteera.. 6 5th do do ... 2 do do 3 7th do do.... 2 ? do do 3 1st Penn Artillery.... 5 do do 3 .'Id do Cavalry 2 10thMassnrhuaettaVol ? lat do Riflea 1 14th do do. 3 3d do Volunteers.. 4 l?th do do. 1 4th do do 5 2d Vermont Volunteera 1 8th do do 12 3d do do l loth do do!...!! 6 lat Long I aland Vol .. 1 12th do do 7 1st New York Cavalry. 1 13th do do 2 2d do Vol 3 27th do do!...." 1 11th do do 1 3ut du do 5 lfeth do do l nd do do 12 %a 2? 2? 3 355,1 do do i 23d do do 4:Cain's Penn. Rifles... 1 Xa , do I0|l?t Michigan Cavalry. 1 Jfd do do lut do Vol 2 33d do do 1 2d do do 3 '5th do ~ do 2|4th do do 2 ?? do do 1 j 7th do do 1 ;i!r *1? do 6Pth do do.. .(a)i3 43d do do 1 [Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 4#th do do l 5th Wisconsin Vol... 2 Sickles Brigade, N 2'?ta do do.... 5 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 7th do do.... 2 Garibaldi do do.. 1 1st Minnesota Vol 2 Dt Kalb do do .. 2 ?*th Illinoia Cavalry... 2 Berdaii'sSharpaWters 1 Stur?ls Illinois R fles. I latL .S CLasseura ... 2119th Indiana Vol 12 Mnfoln Cavalry 4 27th do do 1 Mn^.Ca,Ta.lry 2 1* California Vol!..!! 2 McUtllan'aDragoons I 1st D. C. Volunteera .. 2 lat New Jeraey Cavalry 19 2d do Vol.... 1 Total 231 (?) One officer At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct 25 ' 2d U. S Cavalry 5 2d U . 8 Infantry I 5th do do 2 3d do do... 3 1st do Artillery.... 4 nth do do I ijd do do 9 Uh McCall'a DivMsn . 1 XT. d? do 5 27th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 llZ j do 1 Quartermaater'a Oep't 1 oth do do........ 6 lat do Infantry 2 Total 42 Sick remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama. Oct. 24. 8th Maine Volunteera. 1 47th Pennsylvania Vol l 31st N?wYork Vol... 1 MrKnigbt^PennVol 1 34th do do.... ] 3d Michigan Vol 1 do o do.... 18th do do 2 3d Lxcelalor Brigade. 1 lat do Cavalry.17 }?t German RI flea 1 5th Wiaconaln Vol.... l U.8 Chaaaeura I 7th do do.... 9 Harrla Light Cavalry. 1 l?th Indiana Vol itf 1st New Jeraey Cavalry 6 1st Minnesota Vol I lat Pennavlvanla Vol . 1 3d U. 8 Infantry a 8th do do.. 1 1 _ 36th do do.. 1 Total 68 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 25. Artillery .... 3 38d Penn. Volunteera. 3 i??k Yorkvi?1...4 3d do Cavalry.... 3 !?.? do....23 45th do Vol 6 a? do.... 12 2d Michigan Vol..(a) 12 H? 2?*"" 3 Sth d? do 5 2?? 7 L,nc?1n Cavalry 4 f do.... 5 lat New Jeraey Vol... l ?i? h? d0--1S4tAr d0 do.... l 31at do do.... 8 2d Vermont Volunteera 1 Stk 2? do.... 12 Cameron Rifles 3 37th do do.... 2 3d Michigan Vol l Wth do do.... 7 1st Minnesota Vol l do do....10 61at Pennsylvania Vol 2 Iv d? , do.... l quartermaster's Dep't 1 3d Maine Volunteera. 12 Teamater i 4th do do 8 1 5th do do 1< Total 184 ( ) One officer. rkUPONT-S 6UNPOWDER, n hand, *nd awivecM free to all paita of the l>isR*?r?? Cnm OUCKWHEAT FLOUR, CEEO BUCKSvHEAT FLOUR. cranbeeeies. ? IING A BUXCHELL, ?? Corner Vorroontav ano 15'h *t. ffAMBURG CHEK8E ! n ? _ Hamburg cheese SM lbs Hambut Cheeae. two yeara oid. aJd verr "Mr tor. n I NO A BURCII Ml" Qg II CQriiflr Vermont h ?f.

PJANOS, PIANO*. Pirnmtd LEA fc FERRIES' CILfUUflO Worcestershire Sauce. Proaoanoed by BO EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS of a Letter from a to be the If Medical Gmtleman ftt Madrftg " ONLY1 GOOD ^ TeHuJirotker SAUCE." EflJKcS at Worcester. ftno applicable to .. rail ?,?Y%EVERY fThSuy^eitoXSd m India, ftnd is, in VARIETY my opinion, the most |jp|| oa ftt^hie, A.< we. I M OP DISH [ Lfc^jBtne moat waolesome ^j^SfffTsauee that 1* made." The *V>re SAUCE is not only the tat ftnd moat popular coKfli*wx+ known, bnt the moat ?? *"*?ical, fta ft tew drops in Sp**, of witli Fish. hot ftnd cold Joints, Btef Static, liami,jT'.^impftrt ftu exquiste teat, which wyriattyM Sauce manufacturers hftve in vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner, or S*Pf? Tiblr, ft cruet containing " LEA A PhKRINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia mdispeasab!e. 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In fact, every thing for sale in the Northern m?rkets always on nana, at reasonable prices Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered withont charge t? any parr of the District, in season, if the money ia sent with the order. My establishment is open from 5 a m. to 12 at sight, every Gay, except Sunday, when 1 oloac at lo o'oiock a. m. se27 T. M. HARVEY. TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian principle, arranged for sleeplog or to act as an Amhu anoe in oase of siokness or wounds, with ample room for*^^ ?stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and perfectly new. havii.g been jurt * uilt to order by one of the first makers in N?w Yoik, is offered for sale at cost price. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may he seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corooran's Lane, behind the Cham House, between 1 ftnd H streets. we 2D FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY Of WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital T77. ..9200,000. QAu toruir O strut **4 Loutsianm ?., over Bank ?/ Washington. INSURE SOUSES ANDOTHKR PPOPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE, Diticroms. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, "ftm'iel Cropley, Wiiiiam Wilson. , Riuhr.rd Jones, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thos. Parker, Riehard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Dftv'.s. i No oharge lor Policies. JAMES ADAMS, Preeidenl. Abet. G- Davis, Secretary. an 9-eo4rr NAVY BLUE FLANNEL. Broadoloth*. and Cassimer^s ; Army Hl.ie Flanrela, Broadcloths, anil CaEsnn'rex, assoited quaitiea that can be relied on. ' Heavy Colored Blankets lor <nmp service. W itu all kuuia of Dry Goods for ine use cf Uourekffipra. Carpets. Curtains, Oilcloths, Rugs, Ac., upper floora. One price only, marked in p'ain figures PERRY It BRO., Pa. avenue and Niuth st, oo]7 5t "Perry Buildi*g." " A A SCUTUM CLOTHS,"(Water proof /ft. Repellant Clotns.) for Ladie* and Gents' Autumu and Winter Wrappings, various atades, of the best ^aahty. With all other kinds of Dry Goods for current daily wants. One price only, rr.arVeJ in plain figures. All parcels for the interior properly packed, f?e of oharge. PERRY A HRO.. Pa. avenue ftnd Ninth ?, oo32 At 'Perry Building." gl topham's QB& QBBfl PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 Bivk^th Steivt, W ASiii.ieran, D. O, SUrer Medal awarded hy Maryland InstiUte o Bftltimore, November 7,1860. Also, Medal by Metropolitan Meohanioa'InatitaU, Wftshington, D. C., IH&I. 1 am constantly making, and always have ea hand. of the beat material, every description ? Pine Sole Leather, Iron Frame, Ladiw' Drees, Wood Box, and Packing Trunks, Peiliaier, Carpet, aad Canvas Traveling Bags, 8choo!Satcneia, Ao., At Low Prtces. Members of Congri?ss and travelers will please examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere Tuinks that are made in other oities. superior Leather and Dress Trunks made lo order. Trunks ocvirei! and repaired at short cotioe. Goods delivered free of oharge to anytpart of the eitv Freetown, and Alexandria. ^ ' JAMES 8.TOPHAM. S NOTICE. TYL1SH Autumn and Winter Wrappings for ladies, of qualities better than usually found in this market, in Woolens and Silks Many novelties in !?hawla. With al. kinds of Dry Goods for the general and speoial wants of families and housekeepers. One price only, thej^stnal cash standard value, ma-kea in plain figure*. Our Northern and Eastern correspondents send us new supplies daily. Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths, Rugs, Ac., upper floors. An inspection of stock implies uo obligation to purchase. PERRY A BRO., oc 2-5t Pa avenue and Ninth at. COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Aa. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF HUM ARABIC. This ple?sant and popular Cough Remedy has been so long known and extensively used that most persons have Deoome familiar with its extraordinary emoaoy. It oftn be had at ftll the pnno pal drug stores, at 36 and SO cents a bottle. oc M d2mAeo4in* ri%i.ND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bft SMiTH has not advanced the price of his Clothing whioh ne has just reqeived and is selhsg on at suoh remarkable low pnoes Give me a cai and satisfy yourselves of the great bargains that are now offered every day at tsMITU'S, No 490 , Seventh st. oc 1 lm PERSONS NEEDING BLACK GOODS are sohoited to inspect our large and oomp!Ne stook of ail the standard flabrics for mourning apgare^, with all the minor reqstsitee fer persons la An inspestion of stook implies bo obligation to I One prlee only, marked in plain figures. c"rVK?fK'ln*ko^ "" : fv n,? ^OMK-MADE BOOTS AND 8HOKS. , Lajcbs'i Vfaai, j ns ika ?. . K?t atb mjiClfsU I 1 ftreei. ooHa | Bi>R JOHNSTON, ALT1NUII LOCK HOiriTAL, Ht d%u0+*r?4 tkt mmi Cortmta. S*44dy mmd saif Kfftclua, Htmtdf m lA? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FEETENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CVPE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAEUE, IS FHOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Heaknettef S.r.c.aree, Affactientof tfct '<atyaend Bladder .amwin SiKtatfti, Geoseal Debility, Mii'iiiuiu, DyetopeT, Lannor, C?fw of Ideas, Low Spina, ? fiua?B of tha Hear;, Timidity, Tremblings, Pinraaaa o* Sif nt or OtSdiutea, Dtwaaa nf tha litd, Tlinu, Nmi or Skin, Afeiuaee af Lb* Lnn, Stora eft or fcoea!e--theeo TimMt Dieordere arwing rrnw Aoltfry Habita of Ttwrh?tbeae I'readfal and Deetntctivo Practice a which rtndtr Kif.'Uft imawtiblt, and dooirey both Body ud Mind. YOUNU MEN Eepaeliliy who but become the ?k time of Solitary Vict, that drt.dfal a.id daetracties habit which aunaally twaepo It ao at. timely (Mas B? of Yum | Miu of (ho moo! ilalud talsnu and brilliant intellect, who might otherwiee l??*? entranced Uettmng Stnatee with (ho thandert of ala. qaencl <tt waked to eaatacy the living lyre, may coil with nLi couJdenca. MARRIAGE. MtllllO P?*05i,or TftnjBin contemplating Marnaii, boiiif awirt of pbyeical aealite, organic debility, deformiuee, 4c., epeedilT carod. Ho who rlacea himeelf andar the car* of Dr. J. may rtllrteaeiy coolie in bia honor aa a gentleman ud aanldea&y rtiy opon hi* okill aa a phytician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FRF.DERICE ST. Uft hand (Ida jrmnf froa Baliimoroetr eat, a faw door* from thl Wmir. Fail not to obeerao nam* and namber. Letters nan bo fald ar.d eoniaic a etamp. DA JOHNSTON, Mtmbor of thl Royal Callage at Sargeone, ?oodw, gradaato from oot of tht root I eniinant Co'.'.lfti tr> the United taut, and tht greater port of wboot I.ft hot bean open ta tht boapiult of London, farit, Philadtiphia and tlttwbtrt, hat tffVcttd tomt of tht moat attor.uhing sartt that wtrt tatr Innwn; many troabled with ringing to tha htad and aara wbtu aeietf-; #reat nerrooeneee, l-ting alarmtd at taddtn aoundt, baahfulnirt with frtqatnt bleating, atttndtd oomttimot with deranfemeat af n**?d, wtrt cared immediately. TAEE PARTICULAR NOTICE Tavng Mto aad others who haaa injortd tsemeelesa by a eertaui pracuct indulged to whaa aloue?a habit frequently ' rntd from tail cciup?nioot, or at tchocl, to* efltcta ?( whicn aft nightly ftlt e?an wbta aalttp, and if sot eared, rtndtrt narna;l fnpotttblt. aad dttiixyt both mind aaa hod*, ahonld apply in:ir.?^l??tW. Thtta art aoint of tht tad aad nrt^aiKhoiy tfftctt prcdactd by t*rly habiu of rooth, ?n : Wtakutft ?f tht Back and Limba, Paint in lb* He.id, Dmmttt of Sij^it, Lott of Maaca<ar Powtr, Paipiiauon of ma Htart, Dytptpay, Ntrtoat irritability, Darangamtm of tht Digaati'a Funcuoot, Gaotrai Dtl'ility, flymptoma of Contamptioa, Ac. MBFfTALLT.?T%? ftarful effccta on tha miad ara mach ta bt drudtd?Lnat of Mtmory, Coofotion of ldeat, Dtrrtaa oe af Spiriu, EtiI Portbodiu^a, Avtraion of Society, 8?If-Diatrcrt, LrTt of Wolitada, Tunidity, ate., ara tomt of tha atila vodacta. mitoi'i D?l!lt.!tr.?Tboaaauda cao now )ad(t what ia I tba citaat of thtir dteliniof J-faHh, iot-.ar |4itir ngor, btcoattug vaak, pal a, mnota and air.aclataa, ka?in| a auif alar appaaranct about tht tytt, coafb or tyapUfra of cootanpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tht miayaidtd and imprudtnt roury of pltatara lnd( ht hat imhi^td Jit tttdt of thia piinfnl dittaat, it too oftaa htpptnt that an ill-timtd atntaof ahamt or drtad of ditcoaary dtttrt him from apply lug to thot? who, from adaeauoa and rtaprtlAbihty, caii a! ~t btfrtend hnn Hi fallt into tba hai.di of ignorant an<? driifchf prtttudtrt. who, iacapabla of curmr, filch bit pecuniary tcutU~aa; kttp mm tnliof month artr month, or aa long at Mt tB.atUft 'at cao ba obUu.td, and id dttpair laaaa him with rnintd litalii ia t:gb aatr oia galling diaippoiMmtut; or by tba Bat of that d > a.y poiton?Mtreory?hatttn tha eoi^atitational tymptomt of thl* tarnblt dutaaa, acch at Aftcuont of tit Htart, Throat, Htad, Skin, Ac., progrtttmg with frightfal rapii ty, till dtaU pau a atr>od to hit drtadfu. taftringt ba aendirg hiataibataawteaatrtd ceantr? from whoat haarnt na traatltr ratarut. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OROANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thia grtat and important ramtdy wtaknaaaaf tht organa art tpttduy cartd ana fall vifar raat?Ttd. Tfcamt- .dt ?f tb? tat naraoat aad dttil'taud, wba had laot all hope, aaaa htta immadiattly rtliaetd. All imptdlmecu ta Marriagt, Phyt'aal ar Mental Dia^aalHcrt.oi.t, Laee ol hrocroaure Power, Ririou Irritability.Treirttuig Wtakctaa or Kataaation of U-e moat ftarfai klad opeaaily carol. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Til M*!tT TMOVtaieoa aaraJ at thia iaetiiauM wivhla tha let', eerenttan reara, and tha rarntromt unpartar.t Sarriaal aparatiane parramed by Dr. Johoetan, wiu,teetd by tbt rtportert af tht piftrt ana many other Btraooa, :ioucee of which hare ap; eared agun and afain before the pablic, bot <*ea kia etanaing ae a gentleman af character and reapeaaiHiuy, It a taMcitct gaa.-ijitee ta me aflicted. aar lt-1? NOTICE. "ADAMV EXPRESS tU.nPAPIT " Thu Company oflers to Uio pu'i.io " I'-neqaAllwl AdvantAges'' for tbe !?afe ani Quick l?iBp?toh of Heavy Freights Paokar.M, VAlaahlM, Money, Ao. 4c., to aJl part* of tue Uiatod f ta let. Kxprssaee to and from the North Ann Wettdsp*rt from And arrive ia Washington twioe dsily, ( A!i Kxpreatc* are in charf* of exptrimcod and rtltablt Messenger*. < All Paclcages for The Soldiers c Arnec at M0?s BAi-V" our U.UAl !*.te?. Aii Go -'l? for the ao-oal!ed "Conf 'prats Statea" 1 ?n<l all Artioles ** Contraband er Wir" will bs KsrvsBO. Uii- Express'* leave New York At 1.5, and 6 P. M.. arrivmc in Waihiagton at 8 A. M. and 5.30 P M* Expresses leave Philadelphia At tM A. M. and 11 V. VI., arnvir.g in Wathinitton at 5 ? P. M. and 6A. f4. Expreaoea >e*ve Kaitirnore at 4 3ii A. M. aad 3 P. 1 M . arriviiig ia Waal<iti*ton at 6 A. M. find 5 3D P, M, expresses for all points North and West Isavs Washington at 731 A. M. and 2J0 P M. daily. Spool*! Contracts for arge quantities of Frei|ht , oau be made on applioation to Una < >ihc, . ' All Goods ?allea for aud delivered fru of Extra Oharges. E. W. PARSONS, Sup't Adams'Express Company. Washington, August a. 1861. au 38-tf \T WOOD AND COAL. QU Will surely rjt y?ur money's worth by oalling at the PIONKEK MII.LS, icmtkmitt ?er , ntr ar Stvtntk Uriel aad Otjwai, ittEO. PA6E. Aceut) Tliey Mil cheaper and give tiettcr uissmuts than any others ia the ciry?cut, split, and delivered free ot charge If yos doc t t olievs , I vs the Pioneer Mws atria., and b?sai:sfieO. '-I t r |?00#IS AMD TO SVIV TKI Wsais now mar.afaomring ail kinds of BOOVS an4 SHOES, u.d eortUntiy rsoaiviag a^e ssppiy cf eastern mr-'e work of every de E^Bl station, mads tgarftsaU to order, and will rBai be sold at a mscii lo^sr sriosthan has L?et* keretofore oharged in fhis sity for mien mfsnw artisi sa PersoLs in want o] Boots and Shoss ot sastsrn ar sity disc4 e work, will always find a good assortmss la stare aca at tks la vest pioe* Sivsssaoail. K1KK1N * BKO? 4 * 4 n*r>nif'viri| RMV SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIYED? 480 cans SAUSAOE MEAT, 1 3*0 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 4>*cana FRKSH VEAL, W) cans BEKF.a Im mod*. 240 cans ROAST BEEF, W>cans KRRSH MUTTON, 24"cams BKEFaud OkAVY, 840 cans SO LP and BOLILLI. *>oajwji^FRENCH DE9SICATED VEQE For sale at New ifork Factory prioes, KING A Bl'RCHELL, ? * Comer l and HfWnth etraats, HNEW BOOKS. ISTORY of toe United Netherlands, by John Lothrop MoUa/ i 2 vols.; free b? mail, f 4. The Rise of the Ihiteh RepuSlis, a history, by ^ohn Lothrop Mctisy; Ivoj aioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver of Rave ol, by the author or "Adam Beds oioth moenu; paper tc Oftltl* ^ Life and Career of Msjor Andre, by Wintrop Sargsaut; $IM>. After Icebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundiana#by Rev LoaisL Noo e: 91.60. The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro-Oarbon Oils, byThomas Aatiself, M. D., Any oj tns above free by mail i _ FRENCH A R1CHSTK1N, 5 8T? Penna. a venae. fl*OR OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS --uok akin Uauntieu, several saalities. Heavy Grey BlaLkots for Camp aervtoe. Bine C! iths and Cas*imeres various qualities. One price only, marked in plain figures. \\ e also otfer all kinds of nrat-alass Drr Goods for the general aid special wants of families aad housekeepers. PRRRV * BKO , Pa. avenue and Niath at., _oo 13-5t "Pn ry BaiiaiLg." sad tne qualities, waioh we are sellmc a t very low priosefor oatU. 7 na (lBt*Hui?M,aa4 aaamaai ueee attidtiy eoaAdenua1 jaiac Hiat'kajia^c.^ PPPUNB AND NEW REPS.-Maay ent wanta of fimihea. i Ore pres oi ly. the aetwl ca^h staadaH value, nwtsd In piaen agurre- , PLBKVft BROTHER' j I'a. avar ?e and N > r?? ( o? fu^P^^CLo^^aa^ , # THE WEEKLY ST AH. VUa omUmi FaaaUy u< News |?|Natetataf grmtt* yarMy ?r tataraattaf mUlaff tta eaa to foaad la uf i?m n p?MkM m , at " *?????????????>???.Mm 4 M Twenty-Ire ot^lm M M II tawiaaif a??Bai ? *w. " ?uhlartaB fUw it' (tot ta mad* Tto Daily frar circa Ma o generally throng toot the row try CTMneW rop4? (!n wrap pets) ru to pro. core* at tte counter. ImmeOatrty after tto tan* of tar paper Prlco?THREE CENTS. ? ??B?Bto HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract BuohiL, A Posutr* and SpteiJU r-rrrfy For Dinum of tto VLADDER. SIDNEYS. OR AVFL 1*4 DROPWCAL SWELLINGS. This M?dictna increases the towir of D-resttoa. acd rxciteetfcs a b*ob bkrt* into healthy aoboa. by which the Wiim ox ctiructi das^. ^aa. and *ij trnsafVBaL X*L?X6**?kis arr rffl uo?3. M pair A*d larLAJtMATioa, m4 M ?ood MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For WftlinN'N Amine trom Exc ???, Habits of Pimntim. Early I rdiscr->tioB or A'us*. Attended trltk the Following Symptom* : In<1i?po?iti??i to Exertion, Lors of Power. is?M^*t.*,e,ll>orT' DiEcaltyof Hraaikiac. Weak Nerv*e, Trrwibaag* H . rror of D.BfMO, Wator?lr.eeit ltimiiMiof Vi?ioii. Ptii in to ImC Laasitade of the M>iecalar !-?tttm. Hot Hand*, Machine of theft-jtfy, Drynesa of the 9k.a, Eraptinua on tto Fiee. pallid couktehabcx. Theee ?ym?t. ms u a owrd to go r?, which Una meriioine invariably -em'-vee, boob fo<t?v? IMPOTKNCY, FATUI TV. EPILEPTIC FIrS. In on* of which the Patient may Kwpwe. Who can fay t^a* they are ^-ot fresaaatiy followed A* ttios* "DrxxrrL duxasbs." * INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aaare of the raaee of tliair suffering, BCT HOWX WILL COTIPt 86. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Deaths by Consumption. BXAX AM TLB W1TRKBB TO Tit TBVTB OP TBI AMUTIOR. THE WTT.TiCTcH^J?.^Sfc?D Requires th? aid of medioiae to strengthen and Itngorate tto System, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably dooo A TBIAL WILL OOWVI5CB THB Bftf tfcEPTlSAL. FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- FEMALES, OLU Sfctf LWaWMMW- ?* In Many Affect tons Peculiar to FemmUt the Extract Buod u is nneaoall d by any "ther remedy, at in Chloroeia or RetM>t?oa, Irr gaiancy. Pamfuaiesa, or ^oppression ot Cuatomarr Eraeuatiocs. Ulcerated or Scinrroas state of tto Utarus. Leaoorrhea or Whites, Sterility, and for all oomplai-\ts inoident to the aex. whether ariaiBg from Indiscretion. Habit* of Dieetpatioa, or ib tto DECLINE OR CHANGE GF LIFE! sax SYMPTOMS ABOVBN0 FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take as more Balsam, M'rcwry, or Ps^iiift Medicine for Unpleasant and Danger em Di ?*** $. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV crass SECRET DISEASES In all their Staxes; At tittle Ftibh; Little or no c&ange ic Dtat; No laooaTsiuaaaat And no AXp*nr?. It oauses a fre^u nt desire IM fires strength to Urinate, thereby Rmii vug obat-uctiocs, Preveutmi and Carinc Strictares of the Urattoa, Allayinx cm? and lnflairmiUoa, ao fre^aPDt in the olais of disea?aa, *** expoiuag nil Fou?nou*, Diseased, and ?v* out Matter. THoCKXRDS rpoR THOrSABDS IVHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tare pail neavy /to* to to on red ib a atort time, have f jund tary were daoatred, and that the ' poison" has, by ttr* use r.f"^#?e.r/a/ mtrimtontt'* bet-n drird np in the system, to breax oat ia aa Mi.'arated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARR1AOM. Us* HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU t!l affdc.t;oiis anl d'seas -s ot tha URINARY ORGANif whetLer existing ta -n.\LE OR FEMALE, trom whatever cause ori|inatiB< and no mattar of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of theaa Organs require the aid of a Dlitbitic, HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC. und it is oe-tain to h?ve the d( ?irad effect ta l>iseas?s/er ieAve? it ti rocomnumded. EVILXNCB or TBB HOST BBBPOBSLXLB AID KB* LIABLE CBABACTBB will aooompany the mediciaes. CERTIFICATES OF CIRKH From8to?y<*ii' standlaf. with Nam?s know" *o SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB MAXB "BO BCXBT'' OF "IBBBBDIBBT* " HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHC is composed o? Bachn.Catobaaad Jamaar Bamsa, selaotad with stoat oare by a cmpetam drarfiat. PREPARED IN VACWO, BY U. T. HELMBOLD, Praotioal and Analytioal Chemist, and Bole Manntaotarer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Personally at pear eu uefora me an Aldeneae of the oity or Phiiadel^kia. H. T. Raunou w?o beint daiy w a.dotn say. hie preparations aOn tain no sa'ootia, ao meroarr.or othar talanoaa dr..., ?'aY .Bijtjoui tgzsxtj:'mahU wrrnhuKty' A id 31 man, Nlatt at., a^ora Raaa, PkiU. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price SI ft kettle, or alx tar |i. Delivered to aiy addraaa. aoaaraly paaiai ftaas itomtiau H. T. HELMBOLD, CtoJ^af4*"-*^* Depot, lot Soath Taatfe aC, tokrw Chaataat. PVia. BE WARE OP OODIVTSRPSfTi AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALER who aadearor to disaoae "of theer ewa" aad "otaar" ariieles on tae ra?a*at?on atiaiaad By Hi'-mboWt Genuine fnpsrsnssi, Extract Muohn, M fonsfsnlia, ? Imtfronti Root Wmtk i SaM by S. B. Wajtb. X. IX naaa, Joaa Waati S C. Fsu, S B- torranaTM, B O. Majoa, Eivwbu S Labbbwcb. 4. R. Ruat. Waaaiagtoa aad Goonatowa, AND ALL DROtHilhTB EVERYWHERE. ?.,* ?? si a. -Sa via ,m?vm AIK FOR HELMBOLD'S IAEE SO OHM LND AVOID I?PO?nON ato SXPOS9MR. D*t*rihi Symptom* ? mil Coasamwirmtovu*. Hyrf *eeeew*^ C