1 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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- ' ? LOCAL NEWS. BT-fTKMif h Ti?? *fH I* printed on tt? fe**t ntrm prr* ?t> ?? "oath of Baltimor*. It* edlUon 1? w ? ?o squire It to be pat to pr??a ?t an ^rty b*?r: Ad**rtuem*%t?t therefor?, .hould be rot la before IS o'clock ottaenriae thev mar tof notippeor netll the rwu day. 7 Pnrort Afvaib?Lest night _ c ??'?-??* broker on C atrevt, back of the National Hotel, to tak? a young mo from bit door, who waa behaving In a disorderly manner The man was removed to Justice bono'* o?ce; but It appearing u> be do more than a misdemeanor. growing out ?f tbe Intoxication of tbe prisoner, be was taken to the gusrdhouae. There he was subjected to the 'jsusl search, when It was discovered that he was wounded In two places?a alight cut In tbe leahy part of the right arm, below tbe elbow.and a more aerloua wound behind the right shoulder. Detective Allen being InforttftQ of It, went to inn itre Into tbe case, and boon ascertained from Mr? Her*berg that the (tabbed the man She wrat to the gnaTdhrraae with Mr Allen, and a Cell ml nary ekaftii nation waa had before Juatlce alter; !a Which it appeared that the wounded man.wbi* name ia Daniel O'Hanlon, a waiter at tbe National Hotel, being Intoxicated, atopped at Mr vtvberg'a door and behaved *erv rudely to bim; ind he went for a patrolman While he waa gone, the man aaaanlted Mra H , calling her very "pprobrioua name*?aa "d?d w?e, d?d b?h," Ac., repeating them until abe became enraged, Kited a aword and went at him, inflicting the vonnda. aa ahe readily admitted A young man named Chaa Kearney attempted to get O'Hanlon away, and put hl? hand on O'Har.lon'? ahoulder for that purpose. when tbe aword descended and track off the little laser of hia left band Probably theasme blow Inflicted tbe wound In O'Hanloa a fboulder. Dt. Ltndaley attended O'Hanlon at tbe guardhouse, and ordered bis removal to better quarters; and thero being no danger of a fatal result, Mra Herzberg vai admitted to S3.U00 hail far farther hearing A* Eirmomc Policima* ?Yesterday afternoon Mr. C. D Welch, of Georgetown, happening to be In tbe city, met a man named Adolpb Grosemaa and a colored boy driving bla cow along at tbe corner of Seventh and H atreeta. Intimating to them that H was hta cow, he told the bov to follow him and drive her along, when they left suddenly Groseman, after a hard chaae, waa i-jtntnrMi bv Patrolman Grant, and Patrolman Frailer too* charge of the cr-w. Groaeman wa? taken before Joatlce Donn and committed to fail for court On the way to jail with Groaeman the patrolman saw a little girl in a parlor trying to extlngniah a fire which had broken out in a dwel11 ng on Louiaiana avenue, opposite City Hall. Vixleg hla priaoner by the collar he pushed him into the bouse, and aucceeded In putting out the Are, which, fortunately, waa only the jSamea of the gauxe cover of a large chandelier which had caught ire Groaeman broke from him and tried again to ear ape, but Grant waa too faat for him and overtoek htm on Four and-a-half atreet, near C. and conveyed him safely to jail, where be will remela to await the order of the Criminal Court. K PeopHxcr.?The following prophecy, translated a few veers aince by a lady who ia an Inmate of a relizioua inatitution in the vlcinltv of tVssbiagton, bat a peculiar Interest at thin time. Tte original is in Latin, and bears marks of great antiquity. It is said to have been written by a recluse some centuries since. 44 Before thirteen united Shall be thrice what they are, The eagle shsll be blighted By the lightning of war. When SUty Is ended. And one takes Its place, Tbe? brothers offended (Jball deal mutual disgrace. If white remain white, And black still be black, Once more they'll unite, And bring happiness back. But whenever the Crosa Stands aloft 'mr>na the Stan Thev ahall gain by "their loss. ' And thus end all their wan." The Tarn akd the Attempt to Besak Jatl. Mr H M. True desires us to correct our statement of the recent attempt to break Jail, ao far as It relates to him and his brother,who are there awaiting trial upon charges growing out of the fraud upon the banking bouae of L. Johnson A Co , some months ago. The Trues say they were not In the room where the work was going on, but In another In the same range; and that they bad no band in the cutting out. We will also say for them, tbat we are informed at the jail that they were aware of the efforts making by the other prt*onera, and intended to tell the keeper*, though somehow they didn't happen to do it. When tbe design waa detected the Trues were put in Irons, but were afterwards released from th?m Tk. principal* in the work were the soldier Baker, charged with killing a comrade in Georgetown, and A Cobn, who attempted to break out of the guardhouaeon two occasions within a few weeks. Thomas King's National Circus ?Mr King's official notice (or tb? opening of hia new establishment will be found in our advertising columns His card contains a long list of names, and embraces Mxne of the bes' performers who have ever graced the arenas of Kuropean or American rsUbUabmcBU. Aa Mr. King Is well-known here as a man of professional pride and veracity, we oplae that hi* promlsea can be depended upon. Mr. James Melville, the Australian rider, will creaU a furore, as will the galaxy of female stars. Mr. King starts out with the determination to reader the circus In Washington a place which the retried ud fastidious can visit with nnmiaii fled pleasure Diath or Soldibbs ?The following soldiers d ed yesterday: Private Knight, company D, First Pennsylvania cavalry, at camp. James Glass and Barry Hobaagh, company C, Firs- Pennsylvania reserve, at Camp Plerpont. W Corwin, First New Jersey cavalry, at Camp Munaoa. W. aturgls, company E, Long Island volunteers and D. T McLatchen, compaay I). Fourteenth New York, at Uie Seminary. Hcc&stuuns withoct licbksb.?Yesterday, J R Padgett, a non-resident, was arrested for huckstering In the market without a license He was taken before Justice Walter by Patrolman Reynolda, and was fined #6 94 This offense has been for a long time cause for complaint by the hucksters, who have always Deen prompt to pay for their licenses A Plug ?A few nlffhti s?o the MetroDolitan Police picked up a portable box?such aa the chestnut and fruit deslera at tbe ?tre>-i corner* uso?containing the utensils for routing cbextnuts, Ac It wu taken to tbe guardhouse, and, no claimant appearing, it will be recorded aa unclaimed property and stored away. 9vddbh Death ?Mr. Michael Carroll, quarterman In tbe plumber's department of tbe Navy \ ard. died suddenly at bis residence, near the Marine Barracks, yesterday afternoon He baa been a nooalstent member of tbe Methodist F.p.scopal Church for 36 years past, and baa worked In the Navy Yard 40 years Koa the Urion ?It la staled that 1b the short space of four months, during which a company of the Frowst Guard has been stationed on Maasa ebaaetta avenue, near rftxth street, thirteen of the soldier boya have taken parts era for life from the handsome young lad Ira m that vicinity. Dibd ix Dim ?It U stated that Henry Arnold, formerly of the Sixth Ward of this city, died at Manaaaaa Junction, a few w*eka since, from wouada received la a aklrmlsh near Munsou's Hill a short time previously. Attbbtion la called to the novice elarwhere of the arrangement made to carry thoaa who may wlah to attend High Mu< at Mount Olive Cemetery to-morrow. A mw fboobammb at Odd Fellows' Hall tonight, rare and racy, overflowing with the heat joke* andaongaof the aeanoa Don't rnlsa thla < v-ning'a bill Adxittbd to tbb Bab ?On motion of Dlatrict Attoracv rirrlnt/tuii. Mr Judm M 14^rdnnK\ >? ?? yeaU-rd?y admitted aa an attorney and councilor before toe Circuit Court. Dbab ? ilia many frienda here will he pained to are m our obituary notice* the announrement of tbe death of Mr. J O. Hempler, an eateemed citizen of German birth. Om hcsdaed marriage license* were laatifd f'oaa the Clerk'a ofltce, at the City Hall, liat inoath. Cold ntghta are coming on ' Canto* ?1 hereby o??tion th? pnr*on who h&a r* n aatua ay ptieat Carptt "iretoho; to ab?t&m Jrotn the farther u ? uj 1t* um , at I tin iltlsrin* ia? to onfo oo tl? law a*- iL?t nun. II* H. Blap, g at.. bet Utn and 150i af. 2soi a Kobbu^Bh.ikrra. .Tfw i# |io.t m mi lo rtuy. b <OR|Hber B iniKeu, ? i?jt Ion*. 4 f ?t wi la. at 02 -j\ Mohi S ?? KuoMr u'uktti,5 foot Ion*. 3 fe?t widi, ft! 01 eMl? I.1* Kibhir 0'ftnk?u?nJ PolcIh. ooiaDiooJ, for 4 aacn . Atti? HubUt Virrtnii, JOS Pi tT'ii ?. W???#hu ??d ltt.lt ?4?. no I-II L ' 1bit*. if } b w?-.t 501 of (hot now *<>M F ! OJ framing ifrvti* <4uJ o uitiito witn a i rU(0>, yuu ii i! U Mti K. *? EtohMon'i, .>iu I r.-ut a. ?' ?. bMVMD -it ??.l 'It * , wij *rt *i4o, B -u ?! oil kiiala ? ...?do to orUor. ?t il.? tx>?l ?"?hU, iu ta? b??t iii\ni.er oud mo?t tMh.u.iAi-io ?'?*i oo sin r*iuna*. 1 kkidi dooms* )<U1N will ftlwftys tad U>om k: exccmgo tt th? Star (Moo ooontor. u Fact? ?or S*olt>iir??Throuihout the Indian and Crim-wi oan.pAicns. theonly wedioine? which Pjoved ti?em*eive? at> e to "ure the wor?t oaaea of D'eeatery, ?*oarvy and Fever. wer* Jf ?<! ? ?'* Pxllt an,i Oimtmtnl. Therefor*. Ut every Volunteer see that ha i? aupplied witto them. Only 3S oent* per pot or box. oc 29-1 w Notic*.?Beware of oonaterfeite and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to di?po?e of iheir own and other artio'ee on the regulation attained by H-lmboUTs Extract ButMn, a positive and tpeoifie remedy for diseases of the B adder. Kidneys, Gravel, D*op?y, *c. So., Ac. Ask for Helr? bold . Take no other. Bee advertisement ic another eol umn. DIED, Of dropsy. at hit residenoe. on C rt. Thursday, 31ft October, JOHN GEORGE HEMPLER. a nat ve of Bremen, a*ed 57 years 5 month* and 4 davs. Hia fsneral will take plaoe Sunday next, 3d inst., at 3 o'o'ock p. m . from us late residence. Friends are invited to attend without further noiioe. * On the29th of Ootober, AD\ ELVOOR, only daughter of Wm. A and Salhe Fuar, aged months. I Baltimore Sun copy.1 Mnoticf RS. M L DAVIDSO# Ha? rumored her MiLXINERY STORE from Pa avenue to her pri*at< residence. No. 315 6 street. be-^HP tw^en 12th and 13th st?., where the will he^^ Happy 10 see all her former ouitomerf, Ail orders promptly attended to eg 31 ? i a dies' li i)re9s trimmings. FRINGES, GIMPS. CORDS and TASSELS. BUTTONS in every variett, on hand and m\de to o der br MR8. LOWE. Fringe and Trimming Manufacturer, 897 south side Fa ave , between 9t~< and >nth its. _N. 8.?For rant, a fine toned 7 ootave Rosewood Piano. mcxlsfp style. oo 36 et?2w CUTLER'8 WAGON -For sale, * first rata C5 Philadelphia Express Wagon. Also, a light oo top business Buggy, both very cheap, at ROB'T H. GRAHAM'S Coach Shop, Eighth st. fT~?- Repairing of all kinds promptly doae. t o 31 3t* HAND'S I IN E?NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES The schooner *North Carolina 'from Philadelphia. is now discharging o*r*o, at the corner of Pratt and F.ederick streets, Baltimore, Md. Consignees wishing their goods can receive them by applying to the agent on boftrd. oo 31 3t* J^EW ARR VAL OF CLOAKS! TO MORROW (FRIDAY), Nov. 1st, RUUUl WlSTKR OPS!?!!f9 OF cloth cloaks. stnatTKs. rTRcrrr a rk coats: h~r& All of the New Styles. at very moderate prices. At MAXWEL'/S Cloak and Fancy Sto e, oe 31 St 399 Ha. avenoe. Buffalo robes FIIR SALH. Wholesale and Retail, at EMILF DUHRK'5*. oo 30-I4t 380 Pa. ?v?nne Stylish irish poplins for dresses, at moderate prices. New Cloaks opened to-day at low prions PERRY A BROTHER, oc r 5t Pa. avenne and Ninth st. fl"or SALE?A btautifnl grey Arabian MARE, 7 years old, perfectly sound, kind and gy route. Mie o&n be seen on Thursday, t- ri- *[ day. and Saturday, at No. 400 C s reet, be tween 3d and 4H ata., between the hours of 9 a. m. and 13 o'clock. "c 3d 3t? Kirkwood house. notice. Thia Houae will be eloaed for the vurpos* of raintmg. repai'a, and alteration, from Monday, November 4th, to Nove~b?r 8th. when it will be reopened, with more extensive accommodations for cuert*. ocS0 3t? J. H. A A. W KiRKWOOD. Blankets, comforts. shsk.tin?s. Toweia, Napkin*. Doyliea. and other Dry 6<.oda for the wanta of honaekeepera and familiea. One prioe only, marked in alun figures. Carpeta, Oilolotha, Curtains. Hues, Ae , upper floora. PERRY St BRO.. Pa. avenue and Ninth at., oo an 5t "Perry Building " New si pplies in cloths, tassirrerea and Veatinca. of qnalitioi that oan he relied on.at lesi than the u nsl nrices. in aU.nds.rd plain oolor* and aeleot fancy st* les With al kind* of Dry Goods for the general and special waits of tami!ie*and nonsekeepera. Carpets, Curtains, (Jiloloths, Hugs, <3to., upper floors. One price only, marked in olain figures. P?RK\ it BR^.t Pa. arena* and Ninth st., oo 30 5> "Perry Building." 2()y "MILITARY TRIMMI.N08. ~~ 297 Cav%iry, Infantry, Artillery. Rifle, Navy and Staff Buttons, Gold Cords *nd Army Laoes, Silk an<1 Worsted Hashes, Silk and Worsted Cords, Bindings and W'hbing Gold, Embroiuered Shoal-ler Siraps. Bugles, Wreaths, and Flags fill hunrl am! milAa binr.inr Kr MRS. LO?vfe TRIMMING MANUFACTURER Between 9ihani 10th and loth atreeia, aouth side Pennsv vania .ivjnue. no 3&-e?'2w NOTICE TO HO'.DlKKS I HF. ADAMS tX PRESS COMPANY* wi'l make remittance* for ?o.diera to their fami'ie* at pl%cea reached i>y their hxpreaa, a' ach*re? of 26 oen'a for any ium not exceeding hf y dollar*. The money, whether told or Treasury note* fcouM b? enclosed in an envelope, ai.d neourely realed, with the full address ( Deluding town, pout offio* ard State. > of the pera^n to whom to be Bent, a*^d the amount lecibl* marked thereon. To insuie pro rpt delivery, the 35 cents charge ahould be prepaid. When facilities for enveloping and sealing the money in aeparate pa-ce a are not at hand in oan p?, the aeveral auma to be remitted, that may be collected by Chap ain* of Regiment*. or other oe<-*ons volunteering to do this service for the aol dierj d<"iruir to send home th-Mr pay, will be reoeived in bulk at any of the principal office* of the C<"iipany Theie "auma. aocompanied with the full address, a* above resuired. of the n?r>nii? for whom in. tended, will be ramitted to the respective consignee*. at any place in tne loyal States, at the same rate of char*', th reby savin* to the sender the troabie of puttinc in *?parate package*. Suitable blank* for th? above purpose have been prepared, atd will be furriHhed, with explanation*, at any of the office* of the Company. ADAM? EXPRESS COMPANY. Waahington. Oot. 30.18S1. oc 30-1 rn WDRY GOODS. E Ha*e reoeive i and are now offering for sale a large And we'l assorted stock of KoaaieN and Domestic Dry Goods, to whioh we would r**pectfu'ly oa i the attention of purchaser* generally, fee ing confident tn?t we can *11 them at as low P'ices a* o*n be had in this or either of the ?utern or Northf-rr M%rkett DEVR1ES STEPHKNS # CO , Wholesale Dry Goods D-sl*'*, No 312 Baltimore st. bet Howard and oc 29 2w Liberty St.. (Mami* Front ) l^ALL AND WINTER MILLINERY.?Miss a Thompjos will open our New 5ty!es Fall and w inter Millinery on Thnradaj next.C&i) toe Sis'-irst. The attention of our former patron* and the publio genervly is invited and an examination nolir.ited, at our t- anoy and MiUi '?*ry S ore, No. 310 Pa. avenue, hetwpen Q h nr.it I nth (?. """HUTCHINSON * MUNRO. oo 29 3t [Inlel. & Repnb ] Bfish and cheese. I ANCHMll) A VKACd, Wholesale Dealers in Chee*e. No. 3H Scntn ? .. Baltimore, have just received a lar*e lot of Mackerel, Herring, Codfish, Hake-fish, Ac., Ao Alto. >niti? t Mfrn Ch"ew. All of wh'oh will be sold at the lowest market rates oo 25-*w* PRIVATE INSTRUCTION -A G. WILKINSON, lormeriy Teacher cf Languages in the Union and Western Aofelemiea of this ci*y, and now Adjunct Profs*<or of Ancient nnd Modern Languages tn the State University of Missouri, hav ng obtained leave of absence for a year, will b j in Washington this winter and will give private instructions to a limited number of pupils. Prof, vv . wonld r^fer to the Faculties of Yale and Colombian Co'legea, aa also to his former patrons ?nd pupils. Application must be marfe before the 4th of No vemoer to rroi vy . e. Ji ison, i.ioranan 01 me Patent OAoe, who will give all requisite information. oo 28 6t* W NOTICE. E Bag leave to o&U the attention oi O Boers of the Army to onr vert txtei ure uiort mm ment or ail o,asses or EQUl rMENTS. and^M especially to ao article cf Military Blue Ea Cloth and Doeskin Caasimere, whioh we flf warrant will retain it* oolor. Ou' as?ortment of Swords, Sashes, Belts, Gauntlets, Army Caps (indigo dye), superior Flannel Shirts, Letting, Sword Knots, Gold and I .earner Busies, Shoulder Straps, ano devioes of a 1 descriptions, is i-ow oomshte. and we are well satisfied that an inspection will prove satisfactory in svery sart.oular HlNTON A "1 fcEL, oo2b-lin Merohant Tailors, No. 406 Pa. av. I \R. M. KOCH, 17 CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 503 Broadway, Mew York. Branoh oSSoe?ii46 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sU., Washington, O. C. Corns. Bunions, Sjft Corns. Callosities, Club Nails, and .Nails ponetratinc the flesh, Ao ,oured wiiQuni ciu?n| |wu ui law u??uicutw LU lag patiMGt The Boot or Shoo can be worn immediately after tie operation. His troatmrnt i? founded on the triotlf rule of soienoe, suoh m nil Surgeons will * & cnarses are *uite moderate, trifling indeed, o<>inp*r?.t with the relief and satisfaction he affords Uie sufferer Refer* to the Phjsioians and Surgeons of this city. Persons attended at their roonu or reildenoee Without extra charge, by .eaving orders at 949 Pa. ava l<et 12th and 13th ?U. oo 1-im* i SUTLERS WANTED. vIREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Butle s. and dealers m Boots ar.d Shoes, at the NEW YORK WH 'LESALE BRANCH I HOUSE, 349 Pennsy lv&ma avenue, <o>eryHj Jan ley's Shoe Store.) ' We manufactnre oar own Grods, and sell at Nrm York pruts, thereby savin* freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stook, we oan suppl) at a moment's cotioe. anv Quantity desired. A w,~ mBBUi tiurut ui ?J bwiw u>|u-v?i auu Lt>nc-laf Boot*. Sutler, liberally dealt with. A o*i! from *li <j?*Ier? solicited. WHiTEHOUSE * UNCKLE8. oo 1-lw?dp,ftSw* HmS?IKf?58^iH.l?9o^2 j ro? o?o?, oo i-i* J | AMUSEMENTS. KING'S NATIONAL CIRCUS A*D Metropolitan Arena WILL OF*W 1 . MONDAY EVENING. Not 4th. far the Regolar Pea?m, in th? PavilioB on E street, site of the Old National Theater. The Manater. Mr TOM* KHMG, ri?s*^tf.it>y *tnoonoesto the oititens and denizens of the Metropolis that he has secured for the urar-lNH NIUMT ANV UAKBlIPtB WKER. the lo'lowing disciniuish-d ladies and gentlemen of note and acknowledged talent in the profeasiocal arena and gymnasia: mr. .'ames melville. Thk Ihtrfpid Hor?iman, who. npon his debut at the Broadway Theater, New \ ork, t?ok the ?nhl:o by surprise, and oaused the columns of the Press to teem with eulogistic noticei of the FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN RIDER. Mr M. will, on the occasion of his initial Entree in Washington, introduce hia two pnpils, mastmh willie and fernandez. madame ca.mille, the Gar and Dashing Equestrienne, m^d'lle marie, the Faaoinatinc and Picturesque MAD'LLE VIRGINIA. i the Embodiment of Graoe and Chasteness, and LA PETITE FLOISE, the Child Rider, are incorporated in the list of Female At tractions; that give Tow*, awd Etfsctiv? Chakatbr to the entire Entertainments. PHILO NATHAN?, the Bare back and Somersault Rider, has been engaged, together with FERDINAND TOURNAIRE, the astonishing Piroueite Performer, to;ether with WM. KINCADE, the famous Master of the Art of Somersettmg. Speolal arrangements hare also been made with Mast.GEO. DARIUS, Ycl*i?t th? Man Monkkt In the Sohool of Athletics will be found nibSSKSi reinnki a?l> JU.if.s, whilom of Dai* Rick's Grkat Show, where. in All the principal oitiei of the South and Weit, they created a furore by their intrepid feat* on La EchtlU Peril Ions', Trapaxt Flyi*t Bar, 4 c ? 4"f. THOMAS KING, Thk Champion Lkadbk. will appear and present hi* two prodigies, the Q. C.'s. DAN GARDINER, the People's Clown, will reign in the department of Wit, Mirth and Hilarity, Dividing some or the h >nors. however, with the Portfolio Comedian, THE LILLIPUTIAN DAN. FRANK WHITTAKER, the Popular and Standard Performer, has beeu se lected as Master ol the Circle and Equestrian Director. J. PROSPFRI'S NAVY YARD BAND. coksistin? o* 26 MrsiCtANS haa been engaged apeoially for thia Entabliihment. THE HORSES ARE FRW!SH, IMPORTED AND BLOODED. Thb Dressbs, Co?tumks, Paraprsrnalia and Pkopkbtibb are new and beautiful. being manufactured daring the past 2 months in New York and Philadelphia by the best artificers and designers. The Pavilion la of approved construction, and will h? illuminated with gas supplied from the District Gaa Woika. Pricks or Admission. Dreaa Circle _ _.50oenta. Social Boxea??.. 25 cents, Orohe?terChaira 75 cents Separate seats for colored persona. .25 cants. P. R. There will be no half prioe tickets sold for any but Dreaa Circle Placea MATINEES T 9 O'^vLOCIK On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFT'NB. Ticket* for sale at all 'he lradinc Hotels. Doors o?en at 7 o'clock. Performances will oom- , mence at 8 o'clook. and terminate at a seasonable hour. Omnibus** will De at the doors of ?xit to take visitors to all parts of the city and adjoining districts Sole Lessee ar.d Manager in Chief ..Thomas Kino Asso-nate Manager ? Scott Treasurer?. 8?o Whitney i Business Agent. Da. K. P. Jonk* 1 Due notice will be given of the appearanoe of a NUMBER OF STARS. with whom engagements are now pending. no l-3t _ < \f THEATER! ' iMR. BLAND ha? much pleasure in announoing ti.at he has efl'?ct?'l an engacemsnt for one night only of the following eminent Artistes : i OPERA AND CONCERT' MISS ISABELLA HINKLEV. The DistinKuuh'd American Prima Donna, Whoee success. sinoe her arriva from Europe, at the Aoademy of Musie of New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, and 'n other cities, has been withont precedent, wi 1 make her first appearanco < in Washiniton and give ' , ONE GRAND OPERATIC CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, Nov 1,1861, On which occasion she will appear in comhina- < tion with the eelebiattd Artists : ] 81G, BRIGNOLI, < 'I'Ka O un/twnai 1 Tftnnr m uo nouu w uuu uuwi * ; S1G. MANCU8I. 1 The Distinguished Baritone; S1G. The Great Basso; HERR MOLLENHAUER, The oe'ebrated Violonoelist The entire combination -will be under the direetion of the distinguished Condaotor of New York Academy of Musio. 9IGNOR MUZ'O. ( Part 1st?A GRAND CONCERT. 1 Parts 2d and 3d?IT A LI AN OPERA, consisting 1 ol the celebrated seoord act of LUCREZ1A BORGIA, 1 In cos'nme. And the entire Us* act of LUCIA i>I LM1WEKMOOR, In Costume. Scalv o? Phtci*. ? Private boxes if3 I Orohester chairs $1 10 Parquette 50 cents | DressCir^leJcParterre SI odaoi ftuu u&u LK3 bout mi, will Ul PIUQ ohnrge.at the Mnsic Store of W. G. Me'zsrott.Kn. 1 Door* open at 7?performance to oomiiteuoe at 8. oo 31-2t t FEXHIBITION AND ASSEMBLY, at Odd FelJ ows' tlail, east Eighth st., Navy Yard, oa < THURSDAY EVENING, Not.7th. Prof. ? BARNES will give a Free Exhibition of hi*/fM tylenf Danoing by hi* present Class, froinujflfc 7 to 9 p. m. Assembly commences at 9 o'clock'; tiekets for gentleman and ladies SO cents. Exhibition free. Tickets to ba obtained at the Hail. , oc3> 1 w* ! A GRAND UNION COTILLON PARTY Will be gi'en at the g% Hall or thb Franklin Eno. House, j!s D ?r.. nea< Twelfth. Oh THURSDAY EVENING, UUa November 7tu, 1861. TICKET8~ftO CENTS, I Admitting a uentieman ar.d Ladies. WILLIAM H. FANNING. ! oo 30 W.M.Th Treasurer. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! f'kvsnth, Abovk dst. Continued Success of ! This Favorite Troupe TWELFTH WEEK of the CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. 1' STAR PERFORMERS. Immense Sucoese of ] FRANK SWANN, The Great B?mo, from the Cooper Op*ra Troupe. New Somg* and Aftkepikcbs ! Concluding with ?he SONS OF MALTA. He-would-be a Son __..,....F. Wyand 1 Admission 25 oenta. oo 36 dm a omvn VX. TWO OR THRKK PERSONS CAN BE aooommodated with BOARD at 190 I atreet. north aide, fronting Pa avenue, between 20th and ' Zlattta. 81 ngie gentlemen preferred, oo 30-lw* Army supplies- i PORTAB' E FORGE?, TRAY or C*NAL BARROWS, WHEELBARROWS. TR UCKS, heavr and light. HOKSK or BAIL BUCKETS, MEASURES, GIN DBTO N E8, complete, GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES, AXES. hatchets. SAWS. 1 AX HANDLES Pick handles. RATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, SHOVELS, SPADES, LOd CHAINS. FIFTH CHAIN8. HALTER CHAINS, TRACK CHAINS. SWINGLE TREES, MCURRY COMBS, Fairb%rk't platform and Counter and Hay UP Al DU uvn u not _ butotfkkb' scales,

BUTOHKR8' KMVHb, Baskets, ao.. *o , *o. For aalft at wholesale p ices by I f. BARTHOLOW. Arrioaltuial Warehouse, 33* Seventh St., oo atrimeo Pa > . and Canal Butter, cheesk, ao. ? keg*o boio* BITTTER, 12i boxeaCHEKSE, S.OOO Iba. CODFISH, 2j00ib?> H ARE FiflH, sua boxes Coaled HKRRING8. so h*rr?l? New MA<;KKKEL.i 10 barrels New r ICKuES, J net reonved and for awe br ooty*o6t MURRAY k. ttEMMEB. 4 yHKiT RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET, ll to get tone of the ?r?M bariur.a ofleied Wf BMlTfl.m Fur?i?hiD? Goods, Tronic. Hits and | gH. No. 460 t*T*otta ?.. orrowto Post of mammmmKmammmmmmmmmmmmdrnmmmmtmt WANTS. UTANTRD-A food COL< REB WAITER, tt " *47 Pa. *Tenoe. lt? WANTED-* MAN *? % ft*&m holler. * ApplystT. M. BARVEV8 Oytter D?fot, gfc 1 c ?t. no i at li/aNTED IMMEOIArKI.Y-A GIRL, to Tt ha?t? work for a hwidi machine One who ha? \ ad ex?erience preferrM W?go? 03 per week. I vain re at 504 Ninth nt. It* IJ|? ANTED?Two or thr?e n?-*? COAT MA" KP.R8. for whioh I wi!' p*v the oitv jHoes n VAND'?MR. Merchant Ta' or, N"?. 45< Seventh ?t, between F and G sts , oppaste Pat?nt Oic?. nol lw* AMRE OPPORTUNITY.-WANTED.-A PURCHASER tor the stock and fixtures of a first o!a*s business, on Penn?ylv?ma ?T?noe, so<-<l location. The present occupant i? about to leave the citv. Capitol required from six totrn thousand do'fars. Address T. C. S., Was?hi"ictou sity Post Office, *mne name ard where an interview may be bad. No oom^unmati n will be noticed nn'eg* accompanied with the name. no'-S** *T*0 ?"TLERS.-.\n enerre'lf merchant. with I sufficient capita.. desire* to purchase the stock and business or a Rejriirental Sutler. Address BuM aw." at the offi o? of thu w?w. oo 31-1 m WANTED?A small HOUS*-', or 3 or 4 unfurnished Room*, between ani 11th street* and the Avenue and r St., by a small family. Address Box 633 P. O. oo 31 V* PIANO WANTED.?Any person bavin* an unused Piano to rent for 5 or 6 months, ran hoar from an applicant (who will warrant food nsaje) by addressing Box 32$ City Post Office. oc 31 2t? ?T A ai run r\ * ?% ? * ' ? mi i youne man, wno nas niui ei*nt years'experie ce ina Ira* ola aoountry a ore, ie draircni foMainirt a SITUATION in a nn? respectable business Please address "R. S ," fity Post Office. Wares not ao much an; object aa a permanent aituation. oc 31-3t* WANTED-A COLORED MAN<?lave> who car oome well recommended by his owner, or a free man, will fi- d a *ood siti-aMon and waft*. Ha must be a tood driver, and can make h ir.self us'ful on a small farm. Aaplv Kalorama Heights, place onoe owned by Mr. Vivan. oc31 4t* WANTED-Ad ENOI.18H TEACHFR. by t^e W. H Congregation. Inquire of I, HfAR, corner Seventh and E tU. oc 30 3t* WANTRD?A Fl'R nTsHED HOUSE, in a good location, at reasonable terms Address "H. H. T ," this office. oc 90-2t* WANTED-* SUIT OF ROOMS (famished) near the War Department, with the privilege ui wiii-im ?na omer acoommoaauon*. anaress *C. R. C.." Star Offioe. oc 80 2t* WANTED?W.iW lbs old HORSE SHOESand Si'RAP IR??N in em*tl or large g lantities, for whiob one oent per pound will be paid. JOHN R. El,VANS, oc 2^-^w (Republican) 309 Pa. a venae. JOURNEYMEN TAJiORS. NOTICE Wanted immediately, ten Coat Hands, aad four Handa on Pantaloons. H1NTON ft TEEL. 40R Pa ay., oo >5 lw between and 6th at. WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewery having oommenced brawine for tha winter neii.!inn. tha? n*n ret Krmh 6rains every day at 4 o'olock, at Woenta per bushel. Call, one and all. C. COLINliAU, oo 10 im* Cor K and Twenty-seventh sts. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A rp.'S. 3i*3 Pa avenue. ?e 18 \*7 ANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS ?SO Ta'lore vv competent to work on military roods. Apply G KOLP. at Wall. Stephens & Oo.V se?i WANTED.?We are now boving SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOV^ard BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest sash prioe*. Families declining honsekeepinr, or having a ?nrplua of fnrniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ Jfc GRIFFITH. Je 18-tf No. 3G9 nh St.. betw. I and K sU. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AU kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the oity or having a sarplos will do well to call immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, U m i Ofi u a k- > - i ? n ? a Tf ju c?tcuui% wiwwu tj auu n i?, LOST AND FOUND. LOST.?While ooming from 14th st. along Pa. ave.. down 7th,ou the Inland, the DAGUERREOTYPE of Capt Thist'eton, id uniform. By ieaving >t at this office the finder will receive the thangsofthe owner It* SOn REWARD.?Will be given for the return (uninjured) of the package wMeh ?f > stolen from t e residence or the late Mrs. Julia Keep, E etrfcet, between 10th and 11th utreeu. No ivetttons n site'I, and above reward given. Enquire it ytar office. no l-3t* WAS TAKKN, trespassing on my pr?miaea No 374 G ptr?et. Washington city, ah'ack and white SOW, and six Pigs.T?J|^ The owner ia hereby notified to provetlt^?lfcflk property, pay charges, and take th-jm away; or they wil' be disposed of for the damage done. no 1 -St* __ F^STR\Y.?Two MULKSeameto tho promises a of Mrs. Robert*, on the y?th ofOoiob?r. The jwnercangot them by proving property, jaying Jha'ees; ?n the corner of 23d ana M streets. oo Si 3t? ?C REWARD -Lost, this morning. near Willards' Hotel, a Scotch TERRIKR O imps slifMly in one of his hini le**: an iwers to the name of 'Jun." The abovo " reward will be paid to any one delivering him to Mr. Syke?,at wiliards'. oo31 St* ALF. W GREEN. LJTRAYED AWAY-From Fay's Wharf, in Georgetown, on the ?>th instant tw< t^^ mall dun MULES. A liberal rewardV^^g^ rill be paid for their return, or f r inforiiation coaoerning their whereabouts. THOMAS YOUNfi,^^^ ooSl-2t* At the above named p)*ce. STRAYED or TAKEN A W AY.?i.ast even ^ in?, from W. F Hunter, C street, one arv_ arse Bobtail Bay HORSE and WAGON, TiTTI Vo. 102 with overcoat and oans in it. AY iji^ral reward will be paid for the return of it *o w r . Bb^i i r.K. oa >-3t* C?Q REWARD.?STRAYED OR STOl.ENVFrom the ooinmons in the Fust^rfrinM Ward, on the 25th irst . two COWS, one * i B'aolc Oow ?ith wbite stripe down he> back, and white l-elly, and very wide horns, and rill he fresh in & few days, look* a ;Ulo fierce; the other a red and white or in'Ik ard older color, vith white faie and shorthorns. The above reward will be g.ven for the returcins of said eovi tome. CHARLK8 LF.NMAN, on l?th street, between K and L, r>o 28 6 * First Ward. FOit SALK AND RENT. FOR RKNT.-A small FUR NISHED HOUSE, near the Capitol. A pply at No. 494 D street, between 1st ar.d 21 no l-3t* FpURNfSHEl) ROOMS?Well furnished Rooms for ren? h? da*, werk or month, in ho jses Nui. 47 5 and 477 Thirteenth St., three doora from Pa. ivenue anl midwaj between Wil ards' and Kirkwooda' HoteU. ___ "O 1 2w* l?OR RENT-Two UNFURNISHED PARr I r Hf 1 - r Nln Oflt n > ? " W4 omwvt I week B;uoI between G aid Ma*8aohuseit? ave, potoina" (rater in the yard. Alao.ths HOUSE No. 299 Id street containing 4 large rooms,with aide alley. no 1 3t* I^OR R KNT ?A Handaomely FURNISHED I HOUSE. Apply at No. 173 I at eet, between tO'h and 21 at iitreeta oo ?1 St* l/OR RENT?A larpe, neatly furnished aeoondl atory front ROOM, without board, at ft 10 north L at . between 9th and 10th ?ta oo 81 3t* LH'R RENT?Two MOOMS on a business F street, ne&r Ha. avenue, suitable for a wholesale business. Inquire a' W. E. CHAND' EE'S Segar ?taml, in Wi arda' dotal ocSI 2t* P*R RENT?''ne furnished front. ROOM, on G steer, No. 3U7, between 12th and <3th atreeta, laifable for a ger.tleman and his wife, or two ai"tle gentlemen Terms moderate. oc 31 -2t* yURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?N?ar r the Capitol. To a good tenant the rent will be #50 a. month No. 30$ Delaware avenue, between I IS ana <; streets. oo 30 St* BOOK.STATIONERY AND FANCY STORE FOR SAI,E ?An established Store in Georgetown, D C., doing a first-rate basinets, is now of fered for sale. It is a store well calculate: for sutlers' supplies. Terms made reasonable. Application for the same oan be address*! to ' rf.," Georgetown. D. C. ooyventw* FOR RKNT-The dwelling part ol HOUSE No. Ill Pa. avenne, between I9tii and 20th sts. It has 14 rooms, besides bath room, Ac , a pump ofexoellsnt water m t)t? vard, and ras throughout. Inquire on the premises oo 3?-3t* I^OIl RENT.?A large eoininodioas KOOM, 1 with g?s, with or without meals, .u a gentoel private jamily, where the oomfortaof a uomtoan uv ?? ?u , HM ? j? I ^uu ?.u uu: 01 j i aiou| one smaller room to let. Inquire at this offioe. oo 3u-8'* TO LET?One large m&gmfioant PARL'JR. with Room adjoining, (unfurnished.) in one of the finest loo%tiues : suitable aim fir commi tees. Rent moderate, if taken soon. Inquire at FR \NKLIN'S, >*44 Pa. avenue. oo 29-1 w LfAKM FOR SAL IS, or Exchange for City r Property, situated in Sommervill enuuty N. Jersey, containing %2 acres in a hi<t. state cf cultivation, good dwelinc-house, with atl neoessary out buildings, sood water power, tine orchard, and well-fenoea, 2*5 miles from Central Railroad, (6 daily tratm, > 3 miles from Plainfield, ard 3n miles from Jersev C ty For further particular* inquire of Q VV. ft K A V. Jeweler, 316 Seventh st , oppoult" Intel igencer Office. oo 85 1m* UANOSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS mm rum aacusome'j l< urmaneti kooui, auppuea with iu and water, ?nd convenient to in* Pateut Mid Poit Office D*partme<iU, for rent. Awl; it 4?0h MaMvitiutetU avenue, north aide, bettMB ttn Mg ath au mag inn KEGS HOR8E SHOES (Bnrden'a) 1* ""I J oat rece and for s&ie bj ocSlwoSt |R>Mb.l iOHN K KLVANS ROPE i* moh, inch, and *iok?d.) HOR~E BRLrtHES, Gov't Pattern, ??*?*?-VoHN R. KJ.VAN8, oe 81-eo3t | Rep lib. i 309 P*. ftTMM, 9 , TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Prta Geaeral Baaki' DItIiIh Dii!fnTOVn, Oct 29, 2 P. M?On !*an4ay last the picket of tbf Twenty-ninth Pennsylvania, which regiment was stationed on Muddy Branch, discovered a scow floating down the Potomac near^he Virginia shore. Private James Magee, with other*, procured a skiff, aaoaaed the river _ J M A ' ? < .. A. _ _ A mum IDWrCfpiN IQP MCOW OD 111 WWTlWir? JM? age It vii found nearlv full of water, bat contained t?irty-one guna with fixed bayoneta, twelve havrraaeka and three knapaacks. From certain tndlcatlona It U believed that this waa the principal boat uaed In transport)ng General Baker'* command from Harrison * Inland to tbe Virginia abore, and which went down loaded with the dead and wounded of the battle of Ball'* Bluff. The guna were the aame aa tbo?e uaed by tbe California regiment Tbe inference i* that the bod'e* of the unfortunate aoIdler*, becoming lightened bj internal decay, roae to tbe aorface. and tbe boat, thu* relieved from Its weight, floated down with tbe current A cloae watch la now kept on the river u> intercept any bodies which may be carried down by the current. By the selection of Lieutenant Colonel Kinzsbury of (be Fifth Connecticut, to the Colonelcy of the Eleventh Connecticut Volunteers, Major Chapman has been promoted by the Govenor to b? Lleatentnt Colonel of the Fifth, and Captain Henry B Stone, of Company A, ha? been tendered the commission of Mtjur of tbe same regiment. Fran the Pacific. Saw F*a?cisco, Oct 30 ?Thesteamer Panama arrived yesterday, from Mazatlan on the 14th lnat. bringing $14.DUO in treasure. She report# the U. 9 sloop of war St. Mary's at Cape St. I.uca* a terriDiegaie preva'lea at mazatian on tbe '/7th of f*eptemb?r, blowing down Louaea and wrecking a number of v?*a?li, Including the bark Kollir.g Ware, of New York Gen 8hleld? was at Mazatlan on the 13tb of October. He la e> couraglng aome plan for lrtab emigrants to aettle In the WeaUrn states of Mexico Several Texana had arrived at Maxatlanon their way to California They report a atag nation of bualnesa throughout Texaa, and the utinoat miHory prevailing at Matamoras and along the Rio Grande The atorea wereclnaed, uteatnera laid iin and all kind*nf imnrnv* m?nti iiiin#nM?H On the 2?th the U S steamer Saranac sal ed from San F ranclsco for a cruise down the cowt Capt John H Lendrum, L* 8 A , died on the 29! b lie wai a native of Connecticut. The steamer Narrapanaett waa at Acapulco on the 27tb ult. The !I 8 ateamer WyomliiR aalled on the '25th, to cruiae Many whaler* nre reported on their way to San Franclaco, belitvlng lta advantages superior to Honolulu. The Vvlnnteer Farce in !*ew >lexlc?. iva*?as t/ixT, uci ai.? me ?anw re papers report that the volunteer force In New Mexico numbers 5,500 men, 3,000 of whom are In march* Ing order, and expect noon to be employed In active aervice Their des'lna'lon la toward* Meailla, where they expect additional reinforcements. The Indiana on the plain* are now peaceably disposed towards the whites. having received their annuities at the hands of the agent. General Clark has arrived *afely. coming through the Stale by way of Omaha. All Is quiet here. Tlie Mar i? Miinssri. OCCUPATION or SFKIHeriKLD BY 6BN. SIOBL? MAJOR ZAOONIA'S LOSS. 9t Lons, Oct 31.?The Democrat ssys: Gen Sigel arrived at Spring field on Sunday. The people displayed national flat*, and every demo.ostation of jov was made. No fortified rebel* were visible Major Zagonia's low in his charge waa fifteen killed, twenty-three wounded, and twenty-elx missing I'he rebel loss ia reported at over fifty killed and forty wounded It la auppoaed that Colonela Price and Turner were killed Gen. Price la auppoaed to beat Carthage, but nothing definite ia known aa to hia movements. Arrival ?f Arms, Equipments and Ctathiag far the Federal A ray Niw York, Oct. 31 ?The steamer Arago.from Southampton on the 16th Instant, arrived here thia morning,bringing a complete aupply of arms, equipments and clothing for 13,WO men Among the passengers are Mr (^niggle, late U. S. conaul at Antwerp; Major Havelock. of the British army, and Col. Alexander Erlatoff, late of the Rusaian army. The Case afthe Savannah Pirates N*w York, Oct. 31 ?The jury In the ca?e of the Savannah privateers, indicted for piracy,have been anable to agree and are discharged. Sailing ( the Arabia. Boston, Oct 30 ?The Cunard steamer Arabia sailed for Liverpool this morning. She carries out forty-eight passengers for Liverpool, but no pecie. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT MTS Look out for Saturday night : is georgetown ! georgetown ! FORREST HALL! f UK KbS I MAUL.: La*t Night of tht Metropolitan Opera T erupt ' L,*st ,? ?Kt of the Metropolitan f)ye*a Troupe! Last Night of the Mttropoiitan Opera Troupe! UK AND GALA NIGHT! GRAND GALA NIGHT! GRAND GALA NIbHT! GRAND GALA NIGHT: Tom* Ohi. Coke All! Comb <?nb, Come All! Comb O^e, Cove All! Comk One, Come All! no 1 2t WM WORLEV. AwnL On BOXES BUNCH RAISINS. OlF 500 lbs. Bordeaux Alwocda, 5 oa?ke Currant*. 30 drama Kim, Citron, Palm Nuts, and Filberts. For sale by oo 31-6t W. H. TENNEY. ^ BBLS.SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON WHIS, - *_ ? /-* t A T? j_ i quario. pipe pure v/Hwiiv oiauu;. 2ft bbls. CJa Whisky, 20 " Reotified Whisky, Holland Gin, Port, Madeira and Sherry Wines. For sale by oo31 6t W H. TENNEY. 1 Ann LBS- NEW HULLED IjUUU BUCKWHEAT, S5 kegs New York and Glades Butter, 5 hhds Shoulder B*eo~, 5 tieroes Sugar cured Hams, 1" bbl?. and kecs Leaf Lard, 15 bbls Fresh Groun<1 Coffee, 5 hhds Porto Rioo Molasses, 3 drums Hake Fish, 1,J0? lbs Codfish, Sfl boxes New York Cheese, 2 tierces prime R;c?, Sardines. Capers Bordeaux Oi., Farina, Corn Staron. Rice, Fiour, Preset ved Ginger, &o, V<\* i* K? oo 31-St ' W.H. TENMEY. JUST RECE1VKI>? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS 1J0 bhla. Oid Rye WHISKY, ?0 bbl?. HEM RING and ALE WIVES, to bbla. Crualied and Refined SUGARS) K tiage Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOllN J. BOG UK. ae It Tailoring establishment -tailoring in all its bra chea. by JOHN > . t> BUCHEN??ERG, No. 393. corner Thir teenth and H ata. Gent emen'a and Buys' \\ C othea out to order. Having made arrange- ?W_ menta with a akillful Steam Scourer, I am"1 prepved to executo al: ordera in thia lice, aa well as Mending, in the moat satiaiaotory manner. oo 22-2wr SOFFICEKS AND SOLDISKS. iGHT DKf * TS so id on a 1 para of the United State*, in auma to auit officers and aoldiera. A'ao, HrsfYl nn IwiitH'in I rftlanH ^lanil ? alaa a w*A Germany. Unourrent mon'T boujin at b<-at ratea. 8WKENV, R1TTENHOUSE. FANTA CO.. oc IMm Bm>?n. Mit P*. w,, ?w Brown'a. 7 0 1ft ON HAND. U'lUU. 8. TREASURY NOTES, whioh will be aupp ied at par to oar ooatninara, free of oha'ce. Dema-d Treasury Notea.aa heretofore, will he reoeired on deposit a? apeoie. SWEENY, KITTEN HOUbto, KANT A CO? oc 13 1 m Backer*. 33i> Pa. av., near Brow n't. i)UU JOHNSON A NAGLE, t)WO 401/ No. 8s?9 Pennsylvania Avair*. 6D?/ Between Ninth anil Tenth ata.. aoutb aide, IMPORTERS OF VTlNES, t lOUOhS, SE OAh.S. FICKLE". PRESERVES, SARDINES, F1N 8 GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORE* IN UENERAL. i 1 ? r . ? ; 1 -a - - * <un siiivru mo iuui>winc ui?uu> ui CHAWP\GNH*: 6 H Murom, Piper Heidsiek. Moat & Chanuon, Ca: tier k Co , B&rat k. Faf ot, Touratt', Koval Grape. Wiuob wa offer at New York Prices?freight *tded. JOdNfON k, iNAGL.fi, 989 Penna arenue. Abm. M. BiniDger A Co.'e (19 tfrtnd street. New York*) World-renowned BOTTl.fiD WINLSand LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal. aad Family use, oonstantly on hand a id sold at New York Prices by the Case. At JOHNBON * NAGLfi*S. 999 Penna. avenue. PICKLES, Pepper and other 8AUCEK TOMATO GaT8UF\ by the b*rrat, rallon, or doseo. from the oe'rbrated manufactory of Pohrmbtra A c- N" Voi," A!?o, PICKLED: PJG FEET, LAJlVSSfD Bfcfcr TONGUES, TKlPE.tto., by the t*rr?J or hal^hfcrfl. ?10 THK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 1 460 Seventh at, J? the pt?o? to bay ro*r Clothing. Tntnlw. H?U wd Q*rt oo I ljw COME AND SF.E OU* NEW 8I>OCK OF FALL CLOTHING?No. 4?# 9?**ath ?c oo l-l? lUKTilllVBn f Ji?u Howe, 50 UIm oh*** cAH PbT. Alao, 800 BfcL?SlhAD8, whioh were bought Jow for auk tod will m old at a unit adv&aoe Toj?th<rr wilk """"T'Iuchl" Firaitart Pftw.*w8?tmu ?t, oeU'lm* e aod H ?U. " SECOND EDITION" THRU O'CLOCK p M OUR MI LIT ART BUDGET iionu iuu iiTrnii A new b?tt?rr of tferce rtf?4 (um hm Wm ererira or u>? rrboia about a mil# mm ft hair fee:#w tbow tear Shipping Potat. H to ft twit rd a little below ft ??? brick bou*o mot tte wharf ?t Fmiport TBI SITTftTIOH IK TWla ^rtlTlft. The W?r Department km ad vines op to ? p. m to-div, from all tbo rampa of oar Mm* on both aidm of tlx rlror, from General Baiki* h> adquarter* down to thooe of acting Major ?e?eral Hooker, opposite Eranaport All waa qulot I ? .11 tL. MM oa an iii an vur campi w "p f m" THE H'T IRfllHil MAC?I*m ATT?*rt. The barrel anchored and left In chMiel of the Potomac, oppoalt* Budd'a Ferry, by laau'genta not long alnce, by twafi??*l7 oalng * a flag of trace to aecure Immunity from ? ' lfo for their boat'a rrew ao engaged, la beJlevnd to contain an "infernal machine n TIB COMniRID 1XPBPIT10H. It will not be aurprlalng If an early aa I* mor. row. Richmond la agag with account* by telngraph of a blow atrock b? oar combined naval nnd mtlltarr eioedttlon Bv TumAu afcali probably baye distorted accounts fro* tbit elly, and in leaa than a fortnights tints accannta (ram our own frlenda. a rotin TIOR. Ehtor Star: In (ieoeral Stone's report, aa fives la the Star of October 31, tbe following aentence occaia: " Capt. Candy, Assistant Adjutant General. and (>eneral Lander accompanied tbe cavalry to aerve with It." General Lander waa net praamt at tbe battle of Ball's Bluff, and did net arrive from Washington until tbe following day.wbea be took command of tbe advanoe at Edwird^a ferry ana repuiiea t? caemr MILITARY APPOKTIIIRTI TO-MT. To day the President made tbc foUowtnf military appointment*. Vts: Commit tar it i of S?6iiil?nu, mU Mi rank if captain of volunteers ?Jonathan Renick, William Wilaon, Wm B. Lfbo, Ira B. Qibba, Lcwta 0. Hullnjr, M J Green, J M N' Kmtir.J i E?^ inaon, J a Ten H Saltaburr and A. McCann. Asti.'tanr Quartermasters, trUM the rmmk if r+ytain of volunteers?Charlea Wing, Cbarlea B. Wagner. Henry MWhttleoey, Max raol Lnflt, Tbomaa O'Brien, Wm PaluW, Gr?rg? W Lea, W H Owen, F W. Hurlt.d Lorkwood Brown, Alexander Sympaon, Frank E. Pootet, Jaa Uifhill, H R. JeflYlea, and W. D SwrlKart. military arpoiifTxnrra. Tbe Prealdent yesterday made the following military appointment* An-slant Quartermasters / Volunteers. with tkt rank of captatn ?Viz Clement L. West of D. C ; Michael Garber, of Ind ; John 8pica*, of 111 ; John W. Lowry, of lad ; Vlnroat Phelps, of Colorado Territory; Lewis B Parsons, of Mo; Wm. A Hawley, of Minn ; Geo R Dyer, of 111. ro?mt?s#fi>j of Subsistence, teitk tkt resssh of tnpiain?Viz: Edwin R Goodrich, Wm WitArid, of Kyr.; ThornGray, of Cal ; Spencer C. Benbam, of 111.; John F. Hopkina. of Va ; RoM C Walker, of Fa ; John Fay, of Kjr; and Ralpk Plumb, of Ohio. Brigade Surgeon.?Dr. Alfred Hitchcock, tf Mass - , NAVY TA.K.D The Resolute came up to the yard vssterdsy after noon, and went down to thefloflUaagaia la an hour or two. The Puaej came ap late last night and left th? yard again at 5 o'clock this morning Both of these steamers report that affairs are unchanged down the river. The Page last ill cooped in Quantlco creek. id4 our vessels above and below remain In ths na? positions aa when we last reported them. Work oq our batteries on the Maryland side In progressing finely, and a number of guns and mortars have been mounted A few pnngtes with oysters occasionally run tbn blockade, and yesterday a schooner Is said to have passed down. Experimental firing with a 10-inch mortar was made at the yard this morning. With a charge of three pounds of powder and sn elevation ef forty five degrees, a shell (not charged) wetghlng 102 pounds vras projected to a distance of 1.400 yards. the time of flight being about seventeen seconds The tiring convinced the spectator* that considerable accuracy may be attained with the old-fashioned mortar, and that at distances of from 1.0UU to 2 500 yards they are very effective weapons LATB LOCAL NEWS. Cowdict Unbbcomimo Orr.cmi a>p GBSTHmks ?Notwithstanding the military order to prohibit fa?t driving on tiie avenue, and the Guards stationed at varioua points to enforce ft, a few ruffianly fellow* in uniform still continue to gsllop their torses with a reckless disregard of ilvrs and limbs of passers by. To day at noon one of tbeae creatures wearing the coat of a lieutenant of volunteers galloped his horse over a small bov near tbe corner of 7th street and the avenue, knocking him down and injuring him quite severely. Onward be flew without Hopping to amir bit victim was dead or alive, or showing any sympathy with an injured fellow creature, to the great Indignation of a crowd ofcitizeoa who assembled. Military Court ?The military court held t*a uaual session in tbe Conntv Court House this morning, Judge Freese presiding, bat no civil business of interest came before it The case of Chapman. Lyon & Moves tt Barlev. Triplett & Co , was postponed i>y con*ei?t of both parties till to-morrow ?AUx. "Local Awi " Not Dead ?We are requested to deny the report of the denth of Craven Aahford. of Fairfhx. Va , hp being, according to our informant, M at home with bis fsmlly " LA TEST NEWS BY TELEORA PH. FROM FUR1KISS MONROE Baltimore, Nov 1 ?The Old Point best, which srrived this morning, brings tbo loliosrlng: t-oktreb* Monkok, Oct 31.?Tbe tog Ltbaa Allen, of tbe great expedition, returned to Htmpton Roads this morning In consrquence of rough weather on tbe coaat below. 8be bring* so particular of Importance respecting tbe expedition A flag of truce went to Norfolk to-day, wltb 2? prisoner* who were released some time since from Fort La/a>ette. The barks Gosbeck and Amanda hare j jst returned from a cruise. Tbe la tier took fcor prists, tkree English and one American?the iiMisf wta'ch have already been furnished. Th? Rmth? In at Old Paint and will veto m tone* The frigate Roanoke la hourly expected from the South Grn. Wool held a (rand review yesterday % Camp Hamilton. PROPOSALS rot IW CATTLE OH riALiD PaoroiAL* for eapelrtae to the Severe meat 4.oi? Seel Caule on the Boor; areT* ted the IMh day of November, 1M3. at U o'oloeft a IV Cattie to be de iv-rrd in we- tunc ton ??,oe we iOth car of Novemt>er, Ml, cr a eooa nuieeftai ae toe G vernn?nt m?y oir-et The Mia to he directed to Lieet. S-C. 6REKN.A C. A , Waelun?u,a etty, ' EadoreeiVre dKALKD PftomuLa tlao iirlM till tfca IM d*y ofNOTtabtr, IK ,M Io'cmIm., I*r ?? M n? ik? ;,owB?*nt ? M fi?4 oMtoTOMO* on the bool. The Otttlo to bo ttiirmd ?l Hi nmbarg, Pb.od tbcSKh of NoT?i?bor 1?1 orm row ttjfetli'r U tto OorornaiMt MyilrMC .TW b?d? to||midiroetwi to Lioai F. B HAKBOTjUA. W*o*iafto*? D. & Sialic psorota^^ro t?rito* ttll tbo Ittk of Nowmt,rr. 1*1, u i o'olooi f. . for appltim 4J?<> He&o of BrofC?ttl?totb? Oororaa -ot. TB Cut i? to to doiiTorod ob th? **k do* of Jmwtt. 1*2, or M wui tfcor?oit-r u tlM OcraiMl Mf <1ir?ot,*t either York. OhMoborobijrf, or Brrit. borg, Pi m tko Gor*nn*it Mf dirori TM bida io bo Otrooud to **j. A. BKOKW T|, el U. u. AM ??- w VI ?? "Kodoraad Projo?*l?." Uu?otum( iwnw to itMtf U* right to r*y la Trw>arr ioU?. iad to ?)? ( u; bid Iot my ?aao No bid will bo ootortMood an to* Ua bM-Wf it irNNi to roopond to his wd BHD lot of CMUa dot vorad afeoll tvarmre at loaat 1>*? rounda groaa aaight; m4 o mhmmI will ba rmiwd wk.afi Voigka mm tb*u Ijm poaada grooa waigHt mH o? Hie. ' a D> ao WT""' i ) ?' iiTn i? w ?TMj?nl rood fieof Ciwi e o?. tr.? movi for ? r fc?"<?r?d .?oT-<l? ('? w-trM TMCiti^ w ?i MliT#r?a *t ^iwiutk?i?ra<vi t ?* ok??4 ^v?rtia^n?Dt. Th??4?u# U k>?k ? ?* ti? mwIm, Md ik* Miikt x> dMmmamd kU* NrektM *miM i k?r?tn ?t?- t r>v? a IfMuunfltlMtVirf for !>? l?Tftila?M?S wl ? j^|o^r?cO?T? ^Tryji^r; ?o<w w oOMV oo A M