1 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

1 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I THE EVENING STAR. OIR COrftTRY'S f ALL ST WILLI** CCU.ES BBTAMT La? down the aie , fling hv the sp?de, L<?v? U Ita truck the tolling plow. Tbo rifle and the bayonet blade For arms like vours were litter now. And let the banda that ply the pen U(alt the lty M Uak, ana lesm to wield l b* horsema n'a crocked brand, and rein The charter on the bailie 1>M ?>ur country calls; away ' away ' To wheff tb?- blood >trpim blots the green. Htrlke to defend tbe i;entlea? away That Time In all 1t? course be? "tit *?*, front a tbousmd coverts?see, Spring tbe am ed f<??? thil haunt her track. They rush to smite her down, sad we Most best the handed traitors back. Ho ! sturdy aatbe oaks ye cleave, And moved aa eoon tn fesr and flight. Men of tbe glade and f?re? ! I??ve Your woodcraft for ttu? leld of fight. The artr? that wield ?t?? ate must pour An Iron tern pest or. the foe; His rri'-d rsnk.i %ha!l i?el before The arm tua? lays tbe panther low And ye w>-,o breast the mountain *tornt ay grjiy steep or highland lake, Oowo for the land ye love, to form bulwark that no foe can break *t?md, like your own grey oliffi that mock The whirlwind, stand In her defence; The blast as *>on ah?ll move the rock ^ At rushing qna&tOna bear ye thence. And ye whose homes are by her gr&itd Swift rtv?irfc, rising far away. Come frep', the depth of her gre*n land As co'vhty In your march a* thsv; As to^rtble as when the rains Tiave swelled them over hank and bourne, With sudden floods to drown the plains, And sweep along the woods uptorn. An I ye who throng Reside toe deep. U ? a * ? ' - *" uri ur>ri? am or T!if iTranu, In nnmbrr like the *?v? that leap On hi* louc nnirintirlnjj marg???'f ??nd. Co ^e. like tba: d--**p, tvben. o>r bio brim, H? ri?t?, all Li* llo ?d* lo j<onr. And fllnjj* the pmid'-it bark* that *w1m A hHple?s wrrrk again*! h't shore. Few, few w*r?* tbev wbrn* sword* of nld Won the fair land to whl.h wr dwell; But we arc tn.-.ay. ?d who hold The zrlm rt<?ivt to utt*rd it w?*U. Strike for th-it broao and iuodly land, Blow ?ft??r biow. tlM men ttall ??tThat Ml^htauC Kisrht move hand In hand. Aud giatloua muat Uitu triumph b* BKUD15S STRAW. The itraw ol ?iuM.r rjo is toe best Cut it ^*bea the berry is in the milk, jtwt before it v?_a. r i : i ? ooaia u oy dipping id to a kettle of Vt-iling t ->?p Sudi after cutting off the beads , than spread in the suu. placing the head end on b? ground, the other resting on poles three or fear tech*/rem the ground. Torn it once or twice d*y. and in three or four days, witn a good sun, it will he quite white Then cut off aciifctraw at the j jibt. slip of the ?heath. and 66ftId once more with soap suds. Tie in small Vanches, hang around a box or barrel, and apply the brimstone bleach, by putting a few r*?sb In * dish, in the barrel, and throwing a rumple of teaspoonsfuUof brimstone on thcin. and coloring tao barrel to prevent the escape cf the smoke. Continue these smokes till the ptraw i? as white as you wish?four days will do The straw is now ready t<? scrape ami gu?ga for braiding Kara/ iVw Yorier. o?E thkoat. ci re run caot r, Ac. The 'Kuial Xe? Vorker" has the following recipes: Rcmtdy for Snr* Th o+t ?Take butter that is very salt and rub on the throat and ebaai thorn n:-hiv b?*for? ?/> k?#4 t~? ? ??J -> -> "* ??< ' "v ft three applications will effect a cure. We fcave had the throat distemper about here pretty e*'et)?iv?lv this fall, and this ha* been the principal medicine To Cure Croup.?The bc*t way is to take a f an Del cloth, dip it iii water and pat it on the nbert as hot as can be borne, then take salt bitter, spread on brown paper, and apply immediately It is a very simple but invaluable ?edy. Arri.E PIDDIXG. Line a basin with a crust prepared as for fctouit; pare core, and quarter as many sour apples as will fill the basin ; sprinkle some allnice ever tUem. a little sugar, and a half cup Of water. Cover with a criut and steam one ai d a bait Lours. Serve with oream and sugar. KXCKLLK*T COOK IKS. Oae cup of #ream ; two of sugar ; two egg* . h-uf cup of butter. two tetwnoonfuU ??>!>. tartar; one of soda; nutmeg for seasoning. Fluur sut5:ient to roll out. CICCMBZ* CATSt P. Pare iipe cucumber* anu grate theui, *oed and alt, and to three pints of this add one pint of strong vinegir, salt to the taste, and it is then ready for u?e. Keep in a cool but not damp place. WASHISO FLUID. Both labor and soap may be saved by dissolving two ponnds of sal soda in a little water, ad stirring tho whole in one barrel of soap ; this renders the clothes oiuch whiter. STABCH. To ??ne pint of boiling starch put a piece of butter the sixe of a cherry. and you will have no trouble with stnrob sticking ?Rural JYrtr Yorker. DONT FAIL TO CALL AT SMITH'S, Mo. 4<*0 Seveata at, ar><l *> ? your C othir*. FirBtsAiBi finoia. Trunks. H*t< art.) <w? l.im VI/IDE WUITK SKIRTING CAM Hit ICS, T? AI?o, all ?-tb*r kinds if White Cambnoa, P!*jo.?r,?l P ?i'! With ail otuer kind* of i frr Good#, a.!apt*<l to th? wa?it? of ami.>e? New ?ap?i.?x in Carpet*. Curtains, Oi olot'ii R???, *o . ujper U?oc?. One pioeoLlt, tuarked ;ap aw fizu.et, hence uo ??'eh?e. i?r>ver ob;?rs9<i. PERHY & BROTHER. fx 3b y 4 Pi. ** , and 9th ?*rw?t. pENsfoN OFFICE, JvrtB 6tb. 16*1. TO ALL WHOM TF MAY COSCBRH. Application h&viuc be?a i.iatJe uuder uie aot ol 33d Jape, 18t?', for the rwissua of' the Lavt Warrants de9?ri!*>d herein, wtuch are a!le*???i to nave > mp loat ot deat'oyed, noti-v u hereby civeu, tual at the 'iate f<> "Wicg the de.-oription ol each War mnt ft mi? I '?'* "r '"' * .... M HV W V/WI wiiuafcO, VI lOIIUf? Will M 18 nea. if no vvid objection hail then appear No stft Iw. for )?> acre*. letned undor the Mt oi Mweh 153S, m the tm? of Po ir, widow ol David and ?i anted o? tho l?th ubj oi teptem rwr. iSriO ?% #* ? ai'-er 16, |??1 N*. 4J 3*2 for ?' aoree ineu'd under tlie net of Mm*. in the nameof r.*rj?v>*her D>>u?h-rt?, *: ?i era (H vg .tee dar of t^pteiuber, 1*56. November 18 13?t. for ! ?" acres. iw?H under the act of Martte, ?86fr, i? the c*>n? of bay J*. Alexander. minor o??i!d of John C Alex Mid or, d?oea*-jd, and franted July J W.?November *?. W No. * ltft, tor l*> aorea, maed aoder tha vst of MaicV ic riu? uaioe <>' Be?j i\iuir K ei ;. and greeted w ?he :;*h da* of June, 18a5 No 4dt tor ? a*rea. i<?a*d u..oer Me act of lar^b lu '.->e ntlM?' Reab?u\Voo?ij utf. aiid gifwied ob Jar of Madura. No. *fm- l?r l?o at ree, ?? an't Via aot of MV*^> tue ' an.e ! sarnaei il Waterl.oaee, aad treat*-1 on tiie ssd ot Mar. 136* Hia2jn icr m I**- i? Maril. 1M6, ia tii? uanrn uf Uowa?, Mid on tae &1 day of Augu<t, WM.-NcYsrul^r ,w ti MP. tor 160 Mm, tacued under I lie Bet <>f if am., !% - it the came of J aae* Pr&j, Bui frBu'ed the act da* of *faroh, 1981 ?.Nove?r^f r a, 1*!. >o. &J9b. for Iflc aore>. leeaed ander U?e act of BrveV 1 iSf, 1 r tn? name of v\ i, iaoi M . Ju iusC. i.ul John D. ?., minor ehidran of lnr;r Ba?i< de^ea?are ft "ted on the Mth day ol Mar. oTujot!"o' ?> aoree, leeaet ?i?der the act Macri.M6A ia the name of Gettr. wiuow of Tb'inU* 1 d*y ^ftnUAr'' hJi ???fe?. ie??ed anrior the act of Marofc. lltf.i* t' e name oi Alexander Mo aliowgh, the IU <U? <>f JaAuary, UW.-AeJtojLjM,kit 1S>> aoree, iem?l under the act of MM?U '<*?. ? '{.? -MM cI Alexander M"Quaia. BAd?ra4g dwaUel2Udi? <>l Oototmr. W66.?No l * I* ** *> ixvftl ued?r totof MWfkTuM. m u* ?M,ITI)m?1 Wml ud (>UM ue M UU d?f o< J . J. Uo6.--D?cnMr 7. No *?>?. fvr 16w imm, wu*J himUt U?? mi t f JMtra*. CI. in U?? hum ! Btnuk widow oi Jmbm ^ itano. *n.t ?r??to4 oa u?? *<tti U*r of P?t>ravf **'' -OrnoriAbmr Ju. 1*1 N*.CO*. l.T US' ?3rei, w??*4 ttix'er u>? *ot <>f Hwrk ft*. .?> tm? u*me vf M?rtt *, widow of A.n?1*w '?I??iot. ?!> -' <rn?t?4 unto* Lathdaj of A?rii, >0?ir>rM. ma<!?r ?kt *otof Mftacb. i??6, ? U.? naioa of tfemu?t U j uk **/ UO ?rlB?f <1 JM ?' ? 1?- ?l4f M6 So 3 1 4.fo< lfi<> ??r?a, Mfe, Mud". ! ?. in tt?? l?jb- of wliiiam H Twt*i)?i ? r4 fiantsa uu u? iJCu 4?j of Jmif, U06- -ri>?o*m twf 21 14S1. No UjiA, for t?> tirN. lsmic?l uodertit* set of nan la th? mumb of L?vi Tr?*dweiif <m?) irMt*d a.f <nl?f ?tk, 18&1. Sm SI *> MtM. aiuiar 0* I* iter ?*?? <n A > > I*1mu. ?ad gr?u'?d Norc.iik*' Jt'-k. lkl i?f * 1W19) H4 /?- ' .. ? I I MrH. iMiM DDC?r !M u( Ol Mar ah. ? ? ir. tlii r&>q?o: TImmi Jobn?K>a xa<i grViud >'0 t.?* Hh !?; ?<f s-pUn?o?i, W.?J?iruay 4.1ML o. ?2,?? for *D imm. ifiued ?n<i#r tha act of Mara*. 1866, in r;,* rant* < i t'o.i). * utow of J..r>a Ca>??, arid griu'fl on Ui? SI aa? ??f September, 40n4fi 4, |8o2. Vo. ??ae, I?X *> tuu jaiin,^ u&Jor the a?>t of M . Oh JMfi.ir: lh? IVM of ^"liliam SO"'t, asJ w*? ? i>atUIit day of May, - JaMiAiy 11, ' *"?* ? "ittXEKi.,. J* DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES a BOT1L1H) DBNTIBT, No. 38? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Streets an 16-eo2m \| fEETH [TI. LOOMI8. M. D.. the in Ten tor and patentee of Ui* MINERAL PLATE TEETH, it _ i trods persoaaily at bu offioe .n this oity-mflBBgp Many persons oan wear these teeth who**33-"5 a*" not wear others, and ao person can wwar others who cannot wear these. PnritnnN r>ftilinv Kt ibt oAm nn K* ? ? - -? ?^ w wwninivuBVVa with anj etrle and pnoe of Teetn they at; detire; bat to thoae wuo are particular and with the pnreat, oieane?t, itroment, and moit perfect denture thai art oaa produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Room* in thia oitjr?No. S39 Pa. a^enaa.between th aad 10th at*. Also, 907 Aroh ?treet, Phi adal afat*, oa l*-tf GAS FITTING, &c. AWM *. DOVK * CO. _ RE Now preaa-ed to exeeuta any artara with "MMtfBglgtumMa ITT Store on tth street, a ftw doora north of Pa, avenue, where mar be foand a oomaete assortment of CHANDELIERS and othar ?AS, STEAMana WAfKK FIXTURES taW-W | SNYDER, _ at jLi/nflun AHU WAS riTTJin, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and P ata. Heia prepared to introdnoe Water and Gas neon the moat favorable terma, and marantic* entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will ?ell less than ooat. aa he wiahee to got rid of them. no 17 WGAS FIXTURES. L Have in atore. and are dai.y receiving, BAB riXTVRSS of entirely New Patterns and Desicna and Finish. superior in 'trie to anything heretofore offer d in tlii* market. We invite oitiaens ceneral ly to tail and examine our stook of Gaa au<f Water Fu tree, realinc cor.tidont that we have the bMt eet?ated stock in Washington. All Work >n the above Tine intraated to ear ear* Will be promptly attended to. MYERS * Mf?HAN. prMf 3T6 D street. fit KICK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF 9AS METERS. WiiBrwron. Jaly ll.UM. NOTICE IS fIBREBY &ITBN, That.agreaaoly to the prcy.aiona of the ordinanoe of tne Corporation aoproved Mat IS. lkfln, the nnderaigned ia now prepared,"whenever xxTiired in writing, and on pro-payment of the fee of fiftr cents, to inapaot] tuunuc. mi. trDTB, lira Hoenun inn KOinOT 01 rec'-atrat:ua or|uy KM meter la ua Id this city." Every meter. if Ion ud inoorreot, will be condemned and soother, aaaled and marked u true will be eetiniM p ace, If ?mved to be aoeai~aie ia 1U seat si ei!.eiit of caa, it wyl be sealed acco-dinfly, acd acain eat in eocnuou for eae. OAce No. ?10 Seventh street, (uear Odd FelJtr Hall.) 0?en fromS a. m., to ?i, m. CHARLES W. CUNNIN?H A M. jy It tf Inapeetor and Sealer of Sas Meters. wall. stephens & co.. " 393 Pin*stlva.nia Kvrnnvu. military and naval merchant tailors. and keady-made clothiers. and extensive dealers in gentlemen's furnishing goods, seh-if (Intel. & Repiib.) Army blue cloths andcassimer es, good for officers Cr&vau. P<>ckot Handkerchiefs, G'.oves. Suspewiera, I mbrell&s, I nderahn t* a- d Drawers, he. One price only, marked in pi%m firurea. FtRRY A BKO.. oc Lt-5t Fa aveuue f?<td Ninth at. rjp CARRIABF.S. J. HE Subscriber having made additioneto hie factory, making it now one of the lars^gt.. awmB in the Pistriot, where his faoilitienwKj^W: for manufacturing CARRIAQES LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds oaunot bo aar passeo, and from his lots exeerienoe <a the business, he hop??to giro general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hood. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in oxoh\nge for oewon?s. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d fa tf nomir of Fourteenth and r, at*. T,,,?B..l,.LLIAROfl: * 1?1 of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in I.MR1CHS FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania a venae and Itth street, (south lido.) two of the most admirable TABLES is tb? United State?, with every comfort and oonverience an S-tf for the players. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARS MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the beet establishments, and f British*! wits a complete set of tools for repair- JfcL uif every description of fine Watches, and kxj aartioalar attention ?ive to the same, by &?3B iba <orh oompetent workmanA<id a. work (uv&l fe*<3 A!so, evsry desonp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE, piain ari l ornamental,manufactured under my own ?upervis!on, which my oustomejs will find Car superior in joalitr and finish to northern ware old by dealers in seneral and represented as their wn manufacture. il. O. HOOD, ft Pa. avnuua. *tb r^/tv rv 'T?? ? ? r vn. nribu sr,nvii;fc.-ne??> Cire* and Brown Mixed B.&meta, that weigh from 6 to 7 pounds per pair,a very soaroe artiole Also, fin- Wed, Crib, and Cra: e B anket*, all sizes. "JaMeClot a, Sheetings, Fil ow Cottons, Napk'ra, Towela, *c. Vv 11it all other kinda of Dry Roods for the genera! and special wants o| fnmilie*. Ca-petf, Cartaina, Oiloiotha, Ruga, Ao., upper fl<Mira. One price only, narked in plain figurea PERRY * BROTHER, Pa. avenne and N'nth *t., oc 17 "Perry Building " T^HE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMKlCti. at the oorner of Penn.A . . A avenae and Eleventh street, has l??nlinf greatly improved recently aad :ow oifernlfS|J| greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and strangers tuan any ot. er public house in the city, bis prices being leas than those of any other hotel on avenue, ar l h a acoomioodatiocs (or percr?09Dt or transient boarders unexceptionable. Toe bar and reetanrant arrarg?iri*nta of tha I European Hoiei have a.rrtaa* become vrry po>u Lar.Ixnng a'i thatoaibe desired *<y the moat fa.? I nolens, rue srosrisfoi lodjoa unremitted attentat, and oont.uued UbeTB: expen ' lureeto jsreutiifletion to a' anJ thus rejiews up inritation ' ft: to f '?r the Runiitn HoUtl ft nail. -lei-tt ^ U N BOAT8 Qu*rirrruitt*r finurnV J /(jP ft, I Waski**um (\ty. Ju!vTt, 1961.1 Plajm tnn Sfbciucattoss for hulls of Qua Boats < >r the Wei.torn risers are on exhibition M hi a offioe, erd ?r oDIom of Quartermasters M Psusbur*. CuwiftbAti, St. Louie and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bids stonld be en: to Quarterm%iter ?ieueral of'he United tit&tes Arm*, at Wasiiiujion, by lit August, at noon. ST. c. MLIGS, j? 19 Br if. Oen'l and <J a arter master Gor'l. I IN ION PAPEK ANp KNVELOPE8.-T?snU ty afferent styles oi Note and Letter Pnpfr, with Envelopes to natob. V lews ot Washington in the form of a Rote, and in ttoul form, also, separate All the Daily acd WeeklyPapers oonatantW on hau'i. Herald. Times,and Tribune r^oeiTed erery oicbt at 6 o'oiook. Payers from all part* of the oountr*. Li -fcd.e'i Lhme Sove'i lul J'odi Booka. A mai> aupplr of Book* for auramer reading, oh*np A large a?tsortmen< of J 'iwiim-Mayne Reid'a Books, Ro!!o Books, Abbott's Histories. Ac. A diaoountof I" to SO per sett, u& r. i bound booka PHKNCTFl ft. R!CH*TK1N. rt:ft 2! N'atioral (t.nka torn, jl* Pa. aw. I CASH NOTICE. N Couih-?w? of our uaviiu to pat oasn for vori a/Uo.e ol sooCj we parqLaae. we are foroed to raduoa oar bnsinota to Caen exoliuiwely, for tx.e present. We <u sto*e a very large asaortment of READ1! MADE CLOTHING for men and bova' wear, wnioh are if: mr at a much lower rate t&an oauaiiy. WALL, STEPH ENS ft CO.. MM* Pa. aweuje, between Kii aad lotli ?t?. i*T (Iate!.* Rseah.> \ AP? OF THE BEAT OF WAK.?A apiendid I'l Ma?<>r tue Seat of War for onlr otnti. Alao. Pocket Maps of ali kinds. Soldiers' Camp Dr*wsmg Cases from 01 tfl to $t. Blank B"yks aud stationery of all kinds, Flag Paper ana Enr?o?ei. rings, Banners aod Cadges, Views of Washing ton. Amerioan aud Foreign M%?a?lnea, Daily and I W eokl y Papera. PKENCH A RICHSTEIN'B Nanona: Bookatore, ml < Intei. A K?*ub.) 'J7* P? it?dd?. ! W| E OFFR* TO MILITARY MBN a lares assortment of G R E Y aud BI.UK FLANNEL 0VER-SH1KTS, WHITE J'HIRT* DRAWBR*. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOSE, Ao., whioh we invite all oasQ purotiaeera to examine before makioc Uietr eeleoltous. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3S9 Pa. a*., between 9tn and loth eta. hi B (liUtiligaooer an<1 R??nt>x>ari.) HM,?? FRENCH A RiCHSIiflN ? AVE Jaat reoeived a rreah buput of Note Papar, Colored Burden, rued aril plain, vita En" oM?Jo match. Alao, t-iu Paper of all kinds, V|U aad without Mottoee; Envelope* to matoh. Pareee and Pooket Booka of every deeoription. A larce aeaortrneot ofBtaiionerr. New York Paper* reoeived dany; Papers from ail parte of tfce oountry. FRENCH A R1CHSTF.IN, rr>* * vT* P<na. M?td? K W VOLUME BALZAC* NOVK1A?Tk? r A.oneioi?, or }* Hout of Cfifla; Tro'm "the lii. j&ar K STILL CONTINUE THE gALi"^* lb* p?l Mrium Lb Hiif; of Hi kiu.U. yiuj oholofl thinjw in Nrjr Motiqom, Irish Po* lin*. Mommum*.M*nno Pitida, Am. &s5ES?* ?Mft!swn>JPr-I M They go right to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR OOV9H PURIFY YOUR. BREATH fTRENSTHKN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All tinnii fcv-ic? _/*? r uovut-v GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. SE.NTI.EMEN CARKV SFALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARK DELIGHTED WITH SrALDINil'S THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instant; j. They clear the Throat. They gire etrength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. mu J^ii.LiA.1 4. AI? ^ a - Ills; IPUOII|IIUUI VI 1DB HIBIO. They are made of simple herbs ami cannot harm any one. I vi?? every one who haa a' Cou*h or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me that "ther go rirht t?> the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or a'tendirg public ireetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. 11 you try one package I am rafe in saying that yon will ever af terwarrig consider them ludispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medlotnes PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are ouunterfeit. a ?? ?: i' ? - - a wkti* win ue sent oy mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Cents. Address, I1KNRY V. SPALDIIfl, No. 49 CKDAK STREET, NEW YORK. & CURE^V^ WT CURE ^07 I NervousHeadache i ^ "4*1 irinb ^ Headache. By the in of thooo Pllla the periodic attack o JVfreoM rr (Hrh Hfdtk* may be prevented; acd 1 taken at the commencement of an attack immediate relief from piun and aioksen* will be obtained. They eeldom fail in removing the Nmnttm and H*md*tk4 to which female* are ao nbjfot They act cent, 7 ipon the bowel a,?removing Otnvmtt*. For Liiirmr* Mm. iwiimu and ail perron* of rcitnfry k+bitti, they are valitble M a improving the nmMti, giving i?m and ?lfof to the (*.ig?stlve organa, ami re atorirg the nrrural cl&atioitf and atrength of tbe whole ?rat*tn. Tbe CEPHALIC PILLS are the reaalt of long inveaUgatioa ami oaroftaiij oondnoted experiments, having been in nee mair yeara. daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and Buffering rora Headache, whether originating In the Htrrtm* ayatem or from a deranged state of the tiowuuA. Ther are entirely vegetable in their ooiapoaltion, and mar be taken at all timea with perfect sa.'etj without making any change of diet, mnd i/U >>iimi 41 My dismgrfabU Mill rtndmt it Ml) i? JnMtiltr iktm to tkUdrt*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aignataree of Henrr C. vu OWN DVJL* Sold by Dr?i(isU and all other Dealers la Medi iDM. A Ho* will be lent by mall prepaid on rNtiM e tfc* PfllCK, V* CENTS. A11 orders aboald be addressed to HENRY C. SPALD1N9. 48 Csdab Strut, Niw York. >rM 1*4 Kmmmiatr, Norfolk, Fa. CepbaMo Pill* aoooiuaiiah the objest for whieh they were made, ris: Care of headaolte la all its forma. Prim Ui gammisur, Jf+r/iUt, re. They hare been tested In mere than a Unas* eases, with entire tacceaa. trom Us P*m+eral. Si. Cbmd, Mimm. If yon are, or havebeen troubled w ith the head I ache, aend for a boa, (Opha.io Ptlla ,) so that yea ! may nave them In case of aiCattaols. Prim 14s sr?jt#r* it. H. Saem*. Chita**. JIL We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, aae hie aanralled Ceyhalio Plfla, Prim ik* Somthtrm Pmtk PuU*, N*m OrUmu, U. Try them r roe that are afBiqted, rj*4 we a.e sari that yoar testimony can he added to th* aire**? I nainerona Urt teat haa received heneita thai am i jiocr moaioioe eu >rtxi aoe. I r fVMR tit Dmvmpmrt, Mr. ttMidinc tr'nld not eonr*a klfl (An* with > ?d trtiole he <ild not know to po?*?M ret! marlt AVm iks ftmUm M, L J. Jth? Oh*nc Pills ire Mid t> l?i r*nwfc?H>) acC-s i ?*tn?oT for the frxortaeb*, ea* I vrrf hojtinr that very frf>-?er.t vbiefe hu erer tx?en aUoorered. F**m fit Bi. Le%nii D*mt1'?). The linmscM- dnaind for tke nrtt?l? (Oe?X*iU | Piiie/ is r*#'<ilT ioorAMict. Aw Us gssswbs PcUev Bt?r, Z?*w?*e, fc. 1 We Are ssrethv jereone eat srfju vith Ik* k?M I eene, vho try them, will stiot to urn. frssi Os i^Mriuir, frw^isii, I. Tee teetjnjorr in their ffevor u stroac, frew tkt must rMHOUNt ?* trior*. F^om lis D*ih JVstes, iVi?f?rt, R. /. Ge?it?lio 1'i'ua are taking the pUoeof t!l kio4*. ftw lis riswwMMt Bullttm, Bttcn, Mats i e?ia to m Terr emo*ciou? for tb* h?tdju>h?. hrom tkt Commtrnal, Cmctnnatu Ok**. rtullerin? Unai*ul:? oao now b? relieved. | \nj~ A smile bottia of Spalding'* Prepared Glue will ute ten tiroes it* oo?t ?nnn?Ur. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVK THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH k7"*A Stitch in TimSavx* N ma"-Til Ac aooidenU will happen, n la well rKiniM faimliM. it is twj deihallle to ha Jo? "ffi Crockery***"1 *** re^rl*? FuraiUr?, Toy* SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE ra*?U all rooh ?n?ri*MiM, and no hovMhold oa afford to be without it. It u aJwayi ready, and to the attokiag point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE" n. b.-a Hnuta MoonrMiM oh Bottlo. Pri* U ?*nU' AUdr*** HENRY C. 8PALDIN6, No. ??W*r rtrort, Nrw York. CAUTION. SSS Ui6 i\i i uiQtf. PALDlNniPEWA**? IMK^i I $tr*mgU to tkt mwiV ' 0 " ^SiSI&V 8 *' Pew tre tirare of the iMortUM of eheetmi Conch or "Common Cotri" in ita firat stair; ttmi which in the bejinittf wo?id yield to * mud rem* dr, it neclAoted. soon fttt&ok* the Lints. "Brovn'i BrmekvU Tfcotktt." eont&mHif demuToentinfredl ?u?, miimj g- mmocAry ana nraiwaiM irniuivn. "That troable in hit Throat, <fo> BROWN 8 whiota tbe "7V<kAm" area ?f?eilo __ __ hannr me oftsiia mere wtaie TROCHES peror* N7l\ WILLIS. BROWN'S reoommend thoir im to Pvblk Sriitni." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "6 real Mmooin?Hh<icin( Hoab?b BROWN'S km!," REV. DANIEL WISE. OHM KB "Almost instant relief in the di? tregiin* labor of breathing peonhai BROWN'S c. K9SLE9TON. TROCHES "Contain no Opinm or anytbtm lnjinom." DR. A. A- HA \ LS, BROWN'S Omisi, ton on. TROCHES -o'AS&'jV^*":T BIOWN^ Mb ? w, MMMtfr, "OCBK8 5.TWCXNB. BROWN'S Smi% troches w isssrssttv ?"? ?'? BROWN'S H W' WA**^(7^ TROCHES .,^L!^fe,Sls,fto" C~ '?"M " BROWN'S IB?. ol.P.ANDERSON, TROCHES BROWN'S J? El0n w:tfl 8?*a*?? *nd Ss*? TROCHES Pr*f M. STACY JOHNSON, lin;b?cfMuuB. Southern Female College. TROCHE? "Bieat benefit when takea before fcnd ?fter preaching. a* they jrev-nt BROWN'S Hoareeneat. From their past effect, I think they will be of fermanent adTROCHES notue to mo. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Prsi.deut of Athens College,Tenn. TROCHES n^Sr'dbya.'! DmerieUMTWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.??I1 *? 1-1T DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE ue*d for the >&et half oentury in the Hospitals of

boiHlftnand Paris forth* oor? of Secret is?o??*. m\y now be had at UFHAM'S. No. 310 Chesnut street, so'.o ateut for the United M?:m It oontaius no meroury or other minerals, and wi 1 not hirin the most dehotte constitution A tpc-dy curt gnaranteed ai.d no ? hange of ?'iet re^csrea. Pu-e *1. S*nt by express S*o!d in Wasiungton by 8. CA1, VbK1 KJRU.oornfr mu iireeianu renuayivama avenue aep 5- eol? ITPHAM'i* HA1RDVE '.-TO COLOR BLkCK ) Oh BHOW.y Oidj 36 c?' t? a bo*. Three boxe* for one do! ?r Gray. ted or flaxen hair can be cUa/i^ed in a few eo^ndu to a J t hiaok or brown, by uaiic Upham'a Liquid Hair Ore, the >-eat and cheapeat in the world, producing, the n?>n en?. it la applied, a rich nater*! appearance. I'.ach Box of UPHAM'8 HAlR DVl'i > warranted to oontain ai much hair riyt aa other* eell for on* rtolUir'. V>'dbyS 0. UKHA>I, 3! 0 < -h?anut atreet, h ladelphia, and 8. OALVfcKT FORD, corner Utb atrt-et and fa. ave. aep >-eoly n~R UUPOrTf'*< MLMiAR COATED FfcTMALK REGULATING PILLS are^fc* the r-ery but in use They operate a peed i y fm*. aiii etteotiia!)*, and i<en>? ?u<ar-co*te' / crea'e no nauaea up< n the moat deioate^ t-3 arOfi ach A trul of Oeae Pilla will prove tneir superiority over all othera. Pnoe On? Dollar a box. Sod only at. UPHAM'S, 310 Cheanut treet. S*ent by mail toajj part* of theoountry in a #ealed envelope, bold in Waahington bv fl, CALVERT 1-UKD, coiner lltii etieet and Pa. a?e. aep s eo1? 1>B. J. H AlcLKANS STRKWOTHMttHQ CORDIAL AHl) BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREATEST REMEDY t? (4? WORLD, JpMfMA Mm It u iuImIt t f wj MS 5*l?, ? ' loll*# ?. \b ? big rv,s w t?? uuri y ? rm <. n Ig? ~'JL n???!;il kfonuto4.r^;:;; -.v;A.'ter Ukirj. utlHlaf, miiilii a dailalata, asailiratUf tfirx, aad lit Met 'afil.lkia rtmidr f?i raaa'ti'af ua dTaaaaat ayi-.ja*, tad raaUrUf U> ! *, iif?riaf, aad daatlttatad laraiia M kaattk aad Mn?f l?. t??lbaws "tkrrrv thknitw won dial Will afaaiaai'.j mi fc!??r Caaiflalat, DjaaapaU, Jindiaa, 'Ja???i? > M?rvaa> Daklllty, Dliuin af taa Kldaaya, aaf-. ai; dWttcta artataf trail a duardatad kirar ar Itiaiit. Vyiitpila, r.:iikt?a, Uvard Pilaa, Aa"lltr at B'.akaaai at Ua tcsaak, Fallaaaa af liaad ta U? B?ad. Dxi! Paia at ?:*>?'af ta tka I aad, Paipltatlaa at ik a atari, fiiatn a? TTalakt la tka Btaaaak, taar SnmuMt, Ckak'af at CaffaaaUaf Pai.iaf wkaa 1*7'"* dava.Drycata ar TallaW. >na at Ua Bkla aad Syaa, llifki Rvaau, lavard feari, Pa1a ta tka Baail af Ua Satk, Caaat, ar Bide, Baddaa riaakaa af Kart, Sapraaalaa at Spwita, rrifkii'al Vraaaaa, kaafaar, 3?^?altaa/ ar t.uy ciirau diaaaaa, Itin at :attk?a ao taa Bkla, aatl Parar aad Afaa (ar CfclUa aad rrrarj 9tsz a mill j on bottle 8 kaaa kaia aa'.C dvrtaf Ua laat all saatka, aad la aa t?auiaa kaa It fallad la firtaf tatlra taiiafaaiiaa. Wka, tkaa, HI ia<?r fraai Waakaaaa Uaklltty vkaa MtkitAB'B vrr.sRaTixH:si? cukpial ?u: a an r? t a !aarta;? lu M>-iy aa aaaqaaia Idea at Ua laaillalt aad L.a?l airaaaiMa tkaafa pradaaad kr uklag Ula JftoLMUia Volcanic Oil Linfaent, iut kunwKirr wni woauiv) Yka Ml; ??! ud aartiin f?T Cunri. Pilaa, Tmaan, kwa'l! xgt ud ftraotkU at Ualira, Faralraia, MacIftlfle, k7lakoaai a.' Ua Mr'Jk? ?.!? ? loiuumaiary Ittkui'iiii, af taa Jai.ia, OmvmiiiI Maaclaa > j k'|utuui liruiii tiT^ioi, Iniiti, Itruai, rml Caw, Waaada, liun, fru l4;u, CuU litui, l?i inita, Barr.a, laalda, l*ri Thraai. at ai.y lniammatiao *f Cila, aa d'larauta kav m lair t?t diu^i mi? it* txlMisi, MckXABI CKkXBfcATKD kUUMfcNT la I iiiuid IIMII;. Tkaaaaoda at Hsu ktiagi u<i k?t nri< a lift af dla aaayliada and ?!?ry by tka ?aa !ikU larataakla raoaady. Mt LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LIN 1MB NT VUl ralla?a pain airaaai lualaiitantavaiy, and It vill alaaa, parif? aad ka?i tka faalaai aataa in an luaradlkla ahart Uai, FOR HORSES AN J) OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CIXEBRATJtD klKLMERT la lha acl? aal? aad rallakit raaaady far Ua cara W Iparlt, liartaaa, Wlndfalla, kj-Hou, l::i.ataral Lamp*. Nadaa a> Svalhoaa. II aatat fahad la aura Bif Baad, Fallavu, riataia, Old ! I?aa.a( Baraa, at Bwaaay, If praaaili tayliad. fit ; praiaa, Btaiaaa, Icnakia, Cr? ikad Baal*, Ckafaa, Baddla j at OliarBalla, Cau, Imn, a* Wauda, hlau kafcUiklt rasady. Ayyiy It aa dl?aatad aad a a*ra la kartaia la a?ary j laavaaaa. Viiu Ittla ? !? ?? Ifck mm mmm aa<kla? * ? "* * ' fiiii u ; >. Ukitiu ? i?py.? ?f L)i. Mc kkaa?c*LT I IKCTXO WHIM BUT It wdl ?ar? tvm. I. u. hclkak, a*u Onu Third tad Put lU-, k. b*?U, M?. cinui iron, ifi r?-1?, tfw ia tukij M ft. * CW*lk.?i^Tltn> mM-?*W1? QUN BOATS ?oe thi WESTERN RIVERS. UU1XTU)IA?TU tiSNBKAL'a OfTICl. I Vi'a. kmgtou, Ju*i 17,1*1 { pKopottAL* are invited for oouslraotiag 6nn| txftU upon ths Wen tern river fc-peoificiv'iotis will boimmediately prepared and may be examiLed at the Quartermaster's OAee at Cicoinnati. Pit'rburc h. and at tfcis offtoe. Proposals from boat pail' era and engine-build er? alone will be oonsidered. P an submitted by binders will be taken into consideration M. C. MEIGS, )e IS UaartermMler ftenern! United State f RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS \>and COUNTERPANES.all sixes aac. *?a.i tiee, Bed Comforts.Sheetings, Pillow Linen> and Cottons, Toweis, Napkins, T*ble Cloths, Tickints, Doylies, Ac. All at oar proverbially low prioee, marked in plain (mm New oom?r*, trac(e'rB, ojoarnera o)M?en? wilt inapcot oar nook at PERRY * RRO. ? TT-ftt Pecn. >wiiw md pth w.. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. . Offor fur uua tn? l&rcMt M*orte?Bl e TRAvELiNO TRUNKS tola foasil ir.M? % irtz*"? ( flc*?,0*rjet B*f , io., WhlOh w?*ff DOW Mt l'Oi omiiii m is? aum?i| niuiuw, ua umaiia urmi ;ilia, Tkijiti kifkli divi k; iiiMi, ?ui ky ullN, i k? iltkaiu, U? rtiaitd ua umu| ntl?? U rutnH ! It* fttotia* ktiitfe aid t!(N KAEKJED TERSONS, m ?tk?n, ? ???! *? ?f l?tk?lli? hen MtM, will ltd MtUifl BT **! COftMAk a tk?r?ifV ni?imi?*t U? ?y?H?; aad til mk? m?j Uil la jmrt-t ll><iul?H ky Irpsriti wUi itd la (kit nrul? ui Italy umtij. TO THE LADIES. muun rr6?wrr*ti?i*? c.-oaiuk h ? Iffa tad M>< Ui Ualpital C*i?ya>^i, Vkilii, *im?tad ii liSki'lNHiuutMjiitMUMtuif Brtr? e? liftlu^v 3!itUic? U?u?f, Ftiiiki * U' 7*Mik, Md'aaet, T, *m<f *.!! "nun Ualdta. ic ??*a.)?a. THE AM IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afat aa in|?i. 11 vtii HlaaUta. ud lirpnll r?* uO 11119 U* t:w* af k -*i.a i? uiii aktak afaia. Irirr kaula la (imiui h flit uiiifiWti. FOB. CniLDRBF, If ra?j u! iil> ax* alakly, > aay at alliul MaUiM CttlliL vl)! auja Ma* kaalut. fat, ?-?< Dt ?/ an a ajaiiti lil il( >M ftl-vin M Ilia daUllMailuU. ij mo itf linn a/ 4raf|ht> at daalata ?ka ?iy \rj la pals aaaa arm* M'tat a* laraap&nMa uuk, vfcitk Uj?j taa tat akaaa. ?? ? '?? I; ii'iiiuntl. Avaid aacK nan. A?? far afcLt iK i rr*kJf?Tw\k,na CORDIAL, and uta aatk'a* alia, ii l? Ua aolj raraidj thai Till f+rify Iba tiaad l?af?<jkl? anlat tka K?< itnsa HMDfthtu I'll iftna. Una '.taa^aatif-.i tikao a??rj rettnlnf fatting la a eartala pttTantf'?'*? ? C.^alarat, Cblili and Ta'ar, Yal!?? Pavat, at if a -a'alail <li>aaaa. It la pail* Im la?/a aaviaa. Pr?aa ? T ?' F" katOa, a/ t kauJaa fat |l jT X. M, LFAM, e'a ' tkla Carnal; alaa. Mafcaie't Yalcauia Ol kiatMaau Ft'efiytl D?j.i aa ika aatmat af Tkitd aad ' Plaa tuaau, Ik. Uvj.Hi. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. 5IW,v?YmYL^H?5gP' Laadiac and embark-in* pumpn at Uuwnitown, I re', am! Tha L,iT?rpool. N?r York and PhPadelpbia gtaamini* Company intend diap*?ofatoc their ftail owered C]yd*-Dalit troa t?t**ia?h,p? aa follow* : Pfe-^l'DI And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier?I7N..rtK nrer. tiTii or Urat Cabin ?7S Do. to London.. K Kto l?ari? . s6 to Hamburg 86 Stoorwe? ? Do. to Liondoa. M Do. to ?>a'ie_.. - 3R Do. to Haraburi...^ Si Paeaencere forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, &o , at rednoed throuih tare*. Heraoca wiahing to bring oat their irieixla can buy tioketaatlow ratea. Kor farther information apply at the Captaioa Office. JOHN 9. DA L-, Aient, 16 Broadway. N. Y.. Or toQ. A. HERRING, Adaraa Lxpreea Bau ora. Jf?^INDl V1DUAL. KNTEiPBW* I'd T'f r LINK. MASTERV AM) WESTERX SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. Kmran "fjOXKER," Capt. W. Norman, Will run their route* as follows, leavi c Light jraet. Ba.tiniore, foot ot Camden, at 7 o'olook . KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* on ChoptJink river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. Tor Annapolis and Weet River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning ea ijp cays. PIONEER?For St. .M chaePsan<i Ea*tor. via Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the same day. For Annapolis, West River. Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis, West River, St. Michael's and R*.. tun Mi :?' 17.? U.TIID j- ? ?? ? -? ? ? ** * vi ! r, ofwi/ cn a V !% DAY, retarnim e-rery Monday r>y mn? route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaeton Point S1 so Faro to M, Micaaei'i and Mi lee' Rivera round tna.fl.) 1? Far? to West River, (roaod trie, $1) I eo Fare to AoaapoliMround trip75 cedta) 7? ?1 HALS EXTRA. ITTTreuht rauat be prepaid. Wharf and Offioe, LIGHT J?T., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C K. CANNON. ? NORTHERN mEPw CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFF1CE.I Cai.vbrt Station, Battmore. May 18,1861. | On and after Sunday, May 19th. 1861, Traina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart aa foilotra. nntil farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAI L at 8 IS A. M, EXPRESS at S3) P. M. HARKIUBUR6 ACCOMMODATION ftt I P. M The 8 19 A.M. train ooaneeta at Relay Hoaee with trai'ia nn the Western Maryland Railroad, -? ? - - - - ? v nun"'er junction Wiin HanoTtricd Gftibari Railroads; at York with York and Wrui'un.le Railroad; at Harrmhnrf with Heor.a7lva1.1a Railroad for ail parts of the >Veat. aiao with Lebannon VaiW Railroad to JVm Yotkitirict; at Northnm berland with L and B. "ai!road for Kinxaton a&d a'i parte of Wjcoining Vailey,and atfcunonrj with the Philadelphia and Frie Railroad tor all parta Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3? P. m train mskea all the above conneotiona exoept Hanover Railroad, Wnihtaville Railroad and the Lebannon VsJi*>t Railroad. T?e8 P. M train make* oonnectiona with PennsVvar.i* R&ilriad for all parts of the Weat, and direct oonnecta for Naw York. TRAINS ARM VS. Mail at6 10 P M.; Expre a at 7 tf a. M.; Harriebure Acooramodation at 2.43 P. M For Tioketa and inform ation inquire at the Ticket Oftoe, Caivert Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK,Sept. leave philadelphia hflbe FOR new YORK. The Camden an'l Am boy and Philadelphia and Trenioi, Railroad Companies'Line from philadelphia to new Tome and. way places, from walnut street wharf and kensington depot, will leave as fol lows: te a. M , via Camden aod Aitboy, (C. and A. Ate a. T5f., vi* Caradeo and Jersey City, (N. J. A "wmi 0*1\ . _ At 9 a. M., via Cxmden and Jersey Cr?y,(MornIdc Mail.) , At 11)4 A. M.Tia Kecsincton aad Jersey City, (Weaiern ExsreeO At U* P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( AooommodaUca.J At J 1' M., na Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Eurew.) At P M.t Tin Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express) At M P ,M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Second Class Tiokot.) At6 F M.t "ia Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) At UK P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Sooth ern >5aii.) AtSP.M , v:a Camden and Amhoy, (AooomTnodation. freight and passenger, First Class Ticket.) Second C>ass Ticket. Tu?6 P. M Ms.iTTrain runs daily. Thellfc P. M. Mill, Saturdays excepted For Beividore, e?%stcn, i.ambertville, Flemingtnn, Ac., at 7.10 A. M. end *>4 P- M., from Retain gton. tor Water Gap, #truud*burg.Soranton,W!lkeeb*rre. Moi.trose, Great Bend, Ac., at 7.10 A.M., from k^Afineton. vta Delaware, L,aokawa&na and W est?r u It ail road. For Msuch Chunk, Ailentown aad Bethlehem .at 7.10 A. lu. and &H P. M.. from KcLsington depot; tlie 7.10 A M. li e connects with Lie train leaving ?- ? _ ? ? ? tuum at 3 ? f.!U. For Mount Holly at ud 8 A. M. ud S ud Of P M For Freehold at I A. M and t P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ao. at 7.10 A. M., <K and PH f- M- from Xensiniton, ami 2H P. M from V. Mnut street wharf. Por Pa!m?r* Rivarton, Do! a coo, Beverly. Burlineton, Fi^reLziAoo. BordeuW>wo, A?., at 11M. 1, S, tx and 5 P. M l StMmir Trenton for Bor: no town, and intermediate p.aees, at SH P. M. from VVa.nnt street wharf. ir 7* For New York and Way Lines, leaTinx Keneintton Depot, take tbe oars on Fifth street, al?>ve Wal iut, aa.f an hoar before departure The cars ran int.) tite depot, and on arrival of train ma from thedejot. Hfty pounds of baccate only allowed to*ach paaze&cer Passengers are prohibited from takicc anything as baccace bat their wearinc *ppar?f All baccace oyer fifty pounds to be paid for extra, rtie con pany limit their responsibility f<>r baciaee to one <*ol ar per pound, acd will not be liable Fur any amount beyond one hundred dollars, exoept by special oon tract. W M . HBAT7MKR. Arent. WEBT^APufloUTH li'trBH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Mar 16tn, 1M1, the tr?ma will ran a* foiiowa, via:?Leave C*nraeo 8vaU<'D. Baltimore.~Ma?l, iexcept Jjupriaj.i at 4. 30 A. M Ea?* ? ilu; at S. 44 P. M- Both Trains co direetj/ U.roucb M(R ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGER8. n^fween Baltimore and riedanont take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Ao oosnrncxiation Train, leaving Piedmont at 4. to A. S. and between Grafton and Parkerabirf, take Kb at A M Train from Baltimore. Ti.? FREDEHICK TRAIN Itavee Baltimore at 4 3" p. M. aud Frederick a'<>.30 A. M. Th- ELLlCOTT'S MILLS J RAIN leave Baltimore at 6 and 9.15 A. N'. ar.H 1 45 and MO P. M-. acJ EUioou'a Mills at 7.40 and 11.80 A. M .and 3.44 ar d 7JM p. M. For further information, T okets of every kind, Ac , apply to J. T. ENG LAN D Atent, at uarnden Station, or at the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportion. L. M. COLK, Gen'l Tioket AifpL r^^NKW YOK K, HARLEM AND me iw L%fWMf,seAuffflNP ro. 4LBAN&?Kfc 5ffiSIS6*flF?S^Y Commeucing Moniiaj, May 3?th, lttl. For Abany?llw a. m. faat express train fro* Mth street. _ . . For Dorer Plain*?tan p. m stopping at White Ptiaa and static ua north to Dorsr plain*?from t?th street station. (Th's train will ran to Millerton rrarr Patartay NteiacJ ForCroton Fall*?*M5a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fo-Chain from 38>h street station. For W hite P &in?-t?, Clo and fcoo p. m. stopping at all stations from 90th street atauon. For W hlte Flaioa?6:>6 p. m. stopping at all stations from White street station. For Williams 0riiice?T.jn, 11:15 a. m. and 8J0 p. a. stop nog at all stations from rrth stroot station. Returning will leare? Albany?fcflo a. m. fast express train. Dover P:ains?WO a m. (This train leaves Mil lerton ever* Monday morning at 5 a m.) f 1- r - - y i w?wu rB,ir-o , ni. Whit* Plain*??t?, i*o a m. 4:1* & *00 p m. Wuham, Bndge-?:?\ sk? ?. m. ft fc?t? a. m Sund?T traiD? will leava ?th A venae eoroer SSd f}re?tv/?irJCentral Park, Yorkville, Harlem aad High Hridge everj f? w roiDntea. from m. to 1** f m. JOHN BCRCHILl. A??t frey't. YORK AND ERifc RAIL apflH PuMDcr Trains leara via Pavonia Ferry and Lou* Dock, from foot of Cham'tri atraet. New York.lu follow*. yi? : ' 00 a. m , KX >'RK9SL (or Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal intense ia*e Station*. i.ooa. m. MAIL,for Dackirx. and intermediate 9tatioce?Thi* Train r*maina ove. nigttat fclaura, and arooe*>ia tbe next morning 9.00a m.. MILK daiij, for Otitville, and intar mediate Hta&ona. lloo am, ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port "i'' WA^! fo* MiOdietown, N?*bar|k. SUTS"-^ srssa-KEss. ??tt: latest', U'A,M ff s^arfa ^srrii*A<^JWsfi%,?i.to, B^ui^ udprtao OH A 8. M1NOT, Bon'l 8i?*t. NATHANIEL MAK9A. Reooivr. J.,.,., ONIONS?ONION'S?ONIONS. UST Reoeivgd on ?onaifnn>rat 1?&? >unek* prtire Onions. For mI* low. . KING A BIRCH ELL. ?# fc r*..rw?r yi^?x?r>?h % "* 1 ?f? ANI VKRV NICE MKOONU H\ND PIA.NO "fM 99>. Alto, i inrje U-<? rf A Co ' *iul SUuivt) t Sin UV.|MM| I 1 nr* PtMM for rmu Ml ' T JIOTIC* TO TUVKLKKP e^sa*!^^i52SCSRe3 "&&*** .? ,iujTZT MMiliiMl7" SPUING AND SUMMhR AHHANVKMBNT Mb and alMr TV* KfDA V p- *- "i Vm.U )? Dk.xJ. -t- ? I * 5 " D?>fot d*tly_|WM?t SurvdayaiaafoUova, rik larrmTr?ii ?tlU *.M w?T Mail Trtu|| M5 A. M ^ Emini M w! ? ? 45 oTolo?| Oi 81% DAYS at 4 45 P. M.<*nlT. All tralna ooaceot ?itb N?w York trataa exoejt4.?? P. M. train oa ftatar day*. A Freight Train vntii paiwaitr oar attaefced leave* at 5 P.M. topping at all etatioaa b?twM? Baltimore and Hur? if-br*o?. Paeeengera for Delaware and the Eaatera Mtor* of .Maryland will Bod U? moet expeditioai roate by im ofW'lwutaa. | LT A U Colored Peraona aiat (in bond before entering the oar a. WM. CRAWFORD. Ateat. CENTRAL ROUTE FOB I HHfTHK WF.i*T. r%s Ht DSr)!* r HAILKOAU mud fiJW YOHK CR*TKAL HAJLROAD H?rm frn?il??i New York c ty depota of Hadaun Ri?er Raiiroad daily. Sucdaya lotrowa : From Chambera atreaL From Slat at. station. At 7 rw a m At l ? an pro" 300 fin )Jf* 3 .an f in S a? f m Montreal and Br ffaio Train with alecani oara, J.'i am ) 46 p m I CouNtmi at Albaay with Uta New York Caa tral Railroad lor Schenectady. Rook?tar, VUoa Hatavia, Roma, and atationa on Roma and WatarVivn Railroad. Hnfffclo. Ptraoaae. Niagara Faita, 1 oaayanairn Bridge, Aabarn. Geneva.Canaataicaa. [ Traina in connection leave Buft ouu ^irrraion via Lake Shore, Buffaloai-r4- ? ake Huron and Great W'eatern Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit, CkicM?> Toledo. Milvankie. Fon Da La?, La Croaae, Madia^n. Frame Da Chien. Ga en* Dunleith. Dubuque, Peon*. Hook l?.aod Nuiritine, Iowa Oil?, Burtanrton. Quiwev. Sarincae.4, Alton, St. Loci*. Cairo, Te-re Uaute. I ndtaaaaolia, triuisville, Cincinna", 1 a?lon, Coluit.hu*. Cl?va nd^asda.'. points \N est. Northwest ai.d South W8" NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trains at 1 roy. with Troy * Boston and Ken*, k. Saratoga Poads for Saratoga. Whitehall. Rutland, Burlington,m. Albans. Eoaaa Point, Plattsturgh, Ogden?l>utgh, M? ntrealT A a., 4c C7- Freight Arrantemests by thi? routs as above, without change of Carg, trouri the l?*pots la Chamber* and Canal streets. are at all times m favorable as me.de by oth> r Rai road C< mpaei*>s. The facilities of this great New Vork Rn?t*,t? the West commend it to Lhe confidence of ma; chants an ' sli pper* for promplres* acd dispatch. Passenger trains, with Smoking and Sleeping Cart run in connection on the New York Centra Road. For particulars as to looa trains and freight ar rangements, inquire at th? depot, t>fa v\ arret, st. . F. SMITH, SuporiL'endect. I' 8 (tllVKRWKNT I.INK FORT MONROE AND OLD POINT COMPORT. L??tm th? lower ?nd of I'NION DOCK. Baltimore, west side, PAILY, (Sundays included.iat 4tto'ol<ck P. M. tslini rui??ieri and fei(ht,aad oonneotinc with the F&iiroaa lines, to ard fro? Washington, D. C., Phi ade ph s. New Yori, Bos ton, York, HarriiUurs, Pittsbnr*. Pa, Mid ths West, immediately afer the arrival of the Express Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. Th%followinc ia the So/indu.e : Rropi N*w York to Port Mi-uroe anfl back. .#14 From Phi vie.ph a and f*ok- !? rom Ba'timore and baok? lO-PROCL'RK VOUB TICEKTt?^n In New York.at the New Jersey RailroM Ofte* I foat of Courtiard street. I In Phi adeiphia, at the Company's oftoe.N. W, 41 oornxr ?f Sixth and Chestnat streets, or at the \ I>?"pot, Broad and Prime ?tr?eu. I In Rvtimore, on lx>ard the Btoamors. foot of Union I>ook. Hll.H (I'roWEt. I ~ ^aaeengar Ageat. I jpw ^FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPOUT I js ANU PALL RIVER. By the ap.ertiid and aapenor 8t*amera METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and ?TATEOF MAINE. c/greai trength and aeeed, bat particularly adapted to the navigation of Lone la.and Bound. rucmng in connection with me nil River and Old Colony Railroad, dietaooe ?f ?mi !?a only to Boeten l,?re Pier No. 8 North River near the Battery. The Steamer EMPIRE STATE, CapC Brayton. Mondaya, Wedneadaya, aud Friday a, at t o'eloec P. M., touching at Newjaort each waj. Tile Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, na Tneadaya.Tfauradaya and Saturdaya, at i o'oiock P. M.. touch rg at Newport eaob way. Tbeee Steameae are fitted with ooatmodioua atate rooma. and every arrangement for theeer?ntr arid oorafert oi po-aengera who are afforded by thia route a mghta' reat on board, and on arrival at Pal! River proceed per Steanihoat Train.reach ing Boe'.i'n early tne f .ilow.ua morning : or may remain on hoard until atarting of the Asaotrmooa tion at 8 A. M., by which tney may react Boatoa about 8.45 A. M. A baggage rnaatar la attached to each ateaaer, who reoeivea w.d tiokets the bacgage, and aoeoaapaniea the earne to ita deatination. A ateamer rura in connection with thia Line be tween Fail RtTfr and Providenoe daily, eaoept Budara Freicht to Boston la forwards through with Kb At dispatch by an tx?r?u Tram. which ***** 11 R:ver ever* morning, Sundays excreted, M o'olook (or Boktoti ar.ri New Bedford, arriving at ita d<*.it,aUoD at aboat II A M For freight or par*ac<. ap^yoa board, or at tit nftoe on Pier No. S .North River For state room and be tl?. appiy on *uard. or if desired to seoara them in ad v auce, to WM BoRDKN.Ac't 70 and 71 W est street, N T. THK RKGI LAR MAIL LINK Tl? gIwTON, PTONIN6TOS ^" ^ "and PROVlDKNCK, FOR BO* TON?Inland Route? Th? s> or test and most di rect?Carry the fcAate'n Mail. The steamer Pb\ M< L TH ROCI. Capt. J. C. 6?er, aad COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W. Williams, tc connection with the Stoi.:r.f ton and Providence,and Boe?onand Providence Ruroadr, leaving New York daily, Sundays exoerted. from Sier No 18 North R^ver, at f o'clock P. M.,ao<l roton at 8JP e'oloe* P. Mor ob the arrival of If-. rp _ U-.L 1 r? - ? ? lit? .*icmi i rftja wnion iflftvri DVIK>Q SI 5 J' f- HI* The PL) MOUTH ROCK, (ri m New YorkMondar, WtdiMdftt, and Friday. From GrotOL?Tu'Eca?, Thursday,apd Saturday The i'OMMONWKAI TH, from New YorkTno?day Thursday. ?*d Saturday. From firctoi ?Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday. Passengers from Groton prooeefl per rai road to Prondenoe and Boston, in the Kifr*? Mail Train, reaching ta d plaoe in adranoe ifthose by other mute , and in amoletime for a1 the early Morning Line# eoneetinfr North and Kast. Pasee>ngers that prefer it, remain on Uiaid the a*earner, aa>oy a nights'reet undisturbed break faat if deaired, and eav?i G re ton in tneY.UA. M. Train, oonuectii k at Provideaee with the 1M A M. Traia for Boston. Fare from * rovideroe to Newport, Fifty eenta. A baggage master aooompanies the Steamer and Train each *?t. For Passage, Bertha, State Rooms, or Freight, aps> y od board the t?amer,or at the Freight Oftoe, Pier 13 North River, or at the Oftoe of 1 the Company, No. 1U We?t street.ovrner of Cortland street. New York, Feb.?. IK1. HLIM^N R1VEK RAILROAD? And WKS r. Trains leave: From Chamne'S st. N. Y.. F rotn fHh street. i I I 1 ami llum H M II * ? ? " and 3,S> and 5 p ti. 5,J6 pro. " Troy tad Albany ?wttb 10.45 p. ro , Sunday* in 4 iMpicf ear> 10.15 p. tn claaeo.) [ l*onghke?p?ie traia 6, a. 6,25 a. in., and 1.40 p. a. m ,1.15 p. m Peekaktit train, 4.fl0 p m 4.SS p m. S?ng Silk trains ooa m . 9.36 a. m., and 4J? and and 4 soand b&< p. m 9J6 p. m. FlMkill train,6,3 p.m. i>Mf m. A- r SM tTh. Mi##riot*nd?ftt. ?chwkriw?? JMiilbllatlDf .jjmf/B&M ^ Powder Is the only known and B^BhRn^^l bMi artMi* to ^ fg'jM axiom..caw* esnBMl I \nu, >ioir?, r rr iwii L JFi?m.C^daaWonne UtBlli. Aa. It IMIIIMI M ? <?? 8CHW ERIN'S PILLS are aare dealt to Rau and Mioe, M. Sohwerin haa raeeiTed oeml?at*? from the Pretidant of Oirard Ooi.?? Direotora < ' Honee of keface, Penurlvar.ia Hum>c?., atx" other Prominent InaOtatioca of Ptmade^lua s L. 8 Jail. vs a*&incton, D. C.;and Charity Hcapita . The original certifioatee oaa be aeet at the Wholee&le and Rota:! Depot 1?4 North lW treat, Philadelphia, aad for aa)e n Uii? etty by fi. B. CLARK, corner Pv a venae and *H eta., w by al. OTucciau and ttrooera. BJ.WARK OP SPURIOUS IMITATION?. IT * Rerumr. ,*r to ack for sahwerin'a Aaatat lain i Powder. Cj Nose fpnuit,* ao eee *:i l?o .m. hcbwib'* ? ma 15-fimeo ^ b RKNCH * RICH*T 1EN?h*r^B?t reoeirad * lir(? kad oon^ ?t* aaeortnxwt of Mi'itory Book* of ?|| kind*, which they offer rrow un to ftfty jer Mut. below tlx refular r?Ui fnoea.?noiudiZi^ : Anew edition of Hardee'a lafaatry ud Taotioa. ooinatele, flJi For oa' Volunteer*' MuhI.S rola, #5 Alier ' ComfMHiu of Hardea'a Tacuca, V* Oras*'* Military Surrery, ISo Wabu'> Fie'd Fr>ru{rr*.tioc and Ontpcal, eaeb * Hardee'* Tactic*, cheap editicu. *V The ?oldi#r a > ?<>, a eoui^lete irarral aad drill hook for the aae ?1 the Volunteer Mil ua a^d the Borne Guard, 25c The Hand-Book for til U.S. Soldier, >eirs? ? irat book ?f matruetion to the U. 8. Inka'ry tae- I "AUoTMlliUry M&p*. Mm of ??? & '- of Wtr< CharU, Ac ? *!?? tod MmIii ? / tvrr A?y oftho ?>ot? sent Y>w wft.il fr?*. Ft KNOli A aiCUFTKlM. K+ 1? <> P?t<- n II' '* ?'?>?# pi*F. SHAKER AND OTHKR " KIT K T FI.ANNKi.H, wi?fc*ll .*!.?? S\ <?. e. ftr Aituat Ami Wtcl ? pn._i.lt, m? k*d (a *iai? ao tRrchaMT ia d+c+ r+<l Ali bitixr and ari irc b*ri?f ' 0**tl onr *'? y ;. v ;r- .1. ? r(<rtn tl??r U> Ati vxt'iiiiaUoa < ! *< ? ib.; t? ! 1 o ?u ouui. HthUi H r?..?