5 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

5 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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*-fi- i-i a THE EVRMNW STAR. OROWnfl DAKK Tb? lluvd, with bit mowe-iike ey**, Peep? from tb? mortice with *wprl?e At nek itnrfr qiiiM ifttt AitI b*rth din; 1V? witnm boldly out, And lankt about And with hi* hollow fret Tread* hi* trail evening beat. Darting opon bt* prey ? In aneh * trlrkr, wlnaome aort of wnv, Bt* dolteate utartudlnt; mn* bo *ln ; And attll the cnrtain* swing Bat nol*ele**ly , Thu bAUl A n#IiBr.holv murmuf A* (mn were la (be sky; Mot* heavily the shadow* fall, Llka the bUok foldings of a pall, W here jota tba roof-beam front the wall; The randies flare with fresher gust* of air; Tba beetle's drone Turns to a dirge-like solitary mono, Might deepens, and I sit, In cheeless doubt,alone [Emi y Judsen T?w Nitt ?The eight sloops of war and the twe> ty-three gonboata ordered by the Navy Department sVut fuur months ago are nearly all Aalsbed. Fonr of the sloops have been launched, and two ffiore will be ready for launching In abo?t two weeks Their names are the Oneida, bntlding at the Brooklyn N?*v Yard, snd the Jnatsta, bnlldtng at Philadelphia Of the twenty-threef gunboat* oalr '! remain to be llDnAhfd Hlt.4 than t?lll rw?*V.aK1.. V- -*- * l- 41 ?. ?? ? ? win pvw?ui j wc aauai in *ac emraa of next week . TMe rvenmeat continues to purchase to ba turned Into gunboata, or to be u?*d aa (tore and supr>lv ship* Tb? number already purchased eaaaott>e 1-as than om hundred and for'y Theae *(?n a are generally altered at private chip yards, and then go to th** nearest navy yard to receive thelr armament a^d to be put into commlaalon Volunteer lieutenant,wbo bave previously served In tbe navy, and cfflcers of the merchant service, examined ny tbe proper authorities and appointed to tfce naw, are in command of moat of theae boata? >. y. Pest. Niw Yoa* H*k?>b Dbfksces ?The ay stem of defences whlcti baa been adopted for New Yark Harbor, takes in all tbe woraa, old aa well ?J mv, will Include, when complete, Hfteen dlf itreat work*, mounting 1 5trt> gun*. The ;-irp?'?t of tbe work* 1* the fort at fandy Hook, on which ?0 000 ?<? been ?pe;:t, and which will require at least SI 750.U00 more, besides a aum perhaps equal to this to serrcre Its foundation frcm destruction by the aea Bes!d> a this, there is a fort befrun on Wtllet'a Point, in the East Rieer, on which SI50 HO >?av- beeu expended. and which Will require $53*,000 u??>re Altogether, the iNew York forts h*ve cost ?3 and will need, t > complete them, accordlug to tbe estimates of the engin<-er>^A3.2*22 H9 Trial or * Tractomotok ?An Improved traction engine for drawing plows or heavy load* on ctmmon r adk, Ja?t couuleUd at tbe Roper* I.n I comotive Work*, was tried In the streets of Patersoa. N J . lx*t Tuesday. Tb? engine wai att ebrd to a tr-^ k laden with nine tuns of pig-iron, and drew It over the cobble-stone pavements with great case It waa found necessary, however, to remove about a tan of the Iron when attempting to mount a steep hill where the aoll was sandy, as the tru( k wheels became so Imbedded as to render progress Impossible The engine, although tried for the first time, was found to work perfectly. . IX T" A lingular accident occurred at a village near Auxoune, France A workman named Valanchot. lu eating acme plums after dinner, put Sato bia mouto one, In tbe center of wbicb a w<s*p had Introduced itself through a slit, and on tbe plum b?ing preyed tbe lioect iuued from lta rlace of concealment and stnng tbe man aeverely n the palate Swelling ensued, and in spite of all that could be done for him, he expired in two hours and a half of suffocation. LI^ Not long alnce, a gentleman took his little dmghter. to a dentiat to have a tooth extracted. After the operation her father said to her : *4 * - ?iuw. my urir i[ yoj don't put your tongue whrre the tooth came out you'll have a gold tooth " To wblch she replied. 1 If I 'iewtrf have one, tt would not be long bofore you would be trying to get It out." \EVV CLOAK?. NEW SHAWLS, AND NhW DRKSS GOODS, Of n?o<i?>rn C^unn and iabric? at our proverbial!? tow pries, with ai' <-th?r kiuds of nied inn and fl e fjry liOii(ti ia a ! : he depart incuts of families and housekeepers wn.iti. Also, oar osoai fall stock of all the !ea'inc 8tape? adap^i to the waats of the miliion, whqae tr*<]? we ?o-oit. _ Carpets. CirUiu. miniAUx o??? a? _ ?? ? t 0*e price only. marked in plixn fifturee, there for* ro purchaser w <!?j' ived. Aa in?i?c;i->a c f it sot -ohoiteJ; it implies no oOlufction to barohUM. Ah peroela I r the interior prepsrh pusl^d free of oharje. PKRRY A BROTHER, Pean are.. Mid 9tn etre?t, no 8 igj *Perty Bmidicg." PIANOS, PIANO*. PIANOS.?New Pumu? received ev?Tj week ''?roe aid lock at ?* ortrrerf &t W. O MhiZEROT l"S Mn.io Da-pot, *v. r ' p? a* *?<? K- event), "t TUt ftbRUCKAH mmi- mmrnm ?# - A KM#U( H. at the comer oY Penn. A . ? A arame ft ad afreet, bu bwenWMftT rrmtiy .:u*r. Teu rocectiT and uow oQerii^Qfcli greater lad:. -enieata for the patrcr *?? of citiseri* aad ?tr*EfC.-? tian any other ?ut>l:o house in the to, ius tr'sos txeng leea than thcce of any other bote! on Petn. arenue, an<l hiz aocommodatiocs fcr jermcrer.t or transient Warders nr.exceyM'jc able. Thenar and restau.-aia arranfeineiite of the Karofeac Ho lei have aireati* become vcrj poyn lir.beiDc &- that oan ba dwre?. or tne re<>*? fas tfiion*. lh? ?toariau>r ?t?dcei OKiamiMed Mt?ntiocail rottmnec lit-eTel axMndttarmU> jtv3*atufMtioc to a . aad thLar?ti*w? )ue mvlUi on ? all tk? Ru . r.*!l. |fp 4-tl ** A OVA AHCUTUM CLOTUS,"(Water proof A Repl ant Cloth*.) for Uadiev auu Genu' ukiina tna nnur wrsppia:?, various sli&iiee, of Ue !>?st *uai;ty. With ail otiisr kinds of Dry Goods for current teil) cuii. One pno* only, marked tn p sin figure*. J rareis for U?e interior properly packed, free ofouarie. PKRRY * BRO., Pa avenue ai d Nirth at, oc *2 it 'Perry Building " | BKLIARD5! BILLIARD*!! Cheat Pecks. Six Imp crtd Xmrhi' B*d Ta its. We wi <h ltf rm ait x*as sul strangers that W etel! continue at our reduced prices, wiiioh is one i'ird ;e?e tkao the asuat o< y pri es, vis: Biesle (am".8# o'a;?ix eia.e?, fl .UlLLEK i SIMPSON, Ati.eraorn B..i*ra Saloon. 430 Pa. av. oq t ?og1- - ' ^ t |N a O A T t) fM'fiiwuir HiWfifi (X0t4. t Wotkmtum (St*. July la, 1?M Pun a*? SpaciT<.C4TiaH? for hwi of San Boaia fcr .?!* Wee'-eru rivers are on exhibition at ui> ofi?e, ard *i oAoem of Quartermaatora at Pitt?hurf. Ci-xnncati, ft. I.oqjs acd Alton. Boats t . t,?? delivered at Cairo Bids aftoo'd be sect to Uaarterniaa'er G*u?rai of the Uiute-i State* Aims, at Waakioctoo, by lat Ayo;t. at U"<>n. n. C. Mi.i'jSt |y It Brie. ftfcrl and <Jaarterw?artor Ocn'l. |j NiOjN PAPmuMPWMrW J ?! ? -j vh* j ui .iuw tiHi ii?rw wiUEr>v?.o??to Qftteb. V >? ?? of Vv**hia*i?ii 11 the form a Rote, and IB ISfoi forrn; MM, ?sp*rft?" Aq tin L)*ni *.?d Wwl j l'?r-i ona?t?otly on h?a. H?n/, TiniM,?n'iTiiunn? leocivM arery Dicht It 8 o*.?'OC|. Pmpari [row tJ. Mrts of the ooafltry. Dtidle'e Ihirw Surels Rod Hong Book*. ^Ajnah wipplj of tfcnk? for aammer refeMng. A ia/c* MiortaD?ot of J *T9piiea~M?.xa? Reid'a Book*, Rotio Book*. AMxhi Hiatortea. Ao, A u.aoouat oi tTa0*"kY?: Hi^T*" D<K>^' Mk V Nm>?ii*I Rnoki Inr". -JT" V*. % CAaH NOT1CK. N Ommiuwaf 9mr fe%nn? to HI owh for AVW* A/^ia ) A ? 4 ~ ? 1 ? * to 2??.9, *???ira =a?5f)S Sg&stS4''^ . 'W1' il%aa?r* uw BvJcm. Yiawa of Wxhiu. w^AM?tuu< PoreUn Itnuinu, IHi j'iod *~k ' ^ FRENCH Jt RICHSTEIN'8 Nuio&il Bookatort, m ' HbW tlittb.) ?T?r>.>rt?i> VtM* v? invit# ail Nik parehAMrs to tuuii 1 ^ALI^TSFBEWS ? CO.. I S?? P*. IN twrvwa 9tfc m! l?h n. (l?t?' 'i?rof m?l FOR FIKl.D PER VJCfc.?Heavy Graf ud B -uwn Mixnl B JuUeta, ihal waigh (rem 6 to 7 Kit' !*' ? '| .t I. ttlMllML I'll:*" f*"""" 3??% for** ?ooul Curtain*. Oiloiotiu, Ruga, Ac., B#f#r Uii pfi'ionlir, (CArltd i| bl4ii |(ir#i -5iil '^nlSSU^i " SfJLL CONTISCK THR SALE* OF J iff "4: ?' " k rVtesr5?*p<*'" ??? '^wws&T 0 ? ?? - ? DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOT1LKR, DENTIST, No. SS? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Teeth Street* ill; 45^^St4ks?.'SSS: eannot wetr other*, and bo person ou wear other* wbo cannot wear these. Persons calling at my ofioeoan be accommodated with any ?t j ie and pr loe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular aud wish the purest, cleanest, strongeet, and most perfect don tare that art oan ?rodu?e, the MINERAL PLATE will be more tally warranted. fooms in thucity?No.SS8Pa. avenae, betweea and 10th sU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phiadsi ?ma. oe lAtf I ~~ GAS FITTING, ho. I I AWM ?. DOVB * OO. ... . RE Nov prepared to axeoato any erdora witfc W PL ? M1 fftj, *A8 cm FTT11N# I yrr store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa, ! ipott, whers mar bo foand ft consulate avortmeaf ef CHANDELIKilS and other #A3, BTEAMul i w 4tkw fixture. ?ft tt-it j 1BNYOUU PL UMB MR AND 9AS FITTER. Has removed to the eorner or Twelfth and P ata. Hsia prepared to introdnoo Water and Saaapon IKa ntnal fawn^aKIa ta?m? 1 _w ,uv.. tviiH*) aiiU |na?i?u?io? roui? 1 NUlifiotion. Hebu on hud a lot of COOE1N6 and other STOVES, whioh he will Bellle* thaa eoat, aa he wiahe* to get rid of tnera no 17 WSAS FIXTURES. E HtT* in atom, and are dai.y reoeiTinx, OAS \ FIlTOKS-ioIentirely New Patterna&nd Dtieirne [ and Finiah. superior in style to anythinr heretofore ! eflei d in tbia market. We inviteoitigena ceneral : ly tc aa!l aud examine our stock of Gaa ana Water i Fix irea, feelinj oorfldent that we have the b?H elected atook in Waahinzton. All Work in the above line intraat*d to air ear* will be promptly attend?d to. MYERS * MotHAN. ar t-tf 3T< D utreei. , OH tFICK OF INSPECTOR AND BBAIiBK i OF ?AS METERS. Washington, JiIT II, UN. MOTIOE IS HEREBY VIVES. That,air?^ , fcbiT to the provision* of the ordinance of the Corporation approved Mar IS, ISfip, the undersigned if nov prepared, "whenever retired in writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. examine, test, srove, and ascertain the aoonraoy of reg latration ofany [U meter in ase in this 0117." Every meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be Ml :d i?* place. If proved to be aooaraie in ita raeasaiement of [u, it will be sealed aooo-dwgiy, acd again eat in position for ih. ORoe No, #10 Seventh street, (near Odd FeiHallj 0*en from t a. m-, to i p. m. CHARGE* W. CUNNiNfHAM. IT It tf ImiA'tnr knil R?'???# M?i?" UBADQUARTKR^OP THE U. 8. MARINE II. CORPS. QrARTRBMASTHR'S OFFICK. J wahiixgton, september 23, 1861.\ Scales PaoFosALi.f r?aohc'ass separately .will be reoeived at tai? .'Jftca until 12 o'oiook m. of Wednesday, fill: of November aext, for furnishing to the tinted ?'*t.>s M\ri.jo Corps, during the year 1862, the follow>ng supplies, to be delivered at the office of the As niai.t Quartermaster of theenrps, 'hi;ad?!plnv Pennsylvania, free of expense to the | Unit d state*. in suoh quantities as may from time i ~ -? hi uiitc no urutreu, \iz : Claps No. I. H.nnn r&rds of Fky Bine Kersey, all wool, free fr? m hair, 54 mohes tn!t, to weigh 23 ounoes to the j*r1, (inliao wool-djed ) 6,(M0 yardi Dak Bua Kersey - ill wool, Tree from hair, 4 inohe* wi.1e, to weigh 22 ounoes tottie jard, (icdito wool dyo?l.> yards Dark Blue Twilled rloth, a'l wool, for nniforrn coats.(indigo wool-dyed,)M inches wide, to weigh 23 our.c ? per yard. ISO yards of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (ooohineal dyed,) 54 itches wide, to weigh 16 oanoes per yard. Class No 3. 8 not) yards of 6 4 Dsr* Blue Flannel, for owBAck<,aU wool,(indigo wool dyed,' M in hea wide, to we>chl3 ouno?*s p?ryard. 16 000 yards of 3 4 Dark Biue Flannel for shirts, i vaa! mnwi-n .1 \ * j" w. n ? :uuil?v W"W1"U JCVI)/ 41 lUUUCfl W 1UO) Ml wei*h 6H ounce* M yard i 1 joo ?r&? H'anketa, all wool, to weigh four t pounds each. with letters "U 8. M " in b'ack. four , tootiea lone. in the center; to be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and fr e from r resae. 6.000 pairs of W??len Sooka, three aisea, ?rop er.T niA^ei'f go >d fleece wool, with double and ! I twuted yarn, to wei h three pounds per doxen I pairs, free from grease. Cla9? NO. 3. 6.0**) yarda White I inen for Panta, 80 inches wide, to we'gh 13 oanoex per yard. 10.000 yard* While 1 i en lor Shirts, 80 inohes wide to wcth 11 ounoes aer yard. 16 >?0 yards canton Flannel for Drawers, 77 1 inches wide, to weigh 7 ounoes par yard. CLAS4 No. 4. l.noo Uniform Cars, complete (except Poinpona.) ' !>*) Pompons, red worsted, ball-shaped, 4 inohes , in ciwtiinferenoe. | 3,000 t a ku* Cap*,< wr h 00vers,) to be made of 1 I blu* elfth, 1 digo woo'.-dyed. 2.000 Stooks. I CLiH NO. i. 0M1 t'ou^ntt Buttons, (fcatle.) VO groan Jacks' Button* < fcas'.e.> 100 gr?aa Vf??r Hrttu' ?. (tar e ) I.'00 pairs Vel uw Metal CreeoeRt* and Soale straps .an *e:a Epanlette Bullion for Bergea ta and Corpora ? 3 ?o set* Kpau'a*te Bullion for Privates. 50 Red \Vor*t?d Sa^b^a. 2.S>>' yarda of t el'ow Hindini:. 2,500 y.rrta of Red Cord. 100 Sworda for r'ergaauta 50 words for Muaioi&ra. 50 Drums (tenor,) complete. 50 J> uio Mines. i00 Batter D urn Heaf a. 50 JMiare biu n Hfc&ia. loo D'Uin C> r<l8 loo ?#t ??f Drum Snares. 10' Boiwood "ft" Fif?? Cun No. 8. 10,000 pairs Array Boot*.(infantry pattern. . _ ? . , No. T. 1^? Cartridge B >ifi| l^no Kayonet Scalibards. Percn-sion uap Po robes 1,3?? Cartridge Box Baits. 1.S0O t'ayonft Kelts. Want Belts. 1 jno Want Plates. 1.2U0 Hrea?t Plates. 2fio Sword Frogs. , . Class No. ?. 1 Jio Knspsftcks. M. TW T__ " w a\wr ton, 6?t ? AQleeus. 6"! Musket 8ilux?. Clab? No. 9. For making and trimming the fol!owla? artielee, via; i Watch Coau *crj?*nt?'.0?r?oraV Mo?ioian?\ and Frivatee' Unifor ;i and F?time Coat*, Woollen and Liren FanU; Flannel and Lineu?hirt?; 0 a - er?. Flannel baokt; and Red and Blue Jackets for Bojs. The abive m*ntioae<1 artir'ee most o?nform ta ali r$>pects, to the leaied *ta da a pa?tjra> in t?e A#M ilf lli* Unu-iltrmiatw ' ?? " ' 1 - ._ ... ?i imu x vjpi tnciiiuo ] Ha itoki. W a?h.i:f ou, D C ; A?a atant Quarter | rnMtrr, offioc Ma> :.e Corp?, l,22n ^pruoe a treat, r':i a^Hpt ia. and at to* Manna SUGod*. Brooklyn, New Y< rk. and Boaton.Maaaaohuaette, where ti ?* can N> ciairi'-ed. Ami wtieuever the article* named above, or any portion of them, abali be oonaidered aa not fully conforming to aamplea, they will be refected, and the contra tor ?il> be bound to f>i mi an other a of the rt paired kir>d at ouee or the Qntrterinaater wi>l aupply the defccienoy at theexpenae of the oontract r. Payment will be made upon theacoeoted delivery o'ths whole quantity, wlnoh inay from time to lime M oruerea. witoho ding t?u per oent from the ssjjneut of aooount rendered urder first order, untii seoon<l order is filled, and ten per cent from aooount rendered under second oraer until third oro?r is fil ed, and so on, until oontract is oompleted. : KanJ. proposal must be aooompamed by the following guarantee: Form af Guaramtu. Ti.e undersigned, , of , in the ol , and , in the gtata of??, htieby guarantee that in oase tne foregoing bid ol tor supplies, as above described, be aooepted.he or tnej ?i!!. w;th>n tan days after the receipt or th? "<>t tract st the Post OfRoe named, exeoute the oontract for the same witn good ana suffici-nt seourinea; and m case the said shall fail to enter into oontract. as aforesaid, we (MrftBtAA til m? lr? a.uvi A' ??? ..v *?v wiacrvuuv uviwova the offer of the said and that whioh may be accepted. A H, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. K F, Wstneea. . i?n 1 her?t>T certify that tha above named ? ] are known to me aa men of property, and aMe to mace good their guarantee. 6. H. Jo be signed by the United Btatea District ce. United States iMstnot Attorney or Colleotoi. No propoaal will be consider?d unleaa aooom- | paaieu by the above guarantee. Pewapapera authorised to publieh the above , send tne pap*r oo.-.taming the firat insertion to this off oe f r examination. Til* bidder's p!M < of buei iaes. or manufacturing eetabii'hrnent, roust be apeotfioaily stated in ?wrae# tut of artioles i? ben??ad to be about ! til*quantity of eaeh at.o e that will be required during the Tear: bat the Quarter master reserves the richt of ordering a greater or lee* quantity, should tne mtereate of the eerrioe require it Fro?o?a!" to be eadorsed on the eaveloee, "Propoeais for 8up?lieafor Marine Cores for WW." and addreeeedto Major WM B. SLACK, auartermaster M.C., Washington, D. C. Y4? reiopee to maroU. Also, flag Pape^*'^ ail kiu<is, with and without Mottoes; Fnvefopee to feh SICK AgD WOIJNDKD SOLDIER I IN HOSPITAL. Pmbhthid to (M^ranl* with tk? rttointi<m ?/ (44 Swih of Jmif M, 1861. At Oiwrw H?rp\t*l m E itr?l, mwmi Fourth and Fifth itrull, Washington, Oct 23. 1st Exeelalor Brigade. 1 3d New HampthlreVol 3 3d do do.... 1 3d do do 1 16th New York Vol... 1 lit Michigan Vol 'J 93d do do ... 9 3d do do 1 31th do do.... 2 3d do do 1 39th do do.... 1 8th do do 3 30th do do.... 1! Stockton's Michigan 43d do do.... 3 Independent Vol... 4 5th do do.... 1 7th Wfsconsln Vol.... 1 lstMsssachusettaVnl.. I lat Rhode Island Vol. 1 10th do do... 3 4th do do.. 8 l?th do do... 1 5th do do.. 1 19th do do... 1 1st German Artillery 2d Vermont Volunteer* '2 NewYorkVol 3 4th do do.... S let Kentucky Cavalry. 1 5th do do.... 1 1st New rork Cavalry. 3 lat Pennsylvania Vol . 7 1st Penn. Independent 6th do do.. 1 Rifles 1 8th do do.. 5 lstN.JerseyCavalry(6) 1 33d do do.. 1 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 3 3?th do do.. 1 l*h Indiana Vol 3 37th do do.. 1 Cameron Dragoona ... 1 30th do do.. 1 3d U. 8. Cavalry 1 3lat do do.. 1 Oth do do (e) 1 00 h do do.. 1 1st California Brigade 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 _ 4th Maine Vol'....( ) l| Total 00 (a) One officer. (ft) One officer. (c) One officer. At 5*minatf Hospital, U? orgttotm, Of I 96 3d U. S. lnf*ntry 3 9th Penn. Volunteers . 7 5tfa do Cavalry 1 10th do do 1 '2d Maine Volunteer! . 3 ifl'h do do 1 6th do do...... 1 33d do do 7 2d VermontVolunteera I lid do do 3 3d do do.... 19 lit do Art'llery... 4 u:n NuwcDuieli vol.. 1 lit do Rifl<s 5 19th do do.. 1 4th do Cavalry.... 1 14th New York Vol... H 3d do do 3 Slat do do.(a) 1 I9tb Indiana Vol...(6) 5 24th do do.... 2 I at Michigan Vol 2 29th do do.... 13d do do ...(r)13 33d do do.... 3 4th do do...(ii) 3 35th do do..*. 1 fith do do...... i 36th do do.... I Stockton's Michigan 79th do do I lnd?MniMt Vnl - 1 Garibaldi Guard* 1 '2d Wisconsin Vol. .(?) 3 Morart Regiment 1 5th do do.... 5 Tammany Regiment. 1 Stb do do.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 3 Teamsters, Q. M. D .. 3 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 3d Fenn. Volunteers. 1 Total 1*20 fa) One officer (b) One officer. (e) Two officers (d) Two officers. (?) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Oct. 85. 1st Long Island Vol . II 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 UJ M.n. ?* * - *ti ivikv * <a mmoe voiuniecri. 4 13th do do 2 6th do do 3 14th do do 6 9 h do do 1 17th do do 1 3d NewHampahtreVol 2 19th do do 1 2d VermontVolunteera 7 19th do do...... 1 3d do do 9 23d do do 1 4th Rhode Island Vol. 7 26th do do 1 latMichigan Vol .... 1 33d do do 3 2d do do......24 35th do do 2 3d do do 4 10th do do 1 j 4th do do 5 1M do do...... 2 2d Wl*conalndo 5 rxnh do do 2 6th do do 2 79th do d* . 5i lat California do 10 3d Pann Volnnte?ra . 2*2d do do 2 6'.h do do 5|1at Mlnneaotado 1 7th do do 1 5th New Jeracv Vol... 1 W?h A,? A.. oil.* *-* ?-?? ?-? J - ?" uv, ? i? i,Ai Ciiiui on^aur. i llth do do 4 2d do do ... 1 12th do do 3 Oneida County-Cavalry 1 !J7th do do 2 Stockton's Michigan 36th do do Ij Independent Vol... I 47th do do 2 Mott's Battery 1 lit do Artillery.... 5 Baxter's Fire Zouave? I 5th U. 9. Artillery.... 2 Teamster 1 2d Cameron Dragoons. 5 3d do do.... I Total 163 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 At Hospital at'Columbia* ColUgt, Washington, Oct. 25 4tL. *T a A. * - - ? ? ? - ? - tiu KJ. a. wmvniry l M iNew Jersey Vol ... 2 'id Maine Volunteers.. 6 5th do do ... *2 3d do do 3 7th do do.... '2 5>h do do 3 lit Penn. Artillery.... 5 9'h do do 3 3d do Cavalry 2 10th MassachusettsVol 0 Ut do Klllea 1 14th do do. 3 3d do Volunteer*.. 4 19th d<> do. 1 4th do do...... 5 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do......12 3d do do.... 1 10th do do 6 lit Long Island Vol .. 1 12th do do 7 lat New York Cavalry. 1 13th do do 2 2<% do Vol 3 27th do do I 11th do do 1 31st d? do 5 1-th do do 1 33d do do 12 22J do do...... 3 38th do do 1 23d do do 4 Cain's Penn. Rifles... 1 ~hii ao ao 10 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 T2d do do 1 lit df> Vol a 33d do do 1 2d do do 3 35th do do '2 4th do do 2 36th do do 1 7th do do 1 37th do do 6 8th do do...(a)13 13d do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 49th do do 1 Sth Wisconsin Vol... '2 Sickles Brigade, N Y. '2 6th do do.... 5 Tammany NY. Vol.. *2 7th do do.... '2 Garibaldi do do.. 1 1st Minnesota Vol *2 De Kalb do do .. 2 6th Illinois Cavalry... '2 Berdan'sSharpshootera 1 Stur^s Illinois Rifles. 1 i? d a unaaseurs ... V 19th Indiana Vol 14 I Lincoln Cavalry 4 27th do do I I Oneida Cavalry....... 2 1st California Vol 2 I McClrllan'aDragoon* 1 1st D. C. Volunteers.. 2 UtNew Jersey Cavalry 19 Sd do Vol.... 1 Total Ml (?) One officer At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, OctJtS ad U.B. Cavalry 5 2d U. 8 Infantry 1 6th do do 2 3d do do 3 1st do Artillery-... 4 sth do do I Vd do do 9 Ith McCall's Dlvl-lwn. 1 3d do do 5 27th PennsyivaniaVol. 1 1th do do 1 CJuartermaster's Dep't 1 5th do do A ? I lit do Infantry s| Total 42 I Sick Tttnuning ? tk? Hospital for Eruptive Dittattt, 11 Kalorama, Oei 94. **b Maine Volunteers. l'47th PennsyivaniaVol. 1 31st N*w York Vol... 1 McKnight'sPenn Vol 1 3lth do do.... 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 14tb do do.... 1 8th do do 2 3d Kicelslor Brigade. 1 lat do Cavalry. 17 Ut German Rifles 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... I U.B Chasseurs 1 7tb do do.... 0 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 19th Indiana Vol lrt 1st New Jersey Cavalry 6 1st Minnesota Vol 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 3d U. 8. Infantry 2 6th do do.. 1 ? 3l}lh do do I Tnlil ? At OtHtrai Hospital, Alexandria, Ott 'J5 ' , i 2d IJ. 8 Artillery .... .1 ?id Fenn. Volunteer! . 3 loth New York Vol... 4 3d do Cavalry.... 3 Irtth do do....23 45th do Vol A 17th do do.... 12 2d Michigan Vol..(a) 13 18th do do.... 3 5th do do 5 25th do do.... 7 Lincoln Cavalry 4 2flth do do.... 5 lat New Jeraey Vol... 1 27th do do. ...10 5th do do.... 1 .llat An A" a .u V ?A . wv ?? u ?U Tcruiuil? TUlUUlWn I 1 :wd do do....12 Cameron Rifles. 3 37th do do.... 2 3d Michigan Vol I 3tth do do.... 7 lit Minnesota Vol I 4()th do do....10 Slat Pennsylvania Vol. 2 79tb do do.... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't I 3d Maine Volunteers. 12 Te&msUr 1 4th do do 8 5th do do It Total 184 ( ) One officer. _ Washington papers please copy and send ouia io me war Department. oct29?3t R|ED1CAL NTogF 6EOK8E. Waskmtton City. Comtr cj Vand Tunl/th Struts. Smiioh of FACULTY OF MEDICINE. . NOBLK YOUNO, M, D.. i Professor of Pnnoij?l?? ?nd l'rtotioe of M edict n?. JOHNSON KLJOT. MTU., | ProfMaor of Pnnnjple. amii Frjodo. of horary | Proteaaor o^uMn^KiSlS* and "Herwetttioa. j. M- ?NIY of Women I prof?Mor of ob,te^d Cbildroo. D i THOM^NTW|t(iyt'Toil0<)\ftty,?n<l Prof?Mor of M - phyBiologyJ. K- WlL^K0VrAn&lomT I ST1 tSEgfe8JW?isM* D^n of th? r??u ...'i W,... .... ?u o-iawi:>lovl* nroBUrLERS and others-foh salkI 1 One new oily built two bor?e EXPRESS WAGON, with 0OT?r?d top; one four paee?nger one-hor.e(new) CARRIAGE, with ouitame and 8ate> t iron hubs and ax>?; one foar-eaaeeu'er lOCKAWAY ; two trot! in* feULKIEtf; a'l tew an<i ci'jr bailt; will baeold low ^ddrruX M?CKKN'/lE A SONS, 84S Baltimore ft., Baltimore oo 38 lw* Mko. M L DAVlDSOtf Han removed her MiLLINERY STORE from Pa arenas to^k her yn >at-? re*ui?noe. No. >13 9 atreet. be-^El twnen ISth and.l.Stn ete., where eha will nappy u> m an H?r farmer mictwmcra. All oTriw* promptly tjtindfd to i ?31 St" QlJTLliE'P WA?ON-For *al*, a tr* rata B Philadelphia K*jra? Warm. Atoo, a a*n? ICT JUfamaf of aU klaffpro?p?lV doaa. _veja $t* Trunk*, Rata mm Oaf* ool lm / i r Owi, <w, Hmrtmui, In/\iVV/A /Nm??.?r Irnttiim m Serf agijNU 1VM, Rtliem im (OTronrji ?? *. Bro%t\%?x?, wlUuSilnH # nnwrif^nr ?h< rm ilrmrii to tk* moict ?/ Xtf/Mvy PUBLIC 8PEAK Bit awd SINGERS. aware of the tmaprtano* of oheokui a or "Common Cold" in lto irat ilue; that

whiph to the bejn.nt would yield to a mi la ram* dvf If aeg looted. aoon att&oka the Lane a. " Brown'i Srmichiui 7Vee.i?," oontainHac demaToent mcredi ante, allay Palmouary and IlionohiaJ Irritation. "ThattroaUe in my Throat, (foi BROWN 8 whioh the "2YedUt" area apecifto __ fianci made ma often amerewbia TROCHES urar.A N. P. WILLIS. aantBMiB M1 raaommMd (k?ir >w l> Polii " ~ driAini." TROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great MTTioeis.su bdoing Homi BROWN'S NBSS." REV. DANIEL WISE. fOOPHFR "Almost init&ct relief in the du " (reeving labor of breathing peculiar BROWN'8 l? A. C. KHGLK8TON. TROCHES JC-Jjf ^WVh"'^' BROWN'8 Ckomitt, Bottom. .ROCHES BROWN'S TROCHKf BROWN'B -iu ^ _ .f*1*" M I have proved them exoellent for TROCHES Witorio* Co?*H," REC ? vr UlllDL'V ?? * I ?? *? ?? BROWN'S ?oiim. ?" Benetoia! when oomrelled ? TROCHES cpe?k, ?uffenu? from Cold." Q.mwpu.K REV. S.7. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S Sr. LmKj. tonnnrH " Evvsct*a.l in remormt Ho&raeTKUUUSB nw 45.d irritation of the Tfcroat, m BROWN'S oemrnon "'th Bniim and 8iimWKr.HHK* ""Vrof. M.STACY JOHNSON. TROCHES Lm </., BROWN'S Teacher of Mueio, Southern Foistit Col>je. TROCHES "6re?t benefit when taken before una ancr pr?acninf, m iney ?rereni BROWN'S ttoaraeneaa. From tbeir paat eCeot, 1 think tt>ej will be ot permanent ad TROCHES uvate to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena Collate, Tens. "ocbes ?> 1-1T DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last half centur* in the Hoapitsla of 1-sinHnna.ml t'nm for tht? our* of lHs*a*r.\, may now be had at UPHAM'S.lfaflL, No. 310 Cheannt street, sole a*eot for the United Statea It contains no mercury or other miners;*, and wi 1 not harm the most delioate constitution A spttdv cure guaranteed and do chance of (Met required. Pn~e si. ^nt hj expresa Sold in Washington by 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street and l'ennayivaniaavence. sep5-eoly UPHAM'S HAIR DY K '.-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW.* :Oniy 38 cants a box. Three boxe* for one dollar U ray, red or flaxen hair oan be changed in a few spends to a j t biaak or brown, by using Upham'a Liquid Hair Dye, the heat and cheapest in the world, producing, the moment it la applied, a rich natural appearano*. Each Box of UPHAM'8 H \!H l)Y E <s w*rraut?<l to oontam as much hair dy* as others sell for one dollar'. ' ?o!d by 8 O. If PHAM. 310 'hosnut street, h ladelphia, and S. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th street and t'a. ave. sep?-?oij D~R DUPONT'8 SI OAR COATED-FEMALE REGULATING PILLS ar the very bett in use They operate speedi yffsr* an*! eflectually. and being 'utar-coite ol? f orea'e no nausea npi.n the most de.icatt^t-3 slot, aoh A trial of tt ese Piils wil! prove their ? ? ? i; iin.u? - nuu<7iiuiuj urn aii uiuc i nuu A'<ntnr Ok box. So'd only at UPHAM'8, 310 Chescut street. Sent by mail to ml parts of the oountry in a sealsd envelope, Sold in Washington by 9. CALVERT KOi(I), corner 11th street and Pa. a?e. sep 5 eoly ua. J. 11. McLKAN'b 8TKEIGTHEHIJTG COSDIAL AND BLOOD PURIF1KK. THE GREATEST REMEDY %n lit WORLD, ijCa tndtbscsoiil ah> w*m 3P DELIGHTFUL J? J?? M jTwn \ ff it i* tuwiiy t ??i- HrQD or *U''J j Before Ukfcj, "."'m* ^tef taJf^S laUlhar, vitdttirf a dtUllait. tiai.iiallaf if rH, aad U* ? lafalllkl* itmiAj iiHTii'if u? dutaMd f ? !? , Ud nturlif U? *>tk, iifitlif, u( dcfcllitawd U kulHi ul itililtk. UiLKAPTS BTRKNGTHRIflNH MR DTI I WIU affaaually tin fclrar C??flaiat, Dyaaayrla, iin- . dlaa, CkraaJa ar Hairaaa Daklilty, Biiaaaaa m in Kldaaya, kid all dtaaaaaa ai'.afeaf Utm a dlaarjaral Urn ? SubiiI, yaaaaila, Haankaia, lavard rtlia, AalullT ? iUkaaaa at tka luviat, Fallaaaa af Plaad la U< Waad. Dail Paia at vlaamlaf la tka laad, Palylu-Jaa *t tka inn. Faliaaaa *r Waif at la tka l.eatik, Ij?i Inwum, Ckaklaf ? Bifaaaurj Faailaff vaaa larlar de*a,Cijrilu ar T :>*aaaa af Ua Ikta aad I;m, NifVtl*uu, lavard ft'tn, Pala la ika taaall af lk? Baak, Ukaat, ar tlda, Baddaa Flaakaa af Baal, Bapraaalas a( aiUlu, Prtf?t/al Braaaa, I?i?h4h?7 ar any diaaaaa. Ihh u llMiklt m ua IUa, ui Nth u4 Afit (at CUUi aad r* ? |fH A MlkXlOFI B')TTLMB kava kaaa tald dmilav tkt la?t al* aaaaifca, aad la lalUata kaa Ufallad la ipVUf aatlta aaliafaatlaa. Wka. ikaa, vlil aaVar iiaai VittMii ar BsklUly vkaa MfUAI'l mumciini* CUBPlAfc vlil nil 7M1 a laafaafa aaa aaaray aa adaqaata Idaa af tka laaaadlata aad aiaail anaii tii ttiifi fiadiitd ky uklaf Uja ' ffiiti m ui Oiiiuvi^ u?*uiiai?attitt Miliaria iiniu rttrw, r*nMf kt?k?a diva k; ixtui, riu ?y Htm, wt ty lilkXH,Ul ralazid aid uiuuf MfuliaU?a U ihui3d ta lu yrlntM ul *lgm MAM.M.IXD rJBKBON&t M ttttn, aMit'.iti ?f taakill.T fnia vkatirai UM, Vtti tat kBi.k'B COKBlA.li a Uc m|k Mfiatuiaiaf via itdih; aaC all vke aai lira ta lutd U?b:i)tii ay lai tnit Udilfiiita will fad la IkM* Cardial a Mru.ta tad ajaiJr iiaii;, TO TUX LAD 1MB. MaUUUfl OV?>il?TaBMt*?OOfc?UbU a MTir ln *?d ?iu'1t ??ra fat la*<?i?at CnaiMyllw, WklUt, S?if?ti?d > Pltfas't Mm;natiiaJ anaUaiati af 0r1'_i? at IsrilltUtr Kuta>?l ?*?? <. PalUaf ' U? VmI, tddlaam, ymlailsf, aas ali iuaaau laaidnt la f aaulta. THXRZ if NO U1STJLM.E AEOVT IT ( In M iMfit. Tata It aataidUf u dlrtatlama. It will tUaUAIC. auaafUia, and Sa'ljfirill ? ? aid Will Ik I Him ai kuiu f ami jiu auu iftla. trm kattla la i yOA CHILD**?,'> mutf* KaMBtaflBl SJSSWJMSB39W st'* I ??!?? *' " ? j - - ? J Wt.. m mm II j kir? Blaad Utraajk! and al Ik* mjii dm* altaaftkan iaa ay?l?b. Oaa laaapaaaflal Mkaa nrj oanlnf faauof ia a caruia ft?*aall*a far C alarm, ChlUa and fa?a<, Tallaw Fa?ar, tf ?? iimlitt d'liaii, Ilia Mill la lin a kauiaa. Prita aaljr Kl Mr kattia, at I kauiaa far |i. ft. UcLKAW, la araprlaiar af ikta Cardial; alaa, Hakau'a Taiaaat* 01 blilaial. PrUalpal Daw m Ik a unti af Taird ul rua titaata, 8?. kaiil, Ma. oLcmn's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (Til I EST ktXIMBVT III TIB VOUD.) Tka aaly aa/a aart laruia aira fa* Caacara, Pllaa, Tm. ara, Bvalllafa tad BranikUa ar Caitra, rutlraia, Maaralfla, Waakr.aaaaf tka Mualaa, Ckraalt ar lulimatury tkaamauam, Btlfaaaa af ?t* Ja!:iU, Cau'.raciad Maaelaa ai kafa. uu, larukaaiTatiauka, Braiaaa, Baraina, Fraak Gala, Waawda, Inan,f a??i Baraa, Cakai Braaai, Bar a ippiaa, aarr.i, (Mill, I.r? TkTMt, a/ f.f ialammtliaa a* mii. difartnaa kav utiii ? Wtif til* diatiat nay C.t. txliltd, MckKABI C*k*BBAT*D kJKIMKVT la lintu >aiaadt. htuudi at \?mu bau.ft uit kaaa aarad a Ufa af dla artpltada isd rataary ky tka ait af UU lavalatklt rtmtdy. MtLKAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtlltTt pain alntat luiuutuatrulj, and U vtll tltaa, pwify aad ktal Ua faaiatt miii ia an taaradikia tkart Una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMAL8. HtUi.11 CELEBRATED UX1MUT it tka aaly lata aad nUikli rtatdy fat Uit aara af lytfla, BlnaVaaa, WtadfalU, Bpllau, Bunatatal karnpa, Nadtt a* twill lor*. It aavar faiitd la aara Bif Baad, Pallaail, liataU, (fid Baaalaf Baraa, at laraaay, if prapariy appliad. Far Vprarna, Braiaaa, Bamaaaa, Crtakad Bttlt, Cfciitt, Baddla a* Callar BUIa, Can, Baraa, ar Waaoda, It it aa laftiUkla taatdy. Apply it aa dirtttad aad a aara ta a mala ia trary laataatt. Tkta trita aa iaaftt ?ltfc tkt aaay acartklaaa klalpiaaia mm f * a ?f ua MCkKA.N'1 CKWSIUT? UR1NUT. ll will (Di wml J. I. MckXAR, Bait PltyMMM, . Oratr Third ui Plat tu., (k hull, M*. caiuia rrorr, nin.n4itiii(Mt u Vuuif -M t. I T DMlk. (lima ? W >>W1> QUNBOATB for TM? WESTERN RIVERS, QmimHiim SiRniL'i Ovticb, ( Warktngton, June 17,1861. \ Pkoporal* are invited for oonatraoting Ounbo&ta upon tbe Weateru rivrre Speoifioation? will be immediately prepared and uwj ira sabiuun >i ins vunnermtiwr'i UBM It CinoinnaU. Pit'ebargh, and at this offioe. Prnpoaala from boat bnil'era and engine-build er? alone will be ooneidered. P ane anbnitted by bidder* will be taken into oonaideration M C. ME16S, I* J8 (J a&rtermaater Beneral (Jnited State r<RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS \-J and COUNTER PAN Ed. all aisee aac quali tiee, Bed Con.forta.Sheetinga, Pi'low Liuen i aad Cottona. Toweia. Napkina, Table Clotha, Tiokinga, Deyliee, 4o. All at our p'OTarbtaliy low ?ri?M, narked in plain ftgarea. * j New oom?ra, atr?cc*ra. aojournera aad eibseaa I Will tfllBAAt nnr mti\j?W a# ' r* PERRY * BRO-, ? 71-H Pfin. ivwm md ?t.. W? , TRAVELING TRUNKS. EAF&tT&p'j&j&nji3fT.SSi uoai, OtTNt Bm, io., Thtek v? u? w* w'Iibi ?~r ^*Lu.TWiLV<X^ " " WMMWMMMMMMM?? ??? TRAVELLERS' DIBBCTOBY. Ltadinf ud mbarkinf nmnien it Qa?ewtovo, Ireland Th? Liverpool. New York ud Philadelphia Btetmano Company intend diaptteiunc tieir full povefed Cj/d?-b?vlt iron 8te*m?hipe M follow*: .smnitT, A?|in w. CITY OF BALTIMORE, - l?k. Kangaroo. m - 1*0. And every 9at*rday, at boob, froaa Pier 44, Nortfc riTer. urn or ruun. First Cabin. #15 Do. to London 10 Do. to Paris *6 Do. te Humbert H Bteera?a ? *? Do. to i^oudun M l>o. (e * ?.. SI Do. to Hubert- -- ? Passengers forwarded to H?Tre. Bremen. Rotterd&m, Ac twerp. Ao , fct reduced throat h (ares. Persons wishing to brief out tfceir meads can bey tickets at low rates. hor further information s.?n'? it iiu Otoe. JOHff'O.'DAL , Aieot,~~ IS Broadway, N. Y., Or toQ. A. HERRING, Aduu Exirm Baltimore. ? ^^jp-^lNDiVlDUA^^TERPRlBB mHBC EASTER V AXI) WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KBNT," Capt. J H.Kirwan. "PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their route* a* follows, lean .g Light street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olock A. It: KKNT?For Cambridge. Denton and Landing* on Chnptank nve-. every WEDNESDAY and SATI'KUAY. returning ? Tk?r?lM Moadtr, Foi Annapolisand Weit Riw.^Mi? TIESDA V and FRI 1)A V and returning sa >e days. PIONEER?For St. MiOha*!'? an-1 EMton.vil Mile's River,every WEDNLt*UAV.atil reimrn the same day. . . For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning b* same route on Friday. For Annapolis. West River, St. Michael's and R* toa, via Mile's River Ferry, every 9ATURA V ratnrni n? vu ? u?hi u. u? * w j aiuuuaj uy MUiO rvu WFaro to Cambndi*, Denton, Oxford and K&aton Point . *1 80 Fare to St. Michael's and Miles' Elvers ronna trip, 81.) .....? 100 Fare to weal River,(round tri?, ftl) IN Fare to Anuapoli* ( oond trip 7S oeilta) ? KbALS EXTRA. ITT" Freirht muet be areaaiu. Wharf and OfBoe, LIGHT ST., foot of CamdM. Baltimore. C k. CANNON. , - NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPER1N"^ENDENTT> OFFICE,( i>ilvut station, jtuimort. nay is, iki. 1 On and after Sunday. Mat 19th, 1961, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart aa follows, until further aotioa. TRAIN8 NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A.M. ? EXPRKSS at>J0 P. M. HARRISBUR6 ACCOMMODATION at P. MThe ?.1S A. M. train oonnects at Relay Hone with train* on the Western Maryland Rai road, at Hanover Junction with Hanover ai<d Getubarg Railroads; at York with York and Wrigh'tavtile Railroad; at Harrishnra vith Pennay ivama Railroad for all parta of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to y?w Yorkdirttt; at Northum berland with L and B. Hauroad for Kincatonand all parta of Wyooming Valley .and at Kbnonrr with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad for all parta Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The S~W P. M train makes all the above oonneotiona axoept Hanover Railroad, Wrightaviile Railroad and the Lehannnn V?.IT*? Railr/,*^ Tie 8 P.M. train makea oonneotiona with PeonavIrani* Railroad for all pa-ta of tie Wdt, tod direct oonneota for New Vortc. . TRAINS AHRIVX. Mail at 6 in p. m.; Expr* at 7.4i A. M.; Hamabnrs Accommodation at 3.43 P. M. For Tloketa and information inquire at the Ticket OAoe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK.Bapt. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA flBSiHB? FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and Am bo 7 and Philadelphia and JV-cv.a Railroad Com pa. meg' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YO?K .AJND WAY PLACf-S. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENB1N6TON DEPOT, will leave aa fol Iowa: At 6 A. M , Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooommodation.) Alt A. M.. via Ciunden and Jeraev Clt?. fN. J. AM?A^H.^iiaCamden ud Jersey Ctty.iMomAt Wr M . Kensington and Jersey City* (Wentors Express.) At 1?K P. M., via Camden and Am boy,(Aooommodatipn.) At 3 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Kxjtre?a.) At 4>J P M., ??a Kensington and Jersey City. (E veiling Express.) At 4H P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, | (Socond Class Ticket.) At6 P. M? via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening At 11* P. M., Tift Cftmden led Jersey City,fSonthe'n Mail.) AtfiP.AJ . Tift Cftmden ud Amboy, < Aooommodatioo, frnifht and panencer, Flr?t Claae Piofcet.) Second Class Ticket. The 6 P. M. Mail Train rani duly. The 11* P. M. M&il, Saturdays excepted For BelTidere, EMton, Lairibertnlie, F.enumton, Ac., at 7.1u A.M.; and 4H p. M., from Kei^F^vC'ater Oat, s*tToud?t>arr. Scran ton.Wilkeabarre, Montrose, Great Iiena, Ao., at7J0A. M1 from Keacincton, Tia Delaware, Lackawanna and Western KaUroad. For Maueh Chnuk, Allentown and Bet4ilebem,at 7.10 A. M. and til P. M.. from Eensitfton depot; the 7.10 A. M. It e cunnecu with tje traui .aavmj ? aston at S 86 P. M. Ff.rM.mnt 1 M .-J .... ..w ?. v, MVI./ MM w Ml ?HU UU VI P M For Freehold at A. M. and ? P. M. ? For Bristol, Trectos, fco.. at 7.10 A. M..W and (X P. M from Kensington, and MP. M from walnut street wharf. For Fa'.mrra'RiTerton, Deianoo, Beverly. Barlinrton, Fi ?rer.aeoo, Bordentown, Ao., atUM.i, S,4M&cd6)> MMeamsr Trenton for Bordentown.and mtermediate plaocs, at P. M. from Walnut street wharf. I?7" t"?r New York and Way Line*. 1 ear ins Kensmcton repot, take the oars on Fifth street, ?hore W&! iut, baif an hour before deea'ture The oars run mt > the depot, and on arrival of train ran i from the de.*ot. y- I ft* anunHi nf 1?*1"l pa?senger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as kime bat their wearing apparel. All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for extra. The company limit their responsibility fr , but,age to on* nol ar per pound, and will not be , >>abie?er any amount beyond one hundred do.lars, except by speotai ?on tract, WM. H.fiATZMKR. Agent. r-T inn i for the wkst and south ? BALTIMORE AND ohio RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn. l?l, the fains will gin as follows, via:- Leave Camden Station. Ba amora.?Mui, texcept Kannay.) at ft. SO A. MKxfresw darty at S. ?5 P. M. Both Trains xo direet-j lirougb VOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST? FOR WAV PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; b^tween^Picdmont and _Wheeling take Ao uviiiiuiruouuo l ruai icBTiii( riOQOlODl ftl d> 10 A. M.; nod between Grafton and Parkeraburg, take the s Si A M Train from Baltimore. Ta? FRKDKRICR T^AIN leaT?e Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Frederick at 6.30 A. M. Th? fcLl.lCOTT** MILLS I K A1N leave Baltimore at 6 an and 9.V5 A. M. at<1 1 ? and 6.40 P. Mand Ellioott'a Milia at 7.?0and 11 -GO A. M .and l.4? and 7.00 P. M. For further information, Tioketa of evwj kin<4, 4.0 . apply to J. T .ENGLAND A cent, at Camden Station, or at the Ticket o?oe Wi ?. 8MITH| Maeter of Tranmportion. L. M. CQI.E. 6en'l Ticket A teat. r^M-.NEW YORK. HARLEM AND ' WiHB I.KAv'fr.V' NK^'YVIKK* FUJI 1 alban8yoSSift SHMBMarU..9UL < ? IWIUM1WHWI UK iUVUUBI | MM| *IMIf I1VI< For AUany?llK? a. m. nut expreaa train from 1 *th atreet. I For Dover Plain*?4.-00 p. m stopping at White Plain* and station* north to Dotm plains?from *tD atreet atation. (Thia train will ran to Millerton every Saturday evenicf.) For Croton Falla-fcli a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordkam from 86>h air^t atation. For White Plana??30, 4:10 and ScOO p. m. atopping at ail staUons from 36th street atation. For White Plain*?6:15 ?. m. stopping at all stationa from W hits street atation. For Williaau Bndfe?7jn, 11:16 a m. and 830 p. m. (topping at al> stations from nth street atation. Returning will leave? Albany?Wio a m. taat expreaa train. Dover Plane?640 a m. (This train leavee Mu lerton every Monday moraine at 5 a m.) Croton FHi??6 ?. in. White Plain*?& in, 7rf>0 a. BL 4:10 * 740 p. m. Williams Bndga- fcan, Brno i. m.A hOO p. m. Bandar train* will leave 4th A venae ourner Sd nr*?*W?JrJ c'ctraJ P?rk, Yorkville, Hiltn ud . if? Bridge *\*tj few minntee, from 9M a. m. to *00 ? m. JOHN BURCHiLl. Awt ?a?*t. ^ H^KNKW YORK^ANg ERIK RAIL PuNnftr Train* leave via Pavonia Ferry and Lone Dock, from foot of Cham^Ha trort. New York, m follow*. ti? : 7 on a.m.EXfkKSifor Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal interna- i*:e Stations. 8.on a. m .MAIL, for l>*nkirc. and intermediate station*?Thia Train remain* orer nijht at Klmira, LL'l D rI iAMWil th? n?vt mnrrm* *^6 a~a>. MTti'dilii, Yor~T>ti?viUa, ud lat?r "niacin .ACCOMMODATION, daily. for Port J7sy*.rww sriSt?.?. ??*?*. ^tipV It* KX PH K8S, daily, for DaalS?ftSr,5?cr? Sfo'BlWm*. u-?-uh. u* au..?. M1NOX-,.,1B?,t NATHANIEL MAE8H. R??itot. JONION8?ONIONR?ONIONS. _ U9T K*oeiv?d on oomiinmrat 1J? >?nabaa ari ma Onion*. Pat aalo Ina nyk^smj, nice ?kco*d hand piano ___. _. , . w. e.metzkftoty. iet Pimm f? rot. 09 ?????mm Y jflOTjCE TO TIL^lVMJK 1 Cm?or?,?? Monroe)toUmimt.onart nfto *9f ***? ty >u t?ujt, uo Boy LMtrntiMrt o'olock f. or ftftor l\? tk? WaahiDctoB TraU. whl>hT(i>TwWMfciiK?<? ltMo'oo?l p.m. fr-tf It. N FALL*. Pt?t . PHILAI?KC.PHIA. W1U m?i ft'sgR-virAsifc: I>?fot afcilfl UM)t S?Bd?y?iM foltova.Tim; N?w York trauit exMpt \M P. M. trw on RUr dV*'prAirki TrftiB with MHUitr Mr ltu*k?d IMTMmI p. M , ?tO ? ?ID ?Mtll BlAllOfl bmtm ? Hfc timore tod H?tt? d?-6r?o*. Puwniiri for Dalawara ud Uia Eutwi Chora ?f M*7.%d4 Will lad th? moat axpadiUooa roata kr i Tfr AU cXr'* Paraona muat (! bomi Mort !&B?tt?<*ra. CRAWFORD. Agant. CKNTRAL KOITKFOR flHBTUK WE8T. ?? HVDSON ?It HAILhOAU mmd HKW rOAR CJrwT?-4L HAlLKOAD. >x*raaa Tr?ii?? kara New York o ty drp<>U of Hadaoc Rirar R*> road teilr. SwM^aya ?xo?vtMi, M loltowa: From Chin ban atroat From Slat at. atatiotu At7 rma m A?T*?m II 00 * t OO f m H M ** 5 J6 f m 3 jn am * -56 t m Montrtil and Hoff&io Train With a'.aejin* c?n,S.'5? m . -- (jonMeimg ai aidut *ih> me yorr can trmi Rft.V<?d for ?elMne?i*dy.J((.oh?Ur.JI'tiaa Rome, acd lUtinm on Rome%nd W'?UrtowD kv.Ml, HuffkJo, Brraoaea. Niagara I'tl , Biffeoii' b Bridge. Aab?rn.GeneT%.Cat udnirv Traica in oonneotion leave Buff* .1 at.d ?n?p^r ion via Lake l*bor?, buffalo ano 1 ake Huron ai d Great W extern Railroad, for Ha 1 ;i<on. 1 orrxiu<, Detroit,CkioMo, Toledo.Milvaukia. Fon Da Lac. La Cro?ae, MMieon. Prune Ott Ci irr, 6a n.a, Durleith. Pnhoque, Peoria, R<>ek Idard, Mukitine,Iowa City, BarUntton, Quire*. Sarinied, Alton, ?L Lome. Cairo,Tarre Haate. Ii d ai avona, Loaieville,Cincinnati, l avtoc, Colan.bae, CVve Land^and al'. points W eat, NorUveit and ???U. NORTHERN ROUTE. uonneeunc with Trail a at 1 roi, with Tror & B of ton ud R ec?. ft r*aratoc% V oui for Har*toe a. Whitehall. Rutland, Bariingtoa, rt A lhaoa. Roim Point, Piatt*burgh, Ogdenabu:gh, Montreal, 4e, ? CT Freight Arranrementa by thia route aa above, without change of Cat a, troai the Itepota in Chambera and Canal atreote. are at ail tinea aa favorable aa made by ?th?r Railroad C< nipam?e. The (aoilitiea of thia great New York K<~-?te, ?o the Weat commend it to the oonfidecce of varehacta an ah ppera lor f romptneaa and diapa'eh Paaaenger traina. with Smoking aad Sleeping 8kra ran in oonneotion on the New York CeatraJ oad. For parti oulara aa to looa; train* and freight ar racgementa, inquire at the depot, <8 Warren eC A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. JT?k U 8 OOVERNMhNT LINK I" n Tn CViVT MMVC/ir + %j r\ r\i ?. ? v ? V" i i'l ' 'i' J**y I. fl /?A/ Vi-1/ POINT COMPOHT. L/?*t?? the lower end of IM<>N DOCK.BaJtim"rf, *?it aide. I'AILV, <t??nda?? included,* at ?X o'olr ck P. M. takm# paa^eorera and feight and oonneotinc with the HadroM line*, to ar d from Washington, D. C., IJhiiadeiehia. New Vork. B?e ton, Vork, Harriatiurg, Pituborp. Pa, and the Weet, immediate It after th? arrival of the Lxpree* Train from New Yoik ar.d Philadelphia. The following la the Scbedn.e: From New Vork to Fort Monroe and ba?k.. f 14 from Fhi!&delph a and n*ck? rom Baltimore and b,\ek It. rnrPRocuRE VOUR tickkth^IJ In New Vork. at the New Jeraey Railroad O*oe fn.it of Pnarlltrd In Phi adelptna. at tbe CmnpMy'i cic?, N. W. oorner of Sixth and Chestnut (trteu, or at lk? Depot, Broad and Prima strata. In Baltimore, on tx>ard the Steamors. fool at Union Dook. HUGH O CONNER. Passenger A?oat. JT". FOE BOSTON VIA NEWPORT _ AND FALL RIVER. Steamers M KTRO^L,?!,'i?* Pits STATE*. BAY STATE, and STATli OF MAINE. otfrset streettc and ssoed, but aartioilarlv adapted to tfcn navigation of Lolk I a-ami Sound, ronnicg m eonneotion with the Fall River a->d Old Colon; Rail road, mum of M mi lee only to Bofi.ni Let re Pier No. I No-th River near the Battery. The 8teamer EMPIRE STATE.C??t. Braytoiw Mocdaya, WeUr-adaya, and Pndaya, at 4 o'clock P. M., touching at Newport each way. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, oa Tu^adaya, Thnradnye. and S& fur da? a, at 4 a'ofoek P. M.. touching at Newport each way. Theea Steamera are fitted with oommodiooe atate rcoma, and every arrangement for the aec*r??T and oomfort oj pa*eengera. who are afbnled by Una route a night*' reet on board, and on vnu! at PaM River prooeed per Steamboat Train.react m( notion wit u.e lonow'.ne moraini: or may reraa.c on board nntil startiai of the Aooommooa tion at 8 A. Mbj whioh t*ej ma? reach Boston about ?.?4 A.M. A baccac iraetw is attached to eaok iitagiv, who receive* anu ticket* the bacra<e. and acoein pamea the same to 1U destination. A steamer ran in conueotion with this Lin* between Fall River and ProvideLoe dauy, axcepi Bandar*. Freiiht to Boston : forwarded thmorh with rreat aiipatoh by an Exprsaa Tram, whioh leave* Fall River ever* momiu, Bnnday* excepted, at 7Jf o'clock for Boa ion ard N*w Bedford, arnritt atjU damnation at abont HAM For treuht or pa?sac?, appi?<>n board, or attha oAoeon Pier No.S North River For*tate room* and be'tht app r on fcoard. or if desired to *ecu r* them m advauoe, to HM BOROKN.Ai't 70 aad 71 W eel street. N. T. JT? a. THE R h6L"l.AR MAIL UN h ttROTON. STONlNtiTON rROVIDtNCB, FOR BO# | TON?Inland Ronte-Tfre shortest and noit di rcci?V/knr ur liMiern DIM.. The eteamer PI YMoUTH ROCK. C. em, and COMMONWEALTH. Caatl. W. Wiltiama, In oonneotion with the Stoniogtoc aad Crevide&ce.acd Bos'onand Providence Rairoadt, aviug New York daily, Sundaya exoeated, from Pier No It North River, at 6 o'clock P. M., and Groton at tjn o'clnoc P. M., or on the arrivaJ of be Mail Train whioh leave* Boston tliVP. M. Tlie PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMonday, Wedneeday, and Friday. Prom ttrotoc?Ta*adav, Tboraday .and Saturday. The COMMON WKA.LTH, from New York- i Tnr?day Tbnreday. and Saturday. Prom Groton ?Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday. Paaaeneera from Oroton prooead par rai .road to Providence and Boeton, in the Expreea Mail Train, reaching aa>d plaoe tn ad vanoe ? f thoae l-y other ronte*, ana in ame!e time lor a 1 the earlp Morning Linee ooneoting North aad Kaet. Faa aengera that prefer it, remain on board the teamer, enjoy anigbte'reet andiaterbed break faet if deei red .and leave Grotrm in the 7 is A.M. Train, oonnectinc at Providence with the 1 O * w * r? _ a n. inm rur Fare from Providonoe to Newport, Fifty oecti. A hapgaae maater toeompiUM the Steamer aod TninNcLny. Poi Puutt, Berthi, Btitt Room*, or Frtifht, apply on board the at?amer, or at tLc FroijLt Uffioe, Pier IS North R rer, or it the Office <>( the Company, No. IU W??t at'eet.eoraer of Cort land atroet. Nov York. F*b.?. I8*t. , ? Bivgp F-r ALBANY AND TROY,CON NECTING with TRAINS* NORTH And WEST, Traana leave: From Charabora at. N.Y F rora 8Mb at root Fxpreea. 7 a.nd 11 a. m, 7JS, 11JS a. m., UdlM aodS^naaa 6 p. m. 6,25 p.m. Ttoy and Albany (with 10.4* p.m., I Sunday a in aleopmg oar) IMS p. m eluded. I Fonthkeopate train e, a ?.36a. v.,and 1,40 p. m, 4.??p m ,4JB p. m. Stag Sitj train^jOOa m.. ?,? a m., and ?J6 and w?tife-WJ*. .!/!** A. F RMfTfi. htHnatoiMlwL KHWUin Inilhilatlai BCHWKEIN'S PILLS *r*a?r?d<*U to Rate UMl M;c*. M tkbweric tuir**n?l oortifioaUa from too Primed of G .r*.rd Coll***. Iterator* of hob?? o! ponti? *%:..% hotfit*., 4^4 oU.fr P'pni.Ln.11natitntMaa ol P> : l . 8. J*i?. vV utimttoL, D Md Chftrity HoapttftJ, | New Ur:?ci, L*. ?3 M-SIfS?t ISAST &? treet, Pl.jule.phi*., llg for ?Jo in thu oitj brP. a VLAKH, oomar Kw inn*tad in ra.,and it " imrErrVfiSipu IMITATIONS. i L jubembw to mi (or tMkvoriii'a iiuiljj^ None eraaloa anleca aircad M. SOTO f HUIMBW FRF.NCH a l&rceiDd oomp.et* Meortmrat of Military Boot of all kiadi, which tiiay offer lrom ton to fcftf Mr Mot. t* of the raictv r?Uil anoaa,?ia o ort i ng : Anew *(1111011 of Hordse'a 'nfsatrj u4 ltd* Tftoties, complete, #1.24 Por*os' Volunteora' Mann*!, S role, #J AUs<.'a Compsncmtn of H*rdM'* TtoUM, ? (1 rfiTbook tor U>e im of tM VslailMr Mil m ard ?. u.f. first book of JBstrsotioa to tk?l'. 0. fcfaa'r? ?* - it**- *w - ? . P*KNOg k RlOHHTUr FTMMi^a.'Lsms?^ ?&! I r^rAatumL ?atf W(m * w. * ^ ffSLffig-'lL'L ? *,* * ** ? tewrum: MCC-. | VWrtccf afc.-ij *t*cs?anl, o?r at f-ic? ** ? *-" 10 o cform tkcvrto tofcSH*/*"4* M *t"*prtt'*v* %** *** <* u it p*K64""