6 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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asssasssessafiaasftKBSsaESsaBassaasaassssaasas^asKSBssss^asai^^^^^M ? <f toning Stu r. V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 6. 1861. N?. 2.719. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVBELT APTBBNOOlft (SUNDAY KXCEPTKD.) AT THZ STAR BUILDINGS, B*nur *f Ptnnf jrimm M4 EUvtntk it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Papen aerTed la packages by carrier* at S4 > rw, or 77 cents per month. To mall eubeeribefs Ike price la S3 90 a year, m mdvmct; S3 for all oath* i tl for three mon tha; and for lea thu (tree montba at the rale of M cents a week. 81agle coptee, owa carr; 1a wrappers, two cbhts. (IT" ADraariiiKiiTi should be sent to the oAee before li o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. LATE tROM THE SOUTH From Ute Soothers papers we take the following : A.50THKR SKIRMISH AT THS PASSES. The New Orleans Pioa june contains the following: Fort Jaci 'on, Oct. 17.?At noon to-daj the Jackson, Capt. Gwaltemey, going down the South we?t Pass, met two United States nary steamers, one supposed to be a new gunboat, and the other the Sooth Carolina. At the head of the Panes thej stopped, meeting the Ivy, and opened open as with their long range guns. The shot fell thickl j around onr steamers, the Irj returning the fire. * Those of the Jaokson not being able to reach the enemy, she retired. The Ivy continned the fire until the enemy's vessels hauled off. and stood down the Southwest Pass, the Ivy following to wateh their movement*. One shell of the Ivy, during the engagement, burst under the bew of the large steamer, and another under that of the mall one. The Ivy returned and anchored at tne Dead oi tae fames. THE TE3 MILLION LOAN. We learn, says the Examiner, that the lean of $10,000,000, which the government is now negotiating through the banks, is intended only for purposes of temporary convenience, on account of the present insufficent issue of treasury notes The bank issues loaned the government wilt be replaced to them in treasury notes, as soon as they are prepared. About six millions and a half of this temporary loan llftva 1 W k*an lalrAn FROM THE COAST. The Charleston Mercury, of the 21st inst., has the following editorial: Oar privateers are far from idle, although we hear less than formerly of their doings in the New York papers. Among their latest exfloits is the capture of the brig Grenada, of ortland. Me . \ fmm Vn?. vitas, Cuba, for New York, with a cargo of suEirs, molasses, mahogany and honey. We also ear it whispered that there hat been an important (and not involuntary) accession to our stock of sugar, molasses, coffee, etc. rROTESTAST EPISCOPAL COS VBNTJOH. The name of the Protestant Episcopal Church in tha South has bean settled upon by the convention now in session at Columbia. S. C. It in the " Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States." This was proposed by Bishop Elliott, ef Ga. GS0R01A3S IV THE F1BLD. From the annual report of the Comptroller General of the State of Georgia, we learn that he has now in the field thirtj-four fall regiments (some more than full) and fonr partially filled regiments, together with three battalions, and other independent companies in Virginia and Georgia, amounting in all to about forty regiments in the Confederate government - - ? 1 A 1 L -* . ? ? nr?K?. aqu ueaues mis, tnree regiments now in the State service are te be increased at once to six regiments for the defense of her sea coast. COCSTEEMAXDED. The Peninsular reinforcements ordered to Qen. Mag ruder have been countermanded, it being now known that th* naval expedition ts destined for the Carolina coast. OX CHARGE?BUSINESS JEWS. ir rom me mempnis Appeal, October '29 ] The Colombo* embargo on grain and produce (till continues to be a fruitful subject of remark. Planters on 'change, from within the limits of prohibition, oomplaln of the position in which they are placed by the embargo. They say they have cheerfully contributed-to the comfort of the army, and are ready to do as much as any in behalf of the Southern cause, bat they do not like being denied the liberty of going to market?they do not like the prodoce spoiling on their hands, from the prooeeds of which they should nav their tira and lay in their supplies?and tfiey do not like the idea of being compelled to accept of one price for their produce, while their neighbors beyond the boundaries get another and higher price. There is a growing disposition to appeal to Richmond. Sale* of wheat were made at $160?$1 60 was generally asked. Flour was firm at $9* $10 75, according to quality. The Richmond Whig, of Monday, quotes corn scarce and in demand at 80o., oats 50c., wheat 90a95c. for rad, and $la$l 05 for white. The opinion is very generally expressed that natriotifl Hut* wiu> mIik* ?*<i t?t J ? ? ^ , - ?- f?vy ?uw vvuOf VlVUk lODI* ing, all require the planter for the coming year to abandon tk? planting o^cotton for that of oorn, wheat, potatoes, and other necestaries of life. Speakers expressed their desire that the planters generally should know that the war u not to he the short effort of a few months that was anticipated ; that in this war the enemy's policy is to treat the Sooth rather as a besieged garrison thaa as a force in the field. | In the words of the New Orleans Delta, 4 the policy of the enemy evidently is to starve ns oat; to substitute for a trial of arms a trial of - - * r ' ? iBBuutccj, oi aauriDce ma non-intercourse. This ehange in tneir strategy has been prompted bj the idee that the South is not self-sustaining; that it he* heretofore depended upon other countries for many of the necessaries of life, and that as long as it pursues its old policy it will be driven to the hardest straits to save it* peeple from extreme suffering. There is muoh exaggeration, of course, in this assumption of our adversaries; but there is this amount of truth in it, to wit: that if the South should, during the preeent war and blockade, continue in iU old coarse of devoting its land, labor and capital to a production wbicb it cannot make available for the support of iu people; if it continue to raise cotton and tobacco, which it eannot convert into money with which to purchase the necessaries of life, and ia farther prevented from such purchase by the blockade?there must be no little suffering and hardship among oar people, and to thwart the new policy and strategy of the enemy, it will be the obvieus duty and policy of oar planters to abandon altogether or graatly reduce their cultivation of the great ifiples, in order to devote their land and labor to raising provi. i _ - - - noos ana rappnea wnicn tney bare hitherto purchased from other oountries To these worda may be added the following from the New Orleans Crescent: " As for the raiting of the biociadt, with the expectation of a resumption of trade with Europe, it it an igni* fatu us for the present. The blockade will only be opened after severe fighting." The Delta states that it u contemplated to call a convention of ootton planters, at which a coarse of proceeding on this subject (hall be deeided on It waa observed on 'Chaara that if ooUoq planter* proofed to grow cotton next Mr M tney hafe done this they will again bar* it on their hand*, and find it impoaaibl* to tarn it into money. More than this If we shoald hare two or more crops of ootton on hand whsn ths blockade is opened, the planters reduced to extremity for wsnt of money, most ruib thsir ootton to market. The European markets woold he glatted, the price would be down, a glut of manufactured goods woold load the shelves of dealers on the ?uocceding season, and thus the priee of ootton would suf far a dapraaeion it mi<ht take years to recover from On the contrary, if provisions are raiaad oar paople will ba fad, the aohemes of the ene J will than ba baffled, and the prieeof ootton will ba maintained in European markets. This is a sabject plasters should consider. II rThe New York Correspondent of the Philadelphia Inqqlrer lraroa that Rev Henry Ward Beeeber propeeea to aall for England ia theenuree of a few waeks for the purpoee of delivering a earl^a of diaeauiaea iu London, Liverpool. Glaacew.aad other fltiea in Ornt UrioU ? > brigta *n4 prog em of tbe Aibortcaa war, la tbe hope of iaapurine to John Ball aucb Idraa at tbe tro-?:il? ->* will be likely to raatralo bin from be towiog btaaympatblaa on tbe R-beia. C7Gfa Scott' pbyalrUna, It la announced, bava idvlMd biro to vlalt Korope for bU b*alth. and It W rurrlrd toat be will Mil for Fram* oa tbe AFica, aeit Wednesday It la j prapoand to give Alio a military eacort to Iba j WAR tfOVEMESIS The sixtieth New York regiment, which arrived in the steamer Columbia on Sunday, landed this (Monday) afternoon at 3 o'cleck at the pier foot of Fourteenth street, N R. They number 980 men, mostly farmers, and have been in quarters at Camp Wheeler, near Og(tensburg, for the last seven weeks. The troops appear to b? hardy, able-bodied and intelligent, and were almost exclusively recruited from St. Lawrence. Before leaving camp they were presented with a handsome American, and also a State flag?the former the gift of the ladies of Malone, and the latter of the ladies of Ogdensburgh. They are attired in regulation uniforms, and are armed with EDfield rifles with angular bayonets, which they received this morning from the State Arsenal A band of twenty-two pieces and a drum corps of ten accompany the regiment. Baggage and commissariat wagons and ambulanoes are to follow them to Washington. Immediately after landing, the regiment marched through Fourteenth street to Union Square, where a beautiful American flag, and also a blood baj horse, beautifully caparisoned, were to be presented to Col. Hayward, on behalf of the employees of the house of Stone, Starr A Co., of which firm the Colonel was a member. There was a large concourse in the vicinity, anxious to witness the ceremony. but through the exertions of the police of the 29tb, 17th. and 15 th Precincts, and the Broadway squad, admirable order prevailed, and the troops were promptly enabled to form three siaes 01 nouow square enclosing tbe monument. The flag, which is of the regulation site, and bears the name of the regiment, was presented by Re*. Dr. Porter, of the Dutch Reformed Church, Brooklyn, in an eloquent address, to which an appropriate response was made by Col. Hay ward. The horse was presented te the Colonel by Mr. E. A. Raven, on behalf of the personal friends of Col. Hayward. The regiment afterwards marched down Broadway, proceeded by a section of the poliee and Serg't Mills, to the Pier of the New Jer sey central Kailroad, where they einbnrked for Washington. The following is a list of the principal officers: ColoDel, Wm. B. Hay ward, Sew York city: Lieut Colonel, W. B. Goodrich, Canton, N. Y.; Major, C. K Brundsee, Madrid, N. Y.; Adjutant, Rolin C. Gale. Orwell,Vt.; Surgeon, Jas. S. Gale. Canton, N.Y.; Surgeon"? Mate, W. B. Chambers, Albany, N. Y.; Principal Musician, H. S.Wright, Madrid, Co. A?Captain,^Wm. Montgomery, Canton, ?. X.; 1st Lieut., B. F. Clark. Co. B?Captain, D. Day, jr.; l3t Lieut , J. Snyder. Co. C?Captain, J. C. 0. Redington; lgt Lieut., James Young; 2d, J. Uobart Co. D?Captain, Thos. Russell, N. Y.; 1st Lieut., J. M. Ring; 2d, Geo. W. Gleason. Co. E?Captain, Wm. H. Hyde, N. Y.; 1st Lieut., P. S. Sinclair; 2dT II C. Reynolds. Co. F?Captain, Thomas Elliot; 1st Lieut., John Delaney, 2d, W. F. Spencer. Co. G?Captain, Hugh Smith, Madini; 1st Lieut , 0. Foot; 2d, Jno. Dundom*. Co. H?Coptain, John Ransom, Chaplain; 1st Lieut., I E. White; 2d, M E. Fitch. Co. I?Captain, J II. Jones, Brash?r; 1st Lieut.. G. Ffoiraiv fit I.?m?K M _ 0 , Ui> tJUVUU Co. K?Captain, A. Goddard, Richville, N. Y ; lat Lieut., II. C. Eaatman; 2d A. B Shipman. A battery of six rifled steel cannon, Wiard's Ktent, two twelve and four six-pounders, will transported to Washington this afternoon, for service in Gen. Sickles' Excelsior Brigade. A battery wagon and forge are attached to the battery. A supply of the various projeatiles of ilotchkiss, consisting of shell, solid shot and canister?amounting to 2.000 rounds?will also 1 *r V T? ' ? wv iui wmucu"ii. I . Ei J~prf s *| 4(/t |N#f? Warlike Wit. ?Why are the seceding States like the plagues of Egypt ? Because seven went out, and "rA?y were ezoeeding grievous to be borne with " ?The insurgents protest that they wont pay their debts to the people of the United States, and yet the United Srates troops are determined to draw upon them at sight! ?Two Ways of Getting the Cotton Oct.?Either by letting it out on bale, or by bagging it. ?"lour men are inclined to be a little noisy," observed a gentleman to a Colonel at one of our camps. "Yes," "the infantry tactics of their nurseries were very bad, I fear." ?A Chicago paper gravely remarks that ''the longer the present war lasts, the more public opinion begins to settle down in the belief that it will be a short one." The editor is quite firm in this belief. ?'-Wife, which way do you suppose the wind ia, to night? "Well, really, I don't know, John, but suppose yom light a candle and look into our straw ' How c%n I tell by that ?" "Why, bless you, don't straw* ull way the wind blows?'' ?The way Floyd saved his bacon when Reynolds was after him.?By "BigSprings." ?The "Movement Cure" fur Southern convulsions.?Double-quick with the bayonet. ?Why is a jailor's sword like a girl discarded by her beau ??because it's a cut-lass. ?Price to bo marked down.?Price of Missouri. ?Expected fight between Cruisers.?The Spanish cruisers are about to piteh into the */ ^ r era bTMin. ?The "Age o! Iron1' is past, bat not the "Age ef Steal." ?The reason given by Garibaldi for declining to plaj a part in our great war drama is, that he is engaged to enact the principal character in "Venice preserved."?Yankee Notions. Affairs about Romset.?From Maj. Frothingbam and Lieat. Col Kelley,whose presence in the eity was noticed yesterday morning, we iwrn someming or the condition of tilings boat Romney. The place ia ao situated that it ia not considered advisable to fortifj it. The hills are thrown about in the wildest oonfusion, and no partioular position will be held, aa there is nokone hill that ia not overlooked by another. (Jen. Kelley will, in case of an attack, aeleot At. ? me DMi positions and fight as long as be can. The other day Major Frothingham made a reconnoisaace on the road in the direction of Winchester. He was accompanied by about 60 cavalry. He proceeded about eleven miles, when he met the enemy's pickets and drove tham back to a pass on Nortn river, where he found the rebels in force, they having fortified tbe pass. Not wishing to jeopardise himaelf and bis eecvrt, he wisely returned to Romney, being satirfied of the still close proximity of the rebels. It ia thought tbatif Gen. Kelley can hold Romney. several Union oompanies can be rertrnitiJ in ffL* TT?* ?a M'tiuuruuu VVUUIiJ 1QO U OIOQ 1110II bare been so affected by the pressure of seees ioD that they hardly know whit position, politically, they do occupy. The moat rabid of the rebels hare all run away, and the majority of those left behind can, by a little encouragement, be brought around all right. The currency circulated br the sooeah among the Romney people waa Confederate scrip from Jfvt cents up to Jive do.lars. The landlord of the principal hotel aaya he baa a peek of it in his hoaw, and will sell it all for fifty cent*.? Wheeling Intelligencer, Nov. 2. fH^An order from the War Deoartmcnt r*. quire* all chtplalna to be regularly ordalno<l minister* of the goepel. Every nnordalned chaplain la to bo"mastered out" of service. fJT"Tbe steamer Admiral, which has been on (be St John, N B, line for several years, baa been sold r?*cently to Ibe Hatted States Govern: meat, for transport service Punch seys the height of egotism Is Spur-: goon lecturing on the Gorilla. I THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fnlleat and Most Reliable Nrwi from the Seat of Government! D J* ir r. .. - & J. n _ / i i i. tua i ng iuauer jot int rirtsiae circle: The present year 1* undoubtedly the moit eventful in the political history of this country, and the record of occurrence* transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, f*ll and rtliabU accounts of all tkat passes hert is most intense, and we have Consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly lsaue of the Washington Star to mailt thie tl'flnt aotlsfaf n uw>? i u io ?? uu* lai vo t antyiaviviuj f II VVIUplI' ance with the wish of the public the paoer ha^ been changed from a quarto to the more cvnvenlent folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of tbe "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or barely more than the price of the paper upon wblcn it is printed. It is our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be The Bkst Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the lmpor ? ?? ?k. .... 1.. Mut vi vuc wines, ?ur ucv?? ux mc wtrnj interest I hg correspondence from all parti of the world; capital stories humoroua and graphic ketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Stab has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, AmKniliflnrf IliViatano* m VV<> 4a cuiwmjiwj; wuavctci may ur Ui iiivcrrsi u? laruiera in the transactions of the Interior Department, tbe Smithsonian Institution, and the U. 8. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all tbe new inventions issued from tbe Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reaamg iQ&i at once instructs ana entertains, but aiming to make Washington Nkws and Gossip our spteialtty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low pric? than a few at a high price, we have determined to ofl'er the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 91.Ml per year. To Clubs of Five 93 cents. To Clubs of Ten 9t> cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 86 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-tlve SO cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Stak, \Vashington, I). C., with subscription money enclosed, or ror specimen copies, wnicn will be forwarded gratis. THE SUBSCRIBERS be* leave to inform their patrons and the ubuo generally of be-^ mm in* amply supplied with & superior sUck ol*"M FAl.l. and WINTER GOODS. The* also respectful y invite attention cf \fl their Army indN?vy customers, and those requmiu outfits in that line, to their superior aualities of Swoids, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps Belts, Chapesus. Hats, Caps Sashes, and Gold Laoes, constantly on hand, which are warranted as repre sen ted. W h.lst tendering thanks for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they will endeavor to merit aocntinuauoe. F. J. HK1HKR6ER A CO_, (Suooeeaora to H. F. Loudon A Co ,) CITIZEN. MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 362 feaaarlv&nia Avenue. oo 16 ao3m METALLIC r_ vol I'litBiBf. PelUhing, and PreTcntlof Rut. Thu la auperlor to all other oila in the world for the above purpnaea, aa well a* for machinery and lubricating uses. It la equally applicab e to cunlooka and aewinc machine*. It la in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordaanoe and maohinery. Prinexpnl Divot amd Utnrral Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL. Penna. avenue, near Eleventh it. 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SOLS AGENT, No. 3 S3 1> Stbkbt, - t A fit*. < .? k \nuj 'iuiun ViUUC. f A largt aupply eonntantly on hand. oo IS-im UNION OY8TFR UEfOT.-The underaun-d reapeotfolly announoe to their^g\ / \ friend* and the pub 10 that they havtW f m A always on haaci a Ireah supply of t.eet Ovatera the market oan supply, acd aerved in ever? style. Familieaand feu tier a supplied, SWORD * CO , ooS-lm* 498, oomer of 13th acd ata. L i< >M L'TU I ND M L* 117 o rr o P o rrvu ?*? ? - ? ? ? i uill v n t? ? J f 1"JS>I\ 1Ul\ n i/LL/1 U F? CORN.?TM aubiortber, having got the agency to upily Waahington and Georgetown with thia delioate preparation of Corn, would rnapeotfulir talc of hia frienda. and the public at targe, to give it a trial. Aiao, Popped Corn, plain and augared WM BRaDLV ? Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th ata. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea, Monuments, Table Topa, *o. A large aaeortment a waja on hand. oo 19 3m W1DK WHITK 9KIRTIN9 CAMBRICS. 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Letter from ft to be the II Medical " ONLY GOOD ^ r#^l 8AUCE." *.t WnrnMtAr. and applicable to May, 1841. " n?U ??? 4- PerEVKR

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Furnished in the sholl hy the bushe or barrel. _ Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore srioes, without fear of failure, should call and ir.ake arrangements at once Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an article eenal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Mrats, l.obatera, Sardines. Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' FVet, Tripe. Ac, *c? Ai. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajces, Urandy Peaches, &o. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibot, Ao. In fact, every thing for sale in the Sortht rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prices Hotels and families supplied with Oyste's. delivered without oharge t?> any oar'of the District, in season, if the money is ser.t with the order. My ectab ishment is open from 5 a in. to 12 at nifht. flvflr? ilAT. Mnflnt SiinrflLw I olnsa 10 o'oiock a'. m.'' ?27 T. M. HARVEY. TO OFFICERS. 1 HE CAMPAIGN ?A Camp.-wtnin* W&xon on the Prussian principle, arranged for sleep in* or t? act as anAmbu.anoe in case , f j<i?^ Sickness or wound*, with ample room for*^^? tor^* and provisions; li/cht, water proofs and perfectly new, having been junt ?'uilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, is offered for sale at cost price. Also, a hsndsome, strong, sound, dark-brown U/kDUL' ..?L? r~ 1 I 1 I nuncui riuirr iur uuuis ui iiaruona. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corcoran'a Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H streets. ?" an T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber hiving made addition! to his faotory, making it now one of the in the Distriot, where his faoilitiesv^BKR: for manufacturing CARRIAGES and W M LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be sur passed, and from his long exporienoe in the bnsiriAts hA hnrioa tn riv* Ail kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kop'. on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all order* promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d It tf oorner of Fourteenth and F. ?ts. BILLIARDS! I l_l L| The lovers 1 1 * of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania aveaue and llthetrept, (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLES in the United States, with every comfort and oonvenienoe anS-tf tor the playera. WATCH repairing and silver WARS manufactory; I hare one of the beat establishments, aad furnished with aoomplet? set of tools for repairlet every description of fine Watches, and rartioular attention give to the same, by hH 101 nth oompetent workman .and a. work nimld tied Alao, every deaorip ion of standard 81L V ER Wi RE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own auperviaion, which rxj ouatomera will hod far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in teuerai and represented ae their ?fl Mnnfuhr. " """" ? wm. v. ii. v*. nui'Uf Ml XX* P?.tT*Dn?.OMrttk piKEMKN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ~..fa00,000. Q?m irMf 0 itrui mmd Lomttimm* ?., *?<r B*tU if IflltMllMI. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIXE. DiaacToaa. G?o. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones. John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, t hub. rurier, Kiehard yaxrT. B. B. French, Dr. O. YV. Davi?. No charge for Polioiei. JAMES ADAMS. President A?BL 8. Davh. Secretary. au 9-eoCm m^rm TOPHAM'S mtttr VH PREMIUM TRUNK VLlS MANUFACTORY, 499 BlTUTH Biuit, Wajhuiotom, D. C. Silver Modal awarded by Maryland Inititata Baltimore, Noveml>?r 7, ltSO. Ala*, Modal by Metropolitan Moo Hanoi' InatitaUi WMhincton, 1). C., 1857. 1 am oonatantlr making, and aiways have hand of the be?t material, every deeoription ? Pine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladier' Dreci. Woo<1 Box, and Paokuic Trunka, Klhaier. carpet, aa4 Uanvaa Traveling Dae a. , t, Sot?ooi At Ltm Pruts. Meabera of HotifrMsaud traveler! will aleaee examine my Block before purchaaing elaewhere Trunk* that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to order. Trunka oovered and repaired at ahort notice, b >vo?la delivered free of oharre to a&jlpart of ttf oitw -nrgetown. and Alexandria. ?j_ JAMKS 8.TOPHAM. CHOUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, he. ; TYLRR'S COMPOUND SYhUP OF GUM ARABIC. Thia ple?aant aud popular Cough Kimed? haa been 10 long knowaand rxt-naivelj uted that moat peraona have oeoome fanvltar with ita extr*?rdi nmrj emeocf. u o&u M hvi ai all the pnnc pal drug stores, at 25 and SO oenta a bottle. oc 14 d2m&eo4m* Grand advance of thk army; btt SMITH hu not advanoed the price of his Clothing whioh he lias jast reoeived and ie ell11.r off at snoh reiparkable low prioee Give me a o*D and satisfy yourselves of the great bargains that are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh ?t. Ml In I^OMK-MADB H?OTS AND SHOES, Limbs'. Missis' ajto Cnuio'i Wmaft, No. If Nk'MSftet, we Rm h?t. tth ind *th im> Army blue cloths andcabsimereb, food toaiitiee for officer* . Cravau, Pocket Hatidkerohiefe, filovee. Baependnre, Umbrella*, DoderabirU a'd Drawer*, ao. One price only, marked in?A*%RO 1 oo9-H p*.avenue ?ca Ninth at. 1 Hon. JOHNSTON, ALTinURE LOCK HOSPITAL, H*t diK**ir$d tkt mett Crrtnx*. Srt$df ?U mJ) Effectual fitmidf in l4? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET XO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKK WAtlKAiJ IHA*. UK ?1U I JIA-Mr*, IN b'ROSl ONKTO TWO DAYS. W*akn*** of *Js* Ba:k, Siricmr**, Af*cu*n* ( Ik* H4 eye end Bladder ' ?*lf,l"2 ?ii*cl>*rf ee, lirpot*i>??, l?*n. rml Debility, Nei.?ou*oee?, .5??rep?y, Lanraor, Cnfwa oi Ideae, Low Spin:*, ?^:piuuo?i ef th* H*trt, Timidity, f f*frblmg*, Dunn*** of ijnt or Oiddm***, Dfcaaoe of th* *>d, . Mo?* or Skin, Affection* pf th* Lonr*, StoM- I act or Bow*;*-:lfr*?? Tffnbl* Disorder* an*.if irom Solitary Habit* of Youth?ib*?* ftreadfal and DaatrtcU'* PraetK*a which randar Marrlaf * lu> > *??*, *wd d*e-.ro? b?l* Bode and Mind. YOUNQ MEN Kapaeially who ha** bacon* th* nctima of Solitary tH?, that dre?dfal and d**traoti*e kabu which euaaajly *w?*r* lo u Kunil; frav* thoaa*a4* of Yoarf Mat. of th* **! aalttd <alenta and brilliant lnt*li*et, who mifht tdwrviH hi?a entranced Uatamng Senate* with th* thandtr* of eloaaeac* or wak?d to *c*tacy th* hung lyr*, may call with Fall rflnfidavM** MARRIAGE. HtllllD FlKlOHI,cr Y?(c( Mid caoumpUuof tluriif i, fcainf avara of rhroicsl vaakuaaa, arfiila dahilitj, darormiMaa, *c., apaadilr curtd. H? ?bo placaa hirrtiif sr.dtr tba eara ?f Dr. J. BIJ rtliri I j eonnd* in bit honar a? a (aniliauD tod MntdaoUy r?ly upon hit (kill at a phyMcUa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft haud aida foinf froao Bjlnraora a f?? d#m Irem tht cotnir. Ftil not to cbiirti ntni nit Dinkir. Lor.tro nut m pud and contain a lump. DR JOHNSTON, Mombtraf tba Royal Collaga of Barf?nn?, London, frada '< from ona of tbf tuoat atrment Colltfto io tha Unuad taul, r-9 thf fiour part of who?? i f? hu bttn ?I?M id lb* buapital* o: T/en<oo. Pun*, Philadelphia and iliiwhtri, ha* (fleeted som* of tr* n~?*t aatnnUhing ear** thai v*r* *?*r known; many troubled *r;!>i ringing la tb* btad and an wh*n a?ieep; rrcat n*r?oB?n?es, being alarm** at ddcn soond*, bachfaln*** with fr*qa*ct blmt'mf. att*ad*d orottim** with d<rang*is*ni af mind, ?*r* cfirt* una*dial*I j. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Y*?ng M*n and who ba?* injcrid ibam**l*?> by ruin practic* indulg?d in wh*o alon*? a habit fracnenUy l*aru*d from ?,! companion*, of at Mhool, tba *D*cta af vbiCD ara nigbiij f?lt e?eu when aai**p, if not csrad, rami art niarmpa impoaaiDia, 411a aaitrcyi t>eui nnna aoa bodr, ahoold apply iinintdiatalv. Tn?aa art aoint of tha ud and malanehoiy ificii prcdacad by ?*rlT habit' of ronth, ?i*: Waaltnaaa of the Buck and Liinba, Paint in tha f!ea4, rKrnn?aa of Sight, Loaa of Moaca>ar Powar, Palpitation of tna Ufa", D/aptptj, Ntraoat irritability, Dtrangcmtot of tha Diyttu-t r?nctioot, Gtitral Dthility, Symptorra of Consumption, Ac. MI>'TALLY.?Tha feorlnl ilecu 00 tha mind ar* r.-rak ta ba drtadtd?Loaa of Mtmory, Confutiou of Idaaa, Dtprtttioo f Bpiritt, EtiI Kort bodinr't. A'trtion of Bocitty. fitlf-Ditirnai. Lot* of Soiitod*, Tur.iditj, bte., art aoma of tha t?ilt proiuctd. NlRTOl'l DMILIT?.?'Thoaaanda can naw Jadfa what ta tha eanaa of tbair daclimnf ftal'.h, '^*lnf (' air rigor, bacon Ill J uti*uua II1U , I*? 'lli| ? appaaranca aboat tb* aj??, ccofb oraympiobJ Of conaanpD1SEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wbin tha rongoided and imprudent?otary ofpleaaara tnde ha ha* imbibed Uie Ktdi of this pair.fal diMUl, i* to* often happena tbat anil! timed eeriee 1 ahamaor draad of discovery daiara him from appijrinf to ihoaa *bo, from adacaiion and reepectability, can aluna telrierfl k"n. Ha falla into tha hande of ignorant and designing prettt><3<r*. who, incapable f cttmr, filch hia pecuniary eabetanta, keep triting mouth arier month, or as loor ai toe emalleet fee can ?ktainad, and in daapatr leaee bim with ruinad health to eifh far ma ralluif disappointment; or by tha Baa of that deadly ??i tivni j iia?i?n iu( wimnuimni ijiiivwui* iuii tarnblt diaaaaa, inch as Affacueoaof th? Haart, Tbroat, Haad, km, Ac., prorraaan * vitb fr-.jhl/ai rapidity, till daalh pats a Striod to his artadrar aafannfa by aaodiof hirnt J>*t uctiirtd c*KDtrT from vbni kmrm n* ukiIii ruinu. DR. JOHNSON S REMEfiY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY ? thu pin and imMrUst rarcady waaki. ?aa ?f U? ? ?mi at* apaadlly car ad and faU ?i ft raatarad Tbanudi ?f lb* at M???i and dabiliuitd, vka kad laat all haps, lira baao imnadiatalf raha?ad. All impadunanu l? Marriafa, Pbyafcaal k MaiUl Diaqaalllctliana, Laaa af Pracraauva Pawar. Rar<?i Irrtukiliir. Vramkiin# *.ni WanknaM at Efhaiatian af (ka naat fur'i kind apt**ily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. tub mart tmoufauds ccrad at thia inatitauao within Ika Inat M<antnn ???rat and the naniaraaa imp* run I BarfiMi p?raUM( par/artnad or Or. Jahnaim, viuiaaaad by tfca apartara of thl paplr? and nuy oihar paranna, naticaa ml vaick ba?a ifpiuid tpin aad i(<id btm* ib* ciblie, kaI'.dii hia aland in f u a gantlaman *f cfcaractar ana rticiuikUiiy. i? a aaMtiant gaaraniaa la tha a>ictad. mar ll-l* NOTICE. auai'is1 r*rn " This Company offer* to the Dublin" UnOqMlIed Advantages" for the Safe tntf Quick jMepatch of Heavy Freights. Packages, Valuable*, Money, 4o. &.O., to all parte of the united Statue. Expresses to and frcm the North and Weetdefrom and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Kxpre?ees &ro in charge of txftritnctd and rtlutbl* Messengers. All Packages for The 8oldiors clrriM at "oni half" oar uxual rate*. A il Go?>ds for the eo-oalled "Confederate States" and all Artioies ** Coutraband of War" will b# Rkvcbkd. Ou- Expresses leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. M . ft.rri vinv in W a.m lim* t/\ n a t A \1 anH 1 SA P.M. * ~ 1- ipresse* leave Philadelphia at RJP A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at b98 P. M, and 6 A. Id. Expresses Imve Uaitiinore at 4 an A. M. and 3 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5 30 P. M. Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 730 A- M. and 230 P M. daily Special Contracts for arge quantities of 1- reight can be made oa application to this ?ffioe. All Goods sailed for and delivered Jr?* of Extra charges. _ .. . . E. W. PARSONS, sup i Aa&mr bxpreu company. Waehinttoo. Aumil a. 1861. au 3 tf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will anrely jt?t your roocfty'e worth by oa:im?atthe PlONEliR MILL8, touthwtu eer *?r af Strtnik str??( and Cn-nai, (GEO. PAGE, A rent.) The; mi! cheaper and five t.etter meuurt than any others in the e*ty?out, lit, aod delivered free of charge. If to* doc 11 eliere * 1 r* the Pioneer Mule a tna., and be satisfied. t-lT.r amd unfit: a wn mi? rat D " "fffclEft. " We are low tR?caf*otcrmc all fciccia of BOOTS tat BHOK8, and oo:atnttU> reomniif I*MT of ewtorr. inaxle work of over* <ie BSEe crtfuon, made e^proeilf to order, and will* Hi be told at a macu lower rioe than haa been* Rt> keretofore charted is Uua eity for mttoh lnferiai artio.ea. Peraona in want of Boota and Snoee of eaatern ei eity mnre work, will alwaya Ind a food aaaoitaiM In autre and at the la weet p> ioee. 9it? aaa <*11. RUTIN * liRO., % ft ' 114 ' rtnii |v#r?? RMY SUPPLIES. J VST RECEIVED? 480 e&na SAUSAGE MEAT. 840cana FRESH TOMATOES, 48?o&ns FRESH VEAL, 960 cans BEEP,* la modt, MO can* ROAST BEEF, MOoana FRESH MUTTON. MOoana BEEF and GRAVY, 940 oan? BOL'P and BOUILLI, *) cum FRENCH DES3ICATED VERB TABLES. For sale at New York Factory arioea. KING A BURCHELL, ae > Corner I acd Fifteenth atrseta. a NEW BOOKS. STORY of the V&ited Netherlanda. br Jo ha Lotnroj Motley ; i vcls.; free^>* mail, ?4. The Rise of the Dutch Rapnbiie. a history, by John Lothroy Motley; i to eioth; free by mail, Si 1m Marner, the Wearer of Rave.ol, by the author of "Adam Badeoloth TffoeoU ; paper W oenta. Lire and Career of Major Andre, by W liitro? Barceant; il.M. After loeber;e with a Painter, a Summer Voyact to lAbrador and Newfoundland; by Rev LoaitL Nob e; fiJo The Manufacture of Pliotocenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomaa Antisell, M. D., #1.7S. ?' ,h* RICHSTEIN, a? a ttTS Panna. avenaa. WBOtS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the last day or twe t ar?e assortment ot BOYS' SPRING CLOTHINS, einbraeing all it;lea of low priced, medium, and fine ?uauties, which we are seliinc a t ver j iuw prices for o&sb. Wall, STEPHENS ft CO., S89 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ata. m 72 <lEtelln?n?.?r arri Ke?nbitoa?.> *m\ AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, /Ov IW1 C Stkkit, /"l V 0 Back of tk* Hotel. 9 V Meat liberal advaaoee made qa Gold aad rilver W atones, Diamonds, Jewe n, Silver ware,C!othiDf, Pistols, and all hinds of Mei ohernliae, Baainees atriot r confidential. ISAAC HEKZBKRG, SSI C street, aa l lm Between ?X aad fitfe ata. DUPONT'8 6UNPOWDKR, . JCfiL'M* ynoM.br JOH-N J. BObUK, GioEe*Town, D (L SoU Atmcv for tk* Dittrut Ciimrnii*. n h?n<f, *n<f 5ellTor?i^l?'ilo^Si*part* a? HL C * " HKi r ' *y('CK'u HEAT FLOUR. cuo H4"""" """Wl'kBUEO .. Ms."-6*" " TM'a msj&xr ocll Coimor VermoBtftT.^xl 13U ?V THE WEEKLY STAR. ma mmuflrt family u4 n?va jntmi9WWili| ftmttr T*rwty H UKmMi| rm*??* uu ru be ftmmi is ut ?ttw li HklMal m Friday morning. Tuns?OmA, muartaiif, to atoMM. Plagle oopy, per 31 * Five copies 4 * Tea ooplee .. M Twenty-!** ooplee ? ? It Invariably oontaias the " Wsaklnftaa Naws Uil his made Tki JMxiy Svmiug Sim clrealata o generally throughout the country Cyeiagle copies (la wrappara) oaa be paacured at I be counter. Immediately after Um tarta of the paper Fnce?THREE CENTS. IIELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bucko, A P?sitira and SftiJU Rinudf For Dinun of tfc? BLADDER, KIDNEY!*. GRAVEL, *d4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thr? Medicine Ina^ww the power of DfmUcvo , ?'d AZ0ltO? thS ABflOBBKNTS ICtO twlUf MtJVC, by which the wtrur ok calckbocs deposition*, and ft'j t!?!?*TcltAL urn.-aetM?Ni? tr* redacM. hi* "o iKrLAMMATio*, &B4 U (toe f M*N, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMbOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Wrakne**?a Arising from K*o~*?e?, HabiU of DiMlpftUo*. Karly I'diwtmm or . Attended ?n<* the Fcliovtng Symptom* : ln<2i?poaittun t<> Kxortion, Lamm uf Po*v, ofM-inory, Diffiou'ty ?f^**^h|ac/ Horror of D'MN, Wakeful Dimneae of Vision, Pun in the 0Mk, Un T*r?ai Lassitude of th? Muscular HjiUib. Hot Ha :dj, t laahing of the &~Al% Dryne?a of the 0kin, Kraptiuu on the Pt??, fa. lid corjiTEifasr*. Theee symrt- ma. it ft owed to go rn, vfcieh Uti medicine invariably remuvea, soon fo Iowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITS, / Mi A f M(i (Vi 1 k * Prn t? ?rn t Mat. C Who oan ta; ti*( th#y are rot ftotaantly followed by thoee "DiaarcL DiaiAaaa," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are *?%' of th? navae of tbair inK?rii|, BI T Mini WILL COKVtaS. THE RECOKDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'ltnrkoly Drat Hi by Co*iumpt\tn, BKAft AMPLI WITHK8S TO THE TEfTH OW THI AIOIBTIOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTBO WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Require# the wd of medioiM to strengthM and ltiTiforaW tk? Syatan, which HELMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHL (Ml A TilAL WILL rOHVIMCB TBI MOST lUfTICii. FEMA LES- FEMA LES-FBMA LBS, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, Indian? Aftctiont Peculiar ( FtmmUt the t *tr?ct Bncnu la uneeunl d by My other remedy. u in Chlorosis or KetebUon, Irrgu.tmy. Pemfu'neai, or Sup?r*Mion ol C??u>mar? Kmu&tioci. l'.orr?t(Hi or 8ohirroe? ?tet* of the Ulorn*. Leuoorrhee or Whites, Sterility. etd for all complaint* incident to th? mi. whether amine from Indiaoretioc, Habit* of Diaaipaltfin, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE' bbs 0tmpto1m abovb. NO FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT. TWk? no more Baltam, Merntrf, ?r Vnpl*n?*nl Mediant for Unyitajami and Dnngtrmu Dtstmttt. IIELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV CS1H SECRET DISEASES In all their At littlt Eiftut, LiUle or no cti&ure in Diet; No inooaveBieao*; And no iiXpOturt It * f rrnm 11 n t <{*air? a rvH m i v*a alrBn ?t h In 11 WU WWW V *1 U Uk UVBtl V O IW < VW VH^Mi ?W Jrinat^, thereby Removing ubttitolioai, Preventing sod Curing Siriotaree of the Prethra, Allaying t an and influnRiiUoc w frequent in the cImi of dieea??e. aivl expelling mii FotJonou.i, Ot teased, and xeom out AIa:trr. THoruilM CPOil TIOIUKM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, wtd who have paid k*ary jttt to be eared la t abort tin.e, nave f^and th?y were deoeivea, ana ibat U>? "poison" baa, by the uae . f ' rmt r/ui iiirMfnii" been dried up in the system, to breaa oat is as aggravated form, and FERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ue? HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all affect. on? an 1 d'of tli* URINARY ORSAKI, Whether exist'ng in MALE OR FKMALK, from what, ver cause originating ud no manor of MOOT 1.(1 BIG STANDING Diseuea of tb?M Uriui require the aid of t l)\VBCTIC. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, ud ttiaoe t&ia to b?ve th? dMirwl eiUot ia Uliruei ror Wtt(? il it rtommtndtd. TIDftBCB or TUU MOST BSSrORA1BL* ADD *?L1ABLB CHABACTBH wiil."*ooompeny U?e mediom**. from 8 to 30 t< ?ri' aVaadiBi, With know to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE **NOTICE.* wa Hiii "mo iicbit" or "imarbdibitts .*' HfcLMHOLD'S tITKACT tfUCHU ia oomyoMd of Baoha, Ca*?ba u4 J am par B'mw, aalaoted wiUi croat otre by a ouin?el#Di 4rar?iat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HILNBOLD, Praotioal and Anaiytioal Chemiat. and Sol* Man ufaotarer of HELMBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared uefore me. an AMcraaa of the oity oT Philadelphia, H. T. Hilmold, trho twirl du!; nro n.dota tay.hla yreiaraUoueoatain no oarootko, no meroary.or otaor lajartoaa Bworr and eubaortbtd before me, tin day of November. IBM WM. I*. AlBBEBJ),. Aid*im*n. Ninth it., toon lUo*. rJUlV PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 F. M. Price fi per kettle, er six tor II. Delivered <8 uy kMrea, eeeirelj neiei from obeeivMtoo, a u ? * # - m - * m * 4^ auuran inwn iwr lb ipiibbu? mm B. T. HELMBOLD, Ck*m%M. Depot, lot 8o?U Totk aC, totev Chwi. PkUA. HE WAR It OP COUNTERFEIT! AND OnfKINCIPLXD DMALMA8 who Mxi?avor to 4iMtoo* -of U?r 0*1" u4 "o?? ?' artioUa oa U?* r?f?>HiM attaiae* hf Htlwibeld i Oiiww /ri^ariltMi, " " Extract Bmdtm, * M ? M Imtfr?u JUm 1T?M. 8otd by tt, B. Waits. Z. IX OiutAB, J*aa win. a. C. Pou, ft- &. kmrani, B C. Mams, Kiawstx * Unan, A. ML Him, AND ALL DM UOQlkTS XTX&YWHXM-M. ASK FOB, HXLMBOLD'8 Till HO OTHXK. Cat oit tm idTt tiMMDt mm mm* tor u. AND AVOID IMPOSiriON Md KXPO?HK D-erxU Sympttmi tn mil Ciwwmw*"**' CUM UMIUUM : irtw* > .. A rj> T. . * ' <5k *>v* l