6 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

6 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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??a??IM 1UE K' I;mm: NTAK. ? AMIINUTON CITY: WF mrsnw 6. 1?M. Or* Fmwt? at tb* rarlona military '-amps and l^fKlmn will ronfn a farvr hy keeping ua pnatM u to mowrnta *nd affair* In tkelr Vtctaltlc*. jry- xo or.t Haltimoc* readers we would say t*?st tb* #lr?t sod second edition of the Stm* can b? bad#n Baltimore rf fc. f Hltelton, agent, >? *? Wfit B iltlmors ?trr*t, tiexr Gay?the first edtttOT at half put foot and the second at eight celork, on the arrlYel of the trains from Wssh Ington, gt*ti?g al) Ihe latest news from the seat of war up Hi 'he time of going to preaa. Spirit *f the Hsralai Preaa. The lnitlUgmttr commenting upon the threata of the Fremont clique in Mlaaourl, aays: "The aplrit of Insurrection and Insubordination In the Northwest must be much more rtfe than la - .? tk. r> 1 ^ - wuti * vwuiuivuij nu^pv?ni, 11 ?uc i icaiuniv, iu the legitimate exerrtse of bis functions a* Cotnwaiider-ln-Chief of the aimles ot the United ) to be tdns threatened with civil dlsaffectionand military revolt In case he should take be responsibility, reposed In him by tbe Constitution, of displacing one subordinate officer by tbe appointment of another in any particular military department " Tbe Rtjublitmn thinks that the system of "foraging** upon the people of Missouri adopted by Fremoot's troops "is carrying on tbe campaign in un right way." ^ 9 ^ ??Dbbvt or Miss Jo'bpbinb Chuhet -Miss Josephine Cbesney, of this city, mak?s her debut on Friday Bight next in the Washington Theater, as C?nuanc(, in Tbe Love Chase." We have before taken occasion to say that she Is a young lady ?f tbe highest order of histrionic talents, well educated, beautiful, and accustomcd throughout her life to the best society of the Federal Metropolis. She possesses an Inexbaustihie fund of natural wit, vivacity and archness, and will at once take high rank in genteel comedy. . We predict for her a professional career quite as brilliant as that of any comedienne of the tlMi. The box-sheet (or the occasion?Friday night next?will be open at Metxerott's on to morrow, we bear, and take it for granted ttat her numerous friends and admirers among our fellow-citizens will at once aecure seats 1H7" From Hudson Taylor, 336 Pennsylvania avenue, the Washington agent for the republication of Leonard Scott 4 Co , we have Blackwood and the Westminster Review for October. Both magazines have articles upon the American (juration, and both take a Great Britalnous cotton view ?tf the matter; that of the Westminster Review. .however, displaying lru partlcansblp than Its Edinburgh (London, in fact,) cotemporary. Thi Election* at Tm South ?To-day elections will be held in the secedrd States for Presidential Electors and members of Congress The Congress is to axsemble at Richmond on the l?th of February, and on the following day the votes for President and Vice President arc to be counted, and whoever are elected to these otllces will be Inaugurated on the Vid?Washington's birthday. U7*Thursday, the 25th day of November, baa be?n appointed aa a day of Thanksgiving and Prayer In Maryland. C^Hon. J. Dllllnger, president of the Allentown (Pa ) Bank alnce Its organisation, died on the 3d Instant. lH^The California Pony Kzpress ceased run. nlr?g on the 2?th ot October. Thi Inraassioif *t Old Point.?One of the *->nior? 01 ine Baltimore American, writing from Old Point, tar*: Among naval and military men at Old Point the impression ia that the fleet landed on Bull'* lalaad. at the month of Bull'a Bay, on Sunday, the distance from Cape Romaine. where the fleet w*s paaaed on Saturday ngbt, belng but fifteen mile* The *torm having damaged the Southern telegraph, their landing could not be known at Norfolk or Richmond before Tuesday. Inieilif[e?ce from Norfolk indicated that the point of ardlng waa believed to be at the Port Royal ?ntrance to Beaufort, tome forty mile* south of Obarle?ton, whil*t Bull'* Bay is thirty mile* north of Charleston, (jentieu.en who' passed through that aection of the State represent that tbr? e weeks since there waa no fortiQcatlona at Bull'a Bay; and the lmpreaaion is that nothing could have been erected there since that would be able to stand ibe batteries of the fleet for an hour's cannonading. T.as I ? ' * * " ' m Hi ..>u. nuim . ?t cave nereioiore noticed tbe pestilential work done by tbe Baltimore jVewj Sheet. Thi* morning (election day iu Maryland) it appear* with what purport* to be * Correspondence from tbe Upper Potomac,'' and I from wblcb we extrac t tbe following: " Varloua account* of tbe battle of Ball * Klufl have bten published, bat tbe Federal authorities have kept remarkably quiet about tbe subsequent engagement on Wedne*dsy, at Kdward*'* Ferry, wblcb waa even more dtsaalrou* to tbe Federal army than tbe battle of the preceding Monday. Again, on Thursday night of the same week there ?u another fl^bt at the mouth of the Monocacy. when their lo?? was considerable. The Federal losses In all these engagements are variously estiraated. but all coccnr In ssying that it caunot be le?s than threw tbou?and men A Federal officer Informed a friend of mine that their loss In all was much create? " On Friday last there was a battla fought In the neighborhood *f 4>raln?vUl?, where McCall's division la atationed , and from the reports of the knowing ores, McCall retreated after having been evenly whipped The lose, in killed,wound'd and prison* rs. Is set down it not leas than 600 Yesterday (Sunday) two p1ec?sof cannon went down from Ban ka's division, to replace, it is said, pieces lost by ueneral McCall C " Military Cocrt ?The Military Court. Judge Freeee presiding, held tta usual session this mornfn the caw of Wttmer k Bro , new claim* wr? presented from Jeffrav A Co , of New York, and Callom A to , of Philadelphia, amounting to bout 8?,<JW The resident partner having been not!tied, the Court ordered that be have Ave dava to make reply, and In the meanwhile the goods In the poaeeseion of the Court be held subject to tbese claims in common with tboae heretofore presented to the Court After considerable dlacuaston aa to the priority of claim upon the effecte? relatione of copartnership, Ac , in wbicb Messrs Andrew Wylle, 8. Fetgneon Beach, 1 L Klnzer and Crrwell, part)clpet?d, the further consideration of the caee ^?P'HTU UIIUI WWVIIUW Mr J A F.n?llab app?arrd In Court and atated that no no?icc? bad been aerved upon the city oOciala aa Miugt?ted by tbe Court on Tburaday laat, when that case was undrr conalderatlon. Tbe Court aaid that aa no notice* had been aerved, tboae oAclala could not be called to anawer, and that for tbe present, It would make no order upon tbe aubjccl. Tbr Court then took up tbe caa* of Sergt Cozlan, of tbe " Lincoln Cavalry," charged with shooting ** Mr. John Kerr Mwin ljulnaby, John L Smith, John Kerr, and A J Walker were examined aa wilneaaes In be caae It appeared In evidence that tbe accused wu In tbe ahoe ato e of J no. L. Smith, on Saturday night laat, aomewhat intoxicated; that after ordering a pair r>f boots, he approached Mr John Kerr, who waa altrlng In tbe atore. and aaked, " Are tbere niapy aecraaloniata In thta town ?" to whleb K-rr irptiro mat w believed thert were a few," when the accused took out his pinbi and further asked. " Are you a secessionist ?" to which Kerr replied that " he was an old man, and did not take part " The accused then turned to Walker, who nsd ju?t come In, and Inquired, ' W bat are yen *" W alker answered, *' I am a shoemaker ." As the accused turned to Walker. Kerr sttrtrd to pess Into tbe residence of Mr Smith by a back door Tbe accused seeing Kerr move, cocked bis Biol, and called to blm to bait. Kerr did not t, and as he passed tbe door, tbe accused fired bis pistol, tbe ball passing through tbe partition above Kerr's head. A guard was then called and tbe accused arrested Tbe accnaed soldier said be had been drinking, and waa unconscious of the acQoa, that be bad never been In Alexandria before, but be supposed that while In delirium, produced by dnuk. be bad been thinking of Injuries done blm while a rrsid?nt of Georgia, and of tbe talk of tbe soldiers In 'egard to Alexandria being a secession^tsce, end tats lead him, unconsciously to cooimi*. tbe deed J he_ Court aaid that no man. aeldler or other. wiee, du right to mIc *ay body their aeiitimenta, and that it lnteuded to protcct all peaceable people In carrying on their buaincaa. bat u it wm r?1dent that there waa no peraoMl Bailee la this caar, he weald peetpone IU further conalderaMon until to-morrow, to five time for the acrn>*d to prra*nt wltn*?era aa to hit character. Other military caara wi?re then taken up. and 1b# 1'i.uri adjftuiurd Ahundr.a "l ocal 4V?n ?" ?.f !4*m<ia9 i?^The ucw gun boat kearaavr building at tie Portamouth Navy Yard, will be ready lor operation by the atffldleof December OtR MILITARY BlTD?ET. fSAVT TABS Kit er ttramer Stepping Stone mm the BlcrlciKft ? Contraband?A S'tU? Battery, tr. The new (team ferry boat Stepping Stone*, re I cently purrhaaed by the Government, ran the ; blockade laat night about II o'clock, and was not Bred on by the Confederate hat'erlee. The Step- j ping Stone* la B new ateamer. recently built to plv a? k paaaenger boat between Weatcbrater and College Point on the Laat River. She la built on the aame plan and la about aa large aa the Confederate ateamer Page, and only drawa 3 feet uaually, or fret If carrying -'>0 tona of coal. She will certainly be very uaeful on the Poto| mar, but we reapectfully auggeat that ahe be re baptlied, and receive a reapectable name The Government paid about S19,0U0 for her. Her malter, Lomax, ran her close In to the Maryland ahore laat night, and thua got up aafely. He bad bt> (mail boats alongside, ana 11 mere nsa <>f n danger of hla capture, intended to ttre his vessel and make for the Maryland shore with hia crew. He passed a pudgy opposite tbe batteries also bound up. The Stepping Stonea brought up ail contrabauds. young and likely-looking fellows, who were picked up bv the tug Bailey in the Lower Potomac. They had escaped in a "dugout" hardly large enough to carry three men Tbev had made up their iitl^ds to eacape long since Twoof them were married men, and being aaked if they (old their wives of their intention to eacape, replied, " No, maaaa, breas your aoul, we ran ' I ?11 m4 )?V*I Jl 'I Kau saW a/4 t?Kir iVioir V-UII i >i ua? (in lit j wcic OBftcu WUJ lutj ?*iu not bring their wives with them then, and answered, " Women are too scary In a canoe, rnassa; dey would raise an alarm." Tbe Island Belle bad about feurtecn contra* binds on board at Cedar Point, and aboHt fifty were sent to Old Point asbort time si nee from the flotilla. They are mostly from the banks of the Rappahannock. They all represent It as being "bard time* for white folks in Ole Vlrginnv, and a heap wusa for niggers." That many slaves heretofore tolerably well provided for are suff< ring for want of food, clothing, shoes, Ac. There would be more attempts to escape if boats could be got. It is the impression of river men that many slaves are drowned In attempting to escape. There ia a new Confederate battery at Aquia Creek, a few hundred yards north of the old one Two shells were flred from It Into the river yesterday, apparently to try the range only, as there was no vessel near. The Captain of the Federal steamer Union has observed suspicions movements on Matthias Point recently, which lead him to believe that t he rebels intend to entrench at that point, and place there a permanent battery. All were well on board the lower flotilla at Smith's Point yesterday. There were but two or three cases of nmnU pox on board the Harriet Lane, but it was deemed b*st to remove her crpw Hiiri fnmltmto h?*r Dinrnnnklu I ? II also, to keep her crew from contact with the rest of the ilotilla until it ia seeu If there are any new cases. It ia thought probable that the disease waa brought on board by " contrabands," who bring it from the Old Dominion. S*ece?h may be imitating the Spanish, who, according to tradition, Introduced eruptive diaease* among the aborigines on this continent, to help the aword. PRISONERS ESCAPED. hast night, by some unknown means, two secession prisoners, both of whom have been In arma agalnat the United States, escaped from the Capitol Hill priion. They are J.Owena Berry, of Georgetown, D C ., and Redmond Burke, we believe of Jrfferson or Fredertik county, Va J. Owens Berry ! about 33 years old. 5 feet Inches high, rather slim build, tanned complex(An J..U W.I. * - ** n, u?i> umr, muscuiar met, rimer prominent | and thin, not much if any whlakers, large and j very red none, dark brown hair, dressed rather rough?may have a shawl R dmond Burke is about 32 years old. 5 feet 8 or 0 lnch?? high, high cheek bones, florid, sun- j burnt complexion, blue or light gray eyes, Iron j gray hair, cut short, whiskers and moustache of same color. The Provost Guard and Metropolitan Police are both in hotcba*e upon their trail. We however do not know what prospect of recapturing them they may have. A NOTH KR rnlllGft orriCKR APPOIWTFU The President has appointed the Baron Von Herman, of Prussia (an experienced officer of the striff of the Adjutant General of tbat kingdom), to bean Aid to Major General Wool, with the rank of maior of volunteer* SO RBVtBW TO-DAY. Tbe condition ef the weather made ncccaaarv the postponement of the review of General Fit* John Porter ? d,vision, that was to bave come oil this forenoon. CONSULTING. This forenoon the President, Major General MeClellan and Assistant 8<?cretary of War S^ott> w?re together in closc council for some hours. Baron De Relfenbug, of Belgium, baa tendered bis military service* to the Government. The tIvil SatU In Alexandria A N ORDBR FOB THBIB DISCOJITISUANCR . At the commencement of tbe rebellion, the Sheriff, Judge, and Clerk of Fairfax county, Va , tied from their homes and Joined the rebels. After martial law was declared In Alexandria Gen Franklin constituted the Provost Court of the olty a civil court, and appointed Col F reeze Provost Judge Since tbat appointment the Provost Court has been only a civil court in the city. Judge Freeze baa decided suits of a civil nature between citizens as well as soldiers About ten da>s ago a suit was commenced before him by a Ntw V ork firm for collection of a debt contracted bv an Alexandrian wbo had Joined the rebel irmr, leaving bis goods in the banda of an agent. Judge Freeze caused the goods to be attached, and a suffl lent quantity of them to be appraised at New York prices to discharge the debt and Incidental expenses. Tbls decision attracted the notice of merchants at New York snd Philadelphia, and during last week fifteen or twenty have prosecuted their claims, and obtained favorable decisions in Judge Freeze's court. No part of the goods attached have, however, been removed from tbe custody of tbe court, tbe Judge awaiting the approval of tbe Attorney General, to wb?m his decision was submitted ' The opinion of tbat officer has not been received; but on Monday last an order on Gen Montgome'V, Military Governor of Alexandria, from Gen. McClellan, directs him to require the lusiifnKlAii of all rlvll nn*?Ki? ik0 ?-* f? ? _ ?v? i^wvi ?uo i ru?u?i Judge, and tbe dismissal of All cause* before him of a civil nature Thla o der ia founded upon (lie following order, laaued by tbe War Department; Wii Ditartmknt, October'26. 1861. General: Complaint* nave been made to tbe I'realdent that the Provost Marabal at Aleiandria baa undertaken to establish a court for civil purpoaea, and that by that court, or In other wav?t be haa aaaumed authority over matter* of civil juatlce, such fa tbe collection ofdebta and tbe seizure and transfer of property, having reference to the debt* and contracta of private peraona If thla be ao, it la a fault which ought at one# to be corrected by proper order* from you, ao a* to limit tbe Provost Marshal to the exercise of powers properly belonging to his military character and nereasary to the enforcement of a aafe police. I am. General, very respectfully, your obedient evant. Thomas A. Scott, A A ni?i?aiii rrrrcuiy OI War. By direction of the Secretary of War Gbo B McClbllan. Major General Commanding. On the receipt of the order of Gen McClellan, Gen. Montgomery directed the following order to J udn Freece: Hbaiajcaitkr*. Alixamiiia, Nov. 4,1861. Sptctal Order yo 43 ?Pursuant to Instructions from the War Department, dated October 26, 1861, the Provost Judge of this command will take no further cognisance of civil rates, and will dismiss the cases now under consideration. W.ft. MoKTeoHtmi, Brig Gen. Row at tbi Ibstitct* ?On Monday night, at the Institute fair, a young man seated himself at a piano and began playing Dixie Hisses and groans greeted the air, when he switched off into Hall Columbia. Several parties In the gallery not relishing the latter tune, became Involved in a ight, which had the effect of scattering the | ladle* In all directions The police were quick- j ly on hand, and ejected the rowdlea from the building. Later In the evening other obnoxloua peraona were forced to quit the building.?Bain, mort CItpyrr. Sacamar Ciiinoi Sbkknadkd ?On Monday sight, the Secretary of W ar, being at the Aator Houae. New York, waa rein pit mented by a aerenade Mr. Cameron appeared and wade a apeerh, which geatly gratified tbe audience, wtiu wei*> ?i*o addreaaed t>y Colonel Cochrane and Ajfjtitard General Thooaaa \Lj" Alfe*-u?l?r L>un?aa, ttie younger, Ilea alruoat hopeleaaly ill In Paria. Hta malady j? aaid to If not ojUy bfillly but mental. LATE JIEWI FROM THE SOUTH. The steamer Newsboy left Fortress Monroe for Norfolk under a flag of truce, carrvlnjj Frederick Plnkney. fcaq , of Baltimore, and ladv. and seveial ladle* of the family of Alex Dlmltry. of La Pbe Wat stopped about a mile from Cranev (aland, and a steamer came ont and took on board the passengers 8he sUo transferred to the Newsboy sereral ladles and two or three gentlemen who J ?1 ?? J t. kl iL U. PlnVnau i m ?? kla MtaV ucvircu HI iiuiiu. i?i in?nc? i? VII uia to Richmond to tee his sou. an officer in the Confederate armv who la reported to be dying with the typhoid fever One of the paaaengera brought a copy of the Norfolk Dav Book of Monday morning. from which we extract the following Item! of lntercat RUMORED RBSlOXAflON OP BKACRE94RD. The Norfolk Dav Book aaya that a rumor exlited In that city on Sunday that Oen. Beauregard had realgned, but dorft not credit It A deapatch from Richmond also a?ya that a similar rumor exists there, and for several days the question haa been asked on the street, but the reporter la unable to aav whether there la any truth In It or not, but gives it as a current rumor of tut day. RKSXRAL WI8K. The Day Book of Monday aays: ?en. Wise la still confined to hU room, but he Is convalescent nnrl rn-fhn * liircrp number of visitor* Thp Wise Legion will be withdrawn from Western Virginia, and another force sent to replace It. but lt? future destination ii unknown. Breckinridge want* to take it with its lighting commander to Kentucky, but Wise thinks tbe enemy have ?erlous designs on North Carolina, and ptefera to go there Wherever he goe* the enemy will meet a "Cttur de Liou." A"SVkRE STORM The Day Book of Monday says : A vi ry aevere storm of wind and rain, accompanied with thunder and lightning, began ou Friday night last and continued until Saturday at noon. The wind blowed most terrifically, sweeping down trees, fences. Ac., In its course, and If they were within reach of It, must have had a moat serious ( fleet on the fleet which lately sailed from Old Pnl n( W a 1 I V? ? I tkn n a t i. A i unit ?? r icain luai iue *anuu? roiupi nrar ?ur cl'y sufl'ered very severely The flies were torn oft and scattered. but at one time It wu thought every tent would be blown down. rt'TTING DEAD YANKKKS TO A HKW r*K The Norfolk Day Book, under this heading, ays: We have recently seen some candles whlcn* we were told had been made from tallow and fat fried frcin dead Yankees who had been slain In several of the battles which have taken rlace between them and the Southerners We aon't know whether our Informant was joking or not, but certain it is the candles look mean enough, and sti ik bad enough, to have emanated from such a source. hhout or paper. Tk* VA.f^lk I.. 1) U - * if 1 s I ?*?a a uc iiwnuit uay tjuum VI .UUIIUJV II priuu-u uu brown wrapping paper It is the only paper publiabed In Norfolk, and aaya. aa bad a* tbe paper la, it h?a not enough of it to print more tban onefourth of its edition on It haa hopes, however, of being able to get a supply of white paper in a few weeka. THK IKVADIN6 FI.K KT. The Dav Book of Monday haa the following remarka with regard to tbe "Invading fleet:" We understand that a gentleman arrived in (Ul. ? 11.. 1 J ? 1?? *- ? * uib ci v r'vcrni nays ?nice wno reports max a vrssel recently arrived 011 the coast of South Carolina. In ail apparent state of distress, from som" of the British Island*, bound to Baltimore. Some of her sails and rigging had been cut away as though she h?d been in a Kale, and she was endeavoring to make her way into Charleston harbor for the Eur pose of getting relief She was overhauled y the FrdTal fleet off that roast, and by them tilted up with s.icUneeded repairs as would enable her to keep on her way They then put their mail on board of her. She left there and soon aot an opportunity and dodged in either to Charleston or some other Southern port, where she was delivered over to the Rebels, together with her valuable cargo. On the examination of the letters in the mall from the Yankee 41 uraa K *? ?/>?>?! /4 1.1.. ; * leaked out as to the intention of the Invading fleet which recently left Hampton Roads. It appears from this source of information that their design Is to attack Charleston in force from three different points or approaches, and it may he that Port Roval Is one of these points. This information luckily has been In the possession of the Charleston authorities long enough to give them an opportunity to prepare for their reception, that is if they can place any reliance on It It is quite likely that the severe gale which hfis heen sweeping along our southern coast, and w hich prevailed here on Saturday morning with so much force, has either sunk or driven on shore a portion of the fleet, or it may be has so scattered them as to delay the time of contemplated attack. If this should prove a correct surmise, then It will only give us some additional time to make preparations, and at one point where we suspect they intend to attack, a few days only gained would enable us to defy the attacks of the Hessian*. Now what is stated above may probably have gome cnniiprtinn with thu _ .. ? a w M *> vt>>' ?* A % ? UltU ** O find in the Richmond Examiner of Saturday morning; we aay It may have tome connection with it, although we don't know that ;t has?we merely tell it as it wai told to us, wltlieut vouching for Ita occurrence THEYANKKRARMADA. The Kxamtner. of Saturdnv says : It ia underotood that the Government has Information, the particulars of which are not given to the puolic, that furniahea grounds for the l>elief that the Yankee fleet were preparing to land at Tort Royal, in South Carolina. Toere \? said to be here one of the most capacious and finest harbors on the Atlantic cnaet, with but few natural ad vantages inr ita aeience It Is thought not Improbable that the enemv may attempt to move inland toward* Charleston. Bill'* Bat ?The steam gunboat Montlcello, which arrived at Hampton Roads on Monday from the blockade station ofl' Savannah, report* parsing the fleet composing the Great Expedition c tt Cap?* Romalne on Saturday ntght The gale had at that time abated and the vessels bad evidently rt'-awmhled at Cape Romalne. and were pursuing their way Southward Cape R. Is about twenty miles this side of Bull's Bay, which is popularly supposed to be the destination of the fleet. In relation to Bull's Bay the Coast Survey Report for 1857, says: ''Bull's Bay we found to be a large ?heet of shallow water. Intersected with numerous narrow channels leading from the creek entering the bay, but suitable only for navigation by light draught vessels. A t try fine Harbor of refuge Is made by the northeastern end of Bull's Island with a *afe and e?sy entrance from sea by night or day, and about four feet more water than at Charleston Bar. lY"??*MAYOR'S OFFICE, November 8, >?!.|L_3 Tti? members of the Ho?rd of Trna'ees of tnePublio Schools will rne*t in the Chamber of the KlAnlnf AUnimin AM CUII1. 1/ ? t-T . .J Hi . - . -r ? ? - M.-.v.?iwu vu m. ?* 11' i a ar A ? mi i 'Uii neit, the Btti inst.. at 4 o'olovk. RICHARD WAl-LACH, Mayor. no ft 1 Intel. ? Repub 1 rysp^A ITENTION. No. 5.?The members of 11 ? Perseverance Fire Co., No. S., ar?* hereby ii'fi&e<! t(i?t tiie regular month)* meeting will bi he'd on THURSDAY EVENING-ti.e 7thNov*m bur. at 7H o'oiook, in room No. 16, VVatihington Bni!ding, 4th storv. Th* membeos will be pane tual in attendance aa business of grea* importance demands the attention of evrry member. noft-ft* 0*0. FLETCHER, Sec. nry?REttlMEf\TAL ORDERS. No 3. ^HEAUQPARTiaS 4th Rbc,IMINT M. D. C. / Washington, Nov. 6,186' \ The commissioned officers of the Fifth Regiment M. D. C. will m? et at Temperand* Hall on KK1DA Y ? V ENING, the 8th inst., at 7>, o'oiook Hy ord'-r of Col. PHILIP. W. W Wirt. Adjutant. no 6 St* (Yw^ATTKNTlON, NATIONAL GUaRD!IL3 There will be a meeting held at Potom&o Ha<! ofoompanv A.TO-MORROW ( Wednesday) EVENING, at 7* o'clock. By order Lieut. Comm\nding. no 5->t* fT^RFGIMENT ORDERS, No. Htad IL 9 quarters Si-tlk R?t*m*nt M. D '.. Wash inrton, Nov. 4. 1861.?Tu* field sod Company Officer* of the Sixth Regiment, D. C. M.,will mo-1 at th? residence of Col Mutdleton, on WKU.NES1)AY EVENING. ?t7>? o'oloolc. Byord r: JAb. H. SHEKELX, uo 4-3t* Adjutant (V^DEPARTMENTOF METROPOLITAN POMCE?The Hoard oiPolioe Commiieionera having tak?n the houee 516 Kleventh at., all buaineaa oonanot^d wi'h toe Polioe of the oity will be tranaao'ed at that eiaoe. A genera! omplaint book will be opened, and oitisena are requested to oall and ent*r any o"mplainta they may have to make ot any matter rela in* to the police or health of the city ae '/7 W Jl. \V EBB. Superintendent 111 THLE UNION PRAYER MEETING ILJi will be holden EVER Y DAY thia week in the English Lutheran Church, oorner of H and Uth ata.,o?inmeiioing at half-paat 4 o'olook p. m , to be ooutmued oae hour only. oa 7 3m rfT* COM IVAN, Y ;:AU. B. EN G IN K fc R 3. riAij ium9iii?ou?. ?nu miv ooaiea meon&nioi will be ennitod to fill this Company to the max imum fix?i by law?WO man. Inquire at No. 'ii'J 8 ?t'?Pt Pay from $ IS to $34 per month, beaidea food and clothing. an 17 tf PCIDKR?C1DKR ! URE APPLE UDKR, in Barrel*and Bottle* For Bale at No E Between 14th and 15?h ata. no 6 lw' TAYLOR A CO. SDR. LOCK WO. D ETS TF.ETH on Rubber, and perforata all DENTAL OH EM A'1'IONS, in the Wa*h _ m 1 lnvtA* Hnilfiin? AnrnAr nf ?Uwan?k ~ Pa avenoe. Chloroform <ivan, if All fcmda of Taath lor aal?. pot-.awlm* Dissolution of copartnership. The fi in of John B. Ward A tf 10 waa >hia <1aj di?folT?d by mutual oonatnt, U. B. Ward withitrawiiu tro.u tun firm. Th? wilt bs o >niiuU'U by J H Ward, wliu ia a Uhonsaj to tattla the afia<r? of the lato firm , It ia eari.cttly reque'iai that all pertsoaa in any wa iBitwbtMt to Uia farm wilt make payment t k?ee tit?. ami -ava th? uooeaatty of a retort i < a jH a. ita alTaua inuat be oU.aaJ. , juhn b. ward, ULYSSES B. WARD. I Waahiiutoof ilov. 1st.. 1M1. no 6-3." 9 _ j. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE* IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEHKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! IT? GENERAL NEWS 18 UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WllL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week, to be out on Frt day Morning?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. ? ? n m > m a livery rerson at a distant? w/io would Aeep Posted icith reference to what is really going on here in these iuterest ing times should receive it regularly.

CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND 8U1I9CR1BEFOR IT. ARMY BLANKETS ? rhemibaonUere have in tore 6 nnrt pairs * rpj ard bine grey Army Blankets, from to 6 pounds eaoh, Wtnoh the; w li aril lov. no6 3t JA8 C. Mn?UIRK A CO. HKNNING'S. Seventh at, lalanrf, ia the plaoe tn V... .A....1F - .... C.. I ;... D SHIRT f->r $150 L.in.'n Collars of the l%te?t t'pb at fl y ?er doz?n. Kin# I'Mfimere ?hirU. Red, Blue. Grey and Fanny Flannel Shi^ta. Und*rah-rta and Drawer*, and all aorta of Fnrcirhinc Good*, very low. no 6-lW_ There is something you want at the soldiers' ffupply store. > &S l.nui'iana Avanne, bet.6 h and 7th its. Beat Goods, Lowrat Prices, Sutlers Supplied, no 6-1 m Call a d See. Ebuttfr house. STABLISHED for th? sale ?f New York, Penn?ylrana and Weatern BUTTER. We are nowinrernot of prime Dairtea Goahen. G ades, Ac . which are offered at wholeaale aa low aa o%n he auio^aand in other mties. No 420 K.irhth at . near Pa avrnue. no 6 7w* D E. PUTROW. f^OVERINKS FOR THE H E A D.?Fine Vy DBF,S3 HATS, at f3.V. Fine S'>FTM HATS, oolered and hack. Sever*) new rtvlea^H lust received- Military and otlisr styles C APJ, for men and hoya. B ya' Hate. Ch'ldren'a Fanoy and Plain Cap* This la the plaoe to get yonr mom j biok. GEO. c. HENNING. no 6 lw Seventh ?t.. la'and. Cherrystone ovsTERs.-Juatreoeived. a lot of twelve hundred and eichty-^^. s~~\ five buahela of Oyatera. Alao.a lew oflTo4 (aJ the celei rated Cherrystone Oyater?,>m^j?^ hroncht by a northern ves?el to Balti- ^XSf more. All too* judges of the genuine article will please cal1 and try then . T. M. llARVEY.a*! Oat., no 6 St oppoaitethe Theatre. 'FIIE UpiU WILL LOOK ?j am aeljinc at m pno^n irmt n?iy noTnppiii on I nave L?aoiV6 soodheel GAITKHSaml HOOTS at 91 ; ifcltes' K'me Congress Gaiters at 91 . Ladies' Btlmora from jf t.25 up, M'sses' and Children's Ba morals at 75.88. and f I. All othT Boots a> il Shoes in proportion. You O' HKNNINU. no 6-1 w Seventh st, Island. /^KNTLKMKN, VI ATI KNTION ! I am offennc great inducements to purohasers of RKADY-M ADKCLOTHING. 1 can furnish you with Blaok Dre?s Su'ts, Blue Salts, Business Suits, Coats, Pants, Vests. Ac , to. lam selling D?*? 4.r..i ? * ? " 1 f?u vi 1111 DUBiuoai Minn Bif iii, f ij, jyn kuu 9 id* Cheap Suit* from 5> to Call, and you will ?ee t' at it can be done, at nofi 1 w HENNING'f. Seventh at,Ial?nd. 8KB TO IT.-Oetit'a Fine DRESS BOOT* at $375 and daily e?pontine more to rive 1 have a large atook of Me-i'a Heavy ; Hoot*, cheap, at prioea exceedingly hardr W| to he heat. Boy a' and Vou ha' Hoota and Shoes, at very low prioea. Thoie wbo will give meacallwil not regret it h>erT thing in the Sh^e line at no6-1 w HKNNING'S, Seventh at.. Island. RICHARD H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Han removed Ira Office to No. 7, Wfst Sidk of 8tr*kt. Ne?r the City Hafl no 5 St* PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER! iw kera Prime Goahen Butter juat re?e'ved and for aale by \VAI.i< A BARNARD. Auctioneers an<1 Comini'Mou Merohan'a, no 5 (jor. south s.Ce Pa av. and 9th ?t. UCOl GH-COUGH-COUGH! SE MOORE'S PQU1LL DROPS. They will cure Cou(th?, Uronohitie, Croup, Ao. Children orj after them and eat th*m an they do oandv. O r, ] j try them, and fou will he oonvinoed of ?heir effioa07. Pnoe 2*> and oent* per box. At MOORE'S we?t Knd Great Medicine Depot, 113 Pa.av. no 5 2w nil HAMS. IUU TIKRCES 8. C. HAM-*, Evans. Gaina A Co , beat brands, just received and for sale bv JOHN G I.YLE A CO . no<-lw No S3 Louisiana av. HOGSHEADf* BAC'?N SHOULDERS. Juft received and for sal < bv JOHN G LVLK A CO . no 4 lw 1 Rep 1 Louisiana avenue. n Kill PDIVTIWn EjVKRV DeaonptioV"of JOB PRINTING required by any b->dy?oitizon*, cml functionaries, arm* ami navy officers, sutler*, Ao.?eieouted at the ST AR OFFICE, in satisfactory style,at low rates for Cash- no 4-?f PRODUCE FRUIT, SEGAR*. *o. ~ 100 bbls. Onions, in prime order. I J? o bushels Jatk?on White Potatoes, 3> tubs *.o h n Ratter, in boxen 10 boxea Frenoh Lemon*, S'.oon getsre. WM. H. II AMI I. * ON k. CO.. no ? lw* 479 N nth St.. b^lnw E. ^BhTooVKRNMKNT. He?imenUcr Brigade* 1 r.eedm? heavy BLANKET*. are offered 1,714 pair* of 4>t, k.S, ard 7H !bs Si'out Twilled White B *"k? tu at ver? 'ow prtoea, to oloae a oonsignraent from the importer PERRY A BROTHER, Pa. av., and 9:h street, no4 5td "Perry Bunding." XT NEW MILLINKRY i^OW Opening a very ?upenor a?sortmeat of i- ALL *nd WINTER BONNETS at oar^K Fanoy Store, No. 310 Pa. arnroe. betweenCfcf 9th and '.Oth sts., wli?r# ^ihThompio.i is^^ firepared to execute promptly all orders in this ine that she may b? fav reo with. no4-3t HTTCHINSQN A munro. MILITARY GOODS-^Swords, Sabers Sashes. Belts, Epaulettes, SI?ould*r Mr?pi, Tap Ornaments. Sword Kn?ta Numt>ers, Figures, Spurs, ard all other artioles needed for a military outfit. A large assoUment iust received. M. W. OALT A BRO , Jewellers, 354 Pa avenue, _no 4 3t 4 doors west of Brown s Hotel. Bladensburg academy, Pliwrv fimsav,i Ha M t> This institution l? mm in ft fl>u<iahin* condition. Younc rentlnmen are prepared Tor oolite or anv soientiflc pursuit. The Second Quarter will oommero# Novembfr 18th. and. b? making early spslication. two or three morn Hoard? and Day Pupils can he aooomraodftt d. Terms?For Boftrdera, fan per &nnum, rxolusive of tuition : Day Pupils, from $5 to $10 per qoarter. no i eo-li* Prof. 7. FILL, Pnnoipal. Medicine for the Army. VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS~ WELL A8 EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HATE A BOTTi E ON HAND. This sreoaration ia an I nfnlUhU Rvturn*.! nr In. terna! K*m*dy for Rheumatism, NearaJsia, Braises, Sores, Sprains, Ringworms, Canker, Painters' Colio, Dyentery, Liver Complaint, Piles. Dyspepsia, Chilblains, Kidney Complaints, Teeiha ne, Headaches, C?lds, Coughs, Bruises, psver and A gne, Cholera, to. The PAIN CUREK is entirely vegetable in its composition, and may be used at all times with perftot safety. Kul aireoti?ns aooompany eaoh bottle. Manufactured lyr ' JOSEPH 0 FRYE. Sal** Mass. For sale by all prin-ipal Drug gists. no 4-1W 1 OQQ JOHNSON ft NAGLE, OUQ ?9?7 No. as# P*!?!istlva!na AVINCB, sho%j Between Ninth and Tenth sts . south side, orrsr for pals: CHAM PAGNES-G. H Mumm, Piper Heidsiek Moet ft Chaadon. Bullinger ft Co , Cartier A Co, fto. CLARET!?8t. Julien, St. Estephe, CanUnae fto . b?4be oask or dusen HOCK WINES? Deideaneimer, Johanneeberger Liebfrau^omiloh, Rudesheimer, fto. BRANDY. Wiiiaky,Gin. Port, Sherry. Mtd^ira in wood or gHas. lYtNnfkV Dtf lUTL'D D O* ? uvm a i cji\, nnwu cwucutnnurci 1 and Yorkshire Ales, of the beat branda, in bot. tie* or atone jnca I CIGARS?Havana and Doineatio, of the ohdioaei brand a. We call tbeaaeo aa'tention ofSntlera.Reataaraofc _and Fanuhee to oar lar?e and well-aeWcted STOCK OP 'INK GROCERIES, Freab Meat Poiltrr, Piah, Soaei, Vecetablea and Fruits ii hermetically a< a>ed oana. PRESERVES, Jalliea, fto , A'monds, Nuta, Rai > aina a- d f- ira OHKErtE.? Easternand Weetern Cutting); Ham beat ?oahenBaiter.ibahrtrtChampagne' 4*r l WORCESTERSHIRE and Oya*erSauoe. Pickl i 1 of every deronption, Pepper Sauoe and Toraa < CaUnp, by the c&l on or dosen. All of which wo offer at the lowaet poaaibU prioes and on reaaonabie tersna. no) JOHNSON k NAGLK. SICE AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL Fnbitfktd in fmftrmUlr trtik tkt rrithrt'M / tk* Stnntt if July 16, 19*1. At Gtn'rml Httpiinl m E street, btttrtm Mn??th and Fifth ftruli, Washington, Sor I. 1st Excelsior Brtnde. 1 60'~h PfnnavlvanU Vol t 2d do do.... 1 7tta New Jeraey Vol... 2 3d do do.... 1 let Michigan vol S 5th New York Vol ... I 'id do do ... 1 9th do do. 7 Pth do 3 Aid do do ... t Stockton'a Michigan 24th do do.... 3 Independent Vol... t 2?th do do 1 lit Minnesota Vol.... 3 29th do do.... 1 let Maryland Vol 3 3ft?h do do.... 1 l*'h Indiana Vol I 43d do do.... 2 19th do do...... 3 45th do do ... I 7th Wlaronaln Vol.... 1 54th do do.... 2 'id New HampahlreVol 2 lat MaaaachnaettaVol.. I 3d do do 1 10th do do... 2 ith Maine Vol (?) 1 16th do do... 1 Tth do do 2 19th do do... 1 lat Rhode Ialand Vol. 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 2 5th do do.. 1 4th do do.... 3 lat Kentucky Caralry. i lat PennaylTanla Vol . 5 lat New tork Cavalry. 3 3d ao do.. 1 lat Penn'a Mounted 4th do do 2 Riflea 1 ?fh do do .. t IstN.JeraeyCaralry(ft) 1 ?th do do .. 4!Cameron Dmcoonn ... i 12th do do.. 1 '2d U. 8. Canlry 1 23d do do.. 1 fttb do do (f) 1 26th do do.. 1 Cborman'a Mounted 27th do do.. 2 Rangera (rf) 1 45th do do.. 2 ?? 46th do do.. 6 T ota]............ 100 (a) One officer. (6) One officer (e) One officer. (d) One officer. At Stminarf Mo*pital, Qtorgttown, Sot I. 2d U. 8. Infantry 3 26th Penn.Volunteer* . 1 aa tr 1 - -- -?- J- ? ?a maim ?"tumwn . * *Ma uu uo ? 2d Vermont Volunteers I 35th do do 2 3d do do.... 8 4id do do 3 9th Muucbuwti Vol.. I Ut do Artillery... 5 19th do do.. 1 1st do Rlfl?? 3 14th New York Vol... 6 3d do Caralry ..... 8 13th do do.... 1 4th do do i '21st do do.(a) t l?th Indiana Vol 3 '24th do do.... '1 1st Michigan Vol 4 '29th do do.... l|3d do do...(6) P 33d do do.... 3 4th do do...(c) 6 35th do do.... 1 nth do do 2 36th do do.... 1 Stockton's Michigan 44th do do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 1 79th do do.... 1 '2d Wlaconaln Vol .(d) 3 Mowirt Regiment 1 5th do do.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 5 flth do do....II Anderson Zouavea ... 1 Tth do do.... 2 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Teamsters, <4- M D .. *2 3d IVnn Vol u n Imn 1 9th do do 5 Total 1M 10th do do i| (a)Oneofflcer. (6)Twoofficer> (e)Twoofficen. (a) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, eomer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Xor 1. lat Long Island Vol... I [3d VermontVolunteera 6 *1A NVw VnrkVnl 1 1th RhnH?tilin4 V nl 7 13th do do 1 5th New Jeraev Vol... 1 14th do do 6 1st Michigan Vol .... 1 18th do do 1 3d do do 34 19th do do 5 3d do do 3 23d do do 1 4th do do...... 4 2tth do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 2 26th do do 1 Atb do do 2 J'Jth do do 1 lit Minnesota do 1 33d do do 3 lit California do Ill 3ith do do l 2d do do 2 35th do do...... 21 Ut Excelsior Brigade. 1 43d do do...... 2 2d do do ... 1 50th do do 2 3d do do.... 9 79th do do 5 2d Penn. Cavalry .... # 3d Pann Volunteer!. 2 3d do do 5 rtth do do 4 6th do do 1 7th do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry I 8th do do 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 3 11th do do 2 lat Penn Artillery.... 5 12?h do do 6 5th U. S Artillery.... 2 27th do do 2|OneidaCountyCavalry 1 35th do do 1 Stockton's Michigan 47th do do t| Independent Vol... 1 vtd Maine Volunteer*. 3'Mott'a Battery 1 6th do do 2 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 Oh do do 1 Teamater 1 2d NewHampshireVol 2 officer*' servants 2 3d do do.. 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 5 Total 167 At Hospital at Columbian CelUgt, Washington, A'or 1. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 6 1st Penn. Artillery.... 4 5th do do I 3d do Cavalry 3 9th do ^do 2 1st do Rlfi<* 1 2d NewHainpshlreVol 3 Cain's Penn. Rifle*... 1 2d Vermont volunteers 1 3d Ptnn Volunteer*.. 2 3d do do.... 1 4th do do...... 5 6th do do.... 1 8th do do 10 10th Massachusetts Vol 9 10th do do 7 14th do do. 3 12th do do 4 19th do do. 1 13th do do 1 4th Rhode Inland Vol. 6 27th do do 1 1st Lone Island Vol .. 1 31st da do 5 UtNewVork Cavalry . 1 33d do do 12 22d do Vol 3 35th do do 1 23d do do 3 1st Michigan Cavalry. & 25th do do...... 9 1st do Vol 2 35th do do 2 2d do do 1 37th do do 5 4th do do 2 43d do do I 7th do do 1 4tth do do 5 Sth do do 12 49th do do 11Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 2d Kxcelslor Brigade. 2.5th Wisconsin Vol ... 2 Tammany N Y. Vol.. llftth do do.... 6 De Kalb ' do do .. 5 7th do do.... 1 Ut U 8 Cbaateuri ... I lat Minnesota Vol t Lincoln Cavalry 5 8tta 111)not*Cavalry... 1 llerdnn'a^harpabooters 1 Sturgla llllnota Rlfl?*a. 1 Oneida Cavalry 2 19th Indiana Vol 11 McClellan'sDragoona. 1 27 tb do do 1 lat.New Jeraey Cavalryl* lat D C. Volunteer*.. 2 lid do Vol.... l 1st California Vol 2 5th do do 3 7th do do.... 2 Total 219 At G$n*ral Hospital, (Ctrclt,) Watktmftvn, Nov 1. 2d U.S Cavalry 9;lat I 8 Infantry 2 4th do do.. 112d do do.. 9 5th do do 4 3d do do 5 1 st do Artillery .... 4 *th do do 2 2d do do ? 79th New York Vol... 1 3d do do 5 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 4th do do 1 ? 5th do do <1 Total S3 Sick remaining m the Hospital for Ermpttvt Dtstatts, at Kalorama. Oct 31. 7th Wlaconaln Vol....10 McK night's Penn Vol 1 5th do do.... 1 9d Wisconsin Vol.... II 31at New York Vol... 1 44th New York Vol ..U 31th do do.... 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 7 1st Minnesota Vol 1 2lst Pennsylvania Vol. 1 bth Pennsylvania Vol . 1 16th do do. . 3 1st do do.. 1 27th Indiana Vol 1 19th Indiana Vol 8 105th PennsylvantaVol I 3d MlchlgsnVol 1 Pennsylvania Rsservs 1st New Jersey Cavalry 4 Artillery Corps 1 3d U 8 Infantry 3 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 7th Michigan Cavalry, ft. 4?th New York Vol... J 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 4 l?t Michigan Infantry. 1 ? 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 Total 84 Michigan Uavalry.... 9| At Oftral Hotpital, AUxmndrta, Nov 1. ad I). 8 Artillery .... a M Michigan Vol..(a) 11 15th New York Vol... 4 3d do do 1 16th do do....25 5th do do 5 17th do do..Vll 3d Maine Volunteon.il 18th do do.... 5 1th do do...... 9 25th do do.... 7 5th do do......14 26th do do.... 6 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 27th do do....12 5th do do.... 1 31st do do.... 8 Lincoln Cavalry 2 32d do do.... 13 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 37th do do.... 2 Cameron Rllea. 2 38th do do.... 5 1st Minnesota Vol 1 iAtli < ? A , O ai ci? >? -iw?? w wv? t ? ?u r uc uvuiTca .? & 79th do do.... 1 Harlan Cavalry 1 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 4 Quartermaster'a Dep't I 3"2d do Volunteers . 3 Teamster 1 6lat do do S 88th do do 5 Total. 184 (?) One officer, t K Washington pa pen pleaae copy and aend > the W ar Department. dot 6?3t TNOTICK TO 80LD1KK8 HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will make remiitanoea for aoidiers to tbeir families at plaoee reached hy thair Kx press, ataoharg* of 36 oenta for any tun not exotoding if J dollars. The money, whether gold or Tratsary note*, sfcoold b? enoloeerf m an envelope, and seourely sealed. with the fall addraea ( nolading town, post office and Htate.) of the pera>n to whom to be aect, and the amount leciblt marked thereon. . To iniare pro rpt delivery, the tS oenta charge I ahonld be prepaid. When facilities for enveloping and sealing the money in aeparate parcels are not at band in oamps, the several sums to he remitted. that may beoollaoted bv Chap;ain? of Kegiment*. or other nriuna Tuiimmmi wirawii Hrriw lor mi mi diera d?*mn| to Mod homo their par. will ba re' oeired in fr?Zk at ut of the principal oAom of Ui? Com mat. ' Thaee iume. aooompanied with the fall addreee, u above required. of the pertoea for whon in' tended, will M remitted to the rrepeotive oon, ii[s*m. at any plaoe m to* loyal State*, at tha mm . raw of oharf?, th reby Mvinc to the aender Ui trouble of enttinc in toyaraw pMki?M Suitable blank* for th* abor* purpoM hare bean prepared.y dj?ni^be fen lahad. with explanation. i * ? '. adxms bxpfckssscompany. - W nahinfton. Oei. SO, 1>61. ooSb-in i |\]EW SUPPLIES IN CLOTHS. CASSImere* and Veetinfe. of qealitiea that oan fc? relied o*. at I*m th;u> tbe a-aal prioM, in etandard plain o>ilore aud eeleoi fn pj UiIm , With ali fciade of Dry 0 ode for tka general and epeoial waste of thrailie* and tiouaekeepera I Carpete. Cuitaicf, tuloiothe, Rate, ipnr > i floors. Ob* prica only, marked in plain fcturr*. AUCTION SALBS. Bt 6RKh> ft WILLIAM!*. AirttoMm. A DMIMSTBATOBH SALE OF HOBBEP, A Wiw*. Br??T HoriM' Com. Pntiin, AND Hor?BHOLt) ASB SlTCSt* Fl KITTi ?. to. ?t Ar,fV?"^?* J?IDAV, tk* nkim I,, w ?Wli rR;ihEftau?fm? ilwwl. on Dort*i E, b?*M mh ud l?U iU . ?t'ff n c ook a tn. W# 'tiam?r?t* id >*rt? 1 Pan Mm( ud Celt, I Bat N*<?, ? Milok C ;wa, 1 ?rt. i Wigoa villi tof. 1 Btlir. lot of HirnMi. 9 Nnn Lut of Km Pwhnt Wol (> * a. All the Hcn*?noid and! Ritebaa Firm ara. V> ith m.<) oih*r ? tioiaa, wbiab ? iltra aaaaciwrt to rra>M?!at*. Tarrr.a ofuf: Al nai of Sin and aad?r aa* K over fin, a eradit of i month r. ?M> aarrbaa?ra ?o gir? n tjw. pftUafcoronly ?form*, >4?r,M . ? '. H? ord#r of tb* Admiantrato-. _no ? 2t ?RBF.N 4 WILLIAMS. AmU. By BARNARD A BL'CKKY, AaeUonawa ?w I'lMn, d. r, FI RNITI RK AND HOUSEHOLD EFVBcra at ArrrioR ?Oh FRIDAY MORNING. NovunUr *'b. al ip o'clock, w wltl a*ll at ti.e boaaeof Mr. Wa. Par.oaa.ae Huk, tnr 1st I'rtat, w#> nan>? in urt? M*nog?cT Sofa, Maliofany Takl?. Do S.dab -ar<J, Do Bir'Ma, R u ih Bo*torn and v\ ood < a' Chai'a, Waaftatania. Bedst-ada. Ira' rftta Faatbar Bada. Hbaok Mattraaana. Scttc*. Wa'drot*. Oiioloth, C-A'pM*, Cbanbcr, Dm as ?? Kitatoa CArpc a. Air-tight And Fratlln Sioajaa, Tin S*af*. Kitchen telore and (Jteaula. 1?. L. .J i' 1 VK?Vft I J ?PU M.IHVMf ?uTerm* at Mile. nog a - barnard ? BUCRBY. A??a Bt GRKEN ft WILLIAM!*. AmUobmti Excellent household and hitchin fl'emitr n. Piaho koiti *?.. at Ave tioh ?On MOM DAY, tha lltta ititul. v* shall 11 ftt (be rMidoa<w of ft leitltau dao inn i bouaekoenng, No. *64 Tenth, be-VMt Lud M tnx?U, At 10 u otoek ft. * ., fto xoftUaiit wtrta*nt of Furni'ura, tii1 Ptftno Foite, Stool ftnd Cover, Marb* top ftnd other ifthlea. Mfthoguij sofft. Cltftira. Whatnot. I>r?aaing and other ttureftur. Mirror*. Cottftce and other BedaUftda, Cfti eSe*t Chfttra. Feather Pillova, ?u?<1 rioletera, Hftir ftnd Shuok Mftttre?a Pftrlof, Chamber, ftnd Stair CftrpeU ftod Rod a, Oilcloth. Toilet Sou, Pookint and other Clom. China. Glut, and Crockery War*, W ita a large lot of K U her. R*^si?it?s, end muj other artie as which we deem ecneoeeeary to namrU* Terms oaih in seecte. n? 6 (iW KEN A WILLIAMS, A at* Br J. C. MoSL'lRK 4 CO . Auctioneer*. POMTENT9 OK A CONFtCTIONKJfS v 8TUII at AKIIOR.-OI MONDAY MORN INQ, Nor. II, o mroenoitc at in o'olock, we ska] I ee.l, at trie eonfectionery w^re of J A i(tier. eoeth eide Pa arenne, between t'th and 11th eU . his eatir? stock and fix'nres.ooasisttac, <r part <?l? Candiee, Cakee. Preserved Fraitr, Nnte, Ac . To*ettier w.th Store Pi* teres, e?hracir>f f*helridz, Connters, OI"se Show aasss and Jar*. Will also ba sold, at U o'oloak, th* Horse,Wares and Harness. Terms oash. noad J.C. MefiUIlK A CO., AmU, PO ITIVE PUBLIC BALK OP VERY VAL r?bli land, at Ai*iafolis JFKcnoa, on Washington R. R ?The ante signed,as sceat, will sell at Publio A notion, on the preiLieee. at the junction, on sa i lkuay, November letfc, 1M<, at 11 o'elook, the fallowing Fumi and Lot#? Lot No 1?Con a:na ISP acree of pnae Laad, an acre* In Wood, unproved by a new Cottage, eon taming 9 room* a pump of good ?ll? nttr.Md aa U ch%<d of 400 choioe Frill Treoa. L<-t No '2? Contain* 1V> aarea. lying at Parage Switoh, improved b/ a new DweJitg felore. Barn. Mable, loe, Corn,< arnace ar.d poultry Boiim; aleo.a Lime Kiln, ami a choioe ool lection of Frait Treea in benrmj. Lot No. ??C- ntaiaa l.V> aorae of 9co4 Land, witH fin- i- prox-menu oi every deeoription, and two too?1 Orohard". Lota No*. I and 4-Co?lu?H? Mr* eaoh, lying rH the J unction, and are very vainable lor Mailiiag tea Lot No. A?Lien in a triangle, formed by the Annaeoiia and Wm6i gton Branch Railroad and the County Raad leading to Annapolia. Tma Lot in weltaruated for a ooantry Store. Thrreiaaieo a good aland and Store Wonae on Lot No. t. both being aeparated bv the Patnxent, there woald be no oompe.'ition. The property la worth the attention of thoee deairou* of a aure inreauaent or eecnring a cheap oounty Reeidrnoe or Farm, being *H'ii uuiMiVf uei?Hn aiDtpgiii.nMini** HI Ba Umort, either of whioh cm b( r?Mh?dkrml in 4S minates. ?ex*on Tioketa w be p-ocured at #45 p*r yar, which vii enable the holder to tiavel daily, (all Train* ?to# at this ?"lnt Term* : O -third eaah. balance in one and two years. with mtere?L Q7 Kor a fu 1 description o' thia property, ap jrto the agent, M BANN'ON 33 St Paaistre*t, Baltimore, or to THOg HHA1LER. Peng* "Witch, ?-r M. FITZiMMONS, Aunafolia J?r.? tion Hotel. no?-tt* By WALLA BARNARD Auctioneers C~r. 9Ik tlrett ?-rf fwii tidt Pm mr. (A RGK PKKhMPTORY 8ALK OF MIR 4 ciLLAHiors Stock or a Dealer Declihmg Bi'in", bv Catalocte?oB 1huei*da* m?RM\6, Govern rt 7, c mmmoinf at loo'c.t, we will sell without reeerre, r?n the Bret floor of our Auotion Kucmi, a larg* stock, oomr isinf? Go d and !*:.ver Hu;.t r.g and Osec faae Watches. ti 'Id, t?uard, Fob and V*t Chain*, Silver-plated Coffee pota. Cre?m Jugs, Double bare* Gun*, C* r* a d other Rsroltsrs, D amond Ring*. Shirt and Sleeve Button*. Opera Oia*rea, Violira, Flute, Trombone*. Silrer-plated Tea and Tah'e Spoon* and Fork*. Ho d Ring* Cameo Pin*, bar Ring*. Locket*, si ver Pecra, Hraoeiot*. Sea *. Trunk*. Giasiera' Diamond*, Caatora. Together with a large rarie y of other artiolM which unseoe^ar? to ecum*rate. All of which will be soaitiTely ao d without, regard to prioe, and to whioh we mntt the attention of purchaae.s. no 5 WALL A BARNARD, Asola. Br 1. c. McGLIHE a CO , Auotioneera Ditch bilbous roots at auction. Or FN I BAY AFTERNOON, Noranlw 8th. at 4^ ..'oloc?, attbe Auction Rooma, we *aal: eel I in lota to eu itTwo Ca?ea Superior Dutch Balbnaa Roots, from the celebrated Nuraery of Van Der !<choou A Son, Harlem, and oompriaing Double and Singe Hraomtha. Tslipa. Crocus, Narcissa*. Iris, As., Ao. Term* oa*h. nofr-d ir'Pl J. C. MnCl'lRh A CO., Auct* a as . a* ? a a dt j.? 'loutinr c ' 11. Auction* ra 1^*0 KXCELLExr HORSES AT PUBLIC ?*LK-On SA rl'RUAV MORNING. Nov. 8t!j, at II o'clock, ib front of the A actios Rooma, we shall aeii? A beautifn grey Arabian Mare. 7 years old, far feotlv boo ml, kind and gentle. Aleo, a line bobtail Bay TiotUng Hcrae. Terma oa*h no 5 (Rep.) J C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aacta. By J. C. McGUINE CO., Auotioneera IVJOTU-E TO SUTL.ERS.-On SATURDAY lv MORNIVG, Nov. 9'h, at II o'clock, is front of the Auction Room*, wa a hall aall, without re 2*wioellent Baltimore bal^^overed Express Wagon*. 40 doscu Tenaat'a India Ale, 3uo do sen kaga. Small lot of Oata, 3no carpt-t seat Camp Stocla, 40 baskets OH dosen eae> ) Brandy, ? ao/'O" Secara of various (rands, some of them cf high ooat, 90 groaa anterior Knivea and Porka, 10 gro'a Tin Plaiee. let-ins caah in currant faada. noftd J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. AbcU. UIOHLY AT r? ACTIVE AUCTION SALE ll OF DRY GOODS AND ARMY SHIRTS AND DRAWERS IN BALTIMORE. TAYLOR A GARDNER, Aaetioneorr CATALOGUE SALE. Ob THURSDAY M <RNING. Norwnber Tlh. we wi l sell at oar tore#, bj oatalogaa, mhmmh at o'e ook, for oaeh? ftOO PACK*G ES AND LOT* FRESH 1M ported A^b domestic pall and WINTER DRY GOODS. LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE SAXONY WOVEN DRESS GOODS, of the weil known B-&' ulaomre an eBPert atrlaaof MKS?K!*. SCHMTTDER BROTHERS TAYLOR'* GARDNER Will IM. ud* La ttwr Hl? SAXONY WOVEN DRRSS GOODS, of the above fabric, ComariaiBf _ AN EXTENSIVE AND VARIED ASSORT MfcNT OF. the mronie IM bad at jiea of uu Nftn mi? DRPSS GOODS. ^HaLLSr,S.VrfLL,i^?^.LKN Anmrwioe I>f ?Li>r Uru he Long uJ Reaftrs Woollen So*via, Mantilla*: Duters, Ac.. 4*. BLACK GR?>f> DK R HTNKS AND MERINOB < SO ?l?o?t nptr M to 91 iinm Blae* Gro 4? Khinsr, Lyon* Taff ta-; Oo Gruti; r.oruew. Super 7 4 onoice ool.>r? Frenefc * erinoe*. CLOTHS, CAMIMKRlB. faw 7-4 B mi Frenan clou a Cm to Black and Finer Ca nmri, B aok Doaakma HOSIERY. GLOVES, H JOP SKIRT*. *? An assortment t>l Hosiery; Glorwn, oss11 et?. Wool Hoods; Scant; Hoop Berts; Linen ca?br>* HniKikerchie... 4c *o. _ TAYLOR * GARDNER. no 8 ?t Aaattaw r. RUCTION SALES IN PHILADELPHIA. WN.K SMIThTo*^*' AmtUmm, Recm!ar ^aK>D*AV"and*IaTU R D AT Pin* Tab* ^"^JTcitJf?. Hardware. C.... OmkI. i tlla Rr?kM tl . Aft. Foreign ? 4 tiomeelie"^ En u4 Li??<?'' l? 19* ?W* TSw3S? M?T.!B? ~ ?-l?* I f?????? Sr VLISH IRISH POPLJN8 PO* it nod?(iu prioM nz "-fts# r fiwwfe. ??? KmMHl {MvSMgrfttuKjllDL ? ? - *? KfcsivM ?n1 lor Ukitbj _ _ AjflN I. KI.V*IW. _f?*' *? 1??? .] ?IHI P I iVit^LuoflifN^.:?KVUa;iu'' | ?oH?