7 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVSRT APTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDING*, fkrdw tf ndkifirxt*Id *?<*? MM ZU+tHtk It. n W. E>. WALLACH. ripen ?rwd la packages toy carrier* it |4 a , or 37 cwti per month Tp mall nbearid** 0 iN n Ide price )i S3 X t T*v, < . pattaa; 91 for three month*; and tor vm Uad fhree months at tk? rata of M emli a ?Mk 81a. p'eeoptea, om g>nt; 1b wrapper*, two con. tU~ AwiiTimini should be aent to the ofllce before It o'clock a ; otherwise tbey may ot appear nattl the next day. THE CORRESPONi'EPIlE BETWEEN DK BAKER AND LT. COL COLBGRN. The following la the eorreepondenoe that took plaoe between Dr, Baker (orother of Col Baker) and Lieot. Col. Colburn, relative to the battle ef Ball'a BloJT: Letter from Mr. Gto Wilkes to Lieut Col. Colburn. Washihqtok, Oet. 31, 1861. Col. Colbi Rjr?Dear Sir: Having failed to find yon in, laat evening, and the orderly at your door having just informed me that yoa eoald not be seen oy any one to-day, I take the liberty of sending yoa the inclosed note frofc Dr. Baker in relation to his brother, tne late Col. Baker. I prefer this oourse rather than wait a day Inntwmr tr\ Kinri It tn vah In ?k* teren which the letter treats it deemed of im portance by Col. Baker'a friends, and as Dr. Baker deairee to return to his regiment at Pooleaville aa soon as possible. Ton will therefore vary mnch oblige me if yon will send me a reply on thetubjeet matter of the Deetor's note aa soon ai yonr duties will permit, Or forward me an indication of 4 time when I may bare the pleasure of a personal lhtfervlew. Very truly, yonr obedient servant, Geo. Wilkjcs, Kirk wood's Hotel. P. S.?Ton will find in Monday evening's Star the moat prominent articles whioh Dr. Baker's n?te refers to Q. W. Letter from, Dr. Baler to Lt. Col. Colburn. WA8Hi?roTOS,Oet. 30, 1881. Li*rr. Col Colburh.?Str: It has been re peatedly stated by ThtStarot this city, back ed by the authority of your name, that the dis astrous result of the late battle at Ball's Bluff was a direct consequence of "the disobedience of orders" by my Brother, Col. Baker, who commanded ia that action. The Star has also stated, on the same alleged authority, that Uen. Stone placed at the command of Col. Ba ker 7,500 men; that he gave Col Baker orders cot to advance bejond Harrison's Island, un less his means of transportation to and fro were ample; and that Col. Baker moved for wards when on th* Virginia aide, leaving no guard, keeping ap no communication tilth the rear, and sending oat no seouta. As these statements have probably never met your eye, copy of them will be ahown to you by my friend, Mr. Geo. Wilkes, and he will say for ue that I will feel obliged if veu will retain, by note, saoh a repudiation of yo?r name in th* premises as will enable me promptly to arrMt the slander. It Is, perhaps, not out of pl?oe i* this connection for me to remind you that Col. Baker's first order from Gen. Stone was received at 2 o'clock a. m, on Monday, and that the entire number of the troops placed at hii command was leu than 5,000; that being required to move at 4 o'clock, he had no time to create mean* of transnortation; and, conse quently, the beat he could do waa to avail him self at once of sach means aa he foand at band. The order from (Jen. Stone waa " to advatree the California battalion (630 men) ia case of heavy f ring in frost, or to retire the troops ander the command of Cola. Lee and Devena," then on the Virginia side. Under this order, Col. Baker commenced moving his California battalion across Conrad's Ferry, and while on Harnson'a Island, with bat a portion of hia farce, he heard the indication that the Maaaa ehasetta companies were engaged, and were probablv sinking under the overwhelming forces of the enemy, whieb a subsequent order informed him oomld be brought agiinst them Yen, sir, as a soldier, can tell what should have been a soldier's duty under such an exi gency; and can also judge what would have been the verdict of the country, and his Gen eral, had he permitted these gallant men to periah without an effort for their reacue. I am proud to aay that my brother was not the man to wait for his whole brigade" (which could net have been crossed in many hours) under such pressing circumstances. And for myself, let me date that, heavily as I suffer by his death, I have no regrets that he perished in rushing to the side of his belea guered troops in their dire extremity. The minor statements as to Col. Bsker send ing out no scouts, and keeping no communica tion vith the shore, by whioh Th* tar, under its assumed authority, seeks to deprecate the oonduet of my brother, need not be exposed to you, is face of the well-known fact that the bsttle was fought near the rirer bank, and that the communication with the stream was not interrupted for a moment during the fight. Feeling warranted in believing that the natu ral concern I have in the reputation of my de parted brother will induee you to enable me to have, as soon as possible, your name withdrawn from the injurious attacks apon bis memory, I am, very respectfully, your eb't servant, A. C. Bakbr. Surgeon California Regiment U. 8. V. Letter from Lieut. Col. Colburn to Mr. Geo. W%U?. Mr. Qeo. Wilms?Sir: 1 hare just this moment received jour letter, inclosing one from Dr Baker. Had I known that you were here, I should have seen 70a at the time. If agreeable to joa, I will meet 70a at the Kirkwood House at 7 o'clock this evening. I have never read the article* referred to in The Star. Ver7 reepectfullj, Tour ob't serv't, A. V. COLBCRS, % * Lieut. Colonel and Aid-de-Cainp. At the appointed boar Lieat. Col. Colburn, accompanied by Lieat. Col Hudaon, also of tbe regulars, and aid to Gen. MoClellan, called on Mr. Wilkes, and, after a long interview, the parties separated with the understanding that Lieut. Col. Colburn should explain his real position in the premises in a letter to be ad dressed to Dr. Baker on tha following da7. Letter from Lieut.Col.Colburn to Dr. Baker. WaaHiauToif, D. C , Not. 1, 1841. A. C Bun, Burgeon California Regiment U. S. VelunUers?Sir: Your communication of th? 30th alt. bu been reoeived I had sot wd 137 ot Lb* artiolea ia Tk* Star referred to bj roa. I sincerely regret that my name should la lay manner b? connected with any statement wbioh may la aoy way giv* pain to any friend of Col Baker. On in y return from Edward's Farry X mad* the following state meats to persons connected with tha pre**, in eluding ut editor of TksStar. Tha stata mant was mada from iaforaatioa raoaired from Oan Stona and others at Edwards' Parry: G*n. Burn* gave Col Bakar about 7,000 mao. compoaad of hi* own bricada, tha 15th and 30 ih Maaaaehaaatta, aad Tammany Regiment, togathar with mora artillery tban the enemy waa auppoaad to have. Col. Baker waa directed to aaa his owa diseratiaa about eroaaiag his fore* or withdrawing the troaps already orar, aad obarged not to cro? tbe nr?r on any aocouot unles* the means of transportation wu sufficiaat to eroft his entire force; to Mnd out sooots to the front and on the flanks to as> carta in the strength and position of the enemy, end if hedeeired to eroes bis oommand to be sure and heap opan his communication, to that ha oauli raoruas it, if neieesary ; not to encage the enemy unless ha eould get his troops In a strong position, with superior numbers. Gen 6tuoa supposed that Col. Baker's com mac d was all or aaarlj all over before the haavy flrtag commenced, and was rery much ?ur Srieed when he went to the right, after Col. tker's death, end foandfthat only about 1,700 men had crossed. He found, also, that no one mi la obargo or tha farr j, and that tha boau wtrt nrwpM Qn bu?? informed Col. Bahor. whilo with hla, that tho ooamy, nolaaa ho had boon roin forood. vm botwooa 4,000 and 6,000 atroaf I ap?ko !o tbe bifhaat tarxni of tho boharior of Coloatt Bah or and oil tho oAoora aad bob oa * Tbt? at Marl j u I cat rocollect it, waa tho reo?irt that I nado, acd anything decidedly itom toi? ihaiin tho papora bur. k?f? ??aao tna aoaao othar aoaroo Apia axproa*io{ my profound r?frat that I should bo connected with any publicatian at all unpleasant to any friend of a brave aoldier who haa fallen in battle, I am, air, very respeotfully, your obedient aervant, A V'. Colbcrk. Lieut. Colonel and Aid-de-camp. The following letter winds up the correspon dence: Letter from Dr. BaJctr to Lt. Col. Colburn WASRiseTON, Nov. 2, 1961. Liict. Cot. Colbcru, A. D. C?Sir : Your letter of last evening is received, and as lt names Gen. Stone as the source of the main statements In relation t?> CM Saker, alluded to In mine of the 30th, I do not know that I have anything further to request. I cannot refrain, however, from st*tin$, in connection with this tMk of mine to Vindicate the memory of mj brother, inasmuoh a* the main statements made to yo? by Gen. Stone do not appear in hia regular report aa printed in the newspaper*, I mast conclude that be has ascertained he was in error, and that 9olonel Baker fell not only id Ahiple fulfilmen t of hii duty, but in strict'performance of bis orders. Recognizing and acoepting with pleasure our kind expressions in relation to Col. Baker, remain, very respectfully, your obed't ser vant, A. C. Bakbr. lf?w We Thrash the Rebels. Orpheus C. Kerr bu * communication ip the New York Mercury, describing a remarkable battle, in which the rebels, as usual, were astoundingly castigated : FROM WASHINGTON. Editor T. T.:?At an early hour yesterday morning, while yet the dew was on the grass, and on everything else green enough to be out at that matinal hour, my boy, I saddled my a n - - Kuiuio aiceu regNsus, ana iook a trot tor tbe Benefit of my health. Having eaten a whole straw bed and a piece of an Irishman's shoul der during the night, my boy. and as he snuff ed the fresh air and unfurled the remnants of his warlike tail to the breeie of heaven, I was reminded of that celebrated Arabian steea which had such a contempt for the speed of all other horses that he never would run with them?in fact, my boy, he never would run at 11. Having struck a match on that rib of Pe 5asus which was most convenient to my hand, lit a ciffan and drobned the tnatnh. still burning;. Into the right a*r of my fiery charger. Something of this kind is always necessary to make tho sagacious animal start; but when once I get his mettle up he never stops, unless he happens to hear some crows cawing in the air just abeve his venerable head. I am fre quently glad that Pegasus has lost his eyesight, my boy ; for oould he see the expresaion on the faces of some of these same crows, when they get near enough to aquint along his backbone, it would would wound his sensibilities fear fully. On this occasion he carried me, at a speed of 2.40 hours a mile, to a point just this side of Alexandria. where the found of Hmtt ding and ousting made me pause. At first, my boy, I remembered an engagement I bad in Washington, and was about to hasten back ; but while I was pressing the lighted end of my cigar to the side of Pegasus, to make him turn, Colonel Wobert Wobinson, of the Western Cavalry, came walking towards me from a piece of woods on my right, and informed me that ten of his men had just been attacked by fourteen thousand tebelt, with twenty colurn biads. "The odda," says he, "is rather heavy; but our cause is the noblest the world ever knew, and if my brave boys do not van 3uish the unnatural foe, an indignaat and ecimated people will at onCe call upon the Cabinet to resign." I told him that I thought I had read some thing like that in the Tribune ; but he didn't seem to hear me. By this time the oannenading had com menced to subside, and as I trotted alongside of Colonel Wobinson toward the field of battle, I asked him >h>t h* u u; ? uvue nuu u in UUI oc lie replied, that while on his way to the field, his sagacious beast had observed a hay-stack, and was ao entranced with the vision that he refused to go a step further; ao he had to leave him there Upon reaching the scene of strife, my boy, we discovered that the ten Western Cavalrr men had routed the rebels, killiog fonr regi ments, which were also carried awav. On our side nobody was killed nor wounded. In fact, two of our men, who went into the fight sick with th? measles, were entirely cured, and captured four good surgeons. I must state, however, my boy, that although nobody was killed or wounded on our side, there was one man missing. It seems that when he found the balls flying pretty thickly about his ears, he formed himself into a hollow square, my boy, and retreated in good order into the neighboring bushes. He formed himself into a hollow-square by bending gently forward antil hia hands touched the groand, and made his retrogade movement on all fours Colenel Wobinaon remarked that this style of forming a hollow-square wan an intensely immense thintc on hardee. I believe, him,my boy ! Yours, martially, Orpheiti* C Kerr. Arran|fmrnt of Cattle Stables Eds. Cultivator: In a building 30 by 46 feet I wish to make a double row of stalls for ac comodating twenty oows. Will you give me the beat plan for doing it ? Is it best for cows to stand with their heads towards or from each ether? For reeding the former would seem preferable, while for cleaning out the stable, and for milkii>g, the latter claims advantages. What would be beet for them to stand on'the year round, a plank floor, or oement, or neither? I intend pursuing the soiling system, and wish feeding arrangement* convenient, also those for saving all the manure, liquid and solid. Please answer the above inquiries in the next number of jour valuable paper.? A. A. U., Clinton Corners, Duchess Co. It is best to plaoe the stalls so that there may be two feeding passages?one on each side next the walls, ana to have one manure passage in the middle?because it is much easier to give the food than to clear away manure, litter stables, Ac., where they are kept asolean as they should be. In a small stable the wheel barrow will do to carry off the manare?in a larger one a cart-way should extend through the middle, with door* at each end; tLe manure may then be taken direct! j to the land and applied at once. For the plan described in vol. nil., p. 106, ef the Country Gentleman, the mongers must be in the centre. In either cue openings or shoots most be provided for throwing down the fodder from above, over the feeding pasaageB, as well as others for the littering straw. Where straw Is abundant, as it is on all grain-growing farms, plenty of litter will abeerb all the liquid and keep the animals more eomfertable. Where litter is scarcer, a trough must be made behind the oattle, wide eaouj^i to receive a square shovel to throw out the manure. Flagging is beat?neat paving next, if plenty of straw oan be used at all times. Hard burnt brick, on edge, make a good floer. Cement ia a?t to erack bv freeiiair Wood doea wait when itraw ia not abundant, u it may be easily cleaned.?Country Gentleman. 1CT By ocdrr of the Navy Department, a Dahl gren lblp'a gaa of large caliber ta to be ciat from Lake Superior Iron, to teat the metal; and If the experiment 1? aucceeeful, tbla Iron will doubtleaa be exteoalvely need, and It will be attended with great atiiog to tbe Government. Q7*From a statement furntahed the Govern ment bv Gov Denntaon, It appear* that Ohio baa bow anllaUd, la M?-ld and camp, for three year* aervice, 00 250 ao Id I era, to which number 91,0U0 will be added on Deeember I. C7" A aecond crop of tobacco la growing at Eafirld, Connecticut, a crop that ha* ahot up from tbe old atalka. cut more than a month ago It la foil? a foot and half high, and will ba cat early next week and aent to market irr Th* Sttte of-Connecticut baa now In camp over 'br>*e Ibanaaad Infantry aoldlrra, three boa and twenty-live cavalry, and one hundred aitd ifty-aU artlllary. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fnlleat and Most Reliable Newt from the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! (a ?1 1 tr tho mrvat in twrv?* ? j *?i sw j v w? v ?vm Ml In the political history of this country, and the fee or d of occurrence* transpiring at the Fed eral Metropolis la naturally ol striking and re markable interest The public desire to receive prompt, f*>l and reliable accounts of all that passes Here Is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet thts want most satisfactorily In compli ance with th? wish of the pliblic the paner has been changed from a quarto to the more conve nient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sited of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bear ing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It is our determination to make the Weekly 8tar not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper In the United States, but that It shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the world::: It containa the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Ooternment; editorials on all the lmpor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories^ humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. embodying whatever may be of interest to farm ers in the transactions of tbe Interior Department, tbe Smithsonian Institution, and tbe U. Agri cultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of tbe paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for tbe Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It Is our purpose to give our rt-aders a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of ttas reading tbat at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington News and Gossip our *p*riality, in accordance with the views set fortb above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low pries than a few at a high price, we bave determined to ofl'er the following Extraordinary Inductmrnts to Clubs. To Single Subscribers $100 per year. To Clubs of Five ?5 c*nts. To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen e5 cents. To Clubs of Tweuty-iive 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. 1>. Wallace, Publisher of the Star, Washington, I). C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Ao. V/ TYLER'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF OVM ARABIC. This p!e*sant and popular Cough Remedy has he?n so long known and extensively used that most persons have ueoome famiiar with its extraordi nary efficaoy. It oan be hvl at all the pnoo pal drag stores, at 25 and 50 cents a bottle. oo 14 d2mAeo4m* />. SOMETHING NEW! \ G??at??t Piscovirt orifgUjJ At 981 t" strett, opposite OY8TKRsfsTfc AMKD In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roa? t> in two minute*, the ftutest txmt on record. Call and im. The undersigned recp*otfuily informs his friends in the District, and visitors to the oity, that he has refitted his old and wkll-known ustablishmim in a most thorough manner, and has made oom plete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in an; style and in anr quantity 400 to SOU ga Ions rhuoked per day. 2 (AO to 3 OOu can* of Spiced a:d K'esh put up daily?cans hermetically scaled. Furnished in the shell by the bashe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regu larly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, without fear of failure, should call and make ar rang'm^nts at once Freight, time, and money saved by pnrohasmg of me. as I furnish an artmle 2aal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, prioes Just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F<=et, Tripe, &o fto.,Ao. Also, Piokies, Catsup, Sajo?s, Brandy Peaches, &e. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tur tles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod. Halibut, &o. In faot, every thing for sal* in the Northt rn mar kets always on hand, at reasonable prices Hotels and families supplied with testers, de in season, if the money ia sent with the order. My e*tAb:?h>r>ent is open from 5 a m. to 12 at night, every aay, exoept Sunday, when 1 olose at 10 o'olook a. m. 1 HE S?beorib?r having niaue additions to hia factory, making it now one of the tar*eat ia the Distnot, where his faoilitiesKMQwS^ for mannfaotaring CARRIAGES and w ' MJL LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds oannot be aur passed, and from hia lone experience in the buai nesa, he hopea to give general satisfaction. All kinda of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS nettlp done, and all order* promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exoh?nge for aew odn, ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 111 tf corner of Fonrtswith and E *ta. se 'tf T. M. HARVEY BILLIARDS A U0 lUTWI of the GAME OP BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'8 FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, ( oath side,) two of the most admirable TABLE* in u< United States, with every ooinfcit aud oonvenlenoe au ? tf tor Oie slayers. rpo MILITARY OFFICERS ANli OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR t)YE. The Beet in the World, Tkt Only Rtliabl* and Harmies* Hair Urt Knoitm. Sold by all Druggist*; also, at BaiaiTOM's Patent Mo iioine 8tor?, t p. patent OSioe, owr. F k 7tu, and at Oibbs's Hair Store, U42 Penn'a avenue, where i^soiea oan nave u applied, irdeeired. Pactorr?81 Barclay it.(lata W Broadway) N. Y. oo air ^OMKTHIM6 NKW?SUPERIOR HULLED H CORN.-Ttf anb?orib*r, having cot the agency to ?up?ly Waahiogton and Georgetown with this .lalioate fr^aration of Corn, would rcapectfully aak of hia frienda. and the publ o at targe, to * ve it a trial. Alto, Poppr' rorn, alain *nd augured ' WM. BRADLY, Agent, Pa. arena* between nth and liHh ata. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble mantle*, Monu menta. Table Tope, Ao. A large aeeorunent a ware on hand. on 19 8m WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. " }9S PnmeTLTama Aram, ",WA6/N#m^VAL AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, iND E5iSi?8Ti&fifA,fSS8sI?S?8f.NT1'E ees-if (Intel. A Repuh. > PftRFUMERY^i. ??KA,JtfS OCn Lj? TV IG*. Tf?. Ae. A futf atooa ' lioiteat j/uwhul a) war a on band, or wade to order a! tUe -raii^'wnsavarss BNMVi B| n*iur*l SICK AMD WOtJNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Pubhskod M conformity with the rtsolution of the Senate of July 10, 1991. At (JtMfal IJospual on S street, between Fourth ' Fifth streets, Washington, Nov. 1. lit Exeolalor Brigade. 1 2d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 1 5th New York Vol... i 9th do do.... 7 23d do do,... 2 24th do do.... 3 2?th do do.... 1 50"Jj Penn?vlvanla Vol 1 "th New Jeney Vol... *2 Ut Michigan Vol 2 2d do do 1 3th do do 3 Stockton's Michigan Independent Vol... 2 lit Minnesota Vol.... 2 *?th ?lo 3<Jth do 43d do 45th do 54th do do,... do.... do.... do.... do.... l>t Massachusetts Vol.. 10th "do do... 18th do do... 19th do do... 3d Vermont Volunteer* 4th do do.... lit Pennsylvania Vol.. 3d do do.. 4th do do.. 6th do do.. 9th do do.. 12th do do.. '23d do do.. '26th do do.. 27th do do.. 45th do do.. 4fifh Ha Ha _ 1 lit Maryland Vol 3 1 Iflth Indiana Vol ] 3 10th do do 3 1, 7th Wisrontfn Vol.... ! 2 'idNewUampchlreVol 3 3d do do..an 4tk-Malne Vol.mtfa) <th do do........ 1st Rhode Island Vol. 5th do do.. 3 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1st P>feW r ork Cnvalry 1st Penn'a Mounted Rifles 1 1st N.Jersey Cavalry (6) 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 3 1 '2d U. S. Cavalry I ljfith do do (r) 1 1 Cborman's Mounted Rangers (d) 1 Tntil 11)0 (a) One officer, (fc) One officer, (c) One officer. (d) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Qeorgetoitn, iVoc 1. 2d U. S. Infantry 3 2d Maine Volunteers . 2 2d Vermont Volunteer! I 31 do do.... 8 9th Massachuaeta Vol.. 1 19th do do.. 1 14th New York Vol... 8 13th do do.... 1 581st do do.(a) 1 24th do do.... 2 29th do do.... 1 33d do do.... 3 36th do do.... 1 3fith do do.... J 44th do do.... 1 79th do do.... 1 Morort Regiment 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 5 Anderaon Zouaves ... 1 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 3d Penn. Volunteera. 1 9th do do 5 10th do do I 28th penn.Volunteera. 1 33d do do 6 35th do do 2 42d do do 3 1st do Artillery... 5 1st do Rifles 3 3d do Cavalry .... 3 4th do do 2 19th Indiana Vol 3 1st Michigan Vol 4 3d do do...(6) 8 4th do do...(e)H 6 th do do i Stockton'a Michigan Independent Vol ... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol .(rf) 3 5th do do.... 4

?th do do....11 vth flo do.... 2 Teamsters, Q. M. D .. ? Total 122 (a)Oneofflcer. (6)Tw?ofllr,er?. (e)Twoofficert. (a) One officer. # At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Pridq* and Washington streets, Georgetown, A'ov. 1. Ut Long Island Vol... 1 2d New VorkVol 3 13th do do I 14th do do 6 lfrth do do 1 lPt h do do 5 23d do 1 2ith do do 1 26th do 1 2ft th do do 1 3d VermontVolunteri 0 4th Rhode Island Vol. 7 5th New Jeraev Vol... 1 let Michigan Vol .... 1 '2d do do. .....'24 3d do do 2 4th do do...... 4 2d Wisconsin di? J 6th do do 2 , lit Minnesota do 1 , 34th do do 35th do do 43d do do 50th do do 79th do do 3d Finn Volunteers. 6th do do 7th do . do 8th do do llth do do 12th do do 27th do do..;... 35th do do..;:;. 47th do do 2d Maine Volunteer*. 6th do do !)'h do do 24 NewHampshireVol 3d do do.. ?] in Vamornia uu.... ,.iu 1 2d do do 2 2 lit Excelsior Brigade. 1 2! 2d 2' do do ... 1 3d do do.... 2 5 '2d Penn. Cavalry 5 2 3d do do ...... S 4 0th do do 1 1 IstNew Jersey Cavalry 1 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 3 2 lit Penn Artillery.... 5 6 5th U. 9 Artillery.... 2 2 OneidaCountvCavalry 1 1 Stocfcton'8 Michigan 1 Independent Vor... 1 3: Mott'i Battery 1 2 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 1 j Teamster 1 2jOtflcers' servants 2 2 ia Vermont volunteer* 51 Total. .107 At Hospital at Columbian Colltgt, Washington, Nov. 1. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 3th do do 9th do do....4. 2d New Hampshire Vol 2d Vermont Volunteers 3d do do.... 6th do do.... 10th MassachusettsVol 14th do do. 19th do do. 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1st Long Island Vol .. 1st New York Cavalry . 2 2d do Vol 23d do do 25th do do...... 35th do do 37th do do...... 43d do do 44th do do 6 1st Penn. Artillery.... 4 1 3d do Cavalry 2 5 1st do Rifles ...... 1 3 Cain's Penn. Hides... 1 1 3d Penn Volunteers.. 2 1 4th do do...... 5 1 6th do do 10 ? 10th do do..<... 7 3 12th do do..ttn 4 1 13th do dn 1 6 27th do do 1 1 31st d? do 5 1 :Bd do do 18 3 35th do do 1 3 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 9 1st do Vol 2 2 2d do do 1 5 4th do do 2 1 7th do dc 1 5! 9th do do 12 49th do do...... 'id Kxcelsior Brigade. Tammany N Y. Vol.. 1 De Kalb do do .. S 1st U S Chasseurs ... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 5 Berdan'sHharpshooters 1 Oneida Cavalry 2 McClellan's Dragoons. 1 1st N ew J eraey CavalrylS '2d do Vol.... 1 5th do do.... 3 7th do do.... * l|St?ckton?B Mich Vol.. 8,5th Wisconsin Vol flth do do.... i 7th do do.... 1st Minnesota Vol Pth Illinois Cavalry.'. Sturgis Illinois Rifles. 10thIndiana Vol 1 27th do do 1st D C. Volunteers.. 2 1st California Vol 2 Total 218 At Otrural Hospital, (Cirdt,) Washington, Nov I. 2d U.S. Cavalry 9 4th do 5th do 1st do 2d do 3d do 4th do 5th do do. do. Artillery ? do do do do 1st U. 8 Infantry 2 2d do do 2 3d do do 5 -th do do 2 78th New York Vol... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 Total 53 Sick remaining in the Hospital for Eruptirt Diuattt, at Kalorama. (Jet. 31. 7th \Vlaconatn Vol.... 10 5th do do.... 1 3Wt New York Vol... 1 3 ith do do.... 1 lit Minnesota Vol 1 8th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 l?t do do.. 1 19th Indiana Vol 8 3d Michigan Vol 1 1st New J eraey Cavalry 4 3d U S Infantry 3 Harria Light Cavalry. 1 48th New York Vol... 1 1st Michigan Infantry. 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 Michigan Cavalry.... ? McKnlght'sPenn.Vol 1 '2d Wisconsin Vol.... I 44th New Vork Vol...11 7th Maine Volunteera . 7 21st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 46th do do.. 3 27th Indiana Vol 1 105th PennaylvanlaVol I Pennsylvania Reserve Artillery Corps 1 Quarteriuaater's Dep't 1 7th Michigan Cavalry. 3 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 4 Total 84 At (#?>ural Hospital, Alexandria, Nor. 1. *d U 8 Artillery .... 2 15th New York Vol... 4 10th do do.... 25 2d Michigan Vol..(a)ll 3d do do 1 5th do do...... 5 irth do do.... 11 3d MilDeVolunteurs.il 18th do do.. . . 4th do do U 25th do do.... 4 Sth do do 1/ 2?tb do do.... e 1st New Jeraey Vol... 1 27th do do.... 12 5th do do.... 1 31st do do.. . . e Lincoln Caralry * 3*1 do do.... 14 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 37th do do.... 2 Cameron Rifles 2 38th do do.... S 1st Minnesota Vol l 40th do do.... ? 2d Fire Zouaves 1 7Wth do do.... 1 H arli n Cavalry 1 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 4 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 3-id do Volunteers. 3 Teamster 1 6 lit do do 2 89th do do 5 Total i?4 (a) One officer. Washington papers please copy tod wnd blllsto the War Department. dot 6?St w w4M 1 hare ols of the best/stablishmeut*. ana t ar aished ttith a oomplete seTof tools for ropa<r- Jtv Sbaular attention to the Mine, b; V ?tpoompetantTTorkiuaiui:rawork < *?] _4(*o.% *r*ry a??on* ion of studarJ Sit, JWi Rt ?i?inv?dori;&m?ntfcl, nArnufvoturi L> DR JOHNSTON, ^iLTlMURI LOCK HOSPITAL, Jma d??tt9t*d tkt wiMt Cirttn, Sfttdf mm4 Miy Ejftctmml Rtwudf tn lit World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. I CORE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Witkotii of _ >? B::k, 8Ut*iwtm, Afteuooaof tfco fcld 7? *od Bladdt r !??.?.-? uiiuuni, Impottocv, G?o r?i Dtbility, Hinww, Lar>f?or, CWmioo f ldt??. Lorn Sptni?, P-.'ptUMu or iho HmK, Twniduy, 'ninbin.ft, Dtmuati of S'jot or UiddiutM, DfktaX * Itad, Throat, Nmi or Skin, Affections of tha Lup, 8to?* eh or Bowala?TimMi Dioordrra iruc| from Solt irj of Tonk-'JiiH Drudfil ud Diiinctxi Prac tcn which ricdir Muritft iinpoMibla, and dtfiro? both \oif and Miai YOUNG MEN EfpdcHHy ?Im> h??? brnwi tb* rteuma *f Saiitary Tie*, tui dra&dftol ?jH dtatraou** babu vbteb >m? ity >?>?n an Ulin?l; (fa** t|v?>n<t of Tom f M?u of ihi Boat lalttd talent* and brilliant inttlltct, who miffct otharvu* a?* (otranetd Uatanng Binatd *rh ih? iba?d*r* of *la stoci or W*k*d la asMacjr tfa? bftftf Irr?, hi; call witfc li canidtnc*. MARRIAGE. Mabribd P?non*,or Vnu f M*a caoumpltunf Mar ia* a, btlnf avir* of 'phyaical vtaknu, arfania aibntlj, l*forni!Ut*. *c , ?p coral. Ha who plaelf v,f>*?lf urdtr (ha ear* af Dr. J. may r*Ti(i It caond* in hi* ho^r? at a f*atl*aaaa aod aaatldtauy alj apon bit akill aa a phyaiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDKRICK ST. *ri band aid* roinf fron Baluiaor* *tr**t, a f<? i?*aii lua b* corn*r. rail not to obttr** nam* aod nambar LtUtn aat b* paid and cotitaic a auicp. DR JOHNSTON, H?mb*r af tt< ?o*al Collcc* of Sarrton*, London, frada Lta from ana of th? mrrt ?"InenI Collrrti in tb* Cnlt?d Itatee, and the rioter part it whitt life bae been apeni in he boepitale of London, Pins. Fhi.t^t v?(>i? end ilHvbiri, lae effected lornt of the moat aatoniehin^ tr?i that were irer known; rialt tronl ltd with nufiur la tbi fcead and lart when aeleep; prtat nerTouantts, tfini alarmed at addtn eoande, baehfalneea with freqaent blaebinf, attended witimie with derangement of Bind, were cared MBme liataij. tazr particular notice. Voting Men and othtie Ss !?a?e injured ibemeeleee by a ierta:n practice tuaulfed in wheu a'_r?>e? a kefcit frejoenily earned from e?:l ccmpemone, or at eeh9r1, <na electa af rhicn are nijfhtly felt f?en when aaleep, and If ott cared, eii'ltre marriage tmpoeeible, and deetroye both Bind and odr, eboold apply immediately. Tntie are some of the ead and melancholy effect! predated ?y early habita of *ooth, ??: Weakneee of the Buck and L>iniba, Paine in the Head, Diinueae of 8ifrht, Loee of Maeca.ar Power, Palpitation of tue Heart, Dyepepey, Nervoae irrita ncy, Derangement of the Di|iiti't Fancuoea, GeaeraJ jeriiiiy, oyinptome 01 uoceunipuou, ?t. Miu'taLLY ??*" ? ftfrfnl ?o?'U on the mind are mach ta > dreaded?L< ee of Memiff, (^oi.fotioo of Ideae, Derreeeion >f 8pirite, E?ii Foreboding*, AMMM erf Society, Self-Die raet. Lo*e of Soiuude, Timidity, etc., afe torn* of the e?ne produced. NERTOl'i PIBILITT ?Thoaeande can new )ad{ whet m .he canae of tbeir declining health, toeing their *iger, fcecoto ng weak, pale, nervosa and emaciatea, having a aingalar ippla-tr-M ab-??t the eyee, cough or eymptwue of eaoeaisp Aae. DISEASES nF JMPH UDENCK When the rmecaided and im^r?4fnt ?o**ry of pleaaare Inde se hue imtUied uie eeed* of thie painful di?#*ee, it toa often Sappene that au ill-timed eenee of ehame or dread of tfieeovery letere tiiro from apply u.g to tboae who, from edacitiou aad reef ectability, can alone befriend hua. He falla iota the karide of ignorant and designing pretendere, who, incapable iJ cfr'-i^. filch hie pecui :&ry ?at>etante, keep him trilling raonth after it'C-*fi- f>r -e lnng ae toe emalleet fee can be ob luned, and 10 deep i.'r !4a*? bim with rained health ta eigb iTer flie galling dieappoi..:nteii'.; or by the aee of that deadly poieui?Mercnry?haeter, the couet.':>i?T,al eyrcjxomi af thie ttrnb.t Jiit&at. ?bcr ? Aitcuo:> ci m? n?mbi?? km, Ac.. prorrtaainr with frtftitfa! rapidity, till dlith pats tried to bis drtadfa! aaffarinft kf ttcdicf hint ib?t tn aiacavtrtd cerntTT (roai ?bM< knrai oe iraTtltr raiarua. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY B 'Ml (Mi and inperuol rtrctdy vaakntaa af lb* Hiul ?< tptt'rfTty etrtd and fail r>g0i raaiarad. Tknaudi ar tba nt liKTtii and iibiiikui, wha bad laat all upi, im bain immadia'.tly r?Ut?te. All ItupidiiDiou l* Marnafa, Fiji it*' ar Mania.) Diaoaal llcaiai.t, Laaa ( Pra?raati?a Pawat, Har?aU Irrtlakfliia. riamblinr and Waakuaaa at ICiuuun af lha uaai Uarfai kind aptadil; caratl. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI MaNT Thousand* carad at ibu loatuaueo vilbla ,kt list atttutaau rtcra, aiid ti t namtraat important tarri ta! ap*r*t<at.t parfaro.ad by Or. Jebnaian, viu.aaaad by tht rapanar. af Aa pa.pt ra and many oibtr ctrtana, Delicti al rbieh hart appa?ri? l|un and again bt/era tha pablic, bt I'dtt kia aianding aa a |?r.lia'n?i ?f tharac'.tr and rttper ti bllity, It a tajaitnt ^aa/antee ta tht ?>;tttd. mar li-la AO TIC E. " ADAMS' EfPREM COMPANY." Tina O on dad v offers tu t*>e dIiiio " Ineoutllad Advantagea" for the Safe and ({tusk iMspatoh of Heavy Fioights Paokues, Va.aabies, .Money, Ac. St. o., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West de part from and arrive in Washington tvioe dally. All Expresses are in charge of txptritmetd and r*liablt Messengers. All Paokages for The Soldiers carnea at "oni BAi.r" our usual rates. All Go ds for the so-called "Confederate States" and all Artioles " Contraband of War" will be Rbfcskd. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. >1 and &J0 P. AA. Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJO A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 1$b P. M, and 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. andSP. M, arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 3? P M. Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7 JO A. M and ?J? p. MrHail/. Sn*?oia, Contract* L>r arre auanf!t>n? of Freight can be marie oa application to this ?>ffioe. All Goods vailea for and delivered Jr? of Extra Oharjes. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 28. 1861. an a tf Y_ ? ? WOOD AND COAL. Oil Will surely tet your money's worth by oaitinc at the PIONEER MILLS, toutkwtt ear if Of Sivtntk strut and Canml, 16EO. PAGE, Acent.) Tbey sell cheaper and civ* better measure than any others in the oity?out, split, and deliv ered free of oharre. If jov doc t t eliere ,it* the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. *-lY.r JJOOTS AND BHOI^ *0 SV1V 111 We are now macsfaetunnj; all kinds of BOOTS and ^aOES. and oorstantfy recemns a^A> sspply of eastern made work of eryaa-Bnfi orif tion, made expressly ordar, and will fB] besoidI at a mjck lower pnoethan has been" nb heretofore charted in uus aity for maoh inform ^TtlC W. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of sastern er aity made work, will always ftnd a jood assortmsa t> store and at the lowest print*. fiire as a call. R1FF1N * BRO., * s ? *14 I'crlflTtmt aveilM. A RMV SUPPLIES. A JUST RECEUED cans SAUSAGE MEAT, 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 4?> cans FRESH VEAL, 860 cans BELF. a la modi, .W>C&ni BUABT BKKK, KO oana KRESH MUTTON, UOo&ni BEEF and GRAVY, Mo can* SOUP and BOU1LLI, SUoaaea FRENCH DESSIOATED VECB TABLES. For aale at New York Faetory prioee. K!N6 A Bl RCHELL, ae ? Corner I and fifteenth atreeta. Q NEW BOOKS, IXlSTORY of tne Uruted Netherlande. by Jobs Lothrop Motley; 2 Tola.; free b* mail. S4 The rim of the DnUh Republic, a Eiatory, by John Lothrop Motley; I to i :0t0tb; free by mail, bilaa Marner, the Weaver of Rarelol, by the acthor of "Adam Bede ;** cloth 7i)oenta; paper IP Mnta. Life and Career of Maior Andre, by Wintrop Sareeant; &1M. After losherga with a Painter, a Sniamar Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Loua L Not. e; ft 90 The Manufacture of Pi.otogenic or Hydro-Car bon Oila. by Thom&e Antiaell, M. D.; #1.7*. Auy of the abu*9 froe by mail. FRENCH A RICIISTE1N, ap U ?Tt? Peur.a. avenee. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reo?ivad within the iaat day or two a large assortment of SPRING CLOTH ING, einhraoicc a.l atylea of low-prioed, ntedinm, and fine ?uahtiea, which we are eat line a t very low prioee for oaah. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 34)1 Pa. a* . between 9th and 10th eta. m E < lnteH:t?ne*r and Reeebiiean.l n Moat AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. C Stitn, Bntk 9f the A'ei te?ai Hofi. [Meat liheial advanoea made on Gold and Mirer latch*., Diamon.a, Jewe ry. Stiver, warn, Cloth ing. PiatoU. and all hind a of Mecobandiec. Hui Watche*. Diamon .a, Jewe rr. Stiver, ware ing.PiatoU, and all kindi neaa atnoLy oonhdei tial ISAAC HERZBRRO, Ml C itr?*t, ail-lm Betweea 1H and <th ate. CKMO 117 Corn?* LL > at. ||AMBURO CHEK1 THE WEEKLY STAR. nil fWilKt rnually u4 oMlaiaiag greater nrWy a* lag Uxan eu fee Imb4 la aajr Tim OiM, Blag 1* oopf, par uioa., Fin ooples. Ta oopt< Twenty-Ire < M la variably oaatalaa the "Waaklagtaa I U*l ka aid* Jlu Dmtif o generally throughout the oooatry 17Single coplaa (la wrapper*) eu fee cared at tbe counter, Immediately ifler Ik Imp of the paper Price?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ??HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bucko, A P?*u\rt ?U 8fei.fi* hewudf For Diaewea of tie BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and DROr PICAL SWEl^lNQS. Thra Medicine lnoraeae? tbe power ef DtgeMiee, a dexoit*? ths tmoiuri into leeitby aetioe. by viiicn met witut 01 c>uuoti m?o?i ioni, and al v*y4Tci?l a ml?kokm??it? are wImm, M veil U rim AMI lNrL4.MllATIOHt ?Dtl ia food MKN, WUMIN.OK CliLOIBN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakne?>ea AriCinc from Kik-hm. Habit* of DiaaipaJtos. Kv t I'diaor'tin* or A* Attendsi teitk tkt Folio*tng Symptoms : Indispo?Uion to Exertion, Lor* of Pnvar, I-"** of M-mor*. Ihftenlty of RreaUiuu, Weak Nerve*, TrMOliag, IJ. rror of D'erftte, WafrefaluMe, Dimneee of Vi?iofl, Pu? in tM 8aok. Unir.v>* Latitude of the Mnaralar J'fil'm. Hot Ho.Mni ?f the H'/ly. Dry ne? a of the Sk;n, Eruption* 01 the Ft**, pai hp covntkjiawcb. Theae sympt* m* li * o^t-d to to '1, whioh tkia medicine inv&riaUy renu rea, aoon fo Iowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC P1TB. Jn on* of vhuk tkt Patient map Ejptr* Who cau tu fa' they a*-a rot fe???ut.y foi ioww uy lauwr I'lKiriL uiibaim, "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are a-e of the ?*cee of th?ir ofl>rin*. BIT !?OHB WILL CONFfSa. THE KECOK US or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Dtatkt by Ctmiwmpt*?m, BIAS A31 TLB WITHES* TO TUB TBCTI Ot TUB MNMM THE CONSTITUTION ONCE APFBCTKO WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medioia* to etresithM and lLTigor?ta the Srateai, which HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU tmrmrmbly dti A TRIAL WILL C0NV1XCS THI MOST ?&BPTICAL. FEMALE8- FEMA LE8- FEMA LBS, OLD BS^Tr^aT^^AWiiK' In Many Ajfictiom Ptculxar < FtmrnUt the h jtract Buohn is aneaaati d by aar other r*? edy, t?? in Chlorosis or KsttuUoa, irrsu-aniy, Paiufuliiess, or Sfappresson o< CiMom?r; Etm aations. Ulcerated or Pchirrous state of ike Ute rm, Leuoorrh*a or Waitaa, Sterility. atd for all oonapiairts incident to the ??i, whether aristae from lodisoretion, Habits of Dissipation, or la tie DECLINE OR CHAXQE OF LIFE! saa symptom xaova. MO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnk' no more Balsam, Mercurf, or Unfit**?t MeHteme for Unj itanan l and Dangtrouo WMM. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHV crass SE( MKT DllEitEl In all their Stages; ^ ^ ^At Uttla hxp?es?i liu.ld ui uu uil?u|ic iu 1/ICV, ilu tbwty t ilnd ? s7^gi?f< It causes a frequ nt doaire aid gives streagth to Urinate, thereby Removing ubsti uotions, prevetting and Curing strtctarea of the Urethra, Allaying ru^ud ibflammatioa, so frequsnt in the claes of diiea.es. aixl expelling aU Po\sonou*, Diseased, and ir?m out Matter. thoraaxtmi cpoh thousand* WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tare paid ktavyjet* to be cared ta a short time, nave fjund tht y war* deceived, ac* that tha poison" has, by the use of "rvm.rfui tiineiwii" been dried up m the system, to break oat ta aa M grarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARR1A0E. ui> helmbold'b EXTRACT BUCflU all affection* an 1 diseaa ol tha urinary or8ani, Whether existing in MALI OR fevalb, from whatever oaose originating and to matter ol ilow LONG standing diaemm of these orgaut rcquire tha aid of a di ukbtic. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV 19 THE GREAT DIURETIC. and it is oett&m to hav? tie det xl effect ta Diseases for uiatea tl it rtcommen i?d. BTIDBBCB Or TIB HOftT BBBroSSIBLB AftD BB LI \B1 K CBABACTBK will!?ooomp*iiy ui?s mcdioiBM. CERTIFICATE OF CDS SB. Knm 8 to ? j> tri' HUdlli, with N?m?? know to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHISIClANSr PLEASE -NOTICE" HELMBOL.ro EXTRACT BUCBU ia oompoaed of Bach ft, Cft>>?tM Bad Junipm Bwtim, Mleotod with gr?ht otr* oj ? oonpotBot BrorvtBi. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HILMIOLP, PmeUoal and AnBlytioBl Chmntat. u4 BoU Man aifcotnrer of HKLMBOLD'S aXNUOTX PREPARATIONS affidavit. Personal]* appeared wfore me an Airier ? of the oity of Philadelphia, u. T. Hii.*k.Us*I? being duljr iwo n, doth ?ay. kla preparation eon ta n no Bareot ofno meroerr.or other injartoae drags, bat are purely vefeUUe. H. T. HELM BOLD. 8wor?> and aubeorib?d before me, ifci* 2*1 oar of November, 1854 WM. P. H1PBKKi>, Aid junan, Ninth et~ a jove Kaoe rUia. physicians in attendance FROM 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. Prlea 91 par kettle, ar alx far H. Delivered to air obeervatioa. Addreea letteie for information la i B. T. HKLMMULD, CUmiH, Depot, m Boath Tenth eC, below Cheeumt, PkUa. VKWAtB OP COUNTSBPSJTB and vnpminciflmd dealers wfco endeavor to dispone "of their and "otaer" artiekee on t*e repntatioe attained nf lf.laluUI> 8ui4 by & B. Waits, Z. A. eiut*a, 4mm Wom. ?. C. Pou. S- *. taTwinu, C, Major, Kiswku. * Unnn, J. ft. M&jos, AND ALL DBU&QMTB XTMATWHXAM. ' ' AflK 10* HELMBOLD'8 IAJDIIIO OTHER C*t o?Qtl?# ilr?>imi>t Md hK lor it. AND AVOID IMPOBiriON mA fXPWWII ?; Dicrtb4 Sympf w m <? ??? **"** i L . .j4 tatMuijO SP^Iw mD :?' tow OttrMlfW ftHw