9 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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J UK I v F.NINtt STAR.] ^ ^ . .. MM.* WASHINGTON CITY: SATtROAY !I?tii>? 9, 1881. Ottm Fuiist* st tbe various military campt and positions w1U confer a favor by keeping ua posted a* to movements and affairs In their vicinities. IET To onr Baltimore readers we would say tSst tbe first and "frond edition of tbo Star can he had In BslHmore of E. F Harelton, agent. No. West P?|t1n>ore street. near Gay?the first di?lo? at half p??? four and the second at eight eel orb, on the arrival of the 'rains from Washington. giving *11 the latest news from the sent of war up to the time of going lo press. ITT* The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice ftterary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In Its entertaining contents are the following articles: Adjutant General Thonm's Report in the Premont Qnse; The Great Naval Expedition: l.ate and interesting Intelligence from tbe South; VUllkena Survers the Coast, s creamy, humoroua -ketch, " How our Army la not an Army," tbe famoos New York Tribwn$ letter that hat created such a hubbub amongst the Soldier*; Sharpshooters, Hot Shot; A rich budget sf Prenttceenla; and a varied and entertaining spread of Interesting first-reading matter Twelve columns of fresh matter in "Our Military Budget;" Six columns of late local matter. Induing aome striking chapters In the great Baruey Case; Two columna of telegraphic newa up to 'be time sf going to press. Agricultural and horticultural matter, Houaehold recipes; and a perfect cranium gathereum of interesting miscellany. This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to tend to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or 81.00 per snnum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit sf the Morning Press. Tbe Inulliftncer treats upon the trouble the Confederates are already having with the new machine they have started to take tbe place of tbe old constitution. The Hopublitm* handle* 41 The Trade of the Country" to day. OCR MILITARY BI DGET. JCOT SSA5TKD. To lave unnecessary disappointment, it Is proper J ? state tbat the subject of applications for piw^s < to go Sonth in order to save property from confla- i cation, baa been nnd^r consideration by the Government. and It has been decided that no such J passes ess be granted. , TO St SB1ST Tf?TOST WASKB* < it Wili attord loysl men everywhere gratification j to learn that It Is generally understood here that i the Government have ordered tbe party responsl- ' hie for the promulgation of the New Vg|k Indt- ' f si'st'j budget of lnfamoua falsehood^oncern- f ing tbe ataie of public affalra, (m-ntiom d In yes- r teeday'a Sie?,) to be taken Into custody and beld 1 In Fort tVarren. as a dangerous enemy of the t'nloo cause We rejoice that tbe authorities " this manifest Ibat they are indeed in earnest in li their effor's to protect the public Interest I' While every froly loyal man of tbe loyal Statea, v without distinction of political party. Is putting jj his whole trust In the patriotism and good judg- h ment of tbe Government, a neat of one-Idea * fanatics, of the order of the l?.Jtpen>i?nt'' people, S srs doing their best to give the rebels aid and ? comfort by abuse of and tbe publication of falsehoods concerning tbe President, or Secretary 11 Seward, or Secretary Cameron, or Secretary e Chase, or Secretary Welles, or Postmaster General ^ Blair. Nine tenths of all tbe existing embarrass- ui menta to success In tb? war grow out of the re malicious or speculating alandera of those people. hl Sooner or later, we knew well, the Government 0i would be compelled to treat them precisely as it has treated known and persistent sympathizera with tbe rebels. Right glad are we tbat in thia jn flagrant case the proper policy Is to be initiated.) gr BEVIKW Y ESTIS DA T . b? Acting Major General Buell's division, consist- cr log of the three brigades commanded rtspecti vely ,01 by Brigadier Uenf rala Couch, Peck, and Graham, dr and three companies of the First Regiment Pcnnsylvanla artillery, commsnded by Msjor West ? In all about 10,000 men?were reviewed yesterday SCI afternoon, by Gen. McClellan and staff, near tbe 1111 Fourteenth street road, a abort distance beyond Columbian College. &r The President snd many distinguished persons ''' (Including seve al foreign Ministers) were present, and an Immense crowd of our clttzena aa bei spectators. 'J-1 Upon the arrival of General McClellan and staff upon tbe field, a salute was fired by tbe artillery, the various bands playing the air, 41 Hail to the pci Chief'? n? The troops were In good condition, and made mc s splendid appearance. !?AVT 1AID bel There has been no srrlval from the flotilla since rnl our report of yesterday, and we are consequently 1 * without river news. The report, telegraphed from this city yesterdsy, of a sew battery erected by tbe rebels between Pohlck Creek and Hallowing Point?about twelve ^ miles below Alexandria?Is probably incorrect, aa the fact wsald have been reported st the Yard, i' f" sue h a'battery a* isted. u' Ths Posey went down to the flotills yesterday " afternoon at i o'clock, and tbe Caur de Lion left the yard this morning. This morning, aboutoo'clock, a seaman named j|ro Horatio Robinson, of the gang attarhed to gun No 3, at the yard, attempted to cut bia throat mo He waa laboring under a fit o? temporary derange- hfl' ment at tbe time, and inflicted upon blmaelf a serious wound He at once received proper at- th^ tentlon, and Is now^ut sf darger. ^ a EH SCOTT'S STAff. {^U President Lincoln promised Gen Scott that be wal would provide for his staff, and be haa done ao, Mr, in this msnner : Col. Cullom to be sttacbed to Gen Hslleck's A staff, with the rank of Brigadier-General _an Col. Van Renseelear to be Inspector-General in ,, plsce of Col Scott, lately retired Ho,] Col Hamilton has been invited to a position on Coll Gen McCleilan'a staff He haa a prior Invitation from Major Geheral Butler He has not yet de- A term I nod which be will accept, but it ia probable Con he will determine In favor of the position tendered blm by Gen McClellan. T Major Wright will join bis regiment, and enter Thl u pea active service la the fleld. cot. BAWKtna carta assist. Ih?i Letters from Ha tiaras Islet, Oct. 48 Lb, state ufd" Coi R. C. Hawkins (Hawklna' Zousves,) late csmmaoder of tbat post, has been plsced under If \? arrest, by order of Brig Gen Williams, snd sent bow to Portress Monroe. The alleged cause of the * * rrest wsa tbe refusal of Col. H. to recognize rtin| Gov. M organ>s transfer of Cspt. Louis Bansrd, of ?rm the 1st N Y. Volunteers, to his (Col. Hawkins) AeM Ninth Volsnteers the srm es*. a CLILIA.1 s HtAKrfCAtTtES snd Geo McClellan has taken s house here, snd will soon be Joined by his wife, who Is now in A D! Cincinnati Arcl The headquarters of the army of the Potomac the ? are so* to be removed to more convenient and will commodious quarters, sot far from the White !t*ne Hnumm WW House. Tl A vCICB ktSPOSSI Eur< A telegraphic dispatch from Saa Francisco sn- the ( nousces "<4? almtast ssMisi?si approval of the D'"" rt moral of Frtme*t.'' esssBAL 'Call's ttcoxaotssAact to dkainbsS Vl VILLS. ^P*1 Uiurof Horn E ifftrd MtPkftam, M C /ram The writer of the following interacting letter a>?T hsa asked space is the Star Is which to reply to 81; si certals strictures of a correspondent of tbe New v? York Truitma, which we cheerfully accord : J2 w] liSAD>^VABTSSs McCaLL's DIVISION. > Csmp Plerpont, (Lssgley,) Nov 8, 1881 \ T? Talk* Editor If tka it Y Tnbmm* Gen MeCall's eutie re* on no lass nee to Dralsmvllle, 11* miles from s rrest this point, os tbe Georgstownand l.?-esUurg turn- army pike, hss been strangely mlsund?4stood, its pur- tbe ol pose misstated, and Its results m'aappfheuded omii This Is dee w> Srveral fausrs. f Lief of wUlr^i are only I Its euppoeeU < oi.oe< ttos with tbe stair at ?nii>a Bluff, and the reference to It made In the report of (f7 Hiig Geaersl htoite As the facts concerning It si set' have sot bees fully ibA corrsctly stated, and Its portei rsiaUoes lo th# deplorahio affair os ths Upper ern rnwc an got clon/ftcemprohendod. ||<M cpdi.i r . .. . . .. ^ . .T3 r* grest Injustice baa thereby been done to the oorf* which made the reconnolsssnce, and to Ita commanding General, 1 deem It proper to call public attention to the actual atate of the case?selecting aa the basis of remark portlona of the criticism of " G W In the Tribmu of Not. 5, on General Stone's movements. The movement of Gen McCall on Saturday, Oct 10, towards Dralnesvllle was simply a reconnolsaance, was so Intended, and at do time chanced Its character Its purpose was to make an accurate examination of the country between Langley and Dralneeville, and of that around Dralnesvllle within three or four milea Ths whole force waa : Uken because the opportunity waa a good one for | a marching drill. One brigade only advanced to Dralnesvllle, and protected that reconnoirtance, the others blveuaclng at fixed points on the hud. Your corresponded Uys t bat Gen. McCall waa Instructed to eavance as far as Goose Creek If necessary for hla ' observations " This Is a mistake. No purpose was eipreaaed, In any official quarter, of sending the division, or any part of It, as far aa Goose Creek for " observations" or any other object; nor was there mention or allusion to such a contingency In his Instructions. The reconnolsaance was expressly limited to Dralnesvllls and Ita Immediate vicinity, and had no significance towards points beyond. Another error Is the statement that upon reaching Dralnesvllle Gen. McCall apprised Gen. MrClellan that "there were Indication! toe rnemy being Inconsiderable ft Umbers In the direction of Leesburg." Nothing could be more erroneous Gen McCall did not meet the enemy between Langley and Drslnesvllle, nor atlValcesville (thirteen milea f.om Leesburg) did he discover any Indications of the "presence of the enemy In considerable numbers at Leesburg " He did not expect to do sitber. Befdre leevTng camp at Langley be was advised tlist the enemy bad retired from LeeSbUrg; and on bis arrival at Dralnesvllle thtt Information was corroborated by the fcsldents of the place and vicinity, who Slated that on the Tuesday previous (five days before) Gea. Evans's brigade had crossed Goose Creek on their wa^ to Manassas Geu. McCall's dispatches to the Commanding General were of a tenor wholly different from that stated by your correspondent of November 5 They were to the effect that the enemy were not supposed t<> be at Leesburg; that the Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad was probably the line of the enemy's pickets In a southwesterly direction, and that the nearest force of the enemy was at Centrevllle, sixteen miles distant. Whatever attempt may be made to censure any one upon the assumption that Gen McCall made any representations different from those above stated, will be In defiance of ths facts A third misapprehension of your correspondent 1 of Nov. 5 is, that Gen. McCall'a return to Langley 1 on Monday, October 21, was the consequence of a I supposed " danger of a flank attack from Centervilleand that this order to return, in reversal of a previously-entertained purpose, was given at a 1 late hour on the afternoon of Sunday, the'2lKh 1 The original order to G^n McCall contemplated his return to Langley on Sunday, theWh. This, < however, proved incompatible with the execution 1 Df the other portion of his order, to make a survey 1 of the country, Ita roads, declivities ; and he 8 lo Informed General McClellan, who thereupon ' ordered him to complete the survey and return on 1 Monday. At fi o'clock on Monday morning Gen McCali was Informed by the topographical engi- r aeers that in two hours they would complete ' their work, and Gen McClellan, upon being so " idvised, ordered htm to return to Langley wbsti this was done. About 10 o'clock that morning f the Division took up the return line of march Of :ourse, the apprehension of attack from Centerrille had nothtng to do with the return, wb'cb I sras due soTely to the fact that by that time the s econnoisatice required by his Instructions was 1 completed, fully tuid satisfactorily. Vonr correspondent trea's of the two move- b nents of Oens McCall and Stone as one, and C reaks of "the division of McCall tnocinp from q e scene," wbile Stone "was grouping bis forces '< it Coonrad's and Edwards' ferries " b Gen McCall remained at Draineeville cne day a anger than he expected when he entered It. He eft It only when ordered to do so, and nfirt the ' votk appointed to him was fully done. He knew S othing of Gen. Stone's movement or situation, C or did he bear of them until many hours after ai is return to Langley Had the division been a wars of tbe collision between a part of General o< tone's command and the enemy, 1 know that h otblng would have restrained them from ad- * ancing to hla support with alacrity and ardor. My respect for a gallant and veteran officer has >d me to make toese explanations concerning w vents with which my position In his S'aff, as a Blunteer aid, bas nude me fully familiar. I feel taured that you will aid me in correcting the M nintentional errors wbtcb do him Injustice, and fleet Injuriously upon the brave ineu composing Fi Is command. d< I have the honor to be. very respectfully, your tb >edlent -.srvant, Edward McPhbhson. b< Th? Dksut or Miss Ciirstnet, last night, was ; every way a success, and must have been alike j n atlfying to herself and her friends. As early as J lli ilf past seven o'clock our little theater was i 1,1 owd?d?every seat and every foot of standing j1" r?m being occupied?and after that tinmbuneds came away, after vainly endeavoring to ?? ueete In the already overcrowded building Wt Aa she made her flrst appearance before the enes, her fine figure, pleaalng face, and graceful f?i inner, elicited hearty applause. As the scene In or t flrst act, between herself and Wildrake, (Mr. ,ni ink,) progressed, her clear enunciation, and the irit with which she performed her role, repeat- W] ly brought down the bouse, and as she made r exit tbe public verdict was indicated by such culationa, buried on all sides, as, "Capital," [ lo fear of ber,'? "She'll do," Ac lv, Throughout the piece she was entirely self- 1*1 eeswd, and all agreed that the character could to,i t Save been better performed. This Is all the *' >re rema'kable from the fact that she had been ? lering for some days from Indisposition, and r throat, especially, was not In a condition to tns lble her to do the fullest justice to the Unequal- ?.r< of her voice. the was ably seconded by the company, and _L "eclally by Mr Bland as "Sir William Fond- nT e," and by that excellent actress, Mrs Muzzy, ^ " The Widow Green." np< Vs bear a generally confessed wish that Mana' Bland may speedily give the public an opporilty of seeing Miss Cbestney In some vet more [JH uouschsracter?that.for instance,of Beatrice'' ' o< Shaksprtrc's comedy of "Much Ado About thing,'' a part in which she is aald to be unap- n chable Whenever the occasion comes for iyi " benefit" she may look for a towering testl- UJ nial of th? proud rs'lmatlori In which she la 1 by her gratified fellow-townsfolk. ?ve We have another report of the capture of privateer Sumter, and this time from a Con- tr? prate wurce. The statement la found In a MC thern paper received in Louisville, that she "m i captured to the leeward of Barbadoes No T lealars are given. ns~\ rroixTMB?iTS.?Jacob M. Howard of Mlcbi- ^ , has b-en appointed Minister Resident to n| p iduras, and Tbos Sparks, of the District of 4l5! imbla, Consul to St. Johns, New Brunswick. 03 rronnD.?Theodore Gen bas been appointed aul at Napoleon Vendee, France. to a W hcblow Wkd's Visit to Kdkopk ?Mr. irlow Weed, whose projected visit to Europe ?? given rise to so many baaeless on dits, says In nft Albany Journal that he Intends to aalls on Sat. ' " ly?that he goea In "a personal and private !vaT1 iclty and character " This Is brief farewell V# f rJur visit sbroad is in an unofietal character. Nov 'e cherish the hope of rendering any service, ents ever slight, to our country, It Is aa a volunteer, ever without compensation 13^ it home, fortunately, the Government is not [Jjq ted, in money There is no lack of strong law, s, gallant spirits snd devoted hearta, for the Citv I May tbe good God Imbue our rulers with ?>t wisdom and eenlus required so to direct our ' lesand navf as will preserve our Government ? L'ataa." STixeiisilB Patriots Visiting Et aorc ibiskop Hugbes left New York for Europe Vednesday Mr Tburlow Weed leaves by iteamer to day. It la understood that they be followed, in a few davs by Bishop Mcll- be si t, of Ohio, and the Hon Edward Everett, of ored ar.hu setts rye le simultaneous visit of these gentlemen to l{ 5 >pe seems to be made with tbe approval of met Jovernment, aa they all have recently been inr i in consultation with tbe President and Cabars'? of th and i tasiLs Captvbbd.?The number of vessels Y.M ired, respectively, since tbe outbreak of our <>i 1 struggle, by the 1'nlted States and tbe Conrate autborlttea, are as follows: lhj!" lies captured by United States nsval veasels ? ti?n ners 3; ships 7; barks brigs ?3, schooners it oop 1.?Total 1U3 ?? sels selxed In southern ports, and captured HT? DQfederate privateers, etc.?Steamers 5; ships irks 10; brigs 16; schooners M ?ToUl 74 ?* ..'elc _ ? _ Rsv. Canadian Emlistmbht Cas? ?The press treat n against Mr. Artker Rankin, of Toronto, **Jed for enllsdng men far the United States , baa been abandoned, upon the ground that ? fence being against an imperial statute and nitied In a foreign country could be tried ha d i In tbe Queen's Bench in England no' Ninety all thousand nine hundred and nfW y.right barrels of eoal oil have been trans- | I ever tbe Pennsylvania railroads te an east- |?rK? wrket goring the nine months of tbe year Fktlt ig Sept. JW. - sts. THE GRKAT NAVAL EXPEDITION ? FURTHER PARTICULARS. A HOPEFUL INDICATION. ? > THE CONFEDERATES ANXIOUS TO 8UPPRESS INFORMATION OF THE AFFAIR THE SHIP GREAT REPUBLIC NOT LdST Passengers by the ateamer from Fortreaa Monroe atate that It waa underatod there that the greateat excitement waa prevailing throughout the South in relation to the expedition. Tbe reporta and rumora were very contradictory, but were not dsenifd favorable bv the Confederate*. A diepatch bad been received at Norfolk early on Thurtday morning to tbe effect that Commodore Tatnall waa In command of the reb?l defencea at Port Royal, and that the Federal veasel* had made an entrance and had landed troopa at Beaufort. The bombardment between the Federal vessels and the land dcfenceewaa programing with great vigor, but with no definite result. One of the Federal v. satis bad been disabled and had draan off. when another Immediately took its place. Beaufort, at which the landing la tald to have taken place, la fourteen mllea from the entrance of the. harbort and la Approachable by inland ttreatnl lta Various directions by light draught ve*s?l Tbe authoritiea at Norfolk were very anxloua that little or nothing ahould be disclosed of tbe rumor* afloat, which may be regarded as a favorable indication of the character of the Information they have received. The vessels wrecked on the North Carolina coast are aaid to be the Union and tbe Express, both small transport*, principally laden with horaea and forage From tbe fact that tbe fl?et haa com. menced operatlona, it la evident that it waa no. crippled by tbe atorm to any conaiderable extent [From the Baltimore American.J "TATRMKNT BY TBI FASSK50SR FROM 50KF0LK. I We were called upon yeaterday afternoon by tbe gentleman who came from Norfolk by the flag of truce, who bega that the preaa generally will not attribute to him the communication of anything but the following, aa be baa made no other atatemeut to any one: Flrat ?That two veesels bad been wrecked on the coaat of North Carolina?one the Union, and tbe name of the other unknown. Seventy-three prisoners were taken from tbeae vessel* to Raleigh, N C., and fUteeu horaea were aaved from tbe Union. Second ?With regard to matters at Port Royal, be bad atated nothing but that one vessel waa disabled by the batteriea, and another bad got aground. [Special dispatch to N. Y Timet and Tribune ] Nkw York, Nov 8 ?A special dispatch to the Time* says the Federal fleet were bombarding Port Royal, which waa in a critical condition ind juat ready to surrender. The rebel commander had a small ateamer unler his control, and threatened to go out and icize one of the veasela of the fleet, which waa laid to have been driven on ahore with troopa ibo rd Tlila newa comca through a Secession lourre. and la claimed to have be?n derived from >ne of Gen. Buyer's aids A apecial dispatch to the Tribune aaya it was cported that one of our gunboata waa disabled >y tbe rebel guna, and that another w.ia aground, ind that Capt Tatnall waa about to take her. It was reported at flrat that tbe ship Great Re>ubllc hid been lost, but It was Incorrect. FORT ROYAL. From the foregoing letter It is evident that thl* ort Royal entrance to the harbor of Beaufort, touth Carolina, la the deatlnatiou of the fleet, nstead of Bull Bay The harbor of Beaufort, or Port Royal, is the eat In the State, and la about cqui-distant from Ibarleaton and Savannah It Is but little freuented, but haa a good draught of water, and la irge enough to receive the entire expedition. It as water communication with the Cuarlcston nd Savannah Railroad Beaufort, the village which Ilea on the west de of Port Royal, la tifty mllea northeast of avannab, and aeventy-ftve mllea aoutbweat of harleaton It Ilea el x teen mllea from the ten, nd la guarded and made of little Importance by fort which preventa the admlaaion of veaaela ver eleven feet draught The harbor, however, as plenty of water for the Great Republic, or for seyenty-four-gun abip TRANSPORTS in distress A correspondent of the New York Tribune rlting from Fortreaa Monroe, on the 3th inatant! i ya: I have had aeon veraation with Capt Howeaand !r. Baymore. pilot of the steamer S R Spauld- ' g, one of the oldest navigatora on the coaat , rom tbem I learn that tbe ferry-boats CommoJre Perry and Mayflower, and a tug attached to I e naval expedition, put in at Hatteraa for a bar?r, and put out azaln on Tburaday afternoon be- ' re the hardeat gale. The gale must have caught em off Frying Pan Shoal, abreaat of Wilmingn, N. C., and It I* the opinion of both Captain 1 owei ind Mr. Baymore that they could not have < red it out, but were wrecked Tbeae gentle. eu are quite confident the entire expedition, 1 ivlng these and poaalbly aome few other unfor- I nate exceptions, reached Ita deatioatlon. { The loaa ef the ferry-boats?conceding that they ' lost?will pravea aertoua Inconvenient They 1 ere to he uaed In lighting the tranaporta of troops, J ppllee, horses, guns, and other heavy freight, ' d were loaded but moderately with wagons and rage No one on board either of tbe ferry boats coal echoone'B that entered Hatteras bad any ! itructlona or knew what to do or where to go 1 caae of becoming aeparated from the fleet, and I e ferry boata put out In the hope of falling In 1 th aome one that could tell them where to go i thi lost transport The New York Erpress aays : "One of the i naporta attached to the great naval expedi- 1 n?the Union?la auppoaedto be the old Brooki ferry-boat of that name. She wa? built In 14. and rebuilt 1^56 Her burthen wns but 297 ia, and her value not more than *10,000 or _ <,000 " ' | rCOLUMBlA TYPOGRAPHICAL MOCI a k I > -An adjournsd netting of the Colum- H i.1 TOWi'/B1-W,H U h"Q THI?(Sat- al u 9,?at o'olook, in the G unoil Chamber, City Hah. Puuotual attendanoe 'eaueated. 'I H. 8. BOWKN. Seo J rKEV. WILLIAM H. CHANN1NG. hav- . i?;g apoepted theoa I of tne first Unitarian aiety in ih a oit?,t? become lta Pas'or.willen er >n hi duties TO-MORROW(S?n arlMuRN0 b |Y?rvl06* ?ver* Sunday morning, at 11 o'cl'k. g"M. O O. F-GRAND LODGE.?The An I f ommumoation of the R W Grand ?> District of Ccluabia will he held at n iiine L?-*i7th, "Son MONDAY EVE NO. the Ilth mat., at 7 .i olook- K JOHN T. BANGS, G. Bee. G jr?attention, co. a," national ~ 1 i ? battalion ??The ?ompanr A l meet at Columb'an Armory op MONDA'V .the ? i.atMoclopk a. m . in winter nniform with K rcoats and faticue o&pv m By order of t*?e Captain. it* P1 ATTENTION. COMPANY ' B." NA* E TIONAL GUARD. Yoa are herehyho- ?*Coil"nria Armory,on MONDAY C >RNING. Novemier llth. at in o'olook, in T tor in and faticue osp for parade. By order S? j ')ilt8 LJi KbV. Liient. Commandiox. j Ht>MAS DliFFY, Orderly Sergeant. It* C? rFIVAL.?THK LADIKS' MITK SO^ Pr p 'ETY Of R jland Cbape] will hold a Keati- i ai Potomac Hall, corner ol Eleventh at. south ? Va'yland av , oommenoin* Monday, the llth f\ November, lMi. Sinxle tioketa 10 oonta ; ohiIi half-prioe Seaeon t cketa as oenta. no9 .it* Fl r'i V;."' !? F.)?The membera of i api. .iVJr? .t ^"rebv notified to t at Odd Fellows' HaM.Navy Yard on TO(Sunday) EVENING, at l o'olook, ttend the funeral of our deoeaaed Brother, K. Bl Jaa. Drbrn. r order: THOS. S. DFNHA.M, H. 8. R. klul for the liberal patronage "eatowed upon o. We* to announee that they will give a series iv nit Cono-ita, commencing Monday Evening, A ember llth. when a number of Va uab e PreJ- t j will be distributed amon* the audience raoh v. ling. Iiojat) C. DUPONT, Manater. ^VVASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY.- fr{ In oberteroe to the requirements of the 1,0 Company A, will assemble for muster, at the n Hah at 9H a. m.,on MONDAY NEXT, in p, ens dress, uat with the oovered fatigue cap of t Battalion. ?^y order f ?*g?ecapoi P hK2L D- WILLIAMS. Hl, F. BEER*, Orderly Sergeant. it* ?? PAIRO A NOUR8E 1)1 V1DEND-.-A11 Sn Krrona entitled to dividei c? out of the aa- Be e late firm of Pairo A Nouraeare reau st- f > meot at Riohard'a School Honse, oorner of C > .?rk avenaeaad Fourteenth at, on TUES- n m PropoaiHonaof importanoe may ? rroittad.a d fall and paDo'u&l att ndaLoeo/ T? itor? is datirahle. K* JZi -CONVENTION OF Y. M. C A.-ln pur- noi ausnoe of tbe aothouty conferred at the last Ao inc of the Association or this oity, the follow- he iame.1 gent emen are hereby appoint**) deie- net i to a general oonvent'on f ir the purpose of n ?matising and extending the Christian efforts ? e tarioua Aaaoo anions among U 8 sodiera P lailora, to meet at the ruoms of the New York ^ [. C. A .Bible Honse, Astor P.aoe, New York, HA THURSDAY. >o?emhar lyh, at 3 p. m.! j>* ir? Wm. Bsilantyne, R T. Morseil, Wm. J. CA sandJos H. Bradley, Jr., who are dalj au- ore zed and re^ seated to repieaent this Asaooia- * * in aaid Couvent'on. M. H. MILLER, Pree'dent. n< ^SPIRITUAL REIREAT?Theeaeroisee 'V of a oairitaai Retreat will eommenoe in 8t 1 sins' Churoh on NhXT SUNDAY, st tl Tal ?k a. m , and eontinae for eight days. The adi Father McElboy, S. J., will oJadaof the Re- A l, as.isted by other Fathers oTthe same Sooi- the Sunday three Dtroovrses will be given -at II sk in the f^raaooa, and at? and 7H ia the aloe. ring the week the prlaoipal exereieee will h* n< at 6H and a. m. and at 4 aod 7S p.m. ? r ** Cl ?ICK CREAM AND WATER ICK8. of a ^rd^&MM fur^he^at lowMratoe. A Ju? o 71m* M f ?????irnm ; .y^rkpaatmjsntop metropolitan I II 9 Tn* Board of Polioe Commia iPnera having Uk'O the hoote At* Eleventh su. an bijalneas oonn??ct?d wi?n (he Polioo of the aity will b* trai>a*c'e?! at that tiaor. A gehera oompia,et boot wli: h? opened, And oit- ' liepa Are r^n^ef-d to SRll tad enter anr o>mtlalM* tbfr ff<?r have to make of an; maitet rata in* to the pOiJc? or heitjTof the cTty aefl w b wfcfla. Eapcnnteudent the Engliah Lutheran CnUfch? oqrner ol H ami !L'b ata.,ooiamenoinc at half-pMt ?o olock p. m . to pfi ooutinued ene ho?T only. oc 7 3U1 F^OR HIRE?A !ik?ly servant boy, aboat 17 years old He it honest. a d capable of aotn; M house ?err mt or porter in a atore. or to drive a on* hofffl earrisr". For terma. Ac., apply at 104 Gay at.. Georgetown- aufr-At* cq . m t parker, c(l ?/ / Lm'uiaiia ?i ? . bet 6'4 and 1th sti , OiJ North Side, : Havi - % completed hia arrant em *nta. ia now ready to ait-nd, cnn more viaoroualr than ever, to ] PIOIJSK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINT\0, in all r f ita various oranohes Having secured i the aervioea ot a onrpa of exo ?llant workmen, 1 am presarad to do Flaga and Bmnera 1c the beat atyla i and on the moat reaeonab'a terma. \ BO ? aol m [ Repuh ] 1

qbntlemen's scarf ?^ns. 1ingg ladies'and gentlemen's ' j sleeve buttons, studs, Ao. A lane aaaortment of a I the newer aty'ea of th* alv.ve just reoeived. .m. w. oalt a BRO , j Jewellftra, 334 Pa averu*. i no 9-8t 4doOra weat of Brown'* Hotel. , Horses, horses, hokses. of every deaoription. for a*le oonatantly. Loom cv ana ave .ue, between 9th and 'Oth T-71* I near the Market no8 2aw?w? i T"HE STEAMER JAMES JEROME ia now 1 1 discharrinr -her oa-go at Light jp*?k street wh*rj\loot of Camden atreet,^^4^^^? c Baltimore. The oonaigneeaare here-^*?^** 1 by notified to oa 1 and receive their freieht. ? no 8 31 MORGAN A H H1NEHART, Agta. 1 Attention, military boot and ' SHltK MAKERS ?Call at 609 Twelf h at. near Maryland av., laland, and aee the oh*ape*t lot of Offioer*' and Sportsmen's Booi Uppers. Alao. t * lot of Ladle*' and Gent*' Uppetaof all kinda ! Also, a lot of "'hia and Camp Legging*. Call soon. i or you will lose a bargain. Dia't forget the place. no 8 3" SAM'L Cl.ARK. \ W ASHINGTON GYMNASIUM. ? . v , . Ninth ft., near Cent- r Market 7 Thia establishment ia now open fr mta m to 9 p.m. One of th? offioera in attendance from 1 to S ^ ann from 6 to 8 o'clock Peraora leadina a aedentary life wonld do well to join immediately. HI a month. 92fio three month?. no 8 Ht* a DEVON COWSFOR 8ALE.-I will offer for } aale. at the Market Vanl, on THURSDAY MORNING, the 14th inat ,(if fair?if not, the next * fair market dar,)a few very auperior Mil'hCowa. L all of pure Devon blood. Alao. a pair of tuperior < Working Cowr and fine Milkera. 1 Alao, a fine pair of 4 year old Devon Oxen, p?r- r, feotly br ke. no 8 2t* LEWIS BAILEYIJO^" Ht?SPITa ? f R THE INSANE.- i Eicp<?d on the 24th of October, anl not aince s h ard from. CHARLES ST. J LAPORTK, a R mvil patient from thia Diatnat. He i? a^ut 5 feet .. inoh?e high, a> d haa black ?>y*a. dark brown uair and a round, ainooth face He had on ?hen he left n checked aummer coat, d\ik veat. blaok ribbe<l (ar.ta. and -loprhed black hat, Notio? of w> er;? he ? ia, or hia return to the Hoapita', will t? anitably ' rewarded. no a-3t LA D I E 8' i DRESS F U R >. I We are receiving a Urge auppiy of LADIES' V D.RKSS FURS, auoh aa Ruaaian 8able, Minx, C I ifch. Martina. an<l other dnsirabie Fanc> ruts for "~ Ladiea. Misne* and Children. > For Gentlemen we have M U F F L E R S and { GLOVE**.ail of which will be ao d at the lowest A New York pricea, at ai S. A VV. >1 EVENBERB'S, n 4"* Market Sjaoe. ( Avenue Houae,) ao8-lw between 7th ano mh nt?. %I New and improved invention of a ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1C BONE ' TEETH, w ithoct Mktal Plate or CLAaPS. dr. ?. b sigepmond. i 910 RrnaHirap, yere Yorh~"260 Ptnntylranta Av * ?*', between Yith and IS/A stt , Wamtnuum, br Ua'la 'he att-niion of the public to the lullowing G advantages of hia impnivel ayatem : el. 1. The Teeth of hia manufacture willJaJEfip n^var oorode nor change ooior by any^*"** ~ acIda. being three fouitoa lighter than anv other. \ 2. No teeth or rr>ota need be extracted, aa the ^ irti*>oial onea can be inserted over them. ??: 3 The roota will be made inofienaive, and never ai to ache. jI i. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent ni >nea r??n b? made immediately, thereby preaerving iL Lhe natural exareaaion of the face, which under ha the old avaiein ia frr^uentl* diafigured ^ 6 t hia work haa l?een fully te ted over five years >T many of the firat ohemi ita and phyaioian* of thia 1 )->untry. ? Dr. f. haa alao invented a white undeatruotive %1 netal fi ling, with whinh the moat ao-?itive teeth ? an be filled without pain, and can l>u Id up a per H* eot, aonnd tooth on any aide roota. which will laat im hrpugh lift time. . im The oral of reference# given?to Dr V Mott; Dr. J Do,emu-, Piofrasor of Cheo latry. N. v.; Hon. ludge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of WMhit g011, and th<'usa'da of othera Call ai/d examine for youraelf. no 8 6m DR. LOCK WOoD R ^ETS TEETH 011 Rubber, and performa all r~ JENTAL OPEKATIONS. in the Wa?h _ _pw , ngto' Kuildint, corner of Seventh at. andKpflfesaS ~ 'a avenue, t'hloroform given, if deair?d.*4J-1-1-0 _H U1 kinda of Teeth for aal?. ro6-?awlm* U O I T-a -asi 1=^ [jure apple CIDER. " da< L , m Barrel a and Bottlea. of( For Sale at pn No. aso E Strsit. ma Between 14th and 15th sU. Mc no 6 lw' TAYLOR a CO. an 'J FNNING'S. Seventh at., laland, ia the plaoe LA to buy youraelf a nioe fine Linen Boaom H1RT for .fl Sfl Lin?n Collara of the lateat ? tylea at 91 40 per dosen. tine I'aaaimere Shirta. D led, Blue. Grey^nd Fancy Flannel Shirta. Und-r- D fi rt* and Drawers, and all aorta of Furnishing T roode, very low. no &-lw_ tioi I'HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT "t l at the igo SOLDIERS' SUPPf.Y STORE, 9? l.oui?iana Avsnue, bet. 6 h and 7th ata. d., B?*at Gooda, Loweat Pnoea, nrt Sut era Supplied, n, no6-lm Call and See. ? nnn ' "* soap and candles for W JU,UUU aale oheap for caah. Aleo, wai.t*d? %*),nnn Iba Army Grea?e and No. ough Tallow, for whioh the highest prioe will be kid at the National Soap and Candle Worka, or. T reen ct. and Canal, Georgetown, l>. C. Sep no 7 1m C. B. JEW ELL, Proprietor. atoi k GOOD PRESENT FOR A PAIR OF GOOD _ L B'?YS ?\ pair of bnaatiful l)ON *k . .. EYS (or ta'e. They have been thor-rnA Sa* ighlv trained and are very gent e. Ap k y at 3 J3 I atrert, near Filteerth They^^?^V v 're lately the property of Gen. Robert . Lee, of the rebel a< my. no 7 St* pAMILIPH SUPPLIED WITH OYSTERS, at the Cheap Caah Store Quiok.^Kv /^\ 1^" lie and Small Profit ia my m tto (T% /-J Ml kinda of Grooerira, auoh asTaa^^UF TA ifTee. fugara, Ao . at the lowest oaan loea. C, C. FRAYSER. Corner L and Fifteenth ata., * Y 10 7 3t* Washington. ^ JEW HOOKS. AND ? FANCY PARIS BOXES. IENCH ROOKS Beautifully Illcstiatsd With Colored Platka. fancy tobacco boxes. > 'ereoscopic pictures. ar fancy cigar cases, -j,, Send a Stamp for a Catalooce. WM. EVERETT, io7 lw No. 40 Ann street. New York. BO r NEW MILLINERY firi] IO<V Opaninf avery superior aaaortment of 1 ILL and WINTER BONNETS at our^k .noy Store, No. S10 Pa. avenue, betwaen^HI T^d and TOth ata., where Mim THOMPaotf la Lad spared to exeoate promptly all ordera In thia Mia e that the may be fav red with. AI io4-6t HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. will GENTLEMEN, DO r ATI ENTION! ? am offering great induo'menta to pnrohaaera of 4Q <:ADY-MADE CLOTHING. 1 oan furniah you 48 Ih Blaok PreM Su-U, Blue Suita, BnaLneaa A1 ita, t'oa'a, Panta, Veat-a Ao , Ao. lam aelling Frai autiful Bualneaa-aiUat fie, fit, *14 and 91H Paa# 'heap Suita from R4 5' to ft. Rial Sail, and you wi'l ?ee t' at it can be dona, at Ku 06 lw HENNING'S, Seventh atTlalABd. Blue i BUTTfc'R HOUSE. * 1STABLI8HED for the aale ' f New York, unsylvama and Weatern BU TTER. We are no w in reoeiat of arime Dainea Goahen. Glades, ~? . whioh are offer?d at wholeaale aa low aa ean A Al puroHaaed in other oitiea. No i&0 Eighth at., ir pa avenue. FA 06 ?w? D E. DUTROW. OVERIN6S FOR THE H E A d.?Fine ?A dress HATS, at f3A<. Fine s' FTa from lTS, oolered and blaok. Several new atylen pa treoeived Military and other atylea ofAB f*r?n PJ, for men and boys. B ya Hata. Chil- Chaa n'a Fane j and Plain Cape I'hia ia the plaoa to On yoar mon* 7 baok. pane geo. C. HBNNING. made ?6 lw Seventh st.. laland. o SUTLERS' and RESTA.URANT keep- boERS.? a offer a oh.- toe 1 >t of low prioed ?S? ?le Damaaka, of aelaet ?u\litiea, m widtAa w> L?ted to their wa-U. i,UI l?e, all other kiada of Dry Goods, adapted to v?nta of peraooa in moderaU oiroaaaatanoea, Hol "'AVo"'*T"rtv '^b-'AVTE*. !~3 Penn. ara . and ?th a reat rF'H ' P'lry Bail iirC." 1 / I^PHERDs"PLAID SHVWUS, the aew me\ Slea, in vanoaa Miaea and ?aa lUaa. FA II .a fall and ohoioe aaaortment of Ladiaa' T Ua; with many aew Draaa Gooda, o^aned to- w AC "KSffite. a WANT8. A YOUNG MAN, hiring a kaoWledfe of tko be?ineea, wanted id a drnf atore Addreaa, throKk PoetOfcoe.'Z B " 1*2? WANTKO TO BI'Y-A oob otUN# aooond hand family CARRIAGE Addreae, inaaae dlat?l*, 41 a corner of x *nd Uth *ta It* %*/ A NTED-A eolorod BOY, fro? 1* to 3*/?are; TT most be able to read. And wall acquainted in the oily, mutt being *oo |'references. _ _ It WILLI AN. *3* Pa.aT. W,' ANTED- To rent, immediately, a Furnished T? hDITSE,?ontv nd* lrom * to 11 toomn in J ofrpfr*l looatiofj. Addj?M Hoi ***** Oflo* It WANTED?Hy a lady of r*#?e<rtahi!it* ?d rahnrmeut, the charge of a hoga* for a gentleman or m-M of geclemen. Good refereix'es five . Address. through Post OBo?. " Energy " no# <t W ANTED.?A lady of Be Cm or* wishes to enr,ehaee ladies' and gentlemen's CAST OFF 1 APHARBL >11 poraoas having sueh goods to i dispote ot will tP oftUM apon at their rsidenoe andrec-iveoaehfOrtM ?9me. Addrors 1 A G.." ' Star Offioe. for fa da? a. f f 1* ( TO DRUGGISTS-A yonng mAfl, of tovefAl | years' experience in the drag biameaa. COeire# % ?nnation. Referecoee given Small ooapenaA* tiqii nquired. Address "S. E., Draggiat, Star ] UflTfle It* A WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION aa I louspkeeper. or to do plain eewina. C?n give the boat of references. Apply No. 19# Fourth at. eo 9 3 * IV AN TED?Three DRESSMAKERS, at No " 351 Eighteenth at. between H Ard I eta. < None bat good handa need apply. Work th" ?e*r round _ no J ST_ ] tlTANTF D?B? a respectable woman, who thor*? ogph'i understands her business, a SITUATION aa c<Jok or paatry oook and housekeeper 1 3 ->st <>f reference 6afl be given. Addreaa Box 4, i Star Office It* WANTE"?By a respectable woman a SITU- j ATION aa ae\matrea .to teachstfiall c*ll ) Iren, or any reepeotable oooupation in a ftrirat* *m Iy (Protestant preferred >; or aa salee iVlv in | k etore. Good reference oaa ba given. Addreaa . 3ox a, Star Office. It* IVANTED? A BOY for the paint ahop at 1 w ROB'T H GRAHAM'S Coach Shop, Eirhth s treet. no ?f | CARPENTERS WANTED Alao. or.e expo- > U rienoed Sash Maker. Apply to BALDWIN iROTHERS. no I H II/ANTED-A good MILLINER Alao, agood vv Saleslady None bnt the beat reed apply, at I H EI.LER'S, No. 34 Market Sp&oe. between r th ai d 8th ata. nd C ft* RANTED.?Persons wiahing to employ a oom- ? ** petent Operator on WIeeler A Wilson, or j Iriver A Baker'* Sewi?>? Machine, wi'l pleaae r i*tdroa* .a note to "E. F. G. ' oi?y P"?t nfH^e. If * 1*7 ANTE1>?A romfortab'e unfarniahed HOUSE t< "" cOntAlnlng A or R rooma. and within a ?onre <5 lent durtanoe of the City Hall. Apply at No 36 <? oniaiana a^ ^ no i-3t* J|7ANTED?A HOUSE oontAiHlnx ? or 10 ? rooms, by a prompt and permaLent tenant; ti ^nt not to esoeed 9175 Addree* with parti0tflafa? tr D. M Box Sl >. City Poet Office. no 8-3t* JOARP WANTED.?The advertiaer deairea f' J Board and a plea*ant Furnished Room. wi?h reandgaa. Private family preferred. Would like 01 ath in the houae, and hnok"*s? and writing table i room References if required Addrees, eta'inc ? *n<s and other partioulara 1W full. Sox Star r 'fine. no I tt* [ VANTED?S JOURNEVMEN HARNESS i1 MAKERS REILYABRO.. no 7-3t* Georgetown. D C * fOUR FURNISHED ROOMS and BOARD ?1 wanted for aix persona, in Geo getown or (* k'a?hir?ton P'lvate family preferied. Address . H ??M'TH. 3i9 Pa avenne. noj ST_ B< t GOOD WATCH MAKKK. having been in the ci a buaiuesa for aix yo^rn. wtahea to ?e( A SITUTION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 PA W reuae. no S La 1*0 SUTLERS ? An energe'io merohant, with I sufficient capita .-desires to purohaae the atook , id bueir.ess of a Regimental Sutler. Addreaa I5ii?ine?a," at the office of this i>aper. oo3t-lm , VANTEP?1?,"00 lbi old HORSK SHOES and S''RaP IR??N in small or large qnantiuea, >r whion one cent per pound will be paid. L JOHN M. ELVANS, A >oX*-2w (Republieanl 309 Pa. a venae. ti< ?? ? se VANTEP?All Dairymen to know that the bo Washington Brewerv having oommeooed it: ewtng for the winter season, they oan get Fresh of rams every dar at 4 o'clock, at in oents per bush- i I . Call, one and all. C. COLINEAU, Mi r>o 10 im* Cor. K and Twenty seventh ata. Mi VANTED?TA/LOKS, TA/LOR5?fiOTa'lora oompeteut to work on military gooda. A pply KOLP. at Wall. ?tephena A C.o.\. sefe V? VANTED.?We are now buying SECOND- Hi HANI) FURNITURE,STOVE?*and BED Pa ING, for whioh we are paying the higheat Oi ah prioea. Families declining honeekeeping, or >vinc a "urplua of furniture, will &od it to tnair Cta [vantage to give ua a nail. " BONT7. A GRIFFITH, e IS-tf No. 369 Tth at., betw. I a no K sta. I/ANTEP. FOR THE CASH-AH kinds of B SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND ? DUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Pereona laavK the city or having a sarplus will do well to oall r* mediately. r R. BUCHLY, e I 49? Seventh, between G and H sta. |N **??*M?ae BOARDING. 'OARD?One or two gentlemen oan obtain *'<0 > p'eaean* Ro< mi, with Boara, in a private ua?. <n a central part of the oitr, by addreaaing v N ." at tlua offioe. Reference required. o 9 3t* ' n 'OARDING.?A gentleman and wife,or a gen ? * tleinan and his wife of the Army or N??y, or a ml>er of Congreaa and family, can be aooommo- \7 ed in a private family, within an mir utea' walk v the oity. A conveyance furniahed fre? of charge. M < ard upon moderate terms, but they mua? be per- 1- o nert for the winter. Add ens "J. G. B?" Mr. Doi ore's Drug Store, Weat End Pa av. no Mt* n^ue EDUCATIONAL An eon LADENSBURG ACADEMY, Tl? Paiivra Gaonaa'a Co., No. -5! 'his institution is again in a nourishing oondi3. Young rentlemen are prepared for oollege or ' soientiflo pursuit. T, he Second t^uirier will oommeooa Novembtr V l. and. by making early application, two or three ^#, r? iioarce a and Pay Pupils oan be aooumrnof ff A erms-For Boarders, 9)3nper annum,exolasiva ignition ; Day Pupils, from Mb to ?U> per quarter. 5." > 4 eo3t* Prof J. FILL, P.inoipal. g WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FK- Chs ' MALE SEMINARY, Wa A Boardiro and Day School. >ngi 432 F ft , hettrten 6'k and 7(4 lit., ITuirailM ; nan mnd /?e. 151 West H , Oeortetourn. he dutiea of this Institution were resumed in G.a teml>er. r^iro >lars may t>e obtained at the book rob* res, or by addressing the Principal- oo >i?e<?lf M. J. liARROVER. TI ? - ? SLLINGOFF! "T< GREAT BARGAINS! no Ve are now selling off our remaining atook of DRY AND FANCY GOODS At and Lasa Than Cost ! We have- rr.(ESS GOODS, SHSWLS, LACE WINDOW CURTAINS, wry oheap, t^rfc. HLECL TH, i"rJ CASINETSand CASSIMERES, I*?1. CW.BHICSand JACONETS, ' aria Wide LINEN SH?*'El'lNG at76 cta., HOSIERY and GLOVES. Jhri\ 'ith a large stock of |.?hl DRESS TRIMMINGS "pj and rrFANCYGOODS. .{^ Also, our remaining atook of * CARPETING and RIGS, -52 Which we cloee out very oheaa. yvi I Libtral DfJiuctxo* texit bt mad* to I , A Stook of vv a i TIFICJAL FLOWURS 27.fi AND MILLINER Y GOODS only be aold at Wholaaale. 8. A W. MEVENBERG, U (Formerly of Alexaadna,) note 4 S Market Spaoe, betw. 7th aod ItTaU , taici 71w A venae Hoe?. O el IB LADIK8 WILL LOOK ?I aai eelliaa at prioea that oefy pom petit on I have Ladies' A f heal GAITEMSand BOOTS atfl; iea' Fine Congress 6 alter a at 91.35, iea'Balnsora from 91J6 ap, iT sea' and Children's Be morala at 74, ta. and 91, ?fi? 1 other BooU ard Shoes in proportion. Yon t'' aave money by calling on ma. u> 6-lw ^Vvefu'^l^d. 6 PICTURE FRaVm. 486 naeo variety of patterns and siaaa of Oval Picture Com nee, from tne beat manateotorv in the eountry, well e Partontf, Picture Cord and Taaaela, Nails, * fo< ia, Ao. _ biai ie Gotd. Imitatfon Gold Band. Baff. Green and no oc > HOi.LAND SHADES, all sues, made to tion u, u,. i-., ~r No 4S6 Seventh at.. do?rs above Ha u 3 eort*jf Odd Fellows' Hall. "i 4S g INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. 486 "rd .PERHANGINGS all Grades and Prioes. T JLr> i Hand, Baff. Green, and Bine Holland Win- (tt Shadee. all eia*e, mvle to order. al>ti beautiful variety of Oval Pi ttra Frames. Haiti the beet manufactory ia the aoantry. t-wiu ase Parte t.u. Picture Cord and Taaaela. dif- t on I t si see and oolora, Piotnre Rln<s, Nai a, Ao >p foroaah. . A U I rs for Paper hangings or Win-ow Sha^aa IX. twUly e? ecu ted, audio misrepreeenUUot. > to effeot aalee. A oall eolieited. JNO. MARKR1TSR. Re, No M4 Sevecth stre?t idooraabwe* t-Tteoif Odd Fellowp' Hall. Fi RE OLD^fSWS^.LA RYI 1AH l'kStv,lfKrTT5?^^?,t-"' I nvr,wJSh*t^ 1 JUNI'a HAT, PLATFORM aal COt'N Kec ER SCALES, iosaaJcarriage JACK-*, m( H". t-oolm b?<wae? fa.av.aadCaaai, Ml * ' W. ' AU0T1UN tfifiiM ? WAI-L 4 BARNARD Aeeti, ae?7a ' C*' *A iiveer awd iml 1M1 Pe ec inetant, at lap clock we win cad, fa freet af n,, i^rlsa: a?oi r?" * * - -n B anet?, Pta'a Head Pf ?n. ?ibbona. Hoeiery. Cioake. able Clothe c ombe, H --pe. TnmlaiL Ac Terete w?h. "o? WAI.L * BARNARD. Aaole. Bf J. C. MrOI IRK A CO , Auctioneer* TRURTF.E'S MALE it*' ELEGANT PBtitra Platb Miaaoaa Bior.riut uraTAiNe, fccraaion CaamiT FrkNivra* i la fITt 4? . AT fCBLIC A CCTION.?Ob TRURkhAV MoRNI*G. November Mth, at 10 ' UJS.Mtta )? ; residence oorwr of Third and C treeta hT vlitue of a deed of traet, dely .v pordod the eehecnber will eell,at aul,,c kit the Household Farnitureand t.ffoct. COmi i? in*? Superior roeewood caaa eevan octave Pianc Forte by Bar Mora Cnmrn Clotji Cover aad Piano Stool, Palteof anpenor roeewood Karor la embroidered t?at;n Covere, oonaieiiag of tvo Fraaok , t?o Arm Chair* and aix ? arlor Cheir*. EimMI roaavood Mirror Frost Etegeree - ? MualO Stand. 6 of ?wood F^eratAry and Bookoaae, arb'e-top Canter Table, Three eyleadid FrdMh plate Pier b.ata?t, witA Slab aad Table, Two tar** a nr. handaona Frenoh plate Gilt Frame Mattel Mirrora, Sal'e < f aix rtch Crimaoa Brooatella Window Certain* with Cornice. Lafle Cariaira and Future* compere, ^?lta of h&r.dsome Wa net Parlor Fn oitere, eoaelafng of two Soflta, two Ara Chaira, aad four Parlor Onaira, in figured broeatelie. Beautiful French China Vaaea and Oraaaaata. Jop'rior Medallion, Velvet ana Brueeeia Carpet* and Race, Randaome Oak Marble to* Sidaboarc*, jak Extenaion Diuing Tab ea and Chair*. renoh Ch>na gold-band Dinner Were, Glaeewaro, and Crockery, jtbfarf Tablea, Writing Oa<ka tuiteeof apendid rear wood Chamber Faraitara, ? .with Mirror Iront War- rob** ?mte of verf *ar.41< aia earved Mahogany Chanbar t-urniture. ipring *i d otbar MattrAa***. Uanketa Comfor-* and Spread a, Window Shade*. Toiiat Seta, A c. Term* oaart. CHAS E SHERMAN, Trnafe. roygd i. C. MrOUHlF.k hp. Aaota. By J.C. McGL IRE, A CO., Aaotioneare. rMUSTEK'S SALE OF LARGK AND VALCiiLi Ur on Capitoi HiLL.-On TUkSArrEK NOON, l>fcembar ad,at (o'eiook, fi t?* pramiaaa, by yirtaa ot a dead af trnat from uatioa A. Roila, and datad Fahiua'y 16th, ! #. ltd dult rroOrdfd in Liber J. a. S .No. iea. fouoa K.et acq.,andtJf the land reon di for Ha*biaa?n ooaniy, D C., I ai.ail aall Lot naahared ire i. in ?auare cum bared an hundred aad aifhi-two ?), fronting i?n feet on Delaware avenue, i?e n'Fi rafatlaef *" t*h "tract'tad 1X3 ' inahae Term* : Ona-'hird oa?h. the ran aindar in an aad rave months, with inter oat. aacurad by dead ot nat (a the premisea. It the terma of taia ara aot complied with withia radaya tha mftar thetr j^taa raaervaa Uie right to >a?ll at tba nek and expana* of drfaaltinc aartaaer. All Aoavfranoea at 'ha ooat of au'onaaar. ? ^ w s HOLI.1DAY. Tfuataa. no 9 eoAda J. C. McuLIKK A CO.. Aneta >AILIFr'S MALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUR> RiTcai, FLowaaa VrocraaLae, Guria. re., at Acctior.?On MONDAY MORMNG. oyamber 11th, ooBm*ncir( at i# o'clock, wa lau aell at the the reaidanoa, ana laaaaaraTU, t*<e int? aeo ion o' l>r la ware avenue aad K atI the Hoo-ehft d EScota. and the Flowera. V?r?tilea, Grapm. AC ,on the aremiaaa. The Roaaa id F ower* are in We name in part? ?d?tead?. Mattre?sea and Hiding, a h?'an l? Toilet S-t? and Stoaaa, irpata. Matting, Chaira Ac., Ao ALSO, aron, Carta, Horfaa and Saddlaa, >t of Lumber, ard Ga danar'a Toole, >geiher with all the Grapca and th* growing crop. -"or further parti on'ara, an q air* of A. K. L. KEESK. ?o ?-?t Bailiff. Br GRKEN A WILLIAMS. Aaattoaaara. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND KITCM. t in Fi a.iiTra*. Piano Foara, *at Ave or ?On MONDAY, the llth icetant. wa a hall II at the reaidenoe of a geatlaiBaa dec inn g naekaasing. No.364 Tenth, betweea L and M eota.at 10 o'clock a. m , an exoellantaaaortaaaat Faraitara, Tt?? *iano Forte, Stooi and Covart arb'e top and other i ablaa. abogan? Sofa. Chaira. Wkataot, aaaing and other Buredue, Mirrora, >ttage and other Be<Uiea^t. .re Seat Chaira, *?her Pillowa, and Bo later*, tir and Shu ok Mattraaeea. rlor, Chamber, and Stair C areata, aad Rod a, loloth, Toilet Sata, >oh,D* &r.d other r?tovee, inA, Glaaa, and Orookary Wara, itn a large lot o/K tchen Req ui?itae, aad many other artio.ee whieh we deaaa annanaaeai j to enumerate rerma cath in ik?k*. I2J GKEEN A WILLIAMS. Aaata Br J. C. MoGLIRE A CO . Aaetioeeer'. ONTENTS OF A CONFF CTIONKJUB SToaa at Avction.?O^ MONDAY MORffy< nor. II, commenoinf at 10 o'clock, we akail !. at tne ocntectionery atorV of i. Aigler. eoath e Pa avenue, between nth i?d llth ate., hia en - flock and fixrurea.conaiatiA ?.pert .?f? ndiea, Cakaa. Preaerverl Fraih . NuU, Ac . getaer w.th Store Fittaroe. oiibraang Shel*loz, Coontera, Gl??a Show caaa a and Jara. Vij] aJao be aoid, at 13 o'olook, the Horae.Wagoa I Harnraa. erma oaah. Q* d J. C. McGUIRE A CC*-? A acta. B* J. C. MoGl IRE A CO. AactiOBk'*waERV HANDSOME FURNITURE AND t^^'a at Public A notion^ ~Oa ^ ^ J? " R N I N Cr, November l?th, M o oclr. at the reeidence of the lata Hon. S ?> glee, corner of I rt eet and >ew Joraey ava'.we.hallaail a aairndld ai.orm?nt of? b.NKx cA.raft, i HouaeKold f ffeeta generally, a fall a~d do Mto'the'iiah**"***' wkjofl wl11 ?PP^r pre>11 J C McOUIRE.A CO. A acta. By THOMAS DOWLIN6, Auctioneer. (ttTttfwia. ERY HANDSOME FURNITURE AND kr Accrioa-Oa WEDNESDAY RISING next, the IStfe m*t, at 10 o'o ock, at auction room*. I el.ail aell wlU.out reearve the 0 i of declining houaekeeaing, aiating of: Rich Parlor Suit in roaewood and >aak, oonei?tirg of Scfa, Arm aad Parlor >lr i rich Parlor Sat. in hairo.oth, aegaat 1 kfn^ra2t' w,th tope; do. Painted aad L ul Parlor Chaira; Brueeeia. r4'? T^rT, p}j ^"Beta aad N uga, beat and huak Mattraeeee; Mahorar.? fhirraua enaion liable.; China Tea Set^Cr^kery Md ,,w?e'Kn,Tf",D<} Fo'knj Beo.teaci; Ward?a, Toilet r*eta; Kitoh<a ParnUme; parlor, lira a.-d other Btavea; Kef iterator. Ac., Ac be furniture la nearly new anc of the beet matiture. ana too attention of adiea and tenue1 fnrniahing la reapectfally oallad thereto. irmt oiih. THOS. DOWL1NG. Aacboocer.^ By J.C. McGUIRE fc CO.. Aaot oneera. IPERIOR PIANO FORTE. ELEGANT aaiaaT Furniture, Rich Cat Glaaaware, and itifailv D oorated Frenoh China Mlver aiaud re, Caraeta, t'urta<aa. aad Houaehold Farni?en?rally.?On FRIDAY MORNING. Nober l?h at 10 o'clock, at the oorner of 19th and -eeta. we ahali eell a large aad el^aat aaeottof Houaehod Furniture, China Glaaa. and ae-y Ware, CaraaU. Mirrora. Ac .oon prinng rffecta of a very handaomoiy faraiahed eetabna t ^ricutara in a fu'ure advertie<MBent rCatalogue; wil beiaausdoa Monday neat. e Honae la for Rent. Ineaire of the Aaot'ra. v k-d J.C. McGUIRE A CO.. AucU >!ITIVE PUBLIC SAKE OF VERY VALf?bli Land, at AiraA^oLia J rncTion, on aHiaoTON R. R ?The underageed,aa aceat, aeil at labile A action, on the premiaea. at the 3-ton, on SATURDAY, November 16th, M , o'clock, the foiiowiag Parma and Lota? **" oi|>nme laad, 9 a la Wood, uaproved by a new Cottage, eon i in biAruc. t No. S?Coutaiaa 130 aerea of Good Laad. ioSJ '-ig5i?.w j8eeiio6?fcoderaTOrr^tilibl^SD?aiiitt!25 ' ?ty Road leading to Aaaapoaa. Taia Lot i? h ajruated for a country Store. Therein alee 4 atand and Store HoeaeMa Lot No. t, both I aayarahad by the PataJW. there wohia be wnpetiuon. Tae pro -erty la worth the atteaof thoee deairoua of a a are laveatmect or ning a oheap ooanty Keaideaca or Phrm, beinr diatiet, b?tw-en Araapolu. A aahiagtoa and mor*. either of whieh eaa be reached by mil miautea. rpaaon Tickett eaa be aroevred at T- bt. wticli wil enable the holder to ?' daily. (all Traina atoa at thia aciaUi i"with!intM^L ***''' ?utl,w 1,1 *** u*1 two ' or a 1 da?ort>tioa * thia aroaerty.ap - ?ha agent, M BA^NON. S? Bf PaehSmk, re, or to THOf. HHA1LER, Savage >h.or M. FIT7..MMON8, Annapo u Jaacact-t* CI ION 8A.Lti IN PHILADELPHIA. IT^V"?FK^SnStoi*r i tletaerery Tharaday Moralag ee t?-f ?AtiSwa5rfeLf. 1 n eivad aad lor aate by m i? i ? > ? LMSSL. f