21 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I % * THE EVENING STAR THE WEEKLY ST Aft. ZSSgSS""*"' S%r ( * ^ C*/ A- JSLSriSz^SJST^ W. U. WALLAOH. 1 J | ? |7 ?1 I ?1 I | 1 >J | p.pCT.?..rtl? pukx. krantaUMi wf y/%i ,E, E E/ /ft/ E L<%1 yE, V'W /W TaST ? year, or 37 centeffer month. To mall subscribe* X. ' >T ^ f J W * ^ j~ is *l.'i the price it S3 SO a yea*, t? adv<uu*, ?S for ?U _ V V wwwy-ive ceyie. * * Months; tl for three months; and for lea than I a 'BT8j;Rb!TO???alBathe "Waahlaftm New' three months at the rate of 13 cents a week. 81a- *" mmdf ** Dm*if **?'N S*m alrealate gle copies, on* c?*t; In wrappers, two cents. - *? r'*dwa:1t *h?oa*heat the oouti; ft~y advsetisbkbnts should be sent to the fc_/"Wngle copies (la wrappers) eaa he pro"TP-*??"T V"-. XVIII. WASHINGTON. P. C . THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 21. 1861. Ng. 2.732 5S;?.T^!25?X?:*,ta*' Latest Newt from the Sooth. From late southern journals we take the following : TH? BLOCKADE AXD ITS IFPICISSrCT. The New Orleans Crescent has the follow* ing The heretofore magic word cotton ia scarcely lisped now-a-days on the flag*. Some parties?would-be operator*?hope that the blookade may be broken or raised, but hoping will not effort it. It is manijytt that Great Bri' tain iri/t adhere to the position she assumed month* ago?a strict neutrality. There has been much talk and a great many comments on what has been termed running the blockade. Report*?and they will prove to be simple reports?say that five hundred and sixteen vessels have run the blockade since the 16th of May last. This ia a very wild estimate even if it is supposed by the returns or statements in the Departmentaat Richmond. The blockade was enforced off the mouths off the mouths of the Mississippi river on the 25th of May, at which time there were forty tall of vessels in this port outward bound, which were permitted to go to sea. Thia blockade commenced eff Mobile and Pensacola abeut the same time. Y&iseSs were allowed to leave these ports till the Sth of June. So far as New Orleans is to be considered, the last arrivals, via the Balize, were on the 2"Jth of May last. There have been some arrivals and departures of schooners from the bayous on the Qulf. There have been some coasting vessels on the coast of South Carolina evading the blookade; but all these will not count up five hundred and sixteen. On the other hand, the Hessian steamer South Carolina has captured seventeen schooners in attempting to run the gauntlet between New Orleans and Texas ports. There have been only three or four vessels from Europe?one the Bermuda?that have successfully run the blockade Some few lVwt India traders have met with success on the Carolina coast. It is misleading foreign governments to make assertions of this charter. that the blockade is easily avoided, when not a vessel has enters* the port of New OrI'ans via the river for the past Jive months, and only one via the taJces from a foreign port. Great Britain and France recognize the closing of our ports, whether effectual or ineffectual. It is, however, thought the steamer Nashville has get out of the port of Charleston and gone somewhere. It is also evident that the steamer Theodora, or Gordon, made a successful trip from that port to Cuba and back The Crescent of the 7th, wya : There was intelligence received yeatcrday of twenty-four sail of Hessian vessels being in Ship Island harbor, on Tuesday. This number was counted through a good telescope, from the look-out at Mississippi eity. Flats and scows appeared to be engaged in transporting materials from the vessels to the shore near the light-house on the island. This is supposed to be the advance of the great fleet intended for the Galf. It is reasonable to suppose that something like a simultaneous attack is intended at three or more points This ean ?asily be carried out, when it is taken into consideration that there are between two hundred and seventy-five and three hundred vessels, including vessels of war, steamers and transports, composing the supposed greet armada. Leaving forty-two vessels at Port Royal, they can come to New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola with two hundred and fifty. In the meantime our authorities are preparing, and we can only say to the Hessians, come on. Of business at New Orleans, the same paper of the 9th inst. says : Passing by the talk on battles and disruptions in the army, we come to the steadily increasing scarcity of breadstufis and other necessaries of life. Even the artiele of rice, which is selling in Charleston and Savannah at 2t to 3 cents per poand, is now retailing here at 7i cents per {wund. Irish potatoes, which might be raised in almost any quantity on onr prolific soil, are selling at one cent each, or about $2.50 per bushel. Corn has now advanced from $125 to $1 35 per buahel, and we have' for months past been reading of the greatest crop of corn and wheat ever known We judge the countrj is abundantly supplied, and that farmers and raisers intend to hold on and starve us out her? in the Crescent city. If planters have these heavy yields secured, we urge them to send a share to market. Flour is advancing to famine figures. Each succeeding day is attended with mo advance of 25 cents or more per barral. Other articles?such as soap, candles and starch?are advancing from day to day. Soap, candle and starch factories could be made Jrofitable. Soap, which can be made for 6 or cents per pound, is held at 30 or 35 cents.? Starch, another necessary artiole, commands 40 cents per pound; in faot the supply of this article is running se short that start oollars will have to follow a wilted cabbage leaf. For candles the poor folks have to pay 15 to 20 eta. each at the corner grocery Is it not time that sotae of our leading eitisens should take action and move in the establishment of manufactories for these and other articles? It requires but very little capital. If dealers in scrip, stocks and paper ever expect to oonfer any good on the country, now is the accepted time Bat we fancy if the war should be brought to a close, many of our moneyed citixens would leave us and go northward or to Europe, and our good city would be a second ary thought with tbem. It is asked what has forced up the priee of cotton s?ed oil Six or seven months ago it was selling at from 60 to 65 cents per gallon; dow it is held at $1.50 to $2 and $2 50.?There is no scarcity of cotton se:d in the oountry? in fact it is a drug where planters hare ginned their cotton. Are there any solid reasons for an advance of 200 per cent, simply for the eoet of transmuting the seed into oil? The Richmond Dispatch of the 14th expresses its cordial sympathy with the dedre for a new flag, and says : We want nothing in our igtignia, any more than our principles or sentiment*, to remind as of the hypocritical despotism which we have thrown on Thi Dispatoh says : We learn that J. H. Hope, eommiseary agent at Williamsburg, has advised the government here that, under a recent order from Genl. Magruder, his suppliee of beef cattle must be more than double. We expeet General Magruder u looting to 44 an expedition." The tame paper refers to the operation* ia Kentucky, aa follows: It hu been apparent for many month*, and ia obvious now, that the enemy ia making a formidable demonstration towards Bast Tenneaaee from K as tern Kentucky. Oar correspondenee from Taaeweli county, in aoethwaatern Virginia, whioh we published yesterday, nets down the oolumn operating against Col. WHliama at ten thousand strong, and it was believed that the foree before Gen. Zolliooffer, from which that General haa been obliged to retreat upon Cumberland Gap, is probably twice aa large. At the tune time that we bear of the retreat ef Col. Williams upon Pound Gap, we hear apprehenaioas axpreeaed for tba safety of Gea. Zollifoffer at Cumberland Gap. The obiect of the enemy ia nnshing forward thee* columns ia probably three-fold. Tba chief purpose, doubtleaa. la to bring into its own support the large diaafeeted element ef the population in Seat Tenmaaii, whieh have been eorrupted by the elamer of Andy Johnaon, Maynard, Brownlow and Trigg Tba next object of the enemy is, probably, to get poaaeuion of the salt works in the western oorner cf Smyth oounty, where half a million of bushels of salt a year are now manufactured And last, bat not least, tba enemy aim* at tba possession of a portion of the Virginia and Tennessee railroad, ao as to out off our direct communication from the seat of government with Nashville, Memphis, and onr armies in western Kentucky. The clandestine burning of bridges at a concerted period in eastern Tennessee, proves the enemy's designs upon this important highway of transportation and travel. It is very plain that however oar government may depreeiate the importance of the designs x>( the enemy, the enemy himself is pushing them forward with his accustomed enterprise and perseveranoe. Intrinsically important as| south-western Virginia is to the government, from the qualities of its people, it is even more important from its geographical position. If that country be given up, and east Tennessee be in oonsequence lost, the empire of the south is cut in twain, and we become a fragmentary organisation, fighting in scattered and segregated localities for a cause which oan no longer boast the Important attribute of geographical unity. We are glad to believe that the government is fully impressed with these views, and that orders have already been issued to meet the emergency of the case. CONGRESSMEN ELECTED III TEMSK-SEE. The following gentlemen have been elected to Congress: D. M. Curtin,eleventh district; J. C. A. Atkins, ninth district; Tbos. Menees, eighth district; Geo. W. Jones, seventh district; M. F. Gentry, sixth district; H. S. Foot?, fifth district; ?. L. Gardenbire, fourth district; W. G. Swan, second district; J. B. Heiakelf, first district. This leaves the third and tenth districts still in doubt; bat we incline to the opinion that A. G. Welker is elected in the third, and John V. Wright in the tenth. no mors troops fro* mississippi. [From the Memphis Appeal, Not. 12. J The Jackson correspondent of the Vioksburg Sun says he has seen a letter from Gen'l Johnson to Got. Pettns, declining to receive more troops under the late requisition, having already more soldiers than he can dispose of The Governor is requested to disband all companies organised under said requisition, unless they go armed and equipped for the war. The Sun states that the volunteers who had been recently mustered into service at that city were very indignant at being disbanded, and their officers had left for Jackson to lay their case before Gov. Pettus. message op tbi governor of georgia. Gov. Brown, of Georgia, in his message to the Legislature, recommends an advance of two-thirds the value of catten to planters, and that the state pay the war tax and subscribe to the construction of a direct European steamship line. Georgia has fifty regiments in the field, he states. He also deprecates the power of the President to accept troops except through state authority, and regards the system as unconstitutional and opposed to the doctrines upon which state rights are based. the cumbera5d river gunboats. [From the Nashville Gazette, November 10.] On Thursday last, about two o'olock, as we learn from a gentleman who was at the fort, two ef Lincoln's gunboats came up the Cumberland river together as far as Tobacco Port, eight miles below Fort Donelson, when one of nn *1 i iuoui prwccuou uy iuo utoi wivuiu lureo I miles of the fort, and lay there under the point ten minutes. She fired three cannon, and then started back down the river to TobaocoPert, where she and the other beat remained until Friday morning, when they left for Smithland. They kept up their firing at intervals during the night. On receiving information that the boat was nearing the fort, the citisens of Dover, young and old. immediately went down with their guns to assist should anattaek be made. MC'CCLLOCB'S ARMY TO WI*TKR IS TH* ARKANSAS VALLET. (From the Fort Smith (Ark ) Times, Oct 23.] We have information from reliable sources that, after a sixty days' campaign in Kansas and Mi^ouri, the MoCulIoch division will fall back into Arkansas. The quartermaster has advertised for the building of stables to accomodate 5,000 army ho/sea and a large number of mules ; also, for 100,000 bushels of corn and 3 750 tons of hay to forage these animals. The valley has been drawn on during the ontire summer and fall fur the support of Gen MoCulloch's army, and we hope and trust that the encampment of suoh a large number of men and animals aiaong us this winter will not materially pinch us in our own necessary supplies. Immense fires of late have occurred in Memphis destroying property to the amount of several hundred thousand dollars. The president of the southern planters convention announces that that boay will meet in Memphis on the 10th of December. In tae Memphis market, November 9th, the sales recorded on the books were 380 bushels prime red Wheat at $2 10; 80 barrels country extra Flour at $11 25 per barrel; 300 sacks salt at $9 50, and 500 sacks on private terms; 14 tierces Hams at 25 cents; 14 barrels Molasses at 23 cents. The Charleston Railroad brought in 1,366 barrels Flour. Th* United State* Fleet Over two hundred and fifty vessels have now to be regularly looked after by the Navy Department, besides many detached vessels eng"ged in the public service. Of the number, 190 have been supplied with instruments by the National Observatory in Washington?the institution over which Lieut. Maury (-resided. We are glad to hear, as a fact, growing out of the necessities of the public service, that just as good marine instruments ean be and kare manufactured in the United States as the best imported from Europe Lieut. Maury estimated a supply for forty vessels, and his successor in the Observatory, Capt. Oilliss, has actually supplied 190. The war in more ways than one is UMhinc us to rely upon ourselves, and in many ways developing the genius and industry of the country. C DR. LOCEWOOD ingtor> Buildup, corner of Seventh st i?'<MSS Fa avenue. Chloroform liven, if donr^d.-**' n> 11 kinds of Teeth for Mia. no 6-ZawIm* THOMPSON'S MEDICINES, 1 LIFE PRESERVER AND CORDIAL, For Ml*, wfcolaeale ?nd retail, by ? 8. C FORD, Drncgist, no 1-lm Corner Eleventh *t and Pa. avenue, Buffalo robes FUR SALE, WholeMle and Retail, at EMILE DUPRE'S. oo SO-Mt Sao Pa. % venae. COMFORT. COMFORTS, COMPORTS.rh? ?ut>eorit>?i have in etoret.onoSicfle and Doible Bed Comforts, at low tii'H. uttlt JAB. C. MeUUIRE A CO. army GLOVES!!!-J met opened and for M'e,all vartetiee ol E aokekmaud 9he?pikia Gloves and Gaunt ? & ... iJthESSt t&i,. yyalxowbru^IJLOIOUCE STORK. Hotels, Boarding Houeee, R??t*ur?nu, Sutler's, 500 dozinaimy books, IT* wUl^f. Depot'fcr M?5la?*s'traof^o Far Cloaks, SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Publtsktd t? conformity tcitk tkt resolution of tke Senate of July 16, 1861. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, A'or 15. | 2d U. S. Infantry 3 42d Penn.Volunteers. 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 524 do do 2 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 1st do Artillery... 3 6th do do 1 1st do Rifles 2 7th do do 1 2d do Cavalry .... 1 2d Vermont Volunteers I 3d do do 1 3d do do.... 3 4th do do 1 5th do do.... 11 1st do Reserve.... 1 9th Maasachuseta V ol.. 1 3d do do 3 13th New York Vol... 3 4th do do...... 1 14th do do.... 3 llth do do 1 1 15th do do.... 1 12th do do...(6) 1 21st do do.(a) l|19tb Indiana Vol 1 22d do do ... 5 1st Michigan Vol 1 29th do do.... 1 3d do do...... 3 ' 33d do do.... 1 4th do do 3 1 44th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 2 45th do do.... 2 5th do do.... l ( 54th do do.... 4 6th do do....16 , 79th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 2 1st NewYork Artillery 2 Mozart Regiment 1 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Tammany Regiment. 1 ' 3d Penn. Volunteers.. 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 16 , 9th do do 2 1st U. S Chasseurs... 1 , 26th do do 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 27th do do 1 Teamster, Q. M. D ... 1 1 33d do do 1 Engineer 1 < 35th do do 7 36'h do do 2 Total 134 (a) Oneofflcer. (6) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Watkingtonttreets, Georgetown, Nov 15. ; I 9thNewYorkVol 1 2d New Hampshire Vol 2 1 13th do do 1 3d do do.... 2 . 14th do do 4 2d VermonlVolnnteen '2 17th do do...... 8 3d do do.... 5 1 18th do do 1 5th do do.... 5 ' 19th do do...... 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 3 *22d do do 1 l?t Michigan Vol 2 24th do do 1 2d do do 18 26th do do 1 3d do do 2 27th do do 1 4th do do 2 29th do do 1 2d W lsconaln do 1 33d do do 2 6th do do 1 34th | do do 0 lit Minnesota do 1 35th do do 2 lit California do 6 43d do do 7 2d do do 2 45th do do 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 10 50th do do 3 2d do do,... 1 54th do do...... 1 3d do do. ...11 79th do do..?... 4; 1st Maryland Vol 3 4thPsnn Volunteers. l|2d Pt-nn. Cavalry 3 6th do do 2 3d do do 2 7th do do 1 6th do do ...... 1 8th do do 111st Michigan Cavalry. 1 11th do do 111st Indiana Cavalry... 0 12th do do ^Oneida CountyCavalry 1 23d do do 1st Penn. Artillery.... 3 26th do do 1 5th U. 8 Artillery.... 2 27th do do 2 5th Rhode Island Art. 1 30th do do I 1st New York Artillery 1 45th do do 1 1st Indiana Rifles 1 46th do do...... 2 Mott's Battery 1 47th do do 1 De Kalb Regiment... 2 2d Maine Volunteers. 2 Officer's servant...... 1 6th do do 1 7th d* do 1 Total. 166 At Hoipunl at Columbian Colligt, Washington, 2Vo?. 15. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 5th New Jersey Vol... 2 5th do do 1 7th do ds.... 1 via ao ao 1 ut Penn. Artillery.... 2 9th do do 1 3d do Cayalry 1 2d NewHampshlreVol 2 Harlan'sPenn Cavalry 1 I 3d do do.^1 Chroman's Rifles '2 < 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Penn. Volunteers.. 1 3d do do..,. 1 3d do do...... 2 10th MassachusettsVol 9 4th do do 4 14th do do. 2 8th do do ? 19th do do. 1 10th do do 3 ' 4th Rhode Island Vol. 9 12th do do...... 4 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 13th do do 1 Harris' Cavalry 4 23d do do 1 ' 1st New York Cavalry. 1 27th do do 1 '22d do Vol 2 31st d? do 3 , 23d do do 2 33d do do A 24th do do 2 35th do do 1 ' 25th do do 4 40th do do 1 1 JSth do do 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 6 36th do do 1 1st do Vol 3 37th do do 5 2d do do 3 43d do do 1 4th do do 2 44th do do 3 Sth do do...(a) 9 49th do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 3 Anderson Zousves... 2 Sth Wisconsin Vol... 1 j 1st Exc?lslor Brigade. 6 6th do do.... 3 ( 2d do do.... 2 7th do do.... 4 L)e Kalb N. V. Vol ... 5 1st Minnesota Vol I Lincoln Cavalry 3 8th Illinois Cavalry... 1 , 1st U. 8. Chasseurs.... 2 19th Indian-. Vol 5 ' Berdan'sSharpshooters 1 1st D C. Volunteers.. 2 Oneida N. Y Cavalry. 3 1st California Vol 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 9 Total 179 I 3d do Vol.... 1 (a) One officer. At Q*n*ral Hospital, (Circli,) Washington, j Nov IS. Medical officer U. 8. A l|8th U 8 Infantry.... 1 i Officers 1 1st Mich.Cavalry Vol. 2 Hospital Steward 1 2d Peun. do 1 2d U.S. Cavalry 5 Sturgis Rifles 1 4th do do........ 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 5th do do 3 22d New York Vol... 3 6th do do 3 24th do do 9 ih uu arwuciy .... x|44id ao do..,,,, 1 2d do do 3 52d P<?nn. Volunteers. 2 3d do do 3 61 st New Vork Vol... 1 4tt do do 1 1st D C Volunteers.. 1 5th do do 6 !th N Hampshire Vol 1 1st U. 3 Infantry 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 'id do do 4 ? 3d do do 2 Total 50 Sick remaining ?? the Hospital fvt Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama, Nov. IS. 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 2 54lh PennsylvaniaVol. 1 7th do do 7 McK night's P?nn. Vol 1 IstN. Y. Artillery.... 9 1st Michigan Cavalry . 7 20tb do MUttla 1 1st do Vol 2 31st N?w Vork Vol... 1 3d do do 1 Uta do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... l 14th N.Y Vol 517th do do.... 9 46th New York Vol... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 3d Excelsior Brigade. 1 19th Indiana Vol 9 Harris Light Cavalry. 3 1st do Cavalry.. 1 IstNew Jersey Cavalry 2 3d U S. Infantry 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 6th do Cavalry 5 3th do do.. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 36. u do do.. 1 ? 45th do do.. 3 Total 81 At St. Elizabeth Hospital, Eastern Branch, November 15. l*t Excelsior Brigade. 5 8th Penn. do 4 'id do do 11 53d do do 32 4th do do 18 3d Vermont do 1 lat N. Y. Vol. Artll.. 1 Harris' N. Y. L. Csv. 3 54th do Volunteer*. 1 ? 57th do do 1 Total 70 At Indiana Hospital^ Patent Office), Washington, 19th Indiana Volun,..61|Berdan'sS.S., lit Keg 2 16th do do.... 5 do do 2d do. 1 27th do do.... 3 ? lit do Cavalry.. 6 Total ....80 36th Paan. Volunteers 2 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Nov 15. 3d U. P. Artillery .... 1 3d Michigan Vol 4 10th N*.w York Vol... 2 3d Maine Volunteers. 7 15th do do.... 3 4th da do. s Iftth do do....81 5th do do...... 10 17th do do.... 7 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 18th do do.... 4 Sth do do.... 1 tfth do do.... 6 1st Rhode Islsnd Art.. 1 98th do do.... 5 1st Massachusetts Art. 3 47th do do.... 9 1st N. Jersey Cavalry. 1 31st do do.... 7 Lincoln do.... 1 39d do do....11 Cameron Rifles. 3 37th do do.... 9 9d Fire Zonavee ...... 1 38th do do.... 9dVermontVolnntoers 1 40th do do.... 9 1st Minnesota Vol 1 79th do do.... 1 Harlan Cavalry 1 3*1 Penn. Volunteers. 15 Teamster 1 1st do * do 9 Civilian 1 45th do do 4 9d Michigan Vol..(?) 13 Total 175 Sth do do.. .(I) ( ) One oAcer. (6) One officer.

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T CARRIAGES, HE Subscriber having made additions to his factory, making it now one ol the larsest^. in the Distriot, where his faoilitieeftBDRK for manufacturing CARRIAGES andJB?JC LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds cannot be sur passed, and from his long experience is the business, he hopes to give general satisfaction. Ali kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept "iTREPAIRS neat'y done, and all orders promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. 1NDRBW J. JOYCE, d IS if corner of Fourteenth and E sis. 4B3it ^ BILLIARDS! I l_I LX The lovers 1 ^ ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'8 FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLES in Um united States, with every oomfort and convenience ? >-tf for the ?l>r?r?. SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED *J CORN.?The subioriber, having rot the agenoy to aupply Waahington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would reapeotfully aak of hit friend*, and the pablio at targe, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and aagared. WM? BRADLY, Agent. M ? Pa. aranae, between 18th and 19th ata. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlee, Monument*, Table Tope, ?o. A large aaeortment a way a on hand. oo 19 Sra WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. ? 3S9 PuiMTLvaina Avikvb, " ' 'B1K|A:HANT TAILOR^y * ^ AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, NEW CLOAKJU8T RECEIVED. Large atook of all kind* ot bhawlt, Terr oheap, , ?. Si Ik Robea. oloaiagoat at a great bargain, 11 kindaof Dreaa Good*, very shea*. WM Between 7th and >th ita., no i&-2w Oppoute Qatar Market. jBHAKKR, WELSH, H4 aJ other kiada of C9 wkitaaadaoionM WooTFIaaaala. ifflSiSSfasia Jaisrtf- " Vamwfcfflte*w WO IHW FaiHiifV* ' BDR JOHNSTOn, ALTinURK LOCK HOSPITAL, HtU dxstntrtd ikt mmi CirMM, Sptodf mmd on If Himidy m tkt Iworld, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FREJENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURL WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneeeaf ? Bt:k, Birictaree, Affecuoneef tba lidiim 8ii*l Bledder ^sfMcuxj taepotencT, f?en ml Debility, Ner*nBenesa, iViniptT, Urfi"', Canfasiao af ldsas, Law Sptr.u, ? pitatiou of the Hurt, Timidity, Trembhnfa, Dimceee of Stfiu or Qiddiueee, Diseaae of ths Head, Throat, N >ss or 8km, Affections of the Leafs, Itemach or Bowele?tbeee Terrtl le Disorders rrisinf from Bollluj Habits of Yoath?thees Dreadful and Dsatructi*e Prectices vhirb render M\rr,*fe impoaaibla, and dsatrsy bovh Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN Especially who ba?e become tht rtc'ima of Solitary Tie*, that draadfal and doetraetiee habit wltich annasI It swssps ta sn antimsly fr-vs thousands of Yoarg Msuaf tba moat saahsd talents and brilliant intellect, vtw mfht atherwiae aa?e entranced lasts sen f Baoaiaa with tha ihaodara of slsqasccs or waked ta ecetacy tba Imn* lyre, may Mil wilk rail canldence. MARRIAGE MsRRilD PEAIont, or Yoanf Men contemplating Marriage, being tvara of physical weakneee, arfacta Ability, 4erorir.it,aa, Ac., apeedilT carad. Ha who placee himeelf aodar tba eara af Dr 1. may relirlessly coosde in hia honor aa a gentleman acd aanldeauy rely apsn hia ekill aa a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide going from Baltimore e-jeet, a few daara frea the corner, rail not to obeerve name and iiater. Letters mast be paid and contain a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Msmberaf the Royal College of Surgeons. ban dan, (radiate from one of the rooet eminent Colleree ia tba United tatee, and the f leater part of whose life bae been spent to the boepitale of London, Parte, Philadelphia and elsewhere, hae effected earn a of the moat astonishinf cares that wars vav knnwn- man* fmnhliH with rinvina fka kaatl ani uri whan ailctp; rr*at n?r?oaan?ss, bting ilirnil at so l dsn tour 4i, baabraln*** with frsqatnt blaahing, auacdtd Mimunn with dsraogsrasoi af mind, *?ti car*d nmb*dtalaly, TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yeang !VI?n and oth*rs who ha?* mjcrsd tb*m**lT*a ty rum practie* indulgsd id whrn alon??a habit frejasntly laarr ad from *?il companion*, or at achoel, th* tlicu af whicn ar* nigfctly felt ???n ?b?o asissp, and if oat cared, r?nd*rs marrtag* impoaiibi*, aad d?s:roys both mud aod body, should apply immediate It. The** ar* soma of th* sad and m*lancholy sfsets errJacsd by early habits of youth, Tti: Waaknaai of th? Back aod umbi, Paina intha Head, Dimnsaa of liftt. Loss of Maecaiar Powar, Palpitation of tna Hsart, Dyipapay, Nsr?o?s irritability, Derangement of tha Digeetire KmiCUooe, C*n?raJ Debility, Symptotne of Consumption, Ac. Hl^T&LLT.?Th* fearful sffscis on tb* mind ar* math M ba dr*ad*d?Loas of M*mory, Confusion of Id***, Deprtssieo f Spirita, E?il Foreboding*, A**rs<oo of 8ociety, 8eif-Dietraet, Lot* of Soluade, Timidity. *tc., ar* *om* of lh? *?il* f>sdM?i Nihvoui n??iLlTT ?Thousands can new Judge what Is tha cam* of thttr declining h*slth, losing th*ir vigor, becoming ?*ak, pal*, oer*cne and emaciated, ha?n g a eing alai appearanc* a boat lb* sy**, ccugh or eymptonj of caneaaptlen. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wh*n th* misguided and imprudent votary of pl*a*ar* (od* h* ha* imbibed th* ***d? of thia painfa I dissass, it tea often beppsns that aa ill-tmed senee of sbam* or drtad of discs?sry d*t*r* him from applying to tboaa who, from education aod r?sp*ctability, can alona befriend him. H* falls iota th* band* of ignorant and destining pr*t*nd*rs, who, incepable af caring, Rich hi* p?caniary aabaunc*. keep bin trifling month after monib, or a* long aa Uie *mall**t fee can ba abtainsd, and in d**pair lea*e him with rained health t? sigh Tsr 01* galling dieappoiatroanl; or by th* as* of that deadly Mm-Mercary?hasten tb* coueiitutional eyrrptoroe af tbi* Mrribl* di**asa, sacb s* Affections of th* Heart, Tbraat, *ad, kin, Ac., progreeeing with frigbtfal rapidity, till dsath pat* a asnad is hia dreadful eaferiiige by aaoding bimt thai an diS**T*r*d ceantrr from whass bean s n* traveler Mtama. DR. JOHNSON'S ^REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By this great and important ramady weaktesa af tha errant ar* epeeduy cared and fall rigm reetared. Tbaaeands of th* Baal narraaa and dabiliUMd, wba had laat ail bap*, bars baaa immediately relieved. All impedimenta ta Marriage, PhyetaaJ ar Mental DiaqaalHaaoans, Laaa af P>a?reati*e rover Merreas Irritability. Tr*rablitif aod W*ako*sa at Bxhaaatlaa af tha laaat fearful kind epeeaily carad. EXUUKSEMEXT OF THE PRESS. tbi mm ymouiands csrad it this inautauaa vlvbta U* 1m; hmsuu Mart, and Ifca nimriu irapartanl rf iSai aprrauasn p?rf?rrc?d kt Or. Jahnataa, v!UilH?d by 1? HNiuri / lbs ptpiri and Buy ttbar fttmi, stucn tl vaish hart appsusd again aod agaiu bafara tba pabhc, b? :dat kta tacdlng > a gactismao af ebaractar and raSpaoalMilty, It a nlmm ga?ramsa la tha aMittad. mat la-iy NOTICE. ?4 ABAM*' JSRSSP This CompacT offers to the public M Unequalled Advantagea'' for the Safe and Quick JMspatoh of Heavy Freights. Paokages, Valuables, Money, Ac. Ac., to all parta of the united States. Expresses to and from the North and Weat depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expre*ses are in oharge of *rftrient?d and rtUablt Messengera. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "onx half" our uaual rate*. All Goods for the ao-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Articles M Contraband of War" will be RcrraiD. Uu- Expresses leave New York at 1, S, and f N. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and &J0 P. M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M. and 11 P. M-, arriving in Washington at 130 P. M, and 6 A, M, Expre#?ea leave Baltimore at 4 W A. M. ard 3 P. M.^arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5 30 Expresses for all points North ?nd West leave Waehiocton at 7jo a. M. and 3.30 >. M da^.y. Special Contracts for large *aantiti?-s of Freight oan be made on application to thia ' fhoe. Al! Gooda sailed for and dehverod fru of Extra charges, E. W. PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. Washington. Augast 23.1961. au 33-tf Ywood and coal. OU Will aureiy cot yonr nuney'a worth by wliicrlttiit PIONELR NULLS, tmtktun tm ??r of S***ntk strut and Canal, (RED, PAGE. A<mM Tbey Mil obM^r and five better manure than eny othera in the oUy?cut, at it. tod delivered free of charge. If yon don 11 enere , i ve the PioLeer M ilia atria., end l>e aatiafied. T-lT.r ROOTS AMD BBOE8 TO BUT TU 11 TiMESe We are new mauafaotdrmc ell kinda of BOOTS u< SHOES, rud ?oi.atantfy reoe via* e^^M ai)P>7 of i*&?terc mnde wort of ef*r;de rap ecnet'or. made exproealy to order, ec a villTK] be eold at a mooii'oworprioetlianhaa been* V& erotofore charged in thia eity for mich inferior rUelce. i'ereocj in vut of Hoota end Shoes of eentern ei eity made work, will alwayr find a jood aasorimee In atoreand a: u? leweat pno^e. Hive na a call. fRIFFIN A BRO., a * via RMY SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVEDUK) cana ?Al SAGK MEAT, MOoana FBESH TOMATOES, 48 ' cana FKKSH VEAL. XQcana BEEF.o la moat, 340 oana ROAST BEEF, 160 cana * RESB MUTTON, *40 oana BEEPand GRAVY, ?4C cana SOUP end BOUILLI, SOoaaea FRENCH DE8S1CATED VESE TABLES. Fer aale at New York Factory prioee. KING A Bl KCBELL, ae I Corner I and Fifteenth atreeta. Hf NEW BOOKS, lISTORY of the United Netherlands, by John Loth rot Motley ; 2 Tola.; free b* mail, f 4. The Rise of the Dutch Republic, a Lmtory, by John Lothrop Motley; Svoa oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Bede eloth Tifoenta ; paper ID ?Vife and Career of Meier Andre, by W wtrop Sergeant; #1 JO. After loeberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyaca to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lous L. Nob e: 91 JO. The Manufacture of Photogenic or H yd re-Carbon Oils. by Thotnaa AnUaell, M. D.; Ri.Tk Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RiCHBTRIN. mm UTS PaDnvaToeua. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hare reoeived witr.it tr,a laat day or two a iarie aaaorUnont of BOYB' SPRING CLOTH IN6, embraoini all atrloa of low-priood, modi am, and line tnalitiaa, whioh vo ara aelhni a t Tory low ariosa for oaak. WALL. 8TKPHKNB * CO.. ' S99 Pa. av., botwooo Ml and loth ata. B (iBfllitanoor and R?Mblio*a.? V|7K OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a lain TV aaaortnMEtofeREY ard BLl K FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SH1RTM, DRAWERS, CAM H BLANKETS, H ALP-U <'?*?, Ro., vtiion we isTito all mak purohaaara to "?-i~ c-efore makin* L!^tE>HRT?B k CO? h ,,y.j IturoNT'g eunrowuu, Uj "f BUC'WH"T rvoun. CKRO HAMBUKO CHBE^^ 0| EE8E ' HELMBQLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HI&HLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Xxtraot Buchn, A Pofittrt and Sf trifle Remtrlf For Dimum of U.? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. ORAVFL, and DROf 8ICAL SWELLINGS. Ten Medicine inoreaaea the power of Digestion, Md excitea the abroibk5T? into heaithy actio a. by whioh the witiit ok ctLrnori depoaiuoaa, aid a CSN4HKH KXLtftGcxcNT" are reduced. M veil M PAIS ASD UPLAMMATIOM, U4 M food for v MEN. WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHV For Weakneeaee Ariaing trom Kxo*aeea, Habit* of Dieeipatit A, Karl; lrdteer*timi or A^eee, Attended tritk tkt Following Symptoms : IndiapoaiUon to Exertioa, Loaa of Pnwar, l-iaa of M'morr, Diftoalty of Hreathing, Weak Nervee, Trembling, Horror of Dieeaae, Wakefulueaa, Dimneaa of Yiaion, Ptm in the Baok, L'niverra Laaaitndeof the Mmcu.tr !*T?tem. Hot Handa, Flnahing of the B<ydy, Dry net a of the Sktn, Fractions on the Faoe, PAILID OOfltTUtllca Thece ay mpt< ni?. it a owed to go ?a, whioh this medicine invariably removes, eoon fotlowe IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of tekick tkt Patient maf E<rpft Who can nay that they are not fVe?aently followed by thoee "DiaarrL oiesAaaa," M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.** .11 any are ?*?r? of the oanse of their suffe- ng, BCT JIOWB WILL CONPBSS. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ikt MtltuMy Deaths by Consirmrtum. BEAK AMPLE WITNESS TO THE TBCTH OP TBI A1XUTIOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medioine to strengthen And 1 c vigor*t* the System which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tnvnrtnbly d?* A TBIAL WILL COJmWCB THB MOST SKEPTICAL* FEMA LES- FEMA LES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OE CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Affectxont Peculiar it Ft malt t the Extract Bucno is nnee nailed by any other remedy, m in Chlorous or Retention, lrr> gu.anty, Painfniness, or Suppression of Customary Evnouations. Uloerated or Sohirrons state of the Utarus, Lenoerrhea or Whitee, Sterility, and for all oomplaints incident to the sex. whether arising from Indieoretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! SEE SYMPTOMS. ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mort Balram, Mercm-y, or Unpitatamt Mediant for Unpleasant mmd IMafirnu MMSW. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU CUEBS SECRET A>!?EASES In all their Stages; At little Expanse, Little or no change in Diet; No moonrenisnos; And no azpotur*. Itoausee a fre?u?ni deeire and gives strength to Urinate, thereby Rem ving Ubiti notions, Preventing and Curing Sinotnres of the Urethra, Allaying Pain and lnflammsbon, so frequent in the class of disea?es, and expelling nil Poxtonons, Dxttattd, and vera ml Mailer. THOVSANDS DFOX THOCSABM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid k?ar\ 'ttt to be eared in a abort time, have found th?y were deoaived, aad that the "poison" has, by the useof"pe?r?r/W aurimttntt" been dried up in the system, to break oat in an aggravated form, aad PERHAPS AFTER MAJi&IAti*. Use HELMBOLD'S tiXTRACT BUCHU all affections and diseases of the URINARY ORGAN?, Vf UCVUVI A?ft MALE OR FEMALE, from whatever oau?? originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of Ihoee Organs require the aid of a DiBBBTIC. HELMUOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THK GREAT DIURETIC, and it is certain to hare the dmi red effect is Diseases/er Mtt* ?2 u rtommrndti. VIDB5CB or TBI MOST RBSPOBflBLB ABD BBL1ABLB CBABACTBB wil!!aooompany the mediomee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From S to 30 rears' standing, v th Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIAXS" PLEASE-NOTICE." WB Sill "BO tBCBBT" OF "IBBBBDIBBTI." HKLMBULD'9 EXTRACT BUCHU ) composed of Buohu.Cubebeand Jumper Bernee, selected with treat oare by a competent dug giet. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HILHBOLD, Practical and Analmoal Chemist, and Sole Mai) aiaotarer of HXLMBOLD'S QKNUOT PEEP AE ATION 8. AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared Before me. an Alderman of the oity or Philadelphia, H.. T. Hslmsoll, vho being duly sworn, doth say. his preparat.oL* eontain no narootio.no mercury, or other injurious drugs. but ase purely vegetable. Alderman, Ninth ?t.. Mot* Km*, Piulo. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Prlc* 91 M' WttU, *r ill for K. DoUvcrod to ut addroM, Moaroiy p?tk?4 fro* QbowTafcou. * j Addroaa lotteta for informatooa ia aofiidwot to . H. T. HKLMBOU), Cktmi*?. Doyot, 10t Boatk Tooth at., boiov Ckootaot, Phito. VKWAU OP COUNTEKPHITt AND VNPEINCIPLED DEALERS ?"s?:.;;Lxir?z?."" WWW rnfmrmnmu, M M Eztrtt But km, _ " " jiymil JUM Vut BoM br B, B. Waits. Z. 0. tiuui, J?n WiLBV. ft. a Foxu ft. B. Bvrwutu, O. W^m^voidi?ifJlTa. "" ^ AJTi) XLL DMV&9IMTB MVMM TWHM&M. A*K 10* HZLMBOLD'B TAQ HO OTHHL C*t o?Ctte rtiwtliwt ni ?< fci it AMD AVOID I*POSITION Mi UfOifii D*?erih* 8jmp?wu m 4U 1 OmOwTCMMir *irw.?rmtt?' fNM *? K