22 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ * M ' * ttlt SSI55S2S2252^^?__?^____^___ THE EVENING STAR THE W?LT.BTAK. rVBUSUP.D BVBB.T APTB&tlOOH, ^ A/ . ? j ' I _. . _ (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) ? L *S A 5? " u" ^ ?* * *? AT THE ?TA* BUILOINOI, | I l.A' A A a. a 4 a A! ^ A A mfcHlif ? |Wrtr nrWy *f lilBMUn, n?i 1^ A/V%"V%lr dV W/%^ sise?ST w.p.wallaoh. , IF J I r 11 1- 11 1 I 1 41 I ?r^~:.?.rr. ,^'Tr??t?z^T-,VZ"Z^Ji J \j \? ^ Vs# w /VW/V + ^^:::zr:::.z::~z 12 ike prtoe te S3 30 a year, m i4twri; V for rii T^.v LV Tweety-liw ooplee *> ' aaoatha; tl for three montba; u4 lor 1? thaa j K; Mtaeertahly ooet&laa the "WnUactwa Newa' three aaoetha at the r%te of hi centa a week. 81*- 1 j lk*t h*? made 7\? Dmtif Kvmtnf 5Mr circulate fie coplea, oiti c?st; 1b wrapper*, two ema. \ 1 ?? federally Uirooghout tha country, iiT" AaremriaannTe akoukl be aeat to the - I C^" Single coplea (fa wrap para) cti he proVSt. XVIII. WASHINGTON. P. C . FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 22. 1861. Ng. 2.733. jj?'"" TIE EASTER* fIR?l9li EXPEDITION PROGRESS OF GENERAL LOCKWOOD. LATEST FROM ACCOMAC. THREE THOUSAND REBELS DISBANDED. The Union Fla| Raised on Seceaaian Poles. OIH DlX'S PB0CLAMATI03 WILL RlCllVKD. Information was received last night at headqua'tera from Accomac county of the moat gratifying character, giving assurance that the expedition despatched by Gen Dix to the two Eastern Shore countha of Virginia will meet with little or no opposition. Oa Sunday the flag of the Union was hoisted at Drraunoodtown, tb- county aeat of Accomac, a pole which bore the rebel flag the day b?- I tore The people of the eoonty had submitted to the authority of the Uflited States, and declared their luteution to do ao in advance of the arrival of the troops A flag of trace waa sent by Gen Lockwoodto Drummondtown on Saturday. On Friday night 3 UUO rebel troops dUbanded, most of them drafted militia. Wherever the etflcer who bore the flag of truce went he was importuned for General Dlx's proclamation, which Lad been sent among them the day before. We annex some extrscts from his statement. Meeting some of the disbanded men he asked them why thev hsd broken up to suddenly? " The reply waa they had got Gen. Dlx's proclamation, and believing tbev could not stand out against the force we were about to send again at them, they thought it bet-er to disband But othera came up In ths mean time who were a part of the militia, and they boldly answered that they never did want to go into the business, snd had all the time disaoDroved of it. but were com pel led to It by hot beaded Secessionists " The greater part of the persons I met were of the disbanded militia. Three cheers for the Union were given with suet zeal and zest as to make me conclude that there was something more la them than expressions arising from fear I met many in squads of five, ten. twenty, 4c , ad they would sometimes ran across the fields te RMet us, expressing the deepest gratitude for the deliverance from oppression and want, for they are In wa&tof many of the necesiaries cf life "I will here state that along the road 1 was besieged for General Dix's Proclamation, a few coplea of which bad been scattered about the country tbrougt^wblch I passed. It had even reached thi? plaW yesterday. When it had got among the militia organizations it was made th? pretext for giving open expression to their latent feelings of opposition to the Confederate rulers. 1 "The gre-t majority of the people. 1 believe, look upon the troops about to be sent among them as their deliverers from cruelty and oppression. Hurrahs for the Union were quite frequent At one place the American flag was hung out It was a curiosity to the people, and they looked In astonishment when they saw that one owned in their very midst " Another letter dated on Sunday says: This morning a forward movement into Virginia took place?first an advance of cavalry, next the Fifth New V ork (Zouaves from Federal Hill), followed by the Wisconsin Fourth, five companies of the Twenty-first Indiana, five or six ccntpanles of the Sixth Michigan, Ntmms' Boston artillery andfta independent cavalry company of Pennsylvania. It was a glorious and a most Imposing sight to see as they wound arouud our camp aod eyter a wood about a quarter of a mile distant.?We have here, besides the Purnell Legion, a portion of the Sixth Michigan, the Seventeenth Massachusetts, snd some companies ?*# v- *2 J rv-1 ???? vt iuq cccudu urritwoic rcg 1 lIJClii The United States revenue gunboat Hercules. Rufus Coffin, Lieutenant Commanding arrived In port about ten o'clock yesterday from a cruise on Pocomoke Bay and Tangier's Sound, and brings information from the Eastern *bore of Virginia up to Monday night. Brigadier General Lock wood was still at Newtown with 6,000 men, and also had 1,0U) men at Snowhlll. He designed marching to Drummondtown and esta llshlng there his headquarters. The place was held by a squadron of cavalry, and the National Flag was waving over It. The greater proportion of the Inhabitants are Union In feeling, and received the proclamation of Major General Dlx with delight. In a few days Gen Lock wood would move Into Northampton ceunty, with a force sufllctent to overcome any opposition from the Secessionists, who would be obliged to succumb Lieutenant Coffin left General Lockwood on Sunday, and on bis way to his vessel found that a number of bridges over the streams south of the Pocomoke river bad been burned, and trees felled and placed over the roads, compelling him to take a circuitous route On Saturday, four boats, with armed seamen, were despatched from the gunboats Hercules and Reliance, lying In Pocomoke bay. under tbe charge of Lieutenants Tompkins ar>(l Gambrill, of tbe Reliance, and Lieutenant Hall, and Quar ter roaster Berry, of tbe Hercules, to Syke's lsl>nd, in tbe bay, near the mainland of Accomac county, and which possession was taken Formerly there were about 140 inhabitants on tbe island, but on account of the apprehensions entertained that they would be Impressed Into the rebel service, all but 30 bad left. These gladly received the proclamation of General D:x, and were promised the protectlon of the Uuitrd States. The Herculea and Tiger will return to those waters as soon as they can te-coal, and with tbe Reliance, Captain McGowan, will cruise along the Virginia shore In onaectlon with the military forces ?BmUimort iVMTMSS. The Assay ef Geld. In this verr entertaining article on ''Making Money," in Harpers' Magazine for November, tt tiau AvaoK tates u? 10 me new xorK Assay Office, gets tu to deposit a little bullien. how* as how Uaele Sam's men run it into bars, and then gives as a description of the way in which Dr. Torrey, the head assayer, finds oat BOW MCCH W| ARB WOBTB. Two small bits, called -assay-slips," are cot from different parts of the bar of each deposit. These are taken to the laboratory of the assayer, where they are hamered and rolled into slips so thin that they can be easily eat by scissors. These slips, marked so as to show to what deposit they belong, are given to an assayer, who has before him, enolosed in glass case, a pair of scales, with weight so delioate that they will indicate the half-milhonth part of an ounce; the smallest weight resembling a bit of horse-hair the eighth of an ineh long The operator oats from the lip piece weighing exactly half gramme (the gramme being a Frenoh weight equivalent to about the thirteenth part of an ounoe); to this he adds a gramme of pare silver, and ooloees them in a wrapper of lead foil, weighing a bo at ten times as much as both gold and diver. This is rolled into a little ball and taken to an adjoining room, where it underCtwo operation*, one of whioh removes the metals, and the other separates the silver from the gold. The first of these operations is called '-cupelLation." tnii <i?tn?nda nmn th? nrinninU fkat base metals, when melted end railed to a high temperature, combine with the oxygen of toe air and become oxydiied, whilegold andsilver are not affected. This operation is performed ia "Muffle Furnace," which contains an oven large enough to bold about a doten small encibTes, called eapels. These are made of oalcined bone dost, and are about the sise of a large pill box, with a shallow depression to hold the metal. The cupels being heated redhot, the little ball is dropped into oim of them. It melts immediately, forming a bnght globule, which boils and spins around. The surface rapidly oxydises, and the oxyd runs down the sides of the globale and sinhs into the pores of the cupel. Lead forms a very liquid oxyd which wsshee away, as it were, the oxyds of the other metals: aad is added for this parpocc la about ten minutes the scum disappear* aad the little globule suddenly brigbteas ap; the cupel is removed from the furnace aad tne metal, forming a little battoa about the site of a buck shot, is taken oat. This contains only gold aad silver; all baae metals kaviag disappeared This battoa U hammered and rolled oat thin aad then formed iato a eoll about as large as a pencil; this is called a cornet, and is to be sabJisted to the second process, for separatiag the silver from the cold. This is based on the fact that aitrie asM will dissolve silver, while it will not act upon gold. Bat the proportion of silver in ordinary oullion is so small that each particle is surrounded and protected by the gold. The silver waa added by the assayer in order to diff-ise the gold, an ! enable the nitric acid to come at the silver. The oornet is put into a "mattrass." a vicl with a broad base and long neck. Into this is poured about an ouace of diluted nirtio acid, which is boiled by placing the rial in a bed of hot sand. Bright, red fumes soon arise, show* ing that the aotion of the acid upon the silver wit begun. In about ten minutes the acid it poured off, and a quantity of less dilation is poured in to dissolve out the last traces of the silver, The silver and nitrio acid uniting hava formed nitrate of silver, and the remainder of the cornel is pure gold It is a fragile roll Iwking very like the brown tinder left in burning writing'paper. This is taken out, washea in distilled water, and melted in a crucible, when it atonoe resumes its metallio appearanee. It is carefully weighed in the operator's delioata scales, the result showing the fiaoneee of the bullion; or how large a per* tion of it was gold and bow large alloy. The value of an ounce of any fineness being already knewn, the whole value of the gold in our deposit is readily ascertained. Affairs in the Gulf. RK^LS UPON SANTA ROSA ISLAND, ETC. A eorrespondent of the New York World writes from the United States steamer Rhode Island, November 18th: Our arrival at Fort Pickens on the 2Sthult. proved to be mere important than any of us anticipated, for just as the anchor was let go ?"at 11 p m."?signals were made from tne fort to the Colorado that the rebels were landSn<? in fnr^A fmm tvn sfaatnaM a? end of Santa Roam Island. A boat wag immediately sent from the Colorado to order under weigh, with instructions to stand close in to theheaoh and shell the enemy from the large 80-pound rifled gun we were taking down to tbe Niagara. The anchor was soon hove up, and all bands called U, quarters, and tbe ship headed in for the shore. On arriving within a mile of the beach the engines were stopped, and a bright lookout kept for the landing party, but no movement was observed, although we cruised up and down during the night Tbe next day we heard that tbe rebels at Fort McRae had observod our arrival and movements, and signalized their oomrades who had landed that a flank movemeut was intended, and ordered hem to re-embark, which they did in haste. From one of the officers of the steamer Massachusetts 1 learn the following particulars of a short but spirited fight that took place on the 19th ultimo. The M?ssachusett3 was lying at anchor in Mississippi sound, when a steamer called the Florida eame devn, and challenged them to engaze by throwing a shot across her bows. The Massachusetts got uuder weigh and stood fer her adversary, who kept up a brisk fire from a large rifled gun amidships. Before the Massachusetts could get her guns to bear, a shell fr?m the enemy struck her aft, and penetrated the side, entered the ward-room, tearing away the table in its course, and finally bursting, demolishing four state-rooms. (One of the pieces picked up after the fight was over thirty pounds weight.) The Massachusetts at length succeeded in getting a shell to take effect on tbe Florida's rifled gun, as she oeased firing and retreated up tbe Sound. The steamer is supposed to have just returned from Mobile, where she had taken a number of rifled guns, from tbe foundry at New Orleans, for the battery erecting at Mobile Point. The rebels have a powder der mill at Mississippi oitj that turns out 1 800 pounds of powder per day, and are also castiag large rifled cannon at the foundry in New Orleans. A Divoct Advertiser.?We notice, in a religious newspaper, a displayed advertisement for a wife. We give it a gratuitous insertion, but no one need address this office, as we are not acquainted with the advertiser. A WIFE WANTED. A missionary's home has been rent by the death of a beloved mother. He needs a comforter, a counsellor, a friend. The vanity of this world, and the things ot it, put them altogether, and they will notir^ke a helpmeet for man They will not suit the nature of the soul nor supply its needs, nor satisfy its just desires, nor run parallel with its never-failing duration. Therefore, it being not good for man to be alone, God created wuman to be a help-meet for him. Soe Genesis ii, 18; Prov: zviii, 22. The applicant must possess a healthy body, practical piety, domestic habits, a competency, and, if possible, a musical tal at. Andrews ''MISSIONARY," atthisoffioe. If any healthy, pious, domestic woman, with a comfortable fortune, but no ear for music, has a longing for this connexion, it seems that she need not be deterred by the wants of the last qualification, as that will not be insisted upon, although ''if possible" she should add the throat of a warbler to the sum of the other attractions. We suppose that it must be the just sense of "tbe vanitv of this world" which induces the advertiser* to be so easily satisfied in a partner for life. Good health, piety, domestic habits, and a competency, it seems, are all that would be inJispensible to bis gratification, although a musical talent, thrown in. would be highly appreciated. He U as easily contented as the child who summed up her simple wants in the desire for "nothing but victuals and raiment, and pretty gooa clothes."?Jour. Com. ^LIGHTLY DAMAGED o hardware. 1.000 pairs Riding Spun, 900 pairs bast Chain Trao?s, ).? o i[>?. Log or Ox Chains. ltodosun Box Ooffae Mil.s. (Superior), PEOCHEE & BROTHER, no Baltimore. moved hnoffio?'to No! 36T New York I avenne. between 10th and 11th sis., where ha oan be oo malted as usatL OJfioe hours?7 to 9, l to S, 7 w 9 noH >weo? B. "ABMY WK16HT." LEACHED and nnHeaohed Cotton Flannels, of array weight in tuaiitj. Medium, fine aad su Fvine Wait*: Fl&nne a. Shaker Fianneis. shaker tonels. all grades and widths. With a.I other fciudsof ury Goods for the general aad speoiai wants of families. Use price only, marked in plain figures PERRY A BROTHER, no 18 at Pa. avenue and Nintn st. nPHOMPBON'S MEDICINES. 1 LIPE PRESERVEE AND CORDIAL, For sale, wholesale and retail, by ? ? 8. C POBD, Druggist, bo 1-1 m Corner Eleventh st and Pa avunue. miMPOiT rnsT? pnuvnoTa V> The subscribers hare in st->re WOO Single and Doubts Bed Comfort*, at low ficu*-ef. no 16 lw JAB. C. M06UIRE A CO A ATTENTION. SUTLERS! RMYGLOVB?! ARMY RLOVKS!! ARMY GLOtKBS!!?Just oaen?d ud for sa e, a'l rarieUH of B tokskm mm! Sneep?kic Gloves and Gaunt leu. b* p. b. Hastings * cp., Bo la-tf D st -Psilhsrmonio Butl<fiag. TCAKJCS-CAKSS! O BUTLERS AN1> IKADERS.-Gii^or Bread saeked in barrels or boxes with ears and aupaton by J. FIRTH, the only regular Cake Baker in the bakery Uae. Cash must aooompany aU orders JOSEPH FIRTH. 150,000 Also, wanu?d?? >, 00 lbs. Army Grease and Bouk railo?./or whioh the hiihe?t rnoevill be aid. at the National 8l>ap and Caadle^Voiks, oor. Green il aad Canal. GeoruMovpTu. C. no 7 la C. B JEW ELL. Proprietor. WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oar former patron#, and oitMenageaeraflj, | ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. J UBT Received on ooaatconent IJUO -machae SICE AND WOtJ!*DED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. PublukU m tonformit* with tk* rttohtt >om if tkt Senate rf July 16, 1S01. At Seminarjr Hospital, Georgetown, Nov 15.' id U. 8. Infsntry 3 43d Penn. Volunteers. 1 lit do Artillery.... 1 53d do do...... t id Maine Volunteer* . 1 lit do Artillery... 3 0th do do...... 1 lit do Rifles ...... 9 7th do do 1 2d do Cavalry.*.. 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* I 3d do do...<.? 1 3d do do.... 3 4th do do..,*.. 1 5th do do.... 11 lit do Reaenre.i.^1 9th Massachtiseta Vol.. 1 3d do do 3 13th New York Vol... 3 4th do do 1 14th do do.... 3 11th do do 1 15th do do.... 1 19th do do...(4)1 Hint do do.( ) l|l9t& Indiana Vol 1 99d do do.... 5 lit Mlchtg&n Vol 1 29th do do.... 1 3d do do...v. 3 33d do do.... 1 4th do do......J4 44th do do.... l|2d Wisconsin Vol.,.. t 45th do do.... 3 0th do d*.,.?i 54th do do.... 4 0th do d?...,1479th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 2 litNewYork Artillery 2 >1 oxart Regiment 1 lit New Jeriey Vol... 1 Tammany Regiment. 1 3d Penn. Volunteers.. 1 Excelsior Brigade....16 9th do do 2 1st U S Chasseurs... 1 26th do do 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 27th do do 1 Teamster, <4. M. D ... 1 33d do do 1 Engineer 1 35th do do...... 7 36th do do 2 Total 131 (a) Oneofflcer (6) One officer. At Oeneral Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and Waikington streets, Georgetown, Nov 15. 9thNewYorkVol 1 2d NewHampshireVol 2 13th do do...... 1 3d do do.... 2 14th do do 4 2d VermontVolunteers 2 17th do do...... 8 3d do do,... 5 ?8th do do...... 1 5th do do.... 5 lQth <tn An ? <? D Y.~i_ 1-1 1 >i-> . ?d do do l ist Michigan Vol 2 '24th do do 1 2d do do 18 26th do do 1 3d do do 2 27th do do...... 1 4th do do 2 29th do do 1 2d WUconalndo 1 33d do do 2 Oth do do 1 34th i do do...... 0 l?t Minnesota do 1 35th do do 2 1st California do 6 43d do do 7 2d do do 2 45th do do 1 l?t Excelsior Brigade. 10 50th do do 3 2d do do.... 1 54th do do 1 3d do do....11 79th do do 4 l?t Maryland Vol 3 4thP?nn. Volunteers. 1 2d Penn. Cavalry 3 6 h do do 2 3d do do 2 7th do do 1 6th do d> 1 9th do do...... 1 l?t Michigan Cavalry. 1 11th do do 1 lat Indiana Cavalry... 0 12th do do 4 OneidaCountvCavalry 1 23d do do 1 1st Penn Artillery.... 3 virtth do do...... 1 5th U 8 Artillery.... 2 J7th do do 2 5th Rhode Island Art. 1 30th do do 1 lit New York Artillery 1 45th do do 1 1st Indiana Rifles 1 46th do do 2|Mott's Battery 1 47th do do 1 De Kalb Regiment... 2 2d Maine Volunteers. 2 Officer's servant 1 Oth do do...... 1 7th do do 1 Total 166 At Hospital at Columbian ColUgt, Washington, Nov. 15. 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 4 5th New Jersey Vol... 2 5th do do...... 1 7th do do.... 1 7th do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 9th do do 1 3d do Cavalry 1 2d NewHampshlreVol 2 Harlan's Penn Cavalry 1 3d do do.. 1 Chroman's Rifles 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Penn Volunteers.. 1 3d do do.... 1 3d do do...... 2 10th Massachusetts Vol 9 4th do do 4 14th do do. 2 8th do do 7 19th do do. 1 10th do do 3 4th Rhode Island Vol. 2 12th do do 4 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 13th do do 1 Harris'Cavalry 4 23d do do...... 1 1st New York Cavalry . 1 27th do do...... 1 2 2d do Vol 2 31st dw do...... 3 23d do do 2 33d do do 6 24th do do 2 35th do do 1 25th do do 4 40th do do 1 35th do do...... 2 1st Michigan rmi ? 36th do do...... 1 1st do? Vol...'! 3 37th do do..(<<< 5 2d do do...... 3 43d do do...... 1 4th do do...... si 44th do do 3 8th do do...(a) 9 49th do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.. 3 Anderson Zouaves.... 2 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 lit Excelsior Brigade. 6 8th do do.... 3 2d do do.... '2 7th do do.... 4 De Kalb N. Y Vol ... 5 1st Minnesota Vol 1 Lincoln Cavalry 3 8th Illinois Cavalry... 1 1st U. 8. Cbasaeurs.... 2 19th Indiana Vol 5 Berdan'sSharpshooter* 1 1st D C. Volunteers .. 2 Oneida N Y Cavalry. 3 1st California Vol 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 91 Total 179 2d do Vol.... l| (a) One officer. At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Nov 15 Medical officer U. 8 Al|8thU.8 Infantry.... 1 Officers 1 1st Mich.Cavalry Vol. 2 Hospital Steward 1 2d Penn do 1 2d 0.8. Cavalry 5 Sturgts Rifles 1 4th do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 5th do do 3 22d New York Vol... 3 6th do do 3 24th do do 2 1st do Artillery.... 2 44th do do 1 2d do do... 3 5->d Penn Volunteers. 2 3d do do 3 61st New York Vol... l 4th do do 1 1st D C Volunteers.. 1 5th do do 6 4th N Hampshire Vol 11 1st U. 8 Infantry 1 (Quartermaster's Dep't 11 2d do do 4 ? 3d do do 2 Total 56 Sick remaining t? the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama, Nov. 15. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 54th PennsylvaniaVol. 1 7th do do 7 AcKnight's Penn. Vol 1 1st NY. Artillery.... 9 1st Michigan Cavalry. 7 20th do Mllltla 1 1st do Vol 2 .11 at V??W V?i 1 *- * .? ? ivia t v? iiou UV UU .. ? 1 34th do do.... l|5th Wisconsin Vol.... i 14th N.Y.Vol 517th do do.... 9 46th New York Vol... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 3d Excelsior Brigade. 1 19th Indiana Vol 9 Harris Light Cavalry. 3 1st do Cavalry.. 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 2 3d U 8. Infantry 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Oth do Cavalry 5 8th do do.. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 30th do do.. 1 ? 45th do do.. 3 Total 81 At St. Slixabttk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Aovtmbtr 15. 1st Excelsior Brigade. 5 8th Fenn. do 4 2d do do 11 53d do do 32 4th do do 12 31 Vermont do 1 1st N. Y. Vol. Artll.. 1 Harri*' N. Y. L Cav. 2 54th do Volunteers. 1 ? 57th do do 1 Total 70 At Indiana Hospital^Patent Ogee), Washington, 19th Indiana Volnn... 611 Berdan's 8.S., 1st Reg 2 16th do do.... 5 do do 2d do. 1 27th do do.... 3 ? lit do Cavalry.. 6 Total.... 80 36th Penn. Volunteers 2 At Oonoral Hospital, AUxandria, Nov 15. 9d U. P. Artillery 1 3d Michigan Vol 4 10th N*.wYork Vol... 2 3d Maine Volunteers. 7 15th do do.... 2 4th do do 5 16th do do....21 5th d* do 10 17th do do.... 7 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 1KB SO do.... 415th do do.... 1 25th do do.... 6 1st Rhode Island Art.. 1 Mth do do.... 5 let Massachusetts Art. S 37th do do.... 9 lat N. Jersey Cavalry. 1 3lat do do.... 7 Lincoln do.... 1 33d do do....II Cameron Rtflea. 3 37th do do.... S 3d Fire Zouaves 1 38th do do.... 6 3d Vermont Volunteera 1 40th do do.... 9 let Minnesota Vol 1

79th do do.... 1 Harlan Cinlry 1 3M Peon. Volunteers.15 Teamster 1 01st do do % Civilian 1 45th do do 4 "Jd Michigan Vol..(e) 13 Total.. 175 Stb do do. .Jh) 6 ( ) One oAeer. (k) One oficrr. fTT Washing ten papers plesee oopv and asnd blQs to the W ar Department. nov 90?3t CASH NOTICE. N Ooneetnenoe <h onr having to |ty Otik for iverr artoele of goods wo snrahaee. we axeforced h>, redaooonr bnetnseMo Owl sxolsilvely, for ths THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW is THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fillnt and JI?at Reliable !fews frsm the Seat ?f Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle ' The present year is undoubtedly the moat eventful in the political hiatory of thla country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis la naturally ol atrlking and remarkable interest The public desire to receive prompt, fuil and reliable accounts of aH that passes here la moat Intenae, and we have consequently made alteratlona and improvements in the weekly laaue of the Washington Star to meet thia wnnt moat satisfactorily In complt' ance with the wiah of the public the paper haa been changed from a quarto to the more eonvenieat folio shape, and now appeara ? handsome sheit of thirty-Uco columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing :he name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it Is printed. 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Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new Inventions issued from the Patent Ofltce each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our reaflHt a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Niwi and Gossip our speciality, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing It to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Induttments to Clubs. To Single Subscribers ,...<100 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten 90 eents. To Clubs of Fifteen 86 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-five 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of the Stab, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. CHOUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Ao. ./ TYLER'S COMPOUND SYHUP OF BUM ARABIC. This pletsant and popular Cough R?medr has been so long known and extensively usod that most persons have oeoome familiar with its extraordinary efficacy. It oan be had at all the prmo.pal drug stores, at 25 and 50 oents a bottle. oo Md2mAe>o4m* SOMETHING NEW ! /^v vgyt i ^jgabatbst dlhco v'irt op jevi ( 981 C street, opposite tke Theater. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roa?t) in two minute/, the fastest ftmi on record. Call and see. The undersigned retp?otfuiiy informs his frionds in the District, and visitors to the oit*, that he ha* refitted his old and wrll-known bstablisiimb t in a most thorough manner, ai>d has made ooin plete arrangements to furnish OYSTER^ in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 50f ga Ions shuoked ftni uaj ? wu hj o w mi? ui cpiumj ?u r resa put up daily?oans hermetically ? sled. Furnished it. the sh I by the bushe* or barrel. Persona wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly throafh the winter, at Baltimore puo-js, without fear of failure, ?h?nld oa!l and make arrant >ra*pU at onoe. Freight, nine, and money aved by purchasing of me, as I furniah an artiole 2ual to the eelebrated Baltimore establishment*, prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Puts' F??et, Tripe, Ao. Ac., Ao. Also, Piokles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, Ao. Alao, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod. Halibut, Ao. In foot, every thins for sale in the Northtrn markets always on hana, at reasonable prioes Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge ts any par* of the Distriot. in season, i{ the money is sent with the order. My establishment is ooen from 6 a. m. to 12 at night, every aay.exoept Sunday, when 1 oloae at lOo'olooka. m. se2T T. M. HARVEY. T HE Subeorib?Ph^*iA|2J!i^ additions to his | faotory, making it now one of the largest. ma in the Distriot, where his facilitiesfifloMK for manufacturing CARRIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds oannot be sur passed, and from his long experience in the business, he hopM to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept n\.: REPAIRS neatly done, And all orders promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carnages taken in exohinxe for new onee. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and E sts. timA _ BILLIARDS! I 1?1 LI The lovers ' M of the GAME OF BILLIARDS Will UUU IB EMRICHM3 FINE HALL, Cornar o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (tooth side,) two of the most admirable TABLEb la the Uartad States, with every oomfort and OlVStlMM an t-tf lor the slayers. SOMETHING XKW-8UPERIOK HULLED C fOA/V.-Tr.e subscriber, having rot the agency to eapply Washington and Geortetown with this delioate preparation of Corn. WOald respectfully ask of hie friends, and the publ.o at large, to give it a trial. Aiso, Popped Corn. plain and eagered WM. BRADLY. Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.? Mauufaoturer of Marble Mantles. Monnments. Table Tops, Ao. A large assorunenta ways on hand. oe 19 3m WALL.&TEPHENtt A CO.. saa PuMTLvini A vine x, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TaILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND 1UMn*i|MHIUIUPm se?-if (Intel. A Repeb.) NEW CLOAKS CK,V?D. Large stock of all kinds of Shawls, Dree* 8. Iks, very cheap, Silk Robes, olosiag oat at a great bargain, All kiads of Dress Good?, very ch?oa. WM R. RILEY 4 BRO., No. Si Centra! Stores. Between 7th and fth sts., aolUr Oppo-ite Center Market. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENSIVE assortment of Louise* aad Children s Ho<>ds. 8on*ocs Coats, cloaks. Sleeves, tea'tifa-'w^s^EmbVofd^^hV^WS Sfavnd^&e., will be sc.A'saap aad at use p'rioe s? W^gMy8^.. 8CHLAICH * OO. piAMpS, riANOe, riANOg,-N.? PUM. 1> DR. JOH1ITON, 1 lilLflNOK a. LOU HOiriTAL, flu ditcj9*r4H tii * *i itMm, S->**.ly mmd j/KiMl Krmtdf m 14' World, FOR ALL D'.SEABESOr IMPRUDENCE. LMT NO FALSE DELICACY FF EVENT. APPLY" IMMEriATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. a# B?:t. SinctarM. Af*tuc*? ? lb* *tdaaji ?oJ E.idJt: -~-T<?i?r..irj Dtaeharf**, lapotanc?, Gaaara! Dabtlity, N*i.*oaaoaia, Lacrvar, Coofaaiac r Low 3ptr ?. ?.-:phaaiu af tha Timidity Tramblinfa, Diaanaaa ? Rifai or Gidduaaa, Dniu? of tha ad, Throat, Noaa ?r 8kiB, Af actMos of tha Imp. 8 ai wkith h*r? apptand again aad again bthri lb* pafc'ie, fca !d?? hi* landing u a goiianiac W eharacur ud reap* !Mllly, I? a HJtltm pirmn it th? aBicfd. att lj-l? NOTICE. " A0AHI8' EXPRESS ?SF This CompaDy offers to the public ** L'neq nailed Advantaged'' for the Safe and Quick Dispatoh of Heavy Freights. Packages, Valnab.es, Money, to. 4 c., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West dem and arrive in Washing'an twioe daily. All Expre*ses are in oharge of szysritnctd and rtltabl* Messengers. All Packages for The Soldie.s oarriea at "ons half" our usual rates. All Goods for the so-oalled "Confedrrata States" and ail Articles " Contraband of War" will be R'TtSED. ub' Expresses leave New York at l.f, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and bJSO P. M. Expros_.ee leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at t n P. M, an?. 8 A* Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 9^ A. M. and 9 P. >l.^a.riving in Washington at t A.M. and 53" Expresses for all pointr North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M -nd P. ;i. daily. SpociaT''ontraots f i ?uactit:*s of Freight c?n be msde ou appli' ^ ' > tins < iffioe. A!. Goe s i\!lej fo. i. ... e'jvered /rss of Extra "Varies. W, PAESCNo, Scp't Aur.ins* Exp; ac Company. Washington, Atgnst 23. 186; an a-tf Y" . WOOD AND COAL. OU Will su-elr tet your money's worth by sailing at the PIONEER MI '.Li?, toHtlvmmt cot tr af Strtn.K strut am! Canal, J6EO. PA6E, Agent.) They sell cheaper and give tetter mer.?u;s than soy others in the oily?cut, split, ana daliY?red free of charje. If yo? don 11 elieve ? , t? the Pioneer Mill* s ma., and be satisfied. i l? r |?OOTS AMD TO PV1V TRC We are now manafaotanng at) kinds of BOOTS aid SHOES, and ?OLSta^fcy receiving sspplr of eastern made work of everrde EKZ ori?t:oE. made expressly to order, aca wmIwTbT t>esuldatamsojlo^er?'ioetluuihasb?Miv Ak heretofore ooarged in Uua ait; lor aron inferlar artielaa. Peraoaa in want oI Boou and Bhoee of eiittri er it? made work, will t v?;i find a food aaaortmea la iter* tod at the leweat jnoee. Si ve aa a call. RIFF1N * BRO., > ' tu P? m!v?nia ?reca?Aa.MV 480 can* SAl'SAGK M K AT, MO oana FKtJH TOMATOES, ?8"oan? FRh^H VEAL, 960 cans BEEF,? la modt, MO eana ROAST BEEF, Woui FRESH MUTTON, MOoana BEEF and GRAVY, S40 eana SOUP and BoUILLl, jri oaaes FRENCH DESS1CATED VESE TABLES. Far gale at Nav York Factory jrioea. KINS Jt B I RC HELL. ee I Corner I and Flfteenth atreeta. a NEW BOOKS. STORY of the United Netnerlanda, by Joha Lothroa Motley ; 3 vole.; free b? mail, It. Tbe Riaeof the Dutch Re?ub;ie, a niatory, by John Lothrop Motley; S to a oiotn; free by mail, Bilaa Marner, the Wearer of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam Bede cloth 7t|oenU ; ptfe' *> 09QU, Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintroy Barceant; SI JO. After loeberfa with a Painter.a Summer Voyaie to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Loata L. Nob e: #1.60. Tbe Manufacture of Puotoceaia or fi?dro("ar bon Oils, by Toomaa AntieeU, M. D.; #1.7*. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A K .CHSTLLN, a? tt 8T8 Penna. avenaa. W boys' clothing. E Have received wit.un the aat day or two a targe aaaortment of BO^b* SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all atvlea ot iowjnoed, median, and fine ?uaiitiea, which we are eelling a t vary low pnoea for each. WALL, BTEPHKNB A CO388 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ate. m tt < Intelligenoer and Republican.* WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larjre aaeortmentof GRh Y ai.d BLI'E FLANNEL 2VER-SH1RTS. WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW: R8, CAMP BLANKETS, H ALP-HOBE/Ao., which we invite all eaah yerchaeera to ezaatine before making their ee.ecboqa. WALL. Wrm HUNS A CO. JM Pa. av., between tth aad 1*U eu. H> (latelhceTx>?T and Reeebliaan.) DUCK WHEAT FLOUR. CERO FLOU*. "iMttWibMU. _?U2 COTBT m ]gh It. ST WALLOWEB'S PRODUCE STORE. Hate!a. Board' ***** RS&ariH^e, Sutler a, acta or Bowsls?tbss* Terrible Oiordin whu| from Miury Htbiti <f Tomb?theae Drttdfal and Dutncux Praetki? which r*nd*r Mirr.ip impossible, tnd d**tr*y b<tb Body and Miod. young men Kspseially wh* bars bacon* ths Ticum* *f Balitary Tie*, tbst drsadfal and dasiraeliT* babit which aueaally swa*pe to an inumil; greet thousands of To*r( Mao of tha Boat ataltad talaota and brilliant irtsllect, who might otherwise entranced laeteuiog Benatee wtth tha tbandera of e!?q*eo:e or arak*d to *c*tacy tha livtaf lyre, mae call with rili cacldance. marriage. Miltilo PUIOKi.ot Tcinf Mm ceaMmpiatlcg Marria#i, being aware of physical wesko***, srganl* 4*bimy, dsrorraiaee, kt , epeed It cared Ha who rlacee himself under tha ear* *f Or. J. ?sy religieaely cootde in bu honor as a gentleman and aaatdeauy rely spon bia (kill aa a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH frederick ST. left band eid* going from Baltimore atreet, a few doora from tha eornar. rail not to obeeree name aaa aaraber. Letiere aaet b? paid and contain a (tamp. DR JOHNSTON, Member af tha Royal College of Surgeone, Lao don, fredaata from on a of tha moat eminert CoKegee in tb* United tatee, and tha greater part of whoaa lifa ha* baen apent la li s hospitals of London, Paris, Phitadalpbia and eleewhere, i. s effected soma of ths moat aetoniehmg caras (hat wars star known; many trovtled with ringing to tb* baad and ara wban asleep; great narvoDsrsaa, being slsrmed at aadden loands, baahfalntaa with frsqaant bleating, att*nd*d eometimea with derangement of mind, wara cartd Humedistal/. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yaang Man snd othsrs who liar* injured thetoetlTee by a a art no pracucs indulged m wbao alone?* babit freqaently learned from tnl companions, or at school, tb* effects sf wMco sra nightly fait eeen whan aalaap, snd if not carad. renders marri&r* impossible, and deetroye both mind and bode, shoald spply imnedisttlv. These srs soma of ths est! ant! melencnoiy effects produced by early habiu of youth, tii: Wsakoaas of tb* Back snd Lira' a. Paint in ths Head, P'mnese of Sight, Loss of Maee?.ar Power, Palpitation of tna Heart, Dyepensy, Nat >sm irrita* bility. Derangement of tb* DtjjretiTe Korcucne, General Debi ity, Symptoms of CocscirpttMi, Ac. M KFiTAl. LT.?Ttie fearful electa on tb* mind sr* maeh la k* trended?Loss of Msruory, Cot:fusion of Hsas, Dsprsa.iao *' Sprits, EtiI Forebodings, Aversion of oocisty, Belf-Distrsst, Lots of Solnade, Timidity, sic., ar* sous of tb* *ti|s produced. hi tutors DtllL.TV ?Thousands can new Judge whet is tb* causa of their declining health, losing their Tiger, becomit.g weak, p..le, ritrTous and emaciated, baeu.g s singular sppsarancs about tbs s yea. coagli or ayniptorae of caosaiapdibeases of imprudence. Whir, tb* initfBidtd And irnprvdtut jury of pit -.tart itidt bt hat imblbtd "it ittla of thit pMufol dittatr, it to# ofiin happtnt that no ill-ti'ntd it ntt of thxmt or drtad of diaconry dm rt him frcrn apply ing to ihott who, from odacation and rttptcf.biluy.Ciu alcnt befriend him. Ht f?lit ir,t? tht band* of ignorant and dtt'fuicg prtttudtrt, who, incapault of cariu/, filch bit ptcomary tnbttanct, kttp bin trtdinf month afitr mondi, or at loo f at lot ttralltti ftt cu bt ofclaintd, and in dttpair Itart him Willi mold htaltfc to tifh vtr nit railing dutppoiairatnt; or by tht ait of that dttaly potion ?Sltrcary?baittn tht couotitauooal tymptorat of '.bit ttrnblt dittaat, inch at Aftcuontof tht H tart. Throat, Htad, k'.u, Ac., J r "frttt'.r f wit! frtf h'.fal rtpdity, till dtath p?u t rio<! io tit drtadfti tu! tni.|i by ttnding bunt o J<*t an diicortri<f rtaairv from whoat ktirm no trareltr rtttn.t DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By ihlt frtat and important rtmtdy wiakntti of tht org act art tpatdlly eartd ana fall rigor rtttortd Thoaoandt or tht ott DO'Ttat aiid rftbiiiuiid, who had loot all bopt, tin kttc immtdiattly rtiitrtd. All iraptdioitnu to Marn-.ft, Phytvtal or Maatal Dtoqaaltlcauoc.1, Watt of Procrtatirt Powtr, Mtcoat Imubiiitr. Traioblr ? *nd W take tit o> Exfeaattioo of tht Boot ftarral itad tpttaiiy cmrtd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. TBI Mart TMOCtanOi cartd at tfcia ir.outauon within iht iatt ttrtclotn rtari, and iht oiutrtat important iargital or*rauotit ptrfcrmtd by Dr. Jobntton, wimoottd hy tit rtaorttra of tht paptrt ana many othtr portom, nonet* of HELMBOLD'S GEMLNE PREPARATION. HIOHLY COVCElfTKATED ' Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Puxtxrt tMd SfciJU Rf*u<ip For Dihmm <*f a BLADDER. KIDNEYS, t AVI ^,?ud DROP fICAL BWEJ.LlNuS. Tbts M*dioin? Inc mim ths pj?w ' L.??*tion. ar;d 670.1m the *( bkxt? '.nto healthy actio#, by whjah th? W4TUT oa ciunoti depoai iona. and ail cw???irEAL ntUi h>kt> are r?dnc*4, a? vail a* raw aj*? isn.a*xATioN, and u ?cod i Ii*N, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. % HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weak ;rt *? Aricmg from Fxo?*?*? Habits of a. Karly Ixt'w.ctioii or A' * ?. Attmd'd tcitk tke FoUotrttig Symptom/: Indie?o?itior to I xerUon, Lom of Pnwar. Uu of M-mory, Difficulty of S'?attiinc. Weak Nerrea. T ? Horror of D we, Wak eful km. pimoMa of Vur- ?. | m the Hack. Univerra" Laii < . **ot tj,e Mnacular f>T?t-n.. Hot Eianda, Flnaui of the ri-,dy. Dryneaa of the Pk'n. K-npt? >na on the Face, PALLID COCNTBSAJKB. Theae vymptini*. it a owed to go or, wluoh thia medio.ne irvanaHy removea. aooc foilowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. M one a/ wkick tki Patient may Expire Who can car tha* they are rot frequently fol lowed by thoae "dibbvcl di* ?#**?," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the oaaeeof their autferirt. BUT WOItB WILL COHPHM. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMH And the M'.antk 'ly Deai\t by OtmivUmi. aa'BBTiox. THE CONSTITUTION -?NCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* tha aid of medicine to atrengthen and Invigorate the S>atam which HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tnvanatly da a TKiAL WILL COMTIMCI THE MOCT * A EFT1CAL. FEMALES? FEMA LES- FEMA LEV, OLD OR YOUN9. SINGLE. MARRIED. OK CONTEMPLATING MARRlAG?:, In Many AJfectiont Peculiar to Female* tha Extract Buchu la ueeena'1'd by any other rem dy, as is Ch -oaia or Retention, lrr? au.anty. Painfuineae, or Suppreaeion of Cuatomar * Evao natioua. Uloerateo or Sohirrona state of the Uterua. Lcuoon h-?a or Wbitee, Sterility, atd lor all oomplaicta incident to the eex.VneU.er anting from Indiaorerion, Hahita of Diaairation, or in Uie DECLINE OR CH.'.SUE OF LIFE ' BBB aTMfTi?? AP">VE. MO FAMILY SHOl LD Bi, WITflOl T IT. Take no more Balsam, Mrrcury, e? l'nj>leu3?i Medicine Jot Unyleatanl and Dangerr .j Distant HELMB0LD8 EXTRACT BUCHV CVBBS OrCRET UUEAIE9 la aJl their bta?ec; At liUle Exponre. Little or no ohange in Diet; No inoonvenienoe. And no arpotnrt itoaaaa* f: a *nt deaire ana g vea atraucth to j nnaU, Uierabj Removine *' hat. uotiooa, 'reventing and Curing Sincturea of the Urethra Allaying ra n and inflammation, eo frequent in the cla a of diaea?ea. ami expelling a Poxioncus, Dxtonted, and teem out Matter. TBovaaNDa CPU* THOr?*M)l IIrun K/jrc orr AT rur ?r ir-*? n?c nr quacks, and who have paid to be oared ui a short time, nave found thty were deceived, and mat tue poison" has, by the use of "rotetrful attrm?rnu'' beeu aried up la the system, to brv.*fc uut in an aggrarMa?l form, and perhaps aftmr marriage. Use HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU All affections an. diseases of the IKIft/HY OHKA1S, whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, from whatever cause originating and no ruatter of HOW LO*G !>TAMtl>? Diseases of these Organs require the aid of a i>i time. llELMbOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IP THE GRE/T DIURETIC. a id it if oertain to have the desired effect in Diseaeos/er trAie* it it recommi^dut. btibbbcb or tbi most bksf0s8ib' b abx> r?LIABLE IBABA' TBU li.acoompacy the medicine*. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From 8 to 80 years' ?tandint. W th Names In"vt to SCIENCE AND FAME. "physicians" tlease "notice." mr bucb "bo ibcbbt" or "utobcdibitts ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU lsoomposed of Huchu, CuN-bs and Jumper Berries, seieoted with great oare by a competent druggist. prepared in tacoo, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, PracUoal and Analytioal Chemist, and Sole Mar. ntaoturer of HXLMBOLD'B GENUINE PREPARATIONS A* ri VAT IT. ferioull; appears before me. en Alderman of the oity or Phuade.phia, U. T. Hilmboh , who being duly itc-i, dote n;, his preparatiosa oon tam no aarootio, no mercury, or oUier lnjaruu* drug*, but MB purely TegeUbie. H. T. HELM BOLD. Sworn ?nd ubeenbed before me, this Md day of November. MM. . WM. P. AlBBrKU, Alderman, Ninth at.. above Reoe, Phil*. PHYSIC JANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM fc A. M TO 8 P. M. Price 91 per bttUt, er tlx fer |i, Delivered to any Mareee, eeeurely packed fron, kwnhMi Add rex letten for information ia oonfideaee to H. T. HKLMBOL1). Cktmtst, Depot, let South Tenth at., beiew Cbeetaut, Phi In. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor ho dufoee "of their m" end "otam* aroeiee cm tie regulation attained P? H*lw*b*U> Ormmxn* fnpMlt?w, m ? Extract Bmtbm, ****** jtriiptHto, " " Jayneid JUn Wart BoM by S. B. Wans. Z. D. tiuun, Joan Won, B. C. Po&Sb B. B. Kitwutu, B C. Majoa. bnrau * Unari, 4. R. Majou waahiaftoa and Oeoi leuivn, AND ALL DR V89IET8 EYERTWKERE, ASK FOR &XLMB0LD 8 TAJLB 50 OTHJB AMD AVOID IMPOSITION and EXPOBVR E DmtrxU B9mff aimrf Ovm SwmiiiI : A'**? amtt* HHtj