22 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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'I liE LA r.MMi hTAR. ,>Xr!TY: PRIIt.1V, *OVP!W8FR 22, 1961. 'ht* Fn'ijr ???L< tmIwji m!lttarTramp# and po?'tioiu VUl <rnfer a Uw hy Wplng ns posted ? to ir.oveiurr.ta and affaira In their vicinities. \pr To onr Rhitiroore readers we would say tii&t the first ar.d second edition of the Scar can be had In Baltimore of ?. F Harelton. agont, *?o. 71 W'wl Baltimore atreet, near Gay?the #rst d'tlon ct half past four aud the second at eight o'cltvk, oa the arrival of the train a from Waabtugton, giving atl the hitrtt news from the seat of war np to the time of going to press. ftplMt of the Mvratsf Press. The lntell?gme%r devotes Its attention to Mr Dallaa'a exposition of the belligerent rtgbt of search. The RtfvhUran notice? thetofylsm of the Britlab American Provinces. Dipaktmiht Niwi-fiiii/w Bu^Utng Military ?According tosnnouncement, the fallowing proposals were opened at the War De raiiaieni Tommy, ior ouwaiDg i wo military on# to be located on Stone's farm, and the other on Judiciary Square f>e f llowing were the bids for the building c? the one on Store's farm: For, McManus * Co , 855,U00; J. A O A. Eioder, rf Washington, #45,000; P. Crowley, of auie, #7?,CG0; Francis A Gibbons, ors^tne, #26,2"0 75; R J Mahon, of Baltimore, #24 840; Cha*. E. Edmosstso, *f DC .#36 000; Jcseph Coons, of Baltimore, M4 GOO; Jts P Hall A Co , oi tb* I' C , #35 OUU; Kvh:tcr A M.ilboliand, of the ?^nne. ?6? UtO- Faniel 3. Wariness, of the same, "TO 575; Jm. \Y Barker, of the sime, #30.500; M A C Cerman, of the same, #38 970; and W. H. -M en, of Baltimoe, #57,Ml W, for both hosplts'i. Tte following are the bids far theone to be rei ted on Jtidiclsrv rqnare: Fox. Manas A Co , D C , Si5,(?0; J. A O A. Birdvr, D C , #15.W0; W. E Brown, D. C , *31 3UC; F Crowley, of D C , #7*2 00"; Francis A Gibbons. cf D C , #24,600 65; R.J Mahou, r.f Baltimore, #i} 9ss>; Cbas E Edmon^toB, of D C ,935.500; J :s. Coons, of Baltimore, Md , ?,#?.7<0, H?-uiy F.Dare, of Delaware, #37 H?>5' J u:?? IV H ill A Co , oi U C , #J5 CI 0; l> ?niei S llarkne*. of D C., *0.?,1W?; Jciuea V,'. Cark^r, of D C., S-W.9U0, M A C Carman, of D. C , *37,770. UI7* To-day is the one appointed for the execution of the negro Ferry Kennard, at Towsontown, Md .convicted at the Howard county court of tbe crime of rape IJ^Fr^m Hudson Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, we have Harpers' Magazine for December, containing, amongst oUer inviting things, vn*' cfc&recteiiaiic chapters of Ross Brownes' Cthfomia experieuce*. '~~rTbe French steam frigate Bollone, commatder Le Peru?e. 3S guts and "2W men, arrived in Ntw York citv yesterday. Cy From our neighbor, W. G. Metzerott, we have tne Parade March of the great Potomac Army, a spirited composition by Cbaa Fradel, and dedicated by Gen Blenker to Maj Gen McClel. Ian. From Hudson Taylor, 334 Pa. avenue, we have the Lilted States Register or Blue Book for 1*62, a useful and cheap little publication compiled by J. Dlsturnell. cjt Special attention is called to the advertxrmeut elsewhere, headed *' To all unemployed men about Washington." I jjT" Tbev hare a genuine female rebel in Wheeling, V? , who on last Friday, Jeft Davis' fast day, refuard to eat or drink during the whole twelve noma, in engaging her time in religious donations, exclusively. Gix base's hkadqbaitzks ?The Frederick Union sty*: Rumors have prevailed in our midst for a week passed, that this vicinity had been elected for the headquarters of General Bsnks and tbat bis Division would go into winter quarters in this neighborhood. OIR MILITARY BUDGET. a hco>so'.sajfck in force Yesterday forenoon Gen. Wads worth made a reconnoisaare in force at the head of some 8,000 troops?infantry, artillery and cavalry?in the direction of Vienna and Fairfax court houae. From a hill immediately adjoining Vienna, Mr. Lowe, the balloonist, made a very successful ascension It developed the fact that the rebels are in no force to speak of thissideof Centrcvlile, and that th?ir situation there lain no manner strength* ened No enemy was met by General Wadsworth's com or and, who returned to their several camps by night fall. a30thkr rivtkw to-morrow. At one P. M.f to-morrow, all tht regular tloops, ight-i'ifantry, artillery and cavalry, now on this ide rf he river, are to be reviewed upon the nsaal review ground on Eait Capitol 3treet, half a mile east of the Capitol grounda. THX IKSimt BRIOADI Lieutenant Colonel Alexander, of United States Engineers, who it In command of the engineer brigade of the army of the Potomac, 1s industriously perfecting the 15th and 50th New York re*inents that form his command in the Pontoon bridge drill. Their current practice is upoi the eastern branch. Yesterday they completed a bridge a hundred yards long in thirty minute* fro.11 the time of the arrival of the paraphanalia at the bai.k of the stream. So far as It extended It would have sufficed to cross the whole grand army of Gen McClellan over a stream a hundred yards wide in as short time as it coald cross over as much sp<ce on a common road Post Urrncx at Poet Rutal ?Tne Post Office Department has established a Poet Office at Port Roy?l, to be called by that name. in the course of this week, probably, the TreaSi-y Dep-rtma;.t will take definite action wi'L re^-rd to customs regulations at Port Royal. Miliary Movements is Ballimo-e, (From the Baltimore Ameriean J Two b-itT-r'es, one of eight, and theotber of six guts, Jcm?s' r iled six pounders, arrived in this eity vesterdiv morning from Washington, aid were transported in the earlv morning train of the Phlladelptii i Raiiroed to Perryvllle, designed for tha use of two companies composing the Gist Artillery, under coinmdnd of Ool C. R P*-tfaer bridge, now in service of the Eastern Shore of Vir^'.n'a Horses will be provided at Perryvilie to c?-nvf/ theui to the nlace of their destination. At an tariv hour yesie day the Ninety-seventh Regiment of Pennsylvania troops, which passed t&rough here a few days ago Dy the Northern Ceatrsl Railway for VV asington, returned and proceeded to Old Point in the steamer Georpeaana Capt. Russell. A few days' rigid drill In the Mflin Mir VVaaKlnotnn Al- - 1- ?n?? oiuhuf bom mncb to improve their discipline. The Ninety, third Prnrsylvanis Regiment, aboat one thousand muakets. also arrived by the Northern Central Road, and after marching along the usual route to the Camden Station, soon left for tbe Capitol In a special train of cara, about thirty In number. Altalri fa Alexandria AuxASBaiA, Nor 21,1861?Editor Scar. Some day* ago Secesb in Alexandria, was oockaboop over tbe gale, which was to destroy the U 9. fle-t Their prayers went np with a wblte beat of fervor, that sli on board should be ?'ln tbe doep t>v?aoai of tbe ocean burled " For a while I tbiugs looked so promising to them, that Proridence was taken into decided favor; bat upon getting tbe n?ws of Us safe arrival,. Beceab promptly s?nt Providence to Coventry, with a ebotee assortment of , and went aboat with a monatruua floatation of frontispiece, sometimes eveu speaking to us too men. Now, however, they g" prancing about with tails, up aa stiff as a poker st the prospect of a war with England about tbe Trent affair. How they cbide and and strut! We poor union men have to give them the wail, and if something Is not soon done to cool th?-m down, will have to sneak Into the middle of tbe street, to pa* them by I shall be carious to bear their pravers. especially that against war, pestiie. ce snd famine "War" Is to be struck c -, no doubt . Another corloos thing sboot Becesh here is tbe gamut of g/uots with wblchthooo who condescend to aouef poor anion men ?tsll,snlate them on p ning. During the gale .and for some days after tfes pjnut ranged Co* the note of the full frown poker, down to that of the tender router, ] accord!nu to the tamper of the individual tpecimen of Pecesh now th,t choice performance la undergoing all the variations of wMch the stste in capable. If you get about a dozen of them of the varlons grad** Sa a box, arranged ac- | ording to their respectable note*, and play opon them with pin?, a capital hngamagnlTef could b; made of them, embracing all the parts, from the ahrilie?t treble to the profoundest bas?. Do come down and inspect the animal. He is richer than all Barnim's collection! Affaire in Alexandria. AtuiasftRia. No* 22, l??l. Editor f'tlT;?All the union officer*, Mayor, City Councils, magistrates, cie k* of courts. Ac , were elected in th's city on Wednesday, and the Cltv Council# will re-organiie this morning at 10 o'clock. Our energetic and esteemed fellow cltl??n, Mr. Lewis McKenxie, is elected Mayor, and his acceptance of that trust gives much satisfaction here. The sixteenth meeting of the unconditional union men of Alexandria *nd vicinity took place on Wednesday evening last, J. Shi en. President, in the chair. Forty new members joined the association, and the oath of allegiance w-.s administered by Judge Fieete, the provost Judge. Addresses were made by 8 F. Beach, Leq , and the judges, and as usual, the band of the 88th discoursed their delightf il music. After the meeting, an excellent collation wa* served up in one of the lower rooms of the buildings, and altogether the occasion was a most enjoyable one. The new Dollar Weekly *tar, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Km braced In its entertaining contents are the following article*: The Blind Men and the Elephant, a rich fabl* by John G Saxe; Th" art of Shopping, go? d for the ladlei; How we thrash the rebeL, by O. C. Kerr: RkIwI mnflpa nf nht?lnfr.ir ! n fnnn^ 1 Latest extracts from ScutLuu joutaalij Beauregard and McClelland compared; An exposition of military rft'tlrt under Fremont In Missouri; Incidents of the South Carolina invasion; i'.oatinx bitterly for the Mississippi A candid fp'Iow am^nj; the Confederates; Ike Partington at Hilltop; Another battle at Santa Rosa Island; African Explorations; Eiptdlion to Eatt-rn Virginia rud its rcaul s Particulars of thecapture Mason and Siidell; The Slrtke of tbe Printers; The Barney case, Mr. Barney in j-siI; Latest European Intelligence; Highly Interesting military Budget; Homicide of Lieut C' l Van (ierbt-r Afftirs In the Guif, at Po t Royal, Hattcras, Fort( re>s Moore, Cairo,and in Missouri; Operations ! upon thePotoinac; Telegraphic dispatchcs iroui ! all qnartes; Agricultural and Horticultural | Miscellany, Ac , Ac , to/ether with several columns of interesting locals and general liite'llgenee. This is Just the paper nbove all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to eend to their friends at n distance Price only three cents per copy, or 41.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Y5?1CECREAM AMD WATKR ICES, of Js_3 the fcest quality. ft*. SIX p?r auart. Hotels and hoarding hon?en furnished at low ra'ei. A large a?so-ttwf>nt of fine Oak03 k?pt ?>n hand at the Philadtlpkia Confuctionery, oorner Twelf'h and F sts. no 7-1 m' it==?thk Union prayer meeting L_2 will l>? holden EVER Y DAY this woel: in tn? English I.utheran Church, corner ot H aiHllltii sts., oommenoine at ha f-past 4 o'c'ock p. m . to be oontirn>e?i t>n*ho'ir only. oc 7 Sm f%f?COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGINKEKS.Filty intelligent and aMe bodied men will be enlisted to tit tins Company to the max imum fix*i by law?lit m?n. Inquire at No. 'i4'^ 6 st set Par frooi S'J3 to S3* per month, besides food and clothing. au 17 tf AUCTION SALES. ' Rr GREEN A WILLUlllL Extensive sale of "new and Second hand FrKMTCRK. bc&gt. etc., at auction ? On 8Ati/k1)a t , tne 231 mtai.t. we at.a 1 cell. in front of our fetor?. So. 5i26 Seventh street, a; in o'o ock a m , * large a-id general assortment of Furni ure. At tue ruck is targe, we dsem unueoeasa> y to en a . erate. A:s o. < n? good Bug ;y A agon. Terms casarov .2 GREEN * W LL1AMS. A act j. By GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Extensive ?a> e of '-hina, glass. C*ock?rt a*d Plati d Wakr ierfictly niW SBi-ecied in th<t NoETII to vcen'ih A HoTRL in WASH st1s, BT A bE.net7M(N who has Declined this OpkgAiio* -ut TL t80A V MORM>G, tns Sfi 'i i * ant, we shal s?l , in fr^nt of our store ,\n. 5'2tt Seve ih street, at 10 o'clock, a large ass?.iUi."iit of the above mentioned ?ood?. vii? Pitted Cahtom, Spoons and F-vk?, China Cup?. Saucers, Piatcs atin Dish*!, Knives ot best qua.ity. Waiteis, Tr???. Gobleti, Turn' fere. Salt rets and vVines. We deem it unn?o'"Sir to enumerate any further Sufli it to saj there is ao mple-e arsmtmentofali articles requisite for such purposes. Term* oiah. ote-1 ORFEN A WILt 1AM8, Ab t*. By J.C. McGL'IRE A CO., Atiot outers. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITTRE at /?r0TiON -On BATl'RD* Y MORNING, fsovetiber 23J, oommeneing at lo o'clo.k, we *ha I tail, in front of th? Auot'ou ko"m;. a larre col ection of fine Honaeht Id Furniture and ? ffiots of a <en* eman dec iniug h >u?eke: p.ng, einb aoingWa'nut Hair o.oth -otas. Do dj Rec*j>'ion ar.d Arm Chairr, Marble top Center and Sid j Ta*)ie?, Wal ut Rou'eanr) l>te a-tete Tables, I oung'cg Chair.>, Foot Cushions, Wa nut Marble top Bar?*ua 'n 1 '.Vashstands, Wa'n'itend Mahogan* Wardnhesand Bedsteads, Fa ntfd Bure\u3at.d Wa-hstands, Toilet Sets, Cai?-saat Chamber and Keoepti>n Chairs, Do Reckars. Cottage .*uit, Hair Mattresses, Feather Bed?, Fe\th"r Bolster* at <l Pillows. - buck Mattresses, f'-ttag" Ba<Ut aii, Mip e post heds'.e da, Malicgsny S:de!.oai: fid * x'.eu/ion Table, tainn, G ass acd Crooker?, Cutlery. Ao. Whits Granite liin^T r*t, Plated Ine Pi'cber.Caste', Oh> fing D shee, Bhemian Glars h n;er B<>wl?, Decanters, Ac. WineGiwses, Jel ? G as*e?, etc. Bru'se's, Ingram ar.d Venitiai Carpets, Blankets. Cimf rt?^<*onuteipanes, Quits, | i ivcvu1viui * 'woo TogetV er - tth a oomp ete assortment of Kitchen Requisites Will be Addid1 bay Ca'nage Horsw, Lea'her T< p Bu*g? end Harness A torn ?i < f farl< r,Chv..b-r ar.d Cokinr Stoves, Bfi s?e Ttuee-piy an J 1 grain Carpets, io Ac. Term* c?'h. noJO-d (Rep.) J C. McSUIRE A CO., Auots. WILL A'.i O Br SOLD80 dozen Brandy and Whisky, *V?0 uomes 10 "-e^ats. do22 It J. C-JVIoGtMRE A CO., Auots. TRUSTEE'S 8A> E OF A VERY VALUAblk Impxovkd Bvsimss Propkhtt od S?vetth ht.-On momuay AFTERNOON, noTemusr the 25th. at 4 o'o'oclc, by virtue of a d?ed of trust, reoorded in 1 iber J a P., No. H2, folios 498 to 50 , in the records of Washington oountv, D. 1 wiil sell, in ir-nt <?f the pr?rr!*es, part of L >ts No. 5 arid 6 in i**ua e No.'iU, ;r ntiog 23 feet 7 inohes on 7th at west, between 1 and Mass avenne north, and ruaning (<v k 171 f<et6 >nches to an alley. atid improved by a g od tim^-story brick store arddvethug Terms made krovo on the day of ire sale. D*?d of conveyance to be in&tie at Uio expense of the pnrotaser. ... 1ft ?tef?i of the ?ale are n?t emptied with withi* "ue week tnereafier, then the property w ill be re?nla at the purchaser's expense. by the Trustee giving three days' : ot.ee b) oae publ.cation in the ' Evening Star " J) M. LAWRENCE. Trn'tee. no21 tl \y ALL A. BARNARD AujIi, MARSHA'-'S S*A! E ?In virtue of a writ of fieri lacias i*sued from the Clerk's Office of tneCirou t Court of the District of Columbia for the county oi Washington and to run directed. 1 wnl expose t<> public sale, for oash, in front of the Court House door of said oonnty onFKIOAV, the 6th daj of December uext, 1861 at Uo'olock m., tne fo.lowing properly, to wit: All defendants righ', title, claim and .ntere*t in aiid to Lot No. j8, in Square No 8 1 in the city of vvashingtoa, D C.. together with & 1 and singuar the improve meats thereon, ?e>*ed a d evied noon as the propert? of James G t 'oombs. auiJ will be soia to sa is1* Judioials No. 56 t > January term, I860, in favor /otiii E Kendall. W 8ELDKN, 14 is Late U. fr. Marshal D C. j By J C McQUlRK A CO., Auctioneers. rv n t- 4 mil v d l a tl- nr.- ? U-.w ? "? O ru* BAIX A1 AI'I'. now.?On Tl efcday, the 36th of November, i instant, the following va,uab!e Old Family Plata ] will be oflervd lor ?a e at publio motion, at the i Aaat on Rooma of J. C MoGnire ft Co., 1 at half past o'clock,* m., to par a note at the i Back ofthe Metropolis, for wbioh the tame ?aa i specifically pledged by Char lea Lee Jones, Be*., | VI1 Om Cake Ba-k't, J Tea Kettle ana Stand ard Lamp, I La ie Coffte Pot, Lar*e Coffee Pot, Chased, i Tea Pot, Gaiters, ? I Two hauoe BoaU, Cream Ewer, Two Sugar i>ishei, Foar !*wt Cellars, Pair Silver Wal era, I Blot B.wl. With other ?irallerarti''!es j Terms of ealea eos sh in d-l<very. no It eoftds J. C. MoGLIKfc A CO? Aacts. j By WALL ft BARNARD Auctioneers. i Three story brick house, cornf r { i?r? on 1 vtbbkts, adjoihi.is ha ami, and 1 a BVILDIKC Loiow M btekt. at auction.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, 38 h instant, at 4 o'elook. we will sell, in front of the p rem see, the n-arly new and sobsliati* ly ba.lt ttt.ee story Briak Dwelling and buir*. the lorm r oontamirg good rooaas.and la hand?oa*ly fin *hed throathoat Also an adjoining FrameDwelling, contain in* 4 room. And i ounediAtely after salt of the above also, ib froaTo' the premises, we will > ell the Bu.Idiot Lot, L?t 17, seaare U7. fron'ing tl toet on M, and running back 97 teet, between ivtt and 20ih itract, near ooraer of* '!? 'Bract. Terms t Oavthud cmb, b&lonoe ? 6,11.18, at d M mo *n?. Hcftriug ittc.aet, seoatu b; deoa t ust WALL k BARNARD, A?k | LIST or LETTER! REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, WASHINGTON CITT, Ntnaker 9ft, 1*61. (Ordered to be inserted in the Kvixme Star It being the aempaper baring the largest oirouiatioi of any daily paper published in Washington.] 11^All persona applying for letters la the follovnc list, will please aay ther &re AbvkHtistfi. LADIES' LIST. Angel Mn Amelia Elwel! Mim C McLaughlin Mr* Arneld Mr?Jt Btul Mrl Ghae S Mar* A A!oj? Mm t Koi Min MarthaS McGuire Mim Alary Abel Mm M Fieg Mri Lcaiaa McClnre Mtea Sailie Alexander Mr* E FFroat Mr, Hacry McNeil Mr?.M?rcu? Ai?id Mr, Fisher Mim McKfiu MnRewM Aneley Miee Kitt* Froet Mre Mildred Miller Mim Macy Ander*o? Mrl H 8 Flaaigan Margaret McClain Mri M Burke Mr* Martiia Farqunar Mim H Neviue MreBuraei L Brown Mrs Mary BFralier Mre M A Norman Mre C Brown Diano FenwiCk Mre J T Neabit Mre Chae Bean Mre 8 8 Frieby Mrs Jane Otis Mr* Nellie H Brown Mn.Maf JartrentouM'eaU:tliaaMO'Bryne Mim Mor Blake Mrs Ann Fioigaa Mrs M II fart-2 Beam Mrs R M Fistier Mist Cbar-OXeary Maria B-?11 Mre Indie M lotte Orton Mrl Annie J Birch Mra 8arah J Flemant Mrs Pool Mre Lacy A Bra*neMraMiu'aWf*i!igerald Mre L Payne Mim Mony Beaies Mrs 8 J Fisher MiMCarolinsPlerce Miss Mary E Brawn Mrs A L O. Foxbolh MissNettiePat'.f rer>n ftlrl Mary B >y I* Mist Allite Fallen Mre Natah EPlett Mrs Sallje M Bird Mrs Genl Grnbb Esther Prior Airs Fiita J Bryant Mra Emma Grace Mtee MorgartPorrua Mre MA Baldwin Miaa MADOrimstcu MrsC Porter Mre MB Bean Miee Fannie Granger Martha Peyton Mrs Lucia-S Brum.i in Mrs J Garland Mar F Forter Miasee Bettie Brice Mies Mary A Green Mim Margt aud Maine Buce MraGeorgianaOiliett Mra LocisaMPsndlston MiM 8 D B.nes Miss Matilda O'.eonet Martha Rock Miss Sarah Bright Mrs M E Griinfleld Beta* Roat Mra Elisnbeth Barry Miaa Mary Garrison Mim LitsisRoot Mrs H G Beats Mrs Mary A GimkjMieaMaryAuoRsilly Mim Julia Brown Mrs Msry Galier Mim Anna Robertson Jennie E Brown Mre L M Holmane Khoda Reed Mra Harrison Bell Miee^Kate Hnnt Miaa Sarah Ruff Mra Aun M Bun Mre 8 8 H>aa Mim JoaephineRernoIds Mrs Kate Ball Miss Ama E Hind Mrs C D-i Robinson Mary J Baia Mi,e Maria Hillory Mre E J Rogers Miss A Browner MiMEmmaHartland Mre EdwRuter Mre Andw Birker Mre Chae WH.irriaon Mra Jane Ritter Mre Helene BikerMiaeEJ Harrie Mre Hattie Riddle Miss Mary 8 Burgess Mre M E Hedrick MissLibbieReinboru Rebecca Bradley Mias SallieHarbin Miee C A Rearden Mre Burnis Mre Roe* Hauter Mra Sarah Robinson Mrs Mary Benout Mrs E M Harris Miee Sophia Robinson Mrs J?c* Brenieer Miss Geo Hmi Charity A Smith Miss G M Banner Mre Wm Harlon Mra Sarah Sims Miss Anna Bak.r Mim Emily JHemenover Mrs A A8eyere Miaa Annie Berier Mra F E Healy Mrs Smith Mra E PujKHi dckiou aim ivknoo??r aim n,a umeea inri i^ltra B iley Mil* AnnieEHanover Mitt dallieStone Mr? ? W Bergman Mr* C P Hednck Mitt Sutie Smith Era Additon Barclay Mrt Wra HerfjrdMrtAnt atuStorrn Mrt 8 H Bou'.well Mrt 8 E Harmon Mita K&ti 8andereMre Brisco MrtCharloUeJureae Mrt S Selby Mrs Bedford Mri aohn Judd Mrt H B-l Stewar Mitt R D Biddm Mrt Lriah LJonas Mrt 2 M 8ibbey Mrt Jennie Bennett Mrt Sarah Johneton Mrt L H Somotl Mrt J B Collina Mrt Mary Johneon Mrt M B Stewart Mitt 8 B Cook Sotan R Jaquey M et tomanLShoemaier Edith Combs Mrt Jno H Jayhee Mitt Louita Bbeiber MrtMaryA Coru Mitt Elixa Jordau Mitt Imofaibuinmen Julieth Chate Mrt M?fy WKuip Mrt Jno Stanton Mrt H H CowleylMrt Jane Kinf Mitt Ellen Speider Mrt Wro-t CaehMreTM King Mrt Jot 8baw M*e Emaliue Carpenter Mra Ar-Knttt Mitt Mm A R'tvtnt MrtChntiit nie M Keurall Mrt 2arilda8e?eaiy Miat 8*liie Carpenter Mitt E VKingmno Mra Fr?n-8pencer Mra Elibtb CUrk Mra Julia cie Speiden Miae M * ry Cooke Emma F KellyMitt EhsabethSwayne Mre H D Cook Mrt Emma P K?lly Miat Ellen SephsMrtCath.inne CocktMin Harriet Kiugmau Mrt C B Simpson Mrt Mayor Cedrkl Mrt L KtritfU Mrt Jaa Kahtrburue Mrt J A Cr at y M'tC tt Lyuch Mist A A Tompkite MittLaur Cljiuer Mrt H Lon Mra John TompkittMittVic-? Carroll Mra Mary Lang Mra Katt Taylor Mary A Cowin Mitt R PS L^da Mitt J Trnuiblt MrtMtryC Gahill Miss Margie Lee Mita Margart EThompesn MittEmi Cutter Mra Luzie Lonuell Sailie vi TisdaieMrs W S Cady Mrt Jalia E-3 L nco'n Mitt Mar-Teuent Mite Carrie Coma yMitt K l-l tha A Taylor Mtry E Chipley Mrt Cath Little Mite F M TaylorsMissLauraV Carry Mitt Mtry A Locksmith Eve Trembilt Mrt Alex Coper Mitt N Labilie Mrt Anna MTtrrell Mrt Janice Carroll Mrt Leech Mitt Emma Ward Mitt Matda 8 Casey Miee Bettit Leouard Mrt AliceWett Mrt Stillmaa Cannon Mitt Mary M White Mrt Nellie Cohen Mrt Mark Ltmmert Mra M Wtrd Mra E H Carter 'ennie Lewie M aa E in ma A Wright Miaa Sarah Caaey Miaa Bessia Leahy Rebecca Wallace Mrt Z C sey Mrt Silas Loffao Mrt M P Whtuton Mrt Col Cnmpheh Caroline Lopet Mrt Eiita Walthe Mrt Ann M Cooper M:t M C Mann Mrt J B W hiteMitt HeleuW Clater Mr? M E Mann Mrt Lucy 8 Wheelock Mrt Geo Catty Mitt (ctre Milet Mrt Sarah A WillardMreGL Col Cttey) Moore MittBeatriceWorihitgion Mitt Cuoae? Aunie E Mann Mre Caroline Fannie Craley Mrt Jno J Mink Miee C Wilton Mitt Laura Dake Mrt B Manjnti MflL J WoodtHe Miaa Han* Dill Mitt Mary C Maton Mrt C B nah C D?an Mrt C R-i Martin Mitt Ellen Webeter Mra Ellen Doyle Lizzie Mitaler Mre Laura B Dumotid MittMary Morrow Mre Ann WeinbergMiee8ally Downing' Mra M Mill* Mrs Lucy A Winchetter Alice L Dawidge Mrt A M Moore Mite Elua Walter Mitt Mary Dortey Mitt Anna Morgan MrsHeienEWill.aae Mite Ai* Dnpout Mitt Ellen Miller Mre Weeley deli Daveuport Mre Ada D Warrant Mitt Elieu Dathieli Mre Eliia XMurpby Mrt Butao Woodbury Mrt Delaney M tt Mar-Mor .her Mitt Capi- WebeterMrtEllenB tha J tola Willumton Mre SoDeemer Mitt Anna Mitton Mitt C phia B Dehahille Mrt A Mulderig Mary Wallace Mrt CP Eveleth Mrt E A Martin Mre C Young Mitt Cltm 8 Ev tut Mrt CE Mtrcier Madam Youug Mitt Mary B El Jerkin Mrt W A MaeonMieeFrancie 2 Youein Mitt Marg't Edmoutton Mrt MLMelide Mre Ellen GEN 1 LEMKN'8 LIST. 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GeoW Brown Jeel S Bradford Lt J CCaeeer r Blaise Jam's Broiler Jvmee ChamberlinP Hayne D J H Bnrrymai Jaa LCorhin F T BatesMsf 1'hraHBittman J no C on F C Brown Thos C Butt rfiald J Q Clarke CaptPA Hrva t Tunotbv Bixby Jees* D Car er Fred Boucher Theo FB&boook Jno WCullman K Brady Thos Barnard J J Cubiey Edwin J Brainrrd Aaaia'tBaxier J B Cai.naEdw R -urrent T C Biokincs Jno Camp CaptKK 3 B ackaioreTaJ 2Bmkell Jno Camp LtE E Krown Thoa Brancan G J MCeby Enw Blam J a Bradish Jo* Q Cae? Eluha Hr'dgeman SamlBafington JauieaClarke Epbnam Ita Ion SylveetarButile Jno H Cowan Hon KA Beeder ramuel Baaorcft Jno M Cessans Edw lrooks B P-2 Brophy Jdo P Collar Edwia Raaaettf'aoy H Bananan JameaCampbell E p Brady 8 H Bryan Jaa H Clarke E 71 ^yarnfti"on B? t? J H Carmiftk E H Brack SherlockFbutler Jno Cooper Eliha Bain Hamuel Barbonr Jno B Chrialr Dani S Beraet *. 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Jofcn?ton R Donovan Jno Gregory Solo n Jr?T N*'* Davit Jacob Game Ko*??rt Jokmton M F DalaVjd Grave. OF Jack.onEdw iJruryJn"H Greene CaptOD Je one E B . Dean Jams '/. Goodine Lt O F J jh:1.On Edwin Deaver J no S 8il'6?pi^ V^T ' '?v?n ?apt Ed w DuaeU J * Gat** MioHmI J?neJolinJ llljll Jl.O H ft.nkirrnr M R JOBM J*hB W P'JUJ, Si^.MT ? Dorr*n J (t Gen?b?r?er. L .lohntoa John B lievme Ja? J! - i IrokoJo-' Duma s J no i? F, .Tohnton JioobH Douglas J id rf?tt jlto VV Jihnson Jona h Doieinan Geo H k Jf p .T.ihnBon Jothu 2 i-e&n H N 2?wi ino M Johnston Joka a Davi. Hon H W feood Jno M '}eQkin, j r l*?Mar?H *.?K-3j?arabriil J ? 2ja vis Col J R Done, N H. F?2wm J N Irw.n John i avis Hamilton J?oew' j jQ0 |n(,a Is Herbert Deeta Henry Jco A 3 add t*pt H 8 2 TV>ane H li ??]'" A Jo&Mton H C Daan HC P.^anSTjhn S I ?<1 ? ? ''r GT 3 Dai art Hyk Jnobal ?w J ?n => j q(lin# G* r?? l?onne! 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E P-2 Huutirr'1'>nWHKiiig C T 2 Dunn Edw Ham' a Wm ti Kelly C M Donr.ahue DC Hopfci Wm Ka ley Chaa Downy Chaa WHioka Win KingCorydorT Drex'er C Hu'ohiuaon LtK*'*ner Cla W Draper Chaa C W F Klook Becj Duno Cliai HwyT Kuenj B?ni Draper Lt C 8 Haven Wm W K"h!er Biruh't Dfl -no Gen C Hewitt Wm W KicneerA'temua Dodge Card; Harriaori Wm Hhactj Lt Alfred Dove Capt B M Hanaon W W Knoll Alex DigeChaaP Harman Wm H Kirdy Alex Deita Abraham Holmes Wm J Kitcnum tlnnso DolverAC Hall Wm*4 Koner lerry DakeAB Hillreth Wm H Kort* J B I'miha^ A C Holdte W inanaKier J o Degroff Abram Hall Wm H Kurt! Capt D D DarryAlex hope Wm H KineJcoG Donnelly Arthur Huioh>< a^n W Keightiey Thoa Dud A - Frai. k M D Kenned* Thoa Dallaa Lt A J Hogue Am na? b Solomon ulenteibeuker Anaiaey .>ij I H-ZKerl Bimon Dunbar A H >gan i hot Knight BM D -pooat Alb't RHuretTBrardo'-Knowl?e a H-2 Driaoell Alex Hamilton T&CoKeeft Pa'riok Doubledav May Hodikm T D 2 Kmc Fetor tu'man W F H ut ion TliOt Kerr P Egdain W A Haatinga&l'oJBKeini Peter Everett Wa?h Hartn an 9aml * et nan Peter Eofterlin* Win Hood Lutherla'dKnox P B Engliah W T Hilaou Samuel KiatlyJno Ktpeathip |ThoaHernok BrijSurKirk J T Eddy Tkoa J 8 8 KilbeyJao Kvana8ainl Home Sam'J Kerrigan Jno EaaleSamlW How?Dr*G Klikpat ick I-J le.vant Rioh H Ha? b in Rioh Kaufman Jaa Ellsworth Dr PHnbb&rd R A Ktalin-*r Jaoob W Hernial R-imua Kmck o k?r Jaa EaaterbrookCap"enny R J Mmb e Jacob N Holmes Robert K poier J fc Ellmaoker CaptHodnok R G Kahili Jno N Holloa R J Kelly Jaa H Engle Martin Hook Rioh T Kahnl.tJH Kdwarda Hen M Horn Robert F Keely Jno Etohuton.'L G Hughs R K Habit Jno Edie Lt Ueo R Heiakell Dr P EKrihtiemand H EcelaJno Hull Peter St Oo Elliott Ja<E Heatemer PhilipKmc karbooker Endre*? Jno Hopkina Obadih up EvanaJoa Halsted ir OiivSKocn Henry Klsaster Joa Hendricks Nath Ki, kwood H Earl Jaa Harvley M L-Z K an, k?? Hermann Elliott jno J Harvey Mo tee KuaiaboHer H Ellit L.t Jaa M Henry HonMP-SKing Henry Elmer?on G 0 Hoover Milton Kimberly H D Ebert F Hexamer Major Kroit Geo Ellia E Hall Mr Kaminirer Geo Epple Jno Hinnerahota ALKulp Jno Hi Horace Hepburn LtL.F 2&iih J-2 Ely Duval I Hatch Lewta F i.ackire Dewia Elliott Chaa W Hoban Laurie Leiaod tt Co Engle Capt Hill John Langdc nJC-3 Edwarda AbramHerd John Lonna Jaa W ?mery Albert H Hugos James Lynch Jaa Evans A H Mickt John 8 Leash Jno E-l Emertnn And L Heck Wm C Ladd Jno-4 Eater Jno H Havne John Low Joa W Eiahen Jno Ball Jc*n Long Joe Ebrigct Jaa Hay J M LurieyLtJJ-S Efgletton JohnHnnt J W I yne Jaa A vV Hind 'J on n Lovejoy Era Ertkin Jaa H Hansford J F Lnkeia Jaa B 2 Kdwarda Hon JHutotuna I * ' Longa^oreJaa W Haro Jaoob F Lat>or Jeremiah Kdwarda Jno L Harig G Jaoob Loynd Jno Evana Jno A Hitchcock J V Lyman Jaa ElterwoodJno Hancock John Lair Jacob Eliott J D Honae Jerome Lyon Joa Dngliaa Jaa E Hanf->rd Joa T Labonbarte Jno Emerson Jo*a Hayd n Htnry FLealey Jaa _than _ Hall E E i ibbey J P FergaaonHarri'uHunung E Q 3 Lawranoe Joe R Fame Hiram Hnwlett K Lovejoy J C hither George Ho'owa; D P Langsdorf Jaoob FiUman George Hoyland* D t i.ofUs Jaa Fleming G*oM HortonDW Laagin Jai ?n ler G W Hitcboock Danl la Mountain J Fry George HammelDach D Laarey Jno fcr*nek Geo E BHolway Daniei Laioty H L Ford Frederiok Hallowell u P La vane MaJ J Eh owler Foater Hail 4 Dillon L ran &|Heperairbanna Eug Hall iMriaa ly-S ^ Edward HudtonCol LewuH C | . field Ed A Hu- tre>a Chaa Lee Lt Col H ' err la K F Hall Calvin H Lathro* NMD Ford Dr 8 M Harmaa Chaa L?ff?fty Wo as L gKffiast'tissf L*cma A A U'nvru reter h anton r P Molntir" Wm COaburn N Shoots Fanois Moss* Wm H Out ander M V stief F A Moore Wm O'Nwf Jao-J 8cno*nint Kug Mend entail wKOottiJ J P SpiUbiryCapt*" McCathraB WinO'eai J"a Sumner Gen r? 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Wpinkerton *v m Shannon J N Murra*Wnr>G Kook Capt W Wstfath Jaa Miller Wm J Perry m R Saccaun Jno L MoreyWin Piper TW Se;m-urLtI Moor* Wm PoleWmH St.el ng Jro B Masher Wna J Phelpa W J Sjutwiuc Jno Murptiv Wm Poom*L W J S yp^rJo Murry W " Pniilips VVmH Schattner J..a Marsnali W M Paltrier l.'r.ah F Mahel Gen J MacalisterW Pesin V A Shearman J J MoL ?ao Ge-i \\ Pheip" Hon T Gf-tver Joi.n Mcintosh Wm Palmer Theo Scott Thoa T Madden T r-2 Poulteey Tbo?-2 anders l.t P Mark ey |J S ?'eersali Thoa 'Hankey Mai F Mc uto^ea T H Peolc Capt WniHSteveia F McKibban MajorP -wer sarrl a saltnar.n Capt Thos 3 Pierce Fami E C Maxwell Thoa Pur.iance Hocgn. Idon E8 Mailer Titoa s A Still liphraim M->herTim-2 Piatt 8 H Smith l>avid Mitchel! 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Kediciues put up wi fc fuifdirections for use. an 1 sold to act. ?rs, travel ?r?, at iow rates. Madicine furnkhen whi jh is a cfr'wn prsventive to any *nd ?li Venerial Inm ates D^n't be afraid of nigh prices. Come and see us. No charge for in vet ligations. M. LA BONTA, Praot tioneV. ft^Offi'>e Washington Bui dines, corn-r Pa. ave.. aua 7th street, Washington D. 0 , Ro m \o 8. no Ift-Sm [VIEW AND FULL SUPPLY OF LADIEfc', M1SSE*' AND' WLDKEN'B CLOAKS, SACQUES.COATS.CIKCULAKS, te. Another opening of th? abov* rarred stjles of Win'er Cloaks on Saturday and Mo>da<. Not. 25J ano 2S.li, at MAXfthLL'S Cloak ai,U Ka> c> ? lore, _no22 3teo ag? Pu a v. nue TN. H1CKOOX, * 3?0 PUIL STREET, NEW Yoke. Manufacturer of BRASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS for the United States A ruijr. REGULATION hAiibtS, DUOLE?, CROcS CANNONS*. !?AtfRES, *c . oon: ttntly on land, and shipped to any pert of tbe ooumrjr at abort notice. A *?~BRASS FEATBE1 HOLPEHP, no 22 lw For Uftet ?' Hats SHERMAN P1VI9ION, A'"-TKNTiON! \3t headquarters For Send Eg Money t? and all part of the Country. 19 MaEKKF rPICK, Sign of tk* German Flag. roJ2 lm , ATTENTION. l*UTLhRS! b1L, SSI wholesal* nml fl BOOT ASIt SH'>k Df POT. ? Ml ' wKte No 30* t r>T*?er, " (South aide,) he.W'^n U h acd I Si* ate., A tar ikt Willaid Hat'i. We invite ali autlera a? d c>?i* i < call and examine our itock beror-? purcha ir.g e ?e *h*r?. ro? hr* fCHAKKH A K'??-i ' Kn n?> <i M WINTER MI. LINER i'. '*8 E. E. MoliONAi D will . pen Wi? ter Military at No. 71 Bridge at. <;?<> ge Ji) to*n U.C ion Saia'da?, November 23 Furnished R>omj for reut, at No. 7 1 Hri<lg~ at, Georgetown, D C ro 51 ?' WHEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MACHIvtS! The Prett'*?t P-e?*nt < the World FUR A LADY. A new lot juat receiver by ' P j. STKK.R, Agent, no 31-3'.* No. 346 Penn. avenue. A NOTICE LL Pereona are hereby notified n-?t to treat m\ wife, Debora Aun Pitt?rd,on my aoeouut.aa 1 will pay oo nebu contracted by her DO2' 3 * J-'BFZ P1TTARD Army supplie*PQRTAB' E FORGE?, TRAY or C \ NAL BARROWS, WHKELBAKROWb. TRUCKS, hoar* and Ucbt. hohhk o, bail buckets. MJLASlRtt. UlNfSTONES. complete, GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES. AXES. pATohETS, SAWS, A \ HANDLED, PICK HANDLES, RATTAN o. STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVELS, fPADES, OS CHAINS. FIFTH CHAINS, HALTFK chains, T KEfeS, ?OKI**.'CURRY COMBS, Fairbanks Platfonn and Counter an l ! a? IT iL", BUTc HE tS? ACALBP, BLfC?.KA?' KMlVKt, H ASah, 4 4, *o.. Ac , ho. For eale at wholeeaie p iom Lp? J. P. BAPTHOT.OW. Ajfncu.tural Warehouse, JJ* iU oc >> lmau between Pa av a<H "<n>l. ^OMK-MAXJK BOOT* AND bHOICS, Uhh', M:taii' axi Chilmhi'i We**, At Errtmdtm/hl ' " *? >??. *1 -M H ? Vw?? ?tl. D,R. GODFKEYT* ANTlDOTK need for tbe laat haJ oentnry m the HoepiT* ?( London and fane forth* tirr f Strrtt Du$*su, may now bo hal at UPH AM> KL No. 810 Chaeuut Ifar?t, Ml a<?Li fo: |MT the United Slat** it oohtatc* i)o mrrcnry or other minora ?, acd w\ I not h*.m we moat d* cue oenet.tation A ???Wv #? ? f??' actood and no haute of < let repaired. P i ? J*?nt by exerea* r<o d ?n Wa>k:L(tui hi 8 cALVhkT FORI), corner Uth atreot aud PennryTvama avenue ?? * ee< nWQNTX ^UNPOWUhK t S*U liaut ;cr IM 1k*..\U 4 A JArie ?u?*. j, emoi v.iac t-wi ' m .eiy. S2Si?wS&'i?&