26 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evaay Dascairrio* Executed with neetnessand dispatch on applies* tton at the S*TAR OFFICE. At the Lowest Cash Prices Satisfaction guarantied. no tt-tf "Local news.^ hj-Though Thi Stak Is printed on ths fastest ateam press In uh south of Baltimore, Its edition Is so lsrge as to require It to be put to press at an early hour: Advortutmentt, therefore, should be eat la before 1* o'clock m.; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. PaocaxDiHGi or the Citt Council.?Board of AbOrmtn?Monday, Mot 23, 1861. The petition of 8. A Pugh, for locating a pump on the south-east cprner of square ?29, was viwRtta^ And a petition of Mrs Isabel Maury, praying to have the taxes refunded to her which (be has paid on unproductive stocka, and also to have tbe assessment book so corrected ss to correspond with tbe sum trom which she actually derives Income A communication from the Mayor transmitting a memorial from J?^hn C Cook, asking permission to erect a stable on sixth street, near the canal; were severally read and referred An act authorising tbe Improvement by Mr J. M. Harvey, at bis own expense, of C street north, between (t?th snd 11th streets west, (by covering It with oyster shells ) An act appropriating fOOO for re-pavlngand relaying Imperfect lag footways. An act appropriating ?400 for tbe repair of the paved streets. An set providing for an Improvement at tbe city hall, (appropriating $500 for water closets, Ac , In the north-east corner, and removing tbe Vf A/mIar al IKa V, fa* * ?t- - ? ?wvtuieai >u? uwim-ww* tUI UCI UI lUr bnlldiBg.) An act for tbe repair of a gutter on 13th street 'between E and F streets, in the second ward. And a resolution (of Inquiry) in relation to the petitlsn of J Crutchett, concerning the lamps on north Capitol street ana Delaware avenue; were past A. Tbe nominating of Aoeiis'us Lucas for scavenge* of the 2d district of the 1st ward; of Jonas B Ellis for trastee of public schools. In place of Peter W Pearson declined; and J. C. Wilson in place of R B Ironside, rejected; of John Seas ford, Jr , for treasurer of the board of trustees of pablic schools; of Harrison Taylor, for commissioner of the Northern market. In place of Joseph M Downing, declined; and of B W. Ferguson for police magistrate of tbe 8th district, in place of P MrK?nna?were severally confirmed. Tbe nomination of Henry Lyle* for Clerk of the Center Market in place of John Waters was reported back by the Committee on Police without anv recommendation, and was rejected by a vote of ayes *2, noes 9, blank 2. The nomination of James Bowen for cl?rk of the Northern Market was rejected by a vote of ayrsS. noes 6 blank 1 Tbe nomination of Uriah B Mitchell for Assistant Clerk rf the Center Market was rejected by a vote of ayes 4, noes 7, blank 1. Mr Lloyd begged tbe Indulgence of tbe Board to make a statement He was surprised at tbe result in the rase of Mr Mitchell who was a resident of the Island, of excellent character, a poor man, and well fitted for the petition. He hoped some one who voted against Mr. Mitchel would move a reconsideration. He also hoped a re-consideration would be bad to the case of Mr. Bowen Mr. Richards stated that he voted against Mr Mitchell under a misapprehension and moved a reconsideration of the vote by which he was rejected. This motion was carried by a vote of 8 to 3; and tbe nomination of Mr. Mitchell was again rejected by a vote of aves 4, nays 5, blank 2 Mr Richard* said be could not move to re-cooalder the nomination of Mr James Bowen, aa be bad voted for the confirmation of that nomination A resolution In relation to children or other persons hanging on or playing about the government ambulances, many ef which are used to transport living, as well as dead, bodies, Infected with small pox; and an act authorizing John C. Cook to erect a stable on the reservation on 6th street, near the canal, were passed. The nomination of Jacob Klelber for messenger to the Mayor and Register, was reported back from the Finance Committee with the recommendation that no change be made, (Mr. VV'm.b. Locke Is the present Incumbent,) and the nomination was rejected by a vote of aves 3; noes 7; blank 2. A resolution directing the assessors to appraise the value of the property of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in this city was passed. An act directing the register to withhold 11cerses from all persons who have viola ed the law* of ths corporation by transacting business without taking cut licenses therefor until such arrears are paid, was debated by Mr. Dove. Mr. Lloyd, Mr Magruder and Mr Bohrer. and the bill was then referred back to the committee with instructions 'o procure the written opinion of the corporation attorney on the subject. Mr. Magruder introduced a joint resolution appointing a committee (to consist of the Mayorand one member of each board) to apply to the Legislature of Maryland for a charter for a railroad between this city and Baltimore, entirely distant from and independent of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and it was passed. Mr. Magruder was then appointed on the committee from the Board of Aldermen. The same gentleman introduced a joint resolution instructing the committee before Congress to ask permission to make a line of railroad within the District line to connect with a new line between this city snd Baltimore. Passed. The commiitee on improvements reported back the nomination of James H Birch, for commissioner of improvements of the eastern district, without anv recommendation. Mr Lloyd said he was prepared to answer any questl?n? as to the character and qualifications of Mr. Birch. Mr SfinniM said he was a member of the commlttee. and knew Mr Birch, and knew nothing against bis character. The nomination was rejected by a vote of?ayes 5, noes 6, blank I. An act for a gravel footwalk on Virginia avenue, between 3d street west and south Capitol street, was referred. Another committee of conference was granted on the bill for the appointment of corporation constable*, and Messrs Bohrer Lloyd and Magrader were appointed on aald committee. Common Council ?The petition of Stephen Bayley, asking permission to erect a porch to house on E street, was referred A joint resolution, to the effect tint the joint committee charged with naming certain .public squares of the city, be ehsrged to suggest names for the avenues and streets not yet named, was passed Also bills for the erection of a stone wall on the north side of square W3, and for improving north Capitol street, between C street and the depot. A bill providing for an assistant to the register, for increasing tbe compensation, and Imposing additional duties, was ordered to be printed and made the speclsl order for the next metting. A substitute for the bill making appropriations for repairs to certain gutters and flag-footways In the 5th ward, and a bill making a? proprintlon for laying a fla^-fcetway across K street on the west side of 18th street west, were passed. The bill amendatory to an act to establish a more (Aciest organization for the public schools f Washington was ordered to be printed, and male the order for tbe next meeting. A bill for tbe relief cf M. McDe^nott was passed, and the Board adjourned. Tut "TuatiY Dmiita" that Did'nt Com Orr'?Tbe war, which distracts our hitherto peaceful and bappv country, abounds In romantic incident*, u citu wn uwiyi ao, ana materials are rapidly accumulating not only for the hlstorlan, but the novelist slso We beard a story a day or two since, which we relate for the benefit of our military readers, as It may save some of them from the fate of many a gallant bat too suscep'ible soldier boy who Is now eclating In the tobacco warehouse, at Richmond, his roily In vleMIng to the fair Dell labs on the south side of t*e Potomac It la known that a corps of siga&l men has been organized recently to co-operate with the Army of the Potomac, and their mysterious operations on the hill tope in this vicinity waving their | little parti-colored fls?? in all manner of ways and peeerlag into the distance wita telescope, has led to much wonderment among tboee not posted as to what it all meant Their afterwards dashing th'oagh the streets at headlong speed with long official looking rolls, helped to heighten the interest A party of theee young men a few weeks alnee were paseing through our camps on the Virginia side, wfaea it having been suggested that more faa was to be seen outside of the lines, they determined to try If it waa so, although U was contrary to orders to go beyond the picket lines. They pasaed the last sentry, however, and oa they weat galloping ap hill and down dale until they had got about three miles beyond the lines. By this time their ride had sharpened appetites and they were about to return when one of the party remarked that be kaew a house where there were some young ladles, a short distance further oa, and proposed that they shoald extend their ride that far, and trust to Virginia hospitality for soaaethlng to eat. As he was sequel nted Wlta the ladles the party readily gave their consent, aad they rode oa. Arrived at the boaae, they found some young lady visitors, and aa hour or two passed in the mnet agreeable manner There was aa early and substantial supper set, of which our young friends partook, ana then race to take their leave The ladles of the hooae extended to them a moat cordial lavltatlon to stae and dine next day, as they ware going to have "s turkey dinner >? 80 oordlal was the lavltatlea that they oould not reatt it, aad promised to ceases hat as fee eaeltsaaeat wee* of oa Am hsanw>d ride, they began to distrust the prudence of venturing so far from tbe lines again, especially as one of the most timid of the party begged tbem to remember tbe fate of tbe Connecticut officers, snd other ninnies who bad run tbeir beads into prison for a sight of a pair of pretty ankles, a couple of black eyes, and a piece of calico. Our friends were fortunately sent In another direction next day, but a scouting party comprising thirty of th; regiment, which happened to m passing that neighborhood about noon next day, were attacked by a rebel cavalry company, which was concealed In the woods within about three hundred yards of tbe hospital mansion, and several of our boys fell st tbe first onslaught Tbe remainder took refuge behind the trees, snd used their rifles so well, the horsemen being embarrassed by tbe trees, that they had the satisfaction (f seeing a score c f the ambushed dragoons bite the dust, snd our men then made the best of their way into camp. Our friend of the signal rods and flags heard of the circumstance next day, and it is hardly necessary to add that they keep (,withln the lines" ever since. This is aa o'er true tale, and we only suppress names to spare tbe blushes of the signal men aforesaid, who are all yeung and good looking. A Stban&b Affidavit.?Some time ago aman named George Taylor was arresUd and sent to jail by Justice Ferguson. He belonged to the District regiment, Colonel Tait, and after being released he was taken by tbe guard and carried to camp, where he now is, under guard. His relatives, anxious to have him restored to liberty, are making ettorts to that end. Mary A. Taylor, In order to show he come to stray away from hla regiment went before JustlceDonn latt night, and made oath that on the'26th August Justice Ferguson told her that if she would give him fifteen dollars he would relesse George Immediately; thst be would take ten dollars in cash and wait until George earned th* other five dollars A few days afterward she went to the jail, she a ?jim . n ? -..J vi- u (.? /?Wo IdUllfl. IU ?rc Tjr-uiI'll ? ISC puc jauwiy asked ber why sbe ddn't get George out, as ibe could do It verv euvbv giving Mr Furguson ten dollars casb. and Mr wise offered to take tbe money to Mr F, and get tbe release for her. Tbe same afternoon she testifies she took the ten dollar* to Mr Wlae, a Ave dollar mti,anda five dollar gold piece He took his bone and went away, and In ashort time returned the release, and George was set at liberty. The Justice's statement to her, ns to what would be done with George by Col. Talt, ?be alleges induced her to persuade him not to go back to the regiment. Tbe affidavit was made out to be carried to Col. Tait. ThkFirk Alarms last Night?Tbe alarm bells were ringing at various times from eight to twelve oVlock last night, all in consequence of the bursting out of the flames in the building belonging to Mr Ly^n, wh'ch waii partially destroyed yesterday A considerable amount of combustible material was leftunconsumed during the day, and this taksng fire cau$<d tbe alarms at night. Visit to Camp.?Mrs Lincoln paid a visit to the camp of Col John Cochrane'^ regiment of Chasseurs near Glenwood cemetery yesterday afternoon Sxrenads ?Gen. Charles p Stone, was serenaded at Wlllard's Hotel last night by tbe band of the 3d Infantry. Csntbal Gcaedhophs Casks? Before Justice Clarke.?Geo. Jenkins, disorderly, fine #1.91; Austin Alexander, do , dismissed; Alfred Johnson, do , fine 81 30; Anthony Obleton.de., dismissed; Ab?oham Johnson, do., do ; Ann Hughes, drunk and disorderly, workhouse 60 days; Kitty MorrUsey, a girl of ten yean* kept In custody to be furnished a hom?-; Ellen Doane, drunk and disorderly, dismissed; Benj Hale, do , turned over to the military; Peter McCarty, do., dismissed; Chas Collins, do , turned over to the military; Tim Sanburn. do , dismissed; W H. ?lmon, out after hours, fined SI.58; Geo. Lucas, do . do SI 5?; Tim Nugent, turned over to the military; Win. Wright, vagrant, workhouse 60 days Of these persons three were arrested by the Second, si* by the Tbi:d, three by ttaft Fourth, and four by the Seventh Ward Patrolmen. The Fourth Ward Police report this morning to the Superintendent 27 arrests made in that precinct of the metropolitan district. Six were United States cases, 2 of which were committed for court, 3 released, and 1 dismissed The balance were for offences against corporation laws, and were disposed of by tine, committe4 to the workhouse, or dismissal Es Routs foe Fort McHenry?Yesterday afternoon detective officer A R Allen, accompanied by officer Eckloff, started for fort Warren, having In their custody the four prisoners, Jones, Sissell, Haydon and Abel, brought to this city on Sunday from Maryland Affair of Honor Between Colored Gentlemen ?A gentleman of this city, who was agent in the transaction of some real estate business for a respectable colored gentleman (since deceased), found the following curious document in the shape of a belligerent cartel amongst the papers of h s colored client: Washington Cit September the 1 1851 Mr Stewart I am competed to challangee you for the insult which you hav grantld me wlih. Now sir,chose you time and weppon and place where you will submit to foliar this Is death to my feallngs to think that 1 wood have to send this unpeasiable not* to you. Now good bye sir umtel wee will se one another again at that mornfull spot of dlsscurtion and grief your obedient Servent, J D C Assault and Battkey.?This morning S Odenwald #a& arrested by Patrolman Ktlly for an assault and battery on Johanna Cook He was held to security for peace by Justice Walter. Aug. A Sai, arrested for an assault and battery on J H Lange, appeared before Justice Walter for a bearing, and was held to ball for court. Arrests at thi Camps.?William McChesney was arrested by the guard near the Blad*-ns burg toll gate, yeste*day, for drawing a pistol an/1 t h fan fp n < n i* (n ihnnt t<f fKo niv^rH McCtaesney Is a citizen, and wai requested by the<fflerto desist from selling liquor to soldiers. witch offended hiin. He was sent to j ill for court by Justice Donn. Mark Hawland, arrested by the guard at Meridian Hill, for selling liquor to soldiers, was held to bail for court by the same Magistrate Th? Maiiit -Thursday being set apart for thanksgiving, there will be no sales at Center Market on that day. To-morrow evening the dealers will attend at the market for the accommodation of the public. Theatkk ?That genial performer, Mr. John Owens, was greeted at the theater last night by an immense audience, whom he kept In capital spirits through the evening To-night, three capital pieces?'The Windmill," "Toodles," and "Yankee Teamster,"? affording J O. a grand opportunity to spread himself. Canterbury Hall, with its brilliant troupe, increases in attraction nightly, an demonstrated by the rush of the public evening after evening, towards its doors. To-night the las' of the celebrated negro delineator Brower, with an original programme, promises the richest entertainment of the company. _ Tuiett Gifts with a bill crammed with novelties at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night. Dont miss the great 'He-cant-digest-a-tater." Kfo's National Circus ?In company with the rest of mankind, (or a large representation thereof ) we visited this popular establishment last nlgnt, to see the wouderful Zoyara?he, she, or it. And the performance of the Zoyara (be, sbe, or It) was wonderful Indeed?the perronlfication of grace and buoyancy, awd whatever be, she or it attempted was executed with the unfailing certainty and precision of movement which comes from the possession of the highest physical qualities harmoniously developed. Is she a woman* The voice, hair, beardless fice, feature*, bust, conformation of hip*. etc. etc , would Indicate ss much; and yet we know that tbe Zoyara was lately married to a charming woman who has expressed no dissatisfaction with her choice since the marriage,?so we must conclude that tbe Zoyara is every inch a man. Altogether tbe Zoyara is an enigma. Let every, body see tbe Zoyara. Se? elsewhere the notice of Schofleld's livery stable*, No*. K8 and 290 E street Attention Is called to the notice elsewhere of store* for rent and building lots to lease near the Depot volujcixexs attention. For the derangements of the syttem, inoidental to tbe change "f diet, wounds, eruptions and exposures, whioh every volunteer is liable to. There are no r?ne<1i*t so safs. oonveni*nt and reliable as Hoiloway's Kills and Ointment, 26 oents per box. no J5-lw Im>ia Kubbsx t>o ps For any and every artioi* manufactured of India Rubber, oa 1 at the only India Rub^e- Warehouse in this eity. whioh is located 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th an'i loth sts. no 33-tr Noticb.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of iheir own and other artio ee on the reputation attained by H*l*ntouTi Extract Buck*t, a positive and speoibo remedy for dissasee of the B.adder, Kidneys, Gravel. Dropey, Ao. .Ac., Ae. Ask for Helm hold's. Take no other. Bee advertisement in another ooi nmn ae 90 Gou?hs.?The sudden ol.ang ee of onr oil mate are sou roes of PW?no*or?, Bro7uhi&l and Astkmstie After tons. Experience hnving proved that simple remedies often sot speedily and certainly when taken in the early stages of the disease, reooarse n<>uid at onoe be had to u Brown't BftmcJkuU fro Ju*i"o\ Lui?u^ee. let. the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as bv this Pis 8?' MARRIED In Norfolk, V* , on the 14th of Ju'y by the Rev. Father Mies, Mr JOHN H. KKL< Y. of New York, to Miu MARIA GALLAGHER, ofWiihington.DC. * (New York papers copy ] On the 17!h instant. by Rev. Pr. Finokel, Mr. FREDERICK LAKEMEYER to Mis? MARIA RACE, of this oity. * DIED, OntheJSth in?tact JOHN H.. beloved ton of Jrhn H. and Eluabeth Jane Wlie. axed 2 jeirs. S m f.ths and 10 d%ye. The friend* ot the family are irvited to attend the funera'on Wednesday, the 27th intta t. at 2 o'clock p. ir., from the residence cf his parents. No. 699 A e* Jersey avenue, south of the Capitol, wrhout further notio*. Dearest son thon hast left as. Here th? los? we deep'y feel; Bit 'ti< God that hath ber'ft us, He can ail our sonrows heal. * [Frede-iok and Poit 'robaooo papers copyl liOST AND MJN1). CJTRAYRD OR STOLEN?On the erenmg of C5th 23d m?tant, fron> before the Union a. Hospi'al, Geore'town. 11 C., a blaok I* > _ HORSE, branded U. S." and "6." (denoting oompany) o<i left shocld*r; Crin* also, on neck two very small spots. "- ? When t*ken had on curb bridle and refutation ssdril*. The fin 'er pf said horee wi'l b# hand'oirelr rewarded by Lieut H O. WK1R. ? o'. 6. W. Patard's Cavalry Ret't.Gen. MoCall's Division. n? 36 3t* ??> RRWAPD-IM. on Thursday last, a ? BLANK BOOR, marked "James skidmore, Northern and Central Marketi" The ?bove reward will be paid for its return to this offioe, or to my stand in the Fish Market. no 26 St* J A MRS SKIfmORF.. rpAKKN UP ASTRAY, on th? night of the25 h 1 inst.. a red COW and CALF?four gc white legs white mark in ror?h ad, ana white mark on ahoulder and hips; haawr^W^ horn*. The owner is repeated to oo-ne 1 forward, prove property pay coats, and take her away. GEORGE H. HA??COM?. Metropolitan Police, no 36 St* Dumbarton st., W*o-geiown._ ASTRAY?One brown H"RSK. about J5X hands high, three white feet blemi'h^v in off side pye, about 10 year* old Also on* bay Mare, abonr 1?H h%nd? high Ar^/^ suitable reward will be paid on delivery at my table, northea t oorner 12th and g sts., iu the Alley ; or Na'i~n?l Ho'el no 25-3t* J B. OLCOTT. STRAYED OR STOLEN?A black HORSE, and Wagon, from before McKelden's bakery, on 7th street. between 6 atd 7TL?2P o o'ock on Svurdav night The hors? 1? b ack, with oie hind foot white, a~d one hoof xplit. The wagon ha< a black oover, a little torn, with the won]' Oonfeotioce'" on boih ?ides au<i n*d five shine of beef in it I will give Sin reward for the return of the bor?e and wegon; or if stolen, ShO for the return of them and the oonvioMon of thetnief. JOHN HOi-V'R, Center Market, no 25 Si* Or corner Eighth and u m. STOLEN?On Saturday, the 23d instant, from near the corner of Sixth an * C at c\ about 8 Si p m., a large brown black Ho>s?. I The horse is strongly built, h*.* a short^^-2-*| mane thick foretops. long tail, left hind foot bite. Has two saddle marks ou left a'de. a white spot on rightaide Had on a new set of U. 8 horse * qmprnent*. Was branded "U S " ft is thouiht that he was taken to one of the camps near t*e city. Any information oon?erning his whereabont* will be received at thia offioe. no 25-2t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBERS FARM, situated n?ar the second toll eate on the Seventh street road, aome Ihni du-ine the month of Oo oher last, a large mottled COW. The owner can hwe her by proving property, ard paying charges. no 5 ?* WV. M. MORRISON. | ?ift REWAK 1).?StraTeI away on Friday, November 2'd, from let atreet. be a?-rM tweeii K and L, five C'"W-; one lounur with cr < ken horr.s, and four red. two of SmJrnm th?m with with face*. The abo^e reward wi;l be paid for their return to MICHAEL KENNEDY, on 1st street, between K and L. _ no^2o 3t*_ COA REWARD.-LOST?On t^e nig?tofthe V19th instant, a small G ild WATCH, No. i?5P3. with heavy gold chain attached Tha finder will receive the above reward by Am leaving it this offioe. no 2S3 ^JTRAYFD OR STOLE N-From in front of C. Hryle's tavern, near th? Depot, on Wednesday evening laat. a black HORSE, with white "pot n hia forehead, three or four aoara on right hip. and marked U.S C. on left hip. Had on eavalry saddle and brid'e. A suitable reward will be paid for his return to JOHN O'MEAH A'S Variety Store. Pa avnue, near the Capitol, or C. BOYl F.'S Tavrn, nrar the Depot. no S3 3t* [VOTICE.?Left at the Government Ft&b'es, on ^ G street, between 17th and J8th sta , on C\ Kridjkv ni#ht llLat thro HnUOkX I description: One sorrel Horse, about 10 years old and 14 hinds high, left hind loot white One ria-k bay Mare, about 6 years old, and 16 hands high. One dark bay Horse, about 9 years old, 16 hands high, and front feet white. The owners of said horses are hereby notified to ooms forward, prove property, pay charges, ar.d take th?m away, or they will b* dea't with according to law. inquire of the Superintendent. no 23 3t RA N AW AY?Ob the lflth instant, from Georgetown bridge, a ba* HORSE, with white cv feet, marked "C U 8 ," on i u left "Bhoul- juSCk der. The owner will ray a 'iberal reward for his return to JOHN MoSARVEY'S, oorner ?7th ard K sts. ni 23-3t* LOST?About a week ago, near Fort Runyon, a leather POCKET BOOK, containing a note for one hundred and fifty dollar*, salable i" monthly instalments of fifty dollars eaoh drawn by Lewis Coxe, M. D., burgeon, in favor o! Rev. G. R. Darrow ; has two payments endorsed on the bsoW, and the iaet pay it ent is now due. As the sain note is cf no value to a^T one but the owner, the finder will confer a favor by leaving it at this ofihe. no 23-at* r<l REWARD.?Strayed away from the Ct \l tut nori b*r, on the 5:h of No vember. a light red buffalo COW with four wiiite feet, and a star in her forehead and a orop and a slit in har ear; bell on when left home. 1 will give the above reward for her return tome. CHESTERFIELD MARSHAL. no j3 3t* On Fifth st., Capitol Hill. REWARD?Lost, on the 19th instant a heavy, open-worked pair of gold EYEGLASSES, marked with initia s"H. B ," glasses very concave, supposed to have been lost st the Gwyn 8<*le. Apply at -47 I street, ooiner of 18th. nogj-lw _ BROKE LOOSE or STOLEN-A large iron tvj HORSE. ll\ hands, 3 white feet, gy wart on rfT hind quarter. long msne, show- j[-7T* ing marks of harness ; had a new s ylish^2^ saddle os at the tiiiie of leaving, from Wood, Gibson A Co. Any one finding the above horse, and that will bring him to the 6th '""avairy Camp, east of Capitol will b- ?uitat?ly rewarded. With him there ?as a small ohestuut C"lt,2 white hind fret, tail out off square st the back, with a mi itary saddle a d stylish bridle. Bring him. if found, also to 6th Cavslry Camp. no 2" I w Ran away from the sitbsck ibkr, near Bladenstu g, BOY ANTHONY, oommonly oa.led Toney. He is 6 feet 5 inohes mm high, very bl&ok, short hair, grum count*- jP\ nance when spoken o, with a email s?a' Jl over one ofhis eyes. W nt away with fclackiL jacket (United State* button* on it), oasi"*t pa-its, yellow gauntlet gloves, 1 will give Sion to anyone that wil bring htm home to me. nov 18 2w* FIKL.DKR MAfiRUDKH. tJEALKD PROPOSALS UN ML THE 30TH ko instant, are invited for furnishing the U.S. Sub sister.oe department with Flour About 12(*0 ha'rels will be reqnireil of a high rrade < f extra Fl ur, to t>e deli? er> d in Washm* ton at the rai road depot, or at warehouses in Waslnngtou'or t>f?oig-town sometima betwevi th) 1st I>?*oember ai.d the 20th !) < ember, 1861. Kaoh barrel f the Flour to be inspected just belore it is rcoeived. I he Flour must be equa in quality to the brand known as Lyon's Union i-lou' The barrel* will t>e rcqu'r d ti be head-lin^d Bids to be direc ed to Major A. BhCKWlTH, C. S., U* S. A., endorsed *" Proposals." no 21 J SOLDI * RS. SUTLERS, and others ,&% CAMP STOVES! CAMP STOVES! We are now making daiiy SO to 100 sheet iron Stovea. from 92 to 48 each. Send your o ders to FISHfK'S Stove and Tin Waie House, no23 3i* No. 90 (jay street Baltimore Md. qa bibls appl.es, potatoes,

ou buokwhkat kikal. LARD,in buokets, OATS, BROWN STUFF,ana MIDDLINGS, HAM'* For aale by A. M. SMITH. No. 373 D at. no 23 ?t* Between 6th and 7th its. DRY GOODS! WHITELEY, STONE fc CO., No. SSI Baltimore Stkkst, N?ar Sharp, Baltimore, Off?r fop uU K dniit&h!* atonlr of GOODS AT LOW PRICES, FOR CASH! And incite the mention or dealer* to the nrae. no 23-2 w W NOTICE. E Bef leave to oall the attention of Offoer* of the Arm? to omr very extensive assort _a* meat of all olasaea of EQUIfHENTS. and^M especially to an article of Military Bine Cloth and Do?akin Caaaimere, which we 1W warrant wul retain ita oolor. Oj' assort- " ment of Sworda, Saahea, Belt*. Gauntlet*. Army CajaOndiio djj), superior Flannel Hhirts, Le#iings, Sword Knota, Gold and l.aather Buflea, Shoulder 8trap*, ana devioee of a<l description a, ia ow oomalcte. and we are well aatiafied tt at an UjH.t.0. -ii ??" rascroo a&-lm Merohant Tailora., No. 406 P?. av. |\] NEW MILLINERY. llOW Opening ? ohoioe assortment ?f Fail and BUTCHINSON * MUNRU's Ffcnoj stor?.3* to eatMnte promptly all order* intra stsd to her, / WANT'S. - WANTED TO HIRE-A colored BOY. W of 14 rear* of m?, to driwe a bona tad onmage and attend about the bona* Keoommendatinra required. Inquire at No. 434 H at. po>6?:MW WANTED?A yoong GIRL (oolored or white) to do the honeevork of t*o in family; no waahing : can go home at 5 o'o'ock erery af?erdooq. Inquire at ftftO H atroet, between 5th and 6th. .. do^36 2J WANTED-A FUFNISHBD ROOM, in the vioinity oM2th, 14th or 15th ata Rent mod era to. Addfeaa"H A. C ," Star Office. ?t* \VANTED?A good COOK Who thoroughly un? ' dereuindaher t>u*ineaa can hear of a aituation St app'ymg to 483 Penn. avenue no 2t 3t* A FURNISHED HO?'SE WANTED, tn the vicinity of ?he CapitO'. Small houf e preferfed. Rent mti?t be moderate. &a good care will b? taker of the furni.ure. Addreaa ' W. fl M.," B^x 249 P. O. no 36 St* WANTED-A SITUATION aa clerk in a hardware or houaefurniahing ?tore_ Haa >2 jear*' experience. Addr?aa"W. J. K.." Star Office. n" ?-St* WAN TED?To renta amall HOUSE, or part ot a l ?uae, between oth an<* Ut* and Pa. avenne and I atr*et. App'y at No. 274 Pa avenue, near the K rliwaod H >uae. *t* \\.r ANTEP?A WOMAN, to do ?h? houaew 'k " of a fmall family Apply with recommendations *o tne r ortheaat corner of IS'h atd I ata. no J It* \%T A N T ?*'D?To rent a Fnr^iahed Hnuae. in a * ? reareotehle loce'i'? Re'#rencw exchanged Addreaa 8.," box 309 Wi'Iaid'a Hotel,for wo daya. It.* fX'ANTED TO BENT?In a business rart ?*f ** th? it? one or two LO WKR OOM". suitab'e for ight work. Address W. C- Star Office, no 26 eoSt* WANTED?For theVirfi"ia Fom? O^a'd. ?0 m?re H ECR IJTS to fill aoorrpanyof rava'ry n w bei"* ra*s d'ee, to be at^o^'d to the "Eastern Virginia B^gade.*' As the tuve'nment will not autho X* *h9 ra s>ng of any mor? eava'',?, *h'? is the la?i ohino- to j >in a oompany of this k nd. Pay $14 per mon'h. Rations, clothing, fce. same as >he regular arm*. Also, good medical at tardanee. All quipm?nts fn msti'd 91'<n bounty pai on disn^arge. ("all soon a' .S!W 7'n s?ree*. be tT?'n K and L. new Northern I 'berties M?rk?t. Washin?tor, D. C.. *ov.'28. '861. i;25 3t* ANTED? * FURNISHED HOU^E. in een t>al l<e?tion. <io d >en? naid and **st of reference given. Address box 33", Post Offioe. no ?5 3'* \AI ANTED? Immediately at No. ?24 V etr'et, between 14th and I5'h street,a WOMEN to -'o the g?r>era howsew rk of a srra'l fam ily Re commendation required. German or colored nrefe red. no 2V 3t* WA TRT?R? two respeotab'e young girls. PtlUATIONS-ore aa cook, wa h?r and ironer; the other a# o^ambermaid an1! help fo wash aid iron ?r plain sowing. Apply 303 Third street, l>etw?n G and H sts., where they can be seen, no 88 2t? 1*7 ANTED?A s*ITUAT?ON. by an experienced *? bookkeeper, x?if,h some sutler or otl.er traces man, to Weep accounts and make himself genera'1* useful. references given. Address "R. N. 3.." Star Oflise. no C5 2t? WANTFD-'n.ftfl whisky and brand* BOTTLES. Caeb sn d??h? er*. F. B. HASTING'' k CO.. .1C3 ? ?tr?e?, no 25 tf Phiiharnion'c Bu Ming. WAITED?Th'es T'N and SHEET IRON WORKERS. Apply at '243 Fa. avenue. nol5 3t* WAITED?Three DRESSMAKERS at No. 359 II h street, between H an* I sta. Work th? year round and board N"n? but rood ban's r lutrj ? nt It Ala., turn ?nllii<y Iftr.iob tn tr-orn t Ka business. * no2J-3t* TO ALL 1'1MKMPM?VK? MEN ABOUT WASHINGTON WANTFD-501 *ctivw. aob^r MRN.tftfill r-u( a new Raiment just forming, to who-n wi'l be given the highest rates of infant'r pay. Term t-f enlistment, thre? T'ars. C'trfortable quarters, w*rm o'othsng. good f >od and coo?t g utensils lurcished on *he day ?acb recoit is sworn in. The present intention iat^hav* this Reg'ment oocupy huts during the coming winter, instead of tents, whioh will add. no doubt, greatly to tne health and comfort of the men. T<> eo'diers of the old Regu'ar Regiments (of good reputation) whose t?rm of service will expire ?oon, this Regiment offers peculiar irduoemen's for enlisting in-as from their knowledge of drill and discipline they will at ono* be commended to h? Colonel for promotion as non commissioned officers. In fact, promotion to the rank of commissioned officers is open to all who prove themselves worthy, by continued good oonduo* and strict attention to duty, of the hcnor of wearing SHoCLDSR straps. For further in'orn.ationapplv to CaptGEORGE GI HSON, llth Reg't U. S Infantry at the Grand Army Clothing Depot, in Corcoran's Temple of Art, opposite th* War Department; Capt, LATIMER, 11th Infantry, oorner f l??th st and Penn. avenue ; or Cast. PECK, 11th lofantry, at Major Beckwi h'a Office, oorner 18th and G tU. no 33-1 w WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay cash for ali artiolea in the h><usefurniahing line. Those leaving tne oity. or having a surplus, will do well to calf. R. BUCH LY, 4Seventh ?t., between G ana H sts., (east side,) Dealer in Now and Seoond-hand Furniture; no 16 i nnn empty pm.ot bread boxes I ?"UU WANTED, at the National Soap and Candle Works,oorner breen street and the Canal, Georgetown, D. C. C. B. JEWELL, no l?-2w Proprietor. A GOOD WATCHMAKER, having been in the business for six ye*ra, wishes to get a SITU ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pa avenue. no 5 WANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Tailora competent to work on military goods. Apply G. KOLP.at Wall. Stephens & Co.ra. se25 TO SUTLERS.?An energeMc marohant, with sufficient capital, de?irea to pnrohase the stock and busn ess of a Rfginrental Sutler. Address "Business." at the office of this paper, oc 31-lm WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITUR E, STOVES and BHD DING, for whioh we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find u to tLoir advantage to five us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Je IS-tf No. 369 *>th st.. betw. 1 ana K sts. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEJ PHENS A CO.'S. 3tfii Pa avenue. ae is 'I' IAAS3?VAH.JS.O : 1 O 8utlbk8 AND j RADERS.-Oinger Bread choked id barrels or boxes wit*- ear* and dispatch b* J FIRTH, the only regular Cake Maker in the bakery line. < ash most accompany all orders. JOsEPH FIR ? H. No. 135 Arch street, nn14 ?w t* Hadeiphia. Pa. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENSIVE nsso tment of La>'i<?s'and Children s Ho ds. Son'ags Cuats, < loaks. Sleeves, Hosiery, Glove*, 4.0. Ao. Also, a large invoice of beautiful Worsted Embroidered Slippers, L mp Stands A"., will be sold oieap and at one prioe at No 30 Market Spaoe. no 18-8w? SCHLA1CH k. CO. METALLIC ARMOR OXZj. lot Cleaning. PelUhing, and Preventing Rut. Thia is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as well as for maohinery and lubrioating uses It is e^ual.y applioab e to tunlooks and sewing machines. It is m high favor at tl.e government Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Dtpot and litneral Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, uear Eleventh at. se 34 2m ^ O L D I E R S' PAY. ^ THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will forward soldier's remit aaues t<> their families, at any plaoe on th<J lines of tueir Express, at aoharge . I twenty five cent* <or any sum not exceeding fifty dollars;aa<l a proportionate additional charge to plao?s riaehea by conceiting Expresses. .'I He niunny,-whether Uold or Trmtury nottM. thould be euolosed in an envelope aids.-curely sealed, and have the foil dlrcss (inolacin? town, Po?t Office, a id State; and in cities, the street and number.) of the person to whom to bs ent, and the au.ouni it>gibl? markrd thereon. Envelopes lor this purpose may be had at our offioea. To facilitate prompt delivery, the charge for re mittauoe snouid be prepaid. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Wa?H1N6Tq*. Nov- 12.1861. no 18-lOtif Army gloves: army gloves!! At the Glove Depot of F\B HASTING'8 A CO , * 323 D st, facing Fa * .. OQQ JOHNSON & NAGLK, QoQ fiOj No. Stsf pmifftlvania Av*irux, ?o*7 Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. aouth side, OFFKE ?0K PAI.*S CHAMPAGNES?G. H Mumra, Piper Heidsiok, Moet A Chandon, Bulliufer ft Co., Cartier ft Co., fco. CLakEIS?Ht. Julien, St. Eetephe, Cantenao, Ac , by the cask or dos*n. HOCK WlNES? Deideaneimer, Joh&nneaberfer, Liebfrauennuloh, Rodeaheimar, Ac. BRANDY. Whisky, Gin. Port, Sherry, Madeira, la wood or claas. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stoat, Edinbnrfh and Yorkshire Ale*, of the beat brands, in bottl?a or atone jM*CIGARS? Havana and Domeetic, or the ohoioeet NIMI. We oall the a pec ml attention o/Sntlers.Reat&annta Jd Pamiliea to our iarco and well-aeleoted :K OP PINE GROCERIES, Preeh Mea?, ?altry, Fiah, Soasa, Vecetablee and Fruits iu rnietio&lly a-a'M oar.a. ?EB VES, Jellies, Ao , Almonds, Nats, Raich? !f!se, (EaaUrn and Weetern Cutting); Ham, b*st Goshen Butter, the best Champagne cider. WORCESTERSHIRE and Oyster Sanoe, Picklts of every description, Pepper Sanoe and Tomato Caunp, b* the (t on or doien. f 11 of which we offer at thaj lowest possible prices and on retaonahle terms. no 8 JOHNSON ft NAGLE. rZJlBBS? HAIR STORK, always on haod. or rhi to order at the ahortaet TELEGRAPHIC NEWS J "" THF WAR I* NlftSOtRI. tirili| af Viriaw. Tirron, Mo, flov. *4 ? The burnt nf of the principal part of the tow* of Warsaw ti coo Armed by a gentleman who ftfrtVed from that Tlc!n4tr thla evening. Tie main V vtnea portion of the town, consisting of one larg# block and aeveral smaller ones. were In flamea *Wl the gentleman left The town being scattered It la probab'e that n*arly all tbe residences rscaped. The quartermaster and commlaaary departments wer- locat'd In tbe large block, but tbe greater portion of tbe government More* bad been rconvel. Later. Sbfa.ua, Not. 24 ?Tbe town of Warsaw was red about 0 o clock p m on Thursday All the bcalnea* portion of the to~*n Is In ashes. Tbe troops which were stationed there left about 8 o'clock P Mand ar?r now bere A portion of the commissary atorea, for whlrh we had no transportation, was burned, by order of tbe commanding offlcer It la t> ought by the citizens, sa a man In cltizei.'s drew was Been coming from the building In which tbe fire commenced Sr. Loci*. Nov. 24 ?Gen Halleck has Issued a lergtbv general order making the entire a fairs of mis department conform strictly with the army regulations, and reducing everything to a complete and easily understood system. Kansas Cttt, Nov 33 ?the dry goods store of i v d k-.v.- i.l ..4 lai>t evening, by iun:e twenty cr thirty men, In aoldiera' dreaa, and armed, and 95,(M) worth of good* carried off Several drinking saloon* were demolished laat night and to-day by order of the provoat marahal, the proprtetora having violated the proclamation forbidding the Bale of 1 q->ora to aoidlera. 9t 11 Late ?Gen. Price Ad* nciog. SraACCBi.Mo ,Nov 26 ?Intel licence received here to-day from oartl?*a direct from Osceola, la to tbe effect that Prlce'a army err?s?ed the Or?ge river at Hoffman'* Ferry, on Friday laat, and hia advancnd guard would reach Osceola on the following day The Congressional Investigat ng Com* mltiee. St Lotns, Nov 25 ?Tbe Congressional committee for the inveatlt;*tion of contracta have approved claim* againat tbia Department to over *6 000,000 I heir labors will not be concluded for some weeka Recptlon *( Cam. W t ke?. Boston. November 25 ? Notwithstanding the severity of tbe atorm prevailing to-day. the wel come extended to Cotnmnndet Wilkes waa numerously attended and very enthusiastic Tbe committee ? f reception met Commander Wilkes. Lieut. Cook and other*, on Long wbf-.rf, and conveyed them in carriages t? ibe ball, which wn* densely crowded, including many ladies In the gallery. Arrival ( the Stemner N m b Star with Trftfliiim from I blifArki? K ?in en a# M..?? (J S l'r?op* liom th Pacific N*w Yobk, Nov 25 ?Tbe *te*irer North Star Las arrived here from Aspinwall bringing #-U0,000 lit gold from California aud the United Stat** troop* u ider Colonel Buchanan. Including the following efllcer*: Surgeon McCormick. M?j?r Ke'rhuni, Captains Waller, Ruwell. Davidson and Davit, assistant surgeons Ottermsn and Pollum. Lieutenant* Genty. Scott, Turner, Carlton and Gray I'nited State* sloop-of war Cyaae bad arrived at Paa<mia, and the Laucaster would go to Sen Frmciaro There is no word of th? Sumter, but the i* probably near the coast of Vetitzuela Arrival if Regular T-e*pi?Arrest tl a I 8 Olfic-r Niw Yon, Nov 26 ?Tbe steamer North Star brought five hundred regulars to day Adjutant Scett was arrested by tbe police, on the arrival of the steamer, charged with being a secessionist He is a son of tbe Rev Dr Scott, late of San Francisco Lieut Colonel Buchanan assert* tbat Scott is loyal, and has applied for his release, promising to be responsible for his delivery to the proper authorities at Wa?hington. Sinking of the Keystone State with All on Boa: d Detroit, Nov 22 ?The steamer Keystone State, which sailed hence for Milwaukee on tbe 8tb Inst , is believed to have gone down with all onboard. She was last seen In the gale, apparently disabled, and pieces of a wreck, supposed to belong to her, have since been picked up on Lake Huron. Military Board *f Examiners Point or Rocks, Nov 26 ?Colonel John W. Geary, of the 23th regiment Pennsylvania volunteers, has been appointed one of the board of examiners to examine volunteer officers in Gen Banks'division Brig. Gen C. S Hamilton Is president of tbe board. They convene at the headquarters of the army Immediately. The Steamer San Jacinto at Bsston> Boston, Nov 24.?The U S steamer San Jacinto arrived here early this morning, af er landing Mason, Slidell and suite at Fort Warren ? The ship is anchored off the navy-yard Fire at Cinciaaati. Cincinnati, Nov 24 ?The sixth and seventh stories of Johu Mitchell's manufactory was destroyed by tire last night. Loss from $5,000 to 86 000?partially Insured Gen Nelson's brigade, 5,000 strong, left by the river this afternoon lor Louisville New VarW Bank Statement. New York, Nov 25 ?The weekly Htatement of the city bank* shows the following: Loan* Increase, >21.151,000, s[>ec)e, Increase, 8147,000; deposits. Increase, 8J2,166,000; circulation, decrease, 8193,000. Sailing of Transports. Niw York, November 45 ?The steamers Boaton, Delaware and t osmopolitan sailed to-day for Fortreas Monroe. They will carry troops to Port Royal. The Rebel Lrtli'atsr? tn Mistsiri. Colcmbps, Mo , Nov. 22 ?The Statesman, which is published here, hns information from Neosho that the rebel legislature of this state after obtaining a quorum oy the a polntment of proxies, elected John B Clsrk, formerly member of Congress from ? arard county, and R L. Y Heyton, of Cass county, Senators to the rebel Congress. The legislature also appointed members to the rebel Uouae of Repreaenrativea. from the different Congreas'onal dUtrlct* of 'he stste, smong whom are Ernest Macdonald 8t Louis (of babeaa corpus notoriety), T M M llbaoy, of Andran county, acd James K Rains, of Jasper county, all of whom are In Prlce'a army. The Msrtar Fleet at a>t Leaia, St Loots, N? v 25 ?The work on the mortar fleet at ihta point his not been stopped, aa stated in tbe Cincinnati Enqiirer, but is progressing rapidly, and tbe boats are exoected to be finished this week. The mortars have h?-en already cast, and are awaiting ahlpme.nt at Pittsburg The Marketa. Niw York, Nov 25 ?Cotton la Arm?salts of 1,600 bales, at 24^a25 ct?. Flour is U m?sales of 22,000 bbls Wtieat has a dec'Uing tenets, c? sales of 34,000 bushels: Chicago spring 81 JOal 26; Milwauale club 818lal 88; red 81 31*1 37, and wbite 81 39a1.4?. Cava ta depressed?sales of 133 ooo hiishels, ml and at 8SKa65jf eta V. hisky io iowci -??ia ai tii ruf?r i? quitrl C"B'-f '.a drm Sp!r!Sn Turpentine closed firm at SI 2511 30. Roaiu la 4all at ?5 SO. Freight* are droopl ng. BOARDING. MEMBER OF CONGRESS wiah'a to i? cure K oomi and board lor himaeli and family? Jive peraona in all Prefer* a honae ?ith few or no other boardera, above 19th atre?t. near the A venae. Addmaa"L.. C. L at tin a oftoe. noS 1* FRZVAT1L FHI V ATE. F R I V A. T B. GONORRHCSA CURED PERMANENTLY In Twii l>ATa! And no interne! mecioia?a need?ao interference with buuneaa?no paio?no diatinc nedtoitiaa?jdorieaa, and wid not itaia. ULEET AND STRICTURES Bamahed under thi? treatment. LADIES With WHITE:*?that death to Yoathaad BaautyDe d be tioabled no longer. SYPHILLIS In all tte forma, whether reoent or of lone ataadtac, oared, end every veeUje of diaeeaa removed from the ay at at. Our obarfei a hall be ibe aaoat reaeonab<e aad aatiaiaotory to ai part ea. Coaaa tatioaa tree at all timoe. Meaioiuaa ant ap wi\h faTldlreoUona for aae, an4 aoid to aauera, travel ara, Ac., at low rataa. Mad'oine fhrniahea which u a oertain preventive to any aad all Veaerial Dtaeaaea I) n't be afraid of high pno*a. Cone aad aee aa. lie charge for inveeticatioaa. M LApS2f2^ ICrOftee Washington Bel'dinga. oornar Pa |ve. aad7th atraet, Waahinrtoo D. C., Rooa^No. G" For Seadinf Money to Her many aad all part of tte Oomatry, IB Hour Srac*, 1 ISttn?/ tlu Qwma* J5a#. aoB-laa SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FI R THER FROM PEHAACOLA. THE ASSOCIATED PREJ*S ACCOUNT OF THE BATTLE THE DAMAGE ALLK6ED TO BE DONE TO OUR FRIGATES. ViLTiMoii, No*. ?Tbe Polat WiI reports that there hat been no arrlw there from Port Royal One version of tbe recent afftlr at Peaaacola la that on Friday, Fort Plrkena opened fire ?a tbe Penaacola nary yard and Barancaa, and that tbe Colorado and Niagara participated la tbe bom bard merit, but bad to haul off. both Terr much damaged a Th'.a Intelligence cuu*e* through aecewlor aourrea, a- d therefore ornat be received with due allowance , Spec la! correspondence of tbe Star ) THE FIGHT AT PENSACOLA CONFEDERATE RFPORT THAT BRAGO HAS BREACHED FORT PllKENB A BIT OF CONFEDER %TE BRAG, POUBT LESS Old Toar Boat, > M nday nlgtt, Nor *5,196'. J Edite* cf the Star ? From pas^e.igera on thi? u"ci, *uo canic I obi .>rriois i -uay ?y idi nag of truce, i learn tbat C ?l. (now Ge .eral) Harvey Brown commenced the acuta at lVn?acola on Saturday morning, wheu Le fl.-bt opened Art or Fort McRae. It was immediately returned. TUe secessionist* la Norfolk and R .cbmor>^( though pre-feat my to think tbat Geo Bra^g belo his own in the fight, were In great eiciten** and tribulation over It. Tbey profess to believe tLat be reeerred b.1* heaviest abell ard alio? for tbe latter par; of tie battle, wblcb bad not com- ol up to toe 'aieoi derpatch tbat Lid been re-el vcd at Not folk, wblcb ia only to Sunday morning, when the tife'b' ??ad been renewed Somf ?a'd there and in Rick mond tbat Bragg bad etTcUd a breach In Fort Flckena, wblcb la a wbspper. do-iMI?w. Fort Pickena <a one of tbe *:<oag?st works In V wo id, I presume, and the c f-federates are not *> prorlard at Fort McRae aa to breach It Tbat story la evluently but oi.e vf their usual ship slnkisg once Vou wl.I recollect thet tbey swore bard to baric? aa: k oue t'olon ablpof war. If not tbe wbole squadron, at tbe mouth Cf tbe Mlasla?lppt, and subsequently one or two In the bittle of Port Royal It turned out however tbit tbey tank nix on either of th?a* oc?*a?lona We wbo know tbelr botsRtlng bab;t well, are of opinion tba'tbe alleged d:a&bl:ug of tbe steam frigat-s NI agar and Colorado aud tbe breaching of Fort Picker.a will turn out t? be ai nply coinage hi the miut of tbe:r previoua stories referred to above THE PttlVAri kH > BEllREGARP" iAPriREU. TWENTY-SEVEN PR I -ONERS TAKEN AND A LARGE PIVOT GIN THE "BEAl'REG *R O" TAKEN TO KEY * EST. Niw You, Nov. ?By ibe arrival of the steamship George Peabody, it has been ascertained that the privateer Beuregard waa recently captured by one of our sloop* of war, namely : the W G. Anderson, of Boston, which, with 27 priaonera, and one large pivot gun on board, la now lying at Key West. Arrival from Eurspe. Niw Vokk. Nov ati ? Tlic utrafljnqlp Bohemian has arrived at Portland, bringing Liverpool advicea to the 21st Her news la unimportant. The Monltenr of the 14th contains a decree, nominating Fould as Minister of France The Moniteur also publishes a letter from the Emperor to Minister Fonld, approving his financial programme and acknowledging the budget to be conttned within Invariable limits. Tne Emperor aa>s: "The only eficacioue means to attain thia end la to resolutely abandon the faculty which a} pertains to me of opening fresh credit In the abaeose of the chambers 1 am determined to introduce changes in the sen* atua conaultum, which will be presented to the senate on the 2d of December. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. thi mason a.nd slidell imbro6lio. (t Is known that Lord Lyons had not communicated with the state department, directly or indirectly, concerning the seizure of Slidell and Mason, up to this afternoon He la evidently awaiting Inatructlona from his government ere broaching the subject to our executive authorities. km.blkskkk. Up to 2 P. M to-day no sucb paper as General Blenker'a resignation aad b:*en received either by the Adjutant General at the War Department or by the Chief A?aietant Adj itant C-neral of the army of the Potomac, to on* or the other of whom it -hould Lave b-?*n *ent. We have reason to helieve that yesterday the paper was written, an'' trust t* at the interference of friends may have prevented him f-om eend ng It in. It Is thought that trouble in 1 it d>v.a on, grow lng out of alleged peculations n the part of one or more of ita quartermasters, baa induced klm to think of taking auch a a ep As be Is provvrhlel 1? cue of the best officers cf the service, we ahou 4 g'ratJy regret tuch tU-p oa bit part OtAND KKV1BW TO BATThe grand review of ail 'be regulars on this aide of the river, took place !-day at one o'clock Thousand* of our citizen* we*e present at tbe ground, wblcb *? tbe uaual pu'adr ground, about a mile eaat of tbe rapltol. Ueu McCieliaD and stall'were received with a s*lu?e by one of the batteres <-f artillery present. There wet* revi?*wtd tbe 2d, 3d, 6th and 10th !afa:;t y . Vd 4tb. Mb aud fi'.b cavalry, and S bauerlee of ertlUe.-v One of tl? catures of tue occasion was tbe a;g> oallng between a corps s ationed on tbe Held and those on the dome of the Capitol, Signals wer' constantly patting The appearance of tbe troopa. Infantry, cavalry and artillery, was exeetdiLgly good. Tbe infantry was comirsr itJ by B ig Gee Sykt*; the cavalry by Lieut. Col W. H Eccory, and the artillery by Coi H J Hunt?iba whoi' commanded by Brig Geo Aodrew Porter A rax at airoaT. We have a prlva'e despatch this afternoon frots Baltimore alleging that some of the seoesb passengers arriving there this morning by tbe Norfolk boat allege that an engage*eat was taking place at Beaufort, in which tbe onion force was driven from tbe mainland, wlihslight lees. The news being mid to feave come ta Fortress Men roe hu vMUrd ii'i ? a at trnr.a from Ntrfttlk. Now we ha*e to my that Major Cumb,i bearer of de*patches from General Wool, (ooe of the letter's stsff,) who left Fortress Mooroe oa the suno boot, heard nothlag whatever of any each ?tory there, aor 414 General Wool. It lsdoubtkaa a roorback. ixo 1am cm!! day or two alaoe as individual, whooa allegiance to the L'aloa Is said to be notoriously Ices than doubtful, waa oauf ht la tbe aet of aptkinp ooo oi the fuaa of OrlAa's htuery oa the t*ber aide of tbe river. A drunbead coort-aaartial ahoild diapaos of hla caaa la half aa boor. Suet sa example la aboolately aeoeaaary. (ivine Ufj. i_*r . Wkot mi u iks.twe oe*d sad ?or .obs Earing aotos felling da* that wt.l t esm ?tt<n4 to than previous.j. ?rm-m EICOS A go. asra&s