26 Kasım 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

26 Kasım 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

THE EVENING STAB. LONELY. fitting lonely. evt-r lonely. Watting, waiting for o ie oulv, Thu* I coant Uk weary mwrcuti passing by; And the heavy evt-ning gloom Oathers slowly In the ro>>"ri, And the chill Novmber darknr?s dims the sky. Now the counties busy feet CroM each other iu the icreet, And I wat< b the face* UiUl^g past my door, Biit tbe step that lie_-red nightly. And tbe band th9* rapped so lightly, And the face ?u*t Iwemed so brightly. Come r?t> more !? iiy tlw tf .eligbt'i tt ful gleaming I am breaming, ever dreaming, And tb> rain is slowly falling all around And voices that are nearest. Of friends the best and dearest, Appear to have a strange and distant sound. Now the weary wind is sighing, And tbe murky day Is dying, And tbe withered leaves lie scattered round my door; ^ But that voice wbos* gentle greeOTg ?rt this bean so wildly beating. A' each fond and frequent meeting. Come no more ? All ikt Year Htund. PBVI5? APPLES. Mr# A J. Sibley, of Amada. Michigan, give* the following method of drying apple* for winter use, in the (*< ?-*#? Farmer ; Apples can be pared, quartered and cored with machinery. They should then be strung, and hang on apple racks They must then be kept in a warm place until dried By slicing them and drying on plate* they can be made more like fresh apples, but there is not difference enough to compensate for the hard labor. Tart applet are the best for common use.? Dried swf?t apple? are very good stewed and mixed with pie plant, and make an economical pie Thev a!-~> msfcn ? _ v wjKWisvut UIOCCITOP, fireparel in tha following way : Soalt them a ew hours in warm water; to every pound of fruit take a pound of sugar and cook them.? When about half done add a lemon, sliced thin. When (he apples aro done skim them out. aud boil the syrup down until clear, then pour it over the apples, audi think you will be satisfied with your preserves. LARK OF HKXS IX WINTER. T!ie following plain rules for the winter care of poultry, should receive attention from all our reaiers: Keep the hens in a warm, clean place, where th-?y can hnv access to the sun whenever it shine? Fee 1 them regularly with a variety of food, such is corn, which may always be before them: >arley. wheat, boiled potatoes, mashed and mi ced with cob meal?that is, corn and cob ground .ogetber; and give them access to plenty of gravel, old plaster, or broken oyst?r shells. The hurley and wheat may be fed to Ibciu occasionally, if convenient. Add to thoeo plenty of e'ear water, and pork or beef scraps, or bits of fresh meat, two or three time3 each week, and yen will not fail to find jour fa"!* profitablo?Country Gentleman. DENTISTRY. ~ WYUfB. . LOt>ttlS. V !? ??.? ... . *?-? PUMM ?UU fiwmci of tr.? V.LNE \AL Vi.ATfc TEETH. at-,#TP?fc? tends p*ra?;: ai:y *t his t ftce .r. tun citT.Jw^af Ma ay persons oa:. waar the^e t?eth *ii')N ' ' T s' aannct *ur others, and no person c&u *e?r otuen wno cannot woar tfceaa. f ers jhs ca. iflf at my oftoecan b? aoocmmoaatec with any aty ie p-.ce oi Te*tli tMy may desire b*t tc those wno are ps-iioaar an- wish the purest clearest, stronjest. ad* mo.'t perfeat denture that art oaa produve. tiie MINERAL PLATE will M more fu.ly warranted. Rooms in this e:*y?No. 33* Pa. e**noe,b?tweer th and XOth sta. a.so, 907 Arch etreet, Phi ade; pn a. oc li tf "gas fitting, fcc. Awii t. (h)vkVoo. RE S' w prc?*rivi U. execute any enter* wiU W.'.sn t\sj rra* be fa?creo il tt*? fL^MBlNa. SA3 OR STEAM PITTIW1 UL'SLNESS. ITT 9io.-j - : i'.-ttl, \ few doors north of Pa fcvease. w r.e-s it " foar.d a ro::ip.iete assortment ef CH ?:rH 4-.U other AS. STEAM an* Mr AT kk ki xTuw k.s ian-iT 15SYOLH, , FL CM Ft. ti A XI* HAS FITTER, Baa *it -red n thecr ra<*f of Twelfth and F its tie is p spared tu introduce Water and Oaa npoL the most ia?ora Is ie.u.s, and taaran.es enure atlstaotion He .as on hand a lot of COOKINO and other 9TO*t,s,*tuc!i3fTi? it,, .eas u.an ocst, aa as w s.iri t? tet rid of them. no 1? W6 A 9 FIXTURES, E Usn in *wre, and are dai y rcoeiTin*, 9AS W1 ITUti BS i eaureij New t'Mterneand Deaicc* atfl FiEuti. supen -. (n styie to anytning heretofore ff?i 4 mthia mark'W? invite citiaeas general a tr sa.1 aud examine ?took ol ttas and Water Pla roe. ;rc oonfa^'Uit that wo hare the beet te<ectei stock in W ?^ninjton. A'. NV o.-a iu the *t>ore tine instated to ear ears Will be prorriptlj attended to. MVEkB * MeCHAN. _ mar t-i^ ?T? I) street. OIFlCr. OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OK MAS*. Svivs* Waihimtor, Jaly It, ltM. HO TICS IS HKS.EBY GIVEN. 'r&at,a?ree fcbiy to the pronaione of the oidi nance or the Cor jorati<->a ??rroT?d Mir it.?i?>. the anderaicned it Bow prepared, "waeoever reJfui-ed in writint, ans a fr? payment of the fee of fifty oenls, to inapeot Man'.--. te??. prcTr, acd aaoertain tr.? aocaraoy oi refiatratio- of ?ay ess meter in ua* in tnia eity.' Every meter, if found incorrect, wm oe condemned and another, eea?*t and marked u time, win b? eetini** race. If proved to be aooa-aie in lti MUU MDOBt Of (M, It Will be fSa.PG fcOOO "dill fly and iffticnt in foaition for tee. ORoe No. ftlO Seventh street,(near Odd Fal . T>' Omd from t a- is., to it. m. CBARLE9 W. CUNNINGHAM, )y tttf lnaveetor and 9ea'er of Sea Meter*. #Cmt? Craft, Cold., MearsaMi, InMy Irritation or Sort id of tk* Thro**, tUliomi tks Htkmg Couth m? Ctamv iwa, Bronckuxt, t Cmtmrk, Chvr mad mi Btromgtk to th? vote* of PUBLIC SPKAK E Rf SINttERS. r>w ?re ?*? a if tfie importance of cheoMinj a Coa?ft or "Common C- ! in ita firat aUie; that wnicn m ttie teaiiiiEj woold yield to a mild remedy, if coc:^cted, soon attacks the Lunfs. "Brnrn't Brotukiml Trorm< " <?nutaiiunt emuicentinj^di nta, allay t'? .-nonary asd Btonoiual Irritation. ' Th*. . jubio in my Throat, (for BROWN'S w':i?h tne "7Vo?4??" apeciiu na'-^e made me ofter. TROCHES *>.ef* N. P. WlLLlS. BlMWVr) ' i reooir mend their ue to Praia* rtn^i?n." TKOCBKi REV. E. H. CHAP1N, ?ir?ata'rTiceinsabdain6 Ho*a?i 1ROWN1* j si-? " ?*FY. PAN! EL WISE. RnrHK- re ief in the dia av ol uf-*ath:r.t peoalia. D o 11 W V'- -O A^THSA. 1 BRUWNc Htv A C. E6tfI ESTON. TROCHES' "Coot* a no u>iam or %nythmi i.tr. PR. A A HA\ MS. BROW.Vf Ckiwii:it, Bono* mm,? -ft w! " A * feasant oombina TRO< t>' > t fv: <ro." 0.?^? . Lzl. *. r . BIREl fVV, BROWN? ?0 '??. J. F, W. LANE, BROWN 3 ?***? " ! r.*-s exae: ei.t f? TROCHE" " C-*.'? C?.?S " REV. R. W. WARREN, BROWN e Bottmt ?? ner.?^-?: whea compelled U TROCHES r*i, s;j^r?ri? -cr? Co:?." mb p ?--- m # r Ail!/? RDUHi BRC*XS St. L?-*u WEti(MK2 ' llF?J?*Wai, 4a repawafHoaree w*u> .ii%_ c#;.Md irntatioa 0ftLa fhroa!. ? BROW rt'J* *^-n ?oc w,,h and am* VRO <'*?.; * MACV JOHNBON, Lm Urtmi% Hm BlOWW'f ? **?* of M??e, iJout':err t -Tiutae 0<*4>?<e. VROC71 :^r. ' ^tfai ceaefit wi;?a tfcen before *.r.. iV trtaoUinc. it they frerea! BIO* ftT Hc*re*r.*?i<. prom Uwr put effect [ ?ufi* raej w.!i ba of peimaoaat a-j TI0!'8&? U> ma. RfcV. fe. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'* Prea?4act tt Ataaca Collect, Team. TMOCCf ?? 1-1' . n I. KKAMRXl.l, OPTICIAN TO THV VRESIDEXTAND MILITARY STAFV&, >44 Peuaaav., a?, ta ?.?.*,) w^UiStk and 13th ?ti fPKCTACLKS, pr*ivid *1 wltfc lenuice Koak Cm'?J or ' l.ervaaa, mounted >n |t:i, aiiver or alee! am aiiad vita utmoet care /or Terr ace aa-J eje?i(ht. FIRST UC^^JBU CLA8B MILITARY riMLD-OLASamS, Mteroeoopae, Com?aaa?e, an J Mathematical Ju etrumenta. at tit* loweat Kaatern priori. oc ?tr NKW AM> P< t,L -I PP/.Y ?>F LAUia MliHK-' AM> 7"' VLOAKS.j>drVUgS,iOAT$.(*lkCULAKSM>. An tlh*t ' peu.tt Ot awed efj'ai ?> Wk C >ak? i>t? HM^rOar Wod>r, MAXw ki.ii'b Cloak aiid OJ titure, BP i.3t?o d'is Pa. aveaue. PACKAGES UNCALLED FOR AT THE l OTFIC* O* TM* ADAMS EXPRESS COMPAXY. Wabhixgtoh. Not 18, l^fll The following packages remain on band at this ottce this day. Owner* applying for any el them will pleaae say they are advertised. A Aiken, Lieut E P, lpcl; Ackerman, C, 1 do; Arnoux, J G, 1 do; Ad .ma, C H. 1 do; Ad*m$. F G. 1 do; Atwood, G W, 1 d"; Adam?, Sirs E H, 1 io; A racy. LK. I bale; Adams, Charles 1 do; Anderson, J D, 1 pkg; Andrews. Lt E H. 1 do; Averill, Col W VV, 1 pel; Abern, Tbomxs M. 1 do; Ascherton, H, 1 box; Atkinson, .Miss M 1 do; Adams, Richard, 1 do: Armstrotig, Geo, ) do; Appel, C, I do, Adams, Col J \V, 1 do; Asch, K, 1 do; Anderson. Gen R. 1 do; Amos, Jos F, I do. Andrews. H P. 1 bos: B Burton, Thos S, 1 pel; Bass, S F, 1 do; Barker, N, 1 do; Beal A Covlv. 1 kltt; Ballet, LtG W, 1 d(?; Berry. MmAB. 1 guitar; Brav, AM, 1 do Co F B?eker, G S, 1 package; 3d reg't; Byrnes Jo*, 1 ao; Black A Shunk, 1 do; B-ilrd. Mrs Capt, 1 do; Ballentine, \V A, 1 do; Bradner, J H, 1 do: Brooks, M. 1 do; Bulger, Major, 1 do; Brice. J J, I do r 8 N; Blarkbnrn. M A ,& map*; Bird. J S Miss, I do; Bicketton, Cbas. I pkg; Blont, Mr. 1 do; Brannon, Thos, 1 do; Black, H, 1 do, Boyd, Capt A, 1 box and Berg, Dr A, 1 do; tin box attached; Ball, G, 1 do. Co H -2d Brodie, W M D. 1 pkg; reg't; Bellew A Co, I do; Baird, Capt E C, 1 do; Bailey. P R, 1 bench; Riddle, John, 1 do; Byrne, John C, 1 box; Borg, A, 1 do, N York Boxtin, Aug,2frcott LG; Ziuaves; Bbrd. P C. 1 pel; B^rford, Capt J, 1 df>; Bfll, Mr* M. earpe' bag; Bliss, Lieut, 1 do; Barnes. T P, 1 do; B<*nity, Get-, 1 do; Bik*-r. Col, 2 boxes; Buxton, Capt J P, I do. Belts A Co. 2 kegs; ExcefiJor Brigade; B >rtol, II, 1 box; Bradley, C VV, 1 do; Btfech, J F, 1 box Camp Broughton, T F. 1 do; Duncan; Buck. Rev D D, 1 box; Bierd, \V ll, 1 do,49 N Brabin, Moses, 1 do; Y Vol; Houvier, J B, 1 do; Barrows. W E, 19Mass; B?*an. Henry. 1 do; Birn. 8 T. Sutler; Baiter Si VVilson, 1 do; Hrian. CH.l bbl; Bebb. M 9, 1 do; Bwalk, C, 1 box; Branderberg, F W, 1 do; Bicker. J F, 1 do; Boyian. Peter, 1 do; B T. I do; Birker, MaJ <i W, 1 do; Blln. Capt J H, 1 do 3d Brown,W K Sc Co, 1 do; Kxcelaior; Beilew k Co, 1 do; Be-t?, A H, 1 do; Baiton, FS, 1 do; Biiley, J T, 1 do: Rich. J C, 1 do; Bialow, |j, 1 bbl, 3th B?rdleu, Mr, I do; Vt resj't; Becker, J S. 1 do; Rccktr, C F; Bur.uel, J H. 1 do; Baits. C 9, 1 box; Butlett, Wm, 1 do; B-ll, Lt Col. I do 4 NH, Rutterfleld, Maj, 1 do; Brisblo A Whiting,2do; Brx-ze, DEH, 1 do; Rr&deubert:, F W, 1 di>; Bren.>?teadt, E, 1 do; Bliss. C pt J 11, 1 do 3d Burncs. Geo, 1 do; Excelsior; B ;ker, W, 1 do; Bement, H S, 1 do. 5"th Bmks, J R A Co, 1 do; N Y reg't; Benedict, LtCol L, I do; Hrown, Mrs M, 1 trunk C Cimpbell, Jacob. 1 pel; Collende, \V, 1 do; Curtis, Or J, 1 do; Cribb, \V, ! do: Cone, D D, I do; Cbase. Col W B, 1 do; Cook. L D. 1 do; Chandler, J W, 1 do; Conway, M F, 1 do; Crotut, J, 1 do; Canneli. E, 1 do; Clarke, Capt WT, 1 do; Clarke. N B, 1 do; Cooper, H F, 1 do; Corey. 9 A. 1 do; Cbappe'.l. J F, 1 do; Corson, R R. 1 do; Com c>f Pdt?iita. 1 do; Cheesley, W R. 1 do; Chase, Lieut M M, 1 do; Callen. Serg't H H. I do; Courtney, Wm, 1 kitt; Carroll, Hon W T. 1 do; Clarke, Wm, 1 do; Clarke. R H. 1 do; Conneil, M, I chest; Cox, c* s*. 1 do; Clotter, M, 1 box, jth N Coon, M*jor John, ! do; Y reg't; Coyle, William. 1 do, Cowden, Col R, 1 do, 1st Callaghan, W J, 1 do; M :sa; Cheney A 1 do; Casey, Capt. I do; Clarke, Dr H G, I do; California Reg't, 1 do; Cotie, J as D, 1 do, 22d Carter, Col Scott, 1 do, N Y reg?t; 2d Indiana Vol; Chcleus. C W, I p tx>>. Collier, B. I do, 23d Vt 29th do; Reg' ; Cridge, Alfred, 1 pkg; Coleman A Crowsley, 1 Cruzan, WmC, I pbox; bale; Coventry, }?'t W B, 1 do; Ct>aae,C, 1 box; I'arfor U 1 nVn- ? J - ?? ' *-. ? |tk| V uu wuiiu, Ivrv y? , 1 UU, Campbell. ColD. I do; Chaplain, lot Reg't Ma?s Cultum. (j \V, 1 d >, Vol, I do; Carpenter. J VV, I do; Com OtU<:er, Co F, oth Callaghan J, 1 pk;;; Cavalry, 1 do, Com of Patent*. 1 map; Carn'b. Lt F, 1 boxes, Collins. K H, 1 box, lit Maw; Com of Patent*, 2 do, Chidwlrk, J C, 1 do, Cone, D D, 1 do; I'Jth do: Costella, E, 1 do; Cuihlnjr. S T,1 trunk,do; Cobim. 1 do; C A E. S-r?t Col Baxters Camp, VV E, 1 do; Fire Zouaves. 1 trunk; t^jok, Alex, 1 do, Clarke. L ii, 1 trunk, Cantwell, James, I do; 3lth Rent. Dean. John, 1 parcel; Dorena^e, C M. 1 b^x; Dlx, Major, 1 do; Dougherty, J I*, 1 do; Douglas. Capt H, 1 do, Davis, B. 1 do; 6th Infantry; Dewey, H, 1 do; Deverow. Capt, 1 do, Dennty, R !?, 1 do; Salem Z; Davis, J, 1 do; Darrldge, W D 1 do; Dut*rh. C, 1 do; Dayton, James L., t do; Dove, W. 1 do; Darling, A. t do; During, J ?,1 bbl; Davis, Maj Henry, I do; Dewev. H M. 5 boxes; Doyle, <? H, 1 do; Dounaldsou,\V, I basket, D lllln, John SJ. 1 do; Du3enburry, E. 1 bbl; Dexter, Capt, A F, 1 do; Dickson. II, pk^s att; Deity, tieurv, 1 do; Duudingtou. C, I pel; Douglas, M;>s 1 do; Donnelly, Dr K 1 box; Dowllng, M W , t do, Df-k-r, .Mrs E 1 do; 32d Reg't; Dovle. Capt, I do, "d Ex; Dicken*. Hon A, 1 do; Dame M'.sa H P 1 do, 2d De Beame. Mr, 1 do; N H reg't; Dailey H, 1 pk?, D. C L, 1 do; Dandeen, LtUol JB Ido; Dorwin, \V, 1 tk, Wih K. t: Fn^bert, Cba* P, 1 p<!; Espy, Col \V, I do; Earlendsen, E A. Ido; Emrner, Wm I do; Ellwood, C, 1 do; Evana, Mrs J D, I do; Elv, W, 1 do; Elliott, Maj A V, aafe; Eldrldge, T E. J do Etter, Martin, 1 box; Eichorn, E, 1 do, Col Ellis, A D, 1 pel: Bohlens' Reg't; Erwin, Lt, 1 trnnk, exc; Eastman, J H, 1 box; Emenroiu, 1 do. F Fisfce. N P, 1 pc!; Fitzpatri'-k &. Funnel, '2 Fritz. Tboa, 1 do; frauaes att; F mme sey, M 1 do.VtR Fowlev, James 1 trunk; , Farrell, John, 1 do; French, E, I box; Frltterley,Capt J J, 1 do, Frange. S, 1 do; 7iL Ktg I; Krlsbe?, R o. I do; Flohn, J, I do, N V V; Flickley. 1 pkg j i >cr?; Fremont, Mrs J C, I do; Fuller. Win M, l jcl, Fereger, Anton, 1 Mo; Harris L Cal; Fox. A H. 1 do; Follett, Cap!, 4.5 boxes; Fouk'-. 1* B, 1 do; Forrest. T t-. 1 keg; Finnegan, Hugh, 1 do, Fltzpatrio.k A Trumbell, 30th N V V; 2 boxes; F irrell, C II, 1 do; Franxe, L, 1 bbl; Fleckless, G 1 do; Fo?ter, N J. 1 box, 12th Fo??, G H. 1 do, 5 Me R Maw Reg't; FVydG F 1 do; Ferrla, H M, 1 trunk; t ater, Carl", 1 box; Fuller, G W, 1 do; Fend, C, 1 do; Flemming, O G, 1 valFoeter Win J, 1 box; G Griswold, W H, 1 pel; Green, J S, 1 do; Gannon, James, I do; Galvin. J. 1 do; Gentuer, <) 1', 1 do; Girrtner, S, 1 do; Githena. K, 1 do; Gr'ttttli, R H jr, 1 do; German W, 1 u<>; Gibbon*, Jaa. I do; Gle~3on, K, F, 1 do; Graham. Brig-Gen. 1 do; ! Gardner,!*, 1 do; Glea^on. K !', "J do; Glynn, Martin, 1 do; Gilbert, S A 1 do; Guakiiis D A, 1 do; Glover, T, 1 bbl, Franet, Clement 1 do; Griawold. Jamea, 1 tub, Giliinan. E, 1 do; JMh V reg't; Glending Mary M, 1 do; Garratf, IV, 1 bbl, autler Graham, C B, 1 do; 5th Pa. Reserve; Grammer, G !?. 1 do; Gregg, Lieut G C, 1 box, Gatzmin, H I d >; Anderson 8 S; Gautler. G, 1 box; Gantt, T T, 1 do; Gove, J A, 1 pkg; Graham, J, H, '2 do; Graw, H, 1 do; Gudman, II, 1 do; Given, Rev R, 1 do; Glover, AS, 1 do, 12th Gregory, S C, 1 do; Man Reg't; Greecsberger, 1 do; Granberrv, G L. I do; Gilbert, D L, 1 box; Gardner Dr \V A. 1 trk; Green, W C, 1 do; Groover, L, 1 box; Guttman, D, 1 do; Giaaetihelmer, 1 do. II Harris. Dr Jamea 1 pel; liogarty, Wm 1 do; Harris, M B 1 pel; Huiitlngton. WS1 do; Hopkins, Surg $ 1 pel; Herman, J B 1 do; Hell, Henry 1 pel; Hawklna, A C 1 do; * Hughes. Put 1 pel, Col Holly, 1)C 1 do; \ ouag's regiment; Iloldan, F A 1 do; Hayes, H El pel; H oxter, David 1 do; Herman A Lattm, 1 pel; Holt, \V A 1 do; Hurtate, Joaeph 1 pel; Henderaon, J M 1 trunk; Hamilton, Alex 1 pel, In Batten beck, Captain N 1 | dependent U; do, 4th Conn; Houghton, FM1 pel; Hovey, Lt C H 1 do, Hodee*, H W 1 pel; 17th 13th Main; Mais regt; HuzUein, 6 1 pkg; Hale, J W 1 p?l; Herton, Lt L G 1 box; 1 Haseall, Capt H A 1 pel; Hansenm, 8 P 1 do; Hatton, MIm E 1 pel; HollenbackA Houfctl, 1 p; Htn'on k Teel, 1 pel; Herbert, J A 1 pel; Harms, J C 1 pel; Hospital, 1 bale; Hubbard, C P 1 pel; Harlan, Jas H 1 box; Hagen, BF 1 pel, 32d Hay ward. G I) 1 do; re^t N Y vol; Hicks, A U 1 do; Herb, Jacob 1 pel; Hlnman, R H 1 do; Hill, W C 1 pel; Howard, Dwlght 1 do; Hannah, Robert 1 pel; Harwig, Henry 1 i.k^, Htnehman, Lt H9 1 pel; Hill, L A I box; Hands, John 9 1 pel; Hewett, W W 1 do; Holmes, Thomas 1 pel; Hurleng?-r, J M I do; Hawthorn, James 1 pel; Harwocd, A A 1 do: Hathaway, D C 1 pel, Harrison. Lt P H 1 do; i?th Mass; Haywood, U W 1 do; H outer, W 1 pel; Haupt, p l do; Hammerstrtn, Msj 1 pel; Harris, Mrs 1 pkg; Hlekox, B 1 pel; Hays, W M 1 box; Helsbrg. Capt, 1 pkg, Hartnul, John I do; 8th NT; Hatch. W H | do; Ha?ley,JPfpcl,2dcsT; Harner. O W I bed, Helntzflrr.aa, Geo 1 pel; Hall, 1) A 1 kilt; UU'i'i'UJ. John 1 box; Harrison, t,t P 3 pkg att; Hart, M (i I Nil; HofiL : ? J IP) 5 Imiit* ; H1U, Lt A Ibjx. li'ii.f. ui li A Co 1 bd?: { ITokd , KlpVg; Hallhh ? >, J iLU 1 iky, | Hawley, W N 1 pkg; 45th Pa r?g; % Hackett. R I box; Hillberg, John 1 box, Hilton, Jam?* 1 box ex; 19th N V reg; Hamicond, C W 1 do, Hutcbengmw, J 1 do; I 11 tb Man, Huib, A K i bdli, Hathaway, or Jai Mc- Hewett. fDr CN 1 box, Vey, 1 do, lad M Vol; 50th N V regt; Hoffman, PI do; Hand, B W ldo, litMais. Harris" L C; I lnnes, Col CH,1 pel; Ind cav'y 1st regt, 1 box; Irwin, Mrs, 1 do; lotjrabam, ED, 1 do 7th Iglehart, John, 1 C bag; Maine; (sucks. T K. 1 do; Inrails, H, 1 do; Irwin, Dr C K, 1 box; J Jutt, John J, 1 pel; Johnson, \V H, 1 do, 1st | \V S*, I do, N J regt; | Van Allen's cavalry; Johnson, Capt C, do; Johnson, J, 1 do; Jacksou, Geo, 1 do; j Johnston. K, 1 do; Jo^rs, I, I uky; Johns, H \V . 1 do; Jone*. W H, fbdl.s; Jones, C M S, 1 do; Jackson. Col \V A, 1 bbl; Jones, J J, 1 do; Jones, R P. 1 chest; | Jordan, VV H, 1 do, 1st Jordi*),A WACo,6do att; D C regt ; Janstein, Lieut G B, 1 do I Jacobs, A B. 1 do. 5t!i 5.5th N Y regt; Pa regt ; Jacobs, CE, 1 trunk 45th , Johnson, LtC R, 1 box; Pa regt. K S 1 K"Hev, Liixie. 1 pel; Klngsman, GW, 1 pkg; Karst??r. Martin, 1 do Kane, lit Col JL, 1 box; 29Lh N V regt; Knott, Mrs A M. 1 do; Kellev, M, 2 do; Kisuswasky, OrFk 1 bdl; i nc^? i *t u i, in, i uu, rvurury, Driu ucu, l Kennedy, Hon A, I do; Krause, John, 1 p bo*; Kuneniund, H, 1 do; Kellroy, John, 1 bo*; Kirbv, Cnpt, 1 do; Ktlmuray, Patrick 1 do; Kline, Benj, 1 do; KtrkT,<^do; Kittle, Capt EC, I do King, W B, 4 boxea; ramp Shalet; Kline, Ane, 1 box; Knowlea, Fred'k, 1 do; Kroeger, 1 keg; Knap, Geo VV, I do; Kinsick, Mr? H, 1 box; King. Major H L. I do; Keoti Sl Leonthall, 1 bag; Kalperl, Peter, 1 bdl; Kirk, Capt \VA, 1 pkg; Karsner. C VV, I bile;' KlngA Sanderson, 1 bo*; KennardyJL, 2 bnlea; Knot, A K. 1 do; Kelly, I) J,, 1 bdl; Kirniner, C \V, 1 trunk Kable, K, 1 bale; L Ludwlg, R, 1 pel; Learning, W, ldo; I Lambert Geo, 1 do; Laff-rtv, Wm, 1 bale; I Large, John, ldo; Lauzhl'.n, E. 1 bale&bx; Lealin, Maj J 11, 1 do; Lord. Col LNB, 1 pkg;| Leary. Jno, 1 do; Landu, Col F VV, 1 do; | Latrldge, Jobn, 1 do: Learning. T, 1 do; Lotrtd^e, SCJtCo.l do; Low, J VV. 1 do; Lee, T F, 1 do; Lain?, J M, 1 bo*; I L"vy, VV VV. 1 do; l.eapson, D S, 1 do; Legeane, Col, 1 do; Lootnla. M I) VV, i bxa; Lamed. >I?j C F, 1 do; Learer, P A, 1 bucket; L;-lnhardt, O F, 1 do; Lamed. Capt, 1 box; Levlck, Capt J It, ldo; Lebrand, I., 1 do; Lenon. L'cut W, ldo; I.orton, H H, 1 do; Lewis, J C Ac J, 1 do; Llnnel, 11 II, 1 do; Lambert, Lt Cbaa, 1 do; Ltbanno, G, 1 do; Ludwig. 1< Ac A, 1 do; Ljtella, John, 1 pel; Llnde, Th i. 1 do; Lilne, W T, 1 do; Lawyer. J A, 1 do; I'ipp, T, 1 trunk M Mirk land. A H 1 parcel; McGuire, J C, 1 box; McKenn, A, 1 psrcelj Myrt B J, 1 bale; Miller, J L. 1 parcel; Morgan, K, 1 bale; Mr.Harg, Capt J, 1 pel; Moore, C, 1 box; Mm, I'hos B, 1 paree'; McLaughlin, 1 box; Mathew. R P, 1 parcel; Milk, C D, 1 box; Mirth, E A, 1 parcel; Me'iing^r, E, 1 box; Malone, Js*. 1 parcel; McCollough, 1 box; Merchant, Lt, 1 parcel; Mclntire. Ja.nea, 1 bo*; Mclntlre. 1 parcel; McLaughlin, J, 1 bdl; McCIould, 1 parcel; Myer, A J.I box; Meehau, Thomu.l pel; Menzel, E A, 1 keg; Maruey, \\ H. 1 parcel; Viintroy, 1 hrlf bb^ Mo?n, Capt J, 1 parcel; M?lian II. I pkg; McCllntock, J??, 1 pel; Murphv. Thomas 1 box. MiUigan, * ?L ! parcel; I* V Vol : Mea.-s, Lt Col F, 1 pel; Mor*?-il, O, 1 box; .Moore, \V H, 1 pircel; Malkm m, John, 1 box, Morrill, .1 rf. 1 rarcel; 5iht!i V V ; Melford, D i*, 1 parcel; Mo re, James F, 1 box. Mooney. M F, 1 parcel; 4'b Pa. Cavalry; Mangan, D, 1 parcel; AlcCandles, Dr J G, "2 M eh I, M. 1 parcei; boxes, 5'2d Ha Keg.; MdMuardt, F. 1 parcel; Mcsterson, Alfred, I pel, McMullen, 1 parcel; N J Vol.; Martin, T H, 1 parcel; Muller, Wm 1 p< I, Camp McCune, Jas. 1 parcel; Chidve!!; McCormick. Maj, 1 pel; May, G, 1 pel; Mundee.C. 1 parcel; Mellon. D, 1 c. bag; Miratou. Maj 1>C, I pel; McTlbben, I. P, 1 c ba-;, | Merchant, ilenrv, 1 pel; Murphy. Capt 0,2 bx?; McLaughlin, J F, 1 p^l; Masury. L. I box; i MH8ou.Lt John. I pel; M ,C. P A Co o boxes; McLean. J W, 1 parcel; McGee, C L Co 5 bbls; I Mazzoehl, F?, I parcel; Martin,J W,1 bx,7U?Ms; Moore. Daniel, 1 pan el; Montgomery, J, 2 bx?; Mun?en. B, 1 pel, l2fith Morrel, J H, I box; | N. Y Reg ; Mofflt, Lt. T VV, 1 bbl; Mayor, DG. 1 parcel; McKnlgbt,Col AA. 1 bx; Maglnnis. W H, 1 pel; Mudge, Capt GR, 1 box, Marshall A Page, 1 pel; Morris. R H. 1 box; MeConnell, Gen. 1 box; Morauete, J, 1 box; Malloncy, D, 1 box; [M A CJ; Morris, R H, I box; Muller, C, 1 trunk; Mb hell, A, 1 bal; Mullen, J H, I trunk. McDowell. M M, I box; McDotmoughJlR, 1 trk, Munsell. CPACo, 1 box; Murphy J, 1 trunk, Miller, HLS, 1 balea, McClellen. Lt KM, 1 ?rk; Miller, J L, 6 boxe#; Marty, Col Kll,l pul !* Newell, Capt J, 1 pel; Nunns, J H. 1 bundle Nartan. Mrs S, I do; Nichols, Dr C II, 1 box; Neally. F, 1 do; Norris.Capt G K, 1 do; Newton, J C, 1 do; Neilson. John, 1 trunk. O O Urine, 1 parccl; Oliver, W C, 1 do; <>'Conner, Dennis, 1 do; Oswald. Capt YVL, 1 do, 0 iter man, F, 1 box; 3Ph N Y Keg't; CConner, Dennis, 1 do; Ordner.W, lval,55thdo. P Paul, D H, 1 parcel; Patterton, P, 1 do; Pears-ill, Thos C 1 do; Prlcce, J, 1 do, Parsons, L 11, 1 do; Porter, G W 1 do; | Phillips, Col WH, 1 do; Putney, H O, 1 do; Paine, Lt W C, 1 do; Prisbam, S, 1 do; Pokormy, C, 1 do; Pratt, 1 do; Pa'.ner, BgG'l JM,ldo; Parker, F, l do; Powell, F. 1 do; PUben*, E, I package; | P'uenlx, D C, I do; l'owerson,M, 1 box, 30th I'orler, Lt Col J J, 1 do; Pa Reg't; Paine, VV II. 1 box; Price, Jacob, 1 parcel, Poland, Joseph, I ;>kge; 5th cavalry; | Pollock, N, 1 do; Parshall, R K, 1 do, 1st 1 Packard,T.\l, 1 do; L Inf'y; I Pifer, VV, 1 do; Pratt, S, 6 matts: Palmer, CaptNW, I bx; Pratt, Capt C R M,1 box, (ion <1 Kn*HI' l!lfh \!au ! Piatt, R, t! do; Prince, W S, 1 do; Prince, VV S, I d ; Pott, Rev Geo E, 1 do, PotUr, J F. 1 do; 15th N Y Rtg't; Prase. J, 1 bundle; Pllson,Capt. 1 trunk; I'olletzer, M,.l do; Pollard, Mrs AI, 1 do. 1'arrott, M, I box; Quartermaster General, l|uliit, C P, 1 bo*; 1 parcel; <4uenn, John, 1 bale. K Rogers, P A, 1 parcel, Rawlins, L F, 1 do; 5?th N Reg't; Roper, A J, 1 trunk; Robb, C, I box; Reynold*, Adg't J E, 1 Roberts, Lieut W D, 1 p box; parcel, Camp Palmerjj Rupell, M D, 1 bundle; Robb, John, 1 parcel; Ray, D VV, 1 box; Reed, B VV, 1 do; Rupp, John, 1 do; Retgal, F, 1 do; Russell, Mri, 1 do; Rogers, C*pt J, 1 do; R, J W, 1 do; Rawlins, Thomaa, 1 do; R & S, 1 do; Reynold*, Major, 1 do; Reed, P, 1 do; Reed, Enaan, 1 do; Roger*. Mrs John, 1 do; Rawly, J, 1 do; Rheardson, VV P, 1 do; Ru?*ell, Capt T, 1 do; Relator,TVV, ldo 57 NY; Royenburg, M, ldo; Ru>sell,Lt GS, ldo5 NJ; Reed, Hon T M, 1 do; Rider, H F, 1 parcel; Rozell, H H, 1 do; R, J W, 1 box; Randolph, J, ldo; Rodgers, G F, 1 do: R <lma:i, John, I do; Reeatr, CH, 1 kg, 23 NY; Robblns, D, 1 do; Randall, GH, 1 box, 5 Ct; Relley, J?bn 1 do; Ransan, Capt JN, ltik. Ray, Alex, 1 do; Smith, F, 1 parcel; Spear, J VV, 1 do; Smitn, VV M, I do; Stone, Dr L H, 1 do; Steinle, N, 1 do; Smith, G VV, 1 do; Shield, G, 1 do, -id N J; Swift, jobn, 1 do; Smith, Harvey, 1 do; Sanders E, 1 do; Smith, T J. 1 do, Mc- Smart, A. 1 do; Ciellans Dra; Samstag, S, 1 do; Scott, Walter, 1 do; Stevens, R C, 1 bundle; Shatter, G. 1 do; Stewart, R J, 1 box; Staut, Albert, 1 do, J G; Scott, A J, 1 violin case; Smith, William, I do; Sheppard. T, 1 box; Smith) N B, 1 do; Spear, P B, 1 do; Southall, Tyler, 1 do; Smith, VV G, 1 do; Shevvell, W S, 1 do; Sitz, John, 1 do; Smith, Sam'l C, 1 do; Somner, 1 do; Scharty. Henry, 1 do, latSwayte, John E, 1 do; PaRltte Reg't; Sout'herland, G J, 1 ke^; Stirlgty, C, 1 do; Scottfc Vanhorn, lOcaiiTp | Shirley, E, 1 do, stools; Stfvenson, J, 1 do, '2d Sanders, Capt J, 1 box; Va Reg't: Slocum,C, 1 do. 4tb N Y; Sterns, Lt Charles, 1 do; Shunk, Lt F J, 1 do; ' Smith, 8 B, 1 do; S'&men, AJ, I do. N VV: Sherger, W, 1 do; Sterdevant, O W, 1 do; Strain. J II. 1 do; Smart, J T, 1 do, Gen'l I Smith, Phillip, I do; Sandi*' Biig'e; Sterne, J P, 1 do; Stewart, SB, 1 do, 1st \ Shorghany, M, 1 do; DC Vol's; Sand*, Lleu't L, 1 do; 8> iders, W, 1 do, Camp ! Miilth, Lleu't J B, 1 do; Balmer; i Slocutn, Br O'l H,1 do; Santry, F, 1 parcel; | Smith, Mim A, 1 do; Steel, G, 1 bo*; Srnltb, James N, 1 do, Sherman, 9 M, 1 bundle; 5th Ma**; 8, A C, 1 barrel; Smith, Wm M, 7 do; Smith, Dr D, 1 box, 18th

] Seymour, J \V, 1 do, Mass; I Sherman's L'tttery; S, B 8, I do; Shub, R B. I do; Sharo, W H, 1 do, NJR; 1 Stmthaw, J VV, 1 do, Steablin,3 kem A 1 bbl; 36th N Y; Slawson, J M, l box; Shunk, W F, 1 1 ig; Skidinan, R, 1 do; Stroug, Martlu V B 1 Stone, Ktv B W, l do; patcel, Andrews 8 8; Scott, J, 1 do; Sherry, J, 1 do, 8th NJ; Sickels, Gen'l, I do, 5lh Still, J W, 1 do; Excelsior; Stevens, LB, 1 bundle; Sample, John W. 1 do. Sanders, G, 1 box; Shoemaker,J B. 1 trunk; Stanley, G W, 1 bundle;8now, George C, 1 do; Sheppard, G W, 1 box; Stewart, J B, 1 do, Seamen, 8 H, 1 do; Smith, J H.I valise; Stronger O, 1 do; Shellds, P, | trunk Snell, A J, do; T 'Thomas, Brig Gen'l T,Thompson, AdJ'tU W, 1 lparcel; box; Tatter?ril, Jiines, 1 do;TerwiUenter, Geo, 1 do; Tillman,'John, 1 do; Thorp, Harry, 1 do; / rhomptoo.T, 1 do; Thompson, Lieu t, 1 do; Thurston, Dt, 1 dc>, Thompson. Ju. E, 1 do; Tucker, J H, 1 do. Tatbam, C B, do; Thornberg, & Co, 1 do;Tomble*on, N, 1 do, Traver, Jot, 1 do, 30th Camp Halan; N Y; Totten, Gen'l, I do, Thompson. W 9, 1 do; Taylor. Sergt, 1 parcel; Thompson, Col A, 1 do;Tice, G L, 1 boi; Talbott. R M, 1 do: Taylor, N. 1 do, 1st Mass; Tltcomb, James, 1 do; Todd. Capt J Scott, 1 do, Tosteviu, John, 1 do; 19th Mats; Theacker, T C, ,1 do; Talte, Geo H, 1 valise; Truck, M C, 1 do; Trouts, Margaret. 1 tr'k; Tooly, D J, 1 do Click, \V, 1 box. V Verier, Fred'k, 1 parcel.Vonllntonag, Mr, 1 do; Camp Sherman; Vanvalkensberg, A Co, Vanlinberg. 1 do; 1 do; Vauhsrn, W A J, 1 do;Vanvleet, Cen'l, 1 bale; Vanseifort, M, 1 box; Vannernan, Miss Annie, Vananden. A. 1 do; 1 trunk. W Wilson, Capt T M, 1 pi;Wall &. Bernard, 1 do; Weiiey, John. 1 do; Weakff, Dr A. 1 do; Weathers], Mai 8, 1 do;Winfleld, D, 1 do; Wotidcock, W, 1 dc; Willing, J C,rl do; Wilmotb, L. 2 do; Wilson. M. 1 keg; Williams, W H, 1 do,Waif. T, 1 Wdl, 8th N V; Wright, John, 1 box, 22 Whitney. Lieut J 1 do; N V Re#; Weil, K. I do; Weiner, M. 1 do, 18 N Ward, LliK A, 1 do; V Keg; Werner, N, I do; White. K H 1 do, 1 D Wivlll, Geo, 1 do; C Vol; Wooley, J I), I do; White, John. C, C?rpoWarrl F H 1 i ?> > > War Department,* ! do; Wardwell, E. 1 do, 1st Woolenbrrg, 1 do; Mass; Wade, P 9.1 d.^; D, W, I c bag; Wilcox, MM. 1 do ; Willbalin,J, 1 box; Whitman, \V C, 1 do; Whipple, A W, 1 do; WeldenAr Caropbell,lpg Williams James M, Ido; Wilkinson, U k 1 box; Wilcox J 9, 1 bbl; VVeiaer, F, 1 do; M W & Co, 1 box; Wilson, K T Mrs, I do; Welber, Dr, 1 bbl; Wilson, S, 1 do; Wvman, H H, 1 box; Winders. C, 1 do; l.'HhjMsss; Webber, C, lbdl; Woolsworili, W W.l do; Witidolf, U. 1 box; i?d Wis; WilsMii.J B.lbdl; VVelld Capt E A, 1 fdo; Warff?n, Penty, 1 pka; IstMass, Weatherall, Major, ldo; Watson, Major A P, 1 Wheeler, B G, 1 do; do; 9th Mich; U aik*r, Mr.j A, 1 basket;Woodburry, J A, 1 do; Webb, J (J, 1 pk;?; Wild. Capt E A, ,1 do; D. W, 1 box; Ut Mas*; Wvnrian Mrs Capt, ldo; W tttsle. J R, 1 trunk; H lllls, G W, 1 do; Walkef. Major A. 2 do; Watson, Lieut F, 1 do; Wr.sbburn, Alfred. 1 do; West, Capt W P, I do; V\ h?te, John 9,1 chest. Ward, T, Y Voting, C 9, 1 box; Vonker, B L, 1 trunk. Z /.immer, E, I parcel Ar-Zvhner, Lt H, 1 d-; 23d lingtoii H N J Re^t; no 19 ecSt Zendle, Geo, I box. IHAV KILLERS' DIRECTORY. fHAR^ENSER ""RAINS TO AND FROM I. BALT MORE. VhVTJSH SCHEDULE. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TKA V KI.KRH. On md after Monday, November 1>, 1361, I'm linger Tra;us between WASHINGTON aid BALTIMORE will run anfollows: TKAIHS IHOVIiHO NORTH. Marnier jL*pi-?se leave \\ aohington 6.10 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 U Philadelphia IS.M p. M ; ;\ew Vork ? r. m.; Harriattrrg 1.11p. X. Morning Aoomnaodation leave Washington 7.1" a m. Airiveat BaltimoreS.80 a. m. No oonnect ons at Baltimore. New York Mail Train?laave Washington at 11 a m.; arrive at Baltimore 13.4^ p. m ; Ahiladolphin I Tl p. M.; New Vork 10 p. m . Afternoon Accommodation?leave Washington 3. >6 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 4 U p. M.; IlamaGiirg ?.*> a. m.; Philadelphia lo.ui p. m. Kv6^mi F.*?re#4?iea?e Was'urgton 6 p. m. Arri*" fct l?V.!iu)c;? 9.U p. Philadelphia ln.SS p. M i titw York 4 a. m.; H wrist org 1 a. M. TR4JXS MOr/iVtf SOUTH. Leave N??w "> otk V a. Fhtffvdeiphia !l.3" a. m ; Baltimore S * r. if. Aive * l W? shington t . ? P. M. l,ea?e New York tlk.r. ?i.; Philadelphia l" 6o p, m ; Baltimore 4.30 a. h. Arnre at WMhmgtonS 'l?mNew Vork at 1> p. w., Philadelphia Sjn a. m ; Baltim-irevji a.m. Arnv? at Wa?lnrgton a.m. Acoonr nidation Trains leave Baltimore at f* a m.. acdlp.M .for Washu gUri, Arrive thorc at II A. M. Mid 7 P. M. Pa.'i8ei;?;er 1 ramr leaving Washington at 7 -t<* a. m. ana 3, 'i r. m., tod Baltimore at7^-4 a. m ami r. m , make direct connections for Annapolis stthe Junction. Trams leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash initun at 6-V a. m. and 2 4" p. m Passenter Trams leaving Washington at ?.to a. m.,11 a M-.a'idS p.m., and Ba umore at ?.# and 7,1'a. M.. and S M> p m . w il sior> only at Anmpolt* Junction ani Wa>)un*tiin (K'tay) Junrtton Waj Aat-s'ngerii mu?t tak?>the Accommodation Trains on!y Trans wil leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upt h card liwu. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, bal'. J. T. ENGLAND, Aient.Cmii leu Station. Baltimore. O. F. ijlLBKR 1'. Agent at Washington. no 10 STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW VOH K AND LIVKRPOOL. Landing and emt>arking passengers at Queenatown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Phi'.arUUi.i* 9te&mehiD Coinpaii' intend dispatching their iuil powered Oird^-built iron Steaim.hips as followa : GLASGOW Saturday, Au(u?t 3d. CITY OF KALTIMUKK, " 10th. KANGAROO. 13th. And eve. j Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. KATKS OP PA8SAOI. . First Cabin \ ..#?*> Do. tj Lundon Do. to Pans. ?5 Do. to Hamburg 86 Steerage.? dan Do. to ijondou. 34 Do. to 'an* 53 Do. toHumhurg 35 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, A.o , at reduced through lares. Person* wishing to bring out their friends can buy tickets at low rates. K?>r further information apciy at the Captains office. JOHN H. DaL , Az?ut, 15 Broadway. N. Y., Or to Q. A. HERRING, A<iams Express Baltimore. i?II NORTHERN S3gSttj?Ul CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,( Calvbrt Ktatiom, Batimore. May 18,1861. { On and after Sunday, Mar i9th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart as follows, until further notioe. ThAlHH NOKTH. MAIL at8.15 A. M. EXP HESS at J 30 P. M HAKRISBURU ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M. The 8.15 A. M. train connects at Relay Honse with trains on the Western Maryland Raiiroad; at Hanover Jnnotion with Hanover and Gettsburg Railroads; at York with York and WrighUvii'e Railroad; at Harnsburg with Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Kailmad to y?%r Yorkdir*ct; at Northuin berland with L and B. Nailroad for Kingston and all parts of Wjoonnng Valley .and at*unbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northwrn Pennsylvania and New York. Tue 3 3>; P. M train makes all the above connections except Hanover Railroad, Wrightsville Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. r>,?oi> * - - ? ii?iu ni??re ounneciium witn renn y.vani* Railroad for all pa.ru of ttie We*t,and diract oonuecta for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 10 P^M.; Kxpre** at 7 4* A. M.; Harriaburg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. tw.cwr..T^l??<it8^imnire at the Ticket OHI06, C&tT6rt dtAtioD, B%itiiaor^ J- c. CLA R K, Sap't. gSBttrffil J.'Af.DfK i5n K& teas Depot daiiy( except J*unday?)ai? follow*, vn: . '.*pr?f* T>,n &t6J5 A.M.. Way Mail Tram at tt A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'elock. On SUNDAY Sat 4 45 P. M. only. All trains oonnect with da T ?l1 lrain8 e*oeJ>14 45 **. M. tram on Satnr. 1 M??^{hp Mra,n. with car attached SiIE a 5 .i'w "topping at all Stations between Baltimore and Havre de-Graoo. for t)e aware ai d the Eastern s<hore way^wteliu>t fflU""pediti0" roB* eSinl'tfi0^ ?M mD,t ,iTe bond befora ' WM CRAWFORD, A tent a*^.NEVV YORK AND ERIE RAILMWBp.' .. KOAD. Passenger Train* leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambers street, New Y ork.as follows, yi? : '-JO a. m , EX l-' RESS. for Dunkirk, and Buffalo and p lnoip.M inter me* iaTe stations. 8.ma. m .MAIL, for Dnnkir*. ami intermediate 3 allocs? J hi* Tram remain* over night at Elmira and proceeds the next morning. ' * "} MILK dailj, for Otisville, and inter mediate Stallone. ll.ma.ni ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervis, ami p incipal Stations *00 P- m , WAV, for MrJdletown, Nevburgh. and intermediate Station*. 1 ' Mtt p. yu. NI&llT EXPRESS, daily, for Dun'rhif'TrlSn n'fSS?^nla,,U #,au,i Prln01Pa 1 SUtlOlU Nathaniel MCA,Wk"^Ti?" , s",?msm iBEWSfc wwm*Sw5|ac4? as? train8 Nb?? FromChawbersat N.Y. From 3 th street. L*pLM*2.' 11 ? ,n-- ',*5,11 ,*5 a. m., and 3.54 ar.d and 6 p. ni, 5,25 pm, ' Troy aud Albauy (with lo,45p.m., 'Bondays in leepmgcar)l0,15-p.re oladed.) *uvm1' in m* l lf**10 ?Mku??,X ?J6a. id.,and 1,40 p. m feek?kuiUam,ie0p in 4 25 p m. . 1 '?*%. ?; '?J ?* *" Fiankill Uatn.Mi p.m. 5.56p. m. A. F. SMITH. Superintend cut. __ ? iM ~LB^i/msikrmA The Camden and A mho 7 and Philadelphia aad Tlfatoa Railpoad CoirMBiM' Lin# from rH 1LAOBLFBIA TO NfcW YO?t.ANr WAY PLACKS, from WALNUT 8TRKET V HAEF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, wili laai aj fo. At A M , via Camden and A*bey, (C. and A. Aocur-iraodMwn.) aha. M., via Camden and Jeraay Cilr,(K.J. Aowmno fctioc.) At IA - Vvia (Jaredan and Jeriey City (Morn in* Mail.) AtliH A. M-, via Kenalntton and Jer? *j City, (Wwtffn Esnreaa.) At 1JK P. M., vis Camdan and Atnt>oy,(Ai?ommaaatapa.) Atjl P. M..Tia Camdec and Am boy, (C and A. At P. M., via Kenrcgton and Jertwy City, (Evening Expr?B?.) At 04 P. M., rja Kensington and Jeraay City, _ (Second CtasaJTioket.) at* r. in., vtauamden and Jersey Clty.lEveaiac Mail.) At Ilk p. M.. viaCamdenand Jersey City, (Sooth ern Mail.) At t P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooonm?<l*tian, freight and passenger, First Class TiokeL) Second Civ?e Tioket. The 6 P. .M Mail Train runs daily. The 11J* P. M. Mai!, Satnrdaya excepted. For Belvidere, Kaaton, Lambertville, Flenungton. *o., at 7.10 A. M.; and 4X P- M? fto? Res i n^ton. tor V>'?U?r Gap. Stroadsbarc, Scranton, W ilt^sbarre Montrose, Great Bena, Ac.. at7J0A.M., from Kesaingtcm, via Delaware, l.ackawanna and \Ve?ti"n Railroad. For Mauoh Chunk, AUentown and Bethlehem .at 7,10 A. M. and M P. M.. from Renaingtoc depot; the7.10 A. M. li^e oorneots with the train Isaviaf Kaaton at sua P. M. For Mount Holly at andl A. M. and! and P. M. For Freehold at A. M- and I P. M. For Bristol, Trentos, Ac., at 7.10 A. M.,<X and P. M. from Knnaington, and !H P. M from Wainut afreet wharf. For palmyra Rivertor., Delanoo, Beverly. Baruniton. F lore&iieoo. Dordentown, Ao., at IXJ*. 1, 1,Oi and 6 P. MV StMinvr Trenton for Bordentowc. and intermediate p'aoea, at P. M. from Walnat street wharf. K7" For New York and Way Linea. leaving Renainrton Depot, take the oara on Fifth atreet, above Wal.int, half an hour before departure The oara ran mt y the depot, anJ on arrival of train rai froiti the de ?ot. Fitly poun<la of baggage only allowed toeack paapenger. Paasengers are prohibited from taking anything a? baggag* but their wearing apparel. All burgage over fifty pounda to be paid for extra. 1 he company limit their reaponaveility for baggage to one riol ar per pound, and will not be liable Pjt any amount beyond one hundred dollars, except by epooia. contract. WM. H.GATZMKR, Agent .GRKAT CENTRAL ROUTE FOR SBKtHE WEST, via HUDSON *ITHAILtiOAU and NEW YutiM CE sTtiAL.tiAlLHitAD. Fxpreaa Traina leave New Yorkwty drpota of Hudaon River Railroad daily. Sunday a excepted, " follows: From < hambers atreet. l-romSlat st. station. At7 ooam AtTSBa* .a. li oo ' 9.00 p m 11.25 5 28 p m 3.30 p m ^ 3 56 p m Montreal and Buffalo Train with sleeping oar a. 9. 5pm I ? 1 45 p m Conneotiuc at Aibany with the New York Cea tral Railroad for Schenectady, R< oheater, I'tica Batavja. Rome, and atationa on Rome and Watertown Railn ai. HuffAio, Syracuse, Niagara Fal a, Suape< ?i< n Bridge, Aubnrn. Geneva. Oanandaigoa Traina in connection leave Buffa'o ami Suapen inn rm I.rIta Shorfl nffaln i alra UurA* Groat WfUrn Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto, Detroit, Chicaro. Toledo, Milwaukie, Fon Du Lae, Ba Crosse. Madis?n Prairie L?u CMen, 6a ena, un>ith, Dubuque. Peoria, Rook Island, Muscatine, Iowa City. Burlington, Omncv. Springfie d, Alton, St. Louis,Cairo, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, I ayton, Columbus, Cleveland, and ai' points \\ est, Northwest and South NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Traits at Iroj, with Troy k liostnc and Ker*. A Saratoga Roads for Saratoga. Whitabal, Rutland, Burlington, >t. Alhacs, Rouse Point, PiatUburgh, Ogdensbnrgh, Montreal. Ao., Ac. (iy Freight Arrangements by this route as above, without change of Cars, from the Depot* it rhamners and Canal streets, are at all UsM* as favoraile as made by oth? r Railroad Companies The facilities of this great New York Route, *o tb> West o?nuniend it to the confidence of merchants an ' shippers lor promptness and dispatch. Passenger trains, with Smoking and Sleepirt Car* run in connection on the New York Central Road. lur particulars as to local trains and freight ar rangements, inquire at the depot, 6S Warren at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. ^fr? ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE > LINE. EASTERV AMD WFSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KEyT** Cart. J H. R'rwan "p/O.Yfi?K,"Capt. W. Norman, Will run their routes as follows, leavu g Light street, Baltimore, loot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton apd Landings on Choptank rive , every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapoiiaand Weat River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sai e days. PIONEKR?For St. -V ichae.'s anl t as ton, na Mile's River,every W EDN ESDA Y, and return the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and K mi ton Point, every THURSDAY, returning b<r same route on Friday For AnuapoUs. West River,St. Michael's and Ea ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY. returning every Monday ny same rout?Far& to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point. <1 SO Fare to St. Michael's and Miiea' River, (round trip. ?1,) 1 na Far? to W est River, (round trie, $1) 1 on Fare to Annapuli* (ri -nd trip75centa) 7# MEALS EXTRA. HT"Freight must be prepaid. >\ iiarf a:.(i Office, LIGHT ST.. foot of Camdsn. Bs'timere C. K. CANNON. 1' . notice to tkavkBers. ? ?. L 1 cstir.aster Gri.eral having ordered th? inai service between Waaumgiou, Salt: ni >re, and Old Point ^ Fortress.^^^^^^ Mo: roe to be resumed, o and aft?r^BBiBk Mon-'ay, tSe :-'h inetant, the Bar Line of steamers wi'.i leave Ba.tiir.ore EVERY DAY (exoept Sun n?') from tneir wharf, foot of Union Dock, at 4H o'cio'-k p. m., or :r.imediately alter the arrival ol the \\ aelunxton Train, which leavea Washing to i at o'cioca p. in. tn a"-tf M. N FALLS. Prea'C ,rr?w U.S. GOVERNMENT LINE f || I ^ r T(I FOHT Mftxunr t vn ni r. POlfff COMFOll f. : Leave* the lowwr end of UNION DOCK.Balti| timr-, west side. DAILY, (Sundays inoloded,) at I 4>ii o'cl' C* 1'. >1. tAkiui passengers and feight, and ! connecting with the Railroad lines, to and from Washington. D. C., Philadelphia, New York, Boaton, York, Harrisburg, Pittsburg. Pa., and the West, immediately after the arrival of the Express Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following is the Schedule: From New York to Fort Monroe and back., 14 From Philadelph a and t?ok? i 10 From B&ltimoreand back? 96. C7*PROCURE YOUR TICKETS-TT1 In New York at the New Jersey Railroad office i foot of Courtlai'd street. In Phi.ade phia, at the Company's office, N. W, corner of Six'h and ChesUmt streets, or at the D^pot. Broad and Prime street*. In Baltimore, on board the Steamers, foot of Union Dock. HIGH O CONNER. Passenger Agent. _ FOK BOSTON VIA NEWPORT Cm T'>MlT AM) FALL RIVER. By the splendid and snpencr Steamers METROPOLIs, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE.and STATE OF MAINE, of great strength and rpe-vi, but particu'ariy adapted to ths ui\ nation of Loc* Island Sound, running in connection with tha 1 ail River and Old Colon; Railroad, distance of H mile* only to Boston. Leave Pier No. * North River near the Bettor?. The Stetmer EMPIRE SI ATE, Capt. Bray ton Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'clook P. M., touching at Newport each way. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clook P. M? touor.iag at Newport eaoh way. These Steamers are Ja.it. with oommodions state rooms, and every CTOngf>ment for the security and oomfort ot passengers, who are afforded by this route a nights' rest onboard, and on arrival at Fail River proe?*1 per Steamboat Train.reaching Boston early the following morning: or may remain on board until starting or the Accommodation at 8 A. M., oy wtioh they may reach Boston about S.U A. M. I a baggage master 1* attached to eaoh itotaiit, I j who reoeives ud tiokets the baggage, and iomibpames the same to ita destination. j A steamer mc? in oonneotion with this Line be; tween Fail River and Providenoe daily, exoept Sunday*. Freirht to Boston is forwarded through with ! great ai* patch by an Express Train, whion leave* Fail River ever? morning, Sundays exoepted, at ' o'olook for Boston and New Bedford, arriving at it; destination at about 11 A M | For freight or pacsags, apfiy on board, or at the offioe on Pier No. S North River. For state rooms and berths apply on hoard, or if desired to secura them 111 advanoe, to WJ1, BORDEN, Ag't 70 ana T1 W est street. N. T. THE REGULAR MAIL LIN* ' Tl^K-pVlA GROTON, STONING lt'N ***^ ??an<i PROVIDENCE, FOR BOB | TON?Inland Route?The shortest and mostdi rect?Carry the Eastern Mail. _ The steamer PLY MOUTH ROCK. CapL J.C. ?eer, and COMMONWEALTH, C?ft J. W. | ni!iams, in oonneotion with the Stonlr.gton and Providence,and Boc>onand Providence Railroaos, leaving New York daily, tfundaya exoepted, from Sier No 18 North River, at* o'oloek P.M., and roton at tjft o'olooa f. M., or on the arrival of he Mail Train whtoh leaves Boston at ftjn p. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMonday, Wednesday, and Friday. From Grov-?. liSfe Fro" inu" Passengers from Gro ton printed per railroad to Providenoe and Boston, in the Express Mail Train, reaching said plaoe in advanoe of those by other route*, and in ample time for all the early Morning Linee oonrctnag North and East. Pas augers that prefer it, remain on board the steamer, eujoy a nights' reet undisturbed breaSfast if desired, and leave 6 roton in theY.UA. M. Train, connecting at Providenoe with the 1 # A M. Train for Boston. Fare from Hrovidenoe to Newport, Fifty eeata A banace matter aoooaipaoies the Pteamer and Train each way. For Pa*?a?e, Berth*, Stat* iUMtna.or Kreifht. sop j e n 1-ard the *t*amn, o* at the Fr*ithi , Office. Pi#r 13 North Riwr, or at the OAoo <n j the Company, No. 115 West street,eorner of Cor#-1 land street. New York, Feb,9, IM? MTh?y ( right t? tft?? ?|k?U" INSTANT BELIEF STOP \OOE OOVtl POEIPY YOUE BIKATB STRENGTHEN YOU*. VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD POK LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS GOOD PVR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CAEEY SPALDING'S THftOAT CONFECTIONS LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Congh inetant y. They olear the Throat. They give atrength and volume to the voioe. They impart a deiieioaa aroma to the breath. They aredelightftl to the taete. They are made of eimple her be and oannot harm any one. I ad viae every one who hae a' Cough or a Heaky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difteulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotiona. They will relieve yon metantJy, and yoji will agree vith me that "they go riaht to the epot.' Yon vill find them very neefnl and pleaeant while traveling or attending public ireetinge. for (tilling your Cough or allayine yonr thirat. If yea try one package I am cafe in saying that yoa vill ever af terwarde ooneider them indiapeaeible. Voy vill <ind them at the Draggiete and Deaiere ta Medioiaee PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My eignatnre ia on each paokage. All othera are counterfeit. A Package will be eent by sail, prepaid, en re eaipt of Thirty Cente. AMT*"' HRNRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CEUAR STREET, NEW YORK. ^ <*Re cure NervousHeadache jrfSb ^ Headache. By U* 1M of UMlPlllltlMNrtH'l ftttoctr ffirww er 5m* jjtrtnh m?r be rrartaM. 1 dim ?l tk? eomMOMOMil ?t u ittuk Uui*dlate relief from pain aad etckaeea wfl they seldom tell l* removing u? JVeatte ?i< Hmtimtkt to whiah fomalee are ee nMeet. They Ml gently ifwttebmlfr^ewrjf 0?i Nimn. For LiHrmri Mil, SnUmai. Deliegte Keaajee, and all pereona of ttdmtmm kmkiti, tLey are valuable aa a L?*oi*?? 'improving the giving i?m and ttii' to the digeacve nuj, an d re storing the nataral elaafeoity aad eteeagth e Ike whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the rwvltef tecg investigation ?nd oarefaliy oordaeted experiments, having been is ue many years, daring whioh time they have prevented aad relieved a nil arooeot of pain and suffering rom fleadaehe, whetaer originating in the ?t?mm system or (Iron a derange^ late of the iiwutl They are entiroly vegetable in their eompoeltioD. aad may be taken at ail tunee with perfect safety wittont making any change of diet, ?to tkt >mam */ ? ? rfu?greeo6J? miu rmUrn u mi to edltoirfr I torn li cAttorao. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The gennne hare five at gnat a res of Henri C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Draggiata and all other Dealers la Medici aes A Box will be cent by mall prepaid oa receipt o the PRICE, M CENTS. Ail ardor* aheald b? addreeeed U BNKY C. 8PALDIN9, 4? Cmi Bniir, Niw You. Prtm Uu Mmmmimw. Nmfelk, Tm, Oephalie Pilla aoocmplieh the objeot for vklefc ihtr were mnde, vis: Car* of jtmSSi 1b * iu km. ftw tkt Mmmmtmw, Jfer/efe, ft. Thoy Un boon tested la mere uu a Umum4 MM, with entire aaoceoa. turn Uu Dmomu, St. Plea d, M?m?. [from are, or here been troabled w iU the k?Uaone, aend for a box, (Oe*ha.ie Pilla eetkatyei may nare them is oue of an>ttaek. JVem tkt Wuum JL JL eiMU, OMw*, 1U. - ? " Jtem lit SowAem f?U Mtder, JTie Oil?i. i.?. Try them ! to* that are aflieted, atd^re are aire that yoar testi rnon; ean be added to the already nameroia list that haa reoeired booed la that bo other mediaine ean yrodaoe. Mow Uu Uimhi, Deewrert, Jew*. Mr. Spalding woild not oonneet his mm Tllh an artioie he old not tmom to yMen re*. a?r!L Ft mm tJU Advertiser, /niMwn, 1,1. The Cerht.io Pilla are aaid to he a remark** y effeotiTO lemedy for the headache, and eoe of lee very beet for that very fre*ient e*mpl*inl vh.ch haa ever been dleoorered. INnOtSL LmU J?lira*. ?he Immense demand for the artial* (0*?k*.k* Pilla) is rapidly increasing. f**m Us J??ha fmiUt Bimr, Xwieto, Pa. W e are aa re that peraons nrertu with the head **hs?who try them, will stiek to ttea. JVmi U? irfMninr, friiUni, X. I. Tha tootnaarr ib thotr few u itriii, troa U? oat rospootabia ?urtm fVon *4? DmU? JNw, ft. /, Ontelie 1111a tn firing tka plaoo of all kiMi. ^11 tUft?iM WlUte, Bnim, Moii Said to bo rory oftoaoioaa for tbo kaadaeko. Ami tii CmMrnal, Ommmiu. Okaa. Suffer in* bamanitT ou bow bo roUovod. C7" A aa?lo bote# of SpaldlBg'a Prepared Give Will mto ton tuaoa lU ooot ustkjl>. SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE ! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! AVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Oy"A ftrirca m Tin Btna Nina.' ?CI Aa aeoidonta will kapp*n, oro? la vol! roo atac femi.iea, it i* wry deoi.afwa to km ao?M er.ea# aad>oavaniaai wot for ropurlm Faraitaro. Toya Crook ary, ho. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE oota all oaok emorcoaoiao, Bod no boaaakoM eo afford to ba wiUoit il It ta always roady. aad to tba attoktac joint M USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." N. E.-A Braah aoaompaniaa oaek Bottle Prta V ftttlt. AOdmi \ ENBY C. BPALDINS. Ma. 48 Codar atroot. Nov V art CAUTION. Aa aartiUjayiMiyiod yereoae m attoeyci n ?* ?? ' axaniiaa Iwmm* aarobBMitf. aao aa# u?a vk *' aaoM. PA!,?! ? WtETAMEU a-ujggm w a?