3 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

3 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVB*1N? STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TrEtDAY... DECEMBER ?. 1*1. wi g >111.11' % ft 1 BriH*CT. THTIEISTIHG FBO* THE BOTJTH THE CAPITAL OF DIXIE NOT TO BE Rfc MOVED FROM RICHMOND. W Till ELECTHE FRANCHI&E TO BE ABOLISHED IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES. NO MORE FIGHTING AT PEXSACOLA. TLANTERS DESTROYING THEIR CBOPS. Rai neons, !) * 3?Th? Old Point boa* ha? a'rfved By her we gather the following Items from southern paper* received there by the arrival of reererday'a flag of troce from Norfolk Vii r The reported removal of the Je IMvls capital from Richmond 1? Incorrect. ft. Mini* innlh*rn naruira ar*? ?.? -v FROM THE HOVIH. THE AFFAIR AT FORT PICKETS. THE BOMBARDMENT CLOSED. THE REBELS ADMIT*BEING SUFFERERS. THE REACTION IN TENNESSEE. THE CHARLESMaTcOURIER OPPOSES THE 4 BLACK FLAG.'' ? REPORTED HONORS TO THE REBEL MAURY FROM THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT Lochville, Der. *2?The Soutbsrn papers to the a?th ult. hove been received Thev contain scattering accounts of the Fort Pickens affiir. from which it appears that the bombardment commenced on Thursday, the "J 1st. and continued. with occasional Intermissions, night and day. till the evening of tbe 24th, when Col. Brown cased firing. The rebels did not respond till after Port Pickens o(?*ned flr?. * Tbe Are from tbe fort and the outsids Santa Rosa island batteries Wis directed against Fort Barrancas and tbe other rebel batteries, the rtb-1 steamers Time and Nelmo. and the nawyard, while th* Federal vessels engaged Fort McRae. The rebels admit th it they lost sixteen killed CONGRESSIONAL X.W Vllth CONGRESS ?First Sfuiia. SksAti ? Yesterday, after the cloee cf our report? Mr. Trumbull gave notice of hl? Intention to introduce a bill to confiscate the property of rebels and to aire freedom to the persons thev hold In slavery. Mr Wilkinson al?o (five notice of the mtro ductlon of a bill to abolish tbe distinction between the regular and volunteer forte* of th* army. Tbe dally hour of meeting of the Senate wu fixed at 1'2 m , and a committee, consis'lng of Messrs Hale, Trumbull and Latham appointed to watt upon the President, with a committee from tbe House. with the information that Congress had aaaembted with a quorum present, and that they were ready to receive any communication he might be pleased to make The committee In a abort time reported the performance of th-lr duty, and that the President would to-day communicate with the House* of Congress In writing, at 18 o'clock. Adjourned Hocse.?Af;er our reporter Uft? Mr. Bemhisel presented a memorial from tbe Territory of T'tah asking admission Into the Union as a State, upon aa t<jual footing with the original StateMr Blair, of Mo., offered the following, which waa read and immediately adopted Rtsoived, That John W. Reld, a member of this House representing tbe fifth district of the State of M-.ssoarl, having taken up arms against 4 VASTS WANTED-A a mall Ft'RNl5>HHD HOUSE in a qart part of the otty PI mm addreaa "J. R./J Arlington Hoim, atatfog rent and IomUoo. WANtKD-A SITUATION 4. oook. vulw ftnd iron?f In A *M?ilr, by amiddea?ed woman. Inqillre at No. 99 K at., between Hat an<1 ??-t eta. It* WANTKIWAt tbe Rillroid fetation. a yoang MAN, A hu had iom um>I*iio6 in barkeepic*, to attend to the Mia of tobaooo, oicara. oyttere, ?o. Ingnlre at *he Saloon. It* \\I ANTED?A COOK (man or vomaili alao.en " Oyater Man and Waiter. Han a Str'a to I at on the Avenue Apply to DONADI. oorner of Sixth at and Pa avenne. It* WANTBD? A PLACE aa wat nnrH, br a hM thy young wunao with a frejh breaat of mik. Pleate addreaa Box No. 7 Star OfflM, and the advertiaer will call. da S !t V|7 ANTED?At tbe Government Ho?pita, forth* *? Insane. ?i* single WHITE W??MEN,todo chamber atd iauniry work. Apply at tha f oapita dajlw BOV WANTED, at the Office of the United S'a'ea Agriou'tural Pocietv, Todd'a Building, np ctaira, over Davia'a hat atoie?a good p ace for a lad wiainuK to^tudy, aa the dutiea are light. It* WANTED-By a reapeotable g ir77 a SIT U A T ON chambermaid and aaaiat to waah and iron, or aa nuras Reference if required. Ad* dre?? Bos W, at th'a offic*. da 3 2t A GENTLEMAN PAN OBTAIN A PLE*Sanr aeound atory R<> >m. wits Hoard, in a ?*i. AMtJBMIMrre. miTAHN4k. O*^knp Will ajrt ar ia two atarMVTi. TUESDAY, D^Mr.bsrTT , Bi ATE *ECKET?* Gfefp-y T)u<nM?v? L Mr. i. B Owena ] THIRTEENTH gf. 0APT18T CHURCH! | GRAND TO If C E R T MRS. CECILIA YOUN6. 1 WEDNESDAY, Dtctmtxruk. I Aaaiated by Eminent TiMt, ?ixler thedireetioo of J 6EORGK FELIX fiEN'KEKT. 1 PRGRAMME. 1 Part Iff 1. Piano t*olo?Lee Jeux de> Nayad'a. 1 Performed l>r tiKcBOl Fblix Btnttt. , 2. A m ? Kreaoh S<mf 1 3. Been* and Prayer, from D?r Frai onutx Voi W?b* < Mr*. Cecilia Yoflite . 4. Die FahnenvaoM . - Lind^a.cter ! Uvea So'o, ] 5 Coald I hqah a father'e aiffc Baife Trio for Soprano, Tenor and BMa. I Pabt ?? 6. Midanmmer'a Niabt uream Mendeleaohn Due' f r Pian?, aetformM by 6*0. FKLix HK*iiit and Mr tfHKBl&Ait. AUCTION HAL**. By 0BBEN ftWILLIAMS. Aaattoaeer' EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND KfTPR E* j* Jrvamrvma at ArcTion ?Op IHI itp DATTtWHh iLiUnt, waekall aailatMe'ci rk t. m , at rMFlMM No. 38* oa TvMtT aMflK aad I atraeta. Firet Ward, *D lent tMfilBtit of PimUir?,Ti?Fiae aocewoofl Velvet aarared Parlor 9a te.eom Fretch Sota. I Arm Caator ud Par!of Chun. I Wtlut Mvh top Center TMn. I OttoMM. Mrtira*; Hair eiorh go fa. Par or Cbai tar.d Ro?|?ii Waiaet Ktecere, Whatnot aad Hat Trae, t in# Damaet aad Wh.te Window Ca'taioe aod I?jaafPl>r?..n. atxftather Baraaaa. Matbia-toa Sideboard, t Fid* 0iit frame F r. ltirror?,aad other Looking Olaaaaa, F?m Maho^aur aod Walaat Wardrobee, Hook_ oa**v and georetariee. Free luo|U< French, Cottar* aod o'her Had ha?*flaiofarT Exteaei^a. Piain?. aad otftar Twee, Zkina G * ?. Crookery ard Platad Ware. anl !*fae F?tfc?r RtiV. Mattraaaaa, aa4 Bedding, tlm three ply. aad other Caraeta. Hal' Oi' , Cookisf aod other 8tore*, knd a larva aaaeftmant of Ritohen Be* at el toe. 2'ernte eaah i a ea#?i*? or it* ^nva'nl id SHEEN & win iamb.A?-U. Bt WALL A BARNAll). Aaetioaoera. nvnt of the (4wtl? fmnrhise advice* from Pensacola r* present that tii- Uu> fight tL'-r* ux<l not been renewed Arwind also aay tbst h?d the fl*ht b<**n continued Fort McRae would bare be?n destroyed No further particular* of the affair are given. The planter! throughout the southern seaboard are represented to be engaged In destroying their rrtrpa, leaat they may fall Into th- hand* of the Yankees. A Conspiracy of Union aier In New Orleans has bee* discovered " Great excitement prevails with reference to it. Many srr*s?s have been made on a c?int of it. I(7ST1CB DOS* TO rsio* MEN BV BBS. SCHOIPT. Editor Star During the occupation of l<oudon, Ky , by the rebel forces under Zollicoffer, they obtained all of their supplies from the Union men ot that town, giving In return that vile stuff, Con* federate bonds, payable two years after da'e They never t ok anything from the secesh of the seighborhood, bat encouraged them in all of the!# Imposition.'* upon the Unionists about there. When, however, Zollicoffer Was driven out by ?en Schoepf, and the L'nion forces were In need of supplies, on? of the richest secessionists of the neighborhood ivrhc had been most active in # showing ZoUict a>r who of the Union men had corn and supplies,) was applied to by the General for corn, oats and hay for his forces, but was maswered by him that he would neither give, lend or sell anything to him or his force* Gen. Schoepf then very quietly s?nr a detachment for the art'clea wanted; obtained from the Unionists around the Confederate bonds, paid him a good prise for his produce w:'fc bonds, and gave to the Unica men the rooney of the glorious Govern cent for which he is now so noblv lighting. > , of Kentucky, think St bu: fair and honorable ] that those In our midst who are striving to throw this State out of th: U men, should have the sau:e justice meted ie them that they offer to us. AS iTTlll CT OPTPOST8. Yesterday, learning that a party of the enemy's Cavalry were foraging a few miles In front of his position at Hunter's Chapel, General Biencker | dlspatchcd & squadron of cavalry to drive them off Yhey met, and a brief engagement ensued before the rebels put spun to their horses and vamosed the r&nche, haviag three or four killed and woundsd, and leaving two prisoners la our bands We lost one man. k lied. The names cf the prisoners are Alexander Maxwell, of Rectos- I town, Fauquier county, Va , and Win H Dennis,' cf >a!?m If. - ' iur uiivrrsdirni 01 idc unnea j* Iiereov expelled from this House, sod that the Governor of Missouri be regularly notified of such fact. The following wt* also !>dopted : Rtfoltvd, Tuat the Secret-ryof War b ; requeued tii furnish to thli House copies of all contract* made by !h" Quarterm <ster'* Department for feeding <llsabl-d bor?e? during the winter; the names of the contractor*, the number of horaea given ont, end whether those contracts were made upon notice. Mr Colft?x,of Indiana, off red a resolution that, whereas Col Corcoran has been placed la a felon's cell by rebel authority, Mr. Mann be ordered to a similar conflnetr.e t by the President of the | I'nited States Adopted with pplause Mr Odell, of New York, offered the following, which was unanimously adopted : Wh'rea* Alfred M Wood, of the Fourteenth Regiment New York State Militia, who was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Bull Run, is now, by rebel authority, tipoa an Older of conttneme>>t, In a felon's prison, and bv the ame order is to be treated as are prisoner* convicted of Infamous crimes. Therefore? Resolced, Tb*? the President of the United States be respectfully requested to ->rder John Slidel to the *am character of prison, and to the sam? treatment, till Col Wood shall be treated as the United Sfttes have been used to treat prisoners taken *>y them In battle Mr R. Conkllng offered the following, which was adopted Ktsvl'-t*, That the Secretary of War be requested, if not Incompatible with the public Interest. to report to this Ho"se whether any, or. If any, what measures have been taken to ascertain who Is responsible for the disastrous movement of our troops at B all's Bluff A r^olntlon requesting the Committee on Military Affairs to Inqnire Into Ihe expediency of construe ting an alr-line railway between Wash lngton and Harrisburg, Pa , wasadop'ed. Mr tllot introduced a resolution declaring that the present war upon the part of the Government has for Its object the suppression of the rebellion, and the re-establ!sbment of the rlgh'ful authority of the National Constitution ar.d laws over the entire extent-of our common countrv; that while we disclaim all power in th?> Constitution to Interfere, by ordinary legislation, with the Institutions of the several Stat*-* y??t the war now necessitated mutt be conducted ecc#rding to the usages and rights of military service; and tha' In th>,Judgment of Congress the President of the United States, as Commander-in-Chief of our army, and the officers in command under him, have the righ* to emancipate persons held as slaves by rebels in any military district now in insurrection against the National Government; and respectfully advising that such order of emancipation be used whenever the same shall avail to weaken the power of the rebels In a mi, or In sustaining the military power of the loyal forces Mr Campbell offered the following Rnoited, That, In legislating to meet the exigencies of the present rebellion, Congress should confiscate the property t^.e (slaves included) cf of all rebels; and protect the property and rights and the Constitution and the law s of all loyal a.iu wuunaea in me wmioiramen' Also, that cons'derable damage wu done to Fort McRae, includ ng the caving in of the powder magazine. The navvyard and towncf Warrington were part'ally destroyed The rebels appear to Law acted strictly on the defensive. The stories about the disabling of the I'nlted States steamers Colorado and Niagara appear te be unfounded , The rebel steamers Time and Nelnio were somewhat damaged, but succeeded in getting out of the reach of Col. Brown's fire. Col Brown received no reinforcements. The East Tennessee "bridge-burners'' are to be court-martialed Ex-State Senator Pickens is among the prisoners The members of the Legislature from East Tennessee were called upon by the Stale Legislature for an explanation of their alleged connection with the bridge burning. Thev denied all knowledge of the act, and asserted that the perpetrators were the representatives of only a small faction in their districts. A dispatch from Memphis savs that at a meeting of the merchants of that city a resolution wat adopted recommending the b^nks to eut their bills into fractional iiarts, in order to supply the demand for small change. There is stiii no tidings of Parson Brownlow The Charleston Courier, in an editorial, deprecates the policy of raising the black Hag, saying that it is vged principally by those who keep at a s?fe distance from the war. A New Orleans d'spatch says that on the 21th, Gov Moore and Generals Lovell and Rnggles participated in a review of 5S8 00U troops, Including 1.400 free colored persons. The Bowling Green (Ky ) Courier recommends the seizing of hostages for any rebels in Federal prison? The Richmond Examiner publishes a correspondence between Lt Maury and Grand Duke Constantine, Grand Admiral of the Russian navy. The latter invites Lt. Maury to enter the Russian service Lt Maury repllta that he cannot accept the position nntil the independence of the South is established. Th?- rebel gunboat Tuscirora, while coming fr ?m New Orleans, and when fi teen miles above Helena, on the 23d ult., accidentally caught fire and became a total loss. r^OV'T PATTERN " AXLE BOXES, Blacksmith?' Poashed St*?l Hammers, Farriers' do. do. Joiners' do. do. Ji aafcsmiths' Bottres'e*(sfeei), Horse Shoe Boxes. Burden's Horse Shoes, Springs. Axles Vices, Pledres. Ac., Ac. Colt's Army &b<1 Navy Revolvers. Ac. Ao Ao N' w teing received by JOHN R. ELVANS, deSlweo (Repub ) 309 Pa. avenue. " |> ALMOR AL SKIRTS," New Supplies, New I) Patterns, and at reduoed prioe>. 1'*) pieces new atd styli'h Deia:nes, at low prir.es. rate f?m>!y,at 3*4" New York avenue', between t?th and l?t sts. de S-lt* \A, ANTKD? A WOMAN to oook, wash and iron for a family of three persons. Ap-?ly at the ^tlck hou:e oj the northeast ?orn?r of 4th and M fts. M'| VVA^TED-A large Furnished HOUSE,or two adorning, fo & first-olas* boardint hous?. Address" Was'ungtan City," Wizards' Hotel de3 81* STOR fc WANTED -T want to Mr?, by the week or month, a Salesroom in some estah ished house, lor a first class (took of cents' c othinr. Ca!' om or address J. W. KEEP, National Hotel. ?l- 3 3t? WANTED?By two respectable vnunc g.rla, -MTU A I'lONS in a respectable family?one as nurse, the otl.er aj ohamb?rmaid. Both woald like to live together Apply at 293 Fourth street, between H and Washington sts. d? 3 2t* WANTED TO BENT-A moderate **ed * DWELLING-HOUSE, a STORE and a STABLE in Washington or Georgetown. Also, to hire by th-? month, a to ?er. honest and industrious Man, use1 to the care of horses, to drive a cart Address "W. \V.," Washington Post office deSSt* ABTNER WANTED, THAT WILL INve?t $ ',50ft or S2.IW0. for one half in'erest ir. an army 'tore in Washington: also, in the manufacture of three or four artiofrs. all psyinr a handsome profit, a d extensive 1* used in the arm, end can br increased t > any amount. Address 'hrough Post ?'!fic?. with real ram*, stating where an in torvifw oan be Lad jt?SSt; E. PF.RRV. HOCHEKEKPER.-An Eastern lady, disap pointed in obtairing a house would aocept a housekeeper's situation. RMerer.oes exobarred Ad dress 'B. W. C..'' Star Office de 2 3t* W~ ANTED?A runber of ?ood PENMEN to oanvass Washincton 'oraoit* directory. Artdr-.s CaPt V\M. H. BOYD, National Hotel. Washington. de 2 at* A MEMBER OK PONSR ESS With a family, or three or fonr Men.liers, can b? aocommoda'ed witH a handsome suit of Rooms on the eeoord fl or. in s pru ate house near the Capitol Address "D L..' at Star Office. dei 3t* WANTED-A rood STORK and CELLAR on vv Pennsylvania avenuo or S ve-th street. Any one hav.n< the ?ame to ron^ oan find a good tenant I'v add>es*ing fil LBERT GORDON, *t this offic?. Rent paid in advanoe. if necessary. de2 2t* WANTED-A first-rate ARTIST, who is well '? acquainted with the taking of photograph, smhrotype and melainctype nrancnes. and who understands his luainee*. Acdresa "A. B.," Ptar O?oe. no 3D 3f EMBROIDERY.-Wanted, HANDS to work upon embr.-iderT, Inquire at the hanov and Kmbrnidery Store No. 43s Sixth street, between D r.nd E. no sn at* WANTED-Two or three good CAKE AND PIE BAKERS. Best weges given. J. H. SIMPSON, No. 9 South Fairfax street, no 91 St Alexandria. Va. Vl/XNTRD TO RENT-In a business part of >1 (ha 11? nna nf f wo I /1VX7I/D UlKlUii . 7. Farm Siam vo|i, irom Rigoletto. - Verdi ' Dan f"r f-opteao and B*?s. 8 Heme. Hom?-rwfo-m?d on the Piano I bf ><ioui FiLix Bb>kebt-, 1 A, Nor. Monseir neur F10aohC1.aaaon4.atU c in. tfiji.d Ho?na Shadow Song from La < rardoj d? P oermei Meyerbeer < M.a cscili* Yotri??. Tfokete. -- O ae Doliar. ?o extra oba ?e for reserved mu i lokets to be obtained at the door on the evening J of the oono*rt and at the mueio store of W.G. 1 Me-serott, whers seatscan be eeoured on Taeedty, Peoetnber ad. dtl-8t RING'S NATIONAL CIRCC88 1 Manager T- King J Associate Manajer C. Sootl t E?u?strian Manager F. Whittaker t Agent ^R P. Jones The public ia respectfully informed that thiaCiroua vill exhibit at GEORGETOWN. r for Three Days and Nights MONDAY, TUBR- f DAY and WEDNESDAY, Dec. JJ, Sd and 4th. 00 {, the lot oorner of West and Green ata., ipon vhioh . occasions Mad'ile HELOISE, the Star of the Are- ? na. Ma lame Marie, Mies yirgima, Madame Ca- n mille, Miaa Eloise, the Child ft Her, Tom Kmc, Wm. Kincade, F. Tournaire, Phi!o Nathan*. F. . Whit taker, J .Franklin, J. W ard. George Aroher, and the two Clowns. Gardiner and Kenned?, will 0 apt* ar in eleganily diversified entertain men ta. [O* Dne Notioe will be given of tlie return of 1 the Troupe to Washington, and theln*r?rnAJ. Opbttsg of the New Bpok AuriifUTM. de2 7 QAM TE R B U R Y H A L 1/ 1 (Former!* the Washington Assembly Rarrrns,) Louiaiana avenue, near oorner of 6th atreet, m thf rear ol the National and Brown'a Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the brat ta>nt in Amerioa. | ENTIRE CHANolToFPROGRAMME. 1 Re&ppea: aio* of MISS JULIA HUMON, c The Beautiful Songatress. a New Songs* New Dances, and Nt\o Plays! TO-NIGHT. THE BK*UTIPIJL BALLET LA MONDOLINA, LA MONDOLINA, LA MONDOLINA, LA MOXDOL IN A, TUMBLETY OLTDONK. Pick pasiie (funny DickJ.. at the Can mar at. 1 Harry Fox St the Cahtbbb^bt, ? w. b. H*rb?o!??. at the Cant k sacra v. " m'l.LaFp ami I>a follb... at the C*i?tbxbc*t. > Miss Jtlia HrDsox, the beautiful soncatreee at the CaNTRBrXT. > miecsfi Emma Milks Willis. j Vbr.non, Pabkbk Clifton p and a host of others at the CAMTXXBtrBY. ( A GRAND AFtKRNOON MATINBE , On WEDNESDAY, DeoembS^ 4th. For Families, Ladies, and Children. ( Doors open at 3 a'o 00k. ( Admission?Children . 10 oenta. Admission?Nighta? Parquet, 85 oenta; Parterre 15 cent". Doors open at 7; commence at 7* o'clock. _de 2 tf _ /ODD FELLOWS'HALL: i rRUBTEKfi 8A' E OF A VEIY VALl'Ablb lunom Bnixui I'aoraaTT on Havmin st.-Ob Monday afternoon. VomiMr the 25th at 4 o'clock, by Tirt?e of a dfod f trnrt. recorded in Li bar J A S . No. 112. folio* PS to an', iti the reoorda of Waahmcton eoant*. D. '., I will Mil, lafroat of tli* pr*nyae?. pert of Lite <o, 5aodS Id S^nar* No <?, 7r Dtim S3 f?*? T nohe* on 7*k it VMt, between I aad Mm* mio lorth, aad running beak 171 M iaohe? to ar ? ay, aiid improved by a good three-*tory Ixtok etoia k?d dwai.iag. Tertn? mad* known on the "lay of the aale. Deed of ooanytstt to b? mad* at U* h^bn of TfWW a of the ?aie are n"t compliad wi?b ntki" one week thereafter, tk r 'he propertywi ? reeoid at the purchaser's expe*ae. f t the Traeee giving three day*' notice by oo? pabi.oeljon ib he * Evening Star " I). M LAWKBNCE.Tnrtee. no a td WALLA BARNARD. AaoU. Cty"THK AVOVE PBOPEHTY WILL HK e?o d on FRIDAY, th?6?h instant, a * p m., in root of the preiM e*. at th*expen??ot ifteieualnc parehaaer. J. H V eat mac. be no. having e >< .iM vith the 'umi of kale. A <!*(?> it of f??" n 1 be r<a<nr^d to be paid to toe I rnttee mm?? i .telr *.ft -r the s%le, a*>d in riefaalt ol tn? ray meet 't at eh d'poeit the property vi 1' e immediately noil?t h ?lit* and expense of ruoh paichaaer. If after havi-g made the above riepait and the- terw of aele of tiia *eoon< pachaer ara ot < oxplicd with witnm oae week iron t-idav, h*6ia ir*?aot, the property will be reeo d at *?eh wrohr aer's riak and ex pence, by the T u??ee. r ft r inc given bo ice of the Mae by pablioaU< a iu he "fcveninc Star." D M. LA WRFNCF.. Truetee. Jt WALL A BARNARD, A acts. Br WALL* BARNARD Aaotionaera. Ceraer Jtk ttrtet anJ Pm. at [ AKGE ASSORTMENT OF MPERIOR IJ Hocsikold F v B> Till at Acctioji ?Oa l*Hl RSDAY MORNING, the 5th it.ataot at la I'oiock. we will sell at oar warerwom, in the rear if oar Aaotion Room*, where it ha* been ia toraxeairoe April last, the Faraitare ofafreti aaa Dwelling, eomrr sing? taitae of P*rlor Funiture, consisting of Sofa*. Ann and Side Chair*. toeew -.cd and Mahogany and Marble-top Can tar Tables, _ dahogany and Fxtenmn Dining Table* aad Ch>ira, >amaak a'.d J.*c? Curtain*.Cornice-.anl Bhadaa Cirrora and P.otarc a. one a rortrait of a diatiaxaiahed atataamac and aoidier. k'elvet. Braaafia. and S- p y CarpeU, OilcK th. Vlahogacy and W a nut Frecoh and cthar BadMahogany and Walant Marble top aid Plato BaiVi!iaat and other Wardrobe* aad Loangea, laxbla-top aad Plain Waahetandaan-i l ot etSata. 'apenor Kaa'her Bed*. Bolttara.and Pi.low*. Varied Hair and Sha.k Matuecae* and otherBe.ding, dahogaof Stands, Precaa*. Chamber Tafclae, Chair*. Jrookery and Olaaaware, Jo king and other ttove*, I- ire Irona, and Kitehan ^ItnaOi Tertna eaah. _ _ dea d WALL A BARN AR D. Aoc'e. BY BARN A ID A BtCKEY. Anot'oneert A DMINISTRATORS' SALE OF HOUSE [jl hold trFfcra, Boarii, Cowe.^oaw. Fod -- ?? UWHJ. i in jailer I Done | vu taken with him They were both members ] ft company H ts'.h Regiment of Wl?e (Ya > Dragoons, Col Field commanding. They bad | been aent to forage, from their camp, two utiles ; from CeotrevlUe Another portion of the Mime troop were engaged at the wine time lu foraging la another direction. savt HID. The Rehancetame up from Indian Head this morning, bringing Com. Craven, flag-ofllcer of the flotilla. Tbers ! no news of importance from the Lower Pvtomac, and tbe rebel batteries only accaslonaily moles* passing vessels. Schooners are constantly passing up and down the river unbarin?-d, many of which are not fired upon stall. One schooner a day or two since bad thirty shots tired at ber, of wblcb but one took effect, slightly cuttlag her rigging. Tbe Mount Washington went down this moralag frunr. to riimi.'. k We beer that t?en Banks'column, or a Urge portion of it, went yesterday to F rederick, Md , a much better winter position or as a point to move from, than that lately occupied by these troops aamxro. Tbe l . S steam aloop-of-war Hartford, Flag Officer F.ngle, reached Philadelphia yesterday from tbe Cast Indies. All well on board of ber. Spirit of the Meralag Press. Tbe treats upon tbe subject of the exchange of prisoners with tbe rebel* Tbe argues that a great reduction In tbe price of eottoo would follow aa the Immediate result of emancipation and tbe employment of free labor in its culture. XTJ~ A Urge amount of Interesting local and other matter is necessarily crowded out to-day by the President's Message 300 piece* pew stylet Prints, at 12^* oents per jard. loo pieces white and oolorpd Flannels. one price only, marked id plain figures. Ca pets. Curtains, Oilciotos, Ruga, Ac , upper floors. An inspection of stuck implies no obligation to purchase. PERRY 4 BHO-, Peun. avenue and 9th st.. de3-5t ' Perry Building." Auction kahgainn* VERY CHEAP GOODS, Fiom Rermt Cask Auction Sales at tk? yorth. Very eh?ap Lace Sets and Collars in real HON I ToN, MALTESE VALENCIENNES, POINT APP?.UJl'fc. Ac. BONNEi RIBBONS, super styles, and very 'lK>i BROIDKRKD COLLARS and sets of Collars and Sle?vee. CHILDREN'S PLUSH and KELT HATS.uew designs. An . Ao. And, in addition to the above, we have just re.cived a full assortment Velvet Ribbons, Hair Nets, Head Dresses and Ornament, Rouohe*, Flowers 111 great profusion, M< u nin* Se*(f ai d Collar*, Gmnt'ets of ev ry description. Gloves, Ac., Ac. And every thing appertaining to a well ordered Ladies' Faaey Goods Srore, all of recent *?lectioa, and pure kauri for Ca.-H at War Pantt P' Great bargains may now be obtained at MAXWELL'S

Ladies' Goods and C.oak and Manti ia Store, de i Iteo No. SttS fa. avenue. THE AKMY FEED and WATER BUCKKT, 1 particularly useful to Cavalr* and Artitleiy, unlike the co cmon nose bag, it allows the dus' to escape whi.e the horse is feeding, allows a free oir eu anon of air. and when folded is the most compact and portable bucket kiowo. For saie by the agent 4?9 7 h st. between D and E. J AS. S. 10PH*M, Manufacturer of Military Saddles and Equipments, noan-lw* Officers' Beits Haversacks. &e. t>m> glTadeb buttkrT KEG* ( hoica Glades Butt r.just received direct froin Somerset cunty Pa Fo sale low by JOHN H SEMMKS A UO . ?or. !?ih st ami Pa. av.f opwest end no 29 eopr i Rep. < Tenter Mark't. BUTTKR ! BUITER!'. BUTTER!:! luo ksg* choice Goshen t utter, Jast received and for sale cheap by F. B. HASTINGS * CO . r.o 2* *f 3'i ' D t-. facing Pv avenue. Government Loan Agency, Office o? uutrm. Mr. Stevena introduced the following: Whereaa slavery h'? caused the present rebellion in the Union; and whereas there can be no solid or permanent basis of union in thla republic bo long as this institution exists within it; and whereas slave* are now used by the rebels as an essential mean* of supportlni; and protracting the war: and whereas by tne law of nations it Is right to liberate th? start* of a nation to weaken his power Therefore? B- tt rnac'.<4, kr That the President be requested to declare free, and to direct all our Generals and officer in command to order freedom to all slaves, who shall leave their masters, or who shall aid In quelllni; this rebellion See 2. Br it fuiinfr fnncttd, That the United State* pledge the faith of the nation to make full and fair compensation to all loval cltiien* who are or shall remain active In supporting the Union for all losses they may t>n*'a!n by virtue of this resolution. The consideration of these resolution was postponed until Tuesday, the 10th inst.. and after the introduction of a bill to enact certain laws bearing on ports of entry the Moiiae adjourned. ry"iF?I.O. O F.?Tfle members of M?*enena Euoair.pinrtt are requested to ?tte..d a special meeting ill IS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 7 o'c ock, to make auaceements t<> attend the funeral or cur lata torntner, Patriarch William H<>i>ob. (to morrow) WedcesdaT afternoon, at 2 o'clock Men )>era of sihter Encampments are respectfully invited to attend. I It JOSEPH J?. TUCKER, Sonbe. (Y"** NOTICE -I. O. O. F-The in-rabera of i 117 Union Ledge, No. 11,1. O. of O. F. are re u Jested to attend a epecisl meetin? of 'he Lodge I 1 H1 "4 " Tnescfaj i EVENING. ?t f.H o'clock, fur the purpose of making a racren.enta to attend 'he fnu ia. uf our late Mrother, AVtllum Hok?i, on i?o morrow) Wednesday, &t 2 o'oiock p. in. Members f sister l.idges ae respectfully invlttd to attend. By order of the N G It GEORGE BROW N, Reo. Seo. Y?5-"'rHA.NR;.-Th? non commissioned oftio rs aud pri at?- of t*e >'gna! Corps, ire to return th ir tieartfelt tN?>.ka to their hui,.j d tJotnma uer, v ajor v J. M?er, orUj ?iiiiuerfii(nisneil t em on Thai k> ?vn * da* an illuBfratton of the Msjor'x t&oi gntfui, faneroaa nature, and anuth*i instance of hi* un inn? 'tfo'ta to render his m n happy and their situation piea ant *nd omfortaSfe CMA-, WKNWi'RTH, It* W J. I.IND-n.l-Y r'-s^t. s. sanit rv commission. JsJj M P it . Wtillicf u>L. DC ab'e for light work. Address W. C- Star b?oe. d<> Jf> ei3t* WANTED-A HO' '^KTT^ fiuDiHhsdT 6~~ to""I roo*"s. north of Pa nverui", ard ea?t of ISth at. A'J Ir-fr H>jx 131. Willards' Hoel. no y> 3t* WANTED.?A NURSE for a child between one and tvo years o'd at 4A1 3th street. E'<!ieh or A merican preferred. None need apply unlwfis well reoommerded. no?i St* WANTED?A suit of two or more ROOMS, within two tguares of the Navv Department. Gent'eman and wire only. To include Board Inquire at Star Ojnoe no 27 1 w WANTED-130 LABORERS and JFORKMFN, to work on Government Fortifications above Chain Bridge. Pay of laborers,'to cents a dav, i lo hoii's) and t>oard. Par of foremen. 9? per dav.and beard Apply to A. 6. CHILD'S, at E. M. f.inthlcum A Co., Hardware S ore. corner of Badge and Hi<li street, Georgetown, until 9a m. d%il?. do 27 lw WANTED?WTO whisky and brandy BOTTLKS. Cash in delii ery. F. B. HASTING"* A CO.. 323 i> street, no Sj tf Philharmonic Betiding. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market. ready to pay oash for all artioles in the huusefurmshing line. Those leaving the oity.or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. Bl CHL.Y, Seventh ?t.,t>etween Sana H sti., (cast side,) Dealer in New and Second-baud Furnitnre. no 16 WANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS ?AOTailor# "v competent to work on military goods. Apply G. KOLP.at Waii. Stephens * Co.V sesft WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND HAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for whioh we are piying the higheat cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or liavir.g a >urp:u< of furniture, will find It to their advantage to give us a 'tall. BONTZ 4; GRIFFITH, je la-tf No. *th St.. betw. 1 and K ?ts. niTTKR WANTED. Call at WALL, STE* PHKNS A CO.'S. 3'i'J Pa avenu*. se 18 l/OR SALE. I FINE OL'? MADEIRA W NK T' e ailverti?er ha* a (.farter rack of Old Mart ira V? ii.e ? hieh h>- offers for ?a!e. The Win" U thirty fonr year* old a d w*s purchased b* the p eoei.l owner in aiieira five years ago Tnia w.ne r ma.noJ in ?he Ea-' olitna'e over two ?ear? T' e own r w j ?ffa ed eight dollars p*r gallon for it i'i China, w^iieh ne then r<fci?ei but will now teil at that price. Address Box S3tf City Poat V/ XlTIKTI, AlOnOBT. c TWO NEW STARS' WM.~WRAY, The greatest per f n m?r of the age ! WRAY THK KREAT COMEDIAN! WRAY THK OK EAT pANj6ls?T! WRAN THE GREAT VENTKl LOvU 1ST! / WRAY THK GREAT MaGIC/AN ! I EVERY NIGHT! t JOHNNY BOYD. I The I ifktm ??* Jig Dancf. EvkRY" NIGHT! lu cuneotion with the Campt>eU Mmatrela aix- teen t*t*r Performera, in a new and varied prog'amine nightiy. Dooreopenatj7o'olook; peiform- r anoe oommenaing a> * n'oiook preciaely. Admtaaion JS cent*. no an j FOR SALB AND BiSNT. ; ffOK RENT?A email FRAME BUILDING. ? two rooma. Inqaire at 399 E at deS-St* V ETOR rent-a FURNISHED HOUSE oob- t r taming 10 rnoma?1T3 I atreet, between anch ? and 21 at. da a St* FtR RENT LOW?A fine toned Chiokermae' J PIaNO. Alao an experienced Gardener wanted Apply at No. S 4S atreet It* | FO? RENT?Doable Par'ora, with ' folding door a b-tw??en, rea'lr fn niahed aa parlor and oh amber. Inquire at 374 E atreet. between ?'.h and toth ata. da VK' . Furnished rooms for rknt.-a iar>e Pari-r and foar fine Chambara naodao?>eJy Iurniahed. in the met dee rable p rt of Waahn.gng ou. No. 4'Jtt F atreet north, between 8th aod 7th atreeta weat. in 'he immediate Tiolnltt of the Poat and Patet t Ofteea, may be had on reaaonabU t 'm?. by applying to T7j. MAGKUDERTNo. 3?S D atreet, between 6th and 7:h ata. de 3 T,Th&S3f For RENT-Four large rooms. neatly fnrniahed. convenient to the Departmenta, aui abie for either a party o' gentleman or am*ly. TU- rrnt wiil '> mad* to ault the timee. laauire No. 36 < 7th atreet, near f. dei ?* fjHiR R ET?TwoTa're front ROOMS for rant a* 4*9 E atreet, be iwaen 3d and 4th ata. ro *it* 1/llR RENT? \ handaomeiy F nrniabed PAR L"R and CHAMBER Apply at No 394 C etr et, between 4S and ath atreeu. no30 3t* FOR RENT?Five large ROOMS in agoodlooation, oon?enler.t to the Capitoi aiiitable for ill.BCi.mi) r*i*i w t- ? wi.i ?n n \viib>K!*DAY. DECE*BKR 4t??. at l? i'oJ >ck, A. M.. at tli* Hot* of the late Godfrey k>nr*i, at Tennally Town, two mi)M north of [eorsetown, eia Bareaas, 8eor*tary, Carpet*. lto***,Chair*.Cbin% and Glass war*, ?rst;ate 'eafher Bed*. BedeUads. Kitchen Utensils, Hore?, Cow* and Calees, Corn. W?roas, Carta, 'low*, Harrow*. shovels, Picks. Ao.. Ac AIso toe HOTEL. with ten acre* of Grcncd attached; Ad a lot containing twenty acre* w.U be rettecto b* h'chest bidder. B? ordrr of the Administraor*. all cures ander ?? oaah; all over ? two BARNARD* BUCKEY. Aatiooeera. By J.C. McGUIRE. A CO? Auctioneer*. PRI'STEK^ BALE OF LARO^- ANDTAL- % >AY'\WfeSk&!f.1^Si% ? u Lb* premieee, by virtue of a deedof trv*? tr?^ ustioe A. Rolla, and dated February l*th, 1*?< hod daly recorded in Liber J. A. S.,7fc. ! . fOvl?* A, et esq., and of the land reoord* for ^a?h'aa>" onoosnty.D C.. I Mail aeii Lot no inhered M (k Is m oar* numbered six hundred aad eif bt-tw? na>. rrontiEj IIP feet on Delaware arena*. IAS ?et inofae* otrnorth b street, and IS feet laohea >n r"i rst street east Term*: One-third cash. the remainder is *iz and wale* month*, with interest, secured by deed of rut en the yrewleee. If the tens* of tale are not complied with withia ire days thereafter the trsrte* rafurraa the richl ta ee*ll at the risk aad expense of uefaaltiac fa/ iaser. All eoareyanoes at the ooet ofpniMaammr no fr eoAJ* J. C? A <^?Aaeu By THOB. DO W LI N?, Auctioneer pRl-BTEEtt WALE OF PROPERTY iW A Giomrows.-Bf eirte* of a deed of traet, xecuted br John O'Doanochee aad wile oa the H day of Mar. 1MB. ana recorded i a I.ther J. A. i.. No 300 of the land record* of Waehinrton "unt?. Distriot of Co umbA, and at the reqaeet >f th* perl]ea scoured thereby, I will offer at public ale, on FK1 OA Y. the 6th day of peoeiaber, at the ioar of 12 o'clock, the followiac piece of property, ltuated in Georgetown : T?>? first beinc part* of o a No * and 7^. in Bcetty A Haakiar a*dtton, situated at th* lorthweet corner of Frederick od First sts., frontinc 90 feet, more or less, on ^redenok. and S3 feet, r o-eor lee*, on Firit street. This lot will be sold i* two parts each froattaf l*k fe*t, more or lea*, on First street, and running iaok to the d^pth of the let Also, part of Lot umbered CB. in *ame additioa, frontinc V feet on he ?'it aide or Frederick street and runair.c back m> feet de?p, with the fr?m* hou<e thereoa, new oca pied by Mrs. MoCata Al*o, part of ssms Lot. routine *? feet on west aide of same street, and anninc back 13P feet deep, with the frame house hereon. Tb? Gtt>s ov the Sickles Battert ?We have received a letter, well nit;h Illegible, from a person who, w? take It. may be aume sort of agent here for the manufacturer, full of coaree and Indecent persona vituperation, on account of wha' we have deemed ft our duty to the public mtrTMt to aay with refer en co to the guns of the Slcklea battery The chsracter of the letter In q seat ion forbid* ui from according to it aay notice whatever To the public we are, however, at liberty to aay (bat all the facts the i tr baa stated with reference to tfcme gsr.s wet* obtained from the moat reliable rffldal e jen. which will be named lo any one interested, who may apply to us on the subject in ordinary respectful languageTh? Coacaar.?To-morrow evening, It will be remembered, the grand concert of Mrs. Cecilia Young comes off at the Thirteenth-atreet Baptist Church, under the capable direction of George Felix Benkert. Our favorite Waahingtou vocallac, Mrs Youug, will bo aarlated by seme of the beat musical talent of the country on this occasion. The programme, In another column, promises a rich treat for the muaical public of Washington, and sojourner* In the city will And an hour at this entertainment among the most pieaaant of their experience. fiT* The mayoralty eloctlon In New York City takes plac?. to-day. There are three candidate* 1b the <5eld: Wood, a Mo tart democrat; Gunther, Tammany democrat, and Opdyke, republican Wood haa also the nomiaat on of a portion of the German democrat*; Opdyke of the German Leag.:?and Taxpayers, and Gunther of 9yracua? I'nlon, National talon and German Democratic Club Avtatbs is Eastbsh Vtacmia ?On Sunday afVrafffo, (he 1st insUnt, there were arrivals of four sn^ll vei^els from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, #hh produce and oysters for thia market. ^k# nt.ms nXar a# * . ^ w inpua ?re quiet OO ItM f feci;::* of the people of that part of the Bu'm TKey de not complain of the acta of the federal miliary thua fir, ai.d are y lad to have Um opportunity to obtain such auppllea aa arc cut off by tfce blockade of their abort* A party w tto came jp on on* of the vea*t!a ?"ate? that on the entrance of the Federal unitary into the northern part of Accoomc, ?even hundred Confederates, I with all their arma and equipment, and with, aeet ?f the arms la uae la both countiea, croaaeff the Che aa pea Ire for Northampton and arMvtd aid)' in the oetghoorbood it Norfolk They alao took ever aomc auppllea at d croaaed at night | Ht a ahart u Uuce from ta?- pJint at which the ( United Statea ^anbO' a wereatatloned. The cap- i taina repreaent that t be. r?reeonaider*bl? auppllea wkl- b w!M Sad tuelr way to thia market, though anu' L of l*>e osodtr* baa ry?en taken U> the \Veat rid-r the of the night, and wlm yar. Cr? rxrepttnae. with ni/?a ?U+Jr Hum The >*aiiitary Commission han a col'eotiou of book oliei-renoe >>n M'.'tary Suriery ai.d Kr-r.y Hft>e. t. which Mi.itaiy Surgeons at or near \\ ashicgt n are inv:t?d t consult. FREDERICK LaW OLM <TF.D, dei-lm General Secretory. -Kg? J? EPA RTMV NTof M ETR OP< ?L! TAN I 3 P<'LIOE.?Oflioe of Sup-rintenden .No. 316 lith ttreet. Persum wno have ie-it p'cpertr are re^uefct-d tn repel t ieir lots to th p D partmen;. Large quantities ol 1< st prfptrtr now in he' ffiee. do 8? iawtf W B WKBB.Pupt ITS* NOTICE ?The ?60011(1 annua mretin* of 113 the Third HuilJiuc Association. of Koorje town, will be l.ei-1 a' the Coauoi!' hainber, on Tl E**D a y. th 3d Deem er next, at 7 o clock? previous to whioh an eie :tion ror ofioers wi 1 be held ; polls to open at So c <>ck By n-Je-: no jn ftt WILLIAM KING, Seo. Ys^lCK CHKAM AND WATER ICES, ol L ? the I bet v ality, at 37H per quart. Ho'e.t ana boarding houses Airm-thea at low ra'es. A I larse a?eortin ?nt of fine cakes kept ?i\ hand at tha P\*l*ltlpkia Cvnfuuonery* corner Twelfth an>: F eu. iioT 1m* ! YW-THB UNION PRAYER MEETING JJl will beholden EVERY DAY this Treak in tn? E;.?)i?h Lutheran Church, corner ol H and 11th *ts., oommenoin* at haif-paat4 o'clock p. m . to be oontiLaed one hour only. 00 7-am fFAMILY SfcV, 1NG M \CIllNE 1 tOK SALF. Chiir tok Cash. ItquireNo 50>? r.leventh street?Ladies' Shoe Store?pear Pa. avenue. h* O NOTICE N And alter the 1st day of next January all persona indebted to tie late fi im of K E. Whiti A Co . are hereby r.otihel that their accounts, notes and due biils wi I be placed 10 the ha :d* i f my at orney for collection. \ li persons so indebted desir ins to save eosts of law suits wiil lave to *e't e prior to tiK above specified time, dea-lfiawjw E. K. WHITE. CLOTH* FOR ARMY AND NAVY MEN.? Beavers, Pilots. B'oel Cloths, and Doeskins mAIso oar usual full stock of select Cloths. Cassi mere*, and Veatings, for eiti*er?s apparel. One orioe only, marked in plain figures. PERRY A BROTHER. de S-5t Pa avenue and Nintii st. NEW CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, opened to<lar. iadie?' C'oak C otus plain and ribbed A 10, a fine stock of medium and rioh Black Silks A f*w of tno>e very ohwc Pilk Robaa. With all kinds uf Uf t Uo??? for the jeneral and sp oi?l wants of families. i5 pieces |white Skirtin? Cambrics. Oae prtu? on:*, marked in plain fitarea. C^?.pO,kc^.ki,.kOTifir deSM Pa. avenue and Ninth st. 39)1 Pesjutlvahia Avtxc*. Th? above ?laoe ia now opeuej t tne public at la-ge and the Proprietor will eideavor to A . ? A live fa I satisfao 10a to ail who nu; pa-YtVlT irHOixa him. ?* A K K A?T from I to It o air ok. at too utm. A SLK si HO I K at 5 o'eloek, at 1j can ?. Uf\>tR - a?nt 9UPPER9 at all I ?.ar?, at t.ia ftortf?r?o|i4f OYPTK*S. ?lwaie o.i t.ao , LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., BANKERS. Com*** or Pa. Avkjutx and Tbnth St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our hrm, having been appointed a ?u^doriptmn Agaut or the Nation*) L<-an authorised b> the act of Ooi *res? of *.7th July, 1861, we are prepared 10 furnish, to partie* desire us of n.aking investment, any amount of 7 8-10 Treasury N tes, i f convenient six**. vo .9 ti . LKW1H JOHNSON A CO. n? mWMP!! fCl fWj BOOT A$n SHOE DEPOT. fMj * WL No 309 E Stmet, * ha (South fide,) between 13rh and 133? sts., Near tke Willard Hotel. We invite all sutlers and citixens to call and examine our ttoek before purohanng e where. ro& 3w* PCHAFKK A FORaTKR BR<>S F'OR SAT E?A jrod u.iid n'w WAGON ror one or two h rsrs. suitable for a sutler or gmori A; pi* at 373 Maryland avenue, between 3d and 3d street*. de3-St* C. OFENSTE1N. A KINDLING WO 'u. No. 1 lot Dry Pine b 1NDLING WOOD, for rale at lowest possible rates. Also, a prune artiote of RED ASH EGG COAL, for Grates. de 2 at t.j. a W.M. galt. R PUBLIC NOTICE OBKRT HKLLMU.ND k. KDMUND HENUKR, are no longer pmplo*ed bymr,and I warn the pabro not to ti ust or borrow tiiem on my icoount, as 1 am not responsible for their debts. K. W EN D r, de2-3t* Futlarrh Regt.N. V.St Vol. (/OR SALE-An elegant SADDLE HORSEHs is advk bay, taarly 16 hands hifth, cv, an4 very stylish; is perfectly sound, kind jLa&fl ai.d well broken, ana haa he?n used foine^^^* t me in camp by a Fi- d Off.oer. Enqu're of KKLKHER A P YE WELL,8tu ?t ,near E. dea 3t* Nnkw milliner v. OW Opei icc a very aeleo' assortment of WINTER B'lnNKT*, comprising the^^k newest and most desirable ?ty es of the ae& flB) sou, t<> which the attention of the ladies invited.atth* Faiioy Htoreof HUTCHINSON A MUNRO,3IO Pennsylvania ave , between 9th and loth streets, where Miis THOMPSON is prerued to exeonta promptly all orders instrusted to *r * oea ? rpO THE LADiES OF WASHINGTON. Mr* M. A. HAMILTON wiU open haodnotne Vroueh HAH. FL.<>WER8 forUe har, ^ H K A L?UK ESSES, and ?!e?an' Ml I,LINKRY in general, on Wednesday. l)?e? n-ATy t?er <rh, at 10o'oiuok, at No. HI* Fa. ave .*^1 b?t?Mn uih and l.tth ate., Washington. l-*rl da a-at* ( )AK WOOD ?7.?0 PEA COKO. 1 am reeemoc Masoned Oak Wood, vhioh I will M'.i at J7 60 at the railroad oi deli veredfor fHAO per c rd Inquire of ate, at tha railroad, or of 0. B. CHI R>:H.at Uie depot Order* left at ray re.ldeno*. AMJ 14th *treet, owr the Long Bridt?, will be attao ed to. no a- 3t? B. w |K. HANQY. j H DAISY FOR BALE. I A VING Ki?tjt excellent miion oon, bxturet, and a fcood ran o^oaetomere. laanire at ti e carriage baop i*ar tint t ?11 (ate, 7th afreet, uvl, j pojjn eo8t* 1 umoe. de 2-Jt* PHONOGRAPHY TAUGHT.-Gentlemen and lacies esirin* to avail tQemsmvae of the op portunity oau esquire a thorough knowledge of the prinoi?!es of Phonography and Reporting, practical? b? a course c! only IV lessons, ol one hour each. Tt is uaeful ait need* no reoomuenittion as ita value ia now we I understo a. and it ia trl'uved that several classes mar b? formed here,'he more eaD'Oiallyaa tne terms are reasonable, t. ?. tive Jolars lor the whole oourae each, payiue after the firat Applicants wiU plra-e a drees fox No. 4 t tar office, and aa soon as a suffi tent number are subscribed to torni a class, and ?he necessary books hue arrived, the tune ol commencemeiit wtll be determined on. d?3 4f Oyster*? Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Ia now p'eparet to furniah Restaurants, Hotela, butl'ua, and Private F' m iles with FKE*H ON 8TKRS, by the gallon orlC34 (mJ in cans o; all a a?s. The Oysters air.ve daily freah from the water* of the Che apaake bay, and are ..f the beat qua'ity The company invites the patronage of the dealers ttirl tne publio in general, aud guarantees a p ompt attention to all ordera. Office?4S Market Sp<toe, (Avenue House,) bet* een 7th and 8th at* no 30 1m IRepubiioao.l I2REAT CLOAK OPENING AT MAXVJ WELL'S. WEDNESDAY AND 1 HURSDAY, Dkcb <iu 4th AUD 5i B Ladie-'Cloth Sac q ues. Coata end Circular* in a i the la ?s? 'l-sigus. will bs open for inspection and sale in onr Cloak Rooms (3d story) on the a! eve i anied <>a?s. Remember the place is MAXWELL'S Cloak aud Fa iot Store, no 29 eo3t N < 3HS Pa averua. NEW AND STYLISH HOOP SKIRTS, of the beat auapea and qnalittea. With al kinds of Dry Goods for the ourrent want* of (amiliea. ? ne price only, marked in plain figures. floors' ' rurikic. "'^i.VV' Pa. avenue and Nmth st., no 2S-M "Perr? Buildicg." | AM PS FOR GROCERS^ AND SUTLERS' ?? x?yy *0> i have eot on band Wag as, Lairps, Springs and ever j thing eise suitable for oamage or wagon work. KuB'T H. UKAHAM, Coaohmaker ?*h st. Kcpairiug of all kinds promptly a te-dsd to pott ? WATCHES. \*OLI> AND SILVER ENGLISH. SWISS AND aMREICAPT* I have now on hand a large (took of a'l Ike noit celebrated Wa ohes, that 1 am selling at ths vary lowest pnoes tnat good and reliable tuae keepers Kn b. ail. rued ai; and every description orfine kA LLKi < n baud; all now styles rtssiwd as soon as nuinaflhetiired. and offered at ths lowest as Kerolvert. genres, Ssati**. Be'ts, Bowie Knives. Pocket v om pastes. he.. Ac. Also sb >ng , Army Trnnks and Bed Combined: and many otter | mings aselvl and ornamental at 3^S Psnns^lv^ua i h'r 1 party of (MlMIor atngly. Th? rooma wil: befi* n'ahed or not aa may be deeired Io^aire ; at oorner Mai y land a venae and Uth atreet laiand, 1 N" a??. noao st* R>'OMS TO LET?Parlor and Chamber on the fi'at floor, at No. 40>i 1Mb atreet, north of Lafayette Sqoar?. no ?-3t* * F^OH. RKNT?Handeomely formatted aaita of t ROOMS, auppiud with jaa Mid waW. Apply 1 at No 400 Eleventh atreet, between Pa. avetiae < and E at no 8-?o3t* t FOR RKNT-a FIRNISHED HOUSE oob- i taininc IC'ooma. plraaaot y located, with gaa a throuchout( 401 Twelfth at.,between land K. j do i L^UK RENT-The PR KM IDE** oa the oorner J " of 14ta and C atreet*, lately ooonpied by R. W. Batta & Co , wood and eoal dealera. For taraa, J Ao .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 I-a. avenne. no ll-eotf FOR RENT?Au unformatted three atory brick HOUSE, No 309. ana a fnrniahed Parlor ar.d aeverai Chambera, 306 Delaware arecne north, near the Capitol no ?7-eoSt* FOR RKNT-A fnrniahed PARLOR aid . CHA MBER on the firat floor, and Chambera on the reoond. Apply on D rtreet north, > etween 1 2d and 3d Ftreeta weet, No. 44H, near the Capitol, t no ?T-lw* * I?OR RENT-Two PARLORS, or parlor and c a ohamber, formatted, and plaaaantir located . near Smithaoman Inatitnte. Apply at Una oftoa. no 71 5t* L/OR RENT?A oonTeniaot two-atory and attio : F Frame OWELi ING. in good order, containing am* good rooma, aiiu a ted near tfca Georgetown Colle*e, late,y oocupied by Mra. Ann May, to a auno ual tenant the term* moderate; poeeeaaion given immediately. Irquire of JONES MKH EG AN, Georgetown. D C. no 8S fit TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, on firat floor, at 406 D afreet, between Mh and 7th. no 36 If SrOR K ROOMS FOR RENT, on Seventh at. < between D atreet and Loaiaiana arenne?the I three upper rooma of the new foar-atory Store oe Sever th at. eaat aide. No. A33. The firat atory ie ooouai'd aa an extenaive grooery. Apply to GEO. LOURY. ao?-t? J U ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS- I B0AHD1NG. , 1 BOARD.-a????cubie futiM ?; kmd coo* i Board aod w?ll matched looms, br d?v, WNk, or moath, in Iiouh No. 47* and 4TT Utt strMt, thre? itoan ftomt*. Itmi* ud BMvv brtviM W lUarfa' Md Klrkwa M?' Hotel*. no? lm* ( tiUUUATlONAi*. i W?Mm8?ONAN??KfaSpTOWN *K I A Boti&iiw at Dat mum.. So. 433 > il, tnwi M 7tk ti?.,VttM*ftw < mm a*. 151 tut ft, 0Mr?itMm. Xk?d<iUM of thu (MUtHtiao v*r? rtambfC u> S*f?iut*f. ClTOttlWB UA1 M>OfeUtDMttti??l"Ok I Hfrlttluoy W. Terms: Oil hall of Uh> purchase ironey <u oMk. r?*idee in *2 months from day of sale, witb intrMt. All oo&wjaocinc at the ooet oUi'ebM*;. R P JACKPOMTTrijaire. ao? to TROB. POWLINS. Aaet \I AR-*HA?.'J* *A1 E-la virtue of a wnt of *1 $erl taoias i*eued front the Cierh'e O?o? oI hs Circuit Court of the Distriot of Columbia for he oounty of Waehingtoti and to me dirooted. I rill eipose to public %?. foroaeh. IE front of the V>urt House door of Aid ooonty on FRIDAY, he fth day of Deoemlier n?st, 1*61 at lSo'elook m.. he following property, to wit: All deroodaatV i?ht, title, ek-.m and interest in aod to Lot No. B, in t*quare No ri m the eity of Waahiagtoa, ). C.. together with a.! aod singular the iiiitoT* Dents thereon, set ted aod leviM npon a? the propirtj of James G. Coonbe. aad will be eoM to ea'.iey Judioiala No. a to January term. 1*80. m favor rohn E. Kendall. W SELDFN, no 14-to Late U b. Marshal D. C. O P P I C I A L. Tuaicit Ditaitiiirt, < Novembei SO, IMl.f Fctiei is hereby nrra of the readiaeee mi thie department to redeem the Treasury aotee author sed by the aet of Co agrees approved 17th Dim m, ia?. The into reel on ?aoh Treasury aotee will oeare >n the fcrat day of Peb uary next, by the terms of to above Mt P. P. CHABE, Secretary of the Treamiy. ao?> 3aw3w [Into!.] -J1 HERE IB SOMETHING YOU WANT bo mm ebb' supply store. it l oiLisiaua Avenue, bet. ftA aad Tth eto. Beet Good*, Lowest p' Put ere Bupp'ied, no? lm Call a d Be*. PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL KkAMM A lor Photograpbe ofellsiaee,Gilt or Rosewood, sac be sappliedfy JOHN WAtiNhR, next door lo his old estab ishmect, Pa. avoaue. N. H lyoohing g'aee plates laaerted la old 'rame?. raddle morses for sal*.-a lot of vary lae Rait nek y Hoi see for sale at ?h*JV? ctreet. uo > fw* fcMJft CI 1 IZEiNfe' WKlK?MortUun ruMl r full (toot of VleUu. C?w?awee, tad Vijtuii, Ml of than for ta? mubmihiu AlaoCmkt CImmhi ? oCHmr cmdM ttea fly mia imowi"*1tkt**di mi. 11? * >. ?rtfi flueat Uit ?kU< >??tan ? ' l<* SlJSfeuaT rte? urawl; f%r kit MiftUtab * *, ?ac tt? ?u>l 4 mr 0'>Ltl i^Taarfb chi-itt * ? '1 to tm.tf. ,*k.u. or * . ^igjyt k?i? i?rmri)^KCa