4 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ 1 I / ? I. I.I ? I 111 ^?1^??^? ? ^ ???^??????? ???^1^^?*? ???^?^???? THE EVENING STAR THE WEEKLY STAR. rUVUHHED BVERT AFTERNOON, ^^ ^ J -wta ,^. ,_, ^SSHBfe-.- |1L y ^IVfti^ ^fctvt"V m^?*5552 w. i>. wallaoh. I r II rig I II II | X| | ^"^trr.'.'r.rrS^-Sr.STSSS \^y V VHA I *\\ 4-V%-%/ + ?H~ii ~.ri: ontb.; SI for Uxn* month.; udffftetku i /^W m.T^.blyeontaloaU??Wa*Ufto. New, Ihree montha at th? rate of It oe*ta a week. 81*- _ * J""* ** Dm4>* **<**+9 * ? clremlo* fie copies, os* cist; la wrapper*, two cirn " *? ^rne**^,r Um>Q*bout ** ctHlBlr^ 1CT ADTCBTinxMT* ataouVd be aent to the ? L~/~81?*l* eoplea (la wrappers) ?u fco proS^H.""SEAL?" Vs-; XVI11. WASHINGTON, P C . WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 4, 1861. N?. 2.742 7??? TESSSTSS;"*"" , deferred local articles. Fkocwhho* of tbsCitt Coc.tciLs, Monday, Doc. 8,19?l?Bonr4 ?/ AIdemun.?The following communication waa received from tfce Mavor: i MaKoft'a Ornct, Dec. 3,1861. To tk* Board of AJd'rmen ; Gentlemen: I nominate for your conalderation? For coonroiaatoner of lmprovementa of tbe eaatern district ?Jaa H. Birch. For clerk of tbe Centre . Market?Henry l.yle* For aaalatant elerk of ' Centre Market?1' B. Mitchell. For clerk of tbe Northern Market?Jamea Bo wen For meaaencer to the Mayor and Keelater?Jacob KlHber | For aravenicer of tbe flrat diatrict of tbe Second Ward?Joaepta Whitney. For your proper adviaemeat, and to prevent any mlaapprehanaton, I deem it proper to at ate tbat t n?R : ? ,...11 .. ? ? 1 ? ? u? wrn am v uri w uric auiHlIISViODS are pending, are vacant. Very respectfully, Richard wallach, Mnyor Mr. Lloyd nld the nomination of Mr. Birch aa commissioner of Improvements for the -astern district waa reported back by the committee on Improvements last week without any recommendation, and be supposed a committee ought la report the qualification of any person nominated If the nomination was referred to them. They failed to Ae this, and be therefore could not see the propriety of referring the nomination to the same committee again. The Chair (Mr Brown) called attention to the . fart that the Mayor declares the offices vacant for ^hlch he m*kes nominations. . mr Moore (chairman of the committee on improvements) contended that according to the decision of the Circuit Court the Mayor has not the power to renominate the same session of the City Councils any person rejected by the Board of Aldermen Mr. Lloyd did not doubt that the Mayor had legal advice?the advice of the Corporation Attorney?before be made theae renominationa. Mr Magruder said the decision of the court was moat emphatic, and cited the caae of Dr. Aaron Miller, (renominated by Mr. Magruder himself, when Mayor,) who aued tbe Corporatlon for hia salary, and the court decided againat tbe right < f the Mayor to renominate at tbe same session of the city council*, aid they also derided wba' a session was. Theae nominations just sent in were legal, because a session of the city councils commencea on tbe h:st Monday in De cetnber, (to night.) As tbe nominations bad been once referred, he opposed any further reference, and wished to have a ballot at once On motion the rules were suspended requiring a reference of tbe nominatlona The Cbair requested gentlemen to prepare their ballots for Mr Birch Mr. Wendell said he was absent at tbe last meeting, and as the committee had made no recommendation in the caae of Mr. Birch, and as he (Mr. Wendell) did not know htm, he would be glad to hear what gentlemen of the rnmmiiio. had to lay about him Mr. Moore referred to certain errors of judgment ?n tbe part of Mr Btrcb about tbe year 1857, (white be wu Captain of the Auxiliary Guard,) for which he was arraigned by hi* own party at tbe time, and mentioned various charge*, one being tbe dismissal of YVaabington Naylor at tbe time he waa arrested as the bead of a gang of burglars Mr Semmen thought that Washington Naylor was released on ball, and Capt. Birch regretted dismissing him, and said any one would have done the same If they had known all the circumstances. He had not heard of tbe other charges until now. Mr Moore spoke of the facts as he knew them In these esses Mr. Lloyd thought those matters did not disqualify him aa Commissioner of Improvements Mr B rod bead, as a meonbtr of tne committee, bad examined tbe record of this board?the report of the committee which investigated the cbarirea airalnat Ma RWeH??" - n. _r ? . w w<a?? ?? ?* aut^a* tions contained therein were true, Mr. Birch was disqualified for anv office Mr Lloyd said that Capt Birch has lived in this city since, and bis character all the tiraes;nce the year mentioned has been irreproachable. Mr Sargent did not know how to vote after the statements made, and moved to refer the nominations to the committee on improvements; which was agreed to. The nomination of Henry Lyle, as Clerk of the Center Market, was rejected by a vote of yeas 5, navs 6, blank 1 The nomination of Uriah B. Mitchell as Assistant Clerk of the Center Market, was rejected by a vote of yeas 4, navs ?, blank 1. The nomination or Jas Bowen being under consideration, Mr Lloyd wanted to know why these nominations were rejected, so that If there was ground for the rejection be might vote against them too Mr. Fisher called Mr Lloyd to order. Tbe nomination of Mr. B wen was re|ected by a vote of yeas 5, nays 5. blank 2. Tbe nomination of Jacob Kleiber being taken op, Mr. Lloyd moved to postpone further consideration until a full board was present, as there seemed to be a determination her* to mwt >n the Mayor's nominations. i Mr Biyly aald that there were only two members absent?the membe?cf the Sixth Ward (Mr. 1 Clarke) and the president ofthe board (Mr. Dove), < and It might be considered a pair off, so far aa they were concerned. Mr Lloyd was not willing to take It for granted that Mr Oore would vote against the nominations or Mr. Clarke for them. He regretted that so much party feeling still existed In this board. Tne political feeungs of himself and bis party friends v ere thrown aside, and they bad voted to confirm all Mayor Berret's nominations but two. He bad hoped to see the same spirit of conciliation on the other side now. Mr Moore thought it uncharitable and impolitic in the gentleman (Mr Lloyd) to take members of the board to task for party spirit In their , action on tbe*e nominationa. Mr Wendell disclaimed for himself any party feeling, and would vote on nominations presented Li re ma thecommlttee to which they were referred might recommend After furlhe.- debate, the board refuted to postpone the nomination of Mr Klelber, by a vote of yeaa 6, naya 6; and Mr Klelber was then rejected by a vote of yeas 4, nan 8, blank 1. The nomination of Joseph Whitney, as scavenger of the first district of the Second Ward, was confirmed by a unanimous vote of 12 In the atflrmatl ve A letter was received from the Mayor, communicating information of the completion of the useful and ornamental structure erected on the conduits of the' Potomac water over Rock Creek, and connecting Washington and Georgetown, and suggesting the passage of a resolution con iV. n!!' IT" "? tnwacin on IOC pari 01 the Georgetown City Councils, to call the n?w 1 atructure "The Melga Viaduct." tW On motion, It m re?olred to tend a copv of the d Vcon5?UDlcaU#n UwCommSMfoBwof FobllcBuHdlaga and a copy to General Melga. la anawer to the reeolutTon^Jl 'fnqulrf \ paaaed the Boarda laat Monday, in relation to the lighting of North Capitol atreet and Delaware avenue; referred to the committee on improvements a act appropriating #50 for a gravel foot walk on Virginia avenue, between South Capitol and Third streeta wrtt, waa paaaed. The petition of 8 A Pugh waa withdrawn from the committee on police and referred to the committee on claim* Aa act appropriating S30U for the repair of the Paraeverance Fire Company * engine nouae, waa paaaed The nomination of Woolford Stone a* Commit loner of the Canal wuconfirmed ctra voct Tbe nominations of Dr. G. W N Newman and of Jo tin McDerltt u commissioners of the Washington Asylum, In place of James 8 Holland and George Matt: nglv, were confirm- d; also the nomination of John R Pearce as scavenger of the Seventh Ward. An art making an appropriation of to supplf a deficiency Tn the appropriation for tbe construction of two drops In square B; an act appropriating fl8u for laylag t dig footway across K street; an act appropriating WOO to fill up and rerre First street east; and aa act for the relief of NeUnwxt were severally read aad referred. A joint reeointioo In relation to the naming of strwts aad avenues la this city, not now named, was passed Aa act granting permission to ?. P. Dwlght aad ether* to coo struct a switch from the railroad i tract along Sixth street Into square 4M; was Counttl ?A communication from tbe Mayor, la relation to the removal of Infected perona, and Um detraction of lnfockd wet/lag ?ppif?i- furniture, fce , la taoetty; and tbe petition of Tbomoa Irwin, praying the retniaalon cf a floe; of J aha Helle and other*, ta relation to a water aula oa Fourth atraet, from Muaacbuaetta avenue to K atreot, aad of Joha M Hoi brook, praying to ha reimbursed for certain loan, were The committee oa improvement* waa dla i barbed from the petition of Stephen Bayly, to build a porch to bla bona* oa E atreet, and tbe ;>*tltlon waa reforred. - / TW IhUtwUf war? pimlt?Btlto appropria. ting $38 to supply a deficiency In the appropriation for the construction of two newer* m the alley in square B; appropriating SI00 f>r tbe repair of tbe bridge on New Jersey avenue and 1 street south; granting permission to Edmund P. D wight and others to construct a switch and railway track in Sltth street near yirglnla avenue, leading Into lot 7 on square 403; appropriating 100 to defray the expenses of procuring photographic likenesses of the ex-mayors ana present Mayor of Washington, to be preserved In the Mayor's office; appropriating SCO to take up and relay thecrosa guitar at the Intersection of Seventh and E streets; and joint resolutions Instructing the committee having charge of tbe District affairs before Congress to aak for a charter for a company to construct a line of railway from some point in tbe city to tbe District line to join another Independent road to Baltimore; appointing a committee to apply to the Legislsture ef Maryland for a charter for a railroad between this city and Baltimore; and Instructing the assessor to value the property of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. The bills from tbe upper board, authorising John C. Cook to a stablann nnKll/> ttB? on StxflTfDsfl; lb repair a gtrttlr on Thirteenth street, between E WIP street*; providing for Improvements st the City Hall; making a special appropriation for tlie repair of paved streets; providing for repairs and relaying of Imperfect flag footways; for improving C street north, between Tenth and Eleventh streets; and making an appropriation for tbe repair of the Perseverance Engine-house, were referred. Adjourned. Deaths or Soldikk.s.?The following soldiers have died since our last report: Private J li McBride, company D, 52d Penn- I sylvanla regiment, at Columbian Hospital. Private William A. Stelnbour, company H, 3th i Vermont, at Seminary Hospital. Private William Jeffreys, company D, Md i Pennsylvania, at Indiana Hospital. Private Hiram Fausbey, company C, 1st N. Y. srtlliery, In camp Private John Shlveley, company H, 5th Pennsylvania reserve corps, at Division Hospital i Private Daniel Obenot, company C, 53d Penn- i syivama, at Indiana Hospital. i Private William YYlnchtil, Indiana cavalry, at | Camp Carter, ne-r Budd's Ferry, Maryland. Private William Harvey, 53d Pennsylvania re- i serve, at Indiana Hospit I. ( Private Adam Marts, company G, 3d Pennsyl- , vanla reserve cnrna, at Camp Plerpont Private Franklin Wllaon, company 1,1st Pennsylvania reserve, ar Camp Plerpont Private Henry Brown, company D, 1st regiment District Volunteers, at Columb'an College I Private William Roaeley, company K, 9th < Pennsylvania reserve corps, at camp I Private Divld Neeley, company N, 4th Pennaylvanla Volunteer*; at camp. i Private Cephelaa Ryan, company K, 6th Pennsylvanta Volunteers, at St. Elizabeth Hospital. < Thaddeua Hodges, 4th Michigan Volunteers, at Columbian Hospital. i Not Doijio Business on the Pqcak* ?Two Teutonic damsels. Mary H*tm and Johanna , jointly established a fau^y shop In the Fifth 1 Ward,aome time alnce. am) hi?? < ?'?? 1 smashing business lately. Their Illicit trade in ^ liquor and otber refreshments was In a thrivtng 1 way, and they were getting everything arouDd 1 them very anug, wben Mary suddenly became 1 greedy, and very *elfl*hly wished to drive Johanna off without ber shareoftbe proceeds Johanna was Indignant, as she might well be, and called upon Sergeant Itryan, of the Metropolitan police force, . and let him know the kind of trade they were a doing, and the fact that the corporation derived no ^ benefit from It They were taken before Justice i Ferguion, who fined Mary S'?> and costs, for sell- r ing liquor without a license. Two other com- a plaints made by Johanna against Mary, Were ^ compromised by Mary and Johanna dividing the goods and chattels of the concern, and promising oth of them to leave their present neighborhood. Justice Ferguson took from them a double case silver watch, which Johai;na says Mary took from ? a drunken soldier. Justice F also has a single case watch, which Johanna took from a soldier, _ siiu ?ayi ue can on re n again " when be paysber s f*2 that be owes her." Thi Aixt Bakbks rn uniform ?The army bakera at the Capitol?quite a formidable body, t] be it remembered?are making arrangements for r something like uniformity of costume, and are ' having made at Noyea'a Washington Sewing Roomi, Ninth street, a large number of neat ana halMaome white bilmoral caps, and a corresponding number of smart and tasteful aprons When . arrayed in their new flxins, the army bakers will 11 be In a "concatenation according" with the & anowy, Inviting loaves they turn out. u Fi** ?The alarm of lire in the early part of Mot d.iy evening, was caused by the burning < f the kitchen attached to the dwelling of Mrs Down- u er, on D street, between Thirteenth and 1'hir- ? teentb-and a-half streets The prompt presence and action of the Franklin company saved con derable property from destruction. The damage was slight, tbe Kitchen having been torn away K-f? * J- 7 - wvlw a,v - my I cau iu T11U1DIC prop rty. X Accident ?The number of accidents from fall* from horses and vehicles this year, In Washing- A toe. will foot up a rather formidable aggregate. " On Wednesday afternoon, a camp dealer by the name of Price was thrown from a carriage on 7th street, Island, receiving severe injuries,Including a compound fracture of the leg. He was promptly I attended to by Dr. Kenwick, and Is now recovering. Bcsikkss Opemjno ro* 8o*k O.nk.?a lodging ii house is badly wanted in tblscl'y where lodgings may be obtained at about twenty five to fifty cents per night Any one visiting our large hotels at night would De surprised to see the number of applicant* for beds, soldiers and officers on furlougn, and vl?itors to the camps. Who will undertake the enterprise? AMERICAN WATCHES Fnr Amorl/>on? ? asmivb ivniin* | TUB AMERICAN WATCH CO. beg to oall the attention of the citixen* of Washington and * vloinity to the loperiority of thoir Watohea over all I imported, whether Swim or Eng i*t> The ComHor anheeitatingly gu&rmntee their 11 Watohee to be uniurp&ued by those of any coun- ; * try for durability and fine time keeping qualities. n CAUTION. 1 The Company would oaution bnywre to beware of ~ , m Al JuAVfktlAI f\t 1 ? ThMtTClOhMftl* OI mo fWint un?..rH.. , 0 foreifn manufacture, tad utterly worthless u time keepers. as the makers vail knew when they f seat them to this oountry. ? LADIES' WATCHES. ( The Company would invito espaoial attention to their latest style ot Watoh for Ladles. Every one will haw the same cuarantoe that aooompanles the most oostly Chronometer of their manufaoture. Th? styles of Cases are varied and suit different tastes, and th? lntrodnotim of a Watoh for ladies, that will |0 and keep time, has met with anlversal fevor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ii ianted by tkt Uonfur u> u? wn um <, Watch, of whatever prlee, iBannfaotared at their Worvaat WaJtham, Mm .la aooompanied by ? oerti&eate not only to varrftat it, bat to prevent iafoiitioB from a oheap tad worthleee imitation that U aalnwd off apon bayera fta the caaaiaa *rt?oie, All oar Wfttehqp hava upon the plate the fade ark "Waltham, and wit boat that mark ao Watok ia genuine. Mian. M W. SALT * BROTHER have the II WftUbMof oar waduUrt for Ml) it Wub. fiutpa, Md b?f? uH defOwfapoafinding the rlffct?iyl?M4?a*lltiM at tbolr establishment, | No. 334 r?aatylv*nift*TMae ROBBIN8 * APPL.ETON, tiaatral AjenU, No 199 Broadway, wp>l9 NfwVort,. f TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Westers Virginia Slate Convention. Wheklino, Dec 2?In the State Convention, Mr. Hoogler, of Boone county, offered the followinei Whereas negro slavery Is the origin and foundation of our national (rouble, and the cans* of the terrible rebellion in our midst, (hat is seeking to overthrow our government; and whereas slavery is incompatible with the Word of Gcd, detrimental to the interests of a free people, ax well as wrone to the slaves themselves; therefore, Renlttd, Tbat this convention Inquire into the expediency of making the proposed new State a free State; and that a provision be inserted for the gradual emancipation of all slaves Within the proposed boundaries of the new rotate, to be submitted to the people of the same for their approval or rejection. Referred to the committee on fundamental and general provisions Mr Brown, of Kanawha,offered the following: Revolted, That the State of Kanawha ought to awuitM a just and equitable proportion ot me w.w debt of Virginia, and. In doing so, discriminate between He frioitis ana toes by paying, first, the bonds held by her own loyal citizen*; next, tnose held by loyal citizens not resident in the State of Kanawha, and of tha excess a pro rata share. The Virginia Lnion Legislature. Whkklixo, Dec. 2 ?The State Legislature met in this city to-day, Lieut. Governor Polsey presiding in the Senate, and Daniel Frost, of Jackson county, in the House The 3o?era?r's message was sent in this evening. it gives a review of the condition cf things In this State, and advocatei strong measures against the reb?l abettors In our midst. Col. Kramer, of IMononghahela county, rflVred a resolution providing for a stringent conflcation law. From New Mexico |? i vs i 0 M/v n aa--*- ? * ao via >| mv , 4/rc. 4 ? IUC otnia re ana Carson city mail, with date* to the 20th ult , arrived liere on Saturday night. Oen Hatch and Capt Groveran are paaaengers, en route for WaahIngten. Col. Canby baa ordered the establishment of a new post at Gallnoa, twenty miles west of Adl]uan, far the i rotection of that section of the country against Indian Inruraiona. Late from California. Saw F?A!?caco, Nov 28?The Indians are laain committing depredatlo s In Ilamboldt ;ounty Sevrral vrhlteg have been murdered and ihocklngly mutilated. The steamer Orizaba, from Panama, has afrivtd it San Franeiaco. Commercial ?Crushed sugar 14^c. Butter 30 2andlea22. A salvagecarta of Cuba mrar low. > rj * " ? ' Mew Ytrk Dry G**di Market?Advance in Print; and Printing Cisths. N*w Yoke, Dec 3 ?The dry goods market it rery much excited to-day, w'th heavy sales In jrints and printing cloth* 3om? holders have withdrawn their stock for higher prices. Prices lave advanced % cent on prints; Mtrrlmarsare cent*; S*prague's P&ciflcs and Cocheco's 1 cents Other cotton goods are unchanged lUrrible Affair. Lotisvilli, Dec 3 ?The Bowling Green Couier says that a party of rebels attempted to arrest i dozen Union men at Franklin, Ky , near the Tennessee line, when the latter retired in their ivuae aim urcu upon mei' nssauanu, Killing one ebel. The remainder ?et fire to the hous?, and 11 but two of the unfortunate men were burnt to leatta. From B?ittn. Boston, Dec. 2 ?The atoreship Relief has arived here from Hampton Roads. She landed ive prisoners at Fort Warren. (*. C. Hernia waa to-day elected.>1 ayor of iprlngfleld, Man. HewY?rk Mayoralty Kle.tUi. Niw Yore, Dec. 3 ?The vote for Mayor of hia city ca?t to-dav is a follows: Opdyke, 25,259; iunther, 2t.58fc; Wood. 24,1*5, Mr. Opdyke is lee ted. ? Flag Presentation. Philadelphia, Dec. 3 ?To-day the personal rienda of Mnjor Barker of the McClellan Draoons, presented a beautiful tlig to the squadron inder hi> command. Sei/.nre of a Contraband Vessel Nkw Los do*, Conn., Dec. ii ?Th? bark Samel Moxley, owned at Apalachlcola, Fla., was elzed to-day. She had just arrived from Sllgo. Sleighing at >I*ntreal. Montreal, Dec. 2?There was a heavv fall of no m here last evening. Today tne sleighing la ood. /"~"N SOMETHING NEW ! /^> ra/|j6mT?.T PlSCOVKKT Al 8S1 C ttrtet, opto sit* >99^ ? tke Theater. OYSTERS STEAMED a the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roast) in two minutes, the fastest time oh record. Call and see. The undersigned respnotfutiy informs his friends d the Oistnot, and visitors to the oity, that he has efitted his old and will-ihown establishment a b mi?i morougn manner, and has made com lete arrangement* to furnish OYSTERS in any tyle and in any quantity. v*>t? soo ?a lone "huoked .er da?. 2 OW) to S.?*) cans of ?p?ced and Fresh >ut up daily?oana herraetioaliy sealed, Furnished a the shelf by the bushe' or barrel. Peraoua wishinj to have Oysters furnished reeuarl? through tins winter, at Baltimore prioes, nthout fear of failure, *houid en!' and make arancments at onoe. Freight, time, and money aved l>y purohasicc of me, an I furnish an article Jual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, prioea Just at low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobsters, Sardines. Clanis, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Piss' Feet, Tripe, &o. to., Ac. Alao, Piokies, Catsup, Saaoea, Brandy >eaohes, 4o. Also, Game and Freah Fiah. Turlea.Terrapina, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, Ao. In fact, every thins for sale in the Northe rn inar;ets always on hand, at reasonable prioes Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, deivered without ottarie t* anr aart of the Distrmt. USSSlJi tLhe m?n*T i" sent with the order. My establishment is oeen from 5 a. m. to 12 at #$&??? a?'axoopt 8unda7, wa<m 1 oloB? ? T^M. HARVEY. j $<r*HvHI'c? SUPERIOR HULLED ?k of hia meads, and thepubl.o at.area, to civ# *'" p?pf^Mnr%RASLfe=ri Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th ats. N. B,?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monuoents. Table Tops, *o. A large assortment a wajs ?n hf'l. ?? H-3iu BILLIARDS? WTTT The lovers . , ' ? of the SAME OP BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'8 PINE HALL, Co rear o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th stre?t, (south side,) two of the most admirable TABLES tk* iinitAH cutM. with ftvarv oomfort and ~ oonVeniexu* M I ti tor the plmjan. C* HEESE! CHEESE!! Vy CHEESE ? h'?AV|S'.pSAMg^ All on bind ud for aale cneap by k. b. Hastings a co. >93 D it., Cmiok Pa. irtnut, no Sfr-tf Ptulbarinonio Bolldiaf. |"|ne vert NICE SECOND HAND PIANO

Vf for fan. Aleo. a large'took of Raren.^^i^ Baoon a Co.'i and Stoinvay a Son** havofHBH jut b*to raoeived at the Maaio Store of fliTTi ? W. G. METZEROrr. fly Pt?a? far font. ?? I I CASH NOTICE. " ????? ?f mr h%v4m to mt oaah for I rrery article o( good* we ?urohi??, w? "are foroerl ] to redaoe our businew to Cuh exolustTely, for the " *v,,ssn6Krr"u'? 1 MEW VOL MI BALZAC'S NOVKL&-TU I" Alohemut, or U? tioaee of 01ms | iron the French <>i Honore d* Bai*ac. Free by majl.il. dllas Marner, the Weaver of jLaveloe; by Geo. isar - A"'fomja&SKBr^ ROUGHS, COLD8yHOAR8ENK8P, fto. COMPO UNO SYRUP oJ O VM ARABIC. Tnu ti8?eant ana popnlar Coagh Remedy hs? bean to long knownacd exteaeiveiy used that moat peraon* have become familiar with ?t? extraordl nary efieacy. It oau be had at all the jrmo.pa! drag stores, at 25 aad SO oeote a bottle. o?f?-d2mfteo4m* rpl) MILITARY OFFICERS A#> OTHERS BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Beat in the World, | Tkt Only PAliaWi and ffrtrmltt t Hair Dv* Known. Pold by al' DmgtUta; e'eo.at naiBXTON'a Patent Meofoiue btore. cp. Fet?m Oaoe.oof. F ft 7th, Gibis'b Hair Btore, #4# Pentt'a Avenue, where IavI'gb oau Uav? U t??lied, if deeired. P>o*ory-?1 Harolay St < lat? 23S Broadway >N. Y op 8My PRIVATE. I? n I V A T B. PniVATlS. OONORRNCEA ccnED PERMANENTLY ** - in Cum mm Pay* ! And a) murnftl mwiici.t??? u??l?no interference with business?bo self.?no dieting medicines? dos'eaR, and will not ?tain. GLKKT AND STRICTURES Banished under this treatment. LADIKH With WHITK??tl?? death to Yonth and Bftanty? need be tro?bt?d no longer. . ? 8YPH1LLI8 ,, In all its form*, whether reoent or of long ttanding, cured, and everj v??tig9 of dieeaee removed (rem the syitem. Our oharceil shull hn ih? m.iat BMiaf&jjtory to all part eG. Consu ta'ioBs free at all times. Medicines put up with full directions for use, anl eoid to nut: #ra, travellers, Ac., at low ratet. Mod'oina furrnsh.>G whioh is a oert&in pr? entiv6 to anr rpd all Ven?nal Dia^a-ea Don't be afraid of higc prioen. Come and see as. No oh*rge for investigations. M. LA 90NTA, Pract tlone*. irypffing Washington Bul'dinxs. oorn-r pa. ave.. ahu 7th street. Washington P. C., Ro m No. 8. n" 18-8m TO FAMILIES AND SUTLKRt*. ,*?>, The and -rsigneJ re?oeotfu!iy in jvX ttuj lorrhi th* 9it tens of Wa<"h?n?ton and the trarsient pubfic that they have ojn*t*nlly un n?nd a ia'ge assort'^ert of OV HI'k RS of the veij best qua:ity; alto k *epa a lar?e qusntit* of t r. ?iee f oklfd Offter*. Our s?a'ded Oystrrs can't bebet.done up in fir*to as? s yle. t?:ve us a o*ll W? f oi Hdti'fioJ that you wiil call again. S. W. OAVIs *. CO. o.irtie'-of 12th at d K atr(?-.ia. nov27 m* LINION PAr'ER Artl* *.N VULOPE&?Twtt' ty different styif* of Note aad Letter Paper, ri th t?!n va! ibai tn Views of vC'aehington >& the form of* Rose, and '.n Bock Jorm; alia, separate Ail the Daily and Weekly Papers constantly on . and. Iler&l.f, Times, and Tribune rsoeiveU eyc-ry night &( 6 o'clock. Papers from all ?arts rf the country. Beartie's Dime Novels andSon? Books. Afresh supply of Books for ???iir,er readinc. cheap A large assortment of Juveniles?Marne Reia's Books, Hollo Hooka. Abbott's Histories. Ac. A discount ol 1<> to 60 par out. on a:, bound bocis FRENHH A RIOHSTEIN, mn 2* National H >nk? tor*. 27** Pa. aw |>lANOS\ I'iAMUS, Pi AN CIS.?New Ptan?.? I received every week. i ome ai d look at th<< assortment at W. G. M KTZRROTT*8 Musio Depot, corner Pa a* and K;?v#rlti *l *( TO OFFICERS. 1. HE CAMPAIGN ?A CampaiRnin* Wa*on on the Prussian prinoipia, arranged for sleep- g\ i&gortoact as an Am'u.&noe in case ?'jL??v siokness or wounds, with ample room for""^-*stores and provisions; li/tht, water-proof, and per-? feoiiy new, having been ju*t built to order by one of t&e first makers in New York, is offered for sale a; cost price. Also, a handsome, strong, nana, dark-brown HOR^K, either for saddle or harness. Roth may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corooran's Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H Streotg 9H ^;VKi W^JLS ^Ihaveone of the N>st esjAbiisriifiei?i?. and far ? n?ut < wjiiv.vim row W| M7UIB xur I OJJftlI ' JD| every description of fine W&tohes, ?ud ?*K parl/eiiiar attention give to the same, by awns l*o: ^gh competent workir*:i.ar,d a. work L/iar&a \:*y Alio, ev?ry de?orip ion of standard arL VEH W1 gE. ?Iamand ornamental, manufactured nncet rar supervision, whicn my customers will fino Tjpenor in quality and finish to northern ware wo&bj dealers in genera! and represented a? then wD-'iiiacufaotaro. H. O. HOOD, rt Pa. a??n.;?? TlM'ttk WALL, STEPHEN* A CO.. ff 3'J'J PlSNSTLVASIA AVXNVI. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADK CLOTHU'RS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, geS-if (lutei A- Repiib.) ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It is hirhl? recommended by Physioians, Snip Masters and liaveiers. Insure* a sweet. pore article for any length of time. Never oiooines oheesy, and guarantied 10 keep in any onm&ie JIT" For sale at facto, j prices. Kimi A BURCHELL, 00 22 Pnfn*r IVh at ???H Varwn? ? "? u >u>i ? tit m 'Uk r? w ? ^JUiMIOAT8 ro* TBI WESTERN K1VER3, Qcartirma.?i*r GimAi'i Orvtci, I Wankintton, June 17.1S61.1 Proposals are invited fur constructing Gunboats upon the Weetern river* Specificationa will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Cincinnati, Pitsbu'gh, aud at this office. Proposals from boat-buil'ers and engine-boild er? alone will be considered. P ana submitted by bidders will be taken into ooiisideration. M C. MEIGS, ie is Quartermaster general United State I (WW l LH8 SOAP AND CANDLES for ItM/jUvllf xale obeap foroasU. Also, wa.it*?- >*>,'?*) Iba. Army Grease and Rough raiio\r. ior which the highest price wili be paid- at the .National S?>ap and Candle Works, oor. Green st. ann Cana., Georgetown, D. C. no7 1m O. B. JE VV ELL. Pr>?rletor. MILITARY BOOK?. RENCH A; RICHSTiEN havejusf received a large and ooinplet* assortment of Military Boos* of all kinds, whioh they offer iroin ten to fifty per cent, below the regular ret&ii ??* ? oluding: ' ' A new edition of Hardee'a Inflintry and Rifle Tactics, oomplete, J1.25 For'-es' Volunteers' Manual,2 vole, 92 Allen's Compendium of Hardee's Tactics, tbo Gross'* Military Surgery, 75c Mahau's Field Fortffioafion and Outpost, each 7J Hardee's Tactios, cheap edition, J5o , Tf?8 Soldier's Guide, a oomplete manoa! and drill book for the use oi the Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard, 25c The Hanu Book for the U.S. Soldier, fteing brat book of instruction to the U. S. infantry tactics. i5c Chift.Bn'S'.'. M,p" "" 8~lof w"' t YW ** " ' ' *? 4 ^ h nnfiW* rr? A*""1 ULOVIi=: ARMY GLOVES!! At WGl.v.D.?.<ofi]49T1NO,9 co_ 3-i3 D st .facing Pa ?t., WALLOWED* PRODUCE STOKE. ' * 4 52 Eight strttt. aoteii, UoftrdiDc Houses. Kestauraiita, Sutler *, private famiiiee. wi?i be supplied at lowest oaah prioea, with Froah Batter in one sound prints, and roll, App 94, > oirUrr, Eggs, Dried Fruit, Buokwhe&t, M?ai. PutetnN, Oniona, Onta.4c.4.o J. WALLOWEK, JR., no 8W A. HPKI,. Att . M- T PARKER, CQ ?-? / Louisiana at. btt 6'h andTtk its , *J J Norili Side, Hawg oompleted hie arrangement* ia now ready to a.t-rd, even more vnroroualy than ever, to HOiJSK, SIGN and ORNAMEN'l AL PAINTING, iu ail of ita various oranciita Having secured the aervioea ot a onrpe of exosllent workmen, 1 am prepared to do Flag* aud B%nnera ic the beat atyle A ,wf ?M?/?naK ? tArmi. ikini uu i>uo uiust i?vpvu?v ? . go 9 eolm [ Repub.J History of by Jom L??mi;KD^irT!u. * John Lolhroy Motley} S vo.a oioth; free by uaU, Silaa Maruer, tha Wnrar of Rarelol, by the anthor of" Adam&aae ! oiolh 7ficenta ; yeyer fo tl; ami 'Career of Major Andre, by W in troy Sarceant; ?1.K*. After loebeica with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newioaadiaad; by ? Lome L. None; flJSO. ThaManafaotara of Pbotoreme or Hydro-Carbon Oil*, by Thomaf AnUaell, M. !>., #!.?. A., of RJCH8TEIN, M *? *** Penna. avenoe. b?ciw*ut ? nffin "~CR?m^u 09 IT Corner V rmout aT. tad 15tji at. HAMBD?0 * obrra? c?n 0$*wm vhbaii to* lithil. QOVKRNMKNT DIPPATCH. ??? FAST FfcKlgHT LINE nEW YORK "fyi* AHHINGTON *ia HlkMlBBUHOH. A Special MeateagM Vl? be eent tfcroafb with each Train, in order to MM' ?ai>ty and tiiapatch. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Not. ltth, tfcia Company wil! receive and transport Mutation* of War,#overnment tHoree, Sutlera' t'ut pue? for the Arm? and ail M.eoellaneoaa Fre jht, at Low Rate-. ~~!TBOrT BREAK OF BULK. Brxiil Contracts for &** Large Quantitut, at tiodnr?rf IT^ Freight iwived only at the Dt*ot of the OTT<a.i Railroad of New Jeraey, J i?i No .'.North River. For flirt' ?r info, mat on. cr apeofal eoatraots, "" enqnire at the Ojfic* of thr C mptny. 49 Prondteiy, IV. Y, Or 549 Pemnnlrami'm av?., Wa'ktniritm {\f*. CI^Marlr (Joode, " ??* rrnent Dinpatoh "-/1J Freight received to? 8 a. in. to S r m. A. I> HOPE, , ("f i/A Hope Hxpresa Co.. no86 ltn Superintendent. NOTICE. SaiieeiweiaHe ADAMS' KXPREM COMPANY " J'hie Company ofiera to tl?e rub'ic** I ce<jbilled vantages'" for the Sale and Quick i npaVob of , Heavy Freight* Paoxa^es, Valoablea, Money, fta 4o.t to all parte of the Uwt?d ?*tat?i. I Kxpreaeea to ?ud from the No'th and Weet depart from and artiv6 washiiuston twice daily. Ail Expre?eea are i? , harge of tT^orumctd and teliabie Meaeeugere. ' D. A- - -T4.. 3 Ui. -a m x? - t IUI i nn c?'iu ers WITIN K "OKI ttxif" onr ntu&l rates. Ail Ooods lorfhe so-??Med "Confederate States" and all Artiolos *' Coui.*al*?<i of War" will be RKVrgBD. Ou' Kiireu"! leave Netr York at ?.#, an-l P, M ..arriving 10 Washington at 6 A. M aai *-* Pi Mi Express** leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at i?> P. M, and 1 I A. M. Expresses leave Ha.t'more at 4 2P A. M. ana I P. i M.. ^rriviuf m WasMagton at S A. M. aiui 6 9 P. M. Kxpresee* for all point* Nor*h ac<. West leave i Washington at' v A- Al and 2.3? P M. daily Special Contracts ior isrre anantiti s of Freight can he maJe ou application to tijtn > >W>ce. Ail G >ods sailed for and delivered Am of Extra ohargea. E. W. PARSONS, Sap't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August a. 1861. auS-tf MAIL STEAM VR RKIN DKEH, 6*-t m r every oth?r da* to and from J GEN. SIOKLE'8 DiVlS?ON , DIRECT. * THROUGH IN FOUR HOURS. The st?ar;:er Iravee Joe^s Wharf, foot of 13th street, on MONDAY. A- KDN E"<U Y awl Fnl- t DAY,at 9 o'clock, a. m.,(r-turriing from the i>ivi- * sion.) 1 avfng Ma t* wainaa ?>?ek at * -*? * hur, I < n Tl KM1AY, ? HL'KSDaY *n1 SATURDAY. ? lent hfight takoii, r (Ex ept alo hohc liquurs.J c Fa-e to or from the t airp - - - |2 ! fare for reunc trip (rrturninc rext day,) - ,3 f*?ie?cger? are tot r quired by th? Government to h*ve ptsaee. No meal* furnished. . ! WILLIAM K.KIERL, nov26-lw Cap am. Medicine for the Arm)'. l'liYE'8 3 VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY. AS~ WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE oy HAyD. This preparation is au Infallible External or Internal Jtrmedy for IUieumati?m, Neuralgia, 1 Hares, Soree, ??rams, Ringworms, Canker, I Paittari' r.niA llv.^otprT l.iVAr ITom U1 A.I nf . I Plies. Dyapeaaia, Chilblain*. Kidney Complainta, Teetha^hn, HndMhe*. Colds, Cougha, iirultM, f F*ver ?Ld Ague, Cholera. Ac. J The PAIN CUREK la entirely vegetable in ita composition, ai.d mar be oaed at all tirr.ea with perfect r\(eij. Fuil directions aooompany eaoh bottle. Maunftwturpd by JOSEPH 8 FRYE, a SAXK2, MA.88. tl Foraalebyai' prfn-'ipal D'Cg^ata no 4-1 m* M. 1. FKA.HILL.lN, ( 0PT1CIAIS TO THK PRESIDENT+SD MILITARY STAFFS. 444 Pecc'aav., c?itt> aide,) bet. 13th and 13th ata * SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook Crystal or Perisoopic Lenses, memntel in gold, * liver or steel, and suited witn utmost Pare for very age and eyesight. ^ FIRST CLASS ? MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, J Micro?co?o*, Compasses, and Mathematical In strumects, at tbe lowest Eastern pnoce, oo ??-tr il SUTLEKS WANTED. "TREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Satle s, aud dealers m Boots and Shoes, at the^^ba NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCH#?! HOUSE, 34S PennsyWaaiaavenue,<o?erF VI . Janney's Shoe store.) We manufacture our own Goods, and seL at JV?te York price*, thereby saving freight. Harini constant! j on hand a large Stock, we oan snpply St 4 moment's notioe, any quantity desired. A large as*orto??nt ?fi sole High-out Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt vith. A oal! from ai: aotieiW. nnV.lm* \V M IV i? Hi 1II11- JL [INrKI p? ? * ? ? *M ?? U M V V W A_J V*? Ywoodand coalt" OU Will enrol? *fi your roou<*y*? worth l?y Mlliix at the PIONEER MILLS, fovtiwwi tm %*f nf StHntk ?ir$4t mmd Ca**', (GEO. PAGE, Ageut.) Tliey eeii cheaper ud civo fitter nmciri th&d &dt otheri io th<? ^ttr-^uF. nelit, acd delivered free of oherge, If to* don t 1 eliere , i*e u the Pioneer Miile a tna., and be eetiefiad- ?< Mr.r f^OOTS AMD TO 8*1* We are cow manafeoiariiif all kinds of foot! p an* ?HOE3, anu coutontTy reoemni i^Aa r of CMKrs made work of ererr St-JHfa ortftios, made excreta)? to order, ana wilir ScLf D bs sold at a unch lower jnoe t^?c uw been* heretofore charter u thin eity for mioh inferiei artiA' mm wm.ca, Paraona IE want of Koou and M,|rni ,T A RMV 8UPPL &*. t\ jus tm mce rr*p4BU oana HAL8A6K MKAT, - IS Mooane FREHg TOMATOES, 48-joa^# FRKSB VEAL.. Woui BF,KF, UmcMi MO eana KOABT BEEP7 Wmu fresr mutton, MOoana UKEFud GRAVV, S-oaua SOUP and BofjILU, I omm FRENCH DESSICATED VB?K TABLES. Far sale at New York Faotory arioea. KINS A BIRCHELL. ? ?i > Corser I and Fifteenth atreeta. I'HE EUROPEAN HOTEL. REFT BY F, EMniOH. at the oorcer or Penn.A? ? A avenue and Eleventh iireet, haa t**ei) WjBl j freatlj improved recently and now offer*JUMHJL greater inaaeemeota for the patronace of citlaena ana utir.nfera than ary other public houaa la the oitf, tua prioea baioj i?aa than fhoae of any other hotei on Pe n. avtone. an' hie aooommooaboaa for permanent or tranaient boarders uneioepCoa able. fit bar anu restaurant arrangements of the Eaxopetn hotel hare already beoome very aoaalar. bainc all that car. be dee} red by the m^et faa bdioas. The trosneior sieaies nimuw. ... ... ton and oontioaed liberal expenditures to flreaatuifkotioD to *11, tad tints renews his Inrltatioa to >11 to rtwe t)><> >irw?>ii Wotol ? a?". ?-tt vmsm/m which va Inntt all ewi purchasersto examine tiefore makmc their selections. WALL. STEPHENS * OO., S*? Pa. er? between Kb and l<4h MB. IB g SW* >??lV'BHul W| H BOYS' CLOTH1N0. E Hat* received witrun tt?e :ut day or tvoft Arte assortment of BOY'S* SPAIN? CLOTHJNB. enthracicg ail styles of low-prioed, saediam, Tlu fcoe oalities, wlibh we are sNuac at vary ' "^WALL STUPH11NB* Ott, ? HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. H19HLY COftCKIfTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buohu. A Petit it i and SptriJU IUmtdf For Dimmm of t! WLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL. *o4 DROP SICAL SWELLINGS. 1>? InoreMMthep^werrfDnwttw *cd *sc:t * the amorbzrt* into bwltfcy actio*. by wNo^t tto witim >* c*Lcmor? o?*o?iuotij, Mtd ft 1 rNlATCRiL fcKL*B?CM*NT? n4MM; M W?ll r*m a?t> t??? ? * j ? ?- ? ?'? ***??? ivp| Mia M |wu ^ mkn, women, or children. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV Kriaiax 1/om isza^aM, Uat>iU of Diaatpabo*. K?r1y I dlnt'tt'l or A Atlmd'd teitk tkt Fd/Immhj fiywftrai; [ntfigpoaiUoa to hxe rttoL, 1?m of Powr, I -ot? of M'nwrr, fifteilti cf trnttiiw. Weak N*rT? , Trowb'l^, Horror of D '^ase. WakanuMaa, BimurM uf Vision, Pain 10 tt><> Hack, m\*?rra Lateitode of th# Macular J**?t*in. Hot Hacdf. F!o?hinf of th? Br/j. Dr ja?? of the fk'n, E-option* on tha Fao*. pai i.ic corjrrwmc*. Th#?aa tjtnpt? m? tl a ow*d to ?o ?>?, whioh thta medisine mvariaMf removta. toon fo low? [ vi D/itl'vnv r a <*?'? ??* 1 " * " ? uui v t Oi^V I ? r A1U1I T r riL.Krxiv nil. In on* of wAtcA (A? Patwnt My ?rp*r* Who oan Far t*iat t rot f-atRaatly fcilow*4 by thoae "iubxitl di?k*???." 'INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many Bra war* of tt e or thair Buffering, in HORK WILL COKVtMrHK RiiCOHIMor THt INSANE A STLCMS And tk* M*i*ntko v Dontkt fiwuyrtwi, I BAR t?m W1TMM To TBI TBVTB Of TBI <lf>BItO*. rnE CONSTITr-ioN uMCE * PFECTRD WITH OFGANIC WEAKNESS, fte^Qirea the a dot mi*Jio D> to etr'OftheD and Ilthurate tie Sy?tea m.oh UhLM BOLD'S EXTKACT BUCHC fcivarioMy do* i A TBUL WILL COfCTTRCB TBI M KT KKrTlCtL. FEMALES- FEMALES- PE MALES. JL1> OK VOUN8. SINGLE. M&RRIKDi OR CONTKMPl ATlNtt MARRIAGE, In Many Affntxont ftcnitar 10 Ftmmlti he fc*traot Buo&u n o i <3 by aur ether rem<dj, &? in thlo'Nii or Ret^tiUon, irr fuanif. '%lQfu nesv or 8ap?re?* on o fcvac latiore. U c rateo or Schirroun Male of the Utau?. L'Ocor h<?fc or Wlii'-a, Stern'ty. a< d roc ai; > inp a> e > loide. t t > lue a?x, wiettoer i umi rom HKtiK'etion, HaUti of l>mat ration- or is tfee DECLINE OR CHANOE OF LIFE' ?Et STMPTuMe ABOVE. ?0 FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT ruke no mart Baltam, Mtrcmrp, or Unfit*.miM Mediant /or U*f Uatant and Danftrpus Dutnttt HrfLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV OTP Ba SECRET DISEASES n *11 their 8ta?e?; At little Exfnw; Atiin or no ou&iif* io Diet; No imobtmimm; And no toanaee a fre^n u: deeire and iivm atre&fth to Jrinate, thereby Removing ? bet. uctiora, 'reveutiiig auJ Oui iiii S.nature* of tlx* Urethra, Allaying . tun a d luflammauun, ao re^uent in the of di?ea>ea. and *xpeiiiac nil "ouonvmi, Lnstnud, and worn out Matter. TBOCI4XM UFOII TBOtlAMM WHO HAVE BEES THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, ,nd who lave pat J keav yj**i to be oared id a abort ime, have t <uu J ta j ?ere deooivM. and that the roiaon" has, by the /ui ntmmttnf" ?ec uri^d up iu L.? ijatem, to break oat la an acta vated torm, a ud PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?* HELMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 11 aifectiooa and dn?M? of the IKINARY oaeANf rhether existing in MALE OR FEMALB, rom whatever cause originating and do matter of HOW LONG STANDING * Keeaaea of theee Organ* require the aid of a 01arric. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ad it l* certain to have the aMirod effect tn Meea*e?/er Kite* it u r?comm*md?d. T1PUCI or TH HOST EtPrur*?lBL? ACD LIABLE CBAJtlCTEB rtil^aooompauy the modioiaee. CERTIFICATES OF CVRK8. Prom 8 to 20 year*' "n With .N??m known to SCIENCE AND FAJdE. "fHTSZClAXS" rLEASE NOTICE." wa Kin "to aacami" or "ui?a.BJ>iBJrr?.' HELMBOL1V8 EXTRACT UUCHU i or> uposad ?; tfnoho, Cu'flu Juniper Btmn, with treat oare by a oump*t*at drarriai. FEEPARED Iff TACUO, n T H. T. HELMB0LD, Taottoal an i Analrtiaal Chamial. aad Sola Man auuwu, ou^tjjTi^tUti'AKAnONS AFFID AT IT. ' 'h. T.tt&tmrpyr' gzsafisr**" * A,d?rman, Mntt ?u>ra ??o?. PlA*. FHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M TO 6 P. M. Ft 1m SI ft Wttl*, w ill lw m. J>?a v?:M to ur Bddreee, Moir*ir >Mt?1 frow ibmrtHi. AddrcM IMni for infon?lra la wid? H. T. HBUtBOLD, Ckmmwt, Ifofot, lot ftomU TMk aC, Mw Oh?fU. nil* * 1 * "?'?? n? OOUFfTBBFEITB t n _ JLXD URIRIh CIP LED DMALMAM rbo aulMvur to damoM "at %bma r?*" mH MoiMr* kU(Mi on tj>? rtfatMMtMiiMt tr Htiwu>*Ui Ouhnm fnynrnw, H ' m ? m Jmp*9m4 Am* VM ftotd br S. B. wun, & D. ojuji, immm Won, S. a FoUk Kimnmi, E. O. WeeJungtus Md i?onw??i JU1D ALL DAwmmm MTMArwaMMM. ASK torn KHJOOLD*. tAOVOOTEB. AND AVOID IMPOSITION Md BIHIW CM I flMNtil H ^Hhr * i 0 \ / .