10 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f f / ' jJf (ftattuj Star. V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D C. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 10- I86L N?. 2.747. THE EVENING STAR rUBUSHED BVSRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXCRPTED.) AT THE STAR BTILDINGB, fcrvf / P*n*tfl9a*i* s?mw md flimU it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served la package* by carrier* at 94 rear, or 37 cento per month. To mall rohearlber* the price Is S3 JO a year, im adewic?; S*i for six montha; SI for three month*; and for less than three months at the rate of 1J cents a week 81afle coptf*. o5i cist; la wrapper*, two cbrt*. CT ADvi*Ti?axm!<T* should be sent to the eftoe before 12 o'deek m ; otberwlae they may aot appear nntll the nest day. Affair* at r am her land Gap. Tha Stanford (Ky.) correspondent of the Louisville Journal writes. Dec. 2 : For several days put report* have reached here that Zollicoffer or aome other rebel General waa on the other ahore of the Cumberland river, just below Somerset, with a large force, and that thej had hoiated the rebel flag in Wayne county. It ia reported that aome of their cavalry have croeaea the river in flatboats. but we eannot vouch for the truth of the report. The recent heavy raina have raiaed the Cumberland to flood height, which would greatly retard if not wholly obatruot their pasaage for a time. Col. Hoakina, with a small force of five or six hundred men, ia near Somerset, at Camp rt . !_ - * * - ? uoggiD. ana we learn bus sent orders to Gen. Thomas for reinforcement*, and that they have b?en tent on a forced march Oea. Scboepf, with two regiments, the 38th Ohio, Col. Bradley, and the 17th Ohio, Col. Connell. of Wildcat fame, together with a portion of Col Wolford * 1st Kentucky Cavalry, passed through here on Saturday, the .10th November, in double quick time, bound for the scene of in_ \r_ 1 ?i?- - ? vastuu nc mm mat otner regiments will 0ooq pass through here to join them, and with the force that will be collected there, led oo by the gallant Sohospf, we can promise Zollicoffer, or any other arch-rebel, the same hospitable reception that the invaders received at Wildcat. The same men and magnificent batteries of rifled cannon that sent terror and dismay and death to the invading horde at Wildcat, will be in readiness to do a similar work. With a few exceptions, this wins of the army is in fine condition, especially when it is true that they have done more hard traveling over bad roads than any other troops. These men are a portion of the Cumberland Gap division, and afler that expedition had ended they were a~ T n.i * 1 ^ viucicu >u ueguua or v/oiaiioii. ioeypwsd through here a week or ten daya since, presenting a magnificent appearance, and had proceeded about twelve miles below Danville, and a few days ginoe were ordered back to Somerset,which point they will reach to-night. Large numbers of hogs have been bought cp for the Cumberland river region, but are eviden'lv intended to ba aoM tn m?n !>" ?;n w ? ? - ? wvu fT?iv mil dispose of them to these rebels, unless a speedy top can be pat to the matter. Well informed persons in the locality of the invasion amert that this fiarry of rebels is designed to Lake these bogs by force if necessary and possible, and then make their exit. This is a plausible belief, and we are inclined to give it the fullest credence. We dout their meansto aocomplish the end, however, unless it is confined to Wayne county. Benefit* of Autumn Plowing. The tillage and drainage of the soil are r*ry closely related to each other. 80 indeed, as we said last week, are the tillage and manuring the soil. And tbnn, not merely as cause and efiect are related?though drainage does enable tillage, and tillage doei alter compoeition?but aa being operations of the tame clan and kind. And thus Mr. Bailey Denton, though engaged in a lecture upon land drainage last Monday, could not help referring to the steam plow?as the great tillage implement of the future. Ana we had from him, too. the striking fact bearing on the oompositioa of a fertile soil, that in a state of perfect tilth one-quarter of its bulk is air. Mf Smttk i\t T aU.W4 *? ~11 ^ v* uvib- vvuvuj oaio lUAl 1U Ail clay soiia containing the mineral elements of grain, perfect tilth dispenses with the need of manuring: and there cannot be a doubt that a deep and tfioroagh tillage enables soil to draw immensely on the stores of vegetable food contained in air and rain. Messrs. Hardy again say that perfect tilth dispenses with the need of drainage, and there can be bat little doubt that deep and thorough I tillage fasilitates tne operation of whatever drainage may exist, whether it be natural or artificial. In both these cases the useful lesson is well taaght. that it is true economy rather to put the cheap and copious storehouse of Nature's agencies to ita fall use, than by laborious and costly artificial means to imitate expensively their operation. Such a lesson applies, indeed, beyond the advantage of tillage to the methods'by which tillage is to be obtained. Among the earliest suggestions of cultivation by steam power was that of reducing by its means the soil to tilth at once. The land was to be torn down as the deal is torn down at the saw-mill; thongh before the machine it may have been as hard and firm as wood. h*hind t/?! u it ed *t work it wu to lie as light and fine as sawdust. Bat it has at length been found that it is better because cheaper, and more perfect, too, to leare this last refinement of the tillage process to the weather, which does it without oost. The land is now torn? smashed up?or moved and thrown about by ?low or grubber in great olods and lumps, his is best done in dry autumn weather, and thus it lies till spring. Certainly no climate is better adapted for cheap tillage than the tngiun?the rains and frosts of winter following a dry 3eptember and October must penetrate and thrust asunder the clang and hardened masses of the toil. No twe particles hall remain adhering to each other, if you only giro room and opportunity to the cheapest and most natural disintegrator in the world. No rasp, or saw. or mill reauce the indurated land to soft and wholesome tilth so nerfectlv a* a winter's frost. And all that you need to attain its perfect operation is, first to provide an outlet for the water when it comes?bj an efficient drainage of the subeoil, aod then to mors the land while dry and break it np into clods aad fragments no matter how large they be, and leave them for alternate ratn and drouth and frost snd thaw to do their utmost. London Agricultural Gazette. A VlTTABr PAB TBI Hau ^nmna A ' - ? - W ? ? - ? ? ? ? ? VkARI/O. 4* VW I respondent informs as that, on the 22d alt., a party of Home Guards from Edmondson and Grayson counties, numbering 100 men, advanced across Green river and took possession of the town of Brownsville (which is on the south side ef that stream, and within Backner's linee) and hoisted the Federal flag, which had bean taken down a short time before by the rebels. The Guards sent oat their piekets in the direction of the rebel encampment, whose pickets extended within three miles of town. The Unionists remained in peaceable possession long enough to dine and refreeh themselves, when their piekets came in and gave novice of the approach of about 200 rebel cavalry and infantry with two pi ?cm of artillery, commanded by Brig. Geo. x. C. Hindman, of Arkansas. The Home Guards then nroeeeded caution* ly to the river. Crossing at their leisure, the/ had ample time to select their position on the north aide, which wu above and below the ferry, where thej were sheltered by heavy timber, the embankments forming fine fortifications for the undisciplined Green Hirer banters. The enemy opened a beary fire with their eannon and inaskets, which was promptly responded to by oar brave boys who were armed with muskets and banting rifles. The engagement oontinaed for two hoars and a half, daring whioh time there was a constant fire kept up by both parties. As night approached the rebels retreated with a loas of three killed and five wounded, the Home Guards sasteiniag no injury Victory seems to pareh upon our b&nnara *r?rrwk?ra throughout Ksntuekr ? Liuiroxlit Journal. UT'The goaalpa In ItaMan eltlM art laughing at some scandal a boat Cardinal A atonal II ft fa aid that hi* eminence made the acquaintance of a Follab lady of rank recently arrived at Rom*, and becoming an aaalduoua vial tor at her hotel, waa much enagrlard one fine morning at die- f r -iv^rlnjr fhit she efoped with a eay > ouny French oWker, Viking with her ?"iO WX) worth of jewel <j ita from (he Cardinal He w?a n alalia, t e ough to dcnouneo her to tbe police ta a robber. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. fra? the L>per Paltaaa-Attack f ih? ftrkeli it Dim > 0?Their Final RtpaUe. Fkbdbbicc, Dec. 9.?Col. Leonard, of the Thirteenth Maasachusetta regiment, arrived here th'? morntne from WtlltamsDort. with Imnortant advice* from the Upper Potomac On Saturday afternoon a rebel force, constating of a battery of six pieces and about 400 Infantry and *2W) cavalry, made their appearance at Dam No. 5, on the Virginia aide of the river, and commenced throwing ahells and shot at the dam and houses on the Maryland shore, burning a barn and riddling all the houses within raflge, continuing the fire until dusk. The only Union forces thereto oppose the enemy were a company of the Thirteenth Massachusetts, on picket duty, and an unarmed regiment from Illinois As the M?ssachusetta cempany were armed with smooth bore muskets, their fire waa not effective at that distance. Early on Sunday morning the rebels resumed the fire with artillery and small arms, and, emboldened by th? slight resistance with which they wcic met un ^aiuruay, crnnc uown 10 loe very brink of tbe river and exposed themselves without fear. During tbe night Col Leonard dispatched a canal boat from Wllllamaport, and brought another company of hit regiment, armed with Knfleld rifles, who were concealed as skirmishers along the Maryland shore On tbe renewal of tbe attack, the riflemen opened tire from their concealment, and in a short time the rebel artillerists were compelled to abandon their battery in hot baste, the Infantry and cavalry leaving tbe ground about tbe same time. The rebel lots is believed to have been from fifteen to twenty killed and badly wounded. For want of a sufficient Infantry force, and a battery to protect their movements, Col. Leonard was In l?i r?Kola' ???n? ' ? r ? ? - .v? V ?*v ? p^uu* IVMiaiU i U p* ' I * tion, and after nightfall the enemy returned and took them off Their battery conalated of three Parrott ten-pounders; one twelve-pounder, carrying the Sawver shell, and two smooth bore aixpoundera. Some of the enemy's infantry were armed with improved long-range r1fl?s. This force came from Bath, and the cavalry and Infantry came by the railroad from Martinaburg. They probably were en route to Winchester or Harper's Ferry, and stopped at that oolnt to deatroy the dam, and thus impede canal transportation . Tbia morning the rebela were In considerable forre, and kept up a ?cat'erlng fire with their rillea upon our men, whenever viaible. One of OUT men was struck tveirp uiiu?r?lu urn?m/1o<*. but thia is the only casualty on our side during the whole afflr. At eleven o'clock last Light a portion of the Jst brigade here was put in readiness to start for W11llamsport, but at a later hour the order was countermanded. This day at noon a battery of Parrott guus was forwarded to Harper's Ferry by a train, to be in I readiness should the rebels again wish to test their skill in projectiles. From Keiitacky?Advance ?f the Rebels? Retreat af G?-n Schoeff. Louisville, Dec. 9 ?Several letters from Som| erset and Stanford, dated the 6th inst , state that the Federal forces under Gen. Schoetf had been compelled to retreat this side of Somerset, and that the rebels, 10,000 strong, had crossed the Cumberland river, ahd are marching on Somerset. Men. Women and children a? erset in every possible conveyance, and rushing Into Stanfoid. The Democrat, in an editorial, thinks that Gen. ScboelTs purpose in falling back on Somerset is to catch the rebels under Zollicofl'er in a trap Some 10,000 additional troops have arrived at Columbus, Ky , since the battle of Belmont The rebel troops are npldly concentrating there, and they declare that 75,01*) men cannot take the position. S<>me papers say there is great excitement at Nashville in regard to the drafting of troops CiMcixniTi, Dec. 8.?The Commercial's Frankfort dispatch says tbat the report that General Zolllcoffer had crossed the Cumberland river Is t\\mr \ t&A Ktr aAmo aU~? r* a . vh..vw v? whiu pciavua mere uenerai 5ch<vtt occupied s bill three quarters of a mile this tide of SnnreMet, with but 5.000 men The lame dispatch says that the conduct of the President In modifying Mr. Cameron's report, and the great confidence which Is plac?d In Generals McClellan, Buell, and Halleck, Is having great Influence in calming the anxiety of the Union men War News frsm Memphis. Louisville Dec 9?The Memphis Avalanche savs that the FHlrmLtrnnri ?r? leavlnu P.Hnrak r in large numbers, supposed with the object of catting off Jeff Thompson. Tbe Aval&oche confirms the Federal victory by Brownilow In Eaat Tennessee It la rumored at Mempbla that the Pederala are becoming alarmed for the aefety rf St. Loul* and Cairo, and tbat Paducab la being evacuated Holllns' battering ram passed Memphis oa the 4th lnat for Columbus, Ky. Maasachasetta Municipal Elections. Boston, Dec 9?Mayor Wlghtman was reelected to-day by 1,000 majority, over Mr. Tobey, the Republican candidate At Lowell. Mr. Ilea ford wan elected mayor, over Grave*, Republican At Lynn, P M. Neal la elected mayor. At Roxburv, William Gaiton was re-elected. At Cbarleatown, P. 6 Stone waa elected. At Worcester, P. E. Aldrlch wa? elected, and at Newburyport, Geo W. Jackson waa reelected nearly unanimously. Nawa (ram Caillsralt. San F*ascibco, Dec 8?A party of Confederates on their way to Texaa, overland, were captured on the northern border of the State by Union troops It la suppoaed that one hundred and fifty rtf h**ri iIno w? ** ??V ?vu ?vaiuui uia uy iUC UIIIV Mute will be taken. Showlter, the duelist, commands them. The weather Is rainy. Business Is dull. Crushed sugars are selling at IS cents per lb Candles, received via Panama, 23 cents Butter 3*2 cents. liestrartl*ii si a Distillery. N*w York, Dec 9?Messrs Farman & Co's distillery, at Williamsburg, was partially destroyed this morning by the explosion of one of the stlllls, killing Francis Tedgue, and destroying nearly twenty thousand dollars worth of rum. Sasdif Ceacert Salasn Brakes Up. Nra V(?< rw Q ?A ?1 mm vviWvm WHVVI WAVUU In the Bowery mi vistted by the police on Sunday night, who arrested all the musicians, performers, singers, barkeepers, and the proprietors. Flew Yerk Bank Statement. New York, Dec 9.?The weekly statement of the city banks show the following totals: Decrease loana, *2,996 000; decrease, deposits. 92,<* 5,000 Increaae, specie, $810,000, Increase, clrculatlon, S2H8,000 Thi Drmtnd far Printing Hatha Peovioincb. R, I , Dec. 9?The Journal reporta aalea of 98.UUO plecra of print cloth* here laat week, anduyithat ihe market, which opened at for 64 by 64, cloaed firm at 8>j for the aame count. UmroBM* Mascfactceed Abboad?The American Government has made, a Parla correapondent say*, at the great military eatabliahmcnt of Alexia liedllot, In that city, 10,00(1 uniform*, with trnta and camp equipagea complete, even to the tent atlcka and frying pan* The uniform* are all of the model of the ?? Chaaaeura-a-Pied" of the French army, the smartest, eaaieat and moat jaunty arm in tbe t rencn service. IC7"At the Brldesburgh Arsenal, la I'hlladel pma, mere ire noi iw man iw.uw percussion caps manufactured dally. Sixty sheets of copper are thus consumed, weighing three pounds. It Is estimated that a sheet, which costs 91, will yield 8,WO caps Fourteen thousand caps may be filled frcm a pound of fulminating powder. CIT'In Boston, on Friday, a case containing the j?wrlry of M. Hermann, the magician, which was M exhl bi tl' n at one of the jewelry stores was by some tn*?ns unfastened, and Jewelry to the value of SI,300 stolen, notwlthstandlrg the case waa constantly surrounded by large crowds of people all day. The storage capacity of Chicago, as per estimate, on the 1st of January last, waa A,000,000 boshels. When the storehouses now In oourse of construction are completed, the sWaca capacity of hleago will be 8>60 000 bushels In all probability this will be increased by the cloee of next season's navigation, to ten mllilona of bnahels New York letter wrlW says that while , Mr? President Lincoln iru In New York, recently she saw bot little company, and employed her | t me mostly in "ahopp'ng," ret iming to her b^tel wt'b the purchase* upon her arm Since tb?a I ladles are dally a-en la cars, coaches, omnibuses, I j and oa tbe pavement, with bundlesln thslr band*. ' | .1" ?# I -* i I itti THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO 8UBSCRIBE! The Fillnt and Most Reliable Newt Irem the Seat ef Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year ii undoubtedly the most eventful In the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturally ol striking and re* markable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and rtllablt accounts of all that passes here is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly issue of the Washington 9t*r to meet this want most satisfactorily In compli ance whq me wisn 01 toe puonc tne pa^r baa be?n cbanped from a quarto to tbe more convenlent folio sbape, and now appears a handsomt sheet of xKxrty-txco columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It is out determination to make the Wkkkly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United State*, but that It (ball absolutely be The Bkst Family Weekly Newspaper ix the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the lmpor tint topics of the times; the news of the week; interesting correspondence from all Darts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic ketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar 8tah has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the ?mithsoiiian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department Cif the MtUif IL'* j? 1 ba cr\ ira vsrVi -? ?? was-w i ^ uuw *? V ??wv <V V?vU " 6L? O choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of nil the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washiiwtom News and GossiP our ?p*t\altty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers .91.00 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen b5 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-ttve 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 76 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Wsshlngton, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. AMERICAN WATCHES For American*. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. beg to oall the attention of the citisens of Washington and vicinity to the superiority of their Watohes over all import?J, whether Swig* or Eng iah. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee their Watohes to be unsurpassed by those of any oountry for durability and fine time keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would oaution buyers to beware of the oheap English and Swiss Watches now feeing sent among Boldiera in and around Washington. These watohea are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sent them to this oountry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would Invite especial attention to their lateat stjle oi YVatoh for Ladiee. Every one will bar* the tame guarantee that aoooinpanlea the moat ooatly Chronometer of their manufaoture. Theatyleaof Case* are varied and auit different tastes, and the introduoti>n of a Watoh for ladies, that will go and keep time, haa met with nnivercal avor. ESPECIAL ATTE5VTION it invited by the Company to the faot ti.at every Watoh, of whatever pnoe, manufactured at their Won* at Walth&m, Mas*., is aooompaniod by a oertificate not only to warrant it, but to prevent imposition from a oheap end worthless imitation that is palmed off upon buyers as the genuine artiole. All our Watohee have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, Masa.," and without that mark no Watoh it genuine, Maura. M. W. GALT A BROTHER havatha Watches of our manufaotura for aala at Waahiniton, and buyera oau depend upon finding the right atylae and qualities at their eatabiiahment, No. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, ROBBINS A APPLETON, General AgenU, No. 182 Broadway, noS-lm New York. SDR. LOCKWOOD ET8 TEETH on Rubber, and performs all DENTAL OPERATIONS, in the Wash tuto" Buildint, corner of Seventh at. andftkifBi* B avenue. Chloroform given, ifdeeirtd rri kinds of Teeth for eale. no 6-2awlm* tiSBk? ~ BILLIARDS! I LJ LT Th? lover* ? - ??of the. GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'8 FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avecue and 11th atreet. ( oath aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLEb ia the UnHed State*, with every oomfort and ooDTenlenoe as t-tf tor fit* alarera. \f ARINE AND OPERA OLA88E8 iTl J oat r??o-ived at C AR N E R' 8 MILITARY AND TRUNK STORE, 104 Pa. arenue, aonth aide, between 9th and loth doi-St* atraeta. JN b..t mm b*irt8, ofu" With a'l End. o?Drr ?ood? tor th. current tut' orfeaillM. One prioe only marked in plain fernm. iST'Curtain#' ?li0 perftV 4 aVd?1"* Pa. arenne and Ninth et-, no to-6* "Pitt BniIcH?ic" HK*VY WOOL HOSK. PHIRT8 AND DRAWERS, tad ARM V PHIRTb, it .VJ4 Pa arenne, baok room; or 355 D ctreet, bet* md Rh and 10th. da 4 t( pENSION OFFICE, rtn 6th, 1961. TO ALL WHOKIT XAY COyCKRN. Application haviiif mace under toe aot of

83d June. 1S60, for the reissue of the Land Warrant* desorilw?d herein, which areailegedto have beea lo?t or destroyed, notioe is hereby given, that at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Cettifioate, of like tenor, will be lasued. if so valid objection shall thea appear No. 9,769, for 120 ao. ea, issued under the aot of March, 1855, m the name of Daniel West, and eranted on tbe Hth day of Jaly, IftSfi.?December 7, 186!. No. for 18B isf ued under the act rf Maroh. '855, in the raa?e of Hannah, widow of james w n?on, am granroa on ineavu aay 01 renruary, 1857 ?December SO, 1861. No. 64,3*1, for 12? aores, insu?d under the aotof March. 1855. in tne name of Martha, widow of Andrew Met Joe. and granted on the 15th day of A p. ll, 1836 ?December 21,1861. , No. S.SKi, for i60 acre?, issued under the act of March, IW, in the name of Samuol R J ackway *wl granted ou the 1st day o' Augn <t. 1855. No 3 1"4, for 160 aares, issued nnder tiie aot of. March, 1855, in the Dame of William H Tariasoe, and gianteu ou tne I3tu day of J u!y, 1855.?Decern beril, ia61. No 14.945, for 80 aires, issued under the act of September 850 in iho rair.a^| Levi Treadwell, and granted 8 p ?mber 29th, No 3) 038, <o 40 anree. issued undsr the same aot, ia iho iiaino of Abe! Plaits, aad gi&u:ed November i8th. 13->1 ?Decemt>eri?61 No 72 534 for itr* tee?, issued under the act of MarcK. 185 , in the name T.ioin&s Jolinnon. and grani*d on tne 9th day of September, 85?.?January 4. 1D8B. o. 42.216, for co acres, issued under the act of March, 1855. in the name of Holly, widow of John Camp, a'id graced on the i&i a ay of Btptember, 1856.?January 4,1862. No. 23 426, for 161 acres, isrued undsr the act of Maroh. 1855, m the name of William fcott, aid was granted on the 1st day of May, 1836 ?January 11, JOSEPH H BAKKr.TT, e 1>-Iaw - oni'miimonar. milAi ATTENTION, SUTLERS! VSI WHOLKSALK SIbI ? ?.t BOOT AND SH'fli DEPOT. 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GLEET AND STRICTURES lianubed under this treatment. LADIE8 With WHITES?thfc death to Youth and Beauty? need b? trouble*! no loiter. SYPHILLIS In all its forme, whether reoenl or of los^ standing, cured, and every vestige of disease removed frmin the eyBtem. Our charges sha'1 be the most reaaorable an?l Bitisfactory to all part es. Con*u ?arions tree at all time*. Aledioines put up wvh full directions for use, and so.d to *uti t?rs, travelers, *o., at low rates M- d 011:9 furnished which is a certain preventive to any ind bit Venenal Dls-a-es Dyn't be afraid cf high prices. Come and see us. No charge for investigations. M. LA BONTA, Fract tioner. IC^Office Washington Bui t'in<s, corn <r 1'a. ave., and 7tli street, Washington D. C., Ho in No. 8. no 18-3in L/ MILITARY BOOKS. F RF.NCH St. RICJLST1KN liave just received * large and oomplet* assortment of Military Boost of all kinds, whioii they offer Irom ten to fi;t* per cent, below the regular retail prices,?in olndinr: A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifli Tactios, complete, $1.25 Forces' Volunteers' Manual, 2 vols, $2 A tier's Compenoium of Hardee's i'actios, iOc Gross's Military Kurtery,7jo Mahan's Fieid Fortification and Outpost, each 7t Hardee's Tactios, cheap edition, i'*o Tlie Soldier's Guide, a complete mani-a And drill book fcr the use oi the Volunteer Militia ai.d the Home Guard, 25o The Hand-Book for the U.S. Soldier, neint first book of instruction to tLe U. S. Infantry taotios, 25c Also. Military Maps, Map of ths Seat of War. Charts, Guides, io Flags, Badges and M?da!a of every description. Any of the aV>ve sect by mail free. FRENCH k RICHSTEIN. m? 0 P?np? truma kvenu* piKEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9300,060. itmtr C ttrut *<d LcinnsM ?., hit Emnk tJ Watktntto*. INSURE HOUSES ANbOTHER PROPERTY AfiAlVU'P f noa ntr nmi. ftVAiilO M UUCO X> X riAL, _ . Dimctoii? ?eo. Shoemaker, ?&muel Redfern, Samuel Crowley, William Wilson, Richard. J onoa. J ohn D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, Tnoa. Parker. Uishard Barry. II. B. I1rench. Dr. C. w. Davis. No obanc* for Polioiea. ? q JAMES ADAMS. President, Abvl G. Davis, Sooretary. au 9-eoim AT0HR?.PA1RIM6 ANDSIL.VER WARK V? MANUFACTORY? ' haTe one of the beat establishments, and f oraaehea with a complete set of tools for rPDs.tr- ??*. every description of fine V\ atelier, and farticuiar attention jive to the game, bj a JSaC 'f>e: vjh competent work man .and a. work raiaran f:ec A.so, every descnp ion of standard 81L V ER Wi RE. plainand ornamental, manufactured under | ay Jwn stvervisicu, which my onstomers will fcne -superior in quality aud finish to northern warf aoJ-j t j dealers in ftneral anil represented a* their wd manufiMtius. H. 0. HOOD, mmt TSU P?. ?T?T1)?I n??r'?tb if NBW BOOK*. HISTORY of the United Netherlands, by Jofca Lotnrop M oiler ; 8 vols.; free b? mail, f 4. The Rise of the Datoh Republic. a history, by John Lothrop Motley; iToa oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, tha Weaver of Ravelo!, by the author of ''Adam Beae cloth ?fioanta ; paper fO oonts. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintiop Sarreant; SIX'. After loeberis witfc^ Painter, a ^unr.mer Voyage vu LAvrtuor ana ^ewiounu Mia ; Of HOT Louis L.. Nob e: #1.50. Ins Manufacture of Photocenio or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas Antisell, M. D., #1.76. Any of tue above free b? mail. FKENCH A RICHSTEIN, ap tt aTW Penr.a. avenue. UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPFS.?Twon tydifferent style* of Not? and Latter Paper, with Envelopes to matoh. Views of Washington in the form of a Pose, an? in Rook form; also, separate All the Daily and Weekly Papers constantly or hand. Herald, Times, and Tribune reoeived even nicht at 6 o'clock. Paters from all na*t? r?f th? ?nuntrw Be&dle'a Dime Noveie and Song Books. A fresh supply of Book* for summer rnadinc. aheap A large aoaortmeat of Jtiremlee?Majoe Reil's Books, Hollo Hooka, Abl-ott'a Histories. 4.0. A disoount oi 1" to 5? p*' oent. on a! 1 bound tocsi FRENCH fc RIGHSTEIN. ma it National Bookatore. HT* Pa. a*. OUCKWHKAT FL.OLTR. D " "BUCJTWHEAT FLOUR. CERO ?RffNtf'f S H K LL, oo 17 Corner Vermont av. and 13th at. EW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.?Tn* A ohemiai, or the House ofCl&??;lrom tie Frenoh of Honore d? B&luo. Free by mad, #1. 4iiu M&rner. the Wearer of Reveioe; by Geo. Elliott, the Mtnor of "Adam Bede." Frea t>y men, HoenU. FRKNCH % R1CB8TEIN, t? ? ? ? Pin* iwne riNE VERY NICE SECOND HAND PIANO V7 for f 50, Aleo.* large?took of Raven trr1 t'uw fnr rout. ? OIBB8' BAIH STORE. tTwaya on h?n>1. or Didi to onler It the abort**! sotioo. HilrWork or zohanced. N. fl.-Lmtlif mirth* > the ntoet ytyi GOVERNMENT DISPATCH. fiiaPKMH FA8T FBKI4HT LINK NEW YORK A8HINGTON rim HAlUU8MUR(iH. A Sp?o;al M? ntw Vd1 be aunt through wl'h each Train, in order to mot e safety and dispatch. on and after MOItDAY. Nov. 18th, this Company wi!', reoeive and traa?p~>rt Munitions of War, oyernmet.t Store#, Sutlers' Puppiie* for the Army and ail .Nmoeilaoeoas Fre ght, it Low Kst?-. WITHOUT IkKAl or BVLK. Swtfii Contr&ct* fct Goods, in Lartt QuatuitUt, at Kedmr'A Aat**. IE^ Freight reeeivod only at the D'pot of the C-Hral Railroad of New Jersey, Fier No 8, North River. For further in for mat on, or special roctraoU, enquire at the up.rt of Crop lay, 49 Froadirny, y Y, Or Z19 PtAMvlraHt* aw., Wankxntton City. JC^Mark Good*. 'nTiPBt L'ispatofc."^3 Freight receivaJ Lona 8 a. m to 3 p m. A. IV HOPK. *.* C.9 Hope Kxpr*?? Co.. no2C-lm Suyerio??adMit. NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS C?i>lPAHY " Thii Company offers to tne pub jc" t ne^nallad Advantaees'' for the Sute and Ouiek i> nmtflh of Heavy freights. Pao<a?e?, Valuables, Money, Ac. 4.0., to all parts of the United States. Kzipressm Vi ?nd f'om the No?th ani West dopart rroir. And Sfme u Washington tw.ce daily. All Kxpre*tes aro , barge of txpiritnctd and rtltablt Messengers. All Packages f<tr Th* dol<l>?rs cameo at "osi ha.lv" oar usual rates, -9 A 1! (Z t\t,a', r (nr th? 1 *. * (fnnnfA/f?rttA and all Articiea " Contra^nc! of War" will be Rsrvscn. On' ExpreavfR l?v# New York at 1.1, an 1 P. Vl.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. ani 4.30 P M > Expresses leave Philadelphia at P.JO A. M. and 11 P. M? amYin? iu Washington at tt< F. M.aod 6 Ai M* Expresses leave Haitiiwor" at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M , arriving in Wan ingN>n At fi A, M. and 6Si P Mi fexprassea wvi po.nrs >or?h mi Wt ! lsavf Wasbinctoc at 7.3) a. m.and P M. <!&->. 8poci%l Oontreots fr?r p.-g? 4uantiti<*? of Frpitht aau be mailt? r ?i>phca*ioR t<> this 'fflioe. Ali (totx i caileii foi a^d delivered f*tt <?? fcxtre oharet-F. E. W, PARSONS, S:ipit Atliin*' txp.eas tk.- pMj." '! in^f ^r > A t 19 I Mil a OV ' * iu. /? uv ? luvi ?ii mm- w JT***. MAIL &TEAMVR reindeer, fv^ry ?th-r da? to and from rframfssfat* gen. !-i:kle'a division oirtot. THROUGU FOUR HOURS. Th? *t?*tr>fr ifave* j.?n?9 Wharf. foot of 13'h street, ou MONDAY, WKDNE^JxY and fslDAY,a< 9 ?'?ok?< k, a. m.,(r turning from th; UiviBior ,) 1 avirt Ma tf**man ?'r?^k at hnnr, to Tt KSDA V, < HURtMiAY and SATURDAY. la. I .i .? t_ . _ w ?_ _ ?uu UIIV r-igui . u, (F.xoept a: o<>noho iiqucrs.) 0 Fare fo or from tne t amp &2 Fare for round trip (re urm.if rext day,> - 3 P?.?e???ors are Lot r quired oy the ttovernmeat to have pass< s. No meals furnished. WILLIAM R.K1KHL, nov36-lw Cap aiL. Medicine for Ibe Army. ^RYE'S VEGBTIBLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE OH HASD. This preparation is ac Infallible Externa' or (nUrnA.1 Homxi, fur K aeu iu?ti?ni. NtHlMlt, Burns. Soies, Riujwormi, Canker, PaiLters* Coiio, Ov entery, Live; Complaint, Piles. l)*gpe??ia,Cf iif?Iai?8, Ki'tcer Com Plaints, Teetha-he, f'cwJaches. CjIcIs. Coughs. bruises. Fever aLd Ague, Cholera. Ac. Th? Mai v ci; r kk m entire!* vMret&ble in its composition, atd ir.a? l,e n?ed at all time* wifh ptrffcot nafety. Ku:l direoU?u? accompany each l>oule. Manufactured by JOSEPH S FRYK. fAMH.MAif. Fn1- ii%!a by a1' prill'ipal prugf'g. no4-t;s to. I. VKAJUfcUN* OPTICIAN TO THK PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS, d a A : A i kj>? ia*k a./4 i?*u ? . V?? I Cli U (ft v UUi lu OI'JV^ UTi. uill ?UU MIU BM SPECTACLES, provided with lenune Rook Crvn'&l or Pfriseopio Looses, mount? 1 in goid, silver or steei, end >s?ited with utmost care for ever* age MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mlorosoopes, Compasses, and Mathem\tical la struments, at tee lowest Eastern prio< s. oo2?tr #"2 SUTLERS WANTED. VlREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutlers, and dealers in Bon's and Shoes,at tht^^b* NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCH I HOUSE, 348 P^ncsyliaiuaavenue, (01 err Hi Janney's Shoe Store.) * V* We manufacture our own Good*, and eeli at N?i? York print, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand aTance s*tock. ve oan supply a: a momei t's LOtiee. aijy quantity desired, A large asrortmentofS soie Higb-eut shoes, and Lone-leg Boot*. Sutlers hbera'ly dCftitvitfe. A o*l> from all i>ki?seolicit*d. no7-lm- WH1 TEHOl 8E A UNCKLES. YWOOD A>n COAL. OU Will surely ? your ruaaej's wvrth by aailing at the PIONKKR MILL.S, soutkm.-t *?r ?<r of Sftntk 'f??i Mil Canal, (6EO. PA6?, Agent.) They eeii oueayer an>i give better mN<u: s wiau puy ui era ic inc any 1 um, iipi.i, Abu vvut* ered iree of charts, if yob doc 11 eheve ?l ? the Pioneer Mil* a tria., an? be *uniem. t-lr.r BOOffS A.AV to S?iT ?M TIMES. . Wear* now m&nalaottrin* all tried* of BOOTS u< SHOES, and oo-.atantjy reoninnt a??? urM 01 eaatern made work of eTerrce AKfiZ ?c >*tion, mtue exprecaiy to order, and willw Kj i>e ao'd at a maea lover tr.ae than tLka been* Cfr keretoiora objured in Qua aity fir mtob mferieT Pe.-sona in want of B*ota and Shoaa of Maters ?j i*T T.a<le work, will siw&rilod a too: uic .ir.?r .? aiiki at u? 'avaai ariees. Sitp i? a call. A 5. IFF IN * BRO., *? -? 34$ T^r.nBTtv^nia 4 RMV BUFPljJfe. Mo can* FRESH TOMATOES. 48.' can. FRKSfl VEAL. *0 can. BEEF, a tm mod*, 340 can. ROAST BEEF, HOoana FRE9H MUTTON, 140 can* BEEnand GRAVY, *40 Mini SO I F and BOUIIJJ. WUMW FRENCH OE881CATED VE?E FaraaiaatNew York Factory jrioac. ti ni n . i fi a * Kinos BlKinLlib, ?e < On0- and ?ifteenth atraeia. T^iiE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY f, EMX1GH. at the ooruer of Penn.A. . A tvbnns aad Eleventh bu bMcWBI freatiy unaro??? recently axd now ofiersiflgm jroater maecementa for the* ^at:o- ?(e of c;ti*fLj and atrancera thva any othar aiblic honaeU tM oitT.hia jricea boiat lea? than ticae of any other hotel oh Pertu avo&ue, and hi* a^comoiodauoni lor pe?a>*u6Qt ar tra&aiont board era tnaxoopUoD able, The bar an:! reataurant arrancemeata of tka Ku;ok*i. Hotei hare already beoome very aota lar.boinx ail that can bo denied by the moat fae tidiona. The arcarietor aleacee unremitted attec bonand oott'; uoS liberal axyocditarea to fivaaat faot.ioatoali.aad taaa racava hie wmtauoc u .all to ri*? tV.e Ramadan Hot*! a aaJl. do 4-tt ^yE OFFER T^MILITAK V M?N a before uakinc thatr f?>S2S?u? ? ' aviL.i a i oraBiie m w., . 888 Pft. ?*., bttTMB Mk ud lOtb m. ni B (lDtM)||f?nc?r %n<1 R*??hlO*n.> W, SH-SKS SKS^iwjr,. gfeaSEU'^pJS &*?2?ssS; Hid fin* , Vbieh W libmIim ft t **< y Every Dft^npUoS'o^ff^WWTlNe f^ irad bf any bodr?eibs^aa, oiTU ^fiH7jwxsaa&Arar:;";J ntHibrOuk. K>? L' ???1mmm?????* THE WEEKLY STAR. nu natJai Puuiy u4 Hm ju?I lag Uu c?a be foa?4 la aaj *bm to yehUebe* <?a Friday Boralaf. ^la*le copy, par urn |l ? PItc oopiea........... To copies Twcaty-lv* oopt-e It liTirlikiy eitiilii the "Wakli(UB W??i' ttat haa aude 3HU MJf Mmmimc Htm clieatoa to generally throughout the eouatry [ZTSlagle coplwa (la wrapper*) ?u to p*?cored at the counter, immediately altar tka tow of the paper. Prloe?THE EL CENTS. IIELMBOLD'S UEKUINE PREPARATION. ? H10HLY COXCLNTRATKD" Compound Fluid Extract Buehu, A P******* mmd SptnJU Atmtif For Dimmii of th* BLADDER, KIDNEYS. ORA VEL?,m4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS TV? Msdioice !zor?uMth?MVM of IhjMtioo. ?rd ^o.W the imhibirti into hoojfrr by wiuob the watfit ok c*icnovi nud a 1 VRHATVKAL k*L?I?km?J?T? nro IKMN. fc- well U PAIR AND l!?rLAJIMATIOP, U< U ?OOd IOf NKN, WOMEN. OR CH1L0RSN. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT PUCHV For WttkMriN Arliicz from Habita of Pi F.wty I* ?tie?r*tu?o or A'-ne*. ^ Attended icitK .*? Foliotttng Sympimi: IndiKpociti.n to Kxert-on, Lomof Pow, I.om of M'mon, DiBoi'tr of H'Wllim, Wf*i Nerv'-i. T. mWittg. H if-o- >1 D ???, W ?f?l?mi, Dimnem of V.i"ionj Pn* is <?ok, LMiitiidoof t? MtiMatar H >t Hftijds. t of ti?? 1 vifcj. Drynen of the Pkln, K-?|>'!nn? p Uie r?oe, PAILID COtXTlT*?IICE. TNeee ?ym?t< m*. it a om. <L > ??.;? ?fc e' *fci? medicine inv?ria.Mj remove* . fo-"o>? __ IMPOTENCY.FATUITY.ft PI' KPlIC ATI 8. In vnr / ickirk tin Patient ? * iififi ? !;<> osu ny t*?< th'y are no tuert.* fo. lowed bv Uoae "biKsrrL di?*a?. " ' INSANITY AND CON8UM?T|Oj*.* Mftnr ?re &?? <'f the nanae of their .?f- ? x. BUT SO!?l WILL CORBBeB. THK RECOKDSob THK INSANE ASYLUMS And Ik' Mtlamkoiy D*aIks by fwntmtjttm. BEAR AMPLB W1THKS8 TO TBI TBCTB Of TIB ABBBBTIOB. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITM ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medicine to Btra>(tbM and IcngorBto tbe Breton which HELM BOLD J EXTRACT BUCHU if do*J A TUT A L WILL COBVIBCB TBI MOBT SKEPTICAL. FEMALES- FEMA LES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUM9, 8INGI.K. MARRIKD, O* CONThMPLATING MARR1AGK, is Many Ajf-client PtnUtmr to Fim+Ut the fcxtract Bucbu ii Di Ngil.. a by ay uthar r?m mIt, as ? h! ^'"eu or Ret?*\Uon, Irr |u amy. PunfaUieM. or K -ppre*?^n ?> Cn.^mar; Kvkuatiota. I'icrrateo or frkirrc on r?U of Ikr Ut* rat, Leucorrhea or Wiutee, Scarcity. aid fo- all - mp aiMe i*"v '?nt *o the *e*. whether an?;n? from UaiMrtuuii Hamt* of L.MipaOon, or >b Um ' VECLUtJ OR CHAWiE OF LJFK HP FAMILY" HOULD EE WITHOUT IT. Take no mort Balsam, Uttcmrp, or Cap It Mtdtciu* for Uaj,U**a*t amid Damg$r?ut Dtttoitt. HhLMBOLDH EXTRAVJ BUCMV CI AM SECRET U1IEAIU la ai' Uieir ?!?eu, Al Uttle Eiftuk LittlJ or do oham? in Di?t; No iboobtciu?bo*i Aa<i v ar^osw t. Itoaneea & fre^u m desire a a gi*?? BtrMgiU to Urinate. the^eij Remjviuj ??bsti uetion*. Preventing ai.d Cu i iu{ dincturM of the Urotkra. A.il?jing rain aad iiflumutloii, 10 frequent in the cli?a of dieea*ea. and ex?Ilia# aU Pvt: emeu! and %rom out flatter. THuliitMW CPO.D THOCI4KM WHO HAT ? BEE!.' THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS. and who have paid 4<aty/eM to be oared in a abort time, !i&?e found thf y wet* deeeived, aad that tbe poisos" tu, by tbe uee of'rcmr/ui ait^rngtiut'* been arird up In the ?y?terc, to oreax oat in an acfl -\TatM f>rm, and PERHAPS AlTMR MARRIAMM. Ui? HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BVCHU aa afeotion* an 1 dtreat* of tbe Luiamv neaiHa whether ex>stinf is MALE OR FKRLAXJE, from whitevfr mom orif inatac and no wHir ai HOW Lose ITiNDIIIti. Diseases of these Ortani repairs the of ? DfrVKKT1C. HELMliOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV 18 THE GHKAT DIURETIC, and it is oei tain to hare the desired offset la l)isnes?s/f w*u? it ii rtcpm'kmtmHtd. TIP1RC1 or TBI MOST BEfPCWtlftLB AMS MMLIABLE CBA&ACTBB wti^&eoompaur ths medicines. CERTIFICATE* OF CURBS. Fro* to 90 jears' stindlBc. with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLXASM "IfOTICM." w1 kajc1 4,?0 bbcmt" or "weuumti.' HELMBOI.l>*8 EXTRACT BUCHU iacompeted of Bnoha,Ca^baasd J am par Barnaa. aeleotod with great c*-re by a oompeUat drag fiat. P KSPJRED JH VACUO, BY m. x. ncLnovti/t Pnotioo! fe<d AnaiyUoai Caen^*.. ud tola Muifiota ?i of HKLBLBOLD'SQUrUL XPEEFA&Al^u: j. AFFIDAVITFarsocaily appeared (Wore m . k A .lietMt c4 (be oitr of Philadelphia, H . T. HcLKBOLki **j? beir? d?ly awc. B, dota taj. kit pre, araiioai eon tain no aaraote, bo mercury, or ol ?r iiltntu draft, bat am perely ve??ub,e. ^ -J .;^5P<h!^otf November."llit. WM.'P. fllbBtRD.' A.dormm, Ninth et.. atcre JUk>o. rfeflfe PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM a A. M TO 8 P. M. Price SI ptr Settle, er iU tor H. INtowtto My eddreee, eeoareay paefced frva Addreee ietteu for inlormUxm la ? !< ? B. T. HELMDOLD, 0?to, Depot, 1M fioaU TeaU el., bete* Cbeetmat. Pluia fiftllWflERWM AWD VXrajNCirLMD dealers he aodMTor to diapoM "of thatr c**" Ud ' otter* M-UolM OB U* rrrataUoa fctmnVl wt MtimMd't Qimmim* Fry MM, m ItrMfVtib, m M fwy mi firri W*ik SoM hj 8, fl. Witn, x. IX lULAJi, iMI Won. ft. G. Pou. ft. B. bmruni, B O. Mjuob* KovukUlum, J. B. Mai** AWB iU DEP0 IMT? MTtEYWHERM ASK FOE DLKBOLPt * TAK^FO OTH*. AM AVOID IMPOSITION M > H ^1 tffc Cil 119^4 ???' l-'""! *"*