11 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

11 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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J . U! L- S THE EMN? STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: monuDir i>ETEi>i?m II> l**i. "rt Fmimoa at tli* rartrm aMlltar* ctspi a >>4 f 1 Mtla? win renfrr ? by keeping u? po?t?J ? ? mofriiifnta and ?8\)ra to tbHr vlctnlttea Though Tm ar*% la printed en the faatect attain pf? in use aouth of Baltimore. Ita edition ?a ae larjre an t?> require It to be put to presa at an arly hour Advertistmutt, therefore, should be In before U o'clock motherwise tbe> may war net appear until the next day IT^ Te our Baltimore reader! we would aav thnt the irat and aerond edition of tbe Stnr cno be had In Baltimore of E. F Hazelton, fcgent, ! \1'M4 ? ?? . i?w. .-t ?? c*? u*i?iuf\ig ?nrr?, iitwt ioc dm dltlm at half p?at Four and the aeeoad at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the train* from Wuh'Dgtoo, giving all the latrat nrvn from tte teat of var up K> tto? time of going to rrrt? Sylrlt ?f the n*rala| Prfii. The Intrilvgencrr |? occupied with newi matten to-dlv tv*. ?mm u- * ? - -V ?> y ?VI CVIMV OVU ?IU(JT? 119 >UUfC Ul VCH flalleek, and Indicate* & willlngrtoaa to commence a almllar course of mmuII upon Gen. MeCleUan. _ Errtoftu StaUnrst. Tb? atat*m?iit it tbe published rrport of Mr. F. J Alien (Government detective) that n^groea < fimmltud Mcder tbe Diatrlct law? aa runaway* are *?td fbr thotr Jatl f<e? If no owner eventually ?tabl>*he? a lawful claim to tbem. prove* to have originated with a n?-vro ct,u8n?-d under the law In ^ueatton, who told Mr. Allen that ke bad been o informed by the eom.Hablt who took him up' Upon auch testimony concerning the law, i* It, that the abolition prew and pow-wowera of the rouatry are just now tearing their hair over aJsrery In the District of Colombia If there exiata a law upon our statute booka authorising the iale nf rte^rres here for jail feea, It la ao obaoletc tLat peraona who, like curat If, were born and reared, and have lived a life time within Bight t>f the dome of the Capitol, have never before beard of ita existence Certain It is. tbat no sacb sale haa taken place here within the last half century?or the memory of the "oldest Inhabitant''?not one. !t U worthy of note that the testimony upon which Mr Allen hat butt) all the statement of facta of his rhetorical and poetic report are derived wholly from negroes la jail, Incarcerated, a* be (ays, on the presumption that they are runa ways HM be lived In tbla community a single defade, he would bare known, aa our own cltlrena do, bow little rtllance ia to be placed on each testimony. The report In question is evidently being used to bring about the legal abolition of negro slavery In tbe District of Columbia, wblcb fact give* It all its Importance In tbts connection we bave to say tbat slavery la already practically abolished here, by tbe anomalous condition of tbe country. To abolish what tbe abolitionists term tbe "black code" of tbe District of Columbia. Instead of so amending It as tq prevent Injustice from being doae through it. will Drov? a Mi?n>itv ?? ? ? I *w J?*" * " * tbia community, already overran with free negroes? a claaa e gainst whose preaeucv among them the citizens of non-alaveboldlng Illlnola have stringently provided by constitutional restriction. Under 'he operations of tbe code In qocstion, though aome wronga may have been perpetrated through antiquated clauaes of It, the free negro population of Washington have been for half a century more prosperous individually, more serviceable to society at largv, and In every way In better condition '.ban the free negroes of H*> K'aHW c- ? ?v ....u uruenii experience teacbesthat tbey require different lawa for their government than those applicable to a white population; and experience ker* teaches that the operation of such laws roar greatly benefit them, and ward off tbe evils foctdfet to themselves and society arising oat of their pretence at the North without their restraining influence. v If revolutionary changes be made in the local law of the District In thU connection, for buncombe at the North, instead sf a free negro population of perhaps 14,'JUO, In tbe current anomalous cooaiuoa or tfie country the District of Colnmbii oannot fall to become it once the harbor for al least 50,000 negroes, practically freed a? an Incident of tbs war. With kttch a population, without e*per!al restraining laws, Washington will be >eodered almost uninhabitable to the white man The buoleeM of our white laboring population of both sexes will be utterly ruined by litis Influx of negroes, who will only work. as at tfee North, when they cannot otherwise manage to kerp life tn their bodies. The abolition la's <>( Congress who can aee naught worthy of their sympathy in the condition of any class In any community but the negro class, will of course continue their tinkering experiments upon the local affairs of the District of Columbia, until they make it nothing less than a hell apon earth for ?kll. >.? i>? ? -? - *?' * _? * uck ?IC I1CH IDA ICjjlUmate eonaequenees, the force of which all our fellow-citizen* of well balanced mlnda already realise. __ Viw Boom?Through Hodaon Taylor, ISM Fenatyl vault avenue, we have the following from the pre?i of the Harpers, New Yerk: Streaks of Light; or flfty-two facta from the Bible for the fifty-two Sunday* of the year By the author of 44 More about Jetua," ? Peep of Dtr. Ac - Jtr " X h?iul??m? ?? ? ???tv?iiv ihuc ui ft popular work for children. Aoftc? t? Qui:; a novel by V P. Wills, author of " Life1* Koreahadowinga " Thta atory l*eks readable, and we are sore It must be, or else It would not Bod a place in the Harpera' "Library of rt?i-ct Novela." From the publ'.abera, Luther Tucker k Bon. Albany, we have that vtiuab e little annual, the Jlefflater of Rural Affalra," for 1*1. EJ~ Y?(terd?v, to the Seaate of the Maryland Legislature, Mr Bayne, of Prince George's county, Introduced a preamble and resolutions, that as Maryland had dt fined her poetical status at tbe o4ilct-boi. and ta portions of tbe State have susuior (1 losses l&e< nseq.ience of Slav** escaping frora their cts?er*. a committee be appointed?to consist cf three members from each bmnc'a of the Lagtalature? to wait uf sn General McClelUa and elicit the adoption of some plan to p teen? tbe ad as test on ef fuglt1?w slaves within the lines cf tho army. Ths preamble and reeolationa were referrtd to the Committee on federal Relations StcuiT*** Chiii'i Raroar?The roy abla report of th* 9?r retary of the Treaaury la acrtlced with alneat aalvtnel approval by ouf contem" _____________ ' CTfbtaag- Tribune has "information fr?tr an ua^ueatiooed aoarce that five thouaand mm la i lliaola will be pi an ted wltb cotton tbe eomiog year 'K Ta* Cotton Qcs?tiom in KaaLANB.? A private letter from Maneb rater, England, dated N?wmbfr 33d, and received by tbe Africa, myt: a,W? have ao aerial hie dl strew 1b Lancaabl re Caret Home of the mllla are working fall time, t meet are working three day* a week. We kan bad a lone eeaalon of proeperlty, and mantera mad men have been able to aave money, ao Ib't the ptneb wUl not be eery aeuoua for tbe winter. There baa been much money made by tbe cotton peculators, and aboald there come a prospect of n free nppiy or n penlc more cotton weald eome to llf bt than la iuppoeed " 07" Western Virginia baa done nobly In ralalng troopa to support the Federal Government That portion of u>e Old Dominion baa now In the teid twelve Inibntrjr and three cavalry regimen la, and three artillery batter lea, making an aggregate of IS,WO men. 07'The New Bedford Mercury say* the present year U wUfvmbi? '- -w r --- - ?^ ? at ?iiiiia?tiva ill IOC nomtktt of vewels employed at that port, aad if to?i? new bust nee* ie not atarte* the city naoat decline In wealth mad population. ICT" The great poataoa bridge at Pad oeafcacroa* IteObla U oelufct removed After breaking wttb eery rlee u4 Mi of tbe rteer, and aerloualy obstructing navigation, it *H roacloded to ^pt rat* t&# oo*u, mad they sow Ue at tbe bank. grOoe of TLe iwoidl taken from the Jpaaete alr KcaiY In Malt) mare. baa turn discovered. and will be forwarded to Japan u early a* potaible. No rlut Uft* yet bee* obtained to tbe where*beet* uf o?her. t^TT%* eAetfhot erep Ja Prance la aa utter .N - " I X " 1 Or It NlUtlllf BIDOET. ? 4 falsi alabm. # Last evening. a Wlaconaln regiment In the dl talon of Gen McDowell ttriaglned tbat tbey had I dlrro'pred the er?mv at a dt?tance. ad^anting la * )?rge force In an Instant tb? new* wa* tele- t graphed to headquarters here, and in the next ( quarter of an hour the divialors commanded by Generala Sumner. Heicttletnan, Franklin, Bleu- f ker, McDowell. Porter anti McCall, were all f under arma. prepared to receive the foe that was j alleged to be marching upon the V'nion lines, j Ireat vigilance waa exerclaed throughout cur whole force throughout the n^ht. scouta having been thrown out, Ins'aStiy. to feel, aa It were, for , the enemy tn eVery direction. Tbia morning > Genera1. McDowell telegraphed that he bad aa- 1 I..J iL.i AL. \t; 1__ t I _ ] tciMintu mai inr ?? ivcvutm rrjjiiucn^ in uc?tlon bad mistaken a reconnoHering force from Blenker's division for the erumy, wblcb le4 to the alarm being given. W? bave information from t*en McDowell'* ' Immediate front up to 3a. m to-day, when his ; couta bad returned, reporting that no enemy bad been tbla aide oT Fairfax Court-Rbafce ?f late Gen. Newton, of Franklin't brigade, dlao sent to scout tbt country in bit front, and found no tracea of tbe enemy's proximity up to 10 a m to-day Gen. Sumner held bis division in readiness to advance at a moment's warning up to 10 a m today. with bis flr*t brigade and a battery of four guna in advance, on Edsall'a Bill. Gen. Heintzlemar. telegraphed a few hours slr.ee that bis ?couta had also been unable to find an enemy in his front, and so did Gen. Dlenker. Wo publish thele facta In ord^r that the public may comprehend bow well arranged are all the nlani of th? irinv for Jirfirtrr In nrwu an f ? ? ? ? . ? ? - J v. -??n. VI ? u^rv'll Ul( lnatant'a warning. Ur, In otta?>r worde, how efficient its discipline au<l meth< d is rapidly be* coming. NAVT YARD. i dp Mount waahington arrived at the yard laM night, but with no news of Importance. The Htearner Yankee left the yard last night, where j tthe haa been undergoing rxtenaive repalra, und joined the flotilU. f he now rellevea the Harriet I Lane, &a flag ahip, the latter venel, it la rumored, being destined for aervlje elsewhere The King Phillip hit been removed from the ways and will toon be completed. The Satellite and Lealleare also about ready for aervicc again. Yeaterday, the xeamen manned the launchet and cnttera at the yard, and, under Lieut. Parker, rawed out Into the at ream, where thevensaired In * r? a a sh*m tl^ht, the engagement lasting for some time Kach boat carried a rifled bowitter, wbicb blazed away in furious style, tbe men perform* ing admirably, and executing tb? irioue evolutions with tbelr little fleet In a manner highly creditable to themselves and their drill officers. 1 Should our jolly Jack tars, under Lieut l'arker, J be so fortunate as to get a brush at seceah, either on land or water, somebody will certainly " get hnrt." i The workmen were to-day being paid off t 0L051L RKRKIGAN Tbe trial of this officer, now In progress, attracts a greater throng of spectators to Aylmer's Building, opposite tbe War Department, than usual on such occasion* of late. Besides bd. L. Ifearne, of N. Y., the Hon Reverdy Johnson acta 88 his counsel. To-day, Oen Maftindale, called for the prosecution, has been under examination. Hi* testimony went to prove utter Insubordination on Col K 's part, and an entire lack of tbe discipline In hi* regiment necessary to makt It useful to t>.< ervice Quite e lumber of witnesses bad been previously examined, whose testimony leads to a similar , conclusion, and that dissipation was apparently at the bottom of bis reprehensible conduct. LATEST FROM THX CPPKR POTOMAC LINKS. General Stone telegraphed to headquarters here this forenoon, a follows Vli: Foolksvillk, Dec. 11?9 4o a m ?There are rumors of Increased force near Gooae Creek, bjt l from personal examination from height*, early this morning, I cannot see a* many sign* of hostile ] troops at before. 1 If a large force is near (ioose Cre>ek or Leenburg, It Is concealed. EXCHANGE or riM?ONBH* . Richard O. Oorman, John Savage, Judge Daley and Collecter Barney wert before the Cabinet ' yesterday, with reference to a general exchange , of prisoners, and particularly wllh reference V Col. Corcoran. TRTAL O! COLONEL H KB RIO A K. A ? I -1 " ? * jbm wiuiiiuqii i miii oKoinsi uoi Kerrigan was md to him yesterday al the court-martial, to the effect that he had given information to the enemies of the government, residing In Falrfix CoUntV. No wltoeaaes on that point have yet been c.llea The examination yesterday wu with i reference to the charge of drunkenesa and neglect < of bis regiment. > riOM THI LOWER POTOMAC. A Confederate Picket Guard Shelled iy tke. Flotilla?Conft derate Storehouse Burnt. The Secretary of the Navy yesterday received the following letter from R M W/man, Ueuten- j ant commanding the Potomac flotilla: # L' S Steamer Harriet Lase. f I Off Mat^woman Creek, I)ec 9th. \ ' Sir;?1 have the honor to report to you tnat this morning, about half-paat nine o'clock, see ? * - rag we enemy p''- *eu. with three camp wagon*, and a mounted officer coming down the road to the southward of Freestone Point, and halting at some buildings near the beach, 1 directed the ' teainern Jacob B**ll and Auacnstla to abell the building! I stoid In wi'h this vessel a* far as the draft of water would admit, to protect them 1 in the event of the enemy bringing a Held battery t to Freeatone Point After shelling the buildings and hill, sad driv- . , ing back the pickets, Lieut Commanding McCrae ( landed with a few men and fired four houses, which hare ?inee burned to the ground. Tbey i contained sutler's stores, flour, etc , and nn eight Lours e!aps?d before the Are subsided, I judge that the quantity of stores must have betneou , sideraole. The enemy fired but a few musket Dot. 1 MILITARY DTSCHAKOB* Headquarters of the Arfty, A*ft Gw't Ojjlee,) Washington, Pec 3,16?1. { ' General Orders No 1(H . The at'mtlon of officers of the Arrav is Invited ] to the following, In addition to the orders of the Secretary "f War embraced In the regulations for the Recruiting Service I. The large number of enlisted men,discharged i on ' Certificates of Disability," has attracted the J notice of the (ieueral-ln-chief. and, as it is an especial dutv to tender the rar.k and file of the Army as effective ss po*aible the attention of Superintendents and other officers concerned, > either with the enlistment of men, or their dls- , # -li ??- in.- - - Vu?n? VU I.cuuui UI uisammy, 11 directed to tbe ] judicious discharge of their respective duties. i Evidence Is abundant, as attested bv the re- ' cords of the Adjutant General's Office, that many men have been enlisted who w*r? "unfit for service" prior to or date of enlistment It should j be borne In mind that the law provides for tbe | enlistment of "effective able-bodied" men: and ? If any officer shall enlist any person contrary to the true Intent and meaning of tbe law It Is fur- ' tber provided that for every offence ??he shall forfeit and pay the amount of the bounty and | clothing which the person so recruited m y have received from the nubile, tn lw iImIiu-m ?" -* tbe pay and emolument* of such officer." With < this object In view, paragraphs 980 and Ml, Re- J vised Regulations, must be strictly complied with. j A sense of duty to tbe public, will cause an en- ] forcetnent of tbe laws and regulations gdverulD* t tbe service, snd these rau?t be the guidance of tbe officers obtaining recruit*. Officers cannot < be too circumspect In tbe discbarge of tbelr duties, and they are called upon to comply j strictly with all regulations applicable to the subject. { t As to minors, every precaution should be taken to prevent tbelr enlistment, except as pro- , tiun ay iu regujations. a true record of the j age ia of great value. In a majority of caaea tbe i recruiting officer mar be Justified In recording ' tbe age aa (tared ay the person offering to enlist; , yet many caaea occur In which be should rely more upon hla own Judgment, and lee* on tbe < recruit's aArmatlon, In aaoertalnlng bis probable, II not hla acto&l age In every doubtful ca*e, therefore, as to mlnorltv, or ov*r agt, of tbe , man. It becomes the duty of the oflcer to Judi;e ] for himself, to a certain extent, and not In any c*ae to accerrt a recruit who, under anxiety to en I lat, mant/tstly mitstmitt k ti *g* 3 It will Wobserved the regulations. at this 1 time, contain do direct prohibition to enlist mar- i rud mm Ia tbe reg meatal service this must be governed bv the want of laundresses for com pa- 9 nlrsj aad la tbe general aarvlce by the Boperlnl?iu4M<a i It 1> enjoined on all Superintendent* aud other ofllreM, rommlasloned and noa-romml? looed, to rondaci the #ervlre with diligent-*, un< e*alug personal attention, and economy Br command of Major General MeClellan L Thomas, Adju'ant General 1 o?rtal: E D. Townssxd, Aas't Adjt. Gen'l |Tj- One pension per d*y la, on an ?rerage, Issued to soidirra wbv ua*e born wounded In the pmnt war I CONGRESSIONAL. mviith roHQiiem-skwi s*??ub. rutin ?After tbe closing of our report )** erday, i rrsolotlon that a? a mark of rrtpect to he memory of tbe late Senator Bingham tw ncmber of the Senate weir the u?unl badge of notiraing for thirty day* wa? adojtrd. and tbe k-itat? adjourned. Her** ?At tbe r.loio of our report yesterday, tlr Pendleton waa addrreslii^ tbe Hoaae *ipon bt resolution offered by bl??i for tbe releaae from nilltary custody, and toe early trial of the Baltimore police commtsatonera confined In Fort Waren After a responae from Mr. Bingham, the whole mbiect waa tabled by a vote of veaa 1*. nayi 2<v Eulogies upon the death of Senator Bingham were delivered by Mernra Beamen, Granger, 4edgewlck, Athley and Tiowbrldge; and SfteV :he adoption of the u?>?al resolution" of reepec? to bia memory, the House a&jonrncd nr5=?attkntion. natIonAl Union J_3 LEAGUE!?TM rHtlli ineatma of thia Assot?%tion wiU be he'd in Temperance Hal, E itreet. N??wv>* ?th and loth streets. on THURt>DAY EVen 1NO, December 2 at 7 o'clock. Let sVery member be prevent. as importa't business will pome before the League. By order: do M-2t* F A. HOLDEN. Pec. r^?TO THE VOTER9 OF WAfeHlNO'_L5 TOM The Assessor of ffcoh Ward Will meet at ?he follo? ing places fr^m l<?Q'olockfc m. till 3 o'clock p m from the 1*lh to the3l?t December, inclusive, to correc' ahd register the tame* of those omitted froth th? poll li?t. 1st Ward.?John A Khe*m. 1VJ Pennsylvania avenit't be'Wren l?th an<! 18th streets. *d Ward.?Thomas Stewart,ttcrner 11th and H streets. 3d Vvfcrd-.?Henry Curtis.oorner ft hand Ls're*ts Jtk f?. - L A IIT ? ? i *?4- ? * - ii m ?? a iiuitiu rv . nuron.oiQ buw t, w Ivmd G and H *tre?t8 J h Ward.-William A. Harper, Jt street ea?t, N<?. 43S, batweau Ka*tCapitol and A ft"et no;th6 h ^ arJ.?Geo. C< ll?.r<\at r. fc*. Clark'* Olfioe. Vi- tinia aver u??. letween 9 h and (th streets. 7h Ward ? P*ter Hepbun, No. S5 south F street, between 8th and 9th streets west. de l6-ot3l8t Yt?UD^ S* FESTIVAL, AT THORN'S L rf Hall, S-ven'h ?.. between D aiH K sts,, THIS EVKNiN'i, for the ben-fit ol the Moth, dist Protestant Chiy*h. Ninth *t. A Supper ai d K? fre<> nieiito proofed; lee Cream and I'scfjl A tt <-les for m e ') he spler.did ban > at: ached to th^ 6th I li fu n '* vi I Ot.litrAn th? <./!/! airir, ? ^ ? ' ' . . ?* > ?-mii?vu mv wvo?<ui;i VVIIlO lk 1 f aiiU assist n*'.*lie* I ickcis of admission ten cents, to be had at the door. de 9 3t* V^IOE CRKAM AMI WATER ICES, of 1^3 the best quality, at J7H per Quart. Hotels ana boarding houses furnished at low rates. A !a-g? a<s >rtm?ni of fine Cakes kept on hand at toe Philadelphia Con fKtttmtry, oorner Twelfth an? F st6. ro 7 ]m* v*?U. S. SANIT RV COMMISSION, J ? 2*4 F st, Washington, D. C . Dto- 2d. The Sanitary Commission has a oolleotion of wv>k * olreforenoe i>n Military Surgery fcud Arir.y Hyg.e: c. wluoh Milliard Surgeons at or near I w&enir.gi'>n are invited t > consult. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, de2-lm General Secretory. HEAD QUARTERS for Clothinr. Famuhing Goods. Hate and Cass, at No. 4?'J 7ih street. de 111m ( Rep > rjREAT A TTR ACTIONS.?G'and rush lor ' 7th it eot. to see the new g'oclc of Clothing, inst received at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th street, de 11 Im (Repj E|* VER YBODV GOFS TO ITH'S, No 460 J 7th s<reet, to eet their Clothing, h umi'hing (iuods. Hats and Caps. (Rep) dell-lm \TOW IS THE TIME To r?t yjur Winter 1^1 ri.ithin? at low prices at460 7;h stree'. dell 1 it (Rop > CO M E O NE AND a7,1 ., To he "people7* Clothing Store. No. 460 7tli itreet.sni rmt ronr hoods at aitouishluK !ow prise*. d*ll-tni (Rep.) L'OR SALE CHKAP.-A large portable r HORSE, suitable for Arm' and other e<_ purposes A. GOVER.3I8 Pennsil T ? T" vat?ia aveuu?. de 11 3t* MINCEMEAT! MINCE MEAT:: A fre?h snpp y of our Minoe M'at n w readf KINO A Ul'HCHKl.L. (1e 11 onrn.r Ifctl. .? ??.< V .. wt HWI ?%< OIIU Wl IllUUi a?i A-TTt NTION, SITTLERS. Of FiCERS AND SOI.K1KR8: A 'argestook ofCAMP STOVES, manufactured and for sale at S'il rennsylvania avenue, near Center Market. dell-tf H. J. GREGORY. C'ATAWBA t? R A Pfctf ! ' CATAWBA GRAPES!! Fresh Catawba Grapes in exoelient order and li'liniftni ? . v.- ? " tf ING"* BURCHELL, de 11 oorner l&th ?t. and Vermont av PLOVE*' O LOVES!! I* 1UST RECE1VED;#>n doien superior Woolen Gloves, warranted IfMlrom motli. Also, 'arge assortment of lluok Uauntlets, Gloves, Com orters, Wristlets, ko. JORDAN &. CO.. Agents, It* 3'2I Penn avenue. ae>- 7th st PRKaENFS FOR THK HOLIDA Vg ? LAMES WHS-LADIES' FURS ' f * ? - ? Jim opened, iroin New York, full euppl* of Lait's' ? urs in a'l their var ety. P ur i>? part merit up stair* Palate throuch the ,torft- H; H HTINKMETZ, 4-11 i_ l i ?"M? n??r oorner 13th at . delllm between Wnlar-s' and Kirkwood?, PROPOSALS WII.L BK RECEIVED BY the underaignad. at his office in FredvioS, Md? on Friday, the 13th of Decemr^r. ion . i<ir luruinnioK me plans and material*, and build ng a*: oroe, complete in every re?pect, four Brick Uvena of the mov approved pattern, to tie lieat-?d by wood, each large enough to t>ake(?y>) seven hundred and bfky ari.y rations of bread at 9ne baking. K G BKCKWITH. de 11 3t Captain 3d Aity. and A. O. 8. 486 PirilURE^RAME*. 486 A variety o! patterns and aizxa of Oval Pioture Frames from the best manufactory m the oonntry, fnsae Partouta, Piotuie Cord and Taasela, .Nails, Hints,Ao. . _ i ice Gold, Imitation Gold Band, Buff.Green and Blue H<'Ll. AN I) SHADKS. all sues, made to orler, :n the beat manner.eheap for oa?h, at JOHN MAKKRITKR'S, No. 49b bevtu h at ,* doora abive .1. II r*-" ' uviivv?? uuu r oiiuwi nt'U |MPORlANT TO MILITARY MKN : arm? R?*iiI??iob Hat*. MoClellsn Fatigue Cap*, ' Cna*;eiir(i?3e Pari# Cap*. *taff Cap# nude to ordtr. with appropriate de*"*' ? Bl H- ST.NKMETZ, U3b Pa. venue, near oorn*r lath at., Between Willard*' ana Kirkwood*' Hot-In !Lj~ A*enoy I?r U tten'B Cork <*ap Havelock. iuKljr rfoommended for 'lie u?e of our rank aud 5'e by Lieut Gen Winhtld flpntt. de 11-lm J ^ INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. PAPERHAN?INGS all Grades and Prioe* Gilt Hand, Btff. Green and Bine Ho.latdWm! i* Shades, all msee, made to order A b autifnl vane j of Ova Picture Frame*, from the be*t manufactory in 'hi oounfT Paase Partou'a. Ptoture Cord and Ta?? Is, dlf Tereut sizes si d ooiors, Piotcre Kingt, N&ii-x 4 c. Cheap for oaah Orders for Paperhangiofi or Window Shades ?nnotua)'? exeo ?ted, and tio mia* presentation Tl\de to n*ln? ? ? !' M JOHN MARKRITFR. No 456 fcevoiith it ,8 door? aliore dell-coSf (M<1 Fellow*' Ha l. IJlBCLIT FOR THE ARMY. _ _ Navt Depaitmbnt, ) Euttau. t>J Provnton* end C ol\xnt, > D ^ . Di -'iri-tt 4,1*81 \ Proposal*, era ad and endor*fd, 4Pr<>B0 a<s for HI anil 11 ?ri 1 Ka il .* Al /"V A . .1 um.vuii. wi i uu louctvcu ai inn uni^o UDili Id > olno* m., on Friday, the 13th day i.f Deo?rn er, natant, f.?r furumhu:* and >l*liverin* on board luch veatelsat nia? we d'jtigi.atd by thi* tiu nu, it tome o mvanien' whaf in the city <-f Haitim re, Miryla d. ONb MILLION FOUISDS OF B!8J11T. T"? Buou t to be m*/e wholly from ?wee* aoper6ns flour, of the mai ufa^ture ott'.e year '86', t<< be properly oak e?i, thorough y k'ln dned.waii p .akod, ind deuve-td at above, tree of charge to the United State*,one half the quartity to t>e in tight ?ri i?ki;y b rrela, and (he rein .iLirg half in sou^d wrll dried f -or barrel*, with head* wtll secured The Bikouit to b? delivered as fo.Iowa: Ten tti?uaai.d pounds pa.- day. oommenoing I'eoember pruiiauu " ouDiinaint QUIT OlliaiJ UO'pttd I m.til cue million pumas shall le deliveied. The lOLtr&otor to furnish storage with' ut oharge n- til the h'ucu't sli&n be required; but ?ot more than <q WO pounds to be accumulated *t a*y time The Buouit to pass the usual inspection, and to be paid tor b? the Nary Agrnt at Baltimore, Marjand.on presentation of properly authenticated fculs theralor. Two or more suretiec will be required in a sum ?qual to oue third the estimated amount of the > >ntra~t; and twe ty per centum will be w thheld !rom the simunt oi eaoti Mil presented until the wtrsot shall b< oompiered. dell f'LAZED WINDOW 8A9H L* FOR SALE To arrive p+t ohooner E Nirtertnn, 9 br la uid 9 by 12 Gax d Window Sash, dallvn able at Btltimoreor Wa?hlDgtun. App y to C A. WOOL) * CO. No 810 F, batwaen 14thand Iftth areata, Waahlniton. D. C. de 1>V1 w rOLD OOttNACWO Half-pipaa and one anarier-piae v?rf old Jocflao for tale at fif ran dollars j^er by da 10 >f 4T and 49 Liberty at., New York. Madame leontine blanchet, di fa. rib Will nira PRIVATE FRENCH LESSON*. -???? ? -? ' ? ?rr.# ... u- uwinwwu i or I'll ? itreet. Wa-hin|ton. da lo-lin* r?UCKWHE.\T, BUTTKB. L> CHE* SK FLOUR, ko. 0,000 )bt. Hmill's Extra Ballad Btokvlmt, SO k*i choioa Glade* Batter. OA tKix*? KuUtD l atum Cheate, 30 Conbsot i out Dilry " 2^?wt bbla oi.oio* brand# Familr,K*Uaao.l r*u|*r Gn? Flour, **> t>b'? Hi* Flour. a law, Baled Haj, d raw. Mill Fmm, oat* Co n, tnd t'orn Mm), oonatantii on hind and for >ala ow bf 1>. L MOEBISOSr* CO . ooru> ufTvrinhaail B itrMti, da)? a * per a>aal. LfcT ECEI VED A LOT OF THAT VEEV i iu(?riot OL^? camine.f. bjHANDY. it / l~ I ?I B AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. PublxtM t* to%rotmity wxtk tkt ?/ i/u 8?*t, f f r*if it, isn. Ai 5?*t?f)i Ffotpital, thorgttoWH, Dtz. iA l' 0 Infantry 14 8th Penn Volunteers. 2 ?d Maine Volunteers.. 1 I2'h do do 1

3d Vermont Volunteers I 26th do do 1 5th do do.... P 35th do do...... 1 PthMaasechusetaVol.. 1 36th do do 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 4'id do do 1 4th do do.. 1 45th do do...... 12 5th Connecticut Vol.. 4 52d do do 3 2d New York Vol (a) I 1st do Artillery... 5 3d do do.... ! 1st do Rifles ...... 1 13th do do.... 1 fd do Cavalry.... 1 l?th do do 16 1th do do 2 iUt do do (&) 1 5th do do...... 1 ?id do do,... 1 11th do do 4 *_ith do do.... I lit do Reserve.... 1 M do do.... 1 4th do do 1 52d do do.... 1 12th do do...(e) 1 5Tth do do.... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 S2d do do.... 1 4th do do 1 79th do de.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 2d New York Cavalry 3 5th do do ... 8 5th do do... 3 6th do do.... 11 Ut Penn Volunteer*.. 9 Excelsior Brigade.... X 4th do do 1 5th do do.????. * Tctel.la?.^..i...l3S *th do do 4 (a) One officer. (ft) One oBc?. (t) One officer At General Hospital, Union H?t*l, tomtr Bridge and Washington struts, Gtorgttown, Dec 6. 14thNewYorkVol.... 3 SthVermontVolunteera 1 1-th lin <tn ? ith B h/wria t*lan<4 Vnl 1 letta do do 1 5th New Jeraey Vol... 9 19th do do 3 8th do do.... 1 J\!d do do 1 1st Michigan Vol..... 1 33d do do 2 2d do do ? 35th do do 1 3d do do 2 43d do do 4 4th do do 2 41th do do 2'2d Wisconsin do 1 50th do do 3 6th do do 1 ,VM do do 1 tat Minnesota do 1 79th do do 8 1st California do,..... 2 ?flth do do...... 1 lat Excelsior Brigade. 3 2d Penn Volunteers . 1 3d do do.... T 4th do do 1 lat Maryland Vol 1 6th do do 1 lat Indiana Rifles 1 tth do do...... 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. 2 8th do do 1 2d Fenn. Cavalry .... 1 12th do do...... l :id do do 1 23d do do 1 Sih do do 1 26th do do 1 7tb NewJeraeyCavalrv 1 27th do do 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 2 30th do do 1 2d U.8. Artillery 1 45th do do 3 4th do do 1 44th do do 2 5th do do 1 104thdo do 1 1 at New Jersey Art... 2 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 Mott'a Battery 1 3d New Ham pah Ire Vol 2 Smith'* Battery 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 3d do do.... 3 Total HQ At Hospual at Columbian ColUgi, Washington, Dtc 6 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 3 9th NewJeraey Vol.... 1 5th do do 1 7th do do.... 1 9th do do...... 1 6th do do.... 1 11th do do 2 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st do Cavalry 4 3d do do.... 1 4th do do 1 5th do do.... 4 Harlan'* Cavalry 1 inn iTiM?ttccu?eu?v 01 1 ucromtni ninn l 14tb do do. 1 lit Pcnn Volunteers.. 3 Rhode Island Battery. 3 3d do do 12 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 4th do do 1 1st New York Cavalry . 1 8th do do 2 7th do do.... 1 j 11th do do 1 ?th do do.... 6 12th do do 1 Harris Cavalry 2 13th do do 1 22d New York Vol 1 23d do do 2 25th do do...... 1 27th do do 3 33d do do 1 31st da do I 3rith do d<> 1 52d do do 19 37th do do 3 96th do do 2 41th do do 4 1st Michigan Cavalry. I 51th do do 2 2d do Vol 10 77th do do 2 3d do do ft 79th do do 1 4th do do Anderson Zouaves.... 1 6th do do...(a) 5 1st Kvr*lftinr RriasMn 3 St/vHAn4 Mlrh Vnl *1 2d do <fo.... 1i 1st Minnesota Vol 1 De Kalb N. Y Vol ... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... i Lincoln Cavalry 1 7th do do.... 1 Oneida N Y Cavalry. 3 eth Illinois Cavalry... 1 McClt-Uan's Dragoons. 1 1st D C. Volunteers.. 3 Cameron Dragoons... *2 1st California Vol 2 1st New Jettey Cavalry 3 2d do Vol.... 1 Total,. 163 3d do do.... 1 (a) One ofllcer. At (rtntral Hospital, (Ctrcl*,) Washington, Dee 6 * .Meaicai ?tan %i\ lotto u. 8. Infantry.... 4 Engineers 1 1st D C Volunteer*.. 1 lstlJ S. Caralry 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 Jd do do 3 7th Maine Volunteeri. 1 4th do do 'J id P<*nn Volunteer* . 3 5th do do 2 5th do do...... 1 ftth do do 5 ftith do do 1 l*t do Artillery.... 1 3-id do do 1 id do do 1 5ih New York Vol... 1 3d do do 2 24th do do.... * riL J. J. n ??i " ??iu uu uo, ziiim QO ao. *3 !?t do Infantry 2;59th do do.... 1 2d do do 5 61st do do.... 2 3d do do 2 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 6th do do 4 Sth N. Hampshire Vol 9 7th do do 1 C^uartermaiter'a Dep't 1 8th do do 4 ? 9th do do../ 1 Total 73 At FiftK District Srkool House Hospital, Branch of General Hospital on E street, Dec. 6. 3d Michigan Vol..... 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* l in iveiuucay uavairy. i 12m Pennsylvania Vol. 1 291b New York Vol... 1 23d do do.. 1 ?th Maaaachuaetts Vol. 1 50th do do.. 1 10th do do.. 1 8th Michigan Vol.... 1 lat Kxcelslor Brigade. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (unat). 1 2d U. 9. Cavalry 1 101th Pennsylvania Vol 4 4th Penn. Cavalrv.... 1 ? 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Total 10 Suk remaining <? ike Hospital /or Eruptive Diuartt, at Kaloratna, Dec 6 2d U 8. Infantry 1 lat Penn Artillery ... 2 :id do Artillery 1 lat do Volunteera. 1 6th do Cavalry 2 8th do do 1 ?h do do 3 5th do do 1 Engineer Corps I 36 h do do 1 2d Maine Volunteera.. 2 45th do do 5 Tth do do 6 53d do do 8 llth do do...... 1 85th do do 1 2d Vermont do 1 104thdo do 3 lat New York Artillery 7 l?t Michigan Cavalry . 4 2d do Canlrf 22|34 do Vol 1 Mb do do ...28 Stockton's Mich. Vol. I 56th New York Vol... I 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 57th do do... '2 19th Indiana Vol 3 fil?t do do.... 3 1st do Cavalry.. 1 77th do do.... 1 ? Kordan Sharpshooters 1 Total 116 At Indiana Hospital (Patent Ojfic*), Washington, D. C., D*t <T 19th Indiana Vol ..(?)67 4th Rbcde Island Vol. 1 10th do do 4 Uth Maine Volunteers 1 1st do Cavalry.. 6 1st Mlcblgsn Cavslrv. 7 3d do do 1 36th P*nn VnlnnUcn # IstN.Y Art.,fcmp B. 2 63d do do 12 2d New York Artillery 1 ? 7th do Cavalry. 3 Total.... 110 BerdanSharpe'rs ..(6) 3 (a) One officer (6) One officer. At Qtntral Hospital, Altxandria} Dtt 6 3d Maine Volunteers. 7 75Kh New York Vol... 9 4tb do do 5 Fire Zouaves 2 Mb do do...... 4 Lincoln Cavalry...... 1 l?t Massachusetts Art . 1 Cameron Rlfloa ? 2d do Vol.3311st NewJersey Vol.... 1 12th do do..l3pth do do.... 6 id Vermont Volunteer* 1 11th Penn Cavalry ...18 5th do do 91 26th do Vol 1 lit Rhode Island Art.. 1 39th do do S Mb Connecticut Vol ..15 30ih do do...... 4 1st New York Ctnlry 1 M do do U yiO mw I Of K vol... B|J31 <10 do...... 1 15th do do.... 1;46th do do .... % 16th do do.... 17 46th do do 6 17th do do.... 8 47th do do 1 18th do do.... 4 Olit do do 9 lUth do do.... 9 Wth do do 1 '251h do do.... 3 90th do do 8 96th do do.... 5 27th Indiana Vol 25 2?th do do....10 3d Wiaoonala Vol....11 2i*ih do do 12 2d Michigan Vol 11 31at do do.... 4 3d do do 6 3*Jd do do....II 3th do do f OwtV J- -?- - " >fuM? uu no. ... / isi monttoti vol..... 1 40th do do.... 6 4U> C 8 Infantry.... 5 6l?t do do.... 1 id do Artillery.... 1 65: h do do.... 1 69th do do X Tot*l 336 IET Washington pa pen please oopv and sand blfia to the W ar Department. dec 11?3t - - .., -. 'gpROPOPALS PUR FRESH BEEP. Hr WaacineToit AisiNil, 10th Deo , 1*31 Sialeii P?? rot*Li, to b* endorsed "Proaoeala for Kreati Beef" v It be received at tht? Ar*<m?l m.#il in m ? 1 * * ...Hiiva IH.UI U|?<VUI IMIklll, lor UM (Off IT Of Kima Beof fur 12 mouths from tho M Jinnirr, IMS. 1 ho Boof to bo of good tad vboleoomo oualltr. <n*ok? ?uJ atiiaka osol?doda)la such ?iutlt<N m mftj bo from tuno to Umm r^air'd. not *soo*diuf fi?o UmM in f*oh wook.oa aoohaiya m shall bo draifnatod by the Ac tin* A??iat0J?t Coa.misstry of Bobsistonoo; tfcs BtSf to bo dollTf roait tho A room. The oontrmot will bo ifitdod to Uo lowoot ro sponsi Is Uddor. who wi l bo roqoirod to tiv the asual bonds w.ih?n tbroo .!*? J M. WHjTTBMOEE, do to lit Lt. Ord. A. A. CTlB. UTTER : BUTTER >* m-~ bUTTKIX! Oo*h** tntu'' J-,t r???T?d knd .a K t* mlm R-JUBTlNfiS * t).. OFFICIAL. * Tuiici! Diriirinr. | NoTMbw an, twit fiotict it ktrtky firm of Um rttdiBMi ?f Uua Drptrtnent to redeem tfce Traaaary ootM anUor ited by the *?t of Conjreee ftpfrored mk Dnmi hW( ifl8n The iatereet oa raeh Trr Mary note* will *hm ob the irrt day of Feb'oary Kit, by the term* ot Ika >)>? ? P millT ?|V ?VV?V ? ? f Secretary of the Trm^iry. aoaoaawaw (Intel,) ASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOCIATION COURSE FOR lSSl-'?il. AT TBI HALL 09 . , 17/JT SMITHS'dMAX INSTITUTION. Desiring to aid ta placing the oomauity of whioh they form a part on a higher plane in renrd i? i>i(?rM?re. uoytiiy ?nu Liberty, on* Mnorea eitisansof V\ Mhirgton h%re nnited in an organ i xation to b? k nown m the ' Waehinf ton Lwtiri Association." with tb? preerat attics of a ooare* of lectures. by men who hare earned a reeataUor for the highest on It ore and the rnoet earaaat aatriotiam. Theae ireturea have no narrow or xo'saiv* par ?oa*, but there will be invited aad velonve to the piatfonn Kepreaentative Jien, wtdel* diflertai it mar be, m new* of polioy-the Aaaooiation only maiatinc uUk they ih&ll harmonise la a oommw loratty. To thia end the foUowinr dietinf niahed gentlamen have been invited to partioipate m the ooarae, and a large namber hive aooepted Han. Edward C'trtu, Hod D I. Dicki&*o<i, Bayard Tarter, Koq Jofln B Oosp, Hoc Jn*?ph Holt, Proa Aadanou, Sacaaattr, Hon. Hor*co Groolty, Wtcdoll Phillip*, Oreatat A Browuaou, LL D )ibci Raoatl! LwiU, R?? Hinrj W Bttcbar, Rn Oiwff B Cktiru, Oliver W cndtll Hotmoa, Goo. Willwa Caruo. Prtiidem Ftltoo, Harvard. Ralph W Erotrtoc The leotoree will be delivered it the Hfcll of the Snitaaomen Institution, whioh bM bees kind'? grsatoa for ths purpose. THE ri*?T LICtCRE. The firet lecture wi'. bs by the eminent Ceth'lie sholer. Mr Be w.iton.on FR1DA V EVENING next, tie lsth int . J a CI OF T1CKITS m ttinf ledy end f entlemfto.fS.00 " " " one tentl^men J00 It l? 4? . ? ? ?* uup iwij.. - . . I 4"V Theae ticket* are fbr a&le at Praaok T?y or'i. Shepherd's, And- rion'i a?d Book lv>rea, and at Wi ard?'and tee National Hotel a JOHN PlEkPOftT, fraai lent. W A. Croffct, Seoretary. Waehirgton. PfC 7. tCSi. d? 10 tf JU8T PUBLISHED BT J. B. LIPPIJVCOTT Ac CO., Philadelphia T _ m raaUL.BUU'9 BURuKRY OF THb CRIMEAN W A K tk4 Suffer* of ik* War ta 1K1 Crtm?, with Remark* on tne" Treatment 01 Ganshot Wound ?. By Goorce H B. Maeieod, M. p., F. R. C. 8., i*urgeon t<> thfl 6ea r*l Hospital fn Camp hffore tfetustojcl Lecturer on Military Margery in Anderson's University, Glasgow, eto., etc. One vol. ttmo. 91 SO. 11 COOKE'S* NEW UNITED STATES CAVALRY TACTICS. Cavalty Tmttitti or Regn'ationafor the Inetruo tion. Korma'ion* and Movement* of the Carairy of the Army and \ olanteera of 'he United Stat**. Br Philip St. George Cooke, Frig Gen. U. 8. A. Authorised ard Adopted Bt tui finitiit or Wtt. November la?, 1881. 2 Tola, fl.yi. nr EVOI.UtlONS Of THE LINE. Th' Pteid Mtnnrtl of Evclutions e/ ?*? Line, arranged in tabular orm, lor the n*e < f ofioera of the U. b Icfantrt, being a quel to the authorised U. 8 Infantry Tactioa Tran?:at-d with adaptation f? Q Bar?<^ ftk. U-a? L - vvr ?UV V W? cwi TIW^I IM'IU iur IMbTFl K* rVLOU B'i my* ntie?. Bt Capt. Henry Coppee, late InstuoW in the United State* Military Academy. at West Point. 1 to! snot*. ivT NEW ORDNANCE MANUAL. The Ordnanti Minna!, for the nee of the ofteera ofthe Army and other*. Prepared ender the di'e^Hon of the war Department Third Edition Revised. One vol. Demi 8"o, folly illiutrated, with en ( raving a on steel. > 90 OKT*AftCK DirnTMIRT. ( Washington- Nov Hon. S. Cameron, Secretary of War It la rtepectfofly ieoomin?nded that the Revised Edition oftheOi9MM M&nusl be published for the ace of the Army. William Mah^tim, It Col. of Ordna&ae in ehftrge of Bureta. AHrorw Notr.l.lWI. I ho*. A- Pcott, Aotinc Secretary of War. fH7~ For Ml* by the Booksellers rer.er*Uy, or wni be ?ent post-p? id on receipt of the prioe bv the publishers. J. B. T.IPPINCOTT A; CO.. de KMt Publishers, Phi adelphl*. KAKHKL8 FRE?H KGG*. "W Jo?t?rri*ed. For Ml* lowJONES * CO . corner Eignth and 0 itreeU. 5nnn bushels splendid potatoes, ,111111 For tale. JONES tt CO. oorver Ei*hth and D ?tre?ta. CAA BARRELS APPLES. In fine order, at low prioe Jones a. go , eorner Ei*ntn and D street?, inn BARRELS SWEET POTATOES. 1UU From New j?r.?T JONES ft. CO, oorner Eicbth and D street*. ion BOXES CHEESE, 12U At New York tnoe. _ lOMttf k on oorner Eighth ar.d D atreeta. Oranges.cocoanuts and walnuts at JON EH A CO . oorner Eif t.tn and D itreeta. inn barrels of that genuine 1UU cider. juat arrived at JONES A CO.. oorn?r Eighth and O atreeta. Ojm BARRELS CONNECTICUT ONIONS, at JONES A CO.. de )Q-8t* oorner Eighth and D itreeta. PERSONS IN BLACK Will find our etook of Mourning Good a fall, ample, and at moat moderate rat*a throughout the entire year One priee 01 >?. marked in plain figure* Carpeta, Oilolotha. Cirtaina. Ao., upper floors. PERRY A BRO., de?-5t Pa- avenue and Ninth at One pnoe only, marked in plain figure*. An inspection of stook lnourt no obligation to purch%?e f )i!nlotha. PftxnAta. CHrtaina JL * imaAv r-._, pgjJ-JYlTBRO.,de 9-St Pa. avenue and Ninth St. QFF1CIAL NOTICE. QlAlTIlMtlTIl GlffKBAL's OFTIC*, I Wa.<4i**ioi? Cud. December Mb, iNl.\ Tne following Resolution bai bMo adopted by the House of Representatives of the United States, vis : tUtoletd, "That the Peeretary of War be rejected to ftrninh to this Home copies of all contract* made by the Quartermasters IVpartment, for feeding disabled h <rses during the winters?to state the terms of these oont acts, the names 01 the contractors. and the Lumber of horses given oat*? and whether Ilom ooutracu ware made apoa pao l>e notice.' Alt officers and agents of the Quartermaster's THpartment, are instmoud to send o the Suar ermaster General immediately upon seeing is no.iee, o pses of al. oonirao s. at d a I information embraoed withia tne terms of tfee Rseo atioa. 31 MMUD< de3 lot (Intel A Rep ? Quartermaster Gan'l. Benjamin d* wolff. No. *94 Pbsn. Avian, .Ev Adjoining the Naiiuui Hotel. r7|| D C, mSm KMNflOBitoaUfOD hand aftn? Maortmea' ? GOJUJkANJ> SILVER WATCHF.-. GOLD C?^klN8t JEWELt>Y,PILV,-R WARE. CUTLER Y SPKrTACLilfi. OPERA AND FIELD GLASSES, ttr, #c N. B Rrpai'int dor* by K. C. Rich ABB, late f'om *o, 1020 ChratBut at ert, Phil* a phi*, a nkilful workman is Chroaomatera, ftaa Wi tua, ta da T y U N BOATS Qmmnmmmntr QmtraTi Mil. { WmItonw niy.7?lvTli ipj Plum am SraomcATioii* for halla of #an bo?u tor the w Mtern rivora aro on exhibition u It:; pfiioo, ud at ofloai of Qaartonaaatora at pitta ours. Cincinnati, St. Louia and Alton. Boata to do dofirorod at Cairo. Bida ahoald bo aoot to Qaartormaotor Gonoral of tho Uaitod btataa Army, at WMhlngton, by lrt Ay oat, at pooc. |t It Brit. ftial and (jurtarmiaitw fiwM. Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAmj^YB^ER EXPRESS la dow prap?r?t to foriuah Rtdtiruti, BoUla, nasi ^sfa? jfria<rs#5ik id. o*iii ot ail a in. Tha Oy at*r? uriH <M>y ftaah from tl>? vaUra of tk( Cwi?p?k? Bay, aid ?rj.ot lha boat ?uaity The oomMUT urritaa Um p**roH|l of tJw 4?al ra and tna pab'.o ta ftatrkl, a ad |?iru(Mat prompt attain on to lUwim. Offio??4? MarketSpaoc, (Antii Bo?n,I botVMD 7th and ?th aU no ?Mm IggygM G?"u"'8J2ByiBro"! For BradiM Mum; to fiarnuj and ail fart of tfc* IB Miun^inci, Bum 9t tit&arm? f?u. toC-l? SADDLE HORSES FOR PALE.-A lot of v*ry a*e for a^ at 3oT#J, jl* W JKJfiSS .. Bi(? ttrert., mu Um oaaal. tUtcni 1^.1 own. ku b*#b itfitml, ud m In outtbf iov besooommo1%u4 with M uifo tibltiuU riiTtn rooms. Qtsa. Piik, 0|iun,u4tkt k?9 R3-VSffi^u%S .^.f*kTa *?T im A. KODIKw, Pro?r>*or. XHE \Vt a k?o? ?<^rMiurtal of t?o? I line, (one r? i ?rkab)? f t iu excellent g. gsg^g' AUCTION SALES. By j. o. McOULRe, k co.ixttMNn. ^ Tei'btkf/s sale or lab?b and val SSfi^ amaSS- r# ts tsd\ jikj? ?>*?* " Eb?3 ** Wr* * Mfkt-tvo ? S^^sussrss fimta d?l''tfcwfcd> ^ llfoC^VtffefA CoTAiirU. ' fr.JUJ A "AliNAKy^AICVomti. VERY JJ I YLJSH SADDLE AND EX^EL LSjrr WoaiBoinATAvwioi -Oa iHUl>. DAY lfORMN4?7?iu i?rt St.ft* in oVook, ? will mU iajroct of IH? Aao'x Xo ni,n?ri tyiiah Hay Bor?, with loiif tail tad mu? n.5 ?< axMllMt wofkftr. Term* ouh. d?K-d WALL* BARNARD A?cf. Br WALL A HARTASO AaotionMn. Cmff Fa. ?w. rnmd MA $trm\ CHRISTMAS TOYS. FIRE WORRS. C&ac* nt m TonricoM, riper Ooon ArH*t Arc no*-<>n KH IDA Y MoKNING. 1SU ir?t. W? will ff ftt tk? A not oi Kooiri, a Mock of CfcrufnM Toys. 11 lota to aait d??ier?? flreworka,C a>ksr? Tor?sCcx?, I-oils,Toyt Fancy Mil'lsary, ?*oo??. P?*d Eras as. C?psa, G ovts, Ac. d?10?T WALlt BAHNAIP, Airn By WALL A BARNARD, Asoboncsra. Conur Fa. in mmd >iali iirwi /CONTINUATION 8ALE OF AN ELEGANT Vy Assoktmkht or Lasisa' asz> Erst, v lbiok R<?ts, Ac., Ac. at arctlos ? ??toc ja?t rseeiTod another larfs loch, vt will soatiras the Mis st oar ?n? SalsaroomJaalba ths Bar r>f oar Anst'on KcomiAt 0 o'c'ock. THURRAY MORNING, ltth Inarant The stock rompri*M * Isrgs sad ?oj?*b *s*nrtmst>t of adisa'ae* Kntlamso'a Form, sad B eijh Rnbaa, Ae , lroaa s lsrgsst importer ar.d marafaotarer la Nsv York, made ua oppseially lor tha present asaaor, of tha latest at Mas, a'd w* ran tod frrs from suth, and trasto cam* We nam*Uudioo Bay. fiM?.Cioaks.Casas.aad Vistorinaa. Caff', an<l Mcff , Vink and Fit"h Do do do Frminir* Do do do Enniao for Caiidren, _ .. . _ French Mink. Freuoh ??bJo, Eitot M;ak, C>>ia T?iiraa. Cnff*, and Moff*. Pib*r1an !*^etrr?l Do do _ Par. M. Bm^. ??d other Gkovoe, Gaunt.oia, Cap*.and Mufflee, Fancy r^nittdand Mouth Eobee, Lined and I'd liLOd Buffalo Robae.lke., *0. Th? stock will to on exhibition ??? \N rdnreday and the pab 10 genera*? are umtod. T^nn oath. de? WALLA BARN A ED, Aeota. Bt J. C. MoGUIRK ft CO., Aootioneera. SMALL AND DF.8IRABLE BRICK DWELK5 lino novas a!?t> Lot at Pratic Sal a.?On THURSDAY AtTKRMiON. D^enit er the 1JU. at4 o\>Io?>k.op Ibe ihtlj sell fart of livi iiu. i. in ^urxn, irogdck on .iiiiwnmhh avenue, bMVMn 4th BLd 6th streets ?Nt, renntng through to H street, together with the imp-ovemei U, oonslsticg of a d?w and well bant Brick Dwelling house oontaini?( six mom-. Thta ia ? rery oom'ortabl* and wall arranged bote*, and In ft deeirabie eitaatioa for pnrmte reeidenoe. Title perfect Termi: One-third oash; the residu* in 6 fto<! 12 month*, with interest, secured t y ft deed in trast on the premieee _de? J. C. McGUIRE * CO, Aaete._ Bf J. C. M"OVIRE k CO., Aeeuonaers. Peremptory sale of a very valuable cenbb lot rb4e tib k a1lboad da mt-nnTHUESDAY, ?he 17th of Deoember at S o'olook, ve will eell to the htgbeit bidder on 'he premise* fftrt erf Lot No. 4 in t*qaare No. Wt. beginning at the northwest oorner of raid Mua^e and ranning thenoe southward y with the tin-of New Jersey avenoe 40 feet; thenoe eae'erly l?w feet to a point distant :7 feet aou'herly frriti the eoots |re of north K street, thenoe northwardly to ? aid hae of K street, interseotire the same at th*distaaoe of 100 feet east from the said northwest eorner of aai4 square.and thenoe wsst with said line of aaid e street to the aoint of becincinc. The above property it aitna'ed at tta oorser of New Jersey ivnci and K n'raet. and it b'hered to be the beet baaineet loea'i?a n?ar the Depot Terma One-toird oash; the remainder iae and It month*, for notes bearing interest from the day of aal>, >eou red by a deed oftratt on tbepremire* de*-dAda J C. MoGUIEK A CU .Aoota. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE PERSON aL E*tat* ?By virtae of an order of tbe Orphans' Court of Prtoee Georre'a oonnty the aah oriber, aa hxecattrr. will aell atpablie aaJe, at the IfttA r?ai(l?nAf* nf Mrfl Mirv Hall. in Queen Ann? Diatri et, on THURSDAY, 12th December. 1861, part of the Perioul Liut? of Mid dtoMMd, oonaiating of? A number of Work Hor??? and Male*, Woik Oxen. Cowa and ToitcCaula. A fine p*n of Pork(80we and ghoab,) Horee Power and Thraeher. Waconaand Ox Carta, J wo Carriage* and one pair of Carriage Horeee, artnirj lirpleirenta of all kirda, Crop of Corn (if not previoualy ao d.) Hm and Provender of all kinda, Ac , ko , ko. Terma of aaJe: For all eoma of ai.d under #*i, oaah : and for auma above that atnoant. aoeeeuxi draft ton Baltimore at 6 months, intereat added, wilt* re*air?d. fT~T* 0*1* to oo mm en o# at 11 o'aloek a. m WILLIAM B HILL, de 6 2awu Executor of Mra. Mary Mali T~ O FAMILIES AND 8UTLKEs!/^N The anderaigaed reapeotfally m- 1A f aJ form^ the eitixena of Wa*hin?ton and the transient public that ther hare oonat?ntlj on h*cd a large aaaortr?ect of OYSTERS of the very beet quality, aiao keep* a large quantity of Cnoioe Kiokled Oyatera. Oar aoa ideo Orttera oan't be be?t, done np in flratoaaa a'yle. Give ua a oall. We feel ktiafiAH thfti von will lift 1 ?rhin H W IIA VK ACQ, oorner of l?th and E streets. bot27 im* ?CHOFIELI>'8 HIRING, LIVER ?^8iUUEANI> EXCHANGE No*. 9K) ud 390 ? ami HUi'itiKi, eoath of ? . W illard's Hotel. GMtlemw wishing IA hire t neat and stylish turnout oati be supplied wuh a team of amy ? sonpbon. id a st?le of rara EXCELLENCE. The best care baste wed on Livery horses. Saddle horses, suitable tor amy ofioers, aJvaya on hand. ry>liw* FSRSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES for Photographs of all sues, Gilt or Rosewood, oan be rsppiird hy JOHN WAGNER, next doer to his old establishment, Uii Pa. amor. N B. Looking glass plates inserted in old frames, no 27-lm FURS! FURS!! FUR S!!! MINK SABLE. H $!?TER MINK, FRENCH SABLE. In rHt wiaty, ?*?<1 ?t do lm SEYMOUR'S. O?org?lovm. IN 8TORE. AND FOR SALE CBEAF FOR CA!?HA nrtf> BRlra R1 n? Rn?1 fir?t i',OM [>< u'h.e and S*iDf e fcc ?77VV.~ 1jOOO Lined aid U aimed Robea, Bockiej'i Patent Cane seat ArotT Chair*. the beet ounp cbau in dm. Savor a and Shryook'a Camp Cola, atr ud Huik Mattreeeee ot alienee. eaiher. Hair and Kxoeleior Piliowe, ke . i?. J AS C McGl'IRK * CO.. do 6 3w oorn- r Tenth et and Pa. avenve 1ANQ8! P1AWQ?!I riANOtti: ? A number of mv Y (Vi PUNOf BH reoe T?d ?**w>rda? trM the oeiebraud "I lT? laotory of Wm Kr.at>e k Co.. amoni then a rf handsome oarved Piuo, which obtained the bif fceet premium from the late BalUmore Exhibition, and wiioh 1 offer for eale (a* a iae New Yaare MMMtl on itaoaMMliH laiai. ud at mmm to Skit tfi? tlBM. TO RENT?I will have NTtrtl PikBMtl?>;i on hand, tboitk I m ?nabU iut we?k to ntti OBMof } e?itom*rt. AmtUori ?r? icviW to (IMIM. F. C.EETCHKNBACH. BOYtt In. No ?9I 11th BtrMt. COMETH IN 6 NEW?SUPERIOR HULLED KJ CUAA.-TH ntMrtMr,ktni( ?ot tk* fmoy to nwplj Wnklifton tod Goorirtovn with tkia deuoito mfM%uoc ofToni. mM rMfMtfWlTr III Of kit fnendi. lad Um poble it lire*, to ?wr* Pi. imu. nth ud ifth ?t*. N. B.?Mknnfioturpr of Mmi.m, MomnwU, Tib.e Toys. Ao. A lire* uaurunect i Tifi OB laM. o? 1? >WI cheese: CHEE&b jaati???r K. B HA8Ti>#7? A CO . >#s l)?t.. UotAt Pa. tniat. no Jfr-tf Ptulfcinioiuc B*w?nci ExT?NBlVK?iiSJr^it?pL2S,|e?' aad Cktl armra Ho>xla, Bon'*** Coou, Cloaks, ft.ooroo, Kp&rofa[Z^%UpSSn!^m\ 4.n .wttltxumiii'imp ud?t om >rio? ! ?o ?P?? sCBLAlfcH ? CO. IK75 ^JSBBiS%3^3& cutnbit ?ruo of bo " aul of ftw will bo offoroa it f woe JOHN E. PUDNKY. 114 Pk.?w^luk *?>??. do 4 tf or m i> ? btwooo ?* l?-U ? CAUTION TO Tl* PUBLIC. d?ty llfHlUoti, (f^ to AdriM ?mMMTI MM M'Mimri U< imy i* SiasteJs: R^w,'.v'Rn*^Sir"*' NM?rt.Mo?l ACMi M'lOHnti Ar?W * < v ,or V?' !U? la* tad tLiCuwUi M?w * ?rk, MttabtUUil. HANCfl * 90+4 w. hM fctuui /T to?krTCS2*.-.,4 u~,