12 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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fjH? mfmiNM MMM rWL&HbJJ xvbtii AJ- fbsiNoorr, 1 r (SL > DAY SACKPTK9J AT THK IUHMM, .... fiwwW*^? w*ew ffWaeat* tt. """" ?T w. L>. WALLAOH. ftaefs 'MI"nad lB packages by carriers il Ml m. ? n cents Per month. To mall snbccrlbers ^irU* ? ? ***' * ?i far *a ^atbs; > tr' tbm' ino(>(^'I ?n4 for lesa (Ui ?caUn at the rale of U oents a week Bln?if cop!oni cbkt, la wrapper*, two cum V-j. AsritTiitnTn should be ant to Ike f#,.f before 11 o'clock m ; otherwise tfcey my tppeer a*?I tbe nett dav LATER FROM DDL?I To-day. we continue culling from latest Scuthara papers that have fallen into onr fctn4? M follow!: Th< N ."folk Day Book of tha 6th inatant, mmalsir* bitterly of the treatment of the T[',y? of Virginia by the authorltiea. It al{Lea that thev hare sacrificed everything for ^' sod now And themselves oat in the Wl to make room for beardleea boys whose "l- recommendation for the position they ^ ary '? monled influence;" those beardless k0Ti'betsg appointed to naval offices in preference to them That however ia the tendency of oligarchic institutions go the Friday before the Si instant Gen? ^ee and Lawton were at Fort Puiaaki in connltation Cspt Boatelle. of the U. 3 Coast Survey etches thurder from the Day Book fur pilot* ja* the U S. vessels of war through the in- j 1,2-1 ?*rers of South Carolina, after having (as that journal alleges) hob-nobbed for years is*, with the Lordaof tha Manor thereabout, wi:h hia legs under their mahogany. j U?b. Price?odoriferous Starling Price?has beet! ci^p'imeo^d with a Confederate Conroto cf thanks for his military exploits ta iii^url. Tie Presbyterian General Assembly (Southerr', assembled at Augusta. Ga , on the 4th ins' . R' T Fraacis MeFarland, Moderator. j A Charleston correspondent of the Rlehnooi Dispatch abuses Commander Stedour of ih > navy at a great rate for a traitor to gia;b Carolina?the state of his birth. That i aU a matter of course. Another correspondent of the aame journal inveigh* earnestly against the change that has taken place in the habita of Georgian* and ,,;her far Southerners in Virginia, who are there a* military officers, clergymen and other temperance men vieing with veteran topers in etuuming red eye warranted to kill at forty reds ** A Centreville correspondent of the Dispatch writes on the 34th that it waa then evident that Gen McClellan bad abandoned all idea of a forward movement. We shall see 4>vat e vill see " Messrs. Fittgerald, Beaver and Mitchell, of Green county, and Wm. Molliuez, of Sallivan county?Union men of Beat Tenneaaee?have been arrested for treason to Seceeh; also Andrew Knott, a justice of tha peaee ia the oounty ia which Kooxville ia situated, and Senator Pickens. They are all in jail. The alleged Union bridge-burners are to be sent from Ten- 1 eBsee to Richmond?to ha hi~ng. drawn and quartered there, we presume A Urge number of Union men lately in arms ia Carter oounty, Tenn., are alleged to have surrendered their weapon? and taken the oath of allegiance to Secosb. The alleged bridgebun ar> in that aeetion of the State are said to hava escaped their pursuers.into the mountains. It is complained that the Union men remain in arms on the upper border of tha Buffalo, In the Limestone Cfove and Crab Orehard. in Carer county, and in the Oreasy Cove, nearer Euoxvilie. The following person* are believed to have been elected to the rebel Congress from Texas. Viz ?Wilcox, from the first district, (him who was once a shallow member of the U, 8 House of Kef reparatives from Mississippi;) Peter V. Or*-! in the third, Soxtoa. in the fourth, and * right. in the sixth district. G Lublock an J L'.tut. (j >v Crockett were insuzirated at Austin. Texas, on the 7th November The fr pie of Fannin county. Texas, are aliened t > be tanning leather, perfecting it in three days, by a newly disco v a red process We bav<- heard of leather made in three or lour days before?but such leather! The Liipmen of the 4:h inst. proclaims that the Intimation that Mason and SlideU will be hung in retaliation for the hanging of Colonels C ??weli and Coreoran, in caae aoy of their prtvateersmen are hung by the U. 8. authorHies will have no weirht whatever in preventing the execution of cut two Colonels It alls that however much the Confederate authorities may feel for Mason and Slidell, it w.ll not permit their lives to stand in the way ?f its proposed retaliatory policy. In the Virginia Senate the following officers were elected on the 3d inst. Vis :?Shelton F. Davis, C'.erk; John A Jordan, Sergeant-atAna? Thomas P Chisman, First Doorkeeper. ? H. Taliaferro, Second Doorkeeper, and Jaa. ? Goode, Printer. i The city councils of Richmond have petitioned the Legislature to legalise their iwue of *hinplasters. A select committee of the House of Delef;a'*s have been appointed to "inquire what egislation is necessary in view of the extortionate prices charged for articles of pure hece?*;y?always the last expedient in such ea?e.* to bola'er up a worthless currency depreciating in proportion as the public come te real ne its utter worthtes.'neas Tt.e reac'ory Reds in Virginia, it seems are s <m?*bat abead of the reds ia the Congress of the U S Thus, on the night of tho 2d met., the state Convention abolished the Sapreme Court of the State, sabatituting two supreme courts in its stead. The Confeda recently sant a Georgia regiment, under Msior Leadbetter, into Carter county, Tenn , after the Union men in arms there; who are said to have disbanded and ejciped to the mountains. Col. Meyer Jaeobs som? years since Surveyor of the port of Charleston. 8. C., and R, ,bt. Marvin, a leading cititen of Knoxville, leua , ?re dead Hoa. Gef^rge ?. Badger, has introduced in'o the North Caroline State Convention a law to punish speculators in salt. Trying to keep down prices by such legislation, is simply trying to k>?ep thair shiupla?ters up to a fictitious vilue. The relative supply of and demand fur nereftsariee will always regulate their market price, we care not what special legislation to that end may be resorted to. An insurreetiou was reported (on the 4th) in Richmond, in the northern portion of Wwhiagtoa county, Tenn It was reported iu Richmond on the 4th instant that Col. Henry Heth, of Floyd's Brigale, wa?at once to be made a Confed Major G uoral, and be sent to supercede Sterling Price in the Tatter's command in Missouri R. H Slough has been elected Mayor of Mobile, Ala, by a tight squaese. A very valaable cargo of eoflbe is alleged to have very reoeaUy ran the bloekade, Into the harbor of faraaadina, Fla. A boat tviss a week they get almoet positive news la Richmond of an ad ranee of the army of the Potomac upon their lines at Cantreville. The rebel ordnance bureau offers 40 cents per lb for saltpetre Gen. A. Sidney Johnson latimates to the Richmond Government that the ooatemplated move of the Union army afalost Columbus, Ky , Is oalv a feint, the real contemplated movement oeing against Bowling Green in his judgment. On the 2d, it was telegraphed from Mobile that the water c- tnmuMicstioD between thar city and New Orleans, waa again saspoodod tl'aioa crwisere about, hey') The I'nion eruiaers thereabout haveeaptured the steamer Lewi* ?-d some others like her, ia the Mississippi Hound. A Gen. J P. Chase, of Soath Carolina or Teoneeseo. "leaviag several sons ia tha Oonfederate army," Is published as having died at hij re<iieuce in Warreaton ? ' t >?77v At Mr Cough's i*cent lecture in Albany, Mr< (io? Morxaa, w||p occupied a front ?eat ia t >e |f .>rr took oalhef soldier's sock and knitted uly until the time fur the commencemcat '< >h? t??-i,ire The next evenlna tbe power of tULiou had done IU work upon the susceptible i?d iB every part of the spaclaas bsll 1 i - a err ot-ea working vigor easly witb tke. patriae pum f rf j ; p / Jh gj| M Eg |r |? y'V, t *r r - * f V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. DECEMBER 12. I&61. IS'-. 2.749 What la Said Ab.st It. ''I^kout'' the Intelligent correepondent of the Be ti more Clipper, writes to that paper: CrH tb^owlDg | rs sw1 dwfnt^L-r'Ji,prodnrUon- Wo"by of any livlnv BowTn ,T5e Char?e WM *lr*n bv the Rev C J polet 1^2fi2?eJem?r" .by Re,r John *">" ?*? . 01 whom Intimations were reI reived by the hearer* that an?l-alaverv DurDoses 22/715" 1? /*? furthered bP th? * fiSdSch^LttfeiS1 C0#ductln? I InsStSS25 ?<* eratolloui iSiSJ iTI. . T* at lny community by a journ12*2 HSS ln ?< tnldst, waa to dsv directed I eXtMrefnlMES ? thl* city ,nd Dl,tr1ct by the I r Vh m a-named "National Re^Mcan NotwUfa.undiog the loyalty of onr I fTtViT' <w ? themselves by hundred* win^mEmKLE??the rlty and ??*?nment P,fr?nl eWT other q??rter waa ffSUfSJn ,rt now told tL*? we abail I wT *ry*pled nnder foot by a cabal, who like the bloodv revolutlonlata *f France areS* to com! II d hTTrTrHniM'.*,r"n-t Con?ltu'ion, law. right I2ndnndl*n.l. \. Mrrrtl name of freedom, I dotrtie'Xuio^ Pf^n,e ?f "pu,tlnK I becauee secession la receiving I iI ran m?T> (iifif abolitionists a auccor wnich I It can mw! with now her* elae, and whlcb at this I time la almost 1 ta only hope What arguments Jen tbe southern leaders And equal to the current proceed lag* of Congress and t?e column* of suck a paner as the National Republican, b^rlnTS I 2 *.? ! rh*r*rt?r? If 'be SMitt-.-rn maies I ro h?tf? tllat told tb,>m by J< fl ,)aTl? * I rn\? tr,umPh*?tly can the latter hold up the pj*per,7 th" (io'fril,nf?l, ?upported on I P? ?!4 d??"*?pK.?nd provesll they ever charged 11?^ ^ l"*ln ,eM lhan * Vear after the mI .th* pw#eBl Admlnia:ration, the threat PSs^aaeKassKr I 01 In the Dlatr'ct of Co I lumbla, and to add iiisult to Injury, we ourI Tv 68 "re no nBPr'' to be consulted in this mitter than an oyster before it Is nwallowed. With an I ""V***"?* *f Insolenee never before approachI ed, this same print tella the world that " itwonld I be ? objtction to the measure, but rather ** a I. I imomai argnnrnt in its favor, if every man. I }*0?,fn wDd child In this District were opposed I to J* . Mr. Lincoln did not think or talk thus I , declared that he would not advocate the I abolition of slavery here against the wishes of the I P??P'e> ?nd without their being compensated I Incendiary proposlUon is urged that " ab^ I olition ' roust be immediate and complete " Our I people are as forbearing as they are patriotic, but I they have rights and will " maintain them M A Clock Majlis a.vd Hootmakbk ?At one of I our churches yeMerday, the rlerKvman, while I p or eeding ln a very earnest diacourse. said that I no man could be first rate in two different occuI pationa. adding, among other tblnga, "no roan I run at the aaine time be a first rate clock makf I and a first rote boot maker " Here a man in the I congregation rising swiftly, interrupted him, snd Iff permission to controvert that aentlment I He maintained atoutly that it waa not true, for I he Llmaelf was first rate at both clock and boot I making He could match the best man ln makI lng a boot, and work at a clock with the best l man in Worcester. Of coarse there was a great I f j J congregation, but the clergyman soon I Induced rrlttc to yield the floor and allow him I 6>y? ?n Wlth bis discourse.? Woreesitr (Mats ) THE D0LL^~YTTH1 I INDUCBMENT8 TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fnllest sad Most Reliable News from the Seat of Government! I | Reading Mattsr for the Ft rg*i,{, Cireh The present year is undoubtedly the most eventI fnl In the political history of this country, and the I r-vord of occurrences transpiring at the FedI eral Metropolis is natnrmlly ol striking and reI markable Interest Tbe public desire to receive | jrontpt, /?'/ and rtlxabl? accounts of nU that I jkiMM k?r$ is most intense, and we hc.ve I consequently made alterations and improvements I In the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to I meet this wsnt most satisfactorily In compliI sore with tbe wish of the public the paper has I been changed from t quarto to ttie more oonve* I alent folio shape, and now appears a kanJsomt I ibett of thirty-two coluumt, filled with choice I snd carefully prepared Heading Matter, and bearI lng tbe name of the 114 Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now fnrnlsh the I paper at the unprecedented low price of I ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 1! I Or tarely more than the price of the paj>er upon I which it Is printed It is our determination to I make the Winn Stab not only the largest I and handsomest Dollar Newspaper ln the L nlted I States, but that it shall absolutely be I Th* Be?t Family Wbmlt Niwspapii is tni WoBLD'f! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most I Important details of all that transpires at the I Seat of Government^ editorialson all the Impor I tint topics of tbe tiroes; the news of the week; I Interesting correspondence from all parti of the I world; capital storiee; humorous sud graphic I ketches, and the pick of the floating mlsceaany I of literature and gossip. The Dolla* Sta* has as a permanent feature I s carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, I embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmI ers ln the transactions of the Interior Department, I the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. AgriI cultural So. >ty. Gsrdenlng and Horticulture I ulso receive due stteutlon in this department I of the paper, snd we also give each week a I choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady I readers: a.so, Recipes for the Workshop, together I with an oificial list of all tbe new inventions I issued from the Pstent Office each week. In short, it is onr purpose to give our rtaders I s varied, rJeh, and sparkling variety of the | reading that at once instructs snd entertains, I but almlag to make Wasiirstoh News and I Uossir our spocimitti, in accordance with the I views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at s high price, we have I determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducement* to Clubt. I To Cin8s^>^pv??'' fl.00 per year. J? 01 96 "W r? Ze ** cents. I I n! ^ I? <..... M cents ?oSu22R?Dty',w *MnuTo C1UM of Fifty n eents. Address W, D. Wallach, Publisher of the Stab, Wanhlngtoa, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which I will be forwarded gratis; TUU5JJ'->**??< 1 1 ^ ol the SAMS OK BILLIARDS will find m KMRICH-S PINE HALL. 0?rBM? Pennsylvania avscas and Utli street, (soathnde,) Iwo of the most adiairahls TABLKto I ^ eoiufortaod I WALL. 9TCTHRNR t CO., PMHfcLVABlA ivBNBB. AND VEADY-MADE OHOTHIFRS. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Arrival from Havana? L?Ur from Mexir*Feeling* of Mexicacs Against th? Spanish iBTiiiin. Niw Yont, Dec. 1! ?Per steamer Columbia, from Havana, advices to the 6th instant are received. The rebel steamer Vanderh It arrived there on the 3d, five davs from New Orleans. Cha'le* Anderson and finally arrived here on the Columbia from Havana. He is a brother of General Robert Anderson. He escaped from the hands of the rebels at San Antonio, and walked to Monterey, Mexico. He was treated with great klnduess by the Mexicans at Monterey and Taiupico, whence he sailed on the British steamer Clyde to Havana. He reports that British subjects were violently indignant at the seizure of Messrs Mason and Slidell on the steamer Trent The Clyde met the Spanish fleet within thirtysix boura' sail of Vera Cruz, with fine weather. The Mexicans were dally expecting the arrival of the allied fleet. The general feeling appeared to be hatred of Spain, all feuds giving way to the sentiment of uuited resistance to the common enemy, and a frequent remark was, that if the Spaniard" came alone they would be warmly weleomfd. No resistance," however, would be made at Vera Cruz or Tampico. The guns of the Castle San Juan d'Ulloa were being carried inland, and if any Mexican symptoms can be trusted, a most determined resistance will be made to the ariny of Spanish Invasion. From Fart 1'ukeus. Nrw York, Dec ii ?a private letter from on board the steamer Richmond, which took part in the fl_'ht at I-ort Pickens, dated Nov. *23 states that the vessels commenced bombarding Fort McRa? at 10 o'clock on the morning of trie previous day, Ihe 2yd ult The writer s'ates that he had been complimenting the captain of one of the guns on the accuracy of his aim, when a sh?ll hounded throigh our bulwarks and took the captain's head <fi'and wounded six men. The shell on exploding, raised the ship out of water and made her stagger like a drnnkfn man. Another shell burst some six feet below the water line, causing a bad leak, but the steem pumps kept the vessel free The firing' continued all day. and was resumed by the enemy next morning, when the Richmond moved out of range. The frigate Niagara still kept at them, but being outside the gunners' fire, cannot be injured much. Fort Pickens had, up to the date of the letter, lost but one man killed and seven wounded. I* ort McRae was much damaged, but we cannot destroy it with our smooth-bore guns, as thev are no match for the enemy's rilled cannons The bombardment, says the writer, was to be renewed the next day, with a determination to whip or to be whipped. The letter from which the above was taken was received per steamer Columbia from Havana. W ar News /rem Missouri. Glasgow, Mo., Dec. *.?The notorious Capt. Sweeney and his band of robbers, who have, for some time past, kept this section of the country In terror, were captured yesterday at Rogers' Mills, near here, by a detachment of cavalry under Captain Merrill Sweeny's pickets were surprised aut captured, and his whole band, thirt>five In number, taken without firing a gun. S*kdalia, Mo., Dec. 11?It is reported thata fight occurred yesterday near Waveriy, Lafayette county, between a body of rebels under Joe Shelby and a detachment of Federal cavalry Fighting again took place this morning, but'no pa;ticulars have been received Union men from Lafayette county report that seven hundred rebel recruit* left Lexington yesterday morning to join Geu. Price's army. A band of Mexicans, sixteen in number, from the rebel army, were captured near Dunksburg on Monday. A son and son-in-law of Col. Magoffin were also taken. They were the leaders of the foray on our teams near Georgetown on Saturday. A scouting party which left here about ten days ago, are said to Lave surpristd a rebel camp in Saline county, capturing a large number of wagons and taking about 60 prisoners It is rumored here that Price Is advancing northward. Frwin New Mexico. Kansas Citt. Dec 10 ?The Santa Fe and Cannon City mail arrived here last night, with datts to the *24th ult. All the merchants in the Territory are required, by order of Col. Canby. to turn over their money to the Messrs. Donaldson, of Santa Fe, as a loan to the Government. On the lath ult a band of Navajo Indiana went to Carrollton, near Albuquerque, and stole a large quantity of stock. A party of citizens went in pursuit of them, for the purpose of recoveriug the property. Six of the latter, having got in advance of ibe balance of the party, being too few In number to continue the pursuit,were compelled toreturn. leaving the Indians to carry off their booty. In the vicinity of Albuquerque the same party of Indians have been committing depredations on a large scale. It is understood that Col. Canby is about to change the system heretofore pursued for holding tte savaevs in check. Instead of keeping the troops collected in one part, he will divide them In companies and station them at convenient points ou the frontier, from which they can make rapid pursuit after the ladluus whrn they attempt robberies. Western Virginia Legislature. Wheeling. Dee. 10.?In the Legislature to-day Mr. Stewart ottered a resolution requiring all persons in this State who take out licenses to transact business to first take the oath to support the constitution of the United' States and the restored government of Virginia. Mr. Brown, of Kanawha, offered a resolution to release the people of that valley from the payment of taxes this year, on account of the devastation of their country. WHXELiNo, Dec II ?In the Legislature to-day resolutions were introduced prohibiting any person engaged in the rebellion from ever holding office In this State Also, modifying those parts of the code which prohibit writing or speaking against slavery, so as to make them conform to the spirit and genius of our institutions. From Ken tacky?ttarniug of an Important Bridge by the Union ireops. LouisviLi.it,-Dec. 11 ?The bridge at Wblpporville, five miles froitf Russellvllle, (southwest from Bowling Green,) on the Memphis branch railroad, has been burned by a detachment of forty men from Col Burbrldge's regiment, under Capt N'evltt. They attacked tne rebel guard at the bridge, numbering thirteen, killing two and taking the remainder prisoners. The Pirate Snmter? Frem Martinique. Niw Vo*z, Dec. 11?A private letter from Martinique, dated November 43, states that "the United States steamer licquols is off this port, waiting for the Sumter." Another letter from tbe same place, dated November 25, says "the Iroquois arrived last night, but the Sumter had escaped." ? The War la Reatacky. Louisville. Dec. 10 ?Gen. ZoUlcofler, who is in command of thr Confederate forces, has not advanced north of the Camberland river, as reported. Gen. Scbeff has withdrawn to Somerset, and there awaits reinforcements of Federal troops. t'alted States Seaater frem Reatucky. Franxvort, Ky., Dec 10 ?Hon. Gsrrett Davis has been elected United States Senator for th?- remainder of Breckinridge's term. He received 94 votes In the Legislature to day, to 12 votes for his opponents. Release ef Ex-Minister Faalkner. Boston, Dec 11? Ex-Mlnlster Faulkner Las been released from Fort Warren on his pirole. He goes to Richmond to endeavor to exchange himself for Congressman F.ly. Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COM? AN V Is nov prepared to famish Restaur** t?. Hotels, vSSssssxs'iSi ra caus ot all sixes. ^ iLf# The Ojsters arrive daily fresh from NS the wate rs of the Choi? aafce Bay, and ? are of the beet quality. The ooaipany invttse tfee patronage of the balers and the publ o injwnewal, and guarantee* * prompt attention to an orders. O?oe?4S jviark-t spa.-e, (Avenue House,) ba? ' tween 7th and Bth sta. no 30-lm iRepubiioan.] 150,000 1 Also. wai,r<HJ- jnorr>?) li? Army Grea<e and I Rou%l> Taiiow. ior which the hjjheet pnoe will tie i said at the National S. ap and CandleNVorks, cor. Greet st. aau Caoa .Georgetown, u. c. no7 1m C. B. JEWELL, I'ropnetar, i AMERICA* WATCHES

For Attaerlcana. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. be* to oall the atteation of tha citisens of V\ ashmgton and vicinity to the rnperiontT of their Wn'e^es ov?r all imported, whether Swiss or Lug un. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee tlieir Watohes to be unsnrj'seef'? by those of arr country for durability and fine tune keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would cantion buyer* to beware of the oheap English ard Swiss Watohes now hoing sent among soldiers in and around Washington. These watohes are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sont them to this country. LADIES' WATCHES, The Company would invite especial attention to their latest style ol Watch for Ladies. Everyone will have ths same guarantee that aoci mpanies the ^f*?*t costly Chronometer of their manufacture. The styles of Cases are varied and suit diderent tastes, a^.d the iatroducti >n of a Watoh for ladies, tha*. wili go ami kaep time, has met with universal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION is invited by tha Company to the fact tiiat every Watch, of whatever price, manufactured at their Worvsat Waltham, Mass ,i? accompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, but to prevent imposition from a cheap end worthless imitation that ia palmed off upon buyert as the petuine article, AH our Watches have upon the plate the t ade mark "Waltham, Ms*?.," and without that mark no Watcd is genuine. Messrs. M. W. GALT St BROTHER have the Watciiesof our manufacture for aalo at Washington, aud buyers can depend upon finding the right stylea and'qualities at their establishment, No. 354 Pennsylvania avenue. ROBBINS A APPLETON, General Agents, No- 1S2 Broadway, no 29-1 m New York.^ 3? n. I V A. T E. I? R. I ~S7" A T E. PRIVAT 23. QOXORRK(EX.CUIiEU PERMANENTLY la Thhk* Days ! And no internal modioli.** used?no interference i with business?no pa.h?no dieting medicines?adotless, and will not stain. GLEET AND STRICTURES Banished under this treatment. LADIES With WHITES?tha death to Youth and Beautyneed be trovbiad no longer. SYPHILLIS In ail its forms, whetaer reoect or of long standing, cureu, and every vertue of disease removed fioin the system. Our charges shall ! e the most reasor.able and aatiefac? >ry to a! pait es. Co; *u ta?ion<j ire* at all time? Medicines pnt up wh full directions , for use, and Ro d to sutlers, tr?vel ers, A ., at low rates M >d cum furm. heu which ? a certain preventive to any *iid ali Veuenal Lis.&.ea- Li >nTt be afraid of high prices. Come and see ua. No , ch,rt. Tor inve.tiK&tioiia. ? LA BONTA, Pract tion<v. I^^Othoe Washington. Bui din:?. rn^r Pa. we., a?>d 7th street, Washington D. C., <>. in No. l. p i ta-^rt: CM M. T. PARKER, KQ Louisiana nf . b'.t.S'k andltk its , North Side, bavi"g completed b s ariannemfnts- is n >vr reaily to att?"d, even more vigorously than ever, to HOUSE, SIGN ai:d ORNAMENTAL PAINT- , 1NG, in all of its various tiranohe* Havirg eeoured the services ol a corps of excellent workmen, 1 am prepare*! to do Flags ami Burner* ic Uie best style and on the most reasonali o terma. no t>- eol in [l< ep 'iti.l C MlLPrARV BOOKS. 17 RENCH A R1CHST1EN have just received a large aa-i complete assortment of Military Books of ail kinds, which they otfer from ten to fifty per cent, below the regular retail prices,?including: _ Anew edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifie Taotics, ct'iiipleto, 81.25 Forces' Vofuuteers' Manual. 2 vols, 82 Allen's Compendium oi Hardee's Tactics, 60o Gross's Military Surgery,7jo Malian's Field Fortification and Outpost, each 74 Hardee's Tactic*, cheap edition, VSo The Soldier's Guiiio, a complete manual and drill book for tb.e use ot t*e Volunteer Militia arid the Home Guard. 25a The hand Book for the U.S. Soldier, neing first book of instruction to the U.S. Infantry tootles. 250 Also, Military Maps, Map of the Sfatof War, Charts, Guides, Ao t tags, Badges and Medals of every description. Any of the awova pent by mail free. FRENCH it RICHSTEIN. ?? j* -iyw Psi)nstiT?)iiss?snii^ piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9*00,000. (40Ut umtr C itrui atsi Lcmisi*** a?., Hi' Bunk if INSURE HOUSES AiVDOTKER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY F1RL. Diubctoks. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuol Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones. - Jonn D. Ba'clay, Jacob Gideon, And vev Roth well, 5noe. Parker, Riuhard Barry, . B. French, Dr.C. W. Davis. No charge for Poiioiee. JAMES ADAM?, President Alii G. Davis, Searetan. an 9 eo?m WKTATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARS 7% MANUFACTORY. F'tiave one of tne best eatabliahmenta, and lar kenec with acomalete set of tools for repair JK <?: every description of fine Watches, and SSK particular attention give to the same, by '-OH (ho; aighcompetent wurkmanjinda., work caaran * ec Alao, evsry descrip ion of et&ndard SlLVER Wi RE. p.ain and ornamental, mauuiactured under st t*u superviaion, which my custrmora wili find -i-jsenor in quality and finiah to northern ware eo. J by uealera in ganerai and re*resented as thai; wuiaanufaotara. H. O. HOOD, ? i a?n fa. avnne. n<?r?ta I U NEW BOOKS, HISTORY of tne United Netherlands, by JoLa Lotnrop Motley ; 2 vola; free b? mail, 04. The Rise of the Latuh Repubiie, a history, by i John Lothrop Motley; S vo.s ;0i0th; free by mail, 00. Silas Marrer, tha Weaver of Ravelol, by the I author of "Adam Mac* f clotn Woeata ; paper Co oecU. Life and Career ot Major Andre, by Wmtrop ; Sergeant; )>'. After 1 oebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyate to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. 1 Nob e: flJo. The Manufacture of Photorenio or Hydro-Car- J bon Oils, by Thomas AntiaeU, M. D.; 01.7s. Any or the above free by mail. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, ap 24 878 Peni'.a. avenue. V WOOD AND COAL. , 1 OO Wili aarely cat your money's worth by oalling at the PIONKKM MILLS, fvutkmst eer Stfmuk strt?t mmi Camol, (GEO. PAGE. ] Agent.) They sell cheaper and give better maaaura I than any others in the oity?oat. aaut, and deliv- i red free of oharra. If yoi don 11 elieve . i ve the Pioneer Uilla a tna., ana be satisfied. Mtj , WEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The I Alchemist, or the House of Claes; from the ; Frenoh of Honors de Ba.aao. Free by mail, 01. I jiLaa Marner, the Weaver of Rayeioe; by 6eo. Elliott, the author of "Adam Be<?.*' Y ree ojr mail, U cents. FRENCH A KICHHTEIN, Off Omvn* <? ? " fhNK VERY NICK SECOND HAND PIANO , IJ for 95tt. A lao. a large ?took of Raven,^^^ t : Try Pisno? far eewt. ??l fJlBBS' HAIR STORK, ~~ i klways on haad, or made?o metier at the ?^ort?a( ^ 0 ^JOVERNMENT DISPATCH. FAiTlR i&lIT JN! N K W YORK ASHINttTON ?u rttLxlsjixuH. A Special MMfftre'rt.! t* *nt through with each Train, iu order t-? Bm.*e s&iety and t-i?patch. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MOf^iY. Nov. l#th, this Company -will receive and transput Munitions of War. #overoment Stores, Sutlers' Soopiie* for the Army and all Miscel'aoeoas Freight, at Low Rale. WITH0PT BKKAK OF BrLI. Sptctal Contracts Jot Goods, in Largs Quantitus, at tinhur-d Ratu. IT1" Freight received oniy at U wAfpot of the C-. tral Railroad of New Jersey^-JJio.J, North River. For 'further informat.on, or special contract*, enquire at the Office of ik' Crtnpmy, 49 Rroadtoiy, IV. V , Or 34S Penmsylvuniuatt., IVa.<Ai*s(o* Otfp, H7"Mark Gor>d?."Uor rnxEMt ri?cat3h."-T71 Freight received frjr.. 8 a. it to 3p m. A. D. HOPK, mi tMiiope Express Co.. no 86-lm Superintend .?t,t. NOTICE. Smtmmammmgm " ADAMS' tlFRLNS COMPANY " This Company offers to the pub'io" I ne^called Advantages'' for the Saieano Quick i spitch of heavy Freights Pacg&res, Valuables, Money, Ac fto., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to end f'orr the North ani West depart frum at.d arrive. i?. Washington tw cedaily, AU'Expreeses are charge of sxptruncod and rtliibli Messengers. Ail Packages for The Solliera earned at "owx hal?" our usual rates. All Goods for the so-called " Confederate State*" and all Articles ** Central an<i of War" wiii be (yum), Ou Expresses leave Now York at \,t. and P. M., arriving tn Washington at 6 A. M. and iJD P.M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at ?.*> A. M- and II P. >1., arriving in Washington at 6 3 > P. M, and 6 A. M. Expresses leave Ilaitimor? at 4.20 A. M. and 3 P. IV?., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5 9 P. M. Expresses for all points North and West leave W ash.ngton at 7 JO A. M.aad ijo P. M.daily. Spocia? Cunt, acts lor large quantities oi f reight can be rriade o_ application to this * ?snee. Al? Goods called for and delivered /Y*?of Extra charges. K. V\ PA&tMJNS, Sop't Adams' Express Company. Washington. Augcst 2a, 1361. u 2>-tf M. I. rKAMtLlJI, OPTIC I At* TOTHK PHES!DFNT AND MILITARY STAFFS, 844 Penn'aav.,>?0;th side,; bet. i2thand 13th sta. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rock Crystal or Periseopic Lenses, mountet in gold, silver or steel, and suited with utmost care for every age and eyesigat. FIRST to lIBll CLASS I MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. Mioroscopts, Compasses, and Mat hem tral In . strumrnts, at tne lowest Eastern pricta. ealMr PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 Pknnsys.VAMA AVEKUK, Beivtrm \?tk nndTfttk ,<ts The nnder?unei1, bavin? located himse'f as above. take* this m-~tho'i of informing ti e citizens ^1 the First W am mat In- h u opea d a farst-oiass i Provision Store, coi..ju<tcd unai.ar to thu*e for I srhiah rhilv'f Iphia is lan o .t Here can be f>nn ' a? a.l tim^s \ large mu] f<-w?h I Bipp'r of t Ol' TRY, GAME, . KET, MUT I ro4?,Ac. FKI1 fSaiid VhbKtAHLK*in soa- J ion. Particular attent- >n is o*:<ed to It's stock and 1 prices of KUTTKK, t'HEKSE. Ac. j Piula e phia rint Uutier. Goshen snd Weft rn R -eerva. Being il^t?^rmuie<i to give i ti-> stmtNt attention to the wai.ts <>f his cust"ino-?, at ?t t<> koi p every article ir hi lii'r t f the ;..-;s{ eua.it*, arxtat th? ( lowest rcarket prices, he hope* to nierjt ^ eLare o| ( piiti'io pa'ror.as, * FamilKs will be waited ny >n da.iy for ordeu, ij | re^'ired. i n-jjf THOMA? K.\VJL.80N. X" E W I'APKRHANCP G. W I N D O W SHADK AM ? PHOi^TERING ESTALIi- HMKN r, 4 6 0 N 1 X T U STRUT. The underfignod. formerly of the firm of Franklin ft Kctnrucr. ha? ope'-otl a New >t.?re at 4y0 Ninth street one '. > r south oi Est"":, rn th.i | aft fid-*, wiiere be Ua? a small choice stook, a_i would be nappy to receive the orders of the friends at 4 customers f the old firm. \ 1 articular-attention wilt be (laid to Papernangint an<! Upholster) aork in r.l, us ' ranci.? r. no 2i yaw3w L J RoTHROCK. I rj- CAPlUAVb*. x HE Snbrrrlber aavini mado ac'uiiieaa his factory, maitir e i; now one 11 th? :ai g.vt. ^ ' in the District, w ?re I -* 'eciat!- '390KZ& for ;ue.nufa<3ti;riiijE CARRIAGES a^rt.wi=*fc^ LIGH i' WAGONS oi a'.l t ide raMiOt b" snr paused, and lrom tons ea ^erionca ic tne l utices?, he h,<p^s U> give geuo ai iia:tsfa'.i.tou. ? All k;nds of Carnages and LigLt V\ agora kept I on hand. , All REPAIRS no^atly oolc, ai.<J all orders promptly attended to. Second hand Cxrriares taken in exohange for t new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCFi, d 18 tf aorrer of Foertoenth and K fts. DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, For sate at maiioiact-j rers price*, by JOSN J. B06UE, 6IOE8?tow!I,D. C., SoU Aitncy for tk* District nf Colum 'ta. A large supp.y, embracing every variety, aiwara en hand, ana de! vo^ed free to all parts of th\DiaIriot. Ord ers can also be 1 eft a? the office of A Ta mi Kiiriw Tn1% K'nrt.i**. O *% tPUUKWHEAT FLOUK, t> BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. CERO CRANBERRIES. KING ft BURCHEI.L, oo 17 Corner Vermont av. an' \6ih st. 1 I IN1UN PA PER Ai^D EN VELOPEjT-^t waa 1 tJ tr'iiCcrent styles of Note and Letter Paper. with Envelopes to tnatah. Views of WashicgtoD intiiaforaol a Roae.and in Book form; also, separate All the Daily ar.d WeskyPapers o- n? tartly on ' hand. Herald,Tiroes,and Tribune received every Qight et 6 o'clock. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Bea ^> 8 Dune Novels and Song Books. A iresh supply of Books for summer reading, cheap A !ar;e assortment of Javeni.'es?Mayne Re:l'i Books, Rotlo Books, Abbott's Histories, fte. \ A discount of in to sit p* r cent, on all bound bocka FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN, t ma 2? National Hooks tore. U7* Pa. av. d Boots and bhoks to b?it tar TIMES. . We are nov mansfaoturinz all kinds of BOOT1 ' U< SHOES, and oo&stanry reoeivina pp.; of eastern made work of evervde-BHK so option, made expressly to order, an?Twill be soid at a rnaoh lower prioe than has been* m keretoiore charged ts ft is ?tr fcr mmoh infe: ei krtioea. Persona in want o| 9i-oU and Bhoea of eastern er iity made work, win aivaysftaa a good assortzea la store ani at tse le??>t ,.->res. #ive as a oal,, ^RlFFfK ft BRUh 0 a* * ' s* ^ P^r^BTtw-snts s^stiss. l^HE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P, X EMR1CH. at the corner of Penn.M . aA venue and Eleventh street, has beenWHtT , {ready improved recent1* and now offersJ|HU 1 greater induce menu for the patronage or cititeos uid atrangera loan any other public house in tne >itv,iua pricea being Irsa tliar, moae ol any otr.er hotel on Pern, avenue, and his aooommodaUona for permanent or transient be arders urexceptionible. The Lar and restaurant arrangements o: t!ie i Karopeaa Hotoi have alreaoy becoais very pop a M.beingali that can be desired by the meat fas ions. The proprietor sledgoa unremitteo attention and continued libera expenditures to giveaatsfsct.on to all, and tuns renews his invitation * hi I to r've the Knm?M?n Hn> a nail. de 4-n WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a t rt assortmentofGREYand BLUE FLANNkL DVER-SHIMTS, WHITE KHim DRAW baRS, CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE. fto.. v rhiob we inviM ail cash puronaaers t>> examine , >efore making their seteoUous. V . " WALL, STEPHENS ft Ci)^ V 332 Pa av., between 9th and 10th ets mg f )r>t??l'ire-e<?T ?n-i W ?Mif>'?>n > ' wZZ ROYS' CLOtHiNG. TV E Have reoeived witbm th? last day or tw > a area assortment of BOYS* SPRING CLOTH NG, embracing all st/ies of low-pnoed. mediair, ,r* M*aee,,''*'<mah' w w? are selling at vary 9 "wall. STRPHENS ft CO., SUA Pa. av, between ?r. and loth sk. m tS flnt^l'irenD*-- S"^ " ? ">-.' ?" 1 ^ GvERY DsMo/fptioo*of*?l'IUNr 1NG re- Q aired uj any l>odj?oiuaeas, <mvi fax ;uonanes, -my an. . rnn omagra, aatless, 4e.-?'e. atea at ?( ioSTaR OFFICB.in?atUraot ?if at/ia, at low wuwf>rC??ft. '?itf ae 1 he weekly g?lak. ?Bt* rt'-l r*? Pwiiy <!< n?n oaafcuin* a greater rirle?T of iotcrwtar r-ad '*** *** ** toi*. J 1m uf other h puk:'?>>e<1 a Prteay Manias. r?R*??0s*?. MwvMSf n ?<i mi copy, pt.- ?aa um on ?rfr,?,<* ? ? ? 'opif* a ? . _ * . ?.. V 00 X fftfjifg Of! Itlarar'atly contain* the ? Waahlagtoa New. > IIli* 7X4 ?~*ZTs?? cLrcclat. fc gen-rally throughout th? country L2~:?:a#le copies (la wrapp?re) cab he pr-veiud ct the counter, '.nnmrdUitiy ^ 0: ;tep?per. Price?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S ~ GENUINE PREPARATION. " HiaiTLT CONCSNTRJITSD" Compound Fluid Extract Bichu, A Font*, and SptiJU Rtwudy For Dinhm of tto BLADDER. KIDNEYS, 6RAVEL. and DROPSiCAL SWELLINGS. Tula Medicine Increase* the power of I*ieefcon a id ex?it?8 tlie *B?nnm? into baaltfcyRation jwk?" l^e w*te?to? ciunon ^"posi i. n* and a I r*!r.Tra*L wn.*m*wumwn m*T'?Vifc for *" **'* A"V "t'LAHMATlOB, BED ,( food MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCBV . . For Wftkm-N Ariaing lr< na .Kio'iioi, Habit* of Eariy I d:w>r'ti?? ?r Ansn. Attended vitk tkt Followtng Symptoms: Bdmp Mjtoa to Kxerton. Lcsa of Po*fr. WIST" "' f.'SSfiK' H.j-rorot Wxk -nt Dihiq6m of \ 1*10^. pai 1 in * )ia i:.nLaa?iti?<Ja of the Maaenlar Svitaa. * Hot Hand*. Flnkiif afth?ll Dryn* a of the Skin. K .Vi.'nS oath* i&\ P* tiD rot?XTE!i*!ic*. T?eae *ymnt< m? if a owed tr> *0 ?>n. wh'oh tins medieme invanatly removea, eoon fo Iowa LMPOTENCY. FATUI TV EPILEPTIC FITS, In ont of \okitk tke Patient may E<rp*rt. 1 Who can iaj t at th?y are rot f<e?ueatlr fol loweu by those "niRErcL DigEAaaa," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION."* Many are awa-e of the caaae of their suffering. BCT MORB WILL CO!?Tf*e. THE RECOH DSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk? Mtlanrkoly Dmtk* by ContnmrUon, BEAR AMrI B WITS*** TO THE TBtTTH O* THE *a*UTioi. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS-. Requires the a<d of mediaine to atrengthen stvI Invigorate the Syetein whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCifL imvarta- /y dors A TBT4L WILL co.fvmc* TH* MOBT KKBPIIcAU FEMA LES- FEMA LES- FEMA LES OLD ?* 1% Many AJTtrtions Peruhar to Frmaltt the t xtract Bucna la viieeva l 0 hy ac* < ther ref?ody.aa in Chloroaw or k t ?t .l, Irt .uvm P*infn!r? e?. or Suppre?* or. tr-ma*. uaUoca. UioeraUw or >oi lrionH 01 th? Lte ru?. Lt-ucorrUea or Wluiaa, Steri.ity. a. d jof a'l comp!a: .ta mcide.M V< the aex. whether ana 5r Irt'm Indiieretioc, Hal.iu of Diai?ir>iti..n, or m U I DECLINE OH CHANGE OF LIrit! 8KB 8TMPr< Ma ABOVB. no family should be withoui it Ta*' no mere Baham, M'trmry, cr Unrl*o>\nt Mtdtctnt for Unj.Ua*m*t and Danger out MMM. HELMBOLD S EXTRAC.J BUCHU ecus hECRET UiS EASi* Lit ieor no 011^: ?? in Diet; N? inooa?#nT?) uL. , AMM Azrtfn<t .tcaiue? a froau ir dastra a J jivea ?L-e?.*ti to L nrat >. the et.y R. m^Ting ? twt. aofaona, I fove: tiu+ au'i cu iu(t SirKittrea of tn? i>re*nra, .h'- V*,UiV>ll: a- d rt!L" ?-?t:o*i. rs r^vmt in th* el-.ea of di??s a? -i -*r? ibc ?<? I ommvuf. Ont*?ed. an4 too n out Mailer. THOCUNW Bros TUuCUMn WHO HAVE BEE'A THE VJCT/MS Ch QUACKS, ird wht' 1 avc pa: i hi*tty jff? to eciire<! ir a - c : line, have foani tfi?y arer? Uecmv <1 anu inai t ^ HWaoM" haa. by me aae cl ' pomtrtut m+uimuMts ' . ae'u driid up 11. ti e syaton.. iu 1 ;t.a* ou: m t?*. a. l rarated foi in, and PERHAPS AtTBh MA^RlA'iK. % Uss HELMBOLD'S EXTR AO* BUCHL Ui aJeotiofia an ' tiiseaa * of u? URINARY U&G l.M, wae.uer exist...t m MALE OR FEnALE, Tom wk?tever cause orifinatuiK and no matter of HOW LONG MA> 1>I ,\u Oiseaaesof tueae Ortaas ro^uire L'.a aid of a Dillitic. llELMBOLD'S EXTRAC7 BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ind it ia obtain to have the deaired effect ,a Diaeaaea for w?ic* tit is rttomm-n ted. inswci or th* most R*sro!*sitn aits li'blb character vii^aeoompacy Use nedicme*. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. .. . FroBa 8 to 80 j i.ara'ataai mj, With Name* knowr to SCIENCE AND FAMt. uPHYSICIANS? PLEASK "IfOT/Cg " WM UAKW "no BMCtLMT" OF "IROREDIERTB '' ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU b pom posed of Bnchn, Ca^ba a^d J on. per B?rr:et, teiecteo with great care t>y a oompetaat drargiac. PREPARED IN VACUO, bt h. t. helmbold, Fractioal and Analytical C hernial, and Sola Man utactnrer of 1KLMB0LDS 0K2J UINE PKEPARATICNS AFFIDAVIT. Perronai'jr appaarea oefore me. an Aldeman of :he oity or Philadelphia, H. T. Helmbold, woo wing du.y awe a. dotn tay. hia prapa. atioua 00c am no narcotic, no mercury, or oiHe> injurious irugs, bat are purely veget We. . w , H. T. HELMBOLD. Swon< and subscribed before me. thi* XSd day of November, IBM WM. P. H1BBEKD, Aidermaa, Niatii at., a jot* Raoa. Phii*. * PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 0 A- Af TO 8 P. M. Prlca 91 per battle, ar aix far |?. fissa.10"i"--? " * . Addraaa letters for tnformatioa in -^afetlenrm H. T. HELMBOLD, CWiat, >epot, Iftt South Taau at., beiow Chaaiaat, Piula BEWARE OF COUNtEIFElTS AND DyPRINCIPLED DEALERS rho eudeavor to diapoae * of their own" and "viaer" artioiaa ou tae repuiaUoti aUatn^d ui U*lmt>old'i OensMfM PrtpmmtiomM, < ? Extract. tfweA*, . .* " u 8mfp*rxU., <? M Imp****4 R*?* W?i. Suid by 9. B. W?m, Z. m anjuti. Jobm Vilbt. S. C. Fo?d, fe. B. I-.RTWTtTi^, r? c. iajoc. kinwaia a LaUVci, 1. k. m v.< a l^aahuigtbii aod baorgetow^. AND ALL iiRVIMHt TS A PEN \ WhEH L. AUK FOR tiKLMBLDt. TAh.h Ho OTHER. < . ?. Cat OBt the a've.t.aeoMB Rd aaad f<.p u ND AVOID IMPOSITION Ml *4>0*VRk 1 merit* SfJtputms am mil V<saea***?wt#iw Cvm HvaraMMil Adatca Aral la IU< ^ ' , m. .# % <4^