16 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f i . . i_ / ? = V?fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C , MONDAt. DECEMBER 16. 1861. N?. 2.752. mm* n ii , ...i II [ THE EVENING ST AS ? PUB US RED EVERT AFTERNOON, 1<#CNl)AY BXCKPTKD.) II THIS STAE VtJILDlNM, CrrMT / WW?I MMI 5l4??*fk ft. n W. D. WALLAOH. P?p*n sorred In packages by carriers at 94 fp&r, or 37 oents per monUi. To mall aabeenben the peloe la S3 40 a year, m W?m?, ?U for six *?>T!4bt; SI for three months; and for less thaa tt:ee rror.thi at the rale of M ???t? a we*H. W?ijlr ooptca, oh* 1b wrappers, two cum, |7 AsTiaTiaaYBXYs should be sent to the ftee before 1* o'clock a.; otherwise they may sot appear until the next day. Wall at the Seath CarelialaasWe extract the following editorial from a renant nnmKar ftf IKa ? ? v?? ??? ?? *uv wuaucBiyu iucrcur^, ro* ceived by a passenger from Norfolk : The beautiful belt of islands which skirt oar State, containing so Isrge a portion of the wealth of tha State, and so identified with ijs peculiar institution, has hesn adjudged incapable of defense; and, from military necessity, been abandoned to its fate. We hare nothing te say against this conclusion of the military Cnthorities, who have the control of tais mittsr We take it for granted that, against a naval power which ean strike with overwhelming force, where it pleases, theee islands cannot now b defended They are necessarily the victims and martyrs ef this war. They are sacrifices upon the altar of patrietism. But whilst we cdmit all this, we write to ask the uueetion, shall they be scapegoats? Is it not tne duty of every man in the btate?every man on the main, who, more happily situated, sits secure from the enemy, to consider these their brethren in affliction ' Is it not the duty of every man to regard the inhabitants of these ; .1 i _ ? * .... utaoas?uum irom tneir bomel?masters and ?Utm, u the peculiar guests ef the State7 yhould not ererj door and heart be open to them 7 Should not the State, and every individual in the State, do everything possible to mitigate the unspeakable calamity which has befallen them ? Shall not the poor slaves, especial) y?driven from their pleasant homes by a ruthless enemy?who have loyally followed the fortunes of their masters.find welcome and shelter beneath the roof of every loyal citizen of the Palmetto State. Martyrs of the cause, to abandon them is to abandon the cause; to desert them, i? to desert the cause; to turn our backs upon them, is to be recreant to ourselves, ?/i it.. ??? ??? * * - ? - pmm ||?? ?IUB 1IWU ID qGNllOD. Now i? the time to prove that oar people are indeed a people; that south Carolina is in troth a community, and that, wherever the lot of a Ctroiinirn be oaat, whether on the aeaboard or I the mountain*, he is a member of the same common family?one in purpoee and feeling, in life and in death, for weal or for woo. The early Christians, in the time of their trial, held everything in oommon; the oause was everything. This is t^e spirit that shonld animate every Carolinian, every Southern man mast do so, if we are to defend our homes and liberties, and carry our great enterprise to a triumphant conclusion. We feel that it is not necessary to debate upon this topio. We must take it for granted that no true son of the soil will hesitate to do his whole duty in the premises, and, with purse and sympathy, and personal service, to five all aid and comfort to His unfortunate rother. tb? "L>endea Newi" the Mastn and Slideli Arreat. The London Daily Newa of the 28th mji, in reg%rd to the seizure ef Mason and Slideli: The remote conaequences of this act we shall not attempt to predict. Enough tor the present time, it ia one which will make it tho duty of oar Government to inaiat on ample, complete and immediate satisfaction. It ia wanton folly bids aa hope that Lieutenant Fairfax was acting without instructions, and that the Washington Cabinet will no sooner from what baa taken plaee in the Bahama ehannet than it will diaavow the act, restore Maura. Maaon and Slideli, and tender the amplest apology. Nothing ahort of this reparation can be aooepted. Until there has been time to receive newa from Washington,we feel bound to b?H??? tl?*t the (enure of passenger* on board the Trent was an act as much in excesc of duty as it was in violation of pnblic law. No Government should know better than the United States the lines which separate the rights of belligerents and neutrals respectively. While we mast submit to have our mercantile vessels stopped on the high seas by both parties in search of contraband, had Lieut. Fairfax eonfined himself to demanding Mr. Slidell's despatches, and taken them off. we must htve aoquiesoed in his visit as one of the disagreeable occurrence* incident to a voye^e. Persons stand on a diffrmt fnn>(i? T ? . w4?u^ . AU tUV eyes of Mr. Seward, Messrs Slideil and Maaon are rebels la o?r eyes they are simply pas. eager*, and the Washington Government may rest assured we shall no more permit it t? take ita rebels out of our Teasel than we should ooncede a similar right to Austria or Russia. Incidents like these are irritating, but the British people hare the satisfaotion of knowing that their affairs are under firm guidance. With the irascible Earl of Derby, or the fussy Lord Malms'oury in power, we might well be concerned for the interests of peace at a time like this, but from the present Government we may except energy without precipitancy, and prudenoe without weakneaa. Thnir ?? ?> la tolerably clear, and it will b? far the (iorernment of the United States to determine what shall be the future relations of the two Governments '' Tat Vicbbot or Eorpr, akd the Uihtbd States.?A dispatch haa been receired by the State Department from the American Consul General in Egypt, transmitting a copy of a note from the YUoroy, stating that the same ?riri leges extended to the deputation of the 1 [aaebeeter Association for the extension ofi the culture of cotton would be granted to any similar oomoany which might be organised in America. At an interview with the Vioeroy, that official expressed to the Consul General the highest Interest Wn the aaoeeaa and welfare of the United States Government, and seemed to entertain no doubt of the ultimate triumph of the Union cans*. In oonolusion, the dispatch says : - A significant piece of news here is, that the reeeipt of intelligence that a squadron had been sent hj the authorities at Washington to open the southern ports caused ootton to fall from $25 to $21 a cantor (hundred weight). Twenty-Ire dollars a cantor is the highest prioe ever known in Egypt. Prior to this time the highest flgure was $23. the result of the ?? '? * 1 v?ww WW. 1UI yi ICO is dow tDOni |1> or $19 the oaatar." A Inu iniiTit st two Void* Labis* ? A Cyvtblana (Ky ) correspondent of tbe Cincinnati Commercial an that the daughter tad niece f Col. a concluded, reeoatiy, they would haeo a little fan, tad to carry out their plan, drowed themselves la men's apparel, procured aa eld shot gun, aad proceeded to the field whore the Celeael was at work One of the gtrto, shot sua la toad, took her position a low paces off, while the other stopped up aad laid her haad on hlai and nId :?" By the authority and la the same of tho t ailed States Ararr I arrest yoa as guilty of trsaaoa." Tho Colonel submitted without resistaa-'e, hat said " Osotlemea, la tho aanue of Godj vkM hare I done *" Tho reply was that ho wvvmi mmb iui, >m tan ail tain7* aanarmclonty explained. at Cmp Cbaae, which canard the Colooel to tarn wj white; end they all walked to tha boaae, whera tha children were all poeted Hi tha Matter, aad cat lata a titter, which caoaed Iwd bwat of iaaghtav from all handa except tha Coiaaai. who waa very belligerent when he round that ha hadaoiaalljr haaa arreted by twa email ewaaf ladiaa, hiedaughter aad niece MtatiinM raa Pmnam ?Tha Union Da faaaa Committee of New York haaa adapted reaMtrtioaa apprartaf tha Preatdeofa courae on tha tavara q iratloa Tha reaolattoaa were nnanlloooaly tdoptad at a meeting o*ec which Judge P*errapaat praaidad, tha fellowla* (en tie men ba? laf lu atteadaoca, fb; Memra AMel A. Law, wn M Wm. E Dodee, Ink feu. J? . Moms Grlnaell. R. A Wittliu,A C. R'.cfttnto, P M Wruaore, htoBonor Mayor Wm4, A. T levari, ttt Hoe A. T. H?w?, Comptroller, R H McOavif. Tkll to u fsm(l?rt t?4teaUo? of ?fce Km o the Ualoa ? a meat la !i?w Yart. Oiurftrtmrtw tii Rihl Abut ?Information ffol?M by (be tfnwremrtt ronCraM our ebM (iBi^rs la IMr nf.lnlon fhat the r?M ef<ry oiitau'fltviogri Phel? f?reet ?lon*> tb* I of tiM. o 9oa<te>t fc?? bc*e e*p '<'Utly tecree* ?t tf ah nuMbfmt fcrvvpM up from Ute ?-iv. y. 7vi?nmi Tit foe Tat.?The New York Expreaa nvi: "We understand, from reliable source*, that there are in thU city a number of Letters of Marque, issued by the Mexican Government, to prev upon the commerce of England, France and Spain. They are made oat In such a form that the vessel taking them becomes a Mexican manof-war, and. In that case, would be enabled to take her prlxea into any neutral port " "Asothii Accoour?The British "Recognition" of the Nashville Returning to Trouble Brituh Merchant Shipt ?There It a rumor to-day (hat emissaries of the Mexican Government are n town, with money to fit oat privateers to prey on the Allied Commerce. " By the declalon of the Brltlah Government In the Nashville's cue, they bare a perfect right to fit out and arm Here, and will no doabt do to; and in a abort time tbe English and Colonial vettela now coining money out of our troubles, will be driven from tbe Atlantic ocean " I . Daring lunch hour In a schoolroom In Montreal tome little gIrlt w?>re converting upon ghosts One of the young dlaputanta?a line girl, thirteen veart of age. said warmly and loudly, that before a gbott thould catch he'V, tbe would throw bert?lfoutof the window?on tbe sill of which the was lifting Tbe perreptret?, who was In the room at the time, tapped ber d??k at a warning to make lets no'se, when this unforunate young lady, startled by tbe noise, orh^r nervout tyttem te-rlbly worked upon fell or threw herself o-it of the window. She wat picked up, and medical aid at once procured, but notwl'h tandlng every attention the died In a few boura. Tbe Government It having manufactured at South Braintree. Mass., by a Mr. Mansfield, a pontoon train similar to those of the French army, roni'lflna nf alYtv.fan* #1 a * w r jb. j a u ? a ?/v/iiv/iiiW'U * ) COUU capable of *n?tainlne 10,0(0 pound* on the water. Strong planks are l*ld from one boat to another, so as to make a continuous bridge, with chatns to fasten the bra's at a certain distance apart, ard sixtv-four long wagons to transport the whole Each wazon will carry a boat and Its share of plank and chain This constitutes a bridge that can be placed across a wide river In a few boars, capable of sustaining artillery, cavalry, baggage wagons, ate. Major General Banks' Division ?Thehead quarters of Gen. Banks and his staff, together with the officers of his different brigades, continues to remain .in this city. T*e First Brigade, under Hrig Gen Abercromble, is stationed southeast of Frederick, on the MOncacy, near the Baltimore Turnpike Bridee. The Second Brigade, under Briff G?n Williams U I- Vk .......... . - in UO VlUUIIf of Falrvlew. on the Western Turnpike. The Third Brigade, under Brig. Gen. Hamilton, is stationed about one nolle south of tbe first, between the Raltlmore Turnpike and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ? Frtdtruk (Md ) Union, 12f*. trr "Ah' 1 am very sorry for this rebellion, it prevents my going South," said an Englishman the other day, dining at a club in Philadelphia bv invitation " They tell me," he continued, "that the American gentleman la only to be found at the South. How Is that, pray ? Can you explain it ?" ?' I can't," replied bis host; " it Is no more to be exDl&ined than the statement ao often made, that there are gentlemen in England, but that none of them ever come to thla country '" crifcv MILITARY BOOTS, lii At Wholbsalb. vBI (U At Mt'K/acturert' Pricu. f Ml * M?No. 16 Market Space. Perm av.,* VW between nth and 9th *U. J ROSENTHAL. Ltdies'. Mum' and Children's Boot* and -noes ofeverj description. lover than ever. de 13 eo WANTED.?We arc now buying SECONDHAN D FURN ITU RE, STOVE* a .d BED D1N9, for whloh we are paying ihe hi^esi o&sh price*. Families declining housekeeping, 01 tiaving a surplus of furaitare, will &ud it to their advantage to give ua a nail. BONT7. & GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 fth at.. betw. I and R sia. PHILADKLPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PBXiUTlTAMA A VK5TJB, Between 19tk and ?>l\ itt The onder*nned, having located himself as ab^e, takes this method of informing tn? oitiB^n* of the First Ward that he hac opened a first o.aas Pro*uion Store, oonduoted similar to those for rhioh Philadelphia is famous Here oan be lonnH ** .:! * '??? mpply of POUI TFt Y ,GAM E, ~ ^KFTmUT rO.N. Jto. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in aearoa. Particular attention it nailed to hia stock and prioea uf RU WEH, CHEESE, 4c. PniiaJe'pnia ^rint Botter. Goshen and Waatern Reaenre. Bmli determined to five in; atricteat attention to the want* of his enrtomew, and to keep every artioie in hia line of the beat ?ua it*, and aell at the 4<>weat irarket prioaa, he hopea to merit a chare of aihlio pa'.ronace. FVmili-a will b? waited njon daily for ordera, If repaired. no 18 THOMAS R. WILSON. Hamburg cheese : HAMBURG CHEESE! 500 lba H vn, uCheeae. two yeara oid, and vary interior. KING A BURCHKLL, T# It ra lw Vwinoiil if aro 15th at PATAWBA GRAPE?! V; CaTAWBA GRAPES" Freah Catawba Grapea in exoellent order and J .i; . a rm 1 SlNG."* BURCHELL, de 11 porner 15th at. and Vermont av FOR CITIZENS' WEAR-CLOTHS, rASSIMERE'anJ VESTING?*, a fu 1 nupply. One prios only, ma-k?d in plain figure*. An mapeotioa of atook inours no obligation to pnrohtee Oilolotha, Carpeta, Curtaina 4o.. upper floors. PEKRY St BRO., de 9 5t Pa. avenu* and Ninth it. QPF1CIAL N_U VICE. QriiTn>iiTn faniAL'i Orrici, l Wafkmtton Oitf. D?oember 6th, <861.S The following R flotation haa been adopted by the Honae of Representatives of the United States, nx : ' ik. a?~r "T *<? rvgicvoi J %Jl IT tkf Hff TfT" queated to fanutb to tfaia Route copies of jul contract* made by the Qonrtermatter'a Department, for feed nic disabled n >raee daring the winter;?to st&t? the term* of these oont aote, the name* of the ooatraotura, and the cnaber of horses given ont;? and whether ti.oee contracts vere made upon pub lie notice.'* All offioera and agents of th* Quartermaster's Department, are instructed to tend to the Saartermaeter Genera] immediately upon seeing is notiee, eopies of all oontrao's, and a I information emr>raced vithin the Mrmi of the Keeolntion. M 0. MKIGS, det lot (Intel.4 Rep.) Quarjermaster Oetrl. 1N~ STORE* AND FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH? 5.000 pairs Bias and Grey Blankets, J.000 Doai>.e and Single Ccmf -rts. lywo Lined and L'nlined Buffalo Robes. HiMkTn'ii PKUr(PAi?.u>i ?l-_ V? _ _ ? ?w mm j VHMIVf Ml* VOBI o&mv ctiftirm mm* Favor i and Shiyook'a Camp f*ota. Hair and Hack Mattrraae* of all aiaea. Feather, Hair and Kxoalaior Pillow*. &o.,&o. JAS C MoGUIRE fc COd(t t* oorn<r Tenth ?t. and Pa. avenae. pENSION OFPWJKt <tn 6th. 1861. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. ApelioaUoa having baaa made uuder tee aot of 23d Jane, I860, for the raiaaue of the Land Warranto daaoribed herein, wkioh are alleged to have bean loet or destroyed. notice ia hereby given, mat at the data following taa description of aaoh War Mi. % new Oartiftoata, or like tenor, will fee laiim, if no valid objection ahall then appear No. for life aarw. tabued nnder the aot of | March^JUft, in tbe aaaae of Hannah, wldjw of -- .u ?, ? ?- .impii mi iB??na 8?y pi rbprUNoT MJflO, ior ^3?ftorn', mn?4 ander tin totof M*roh !ti6o. in til? IUH ot M?rtha?. widow oTAiidrew M*Uoc, tod (rftnud on UM IBih dftf of April, \am ? u*c??b* r. im. . .. .. No. a,M7?or 160 sorM. lmed ander the Ml of M?roh, ll?, in Um nam* of 8*m??i R. f tokwar T?fr?e 5 .?.t. ass.wir &Jsssr S ?TJSS BSTiSUas! And ffftntM Rot BmKir tttk 1M1 aih. Nti^DM?nb?r *.?!. No 73 OM for Ifli mtn, itaued under til* tot of tUrok. 116). la Um name ?if I'hom&s Jobnaon . aud rrMtMl on tne ffth daj of Btptembar, 'Mr.?JanOftia*. and gran* ?d on th? 33d day of exptambar, jfolSjBf&lto aorat.U??ed aoder tha aot of Mvak. 1N6, in tha nana of William and m try,tad oa tM lat day of May. 1*5??January 11, JOSEPH a. BAJtRETT, _?J ^omin'Miontr F"7 JOB PRINTING. jVBiy Dwj'tfiios <- ! Ji^b PRINTING ra?? :<*1 aay t-dj?ai''*anf ait!. Jcnpu.- ans?. a mi fid uavi ' fhocra. ntl*r*. Ac.?a'taouteu a( ti e A^QrFICfet, in Oiwuny atji*. a*. i^r TELEGRAPHIC KKWS. Fr*m California. Sa!? Frakcibco, D?c 10?During the put four days the heaviest rain experienced for v -ars prevailed here, canting a eevere freshet In the valley. The river broke through the levee and flooded Sacramento street from one to four feet deep. This morning the people were driven to the second story of their houses, and all busineaa Is suspended. The freshet from the recent heavy rains extends throughout the valley portions of the State, doing immense damage to the property of farmers, drowning their stock, carrying off bridges, fentes, etc. Tbe entire number of lives lost Is not known. Several brick buildings had fallen at Maysville. The loss rf property at Sacramento is estimated at half million, affecting property. Entire commnnicatlon with manv district was entirely cut off and business suspended. The weather for the past two days has been pleasant and apparently settled. Tbe waters are consequently receding gradually. The funeral of Gen Baker Is engrossing general attention at San Francisco to-day. The volunteer force and State military and civic organizations, with the citizens generally, participated, making the largest procession ever witnessed here. About 820,000 have been subscribed for the relief of the sufferers of the Sacramento flood. The water baa been from two to twelve feet deep In moat every houae In that city Over one-third of the city waa overflowed. The water, however, at laat account*, waa receding. Gen. Shields hag accented the appointment of Brigadier General, and Is on his wav to Washington In the steamer Golden Age The steamer has 14(JO,000 In treasure for New York. Movements of the Pirate Sum er. N*\v York, Dec. 14.?Capt. Brigga, of the brig Jos Park, reporta that he was overhauled by the pirate Sumter, which had the American flag flying. In latitude 6 north, longitude 47. He was ordered to heave to, and an officer came onboard, saying that the brig was a prize to the Sumter. At the same time the pirate ran up the Confederate flag. The brig waa thoroughly overhauled, and everything valuable stolen from her, the crew only being allowed their clothes. One hundred andsiity-flve sovereigns were tiken from Capt Urlgas. who, with the crew, were put on board the pirate, and the brig burnt The Sumter then railed northward, not using steam, and reporting herself to various foreign yessela as a United States craft. On the 27th of October the schooner D Trowbridge waa captured, and, November 9th, Capt Lyon, of the latter, and Capt Briggs were landed at Port Royal. Three of the crew of the Joseph Park were Induced to join the Sumter. The Bermuda Royal Gazette of the 3d inst. has the following in relation to the eccnpe of the Sumter :?" On the morning of the d3th, the Iro quois aswmsnea me St I nomas folKs by dropping Into the harbor and reporting tbat, on a dark and equally nlgbt, the Sumter had slipped through the flu em of the Dacotah and Iroquls, and had gone no one knew where. Her escape was variously accounted for. According to one account, the French war steamer came out of St. Pierre during (be night, ar.d tbe lrcquols gave chase, but when daylight ccme the latu?r discovered her mlsUke Meanwhile the Sumter had stolen away, and neither tbe Dacotah or Iroquois could give any account of her." The War ia MisssaH. St. Loois, Dec. 13?Late news from General Price places him still at Osceola, with from ten to fifteen thousand men, intending in a few days to move northward. He has flfty-three cannon, and has lately received twenty-five hundred new tents froan tbe South. Hts men are well stocked and arm^d General Slack's division has crossed the Oiage river, and another division was crossing on Fri any iasi. St. Joseph, Mo., December 13 ?Gen. Prenyl sss command was to move to Platte city to RichlMd on the 1 Itb. A rebel camp, numbering 3,000, la reported near Albany. The report that Gen. Prentlaa hid bagged 500 rebels is not true St. Locis, Dec. 14 ?Personsarriving herefrom the sec?d^d States are hereafter ordered to report themselves at the tSlce of the provost marshal to register their names and subscribe to the oith of allegiance This is to relieve persons who come here In good faith a^ekinjr the prottition of the Government from the suspicion which naturally attache* to all partiea from ?he South and to prevent their arrest or molesta ion. A Battle In Western Virginia?The Fight lasts nice hours. f!mr!**ATl Hm* 11 ? A itwiial A Ian* W fanm ? ? s^rvviui UfBpw>VU 1 I VU1 Cheat Mountain to the Commercial -ays : "Yesterday, one of the hardest and best-fongfct battles of the war waa fought at Allegheny rump, Pocahontaa county, Va , between General R H MUroy, commanding the Union troops, and Gen Johnson, of Georgia, commanding the rebels. " The tight lasted from daylight till 3 pm. " The Uuion loss is about 30, and the rebel loss over 200, Including a major and many other officers, and 30 prisoners General Johnson waa shot in the mouth, but not fatally. The 12th Georgia regiment suffered the most. "Gen. Milrov's force numbered 750 men from the 9th and 13th Indiana, and the 25th and 32d Ohio and 2d Virginia. Gen. Johnson'* forces numbered over 2 000 men. "The 9th Indiana regiment fought bravely to the last After driving the enemy into their barracks no less than five times our forces retired In good order. "The rebels aet fire to their camp and retreated to Staunton. "GeH Milroy has driven the lait army out of Western Virginia." Cimmrrce ( th? Mlsioarl and Mississippi Rivera. St Lor ik, Dee. It?In order to suppress entirely, and prevent any aid, assistance to or communWtion with any person or persons, directly or Indirectly disloyal,or In arms against the Federal Government, the commerce of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers have been placed under military control and surveillance, and no boat will be permitted to take freight or passengers or bs allowed a clearance except those authorized and commissioned by proper military authority. All owners, officers, and employees of boats will be .%.T -i * cuuiim iu iih in uam in allegiance, ana any owner* or ot&cers committing any act coutrary to

the above expressed object of this order will caoae the immediate forfeiture of their boat and cargo to tbe Federal Government, and such ownera or officers will be aubiect to the penaltlea ureacrlbed by the article* or war for giving aia to the enemy. ? Fran Frederick. Frkdbkick. Dec. 14?All la quiet along the river line. No political arrests have been made here alnce the arrival of the army. The weather ia pleasant. The beat order prevalla in the city. Preparations are making by some of the reglmenta for winter comforta?bulldlnp huta and cabins; still there la no general indication of going into winter quartera. I have received intelligence from Dam No. 4, that on Thuraday Captain Williams and five men went on an unauthorised scout into Virginia, and were captured by the enemy. A fortnight ago a corporal and ftaur men went over on a similar expedltloo, and were likewise captured; making a captain, corporal and nine men,which have been loat by disobedience of orders A military telegraph line baa been extended to Gen. Banka'a headquara, and he lp now able to oommnalcate directly with the War Department. Murder ( a Broker. New Yore, Dec. 14.?Bernard Levy, a money broker In this city, doing business at the corner of Bowery ard Canal streets, was found dead behind hi* counter this morning, with his throat out by some person unknown. He bad entered hie office, as usual, at the business hour of nine o'clock, in company with his brother, who. having occasion to go out, returned In about forty minutes afterwards and found him dead and the knife with which the deed was done lviiitf 11 rvin (ha Miiatar Thnra ^ -j -y? ?? ww-?-w -v>w >uvf UVUVt whether Mr. Lewy committed eulclde. If he wu murdered, It waa not for hia money, u that appa rentlf remained untouched aMn Death. Hahiltoh, C. W , De?. U?Andrew Stevens, President of the Gore Bank, died auddenly thle morning, of paralyala. Ha waa In ordinary nealth last evening. Be baa been connected with th?> Gere Beak for a quarter at a century. The Michigan Leglalatare Detroit, Dec 12 ?Gov. Ulair hot !<?ued a proclamation for an extra *-e*4uu of the Le^lalv tare, to iaoanibli on the Sd proximo. % THE DOLLAR STAH! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS.' NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fillrit and Moat Reliable News tram the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! ? i as present year is unaouoteaiy ttie mor eventful it the political history of this country, and the recoid at occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis It nata rally ol striking and remartaMe interest The public desire to receive prompt, f*Jl and reliable accounts of all that pastti ykcre is moat intense, and we have constantly made alterations aed Improvements In tte weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the pa?er has been changed from a quarto to the more convei ~ <.*.4 nn.t? .nnn?>a <s UltTJlfc 1U11U BUilfT, ailU IIUfT OJ'f'C'UB U sheet of thirty-two rolumnr, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the 44 Washington Dollar Weekly Star." Aa indicated by tke title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It is our determination to make the \Vkkk~T 8ta* rrot only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United Statea, but that it ahall absolutely be The Best Fami-y Weekly Newspaper in the World::! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important deta Is of all that transpires at the Seat of Goverrment; editorials on all the impor taut topics of the times; tbe news of the week; interesting co'respondence from all parts of tbe world; capita, stories; humorous and graphic sketchea, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollak Star has aa a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRItTLTlRAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmera In tbe traaaactlona of the Interior Department, the Smlthaoaian Institution, and tbe U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture alao receive due attention in tbia department of the paper, and we alao give each week a choice budget of Household Recipea for our lady readers; ai*o, Recipe* for tbe Workshop, tor ether with an official Lit cf all the new Inventions Issued from the Patent Otflce each week. In short, it ia our purpose to give cur readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of tne reading tbat at ^e Instructs and entertains, but aiming to mA Washington News and Uossir our spitialui, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducement* to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 81 .<*> per year. To Clubs of Five 95 rents. To Club* of Ten !* cento. To Ctrjb# of Fiftee^ 85 ' nts. To Cl-ibs of Twenf^tive N) cento. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cento. Address W. D. Wallach, Fublisher of the Stab, Washington, D. c., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies,. wblr-h will be forwarded if rati*. OUTTER! DUTTKR!! 13 BUTTER"! ion ohoiee Guehen Lutter, jost received and (or sale ch.^p t-1 F. B. HASTINGS 4 CO., no 25 tf 3'iM I) it., fioing Pa. avenue. SMITH A; BROTHERS P A L. K C H K AM A L J<;, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER asi> NEW Y'IRK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAK. LEY MALT and HOPS, and hishly esteemed by thosf? v^o have used them. Purchasers are requested .to call and examine our superior s ock, assured that they wsl! find the BEST and PURE :T artioles. We have at all times a large at oik read? for delivery, in vh 1?. ha r and quarter casks, sut* bie for the TEA E, HOTELS, and F VMILY DSK. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHKR. Brewers, No. 13S & lfiO West 13th ?t, New York City uraerg dj .uai or r^x^reds promptly execute:. ce 9-6in ARMY FINGER MITTENS. Ju?t the tning for the Soldier, also Buckskin Gloves, and Gauntlets, at 384 Pa.ave., Bsok Room, de 4-tf or 355 D st.. between 9th and lOUu Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY' Is now prepare-! to furnish Restaurants, Hotels, sutlers, and Private Faalie* witii-^ts. / \ FREiH OYSTERS^ the gallon orflF^ (mA luoausot aU a ?e?.^ The Oysters arrive daily fresh from \Sflr the waters of the Cheropei&e liar, and ? ? are of the best?oa!Uy. The company invite* the patronage of the dialers and the publio in general, aud guaranties a prompt attention to all orders. Offioe?4? Market Sp?3?, (Avenue House,) between 7th and 8th sts no 30-lm [Repuhiioan.] Pianos: riANOVit pianos::: - ? A number of newt Oct. PIANOS HJPe^ reoe ved yesterday from theuoslebratnd *11 *? ' taotory ofWin. Kuabe ? Co., rwnoug them a very handsome o&rvtd Pian<>, which obtained the highest premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wiioh 1 offer for sale (as a fine New Year's present) on accommodating tm nis, and at prioee to suit the timea. TO RENT?I will have several Pianosalwaya on hand.thonrh I was unable last week to aerve some of my customer!. Amateurs are invited to examine, F. C. KK1CHKNBACH. H'?v?7 I hi. Nn 436 11th ?treet. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY T% EMK1CH. at the oorner of Penn. li . . A a venae and Eleventh street, has beenlnBw treatly improved recently and now offers ZJuBU greater isdnoemesta for the patronage cfciuiens and straucera Wian any other pubho house in the sitv.hia piioeabeinf lees than thoee of any other hotel on Penn. aveime, and b4s aooommodationa (or pei fli*nent or transient boardera unexceptionable. fhe bar a*i4 reetanrant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beooine very aosii nr. Mine fc'l that cu b? deeired bj the moef faa odious. The proprietor eledgea unremitted attention and oontinaeu liberal expenditure*to give sat tafaetion to all, and thua rrcowa hia inflation t? all to tire the Ruroeean Hotel ?a$l. de<-ti rilBBS' HAIR STORE, vj No. 343 Pa. AV..JBT. 12th awd 13th 8T?, StERPUMBHY,*c. BRA IDS.CURLS. W16&. ALF WIGS, FR1ZETTES, Ao. A fall atoog vara on hand, or made to order at the ahorteet aotios. Hair Wort repaired or exe;anged. fV. B.?Laaiee* Hair Dr?d Id the moat ca'uraJ ei tf -In I /iAA LBS aOAP AND CANDLES for I ilU,\;Uu sale cheap for oaea. Alao, wanted?AM^noo lbe- Array Greaae and Rough Tallow, for whioh the higheet prioe will be paid, at the National Soap and Candle Works, oor. Green ac ana Cana., Georeetown, D. C. no 7 lm r B JEW ELL. Proprietor. II HE 0ubaorlber'ha*mf^22?'additions to his ffcotory, malum itnow cce of the larreet^jn&n c the Distnot, where hu facHitieaBKJBK for manaiaoturiHf CARRiAGLS LIGHT WAGON? of all kinds oat.not be ear passed, and from hia long eipenenos in the badness, he hoeaato aire gen n| sahs/V-non. All kfnfl> nf nimuM aid I.izht Wtrnna kot 0 A1;^K E PAIH8 Mtkr dooa, and all *rd*ra d 1* tr fy>mar rvf Knnrt<x?nth and V. ?ta. nvrcnTf onpowde*. , % AMERICA!* WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. to oat! the attention of the citizens of W&ahmitoa acd vicinity to the superiority of their W&tohea over *1! iiriDnrtA ' vh^thAr ^viu or Km iih. The Compafiy unheal t\tingly guarantee their Watches to be unaurpaaaed by thoee of any country for durability and fine time keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would caution buyera to bewa-e of the cheap Engliah and Swiaa Watohea now being aent among aolJiera 10 and aroand Washington. These watshea are of the poorest desoript'.on of foreign manufacture, an I utterly worthless aa time keepers, aa the makers vreli knew when tLey sent them to thia country. LADIES' WATCHES. The Comp\ny would invite eapecijl at teat ion to their iat*st ?tyia of Watah for Ladiea. Every one will have th? aame guarantee t hat aoo"mpanlea the most ooatly Chronometer of their manufacture. The atylea of Cases are varied and aait different tastes, an J the introdacti >n of a Watoh for ladies, that will go and keep time, has met with univertal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION is invited by tho Company to the faot tr at every WatJh, of whatever prioe, manufactured at theii Worvi at Waltham, Maes , ia aooompacied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to prevoct imposition from a cheap and worthies* imitation that ia palmed off upon buyera aa the genuine artiole. All onr Watohea have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham. M*a?.," an<l without that mark no Watoh ia genuine. Mea?ra. M. W. GALT A BROTHER fcavethe Watohea of onr manufacture for aale at Waah ingtos, and buyers can depend upon finding the right etjlas aad qualities at their establishment, No. 334 Pennsylvania avenue. ROBBINS k. APPLETON, General Agents, No. 1SS Broadway, no 29-lm New York. SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED CORy ? The subscriber, having got the agenoy to sjp?ly Washif gton and Geor?etown with thi? delioate preparation of Corn, wooid respectfully *?k of h-s friends, and the pobl o at arge, to give it a tr:al. Also, Popped ?'orn, r a: n a> d sugared WM. BRADLY. Agent. Pa. avenue, between U)'r. ana 19th etc. N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monnmerts, Table Tops, &o. A large assortment a ways on hand. oo l^-im F MILITARY BOOKS. RENCH & RICHST1EN have just reoeived s targe an J complete assortment of Military Books of all kinds, whioh they offer from ten to fifty per cent, below the regular retail price*.?including : Anew edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle Tactics, complete, Q\u& Forces' Volunteers' Manual, 2 vols, 92 Alien's CorppenCiUTi of Hardee's Tactics, &-o GroK-s's Military Surgery. 75c Manan's Field Fortification and Ootpost, (t .ifl Har lee's Tactics, cheap edition. iSo The ^o'dier's Gaica, a complete macval and "boo* fwr tae u.e o: lite Voioateot Miiitia and fhe ffome snar.'. 25c TM Hand Book for the lT. S. coMicr, oei.i* first !k> k of ia?iruot;oa to tae U. S. 1 man try tautici< 25c _ . ,_ _ Also, Military >l?p-, tyt? of tbe Seat of War, Chart?, Snides, F'tft. Badge# and Meda ? of e\'?ry description, Kzt of the aVove esrt tr ttuuI fre~. rHENt'.H i. HICUSTEIN, in* W J-*-* P?>rTi?t y>ma FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY r or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ~..f'i00,000. GAt* *?m*f C tlrttl Lrmtsiam*I ?., r??f ?*ak ?/ (fuinutsft. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. di3*ctou. 8m, sho-ms ker, sam iel R<n}f*n:, Bamne! Cropley, WiSliam W:!poe, Richard J oies, John P. ba clay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Kothwefi, Ttios.Ps.iker. Rwnard Harry, H It. krrnah. llf. C. W lllvii. No ohArge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, fretident. Aw 8. DsnySecratary. an 9-eotm aVATCHREPAIKlNb ANDS1LVER WARE ** MANUI-ACTORYT I have one of the best esUblishmsnts, ana f nr er.ec with a complete set of tools for ropatr- at n? every description of fine Watones, and ^B3 particular tiieutioa (Its to the same, by the: vfh competent workman JUid a. work K/t?t?M tec A jo, evsry deeonp icn of standard SILVER Wi RE, plain and ornamental, manufactured undei ?ar i/wn supervision, whioh my customers will hnc ?' susenor in f nality and fimsh to northern ware old by dealers m general and represented as Uieii ss macniaotsrs. H. O. HOOD, ? C *?? Pa. avwmie. n*?r>th HlSTONp of th^^.te^NjaSierlands, by Joha Lothrop Motley; 2 rcle.; free mail,94. The Rise of the Datoh Republis, a history, by John Lothrop Motiej, I to s :oiotii; free by maif, Silas Marner. tba Wearer of Ravelol, by the author of "Adam hue , clwtL Tffcents ; paper M Life and Oveer cf IVJskjor Ar.dre, by Wlulrop 8? rt sa.it; 81Xt. After Ioeberg* with a Pain tar, a Summer Voyaje to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rot Louis L. Nob a; #1.60. The Manufacture of Pnotorenic or Hydro-Car bon Oil?. hy Thoma* Antieell, M. D.; 01.75. Any of the aboTe free by mail FRENCH A R1CH8TEIN, a? 2S J7S Panna. avenne. Y^? WOOD AND COAL. OU Will Bure:?jrat your mosey'i worth by oallinf at the P!ON?nB!l MILLS, imtviii tw nir of Stvtntk strut m*d Can.*l, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They aal! oheaa?r and ri*a better measure than any others ;n tae oity?cut, n?lit, and deiiYa'-ed free of oharja. JJ *? doc 11 eUere , i ve the Pioneer Milte atna^aud be ?atim?ed. i-itj WALL.STEPHKItft A CO., 344 PasnwriTAMiA Avmvi. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTKNSrVR DEALERS I> GENTLEMEN'S FUlNlSHl-SG GOODS, ee 6-if < Intel. A Rapab.) MEW VOLUME HALZAC8 NO VELS.?The ? i aionemiet, or the hodm oi uiaaa; iron lb* French of Honor* dn Balaac. Free by n&u. >1. JUaa Mfcrr.or, tit* W?tw of Raveioa; by 600, fcLuott. tu? author of "Adam Dads " Fra* 07 mail, <lo?sU. FRENCH 4RJCH8TBIN/ la * (*? ?( 1 TNIOJ* PAPER AND EN VELOPES.?TwwU ty uifferert atylaa at Nota and Letter PkHr, with Euve'opea to match. Viewe of WMhioKto* in the fonc of a Rom,and in Book fern; also, separate All the Daily and WeeklyPapere oonetautly on ttand. Herald, Timee, and Tri bane received rrery nifht ate o'clock. Pimi from all mrta of the eonntry. Be^le'a Dire* Notch ano son* Sooke. A fraah atipply of Books lor namar raiding, .agrajBaBrew gOOVB AMD IhdUl VO 8VIV VU i Wftit cow ma?tetanyall kiua* of BOOtl nnto ?Y ettW^miae* work o/VV^d*- HB fcJ2*owr? elariri la Qua ?Ur tor nut laMar Mfatssssjia^gr OSK VKRY NIC? 8ECO M 0 HAND PIANO for $9*. ^ Ik), i 1m<? ttixk nf 1?<M ^ n.v<';. V Co.'t a.Q?J S.?a?*| St Hon'? Iff ? M THE WgEKLV STAK. Tlilt tzcel'jvt Pualiy ul l??w? JmmuMiuitni.i| t stealer rulelT ' l?c cu V- tc -4 lx tny otter- -i? u Friday 'nj'.ug. Tim*?fjj?, ! litJy, to itoMf. Sis*'* oopy, per una 41 M Kir? ocpln ? ? 4 II Tea oopl?s...# I M VUT ntv.lwa JUtr Ua Itla variably c*>ata'catbe"Waaklaft?B Newt' Uil has made TKt D*tiy ??< < ( Star elmMi o generally throng hoot Um country r7-Single copies (la wrappara) oaa to projrwd at the cou. trr. '.nomediately after tte lw> of the pipt. Prle*?TUREE CKNTB. H?LMIiOLD*S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HJOHLY CONCENTRATED'? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, Jl x WiinM ?HQ Offl/c AIHMOf For Dinum of tl ULADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL.a?4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Ta;? Mcthoiue mcreaiiee :&e MTtr ofD-iMN, i'd exo'.W th* auoiiikti rtto t e+ fry MNi. by which the watxxt ok c?lcxioc? d?foeitu>x*. and x ! t!*N?ir?iL i!iL>ieEXirii are redaoed, ?? w*ll a? ram a>b ixriAMMATioa, and u fvga fM MLN, WOMEN. OE CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For Arieinj frr>m Hxltit* of DieetpaQo*. Ear'* 1 di?cr?ti?a rr A'ne*. Atlmd'd tritk the Foliotring Sympfrnt: liHti-poe tion ! * Kxert or, Low of Poww, i ,o?? uf Mrmcnr, D;lBoo!ty of Rrsathinc . WwkNfrm, TrewbliM, H.irro-of D'?ea??, Wakefolnssn, Oimn"u of Vision. Pun in th< Btok, Uni v?r?a !.a?'itud# of the Mnscslar Pratea, Hot Ha> d?, Klnshiac of the H'yly* l)ryn??t of the 9k?n, K'options os the Floe, TA LID corr;rs?i*ifCB. These gympt m?- il a owtd to 10 on, which Una medicine invar tally femora*, soon fo lows IMPOTENCY.FATUITY, EPILEPTIC F1T?, In 01m / which the Patient may Eerpirt. Who can %ay tha* tb?y are cot ftetnently fnK? lowed by ui?se "Diarrcx. DisaAsas," "INSANITY AMD CONSUMPTION." Many are strata of the cacseof thair jufferia*, BUT JlOJIt WILL COHrkla. THE RE~OK D8op THE :\SANE ASYLUMS And th* Melancholy Deaths by Contmmpttan, BIAS AMPLI WITME" TO TU* TBCTH 0? TIB IIMMMk THE CONVrm TroN ONCE AFFKCTBB WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Rsquires ths aid of medicine to strengthen sad it Tigcnw ins pjneu which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU imvmrimi It dom A TIUL WILL C05V1NCS THB MOST SBXTTlCaU FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES. OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED, OB. CONTKMFLATLNU MARRIAGE. I* Many Affections Peculiar to Ft<n?iii the Extract Bnonu is oneeualltd by ur other rwrxtj, a< in Chlorous or Retsutoon, Irr. gu anty Pkinfu'cM, or Suppression o< Cuetumiri EvmuatioLi L':o raied or Schirrons rtate of the Ut?ra?, Leuoorrh<-& or White*, Sterility, ai d for Ml complaints incident to the sex, whether arising from indiscretion. Habit* of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OH CHANOE OF LIFE! fl Eft STMFTOMS *aova. NO FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT. Take no mort Baltam. Mrrc*r%-0r Vnfitaoam M*d< in* J or UnpUasant and Uanftrout Dtuatts. . HELMBOLD'S EXTRACJ BUCHO cuaxs SECRET DISEASES In aU their Bta*e>: At little Exfensw. Lat:ie or no ona&ge in Diet; No lnooaveiueaee; And no r.XTOil? t. Itevus's a f-e^ii-u; desire a d givs strength to Urinate, therebj Removing ?>bsti uowons, 1're vesting and Curine Strictans of the Urethra, Allaying ram and inflamrnsior. to fre^u^nt in the clatscf diseases. ao<l cxpe.iiag su Pcuonou*, Dinned, and tryrjt out Matter. TTIfiT'iltri r?A? ranra.ti^ ~* avvvAiiDm WHO HAVE LEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, aad who have rtu ktavyftt* to be oared in a short time, havo found they were deceived, ud that the ? w>i?os" has, by th? use ofMjw t*ful aitrimttmit" ?cn dri?c up m system, to break om in an a#- . fr%rated form, ai.d PERHAPS AFTtR MARRIAGE, Us' HBLMBOI.D'S EXTR 4CT BUCBU all agectioue an i oseass of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether existmj in MALE OR FETIALK, Irom whatever cause originating and nb matter of nu w 1ju.iu bi a;ivihu. Due&ees of theee C?Ti?L: repairs the e*d of a DiVB.BTIC. 11ELMBOLD 5 EXTRACT BUCHU 18 VKK GREAT DIURETIC. and it u oe.t&tn to Live the -eeirrd effect la l>iaeues/er ve\ic\ it i* ruommtnaM. btibbrcb or raa most aaaroR?iKUi abb aaLiABLa character vHl!tcocinp&i.y the medicine*. CERTIFICATES OF ct'RKS. From a to 30 years' eland tag, with Names frnown to SCIENCE AND FAME "PHYSICIANS" PLBA8M-NOTICE." ' wt haii "ao bbcbbt" or "laaaasiairTB." HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU . oompooed oi Buobu.Ca*>obeand Jumper Pern?, elected with (reel oere by c. oomprteni 4r?<aisi. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. 11EL31 BOLD, Pracuoai and Anaij! on. Chemist, and Sole Mm jUUtirw uf HXLMBOLD'6 0XNU1KS PKKPA&ATI05S. AFFIDAVIT. Pereou*. j appeeroC oefore me, an Alderaaa of the c ty t>r H. T. Hilmmld, vbo being duly iwo n, dota tar. hia preparation* ooatain no naroot.c, no i&aroir;,or other iuin?ia ?ELH 8?ori and ?u been bed tttjo re me , Ui? at day of NoTember, 1864 WM. P. ElBBEKjD. Aid*!man, Ninth ?t.. abort Kaoo. nila PHYSICIANS Iff ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 f. M. Prieo ?1 per bottle, er lix tor |4. , Delivered to any ad dree*, merely yttM Hh obeei vatioo. B. T. BSUKBOTD.'HzS* Mfc MS wars or ooDifTSKPmrn AND variMCULMD PMALMMM KilnMfi Oimwi fnywNm, f mm IT mi Hp^^gk Bold bf ft. B. Wain. Z. 0. iff J*n Wan. B. a F?U. B. B. Unrmu, ft. C. | j AMM ALL DMV09IBT9 fFXirmUUL JIE m HBJOOUD* mk* wo vmm. ;~l AND AVOID IMPOSITION mi *XTO*9*M ' : pMw ' " ; ml -