17 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I 1 A I ' '* ** -* * T -A j. , ? ? ' r 1 A 9 > (fkmufi S la r. H V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 17- 1861. N?. 2.753. , , i ; THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUIL9ISW, fcrw of PtmuylinmU hium mmd XU*?tk M. tt W. D- WALLAOH. Paper* (erred la p*ck&?el by oarrlers it 14 l year, of 37 oenta per month. To mall subeerlben the prloe la S3 JO a yew, to S3 tor aU months, SI (or three month*; and (or lea than 1 three months at the rate of U oenti a week. Sin* |1? ooptea, one cut; In wrappers, two cmrra. 117" Adv*utis***wt? should be sent to the Ace before U o'clock m ; otherwise they may net appear until the next day. THB LATE FIGHT AT PORT PICKEIVft. THE OFFICIAL REPORT OF COL BROWN. What Facta were Eliclwd by the Bombard* ment ef the Rebela. Colonel Harvey Brown has made the following official report of the late fight: HtadoiiartlTS Dinar tm^nt n f Flnnsin 1 'Fort Picitnj, Not. 2d, 1861. ) Gentrai: That Fort Pickens has been beleaguered by the rebels for the last nine months, and that it waa daily threatened with be fate of Samter, is a fact notorious to the whole world. Since its occupancy by Lieut. Blemmer the rebels have been surrounding it with batteries, and daily arming them with the heaviest and most efficient guns known to our serrioe?guna stolen from the United States?until they considered this fort aa vir- i tually their own, ita occupancy being only a question of time. I have been in command sinoe the 16th of April, and during the whole of that time their I xoree Has averaged. so far as I can learn, from eight to ten times the number ?f mine. The position in which I have thus been plaoed has been sufficiently trying, and I have at three separate times intended to free myself from it by opening my batteries on them; but imperi* ous circumstances, over which I had no control, hare unexpectedly in each instance prevented. Affairs were in this state on the morning of the 9th of Ootober, when the enemy, fifteen bundred strong, attacked by surprise a portion of my command on an intensely dark night. They were defeated and driven from the I island with great loss bj leu thai two hundred regulars ana fifty volunteers?all the efficient force I had disposable for the purpose. An insult so gross to the flag of my country could not by me b? passed unnoticed, and 1 designed immediately to take appropriate notice ? it; but, as I said before, circumstances over which I had no control prevented. I "make these prefatory remarks to explain why I hare now opened my batteries on the enemy, when, from the smallnem of my forces, about one sixth of bis, thirteen hundred to eight thousand, I have not the means of producing any decisive results, and as evidence of my having accomplished what I designed?the punishing the j>cri>otr?tor8 01 an insuii on my country's flag. Having invited Flag Officer McKean to cooperate with with me in attacking the rebels, and to which he gave a ready and cordial assent. I, on the morning of the 22d, opened my batteries on the enemy, to which, in the course of half an hoar, he responded from his numerous forts and batteries extending from the navy yard to Fort McRae, a distance of about four miles, the whole nearly equi-distant from, this fort, and on which line be has two forts? McRae and Barrancas?and fourteen separate V.i. : - vatm i?.vuui?iuiDg irumoue xoiour guns, many of them being ten inch columbiads, and some twelve and thirteen-inch sea-coast mortars, the distance varying from two thousand one hundred to two thousand nine hundred yards from the fort At the same time of my opening, FlagOfficer McKean, is the Niagara, and Captain ISllison, in the Richmond, took position as near to Fort McRae as the depth of water would permit, bat which unfortunately was not sufficiently deep to give full effect to their powerful batteries. They, however, kept up a spirited fire on the fort adjacent batteries during the whele day. My fire was incessant from U* ttm? <1/ niumiw '* ? 4? J?L ?_ _ ..Mw v? vfvuaitf uukU IK " ?0 WW UHTK I to see, at the rate of a shot for each gun every 15 or 20 minutes, the fire of the enemy being somewhat slewer. By noon the gune of Fort McRae were all silenced hat one, and three hours before suneet this fort and the adjoining battery ceased fire. I directed the guns of Batteries Lincoln, Cameron and Totten principally on the batteries adjacent to tbe navy yard, those of Battery Scott to Fort McRae and the lighthouse batteries, and those of the fort to all. We reduced very perceptibly the fire of Barrencas, entirely silenced that in the navy yard, and in one or two of the other batteries; the efficiency of oar fire, at the close of the day, not being the least impaired. The next morning I'again opened about the same hoar, the navy. unfortunately, owing to a reduction in the depth of water, caused by a change of wind, not being able to get as near as yesterday, consequently the distance was too great to be effectual. My fire this day was less rapid, tad I think more efficient, than that of yesterday. Fort McRae, so effectually ailanoed yesterday, did not fire again to-day. We silanced entirely one or two guns, and had ona of oars disabled by a shot coming through tb? embrasure. About three o'clock fire was communicated to one of the hoaxes in Warrington, and shortly afterwards to the church steeple, the church and the whole Tillage being immediately in rear of some of the rebel batteries, they apparently having placed them purposely directly in front of the larrest and moatralnahu hniM. ings. The fire rapidly communicated to other buildings along the street until probably twothirds of it was consumed, and about the same time fire wm discovered iseaing from the back part of the navy-yard, probably in Wolcott, a Tillage to the north and immediately adjoining the yard, as Warrington does on the west. Finally it penetrated to the yard, and as it eontinued to burn brightly all night I concluded that either in it or in Wolcott many buildings were destroyed. Very heavy dsmage was also done to the buildings of the yard by the avalanche of shot, shell and splinters showered unceasingly on them for two days, and being Dearlv fire-Droof. be in* built of hri*k ?<? v eorered with slate, I couTd not suooeed in firing them, my hot shot or sheila not having any power of igniting them The steamer Time, which was at the wharf at the time, was abandoned on the first day and exposed to our fire, which probably entirely disabled her. The fire was again eontinaed till dark, and with mortars occasionally until two o'clock the next morning, when the oomI bat ceased. This fort, at its conclusion, though it haa reoeived a great many shot and shell, is, in very respect, save the disabling of one guncarriage and the loss of aervioe of aix men, as efficient as it waa at the commencement of the cumbat, but the ends I proposed in commencing having been attained, exoent one, wkuikT find to be imorutiathU with m? Ketent meent, I do sot deem it advitable far* r to eontinae it anlett the enemy think it propar to do to, when I (hall meet hix with alacrity. ? The attack on " Billy WiltonV' oamp, the attempted attack on my batteriea, ana the intuit to oar gloriout fl?g hare been fully and fearfully avenged I bare no meant of knowing the Ion of the enemy, and have no ditpotition to gaem at it. The firing oa hit batteriet wat very heavy, well direoted, and continuout for two day*, and oould hardly fail to have important remit*. Oar loss would have been heavy bat for the foresight which, with great labor, caused at to erect elaborate mease of protaetion, and which saved many lire*. I loet one private killed, one sergeant, one corporal, and four men (privates) wounded, onlj one severely. My officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates were everything I could desire. They on* and all peformed their dat} with the greatest cheerfulness, and in the most able and efficient manner. I am much indebted to Mejor Arnold, my ezecatiTe officer, for his Toloaole assistance?his whole conduot was admirable; and Captains Allen, Cholis, Blunt, Robertson, Hildt, and Duryea, and Lieutenants i akt.u. i..k Mvcaiiawv, *^ 6a ) vniBnii) ??;?' son, Pennington, Seeley, and Taylor, merit my wannest enoomium* for the eoolnew and d liberation with which they performed, withoat one exeeption, their duty under a beery and oontinoons (bower of ahot, shell*, end splinter* for two aooeeeeire day*. Lieutenant Todd. oHnanee offieer, had full (applies of all required trtiolee, whieh war* en haod at the poet, and the department wu , Mi 1^4 ? J conducted with system end efficiency. Major. Tower, Surgeon Campbell, and Assistant Surgeon Sutherland, in their respective duties, sustained their high reputation!. Captain* Robertson, Duryea. and Blunt, and Lieu* tenants Pennington and Seeley, respectively commanded Batteries Linooln, Seett, Totten, and Cameron, and a small battery at Spanish Fort, and the ether officers batteries in the fort, with distinguished ability. Captains Dohies' and Bailey a companies were with the batteries at Lincoln and Cameron, and did their duty faithfully and efficiently. The oompanies ef Captains Henberer and Duffy, of the Sixth V L If-I a. lugiuinuL nan iuri ? uiuuieers, were successively on duty at the fort, and rendered cheerfully important assistance to me. The regular companies engaged at the batteries, all of whom performed their duty so efficiently aa to preeruae my mfVYffft a distinction, are Companies A, F, and L, First Artillery; C, H, and K, Second Artillery, and C and E, Third Infantry, and Companies G and I, Sixth Regiment New York Volunteers. In alosing, I tender to Flag Officer McKean and Capt. Ellison, of the navy, and to their officers and crewi, my best thanks for their able co-operation, which would have had the Happiest results but for the unfort?nate fact that great draft of water prevented their auf* ficiently near approaoh to the works of the rebels. I am, General, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Harvet Brown, Colonel Commd'g. Brig. General L. Thomas, Adjutant General C. 8. Army, Washington, D. C. Headquarters Department of Florida, \ Fort Pic*ens, Nov. 25, 1861. j I General. The bombardment of the 22d and 23d has elicited some facts that are of imnort. ance. and I notice them that we may in future benefit by them. 1. That with the most efficient guns of the largest calibre, and served in the best manner, no serious injury can be done to stone or brick walls, or to guns in sand batteries, or to troops serving them, unless probably by rifled guns, if properly protected, at a distance of from two thousand to three thousand yards. 2. That shells and hotshot are not to be depended on for firing even wooden buildings, unless having in them inoendiary composition. 1 Tu.* ?J ? u. mat pieces 01 pori tire are Dearly useless as such incendiary composition. 4 THat brick buildings covered with slate cannot be fired by either hot shot or shells at the distance named, unless by accident, unless the shells have rock fires. 5. That the trouble and expense incurred in protecting forts by sand-bag traverses, Ac., is far more than repaid by the saving of the lives of the defenders. 6. That no dependence is to be placed on James' rifle projectile, either as it respects accuracy or range. If 1 had had guns to be depended on, I could have silenced the most of the enemy's sand batteries and the guns in jtarraneas. 7. That ships with their present armament oannot for an nonr contend against rifled guns, and that if oar navy is not at once supplied liberally with good rifled guns it will be very likely to be disgraced. 8 That on service here, and I believe the remark applies with equal force to every river and harbor in the Gulf, a gunboat drawing six feet water, and well armed with good rifled guns, ean do more and better service than a 40gun ship, or than such ships as the Niagara and Richmond. 9 That sail vessels are utterly useless in en vi?t--j IVIUIUK? uiucKitae. 10. That Parrott's rifled guns are efficient, and that forts should be immediately supplied with them and with a full supply of ammuni> tiqp. 1 would strongly urge that a dosen of Parrott's 30-pounders, or, if to be had, of larger caliber, be sent to this post, with a good supply of ammunition, as early as possible. I had one, which I found to be excellent, but when the navy met with such a mishap in the Mississippi, I was compelled to let Flag Officer McKean have it and one of my 12-pounder Parrott guns to put on one of his ships, to save them from being driven out of the waters by a little steamer having a rifled gun on board. I am. General, verv rennao.tfnll* vnn?- /\K>* * ?I ?v? /*"" vv * servant, Harvkv Browk, Col Commanding Brig. Gen. L. Thomas. Assistant Adjutant General U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. fltt* MILITARY BOOTH. B|] At Wrolbsalb. hi fH| At Maau/aeturerM' Pricu. fVI * No. 16 Market Space. Penn. av., between *th and 9th ?t?. J ROSENTHAL. Ladies'. Miaaea' and Children's Boots and nnoea of every de?oription. lower than ever. de 13 eo WANT KB.? We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, 8TOVE?and BED DINtt, for whioh we are paying the highest oaan prioea. F&nulies deolining honeekeeping, or haying a ?urplu? of furniture, will fcnd it to th?ir advantage to sive u? a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 389 7th st.. betw. 1 ana K it*. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, l 119 PiRRtTiTASu Arxrn, Between 19(4 and JOtk st*. The undersigned, haying located himself as above, take* this method or informinc the oitiiena of the Firat Ward that he ban opened a firat-oiaas Provision Store, oonducted aimiiar to thoae for irhi^h Philadelphia ia famousHere oaa be loan at ail timea a large and fre?h anpply of POUl.TRY, GAME, i-EEF, MUTrO.N, Ao. FRUITS and VtGETAlJLE^ in aea|OQ, Partioular attention ia oalled to his stock and pnoea of BUTTER, CHEESE. Ao. Piuladelphta Print Butter. Goshen &ud Wsct^ru Rsmpto. Being determined to give the atrioteat attention to the vanta of hia osstomeM, and to keep every artiole in hia lina of the beat toalltv, and aell at the loweat market prioea, he hope* to merit a share of nbiio patronage. ^smiltee will b? waited upon daily for orders, if repaired. no 18 THOMAS r. WILBOW. hamburg cheese! fl hamburg cheese! 500 Ibe. Hamburg Cheese, two years old, and very saeerier. RING i BURCHKLL. n? IS V?fmA?l M r<1 lith at fATAWBA GRAPES! Ks Catawba grapes:: Fresh Catawba Grapes in exoellent order and delioious in flavor. Try them. RING A BURCHELL, dell porner 16th st. and Vermont av. COR CITIZENS' WEAR-CLOTHS, CAS8Ir MEESx and VESTINGS. a fall supply. One prroe only, marked in plain figares. An inspeotloa of stook inours no obligation to OUoloths, Carpets, Curtains As., neper floors. ? PEK K\ k BRO , de ?-8t Pa. avenue and Ninth St. QFFICIAL NOTICE. qcarniitim Imiiai'i Owes. / Waskmtto* Cw?.D?o?rab?r 6th, 1861.< The follow in* ReeoJation haa been adopted by tit* Hobm of Repreeeatativea of the United Btatae, Til: Kttolvtd, "That Ite Secretary of War b? raaneeted to farniah total* Rohm ooplea or all oontraot* mad* by the Qaartermaater'a Department, for feeding disabled horaea daring th? winter;?to tat* tha terms of theee aootracta, tha nam a* of the pontraotora. and the niabw ofhoreee given outj? aad whether tuoee oontraeU were made apon pab no r.otioe." All oAeera aad t|MU of the Qaartennacter'a rVpartmeat, are instraeted to aend to the Quartermaster General immediately aeon eeeiac thia notioe, oopiea of all eontraota, and all information embraced within tha tarau of tha Reeolation. M C. MEIGB. J. A lit* ^ D^. t r\ 4 e. rt II i "w * wf. 9 v^uartorinwigr IJPBU F STORE, AND FOR 8ALK ? C ? SAP POR CABH5JOOO Mir* BIm Md Orey Blankets, 2.000 Double ?od e Cc mfortg. ljM Lid<n1 tod L'nliaoil Robe*. Hii.n.M'i HfcLant Cin? tut Armw ('haJn tka * ?* Favor and s?hryook'? Cur Cote, Hair aodHaak MattrMCM of Ml iiim. ' 't t > H.? ^ 4*6tw wxn'T Twth IL U< r%. tTMM. Every o?rJ7j???#Piuntin? r*<a(r*d dt any b-^f?o.biea*. oivli raaononanec. arm* aad o*tt cfi.Kri, aaUeri, 4j.-e?eout?a at mtwtor8a21, *Ue*o?>r? 't?U.at 4 n* . * A I i', ? /I A'U >i ' * TELEGRAPHIC SKW3. Latest Ssathera Hew?. Louisville, Dec. IS ?Advices from Memphis, Tenn , to the Uth Inst , say that the Georgia Legislature, by a vote of 27 to 18, parsed a bill securing to married women all the property they owned st the tiir<e of their marriage. The Jacksonport (Ark ) Herald says that Col. Borland has just returned from Pocahontas, and reports that tne Arkansas border Is still in dauper. He says that the Federals at Poplar Bluff number from six to seven thousand. The scouta of the two armies have frequent skirmishes Borland savs that he wants all the men he can promptly getL _ Mr. Lancers was killed at Columbus, Ark , by T. Young. The latter was subsequently hung by the mob. A New Orleans dispatch, of the 10th. says that Lt. Shepperd, the commander of the rebel steamer Mobile, had arrived at Brashear's City with a lieutenant and nine Federal prisoners, taken from the U. J*, schooner Annie Dayton, wrecked near Sabine Pass. They were sent to New Orleans The Louisville and Nashville road stopped receiving freight at Nashville on the 1st; the rolling s'ock oeing demanded to transport troops to Bowling Green The Confederate States Court at Richmond, on the 9th, decided that no change of citizenship after the commencement of hostilities can protect an alien enemy's property from sequestration. The Governor of Mississippi calls on the citiien? for all the necessary weapons they have for the use of the rebel army. The Provisional Governor, Johnson, of Ky , has opened a call at Bowling Green for twenty companies of volunteers from Kentucky. The first battalion of Tennea?ee Cavalry Is going Into winter quarters at Moscow, Tenn. The War in MUssnri. Sidalia, Mo., Dec. 14?Parties from the Wrst arrived here report that 3,000 rebel troops under Gen. Stein passed a point fifteen miles westot Warrensburg on the 11th, evidently for the pur. pose of escorting some 900 or 800 rebel recruits, with their baggage, previsions, etc., from Lexington to Price's army The notorious Capt Sviroon.. - K?. 1 ' W..J aiiu ui? wauu ui tuny marauders, Hflp* tured a few days since by a detachment of our cavalry, have been brought here. St. Louis, Dec 15 ? John Hagan, the lat? postmaster of this city, was amsted yesterday, charged with the embezzlement of several thousand dollars from the department during his t^rm of office. He was tak??n before the United States Commissioner, and held in $10,000 ball. BKPOBTED BATTLK AT LKXI3eT0ll. St. Looif, Dec. IS?The D^rhocftit learns from a gentleman just from Lexington that Gens. Rains and Stein, with #000 rebels, were in possesion of that town on Friday last, and another large body of troops was expected to reach there yesterday. Gen. Pientliui it l? mIH J _ , ? ?. ? J niM VU ?UC IIVI I U HiUC of the river with 3,000 Federal troops, and hid thrown a few shells Into the rebel camp and destroyed one of the two ferry boats in their bands This Informant says that he heard heavy tiring after leaving Lexington on Friday, Indicating that an engagement was progressing between our forces and the Rebels. Also, that General Davis' brigade of Federal troops left Ottervllle on Friday for Lexington. These statement* need confirmation. The rebel Capt. Sweeney, and sixty-three other rebel prisoners, reached here last night. The New Wheeling Convention. Wheeling, Dec IS ?The convention has disposed of the boundary question. The boundary u uuviiu (i i uuany y ill aaailion M) ID6 thirty-nine counties Included in the ordinance of of the August convention, the counties of Poca hontas. Greenbrier, Monroe, Mercer, and McDowell They also take In Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, JelJerson, Pendleton, and Frederick, on the condition that a majority of the votes cast in the district and a majority of the counties comprising It express themselves in favor of coming In at elections to be held on a day appointed by the Legislature. This attempt to extend the boundary is regarded by some as an endeavor to embarrass the progress of the new State movement. The convention was yesterday discussing a section relating to treason against the State Mr. Van Winkle, of Wood county, raised the lasue that there could be no such thing as treason against the State. One clause makes it treason to write, speak, print, publish or circulate anything to uphold invasion or Insurrection during the continuance of the samp Thf? i-lmta u?tn ? ? - . ? * VlUUVb TT Hi pi UUably be expunged Mr Battell. of Ohio county, Introduced a proposition prohibiting the importation of slaves; making It the duty of the Legislature to regulate, in a humane manner, family relations of slaves; and providing that, after a certain date, Involuntary servitude, except for crime, within the new State, shall cease. Referred to a committee The discussion on thin will probably begin some time next week The War in KeaiarUy?A Battle inffrs* gress at Somerset. Locisvillk, Dec 15.?The Journal's advices from Columbus sav that heiivv mnnnimilnir beard all day on Friday In the direction of Somerset A passenger from Mumfordavllle to-day report* that the bridge is nearly repaired, and the pickets of the two armies are near each other. Dr. John Jackson, without provocation, shot and severely wounded a Minnesota soldier who went to his house, near Springfield, to buy hay Jarkson was arrested and taken to Lebanon, and will probably be tried by military law. He was a Douglas elector from the Ashland district, and brother of the Jackson who shot Col. Elsworth. Vague rumors are afloat of a fight at Mumfordsville between Gen. McCook's division and the enemy, but they are not credited. Picket Skirmish. roist of kocks, Dec. 16.?Before daylight on Sunday a group attached to the picket* of the 28th Pennsylvania Regiment wanting to come over from the Virginia shore, opposite Berlin, thirteen men of Company N. were sent over in a boat, when two companies 01 rebels, in all about 120 strong sprung lrom an ambush and surrounded . Our men fought gallantly, and cut their way through^ their boat while many of their comrades gmiered on the opposite bank and caused the rebels to retreat- The little band killed two of the enemy and wounded five. We bad one

wounded and two taken prisoners. The coolness of our men prevented their being all captured. Parses Brownlew Arrested fer Treason by the Rebels. Bowlisg Gbkk.n, Ky., Dec. 16.?The Courier ays that Parson Brownlow was arrested for treason by the Confederate States <fomm!ssioner at Knoxvllle on the Oth, and committed to jail. The Knoxvllle Register says that the rumor of an order from the rebel War Deoartment for Hmwn. low's safe conduct North created sn Intense excitement. Transportation sf Trsaps South?Exchange f Prisoners Boston, Dec. 10 ?Negotiations are being made with Oen Butler to transport the Maine 12th regiment to their destination. The bark Island City is expected to leave tomorrow with two hundred ana forty Fort Warren prisoners for Fortress Monroe, where they will await an exchange. Oocapatisn of Portsmouth, N. C., by Federal Troops Locisvills. Dec. 10.?The Raleigh (N C.) Standard, of the 4th Inst , learns from a reliable source that a Federal regiment had taken poaaeaan of Portsmouth, at Ocracoke Inlet. North Carna, and that there had been a Yankee steamer In Pamlico Sound. Proclamation of Gea. Phelps at Ship Island. PaiLA.DU.rHia, Doc. IS.?Dispatches received bore relative to the news from Sblp Island say that on tbo 5th inst. Brig. Gen. Phelps put forth a proclamation to the loyal citizen* of the 8outhweat, strongly anti-slavery in lta tone. Terrible Accident. Home*dal?, Pa., Dec. 14 ?A terrible accident occurred thia morning at the coal pockets of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company. A car fell through fifty feet, killing four persona, and wounding aix others aeverely. , Hew Yerk Bank Statement. mv taaa, voc y*i?i n? wwni oon* aiaiernent of oar city banks show* the following de> cnmm Lo?n?. S3,146.000; apecie, S*.91?S,000: circulation, 9239,000; depoalta, 94,889,000. Arrival ?f the Glaiftw. Niw Yobk, Dec. 16?The *teamer Glaagow arrived tbi* evening from Liverpool. Her advtcea have been anticipate [ i'/'irs r. it*. THE DOLLARJSTAR! . INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS ' arow is thetime t<Tsubscribe i * Tke Falltit and Moat Reliable Newt from the Seat of Government! 17 J ir ?* t? j . a* i i L^wuamg mazier /or me rinsiae ttrae: 1 ? The present year Is undoubtedly the most eventful in the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Fadmi Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remarkable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that p**set here la most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and Improvements in the weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paper has been changed from a quarto to the more oonvenlent folio shape, and now appears a kandsomt sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR !1 Op mnro thun thp nr1r?*? nf (ha rtanor nnnn WU> auviv ?mv |'?<vv v* *UV ^U|/V| u J'U 11 which it Is printed. It is our determination to make the WmtT Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper !n the United State*, but that it shall absolutely be Thk Bkst Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! 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In short, it ia our purpose to giv# our readers a varied, rich,* and sparkling variety of the reading that at once initructa and entertains, out aiming to make Washington ?bws and Gossip our sp$ciality, In accordance with the views ?<it forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers $1.00 per year. To Clubs of Five 86 cents. ToClob* of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen bo cents. To Clubs mt Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of t ifty 75 cents. Addrsss W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for pec!men copies, which will be forwarded gratis. BUTTER! . BUTTER!! BUTTER!!! 100 keg* ohoioe Goshen batter, jast reoeived and for sale ohoap by F. B. HASTING" A OO. no 25-tf 32a D st.. focim Pa. aTftnne. 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THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Is now prepared to furnish Restaurants, Hotels, sutlers, and Private Faailies with-jS^ /^\ FRE*H OV8TKRS, by Us gallon or((R^ (mA in oaus o! all sixes. Th? ( tvaturi nrriVA Ha1)? Am>K f rnm ? uw w; H*VI w wi TV IIWOH vm the waters of the Chexpea ke Bay, and are of the best quality. Theoompany inntei the patronage of the d?alera and the publio in feaeral, aad guarantees a prompt attention to all ordera. Office?48 Market Space, (Avenue Houae,) between 7th and 8th ata. no 30-1 in IRppubiioan.] PIANOS! PIANO*!! PIANOS!!! ?? A number of n?V 7 Oct. PIANOS pBBM received yeaterday froa tho oalebrated laotory ofWin. Knabe tt Co., among them a very handsome oarved Piano, which obtained the hif heat premium f'om the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wtich 1 offer for aale (as a fine New Year'a f resent)on aooommodating tonne. and at prioea o auit the timea. TO RENT?I will have aeveral Pianoaalwaya on hand, though I waa unable last week to aerve aome of ray ouatomera. Amateurs are invittd to examine. P. C.REICHKNBACH, nOV?7 lm. No iQRllth ttrAAt. rpHE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY F, 1. EMRIGH. at the oomer of Penn.A . > A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenlCBBW greatly improved reoentlr ud now offtnl|Hl (rotter inducement* for ih? patronage of oitiiens and strangers than any other publio house in the oity, hie pneee being leee than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hie aooommodatioos (or permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popular. being au that oan be desired by the moat fastidious. The proprietor pledges unremittad attention and oontinned liberal exjeed it ores to five satisfaction to ail^and thus renews his invitation ? ui toctve ids Karo??*r Hotai a n?ii. <i? 4-ti f~ilBB8' HAIR STOKE, vJ No. 'J4il Fa. iv.. b*t. 12tb and ISth ?ts, PERFUMERY. ti. BRAtD8.CURLtf.WlG8. HALF WIGS, FRIZETTLS, Ac. A foil uioom always od hand, or mads to order at the shortest notice. Hair Work repair&d or exal.An.jrd, N. B?Lad las' HsJr Dyed in th? most na'am) tiT<ar *>R -tw> 150,000 LS?JS,AfoASS.CANDUS* Also, wanted??MM?0 lbs. Army Grease aod Rough Tauow. for which the highest price will be paid, at the National 8<>ap aod Candle Works, oor. I?rinn mt ana iT&iut _ r^AArsatnarn Ik P do 1 1m O, B. JEW ELL. Proprietor. THE Bibnilb?i'lmiD( made*addition* to hit fS?fi3' l?SH?sprv*i and from Bia tone oiaorienoe id tha bad"ill REPAIRS MMr don*, ud all Mm nupoirrs ?vnpowdbi, i 'feia. i . J . AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WAT6H CO. beg to call the attention of the oitisena of Waahmgton and rioinity to theanperiority of their Wateheaorer all imported, whether ?wim or Enriah. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee their Watches to be unsurpassed by those of any country for durability and fine time keeping Qualities. CAUTION. The Company would oaution beyers to beware of the oheap EuglisU and Swiss Watohos now k?ii( aeut among soldiers in and around Washington* These watohe* are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, and utterly worthless as time keepers, as the makers well knew when they sent them to this country. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company wonld invite espeoial attention to their latest style of Watoh for Ladies. Every one will have the same guarantee that accompanies the most oostly Chronometer of their manufacture. TKa BtwlAc rtf PAflAfl AfA VAriA^ ArtH anit HiffArAn* tastes, and the introduction of a Watoh far ladiM, that will go and keep time, has met with universal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION is invited by the Company to the fact that every Watch, of whaterer prioe, manufactured at their Worvtat Waitham, Mass .is aooompamed by a certificate not only to warrant it, but to prevett imposition from a oheap and wortVees imitation that is palmed of upun buyers as the genu.ne article. All onr Watches have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, Mass.," and without that wk no Watch is genuine. Meaara. M. W. GAL.T 8c iiROTUKR have the Watches of our manufacture far a&ie at Washington, and buyers can depend upon finding the right atjlea and 4uc.li:.es at their eatabhshmect, ?io. 4ai re rjsyivania aveaue. ROBBINS 4, APPLETON, General Agents, No. 1*2 Broadway, no29-lin Nevr York. tJOMKTHJNG HEW?SUPERIOR hULLED CORN.?The subscriber, hav.ng tot the agency to sjpply Washington and Geortetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, wcuid respectfully aik of his friends, and the public at arre, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plair and sugared. *** if r% n a iA r \r a YY3I. DIVAULI.ntrui. Pv avenue, between I8^h and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments. Table Tom, Ac* A large assortment a'ways on hand. oo 19-8>n F MILITARY BOOKS. RGNCH& RICH8T1EN have just reoeived a large ani complete assortment of Military Books of all kinds, which they offer from ten to fifty per cent, below the regular retail prioes,?including : A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rifle Tactios, complete, 81.25 Forks' Volunteers' Manual,2 vols, $2 A ilea's Compendium of Hardee's Tactios, Mo Gross's Military Suijery, 7So ? Mahan's Field Fortifioation and Outpost, each 71 Hardee's Taotics, cheap edition, a$o Tfc* ? ?<! . ? ootnpiate mkDill and drill book for the use of the Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard, 25c The Hand-Book for the U. S. Soldier, heist first book of instruction to the U. 8. Infantry tao Ues, 25o Also, Military Map*, May of the Seat of War, Charts, Guides, Ac. Flags, Badges and Medals of every description. Any of the above sent by mail free. ? FRENCH it RICHSTEIN. qiV ?J7a Peni)?? T*i ia J^IREMEN'B INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777.. .f UOO,O0C. ttnur C strtel m%i Lomisumm mm., mrnmr Bmmk oj Watkmtlo*. INbtfRE HOUSES ANOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diaxcrcas. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfert, Samuel Cropley, William Wiisou, Richard iuoea, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rotnweu, Tnos. Parker. Rishard Barry, H. B. trench, IJr. U. w. Dtvu. Nc oharge for policies. JAMES ADAMS. freaidanU A?kl g. Davis.Secretary. an 9 eoSni ^ATCHREPAIR^N.6 AND SILVER WAU F nave one of the beet establisnmenU, and far fehec with a complete eet of tools for repairci every description of fine Watches, and flU parlioatar attention five to the aaine, by I bo: mc hoompotentworkmanjknd a., vork tec Also, every deecnp ion of standard SIX. v Eft VVJ RE. plain and ornamental, mamfactnred unaei sr rfn nq/ervision, which tuy customers mil fine ?-yioerior in 9uality and finish to northern ware oedpy dealers injaneral and res resented as their vumuifutirt, H. O. HOOD, xsa Pa. avenue. nearttb HtaTn.v J!!*3E:599,w_ aa.iu<vn I Ui mo UUHU HSUlOIlWiUI, OJ 4DU1 Lothros Motley ; 3 vols.; free b? mail, $i. The Rise of the Ditch Ret ublie, a history, by John Lothrop Mb tier*, t to j cioth; free by mail, t?. Silas Marner, tnf Weirtr of Ravelol, by the author of "AdaoBwe , cloth Tttoeou ; pap?r 10 cent*. Life and Career of Major Andre* by Wintrop Sergeant; 1 ,K>. After Ioeberii vita a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev LouieL. Nob e: flJO. The Mannfcotnre of Photogeme or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Anttsell, M. D.; ? 1.7*. Any of the above froe by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, as C UT* Penna. avenue. YWOOD AND COAL. OV Will sorely eel your manor's worth by oallinr at the PIONEER MILLS, >oui*wt?t tm ?ir ?f Smmtk strut mmd Canal, (GEO PAGE, Agent.) They sell obnaper and give better measure than any others in the city?oat, split, and delivered free of oharga. If to* doc t r elieve . j rs the Pioneer M ills a tns., and bo satisfied. i-h.r WALL, STEPKBNH A CO.. 33d PamMTLTaiiiA Avuii, MILITARY AND NAVAL uirnnfiiM* Till nua AND K KA1?Y^M"ADK" CLOTH 1KRS, AND EXTKNSIYK DEALERS" IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se 6-if (laf I. k. Kepub.) MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELB.-Th? ii Alchemist, or tHe Hoih of Cla?s; from ths French of Honors tie Baliac. Fre? L? mail, SI. Silas Marner. the W?T#r of Rsveloe; bjr Goo. Elliott, the ftotkor of "Adam J'oie." Freejnr mail, Woeuts. FRENCH A RICHSTKINT^ kt f> 1?BI| | [N10N PAPER AMD FN VELOPEH.?Twwl? tJ ty different styles of Note tad Letter Piyti, with Envelopes to nsate^. Views of WaabiLrtc- n the form ol a Rose, and in Book form; alio, separate All the Dai It and Wiokij fmn oonstantly oa hand. Herald, Times, and Tribune reoeived every meat >i o r oiwok. PapAr? from all eftrts of the oouctry. ;'?.vll??? Dime Nore!s and Pong Books. A fresh anpyly of Books for summer reading. O&Mp A large asrortmeak of J?T??ilff?Marse Raid's Books, Rollo Books Avjho:f'? Histories, to. A disoount of 10 t? >#?roect. on a!i t?ocnd Docks M ? N^RJENt^^KJ^^K|N. ^ B?? ? """ .jragargsS'Sasaar nil VB*T NICE SECOND-HAND PIANO U for S3B. A lao. ? i*r?? ?took of B&oon ft Co.'f aod ttiunr ft Bod1* K ? ' r ' THE fflKKLY STAR. n Friday otalag. ? '? **** \j>vyy . |W KU U.t ??? Pin copies Tra oopifls### ?# ? Vweaty-t^e oopl??. It invariably oontnlna the "TT?hlifm News' Ual has made T\* DmUf fM?*M Sisr olrentote to geaerally throughout the country Single copies (la wrsppert) nan be pre cured at the oounter. immediately after the toM at the paper. Prion?THE EE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " H10HLY CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Posuttt mmd Spt*JU Ktmtdf For Dieeneee of the BLADDER, KIDNEY? GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioioe lnorenses the pc wer of Di^etipn. and exoites the Ansomum luto bealOiy aonon. by which the witut on caxcmocb d4*osraona. nod a ! vni?4TrnAL (!<Ltnsuti*Ts are rednoed. mm won mm rmin 4JII larUkHMiTlOH, ud IS |Mi MKN. WtJMBW. OK COILDIBN. ?# HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakness*: Artaing from Kxo?aaea, Habita of PiUtyXlut, Karly l< disorofion or Ahnae, Attended with the Following Symptom* : lndi position to Kxertion, Low of Pern. 1 -o8? of Mrmory. Difficulty of Brmthiaf . Weak Nerves, Tremtiling. Horror of D<*ea??, Wakefn!neea? Binnmss of Vision, Pais in the Baok, oivarta' l,a?.itude of the Mnico tr PTSteoi. Hot Hands, Flushing of the B<*Jy. Dryness of the Skin, Krnptiona on tba FHt, PALLID COrffTKMAJICB. These symptoms, It a loved to go on, whiofc tkia medicine invariably removes, soon follows l.MPOTKNCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In mm / which tin Patient maf Kayi**. Who oan say that they are no* frea nently Jotlowed by those "TuazPVT diskasbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the s?ue* of their enfftnnf, Bl'I ROSVB WILL r*oNFK?a. THE RECORDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'lmmtkoly Dtatkt fc? Contmwiptxcu, BEAR AMFLU WlTNSae TO TBS TECTI OF TBB uonnoa. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Ke*uirea the aid of mediome to strengthen and IDTi(o;ste the Sntem whwh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BL'CH I **mr\a> ly d*$ A TEIAL WILL COJtVISCK THS MO*T HirTlfil. FEMALES? F?MA LES- FEMALES, UUU UR l'JUil't, BinoLb. In A r iv I r. iJ, UK CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, 1? Many Aff'ction* Peculiar to Fertalts tl.e Extract Buob < is aneeaailed by any ether r*m?*!y, m id Chlorosis or Retention, I.rn manly, Pfcr fu i f m, or Suppresf'.on of Customary hvv?uat Uioeratea or Schirroos state of the Uterus. Leuoorrnea or Whites, Sterility, and for all ooinpiair.u incident to the sex. whether aii?;r.| from lodi&orettoD, Habits of Dissipatioo, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! su srirr rows above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take ao mors Balsam, Mtrcurf, or Injlsajan* M.td\c\ne /or Unj leasamt and Da$Lgtro*u Di statu. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV ccus SECRET DISEASES In ail Uieir Stage*; At iittie Kxpaaaat Little or no cuange in Diet; No inoonvetuenoe; And m kxfotwt. Itoaneee a fre^u nt desire and givea strength to Urinate, thereby Removing obsti uetions. Preventing aud Curmg 6criotnre? of tee Urethra. AUajiug rain and Inflanimnaoa, jo frequent in the olaee of diseases, and expelling A J Pots 0*0*1, LH stated, and worm out Mailer. thousands cros trocAiim WHO HAVE BEEy THE V1CTIM8 Of QUACKS, and who have paid isat-y/'u to beaarad in a short time, have found tn*y we.-e deoeived, and that the *Toiso!?" has, by the use of attrmtotut" been dried up in the syitem, to treat oat is an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARh. *OE, """""" Die HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU ail Mfactions and disease* of the riUNAAjr OEGAHI, whether ex it ting in MALE OR FE MALI, from whatever cause orif mating ud bo matter oi HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of theee Organs require the aid of a DiBBBTIC. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT. BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la certain to hare the rteeired effect la Dlieaeei for utu* il it rtcommmdtd. BTIPBHCB Or TBI MOST BBBTORSIBUI AMV MM' L1ABLB CEABACTBB wtIl!&ooompanr the medicine^ CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From > to 80 rears' staadlBf. with Name* known to BtiLnut anu r Ame*, "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE mNOTICE." * WM Kill "BO IBCXBT" 0f "IMUMOT HELMBOLl>*S EXTRACT JtfUCHU ! oompo*Qd of Unchn, Ca^cba tod J uimt Bwtim . elected with irwt o?r? by a competent drmjf i?t. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, PrMDotl ma Anaiyuoa. (Jbeiruat. mo Bel* iu nfactorer of HKLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. zrsri? ?sasufff. r KASSTM! beiog duly avcrn, doth ur. kla jreparauona ami Uun no B&rootio, no mere or r, of otbar l*ja?o*a """" .ELMM.LD. Aidsrmui, Ninth at., abova &*oa. Pail*. PHYSICIANS IN ATTKXDANCM FROM 8 A. M TO 8 F. M. Prira II mp batlla. at ill 1m U. IHttorad to ur ftddrm, aiovily peeked trim obaiTMioB. H. T. HELMBOUD*Cktmi*, Depot, lot Boeth T*tk et.. betov Clwuti, FkllB HEWiii op oouirtEmrmm and VJfraJItCirLMD dealmmm "ftawau: Aryasxztsz r* fj j ng mm m P| ! HlMI ?xtr%& BwUm, <4 U U ^ - . M4 kr & I. waxvm. m. B. itMAM, J?n Wojv. 6. O. Fn?i B. B. Imrimii B. 0. W?kmtorn. ?i 8ni|im>. ,i*D ALL DBVWlm MVMMTWRMM.M ASK YOB MKLKBOLPt. AND AVOID IMPOSITION Mi ?atFO?V*^ P?ri* nfmpumtmmUCtmmmm,. ? , ,. Hirf a ? * # -w .4