21 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ 0 ~ * % . <&bmm Star. * y V V VSi. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 21. 1861. N9. 2.757. 9 THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE ITAI BUILDING*, rr W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* served la paekiRa byontai Mill fHt, or X7 oents per month. To mall subscriber* Ike prloe I* S3 JO a few, m mdmmnti; S3 for all ?en?hs; SI for three months; and for lea tku Ikree mouths at the rate of IS oente a week. Blafie ooptea, omi cairr; la wrappers two mm. HT" Advbbtissmbhts should be eeat to the ui before IS o'clock m., otherwise they may sot appear until the next day. GENERAL SCOTT'S LETTER ON THE AMERICAN DIFFICULTY. The following is General 8oott'a admirable letter (written in Pari*) on the Trent affair : Mr Dear Sir : Yoa were rifht in doabtinf the declaration imputed to me, to wit: that the Cabinet at Washington had given orders to aeiie Messrs Mason and Slidell even nnder a nentrsl flag; for I was not even aware that the Government had had that point under consideration. At the time of mv leaving New York it was not known that the San Jaointo had returned to the Ameriean seas; and it was ?en railj supposed those persons had escaped to Cot* for the purpose of re-embarking in the Jtaahville, in pursuit of which vessel the Ju. Adger and other cruisers had been dispatched i think I can satisfy you in a few words that you have no serious occasion to feel ooncerned about our relations with Englaad, if, as ber rulers profess, she baa no disposition to encourage fche dissensions in America. In the first place it is almost superfluous to say to you that every instinot of prudenoe as well as of good neighborhood prompts our Government to regard no honorable sacrifice too Sreat for the preservation of the friendship of reat Britain. This must be obvious te all the world. At no period of our history has ber friend?hi? K??b nf ? * ? t vt utvio iiupvi lauuo lO 0?r people?at no period has our Government been in a condition to make greater concessions to f>reaerre it. The two nations are united bj n teres u and sympathies?commercial, socIhI. j political and religious?almost aa the two arms to one body, and do one is so ignorant as not to know that what harms one must barm the other in a corresponding degree. I am persuaded that the British Government ean entertain no doubt upon this point; but if it.does, t feel that I may t*ke it n^on myself to say the President of the United States, when made aware of its existence, will lose no opportunity of dispelling it. Nor is there anything, I venture to affirm. in me seizure of these rebel emissaries which ought to receive an unfriendly construction from England. Her stateemen will not question the legal right of an American vessel-ofwar to search any oommerciai vessel justly aaspocted of transporting contraband of war ; that right baa never been surrendered by England ; it was even guarantied to her by tbe treaty of Paris, and British guns frowning down upor nearly every atrait and inland sea npon the globe, are conclusive evidence that he regards this right as one the efficacy of which may be not yet entirely extinguished. Of oonrse there is mueh that is irritating and ?g?iivui id iqs exercise01 CDis right under the moat favorable circumstance*, and it ia to be hoped the day us not far distant when the maritime States of the world will agree in placing neutral commerce bejond the reaoh of such vexations. The United States government has been striving to this end for more than fifty yem; to this end, early in the preaent century, and in ita infancy as a nation, it embarked in a war with the greatest naval power in the world, and it ia even now a persistent suitor at very maritime eourt in Europe for a more liberal recognition of the rights of neutrals than any of the other great maritime nations have yet been disposed to make. But till those rigttfs are secured by proper international gaarantees, upon a comprehensive and ?tflAmrtnm kuia nt ?* ? o ?wwuiov uu^iauu oaauuicomplain of an act for which in all its material bearings her own naval history affords ?uch numerous precedents. wneiber me capuvea irom u? ireot were oontraband of war or not, ia a question which the two government* oan have no aerioas difficulty in agreeing upon If Mr. Seward cannot satisfy Earl Kussell that they were. I have no doabt Earl Russel will be able to satisfy Mr. 8eward that they were not* If they were, as all authsritie* concur in admitting, agents of the rebellion, it will be difficult to satisfy imEartial minds that they were any less contraand than a file of rebel soldiers or a battery of hoatila eannon. But even should there be a difference of opinion upon this point, it is very olear that oar government had sufficient grounds for presuming itself in the right, to escape the suspicion of having wantonljr violated the relations of am'ty which the two ooantries profess a desire '.o preserve and caltivate. The pretenoe that we ought to have taken the Trent into p?rt, and had her condemned by a prise eourt, in order to justify our seiaure of her passenger*, furnishes a very narrow basis on wnioh to fix a serious controversy between two great nations. Stated in other words, an offense would have been loss if it had been greater The wrong done to the British flag I would have been mitigated if, instead of Ai n tm 4k A fAIIP ma tie/) a a i a .-1 a aLa n oviAiug ivut a?won, wg u?u ffoitcu IUO 0Uip9 detained all her passengers for weeks, and eonfiscated her cargo. I am not surprised that 9 Capt. Wilkes took a different view of his daty, ana of what was doe to the friendly relations which subsisted between the two government*. The renowned oommon sense of the English people. I believe, will approve of his effort to * make the discharge of a very unpleasant daty ma little vexatious as possible to all innocent parties. If, under these circumstances, England should deem it her duty, in the interest of civilisation, u> insist upon the restoration of the men taken from under the protection of her flag, it will be from a conviction,without doubt, that the law oi nations in regard to the rights of neutrals, which she has taken the leading part in establishing, requires revision, and with a suitable disposition on her part to establish thoee rights upon a iost, humane and philosophio basis. Indeed, I am happy to see an intimation in on* of the leading metropolitan ioumala which roea f?r to iostifr thi? in Iference Referring to the decision of the English Admiralty Court* now quoted in defenM of the leisure of the American rebels en board the Trent, the London Times of the 23th of Ncrrember saji " 60 far as the authorities go, the testimony of international lav writers is all one wa7, that a belligerent war oruiser has the right to stop and visit and searoh an7 merchant ship upon the high Maa. * * * But it most be remembered thet these decisions were given under oireumstanoes very different from those whioh bow oeeur. Steamer* in those days did not exist, and mail vessels csrrying letters wherein sll the nations of the world have immediate interest, were unknown We were fighting for existence, and we did in tboee days what we should neither do nor allow others to do, nor oipoet ourselves to be allowed to do io t&eso days." If England, a* wo are hero encouraged to hopo, ia disposed to do her part in stripping war of half iu horror* by accepting the polioy long and pentstontly urged upon hor by oar Government, and commended by every prlnoiple of justice and humanity, abe will And no ground, in the vuit of the Trent, for controversy with our Gorarnment. I am aura the President and people of the United State* would ho hut loo happy to let these men go free, unnatural and unpardonable a* .he offenses have boon, if hy ft they oould eaasnet pate UM >0M?roe M UM worra. arwij M u wovld be to oar dlaadvaatafo at this protest ertaia to aarraoder uj of thooe naritiaia prirU?fM of belliforeata which in aaaotiOoed bj the lavs of natioaa, I foal that I take bo raapoaaibilitj la aarlnf that tho United Statee will bo faithful to her traditional policy apaa thla abject, aad to the aplrit of har pohiioal iaatitatioaa Oa tho othor hand, ahuald Kwflanrt ba uaprepirad to oiako a oorraapoodiag aeeriiaef ahaald ho foal that aha eoald sot jot afford to aarrofdor tho adrantegea which tho praooot marlaJ-Cl - - -a a- r J^UA.a -...1 v UHIV MM |ITW w W0MHW1 U?T?4 ? , VMS roano ah* will not pat heroolf ia (mm poeiitoa by Mkiaf M to do It la either oin, - n?reforo, I do aot no kow tho (rtoadlj rolatioao of tho two foTornmenta in ia ?ay'imme dteie danger of Doing distarbod 1 hat tho over prompt rooog attloo w belltge' all, o# a bad/ of meet, however largo, *o loc^ M laoj aylwd a ntf?t miawrity of tfco I nation, wounded the feelings of my countrymen deeply, I will not affect to deny, nor that that act, with some of its logical conaequenoes whioh hare already oeourred, hu planted in the breasts of many the suspicion that their kindred in England wish them evil rather than good; but the statesmen to whom the political interest of these two great people are oonfided act npon higher responsibilities and with better lights, and you may rest assured that an event so mutually disastrous as a war between England and America cannot occur without some other and graver provocation than has yet been given by either nation. Wi5field Scott. ITaUI Do .J- O loji MV ?VI V? VetUllUBiVl) A BIi?f A/ OV . Ay lOUlt To , Esq. Aiiivil of a Rich Prize i* N*w Yo*k.? Thursday morning tbe British ship Cheshire arrived la New York In charge of a prize crew from the U. 8 sU-am^r Augusta. The Cheshire was raptured on Oth Inst., of Tybee Inland, making her wav, It Is believed, to Savannah. Her car. go consists of army blankets, salt, coffee, crockery and medicines, articles greatly needed by tbe rebels, and it It thought that she also has a large number of arms concealed under goods. Information of the movements of ihls vessel was received sometime since at the Navy Department. The American consul at Liverpool 'apprised that department that tbe Cheshire had run tbe blockade at riaTannah, had discharged her cargo at Liver pwi, ana wn men loading w'tli contraband tfood* for a^m* southern port, baring changed the American flag to the British In consequence, the officers of our blockading squadron wrre lns ructrd to look out f?r her, and her capture by the Augusta w*s the result. A Niw York L*wybr ii? Limbo in Paris ? The Paris correspondent if the N. Y- Eipress write*:?So i e small excitement was occasioned at" The Hotel du Louvre," last evening by the arrest and Imprisonment of a New Yoik lawyer by the name of Scott, who was taken off bv the secret pillce. on the irraveeharueof having forged the seal of the United States, for swindling purposes. Mr S'ott was formerly Clerk of the Courts in Buflilo, and is known in connection ?k l? ?- - .... , -'?u ojwli I'cnui rud'r." nf very ronnsbiy [entered bit name la 'he retls'er herras "Law. man''?while conrantly m?*etin?{ Americans wbo | a4drrt>sed him ??Sjott Healso paw din Lon| don under the assumed name of "Lawman " I nw him Just now In the presence of the Magistrate, and asked him what it meant' His only reply, with eyes on the ground, was, ?'/don't know " mu ???????????????? ^HRISTM AS?CHRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS! TOYS! TOYS! TOY'*! TOYS COMBS, BRUSHESftnd PERFUMERY I FANCY BOXES! CHINA ORNAMENTS! DOLLS. DOLLS, DOLLS ! (all kinds.) RIBANDS. FLOWERS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES! a i -n t * - ado ?n Kinas 01 gooda suitable for the teason, de 13 tw At 9HKIHVX. K ?t. LWM. CORW'IN BURfiY. ATE With the old and veil known house of WM. S f'OKWIV & CO , NKW YOBK, DtaUr in tKoiet Hrandut, Wtms Citart, fe., and Importer t>J Tt*t ani Chinisi Fan'y Goods, No 347 PsMXftYLVA.IIfc avkmvi, (tnt-anoe tMxih street,) ' Washington. D. C. The attention of oonco;*?euriand thepabliogene'aJy is inn te<l to m? stock of tine B randies,W ines Clears. Teas. oom?ri?inf Hennessey Otard and Sayer Brandies, Widow Clioqa?t, Moot k. Cbandoa, Mum's, Heidsiok Sl Co tand Associates [ Verz'nej, Champagnes; Perm*rtins, Amoct;Iado and Ynarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and Smooth Side Ma^eiias; H'rraonr and Botmerater pojts; the oeiebrafd "WSC" Club Hours Oin; kttfy w V \ t - LM n uo uauna^u. All" V3 riUUB brands of Cicara and very fine Vounf H json, Htaon. Imperial and Ec*li>*h Breakfast Tiu in oatty boi*s imported by royaelf expressly for family aae. de 13 lm J TO THK LADIES! ULE8 J OL LI VET, Ladies' Hairdresser, from Pans, just arrived, informs the ladiea of Washington that he has oaened a larce (assortment of FWix H *a-1 Dresses, Wreaths and Brides' Wreath*, the moat splendid ohoioe of Flowers for cresses; also. Go d and Chenille Nefa. ailtkinda of Hair Work : and attend to dreaaioc .adiea' hair. 333 D atreet. between 9th and loth. de 18 lm* Nnew millinery. OW On haod ana oonatsntly reoeivinc new aappliea of WINTER BONNETS, oompne-^^Ri int therewest and most d'rirable s'yi's the a^aon.at HUTCHINSON * MUNRO'B^^ Kan# Store, 310 Penn. avenne. between wn *nd l 'th streets, w< ere Miss Thompson > prepared to xeoute promptly ali orders lef* ? il.o ins? rsiiaioaH a n?? UABlV (>f HmuI DrAll. e?. Artificial Plovers', Feather*. 4o.t to which we invite the attention of the ladies. rfe 18 SEALED PROPOSALS, until the 30th Deo^mber, left, are invited for furnishing the U. S. Subsistence D?p*rtm?nt with FLOUR. About 12.iwo barrels will be required, of a hich grade of extra Flour, *o be delivered in Washington, at the Railroad D?pot. or at Warehouses in Washington or Georgetown. sometime between tbe 1st and lton of January, 18R2 Faoh barrel of the Flour to be inspected jnst before it is reoeived. The Flour must be equal in quality to the samples to be obtained at the capitol Bakery, Washington Oitv Bids ?o bedireoted to Major A- BECKWITH, C.8.,U-B. a , ann endorsed "Proposals " de 18 f^AMP STOVES, in every variety, lust reoeived at JAMES SKIRVING'S Washington Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory, No. S67, oorner of Uth st, South side Penn. avenae. delist [ Repub A Chron.] L,^ AIR BANKS'S ' ATiMfiivn Ar*it yfi For sale by J P. BARTHOI.OW, Sole AiMt, Hardware and Acrionltaral Warthouw, 3Ah Seventh street, between Peno. av and Canal. .ppr>. aite ea<t end of Center Markqi. de 17-tf ?IPRE88 notice. Ornoa or thb Abmt Fxraims Compact, 3~? Ptnn'v'vania avenue AH Roods row in our warehouse, <m Louisiana a?enue, and be'ea'ter wareh^us-d, will he?harred with storage, if allowed to remat" ove aiz day*, an l an additional oharge if remaining over went* dajs. D. (JRKEN K. de!7 lw Bsperintendent of the Companr. Notice to keepers of restaurants We have now in store a large and varioaa assortment of? Ale Temhlera. Bar Tamble*. Cat and Pressed, B?*r Mars, Champa<ne GUsses, wine Glass's. Cbafiaf Dishes. Ac. \XJ Kiak ??a A ra n Iff? ri r\ m a# w>k<%lAea i a ?*i ?a? ?? iilUU W V VI ? uu Ol I U? tm\ "llVIWl? VII- ??. C. W. BOTELKR V SON. 17 it 318 l-ofi Ball. A*UTLKRH NO Thoae engaged in aupplyin( the 8oldiT?, will Dad on examining our ?t<>ok many ariieles ea'tabte for tit?ir it'H, tt anon prioee ae otaoot Jul ; *u?. oarefal examination of (took and prioee soli oiled. Liberal dieooant made to Sntlera and those en (Med >a ?n?e y c* the Army. O ode oareTnlly packed to go oat the oity, fru of & chert* _ 0. W. BOTELPR * ?ON. dorr ? 319 j ran Hail. COLOMBIA MARKRT, V/ Pa c&rnt n>-tt*n'k tt. rh? ?nb?or<b*T *o( d moat resp?oili>l jr inform the citiaeneof waeaif>|ton t a he has returned lit his old eawter. wnete he intends ke-piac a iret ratr ma let in all its i>raneh?e, ae in timee got a. fas Will be klMT to creet hi# old friend* and on* ?Oooda e?nt fr?? cf oharta to any put of the olty. d<U C. MALLARD. IMPORTED MEAT*. FI8H, FRUITS, A?.1 Pati dafni On*. Tn?3"oi, Gorwra 0tnc*', Caotos Oloier, Ri? d? Van, Truffled pauMce, OiiT* *troiM. Bft'd'OM. Ai'Ohcvi** ia oil, Patit? paU. Champif dom. Ytnsuiti Harriot, AnaiiOry Kat^Aa^wAo LL< da tf aornt PifWptk at. and Vin?o?t M. Large lots of bsi> blankets, com b-U, Jm?lJl? Qwtti, Ph?'nn, Piliow Cottoaa, T?N? UMII, Napkiaa, DoyllM, AO., tm wboia at oar prorarfeiially low prioa, mark** 10 iSn*C!*Cwt?iH, O1W0U1, Rip. Wiid?w 8h*d?a, Piaoo ao4 T?bi? Co\ ara, Ao.. ipper H on. Ad ia?|MUoa of atook inoura no obheation to yarofiM*. _ rr?n? m. b#u, P?l mill ?n5 Ninth ?*?<, i 4?U-UX "Pvr, flaF^i.* ?'? 1 81 r o ? ?ii!* 0 * " ^T" ,^C. KABUL An??T.ORJ5TLE?j,OFnC...?ND I A iar???tockofCAMP STOVES, mftnafeetarwi wo for Mi* ?t 1*1 P?im?ylT*a;a ?*?nue, n?*r OnUr MtrlK, ? , d?li-cf H. J. GEE0OKY. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM PORT ROYAL. Shipment ?f Sra Island C?tton UXtw V*rk->1>r. t- n. ? > * ? ? ? - vasvw WVUpOllOD I HI psrtant Pdm by the Federal Tr*?p. Niw York. Dec. 30.?The steamer Atlarlc ar rived at noon from Port Royal, with toe s-amer R. B. Forbes In tow. Her advicea ?re to tfc 17th lnat. She brings 120,000 pounds of Sea Island otton gathered by the negroes, under direction f the agents of the Government. * The Atlantic passed the ateamer Vanderb t off Hatteras, steering South. Gen. Stevens' brigade of 4,000 men ocupy Beaufort, Lady Island, St. Helena, and Bay Point. . Gen. Vlele's expedition has been abandon4. Gen. Sberroan has issued orders that all reprters leave the place Immediately. Four hundred thousand pounds of cottoaJfAi been secured, and would be shipped by the nat ateamer. Part of the stone fl*et wai at Savannah river, and part had gone to Chtrleaton. S?kcond dispatch ] edval Troops t* the rafin land?A Skiru.lsh?Treeps sent t* Tylee Island?The Defeat of Helllns's Fteet again rfptrird?brut RC|M Insnrretlon in Jliiiiiilppl repsr.ed. New York, Dec 510 ?The advice? per stemner Atlantic say, that on tbe 10th 'nstant a force cf400 Federal troops crossed from Port Roval i laid to the main land, towards the Charleston ahd Savannah railroad. They encountered a reb<"l brce of some 1 500 men, who retreated after flrlig a volley,which, however, did no Injury to anysite. The 4th New Hampshire reglmct has uoie to Tybee Island, and tbe balance of Oen. Wright's brigade would follow noon. Th* special correspondent of the Tribune, Irom Po t Royal, gives Mother rumor of tbe defeat of TDff rebel Capt. Hollinn and Ibe linking of hit ' Turtle" ablp by the U. 9 steamer Massachusetts, near tbe mouth of tbe Mlsstsstp1 river. Universal depression Is reported throughout the South, ard New Orleans was particularly deprtssed by tbe pressure of events A grrat negro Insurrection Is said to hive broken out In Mlsalsalppl, and an Immense qu?ntity of property has been destroyed, amoaatlng to 8150 ,U)0, on the Quitman estate alone. From tha Upper P*t*mac. WiLLiAM?ro?T, Dec 20 ?Affairs In and around this vicinity are quiet, though we expect to have an exchange of shots with the enemy at Dam No. 5 and Falling Waters. Oen. Jackson's (rebel) battery is at the f irmer plvr?*, including a twelve pound rifled gun, and tbe enemy have ben at work endeavoring to destroy the dam there, which now seems to be the principal object of their demonstrations Their firing is returned by two P?rrottKuns belonging to Kaapp's Pennsylvania battery. At the latter place?Falling Waters?one section of Best'* battery has been operating ocrsMonatly againlt twonf Gen Jackson's guns. The deilgn of the enemy at Falling Waters appear* to I be to distract our attention from Dam No 5. The effect of our Are has not been developed The enemy's guns have produced no result on the dam. The Connecticut 5th regiment joins Gen. Kelly's command, and will report at Hancock or Romney in few days Col Kenlv's l?t Maryland regiment. Murphy's 29th Pennsylvania and Lieut. Cushlng's section of Best's battery arrived here to-day. There is not the least danger of Gen. Jackson's rebel force attempting to cross the river. A de. . V I ? * - - - -? -"j uc um vera uraerea 10 destroy asm imo. 5 at any sacrifice Col Leonard'* forces are so disposed u to prevent any danger of a surprise. the latktt. Williams port, Dec. 2it?Last qlpht a nartv ttfe'men of Lieut. Rieketts' battery, went over the Potomac In a skiff and burnt the mill at dam rto. 5, which has been occupied by the rebels a* a stronghold. They captured Home Runs, tools for breaking up the canal dam, blankets, etc Two deserters from Gen Jackson's army, who arrived In our lines yesterday, give some important information, lien. Jackson, It is slid, has been promoted to the command of the whole valley of Virginia, and he has five regiments on the neck of land opposite here, with tlfteen guns. All has been quiet here this forenoon. Col Leonard arrested a man yesterday under suspicious circumstances. He Is supposed to be ??pySouthern News from Tennessee Papers. Evacuation of Galveston by thk Kkbrls? paspabatioks roa thk L)k?knmk or Mkmphis, ft- ., a v Chicago, Dec. 20?The Memphis Appeal of the IStta instant has the following. "Kimvillk, Tenn , Dec. 17.?Two more bridge burners (Union men) were huag to-d^y by order of Gen Carroll ' The Memphis Avalanche of the same date states that Galveston, Texas, has been evacuated by the Confederates. Jeff Thompson is busy fortifying New Madrid, Mo. The Cairo correspondent of the Chicago Tribune says that a pontoon bridge is being con structed over the river at Memphi", and this side of Memphis is a fort mounting 10*2 guns, called Fort Pillow. Port Randolph Is being strongly fortified. The rebels are jubilant over the English Interference In the Mason and Slidell affair. The number of Federal Drisoners at Memnhi* ia 87. Clalb. Jackson waa at Columbus, K j . on Wednesday, and issued a proclamation calling on tbe people of Missouri to furnish Jeff Thompson 2G.UU0 men, and increase General Price's force to 00,000 men. The War in Miasenri. Capture or a Rebel Wagon Train with a Laeob Amocnt or Camp Equipage?Ni'misou? Prisoners Taken. Leavenwortb, Dec 20.?Maj.Williams, with a detachment of the 3d Kansas Regiment, made a dash into Missouri on the 12th. and burned the towns of Paplnsville and Butler, resorts of rebel guerilla barms 1 wo companies of the 4th Cavalry have arrived here from Fort Wise.

skdalia, Mo? Dec. 18 ?Two hundred wagons, heavily laden with clothing, etc , for Price's rebel army, have been captured by the Federal trnop?. Our troops are dally capturing the rebel recruits on their way to Join 0en Price. The number of prisoners now captured la nearly 2,000, with a vast amount of camp equipage, ammunition, arms, horses, stock, etc. A mill that has been engaged for some time in supplying flour to the rebels has also been burned. The rebellion has certainly received a succession of heavy blows la Missouri the present week. It Is thought that Qrn Price will cross the Osage rivrr to ssxlst Gens Stela and Slack,when a general engagement will ensue, which, It is believed, must rrsult in the defeat of Price, and scattering his entire army. Iiiliai ef the tteamer Africa for Europe. Niw Yokk, Dec SO ?The steamer Africa sailed at 8 o'clock this m^rolnK for Liverpool. Capt Seymour, the Queen's messenger and heart-r of Lord Lvon's diaDaicheato hli vnrem. ai?ut, aud a beaier of di*patchee to our Mlniater, Mr. Adam*, went out la her. Dispatches from Lord Lvon* to Admiral Milne were alao placed on board the Brlt'ah gunboat Landrail, which tailed Immediately lor B?. nwdt. LATia. Capt Seymour did not go or. the Africa The dispatches were forwarded In the uaual manner. I he IkssiUbIk nappcrtlng the Refageea. St. Lovia, Doc 19 ?The name* of about three hundred 8ec?a?lonl*ta have bean enrolled at the Provoet Marahal-tienerel'i office, upon whom contribution will ba levied under Gen. Halleck'a General Order Na. it, for the benefit of Uk- South wee tern refugeee. About alxty of the moet prominent of these partiea will be called upon to-morrow for the aams eet oppoelte their name*, varying from one to four hundred dollar*; and the balance be notified a* the exigencies may require. Warlike Fseliag la CuUt, Hiurii. Dee. It?The warlike feeling la running very nigh here end throughout the provlnoe. BcrrALo, Dec. It? Persons owning veeeele now In winter quarters on the Canadian shore are lowing them to this place on account of the warlike tone of the English press. rin la Lexington, Kjr. Lxxiaafoa, If., JDe?. 19 -.The amphltreefre at the fsrr grounds, where a regiment of soldiers were encamped, was completely destroyed hy Are last eight. Loo* from #10,000 In #13 000. During the excitement a sentinel shot Joel Hickman , the first lieutenant of Col. Wooley'scaralr*, killing him Instantly. OFFICIAL. Tseabtbv Dbfaxtmxnt, i November *?, 1?1\ Nctiti it kirthy rivtn of the readineaa of thte Department to redeem the Treasury notea author ised by the sot of Conxreas approved ITth f>eoem ber, 1860 The interest on such Treasury notes will cease on the first day of February next, by the terms of ?w. d D ru AUk iijv m uT v ir. u c* i vua^Aui Se<?retarT of the Treaanrf. oo30-3aw3w (Intel.) HOCSE-FURNISHINO GOODS. At Grzatlt Redcced Rates. For Sa'e br COKTLAN A CO , At Nos. ?16 A 319 Baltimokb St., Baltimoeb. Table Cutlery, Albftte Spoona, Cb&finj Diahea. llruhea, waitsra, Hat R? ki. ? UmbreJa Stands, Corkacrewa. ftatsracka, Cook?' Knivee, Bread Kcivea. Kiiohen Kmvea ry l. cviiu r?' ? ? ChiafMat Nipper*, Albita Bonp LadlM, CandlJ-tUoki, P&taotJoe P1toh?r?, Coffee wd Tfa foU, Willi 'rout. Urid*'on?, Kitchen Spoon#. &ud WHghta, Coff.? Ml1?, Blt^ine Tnba, Table M&U. tf&a 8tov??, Foot Tuh?, PkamkAr fi A# m vuai'iwi j-uvawa. Toilet Set*. Willow Bankets, Wooden Ware, Sieve*. Devonshire Chair*, Oyster Dishes, Coffee BicKiagi. OAS FIXTCRKB. of Prenoh. iLEglish, and American manufaoture. French, Dresden* and East India CHINA, i<t treat variety. Old Houceke*pers and new beg inmfrs will find it to their advantage to oalt and examine onr stock when wanting any of the above description of goods. OORTLAN A CO.. Nos. 916 and 219 Baltimore street. Between Charles acd St. Psul streets, Importers, Mai>nfaoturers and Dealers in Honsekeoping articles generally. de l4-e?2w SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALK, SUPERIOR AMBER A lE, PORTER AND NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR. LEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by (hose who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine our superior stook, assured that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST articles. We have at all times a large stook ready for delivery. in wh?le, half and quarter oasks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. t*o. RMVYob ? Stfliavr, ixew VOrK city. Orders by Mai or Express promptly executed, ce ft-6m U BRIDAL GIFTS. S,LVEMffRV?S. SILVER TURKENS SILVER BOWLS. SILVER DISHES, SILVER SPOONSud FORKS. SILVER PITCHfcXS. WAITERS, HALT CELLARS, With a great coiUction of smallr articlu. tu ta bl* for Bridal Gifts The?e goods are alt of oar own m%nuf*cturo, of the most elegant workmanship ana finish, and we do not believe, for variety And quantity, are surpassed by any other collection in the oountry. EPERGyES DIAMOND JEWELRY, PINE WATCHES. 4-c., tc. For tale by BAM'L KIRK * SONS, I %(1 I? - !. tA .1 i i ? DBibiiuuro Bi>? DaiuiuuTf", mu. Established 1817. do 14-12t* ^Q2 ELEVENTH STREET. 50^ E. FISHER A BROTHERS. ~ FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Bai.timokk, Mo. The ouly place this aide of New V^rk, where ou can get & silk Dees cleaned, restoring the lustre eauol to new. Morinoes, Delaine#, and all kinds of Ladies Dresses cleaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shawls, Table Covers, and Ger.tieman'e Ciotbing, oleaned in the beet manner. Leaving no substance in the cloth to injure it or make it more easily to b<><1. N. B. Goods will be sent to Baltimore twioe a week, and return with like promptness. de 12 ?W VVM. P. SHEUD. Agent Philadelphia provision store, 11Q A ir*?Tiii Between 19fk and ?0tk sts The under?i(ued, having located himself as above, takes this method of informing the oitileua of the Pu|t Ward that he haa opened a firat-oiaaa ProviaioWStore. oonducted aimnar to those for arhioh Philadelphia is famoas. Here ean be tone1 at ail timea a large and fre?h snpply of POUl.TRY, GAME. VEEP, MUTTON, 4o. FRUITPand VLGEYAJILE^in season. Particular attent'on is called to hn stock and prioes of BUTTER, CH EE8E, 4c. Pntlartelphia 'rint Butter. Goshen and Weetern Rf serve. Being determined to give (be etrioteat attention to the wants of his oustomers, and to keep every artiole in hia line of the beat snalft*, and sell at the loveat market prices, he hopes to merit a share of publio patronage. Fa mi liea will be waited npon daily for orders, if required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. IN RTH1E 1 AND FOE SALE CHEAP FOR CASH? 5,000 Mure Bine and Grey Blanket*, 2.000 Doub e and Single Ccmfiiria. 1/*? Lined and Unlined Buffal" Robee, Buokley'e Patent Cane-teat Army Chairs, the beet oatnp ohair in uee. Favor and ghrjrook'e Camp rote. Hair and Haek MatirMiN of at I eisea. Feather, Hair and Kxoaleior PiUowe. Ac., Ao. J AS C MoGUIRE A CO., d? 5-Sw oorn r Tentn ?t. and Pa. avenue. GoTernmcat lUan Agency, Owici or LEWIS JOHNSON A CO.. BANKERS. Ooa.tr* or Pa. Avairni aits Txnth Sr. LEWIS JOHNSON, of oar firm, hiring been appointed a Mihsoriptmc Agant tor the National Loan authorised by the act of Cong res* of '.7th Jufy, 1861. we are prepared ;o furnUk, to parties desirous of n.aking inve?tiueut, an; amount ol 73 10 Treasury Nvtaa, of oonveuietit stats. otA*? H LK Wlfl JOHNSON A CO. pANOY ? ? O D S 8f EVENT'S toek^Wncf Goods?Pa. avenae, between h and oth sta~ opposite Center Marketmust be closed out by the ftrtt of January. The took is large and oc gnat variety, and is now offered to the puMio it less than eosi* The ladies eipeoiallr ere invited to avail themselves of this opportunity to pureheee ftrft elaes goods at very low T%>M. iUU. KLLJO l'T, Jr., da 9 2w Auiism, ATTMMTJCkNf If Tou tut Sifoa tfimtKi a* la food atria. and it thort notiM, and enMMr than yon can frt tbam don* atan? olw #atabrahm?nt In Waahiprton, a*T on Hamilton, no. ass tu> at., upp<><tt? Ontgr Market, in tha row. da 16 aafrw* ?- MILITARY BOOTS. - ladle#'. MIhn' and ChlWr?'? BooU and coon of ivry d?oriytloa. towtr than ?m, d> H ?o unri od hkuJj or COM# to ordsr tt UM akortect ^JKgykgya rsSss-gj . OVhJiy BOiiY GOE8 To SMITH'S, NcT4?0 U',W MHSC* AMERICAN WATCHES For Americano. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. be* to tali the attention of the citiiena of Wa*hin*V>ii and vioimty to the aopertonty of their Wateheeorer all imported, whether ?wta* or Enc'lah The Company UDheeltatinily cnarantee their Watohee to be onaurpaeeed by tboee of anv eoan try for dnrahility ?n<l fine time keeping tuaJmes. CAUTION. The Company wo old oaution buyer* to beware of the cheep Knj list- %nd Swim Watches bow being sent among soldiers Id ai.d around WashingtonThese wniohw are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture, ani utterly worthless as time keepers, &s the makers well knew when they ent them to this ooantry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would lnvite^spocial attention to their latest style of Wstoh for Ladies. Every one Will Kav* tha ULma m naranUi tKat aiwtAinaan(*a tKa mort ooatly Chronometer of their masnfacture. The atylee of Qaaee are rui?l ud suit different t&atee, and the introduction of a Watoh for ladiee, that will go and keep time, baa met with ux lrercal avor. E9PBCIAL ATT^STION ia invited by the Compicy to the faot ti.at every Watoh, of whatever prioe, manufactured at their Worvaat Waltham, Mui .ia aooompamed br a oertifioate not only to warrant it, bat to prevent impoaition from a oheap and worthleaa imitation that U Mimed off upon buyexe u tbe lecuioe art>oie, A11 our Watohee have upon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, Mmi.," and without that mark do Watoh is cennine. Meeira. M. W. 0ALT & BROTHER barothe Watohea of our mar; afoot are for eale at WaahlngtoQ, and buyera caa depend cpot finding the ri?ht itjlee asd qualitlea at their eetabiiahment. No. 354 Pennaylvania avenue. ROBBIN8 A. APPLETON, General Afenta, No. 193 Broadway, no291ra New York. IT?0K HOLIDAY PRE9ENT8-c:ioake,8haw!e, * " ' SUke.SjlkKohee iMDr??5MS " ' " Lao* Set.. ?ne " ; >; m h r o ideriM. " " " Embroidered " " " Oollara.Emh.-niBandker chief.. Mettiam ? ? " l>'*?B?ood?,low true Dr?ii ' *' " Goods, all other , . kindibiy 6o~da at our proverbially low prices, marked id plain figures. One pnoe only. An loapeotioa of atock lmpliea no ob'ication to pnrohaae. PhKKV * liRt)., P?nn nv?niiA *.nd Ninth ?t_. de 14 aot " 'Try Bulding." rTTvn r?-Hi rionnnwr,-ha?ilig ?6t ffi*agency to supply \V uhiu|[toB sud ttn/iicw>ii wiu> iiu> delioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of bis friends, and the public at .arxe. to five a.?, r?'Fr?*> siaiT) ar>a sugared. WM. BRADLV, Agent. Pa. a venae, between isth *iiu 19U-. ?t?. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monaments, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a ways on hand. oc 19 3m oysttra-oysieri. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY la nov prepared to fnrniah Restaurant*. Hotela, >ut!?rs, and Private Families with^^s / \ FKD -H O V STfcRS, by the gallon or(To^ I mJ in oau* 01 ah s*es. \?iJr The Oyaters arrive dally freah from V^Qpr the wat?r* of theChempeate Bar.and are of the beat quality. , The company invite* the patronage of the a?alera anJ the pub'ie in general, and guarantee* a prompt attention to ail order*. Offioe?4"? Market ?paoe, (Avenue House,) between 7th and 8th ata. no 30-lm IRepubuoan.l PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! A number of Mt f Oct. P1ANOH reoe ved yesterday frcm tne oelebrat?d ** 1 a.i ? lactory of Win Knabe It Co., aroonf then a very liandaome carved Piano, which obtained the higheat premium from the late Baltimore Exhibition, and wlioh 1 offer for aaie (as a fine New \ ear's preeeDtton accommodating teima, and at prieea to can the time*. TO RENT?I will have severs! Pianoealwaji on hand.thouch I unable l*?t week to serve some of mj customers. Amateur* are invited to examine. F. C. REICH UN BACH, nov?7 lm? No <98 11th atreet. The euroPkan hotel, ilepw by r, EM RICH, at the oornar of Pane.. I. m. A avenue and Eleventh atreet, haa l WlMT Ireat.7 iu.?rcre<l recently and now offer*XfeflKa greater Indnoomenta for the patrouate of citiaeci and atran*era tfcan acv other anblio ho see in ine !utr, hi a pnooa beinf ieea than those or anr other total on Perm, avenue, and hla aooommodabona or permanent or tranainct boarders nnozoeytion muic, m ub ?r ac . -Munniji arraiigvravnia 01 uh Karopean Hotel have already become very pofular. bemi ail that oan be desirea by the meet fietidioas. The srovrietor pledges unremitted attention end oontiBiM liberal expenditures to gireoatufaotioD to all, and thn reoevi bis invitation * all to clve the Kuro?m.r Hotel a sell. de 4-tt T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber hering made addit.en* to hii ffcotory, making it now one of the it. the liitiriot, There hi* facilit.e* UMJHAf foT man o featuring CAPRIA0ES andJK^*iLI6HT WASONjj of all kinds oannot be sur pasted, and lrom his lone exeenenoe m the business, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carnages and Light Wagons kepi on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all erden promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exohangs for new ones. ANDREW J. JOY^E, d IS tf oomer of Fourteenth *r<1 K sta. JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6EOR6ETOWN*. capital. 9300,000. C&4* wimi 0 ttrm mmd Loutnmmm m+? mur BmM tf Waikmfio*. INSURE 58^1/^THER PgOPEETY DiXacTOU. Oeo. Shoemaker, Samaei Redfern, jEsraifisr r^RZUziti. Tt:o?. Parker. Ki?hardBairy, B- B. French. Dr. C. W. Dana. No charge for PoUoiee. JAMES ADAMS. PtooMmI Ain 9. DATxe.Sooretarr. a* ? ?i)i? V WOOD AND COAL. JSifn? Z& RS!5 ^'Spif22JS?JS ??r of Sirtntk itrtt ?U Ouii, (GEO. PAflE Ac sat.) They Mil ebeapor acd kit* bettor mooim than any other* in the iitf?out, flit, aad aaiirerod free of ofaarra. if Tre don 11 etirre , 1 w ?he f loneor MUieatr^aed beaatialod. 1-lTJ ""lii&IZrfSAjMJ*1AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEIA-Tki I* Aiohmnut, or tk? Hoan of Ci?*a ; fr*?n th? Fr*noti of Honor* de Uvim. Ft? fcy m?>:. <. A'u MarDtr.tkt W?t? o( i*T?.o#ibr ? ?. s|f?* roots ami s&9JK. wo svrr warn THE WEEKLY STAR. ? i >?>? * ????? >?> ! 4 yqb >? ??><? ?<? ??>??< ? ? It la variably oommm tba "Wartlagt? Plawa' Utl kaa made TV OmUf lMm( Star clreaiate o generally throughout tba ooautry CT'Slngie copies (la wrap pan) caa he procored at the oouatar, liai?Hl?Wy after the too* of the paper Prioe?THEEE CENTS. HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. M moRLv ^r)^^*JlfTfId^*D,, Coa pound Fluid Extract Btchu. A Potittrt **4 For IhMUM of it* BLADDER, KIDNEYS. RRAVLL.?D4 DftCF MCA L SWELLINGS Tbr* Medioin* ioereaeee Um rrwm of DlfOTtior > ud exoit*? the twoiiun in bo k fby wbioM the wimi r^uuovi o??o?.uaM, ?ad ?-{ vitHATraAL iNLtMiM ivti ftr* r?t??ai M well m faih A.XD mrLuiaiTie*, ud te +** ?T WKN. OR CHILDREN HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCEV ror "WllPPft Artalox from F.ic<w, H?b(U of IXMtyooo*. Eorly lidiMroti<-.n or A^vm. Att0md*d frith Ik* Poiitvtug gywyliou . Indisposition to Exertion. Lom of Puow. fcKttST- ?"""n Horror of P'?e?r?. Wtkofvlaoo*. ptmMH of Viaion, Pvi la tho mm Umvori*' L&aaitude of tho Maiou ir ?* (tarn, Hot Bood*. ^lufMn* of u>? vn^T. f>-rn??f ?>f the 'k't. k. ^iloMoatMnot. r? LIB COVKTKIIikJIcm. Tfceoe rymnt ai? II o owtc to (o vhloh ftu medicine inr?m?Hr r?nr>or^. ?ocn fo low* 1MPOTENCY.FATUITY EPILEPTIC flTB. is wmm / OTK* IM rmmj *U|r np?|. Who ou r%t tn' t*?f are rot f-9?ae&tiy Im lowed by tboM"o!BirrL dubasm." INSANITY AND OONSUMPTION*" Mux ?r? ?*?'? of U>? ?*at? of their 1CT I*OKK WILL COirriM. THE RECOKDtSor THE INSANE A6YLCMV And tk* MwMKinlt D?ll>l H ft?lMI>Nw. IU1 A.MPLI WIMMI TO T*1 TfcCTI Of TV* UMtTlOR. tu,! TOmEfewunr"* Repair** Um &:d of awli?M k ttrraitiM ud Ii Tifor?U Ut? By?M? whioh HELMBOLDTS EXTRACT Bl'CHC towWkta a mux will eoirrtitr* th? ?o?r tumoik PEAT ALES? FEMALES?FEMALBA, OLD ?* In Manf Ajfttimu Ptrutvar to fiwilii the Extract Buuub ia m <1 hru! oikrn??dy. >? in Chloroeia ?r Retention, Irr (a-a-it). PftiulauoM, or 8up*reaaion ot luatoiaarr Kti?, oationi. U!e?ratoa or fcchim.Be atato of up l".*mt. Leaoorrh** or Whiiaa, -?"*ility. lot all own plain la incident to til a wi. rr ether mi ut from ladiaerotioD, Habita of l>iaeip*uoa, or ia Uft DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LITE t ?ii (THFTuiaa aaova. NO FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT n ^^ ? Takt no mort Soita*, m Umpi?ma* U*dtcx%4 /or VnpLtttnnt and iMv'MM ftMMW. HELM BOLD '8 Elh'KAV'J BUCKU nwmwT niiRiiT* In *U U?eir Suwe.. _ JU Uttto Iiiimii Little or no ob&nf in Diet; No imoi??uim?i And ?M AVMWI. 5t mom ft frequ*nt 4 mi re ?: d iitm etroaftk It Jriotte, thereby Rem on of ubrtiMtiuu. reTMtiac un Cwnof Strioteree of tbe UreCfer*. foumni, Dtitnttd, mnd wem *m Mntim. THOFUKM VPOR THOSSAIM WHO HATS BEEN THE J1CTIMB OF QUACKS, and who have paid 4e?vyto bo oared in eh on time, hare found tht y were deoeived, ud tfcftt Ute *roieoK" hu, by the nee of "eewer/W nttrmtmut0* boon dried np in tie eyetem, to b^o?k oat ia ea acinnied form, aad PERHAPS AFTI n M ARE I AO E. DwHELMBOLD'0 EXTRACT BDOBO All aJTeobon* and iIimhm of the CR1NARV Oftauia, whether exiiti&f in MALE OR FESLAXJEf from whatever omn one tnatw< tad m aetur of HOW LOVie STANDING. Dieeaeea of these Orfana rejalre the aid of a Dr n* tic. . HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUOBV 18 THE GREAT DU'EETIC, aod It te eertain to have the deeired effteol ta UlMMM/ir t#?trA U W fKMIIMM. TiPBuca or rai most Rsspoatuu in %? Lulu oamcTW i vilQtooooiy&ay tk? nttdioum. i CKRT1F1CATKf UR Wm " "Mfifcl'AMD r AM?. ~rHYBiciANer ri base-rtoTjra.wm Kin "?o ikut" or "rF?EB&Twr? ' HELMBOLirS EXTRACT BVCBV oompo??l of Hnobo, C?'?ebia&4 JuiMr |?m?. aiaetad witli c reat oar* by a ooai??iat <s -actual PREPARED lit vacuo, BT H. T. HELHBOLDt 1 Praetioa] and Aaalrtioal Chamiat, aad BaW Han afaotarar or HXLMBOLD'S OKNUDTB PRKPAftATNP a WF1 LaXTT r*??EZi? boing duly ?wc n.doUi tarThU praparattoma aoataia bo na^oot c, tut meiourr. or oUh laJariMa , tat ? ,.rSr ... - ^ IEUMfOUO. N&23^rinSE** AJOtrmu, nuu tkitonHN, PHYSICIANS IH ATTMNDA1KM FROM 8 A M TO b f M. Tt to* 91 pm Wtti?, MriitoP. . ?^r?tootH. T. KLMKHA Oto???^ ^ . KBWAII OF OOVirmFXITV .f AMD VIiriUrCULMD MJLLMMM sr m m mm* ffll * ** ?#m BoM kr hi. Wtm, 1 a tiuua * ? , Warn. ft C. rwa, ft ft Uiwmu, ft a UJ*d aix MVMim ffiirtitu. J / nmuuoom. lAii ?0 OTB*. ; ' ?>