23 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

23 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVKMNf.' STAR. tfEKBRR&V LOCAL ARTICLES. G"**n?0T?i B*fw* JK'irt Clork ? Tbaraday?John Carbrry. "f iroothy Remold* and John Caulaon drank; dt?mtwd Sandy J?knoot?, (eol'd) do; ?wkk<m*o 30 d*r>< Cbarlea Mytn, do ;turned owto the military Mlchoel N'a?h ?nd Ellen Naab, drunk and profane; SI W ?*eh John M< ore. do ; VI 94. Abner John?on. nd John Drunk, d'aordtrly; f2 W ea??b. Henry Drier, do ; 91 M Jaa Sullivan and Wm. Connor, fighting; S3 W each. Owen Mc Dermot, earnla* WMnoo: *'imliril Fred. Hlldrbranri Imping In the market; do. Mary Ann Rick drank; do iehii Virrfl. drtmk and dt*orderl?; CI M J torn Kimball; turned ow to the military I' Atman, concealed weapon; fJO 91. J no R Sbtnn, charge of shooting George Nokn, held ft* order* of Capt. Dshlgren Of the arrests, four werebv the Second, eight by the Third, and eight by the Fourth Ward psUolmen Friday? James Whltmore, disorderly; $2 94 John Flynn, drunk; held for trial Hugh McKenna, do; dismissed Henry J. McKlntty, disorderly; taken from the bona*- of Ellen Woife. turned over to the military. W m Moore, do ; do Joseph Smltb, Bartholomew Magan, James Cahlli, B F Olipbant, lice Smith, Mary Baker, Mary Smith, Emma Sunder. Rose McDonald. do , dismissed. Ellen Wolfe, proprietress of the house, and selling liquor to soldiers; JO 94, and held to ball for court. Anns Smith, wm Mason, Anna Peters, Tbos. Lvnch, Julia Reilly, all colored, disorderly conduct; ft 04 escb Timothy Reynold*, do , do ; Si 94 Jro Lane, a heron ding ?lare; retained G o Grlneli, throwing atones; SI 94 Elisabeth Noble, drunk; *4 96. Of tbe arrests one w*s by the Seco, d, nine by the Third, and five by tbe Fouith Ward pa'rol* Twelve lodgers w?-- aernmni da'~d SMurchp ?Jno Ryan, drank and disorderly; 1 edal M. John .McCann.do ; dismlsatd PeUr Kankln, do., do Michael Kead.Ick, drunk and beettrjf hit fellow-prisoners In the ecll at th* r-ja-dhoupor flsed 91 94 This man was brought tn dead drunk,apparently; but bad not been lone la the ceil before be made a dasU to whip ail his fellow-prisoners One, a small fellow named Oorl?, bad hla fti:e laid open by a kick from Kendrlck But Kendrlck waa put in Irons, and ao prevented doing m'aebtef anv more Tblt morning ne t>o?e evidence, by a knot on bis foreh -ad as big as bis flit, that his fellow-prisoners had not been Idlr during his suault Joan Doyl?, drank; fined 91 94 James Toban. do ; do *1 Jobn MoreUnd, drunk and disorderly; do. 91 JH. Michael Wall, do ; do 93 ?4. Elizabeth Hamilton, (eol'd.) out after hour*; dor 91 M Peter Dooly, drunk; turned over to the military. Of the aqreata, five were by the Third and five t>y the Fourth Ward patrols. Seventrru lodgers were accommodated. Folic* ?F G O'Bryon was arrested by Patrolman Leach for a*sault and battery; rase dismissed by Justice Dorm Lyda Johnson, for disorderly conduct; was arrested by Patrolman Grant, and flaed 91 14 by Juatice Barnaclo. Casaa Ann Peters, Martha Ann Catcher, and Galen Dateber, for same charge; were arrested and dismissed by the same officers. J \V Dlch, arrested by Patrolman Peadle for assault, was dismissed by Justice Donn. Jobn Obersteller, for tolling without license, was arrested by Patrolman Kelly, end dismissed by Justice Walter In addition to the guardhouse case, the Third Ward nsfroliiMn ? ? ? - , j antes n uiimurr, >rmlrd for disorderly conduct, by Roundsman t*k'ppon; fined ? .' W by Justice Thompson C. j Miller wm arrested for making threats of violence, by Patrolman Sheid lie was dismissed by Justice Walter. The Fourth Ward patrolman reported the following arrests made on Friday, in addition to those eisewltere reportedJohn Murphy, larceay of aebeese; arrested by Patrolman Hannan, sent to Jail tor court by Justice Walter John tirady, in the same ca*, was fctld as a witness T B Robey, assault and battery; was arrested by Patrolman Le?cb. and dismissed by Justice Walter John iierd, do , arrested bv the same o?cer, was held to security for court ov Justice Johnson E. W alien, drunk and disorderly; ar,M>~I V... r?_ ?1?? f .wv. uj (wsiiiim r.u?, was turned orrr to the military. Thos. Fletcher wm wrested for an assault and battery by Roundsman Turner, and sent to Jail by Jostioe Donn. Scram* Coc*t ? ?id?y.-^Mr. Cblef JusUce Taney gave notice to tbe Bar that on n?*xt Tuesday, the '.'4th ln*t , tbe Court would adjourn to Monday, the 30 h Inst , and that motionssuould have tbe preference on that day. Mr. Marcos C Riggs, Mr LMvld J. Mitchell, of New York, and Mr James F Shuak, of Pennsylvania, were admitted attorneys and counsellor* of this Court. No. 309 Tbe United States, appellants, v* Jose Justo Morlllo et al. Appeal from the District Court of the United States for the southern district sf California On motion of Mr Suaderland, tbe counsel for the appellees, this appeal was docketed and dismissed. No 270. Tbe United State*, appellant*, v* C N. Weber. Appeal from the District Court of the United States for the Northern district of California. On motion of Mr Gardenshlre, of counsel for the appellee, this appeal was docketed and dismissed No. 47 The Attorney General of the Commoa. wealth of Massacbusetts, Ac . plaintiff* in rror, ts Tbe Proprietors of the meeting-house In Federal street, In the town of Boston This ctuse was sniMBltted to the consideration of the Court, oa ib? record and printed arguments, by Mr Co'hlng for the plaintiff* In error, and by Mr IUrtl?'( fnr 1~? No 50 The United Stato, appellants, vs. Wm Knight's administrator The argument of this eaoae was commenced b?5k. Shunk for the ?p G Hants. and continued by Mr. Sunderland for > appellee Adjourned until Monday. Fo? Requisition?On Friday two officers from Weromersauk county, Iowa, arrived in this city, and, aided by a policeman, arrested Joseph Rath bauer, a private in corrpany A, 7th Wisconsin Regiment, upon the charge of robbing and murdering Jacob Rhymer, in Iowa, t>n the 12th of August last. After perpetrating the act Rothbauer fled, and with all the efforts of the State authorities, and the offer of reward for his detection, nothing w?s heard of him, until recently it was ascertained that he had enlisted in the 7th Wlaeonaln r-?i v? r* ? , wv* f ?U 1>U' an . Be was brought to the city, and after the necessary aSdavlts baa been made before Justice Johnson, b? was committed to jail to await a requisition from (Jot. Klrkwood, of Iowa. Ths Navt Vass Shootibg Casi ?At the examination Thursday be lore Justice Cull of John R Shlnn, charged with nbooting George Nokes, It was testified to tbat Sblnr. wca struck twice and knocked down by Nokes. and first tired while he was on the ground, and fired again as ho raised Bhlnn surrendered himself and piv.oi to watchman Svmoods, in the vard Justice Cull bald him to bail In the asm of 8300 for his appearance before the Criminal Court. P*z>t>LiK? ?David tttartnoin was arrested on Balu-4 y by Roundsman Fenwlck, for peddling gqife without a license H* was taken before jffTce MV alter, and fined S20 JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MEN : Amy R?c*l?tion Ha?s, MaOleilan Fatigue Cap?. Cfiaeaeura de Fans Cap*. Staff Caps in vie to ordfi, vitta appropriate uenoeo. B. II. STlNE>lEf?. Pa. avenue. near oorner 1 JtU at, Between Wizards' ana Ktrkwoods Hot'Is ILr Ac?n?y f"r ?itten's Cork C>p Haveiook, sickly recommended for the use of Jur rank aud fi e by Lieut Sea. Wlnfieid Scott. do U-loi TRIBliilMA R. PtoUciid ty Uoyal L*tttr% Patent of Ettglani, f cured b* tid MmmI m * *** 9 wj jocp?e as riar?4<m <i? Paris, ami the Imptrtai Crrll'ft of Mtdictms, Vmum TRIEAEMAR No. 1 la tha effrataal rarn?d ? for Relaxation, Sr*akatoskhoia aad fcxhaverion ob thk TRIE8EMAR.No. J. Comalatalr aad entirely eradicate* all traoaa of umm dlaordara, for wiii Copaiva and Cabeba mm (0cara.lr M*p thought an aatidota, to tha rata of tha Uaalth of a vaat portion of tha popoiala tha graat aad^u^raroVSfof'tM'e'iTiliiad world jw All mianUM of tha ay item, aa wall aa taooad ary ajnpcom*. obviating the daatraMiva uee af Maroary. a* wad aa otitar d*,*ter. >u? ing.'?d.eu'*, aod whiah all tha 8*faaaarilla in tha world oaaoot i aw,iv> Taiaaaji?a Noa. l,t aad SaraaJikadaroid oftaata or amall. and of ali nana eating aaalitAa. Thai ara ia taa form of a 1oaaoge, aaa uay fiasa tha toiiat tabia without thair aaa baing iutk?.d ia bn aaaaa at M aaah.or four flanaa in ooa tor ##, had ia ti7 oaaaa. thaa eavmg ?. aa rrxzzjizxxitt;' |(tW| fit gi?oker atraat, (4 'loon pom Mao ?fru7smss: dr7S^,Kr,arfaS?s raaMuSoYiiSL, sr&ssa r^.'tf- PnwSmtt. fiMMatr Mtoor ou vazsizs!?*""*"''8=1?- j^sy, !?W?r&g&g?^ , ?no* TSggagj* : I i J. P. BARTHOLOW, , WH(iL(Ul.l A*P MMTA1L VKALM* IN retire k IgrkiKiral W3 8*VBKTH frTKBSTt ?eio%e Pn. ????. ( f>rP*< Ea*t end Crmtre Mirini,\ WASHiN?TON. D. C. Mr ?to<sk >ro??r*o?? m?CT *ftio for Army far-. povoa; smotm wtuoo *r? tao f nlcrlag : r?nfcl Burrow*, j RaH. W Iim! U?rro*?, ' Aim, Trnoka?heavrand lieht.. Piok*. ??riud-'tone*, Hatchets, Grindstone Fixture*, !<a?s, Ar.v It. Piok Jlaadles, Blsoksm th Tools, Ax Haud es, Kortabe Forges, < Kattan or stable brooms, Camp stoves. Fork* Letter Preeee*. Shovels, Powde' and Burglar Spade*. Proof AYronght iron Lof Chain*. Boxes. IHlter Chain*. Fire and Burglar Prooi btt\ Chains, Safes, Ttaoe Chains, For?e Powers, Swingletrees. Portable Ot?m, Haines, Horse Beoket*. Carry Combs, Water Bucket*. Cards. Measure', Hand Carts, Mabl? Lanterns, Fairbanks' Sca'.eo? Hay, Cut Nat is, Platform, and Counter, Wrought Nail*. Butcher* Scaie*. Horse-shoe Nans, Butoher Knives, Wren hes, Hoo* Iroon. Wima Jacks, Strap Iron, fce , k-Q., O* Yokes, Portable Mills for GrindLarge Hows, Ao , to., ing Horse Peed. Ha* and Staw Octe. s, Machinery ofa'l kind* Corn HheJlera. de IS bo2tt SMITH A BROTHFR'8 PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER AIE, PORTER a^D NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. Ti above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Braved from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, and highy eateemed by ihoas who have need them. Purchaaera are repeated to rail and examine our anpertmr a too*, aaaured that they wil! hnd the BEST and PURE. T artiolea. We have at all times a large atook ready fur delivery, fo whnle, ha f and quarter caaka, auituble for the TRADE, HOTELS, and P\MILY U8K. whioh we offer on the MOST PAVORABLE TERMS. J*>11TH ft RRDTHKK. Brewers, No. 139 ft 160 West 13th at,Nov York Citr Ordera by Ma; or Expraaa promptly oxooutod, CO iHSm ' W BRIDAL GIFTS. ?ILVER SERVICES. SILVER URNS. SILVER TUREENS SILVER BOWLS, SILVER DISHES, SILVER SPOONS tad PORKS. SILVER PITCHERS. WAITERS, SALT CKTLLARS, Wtth a great toll* ft<m of tmollr artirltt. tu la t > for Bridal (J if It Theae goods are all of our own manufacture. of the most elegant workmanship and finish, and ?e do cot believe, for variety and quantity, are surpassed by any other ooiloction in the oountry. EPERONES VJAMOUD JEWELRY, FINE WATCHES, k'., 4v. For sale by S? m'l KIRK ft SONS. 172 Baltimore at., Baltimore. Md. Eatablianed 1817. de H-tft* 5Q? ELEVENTH STREET. 502 E. FISHER aTBROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltimork, Mn, The only plaoe Una aide of New York, where } on can get a Mix D~eaa oleaoed. reatoring the tuatr^equo! to new. Mortcoea, Delainea. and all mada of Lvlies Dreaaea cleaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shawl*, Table Covers, and Gent.eman'a Ctottiing, cleaned in the beat manner. Leaving n? substance in the oloth to injure it or liana 11 morn easily sou. N B Good* will be sect to Baltimore twioe a we^k, aad return with like promptness. ae 12 ?tw WM. P. SHEPP, Agent PHILADKLPHIA PROVISION STORK, 119 Pennsylvania AvKinra, Bttwn 19th and Xt/% its The unrtermga?xl, harinc looated himself as ab-ve, taxes this method of informing the ottisens of the First Ward that he has opeu*a a first-class Provision Store, oonduoted similar to those for vhich Philadelphia is famous. Here can l>? loan-1 at ail times % large aad fresh ! apply of POULTRY, GAMK. .KKK.MUTT<V^ *0. KKL lTa&nd V KG ETA HLK9 in season. Particular attention is nailed to his stook and prioeeof BI'lTKR. CHKKSE, 4c. Pniiaiie phia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. I Being determined to give the strictest attention ' tot):" wants of hisoastomeM, and to keep every * , A ... k.a li ? ..fH.. K... iJ- - - .,v.? ?uo VI ?HU i/cai ^Utt!ifc?, (1LiU BOH (VUQO , .went market prioea, he hopea to merit a share of p?buo patronage. Fann.iea will be waited upon daily for ordera, if required. no lb THOMAS R. WILSON. Governm?M ULoan Agency) Uvtici or LEWIS JOHNSON A CO* BANKERS. UuiMi o? Pa.. Ar**t k awn Ti*th St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, harm* been appointed a r?ub?oription A*ent tor the National t.fFsn ivnihvriiW Wr u? Ml olCowtua of 17th July, 1861, ve are prepared'<> furn??h. to parties dAdircu* of luainnc inToatment, any amount ol 7 3-1D Treasury NutM. of oonveiiieat aizea. MO? tt LEWI!* JdHNSONAr CO. I P A N C Y O <* O 1> 6 AKTIcIffRICBS! STEVENS'S atoof of Kanoj (iooda? Pa. avenue, Letv?en 8 h and ?th ata- opposite Center Market? iriuat be oloael out by tea irat of January. Thjs atook i? .a-ss an<l ?i treat variety, and ta now of- i fered t > t!ie puil o aA leaa than ooa?. The ladiea j etpsoially are invited to avail th^maelvee of this ! opportunity to purehaae ftrft clans foods at very low ra-ei. iUl. ELLIOTT. Jr., de 9 2 w_ Assignee. MILITARY BOOTS, ? H|I AT Wholicaxs. HI W |] At Mamu/aeturcrt* Prirtt. ? * Hb No. 16 Market tfpaoe, Penn. av.," between nth and 9th at*. J ROSENTHAL. Ladies'. Miaaei' and Children'a BooUaad i*uoea of ivery description. lower than ever. de 18 eo Uh. uurVJMl'B fIJliAK-COATED FE- I MALE REGULATING PILLS Read tne following unaolioited eccomi K umi: wBr r "I cannot oommend ?hem too highly." ~ tJ "They are the beat female Pilia extant." "I have need them with oompiete auoaeaa." -Would not be without them nponany oonaiderati<?:." "They operate apeedily and effectively." Price 91 Sent 6y nail Sold b? 8 C. UPHAM, tlOChraoat atreeii, Philadelphia, and in Waahington by 8. C. FORD, oorner 11th atrert and Pa. a.enue. no eolf DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORKH?K\ in tlx dara. Mo^^^ 1 ciuuiieof diet repaired It ia aa En(-^HPW liah Speoifio of aixty-five jea? atan< iogBMa. and wi'i not harm the moat delloat# ?on titntion It oontai * no mintra't, Pnoe Ml. Sold by 8 0. UPHAM, 310 Cheanot atreet, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. 0. foHD, Of>rn?r Uth ?nfl Pa a * ao 38 eolT JTEA8- TEA*?TEAB! U3T Reoeive^ a prime lot new i eaa. For aale , low at BROWNING A KEATING'B, de 4 StAwtf 3A3 Pa. ave. ae. near 6th at. I JUST MECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY aupenor OLD OAKINKT BRANDY.at BROWNING * KEATING'S. de ^tawtf 353 Pa avenue. pear 6th al. | |UFONTS 8UNPCJW l>KR, " For m la at ni&QQfaoturers anooa. by JOU-'M J. HOG UK. 6 aoaeBrowit, D. CSolt i4*?tv for tk4 Ihftrttt q/ Co.umb**. A iarea iumi, embraoini every variety, alwv* an ci&c,and delivered free to all part* of ttaDiatriot. Ordera oan alao baleft at thaofioeof A4am? <'"nin?*ti? W?iki?ir?(ni H W. fct-ltVl' rmWBA OR APES' v> Catawba grapes'! Frwh OtowU Orape* In exoellant order and dclioiuua iu flavor. Trj them. KING A BURCHELL. *e I) oorner l.vth at. and Vermont avEJOU PRINTING. VERY Daeoription of JOB PRINTING rtqmred bv an? bodv?oitisena, otvil funptioaariea, amir aiia uavj oraoera, autiera, to,?executed at the STAR OFFICE, in eatiaiiotorr atyle. at low '%'?i for Caah. w ? tf HE SUBSCRIBERS bag leave to inform tftair patroua and the anbiio ranarally of be ina amply aaaaUed with a aaaenor atcok of^BB FA1.L and WINTER GOODS- WK Taw alao raapentfary invtta attention of Wlr their Army and Navy onatomara, and thoae" reaalrtnc oath tain that lina. to their aaparioranalitiea of Bworda, Epaaieta, Shoulder Strap* Helta, Chapaaaa, Hata, Cap* r<%?hee, and Gold Laoea. oonatantly on band, whioh are warranted aa rap re aented. W h;lat tenderinx ?hank a for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they will endeavor to merit aoontinoanoa. K J. flEIBERGER a co? {Pnooeaaora to H. P. l?xl<>n a C.n .1 citizsn. militar Y mini nafal TaYlOHS, 3*9 PMuajlTAai* Avuiaa. ^T~ ConatooUf on head?Looj?i*.c? aveuue, p?r tne Center Market. del?-<ra? f^HKESE. C H K E S E 1-New Vork Cream V Cheeee; Wiltahir* do.; H*mburfta do.; 8?p hagodo; Gray ere do.; Parmetaq dojJPiae Apple io KINO ft BL'RCHRLL, d? I* oorner Fift? nth tK ?nd Vermont >v. f\NE NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKEB1NG U PIANO tor tlfc One? ooU?e four ro?M oorner Hal!ei|nHB| k D?vi? Piano for #2H*. 'II IT 1 t\ r t*J e upon Ml; term* *t til* M a ai a Htnr* W. G. MKTfcEROl-T"" \ Bol? Ai?qo? for BUiqvm tad 8on'? u?l K&v?n. , _ Bxxm k. Oo.'? P>*r<??. ?i? ?? i ? to urll^ii i?V'<*, Il?ir Worl rnniCM ??r ?iur.u.|n] > j ih*4 ? " ui -i '? ?sr*j * - " ? ** *LVKM /1K?1>Y OOKb TO fMirH*, Nv <?0 TiU a T?l.to KM tbvir Ciottiiui, t- urciaMnf ?ooa?# i**u m4 C?f?. (**r) oil u-lm """ , njUlfB MOtIffB NORTH. Moratcx KxvnM !? ? wuhinfton no A, fL Arnr*U Riumore 7-ir* a., it.: Fhili3?)?hi* lUf> r. M . New York r. flarrutmrg l.lip. m. Monuux A.ooomnio4atioa [? * WMh.mton 7.40 a m. Arnveat Baltimore 9J0 a. *. No oonneo11oil8 iU K^tiraore. New York Mail Train? le?Te WMhinrUm at 11 a. arrive at Baltimore It 40 r. M.; Philadelphia I2J p. M-; New York to p. AMioii AooomiD'xjatiou?lea re Waahipiton *. ? p.*. Arrive at Baltimore 4.V p. Philadelphia IMC p. m. K renin i Jsipreea?leave Wa?hinrton * p. u. Arrive at mltftnore 6,??. u.: Philadelphia HUB p w.: New York 4 #. M.; Harrubarf 1 a. W. On Snmlaya at S 05 and .s p m. only. The 5 p. h. tram from WMtain^ton oonnecte thrcrujh to New York every day during the week. i~. ,1, baltiinore i no p x Arrive at Washington ?2 f'l5>ave New York at * P- w.; Philadelphia 1M0 p. m.; Baltimore 4 .V m. Amve at Waahincton Mo A Leave New York at P p. Philadelphia IJn a. w ; Halttmore 7.56 i.u. Arrrreat WaiMoitoa 9'il.K. Aooommodatioc Tram* leave Baltimore at a m ., and ip.M, foT Washington, arrive there at 11 a.K. and 7 p. m. On bandar' at 4 30 and 7.35 a- M. only. Pa*Mi ter Traiii* ieavin* Wuidciuii at 7 40 a. x. and S.'i p. H-. and Baltimore at 741 a., m and 4.(0 p m , make direot oonneotlona for Aanapoli* at the Junotion. Traini leave Annapolie for Baltimore and Waittucton at 6J0 a. h. and 140 p. m Passenger Train* leavin* Washington at 8.00 a. m , 1] a. H- and 5 p. m., and Baltimore at 4JD and 7-J5 a. and S^-'1 p. x.. will stow only at Anma^olu and Watmngton (Relay) Junction Wa> Paas ngers must take the Accommodation Trains only I Ti-wti will !< ?? ? Wu^niioi ?n4 Baltimore . promptly npcn card tim*. W. P. SMITH, de 17 Maeter of Transportation. Bait. nOVEHNMBNT DISPATCH. : u . I'X mmm I II r FAST FRK18HT LINE NEW YORK I'yW AfHINOTON cm HAMULI SM UHOH. A Speoial MefeenfOr triT be aent through with each Tr&tu, in order to aesar0 safety and dispatch. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT*CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Nov. 18th, this Company will reoeive and transport Munitions of War, Government Store*, Sutlers' Supplies for the Army and all Miscellaneous Freight, at Low Rate*. WITHOUT BKKAK or BVLK. Srtcial Contracts for Goods, *? Largs QuantUUs, at Hsdutfid katts. IE^ Freight received only at the Depot of the 8<Mtral Railroad of Mew Jersey, Pier No. 3, North Iver. For farther information, or smoIaI contracts. enqnirp At the Of*c? of th* Company, A 'J Broadway, S, Y, Or 248 Pennsyivaniu ar?., Washington City, lE^Mark Goods, "&?r**rnment Dispatch. Freight r#cei vod frvsa 8 a^rn. flf Ik* Hope Kxpreea Co. I no afi-lm Superintendent. NOTICE. ? A," ESS COMPANY ' J'hit Company offers to ttie publio" Unequalled vantagee" for the Safe and Quick Oiapatch of Heavy Freights. Pac<a&ea, Valuable#, Money, 4.0. Ao,, to all parts of the United State*. Kxereaeea to and from the North and Wect dapart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expresaea are iB 0harge of tx^rrUmMd and ; rtluiblt Meaaenfer*. ! All Packacea for The Soldier* carried at "om half" onr usual ra^es. Ail Goods for thoso-oalled "Confederate States" and all Artioles " Contraband of War" will be KsrusiD. i Oar Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and P. M.^arrlvmc in Wa*hinxton at 6A. M. and fc?0 Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJO A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washinc ton at i to P. M, and ? 1 II. - ? EiAproaaoB lonl" puumore ?l -?> A. TO. and I f. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and (90 P Ail* KitrmM for all point* North and Wert leave Washington at 7jn A. M. and 230 P. M. dailv. HpeoiaT Contract* lor targe qaantitiee of Freight can be made ou a?plioation to this < >lfioe. All Sood* called for and delivered J*? of hxtra oharge*. E. W, PA?9GNS, Supt Ad&m*' Exprm Company. Washington, Angnst a. 1W1. on g-tf A. 1. r&lNKLiN, OPTfCIAN TOTH^KESIDKNTANDMIL944 Penn'aav?<ao;Ui aide, A*?Cl?th and Uth its I HFKCTACLK8. provided With genuine Rock CrTatai or Pensoopio Lenses, mounted in gold, aUver or ateel. and suited with utmoet oar* for vary age and eyesight. FIRST H -j fjBBBiU CLASS MILITARY FISLD-GLA88ES, Mtcrosoop**, CompMsea, (vnd MsthsT?ical In struments, at the lowest Eastern pnoes. oafe?-tr _ BILLIARDS! f l_l LI The lovers 1 " ~ of the SANE OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (sonth side,) two of the moft TABLES la the United State*, with er*ry oomfort and ooBTtniMm 4a l-tf tor the players. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large aaaortmentof 6 R E y tod BLufcf FLANNjvL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRT*}, DRAW^ ERS, CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, Jto., whioh we lante all oMh pnrohaeera to examine before making their selections. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 39H Pa. &t., between 9th and 10th its mC (Intelhgenoer and Rwpnb toan.) W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYb' SPRING CLOTH ING.erabraoing all tries of low-prieed, medium,

aud fine ?ualitie?, which we are eelling a t very low prioes for oaah. WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. 3U9 Pa. a*., between 9th and10th at*. B? flntaiIiteno?r and Republican.) rf7 TO OFFICERS. 1. HE campaign ?a Campaigning Wagon on the Prnaaian principle, arranged for aleee- gv, I ingortoaot aa an Ambaianoe in oe*e T_ '?T* aiokneaa or wounda. with ample room for ator?a and proviaiona; light, water-proof, and perfectly new, having been juat built to order by one of the flrat makers in New York, ia offered for sale at cost pnoe. 41ao, a handsome, stroni. annnH. HOKHE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be aeen on aoplioation to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. lmne'a Stat'ies. Coroorau's Lane, behind the Cham House, between 1 and H etreets m > I CASH NOTICE, N OouMMH of our harm* to fay oash for very artiole o< goods we ru/oh&se. we are foro?d to reduoe onr business to Cash exclusively, for the K?'Wa I.V StlVE ^PoVSVlJ^'fo^n?^ or KKADY-MiADE CLUl alNv lor men and 3?S Pa. avenue. between ?u and 10th ?t . \ I#* mihm. RmoH.* QUNBOATS voa tmu WESTERN RIVERS. { Qianutim 8innui/i Otticb. ( w*ikiiuto*, Jtmu 17,1881. ( Pkoposals are invited for oonstruotini Oubqftta ayon the Wfytyrn rtveru wilt uv immediately prepared and may be examined at the Qoartermaster'a Oftoe at . Cincinnati. Pittsbargh, and at this pffioe. Proposals from boat-buii< ere and engiaa-bmild er? alone will be considered. , Plana aabmittad by biddara yili ba taken into consideration. M.<p. MElQH. . law Quartermastergeneral UpitedBtate Army glovkb: i ARMY GLOVES!! I At the Glove Depot of pT B. HASTINGS A CO., 3a3~Dat.. faoingPa.av., Gold and*?"<* i 1 have now on hand a large atook of all the moat oe.ebratod Watohea, that I am aeiJing at the Tery loveat prioea that good and reliable time keepers oan be afforded at; and every description or fine . J E WRLR > on hand; all naw stylee reoeived aa \ soon aa manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Mver ware manufactured m my own ehop. Allkindaof MILITARY GOODS on hand, auon aa Revo! vera, 8 word a. Hashes, BslU, Bowie i Kmves. Pocket Compasses. to.,4o, Also strong 1 Army Trunks and Bad Combined; and many Afaer 1 things nselul and ornamental at 33S Pennsylvania i GAS FITTING, *c. A _ _ ? WM *. DOVE *00. ahprfi^rM to ax ant* uj it<w vllfe J^ka* rrrviirv C7* Wore 0? Mb iU'jiuR doors north of Pi. Be U prepared to istrodaoo Water and Su upon the mort farorabie Una*, and cnarantiM mora Miim/tiiAlt 3[e has on hand a tot of COOKING and other OVES. which be will eellleea tnas ooat.M be Wiahea to rid of them. ao 17 We AB PIXTDRE8. E Ha re in More, aud are drn.y reoetriu, fiS F1IT0BKSof entireJ* New Pattern* and Dealt ns And V uusb, superior in style to 5.nyth}n? heretofore fie? in this market. We invite aitixona ceneral ?tc tall and examine oar atook of 6a* and Water tr ires, feelinc oonudent that we have the beet ee.e<?ted stock in Washington. All Work in the a; ore Tine latnuted toexr ears w> b. ? ?0?Ar< ?r l-tf >76 D street. QIFIOE SEAI^e NOTICE IS ably to the provisions of the ordinance of (he Corporation aeproTed May IS, lffiO.the underlined is aow prepared, "whenever re?Bif?d In wrttlnc, and en pr?-payment of the fee of arty oeats, to inspect, examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain tj e aoeiraoy of recistrabon oiany caa meter in nee In in;a oitr. Erery meter, iffoand inoorreot, will be oondemned and another, eealed and marked a* trie, will he eet m Im piaoe, If proved to be aoearaie in Its ; meaaneraent of ias} it wijl be sealed aoeo-dmgly. oioe*No"*ii<rSeVenth Iroet,<t?*r 044 Fe?it 11 tf irjaaetoraed fleaier ofilu Meter*. DENTISTRY. |^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLART1 BONE TEETH, Without M*tal Plat* o* Clasp*. DR. 8. B sieEftMOND, 10 Broadway, Nno York?260 Pennsylvania A* Mm, lift and ISik ttt, Watkintton, Call* the attention of the public to the following advantages of hi* improved iTitem : ! 1. The Teeth of hi* manufacture in'i mmfmSf never oorode nor ohange oo.or by any^*11 * ** acids, being three fourth* lighter than an? other, t. No teeth or root* need be extraoted. a* the artificial ones be inserted oyer them. S. Tha root* trill be made laocanaive. an aaver o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, a* permanent one* oan be made immediately, thereby preferring the natural Mimunn nf tha fuui. whioh ?nilir the old system ii frequently disfigured. *. This work ban been fplly tested orer fire years by many of the first obemists and phyaioians or this oonntry. Dr. a. hu also invented a white undestruotive metal fillins, with whioh the most sensitive teeth oan be nllea without pain, and oan build up a per feot, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will (ast through lifetime. The best of references given?to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Kremut, Professor ofcheimstry, N. Yn Hon. ige Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others Call and examine for yourself. no t 6m MTEETfl. LOOMIS, M. D.,the jmrenter and pater.!** fthe MINERAL PIRATE TEETH, t * tends personally at his offioe .n this oltyMmmf Many persons oan wear these teeth WDo^*J IIlJ sannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. f'eraons calling at my offioe oan be aooommoaated th any style and prioe of Teeth thej may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan prodn?e, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted Rooms in this oity?No. >38 Pa.avenie.betwMi th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phi.adel phia. oo l* tf HEW! aj|(illATI8T UISC07I1T OTW\* f vjlf thi Aei \jJif At 281 C itrMl, ~ 14* Tkuutr. OYSTERSSTEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far auperior to A rout) in two mmwti, (44 fmiHit ft ml cm rttord. Call and ted. The undesigned reapeotfully informs his friend* in the L>i*triot, and viaitora to the oity, that he haa refitted hia old and will-known iwtablibhm b^t in a moat thorough manner, and haa made complete arraniementa to furniah OYSTERW in any trie and in any quantity. 400 to Mo galona hooked per day. 2 000 to 3,000 o&na of Sp>oed and Freeh put up daily?oana hermetioally aealed. Farmahed In the ahell by the Kuahe, or barrel. Peraona wiahing to have Oyatera furniahed regularly through the winter, at Baltimore pnoea, without fear of failure, ahould oail and make arrangnmrnta at onoe. Freight. time, and money aaved by purohaamg of me. aa 1 lun.iah an artiole 2uaJ to the celebrated Baltimore eetabiiahmenta, prioea Juat aa low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meata, Lobatera, Sardinea. Clama, Strawberries, Tomatoea, Piga* Feet, Tripe, 4o. Ao,*o. Alao, Pioklea, Catsup, Sajoea, Brandy Pe^obee, fco Also, Game and Freah Fish. Turlea.Jerrapina, Freeh Lobatera, Cod. Halibut, to. in mot. every thine for aale in the Northern market* always on hud, at reasonable price*. Hotels and tunllies supplied with Oyatera, delivered without oharge tw any part of the Dlatriot, in season, i( the money ia aer.t with the order. My establishment ta open from 6 a. m. to IS at went, every day. exoept Sunday, when i oloae at to o'oiock a. m. s*71 T M. HARVKY. Hj STORY of thSniS^^^her Aiida, by Jo ha Lothrop Motley ; 3 vela; free b? mail, $L Tne Rise of the I)?teh Repablis, a history, by John Lothrop Motley; toj :oioth; free by mail, *Silaa Marner, tbf Weaver of Raveiol, by Um author of "Adam Bade ;n oioth 7Hoenu ; paper to oenti. Life and Career of Mai or Andre, by Wtntrop After Iceberga' with a Painter, a Summer Voyaje to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lotus L. Nob e; #1.60. The Manufacture of Photocemo or Hydro-Carbon Oil*, by Thomas Antiseil, M. D.; 91.7ft. Any of the above free by mail. _ FRENCH 4; RICH8TEIN, ap t? tfT* Penna. avenue. H FRENCH h. R1CH8TE1N AVE Juat received a freth auppiy of Note Pa ser, uoiorea iiorcere, ruled and plain, with Envelopes to ipatoh Alao, Pia? Paper of all kinda, with and withont Motto**; Envelopes to match. Purses and Pocket Books of every description. A large assortment of Stationery. New York Papers reoeived a*uy; Papers from all parts of the oountro. FRENCH * RICHBTEIN, m? S Q7 P?nr *n?rn? UOL.DIKR8 NEEDING DRY GOODS for the 0 "folks at home*' are solioited to <nspeot our ast stook, bow oomp'ete in all depar'ments. One srio" only, the actual oash standard rains, marked in plain figures. A examination of stook monrs no obligation to purohsse. All paroels carefnllr sacked, for exprasa or other oonTerai.ee, tree of oharge PERRY * BRO., Penn. avenue and Ninth at. de 14-aot Perry Buidint-" W TRAVELING TRUNKB. ? Offer tor sue the largest assortment SRAVELINS TRUNKS to bt> found idmm is city, comprising best Sole LeaiherHBjfll Ladies' Dress and Packing Trunks, Va-^" ? lioea. Carpet Bags, *o., whioh we are now selling at Terr low pnoea. WALL. BVEPHENB 4 CO? Mil ? F MILITARY HOOKS. KBNCH ft. RICH8TIEN have Juat reoeired a larjeand complete aasortment of Military Book* of all kind*, whioh they offer from ton to fifty per oent. below the regular retail ynoM??iacluding: M A new edition of Hardee'a Infhntry and ftifle Taotioa, oomjlete, 9146 For**e' VoTanteera'Manual,a role, II Allen'a Compendium of Hardee'a Taotioa, me Groae'a Military Surgery, 76o , _ Mahan'a Field Fortifioanon and Outpoat, eaoh 71 Hardee'a Taotioa, oheap edition, *0 The Soldier'a Guide, a complete mac pa! and Irill book for the naa of the Volunteer Militia and the Home Guard. 860 The Hand-Book for the U.S. Soldier, r>eing Irat book of laatruotoon to the U. 8, Infantry taotioa,36o fiaSa Gl'ideaT Jto***'Ma' of th# BMt ot War> Flaga. Badtea and Medala of erery deeeripUoa. wi* ? t^a Ponmr'^anla a*wnae \Hews \?ashmgto? in the form o( a Rom, and | in Book form. alw,imnu All the D*Tit and WeeilT_Papers oowUntlr on land. Herald. Tlmee, tod Tnbnne reoel ved every lis nt at 6 o'olock. Paper* from all parte of tie oountrr. Beadle's Dime Novel* end tk>uj Books. A fresh supply of Books for aonuaer reading, UtOftp A large assortment of fevenllee?Mayne Read's iiooks, Rollo BootojAfebott's Histories, Ae. A Leooent of lo bocU ma Nctin^anfeAs tore. gun BO ATI Plans ann HrncmcATions for halls of Can tlnaw tor tee Wee tern rivers are on exhibition at offioe, and at oftgae of Uaarteratastnra at ?f * Brll. 0*B'I M4 ^OUttHU, OOLlMjHOABWKNMIi, 4* ' J?3sS?/^^asMsaeu ' ^Aaj** >"m"" ; * 1^ J i-C *w*S< 4 1 Bdk joHiiarom A&TIHOII FOR ALL PRBABESOP IMPS VDBIf Oft. LET NO FAJLBX DELICACY ******* APPLY 1MMEOUVLT. A CWRg WARRANTED, OR NO CMAM9M, IH FROM ONE TO TWO IUTB. Waakuaaa af Ua Back, tnetaraa, A>?rtni af tba SMm?y* **4 Bladd*? ^cnnaar* 9ueuim, laiMMt.0m Ml D?!HlttT, Wwium, (>ymMpn, Uuw, Cufuln f Maaa, Lav Ipn-j, fuprutm * tba Ink, 1w4?, Trawbliofa, Dtpwaaa ? at(fct ar Ot44iaaaa, Dfcaaaa af Ui aa4, Tbraat, Noaa ar Skin, UKtiau W tba Lm, StaaiM ar Brwala?tbaaa TwnNi Dtaordara uukr fnm MtUry Bahiu Ta?tb?tbaaa Draadfal ul Daauaatfr-t P??aOaa* vblcb raodar Marnafa lmpaMbta, u4 iaaWf ta* Bad y aad MM. TO UNO MEN BapaplUif vba k?M M?mi tba Ttotina af BatMary *?M, that dMidfal u4 daiuicuM habit which "r itun la aa anuraaly pa*, ihoaaanda af Tnr t Mao af tba aaal asakad taJaM* aad briUiaat taiallaet, vbt rtrti attarwtm bar* aotraaoad kauouif Saoataa vhb tba ibmodan af at*. aatae* ar vaba4 ta aoawcj tba livta* Ijrt, aay aall wMk rail caotdaaaa. MAR RIABE HiUllO PniORi, ar Tom( Maa aaataapUOu Mar a vfaa pWeaa hmaalf ao4ar tba aata * Dr. J. Bar raftftaaaly eaolda a tea baoor aa a gaatteaaa u4 laaldiaUy rai; span bit aklil aa a pbpateia*. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERIC*. ST. laft band aida jfataf fnn lalimaw Kraal, a lav 4aara IM tba aaraar. rail dm ta abaarra usa aad naltr bauaa mm ba paid aad eaatatn a narap. DR. JOHNSTON. Mt-nbtr af tht Itoyai Calitft tf Sarrtoot, boc4oa, rati iti free ooa of tht imm taiatat Coilaftt ia tha tariad Btataa, ud tht nuwr part of whaaa li/t ku btta ifMl It tht toopiull of Locidoo, Pirtt, Phiia4alphia aj>4 tlttwhtrt, bn afacta4 Mm* of tha moot utoniabi&f ttni that win t?tr known; mm) troabitd with nafint la tht htad tod tart vbiQ atlttp; fttat uniMM, boiaf alarm at at taddtn >o?n4t. bathfnlottt with frtqatct blaafcin^^atta4a4 mtciubh with imifiBMt tf aun4. Wtrt dW laai 4taitl?. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Ttaag Man ana oU>tr* who btrt u>)artd thtmatlrtt by t ttriH pracuot ladulf?4 in wbta aioat?a babu fTMlitU; laamad from trii companion*, or at aebool, lilt tlacu of vbica art niyfetly flit t?to whan ulitf, aad tf M| eartd, randan marntft impottiblt. aad tatcriyi bath (fed aat bod?, oboaid apply inuBidlattlv. Thaaa art oooia of th* ud aad aaaia afboly off tela prod act 4 by aarlr habttt of roath, Tit: Wtakotat 11 tha Back aa4 Limbo, Paina in tht Haad, Dimatto of Sifht, Looo of MlKhU Powtr. Palpitalite of tat Start, Dyapapty. Wirrai unaMUtr, Da rang imam of tht Oiftta*t ftoium, Ooattal DaMlity, Symptom* of OwtVMTito, Ac Mi!ftallt.?1Tfca ftarf?l tfftett so tht aiad art naek to bt drtadtd?Loot of Momory, Coofaoion of Mtaa, Dtprtooioa of pint*. Evil Fortbodinri, ATtraioc tf ftoeir.y, ialf-Diatraai. Lor* of Mhadt, Timidity, tw, art iiaa of tht arila prod act*. NlkTOCt PlklLlTT ?Thituidt eaa oow fadft wKi It tht ft a att of thair dtclininf health, lotiaf thttr Tif or, attanlag wtak, palt, otraoat aad tmteiattd, baring a iia/iiu tpptaranci a boat tht tytt, eoagb or oyaptaot of toot?ap> DISEASES or_ IMPR VDENCE. kt bu imfcifcad 2ia Midi ai lk? palatal dutui, it IM aftaa kappana that an IM-urnad hdn of ahaana or draa4 of daaca*ary data r a Mi fraan applying to Uoaa who, froaa adacauac tu raapaciabflity, cu a Ion a bafnaad baa. (ait* toto tbk kanda of ifnoraat and oaalftaef prattaditt, *ka, lata^tUa of caring, tleh bu pacniiiarj aCbatanca. late Ota-, Lnlicf bob lb of.* r moo lb, ar aa loaf aa ua aaijlaat can ta abtaioad, and in daapair laa?a bin ariU raiaad baaiU ta aurt a?ar aia falling diaappoantrcant; or by tba aa* af tbax daadly paiaw ? Marcary?baatan rba aauautauaawai ayraptooaa oi Ufa I tarrib'a diaaaaa, i*ct aa ifatuoaaaftka laarulViaat, flaad. Skin, 4a., prafraaatng wtU frigbtfal rapadlty, till daaU pat* a pari ad ta bia draadfhl aatfarlnga by aaadiaf bimt a tUi aoWM?ar<4 eakntn fraan akaaa koart.a a* traraiai mini DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By Ihta rraaa and Imaartaal raaady vaalnaaa of Ua aarua ua apaadlJy farad and fall *% ? raaaarad. Tba?aada of Ua aaat narraaa and dablbtata*, wka bad laat ail baya, Ufa baa a tacmadlawly ra Ma Tad. All uapadlmanu to MarrUga,Phyataal at Maalal DtaqaalUwiilH, faaaa ot PaatrntlaaPaaai, lanaia ImtakuUT, TraaakliDa aad Waakaaaa ot Biaaaatiaa of Ua Mat faunl ktad apaaaily eajaJ. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE FRE8B. Til mart TaoctaKM aarad at thta Inatitaoaai vltkla Ua laat aaantaac jo an, and tbd 9*nar*aa Lispartant arriaal aparauaca parfernad kr Or. JahitftM, VNaaaaad by Ua rapanar* of Ua pa pa A and many aUar paraaM, aaOaaa of walak ka>a appaarad aga?> and afain kafara Ua pabiie, baaidaa bu itaadlnf aa a galtlacaan of tharaciar and raapacaiMlHy, la a aaflaUnt runaiaa ta tha afllaiad mn ti-i? LEA fc PERKINS* CKLXBRATSD Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by E EXTRACT CONNOI8SEUR9 || of t Letter from ft to bo the * II Midicai UmtUmm -ONLY GOOD To Hu Brotkrr 8AUCK." ^ Woroeeter. ftndftp,l.oftb;.lo jgw? vvvbv TTSUPr Nm thftt their lOM fcVKR\ ifijtff*'.'" ii highly eeteemed ?? o ISSs^ in Indift, ftnd ie, in VARIETY my opinion, the most Mri| pti.&tab'e, U veil u n 17 nrau mnai ?Knl*CAm? w. ~.UM. thairamade." The above SAUCE la n?t only the imt and moat P0PCLA.ll CONDIMENT knon, but the rooat fctmomical, aa a lew drop* id S**p, Or?r?. or with #V*4. hot and ooid Joint t, Buf St*ak, (ia?u, ft., impart an exquisite zeet, whioh anrtmcxrUd Sauoe manuiaoturera hare in vain endeavored to tmixaxt. On the BrtmJtfaU, Lwmduo*. D%mn*r, or S?P?e? TnMt, a eruet containing " LEA A PBRRINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u indiapenaaToappreciata the txUlUmi rualuiu of thia daWcums preparation it la only neoeeaary to purohaae a am*ll bottle of the natwai, of a reapectabie grooer or dea er.aa many Hottl and ?wia?raai proprietoaa aeidoro piaoe the Pur* Sauoe before their gneata, out aubetitute a genuine Botti* filled with a iwruru-t mixture. For aale by Grooera and Fruitarera ererywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Squart mmd lllh alraaI, JViu York, Sola Wholesale Ac ecu for the United States. A Stook alw?ya lu a to re.?Also order* reoeired for dir jot ahipmenta from England. ILT B^immrt q/ Coaaiir/w<i and imWuuiM.XD eep 5-ly^>o ^ jteans. teagftffeflejg'ita HH ttrtnttk to Ut mu %f ^ffifS-SfWjeSmjS 'JESS.1! Wil?i?^T,,n,nf !Touid 7,#!d ?o?njh3 rem??ii*y !* moniiry md Uroccb.ki Irritation. urn ?*oobb8 H?i -evaarasBROWN'S reoiywnd thnr ue to Pvme TROCHES REV. E. H. CBAP1N. "OWN, ??.T VROCRKS _ ' Almost inatut relief ta the die treuiBc .?bor of breothiti pecb.in BROWN'S * A,t?*V _ REV* A' ?* E??LR?topi. TKOCRE8 * Contain bo Ooiim or anrthiBx R.nWN- uUBriOM." OIL A. A HA> M, BIOWN^ CImwwI, Eon BROCRRS ?"bU* BROWNS ?* * F. BlBRLgW^ WROCRJSS CWrW^E. BROWN 8 Jfeffea ?BOO?E5 wiasraa^f- ?-??"? biowh . TKKTV ???. ^^t&wcMsn; BROWN'S JJJif8" wltk "rumi TROOUS Frot M. STAC7 JOHNSON, BROWN'S TROCHES "BreM beoeAt ?hn kkta before TROCRBS nsiiii to me. _ BROWN'S Pr*ifeoiYAK5M5nSS?. TROCBB. ttmMtMVMknm U l-1y ' TOP HAM'S m H F R MMIWM TR 9HE WuL MANVTACTORY, III 8mm BTllIt, WUEMTW, D. 0. """ J111" 'f?^M||f<Nd ud rtagrai u riMrtMOw. ^S15: ? ~? \?itS? lotEw ki'tda ot D j *?? oda for iUt * ml ud?t?ei*i nau or uwilji? ud kouMH|*%wm PmmSuU iKtf'k. t "They i* rifhl f tbt unrMAjn ikukt stop \ mi cov?k rwBsrr tovk stun immrviN tour rwci SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, 900 D FOB. CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD POM. PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD PVR SIXQER8, GOOD FOR CONBUMFTTTEB. BNTL1MKN CAREY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS LADIES ARK DBLT8YTKD WITH BP ALBINO *8 THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRT WE SPALDING* THROAT CVMWBCTKVB They roiier# a, Co%gh lmstftatiy. Tktr*l?rtk?TkrotL Tkoy (Iti itrnfU u< voltmo U> Lh? vol**. Tboy impart ft detieioo* trou to tho brmU. They aredaUghtfhl to the Hit*, They are mad* of elmpke herbs aod ousot term AT Mt. I atfnse mry om who ku ' Coifl or t 4 * VolM,or t Bad imth.or aay di?es!ty mt Um Throat, to f et a pmUii of my Threat Coefcc bona. They will relier# yo? tnetaatly, aed rem will arree with me that "they go nrht to tho s*ea' Toe wiil find them Tory a soft 1 and ?l?ant what* traveling or attending paMie weeOat*. for atiliinr your Con?h or aJlayinc yoir thirst If yo? try one paokate I an in aayici that yo* will erer af forwards oonsider them indispenaibla Voe wii. ft do them at the Drmtfirta aad Deaiert i? Modi etaeePR1CE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. M? nriltir* km ? iih lukua All ?tk>r> kr? MutirMt A Puktft wili b? MBt by Ma, yriM. or r? otipi of Thirty Conta. Artrtr?. B1N1T C IPALDINN, No.48 CEDAR STREET. NEW YOKE. NervousHeariache Headache. By U? im ( ttMPUlilk?p?Mt MMk(? JTitmw ?r Mafc Hurtrii m?y bo yr?Y?m<* uO 1 Wtn It tbo MUUUMMt ot IB lOMt lu* ttoto raltotf frra paia an* itifawi wlli M i^iriK ?k?y nUm Ml is rrmoTvaj tM JVotmm IU Hmittkt to vhM* )*u.n art m nUtH Th*r Ml (Mti; M** UtkVtil<-fMMTU| twTot IMmmn Mt*, Btmdmtw. MiMto Pi??m. and all htwu of ttdmtmm town, U?r an val MlM> t mmmtimi.Uayrariag to# mnmtu, wtriui mm ami u?r to iu UgmUvm rtmnM. k< t? torlaf to* Batumi iaattoitr u4 to* vfcol? mtmn. VM OEPHAUC ttiXB bra to* ranLt ( tou *Bd oarafki'7 loadi?< ?Hrta?to? fearing bMB la mm mar rtvi, 4vti( vkMl taw to*y kin pumtod im raltovat a nK ??i ot nil ud aiffartof ma iMtoki, vMto *ntoutlil to to* mtiwi itam m ton a <mw" toto of UM IIMUMi TH*r ar? MtlroiT wtmbU im toatr w>to?>w. 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