24 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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[ W 0 IrHE ?VEiNINU STAR rUBUSHBD BVEKT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE ITA1 BVlLOlNM, srecr M?M mud EU^ntA rt. I 41 w. P. WALLAOH> Pipers M?tl la packages by carriers it S4 l year, or 37 cento per month. To nail subscribers the price is 93 M a year, * ? for six months; 91 tor three months; and for lea three months at the rate of IS cento > week. 81agle copies, osa csht; la wrappers, two cikts. U7* Advwtiimmti should be aeat to Ui e?ee before H o'clock m ; otherwise they may aot appear until the aext day. ANOTHER INTERESTING BATCH OF NEWS FROM DIXIE. From the Richmond Examiner of the 18th in*., now before tu, we gather that prioes of merchandise of all descriptions are gradually getting highar and higher in that city. Thar* is abeolutely no coffee for sale there or in Petersburg. Fine Liverpool salt commands $18 ?$20 per sack. No salt is to be had there now, or in Petersburg, where recently $25 per 8*ck was paid by a farmer for * supply with which to "save his bacon." Sugar, too, is rspidly increasing in price. * In a recent session of the Legislature a bill was passed after strenuous opposition, "to prevent extortion in salt;" authorising the Government to seise it in any one's hands, and to pay for it about an eighth of the prices at which It is quoted In the papers. In the course of the debate revelations were made showing that their army is almost entirely without salt, as well its the people of the Statd. The Examiner declines publishing those revelations least it might thus afford valuable administration "to the Lincolnites." It publishes enough, however, to enable us to comprehend that the supply of salt in Virginia is quite exhausted, and no more is to be had for love or money, for the army or any one else. The Examiner gloat* over the late news from England, and beseeches her to vindicate her honor by?promptly raising the blockade! It severely deprecates the order of the military authorities transferring all Floyd's army (with him at its head) to Kentucky, except a single regiment; says it is equivalent to handing all Western Virginia over to the tender mercies of Lincoln, and placing their railroad communication with Tennessee in the hands of the Lincoln troops. The colonization scheme (for the contrabands) being considered in the loyal States, the Examiner avers is terribly frightening the negroes, who are said to dread more than aught else, being transported away from their old homes. Of course they are being told that it is a scheme to sell them to new masters, somewhere. Among their killed in the battle of Allegany Mountain were Capt. P. B Anderson, of the Lee Battery; Capt. James Deshler, of the regular artillery; and Capt. Maynahan, of the Hans bo rough Battalion. Their troops engaged in it were the 12th Georgia, the 2oth and 37th Virginia regiments, and Hansborough'a battalion. They admit a loss of 25 killed and 60 wounded. The Unien loss was about 30 it will be remembered, though they state it at 009. The Virginia Convention have changed their militia law so as to make none subject to draft under 21 or over 31 years of age. Their War Department has adopted the rule to refuse to receive resignations of officers except on account of actual physical disability. The Examiner is down on the " Bohemians" from Washington city, alleged to bo loafing around Richmond, and urged that they be forced iato the army. The Louisiana Legislature, it says, is about to appropriate a million of dollars to build gunboats. The Examiner is terribly severe upon Jeff's government for paying 40 per oent. for specie with which to make purchases from this side of the Potomac, and intimates that millions of dollars have oome into Maryland from Virginia of late, to that end. Thomas H. Winne, Superintendent of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, has resigned, and E. II. Gill, late Superintendent of the V irginia and Tennessee Railroad, has been leeted to supply the vacancy. The railroad presidents of Virginia have held a convention, to the end of taking measures to promote the establishment of a rolling mill. 8idney 8. Baxter?abaquatulator from this (Washington) city?has been appointed by the government Confederate Commissioner, vice Col. James Lyon resigned. He is charged with the duty of examining and reporting on the cases arrested and carried to Richmond for supposed or real hostility to Secesh, treason, Ac. Marshal J. F. Wiley advertises the schooner Fairfax, (owned in New York,) her tackle, cargo, Ac., for sale, at or near Svanspert, Potomac river, on Wednesday, the 8th of January. Also, the schooner Virginia, Washington?both prises, it will be recollected. We have never read a bitterer newspaper article than the following, which we oopy from the Richmond Examiner of the 18th inst.?upon the "Yankee" sympathisers who have entered the military service of the oligarchy. We republish it as illustrating precisely what those have earned who net being native Southerners, have nevertheless proved traitors to the United States in the current contest. The "Yankee" in high position so unmeroifully scored by this writer, is doubtless Cooper, who, though a Northern mac, resigned the position of Adjutant General ef the army of the United States to take the aame position under Jeff Davis. He richly deserves the oentempt showered upon him and all like him, by this rampant writer. Ws learn from n reliable source that, smarting under the suspicions and contempt which his Northern birth earn for him in Richmond, he pleys the bitterest and most loud-mouthed secessionist there,in the hope of tempering publio opinion against him. That he is a poor devil, deserving just such treatment as this Richmond writer socords to him, is evident in the. change in his character which the fact mentioned above illustrates. To the Editor of tks Exaniaur The South is overrun with vtnomouj Yanics*, who with their whole heart hate us and ?cur institutions. Thanks, in pert, to our Government at Richmond Evan in that very government there is said to be a Northern man high in power and position. Our army likewise Is bUtsed with several Generals from the North. Is not this monstrous ? Distinguished Southern officers, carrying about their persons deep sears received in numerous bettle fields, have been overslaughed or overlooked to make room for Yanktcc, some of whom were dinging to the Lincoln halk when the greet victory et Manassas was achieved; and then, and not till thee, with ehernoUrUtie shrewdness, they were led to coonect their fortunes with the triumphant South. Who will undertake to count the namber of Yankee clerks in the severel public depertments et Richmond. Unqueetionebly the young men of the South heve e right to oomplain of the preference thus shown to Northern toadies It is certainly mischievous in its tendency Yet, the claims of our Southern bora youth are too often ignored if net seouted end impudent Ysnkee edventurers (nearly ell elsiminx now to be Marylteders. and acting too, no doubt, in the double capacity uf spies as well as clerks > are ' receiving salaries which breve Southerners i SPimlfl p$? V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 24. 1861. N?. 2.759 would be glad to nt I believe there is no I exaggeration in these statement*, and that I they are all true. Thej are certainly great I nls, of which the people of the South should demand the instant abatement. It may be I pretended aa extenuating of the practice of I admitting Northern men to All honorable bo- I sitions in the Confederacy, that we trusted I foreigners in our seveh years struggle for independence. It is, however, easy to destroy I the force of this charge by simply responding that the foreigners whom we then welcomed I to our shores were gentlemen?not Yankee*? I and this expresses much. It is indeed true 7?** we ^ ?niployment in oar army to I I distinguished Europeans in our revolutionary | w.ir with Great Britain, fiut in every in- I I stance, I believe, save one, thoy were not citi- I sens of the country with which we were con- I I *??dl1DK- Tbat 8ingle exception was General Charles Lee. who was a Brititk subject, and I 1 J *??'. I1tlunk> ? traitor?* traitor to the I land of hit birth, and consequently, as might have been expected, he became one to the country of his adoption; and thus proving I himself a double traitor?and so probably will I I'[ .Til'1 regard to our Northern importation I I should Providence unhappily frown upon our I I cause Let me not be misunderstood in my j I remarks?I have reference now to Yankee mercenaries; Hessians who oome among us to ??t for and rank?not to Northern men I who had honestly acquired homes in the 8outh I ,,for? w"f, Th?9? Persons are both morally and legally bound to defend their adoptI ed country, and are not necessarily traitors I |f?r*o doing. Under tempting offers several! I Northern offioera have declared themselves on [ the side of the Soath in tke existing contest, I I and in doing this they have given strong proof I of their unworthiness. Under still greater ! I temptations who will not say they might aban- I I don our pause and go back to their first love I It seems to me clear that if a Northern man I I volunteers to fight against his own kindred for I I P*y, for a still greater bribe be will not besi'ate to turn against his new friends between I whom and himself there exists no ties of blood. | I r> rePeat- wber he accepts a commission in the I I Confederate army or navy to fight against his I I own people, the Hessian Yankee affords the I 1 strongest possible evidence that he has little I I principle or honor, and therefore he should not I I be trusted. But such was not the position of I I our Lafayette, our Pulaski, and many other I I foreigners, who nobly rushed to our aid in the I I ever memorable war of 1776 These men were I I TKtn0jj'J0T6r8 ?f liberty, and not mercenaries. I l idey did not fight for pay nor against their I I country, as did Gen. Charles Lee. that double I I traitor, and as many of our northern brethren I I nave solemnly sworn to do. But what are we to think of southern officers I I who are found fighting on the side of our ene- I I mies W e are lost in amaxement, while read-1 I ing accounts of the ravages perpetrated on our I I southern shores, to find that a number of the I I navy oScers of the Lincoln fleet are of south- I I ern birth and rearing. I know not what poli-1 I ticiana may think, or how they will act in the I I matter; but for myself I unhesitatingly declare I f^at every one of these infamous southerners, I I if taken, should meet the traitor's doom Bup- I I pose they were to retaliate' Wall, let them I and weloome. We should then be gainer#, iu I I w? might make examples of I I the FtiulcT?rast%, the Wtrttrt, the Fterd- I I the DrayloMs, the Cnrli'at, and a soore I I of others we have caught. And retaliation ou I the part ef the Lincoln government would, in I I tho second j>lace, relieve us of not a few north- I I ern brethren in our armies, whom I think we I I might spare without detriment to our glorious I Icause. ? I I HANOIXfl OP THE BRIDGE-BURNERS IN TEN- I NEMEE. I A correspondent of the Richmond Kxan-1 I tner writes from Greenville, Tennessee, the I I following eold:blooded particulars *of the I hanging of two of the patriotic bridge-burners I I of East Tennessee by the Confederates : "The two doomed culprits were not aware I I of their doom until a few moments before the I hour, four o'clock p. m., and, short as the time I I was, they busied themselves in speaking, on I 1 oath, their full confession of guilt before the I I court-martial Fry confessed that he poured I I the turpentine on the bridge and afterwards I I set fire to this combustible material; carried I I the sentinel off woe half mile and made bim I I sw?ar never to reveal the names of the offend-1 I ers. " Providence has saved the sentinel the I trouble, for they have met the fate so justly I meted out to them. They came in sight of the I gallows?a temporary affair erected on the 1 hillside, in full view ef the town?and a large I oak limb was substituted as the crossbeam for I this novel engine of death, and a shudder ? tbem W^icb WU P?rcePtibl? I ."They then knew that In a few moments I they must die the death of a felon ; " The whole battalion under arms was drawn I up around the ground, and the ropes were adby Corporal McVay, of our oompany, I The caps drawn over their pale faces, the ladI der was taken from the tree; the stillness of I death pervaded the whole throng; the minute I hand was in a few seoonds of four o'clock; the I watch still went tick, tick; their knees shook I visibly; the whole frame was ready to give way I to nature's spirit. Hark ! it is four o'clock ! I The trigger is touched, and lo! dangling at I the ropes end, between heaven and earth, are I seen two strangling human beings! The I struggles of one were short: the other seemed a I little loth to give up the spirit from bis teneI ment of clay, but in a few short moments they I were both aaad. I "It has had a wonderful effect upon Union| ism here, and scores are coming in night and I day, taking the oath of allegiance to our GovI ernment, and by this serieus service proclaim I to the world that they will defend it against I all of its enemies." Very different treatment from that of our I Government to the Baltimore bridge burners. I Tender-hearted Great Britain, however,"can't I see It," and gives all her sympathy to the I fiends who thus haag their neighbors in eold I blood. I t?LaZaDa Thmateribo TO Invade Maine.? I J"* Toronto Leader hat heard the war newt from | England and indulges ItsMf la the following: 'Tkt Danger Nit All om On* Sidt-la disrussI lng the probabilities of war, the northern Journals I that Canada will be the only battleground. I Their towns bordering Upper Canada may suffer, 1L* admit, but they exclude from their calcuiaI Hon-^U consideration of fighting other than on I 9* 1*??^ 10'1- Undoubtedly the calamity would I V felt heavily In the frontier districts-too heav. I 4f-?? preeenoe being treated as a I trifiln* thing. But Maine would feel It scarcely less severely With the British navy on the Atlantic coast, the occupation of Portland would be accomplished aa easily aa tbe bombardment of New York or Boetoa;and with Portland In British bauds there would be no difficulty in landing regular troops, and occupying a large part of tbe state; establishing a new line of connection between tbe ocean and the Canada frontier, which would be of the highest Importance In a military potntofvlew After the first few weeks Maine would be aa much a battle ground aa any part of this province " t ??????? (^HEISTMAS-CHRISTMAB-CHRIBTMAB! TOYS! TOYS! TOY*! TOYS COMBS. BRUSHE8and PERFUMERY! | FANCY BOXES! CHINA ORNAMENTS' DOLLS, DOLLS, DOLLS ! (all kinds.) RIBANDS. FLOWERS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES! A ad all kinds of coeds aaitabln (or the sateen. deUSw At SfLBUlyS. Eleventh st. JfLIS /OlUVS, Lidifi' H v rdreeaer. from Pans. J nit arrived, inform* the ladiee of waabi-?nt4?o that be bas oteneri a lnr?o t of F-'*x Heal Dre?tee,Wrenih?and WrMe?* Wreaths, tt'? nt : afsinbd olio-ot of Flowers for c street, Wtween W.1 and leth, de li-lm* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Lateat front Enrepe. St. Johw's, Dec. 23 ?The steamship Persia, bound to Quebec, has been Intercepted by the newt boat of the Associated Press, off" Cape Race She bring* no regular despatch ; but it in ascertained from the few new?papers received that Prince Albert died of gastric fever, on Sunday, the 15th inst , at which time the Persia left Liverpool % The Liverpool Mercury of the 14th states that reports preva'led In London that Karl Derbv haa been consulted by the Government, and approved of its policy with reference to the American difficulty, and suggested to ship owners to Instruct the captain* of outward-bound ships to signalize any English vessels that a war with Ameridl is probable. Tbls suggestion Is strongly approved of by the underwriters. The Persia has 1,100 troops an board, bound for the riyer Du Loupe, Canada. The steamship Australasia sailed from Liverpool on the 16th inst with troops for Canada. The first division of the lotb brigade of the Garrison Artillery embarked per the Niagara for Halifax. Missouri Railroad Destroyed. Sr. Charles, Mo., Dec. 21.?Last night the rebels who returned from Gen. Price's army destroyed about one hundred miles of the Missouri Railroad, or. at least, rendered it useless Commencing eight miles south of Hudson, they burned the bridge, wood-piles, water-tanks, ties, tore up the rails for miles, bent them, and destroyed the telegraph line. This was continued to Warrentown, where the work of destruction ceased. How many were concerned in this villainous work is not yet known, but there is no doubt but tbat It was a preconcerted and simultaneous movement of the cltlz?ns along the road, as no single party could have accomplished so much in one night. Three hundred of the villains are known to have been engaged In the destruction of the bridge and track at VTarrentown. From South Carolina. Louisville, Dec. 21.?Nashville papers record the death of Dr Grlswold. of the 33th regime at of New York, a political prisoner at Charleston. A Richmond paper of the 19th haa the following dispatch from Charleston: "Yesterday afternoon four of the enemy's gunboats ascended North Edlato Inlet, and anchored opposite Rockvllie, on John'a Island, thirty tnilea from Charleston, where the First South Carolina Rifle Regiment, numbering 6<iO. Col Branch, waa encamped. The enemy shelled the campi and, under cover of the tire of their guns, ianded a strong force. The Carolina regiment fell back four miles, towards Charleston, to a point called Brick phurch." t The Treut Affair. Niw York, Dec. 23.?The Post says tbat private letters from well advls?d sources in Washington represent that certain interviewa between Lord Lyona and Secretary Seward immediately after the Trent affair, and their reapective lettera to London at that time, based on the disavowal of our Government that such capture waa to take place, and of all purpose to insult the British flag, have delayed the presentation of a peremptory demand of the Britiak Government, which carne out in the ateamer Europa. Further advlcea from London will probably be awaited Thirty.four Car Loads of Rebel Prisoners. Srdalia, Dec. 22-Thirty-four cars, loaded with rebel prisoners, taken by Gen. Pope, go to St. Louis to-night. The prisoners are a motley crew, ranging from sixteen to seventy years of age. Many of the arms taken are United States muskets, and some of the men are dfeased in United states uniform*, taken from our troops at Lexington. Several United SUtes wagons were recaptured Another Saccessfal Skirmish. Palmyra. Mo . Dec. 2!?Major McKee, with 103 men of Col Bishop's command, encountered and repulsed 400 rebels four miles north of Hudson, and killed 10 and took 17 prisoners and 30 horses. Five of our troops were slightly wounded. Order of Gen. Halleck. St. Louis, Dec 23 ?Gen Halleck has Issued an order tlxing the penalty of death on all parties engaged In destroying railroads and telegraphs, and requiring the towna and counties in which the destruction occurs to repair the damage and pay expenses The Connecticut Siate Loan. Hartford, Dec 23 ?The Connecticut State loan of gl,200,000 was taken to-day at from par to two per cent, premium. CONGRESSIONAL. UVVIIth COSGRESS? Second Session. Sxnatk ?Yesterday, after the close of our report? The bill to increase the number of Cadeta in the West Point Military Academy waa discussed at length, and postponed until to-day. The bill Increasing the duties on tea, coflee and sugar waa passed [It provides tbat, In lieu of the dutiea now lmpoaed on thoae articles, there aball be collected the following dutiea: lit On all teaa twenty centa per pound , 2d On coffee of all kinds five cents per pound ; 3d On raw augar, commonly called muscovado or brown augar, on augara not advanced above No. 12 (Dutch standard) by claying, boiling, clarifying, or other process, and on sirup of sugar or of sugar-cane, and concentrated molasaea or concentrated malado, two and a half centa per pound; on white and clayed sugar, when advanced beyond the raw state above No. 12 (Dutch standard) by clarifying or other process and not yet refined, three cants per pound; on refined sugars, whether loaf, lump, ground or pulverized, five cents per pound; on sugars after being refined,when they are tinctured, colored, or In any way adulterated, and on sugar candy, eight cants per pound; on molasses, six cents per gallon; but all sirups of sugar or of sugar-cane, concentrated molasses or concentrated malado, entered under the name of molasses or any other name than sirup of sugar or of sugarcane, concentrated molasses or concentrated malado, are to be liable to forfeiture to the United States, and are to be forfeited ] Adjourned. Housk ?Yesterday, after our report closed? A resolution Instructing the Attorney General to take proceedings to recover from John . Fremont the sums of money obtained from the public treasury on the order of said Fremont, was lat*cductd and referred The bill increasing the duties on tea, coffee, and sugar was passed. Mr. Morehead introduced a bill to Incorporate Georgetown and Washington railroad com pan tea. Laid on the table. Mr. Dunn, of Indiana^ offered a reaolution that the Committee on the District of Columbia be requested to Inquire into the expediency of authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to conatruct and build a atreet railway from the navy yard to Georgetown AdoptedAdjourned till Thuraday. Dusinkss at this Point ?A correspondent of the United States Economist, writing from thia city, aaya: Business In tbls city at this time 1s remarkable and peculiar, and one of the most extraordinary features in the history of the commerce of thia country; we have h?re a amall town with no other source of prosperity but that derived from the disbursements of the Government, suddenly becoming the centre of an Immense trade, and the great disbursing point of supplies for the maintenance of hundreds of thouaands of soldiers on both banks of the Potomac. In addition to this, there Is the resident and transient population; the latter seem to be in sufficient numbers to populate a city. Merchants and manufacturers are coming dally from every section of the country?some with samples, others establlahlng agencies and branch houses for every description ot goods suitable for the wanta of an army, the most prominent of which are boots and shoes, Woolen hosiery, dried fruits, case goods, and the consumption of tobacco, aegars and liquors, laclading the finest champagne, as theCllquot, Mumm's, Hvidseck, and theBollingor, Is probably beyond all precedent in thia class of merchandise. The business of supplyliy the army with artlclea other than auch aa are furniahed by the government, is carried on by the autlera, who are tha merchants of the army: the wagons come Into the^ city far supplies, whlcn they obtain from the sutlers' stores; that Is, jobbers of goods consumed by the army, of which there ara large numbers apparently doing an active and prosperous business. The sutlers business is not carried on strictly on cash principles; the larger proportion la done on

a credit of thirty days, or until the regiment Is paid off, so tbat the credit system is inseparably connected with trade. It exists here on short time in fall force and vigor, aotwtthoUi.dinK the fatalities attendant upon the movements of an army f I TTOUSl-FURNISHINft GOODS. XI At Greatlt Rxdcckd Rates. For Sale br CURTLAN A CO , At Noa. 916 A 819 Baltimore St., Baltimoii. i Table Cutler^, Albata Spoons. Alb*!a Forks, Plated Tsa Set*. Coffee Urns, Table Castors, Chafing Dishes, Brushes. waitsrs, Hat Ra?ks, Umbreila 8tand?, Corksorews, 4 Nutsraoks, Cooks' Knives, Bread Knives. Kitohen Knives and Forks, Champagne Nippers, Albata Soup Ladlea, Candles tioka. Patent loe Pitchers, Coffee and Tea Pots, Waffle Irons, Patent Gridirons, Kitchen Spoons. Uoales and Weights, Coffoe Mills, Bathing Ttba, Sauoesais, Tab!* Mate, Gas Stoves, Foot Tabs, Chamber Buoketa, Toilet Seta, Willow Baaketa. Woodeu Ware, Sieves. Devonshire Chaira, , Oyster Dishes, Coffee Bigginga, OAS FIXTURES, of Frenoh, . , English, and American manufacture. Frenoh, ^ Dresden, and East India CHINA, ?o (treat variety. Old Housekeepers and new beginnera will find it to their advantage to call and examine our stock when wanting any of the above description of goods. COKTLAN A CO.. Nos. 916 and 919 Baltimore street. Bxtweea Charlea and St. Haul streets, Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in Housekeeping artioles generally. del4-eo2w E W AND B E^_U T 1 F U L! 460 NINTH STREET. 1 have just reoeived from New York a very oholoo selection of the following gooda. The attention of those in want is solicited. PA PER HANGINGS , Parlora, Bed Rooms, Vestibules, Dining Rooms, and Ceilings. Gold Band and other styles of ? . WINDOW SBADES. Shade Lines and Trimmings. Picture Loops, Tasaels and Cords, Shade ?'orda and Tatar Is. MATTRESSES AND CUSHIONS Of all descr ptiona, made to order. UrHOLsxaav Work AHD PArKBiiA*oiNe. In .ta various styles, executed promptly, .%t ti.e irrLwit Possible Prices.UHi STORE SHADES Male and Let.cred. iHil'X""11- L. J- Kotll HOCH_ "| WxM. CORWIN BURGY, Late With the old and well known houae of WM. S CORWIN A CO , New York, D<aUr in choir* Rrandus, Wines Cigars, ire., and I Importer of Teas and Chinese Fancy Goods, I NO. HS7 1'BN.IfiTLVAHIA AVKSCI, (LnUarce Si*th street,! 1). C. The attention of oonnoiaaeurs and the public gen* I erally is invited to my att.uk of nne Brandies,Wines I Cigars. Teas. ftotoomiritia( Henn*#s<<y Otard I ana Sayer Brandies, Widow Clioquot, Moot A I Ciiandon, Mim's, Heidaick A Co , and Associate* I Verz uej JKhfi'i pagnea; Per martins, Am<>nt..a<'.i> and YnaWI Sherries; Wantterer, Reserve and I South Side Madeiras; H'rmony and Hurmerster I Porta; the celebrated " WSC Club House Gin; I Irish, Scotch, Bourbon and Munongahea VVhia-I kiec; Jamaica a* d Si. Croix Rums; Cabaca, Fig- I aro LaRosadeSantiago, I aEspanolaano various I brands of Cigars and very fine Young Hyson, Hy I son. Imperial and English BreakiautTeasin catix I BOVa Imported t?y myaeir expressly Tor ramry as". 1 de 13 1m i I N NEW MILLINERY. OW On hand and constantly reoeiving new supplies of WINTER BONNETS, oompns-^ft lnt tne rewest and most d'sirabie s't ps nlngl I the SWMmS HUTCHINSON A ML NRO'B^ Kanoy 3tore, 310 Pern, avenue, between 9th and I l' th streets, where Miss Thompson is prepared to I execute promptly all orders left with her. Also, last received, a new supply of Head Dress- I es, Artificial Pl<>wars. Feathers, 4c., to which we I invite the attention of the ladies. de IB | SEALED HROPOSALS, until the an h De-1 v? o?mbor, 1*6'.,are invited for furnishing the U.I S. Subsistence Department with FLOUK. About 12.000 barrels will be required, of a huh I grade of extra Flour, to be delivered in Washing-1 ton, at the Railroad Depot.orat Warehouses in I Washington or G??org?(own, sometime between I the 1st and lOtn of January, 18A2 Each barrel of the Flour to be inspected just I before it is received. The Flour must he equal In I quality to the samples to be obtained at the Capitol I Bakery, Washington City I Bids to be directed to Major A. BECK WITH, | C. S., U.S. a , ana endorsed "Proposals ' de 18 PAMP STOVES, in every variety, just received I at JAMES SKIKVING'S Waehirgton Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron I Manufactory, No. 967, oomer of 11th st. South side Penn. avenue. de IT 6t | Repub A OhronJ I FA'BBiNK8'8 STANDARD SCALE*. For sale by J P. BARTHOI.OW, Sole Agent, Hardware and Agricultural Warehouse, ,YAS Sev- I enth street, between Penn. av and Canal, oppo I site east end of Ceuter Market. de 17 tf 1 A SUTLERS NO Those engaged in supplying the Soldier*, I will find on examining oar stock many articles I suitable for their sales, at snch prioes as oannot I fail to please. I A careful examination of stock and prioes soli- I cited. Liberal disoonnt made to Sutlers and those en I gaged in supp>ing the Army. G ods carefully packed to go out the oity, fret of I of chargt. c. W. BOTELER A SON, de 17 6t 313 Iron Hall. I COLUMBIA MARKET, v Pa. avenue, corner Thirteenth st. I The subscriber would most respectfully inform I the cituena of Wasuingtoa ti at he has returned to I his old snaiter. where he intends keeping a first-I rate market in all its hranohes. as i n times gone. 1 He will be happy to greet his old friends and ona- I tomera. _ . I N. B ?Goods sent free of oharge to any part of I the oity. de 13 C. MALLARD. I IMPORTED MEATS, FISH, FRUITS, Ao.-I 1 Pati defoi Gras, Truffea. Conserve Ginger, I Canton Ginger, Ris de Veau, Truffled Sauease, I Q:ive Faroiea, Sardines. Anohovie* in Oil, Petite I Pou, Chainpign< ns, Yarmouth Herring, Anohovy I KINO t BURCHELL. de 19 corner Fifteenth at. and Vermont av. ARGE LOTS OF BED BLANKET8.COM fo-ta, Marseilles QuilU, rheetings, Pillow I Cottons, Table Linen*, Napkins, Doylies. Ao., I the whole at our proverbially low price, raarkeu in I p in figures. _ ? Carpets, Curtains, Oiloloths, Rags, Window I Shades, Piano and Tabie Covers, Ac., upper fl<?r?. I An inapeoUon of stock incurs no obligation t<> I purohaae. PERRY A HRO.? Penn. avenue and Ninth street, de l?-10t "Perry Bui^dimg." I L' U R 8 ! FURS!! r FURS!!! MWK Aa PABI.B. In great variety, and ohsap, at del lm SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. ^TTKNTION, BUTTERS. OFFICERS AND A large stook ofCAM P STOVES, manufkotured I and for sale at S31 Pennsylvania avenue, neai I Center Market. ? , de 11-tf H. J? GREGORV . I IjVX PRESS NOTICE. Orrioi o? the Aikt Exrapss Compant, Pennsylvania avenue All goods bow ia onr warehouse, on Louisiana I avenue, and hereafter warekoused, will be eharaed I with storage, if allowed to remat" over atz 4ays, I and an additional oharge if ' roaiimn||ov^^iwe-nt^ /e'itlw Snpe'intendent of the Company. I I j \HGE Ix>uIn?nir>aa^LsS?isfThings at moat WiSalf^tter kiads of Dry Goodajor the gee de 14-lot Penn avenue and Niath st ATTKWTlOlf! Ifyru want Signs PaUMdue in good style, aad at ak'ir n >t ee, and eheeser than you oan set then done at an other eetabl shment in Wafktngtdh. oal, on HAMILTON. No. 469 7th st. opposite Center Market, in tbe roar, del* ec*w? f i -H. ' AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. beg to oall I the attention of the citixens of Washington awl I viomity to the inferiority of their W ate nee orer all I imported, whether Swiss or Eng >iah. The Company unhesitatingly guarantee their I Watches to be unsurpassed by those of any ooun- I try for durability and fine time keeping qua lties. CAUTION. The Company would oaution buyers to beware of 11 the cheap English and Swiss Watches now being I : sent among soldiers in and around Washington I These watohes are of the poorest description of | foreign manutaoture, and utterly worthless a* time keepers as the makers well knew when they I sent them to this oountry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would invite espeoial attention to 1 their latest style o( Watch for Ladies. Every one I will have the same guarantee tint aooompanles the I most ooatly Chronometer of their manufacture. I The styles of Osm are varied and suit different I taste*, and the introduction of a Watoh for ladies, a that will go and keep time, has met with universal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia invited by the Company to the faot that every I Watoh, of xh?tever pnoe, maiiuiaotured at their I Wor.s at Walt him, Mass . is aooompanied by a I certificate not only to warrant it, but to prevent imposition from a oheap and worthlees imitation I that is palmed oil upon buyers as the genuine arti- I ale. All our Watches have upon the plate the trade mark "Walthain. M?ss.," and without that mark no Watoh is genuine. Messrs. M. W. GALT A BROTHER havethe I Watches of our manufacture for sale at Wasa- I ington, and* buyers can depend opon finding the I right etyles and qua lties at their establishment, I No. 334 Pecnrylvacia avenue. ROBBINS & APPLETON, General Agents, No. 1**? Broadway, | no 29 1m .'Ne^N ork. I 7h)R HOLIDAY P R ESE N TS?O loaks. Shaw Is, I r " " Silks. Silk Rot*s I .4 ?? " fiu |)re<s Goods I m m ? Lace Sets, fine I t ? ? E in b r o ideries. I u " Embroidered I ?? " Collars. Embroi-1 dmd Haudker1 ?. ? " chiefs. Medium I i - " l)re*sGoods,low I u ? * price Dressl t " Goods, all other I a. ii " kinds Dry Gocda I at our "proverbially low prices, marked m plain I figures. One pnoe only. I .Awsr"""HKvV'ltS pnronasp ^ ^ Nictn ?t.. I _deUK __ ' 'erry Bnldinc.' I WOM KTH1NG N EVV-S UP EHlOtiH ULLKD I ^ CORN.?The sub?crit>er, having got the agency I to sapply Washington and ?ieror*etown I delicate preparation of Corn.. wou.d respectfully I ask of his friends, and the public at -'rge, I it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared, uairia.. Ai ,? vv WM. BRADLV,AgenU Pa. avenue, between 13th and 19th sts. I N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble ^ 1 menu. Table Tops, Ao. A large " o"ro""t1a0T*, I ?? 1 3m 1 Oyitcn-Oysterfl. THE OVERLA0(^Mp^YER EXPRESS Is now prepared to furnish Restaurants, Hotels, I sutlers, and Private Families I FRE?A OV STKRS, by tfie gallon orOfjJ I in oaus cl all s.aes. r.?? vCAf The Oysters arrive dBilf fresh f.Pnj N^r the waters of the Ohe^jeafce Bay, ana a e of the t>est quality- ^ . .... . , I The company invitee the patronage of the 4*a- I ers and tne pub ic in geaeral, and guarantees a | prompt attention to alt orders. , Office?4* Market Space, (Avenue House,) bo- 1 tween 7th and 8th sts co 90-lm [Republican 1 __ I PIANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! A number of new t Oct. P'ANOSM^^i received yesterday from the oelebrated ?li *? I factory of Win- hnabe A Co., among them a very I handsome oarved Piano, which obtained the high- I est prsmlum from the late Baltimore Exhibition, I and wt.ioh I offer for sale (as a fine New > ear s I presenti on accommodating terms, and at prioea I to suit the times . I TO RENT?1 will have severa Pianoaalwaya I , on hand, though I was unable last week to aerve I some of my customers. Amateurs are invite-1 to I examine. F. C. R MCH KNHAUH. nov?7 lm? No 41B 11th ?trftet. I rpHE EUROPEAN HOTEL. REP* BY F. 1 EMRICH. at tne oorner of Per.n-A . . A I avenue and Eleventh street, has beecWfNHY Creatiy improved recently and now offers AMpU I greater inauoement* for the patronage or citlaeaa I and strangers tfian any other publio house in the I aity, his prioea being lees than those of any other I hotel on Perm, avenue, and hie aooommodationa I ' for perrraaent or transient boarders unaxoeption- I able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of tfie I European Hotel have already become very ?opa- I lar. being all that oan be desired by the must fas- I tidiona. The proprietor | ecuee unremitted attec- I tionand oon tinned libera, expenditures to give sat- | Isfaetion to all,and thus renews his invitation u I all to sive the KurosAac Bote' a eall. ds 4-tl CARRIAGES. HE Bubsonber hs?ni mtuSa additiana to hla | flMtory, making it now one of tks in the Disuict, where hie faciUtiesWWJ!|P. for man u (admiring CARRIAGES and^^?I LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds oanuot be ear I passed, and from hia long experience is tfie baai- I neia, he hopes to give general saOafaction. AH kinds of Carnages and Light Wagons kept I od hind. All REPAIRS neat'y done, and all ardara I promptly attended to. *1 Jess** d u tf corner of Fonrtownth and E ate. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. Si"0,000. Q*W? ssrwsr 0 iitssi umd Ltmuiamm mm., iwr Bmtk I if ruiisfiM. ,n8?e Dixxstoxs, Geo. Shoemaker, ^mue. R^f*. Samnel Crop ley. wTTliain Wilson, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay? Jaoot. Gideon, Andrew Roth wall, Thos. Parker. RiefiardBarry, B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Dana. No charge for Polioies. _ ? . A I JAMES ADAMS. President, 1' Axax. G. D*vis.Secretary. an ?-ec?i I YWOOD V10 COAL. OS Will surely fipTyour mcmay^ wartt fir calling at tfie PION KTiR M1LLS. Mrttawi ?jsra?r ef Simli Jlrni ss4 Oeaa*. (GEO. PASE, Agent.) They sell efceaper and five better meassrs than any others is thr a^ty cut, split, and oaliT red lree of ctarga. If ?c? don 11 aiieve , i va the Pioneer MiUs atna^, be satisfied. wtj ' WALL. BTEPBIIM * CO.. TT 39'J riimmnHU Avxnva. MIM?RAc8?V?.Vg^riL AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, KS^^mSPsA^S8sl5l8f,NTLlsea6-if (Intal. A RepubJ NEW VOLUME BALZACS^NOVICLfc-TW J Aiehemist, or yfie House of Ctaaa i ?6a 1 f reneh of Hon ore de Baiaao. Free by sail. SI. 1 1 i u fa p??rl >"?ll DOOTS AMD SHOWJ *0 SSMT *5i? Suwgarsss&sssssb apfi-r SM l&rffsaia aveaaa, THE WEEKLY 8TAIL " FrMsy aor&laf. ??PT? P? m 1.??m.tt?,^l 0 ^'Te u>P *???????????iim?Mim 4 7? J? I n Tweity?ii| B it 0 imnu; throng host tbTs?Ba*y. ILT Single eoples (la w^m) nl to sea. cured at tto counter. Immediately altar tto too* ^*?P*P?_J>rt??-THBEE CENTS HSLMBOLD'S GENllNE PREPARATION. u HlOHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bvehu, A Pcsuivt and SftxJU Remtdf For Dimmm of tto BLADDER, EIDNEYB. GRAVEL, sod DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Mcdietne tncreaeea the jower of Digestion. atd excite* the iwotiiirri lVto heaJtby act.^a. by which the watkbt ok calcsaore deyewTUtme. and a cif!?*TraAL bkl lbs smart a are r?deoed. m wall a* r*.i? abb iitr lahxatior, awl ts good for . MEN, WOMEN. OE CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Arialnc from K?"??ee?TltoaS? mt ""mpelus Early Trdieor<*tins or A^dw. Attended uHlk the FoilevinJ Symptoms : Indmpoeition to Exertion, Loee of Powsr. !??" of Meraorv, Difloa.ty of Breathing, \\ eak Nervee, Trenibilu Horror of MfMSS. WaktMMS; Dimneeaof Vi.ioa, Paie in the Baok. Uaivwraal Laaaitude of the MuaenJar a* a tern, 8SJS?ftto ?.. 2SE HSte; PALLID COVRTSRARSR. * heae ryinptcma, If a owed to go on. whieh this medicine invariably remove?, eoon fotlowa IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITB, In one of which the Patient may S#r*re * . WVv0,#L "** that they ere not fte*ueatly followed by thoee "DiaartL DieaAese," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the aaaee of thair Buffering. bct rorb will course*. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE A0YLCMB And the M'lanckoi* Or at ft t fry Ommhpeiea, BBAB AMFLB WITRR*? To Tit TEtTTB Of Til M'UTioa '"W'fflamsfflt. Require* the aid of medicine to etrengthen nod Invigorate the Syetea whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tnrarimf ly dmt A TRIAL WILL CORV1RCB TBS MOOT HiniCiL. EE MA LES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD In Many Affection* Peculiar to FtmaUl the Extract Bnohn ia n neenalled by any other remedy, m in Chioro*i? or Retention, lrngu.anty. Painfulnnee. or Supprea*ion of Cuetomar/ Evacuation*. lT!oerated or Sohirrosa atate of tto (Jt* rue. Leuoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility, and for all oompiainta inoident to lha eex, whether ar,?.r.? from lndiacretion. Habit* of Diecipabon, or ia tto DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFEt an eTXPTom ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. a Take no men Balsam, Mercury, or , Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangeroui fhsootes. llELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU erase SECRET DISEASES In al> tBBir tftages, At littis Kipeta* Little or no ohacge in Diet; No inoonvenienoe. And m hrposwe. Itcaueea a frequ'ut deaire and give* strength to Urinate, thereby Removing Obetractios*. Preventing and Curing Stnotsree of the Ursthra. Allaying fain and IndammaJtoc eo frequent in the olaa* of di*ea*ee, aad rxpc .Lag ail Diseased, and worn out Manor, THousAHDe rroH noriiRM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF <i V ACES, and who have paid heavy jee* to be oared is a abort time, have found th*y were deceived, and that the "roieon" ha*, by the uee attrmtouit* been dried up in the lyitera, to break oat ia aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. 1 , , .4 1 | Uee HELMBULD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all affsctiona and dikeast>* of the URINARt ORGANS, whether exiating in RLALE OR FBMAuLRt from whatever oaaee originating aad no mattar of HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaeea of theee Organ* require the aid of a DiSSBT1C. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHO IS THE GEEAT DIURETIC, and it i* oeitain to have the deeired affect la Di*e&*fli for wktck tl w recommended. TIBBSCB or TBI HOST RBPPO"?IBLS ABB SBLI AS LB CBABACTBB wlliraooompany the medicinee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to JO year*' wandtBg. with Nan?*JJ^^^AND FAME. * J "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE'NOTICE." ** WB BAXB "BO BBOBBT" OB "1BSBBDIBBTI '* . HELMBOLD'8 EXTEACT BUCHU :a oompoeed of Booha, Cnbebe and Janiper Bomee, aeleotod with great oar* by a oompeteai drwggiat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, I Practical and AnalyUoai Chemist, aad Bate Manujaotcrer or HKLMBOLD'B GEHUINB PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. } Z'srsfttsays?, vsxasna being daly awc.n. doth aay. hia preparatioaa aoata.n no narootio, no meroary.or other lnjarvome "'"5% EKIJtfOLD. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A M TO 8 P. M. Fries tl psr tottie, sv sftx far *. Delivered to any addrese, aaearaly pssksi fraa j obeervattoa. Add reee^ls^e fwjrttomsesa^^ Depot, IN Sooth Tenth sL, b*?W ChesU?L FSUs - * t 'i- t ^|t- i V ' ' ' H BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS I AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS I u flaMapaiilia I Sold b? B. B. WaiTB, E. B. CtUUB, >trss I W ilbvi B. 0. F?^ B^E. ErrwuiLB,^E^C VLNITALI DRUGGISTS EVERTWMEEE. I - r a. *. 4 H A8K FOR W1.M10I.yR I TARE 90 orsm I UHD AVOIB lMTOBinOII ?l MLfOSIEI I Peaerits Jyto**** *** C***1*"*"***. I I