27 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

27 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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^ _ _J_ THE E' KMiN<? STAR.7 BICt AHO UVUKUKD MiLUIKRI IN HOftFITAI^ F*Mnk?i < mrmiat with tk* / (44 Smii (f /oiy It, W1 At f Gtfftim. Dec 90. *1 U. 8 lafantry 9u Sth Pena. Volunteer*. 4 4lb da Cavsiry..... 1 ?tfa do do 4 Mb do do 1 Pth do do 'i Sd Msl?? VolnnWn.. 1 ?6tta do do...... 1 3<1 Vermoat Volunteer* 1.15th do do 1 9th do do.... 9 .16 h do do 1 W?~Ma*fhw?iVoi.. 1 4id do do 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 3;45tb do do...... ft 4th do do.. i 541 do do...... 3 5th Connecticut Vol .. 4|104thdo do 2 ?d New York Vol (a) 111 at do Art'Uery... 5 13th do do.... 1st do Rifle* 1 15th do do.... ij-2d do Cavalry.... l 17th do do....16' Itb do do...... V 20th do do.... 1i5th do do...... 1 J.?t do do {&) I I 1th do do 4 Bd do do ... 1 1st do Reserve.... 1 33d do do.... 1 j 4th do do 1 Wd do do.... 1.6th do do...(e) 1 57th do do.... ljlith do do 1 50th do do.... 2!l*t Michigan Vol 1 (?rt Hn <i? l.ltk /*? An a ZVIQ QO QO 'J tth do do 1 33d do do 9 id Wl?conaln do V 35th do do 1 5th do do 1 87th do do 1 1st Minnesota do. 1 43d do do 4 1st California do 1 44th do do s 1st Kxcelstor Brigade. 7 43th do do...... 1 2d do do.... 1 80th do do 3 3d do do.... 7 8*d do do 1 tth do do.... 1 64th do do 1 5th do do.... 3 69th do do 2 1st Maryland Vol ] 98th do do i 1st Indiana R fler.... 1 TVth do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. 4 HJth do do 1 Garibaldi Guards 1 fcd r*an. Volunteers . 3 De Kalb 2 4th do do 1|Nfw York Mounted h do do 21 Rifle* 1 7th do do 1.3d Penn. Cavalry .... 3 6th do do...... U 3d do do ...... 1 14th do do...... 1 2d New York Cavalry 1 13d do do I Cameron Dragoons ... 2 lMth do do 1 Harrla' Light Cavalry 3 87th do do 1 4th Rhode lsiand Art. 1 rtstb <W do * 'id U. S Artillery l 40th do do...... 2 Vb do do 1 Jt? ? -??- -* uu ?? o uo CIO........ 1 4<tb do _ do 2 1st Np-jp York Artillery 2 6Jd do do...... 4'Mott'i Dnttfry 1 *04ihdo do i jF.n^'.neer Corps 1 t?d Maine Voluuie*:*.. 2: (lame GuarJ?, D. C.. 1 "JdNewHampslitreVoi 'j| ;id Vermont Volunteers-l! Trtal 140 At Hosfitm: mt CV\"n- <40 Col?<? Tfl'Atofic*, IkJr-20. tb IT 9 Cavalry .... 1 *d 3?rds.i Suprps'r*.. 2 5th do ?lo *:;!?t*itwJe'aeyO?valiv I Sri M?lM7o.inte?r*.. 2!'Jd do Vol.... ! 7th da do 1 (3d do do. .. 0th do do 1.6.U do do.... i lltb do do 0,-7?fc do do.... 1 24 Vermont Volunteers l;tst Fenn Artillery.... 2 5th do do.... 4 lit dj Civalry 3 HKhM??**acbr???tuVol 1'4th do do ; Rhode Island Batury. 2 Harlan's Cnrelrv 1 1st Lone Island Vol .. 1 1st IVnu Volunteers.. 5 1st NewVork Artillery 1 M Ci> do li Hamilton Artillery... 2;Vh do do 1 Rocky Battalion ajeth do do * l*tNewYorfcC*T*lry . Iii3'-U ?1o d-> '1 Tth do do.... ii23d (to do 2 bib do da S'ifTth do do 3 Htrrla Carrtrv 2 '3l?t da do 1 13th Naw York Vol.... 1;.VJd do do 14 17th do do 1115 Jd do do 1 Wd do dc....al l['33d do do...... 1 33d do do 1 Mtb do do 4 3?th do do l lat California Vol i 37th do do 3;Ohio Cavalry ........ 1 43d do do llwtti Illlnota Cavalry... 9 ?tth do do 3 J?turg1? Rlflea ...-..... 1 94th do do rad wtaroaaln Vol.*. a 01th do do 1 9th do do.... 1 77th do do 1 7th do do.... 1 7Mh do do 1 lat Mlnnoaota Vol 1 99 h do do 8 lat Michigan C?y..(a) 1 auukiimh? < ' --- - ? ?<?..?? I tU Q() TOi V Kxr*lalor Brigade. 8>3d do do 5 *4 do do.... 1 i ML do d? * Do Kalb M Y Voi ... 1 9th do do u Uacola Cavalry 1 StocktonMtcb Vol. 1 McClellaa'aDragoooa. tl QautMmaXrri IVp't 1 Cameron Draacona.gj Om^?N 7 Cirilry. l{ Totai ?...Us4 (a) One ottoer. At ti****** Hatftuu, (< \fU4,) Washington, Dt. SO. % OC~*raandMed Mtiff 9 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Kngioeera 2 5tb N Y (Irlab) Vol. 5 li'U S Cavalry 3 Wt D C. V o!ant?*re.. l 1 do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 4th do do 2 <4 Vermont Volnnteera 1 Stb do do 2 4!b do do.... 1 tith do do........ 6'id Naw York Vol... '2 Lat do Artillery.... 2 9th do do.... 2 3d do do. 1 22d do do.... 3 4th do do 1 24th do do.... i 8th An An ? J ?#?. ** *> ? WW ?- WI-tKU uu UU. . . . t) 1st do Infantry 21 lSt2> do , do.... 1 9d do do. 7|W Mew VorkCavalry. 1 3d do do 9 11th Alulae Volunteers 1 4th do do 2 7tb do do.... 1 ?th do do 2 >d Penn. Volunteers . 3 7th do do 1 5th do do 1 8th do do 3 5th do Reoerve.... 1 th da do 1 Sth N . Hampablre Vol.10 10th da do. S Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Cameron Dragoons... i Btampfleld'sN Y Vol. 1 Total 106 lit Rhode UlandVol. 1 At Piftk District S*k?l //ran Hospifl, B***ck e/ ffivrai Ho if Mai on B jirsst, Dse 20 3d Michigan Vol 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 lot Kwrelslor Brigade. 1 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 ith Rhode Island .... 1 Ohio Cavalry (unat). 1 *d Vennont Volunteers 1 *2dU. 8. Cavalry 1 19<h Pennsylvania Vol. 1 9th do do 1 MMth do do.. * ? D C. Volunteers II Total 13 At S* EUzab*tk Hotpuai. Efttm Brunch, D* umber 31. 4th Excelaioc Urlgade. 3 i5th Penn Volunteer*. 1 3d do do 157th New York Vol ... l 1st do do..... I<*l?t do do.... 1 53d Penn Volunteers .19 I at Penn Keaerve.... l Wh New York Vol... 2 let New York Artillery l VKh do do.... 1 id do Cavalry. 3 *th Pfnn Voluntee a. I nth do do.... 1 0th Vermont do 7 Michigan !nd't Vol... I* 90U> New York Vol... 1 Exceialoi Art Battai. 7 ?d do do.... 2 Brlckel'a Art. Battai. 3 30th Pern Volunteer*. 3 Career on Rifl-e a 00th do do...... 1 Karrta Light Cavalry . l 8th New Jeraey Vol... 1 ? 0?d Pennsylvania Vol. S Total 70 4iet New York Vol... j JtxM iHMUiWf it lit Herpital for E*?pti?? ZHmcjm, at XaJorflma. Z)?c 90. M I* B. Infsntry 3 9th Penn. Volunteers . 1 th do Cavalry 3 45th do do 1 7th Malao Volunteer*. 0 5M do do 1 M VarsMOtVt hinteen 1 53d do do 1 14th Mm?eh iaetta Vol 1 Slat do do 1 lrtN?wYork Artillery lOirhdo do 5 8d do Cavalry. 8 lot Mlohlgaa Cavalry . 3 fttb do do ... 1 3d do Vol 1 44th New York Vol... 1 7th Wleconaln Vol.... 3 Mth do do,... 8 19th Indiana Vol 4 77 Ih do da.... 1 _ lot " VolunVea/i - 1 T..t?i *' At HotpUnl, Al$xnn4r%m, Dtt 30. 3d M?io? Volnn*eer?. ?r7*to N*w York Vol.. I 4th do do ! ! NewJmey Vol.... i 6th do do...... I 3th do do.... 6 9th Vermont Vol 1? UtbPenn Cavalry ...1? Cmmeroa Rlflt * "**l> do Volant** . 4 Id Fin? Zm*v?? 1 JWi do do 1 1st New York Cavalry 1 Wd do do 12 L4dcoU Cavalry.?... i;UU? do do .... 1 feu >i?.w York Vol.., 7 48*,h do, d> 1 Vfl'h do do.-- l.Mth do FlreZ?u?vta 'i ISth do do....23'8)tt do Voluuteera. * l?th do do ilPBth do do . % Iacb da- 4a_do do 3 ttU do do.... fl^ibd? do. 9 . (yl do dr.^. 5 STtto Indies? Y?f ? S? ? -sk:::ll ft - ?:::::l2 M d* . d*.... UtMnnehuirttiBkt. 1 SI do dA.... ? id Tdo Vol .St d? - % do.... 5 l*US do do..10 M do do.i?) 7 Kb Connecticut Vol ,.!8 4* do.... 1 id Wuootula Vt<l..;.!C d do Joft.. I 41b c 8. Mtewf..,. 3 4'H do do ... X . ? * u do do.... 1 T4dM^ 330 (*)Om?Am? UiOwolotr. 9 * 1 At Indiam Hospital (Pafnt OJfUt), Washington, D. C., Dec. ti. ltKh Indiana Vnl ..(a)41 lltb Maine VolanWra S J7tb do do 4 1st Michigan Cavalrv. 5 lat do Cavalry. 4 lat New York Art..ib) 9 53d Penn Votuntoera. 5 7th do Cavalry 3 l?t Be'dan t*harpa'ra . 4|27tb do Vol.... 1 id do do lj ? 4th Rbod* Idand Vol. l| Total 90 {?) One officer. (&) One officer IT ^ WMhlnainn mtmm nlwr <?An? tr ll I * -?-? ?? i? bllli U th* IV D*fnrtment 27?3t PERHAM'S GRAUD EXCURSION TO NEW YOEK AND BOSTON. EXCURSlOy TICKETS From Baltimore te Boston, and rr? tarn, only S13.30 T >ew York and return 9.00 Tiek*U rood to leave Bealtirrore from th? I)ep< t of the Northern Or nt ft! R?i?iy,nn CalTMtitreet, p^isir; over the V rtn??rn Central Railway. Lebanon Vft.W, Ka?t Pennsylvama, L'bif h Va ley,a id actrv Railroad or New Jirnei to New Yoi k,aDd from New Yo k o Bottt n l~y the tftoniugtor Line, Kavmg New York bj the Httamers Commonwealth an<1 Pijroonth R?xjk, ml 4 o'o.ock p. m.,on mvj d*y, (Sundays exPOfpted.) L'F TO JANUARY 31.1&3, ATff TO UTC1M BT SAX* KOCTR ON OR BEOR E MARCH 1ST. [ ^Tickets for sale i? Washington. I) C.,a: the Nat>-inai Hole'; i Bftitmore,at th? P^pot of 'he Northern Ceatial Ra;l*a?,Cviverf street, at Barnuni'n ilote , Ku'aw H?ase, an 1 bilmor House. Two through Trams daily from Bait more to New York, leaving Baltimore at 8..5 a. in. and 8.3) p.m. T" oonreot with tln'se trains, passenger* rrom Washington must leate in the 6 a m. and 5 p. m tiaius. ICT All oniriMiniiioatmna tn reran! to the Fxour?ion must b* aiidresfrd to JUS1AH PKRHAM, Nati>>>al Botel. Washington. D C-,hie headqu?rteia. He wi'l ?!?o he repreasuted by his ??? '? at HarnunTs H?>tei. Haltim<>'?; Lovejoy's Hotel.New York, and the Adarns Heuse, Boston, his head qunners in mom chips. aeaniw" PniVATE. r? n i v a t e PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Caret all Venerial Diseases permanently and uickly, without the use of di?*iuting or prisonous drug* of ant kind. No dieting or inte;f?srenoe with business. Consultations fr-e. It 13 sayini: quit* enough m it* favor, when I s\y that iT>T prs.ct<e<> is tn%t whioh is ia use in all the New York city hospitals. v? * l /l.4_ t< _ ? - ? ? ?*_? ?? iipw i or* i^nj VyoaeKe a:.a nospuai i osnmocia'i furnished. Ladies wrh Whiles and Di upaseso I the Womb eurad t.nd saved & coiirnmptive'a grave by nij treatment. Th?>re ia rothi^e of ensue or disagrttablt in any pari of tt? treatment. All eyres warranted, or money refii' ded. Commnrit-Atior* iu writ kg, wita reiurn stamp, promptly atteuded to. JVI 'icin?,F for t av. l?n others packed, w th fail i!j?'rn??t'on? for mp-- ^.nd warrantee. ('SiM?Kco .r,<; v itu.ldirf, P'r.n. avfii'u e.m: Sev#..th #t., Washixiton, D. C. dj^-l-iy Q E N E R A L Q II P E R. N/.vt Dewnbar S1,1X1. TsrNivr Otpaiix<vt r>as a r? n>iesvrns for hmn". " **? ???? - ? u ? r-- ' 1 .rr >" "= ? ??* "wirxiiK : Kortarnoalh. Nfw Hamp?nir? Boston h' <1 New Bedford, iMasHaohneetta. N->w York ?*' * and ''rie, l'en:;?y'.vaaia. . ir ;r?*. ?-r*l*r.d; ar l ??h inti.ii, iMp'nct of ColiimV & Jrticwi. o'liioarj ?e*tn<n and i ?n?i*m?n who car. pa* - t-e 08(1*1 tur*?or'a examination. br v esoatluf 'ft t ie ">i resrert tiieir r?aMei o^, with an.otlii tal ee. :: fioatfl fr *n th" ?uty rr.??n ol rk e.?<.i'f irg tuit they ara r^idrnta anl have **rr % drsiro ?o 'pave to er.ter the L4v?, wi!: l>e reaved on trie ' o loving trra.t: l?t. A., allowance o! tfirajceiitoamiiefort.ave line ?-xpec;o3. 2'. Anadaanoe r{ fr-months to fe?T?n ac3 ordinary aeamen, ai:d oT uto ni< ntha to .a^lnm-n.. 31. Permit* on to ieave an allotment of hai-pay to their faint.les. t > otmiueuce tCe data of Uieir enliatmeDt ?.h To go od board ahip in their ordinary olothea, where at outfit will be furttahed and charged aa liai. beinc the pretest pnoea, vis: On* pea jacket...... .-....$11 "0 One pair b u?o;otfc row6*>ri.__._ 3 39 One blue flannel ovetaiirt 160 Two nnder flannel ahirta ... 2 32 Two paire woollen drawa..... s tfl <?n j mattre?a. 4 90 Two blanket*. Oce aeamleia o&b . '*" On* Liack Bilk nauJkerctne/ i on a: 57 The pa; of petty ot&sara .waiagee #*) to 925 per ?\t of MtinM eIB pvt p ?at I IV) orciLary Mantei..... 14 do. Do. land tmen.12 do. And food fooQu* No laadimen will tx> to lA'iu the boLefit of ti i rc<u:a'.>ou who n&a not L*?nfour ii?atti? at sea m or. taa lake* or riv?r?. 01DKON WKLLHH, da 24 eo6t 8 eretary of tha Navy. 5(?2 SBVBNTd STREET. 5(>2 AK.M Y UFFMJERj* A \ I) CONTRACTORS TAKE AOT1CS. Ja?t arrive<i ftiO Wirni >w*<?f S*ah, of all else*, won ?? *, 3, 4. 6, 6 7,8, tt, 10 ar.d 12 llftit a%th,jutt the thing for i^rTftoka, * (! f >r s-*le oheap l>y H. W. HAMILTON. A-en* for Northern Manufacturer*, A'o. 3fW Tth it., rpfo. Cent r Mark t a* / i* tKt r>ar <JM er'l Liquor and Cigar alert. delfi s?2#* L Towxas J. M. TowiBa. J. U. Tuwui. L. TOWKK8 <k CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, CotH't Louisiana and Sixth St. Tii* %t'antim of th* bu tneaa oommunity ia r?apecttuily lavi ??1 to th* New Bonk ati Job Punt idk hetabliahment, which haa been fitted up with new material, n the mom oompiete it&nner. ia now prepare*! to rxeeota. in a aatiafvctory atyle, every variety of Prttunf, vix: Buofca. 8?e?4>fiea. Pamphleta, Carda, Ciroulara, Sut'era' Blanks, fto ,4c. Tha attention of inemt>era of Coogreaa ia eap?cia. y requ*at?d for our faoilitiea for printing ^peechaa, aawa hartthe largest a team power iu 1 thft ?it?. J us i iawoni Tmm BIS IS TO GIVK. NOTICE. That the suotcnber nath obtamtd Irom 'he Orphans' Courtof YVas>un<non County, in the District of Columbia, letter* tesairteuiary <>d t?e personam ee tate < f ,-*amue. Raiuey, ;ateo( Washington oounty, a oresv'l decease I. All persons havmr claims AfM.-st tne said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the s*?e. with the ou'"h'rs thereof, to the enbsoriber, on or before the twenty sixth dar of November next; they may otherwise by law oe excluded fro?n a;l l>en?sf?t of the said estate. Gi*en under my hand lius t went? sixth day of Nore- her. 19bl. LUCY U. RAlNBY. i<e is i*W3w f xecutriT. -yHi- Irt TO GIVE NOTiCK. That thssabsori, * l>?r hith obtai.ed from the Orphans' Oo.i.t of Washington cou:it?. :n the Irwtr.ct of Cul'imbia. !*tter? testamentary o?i tl.e persona' "state of John Hhrere. lat^ of VVitmnitt n oritnty afor?aa i, iead. All persons haricj: ciatrae atain-t the sa d deceased are hsnSy warned to exhibit the m'. With the vnniiiisn t" ? , - ?. ? , vui, n/ ?nu O _4 ;?OII her, oik or t*f"r6 ?.!? ??-.e;>th day of De<jeinb?*r tiMt; they ;<iay other* isu by law l,a excluded from % bcnef t of the ?Md e?tar* . Given under my hen ! this venth dav of Dwm* ber.iKi. MARY ELIZABETH SHREVK. 'Ie9l\w3w* Executrix. CLOAKS! CLOAKS!!* CLOAKS!!! W e have at !a?t rece. ved 'he >a n? aseortm*ut of beautiful sty> Soe.e ?*i?>ake. :n Beaver, Treoo and F rench Clot. * LaJi^s wtl p ea-e call early. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, de li-pft Nq. 42 Center Market Sp?oe. Heavy wool hose, shirts and 1JH.AWERS. *rd ARM V SHIRTS, at *?4 Pa avenue, back rooms or 335 1) street, between *th and iftth dr 4 tf pENSlON OFFHJK^Xraa 4th, INI. TO ALL WHOXrf MAY COXCERy. Application bay.nf beet! ma.e under tue aot of 23d 1K>), for tiie reissue of tne I.ani Warrant? aeeoribed bereip.wuioh a'C alleged to have been loet or deetrovoa, nntio* is hereby iriv?n, ti.at at the date foli<"*!r? ?;?? l&jriptioa if each war I rant, a new Certificate, of ;! ( t?ao?. will be l* [ sued, if no valid objdutioa wia>l then appear No. for iMuaM.ivu 'd under hf^ytrf Manhv <8SA? in Iks riw of Hinnih. widow ui jnwa v> nion, ?ni cr&a.tad ovj Civ iflith day of ? #6raar?. IW7 - Deoeraher $n, I8f>l No. S4rV??, for IM lotC', under the act of Mnroh. 185fl. in t?ie unit of Martha, widow of Andrew M? lot. and gr%rud on the l&Ui4*j ui Ap.ii, t?, 1461 No. Uv t r a^re?, i?*ned under the act of Maroh. '^64, in tke name of Hamuli K J nek ?ay ?n t granfa on t^e 1*' d%y a' Auga t.185$ No. 3 1 4, tor lflu aoree, i???iert rude' the net of. Maroa, lift*, in the r?"?? of W i.liam H Tarrvioe, ?nd gra.itea on laelstfe day of Ja!y,l45fi- Utvmm 1*1. No. 14 M6. for M aires, ia*ne4 noder th* rot of deat?mher UO in the tune of Levi Tread well, tnd granted Sop .mtw; 29:h. 1351. No SI 0S,?o ?/iree. HiUCaUat.r IS Uie uiwor Ab*i Piatt*. aad ciaa.ad ?<fuve,uT?r 4tth. 1W -Dwmi?r SS. Ut< No 72 3#* for ! > torea, ii?n?l nnder the Sot of Maroh. MM. intha oime ol Thorau Johnson and granted on U>? tU> da; of feptaiuDor, MT?Janj t I o.ert, for so aero*, tuaad nnd?r tba aot of Mar oh, A\ in tho nam# of J?olW. widow oflahn Catit, and rraor?d on tha sad day of IM6 ?Januar* 4.1MB. N'*. 25t CR, for 18 > aoraa.iaii'i' ?rd?r th? a?t o( lii6&,?u U<*?jwn? of *<>. ?*, *! w%* cr* t d out!jal*? >IT> or 1Way, US? ? Jarnirj l|, * - 'VWM J. P. BARTHOLOW, WSOLMAL* AftD KIT AIL DIALS* III art ware 4 ifrlcnltnral lapltBeili, 553 8avi!TTH ?Tt?*T, B'lov Pa. at*c?iM?, (opf-o. Eait cud Cenirt Mark#,) Washington. d. c. My itook embryo** many artio ex for A,rmr purposes ; among which are the following Canal Bnrrows, i 6U>?e, Wheel Barrows, {"Axes, Tri cks?heavy and light, Pi6k?, l^rSml jtilnaa I .lalrtkatv | | uu viivri * a <?? v; a'v * Grindstone Fixtures, ^awa, Arv la. P ck Handles, Blackem th T->o1b, *x Hand en. t'ortahe Forges, Mattau or stable brooms, Camp 8*toves, Forks Letter Prearea, "*hoi#!e, Powder and Burglar Spades, Proof Wroaght iron Lot Chanr. Boxes, Halter Chains, Pre and Burglar Proof S'-b Chains. Safes. Trace Chains, Horse Powers, swing etreea. Portable Ovua, Haines, Horse Bncaeta, Carry Combe, \V*ter Buckets. Ca'do. Mesanree, Hand Carts, fcwbl- Lanterns, Fairbanks' Scalea? Har. Cut Nana, Pla'form.and Counter, Wrought Natla. Rutchers sca'e?. Horae-ahoe Nails. Butcher Knivea, Wrenches, Hoo? Loon. wBF?n jatia, Tirap iron, so , so.. Ox Yokea, Port*b'eMili?forOriudI.arge Plows, *o , <Vo., ina Horae Peed, Hat ?ud Staw Cu.tau, Machinery "fa'! kioda. Com g*he!ler?, ?, de 13 eo>w SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER a*D NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. Tiie above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Breiud from the CHOICEST BARLEV MALT aift HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have uaed them. Purohaaera are requested to rail and examine our auperior stook, assured that they wil! hnd the BEST and PUREST artiolaa. We hars at all times a lar?? atook r?ady for dolivery, in wbHe, hal' and quarter caska, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and F AMILY UBK. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE rr l- d vr a I x n itoi SMITH A BROTHER. Brewera, No. 13* A 160 West 13th at. New York City. Orders by Mai or Expresa promptly executed. ce 9~6m fcj bridal gifts. Silver skrvices. silver urns. silver tureens SILVER uywi^s, 511, v h It UIBUIS!*, fll-VKR SPOONS and FOHKS, SILVER PlTCHMtS, WAITERS, halt cET.larh, With a grfar cmle tion of small r crticltt. tu:ta b e for Bridal liiftt The*" goods are all of our own manufacture. of the moat elegant workmanship an J & iah, and ?e do not believe. for variety *n<i quantity, are anr- ) pasted t>y any other collection in the oountry. SPKRUNES "I4 MO y D JEWELKY, VINE WATCHES. 4-r., fr. For aala by SAM'L KIKK ft SONS. 179 Baltimore at., Baltimore. Md. Eatahl abed mi. de 14-I2t* 5Q2 ELEVENTH STKEET. 5Q2 E. FISHER y BROTHERS. FRENCH STEAM SCOUHERS. BALTiHORS, Md. T'~e or. y piaos Li,is sids i.f N?w Y^tx, wnern ?ou eaa gft a Mil !>>*? , jM'.orln* th? lii'trg cau< . tr new. u ot-s. uelainea. an I a!! knu:a of Ladle* t?-ee."?? o'"s,''rsl with Jul t&keit I apa.r. 'rape a~d cthf* J*ha*r *. 'labie rovwu. and Uent'-mrn's C.<?> " ;*, 'ifMr d in tn? b?st mam -r. Lrav.iit MutJia'Ar'f n tho oiolii to 1. jure it or m^Ke >t more r-aHilj to soil. N. jl. <i<vKix wjiI bo sect to PVUrn< ;e tv'ioo a woe>k, and return w.th hk? promptnr?s?. onii r* WM. 1'. tt.ii-.UJ), \%ez\ I Philadelphia provision storf,, 119 PK3SSYI.VAJIIA AVEHIJ, i)4tw* l'jlfc nnd }<HK fit The under un?*d, ravine located himseif as abnv*. take? this method or i..fjnn.u* the oitn^ne I oi the F:rat '.Vara that h* rasop?a-4 afirst-ruaaa | ProiriFion f?torer conducted umi.ar to those for I trhluh f ;uladt-lph:a i? famoos Here can be f.>uu'' at vi 'irr.r-e a iarce and fr^?h MMlf of POIJl.TKV, O AM K, .KEF, MUTI'O.V Ao. i RL'I IS and VfctiETAHLKSin aea son. Particular att?nt on is called to h:s stock acd pnoea ?>f HUTTKR, CHRF^K.to, Pnilade phia Print Butter. Goahenand Western Reserve. Being determined to give tbe striotMt attention to tbe wants of hi a onatomera, and to keep every artiole rn bia line of the best ?ua:ftr, and sell at the lowest market prioea. be booes to merit a. of pnblio patronage. Famiiiea wiif be waited upon duly for orders, if required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. GoTernnMH ILoan Agency, Ovr.cs or LEWIS JOHNSON * COBANKERS. CoK.fik or Pa. Aviici and Truth St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having been appointed a r*ut soriptioii Ac?nt !<>r the National t VT* J>1 tL* act of CorirM* of *.7th July, 1861, we ar# prepared :o fumi?b, to pwtiM desirous of u.Akin( inraatiuent, any amount oi 73 Id Treasury Mule*, of convenient sixee. no ? tl lewis JOHNSQN A CO. A* MILITARY HOOTS, 91 At Wholbhali, nsl fW At Manufacture' Prieu. fW-l Mb No. IB Market space, Pet.n. ? .,* beteMi. 8th and 9th ?t?. J RO*ENTHAL. Ladles'. Misses' aod Children's B mti and :-m>es of every description. lowf r than *ver. ri? 13 eo Dr. dwponts sugar-coated feMALF REGULATING FILLS K*au ma ;oi.owing aaiu.icutd enooim unit s mff "1 cannot commend 'hem too highly." W r* "They are the bett 1-ev.ale Pilia extant." "I have use*) tnem with oomp e e modern." "Would not bo without thein npocany oonaider- I ati'?:." "They operate a&eediIt and effectively." Prioe %i Sent Dyma.li Sold b? 8 C. UPHAM, 310 Ch??DU' street. Ph ladelphra,and in Washington by 8. C. FORI), oorner 11th atreet and Pa. arenas no ? e^lt nR.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE W4L.L CURE GuNORHfi(K\ in nx dart. Ko change of diet required It ia a a liah Specific of aixtr-five yea a atan< ingHHMU. and wi;l not harm the raoatdelioate oonnutation It oontai a no mintra's. Prioe |i, Sold by 8. C. UPHAM. 310 l.haannt atr?at Philadelphia, 4di) in Waahingtou br 8. C. PORDj pornwr 11th street and Pa a-? wo 26 *o!t JTEAS?TEA'*?TEA8! U8T Reoeiven a prime lot new I mi. Por sale low at BROWNING A KKATING'B, de4 Itawtf 3a3 Pa.avenge, near ?th ?t. JU8T HECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY superior OLD CAh|NRt BR ANDY, at BROW NING A KEATlNG't*. de ? 'ttawtf 3S3 Ha ave^ne, near 6th !. fATAWbA GRAPE8! I Catawba grapes?! Freeh Catawba Graprg in exoel.ent order and dehoioue lu flavor. Try them. KING A BURCHRLL. de 11 oorner l&th ?t, and Vermont a?EJOB PRINTING. VERY Deacnption of JOB PRINTING rotu>r?d by any txxW?oitsena. oiril fmpLoaarie*, | arni?_j?d_L*vj omowe, sutlers, Ao.?executed at Uiesi AK <>FMC.E,iu ?&Usfaotory style, at low | | **( ? for ruh. '?4 tf THE SUBSCRIBERS be? leare to inform then patroLa aiid the publio generally of be- _ ins amply suppled with a superior sUok of*"#? FALLrand WINTER GOODS. Wk Thflr also reppectful'y icrlle attention of WW their Amy and Navy outstorners, and the*#"-m r^airici outfits in that lice, to their vupenor ?iuU itH>t <>f Swords, Lpaaleis. Shoulder Strap* Belts, CLa?**us. Hats, Caps Sashes, t*nd Gold oonntantiy oo hand, whioh are warranted as repre sected, w hi'st tnrdering thanks for the liberal patronage etjoyed.thwy will endeavor to merit aocntinuarcoe. F. J. HEIBERGER k. CO, (Suooesscrs to H. F. London 4 Co J OfTIZEN, MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 363 Pennsylvania A venae. op 16 eoSm |.urufti&xix TO MILITARY WEN! Army r9(ul*tioa flats, MoCleil&n Fatigue Cap*, Chaa?eurs ae Par? Staff Caps mue to order, with appropriate device*. B. H. STlNFMErZ, 236 Pv avenue. aeir oornei Wth it, Bet-ween Wiliard?' ana Kirkwooda' H'tve fTT A <ei cv ("t G;tt;n"s Cork Cap H&velwek, M?Uly reoomweade<l for the nee of our rank and fi'e by Lieut Sen. Wlnfield *oott. de il-lm ONE NICE POBEVVOOD CHICKKHINQ PlA$iO for ?7S. - ? . One 1 ooU?*> four round corner IlaiietKBCl A l>av s f iano f >r J*5>) . M11T1 For otie upon easy term? at the Mime Hture of \v. g.mrtzkrott Bole Ageac- tor t?t?*<neraT aid iJvn'a aaJ Haven, Bacoq A Co.'a Piapfra. <ie IS , COLLIN? * OO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAV9MT ALB. We hare ju?t received.* budc!? of the above Ale, w-hicfa we reoonunend to he of a rery saperlor quality. Person* wifhmf tn pnreb&ae. by mating un mediate application, oau be formatted. ARN\ A. SHINN. no 7 Georgetown. W20I.UIK.R9 NKKDING DRY GOODS for the "iolk" at home"*rj eo"ioi?ed to aspect our vast atnek, now oonp'ete in all deparmc ta. One k j- only, tue aotnai oaah ataadard valu*. marked in plain ncnrea. An examination of atook loeara so obligation to ra IparoaU o&refiiUy aaoked, for exprees or other I eonveyatoe, tree of oharga _ PERRY ft BRO . ran.? ran* ftnd Ninth it.. U 14-KH ' Perry BtMldipi."

i^mrMgrksasri Hom. Ofryst tifto, 4e>. wtuoft w? ftr? amr M.Unf 0 / >- ^ J _ m?? GAS FITTINO, kc. A W? f. DOTE * CO, . fir mora on VU atreet,a frr doora north ef Pv ayenae. w tie re mar be fosnd a oomi ?te aasortmaal ef CH AN DEL !K*S and other A, BTRAM and WATER FIXTURES. Ia?T-1? W ? A 8 FIXTURES. " E Hara id atore. ana are dai.y receiving, 918 F1 JTORES of entire!? New Pattern* and Deai:ca and F.mah. anterior in ayie to.anythint heretofore 3*i <d in thia market. We invitecitiaena cenera. It to aali and examine oir a took o! Gaa ana Water Fix irea, feeiiiif oonftdent that we hare the beat eeieoted a toot in Waahinaton. Ail Work in the above Tine mtrnrted to Mr eare ViU be promptly attested to. MYERS * Mo# HA It. arl-tt 3 7 IDrtreet. DENTISTRY. J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLA8T1 BONE TEETH, , Witbovt Mxtal Plati on CLxare. DR. 8. R 8I6ESMOND, 910 Broad*mt, Sett York?2BO Pen*sy!ramim A? ?niM, bitnten !2tA and 19(4 itl, WatkfUten, Caiia the attention of the public to the iollowinf advactac*a of hi* improved ejstem: i. iud leeia 01 ni* maauiaoiure vii HM never oorode nor ohiuije oolor by iny^*' "* Midi, being three fourths lighter than any other. S. N9 teelh or root* need bo extracted, as the arti6eial ones can be inserted over them. 3 The roots will be made inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temporarv teeth areneeded,as permanent ones can be made immediatmy, thereby preserving the natural expression of ?e faoe. whioh under the oid syqtem is frequently disfigured. 4. This work has been fully tested over five years by many of the first ohemista and physioians of taia oountry. Dr. 9. has also invented a white undestruotive metal filling, with whioh the most sensitive teeth ran be filled without pain, and oan build up a P*r~ ieot, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. The best of referenoesgiven? to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremu*. Professor of Chemistry, N. Hon, Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m PAS8KN0ER TRAINS TO AND FROM IIALT'MORE. WUfTBK SCHEDULE. On and after Monday, December 9, mi. Paabetween WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run as follows: _ trains moving north. Morning Kxpre*? leave W ashlngton 6 00a. u. Arrive at Baltimore 740 a. m.; Philadelphia 12J0 p. New York p. m.; Harrishrrg l.U r, m. Morning Accommodation leave Washington 740 a.M. Arrive at Baltimore!JO a. . No oonneotions at Baltimore. New York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. k.; arrive at Baltimore 1140 p. m.; Philadelphia f.ZT p. m.; Ner York 10 p. v. Aiterccon Aooommodation?leave Washington S.05 r.M. Arrive at Baltimore 4? p. Philadelphia lC.oti p. H. Evening Express?leave Washington f p. m. Arrive at Baltimore M5 p. Philadelphia 10.58 p. m.; New York 4 a. m.: H \rrishurg l a. m. On SnnCays at S 0* and 5 r y.only. The 5 P. M. train from Washington connects through to New York every Jay during the week. ' th unb mor/iVO sq dth. Leave New \ <.rk at 7 *. ??.; Philadelphia 11J0 a. Baltimore 4 00 p * Arrive at Washington *43 r. m. I S _ tkl ? t* I- - ? _ __ T?- 1_ J __ how i or* iic r m.; t~: iiaaeif aia iu.60 p. ' u.; lialtunore 4 30 a. k. Arrive at Waeainitoa i3<> JL K i i Leave N?* York at 1' p. *.; Fhlaielphut Ijn i t *i ; Baltimore 7 %' > a. m. Arrive as WMiii&gton I 9.9(5 A. X. Aeoorr.mrxj&tior. Traina leave Baltimore at 9 : * M., and i f>m , for Waihmcton, arrive taare it I 11 a. M. and 7 p. m. I On rtumlar* at 4 T and 7.S5 4. m only. Passenger Trains leaving vVae lingson at7.40 a. M. tad 3.0* p.m.. and Baltimore at 7.3* a. * and 4.' 0 iv at , mako direct ococeotious for AiuJtpolis at tbe J n notion. Trail* '^veAnnajoiis for Baltimore and Washington at 6.50 a. M. and 2 40 p. w ; aeeeuKer Trams leavin* wasiingtca at S.00 a. m.IIa m.. a- <1 5 ?. x? and Da ti more at 4.9) and 7.S6 a. M , ai.<i 3-S' p. M . wil stop only at Annapoiu Junction and Washington (Ke/ay) Junction War P*s?fngers muit tak" th* Accommodation . Trams only Tr&n. wil! iea*? Washington and Baltimore ' promptly upon card time. W. P. SMITH. ri* 17 Master of Transportation. BaJt. ' ^WVEHMttKNT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINK NEW V r? R K ASHINGTON via HAMJU8MUHUH. A 8?mi&1 MeeeeegWWlM be sent throojh with eaoh Train, m order ho aau e eafety and du patch. i ALL RAIL, WITHOUT*CHANGE OF CARS. i on and after MONDAY. Nov. lftth, thia Company will reoeive and transport Munition* of War, overnroeot Stores, Sullen' ruoptiex for thp A rmr and al] Miioeiifineoas Fre.ght, at Low Rate*. WITHOUT IKKit UV BCIJl. Sr*e?ai Contracti Jot (toilt, tn Largt OuantUUt, . WW ?1 1 .?ii* *M I I ^lET Flight received only at the Depot of the C-i trw Railroad ot New jereey, f?i,r No S, NorUi River. For further lnforinat.on, or apeotal oontraote,' i enauir" a' the Q&tt of ik' C*mpmv. 49 Broadway, pf. 7, Or 44? Pinnsyleamu avi., W<un*?tt<m City. IMark Rood*, "Oerf-rnmeut Dnpatoh."-/"Tl Freight reoeived firom 8 a. m. to 3 p m. A. I) HOPK, mi III* Hope Expree* Co.. no2&-1m Superintendent. | NOT{CB. fill Mm omnr jnnn c***1 'ADAMS' KXPRKSS I'OMPAHf " This Company offer* to Ute jubiio M Unequalled i Advantage*" for the Sale ani Quiok iMspatch of Heavy Freight* Packages, Valuable#, Money, Ao. | Ac., to all part* of the United State*. Kxpresses to and from the North and We*t dapart from and arnve vu Washington tvioe dally. All Expretses are t? oharge of txp^runctd mnd rthat It Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers earned at Mon> Half" oar usual rate*. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate State*" and all Artioie* * Contraband of War" wili be , RxrvsiD. On' Expre***s leave New York at 1.ft, and P. I M.^arriving in WaaJuaftoa at SA. M. and A30 Kxpretses leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M- and I 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at ft V P. M, and 8 A. Aft. Expresses leave Baltimore at 120 A. M. and I P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. andftS) P. H. ^Expreaee* foraj] points North and West leave I * iMtmiiKwn I.au A IU. &D0 2.30 f. M, dlllf. SpooiaT Contracts for iarire taantiti** of Freight I can da made on aoplioation to thia ? >ffioe. Ml fiood* called for and delivered frn of Eitra Cuargns. E. W, PARSONS, Sop't Adams' Kxpreea Company. WaaLinftop. Aagast 23.1*61. au a-tf i WATCHES. *OLD AND SU,VKR ENGLISH. SWISS AND AMERICAN. I have now on haud a large stock of ail the meet celebrated Watcher, that 1 am selling at the very | lowest price* tnat good and rel'abl* time aeepera I oan t>e aflorded at; and every description of fine JEWELR> "n l-anu.ail new style* received aa soon aa manufactory!, and offered at the lowest rate*. Silver ware marufactored in my own shop. All ktnda of MILITARY GOODS on hand.anoh as Revolvera, Sworda, Hashes. Belts, Bowie Knivea. Pocket Compaaaea. fro., 4o. Alao strong Arm* Trunks and B^d Combined: and many other ttimgf useiui and ornamental at 338 Penns* 1 vama ET*nn>. aoy tf H. A. HtM>D. M. I. rKANEUK, OPTICUS TO THE PRE SEXTAN DHIL944 Pean'i?T.,'iiOith aid*,) bet. lith and ltth ate. SPECTACLES, provided with secniae Rook CM?tiwi or P?ri?onpio Lf.??a. mounted id gold, liTor or at?el, ar.ri tailed with atmovt o?r? tor eve;} k< &n<> #y??uht. FIRST CLASS MILTTLRY FIKLD-&LAB&ES, M%rc?o???M, and Mathematical la trumenta, at the iovMt Eastern prions. OB9ft-tr VVK OFPCt TO MlL.1TARV MEN - 1? auortmantof GRKV aod BCufe FCaNNI&. 8| VKl-BHIRT*. WHITE SHIW^rDjlAWI R&. CA.^P BLANKETS, HALF HOftE. Ac., wmeh v* innte all ?v?h pnrohawrt to exaaiiD* l>efor? n&kinc Uie r aeieotsona. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 349 Pa ai? MveMMuillOUM. ip tl (lEU'inx.nw mxi R. ?nhioan.. WB BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hot* received within tha laat dar or tiro a .%v zx*r?MS'l\*r i80C*^c??EL (N8,nitinnioi in aiTiMof icT-fiuNi Mdiun, iflg to taafitiaa, which we are tfalliac a t wj r J&terfZKKSMRb m B t Intameencer ? ? ??!?*? * ?OlWHft, COLD?yHOA,R6BNE8ft, te. ] compound a{*uf OFUVM AfiABin. Thu flMMtnt and popvlkr Oongh R*mM> baa bMn *o lonj fcoown fcad t>xten?ir?!j used tkatmovt rtona hrr* Uwj-i.* familiar vitb 1U axtraordi; % gfeiyia Rk .mr 1 Boa. johhstom, iltimobi LOCK HOiriTIL, Urns MtmmtrU tkt tuif Ciritto, shi* mmd ?M|r Efttmal Krmtdf m tkt wtrii, pok all diseases of imptvdknok. LET NO FALSE DELICACY rRETMNT. affly immedumly. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN most ONE TO TWO DATS. Wnkiniif a* Back, incur**. AlttlMuW Ik* KM aa j* ?nd Bkadda? .^nivon Dmcmiiw, Ic^mki, flu r*l Dabiltty, Vatveaaiiaaa, d^otm, Uum, Cwif??? af Irfaia, Law Jfir.j, -:pit*ui?, af tha Inn, TuwOn*. Yramblinfa, Pimm a* Btf ?i er Giddinaaa, D*mm af aad, Throat, Noaa ar Skut, Af aeuaoa af tha Leaf*. IW u ar 8???!i?ihiM TimWi Diaordara irttuif rrta u|UT Kabila af Toa;b?thaaa I>r?*dr?, u,d D?PittUcm which rwdirlltnttfa impoMiM*, aad daatraj Mt Mr ud Mud. YOUNO MEN EapasUily wba bin b a com a tha nciin < Milan th*t driadfai ad daatracti'a habtt which auaaall* awaapa la an anumal) pt'i thooaacda ai Yotu g Mao af tha MM ukid ulanta icd brilliant intallact, wba mtfbt atbarwiaa K?i antra*cad katananf Sat>ataa with tha thaadara af alaqaaaci ar wait ad ta acaiacy tha li?in* Irra, mi aaU with rali cacldaaca. MARRIAGE. Maksieo PUiOXi.arTMBf Mas aaatanptatiof Rurlaja, batng a war* of pbyaioal waakaaaa, arfanl* (ability, dafonnitdaa. *c, apaadil* cwad. a wha placaa huaaatr aodar tha lui af Dt. i. mkj ralirVaaala eonlda la hia bonne aa a padanu ud wldaafly raly a pan hia akill aa a pfcyatciu. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand atda jratof fran Baitiaara atraat- a law daara (Ml tha eoroar. Fall tat to abaarra uaaa ud aaabat. Lawn ad kd rva IA anH ranfair, a ada mii DR. JOHNSTON, Marakar *f th* Korai CotUf* of turMti, Into, rrUtIU (tw ml rf tba nod imutr.' CNli[ii ta dM ViHtl luui. UMl th* (iwui pan of wboaa lift ku k4H ifMl IB tba Matalo of Locidoc, Pint, Fhiladaiptua and ttonlnw, baa iiimH Mnl of th* moat a*tont*hio{ uraa that vara Tar known; uu; irooMtd vitL nofuif la tba haaf taf aara whn aalaap; pm: narroaacaaa, beta* ilara?4 at aaddan aoaafa, baahfaln*** wtih fraqaant blaacioj, au*?d*d aamaumaa witb daru(anui of aaind, vara car*d laatflalalf. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf 91 an ud oU ara who ba?a io)arad tbamoalvaa by aartaki praciica indvlf ad is wbao alooa?a babtt fraqaaatly I tarn a d from ail rotnpanioua, or at aeboct, lb* a fa eta *f wbica ara ntjbtly fait a?ati vbao aalaap, aad If not ear**, raodara aarnafa lmpoaaibla, aud daatroya botli mud and body, aboald apply iromadiataly. Tbaaa ara aotna of tba aad aad malaacboiy (ffaou prodacad by aarty babtt* of yowtb, *ta 1 Waabtiaaa of tba Back aad r * 6.1 .t. fa.. J IV ' ? a . a - muuui, i ?iii? in uit nnu, inmona OV DlfHt UOM m JIBIBiU Powar, Palpttauoc of tua Hurt, Dyapapay, Hmw irmafcility, Daranfimtnt of ih? Difaatiaa t'ucum, QacaraJ Dahilily, Bymptoma of Cocimmptioo, 4c. M l*Tallt ?1T1i? fearful ilicu on tba mind ui m*ck u ka draadad?Looa of Minor;, CosfaaM tf Idtu, DtutMM f Spirtu, Knl PorabodiD(V Aranm of Bocioty, Rtlf-DloUMt, Lort of Soiiuria, Timidity, art moi of Iba k*lta ftkdackd. Niitoi'i Diiilii r-Dwuuii ui d(? |idfi *b*t i* U>? UHl of thair daelicinf health, looinf tfcoir rifor, ko?cmlog weak, pale, Darvona and iiucutio, ha*t?f a >p(i<>ru?? ako?t the ey #, cocffa or eymptaao of huu^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin the mionided ud Imcradeot votary of pleaamre Ml ke hao irntkbtd the >aedo of Una patnfml diaaaaa, It too efleo happoaa cfcat an 111-timed oiiki of iebame or droad of diacof try detere him from aDDlTin* to ihoaa aha. Iroa tiiuiw ??1 mpaetabiiuy, Cu aloni bafriand bun. Hi (ail* una lb a kuiili of i(nonu pnundin, *k?, iuiptMi I cinnr, fllcb hi* pecuniary eabatanc*. k(*D bin tnlwf mi lb attar mooth, or u loof toe eiaalleet ft* ui b* aktarned, u>4 in deapair 1?*t? him wltb raised baalta w aifb T?r OK jrailiDf diaappointroanl; or by Oil aaa a/ ibal deadly ptiw-Rercary?haatan ibe c?i i'.itauofiaj eynptaae af tbia terribie diaeaae, neb u AficUtri af the Hair.TSmt, ad, kin, Ac., profreeair. f with frtfbtfai rapidity, till death paia a in*d t? bM dreadfaf Mfincfi by r.du.f bin: <Jb*i analM?**r<d c^ni.vr* frarr. vtm kMfnt a* tra?elet minn. DR. JOHNSOPTS REMEDY FOR OKQANIC WEAEXESS AND lMPOTESC? y lb Li |re*t Led u&part&M rec:edy vulr.iH ef the irfui are epeediiy cared uic fali rigtr reaured. Tmiiu(i #7 lb* mi nefreae tad debilttr.iad, vba bad iaet all bapa, be*e beee traineiUtely relieved. Ail impeaii/ ?:.u is M*rrtaf(, PbyaiaaJ ar Mental DiagaalIftaua.ii, kail ef free .-eeti*# rew e?, Xir*??a Irritability. Viamfcli, m ?-:? ? - - V ... .. T. ' * ? - ? wm *kUBn ?. WM S iSVll Il&mJ kJtd iftidJiy e?r?4. EXDOKSKXF.NT OF 7HE PRESS. T*J Mart T?or?A5Dl '.ara4 at Una laautiuao vitfcla ika laat T?ara, t..<J u-a nsitarama irapaftft "ft*' Ml p?r*u?r? frhrinia kr Dr. J*hr-atan, vtuiawad if th* W tja pepara aod m&cy MJbar Hnm, uiucii ( vaick fcata t^ond u?d oa'ara ika paklic, k?aMa? k't auuidinf u a ff ilamac a? cbara'tar u4 miiadklMtf, la * arflaiact farrax. ;< la tba aflictad. nu l?-t 7 TRIE0BMAR. Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and iecured by the Stals / the Ecoie de Phar~ marie de, Paris, end the imperial College ?f Aledtcint, Yunna. 1 K1KSKMAR No. 1 ia th? eff<vjtoRi p-nwly for Bklax&jion* PrttMATOftKtKBA itcd kxH?U?T105 OB THK SldTkM. m n i ?-4-?i ? a* ? *' i mr.rr.niAK i>o. x, Completely and entirely ?-rad.oatea all trtcnof those duoTdera, f-,r wh:oh Copaiva and Cnbcbe have genera ly been thcnght an antidote, to the ruin c? ike hsalth of a vast portion < f the popniaTRIEHEMAR No 3. la the great acd ?cr? rerow y of the ctnlised world for ail impuntiee ol the ayatem, aa veil aa leoondary symptoms obviating the destniotiva see of Meroury, a? well aa othe< d?let<?rioas ingredient#, and which ail the Sarsapanlla in the world oannot rem ve Teimii*. f Not 1.3 and S are alike davoid of taste or ameu acd of all nauseating qualities. They are in tt>e form of a luaecge, ana may lie on the toilet table without their aee being soapeoted. bold in tin oaaea at $3 eaoh, or four |! eaaee in one for #9, anil in 9-i oaa?a, thna saving #9. aa admir.i*t?red by Vajpeaa. Lallemand, Roaz. *?., #0. Whoeaale and retail hy 1>R. H. A. BAKKilW, 104 Bieecker street, (4 doors from MaoOou&al atreei). New York. Immedia'eiy on r* >eiBt of remitraroe, iir. B^aow will forward Trf-semar t > any ?art of The world. eea?rafy packed,and addressed aooordlng to the instrootiona of ttie w iter. Publun- <1 by 1)R "AHROW, that popa^ar and b autifu'lr 1 unrated medical wo'k, tinman Ira.ty Pnoei6oents Tilsieiar ad b<wk >ai be obtal' ed 1 y special antiontj from 8. C. FORI), Washington. U. C- de U-Sin mb* m. r a n n I n v CXLKBHATZD Worcester* hire Sauce. PronounMd by * E EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS El of a Latter from to be tfaa II Mtdiemi Omtimmmm "ONLY GOOD ^8V 1 To Hu Brotkm 8AUCE." tf WoroMt6r and applioab.a to ? r*l EVERY" tggg ARIETY mTo?iiion^U.l5^5 ? ? fj? pa.ats Ma, u vail u UF DISH. Mbggas'sjyaap The above SAUCE u ant only the bust aud moat fofulajl corsimbnt known, bat tha aoat Fco+owiical, aa a lew dropa is Soup, Qrary. or with Mi*, hot and oold Jotnts, B*tf Sttak, (ram*, #c.. impart u s?qui*iie *eai, wnich Hnprtntipleel Sauee maalikotnrera have (n vain endeavored to iwrian. On the Brtakfmst, LtnuA?on. or Swni TnU*, a cruet ooutammg M LEA tc PKRRINS? WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCK" U ludiapenaable. To appreoiate the tjectllmt imJiiw of thta <Uiitiout preparation it Is only aeoeeaary to parohaae a amMl bottle of the ttnum*, of a reepectable grocer or dea er.M many Hotel and RtsiaMratu proprietor seldom p.a^e the Pwrt Saaoe before their gneata, Dot aabstitutea genuine filled with a auxtare. For aale br Grooera and F?niterer? every where. JOHN DUNCAN A. SO NR. Union Smart and 141* llriK, iVw York, Sole NVholeeale Agents for the United States. A Stock always in afore.?Aleo order* received fordireotahjpreenta from England. ItrSwari nf OnmttrftUt mnd lmiftimi.^3 wMjMo nn TOPHAM'8 Mm ' 9BB F R B M I V M T R V If K VIC MANUFACTORY, III SnnTi 8nnt, w isniMTM, D. O, 8Ut? Medal awarded by M arylind lnatttaU Baltimore, NoWE'^r 7,18M. 11n,Medal ^ Meohauioa'loatltlla, I am oonatantly tnakia*, and al waya have aa kaaC. > oftie t>eal material, every Jeaon?&en aff i CMisa^?st^. it ( Mamber* of Gontreem aad trareiera will pleaae uaiua' my atooi before porchaain* eleewhare i Tmukatbatare made m other oibea. Jjnrenoi LeaUier and Dreee Tranka made te Trvaka at>r?T*<d %nd rtMaitari at abort aottaa. ?"x>d? del iTared fro* of Qbarie loanyteari of Uta alt* ?or?otowT;. a&d Alexandria. JAMEg 8.TOPMAM. UWo^^f,ta?SS?&5t2 boiea for one dollar- Gray, rod or flvxfn hair eao browa^"im? fij^Sn'T^auul^aSrVwe^tSle^t Md ob?tp?it in the world, arodnain* It- ? ?* ft? HUM* I rtm< and Pa. am n* Mofj OABM NOTICE, N 0?M???Mee of oar fcannf to Hf ?ah tot rrsry article of ipodi w aarehaaa. wa ar? rwpi tarMMtoir bvtlaaaa to Caak exomaiyal}, fortW tJ ?raye va hand, or nad? to ?rdar at U>? ?bo?twt TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. TUOftTHKBN CKMRAL RAILWAY. Bift JUvfiA^i f*i in#rc tg |j^| NOITEWFJT. W1XTMR 8CNWDVLB CnAj?u or '11MB. Ob tad after 91'Pf DA y7*??* Nimwtw, P?wn ir Trum viii bitit* ud <l*tBrt Iroa Cilnrt Button M foi owg : Tbaiki N'obth Lbars Mil1 Bt I X) a. m. Buffalo Kxprwa t p. m. Earkton Aooommofatioa 4 ?. m. Plttibiiri ind Hi-nahiri Kiirmalin> Sorva Amn Park tor. AoooniinodatjoL at t a- m. Buffalo Lxpresa So a. m Pitta burg and fc* >?t urg Expraca S p. m. Mailt*)*. in. Tha 6 a. m train froai Waabiagtoa aoaaaaaa with tha l? i. m. tiaia from Hfetitaora fc-r tie Weat and for Burfaio, Kimira Rooba*tar, l)v kirk, CasaUaigaa and Niagara Fal.a,and for Nav Yorkcitg. The *1 a. in. train f-om Waahlngtoe ooaaaeta with the? f. m train fr<m Balbaioia to Waat, Borth a?d N ortiiwaat aod Elaara aad Baflfcio and nohaatar. The 5 p. in. train from Waakiagtoa aoaoaota wttfc Ua&JOp. m. t.ain f<om BalUpora fcr Pirlaberg, Hamaborg and tha Wa?t aod ta a d I rapt ooanaoSi 'or Leb%" on. Eaaton Aj?ant?'Wt aad N rw tria CebtraJ Railroad w Nw Jaraor. Try roate for New York euo aud tbe Waat. Taa only tram arriving In Baltimore oa ta tb * a. m. train. J A*. CCI.llIK. no ? ly Vaperintandont T?? NOTICE TO TKAVITLJKK& 88 Poatrnaatar Central hav Lg oidoiad taa Ml! MfTlM hrtvwr V.'?_nrm.Lnr mmmm . Skit1 more, ud Old Potnt oaroe) to be renroed, oa ud afte'*** 1** onday, the 90th instant. the Bar 1 IM of itaMfri Will Iwn Baltimore EVERY DA Y (exoept 8?n day) from their wharf, foot of Cnioa Doofe, at ?s o'clook p. m., or immediately art*r thearrtra. o? the Waehir.ctoL Train. whioh iearee WMbuiftoc atSK o'r .ock f. m. m?>-tf M. W FALLS. PreetbTKAM WtKKLY BETWEEN ^ZfiZfi, N%W YORK AND LIVERPOOL. 1-asditjf and embarking yaeengen a* Qieenatown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Bt?am?hi? Company intend dispatch ioc their fill powered Clyd*-r.ailt iron Steajaships ae follows i GLASGOW gatorca* , Asfust ad. CITY OP BALTIMORE. - & iota. KANGAROO. ** ? 13KJK A uti orory BMtroay, M noon, from r>?H, North nw, Kirn or pa.??aob. First Cabio... frm Do. to LatjfloB a? Do. toParla N* De. to Hunbmrf K BtMrui tan Do. to isondoa M Do. to ?'a i? .. m Do. to Hciriborf.? at PwMDcn forwsrtfwl to Brrmmv. RotItrdtm, Antwerp. Ac , at red?o*4 tkronch larrr Por*oo? wisfainc to bring oat *aoir friaada mm: boj tiekata at low r?i?i For farther informatirc ay ply at the Caytaici Ofioe. JOB N e. D/Lv, Acer.t. II i V V Or to Q. A. HERrtiN6. a'miVTmtVh Bi.U ?f. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,* CaLviST Station, Bafimoie. May It 1K1. ( On and ?Vr Monday. May 19th, 1861, Train? on the NORT H KRN C ENTRAL JLaIEWa Y ar ?" "? """ K^'Vo^A""' HAKKI^BtRfi ACCOMMODATIONM T. M The 8.15 A. M. train connect# at Relay Hnae* with trains on the Western Maryland IF mi road; at lianover Junction with Hancver and 6 <*ns bar* tan road*; at York with York and Wn*htsvllie ailroad; at flarnstarc with Penney vai>ia Railroad for all >art? of the West, a'.eo with Lebanon Valley K ail road to >?? York dirtet,at Northnm ber'and with L and B. Haflroaa for Rinftton an<1 all parts of Wyooaung Vaiiey.aii<J atVclLdtt with tee Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor allpa'U Northern Pennsylvania and New York. Th? i jn r. M train make* all tbe above eonamotions except Hanover Rai<rqad, VN nghtew..e Railroad and tbe Le' Act on Valley Railroad. The 8 P. M. train make* o 'tn^aeae with prt rrlvania Railroad Tor al parte of the Weat, a&sl direct oonnects for New York. Mall at?lo ar? Aooommoda tion MtoP.M. 'or TkckftU ud inf?.rn ation inqntra M tbt oket Otto?, Calvert station, Baitimorf. J. C. CLARK. g?>1FHiL.AHKLPHl A, WfU MINOTON ANDBALTl.MORE RAILROAD. BPR1X8 AND SUMMER ARAANotMMFT. Ob and afte^ TUUMT May Htr., PMtwr' Trtici for Phnaaa ?kn will laare Pr*>?idrnt atr<>?4 I>e?oi <i?iir( except s*b r.u*ja)aa follow*, tik I'xpraM rr?.L M 6 15 A. tC- Wfy Mail Trait at 14ft A. M^ EreLinc Mat. at 446 o'clock. Oa&l'.NpAV9at 4 46 P. M.onty. All traice ooenoct vitl New York train# except 4M P. M. train on Satar. "XV*.* Tm. wit* raiMuw oar attaefcaC leavee att P M . atopyinz at ah dtabona MttN Ba tlmor?ua H;.?re d*~4?r*o?. Paaaaogera for Delaware and tbe KaiUn Chore *1 M?rj;ftDd will find ttie mort expedition* roata try wny of w' Iminrton, njTAll Co lor ad Paraoni nut lira bond before aaUrint tM oara. WM CRAWFORD. At*i \ YORK^A^N 0 ERIK RA1LPa* aether Train* laaram Pnvo nia Fairy and L?>n? Dock, from foot of Cbaoi* err -* K- - V?-W a - ? ? ? ? - u oc w. ii ew i <<ii. mi iuiiuvi> T11 7.00 a. m , EX^fe KS?.for DuLkirk.and Buffa.o, and riDoiMU Station*. .00a. m. MAIL,for nankiri. and urtarmecate Btatioce?Thu Train remain* ovar Bight at Kimir?, fTViWl 14t6 Bt&tiOQft. 11.on a. m , ACCOMMODATION, dally, for Pari Jama, and pilnoiMU Stanonr 4 00 b. m.. WAV, for Ml.'.d.etcwr., Nevbarfh, ?.n/< i utartsodiatf Station*. Mo ?. m.. NI9HT KXPR K8S, daliy, for IHtkirk, Bnffaio, CanaLd*i|ufc.^r.c pnnc.pa i*tat>crf T.p Tram of 8atnrd?y stop* at all Mail Trair. Btanona, and mn? onii to fc. iurv on p.m.. ACCOMMODATION .for lontMnllf, and priaoipal btanoi.t. CB*8. MJNOT, ?ea'l Ba>*tNATJLANIEL HARM. Uwm. ?mMHRK.ro" By jo* i#?anpiG aud eupanor treoftti and need, bit ?art.eu a.- ? iciatad to a* aan*at..i>L of Lo&? U.an i w^pd, rann^n* ic oonmoCTol with the Fa] River and OM Colony Rat.road, d.ctanoeof m ndtae oaiy to flortot Leave Pier No. I Noj^jnrer near the Battery .Thf Steamer EMplRK ?T4T*7Ca?t. Brayton. Monaaya, wadneedaya, and Fn<iaya,~at 4 o?6io?V Brow... TuMdarr. Thuredaya, and Batardaya. at 4 o cfaei P.M., toMhing at Newfort eaoh way. TOeae Steamer* are jttwi with oommodtona vtate room*, aad wtt? arvifrncM ror the eeeir > 31 and oomfort ol panarac*r*. who arc affbrded By ta route a nilhta' rest on board, and on arrival at Fall River proceed Mr ?teanjt>o*t Trainaeach ins Boston *irly the Mlnviti morning : ox ran* remain oo board antii rtarting of the Aoootnm?xJ? tion at f A. la.. bv miob they mar reach Boe'"f> IkoitMlA.M. A baccate maeter la attached to each atoame*. who rboeive# and tteketa tbe bactace, aad aeeom pacie* the earn* to It* deputation. A atcamer *>aa in oonneotion with thia Lisa be jwe<|D Pail Elver and Providence daily, e*ce?? Freight to Boatca la forwarded throath with peat diepfttoh by an fcx.preei T a c. wbta* leavee Fall River ever* momma, Hcr.d&ya asce^ted.at 7ha o'clock for Boston ai d New Bedfo'd, amnm at lu deeiinaUoo at aboat 11 A N For freight or pa*aac*. an y on board, or at the oSm on Pier No. I Norta River For atate roone &.*???& ?'"ttz yo aad T1 W eat atreet. N. V. ^^|NEW ^ANEj HaA^^5M AMD ComiuMioIui Hondas, Mm ftth, lift. For AtMUiy?UM ? ?7nwt uirm tmU from t?tn atroct at?< <m? . Clbla tmc will ran t? MiUortoa ewr B*Sva*y ",Kof&PBtr>o F?U?-fc4*Uou north of Fore ??-n! rn<? fcih ?ti#? lUlmt For V\ bit* P.*in?-L*'. 4:11) fcLd ?- m .i/~ HJU Stall aUAtoca from feth rtatioa. rorwhltePWo*?ft:1# f *>. etopfinj at all eta Dosi from Whits ttrwt station. F?r willum- h ..|?-7 tliU a. m. aa4 ior f. B- fti>trtcc at all atatu.tj f r<" i ntb rtr*?4 ai*L.< >i. lutaruac wtUlaa?aAihan??**? a. bi. faat ei pr?>i ua-t. Dover PiMb?-MP a m. <Thi? t*aia taaret Ma i*rtoa ?y?rj Mocdav morulas at a. n.l Crpton Paii??6 a. a.. W tat* P*aia?-4l?>, a in. i t? ft 7?u p. ? Wi , inn Bridge?b-Jh, 9M>i. m ft p. u, Wimimy trains wi.i leave ttfc A*mw eurst fHwLfor r?otraJ Park. Yorfcrille, Hanem atl M!tw'wwBnaaLiha!j.'? v ?.; fjg.yyy.u %? - ? M.NCt ??<jw?E ?t ..... ;r~dirim& 791b do do.... I (3d Wieconain Vol.... 1 ?d New York Cavalry. 1 5?h do do....10 8th do do.... 1 <Hh do do....17 Van Allen Cavalry ... 1 Excelsior Brigade.... S OoeidaCoontyCaT*'^ 1 ?? Ut Pobb. Volunteer?.. 1 Total 151 l?) Oneofflm. (6) One officer (t) One officer At General Hospital. Union Hote', ccner Bridgt and Washington strttis, Gtorgtieten. D?c. 2t?. 14th New YorkVol.... 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* 2 17th do do......11 5th do do.... 1 l?th do do 1 4th RbcJeloland Vol. 1 19th do do...... 2 5th Connecticut Vol.. 1 Utith do do I Sth New Jeraey Vol... a ttd do do 3 8th do do.... 1 33th do do Slit Michigan Vol 1 37th do do 1 ad do do 6