28 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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J - - , ?.., . t =====5==SS?5a=!"" ?^===?= 5 Sg sP jg < ^V* - I ? ~^h H sj I v g ?Sj H H ^K Pi EP| ^S pi b m ?^8 Cot ^ H Bi Brtl vj m mh i * V K a vB fgfi / / Br B Rj mS? W mm kJ ^ nfl W y / Mi A 1J ^ - .. " ? - ., . _1 - ~ - I .1 I -. .1 . Vl't. XVlll. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 28. 1861. N?. 2.762. ~-Trrr"" r - - n- - w - - - ? k THE EVF.MNti STAB &VRILT AFT?RIfOOIft * * (ft* * DAT ftxtos?i?#n At THE *TA* BtlLlMttt*, Imw mf wt amd XUvntk St. 91 W. D. WALLAOH. . - Pupm MrT*d la pa^kagea by carrier* HMl | rmr, or m par moots. To Mil ntwlM ifee pclos to n M a fear, to rtiwn, SI for six Ma|hii SI for throe moatbe; and for iees (kn tea Moatfepat tfco (ate oCJJ onto a weal.. Sta(x C4.|?.es, <Jm (!?". la wr?e?m,.rvo curt*. AcTitruiy.iXTi ehoatd toe Mai u Aos Wore W o'clock n ; otherwise they sssy sot appear an til the next day PARIS WINTER FASHIONS. TFrom La Follstt] Two distinctly opposite styles will, lt i? said, Meat with equal ?access this winter. The skirts of dresses will be worn either ornamented to exoees. or?for there is as medium?*thorOttghly simple aad void of all ornament. We an hardly realise this extreme of simpllsity. specially u We find enr elegante* wearing Bounce*, soutaches. and passementeries of all * kind*. It i* true that for an In-door dree* a variety of orsamente i* unnecessary. aad even "convenient For "robeade rille" of eonreo the ease is quitedifferent. One.thinai* Certain, t a handsomely trimmed dress will always hare a richer appearanoe than one leu *o, let the material he what it may. The only difficulty 4 ia to chooee from the mass offered for oar selection ; comprising smell gauffered flounoee, ruche*, braiding*, passementeries of all kinds, buttons surrounded with lace or for, colored pipings, tassels, pompons of fraved silk, medallions of velvet or silk embroidered in satinstitch, lace flouuoes or insertions, very narrow _ .J *-.'11. L. I- 1 A -ml * gnuuerwj iruiB. onaus *ji ybitbi or 811KB B aisposition, Ac. It is impoaaible to name the ? thousand and on* stylea and material for trimming dreasea. Flounce* are never put to the bottom of the skirt. and are placed together, or in row* with epacea between, acoordlBg to the faney ef the wearer. Many are plaeedtn twos or three, and aeh set headed by a rush or band of color.? They are leldom pat atraight round the akirt, but in vandykea or soollopa. The donees are not hemmed?they are either bound or pinked. Many drewea are trimmed en tunique, and it ia expected that thia atyle, being a becoming one. aa it girea height and grace to the figure, will long remain in faabion. The bodies of drama ^ are made either round or with two ppiuts; if the Utter, the points in front open. They are cloeed to t^e throat, or open enooear, according to the style of the material, or the purpose for whieh the style was designed. Alpaca is still a favorite material with the Parisians, and seems to be gaining ground with tha English. It has the advantage of falling in graceful folds, without so much danger in catting is exists in many other fabrics. Poplins i . either English or Irish, are mach worn. L Taffetas, antiques and moire* still maintain I.' their rank. Velvets are generally trimmed with Astraoan, either real or imitated, in Thibet wool or frayed silk. It is a very rich and soft trimming. Foulards are much in favor, despite the winter. The most fashionable ere those with brown or grey grounds, i and eolorad flowers. A white foulard with colored natterns. makes a vervelemnt evening drew, and hu the advantage over tarlatane in that it will wash Soutaches and cords are ery aach worn. The designs in which they are made are very rich and fantastio The skirts are worn very fall and long behind, bat rather shorter in front than formerly Colored pettieoats are as much in favor for ? out-of-door-wear as ever. They are made in wools ar drougets, in plain materials, and trim* med with wide bands of velvet or colored merino; ia cashmere, with designs printed to Imitate laces?this latter is hardly good taste; the meet elegant and expensive colored petti* coats are in blach silk, quilted with white or eater la various patterns, in squares or medallions. 4c. The Zouave vest is not superseded by the Garibaldi; but is no longer accompanied by al * & _ m ? _ ?_ ?? _ ?.m_ _ _ ia? waimcoas 01 lamie or maaiin ; iae season k require* warmer materiala, raoh u Caehmere ta all colon, embroidered in black and whit*. The robe* de ehambre "Loaia XV." are is great favor; the front flu te the body, and the b*ek put in largo box-plaits, whloa fall from the anoolder The corsage is open to the waiat, and the tkirt it opened from the fastening at the waiat; this style of dreaa mad* in T*U*t and trimmed with Chinchilla or Aatraeao, has a vecy rich effect. Lacee of all kinds ar* ma?h worn, both for dr*ss?a, bonneU, trimming, or for artioleaof eut-door apparel Black laee ia much worn in yening drees and often accompanies white material. The colora moat in rogue, perhaps not tbo*? moat worn, bat at all *venta the moat elegant and fashionable, are greys in all vfcadee, the Havana brown, a peculiar shade of green, and a new shade of violet of a very bine tinge; this last oolor is an expensive one, arising from some difficulty in the preparation. Evening dresses have hardly been decided on yet, bat we have noticed one or two very legant ones; they are generally made of tarlatane, Chambery game, and laoe ; light silks and satins being kept for older persons. Silk ondershirts are seldom worn; tarlatane or erape giving a much more elegant effect. Paletots are much worn; of all these, the half fitting basqaioe is oonsidered the most distingue and the most habille; it just falls into the linee of the vaiat, without being fastened, ^ . . _ _ a_ ~.a u n l _ _a_ _ _ a _ i_ or atung ugnuy 10 h. oaawis mia? in mc, velvet or easbmere, lined with qailted silk or trimmed with far or laee, are very elegantly worn. Braiding U moeb worn on all mantle* or oieaks, tome mantlet fitting tightly to the bowlder*, from thenee falling in large plait*, trimmod either only with a pelerine of lace, or snrmotded with broad lace. We noticed a rerj olegant Arab bornoa* in blaok velvet, and trimmed entirely with laee. For opera-eloak*, the b among u the most elegant, and the moat fall dreee. If made in cashmere, they are embroidered or braided in white or seme other eoler; they are also made in satin, terry, velvet, or in white plash; thi* last is very novel. The satin must be emhrnirinrfH ill utin-ilitoh ! thn t?rr* rnlvat ia trimmed with passementerie or lsce, and the plash i? surrounded with a large cord, sad has tassel at each corner Chenille ornament* re very fashionable both for dreaeea and cloaks. Ribbons of shaded velvet will be worn this winter for bonnets, blaek spotted with white, Ior vielet with blaek eroesbars, seem the favorites at present. Artifioial flowers will be in great request for ball-dresses this winter; they shoald be mixed with laoe, Alen$oo, Chantilly, English blonde- or gold and silver laoe Thev are nlaced either in larre den-had bo qiratl. or in long branohea on tn? skirt. The boutti mad* by our principal milliners re no longer raised in * high point. They are <+ 4Mn|uiahed from oonamon-pi ace bonnets by I the fact of their being retber quare at the top and Tery open at the aide*; they are >1111 large, bet not so large aa they were. The top of the oep i* fall of flowera, or feeders, Ae , and the (idea of bleode or laee, ere very fall. \ The erowna ere worn either looee or plain, and \the certain of a moderate itpt a Bonnet* are oonpoMd of two different materials, erape and relvet for full-dreea bonneta; silk and terry velvet for thoee of Iocs dreaa. The most fashionable eolora are claret, green, Capuchin?a new gray, tbe violet before v mentioned. and black mixed with white. ? Tib cotto.f Tubi wit? Mexico.?Tbe edi-: tertal eorreapondent of tbe New Orleaoa Plcej yaae wrltea aa follows of a late vlalt to Braunfela, 1 I waa aatoelahed to aee the Uf> aad baettf la oat; cotton km. eottoo there everywhere "n'beenterprlalrig: U?oee of F Moreau It purehaeing i f bo market, making all pay. ml can dollars, and there Is ao lack of j la Cotnat noaaty. Cotton la haated i wa?ona and Meilaaa sarta, the roads 1th tbe aharaeraeka at driven' whlpa along towaada tha Rio Grande I man la Itaztee la alao engaged la the oa ha*e wagons, drawn bv twelve 1 waa told that ha loaded ao leaa than halas aa aaa of his I mmense vehlelra. attracted aa aaeb attontlaa oa tha ivtllaf cifcaa or menagerie Re hea fare haallay cotton from Matamoras k of Max?ao, hat la aow going ragni ImiImm fMO this iMtU* If ika war la to fo ? , *?4 block ad* oonttauoa, k'ng oottoa ibmi W)U eo rt :<* awkllo at !tow BraaaIMS. *a4 Mr. M ir? will a prompt and ? tloo trat lood of tfco troa?orv. to will dlabarae kiBdndi of Uoooaoda of dollar* tfala roar all fn << VriiHU CMtlMO " V LATE PROM THE SOUTH. The NtuhvilU Banner of the 7th it very nerroas about the advance of the Rebel aray on Louisville. It says Every report from fiowling Green seems .to indicate a resolve to go into winter quarters. To do this without a single effort towards the redemption of Kentucky will b? nothing more her lees than a downright disgrace to bur arms. It will entirely destroy all oonfidenee in Oeneral Johnston, and fatally impair his usefulnees in the future. It will weaken, discourage. and .prostrate utterly the noble sohemes which inepirs the hrave men who are rallying t? the relief of a neighboring State, and blaofcen the fair hope* which we cherish for the release of a loved and honored sister from bondage. It will lose us Kentucky forever, and seriously endanger our own borders whenever inrini* MsmnaUn r\nama Can it be pouible that General Johnston will ao misapply his great trnst ? We have heard some queer notions mentioned u reasons for this masterly inactivity. Among others, equally absurd, it is alleged that a passive quietude on our part throughout the Winter months will operate with annihilating power on the enemy, that it will discourage and demoralise them, and that before the new season their oondition will be so rotten as will offer as an easy victory. God help the authors of such a theory. A more stupendous folly never originated in an old maid's pate or arose over a grandmother's snuff box. The very reverse is the case. The enemy is the party which can afford to wait. They are composed of men whose service* are employed at a fair valuation. They enlist for par, and ao long aa they receive their regular hire, a snug inactivity in eamp or quarters <s all the better for them. Ia the name of common sense, how are we to demoralise the enemy by refusing to fight him? Truly a new piece of philoeophy under the sun. He alraady holds four-firths of Kentucky. Why should he advance * He oertainly has a plausible excuse net to do so. Perhaps he is not ready yet for the conquest ?f Tennessee. Very probably he Is aot yetsure of his foothold in Kentucky. There may bo a hundred reasons fer his holding back. Thtre is not one for ut, and we are losing time and missing ohanoos every day that we hesitate and delay Will General Johnston advance? Humphrey Marshall is doing so, and with success. He is taking the wind dear out of bis senior's sail. Breckinridge and Bockner are dying to help him. If General Johnston will not advanoe himself, can he not be induced to permit others to do ao ? The people are clamoring for it. Tbe press all over the South are urging it. A soldier's reDutation is involved in it. The nnhlic interests require it. Will General Johnston bind all these exigencies, hand and foot, and stand, glum and mate, and cold, and stark, like a frosen pump, until the spring thaw? We do not doubt that the Convention which organised a provisional government fur Kentucky ba.*ed its action on the expectation of a speedy advance. It must have been foreseen by the able men who eomposed that body that unless the jarisdiotion of the system put into operation were extended their work would inevitably prove a fsrce, and, in the end, turn out e failure. Their idea was beyoid a question, to expand their sphere with the progress of our army, to as to inolude sooh * portion of their State as would give a show of reason and authority to all their aots. If they had not anticipated a forward moveBent. and at least a chance to execute their purpoee, we de not believe they would have attempted to usher a State Government into ooh an existence aa it moat eke out if Qcneral Johnston continues his mistaken procrastination. At present, It is altogether a nominal affair. It extends merely along the border of Tennessee. It is pinned against the wall, like a butterfly in a labaratory, and, if it does not die of its wounds, will surely stifle before the winter is out of a oonflned un wholesome atmosphere. If it have life and vigor, it must have AAM #A (n MM/1 a t e/-? ! > TA IWUI W KlUlf 1U ?UU ?if IU UiCBlUO 1U. X W most not be choked op within narrow military lines, with the camp fevers and measles, mad and rost of winter quarters and cold weather. Whenoe will it secure the wherewithal to keep body and soul together? Where will it find a revenue7 How will it establish a credit? What guarantees can it offer for the future? Who will trust it or obey It? These are stubborn questions, and a great deal hangs upon the way they are answered. Bat oharity begins at home. Bo it does. The first duty, therefore, of Tennessee as a measure of Mlf-preaervation, la to secure Kentacks as an ally and friend. That point is plain and self-evident. The liberation ofKentaeky Is our wbolaalm. How have we fulfilled it ? Have we made an effirt to falfllit? Not one ao far as we have M?n. We have lagged and delayed until the veriest dronea are growing impatient for aome activity, aa an evidence, at leaat of some remaining life. WiTU DiriNIII. [From the Richmond Enquirer, Dec. 13.J As neeeesity "is the mother of invention," it is generally observed that one effee*. of war is to develope the inventive genius of a eenntry in theprodaction of new and improved warlike machines and implement*'. The present war bu yielded bat scanty results of this eort. Indeed the barrenness of invention witii respect to oar water defenses is one of the most remarkable oircumstanoes of the times. Indeed, we do not know of a single projeot, oompleted or on foot, for oar water defence, with the exoeptioo of the ram boat Manasta*, which la, after all, scarcely more than the elomsy adaptation of old invention*? that poesees any worth. Oar fan-boats are converted from old steamer*, and are safe only oat of extreme range where they ean do no barm unless by aocidental shots. The exeeption of novelty and efficiency in favor of oar floating batteries, which merely apply a well known principle, ia aoareely tenable. Had they been furnieaod with oumitM, well plated with heavy iron to protect the fana and guonera, we m'ght regard them aa moat officiant defenoea. Tho diaaaling of oar cane at Fort Walker, on Hilton Head, ahoald eufflee to toaoh na the noeeccity of reaoarcee for defenoa against well direoted hall and ahell other than the oaare paraonal bravery of oar sen. Aa yet, notwithstanding the wall dasarred reputation of the South for tho ooarago of ita aoldiera, we have done hut little to ahow that we poaaeaa either tha experience or the ingenuity to thwart tha enemy on tha water. I _W?I. cppwlN #CROYt ~~ wTt"s tonrtsb r? * New Yoii. Dmitr 4mtA9ief^r?md?*tvWm4t Cumrt, 4"?-. mmd /mmtmt T-g* ?* rW?w Nmk Sn^i, No WT Puramum* ?nitti, (tnU(M *wtk Wr*?tW PUMIIKM, A C. Tk* Mtoatio* of (ouotNNra and the abtia tm 'ally ia lBTltod to my ?toc? of hn? Braodioa, W . *? VorftMT. L'hMMMM: Pill ? A muni: lmjln woA \tfmrtm Sh?rR??; Wwrfirw, ud Buith ?,<i? M4d?|Hk?| BjriBonT tad Hmrmmtt* p'n?m um o?i*brat?l "w8f.m f!|?h boom 8 is; Irish, roo u, B.twrbM |H?n|?li?li WhiikiMS Jmmm ftr i St. Crotx R*m?; C*bic?, Kl? ?ro I ftMJ v*rtn*? br*n?J? of C't Art udwr &n? V ounf Hf (?o, Bf oa. HNmI a*d Knj n?h BraakfMt T?m ib efttt? raxr" >d f r nr>T?*lf tiprwilr tor mIIt . I Mfl Mor^fyA^KCg WITH, I TELEGRAPHIC KKtCS. The War la Mimirt. St Loci*, Dec. 2<J ?Gen. Halleck baa leaned the following general order: " In Tlfta* of tt* authority conferred upon me by the President of the United States, the Martial law heretofore declared tn this city will be en* forced. And In virtue of the earne authority 1 hereby declare and will enfofce martial law In and aoout all the failroadt of the State. " It la not intended by this declarat in* to intervrfth )? *(a<(IaMi.b In (ka adlltia^ w wi?? juiwmvwvw in nre \<i *i* v>v/ui ?n wuivu are loyal to the government of the United State*, and will aid the military authorities In erforcing and punishing crimes. " The commanders of troops and posts will be held responsible thct their contRudiJirt ready to mere at a moment's wars trig. Rzcuses for delav and want of preparations will not bereaftc* be admitted." Quincy. 111., Dec 26 ?Two spans of a bridge acriss the Chsrltan river, on the Hannibal and Ht Joseph railroad, were burned bf the rebels lait night. The trains will not be able to cross for some days. Sr. bourn, Dec. 27 ? Accounts from Otterville repeat that the rebel armv trader Price Is retreating southward. At t^e latest dates one division was at Neocho, and the main army, under Price, had just left Humsnsvllle on Its way to Arkansas, which Price reports to be in obedience to orders from Jeff Davis. The day before this retreat, Pope hud driven In the pickets of Rains, whereupon Price withdrew Rains' division scross the Osage river, and marched bis whole army eight miles south He must bav? continued bis march with remarkable rapidity, as it seems that the main army had reached Humansvllle, In Polk county, while the vanguard, consisting of one division, had even reached Neosho. Fria Oca. Banks' Division Feedkkick, Dec 2fl ?General Banks baa issued a stringent order in regard to the aelCure of for* age without tbe owner's consent. Another prohibiting the sale of llauors to soldlera has also been l**ued Both will be rigidly enforced. Christmas in camp was kept generally aa a holiday, and there was a considerable consumption of poultry and other delicacies. Tbe Episcopal and Roman Catholic churches here were crowded with soldlera and citizens. Lir Ring, tbe medical director of tbe division, In consequence of ill health, recently requested to be withdrawn, but since having recovefed, will continue In hts present position Since tbe promulgation of the general order in regard to the examination of refugees and deserters from the rebels, by the commanding general, from ten to fifteen have been sent to Washington. There are arrivals aimoat dally at some of the points on the river under a flag of truce. The British Transport Australasian Unable to go ap the St. Lawrence Halifax, Dec. '27?Tbe steamer Australasian attempted to go up tbe St Lawrence, but came back on account of the ice. She won't land troops, but satis for N>w Brunswick !0-day The B'xtv-?econd Regiment will be sent to St. Johns la the Delta to-morrow. SKALKD PROPOSALS A re incited t?l! the l?tb day of Jaauary. IIU2 at 12 o'clock in., fnr auppiying the Government with BEKK CATTLE. Trie Can e to be delivered *? Hamebnrg. Chamberabnrc, or Vork, Fa , aa s?r>n after the l&th cay of Marc, '862, as t he Government may direct The Government will reoeive under this oortract 4 (mil hear), and reeenre the right to oali for any additioa a number ay to 10,uo?. K*-rh lot of Ca tle delivered aha!! average at le*?t 1 y# pound* rross weight: and no animal wiilbereoeivAd wnioh weighs lees than t,?W pounda gr>>s weight. Government retervea to itaell the right to pay in Trea*u'v note/, and to -eject aty bid lor any cause. No bid will be eutrtvned unlers the bidder is present to respond. The bidt to be directed to Mai. A. BECK W?TH. <'.S. U. t*. A., Washington, U. C . and endorsed "Propoaala for Beef." roast or mid. 1, A B, do hereby propoce to deliver to the Goveruuieat ?ood Heef Catl e on the hoof for per hundred pourd? rron* w?i*ht. The Cattle to be delivered at . arcortUng tothe term* of the enoioied advertisement. The Cattle to he weighed on the eoalee, and the vretcht *o determined to be the eurohaie weight 1 hereby agree to give a gooa and ?u?oi?otbond for the fulfilment of the oontraot, and to receive Treaanrr note* or other Government funds in payment for the Cattle. de24 M Army gloves ARMY GLOVES!! At the 6 love Depot of F. B HASTINO'S A- PO . 3'iS D ?t.. faoinit Pa- av.. NNEW MILLINERY. OW On hand and constantly receiving new supplies of WINTER BONNETS, ooropris-J^fc mjthereweet ud most desirable b't < ? ofOUi the aesaon.at HLTCHINSON * MlNRO'S^^ anoy Store, 310 Pann. avenue, between 9th And 1 th streets, wi pre .VI us Thompson i* prepared to exeouw promptly ali orders left with her. Alao Inst received, a new aupplr of Head Dresses. Artificial Flowers. Feathers. &o., to whioh we invite the attention of the ladiee. de It Horses for sale, Of every description, ftv Constantly on hand?Louisiana avenue, nrar the Center Marfcst. de U-6m* ^ttkntion, s^tle^officers and a i?riiswob oiuA.iir ciuvEH, manufactured and for eale at 341 Peaaeylyania avenue, near Center Market. dell-tf H. J. GREGORY. f^HEESE, ?H K E 8 E !?New York Cream V> Cheese; Wiltshire do.; Hamburgh do.; Sap Pago do; Grujere do.; Parmesan do_j Pine Apple do KING * BURCHKLL, <le 19 oorner Fifteenth at. and Verroont av. A l.l colors and sizes ladies' real A. ParU Kid Glovee, beet auaHtr. PERRV & BBOTHER, de li-'Ot Penn avnue and Ninth street COME ONE AND ALL, To the People's Clothin* Store. No. 400 7th street, ml get jrour Goods at aatomahinc !ow prioee. dell-lw 7r<?.> Cheese: cheese i: PHKKHK All on hand ud for aale cheap by *. b. hastings a co, ~ ? **3 w 'h fsoiDf Pa. avenue, no as-tf Pnilfaarmomo Building. Tnijlii the white house HE Well-knawn Whita Honae Keetanrant, on High etreet, near the oanal. <a beorge A. . A town, haa been refitted, and parte* unfMI now beaooommodated with oom/ortablellliml private rooaia. Game. Fiah, Oyatera, and iha beat Winef, l.iqnora. and Segars, alwara on hand. F&miliee formatted with Ovate'a. ae uanal f 7-nn A. KUUIKK, I'roarietor. f^ROS8 * BLACK WELL'8 PINALITT1, Vv Mixed Pieklea.Chow Chow, Gherkina, W? nata, **am?h Ud rrenoh Olive*, Freah H*?jbrnee, Walnnt CaUup, Maihrooaa Cataop. Harvey's Sauoe.4o.4o. KlMG * BIKOHELL, de 19 oorner Vermont >v.and Fifteenth at ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a aiT or LADIES' DRESJ FURS, B. H. STINEMKTZ, deft-tjanll ZM Pa. av., near corner 13th at. K?OR SALJ5?Two aeoond-hand WAGONS, la r quire of WILLIAM TOAD, at Eomgfem Farm, between the hoara of W and U o'clockda* at f T DR. J. L. GIBBONS KXAVIN8 Removed from No. 339 New York areane, to No. 379 9th street, a few doors tryw New York areaae. renews the offer of hi* professional aervioee, (Medioal and Bnrcioal , to the eitaena of WasnmitoD He may be fonad at his offloe at all hoars.wiieii not Ko/eaeioaaliT encaced. Especial attention will ba paid to iemaie diseases

de M-eotw IMPORTED MEATS, P1BH, FRUITS, 4o.~ Pati Jefoi ttraa. Truffea, Corserve Qince-, Canton Oin*er, Ria de Veaa, Truffled Baasace, O.ive t-areiee. Parc.aee. Ai or.ovie* in oil, petite Pon. Cbampunrns. Yarmouth Hernnj, Adoi.ott t B01<CH1!LL. g? iw oornar Fin?nU tad Vtt/mopt ?u " r o > Bi"" ? * 8!! NK 8ABLJ|. . f dd y |M|r cSBf?" -fcJLB (E>?b Sh&y -"'--' For Ml. br 8TAfnrA,lI) ^ALK. p , . IMHil amusements. Oi l) HICKoftr 'N THF. FIELD AGAIN!The nitmNi of to* Hv?fc?ry C uh tike Rft treat pleaeu'ein annonneinc t? tMir ?any 9% friendi and the public fenoraJly that th$J mot* aoaitivelr rive their seventh iraMWI COTIVLON PARTY at the Franklin Mall.oor narof othaod D ata., on MONDAY EVENING December SOth The members pledge themaelrea that neither aalna nor axpenae will be spared to make thia tke Party of the aeaaon. Ticketa SO oenta, admitting ? tantleman and ladi?a. By order of tha Committee of Arrangemanta. rie 87 3t* ___________ / \NCE MORE. KIND FRIENDS, A HAPPY N?W VKAR' Th* member* of the MOUNT CLARE CLUB Me sre&t pleasure in informir.r their many n friends anil the soblio th\t their sever/.1 JH[ icr*ndCOTiLLON PARTY will be iciven Stott e HiM. corner of Penn arena* andMB ?th st.,on TUESDAY, (NEW YEAR'S EVE.) Deoemher 90,1861. k Admission Q\. By order of the Committee. N. B ?The members also return their sinotre thanks to th?ir friends and the public for the libera1 patriate they have alw?y? extended to the olub, and more especially to their lady friends who have eo often honored them with their larce attendance. deg? 4t* NATIONAL CIRCUS! TRIUMPH A VT SUCCESS PERMANENT?BKICK BUILDING, and th? EXCELLENT TROUPE OF STARS add Stand&kd Company or Axtistes . DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISK, THE ROLLAN& BROTHERS. WM. F. SMITH, SAM LONG, H. BERNARD, TOM KING. And All the Foroes, TO NIGHT. The following prtoes have been adopted: Orohestra Chaif???. .75 cent*. Dress Circle 40 oenta. Children under 10 years of axe to Dress Ci i ol e cents* Social Ran?e 25 cents. Colored Gallery 25oents. Colored Boxes 5floents. Boors open at 7 o'clock; performances will commence at 8 Dreeiselv. _ On SATURDAY, at 3 o'ctoot, LADIES HOLIDAY MATINEE. de? 0~~ DITFELIOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FKLI.OW-' HALL! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOWS*' HALL ! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! SATUBDAY NIGHT, Dinr*B?B 88, THK ALLEGAN I AN S ' THE ALLECtANIANS ' THE ALLEGANIANS ! VOCALIST AND vocalist and SWISS BELL RINGERS' 8 W I S 8 BELL RINGERS! SWISS BELL RINGERS'. MISS CARRIE HIFFKRT, MISS MARIA BOILARD MR. A. BhDGWICK, MR. ?. GALLOWAY, MR. J. M. BOI LARD La?e,? returned from a four-?e*ri tour aron*"! the World, aud having Ju?t ounolsrigd a ?*ri*^?f 4ft mo oaufal conoert* 1*. the city of New York, would tii?at re*peotfal!r aunounca tHe first of th*ir Highly Popular Mtt*ical Entertainments. T >,?i r U a Artfiir* imltflAM r* a BAtAAfi n? /if 1 A IIVI l % >V|I V avvw n w nvn,? wivw?l V H ui VOCAL QUARTETTE*. ai ranted in th*ir owu peculiar ami r-ff^ofue stylpj Also, a v?riet? of the awe*t*at Engtitji, 1 r11.h? 6 -oroti, German and J<paui?li Ballade eitai.r. An**, Cav&tinaa, >oeoH, A a? from the works of tt e most pooalar lta lan and Frenoh mut?ri. In addition to their nsuai oaoioe selection of vooai rnimio, they will flay. eaoh evening, aeveraJ pieoee on the oelebrated SVIS9 BELLS! The front cf th* hall and the&djaoent atreeta win be illuminated with the magnificent BRUMMO.ND LIGHT! RUM MOM) LIGH I" for a lone tim* an obieot of treat curiosity at BARNUM'S MUBEl'M, New York, upon the niftta of the ALLEGHAMAN9 AND SWISS BFLL RINGERS. PftlCM. A Imiaaion.. 35c?nta % Front _ -6U oetU _de28 /2 KORUE CHRISTY'S VJI OPERA HOUSE, TIHTH STRUT, Bitviih E AND F. CEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS StttL SUCCESSFUL ' GEORGE CHRISTY will appear every night this week in one of hia great COMIC CHARACTERS. NEW SCENERY having been added to the %ta?e, the management annoonoe with pleasure George Chrinty'a celebrated Ethiopia Extravaganza entitled the BLACK STATU K. jAXK.amiaehievoaa darkey ...Gso. Cnaian The entire oompauy The moat Talented in Exirtenoe, Will appear every evening m SPLEMDID PERFORMANCES. Admission? Parquet, 90 oenU ; Gallery. 85 ceota. de tS ?ANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,I Louisiana avenue, near oorner of e:h street, in the rear of the National and Brown's Hotels, OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amenoa. ENTIRE CITANOh"OF PROGRAMME. 8eonnd week of tM great Eeeentrxe Ethiopian Artist of the Day, (RAIMK BROWER ! RANK BROWER ! To nig tit. the VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY ! FRANK BROWER ai GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWbR an GlNGEK. BLUjS. FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. chrrrntara h? tk? inhfa 8 TA'R" C O'M'FA 'N Y ! Netc Songs, JVVic Dances, Are., ^c. CHRISTMAS WEEK, CHRISTMAS WEEK, A Soriea of Macmfio?nt AFTERNOONPERFORMANCES trill b? iiv?n at cantemicry hall. FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDKEN, tOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, tX)R LADIES A *D CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, ComtnmMoinc TUESDAY. And Kvkbt ArraaNoon Dvaine TtraWaa*. One Thousand Costly Presents wil. I? preeantcd to the ladiaa, ohudran, and the audienoe dprinc 'h? *wk. TIicm elega't Cknatmai Sou venire will aonaiet of oent Annuaia, wid t-x^fn'ive MU of $able fare, a8ewinc Maojiine, ap endid Gold Jewelry, Si.ver Pork* w Dvogu. j^naies* liuuu) witot Burli, etuldre' VNeck Chains, 6 ents' Rings, Toys and Confectionery. Jiy The manners oall to the minds of the ladies orThis city the elegant presentation matinees wmch t> ey had the honor to gire here last vmter. in evidence of the.fhiraess ?i<h which they were oondaoted These presents will be civen in addition to the finest aorformaaces by the best oom p?"y ever apprarfnc in Washington. Toe saloons attached to the Hall will bs closed daring the afternoon performances, and oar mati neaa will be oondoeted in sooh a way that the m >at fastidious oannot regret their visit to the Cautrbnry. A ftsmoon Prices: Ladies, an oents; gentlemen with ladies, 90 oents; ehi idea, 10 ooats PJtMkt PricM : ^Par^oei,? oents; Rosowood Orohestra Chairs, Presents preeeated at aigkL^B t SSefflff? HE WASHINGTON ACADEMY of Ml'SiO. *?9 Hum. Aviidi, JiMnm yimtkmud Tmtk ttrutM. The pa blip ?re reapooifuily informed that the 1 UMMMof UN d&Ul Md aifhtij tstorttiniw&U It I rotator Mubiuhit* be? 2??eieSere Mac j ItTaVKioof tho ttouttrmablelU mtwiln 1 doeonetion fits free ooooerUbaint sightly M- I oored thro actual the a tire HriormMM It* d^cra h? ofM *0 Ik* pab io Ith of thvn; I Md ol??>n in MMUntl; ii ttttnduM Wnt> err# order udiroMr deooram. dtlMw HENRY ROSENTHAL. Pio?'r. 1 AMERICA* WATCHES For Americans. THE AMEAICAU WATCH CO. beg to call the attention of the citisetu of Waehiottoe ud ieitiity the inferiority of their Watehea ever all imported, whether 3wi?# or Enf iahThe Company onheeitating'y guarantee their Watohee to be Bnanrpaiwed by thoee of any country for durability an i fine time keeping ^ua'iuea. CAUTION. The Company woeld caution buyers to beware of ?Ke ?kaaa IrneWeh mmA Q e? i mm Wetekea VHV VIIVU Y *-* rt% MBU (NiU I' W ira ?? e*VaSWS HV W LTV1 as g eent among solders In ud around Washington. These watches are of the poorest description of foreign manufacture. and utterly worthless as Unie keepers as the makers well knew when they ent theui to this oOontry. LADIES' WATCHES. The Company would Invite especial attention to their lateet style of Watch for Ladies. Every one will have the same guarantee that aooompaaies the most costly Chronometer of their manufacture. The atylea of Ufeaea are varied and suit different tastes, and the introducti ?n of a Watoh for ladiee, that will co and keep time, haa met wnth universal avor. ESPECIAL ATTENTION ia invited by the Company to the fact tnat every Watoh, of whatever price, manufactured at their Worva at Waltham, Maaa , ia accompanied by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to prevent imposition from a cheap and worth'eaa imitation that ia palmed off upon buyera as the genuine artiole. All our Watobea have npon the plate the trade mark "Waltham, M?aa.,n and without that mark no Watch ia genuine. Messrs. M. W. GALT A. BROTHER harethe Watches of onr rri*n uffcoture for sale at Washington, and buyer* can depend upon tnuicg the right style* and qualities at their estabhsnment, No. 3M Fenneylvania avenue. ROBBIN8 A APPLETON, General Afents, No. 1*2 Brr?dway, DoS-lm New York. I ook our for storm v weathfr. 1 j nni send your orders iriiiiicdiateiy to HAMILTON , the renowned G a?er. who will w&eer ;hat he oan % az more .tefct* vf ?.*?.- in a uay t'lan any other man in America, ard as cheap. N. ii. Lug* joLa oi x acnic dens at fraatly redaoed price.'. r*iiop? 5G2 llhz'... crr""ta Tenter \f? -I, ?!..*<.% .1 ? 1C A/. ) > ;TIAI ftrk| ... ...o i i u? IU / v isTiTclTklfzBKH^ ^Jtv A^A. The Cciy A^A # fi PAW y BROKER. W ? $10.1*4' u> be loaned on t?old auti Silver Watches. Jewelry, Gune and Pistols, Sliver Ware, and vVearing A?p**el? at the old sla^d. No. ?"l ' street, back of the Nationa* Hotel, |.*tveen iH and 6th ate. d; IK-3m* CCOLUMBIA MAKKKT, Pa. ?*-#w?h, romtt Tkirt'.en'b %t. The rnbaorif-er would moat reapectlul.% itfn'rr the cit:2cniof Waeuinctoa t*a? he hae returned to titr old auarter, where netntendB k?ep'n* a first rate marget in an lia tranche*, aa in times goi.e. he will be i>aeny to greet hie old fnecde and customer*. - ... .V H ?Good* sent free of charge to any part of the cityde :9 C. MALLARD. If OK HOLIDAY PRK8ENT?-C:o?ks.?haw^ r a ?iiki,3;:k Roi>m " " line Dre*a Good* " " " Lac* 8"?a, fine " " Kmbfoi^rnw, " " * Embroidered " M. " Collars, Erobrol" * dered " "* ohiefa. Medium " *' M JL>re?s Goods, low " " * irloe Dr?ii ** an other * " " kinds bry 6o-ds at oar proverbially low prioee, marked in plain figure*. One pnoe only. Ad ioapeotion ot stock implies no obligation to purchase. PERKY A URU., Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t.f de 14 20t " 'orry Hindi eg." SOMETHING NEW-SFPFR/OK HULLED COHN.?The subscriber, having tot tbe Agency to sjpsly Washington and Georgetown with this delioate preparation of Corr.. would respectfully iLflk of hm fn?nda. tn l tho nnhhn At ikrin. to n*? it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and suf ared. WM. BRADLV. A?ent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and I5ti? tie. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monumenta, Tabte Tops, 4.0. A large aecortmeiitawaya on hand. * oo 19 dm Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OY8TER EXPRESS COMPANY la now prepared to furnish Restaurant-, Hotels, Sutlers, and Private Families with / \ FR K>H OVOTERS, by tke gallon or^T\ (mj in oaiia ot all eiaes. The Oysters arrive fresti fruin NwV the waters of the Cbosapeafce Bar. and a*f "f the hest^ua'itr. _ , , TKa ihM4?a Ika HS t pn na *a nf thA itSt. M IIV WUI|MNIJ inTtm Ml* f??l !! ! W VI V*i^ era and the publie u (wurtl, and lutr&utwi a prompt attention to Ml order*. Offioe?t*4 Market ?p?3?, (Arena? floa**,) botvMn 7th and 8th at? no 30-lm tRepnbiioan.1 J TO THK LADIK8! L'LES JOLLIVKT, Ladis< Hairdreaaer, from Pana, juat arrived, iuiorma the la?2>* of Wa?hitfton that he haao?en??i& larie fcM.ortmert of F^llx Heal Dreeaea, Wreath* ard Bridea' Wreatna, the moat aplendid ohoioe of Flowerafor oresswa; aUo. Go d and Chenille Neta. aitkindi of Hair Work : and attend to dreaain* .adiea* hair. 3D street, between 9th and lith._ de >8 Im* TCARR1A6K8. HE Sobaonber having made ad?iiti*na to kit factory, making it now one of the laraeat. qm IP in in ismrioi, wnere ma 5.1 * for in&no factoring CARRIAGES* tiidw^WC LIGHT WAGONS of ?!1 Ticdi cannot b? ?nr passed, and from bis lent exteneooe ia the basiness, ho hopes to give gefiera; ea"sffcotion. A!i kind* of Carnaget and Light Wagons kept on haod. Ali REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second-hand Carriages taken is exchange for aewonea, ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 1* tf oorner of Fourteenth and E sia. piRKME.N'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ~..S?00,00?. OPMMfMr O ttrtm atU Lamaimmm *.. *#? Bmmk tf IfiiittOta insvre 58Jgf|/ip Wr?Ii?op?mTY S?o. Shoemaker, lamae] Kedfera, Hran?l Crop ley, W1) ham \V ileoa, KicJiaro Jonee, John D. Baroiay, Jfco<<: Gideon, Andrew RoUiweiL, TkM Parker. Richard Bam, B. U. French. * Dr.O. W. Dana. No oharce for pohoiae. JAMES ADAMS, President A ML 9. Pa vis. Secretary. an 9-eoaa YWOOP AND COAL. OV Will snreir m/H your maaey'i worth by ailing at the PIONKKB MtLL*&, irmtkwtii w %4f ?ir SwmU ttrMt m*4 OmJ, (GEO. PA??, Acent.) They sell cheaper and kit* better measara than any others in the pity?oal, split, aad delivered free of oharga. If yoa doe t! etiev* . t h Ik. Omnu. Ui'l.alx . _ J I ... -M . ?V ? .W-WVI muw ? W i-hJ \X7iLL.8TKPHBM ft CO., "? Sua Pinmnjiu Atuim, M1 Sl&bLM ?^lS/bVa l AND READY MADE CLOTH1KK8, ?N? ^WP?j?W.&8?NTL"? ?-?f ' ln?l. A Ka??b.> gOUTC IRU t^>j^ lO 8* IT VJLI IMESS&S&SSB frjyiiOL, warn to acid J t mmdjow^r -r?? bu,uibwT M, ^ totor* AirgM la torn ?% wiutkurivfit ??*** uJ-' fH mwiSi^ tmiift % *%. !the weekly star. ?1 > fhK HMi?t rwllv u4 BUI i>nt Wk.*." ? *:**? r?rW*r ?f latwttag wU 1** tku mi be #r?a*3 * ujr ?ttw to p?MI?*?4 Friday worain*. IIAJN?Ow?, MNnaMf, mi twmmt OOpf | pit IIIIBuM(aMM>aSl 0 copta# . # ?!?*? 4 1? M? WlltH 0? Twenty-!** ceptM > It tivvlably eoatalw tk* " WMfclagtM Wiw' Ull hxa mill* 7*. ru.1. ? ? ... - o generally throughout the ecu*fry Single copies (la wrappers) ou fee peeor.red it the counter. Immediately aflat the Issue of the paper. Price?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GEN L INE PREPARATION. ? HIOHLY CONCXirTMJkTMLCompound Fluid Xxtraet Iwkt, A md S?*t*JU Ksmttdf For Disseses of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, ea4 MOP8ICAL SWELLINGS. Tun Madtolae iporsa??* ihe power ef IXceaCioe. ard mc>? tfi? abooebkjiti fnh> hee^taj a^wt. 1*7 wiuvu fcur wjkTKBl !> I HOC I MfOMUPHl iu.d ail r?!?*TrBAi. k*li*?wiaiit? are r Sao*d. M W?ll M PAIS AN? INFLAMMATION, Ui M |ON ' Nf N, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HBLMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCBV For Wf?kn?w? A rial at from Exo^eeee/llabite ?f Dieetp* uoa, Kar'y I'd'eor^on or A*?ea. with tk$ FM?wi*4 Srwyciwif % lndup<>??'tion to Exertion, Loea of Po*n? U>m ul M'morr, Dtfteelty of Breeth'&a , Weak Nervee, Tnpl i ii. Horror of l>>?ra"?, WitofiT jiimr.Mi of Vi?ion, Tan tc t?? Be~k, Univ*rta' LutiUMof the MiioiktrniMk. Hot HfcixK F!??li?| of UtH/'f. Dryi:e?e of the "kin. E^tioae on tte Fa?? , FAI LID COVUnWABCC. Theee ijmn mi. it a owed to 10'vr. *l?.o? Uu medioin# lnv&n&Mv rimnrM. aona ta Iawi 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC P1T?. In mm of wkiek tk* Pmtimt m*f Km.f In. Who oan ur t-a* th#y ?r? sot fctlowad by those "Diurn d:?ba?b?," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mil! are i?kri of the mim of tbotr MArm, bct mom will cokrkm. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE AS YLUMB And tk* Mtlmntkohi D*nt\i fry . beak iMPLl VITRU* TO Til tftvts OF tvs A???ETIOW. the s?rT^,j?uoriWcH?MBr,~ Require* the aid of nedieiae to atre?fth?i ?*d Invigorate the 8y?Ua whioh HELM HOLD'S EXT* ACT BUCIJC imrmnmt bAmt k TtUl WILL COJIViKCl THI *0?T (KKmClL. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES. OLD OR YOURS, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTKMi'LAXlNtJ N< k RiAGfc, In Ma*f Ajf *?<?*! Ptcuitmr u tne Extract fiucfiu it Kueasalled by any ether w rdj, &? id t'blorwfi or Retectioa, Imgiilanty Paitifu.i)***. or SnprreMioD of Caatowtary Ktmuatiooe. t' oeratea or !4chirroii* state of Ut Uterii. UkwrrhH "*r White*. Sterility. for Ml' f I? urom^Hi "' i. - mmm WMMM WnH^ Ircbi iudiaoretiou. Habita of or ia U* DECLINE 0 *7 rWAJVO* OF LIW r*l liMfTOH 4K1VI. NO FAMILY 6H0ULD BE WITHOUT IT. 7mm *0 ?t?r? fr+l?am, Mfrwp, or Diyiiiwt Mtdtomt ft* Lfmj-Uatmtu mm4 iMmf?r?ms DlfMHI. UELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BX7CEV CCftU SECRET DISEASES lr aii their 91mm; At littta Hiihi^ UtUie or no on?cie in Diet; No umifmiiiin And tu a^Tf'ttn. it ugm a fre*u?nt deeiro a??d triree etreacUi to Lrinate, thereby R?ni->TiC| uWbaeuoto. Prevd&ting and Curing Striotoree of the Urethra. Allaying ram and IiIikiiuBl, ?< f re* uent is tbe olui of taeaaee. Ma expe im| tl fotlotKmt, ?..??*. J, a*d iwr* tr?i JMauer. THOUSAND* CPOf THOCdRM ITHO //itrs BEEy THK VICTIMS OF QUACKS. "? ad who have pakl hioe?/ *? to booarau in a ihort ume, nave found Uity were deceived. aad Uat tae poieo!*'' haa, by the uae ?r"oowwAif mhaieilr J boon dn?d up in the eyeto*, to break oat ta as MI (rarateo form, aad n f? r? t ? n<? 4 l ? ? w% ? ? * fAAiU/O 1/iAA ?4AJLU?#? Mil I* J 0?f HELMBOLD*8 EXTRACT RVCBV all affoctiom anl dneuM of tba rHI*ART OftSiM, whothor exiatimt ta MALE OR fKRALI, froni vhatoror oauao oncinatamc aad bo nattar at HOW LOR? ITARDIHQ. Dimmm of tfeooa OrfaA* ro*alre tao u4 of I Of nnic. HELM BOLD'8 EXTRAC1 BUCBV IB THE GREAT DIURETIC. and it la oortain to bare tk? dooirod afoot ta DiiOUM/tr wtwA ii ll r*c*mwkrmt?d. itdiici or in MoaT utroiniu a? ??LIA.BLB CSAAACT** will!aceon>KBT tha madioiaoa. CBRT1FICATB8 OF OUEK8. ^ Fto?I to it rwrTeWaatai w"fc n,"kcffijNc^Ai<t> ruu. "PHYSICIANS" Pit ASK m NOTICE" T1 Bill "?0 IIC1JT ' or ' IDSKIDIUn ' HELMBOLIFS EXTRACT ?UOHb laoompoeed of Kaohn,C?h?beaod J ameer K*inm selected vtth |rMt owe by t ovn patent *f?n at PREPARED Zlf TdCUO, BT H. T. UELNBOLD, Prtetia&l and An&lrtioaJ Chemut, and Sole M*-? afaoUrer of HKLMBOLD'8 GENUINE PRXPAXATIOW^ AFT1DA TIT. ^ SSWAtrSTrtSfff. T-mzssts being d?)y rvcm, dotk ray. Ma ?m tarn no mrntiM, m wrairr.or otMr injinoai b*1*" "Tr IILUOLD. AMormaa, Ninth aC. Mot* 1m?, HU1*. FHYSICIANS IK ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A M TO F. M. PrlM 91 ft tottU, MriitMll. MiTtrtd to My iMrta, WW^ n>li< tnm NMnrtbMi ^ H. T. HILimTlUi< ! D*f>oU 1M Boitt TmU<U Mow CkMiM, nut HKWAU OF OOWTttlini AJfD VKFMUfCirLMD DMALMM8 who wdMror to 4i?foM "of IMtr ow?" u4 "ottm" uUeiM on r*pbiMM>& ?w.lk vr fix IK ftMftB, ft tt hri^arflb, m M Jtmrmmd Mmt m**k ' U4 h B. B. Wiiii, ft. Ik tuba, /on Woji. ft. c. Foit, ft ft. ftarwwtL*. ft n AL&jo*. ftivwau. ft bvuwi. ft Nun WMhiBftoa m4 ft?Mi?mrv |1*I> AL1. VMVGV18T9 WTMMYTWMMM. / UK 10* UUKMn. 'i uii fo om r lj . ' ' < fiSr " '* I