28 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

28 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I .. I THE MAR. HOX s tnvLon rripes. t>eSTROTiH? CRICHT*. ^ will tell jom how i cot rid of bandrari*. hy near* of a ooiiQiun nb:.? glased j%r, aboat ^iat ?r ten inches high, pat id the place they , infest, with a slic?j or two of cajotuber in It. t nd one lire cricket m s cfrcoy They wilt hoc ?j?. and ?trsnge tn ?*y bare not the power to nop nut Wbm the jar is one-third full of : h?T? it filed with boiling water I ' got rid ?f tfceoi hv this sirepte method. Black Bailee may be doatroyed in the same , way; hat the j*i should be roc^h oatside, ao j that tb? insecta cub creep up. With a jar of * this kind, glased with white inside, we hare seen a great quantity destroyed, without any bait or decoy , the beetles, from enrioaity, or soma other motive, creep in, bat cannot creep ; oat &4*in. TO PRM* *G??Pt,A!CT. Parboil the egg-plains till tbey become Heft. 11 then eat them in h*lf lengthwiee. Scoop oaf 11 the inside. leaving thetkin whole; take half of < ? email oak>a to about -even egg-plant*, with | k?lf A found of batter. hb<1 put tbem over the 35re in a pot for a few moments; tbau mix with j it half a good-si t?d loaf <>{ bread which Ims fceen soaked in milk; mix it all well tcgother, put in aalt, black and red pepper, ind a little parsley, and lot it .<tew en hour Then tako ome graUi toft^t and ?trew ?rer it, and put it for half an hour over the c >*1? on a griairor., then foiar? the mixture to the shell*, aud serve them. TO MACT! TATKR riRKPBOOF. To do thte. it is on?y ne^esenry to dip tb* paper ra a strong solution of alum water, end wh?n thoroughly dry, it will renist the action f flame Some paper requires to imbibe more of the solution than it will-take up at a single immersion, aod when tbia i- the cue, the probata must be repeated uniii it becomes thor ughly saturated. CLI451N6 YARBLK One quarter of * pouud of pe?r2-??b, ?>ue C?aoJ of'oft soap, and >hre? quirts of nfer; >11 for three hoar*. thrr H>>ttl? it. When u*?<!, mil sons* with whiting into a pn.?te, ( proud it upon the marble, ami let it remain for a day. than wa/h it off. Warm the p&ite before you um it. TO KEV ?60 FkAXT. Cut the egg plant into slices quarter of an ineh thick; lot it lie for several hours in sailed water to remove the tit it r t**to. Heat a small quantity of butter; when very bot, put in the *J>e?; turn tbem whoa one aide is djne. Let 1L 1- ? ?u?iu own m^roa^aij. wixtih ngrasn. Thi? requires rather mure boiling than the ? jammer kind. Pure it, cut it ia pieced. take out toe ?eed? ani airings, boil it ia a very little water till it ia quite tfoft. Then press out the water, ma*h it, and add batter, salt and pepper to yo?r taate. From half to three quarters of ."a hour will generally snfSce to cuak it. prittkfs. Boil six parsnips tender: then skin and muh them; mix with tbem one or two egg? well beat n. and two tesspooufuls of wheat fi?ur. Make ik._ ? ??? ? i * -- - ui' >u up id 7DJIX1I canes, an-i iry mem in a li'.tlo I?ri or Mel gravy, made bailing hot before the cakes ?rr pat is. A little salt <bcn!d be added to the lard or gravy. arCoLmaca ?The Cairocorrespondent of tta? t^itclBiiati Commercial, under date of th? 234 in??a't. wyi: Tbe rrpor*.i :n regard to so attack on N?w Orlean* br the Federal fleet, and tbe eon*?q lent MTUbdrawa: of four or IIvr rcgln.enia from Coium* to-:* ara a l?rne portion of their jjjnbosta, is now vtewf?d by ail pa'tlr* b^re a* a ru?e on fhe {irtof tile reOels AaUuuitlc %cceaats fr.>sa Colutbi:s contradict these rrpv.ru. >u re^lm?*nU ut ^unboata have be*-? withdrawn frcui Colamhus I-uur!*en guilts t? a.-e *r1?>? tfcere?two 'with r uus. on the brace a?<\A Hit j * ? * ? ?... . j? . i i ii!iu *?r :mailiry I ?a:cjnt m> over 4,uoo rffrctlve nun. I heir lsrti batteries in ail amount to 1J0 guns, nil of heavy calibre?the unsIMt of which It the la-t and oalt?rv cf 3? p??rd~'" The portion of < tae Cfca:k Btoffa above Coiumbui, is ? semicircle, ^JliUd'ng itie river wtlh ait immense and tremend -s eir.uonadlair force B'tt wbetber thla erlidlan fire will reta a our fl jMHi is ea yet e matter to be There are seven* stubborn lacta to be overcome o the pa'* the r?b-Is at that point First we | hay* theb'st artillery In the world, made from the latest improvement* of naval cannery. *-c- < ?*ily?we have the flaeet naval < ffl ers and gun- | sera in toe wo-:d. who never fire a^an nntt I ibey Mt the ranee Thirdly?we b-.-? vessels tbat They may Ire away at for a day or a Week, and ^ have no 'effect ae them Tbetr disadvantages are thaae: 'hey have not ta their possession a piece of artillery that ta worth anything. extern the Vn.ted dtatea eannou wu ch th<-w atole frorr the Govern rr.ect. All the caniiou cut in Tenn*eaee , are unaaf-, after & few dlachargta The metal oft, the men who made tbtan are Inexperienced taecbanl-a and ne ginner eauataul by tte:n with cm (Ideate in bli own aafetf. Ohio wines and brandies. 1 Hanoc reoeived aconaif nmsnt of Zrmm*rm*wn # C? 't C.ncmnau OtimCatawtta Wineaand B-anSeaiVo U)a;?iurd offer to UroxciaU, ti-uoor*. otai and Sai'xjn Keepera, *o , DRY CATAWBA W1NB. Light and Ptroc* ? t^e former in boxea for tab!* I aNi aad tne alter m oaii farra a for mixioc auJ oookiCC purpo ??a. BWCKf CATAWBA OR LADIK9' WINE, \ in barrela and tia f harreia, for table me?a very , aapersor article for the hrrtieajs. CAT! *BA BRANDY, an nnaarpaaaable atimniar t ?nd vary njefui for Brand* Puaea. I.YLK k. COFFIN, de 18 '.in &? l.oaiaiana a'tnna. ( W A CARD. K Are bow prepared to execute all o:Jera i prcropt j, hawm< lavie extensive arran^emente ta < i&ertaaa o?r mamfaatory beavy ordera havirg detayeU aa in tteir execution. Cvn.piete ontfifa oaa aow he delivered ii &re 3a made la the beat atyie. WALL, BTKPHKINH ? CO., wl>> < Pcna. av., between 9th and loth ata. |^EW AH D UUBI1FUL! a en vivtu ? inn o I KM ii I J?*t rw*iT?d from New York ? ry o&oioe iwmuoi of tk? !oi owinc food*. Xi,? &tMntiOQ of thoM in Waat i* *oiiei ao. PAfKKHA Nbi NQS M Pi'lo--*. B?d Kuomi, VtatibuiM, D: l d* Room*. *nc CeiUnj*. Gold Bud ad otaer atjLa* t*( _ _ WINDOW SHADES. Sfcad* Lino* and Trimmin**. P\et*/s Loop*, Tiuel) sad Cord*, bu*d? * nrd* and TunIi. SfJTTKKSSKS A y L) CUdHONH Of %t| .!???" ptioaa, .n* ! V? otdor. t>?OL?T**V Woil i>D PtPUIC'ilK, 1* ft.i it*aim?.y ?>. *x*ca'*i ir(iust!t. *t n? ?_LJ'Lnvst Posfik t Prut) - *~r ***** K J. ROTH ROCK ttocse-fcrntshinq goods xi at okkatlt redccbd rates. For 8? e by CORTLAN A CO , at 916 4 81- balttxosi st., baltimore. T?b C*tM<7, a.t*?? Albj.* Ferka, Pl?t*i Tt P#t?, URi kj, _ Waiter., CoitNrtvi, .nutjrtoffe, ' i Cuofc.' KotTM, . 1 c>'iw . l**., n??ni?. l D"k,V^ ?"??'" i ,,e fdTcme*-,,. __ fr^?- p**~ * * ++f ('HfffA. ' 11-JMW WiltT ?>w vtaUBi UJ> of a'w Al ^* 1?Uoa ?? 3 Wo* | * * id ? wocdw, ^b,?r,7T HORPTTAL n cam'ermity ?1th tit r? / tU 5imI? 7?i| II, 1981 it Stmmmrf (rirfiUW, Dtt. *2A. Id U S Infantry 'JO 5th Penn Volantcvrt. 4 Ith do 4 ?th do 4 Sth <!n do 1 Ptfi An do ? 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 HtU do do 1 M Vermont S'otvrteura I iMfc 4* dn.k.... 1 I'll do do.... 9 98th do oo...... 1 III - i 1 - ? " 1 ? ? * * r*u .Tiiiiw<i<ju<i?rti TUI.. I -i'ZQ. CIO <10#?*oe? 1 l*t Rtcd- Maud Art. 3 45(h do do 6 Ith do do.. 1 Sjil do do 3 Stb Connecticut Vol.. 4 l(4Chdo do '2 2d New York Vol (a) 1 1st do Artillery... 5 do do.... 111st do Rlflpi ...... 1 IVh do do.... I 'M do Cavalry.... 1 17th do do.... l**1?.b do do U liuib do do.... l|5th do do 1 (Ut do do. (ft) Ijllth do <16 1 ?d do do....i|Mt do Reserve.... 1 TM do #do.... 1141 b do do 1 Ml do _ do,... 1 .(ith do do...(c)l S7th do * d->.... l|WUi do do 1 &?1h do do.... '211st Michigan Vol 1 toll do do.... 1t?tb do do 2 71Mb do do.... i;2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 4d New York Cavalry. Lidlh do dt).*..lU tiu do do.... 1Mb d? do....17 Van Allen Cavalry... 1 KxcelMcr brigade.... V! MneidaOonntvCavalrv 11 1st Penn. Vctoiriferr*.'. l| Total.... .*......154 I ( ) One otflr?-r. (*) One officer. (e) One officer. At Qentrnl Hospital, Pm? Hole', tomer Briilgt anJ Waskixrton struct, Ot0rg'to*en, Pee. SO. 14th Ne* York Vol.... >|3dV?rnnontVolanteen 12 kith d*i . *111 jtb rto do.... 1 Ifr'.h do Jo 114th Rhode Uland Vol. 1 19th do do 215th Connecticut vol.. 1 20th do do l|5tb New Jerwy Vol... 2 tfJd do do 3iHtb do do.... 1 !25th <!" do...... 2;l?t M'rhi^?n Vol 1 UTt'i do rffitt.ii. 1''2d do do...... H V tti do do...... sjlth do do...... I .*<d do do...... "J'^d Wisconsin do ? Vth do dOw..... l,5?h do do...... 1 3T'.h d*> do...... t:ut Minnesota do...... 1 40d do d_ 4i 1st California do...... 1 4lth do do '*[ 1st Kicelelor Hrli;ad??. 7 46th do do ij'M do do.... 1 50th do do S 3d do do.... ? 5?d do do liltb do do.... 1 euk Ji ? J- * '**? * ""' tfitu uii uu.mmi I am do flO.#t? 3 SA'.h do do 3 1st Maryland Vol 1 5*th do do 2 lit Indiana Rifle* 1 TV ill do do 1 Stockton's Mitu Vol. 4 do do 1 Garibaldi Guarda 1 ad P?nn. Volunteers . Z be Kalb tth do do 1 New York Minted fl'h do do...... 2 Rifles 1 Tth do do 1 '2d Penn. Cavalry 3 ?'.*a d > do a 3d do do I la?h do do 11 id New York Cavalry 1 ?ld do do It Cameron Dragoon*... 2 *6tfc do do l'Harrl*'l.igtaf Cavalry 3 a?th do do I|4th Rhode Island Art. 1 ?tb do do a 4d U S. Artillery 1 t'lth do do a 11th do do 1 45th do do...... 3 5th do do t 45th do do 2 1st New York Artillery 2 5.'d do do 1 Mott's Battery........ 1 HHtL do do 1 Engineer Corps 1 .t i > - ? * ? ta voiunTetr*.. V Houie Guard*, 1). C.. 1 3d Nf-wHairpubireVol 2| 'id VermontVoiunteer* 3j ToUi. 149 XI Horrital a' Cotambia* CciUgt, Watkmgto*. D" -20. 4th I' H Cavalry 1f2d B;rdaa Sharpa'rs.. 2 5tb do d" *J; i?tNew Jer?eyCavalry 1 <d M?!aeVolunteer*.. Vjid do ' Vol.... 1 7th do do I (3d do do.... 1 tfth do do 1<8th 4m do.... 1 lito do do ? 7ih do do.... l 2d Vermont Volu::teere ljltt Penn. Artuiery.... 3 1'h do do.... 411 ?t do Oavalrv 3 lfitfc>"s???clsn??tuVol 114tb do do I Rbodr Island Buttery. 21'Jarlaa'e Cavalry 1 ut Lt>n^ lsl^:.a Vol .. lhr Penu Volunteer*.. 3 1st New York Artillery lj3d do do 11 Hamilton Artillery... '-2.4th d<? do...... 1 Ko< ky Bittaliou 2 8th do do 2 i.? N; t? i??.-?? ?? ? or? >.dTnirv lilJIU flo ?lo I Tib d?> do.... '/''^3d do do...... 1 t-tli do dt*.... u i"2Tth do do...... 3 Haitit CanltT d* do. 1 13*h New York Vol.... l|5'id do do......14 17th do d9..i?.llji1d do do I (rid do do...... l;S3d do do 1 Uid do do...... 1 *>th d<< dc i 3?th do do 111st California Vol 'i J7*h do do 3Ohio Cavalry I 4ld do do f^iU llllno'.t Cavalry... 9 llth do do 3i!*turgl? Rlflen 1 Slth d? do Ij2d Wlarontln Vol... 4 Hith do do 1.5th do do.... 1 77th do d?.,?... 1 kth do do.... 1 79th do do ljUOJlouMtlVol 1 H? h do do alUt M!chlgaaC?v..(?) 1 Andtraon Zouave*.... I'3d do Vol 9 lit Kirrlftnr ?>i"iA -*- J '' ? ? - ?" O Id do OU.... I itli do do...... tl l>e Km!b N. Y Vol ... I -<ta do do V Lincoln Cavalry...... 1 Stockton's Mich. Voi. 1 MeClellan's Dragoons 2 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Cameron Dragoon*... 8 linelda.N V Cavalry, lj Total 1M4 (a) One "fleer. At W?iwta; (fWris.) Warktrngiom, Dec. 2u. Dffl ers and Med >tstf 2. Uh Rhode Island Vol. 1 Enjjln^rs tj"?'h N Y (Irlsfc) Vol. 5 1st L H Carrtiry a '1st D C Volnnteers.. 1 11 dv> do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 1th do do U-id Vermont Volunteers 1 5th do do V 4th do do.... 1 5ia do do. 6,2d New York Vol... '2 1st do Artillery.... StWh da do.... 9 nj -a - ? - 1 ju wr ao.... .... l;il& do do.... 3 I Ith iio d? 1 24th do do.... !i Sta do do 5 4Ub do do.... 3 *?t do infantry..... 2 15th do do.... 1 2d do do 7!2<t New York Cavalry. 1 3d do do 9! I Ith Maine Volunteers i tth do do i'/th do do.... 1 Sth do d? a id Pfnn. Volunteer* . 3 7tb do do l|stb do do I ith do do 3 Mu d'l R?servp.... 1 '^h ila do... I 5th N. Hampshire Vol.10 lO.b do do 2 ttuariermaater's Dep't t Cameron Dragoons... I S-ampflMd'sN V Vol. I Total IW l?t K hode ls'and Vol.. 1 At Wtk District Sck?*i Nm?i Hospital, firanrk o/ Ut*eral Jlo-j'tttl on K strut, Dtt. 20. 3d Michigan Vol 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... t Wt t xeeiaior Brigade. 1 ?n Pean. Cavalry .... 1 5th Rhode Inland .... 1 Ohio Cavalry (una!) . 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 2dU- 8. Cavalry I l*th PeciitvlvanlaVol. 1 6th do do I 101th do do.. S| ? U C Volunteers II ToUl ? At bt. Kt\aa+<H HorpUtl, EtUUrm Branch, D?rtmbtri 1. 4tb Kxrelator Brigade. 3 1Mb P?-nn Volunteer!. 1 2?1 Jo do l[.r?7tb New York Vol... 1 let do do,.... 1 tilat do do.... 1 53d P?"?n Volunt?fra.iy Ut Penn Reaervt-..,. I rta Ne\? York Vol... *2 l?tNew York Artillery 1 MUi do do.... l id do Cavalry. 3 35th p?nn Voluntee a. I e".h do do.... 1 5tb Vermont do 7 M!cb!^in lodt Vol... I 59:b New York Vol... 1 Kx<"??U'.or Art Battal. 7 ?4d do do.... 'J Hrickel'a Art. ttattal. 3 SltthPeun Vol'inteer*. 3 Cameron RIflea 2 59iq do do...... I HarriaLight Cavalry. I Sth New Jeraey Vol... 1 ? 5*2d Pennaylvaiila Vol. & Total...., 7<J 41st New York Vol... 2| Sick rtmaiaimg ia tht Hospital for Bruftir* iMt-ds t, at Ealorama, iMt. 30. i<\ L 8. Infantry 3 Htb Penn. Voluoteera . l Btli do Cavalry U 43th do do 1 7tn Maine Volunterra . ft 32d do do 1 *d Verment Vi>lu?t*?ra 1 53d do do 1 UtbMu^rb'ittttiVol I slat do do...... 1 lat New York Aruilery CjtOlthdo do 5 2d do Cavalry . *2 Ut Michigan Cavalry . 3 Mb*' do do ... l[:M do Vol 1 14th New York Vol... 1 7th Wlaconata Vol.... *2 Mth do do ... fe 19th Indium Vol 4 77th do do.... 1 ? I at Pna Volunteers . 3 Total SI At fftatral Htpift, AUzmndria, Ike 90. Id Malar VolMtaen. * 7Vtb New Yerk Vol .. i Mb <1? do Silat Newjeraej1 Vol.... I Sth do do S ?th do do.... 8 Ith Vermont Vol 18 llthPenn Cavalry ...I* I'lrnmn KIIm . it ttih do Volunlwi* . 4 Id Fire Zoanrm ...... 1 30ib do do 2 1st New York Cavalry 1 3M do do 12 Lincoln Cavtlnr 1 t*tb do do .... I >'t? .V?r York Vol... 7 40th do <Lu 1 13 It do do.... 1 65th do Ptrv Zouavea * ISth do do....45 Hit do Volunteer* . 2 I7tt? do do.... 6)8Btb do do 3 lifth do do.... 4 Wtk do do...... 3 !9ffa do ao.... 6 lOfi'hdo do 5 fckh do do.... 5 27th Indiana Vol 92 Mtb do do ( ) 8 1st Minnesota Vol I 17th do do (6>St id Michigan Vol ..(4)13 Mki do d#. . 7 9d - do do......10 list do do.... ? 3th do do I Wd do do.... 6 1st Maaaarbnartta Hmt. I 17th do do.... 4 *d do Vol .W teth do do.... 5 Hth do dn..l0 juth da Jrevai..io fisi u?? an..,, i voi...,iu * id do do.... 1 4tL 0 9 Infkntry..., 4 tat tii do.... x ?? *U ?h> . *? ... I Tolal..A!j.33$ (?)Om?ftow. (i) (<)0M?A4?r. !<' 0?? oAeer " i % _ * -, - 11 Inshmm* Hftjifl (Paunt OJUt ), WilUmm, bt, 1>M!I 1Mb Indian* Vol. .(?}41 llth Maine V?luntwr* f ' 97tto d* do...... S t?t WeUMoCinlnr. C Id <U C***iry . 4 t?t New York Art..(ft) 8 , Md P*?a. "Volunteer*. 4 7ih do CiniryS l*t Btnlan Bb*rp*>r* . 4jt7tt> do Vol.... 1 Id do do 1 ? 1 4th Rbcdf laiand Vol. 1| Total 80 < ) One officer. (b) One officer { " r (!T Waahlngton paper* please oopy tad tend < bllla tothf War Dfpartront dec 5J7?3t < PERHAM'9 GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YOEK AND BOSTON. i EXCURSION TICKETS From Balttaere te Boatea, and ??. turB, enlr 913.90 Ta ISVn? Vark aaH r?tava K.OO Tuk'U good to leave Bealtixore from the Depot of the Northern Crut a! Railway,on Calvert etr^et, j p>uing over the N-rtbern central Railway. I,?hano i ValW, Eart Pennsylvania, L'hirh 'sy.aud < entr? Itai'road of New Jersey to New Yo'r,ac<l < fpimNf* Vn k o Bottcn hy the Stoning ton Line, I kaviug New York !>; tea steamer* Commonwealth ar1 Pin.ouih Mock, at4 o'o.ook p. m.,oe any diy, I (Sardaya exeoepted.) lTP TO JANUARY SI, IMS* AN*D TO k*Tr?!? BT SAM* *0PTK ON OA BEORE MARCH let. . (f7* Ticket* for*ale to VVa*hi-?ton. D C.,at the ^ N& ;H?al Hote't pi Baltimore, at the l>?pot of the Northern Ceahni Railway, Calver* ?tn?et, at Baruum's Hotel, fcataw House, ar.i bilmor Uobh. , Two throoch Trains daile fron Raltimorw u, ' New Vnrlt, leaving Baltimore H.i5 a. m. and 8J? 1 p. nu T > ooacMt witb thee? traiaa. pa*aencera < rr>>m Waelunion nm?t loave in u?e6 a m.and5 i p. m tiaiua. , ID" AM oomm<?nioati?na in retard to the Kxenr ioD must l>? addressed to JObtAH PKRHAM, I National Hot"'. Washington, U C ,hi? headquar- < lers. H" will nlto b* r^reaccted by his a?a?n< at Barnum'a Hotel. BVtimore; l,ovejny?? Hotel.New , Yrtrk. a^J the *iiaiji? Hcaaa, Boston, hia headquarter* in tfe<>?? citio". ?!<? 2n l*r? r?n i viLT IE. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Cn*M *'! Venerial fhseaaea permanently and quinkiy, without the of du*n sting or poiaonoua drug* of an? kind. l\o cotinc or interference witli buaineaa C?.>BKuUattoDB 1 r?e, It is b\y ir.c qmta enough in it* favor, when T say 1 t'-at mv praotioe is that wluoh ia in use in all the N<"* Y^rk cilt hospitals. New Vork City College and Hospital Testimonials furumhed. Lviita wi<h Whitea and Diseases ot the Womb oared mud saved a consumptive's grave by mj treatment. Thr-re is r-otiting offmsirt or dttameablt in toy part of t! e treatment. 1 All curee warraiUd, or money refu* ded. Comma, ications in writ ng, with return stamp. , promptly attended to. Medtoinr-e for t av. lera and others packe<l, with full inatructions for nee. and warranto" Ofioe-Hnonrfjo mv<? incto" Bni'ding, Penn. i aveni" and Seventii .<t., Wasmtgtun, i>. C. dejfl-ly _____ <JEN ERAL ORDER. ( Navt Dkp*ktmb*t. December 2\ 1WL Thz Navy Pir*aiM?*T fas a rende*vou?for shipping ir.en at each of tha following p!ic?i: K' lUmoatH. New Hampshwd Kceto arUNew liocf jrd. MasrtotriseHs. New York Pitiiftde'ptii* and Erie. Pennsylvania. Hail more, M?ry!-n.<; an > Wuhing'oa, L'ibtnet of ColnmH'a. I'Mmen, o'dmary aeartir-c and lai.usioea who n t >e usuai tnrteon'a examination, by p'*??ct* in? thniMflv^R R thft r?sidor.oa. with an oisial o*rtific4t? from the citr or to* n cl?rk ?igr.if?ii;n tbtt they aro rndanii ar.1 have "xfT'na^l a <le?!re to leave f> enter the i nav?, wili he reofived on the following terms t 1st. An allowance ol th^es ceLts a mile for trav?'- | he? expente*. jl. Anad*anoe *?f tkr?- most** to -*amen and i t rdinarj seamen, iml of two months to ia~dsraen. 3). I'ermiu on to *ave an aiiotmout of h*l;-p?j to their families, t > ot mmecoe the date of their enlistment l To f> ot board ship m tboi' or'nia^r ololhe*. 1 where an ootfct will be furnished and charted as par list, beinc the presect prises, *1*: One p<*? j^oket.............. . ~.$ll 00 One pair b u* oloth rowsers 3 >9 l One tin* flanoel ^vfiebirt - - Iff Two under flannel shirt*. I tj T vr> pai rr WOo'len draws S i6 ?n ? mattwa. ..... . 4* Two blankets .. 3 90 On* seaitiiess cap. 100 One bla^k silk hanJkerouiof 1 00 Si 71 The pay of pe ttj officers arera**s l** to $ts per moth. 1 T he p\T of seamen..... ft 19 ner month. 1>V orair.Ary te&mrr.u. 14 do. Uo. landtmeL? _ 13 do. i And lood found. No landtinau will be allowed to t?k? the becpfll of this rrcnlat oo who has not been four irouthi at a?a or onthe lakes or nvera GIDKON WKLLE8, de 34 eo t 8 oretary of the Navy. 5(52 8KVBNTH 3TRKKT. 5fi2 ' AH MY OFFICKltf* AND CONTRACTORS TAKE NOTICE. < J nut arrived sm Windows of 9sah, of all aiiaa, auoh a?!,3, 4,6,5 /,a,^,lnard 12 light ?a?h,juat the thing (or barraoka, ard for nale ci.oap by H. W. HAMILTON, ! A?ent for Northern Manafaoturera, No. Itk st-.trno. CtnttT Marie t and t? tit rear /M'tr't Wtni, Lienor and Cigar Store, 4?W eo2 L Towm J. M. Town*. J.B. Towm. ' L. TOWMtS A. COm STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING E8- I TABLISIIMENT, 1 Comer Louniana nvtnue and Sixth St. T<1 1 .i?i HID BI'CUII'UUI tii9 im 'moil ooiDinnnicy 10 spectfnliv invi ed to the New Book and Job Priflt- I int K.tdiiit- '.ment, which hu boon fitted up With I new material, id the most complete manner. is now i prepared to execute, in asatiKfaotory stjle, every variety of Prmtini, vix: Books. Speeones. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, 8ot'ers' Blanks, to ,tc. Tlie altertion of members of Congress is espeeia y requested for oar facilities for printing Speeohes, ?s we have the larttst steam power in 1 the city. de7-law6ro THIS IS TO OIVK NOTICE. That the subscriber hath obtained from 'he Orphans' Court of Washincton County, in the District oi Columbia, letters tes'ameniary on the personal es tare < f?sinn?! Kainey, late of Washington oounty, aoresvd ui-ceased. All persons bavins claims ruatr.st the said dooeased are hereby warned to exhibit the saire, with the vouchers thereof, to 1 the subsori ber, on or before the twenty sixth dav of November next; rher may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this twentv-sixth day of Novett her, 1361. LUCY B. RAIN BY, , <le 18 hxecutni. ( HP B IS IS TO GIVB NOTiCE. Thst the snbsori- 1 I ber hath obtained from the Orphans' Court of W'ashmitoncoKfiy.tn the District of Columbia, < Utters Us'anienLary on the personal estate of Jobn Hhreve, late of Washingt n oountv afiresa.d, de- , ceased All per sou a having o'airns against the Mia un?e<s<>a are neri'jy warned to exhibit the itm't with tt? vuuohera thereof. to the mbaeri , ber, on or before the eeveuth day of December

ncjst; thny mar otherwise by ll? be exoluded from aU benefit oi toe a?id fe?t&t*. , Git>b uuddr wr hand tbia aeventh da? of J>eoem- . t>er, 18*1. MARY ELIZABETH SHREVK, Uea Iaw3w* _ Executrix. Cloaks: cloaks:: ' CLOAKS!'! We have at laat received the la g? aaeortmeut of beautiful #ty:e Mtee\e O.oaka. in Beaver. Trecu and French Clothe Ijadlee wi'l plea?e eall early. 1 AY LOR it HUTCHISON, de ! -*?Bt No. 48 Center Market Sp*oe. HEAVV WOOL MOSK, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS.ao/ARMY ?HIRT?, at 3*4 ' Ha avenue, back room) or i) atreet, between 9th and nth de4 tf pENSlON OFF ICR, jmm ?th, 1?61. TO ALL WHOM FT MAY CONCBRS, Aapnoation having haaa mace uuder tee aet of i HI Ju. r. 1S60, for the reiaaue of the Land War- \ ranta desc-ibed herein, whi :ii are allied to have . been loat or deatrpved.notio* la hereby mven, that , at the date following *he -'eaonption or eaoh War ' rant, a new Certifioata, of lika tanor, wiil be ib?ued. if no valid objection ahaui thea appear , "i,o<n. iur in am*,!!' n'Q nnuer ins ut of March, IM. in the MM of Haunah, widow of Jubm W iison, and granted on the ?<h day of Fab- t raarr. 1867 ?December?, 1981 No. t?4rsso, fur IV ?or*;, i*?u*d under the net of .March. IMS. in tne nam* of Martha. widow of Andrew Mellon, and granted on the 1Mb day of A evil, 1W6-December 2'. 1*1. No. ajf*w. for too aor?*. isaaed nnder the not of March, IM6. in ttfh name of g&mnsl R J&ekwav 1 an t granted on t^e let day of A?gU't. l&SS. 1 No. 9 M.for lte acres, leaned unde?- the aot of. Musli, libk. in th- name of William R Tarranoe. . and granted on Ue 13th day of Jnly, IMS.- Decern berfl.UM. ? , No. KM, tor w am, teased nnder the aot of ' September MO. in the nam* of Levi Treadweli, and granted S*? ember 9th. tan. , No 31,nag, fo- go aerea. leaned under the earn* aot. la the na:ne of Abel P!atta. and granted Norember , ?th. ltel -Deeeniher a. IMi. 1 No 72 SM for l?n aoree, i?aed under the aot of , March. 186j, in the name of Thomae Johnson and grant ad nr tne 9tli day er Uffteraber, 'Ml.?Jan nary 4,1ML \sf ,n? "?'r?-'tiSS3*?. ' ~ f I viouiiLi Aire utia d*al** si I?r4nn 4 if imtiiil ! >? ?( > Ill 6?v?ts bunt J Mm* ri.MMW,|M. I??t ?M CUMfr* Jf?rW.> WASHINGTON, D. O. Ht Btoek wbnm raur Artie in for Arnr fw? I pom ; mok vftiok ?r* u? foiloviag: < Can?l Btrrowa, *o?a. Whael Buruvi, Aim, rraoka?hflAryaod light, Piok*, brind"tOBM, Uatobau, Snnditone Fixtnroa, *awb, fcrvla, r.okB&ndlM, Ulaokim th Toole, Ax-HAadea. partaku l'ama. d.m.. ??v1^ k, i viMi>' v i i>i|c?, naiin U1 UIII'W) ramp Stores, Forks Letter Presses, Shovels, ' Powde' ami Burglar Spades, , Proof Wrought iron Log Chan*. Boxes, Halter Chains. Fire and Burglar Proof 5tb Chains, Hftfes, Traoe Chains, Horse Powers, Swingietrees, Portable Ov?ns, Haraes, Horse Buokets, Carry Combs, Water Buckets, Cards. Measure#, Rand Carta, Ptabl* Lanterns, Fairbanks' Scalse?Hay, Cut Nails. Pla'forra, and Counter, Wrought Nails, Butchers noaies. Horse-shoe Naila, Butcher Knives, Wrenches, Boo* Irooa. Wsfin Jacks, Itrap Iron, ke. Ae., pz Yokes, ?ort?t>'e Milts for Grind- 1 Large Plows, Ao , Ae., ir? Horae Feed. Hay and Staw Cu.teis, Hnoninery t-fa'1 kinds. i Porn Sheilers, ^ del?-eotW I SMITH A BROTHER'S , PALK CHKAM A L, K > SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, i PORTER ahd XEtf VORK BKOWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN a e na ? am .? ? ? -* ? ? ? ^ &L.&S wb urawi rrom trie uhuiucbt dakLEY MALT HOPS, and highly MNMd by ihOM who have ?Md t.ieu. Parehaaara arc ralUMted to rail and examine oar eapartor *00*, uanred that they will find the BEST and PURR ST irtielea. We have At aM timea a large atook ready for delivery, in whnle, half aud quarter oaeke, aaitahia ror the TEA OK, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which ve offer on tha MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. fAUTH * BROTHER. Brewera, No. 143 A 160 Weat 1 Jth ?t. New York City. Ordera by >I*? or Exrreaa promptly exaeatad. ce iH>m S..?. BRIIIAL GIFTS, ILVER SERVICES, tflLVLR flRNS, SILVER TJSEKNS SILVER BOWLS, SILVKE lMSHKS. SILVER SPOONS and FORKS. SILVER PITCHiaiS. WAITERS, , _ SALT CKTTLARS, wiik a Krtiu ttUU iitm of ?m*ll r articltt. sm M b',4 for BfuUU (iifit Thegfl rocde are all of our own rainofaetare, of the moet elefant workmanahia and fi^ich, and we do not believe, for variety and quactity, are earBftiyid hV ftnv oihur AAilftntiiM in tha AAurtww EPERONES DIAMOND JEWELRY, PINE WATCHES, tc , tr For mis by SAM'L KIK R * SONS. 1 TV Baltimore St., Baltimore. Md. 1 Established 1817. tU 14-m? ^Q2 ELEVENTH STREET. I E. PISHER ft BROTHERS. FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. J Daltixoke, Md. The only plane Lfcis side of New V^rk, where tou oan jet ft Silk D'ess cleaned, restoring the ! I lottrg mho! iu new. Morwoes, Delaines, and ail kinds of Ladies D'ssses oleaned without taken apart. I Crape and other Shaw's, Table Caret* and ; Eeut einau's cleaned in the best manner, eawtn* no ubatax.oom the clolli to injnre it or | make it more easily to eotl. t N- B Good* will be sent t? Baltimore twioo a work, and return wiUi like promptness. tie U ?w ^ WM. P. XHK.I>T>. A?ent i PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORK. 1 119 Pennsylvania Avenue. 19tk m4 IQtk iu The and?r?uned, bavins located kimseif as at>~*e. t^kes tin* method of inform lac th? oitiaens : iff the F iret W?ru inat he has ope i?d a first-oias* Provision Store oonUuoted similar to thoaa for ?rli;nh Philadelphia is famous. If Am ran Ha . 1 a u ? u sasi: FOB. Particular attent-on is oa ,?d to kxitwk lad pr.oMof MUTTER, CHEESE.** Pmiartelyiua Print Hatter. Go?nei) ud Weetern Ruwn*. Being determined to lire uie etneteat MtMboo to Uie wapU of hi* outomM, aod to keee every article In bie line oftke beet ?aaiftV,aad eeUattbe loweet market prioee, he ho fee to Merit a tun of publio patronace. Femiiiee will be walked upon dativ for nrdere. If r*5^7d" THOMAS R. WILSON. , GcvernmeeS lUaa Agency, Onki o* LEW IB JOHNSON * COBAN KM AS, Coim ov Pa. Ararat and Turn S*. LEWIS JOHNSON, of oar ftrra, bavin* bees ?p pointed a Pnbeoription Agent tor the National T .nan Autknnsa^ K? tWa ^'"?* UH..iU.iaw uj ?uv W'k '/? VU^KIOVI VI Ifiu July, 1881, we are prepared 'o furnun, to partie* desirous of BtkiM investment, any amount of 7 3 10 Treasury N?M, of oonveuient sues. _notf_U LEWIS JOHNSON k. CO. gtti MILITARY BOOTH. ?Hj At WHoLiiixa ybi ffiH 4/ Mann/actufrSTri?t. fWj * Mk No. 16 Market ?paoe. I'enn. a*., Mb between nth and 9th at#. J ROSENTHAL. Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Boot* and Hnoee 1 of every description, lower than ever. de 18 eo ! Dr. DUPONT'8 pi-gar coated feMALE REGULATING PILLS Read the foliowinc unsolicited eoeoal ABU f "I oannot oommend ?hem too hifhly." ~r* "They are the beet Female Pilia extant." "1 have uced theiq with o< mpleta tucees." "Would not be without them upon any ooauderiU<w." "They operate ?p?o(lilT and effectively." Prioe 91 feent Dy man Hold br 8. C UPHAM, sift Chesnot street, Philadelphia,and in Wubinrton by 8. C. FORD, corner Utli etreet and Pa. svenne nng toll |\R.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE L# GONORKHCKA in six dare. sh&nzeof diet required It ia an Enc-^^HVt liah Specific of sixty-five yea ? atan< in< HmL nod wii) not harm the mostdelioate oonititntion itnnntAi n m-n '# Pri?? |l. Sold by S."c."UPMAMV3i6' Cheenut *tre?t, ! Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORD, > QTfnor IIth rtr?wt >pd Pa aogeoly | JTEAS?TEA*?TEAS! < U8T Reoelved a prim* lot ne# I ea*. Por sale low at IIKUVVNINO A KEATlNOtS. de 4 !?awtf__ 333 Pa.avenue, near 6th 1 JUST KECEIVEO A LOT OP THAT VERY superior OLD CAwlNKT BRANDY.at BROWNING A KEATING'*. de 4 3tawtf 3*3 Pa avenue, near 8th ?L pATAWBA GRAPES! *-/ catawba grapes* Freeh Catawba Grape* in exoel;ent order and delicious u. flavor. Try them. KING A BURCHELL, de 11 porger lS?h ?t. ftn<1 Vermont av. Ejob printing. very Description of JOB PRINTING rainired by any budj-'-oitiieae, civil funptionarie*. i inn? and navy officer*, sutler*, Ao.?axeouted at the star office, in satisfactory etyia,at low < for fuh. 4 U 'PHE SUBSCRIBKRKW leave to la'onn their A patron* and the pnbuc xoueraily of beinjt ampiy suppled with a superior st'ok ol FALL and WINTER GOODS. M%. Xlier also r*?p?otfu! y invite attention of Vjf tbeir Array aud Navy ouutcuiiera, lu Iboaa*-mm repairing outfits in that line, to their superior aaal>ti?a of Swords, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps Belta, Chwtui, Hata, Cim, Saahen, aad UoM Lmn, yinstautiy oa hand, which are warranted aa rep re tented. W h;lat tendering thanks for the liberal patronage snjoyed, they will endeavor to merit a ocatinaaaoa. 1 V. J. HEIBER6ER * CO. (Suooeesora to H. F. Eoad<<n fc Co ,) CITIZEN, MILITARY and NA V AL TAILOMB, 36ii Pennsylvania A venae. 1 oc 16 er>3ra JMPORJANT TO MLMTAKV MEN! Army Regulation Hata, UoCletlaa Fatigue Caaa, Chaateande Parts Cava. riwSfCw "*10 S36 Pa avenue, Dear ooraer lath at, 1 Between Willards' ana Kirk woods' Hot?ls 017" Agency for G.tten's Cork Cap Haveloek. ' ki*nly reor*n>mended for the nee of oar rank aad 5le by Lieut Gen. W infield Scott. de 11-lm f \NE NICE ROSEWOOD 0filCkERIN6 ' LF PIANO for #75. rtne? ootavefoar round comer naI<et|MBH| L l)?v i Plan? for **' fTTwTl For sale upon eaay terras at th^M^sic Hi ye of 3I>|| A|?ao' lor BKinwtT ua StiD'B tM KkTSI, Bacon t Co.'e Pl?roe. a? W 1 m atf> p h/ladslnpjaal^j dohtalm. We h*?e jn?t roon red a in ply of thethorc AM, vtucb we reoonuneud to be of * tott nperlor <utty. Persona wifhinc to paroh&ee. by millffi i?- i ?? w.WSW?. no 1 &*orr?to^a. L<Ol.niHIR NKkniNd n?v onnna ?? * - _ - ? ? ? - ?~ - mm*#??? w * yvyvc w* mw 0 "Jolk? at ho ml" w* w'isiM to (aepeet m%r rut (took, hot oompl?t? ia all dmrtMato. On* ana* only, to* aotaal mil MMttN nlil, marked tn plain ftf area. ? fzamioatioa of atoak laaara aaobiif aaon to j '<A?fparoaU aarafeUv aaakad, tor axyraaa or attar i loanruaa, Iraa of aharga 'TOfife, s OAS FITTING, *0. GF ? ? 4ooniMrtfe of P?. W?A8 PIXVillB. nXTVRKS of eotireiyNww Pattern i maiDwifi u? Ftnisa. Mponor is strio to oartiunf her*tofi>ro W?X ir. thu nsrwt. We u>ntooitiM?(Mior?i j k* Mil and examine oar eKok of 60e OIWMM Ft* ?rfe, jt^iny oonMoot titot w kft^Ute boot ioi9o?d0 itock in WMkicrtoL. A.! \"> ork in trie 4mts . inr . tmrtad Ob Mr mm nil be patafttr MeCMAJf mr MJ MYE" 4 WWSw DENT1STBT. J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION artificial cheoplasti nntfw T BET WrrBorr Mnu Plats > Cum DR. 8. B 810ESMOND, 910 Brtmdmy, Stw Yor*-*f>0 fimnM* A* ojevssssini^ JsPsSsv*, lT*fbaf?mth ?^'i3i?KrtSi wQBP wr?f>r oorode Dor ehuij? oolor by MT"*"" kolda, Uici thro foaithi tighter tbu UT other. t.Np te*lh or roou DM m extracted, M tfce Irtilaiftl noM ??? Ha imkw mm> " * The roota wUil>e made inolfrenaiTe, a? wnr W<?No teeKryr tMtii *rej?*ededtka ! infill cmee oao be made taunMiatfy, ttaroby jraearrlnf the natural ex mmsion of Cm Bn. vtuoh uur the old rr item it Ire^uectli di ah tared. i Tfcia work ha# been fnlly tmtm otot In raara by many of the brat ohemlata and phyalalaaa of tau oountrr. Dr. 8. Ui aJao In wen ted a white Bodeetraetire metal nilini, with which the moat eenaitire Moth oan be flUea without pain, and oan bond u a per (eat, aonnd tooth on any aide root*, wUh wui laat thronf h lifetime. The r>eat ol refe*enoee rrren?to Dr. V. Mott, Dr. porerbiia, Pro^eeanr oiChoniiatry. If. V; Hon. Judge Wayne, of tne Supremo Court of WMhiagton, and thouaauda of othera. an/4 atami na <V?? -<w.m\t ? ? m? -?uw IWI J VHI WW U BU 1 on pRO" ^^8SS?Bu!?rSBKB5P Ob a&4 after Monday, December I, 1M1. Pumnr Triini botVMB WaAHINGTON aad BALTIMORK will mn aefoliowe: TRAINS MOTJUfS NORTH. Morning Lxpreee leave Wuhincton 0# a. u. ArRve at Baltimore 7 jo a. k.; Fh2a2el?tua 1LM r. au ew Vork p. u arris bar* l.lir. a. Morning Aoeomxco<iatioo lea re Wa?kin*toa 1M k. m. Am ve at Baltimore8JO t. a No ?? tiou X Baltimore. New York Mail Train?leare Waakiartea at 11 bK~; arrive at Baltimore 114b r. uTrkIla4ei?kla rr r. New Vork 10 p. . Afternoon Aooocunodatioo?leava Waakiutoa I fti ?.M. A rHva A* 4 . OAtCi^L phi* itjm p. m. Kvenini Eiww low Wu^i&ctoa p. m. Urnwe it Baluicore M5 r. Philadelphia r. New York 4 a. mHarnstrarf 1 4. *. On Sunday at 3 ft5 and 5 pm. only. The b r. u. train from Washington oonneote Ihronili b> New York everyday dnnn* the week. TRAINS MOT I ye SOUTH Leave New York kt f 1. W.; Pnilaaelthia IIM 4. .i Baltimore 4 nop m Arrive at WasJuagtoaftiS '"Leave New York at? p. Philadelphia 1?J* p h., Baltimore 4 9* a. Amve at Washington 190 * Leave New York at 1< p. v.; Philadelphia IJB a- m ; Baltimore T?3 a. k. Arrive at Washington * tfi 1. H. Aoooirrrodation Tmiis leave Baltimore at 9 a. and p.m . for Washington. arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. n. J>n Sundays at 4 3? and 7JA a. m only. 'aseeager Trains leaving Wasuington at 1M a. k. and lot p. and Baltimore atT^ka. and 4-f? p. m , make direct corn.eoUoss for An?polls at tke J potion. Trains Im?a A nn> mo 11 e Da U1 t*T - -k tncton at UP a. m. 8 ?) r. ruMS|?r Trtiu lonof Waaklactoa at Mi a. m.. It a. and 5 p. v.. and Baltimore at ?JB and 1JSR a. m., ud 3-SO r. will *t?f ??Jvaf iw^ily JwkOm and lTu??*n?i (*???> Jvmtxion W*? FMsencara muit take th* jwiMMiMiW ^Tr?'n? wil! Im? Wmtuogtoa tad BaJtiaon jkovwUv ?tm card rtwu. ^OVERNMKNT 1MSPATCHPA8T FiKWiT LINK NEW V OR W 6 T O W A Srmial Ml?p fffl to "it tk rough wttk Mob Train, id order to MT? safety tad dlapalaa. ALL KAIL. WITHOUT CHANGE OP CAftB. on and alter KUIIUY. Mot. ItLk. tki< Ow paqy wll reeeiT* and transport Mawtiona of War, CurwomMt fHorea, Rati era' Pupptiee for thaArm/ nod all M;io<tn?i*o? Freight, M W1TB0VT?BUAS Of BVUL. Gr*c*al Cm*rtt$ Jm Oaarfj, m Lerga Owmmtitif, 1 Emu*. HTPkiiM FW?iwd only kt the Dmt sfttf E-rtral Rjllruftl of New Jersey, rier ffo/t, Nora itw, Por farther information, or apeetaJ eottnaU, ana air* at the ow*. CTM?r* Oooda. "?ey?rni?ent Dia#*tak.'*^3 Freight reooirea dob a. m . to Sam. A.. D. BdFE. rnf A* lope Exprm Cono tft-lin gapfict?pd?ct. NOTICE. TU? Compear offfcrm to Ui? pmWlo " Atfrnit?f oi'Jfor th? Sale auf Qiiok WipttoTof Hear* Freight*. Pmoi?i, Valsabiea. Moa*r. k*to., to ail parts of theuniW Ptatea. KxjrwiN to aad ptMfJa* fiortk and Wm^ 4a pwiiivBUNiniffll KUBflOS rwioe HUB, Ad Ex?re?aea are ta etarge of i^iiiwh< mmd *A11 Paoka?aa*&r The Boidiera (imM at "on Bj67so^Ufoi^thi?tSW]ed "Conftderato BatM" |ad tJlArtioIee -aSTl* On' Mir?MM leave Nrw York M l.i, aad 9 P. M.^arrlrfa* la Waahiactoo ttlA.iTand Ml Rxereaaaa leave Philadelphia at Ui A. M. and HPML~, arnrla* t& Washington at ftSlP.M.aad EiprMm leave Baltimore at iM A. M. and t P. MTTerr! ring la Washington at A. M. aad I to Kxpreaaea for all aointa North aad Waal keave Waabingtoc at7jn X. M. aad 2-Sn P. M. danr. Special Contraeta tor large aaastitiaa of Fnight Ban be made oa aapiioation to thia 1 *thoe. All Sooda oalleo for acd delivered _/raa of Kxtra Bliargoe. _ K. W. PARSONS, _ ^ Sapt Adama' Kxpreaa Compear. Waahlagtoc. Angaat a, 1?. aa M-Xt (ini.n ?vn ? Viut oa iJl'VI UlOO| O IT lOD AND AMdJIICAN* I have aow on head ft large atook of ftll the moat eelebrftted We to bee, that I aeiUa? ftt U>? r?rj low eat pno*a that ror>d and reliable fM?n oftn be aflorded ftt; ftnd ?wrj deeoMptioa oiiae JKWKLK 1 ?a hand; all i*v it^MrwtiTM u ooa ? manufactured, ftod offered at the lovMt raiee. Silver ware maaefhetared ift mr own ehoe. All kind* of MILITARY GOODS on hand,each u Revolvers, swords, Sftshes. Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compaeeee. Ao., ka. Aleo strong Army Trunks and Bed CoBbtaed: and many other things aeetul and ornamental at >38 Pennsylvania arena*. a<^n If H. A. HOOD n. 1. numuii, OrTICUH TO JHfifMf aiJHNT AflD MrL144 Pean*ftftv?i?oi th aide.) bat. lkh and ia?w Ml ted" OTtV FIRST OUJm MILITARY riELD-SLABS KB. KioroMOfM, CuttiMm, and MMmmdnI la tram?Bto,mumUrvwt IfiiHii ynwt. Bw jiSr^T^fc 3?w? ^rrtfeiT * w*T (^ocm, couMyHOAKsuvan. * . OOMroUNI) 8\lt UP OF BUM JJLAhJC k Tua iiiimT mm Mf?lir OowlItaM;lu b*MMlo?c tMnrBAiMl txiemair^ls 9?* tk( moA m * FOB ALL JtntAMmOT IMTEVMNOB. LMT NO FALSE DALICACTFAA TENT. APTLY iMMnUtoV. A 99AM WAAAAXTED. OA Jtt CIt A AO A, IN FAOM ONE TO TWO DATS. s?g tor? fcSu'rf1 Tmfc' Am DniMM aa4 D?rilcu** h?*Mh wttefc mill Munui torn M TOTTJfB MKIf Si?* ^ k!'r?MC?i lwim| '? jjtnti ? *iM M kmc; tf?? 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