30 Aralık 1861 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

30 Aralık 1861 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THEJEVENTNG8TAR. WASHINGTON CITT: ' fuJIOAT DCrCMBUl SO, 1M1. B^Tboof h Til fnkM * printed oo tb? Man Me*iB pm is *? tmXti of Btltitnor*, Its rdttloc to to \mft tt to mpilre ft to be pm* to it n mtij boar t JJwHUiwwti, boa Id b* ?(la befcre IS oWor* m< e?b*rwiee tbry may imt aot ipvnr on til the oost dav. ot tlio Moratag Prm. Tbo fnw t?|n a? t?Oto ktMm. bf ?* seoeam-ot action of England, Prtix* sad tto Cnt^d rf Interactional law ralatttg v> ata'tabood rf war. TV wb?eb on ftatnrdar wanted to Mr a " world 1b irnM" ( In B?prd Tavlor on 99 itak 1 than s(m nn %taann nJ IU?11 . ?? Jit "f n??W ? | ad flaof ab?nt mot pbraae* aa " Imbecility,* ? eating dirt, ' Afl , u applicable to tbe AdmlrvWtraMaa $A0%U tt glv* tbem Tip; and furthermore >W'nwl, bv aU that waa irln, bio# and <Wperato. (bat tbeae afh t rat tort abonld " t>+r*t Vaa^n tb? ah'ircs of New England tilve, nnieea tMUm a ray," baa etperlerved a woede?*u! change of mind, (tbroojfb tha abaetentag lnfla-I eooee of tbe flabbatb, doflbti?a?,) arvd now " roan jem aa gently aa a toekioc daw*," tbna: WTW? aw two klrda of eoarag*?4h* brat* of tbe bnll and the moral courage of bmd who darea to do nfkt la dtlincf of a ~aanf m or neoration ** cornea f be teat rf ?r?? por rage. Engiind beta kmeU laanlted. ind dfmin*? reparation f >r <ba wrong. The matter ! ralmlv d!*cnM?-d, and | berwrvrr bamlllaMn* the ft.', we arc fourd to br (ft the wrong, and '-.Mr. Peward. willing ?> amud <b* ?trrm of execration* that will fall upon hla >?d," rf?r?rf to <io ng*t, and yielded to tb? Juat demand* of England. thua lllnatrstlng In blmir>if ftvd tb?> Prealdeot, ?b? big beat decree of courac#aad of wtedtm?foiling the rebria In a deep laid wlnai to lnrolvp ua In a foreign war, au1 ?h jwtaw tbemaelvea eqnal In diplomacy to tbe wlaeat Mmw In Europe." Tbev're ?u?ie, they're ?tole, they've itoi?, Tb^v^o atole me chee-ild away ! Ira Enrr :? D xn.-How tb* ao prompt ?etfhtimeot of tb* " Tr*at" ltnbrogllo will affect tLc prooperto of "aecnaa" we gather from tb? Riebn?od KsamiMtT rf tbe?Mt? lnat. That journal la MBounelng tbe event aa a probable one uya: *W# %r* compelled to preaeotour reader* with u unpUutnt Chr'.atmaa Wl." " It ( be V. 8 Oovernm?fUj w'.U, w* fkar, nrread^r ttmma and SildeU ?? De.pr*railr g ;bt failure of England to rise tbe ifclr to tbe end of making ber?el/ an ally-!n arma of 14 aereafc," toa Exammtr aav? to Her U*" To raft tin from striking now, la, for all abe ran Uli, u ailow tbat aay" (neoeab) to be overwhelmed by tbe deaoa?rary tbat three teaa heracif " M Wltb a mighty army and navy at command, Seabed with aoccwa and aeek'.ng new fota to ervrtura, England woo Id have upon ber onatded b&ad, a power twice u atrong u tbat wblcb abe enuid now enootnter with tbe victorious 5?ontb i her bark 8b* would regain new, *:?%, -hat Wtrcs wblcb abe baa lcat, aad wblcb, if not rtv ?o*ered at tbe preaent tempting opportunity, ie?7{ t4 Uu 10 irr, ani S4Z*r*d ejr her ritai for c 11 ("said tbe spider t* i'm fly * > Won't there to willing la Rlcbic^ud by Monday Elput Mrt! Maana tad S'.ideu will b? d?d tiare Qp till Ud Oowo 4a 1?. tor b*oouxh.g toe mc2a? though wUitb tt U mad* patent to tbe world teat s?ce?b Ui surely counted wltbcut Its host in bcidirjr Us kopee opoa a war b?twe?o England sn?l tbe United fttaise A bccir?<i victories 1a ib? fltld f " A not bare dan^^red ?eorsb's cause a.->tm tbaa SUa fMoafol seti>rrAal of tbe Trent ccabrcg.iU> In weed's negotiation W?4t it gas B boost ABoct ?Aiz^ tbe OWtala renJta at tbe disposition reeeotiy sbown b* tbe pscpt* end Dress of KsallMl lAVklrii this I ?a?j" roUUr* to tb* a#*'r? of toe Trent, will k? pnxcpt act ten of CongWi to plooe lb* coast* 9t <ba Called tutw la a p ep? we nt^-tfor*'. faUMttbepoeaiblefttore interference of England la lk* biNn of the current rtbeUlon of 'be ?ou there ollfer^t?. Fifty million* of dollir* *U a-so fca effrcpr'.*.?d la Ua? Mat tb rtrd^t for the taaaedleta eooatroetloa of lroo-ciid war *team?r< M 4lftreal oHMaa; a meaeure of pm>;aUoc cf |>rwlrg lsp^rtiaoo. For aooe year* we bafeo-gM Ccngreato place tba Xi*t ta a ooedlttoo oo<nmea*arate with oar artttae ooomoroe Je*k?o*y of raMIng n?ealeetobUtbroeot, and apeonvw*.*e police, bare. wgettcr, OeflMtwd ell effjrta to thnt m <1 H*I n>n the <yirf?nt rt?beUlon. anjl tbe fsrt Teat ?be pwplt at Etg'.and t^ve tovra-d? th<* Coital Biaxi-a b.ttnrn-** of feeling bardlv a~oor>d Is thai betag m^n Healed ov l be ro-*r,4w wltb tU titfarcbf hon>e, Gongrrea b?? at length beimimplead with the koowlrdje of the Jb^t tb&tweahould rightfully lor e a'nrebsve bed a octr m powerful and rflwt?v? a* tb*t of Enelard TbLl aeetimeoi la now well nigh unantn>on? to both Mooan la thirty d -y* tt will k 1'a legtOaMl* ivralt, tbe d'atant pubi>e iciy r*?y rot. ^rtnun or ptcci* Pmnm ?tt? an. ffelpetod ?c?pei?al?>n < t aperte pe)in*o a by tbe H?* Vrk Banka took place to-day and w&* teOowwd bv tbe Phlladeiphta Bank*, and tb<~?e m **&*+ t'tur; and m a precaulon iry nr.-uir* by Tnwt 0<p*rta?<9t which to day pay* oct Ow citv banfca, it will b? mnmM, bavt> Mi w?B(d ipwlt payment* ?loc-e the Uat genOkatr or How Jr&o* J.f?>b a id ?Rob John CvroU Legnr.d, Ute Chief Ju*ticc cf tur S ipreoie Court of .Maryland di?d Saturday morning at hU re?'derv-e In Baltimore J<id o l.*grand ww la lS4c fcU. t'tl to the Hlaie Leg'.Mixture, and apoa the aaaetnblageof that body b?wa* appointed Secretary of the State bv Oov. Thoina* L pon the deata *f Chief Jcatlce Archer, Mr. L*gr&nd ww called to fill the vacant place,which position he hr?d anUl hi* d?cea?* Tan Beast :.* ExrwiTJov?The transport toe* of the Burnaide expedition ha* been increased by the arrival of tue following at Ann^poiia: Mmumt ftutw r?n? w. m ??* v--w ??-? _ _ , .. w v III. I<UIII| UO' ? Ul* ?Htv,C?H Wid H Uiy*. birk UueMlia, Caf?t ?. 0. Fearc*; achftoaer Sklrmahrr, Capt Wm. . ftlabardaoa C-ui 8ark*tt in J Ma) 8?elUer, W 6?a M?Cl*U*b ataiT. are at Aanapolla, In paeUag Ult raiments o( 'he division avniwof m ru?iif*.iu xutivi coara a McCaU'a division, &m: i.arlttl*y, was r?flMMd Saturday sftcrooco In tt* j>res#oc? of Curtis, Hon &ia.un Caa.croi., Aaaista&t Secretary of War Tborasa A Scott, AJjuunt 6 Mara* Tuoai, a&d a large numbar cf clr'llaaa Thaintnlaf &01 Cjrtla and Secretary Cam ?roc wu otlrely un*ij?cU?I to tb? Cotp*, tad tUfcou^b tb? notice of tb? lDt?:*ied mk? w? not t*??a until noon, at oao s'^xt Ol fflMo rvglnMc* tt Rtmtm*, togeta .-r wiu OM etnj) tad wttilary o?<Bp<1jtfatf U* 41vUi^.a mipt property trr*ta?4 oa the gtovad. Xbc Nfl<w tuofc JoLuliB-* Hill T*? ^?</w ?^iutiAfta ft# 4ut.i?. ? - wrre ex?cui<a fa> uam to out frxHt from tbu#p*ot?Jjm pwform) m aaoal military nuo^jrm, Um mt rta^a c*?auialog it* di*.a?ui?ue?i ?n!u,r? c?4ii*i %9 lM frost ?/f Uk* Eawrv*?, *04 Oov Uqitta ww IbOodoeed to tbeib by t*eu. Or a, and Mi* MM KiwU csBpilnestary upon tuii ^famaot tad of Q*!r bnwf at (ba Lata action 1?mjmt w tbb Tun Dif?icctrr -/w. arbM* *f'M m iA? piMu n?U ?Tlx*; dee to too Mtlri* *T by Um W?v*rnm?n?, 10 raatore Maaoa, MMbll * Oo t-i cto ?rt?tato auiMrttirt, bad a very aukM abd favottbia (ffcot oq toa public mil i ta ifeia oity r*?t*rd?r It re?' ?rd a .<*4 of < a/a ftm mm* vptnta, u4 rvatorcd ? dagr** o/ elM> I?lay wttiei w*? M(!cMkli la e*ary department i ... r? ?- ? ? mw rrwf IBU U ted Am* Im \U* uat In cr ?U ?'?ki rt?a <Hefc frit U? ItAuiaMi ltd u*vt rrlIt la m adraace la to pfW of OorartvffwtStwfco fc?i^U>*t the action of C^ionwv Lh WUkm IWl aad juaUfl >Uc Mt gr?iited ial Ua Admiawncloo autartaload ft acauw Mmm Mm, ud tkM it rfl mode of MMMMnmit ??U?* .-tiSto HUMMMddteriM Ninru*! t&li trouftia bs Miifr. M at took forward with ^bm * apndy ikwttliaf of u* (vtxaioa ?jr. wtfitimo front Hot it. tfiCONNOia^ANrf; in TPE VIC1XITTOP CHARlfr?TQN. SCATTERATION OF THE CHIYALttYCOTTON SEIZED. The .1?n D*p?rtoM?nt bat ree?i*ed tb? follow; lagi V P 9t%AY*H Paww*. > rvri noyai, a t , uc.tmt?t xi rv > ftfi! In oMWix* to yoar ord#r rrf the 14th lo tant. I Vefl (tie harbor at davllght of the 16 b, a/wwrpgnled br tt#fnnbo*t ?en?ra, Lleot Commardlng Daniel Amm*n, and coaat-ao-vev V?*?n, Capt C. O. Boutalle, but at tb? bar f >o?d tbat the heavy northeaster which wu blow ng bad rated anofe a aea aa to render It oat of the qnea ton to attempt aMcrlng the rlve-i wbVh I ?aa directed tommlne ! tb*T*fore retu-ocd to my anchorage. wbtcb I left a aecood time, however, on the following morning, and f?n*bed the North Ed'atont 4 o'clock shortly af?r, I croaaed tbehar with the ^nora, piloted In by Capt Bcatelle In the VJgen, which Travel bo however loft, when we were lnalde, for the Pawnee. hl? vraaol remaining astern of ua. At thla time w? could plulnVw aee fort!fl-qtlona bead, on Pdlato I.land, distant a mil* and nbiif KM It wn* reported to me tbry were Bllfd with m*n, 1 commeno+d firing a'u?wiy from my b?w (mr?, ai did tbe Seneca, but r??el*lng no anaw?r aoon ce*ard, and running by the batter*** nrv?>boTfd !n the North Edlato r!v?r On landing, 1 fo*nd tb?? fort, wblcb wu entirely d aerted, to cor.?!?t of two r??tot)b'? for fi*'e gun* each, connected by a long curtain, rnd protected <n tbe rear by a do??ble f^nee of tbl^h plank, with earth bt??r*B and loop holed TLp g'ina, aa the ne gmm ; aferm?d m??. bud all b??-ii removed towarda Charleston aomewv?k? back. Wh'lel wa? making tbtaexarnlnatlon. Lt Com. Ammrn bod proceeds ?ip the river far ubont Are mllea, th? ffleet of wblch vraa Immediately apparent In the tiring of ootton bo??*? and out-bulldinga Aa d urlog tbe night rm' nejfroea rnme on board, and Informed u* that at tbe rmall town of Reckville, which waa In fall ilvht. there wm f? large encampment of goldlera, at leaaf five hundred, and Captain ? - ? i .a..i. . ? ? .1? - ? - - uuuM ur uuritii^ hi uj? iur Oli WOICB I* wai. I determined to make tbcm a visit In the Vlien, ar.ti at daylight rf tbelTth, w*nt on h<?rd of tint vessel for toe purpose, taking with m? the bosti asid marines of the Fawner rnd ^nws, under charge if A'tlr.g M?slfr Snel'; oxcin^ to onr mnr.lnj n?hor?, vc d'<l no* renei* the town until n^ur eight o'ciork, a little ahov^ which w?? a sloop iadm with cotton and provisions, which I took possession of and towr^i alone aide There being still no signs nf lit? on shore, I landed w?tu about fitly men to re-M>nnolter, end was so-.n sst'.siied that the troops had 1* ft, .is tfce 8r?t thing seen w;? the negroes pillaging a building, In which wf # a largp quantity of cnmmlssar'nt stores, oons sting of rice, sugar, fcacon, ?era, Ac. This I stoppod at odm, ar?d b?d vi bat remained removed to the Vixen. Belnc ?hrn in fwrr.f>d that the camp, which wa?amile from tbe wst*r, wei entirely deserted, I went ther?, bat ilthongb, to fir aj f couia learn, the troops bad left at daylight, and it vras taen on; v a 1 ttie after eight, t&e negroes, whom I found as busy a* bees, baa removed the moat valuable part of wbat bad beea kft, which wsi nearly everything, et rapting their arms The eocampmfr.t was a large one, bad beea occupied lor many months, and its iate tenants bad evidently bees la the p wsMtOQ of e^ery oom/ort. | I removed to the boats forty fiiblry ?r.d fiur ordinary teota, beside* a quantity of article* Of no particular v?ui?, which were lyiiig about, and found at a neighboring house, which s^mM to have been used as headquarters, a Cc-ctoderata tut B?*ing pretty well reared the ground oi wbat was worth removing, ard being dfsirous of examining sto?e, i Left at twooviook, and prc^foding up '.m river with the Vnen, aoi liking to trust the Pawaea in no narrow a ohaonal, came on tUe ft^aeoa, which had started at aire o'clock t? expire, fast on a mod bonk; we r?m*ln< d by her until nice o'ciock, bat found it impossible to p- il ber iff, owinu to the nitft'. ttde cot being as blgb a.-> ?o morning cr<?. Wblle lying b?r*, bo?^*?r, I wot tbe boita ar>d b'i'LfO a aiocp wblcb bud be?n ran acbora iou.^ d'.aU?aoe b*yoDd, wbl> attempting toe*/?p?from tb? 8?ikc?, and wblcb eon id not b* got a?o?t Tr>? Vt*en &fW?rvmrd? returned for tbe nlgbt to tbe ?f Igbborb< od ot tb* Fsww, but w^nt bscfc at davliiebt of tbe foUo * 'ng teeming wlta a r*-fy of mt-n and b>>aU f ooi tbl? e???el to ll^fct?c ?be Sonars, wbtob vessel ?u got rff b!g*i tld?. Wblie tbe Vti*n wu rmnlag up the t'.v?, ?he ratce oa a ituiill sloop i&den with oottoo, frcm wb'.eh two wblto men wrre taken wboro I not bsvw oo board a* prisoner* Aa In tin? rn??nt1iue nearly * b'lndr'-d and Sftv r^groea. all 1u a ynat at?te 11 alarm, tad collect^ on board tbe d Sweat ?eas.i;, I determined to land them ou tte point, and callwl la tfee U 9 P^r^uln, j wfclcb was cru'slng t J >h9 port, and t? 1?'W j Llent Comn-arxiinic Hudd In chirge of tb? rive', afXer try d-partare, Bit1 be ?ou d bear from y?>u. Cept Boa telle xu kind enough to go out lit tbe V x-n. hnd pilot tat Penguin li.to Ltr anchors^? off tbe fort, where she no v is On tb?* iitornlng of tb? 19th I ran down to the South Edlstc.end leaving tbe Pawnoe and ft?n. < a at tbe >ar, went In with l*e Vixsn. i found toe fortifications wb'.ch are on Eilsto Island entirely deserted, and partially destroyed. They con.IiWd of two redoubts, which mounted, so far as 1 cwld judge, four (pars em u, but the tuns bad *>een reasoned Tne Jjtle being In s<ght aeroa* Oiter ltlnnd, la tbe Ashepoo, 1 mude signal, pr d Lieut Commanding Trustor palled over with four boat* He reported that everything waa quiet In the neighborhood of his anrtiorRg--, and that the f. rt on Otter liland was rapidly ??elng placed tn a atxte of d.f?nse tp to tbe present tlitiet al'bough they had been in *igbt of tb<? .^outh F.dlsto for?s, wbsre we wore lying, th*y tad not yet landed there Hivlnr flnu&ed rnv examination of t>.? Ed.to, i returned u> tL? Pawner and aiood north, villi the Intention of lying off Stono for the night, bat u tLe v?vather looked threatening, and the Vixen wu aknr.t out of eoai, I went into tha Nor^h E ditto again f?r tb? night, in m>ltr to have an rpportur.lty of supplying her wUli kdi>. LA Coni'd'g btJd reportfd eve jth'.ne u when I lpft, t>ut on the following mornir.g D*?rne? rsuje in and rtat'd that the troopa who had leit the encampment at R<v.kvilie. being largely reinforced, ahowed a disposition to r*wvupy that place. A" ti>e weather waa too threatening to permit of my making a careful examination of the dtono, u 1 Intended, 1 determined aow to return at one* to tbla and report to you iha ste of aifeiri at ilc Norih E41?to Ttii 1 tare done. rear hi or >v iBchormga her* at thr** o'clock to-day. * ? Very reapertfulij, your obejlent servant, (Sl^n^d) f Dbattott, Oonjiod'g. fl^lOfl-^r 8. F Dcfo*r, Comndg South Atlantic Souadron. > 1, JL^L! I l^iu> PEAYER MREri>4? WUi Ljf t? held each day tan w?Jt; < tu? New Vat &r. oa*Chorah, Rev. L i. G?4/l?j'*J?oir.n?eikJuai : ? o cwooa ( n.tubi 00i.Uuue4 ?M hoar it f, i'*t Y*P?I Q. O. r^COLUMbiAiN KNCAMP .L.*! No. l.-l'ha reg/ ar ffi?efur of tVl f-;ta?rr.eat. (eo*t^o-*d Lcut iM ^ ght.1 wi 1 l* i,e << TL19 'Moc^ai; h VL^iNO, t ? fcrwloo*. A ihd att#noa^o* ia aril ed I * WM R. M?l K?>.gcnU. nrf^FiUST HAPTI8T CHINCH. THi?Jl5 ft' NTH ?T-C'J KD.-T;* Qrp)?a*? ro!o?ft tatw 01"* i Moider) cVE.WM*. bArf ( bo*il p?i?porei from sei-rd*/ ta o^n>?^b?o0* <>f ta* trJi?r- ? ?? i c of Vi'M of tiieartiata. amwill be ?r?a nt?d 'or vhiofi wo reier in* rtauer to tr.oi&er col mm. il* Ty* MI ' bTo<*N-Tne ret?l?r m a h.? aa?io_ 1401.ItiM A( efeigas bokli*r?' heiie! ?VU"| urvaMM THJs I^otitef) KVfcNlKG, ltl!koV4t<k,*tiii?olR?<of uio. a. L pur.iuf No ill) rmilTlTUIt ?T?B( . V, Aii .MjoAu*fc feU4fa* 30 U Ui? a<ty ?r? lov1t*d to Mte'd. tt J /it,VOEl). 1 * . fir^WAilttLNOfV^J^iUTLRL AMfOVlA , Tt? Poort* iX**r* wi'l t* by BQN. DaNML l?IC S NSOff. ih* tm^ii i^Pnui A?? it? lore*. 3mttk*ont4K lfutitntion, TVB9U kV KM O. i> tfintw. M. 1MI. lKK>ra OMjii?; L*?uir?) ?t? ?Fiy>ck. ft tLM **OSat^^ irnZ 61. f--T? ?nw?? m pfto>t prinrntM m in Rot. [Per T?l*grepb] Fo*r**a? Wonroi, Ow.W t1* BaVlmor?, Deo. 30 ?A Rimho*t from N??rfo1k came down pe?ter. day tod attacked tbe earner Fipreaa with ?hot and ahell, and the latter vpa?el w? compelled to cot locae a schooner, wblek w*a rapfbred and h*rrled Into Norfolk. The jfnnboa*? did not ar rire in urae xo int*re#r>t n*r, out f*iw ?pnn?wards &r>d <*beU?I Plg'snnd Points wltfc. out response. Two bnndred and forty prltoner* will noine down Jam** rlw on Tuesday or Wedwsdsy. BlKK SVSPKISlURi. (Per Trias raph ] Phthmlphu. Deo 3"?The Philadelphia bents b?ve irsponded la consequoace o4 tb? m?* pension In New York. (V^OniXMBlA RVOINir. COMPACT. Ha. LJJ 1?'> m-mWi i f u- conipan* ?r? re ' " d to a'f*ni th" , M ttalt m et Dg, okuIn\Y ajCB di. "4i,-I :X oVoAk.rortheei^^Wl^^^* for th? encaitg r*ar. Br oni?r? A1DRKW P McKKVN*. It ft'-cr <afy f O t.mbU Pn i|)t(V. -Y?*4 FAIM W1U HK HCI.D BV TH iOf Ud **nf St. Al'-yslas oOBi3?y K^h-vl jjj th0 Df>V *nd ac*4>t<<aa mi r><>] rmxr < oniMxtfjhl # ik PC A'.-y?io? or? h ? fit"' and f i t?*?t*. of#nin MOND <V, Oo?ntt?er J'. wi?h v*r?>ti? S'iiU'Ick p r y , wh <*Ji ^r? <> hscntirtsM ?vf-ry wuiuj du in* 'h' Pi'r with * ***-* of r"WT?rnti?. *p/l<u >? ? Jt^nmryth mf LU??iffand IJpiphftKf Fe?.iv*; of ii.t dc f!f<ohot>l. Ann. i nn t<> m ti o^i^'ec? ^ j.t*. iVi. -? nr*r, trcm l<'a m. to 1?> f. m. Th* wi 1 i tor the {ji of 'h* {O 'f afriidrar of t.??>r wchooj. i*?? # :* r*?. KP<OK WA^HINGr .NOAUIflHT L3 Ct)MP<%NY. DiCtvBtt *?. '9h! ?Foil'*. A*"***h"* to ttj* re* t-f lwAlMkrt?r,tlM tnoki-oulsr* ot tht* eor.psny ?r* her \j n?tlfi"d ih% an ? : < Uoii f j' five direct r* tuo .iiM? ih? arfa-rt o' th* ?*:re d r<Ti(r th- ?*ar'R*2. vtM t-fl h?ft1 a( if O*lo?. N? ?114 Ki?ii"Dth i>t?*r oi ItON HA'i .the $tf? d?7 of January next, batmen tad aoura ' f I aud 2 o oiocfc r. ;n R* enter. d> 11 <v'2vr J. F. BROWA. Peo -ira^HKALHH AKTKK?* 1 PF.'ilMBNT 'J.3 KASifiKN V1MOIMA BBIGAUK.Al wxkVt-T.iK I)e>"ni,<?r 71 ? Ph? t.a ??r. thm re<ime-t wiil }< located in A'esand'ia. H? proittn* ?t*tioL? wt'l h# deaicnatrd ac pn^r ?<at urn K*o-l1's w.nhiiK to join Hub regiment will be muitetad in and cio'.hed at ono* W. WALL. Colonel l?t Virginia Keriinwrt. Recruiting sutirn 1*opened oo Seventh ? r??t, 333.'.V.iitut y'? nuart<r? .ate cava ry. de il-x'U't rpBANK OV THE Mr.TttOPOi.ld. 23n 1.7 PHC*M?^n. is* r is bavtnfPPo < < payable ttir )i*r:r on tne VAth meiauf *iil ta pi t'd to tliffNl to I >m tbe i*ty irmnoii, a* the Ban* will not he own 00 ? hrittmaa !'**. thn su in* net?i ?* yabl* on tl?e 1m ??f Ja? ?.*-y, *<u ? - like mar.trr "-MiiA'UMl to mtt^r.o to ti?'n )i? day previous f? f-at car, ?* the Hank ?i:. not tv r?p?? or: N w V ?< '? f>?* In /S* <>-2t NOTICE TO TAX PAYBK& ('"tx tfrro?'? OpF'CI. ( TFa.?\ niten. / rrvrv 1,1*71 \ NoMn# u hff*i.y *i?ta to a.> {.ei?wi a m a't??re for taxe*. vh the.- ru. >p?.v>iai,Dr anrcai it v that uniee* ti?<> B^ms 19 pai? at?) >s cifcae before toe let oat of ' et*uary nr>at the proj?*riT oc*h?*htne tax i? due will Sou !?? a<lv^rUs?.'i sti sold, a* tue la . direct*. Tht>v? Tito wish to axroi 1 the h*ary e^ebte of adrciLi'.nj wiii wi hm t?e ti<??< -MOi ner. WILLIAM DIXON. _'*f ^ Cc^otor. ,TY?'I?? THE VuTKKtf WA>?HtA?tjjc TON.' ri>4 Awn..r of etoli Ward ?i!I fct th? folio?lrf p ?"fs f-'-m 1" t^olook a m. tillsn'oiockp ib. from tfca iitn to ti aSint D?o*-. Usr, ltiiuive, to wf ?oi mxA re?iat?r U?e r?<n?? OJ thoa* omlttod from *ii? j>oi! hut. 1st Ward.?John A Kiuym, i 7tt PeocsrtTCua aT^r.a*. U*wn 17Ui atd iath streets. Sd Ward*? fhvcias St?w*rt, ocruer 12th tad fi 3d w&m.?kxcz.Tj Ccrtio>orr.sr Sta a&d L s*re?U ?U W&rrt.?TtiotaM WV Hurch. St a stieet, h?ttreen G wl H rtr*et? 5 h Ward*?Wiiitam ijarp#?r. si gtrf*t sa?t. Wo. 42^, -ot'Kfear: Ka?t ? apTtc) and A ?t" ?t no<th rf a ari.?<3?o. Crilsrrt ?t f. K. ?;i*rkV OIEos, Vb|bli avert*. betw<>?2 a h *aa it* rtree'.j. | 7 ti Ward ? IVtor H^sOu'u, No. s^atu F trest, frf'w&ca 9Tb and ?h ?u?* 'j> #e?t. I 4Mk*c>i* | ^rg?- U. S. SAXiT -l.V ou.Vl 2m P it , WiMaioiiU/Q, &. C.. Ii?? ?u. T;?# Sanitary ?otutniMlon h*? a ool'aol.oa *f hAnlt ' M !?#? ? -u ?? ? - 1 4 - * .Tii>Tvifcf? n>?rn?ry ^n? /; rmy iytje. f, w i m Military tturceoft* At or L?*r W??L:CKf " !??'? V> &? v PHEDERICR LAW OLM*TKl>, Ae tjspara. \ ?V*^I^CftKA? AND Vt'ATKK lCJi?. yl J^S V?i %>i<i :r?, ?t S?J* per ^aarf. Hotel* ?>*! boardln* Soasen Turni'bea a< iow raf?M. A of trie kopt oa iian.1 at the fktlsdtipkvi 0<Mjucium?ry, o^rcer Twotfift an.' F U. ro7->n?* I FOH ?.?j.E^A ?ood HOR9F ?'! epr as DE A V i I" p**fwt of i?r. at g ^rtoe * up f No. B13 P-riit. av^tsse. deg* 8t* r\R F. A. VON MW HZIPRKR.'k# * ?? 1/ i>o-r. ikiuhii ?ul ? arU-. hi* ki)M, Aad vi'l Biiort.f <-*eu nl? s or th* nnO Burgiaal iwtn"' of th* miifdi** a the Kj? *r 1 P.*' *'? ?u''*?n<vi to nr. Von M ej|i r-a b (h r'raia-'Tn >&"? .*? oat th? U&i<v,a? at** p* i?co*il aid lu,;ful operator. if* 1?> UUL&* OF PHM.Ar'?vLFUIA A 1 bAtE lot kbaUTT For >?r<Mitu. L^uire P ' A' M^K FvumlaJ - ? I f r -* . ?r-- rr-? f?v V " zsria i | lit ?vt ' '?. W W ^DAMb' EXPKESH COMPANY. yonci or HBytor L THe delivery rffoa of ?hi? o'^nsf t?*?nKT-4 frcn'I li"! *t-*?ft.;he .arjo d. p?>. wb H r.?t, ' tftw? p gi *; d 8d ?f da au-tf A A AKD. LL P?? oc? ird?< f.<Hl ?otfc* uo*f T8ign-d."l?}|?r by n .Vi or ulie-siM, aco rtqi.si.tl w c&ii&od vita ut d *y wM K m?.EV A HWO.. No J*. > ifiynr i, Bs *?'n 7th *rd 8'n ?t?.. d*3>-'<t ?'p?' t ? 1 m'?r Nt?rfcft. W H BTM'NO ~ TRUNKS. nAUSESS ^MILITARY OOOD8, 84J f?(l? T. 4?U 'V MP*. Sou K mlt, Iutw*n lit* and Id K ?J Ml*. Tri nk?, H%rn**? % .4 Military liquisrns-ts retired *t ?h?rr*wt n' t o*. re3f> lm* |* IIAMW-Pl^OS- P AM)* I BH Voinl. f rcceiv a ftcitu % ?n?p1j of 7?>? ft * Rji-w ol Pmn*>. ninoug ih'm .rn binuMimi! u* ??*o o-.* ir >(K ill* cols IHHI b>?? <1 I o'cfj of W Knat>* A Co., Bait moro. whtrhi ?i!l Bailor r? t ??n *TTi aoo >ini?0 i t tit trrma A SMOSd han I o..a 6 n'?0 fc n%l? or t? r nt a' my Piauo Room, iSo. 49*? I- t*v (i n *trc?t, de i" F P. R|rHFMU(,?, NUTIf'J- rr ? WA I'f If VI *KKRS, JKWfcL I.Hk . SL'Tt' KS and ** 1?L* h J4. A l.WtfKKH.uf* ? ^ a,uniton street. H stoo vi 1 ' 1*0 their Rr?s?h "dice, *?>?m Ad No. IO v\ n-i ret ' liu \nic.H<i ?v?i U' . Qi Tu*?daT- D*?ofcca jer Slst w tti a i*r??s ts < .1 K'.?-k ! 'A if J. \Va'.<n Vat* r ai?, *o., *' *hc low*? * hoi #<i p id a v?. t h vo'kdoDfl 6ri'etm>ie Po*it *eiy no io *! 8'>iU o^wo k lions at r for o\?Lonij .13 3* im' C'HOICK OLD HAVANA HUM. ^ / lu ? john?. MINERVA WING~a 3*;eb:at*i bjauisii Wiw, VEH^'ir'ril WINE-an Ha.Ua \Y!na, muck u?ad as a tonic, _ C 0 \MPaGNKC, CLARETS. COR DIALS, A3 of various 1 i'MJAN MAC\ > ONI ai ' VEKMfCILLI, Mo iV N*w \ vtii Pat rt Cut L'?\F "I'OAR. For aa> b* C-<? MWliitviii Importer and J> ?J?r jn HaT?ai:a da SMm* .No. Coia'ntro^ ?t , UaHnno'a VOTlfK.?T HARVEY, on C K'tu, i i*>?iUith? Toaatrf, Villoctw-fTiur-^^. row na7? n'lie hai-tfrrd cation* fAJ Oy?te a. fr^ah inuol/J. i- Li* ovr. ?i t\luy Sfcu?;..n?&t. reailr f r a 1 etrtoiam. ^|Ur r ouf i.a->oi*d b>u*?? ot ih^m are r?u^rkib 8f>Of;^ri;g c? oMrrjsu.' M. ' ."b.-va re^?ur:ric OT-.Wt lor N?w Yasr'iCay. ?i tharal* ? (.:??* take n<Mio? bis c?i^mj5 r-?Onj ' til be Afun all ?!? Ve&r'# abi i icotu lor the ?&. oj yjir-rs by tUc-ll t ?i?ai? toward OUTER. myPS, zjQuoits**^ Wxfiiila? uii Pa b i2.i?aod a is a.. Ha. jr ?tor.i : jo o*?'? < f rn, Fv ! oh.>ia? U?a<L>ne?ofolLv&^P Cm'is. 8; Jk4#rNt anaoi Pri*at? diock, <?% VYimob i\lo I;: th?3 o uctry ) ^mr5ri?i <;al)l2iataa<J D'7 3r?'*"-*rT?? Vjave Cliiso:. Muot & Q:an 4m1, UoUa-U* aoX a nchor, 400 Ci.?E? r*\r#r?. SaajpiM. i^araoao *.Tar*MJvjn\ A'wntti, 8?i(t B>rb iJitvra, "Wstr i;itb Hov*? (iia, Ao. _ 60 Cash* Vtrr fin* (id Unit. iu ?& <V?. a.r-1 luU? fiuDut A Co/d UofUM. laxfutfd Li A. kO A fry ?rg t ?od MC*r* MMortm^nr ot Hrendlrt, Wire#. EaOi>. Wfrl?>i??,^ro. u WVM.4 ajyi it AM. ri 1C ft'Mt T?ri*CT ?h - l*dfcL? Il4 rttul, 4? JU eu6t (Ifltrt ) BO O T ?S HOOT P* ^ ^ BOOT'!!! WPITE?OUeE A UN? K'.Kd, S4* P> AV?xri ajiC 311 C Atti - bt.BKI (7%? *? re' IF n'.'fit P a*4* Uohm >W HI H% *oo hand,as1 braC*ilr roowmng." Pk *"#CA*ALRY AND aOLMKft* BOOTS MA.KCH1>V OK"*.. oatlr of th?r owt nuUMtkrf, to b# m? it U* ! **>! n>*ik >t A o%]i (row tolloiUd. ?uC#f Ubor4liy d?\it with. d* borniin, " r r i?. ? YHWMBi Sol* Xtmti fit (M Vnittd Statu ana Canada. 139 CtANI ??*Uf. 4* Ml* Nnr York, ( ? V M t g II. ?T?afc GRAND CLASSICAL AND 1 T>pehatic COXCERT, _ ** *n? Firat Baptiat CAaeh. i kirt?o?h ftreat, ' awl of t*a _ P*OTE<^ANl'O PBAN A-TLrM. nfiac !?* ' on?por#?i ID ewaueae* ni laal'diapoMfior or <r>? .f the "irxt'P*' ifm. WiU *> t*y*a on MONDAY feVKN|>0, D?:*ia^ar It" , . T: fM'oaMn* d1?n "fn'^ad artJi'awlii UMti hi**. CECK <A YOBNO. ^ The r*?rv it? . antatru*. MR A f. T AVI.OH, PfLno > of ft Aaga M??'? r^r.ir, Aoedsmj r*ot e>r>?. Mr., PhMi*l??'.?*> ? MR HIMFO* ? > ?? F*. Pirtt Vlo-laiu of td 5 'h Mailak Puftd *k>oi#tr. M*. CHm* P.BMI1 Z (loo Vl^linoei itt of t tie OottrebaiK C? n??rtf C^TM tTlilN WAY PIANO ??M *> the kihdly ftTan?b'<l by Mr. W.U. MbTZ tHA?TT, Peon*ylv?ol? ftvemi. P R Q O T"a M M E. Put Fi*?t I. 6nuid Fft&t&a*non "Do P% q~il9,'*?TL%.Vwf Mr H. ? *1 HCND?B- _ 1 Bimo ArlA-f-om 1 Lnm*.% ?-Venll Mr. A P TaJ?o? S Vnlla Polo-*'iTw ?r??T?i ir d' B?Umi.... Artot. Mr Fix x RtHLU. A W?l?? ?' ?'? ? - * ? . . wm m LU14 11 ww tna ownw 11 01 Pim nro ' t - .Gnmbert MOcn.u \ o?> 0. 5. Viol rw lohoo-fiHtnl i liw Ucraeoton'T w01*." ?... St?rr?l? * r < *\*K. f ?, Tno-f r ?opr*t.o&B.1 B*???' fM'nv* n?l ?l?n k>,*\ Dot Haiti. Ml*. kCC^ ?><! W lA.Yt.OM1. Et%do?f-.?r Vt^lia? 'L? iv?n 0 r?'' D*B< rkrt , M* ' linn HA??LIR , . 2 ?.Vo?The Standard H<?*r r? Lindpilatcr

_ V* *. R T tt.n* S. Atl*?I>*r H inmsl a^tein# 1 r i ? cwvi ^rt .... ? * ?.... ^ M*? Oi cilia Yor*a. wi-t. \ u:m Ot<ii*ato by ^TXON- Pamlsr. 4 Rcmarav-rw Vi .lonc? 1?> tioi<l*mtD M* ( H?*H? vCJ>XPt 4. T:.e Hftr,> tlr-t mv* tnr ia:a'a B*. ?. ft'an C-c;L a \?>cn? ' 2 Fcoor.1 O-anJ Trio?or P.^no ViuMa axxi Violoiif'to... F*wa (In Three Movr (?< it?. > Wxs-1? THC.MK*, F'iS'LB* il-J fCBMUX. T'ev*'B.._. - - - y oects Ma* b* HB'l Bt f>? Y?ricuit M1. t1 1 or?a. ft*.,or at the d-M.r on th? ev*o ng ?f oon??rt. Tne oono *rt Wiii oannu ivt 9 o ciook ?w??l\ It* Pi?J FFKT.?A fhoio* !o* Jns* rwviv^d. 'n t>aina ! barrel* au<1 k, g r+erir f >r t?S'? u*e. 'IA ;THilLOVlAK,fiA?R!:Tr A C??.. 3 * AI t-onu n mv . >"b nr.: 71" ,<'H IW \GO\WAGONS! H^VK No* or, ha'd a aojfrior lot of n?w W?*??.< ??'?? !# tor groc^'B or R*|>?iiinc if a 1 kladd prompt. t iiWd; J i.j. R> >H'T H GRAHAM. (I? 3t Coac'nnrakpr, fc>? titn *t. RrAPING ALK AND LAGKR RFtiR P'PuT. I ''if oe'or.rated fcr*W*rr of ?i K>'it. t? h# i.?d it. 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B IIAtJTiNOS A CO., n&d*r VhiiliarnH'nto H* , Penn. arer.u*. near toreer ol Ele*-*th ?i i next anor a*jo?ninj us wt?r Oaiaa. deS3 i't PPB LSr\TS KOR THE MEW YEAR I HiLf A ?OI>U\K(SS Ur?cc?uu.; i^nt'U tADllor to tiieir magnifk"*nt utook, ?;<toh ba? ra nent'f i"rooi veu !*r*e aoce#?iOLS, i^o.k f eait+d f. r U. * f*?ti v? n"?aoh A life H2 ?d or^ina' fo-trait of r<ri*jor Oaoara' 9?><?tt uuivorsa;? a4Tut*?J to b* the fct.eet yet p*iE*?Jof tfiAt disti.'/ii'liea G* ?r?jcn f r**? ex r.;b.tiC?.at FUiLP * JOUlMONV .Vle*T.-noiit*r. 9 en-It a, deSfi y. 331 Pa. ay.. Not r?*eo sit, aad U>th wi. LADIES' WA' W ANO HEAVY CLOAiS! jr.IT fx S?A&ui*. ?a?utmaux ?-.oak?, l':t*h Far Cioakt, fer-ai skis C^axi. _ Frosted Shaver CioeU, H'avr Plaio and i ri^ot C'<Hh Cloaks. Ai.'f i^abov oj 0'<>?** i<iet rjoetvaki, at nwderau prlx*. At MAX <VElL'? Cloak an4 tui eu ??. A*Zs V.?o -??3 P<nm a*ena*. NNOTl K I?notice II RW JiOOn AND Sr-TlONfcRT 0TOHK JlST OPBHbD. ae urdecslitr^ tnk?? t>iaa?nre in 1 rf trm'oc bts U? t b ' tiis [>a<*?? tbat he La* opeiied a K^>k MiUuo?r? tMoteln Jobii*" &<n!<hiig p?cn. ikVPDtii. near awh ntr?*t. wi*l ?!" ?? > - - - - - -VOTT.-V MO C (ts <1 & larfw?r*o tnw?! c of Uo. ki *r?l lonary </ a'< tioacr'j*on# inc Pvn? Ir g, I'ip?r ?u3 li'inuk IWka, <uit H oka. B b'-"* * ti P.STsr i nofcj, J.veuua Jyr Ho- i , O*n e#?to., * d?s9 ?t? jtfabd j jovrg. CHI MUHary Boot* tli fll AT WHOiuBALB. fm\ W? ijvwi now ia ?t tyJ? Oi?r? Pft'f B'iich?d * uamel L** ? * U>i.u - 13 .noh - * 4' M " ya 1H 11?' l,. L. * H< " " i a^i r?14 :c>cp ** 160 * y jOUJ. tt-"e '6?S? " ft* * Oat.f * M M in b *' A.n. * t? itff of C? < ir.-l Ktp Bo > ?, D Tt ftOd Voatiit' ik>ut?,&wa J adi^k' Bft.tno* * M TKHOUHP. No. 18 Murk t -9%c#, 4e S3 It Pf B nr.. U tv??n 8th ?c<l fob ?'4. HD'A RFBBER GOODS, OF A<.L KlNDt^FOK THE ARMY. A largo elooh ) -fct reoeit>?4l JOHN B PUDW^.Y. S3i "tt' ?* H6& l) at. 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