4 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

4 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. None*.?After baling for may yeera printed the Mate of lot ton remaining uncalled for In the poet office of this city, (under the law authorizing their publication In tbe newspaper baring the la-gest circulation Within tbe nstial delivery of tbe office,) tbe proprietor of tbe Star baa at iengtb felt compelled to decline their farther ineertion, becauee of the great apace they have cone to occupy, and of tbe fact that for montha pee' he baa been forced to lay over on each oceMlon, when printing tbe lists, advertisement* tbe lnaertion of which Would have paid at leaat double ae much aa the law allowed him for the letter Hat. la addition to thia positive pecuniary loaa by their ineertion aince thoee lieta have rome to be aa large aa the New Yorh city letter lieta, they hare entirely?on tbe day on whleh they were printed-defeated hie purpoeeof making tbe Star alwaya a ?ew*p?p?r?newa being it* well-known apeelallty. AMFSSMBHTS To-nioht. Tbutii ?" Nora Crelna" and tbe drama of " Therese;" to conclude with tbe farce, ? Your Life's In Danger.'* Ct5Tini?iT Bull -To-night, the laat of the inimitable Frank Brower, with an original bill of good thing* The " Virginia Mummy," too, cloeee thle evening. So look out for a seat right early. CnxisTi's.?" New Year'aCalla," with George aa " Peter Day," drawe lmmeneely at tbe new opera bouse The piece la brought out in New \ ork atyle, abating scene and all Cincne.?King's well-conafructed new ampbltheater accommodates comfortably the crowda that visit It nightly, and be takee palna to vary tbe performera and performancea ao aa to afford constant variety of entertainment. A capital bill to-nlgbt, and on Monday night fhe flrat appearance of the renowned American humoriat, Dan Rice. Th* Hutchinson Family give eome of the choicest aelectioaa of their delightful musical budget at tbe Chiiatian Association Rooms (oppoette Browne' Hotel) to-night John Hutcblnaon will lead off in the aplrlt and fun of the occasion aa ueual, and that delightful little Maid of the Mountains, Viola Hutchlnaon, will take a prominent part in the programme. Hobacb Gbbblbt at th* Smithsonian?Laat ntght Horace Greeley delivered tbe fifth lecture ef tbe courae before the Washington Lecture Aaeoclatlon, at the Smltbaonian. Tbe hall waa denselv crowded. At 8 o'clock, with Mr. Greeley, there appeared upon tbe platform Preeldeat Lincoln. Secretary Chaae, Speaker Grow, Senatore King, Wllaon. and Pomeroy; Messrs Stevena, Aldrlch, Lovejoy, Hutchlns, and Edwards, of the Houae of Representative?; Col. d'Utassy, of tbe Garibaldi Guarda, and other personages of more or leee note. In commencing, the lecturer pleasautly remarked that he waa a peculiar Institution, not yet naturalized here, but hoped the time waa not far dlstsnt when be would be able to bold dlacuaaion farther South A nation, he aaid. la not an * arbitrary construction It lanot made, but grows Thev are aometlmea formed by offiete or aboota from emplree, but oftenerare the reault of growth and aggregation After noticing the origin, progress and probable destiny of European natlona, tbe apeaker aeked are we Americana one people? A single nation divided for a time * Or two hostile rivals which no statesmanship can harmonize. He held that we are unmistakaoly a single nation by the common elements of race, language, religion, history, geography, topography and government. Our government la not simply a bond or alliance from which any one of the parties may at pleasure withdraw, but a constitution from whose authority none can retire without the conaent of all. The Conatitutlon makes ua one people, and although every loyal man feels Individual pride In tbe wellfare and Independence of hie own State, ret be Is proudest to cherish tbe name that designates him an American. Paealng from the aoutbern doctrine of "State's rlghta" and their contempt for the " Yankees," and dwelling for a time upon the baneful influences of slavery, whleh he esteemed to be the most horrible legacy of evil tbe paet baa bequeathed to tbe present age, tbe apeaker turned to the national struggle. The whole difficulty bad rtisen from the question of alavery extension. Slave lawa make slave Territories, slave Territories make , slave States, and a tern resistance la required to prevent universal bondage. Yet this resiatanee need never have afforded cause for a separation. The North was willing and anzloua to join In an equitable and constitutional adjustment, but tbe South drew tbe sword to resist a peaceable arrangement Tbe election of 1900 was not the cause, but tbe opportunity of secession and the Union Is now to be restored either upon the basis of tbe new Ideas of tbe South or upon tbe old ones of our fathers. The greatest evils that can befall us is compromises. We would sink low in the scale of nations by a separation; bat he was for liberty with tbe Union aa our fathers made it, but for liberty with or without the Union. Com prom'se Is impossible One or the other would be compelled to sacrifice its principles, and It would establish a most dangerous precedent, giving a bounty for rebellion, and inspiring every minority to revolt. We must emerge from thia struggle easentially free; and though there may be slavery, yet tbe Union must never again pander to the sggrandlzement of slavery. The weakness of the nation In the preeent struggle is a fa'.lure to look tbe enemy In tbe eye, and that enemy ie slavery. It had caused the rebellion, and should meet a traitor's doom. Tbe nation of 1874, he predicted, would be a nation of freemen, and though devastated and scarred by war, ana may be sunk to tbe level of Sweden and Brazil among the Powers of the earth, we shall never a**ia become tbe apologists of human bondage. The moral results of the war woald prove ausptclous and enduring, and the succeeding age win be virtuous and true. We have already emerged from the self-coocelt of yesterday, which made an American abroad the synonym of swaggering bluster. We shall never agaia stand aa proudly, be struck so bard, or fall so low. Concluding with an eloquent picture of tbe peaceful prosperity and national advancement to succeed this war, the speaker received the eonCtulatloas of his friends upon tbe stage amid hearty applause of tbe audience, which lingered some tloia, appareatly dealrous of bearing a word from Mm of the distinguished statesmen preeent. Chiminal Covnr.?Yesterday, Patrick Cusick, soldier, Indicted for resisting officer Buell, was found guilty and sentenced to Imprisonment in the Jail for a period of six months, and to pay a fine of SI John Mahoney and John Nevens, indicted for committing an nseaultand battery with Intent to kill officer Shakespeare, were found guilty of sn assault sad battery only. Each of them waa aoatenced to be Imprlsoaed In tbe county jail for a period of nine montha, and to pay a floe of SICharles Hernaman, charged with stealing one box of tobacco, valued at S7, tbe property of Catharine Newman, was fonnd guilty, and sentenced to penitentiary for one year and two months Auguetus Frank, convicted of aa assault and battery on the little girl Glatzback, waa senteaced to fa*r moathe imprisoment in tbe county jail, and to pay a Sne of SI. Thomas E Miller, guilty oa two In llctments for cow stealing, was sentenced to imprisonment In the peaiteatlary for the period of three years la oae case, and two years la tbe other, making a term of five years. ???- * Scfbbmb CovnT, Jan 3 ?Mr. George B Corkhill, of Iowa, aad Mr John N. W hi ting, of New York, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of tbls court. No S80 The United States, appellants, agt. Jnliaa Workman No Ml. Tbe United SUtea, appellants, agt. E. hr* de Poll. No. 90S Tbe Uaited States, appellants, agt. Wm. Carey Jooee Appeals from the district court of tbe Uaited States for the southern district ef California. Oa motion of Mr. Carlisle, of counsel for the appeileea, these sppeals wars docketed and dismissed. No AM. Tbe Trusteee of the Wabash and Erie Canal, appellants, vs Jeespb D Beers Tbe motion to dismiss this cause was srgued by Mr. Gil* let ie support thereof, and by Mr. Usher In opposition thereto No. Ml. John Heeker. etal , plalatlA la arror, vs Joha Fowler The motion to dismiss tbls eaaae waa argued by Mr. Andrews la support thereof, aad Mr. Monroe in opposition thereto No 90. Richard Gregg, plaiallff In error, vs. Wm. P. Bryant's heirs. This oaoee was argued by Mr. Reliance for the plaintiff la error, aadsubmitted, aa a prlated argument, by Mr Porpio for the defeodeat la error. Adjourned until Meaday. Pouct ?Margt. Taylor was art sated, yesterday, by tbe petrolmaa ef the Second Ward, for eeUiag Uoeor without a license; Justice Clark IWjetell. Mar^F^HedMsoe waa arSB1' Ths Third"^srd pet?imea?errested^hi? Me'thewe for break!eg late the beaee of G Ullman, aad eteallag a a amber ef books aad papers, e wae esat to jail for eeurt by J ustlce Barsaela. Meets Block, colored, waa ar reeled for disorderly ooadact, aad flaed S3 M by the eaaae justice. Pbstivitibs Dsnsbbd.?We learn fraai tee X.ptai.tmm tfcat Tbe fastivltieeat Cemp Griffia, Intended for publication to-day, la necessarily de<e??eJ antll Monday." ' SHocKiita Aiiiii on run Avinvi ? An offutr ?ko?ts a f>rwait ?There wu great excitement on Pa avenue yesterday afternoon, which resulted from the (hooting of a soldier by an officer. The facta In the esse seem to be, that John C. Halter, a bugler la company E,4th U S Cavalry, (which company ) now performing provost-guard duty on Pa avenue.) waa coming up that thoroughfare ftom the direction of the Cipltol, about 3 o'clofck ih the afternoon. He had nearly reached the corner of Sixth street, when the young and spirited horse on which he waa riding, shied at some buffalo robes hanging In front of Hunt k. Goodwin's store, which Is a few doors east of the National Hotel Halter, although a young man, Is an old soldier, having aerved In the cavalry nine years. He entered the service at the age of thirteen, and la no* therefore twenty-two years old. with his expedience he Is of course sn excellent horseman. and when his steed exhibited signs of fear, he at one* determined to familiarize the animal with the object of ita alarm He quietly proceeded to urge his horse towards the robes, ana his skilful management of the animal soon attracted a large number of spectators. In msneuvering his horse, he brought It In contact with another which was standing in front of the store A man at this moment approached him, and ordered him to ride on and go about his business. Halter turned bla head and answered in a pleaaant manner that he was one of the Provost Guard, and did not know the person speaking (who waa not in uniform) or what right he he had to order him (Halter) away. After a few mors worda had paased Halter turned awav, and was riding towards Seventh street, walking his horse. He had nearly reached the corner of Sixth street when the person who had Interfered with him called to him twice to stop, which he did not do, but proceeded along very leisurely up the Avenue. The officer, as he waa now presumed to be, ordered the soldier a third time to atop, and no attention being paid to tbe command, he drew a revolver and flred, tbe ball entering Halter's back, a little to tbe left of the aplne, and just above the waist. The wounded man convufalvely placed bla hand upon the spot where tbe ball entered, exclaiming, "I'm shot"' He waa helped off his horse by some of the bystandera, and conveyed Into Stott's drug store, and from thence In a back to the office of Dr. Dove, on Four-and-a-half street, who, at tbe time, was absent. From Dr. Dove'a office, he was conveyed to the Government hospital on Fifth street, where his wound waa attended to by Dr. White. Upon probing the wound It was found that tbe ball could not be reached, It having pursued an upward course after entering the body. Tbe officer who flred the shot was Captain (lately promoted from a lieutenancy) Thomas Turner, of the 4th infantry. He was arrested by Patrolmrn Wilson and Morgan.who were pasting at the time of the shooting They at once took him before tbe Superintendent of police. Patrolman Leach soon after went to the superintendent's office with an order from Captain Steele officer of the Provost Guard at the Central Guardhouse, for the arrest of Capt. Turner, but found he had been | released. Patrolman Leach then returned tbe order to Captain Steele, so that It might >v> given to some one who could identify Captain Turner. That officer was rearrested by the military laat night, and Is said to be under gusrd at bis quarters Tip whole occurrence was witnessed by a great number of our citizens, so that it will not be difficult to get at the facts of the case Halter s condition is very critical this morning, and it la feared tbat tbe wound will prove to be a fatal one. The officers of his regiment say tbat he was one of the best men In the corps?sober, bonret, Intelligent, and reliable Tbat in nine | vears' service he was never charged with any offer.se, an?l was never placed under gmrd They also state that be la one of tbe best horaemen in the country It was this accomplishment to which be probably owes his wound, as Captain Turner alleges that he ordered Halter away In consequence of the crowd he had collect* d It is stated tbat Captain Turner represented himself to be an officer of the provost guard to Halier, when he ordered him off, and that he (Turner) had on at the time a military overcoat without a cape, and a military cap. Capt Thomas Turner was not a graduate of the west Point Military Academy, but was appointed a Lieutenant of the 4th infantry (regular army) from civil life, having served well aa an officer of the three monthe volunteers. He is a son of Capt Robert Turner, U S. N. P S?Since writing tbe above the following affidavit has been made In this caae before Justice Donn: Mr. Robert M Baam. of Baltimore, appeared before Justice Donn and made oath that on tbe 3d Instant he was on Pennsylvania avenue near the corner of Sixth street, at or about 2 o'clock, ft. m , when a man named John C. Halter, dressed n soldier's apparel, was riding a spirited horse, and waa coaxing him up to a buffalo robe, or which he appeared shy, which attracted a number of people's sttention, when an ofllcer, said to be Captain Turner, of ths regular service, csme up and spoke to the soldier, when tbe soldier wheeled and walked his horse off some fifteen yards, when the officer halloed to him to stop; the young man turned bis hesd snd was Instantly shot through tbe bsck by the officer. He did not fall, but was removed from his horse by tbe bystanders: that front all witness saw of the transaction, snd he saw the whole of It, he thinks the shot was unprovoked on the part of the soldier. Lost his Balascb ?Yesterday, sn old gentleman, from the vicinity of Laurel Factory, Md., while squatted, for some purpose, upon the stone wall bordering the canal, near the market house, lost his equilibrium and tumbled backwar ds Into the water. Fortunately, the water was not deep, and the old msn floundered about In the mud for a time In a style that would have done credit to a^ymnaat. until rescued by those whom his shouts had called to tbe spot. When found he was quite exhausted, and was alternately shouting and praying in fervid style, but when taken Into tbe guard house and restorea to warmth and comfort, the pious sentiments so freely expressed in the canal, melted away under the genial Influence of the fire and " bitters" (administered to him,) and as be proceeded to button his water-logged netherments, he fell Into s train of promiscuous "cussIn." exceedingly creditable to hta Prince George's county education and experience?a oounty equally famous, as everybody knows, for hard swearlag and hard whisky. CairtaaL Guabdhottsb Casbs?Btfort Justie? Wait$r?Jos Johnson, drunk snd disorderly; for hearing. Sam'l Scott, drunk; line 81.75. Mlch'l Kelty, drunk and disorderly; do S3. J F. Gar. ner.do.S2. Jane Borland, disorderly; dismissed. D J. Cox,insulting ladies: fine 810 94 A.Adams, fighting; do. S3 94. John Howard, pilfering from market stands He was put Into a cell after being searched, and during the night he was at work trying to cut out of tbe cell. He bad concealed a caae knife, and breaking the blade in wi'h one piece hacked the edge of the other, which he used as a saw, and succeeded in cutting a quarter Inch In one of the Iron bars of the cell window. This morning he waa tried and put back Into a cell for a day. John Desanmacher, drunk; dismissed E C. Hauaer, do ; fine 81. C. Leonard, disorderly conduct; do. 85 94. Resume tub Blockade.?The schooner Brunette, Johnson, master, from Dorchester, Md , loaded with wood, arrived here on Wednesday last, having run the blockade on Tuesday night. India Rcbbbk Goods. India Rubber Coats, white or black, S3 50 each. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, Jtc , Ac , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 508 Pa av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. dec 18-tf RURR1KD On ths i9th Deoember. by the Rev. Mr. Meadpr. Mr. LEVI J. BALDWIN, of Maryland, to Miss CHRISTIANA ANN HODG!?ON\ of tills city. On Tuesday D*oember? UH.by Rev Mr. Butlsr, Mr. A. CHARLES GIVAUDAN-of oraaas, N. J., to Miss JANE TRUMAN, of Waehiniton City. [New York Frsnoh papers eopy.l DIED. On the Sd instant, of oonsnmstion, MARTHA A. CONNER, in the Hd year of heraxe. Her fanerai will take plaoe at the residence of her mother, on Fifteenth etreet.between L and M, at 3 o'elook to norrov. The friends of the lamtly are respectfu'iy invited to attend. * On the Sd instant, JOHN B SULLIVAN. ^ v Mis funera will take staoe to-morrow (Sunday) at t o'clock p. m , from the residence ol his father, Mr. JehnT.'sailivan. No.dTanhst. The friends of the family are respsotfalW lnvitedjoattend^^ I WATCHES?WATCHES' . HERESY Take pleasure m(informing the pablio oimy return to my old stand at W. Voss\ JK P*. av/nue. between ltth and ikh streets /JM HaviacaajoTed taerepBtatioaofbe agancz tftUi perleaeed ?.aropean Watchmaker. I am now prepared to repair Chronometers and ftae Watones at Pmou IMM of obniaus Md w. vow. 486 D bc*0VfW * N 8. 486 fe.iS.JS | mmntr d^XwoffWfSwVaai. | amusements. 'T'HEATER.?niiidim* and mi. bin I Rooiur9ATI R DAY, Jan 'y 4, will be pra"i? drmma of NORA CREINA. After or the ORPHAN OF GE?TiMrtM. Miss 8. Oenln To oonc'.ude with the fkroe of YOUR LIFE'S IN DANGERJoha Strom, Mr b. Roger a ll?_ THE BLACK SWAN OPERA TROUPE, At the eolicitation of mat y Eminent Statesmen and Cit'x-a*, wtl< five one GRAND ITALIAN OPERATIC CONCERT To the Ladies and Gentlemen of tbia City, at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, SATURDAY EVENING. Jan'y 4, 186*. MIB8 elizabeth t. greenfield. Thi Cilibiitio Black Swan, Will be assisted by _ MADAME BROWN, The Amerioan Nichtinrale; 8IGNOR MARIO, The Celebra"d Tenor: PROFESSOR ALBERT SMITH, Pianist; fIGNOK MALDETTI. Conductor. Admission 50 cents. Reserved seat ~...25 oen'a extra. It ODD FELLOWS' HALL. yj NAVY YARD. THIS (Saturday) NIGHT, Jan. Ub. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! THE ALLEOANIANS ' THE ALL EG AH IA NS ' VOCALIST AND 8 W I 8 8 BELL RINGERS! SWISS BELL RINGERS! M18S CARRIE HIFFERT, . MISS MARIA BOLLARD MR. A. SEDGWICK. MR. G. GALLOWAY, MR. J. M. BOLLARD Latelv returned from a four-rears tour around the world. an1 having just oonolsded a series of 48 auo cessful oonoerta la the city of New York, would moat retpeetfull? announce the first of their Highly Popular Musical Entertainments. Their Repertoire embraces a ohoioe seleotion of VOCAL QUARTETTES. In addition to their usual oboio*seleotion of vooai musio, they will play, each evening, several pieoee on the oelebrated SWISS BELLS! H^The front of the hall and theadjaoent streets wu. be illuminated with the magnificent DRUMMOND LIGHT ! DKUMMONI) LIGHT! for a lone time an object of rreat ouriosity at BARNUM'S MUSEUM, New York, upon the nirt.ts of the ALLEGHANIANS AND SWISS BELL RINGERS. fO*The ALLEGAN1AN8 will give two Conoerta in Alexandria on MONDAY and TUE8 DAY, January bth and 7th. Pricrb. Admi*aion?^. 26 cents Front Seats . . ?........50 cents Ja< CANTERBURY HALL, (Formerly the Waahington Aaaembly Rooma,) Louiaiana avenne, near corner of fch street, in the rear of the National and Browc'a Hotels, OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amerioa. ENTIRE CHANolToF PROGRAMME. Last Night of the great Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Day, FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! To night, the VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. Character* by the entire STAR COMPANY! New Songs, New Dances, fye., 4-e. N E W Y EAR 8' WEEK, NEW YEAR 8' WEEK, A Series of Macmfioent AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES will b* given at CANTERBURY HALL. FOR LADIES AMD CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, rOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, Coinoimenoing TUESDAY. and every wednesday and saturday avterNOONa. One Thousand Costly Presents wiL be presented to the ladiea, children, and the audienoe during theae Matineea elegant Chriatmaa Souvenirs will conaiat of magnifi oent Annuals, and expensive aeta of Sable Kura, a Sewing Machine, splendid Gold Jewelry, Silver Forks and Spoons. Ladies' Chains. vVatch Guards, children's Neck Chains, Gents' Rings, Toys and Confectionery. IIT'The managers oall to the minds of the ladiea orthis city the elegant presentation matinees which t* ey bad the honor to give here last winter, in evidence of the fairness with whioh they were oonduoted These presents will be given in addition to the finest performances by the beat company ever appearing in Washington. Tne saloons attaohed to the Hall will be oloaed during the afternoon performances, and our matineea will be oonduoted in auoh a way that the moat faatidioua cannot regret their viait to the Canterbury. Afternoon Prices: Ladiea, 20 oenta; gentlemen with ladiea, 30 oenta; childen, 10 oenta Nitkt Priest: Parallel, 26 oents; Rosewood Orohestra Chairs, 60 oenls. IL^No Presents presented at nisht-/~fl THE Hutchinson Family, JOHN. HENRY. VIOLA, FRAftK, Will rive another of th?ir poauiar VOCAL CONCERTS, at the Yokn* Men's Christian Association Rooms, ON saturday EVENING, January 4th. Admission 26 centa ; reserved a eat* Bt) oenta. Tioketa to be obtained at the National Hotel, at the Asaooiation Rooma. and at the door. Doorsopen at 7; entertainment tooommenoe at 8 o'clock. ja 3 2t A GRAND BALL to begiven bv TU8CARORA TRIBE, No. ?, I. O. R. Mj at Odd Fel- ft* lows' HalL Navy Yard, on THURSDAY jit EVENING, January 23d. 1P6? /Bk The Brothers of ou r beloved ort*er, and thelfllt oommunity at large, are respectfully invited to attenl. Tickets 91. admitting a gentleman and ladiea. For particulars see future advertisements. J a 2,4,7,9* /JEORGE CHRISTY'S VI OPERA-HOUSE. Tenth Street. Bitwih k and F. Open Every N'rht with GEORGE christy's MINSTRELS From Broadway New York, Comprising 16 of toe Pickvd Stars op Minstrelsy ! The en'ire entertainment under the immediate di rection of GEORGE CHRISTY, The acknowledged Pioneer of Minstrelsy ! This Evening, and erenr evening until further notioe. will he produoed George Chnaty'a great Extravaganza entitled NEW YEAR'S calls. Peter Day t . .George Chnaty Other oharactera by the company. The usual melange of Singles, Daacing, Bur league Open. Ac., Ao., by the wnole company. Admission?Parquet, 50 cents; Gallery, 26 centa. |^1NG'S AMPHITHEATER. T. King ..Sole Leasee and Manager C.Soou Associate Manager F. Whittaker. ?Eque?trian Manager Dan Gardiner Standard Clown thi# EVENING, and on Saturday Afternoon. don santiago gibbonnoise, the rolland brothers. WM. F. smith, SAM long, Mr. WM. kincade, t m'lle MARiE! And LLOlSE, the Child Rider. tom king Will fixttvtly leap over a Drue 9/ Horses, And wnl inUoduoe . ? M'dle virginia In a Fascinatiug Equestrian Duality. dan rice Will appear at an early period. Paicxa. DreeeCirprt _ 60 oenta. Colored gallery._ 28 cents. Colored Boxee ? 60 oenta. Doors oeea at7 o'cloek; performances will 00mmenoeatij* precise^, ia?-lt RICHARD P. JONES. Agent. (fashionable DANCING academy AT r Temperance Hall.(in the main hall)E

saEassasssraA ESE2ESBSB&S* joseph?. m^cks We are now riweiv^ig l^nD^bnsheis shorts. AJ Jo.JMgnu for BMd A Jukm'. MUIFM. feX&gfShsavaa WANTS. 1 WA!^Ti?P-Atwo,orUu?>J,tor7 HOU8B. far I nvpvja. 2t- nforniahed. Address e. a. i barns. Star Offlce. ja 4 2t? i jed?An experienced oolorrd cook, at | j44 jt? north f atreet, between 12th and 13'h. i w AHoommodioua house >n a oen- i konaeaKf* 0fl,h.?8,*y'?bj>bla for board inc ind mw pp 7 at north f treat, between 12th ana '*? ja 4 3t^ IP, a^ge-l m>ro??(i or i rlii jif?^'roted ,n indiana an/Iowa for i [tl'^rv?.e er0ha^'e ^ th" cltt , w ^n.fn'lh wediatkly?a competent j *?1,eYuu^yMT'c'-i ? It* wan rKD.-a wom an to cxikt wmh and reoonlminrf.* * mall family. good refcrenoea or i t1 n" n?n?? no>ed apply without .hem. Inquire at No. 4*4 e at, bet tth and __ ja * tf w^u^dt^!^ ^?man ai ohambermaid vyanthd to rent?(i'nfimiihi^l) either i or four i, ?f fiv? or >* room*. i cook?n? -house, with oonv?mence for i h9bem?mn f'^^rs?'v8 ^'r 'rante.?location to hv ,7-r,c ?c.d h and u?h and 8th sta ,? 'v. psx oflio*n*nt- p"**e addr"m ^?^wt0 gaagjjgt,^ M*rk<^*'nd ^NortkU w'mnat?ip~"an *?tive. ??ber. honest young -,|| j?2;?,&v iksssfc, situation as bookkeeper or i j ' ' man in a atore, or a* ole'k to a parmasfff. ^garterma?tfr or aa'Ier. by a young man who i th?i^f penman, quick at Scores and can brirg recommendationa. Addresa "Cle'k." *tar umoe- ja3 3'.? i warm^err:a active. id indnalriona Inaniniii id a oonfeouonery ; Gsrman preferred. i in|pir6 311> i onn. avenue* j% 2 3t* wajorbp-a ir,t oyster shuck- i addi* hi 1 airi v?.7h.2 0%? a"er.d to the bar. aigler s. two doora from the star i ja 2-3t* W^?J$2rLiadr?? ?tora,a youth b??we?n ... } and 20 years of age. ( andida'ea must give i ohl'i^?sai>r'rkr v? 8 m m? " i'fioations and i character. The preference w>11 be given to one who i haa been encaged in the drug bnainesa six or twelve i montha. a<Tdreaa"a b c,' WaahiwtoJ City Host ymcb- j\l lm* i a able-bodied men are mjr oon???nj ?n the Diatriot President Guard Regiment. Those wishing to i J.?lpf?2'"Rpajl7 ?J r?,p?? ?hle m*n mu,t n^n t??k pi??wiler 1, pean. avenue, between 4>* chs. a. krause, da 30-1 w? Captain. wanted immediately, at the u. s. i 1 amriw\itm ' Washington, a number of i landsmen. de28 im i w anted? Every person to know that 1 am in markft, ready to pay cash for al! artiole* i in the housefurniahing line. Those leaving tne i nlmivvlinf,^,lr|,lll"ll will do well to calf. r.i blch 1. y. 4 2* Seventh ?t., between g and h sts., i (east aide,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Fur- i altore- no 16 \L^ anted-TAILORS. TAILORS -5Q Tailora r ?r/jwef:'\m? fork on military good*. Apply g. kolp. at Wail. Stephens a Co.rs. ae 2s i Wanted.-ws are now buying second- i hand furniture, stoves and bed i ilvu ' j wiiloh ,w? ?re wnj the highoat oaan prices. Families declining housekeeping, or i having a anrplua of furniture, will find it to their i advantage to give us a nail. ? bontz a griffith, No. 369 Tth st.. betw. i and k sta. LOST AND FOUND. Lost?a amall Chihuahua dog. roddi?h- i brown color, white f?et white atripp^__ . i in the faoe, orcpped ears When lost hadr-1 on a dark plaid blanket. VVhoever vili^^^a i retnrn said dog to No. 1s9 f atreet, will be well re- i waraeq. ja 4 St* ! f ost.?on Uie way from Third atreet and Per n- i ' ?? t3 Camp John Sherman. 58th i t?Volunteers, a pare?' oontainlng i . ,s,oany ' r*on finding the same and i leaving it t^'m Pennsylvania avenue, will be suit- i ably rewarded by a. unger. ] n? | f ^On the Rockville turnoike. about two I . nor.th of Georgetown, a oold pencil i witlh 1,2" .'"s*10 th,? btl,pe of * w'th *o!?l i tapifhofc '*<*?' if left at hnsi! ^ ACo'a,oppoaite Krowna' i Hotel, a suitable reward Will be given. ja 4 tf : i??^^ard.?'The store of th*snbsnri- i i - . i. i1blrb'on ??v?nth street, near Odd Fei-i bfe" r?l>b-d on the night ?i the i 1st January. ih8<. and Watohes and Jewelry to a i large amount stolen, they will give $250 for the ri - i th0r,rht,:ff'h8f.td'-and???2i% the conviction of MT.nih.tTU '"' W ?K*Y t.?",.."6 oc reward?Broke looae from Hays'Stable, i cttj corner of Fourth atreet acd Massa-*v i ohusetfa avenua, on the sd inst, a sor-t^m rel MAREanda bay horse. the^ca i rn'r'nr ri.vt1?!,?!! h,"r forehead and one ?ho? miaa- i r?l??ijwr h. ? j0*!}' th? llor,e has the akin i rubbed off his right breast. The abo?e reward i p!ii^t'lvfn.bt ^turning them to b hays. or. i ronrth^trect and Massachusetts avenue. ja4 3t* i r\l8TRICT op columbia, Cor.tTy or i '?1 here^t certify that! brought before me as estray, b? c l wfth vn k.-5wr/ ?r*|r>i*??,a ba v horse, i m black fe^t; ne had on a Government i Bridle and an open ?*tfd Saddle. He was taken i l?t mat. Given nndermy hard and *e?l, | thiaad day of January, 1382. thos c. donn* i j uatice of the Peace for Washington County, d.c. i liha bov" described horae, aaddle i and bridle will plsase oome forward, prove proper- i 866 hfth^^t'w^t"'8 thcm lj\\%t> k?h^d-a lad,', breastpin oon^ttng jk?. 5 ' wnioh the owner oan have by applying at i ?tin^*0?mt Adams Expreaa (mce, and i yttng for ahu adv^rtmem^nt ja 3 3?? i ! 10 r*w*ad.?From oorr.er Tenth and i l* k atreeta, a Newfoundland dog,an-n i ,willn^ t(lth?." mo of "Tom " v.,1 v- v f*ity.?',0."a" "her seen or held in oua tody the above mentioned deg wi 1 oonfer a very i 7 uoh Hilormation, and ou i nia retnrn aha 1 receive the a^ov<? reward i iu?. o^m.ile dupre, 380 Pennsylvania av. Ran away from the subscriber a i young negro Man about twenty yeara old. oalling himae'f William gn?ce ct Me la dark oomplexioned, considerably tn i knock-kneed, and hia left ehe?k pnff^d as by jk a quidi of Jobaoco; about 5 feet 8 or 9 inoh?s?l in hight; apeaka low wuen spoken to, and haa a i pjeaaant oountenanoe. a reward of 820 will be i ned to m?. rear Nottingla.n, Prince f? md , or aecu;ed ao that Igethun. ^a'2t thqs. n. bader.": i /i?j~?n t'1* inatant. in Georgetown, tear i lj Seoocd and IVjark-t atr-eta. a browns % and white oolored pointer bug,wi*h3is^> a ohain collar around hia neck, and th- ^ ??mlof"j^b jo Glywont. Md engraved thereon ; and answera to the tame of'Tip" \ uliable reward willbegiv^n if left at 319 Penn avenue, one door from Thirteenth it. deSMw i jtq7^ reward.?Ran away from the sub* i ww SSu,?a.%:?,^?tih<kh^ m Kvsi.^faii'ssSTu.K'ii ral teksli'.t'ffiii " <>w wli! ^J-rl Henry bl'k. Notty is under 4 ft.copper oolor; a reaped m ii ai,o- ob the 8th of September, two Negro i h!^ft"^?*nry Shannon and Baa11 Carp^nt-r?both ibSm- it r. c bws1 u h??t 5 feet 4 i>ohM. Billy 5 feet 6 or 8 inohes; haa a luma be- i vi^lftu. ri'j0 0111 2ar,on,: '^ ahout 28 l*2rl w - afi?kfi'tpo?n th? 8th of Ootober. two ol5?ir*b.?,t Carpenter and George Cbapjpan. _ Baptist jet low, and ia atoct 22 yeara old* 5 i 18, about 4 f^t87nchea; v?:r 10,for "> fir,,t earned, Billy, Hen?uur 3lws.ijour5dv^n ^^0l,, *dd l?T tM ?ther de fc-iw' q. n. bryand. .eing'*nd ? pox-head ^,2? v* t.^fhed to a ring, with oorne^lian set. ^etotll^os! ' t0 wh?f i 4fi2 m 8* wertheimer a co, aa4\ No. 468 are 464 Skvbnth ^t., 4b* Oppoutt the Pott OJl< ?, I cordl'a'iw-0'^1^8' ?randies, gins. kiroat, v ? their large assortment of uoom- -'i b*raor fanuji nae The public to general are ra- i "itn^i suitfta,' a im o??o. Poet otboe jmportan t t o ladies. I ha** Openec the store No. 19 ?7't\ 8th acdBth aU. aafk first drasa ca? Depot, ooiuiatinc ' fart ? Po?t d'Alenoon. Applique, Mecklen and Vaicnoiecne, lao<*, nch as Collars, Sleeve, * Cohen a dusseldorp, . n. b.?All forgot l? w^?sjia done ay equal to naw.at anort notiee. deo lm* and port I BmUd hi wy*osrtvta # Ca., N. Y r fei? t <? Tot aale by wm. corwin bur6y, jMi ***isg?s&'car* FOR SALE AND RENT. Furnished room? to lft a few minutes wa'k from the Capitol, No. 14 Nortli A street. ja 4-St* FOR SALE.?The st*ck and fixtaree of a seGAR BTtlRL ina batmen part of the 01*7. Addreaa "A. B" throng h the city poet office. it* Handwmk suit of rooms on second door to let. with board; pri rate table if de?jr?d Apply at No. T Indiana artii*. It* TWO LARGE PARLORS. TWO OHAMbers and Kitchwa. oowpletei* fum :ihe<i can be bad br addressing E. M. B.t Box 9 Star Office. ja 4->i* CH'RNISHKD ROOMS TO RENT-A Parlor r and Chamber, cimmno'rat'.ng, on first floor. Term* reasonable. Inquire at 394 C, between ?S and 6th ?u ja 4-3tet>' senators, members or single gen** tiemen oan be accommodated with la'ge and well fnrwished ROOMS id a private family. Location the beat in the city?rear the public bui'dincs and the Wiilard Hotel. Apply at the Mar offio*. Ja 4-tt* L/H'R R KNT-A neatlr and well furnished PAR r LOR or CH A M BER. rieasautlr located, is a private family?460 New York arenne. only a few yard* from the State Department, or M i?a A Co. a Bank, or the omnibus line from the Cap'tol to Georgetown, Rett very low. (by the we?k or month ) ja4 3 eo FOR SAI.E.?The furcitp'e and rood-wi'l of an e! gib!? and oommodious BOARDINGflOL'SE. !<>c?te^ on the most business pa*t of the avenue, and nowfui! ?>f boarder* Will he sold on reasonable t'rmi, the preeeDt occupant b'inc oomp*lled to relinquish the busir est 011 account <T iil-hfa'th Address Mra MARY ATKINSON through city pott office. It* FOR SALE?The Good Will of a fir a t-rate Business Stand. Inquire at 497 Sixth at. ja3-2t* Handsome furnished rooms, next door to Wiilard Hotel?214 Pennsylvania avenue^ jaS-iw* FOR SALE?From ?.?*> to 5 000 oorda of WOOD standmr within 2H mile* of Keltsville. Inquire of J. R. STEVENS. Wood and Coat Dealer, No. 469 Firat at JaS Iw* FOR SALE-An old eetabllshod RESTAURANT, well s'ockrd and provided, situated on Pennsylvania avenne, in an eliuble busine*s locality. This restaurant i* on the first floor of a large and commodious three-story brick dwelling on wnloh there is i three vear te'se and which will be include,; in the aale of the above. For further particulars apply between the hours of 9 and 3 o'o oak at No 3** Louisianaav ,n??ar6th ?t ja3-1w* TO LET OR FORSALE-A RESTAURANT I on Pennsylvania Avenue. A Partner wanted with a small capital. Apply at DONADI'S. 512 Penn avecne. near 2d st. ja 2-2t* FOR KENT.?One lane four story BRICK HOUSE, with basement; in a fine location, water, gas. bath-hiuse, Ao. Inquire at M J.F? 344 Pa avo , north, between 12th and ISth sta. ja 2 St Furnished rooms to r ent?on Fourth trent. between I and K streets. Inquire at No. 336 Fourth street. d? 31-lw* BURNISHED APARTMENTS IN THE r FIRST WARD FOR RENT.?A oomfort ably Furnished Parlor and Chamber, 00 m muni rating. Also, one or two separate Chambers. Enquire at tbe premises. No. 110 oorner of Pa. ave. and 20th street, nOith side, 1-irst Ward. de 31 eo5t* FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-1.M0 aores of selected timber LAN D. in the Nortn W ?st, will be sold or exchanged for property in the City of Washington. The land is well timbered, contains water power, and is a sure investment Addre** "Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Post Offioe de 19 lm F^OR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished,in a first-darn residence in Georgetown, with boa d. To a permanent tenant terms will be moderate. Apply at 14 7 West *t , Georretown. de 17 tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMSFour nacdsoinely Furmshed Rooms, supplied with jtas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, lor rent. App'yat 490K Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 4th sts. ma a BOARDING. AME?S OF FOUR PERSONS, WHO WILL ojcupy hut two rooms, can be accommodated with unexceptionable boarding, in a private family, in the west end of the city. Terms reasonable. Apply at this offioe. ja S St* EDUCATIONAL. J VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Professor and Teacher of the above. tenders h>? rrvoes to the pab'ic. Terms 9< per lssson. References to any musioian in the oitv. Several of his pupila are now the best violin ists in the world. Viz: Le Petit Ole Bull, Pred. Buokley, Ac . Ao. Address Canterbury Hall, where he oan be heard ever; night de 21 lm* P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. BARNES' Dancing School at Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th and 10th, will commence TUESDAY, December W 24ih, and oontinue every Tuesday and Kri day?afternoon oku*es at 3 o'ol-KJk, and ivr uMi ning oiasses at o'clock All of the fashionable danoea wt'l be taught during the season. The beat music will be in attendance under the direction of Prof. George Arth. Call for aoiroular. dell lm Madame leontine blanchet. de Paeis Will Give PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 151 West street, Georgetown ; or 407 F street Washington. de lo-lm* ]\IISS BROOKE'S ENGLISH and FRENCH 1H BOARDING AND DAY tCHOOL, Seven BtriLDifis*. No. 1.30 Pennsylvania arenut. Ciroulars to be obtained at the Bookstorea and of the Principal. no26-lm* GBORGETOWNADyERT'MTS (VTt*NOTICE -LICENSE S .?All peraona ij! whoae license* from the Co'poration of Georgetown expire on the 31st instant are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, oth*rwiso they subject themselves to a fine, and the law is compulsory on the proper officers to enforoe raid law against all delinq uejts. de27 stawtJanlO WM. LAIRD. Clerk. W POTATOES. E Have in store, and for sale at lowest rates, a lot of prime Prino* Albert and Peach Blow POTATOES. Also OATS, and a rma I lot of prime ONIONS. BI/SEY A BARNARD. Bridge at., 2 doors west of Hich, d* 31-lw Georgetown. D. C. Anew stock of GENERAL STAPLE GOODS. Blankets, Comforts and Bed Spreads, Cotton Sheetinga, Shirtings and Linena. White and Colored F.annes. Towels, Napkins, Taoiea Cloths and Diapers. For Ge*t-' akd Boys' Weak. Cloths. Caaaimers. Tweed#, Vestings, Ao., in all rood atTlea and qualities, Fine and Heavy Grey Dom?etiO Cloths, far Qent emer.s' Suits. To all of which we ask tbe spe.ia' attention of purchasers. J. W. OOLLEY A OO.. de 2w 5'i3 7th at.,a'K)ve Pa. av. TV NEW MILLINERY. HOW On hand and coustintly reoeiving new supplies of WINTER BONNETS, oompna-^Pk ingtherewast and most desirable sry:<>s ofQB the aeaaon.at HUTCHINSON A MUNRO'S?^ Fancy Store, 310 Penn. avsnue. uecween 9ta *nd 1' th streets, wr.ere Miss Tln mp*on is prepared to execute promptly ah orders left with her. Alao. just received, a new supply of Head Dresses, Artificial Flowers, Feathers, Ao? to which we invite the attention of the ladies. de 18 LADIES' GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES. HOSIERY. HANDKERCHIEFS, SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LINEN COLLARS. SHIRTS. Ac , Ao. THOMPSON, under Brown'a, de 20 E. a. Lake a Co.'s Marble Hall Basaar. ORSES FOR SALE, Of every description, _ Constantly on fc'?nd?Louisiana avenue, near the Center Market de 18-6m* ^^ ? Attention, sutlers, officers and soldiers! A large stock wfCAMP STOVES, manuftujtured and for saie at 341 Pennsylvania avenne, near Center Market. dell-tf H. J. GREGORY. Lea a perkins' worcestershire sauce. KING A burchell. de 18 oorner Veraont av. and Fifteenth st. fit Military Boots ?ii WW1 AT W H OLE SALE. Ml We have now in store? 10 oaaea Calf Stitobed I namel Leg Boota, 20 " ?rain " ttir.oh - ? CaMlf ^^^. ^h^Alao, a variety of Calf and Kip Boots, Boya'aad loathe' Boots,and Ladies' Oa^norala. 77*. WHITEHOUSB, ? , - - No. 16 Market *paoe, de ?8-lw?? Penn. av>. betw?a ?th and fck eia. Come to the Clothing Store Namker Three Hue red and Fifty-four, (Up stairs i) *tia there poo ylli And Good and cheap Clothing of every kind ! rjRKAT SACRIFICES FOR SO DAYS.?My V sEook wili bo sold Without regard to eoet, eonaisting of Coota, Vests and Panto of tke finest ... J. WTKBsp. ri.Bue^.?S^TLKT6' Wooms Half Hoeo, Smrts aru b awer% W lth ageceral nook of Dry Goods for aale at the lOVMt prioe# by deH-?w It^MarkeC I de 1# ewaeifTlWeaSu i I i SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK. T. M Wnnomt Ooom ?The Serretory of tb# Treasury baa, we learn, addressed a letter to Senator Feesenden chairman of the Committee on Commerce, and Hon Thadroa sterrM. rbilmtn * of theCommltte of Wara and Means. In which bo aara the act of Congrew. passed December 'JB, 1W51, directing that frcm and after the date of ita passage certain dtitle*, ta Ilea of dntias here tofore Imposed, should be levied, collected. and paid on tea, coffee and sugar imported from fareIgn countriea. did not exempt from lta operatic* tea. coffee and sugsr Imported and warehoused, and wm therefore regarded by htm aa a direction to collect nil datlea prescribed on nil such importations without axoeptlon, and Instructions were leaned to collect accordingly. Tbe Seeretary suggests, In view of the general opinion among Importing merchant* that tbe fhltfc of tbe Government la engaged for tbe del leery of aocb goods to all mercbanta on payment of the dutiea Impoeed by law, at the time of warehousing, tbe propriety of tbe adoption of n joint resolution dlroct. lng him to per wit warehoused good* to be withdrawn on payment of tbe dutlaa Impoeed by the net of Auguat last; and to refund any excess of dutiea above those thus Impoeed. which may bare been collected on goods already withdrawn. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. A EIVIIW. President Lincoln thta forenoon reviewed tbe 6th lT. 9. Cavalry, Lieut Colonel Emory ronamandlng They filed past tbe door of tbe Esee?tive Mansion, whtle tbe Prealdent. aurrounded by a throng of elvlllans, remained on tbe aide walk until they had all gone by. Tbe regiment was full, and evidently In fine condition for service In tbe field. HAW TAID. There has been no nrrival from tbe lotllla since our last report, up to noon to-day, nnd we nre therefore without news from tbe lower Potomac The tug Pusey left tbe yard nt nnon Tbe repelra to tbe Resolute are progressing rapidly, nnd that tteamer will be In readlnena to join tbe flotilla In a few days IXOIT DCTT. To-day four companies of tbe bnndaome 85tb New York regiment, Col Davie, made tbelr appearance upon Pennaylvanla avenue on tbelr return from eacortlng to tbe cars the 9th New Jersey regiment on Ita way to Join another corps. LATE^ LOCAL NEWS. ForiTH Wa*d Srariow Ca*ss?Btfon Jut. tit? Walter.?Bernard O'Nell, drank and dlaorderly; turned over to the military Ann Hall, (col'd.) larceny; jail for court Albert Anderaoa. Jno. A. Anderson. Alex Taylor, Geo Smith, Peyton Watklna. Chaa Kelsey, Laura F Smith, (col'd) were arrested at a house on Eleventh street, where the patrolmen were ordered to make seerch for a white boy, named Jamleson. who robbed h'.a father in Baltimore of a conatderabls amount of monev and ran away The boy waa found, and the parties taken for harboring him. Nine dollars In money were recovered, snd about thirty dollars worth of artlclea be bad purchased, vl* : A clarinet, four pistole, n bowle knife, several chains, a ring, six books, snd s spyglass. Peyton Wstklns and John A Anderson were dismissed; tbe others were held In custody for farther bearing. Fcllt Committbd.?Yesterday, Jas E Duns win, who was arrested on tbe charge of robbing Mr. Job Travers, felled to give S300 ball for court, snd waa committed to jail by Josttce Donn. GEORGETOWN. Co^t'pcndmt* Tkt Stmr. GeonoKToam, Jan. 4,1881 ConponATion Psocbkmnos ?Tbs Board of Aldermen at their meeting laat evening passed a resolution In relstlon to small-pox patlente, (noticed In the proceedings of tbe other board;) also, resolutions In relation to tbe high price of gas; for the relief of tbe poor; to pay several aoooants; Instructing tbe Committee before Congress to ask for amendments to tbe charter (In relation to tbo collection of taxes); In favor of Wm H Fletcher and Wm H. Chamberlain; and for tbe tinitil election of n salaried police magistrate In the Board of Common Council s oommant cation from tbe Msyor asking Instructions In relation to tbe bnrlal of small-pox cases other than paupers; and another recommending tbe appointment of a committee (Messrs. Shoemaker and Wm King, of Wm ,) to attend to tbe relief of smsll-pox patients, and an appropriation of SttSO to provide a suitable building fur hospital purposes, were read Some debate ensued In relation to tbeae subjects, after which the messages were appropriately referred. Accounts of Joseph F Birch and J J McQalL lan, for coffins; and of H Reaver, for services as magistrate, were referred Resolutions In ffevor of Wm H Fletcher, of Wm H Chamberlain, and of Jenkln Thomas, were passed The Grievance Committee was, on motion,discharged from further consideration of the petitions of Joaeph N. Fearson and of Henry Weaver. A resolution setting apart certain standi In tbe market house for tbe sale of vegetables, and providing for the sale of such standa at suction on tbe 1st of April next, waa posted A resolution providing for the election, on tbe flrst Mondsy In January of each year, of a police magistrate at 8300 per annum, waa pnasrd The police committee were, oa motion, dlschsrged from tbe further consideration of tbe petitions of Wm YV balsn and John N May, asking the remlaa'.on of fines imposed p?>en them for obstructing tbe sidewalks, andols> from the further consideration of the petitions of Jss Collins snd S. VVhltcmsn "tbe blacking man " A resolution requesting the water engineer (Msyor Addison) to Inform tbe bosrd as to what steps can be taken to reduce tbe large expenditure for repair of pumpa and hydrants, wss passed A resolution Instructing tho committee before Congress to represent to that body tbst tbe smsllpox hassprtad from the army eruptive haapltal In tbla vicinity (at Kalorema) to our community, and to aak relief from that body; referr-d A reaolution Instructing tbe committee before Congress to ssk for an amendment to tbe charter, extending the elective franchise to all white dm le citizen*, without tbe paymcntof any poll or ached tax; referred A resolution instructing tbe Clerk of the Board to collect SI per month from each building association which meets in tbe Council Chamber, waa referred A reaolution appointing the Mayor, Geo Shoemaker, and Wm King of Wm., a committee of three to carry nut measures for tbe relief of smallpox patients, and appropriating $250 for baspitsl purposes, wsi referred, together with s letter from the smallpox pbyslclsn, Dr. Lsuck. giving an accouut of tbe escxpe of a smallpox patient, a colored woman, and her aubsequent wanderings through the town JVOTICE TO WATCHMAKERS, JKWELi^l LKR5, AND PEDLARS ?. A J KltS, of 99 Wash lottos street, Boston, will <-?en their Branch Office. Room ?1 No. lo Waihi::gto? Building. Pa avenne, on TsAsda?, December Slst with a large J stock of Watches, Jewelry. Watoh Mat? MBl rials, &o., at the lowest wholesale prices. Watch work done ior the trnds. Positively no Goods Sold on Wou pons at Rbtail. d? A NOTICE. LL Persona indebted to aa by notea, doe bills, and opae aoooants, nro raspaeuslly reqaeetsd tt> call ana sou. a tee same by the 1st of Jansor?, 1MJ. at wbioh tins all aoooants on oar booka will be rs?dy fr>r delivery, aud nnless paid will be elsootl in tbs hoods of aoollsotor for settlement witboa*. farther notioe. dslBXw BARBOUR R ?KMMES DtD COMFORTS AND Tobls Linen, N opto*"0 1U*NKET* With ]: kind, of Dry to Mis M tks .owest srioes by ds TT tw 'oJoi^'Sstw'Mirtn. T? y,1}1 c * H * BU|rL^*{^ ^*^-Fer aa0^at wheeUfl!shv?overed WAGON, with hsnllsoins lea ner saslio s, Ao , having beea used three times, oootiia Also.a NewVork macs set of KryeFjT ^s-'^Srta groom. . dsffi MA. CARD. . _ . R. J. AIOLRR lia* us pisasara to m?j?. his friendsjind tbe psbTe, that he baa ope??d a first aloes Ruraarany at tbs Ikrorits leeanaq ol '*c lishmant. Raving fBsips unamssti for a awn e?aa supply of all tfcs^aHoaom ot too ssassat a?^ soared as ssrvtoas of po Its and oampetaai attea dsnts* he hspss to peaoive a one share ofnablie tawor. . i is i ** IV- PIANOS?PIANOS?Pi AN O? 1 18 Moral as resetvea again a sap ply of fss mora, which 1 will saUor re- t oa mi lo; iM ?t r W ^*1^' " toH- " %. a S^uisam..