7 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

7 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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TH E EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: . TUESDAY ..... JANUARY*?, IMS. Though Th* f-TLX ia printed oa the teateat a**m preaa la w oath of Baltimore, lt? edition la ao large to require It to be put to preas at aa early hoar: AdnrHttmtnti, therefore, ahoold be aent la before 19 o'clock otberwlae they may may aot appear until the next day. Or* Fmratna at tbe Tarloua military caoapa and ro.lt! OM will confer a fa tot by keeping oa pooled aa to moTeneota and affklra In tkelr Ttolnltlea. JOB PRINTING Or Etiit DsacmtrrioM EiteoM wltb oeatneaa and dispatch on application at tbe i*TAR OFFICE. At tbe Loweat Caab Price* Potlafbctlon guarantied. noW-tf Spirit ( the Mtriiag Prru. The Inulltgnutr argue* 1b favor of exchanging prisoner* with the rebels. The fUpmbliran again blows the horn for Gen. Jlna Lane. * IJT We are requested to state that tl^re will bo a public reception by the Prealdent this evening, commencing at 8# and ending at 10^ o'clock. Bad S'gns. The reflecting portion of the community conversant with (he history of nations, will read the atory of yesterday'a legislation of the House of Representative* with equal alarm and regret, a? unmlttakeably Illustrating the fact that the tendency of ita action !s, surely, unless checked by some Influence as yet unknown, to re fin act nere, in our <ny, me roie 01 lae trencn National Aaaembly at the close of the la?t century, when, in the name of the aacred cauae of Human Liberty, that body, equally as irreaponaible, collectively, aa oar own Houae of Representatives, taught the world tbe terrible leaaon of the legitimate reaulta of unbridled demagoguelam, which, though ringing in Ifa eara up to thia time, aeems now about to be utterly Ignored on thla aide of the Atlantic. The action to which we rafer la tbe deliberate usurpation by tbe Houae of the functlona of the executive, in the matter of the direction of the military arm of the Government, under oratorical appeala every whit aa revolntionary (a* law and constitution nerving) as those which all may read In history, as the early appeals of "The Mountain," from the French Assembly's tribune, that led to the scene* throughout Franee, recollection of which, even to this day, causes the blood of society everywhere to run cold. The pretence for this deliberate usurpation Is that the House do not acknowledge the right of the Commander-in-chief to decline according to Oongresa any Information concerning military affairs, the promulgation of which be may regard as being likely to prevent the success of the arms of the United States In the current war. We know " SV..4 4L. -? *? - -- won mai iuo>c 01 me ooay o?*ni on toe lnaugura- j tton of a red republican revolution In the loyal Htates, endeavor to conceal the fact for tbe time being, by stating tbe question In Usue somewhat differently. But, stripped of such subterfuges, those loyal to tbe Constitution comprehend it to be just as we explain it. Tbat acting under such oratorical appeals as that of Mr. Lovejoy yesterday, tbe Hsuae should deliberately resolve that thy are Tbe State?that, like the King, they can do ?? wrong?that there now exists no authority whatever In the land but their unbridled will? tella, with inexpressible force, of th? f?nt ??> ? 1m cheeked, their course bids fair to torn tbe. arms of one half thoae in battle array for the Unlon, gainst tbe other half, and to substitute social war at tbe North, for the current civil war in which all true patriots are fighting for the restoration of the Union. Stahd PaoM Usdss? General Fremont is here, doubtless in execution of a plan of the red republicans to assail ths Government through irre' sponsible means.' That is : through the action of a Congressional red-republican committee, assuming the right to do what it pleases?to pro- | tauige every nune accusation conceivable agalnat the Government and aucb other ofllclala, civil and military, aa may be understood to be opposed to aa abolition revolution The design la evidently to deatroy the morale of the army, and to depoee, by revolutionary meana, all In authority who recognise their obligation to the Constitution of the United States aa a higher one than any poaslble obligation to a Congressional abolition cabal In a very short time, It Is evident to us, this revolutionary conspiracy will be so developed as that the country at large will comprehend its alms and meana, in all their length and breadth We believe that they have but to become thoroughly known to defeat themselves; because sure that when the question is put to the nation, whether It will remain true to the Union's Government, Constitution and lawa, or will bow to a joint dictatorship of Fremont. u??im 1 , -j-ji .. Phillip* *t al , acting at first under cover of tbe usurped license of a Congressional committee, little,-Indeed, will be left of tbe latter. Caen. Some cruel joker perpetrates tbe following at tbe expense of tbe Rtpublican, and that paper publishes It with the moet confiding good frith: " Yonr paper comes to me along with my Washington mall, and 1 cannot forbear to say that I reed It with great satisfaction. It Is a comfort to find a paper wltho-it long-winded harangue*, and that seems to perceive snd hold fast to the salient points of our great conteat Of tbe things I really want to know, I believe 1 find more in the than la any other paper.'' Pibham's Excussion ?This enterprise as will be seen by the sdvertlsement elsewhere, affords great facilities for cheap traveling, enabling all persons, by purchasing an excursion ticket, to visit northern cltlea at half price. Ottcers and oldlem en furlough, will find this a great economical convenience In visiting their homes, tickets being good to return until the first of wmcd yrr A mott respectable meeting of British reaideata of New York *u held in thai city on Saturday afternoon laat, at the office of the Brltiah Coaeul, for the porpooe of expreaalng condolence with Quem Victoria on the aad occasion of the death of the Prince Cooaort Suitable resolutions aad an addreaa to be forwarded to the Queen were adopted. PitioRU ?Brig Uen Shield* arrived at New York on Saturday from California to accept the military poattlan tendered him by the National Goftraaait. He la represented to be In Ine health and aplrlta, and fall of enthaalaam for the eaoaa He reached thla city last evening, and U topping at the Herndon House SiRfitLAa Casi ?A prlrrte In the Fourth Wis eoaain Regiment, now encamped at Patteraon Park, named Peter Moore, had been 111 for aeveral weeks, and on VI edneaday laat died, aa waa supposed A coffin waa ureMred ?>?? ?* ? r ..Mi) auu UU Thursday morning to was placed therein pre perstory to Interment While the lid wu being toslrnrl en be roee from hit recumbent position ud at op In the eoln to the greet amazement of tbeee engaged IB the aerrlce He wu immediately removed and placed again under the care of the aorgeom of the regiment He had been In a etate like that of one dead for a day and a half ? BmIi Amiriemm. iMPOtTAST FKOM W IITIIK VllOIBlA?Town ev Sctton Brmrno ?We Ind the following In the Wheeling Prem of Saturday: Biutowr, Jan. S ?The rebel* burned the town of button, with the ezoeptloo of two or three house* They alao burned the two churches at the Flttwood* They destroyed *11 the Goversmeat property that was at Sutton Cap*- Rowand'* (Federal) Cavalry had pre el , vwi|<?in w reveal from Ratio* to Weaton by the Coo fedora tee, tHer eonelderabie eklrmlakinf PTTU Maryland Legislature bare appointed vol at committee to report a law lmnioelafr an eeik of alieglaaoe upon all persons boldI nr oftce lathe Stale. Tke Mil repeallag Ike act retterlng tke Mayer aad etkers froaa proeeeatloa for oertaln acts eoaaWai daring tke eowptntf of April laet waa teatty paaeed oa Saturday 07" Tke Indiana poll* Sentinel denies tke Mateneat that tke Hon Jeka 0 D??a had fled tke i U la la I * Om MILITART BrPCET. THUS OtlATKiT DEI AD LaU Richmond and Charleston newapapera make It plain that tbe oligarchic authorltlee recognise in the delay of forward movement* on the part of tbe armiea of the Union, against which oar own red republican! enveigh so loudly, an absolute surety that when such movements do take place, their rebellion will be annihilated, past per adventure. They state the caae so much clearer than we can state It, as that we prefer to let them do so for us?a* follows (from the Richmond Examtntr :) "The troop# sent on thla expedition, and borne by the transport* attached to It, are, like all the troops In the field, raw and undisciplined. Now, here, aa elsewhere, whenever the untrained volunteers of the South meet the untrained volunteers of the North, with an equality of numbers and commanders, the defeat of toe latter may be assumed as a certainty. The repeated trials and firoofs of this war leave no possible doubt of the ndivldual superiority of the southern man over the northern man In a personal combat; and this superiority Is still the only element In the battles fought between the two natlona. This Is our security against the fleet and army which operates this winter on the southern coast. It Is afao our perfect and absolute defense for the present against the great foroe collected along our northern fron tier. So long u the armies of the Union and of the Confederacy are both composed of recruits, we stand in no danger, and need entertain no apprehensions. The dark hour of our trial has not yet come It will come whenever McClellan has succeeded in converting his Yankees into ths involuntary machines known to the military science as regiments, brigades and divisions. This is ths end that he proposes to himself. This is the secret of his long delay. This Is the work of his hands and his head at this moment. He may succeed In executing it completely. The MNt cowardly individuals of the most unwarTike race, when long subjected to a rigid and meiuoaicai discipline, can of amalgamated into bodies which act with the certainty and Insenslbility of combination* of iron and brass moved by steam and directed by the human band. There ia no reaaon to suppose that the people of the United States are exceptions to the rule that holds good with Hindoos, Muscovites and Malays. Their separate poltroonery can be overcome by the power of military organization, and then the courage of our segregated soldiery?however noble?mav be broken like the wave on a mass of stone Here lies the true danger of the future. While the North relies on diacipllne, we trust still to individual superiority; and, however brilliant the results that the last has hitherto gained, and may still secure, it will be found in the ena as inefficient on the American continent and in the nineteenth century as It has ever been in all other age* and all other lands " HAVY TAKD. The steamer Yankee came up from the flotilla tT*ator<1air an/1 ? ? I ? 1 ? .#? ? 1 jvuiviuuj , uux **cu? ?ivwh again 1U IUC OlVTfI1WI1, She had a hole In her bow, made by a shell flred from the rebel battery at Cock-pit Point a day or two since, when the Anacostla and Yankee exchanged shots with that batlery?no serious damage being done on either side. The shell mentioned entered the bow of the Yankee, and struck one of her knees, but did not explode. The King Philip has gone down, to be used as an Ice boat CONGRESSIONAL X&XVIlth < 0*GR ESS -Second Session. ? Yesterday, after the clove of our report? A resolution instructing the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads, to Inquire into the expediency of collecting a tax on the conveyance of intelligence by telegraph, was adopted Sundry bills and resolutions were Introduced ? - ana reierrea, ana the bill supplementary to an act to amend the judicial system of the United States, discussed by Messrs Trumbull, Sherman and Wade, and postponed till Monday next Adjourned Hocsx ?Yesterday, after our report closedMr Richardson addressed the House upon the resolution of Mr. Conkling, calling for information relative to the Ball's Bluff disaster He held that this was not a subject for Investigation by them, but it should be left with the military authorities Congress should trust something at leaat to the Departments of the Government. Mr R also urged an immediate movement of the army Mr Crittenden opposed the resolution, and con* irouru mil iu? Mouse >>u do power under the Constitution to Inquire Intotheae mlllftry matter*. The army it under the command of the President of the United States, who is responsible In these operations To interfere with this, therefore, would be an attempt to extend our own jurUdicnm Hesaia webuKnt to ne csrerui not to let such feelings lead us Into Improper measur* on our part. Mr Vallandlgham believed in the right of Congres* to enforce responsibilities upon all the heada of Departments. He thought the power ought never to be aurrendered. and would >t ail maintain the nubordlnation of the military to the civil authorities The British Parliament had exercised the right of Inquiry into (he conduct of the Crimean war But her# the Secretary of War but only exercises the discretion allowed to him by the House, and it was now too late to complain of it Mr Lovejoy always believed the military should be subordinate to tn? civil power. He believed the regular military officers were In the way of an advance We are watching with the fruitless' hope of the rebellion being put down. The idea Is if we don't hurt anybody the rebels will return to their allegiance The reason why we are not successful Is that we are standing before an Incensed Godj we are not true to the principles of justice and true to those of human equality, namely, liberty throughout all lands and to all the Inhabitants thereof. The everlasting negro cannot begot rid of; you might as well try to brush away God's throne The trouble does not consist eithei In Gejr McClellan or Gen Halleck; It Is an angry God wng these powers as Instruments to punish us Mr Dunn, of Ind , said be would make any sacrifice under the constitution to preserve slavery. He did not believe that tbla Government wa? to be prrpetuated by a war upon tbe Institution of slavery If tbe Government insists upon making this kind of war of slavery upon tbe border States, be would tell them that our Union was gone. TW- 1~ i uc icwiuuun was nnally adopted?yeas 79, ays 64. Sir. Stevens, of the Committee of Ways and Means, Introduced a joint resolution explanatory of Increased duties on tea. coffee, and sugar; passed Anjourned. 7*^ NOTICE ? A meeting of the Fenian Brothil v erhood will be held at Patnok Niohols' Hotel.on nextSUNDAY EVKNI NG.at7 o'olock. All former members who are anxious for tbe oauae are earnestly invited to attend. By order of the Preaident. it7 2t* THOS. J PHILLIPS,8eo. (Vsr* NOTICE.?The New York Soldiers' Reief 1JL -f Association have a meeting at Temperance Hall, between 9th and Wtn streets on E.onTUkS DAY EVENING. January 7. 1862. Cit'xsns from New York urged to attend. IRA HARRIS, Prea. Jour 8. Pole- Sec. ja6 || MAYOR S OFFICE. W ashisoton, January ?, 1862. persons desiroos of beint vaociuated free of exsense will be attended to b* oa inn upon fither of the following named Ward Pbyaioiana: h irat Ward?Charles McCorm ok. M. I) , Nine teenth street.b?twe<n I atr**t *n<i _ Vu<4 ouuiyivftiild ITMK. Seoond Ward?J. vV. H. Lovejoy, M. 0., oorner of I and Twelfth atreeta. Third Ward?13. M Da ?, M D., L atreet, betwntn Nm?h and Tenth ?treet?. Fourth Ward-Joa. T. Howard, M. D., No. 36fi Fifth atreet. Fifth Ward-Geo MoCoy, M. D , Pennsylvania avenue, between Second and Third atreeta eaet Sixth Ward?J no. M. Roberta, M. D., 8 atreet, between Seventh and Eighth atreeta Seventh Ward?R. C. Crogiio, M. D.,Seventh atreet, between K and P atreeu. jaest RICHARD WALLACH,Mayor. .rw-inc, r aik OK THE LADIES OF ST. (Mf Aloji u? Chnrohi which waa so Kindly patron sed daring tins *wk, will. by r*?ue?t. be oontinued next w#ek till iHURSDAY bVENIN G. January 9th, when it will i>e oonoinded with the Grand Epiphaty Fes'ival. Please uo'ioo that tha Grand Kpiphary Festival is postponed to Thursday evening Music, entertainments and p lava free every evening at tohool room* of St. Aioysiua Church, oorner < f North Capitol and 1 sti. Benefit of Fair atd Festival for the par?otuai schools. ja?3t* rrB^HEADQUARTEKS 1ST REGIMENT IkS EASTERN VIRGINIA BRIGADE, AL. liiinau * 11 ~ ?mvvi .1?Alio IlOMtua ier? ol this r?(iment will b? located to Alexandria. Re oraiting ?tatioB? will be designated at proper stations Recruit* wishing to join thu raginient will be mattered in and clottiM at oooe W. WALL, Coloaal lit \ Irginia Regiment, Reoruittog station it opened on Seventh street, 333, Cart. Whitney's quarters late oavary. de M-eolQt Kt THK UNION PRAYER MKETIN9 WU1 IJ? b? held eaoh day this waek in the New Yo?k Avenne Chnroh, i Rev. Dr. parley's,) oonunenoiag at 4 o elook p m., to be oontinned one hoar oniy. dlV \f OURN1NS 0OOP8-A fall stoc* thronehout i"l trie enure rear. OM pnoe on it PEftiLY * BROTHER, J* 7-1 P?B W??MU>J NiattltTMt. [JECORATED TIN TOILET BKT8. v?. *HHW7 I ?. ? J* ? H? A- iit> f TELEGRAPHIC. The Ohls Legislature-MeiM|f sf til GstirMt Clsyblamd,Jan 0 ?The Ohio Legislature wu organised to-day, and tbe Governor's mesMge received The Governor congratulate* the people on tbe prospect of a favorable termination of tbe present war, and on the general prosperity of the State for the past rear. He relates briefly tbe history of the State since 1009, when tbe Constitution was adopted, showing the Immense Increase of wealth and population. After devoting some space to affairs of local interest. he refers to the report of Secretary Chase, and dissents from his plan of establishing a national currency aa liable to many objections, snd Impracticable a* a measure of relief to the Government. He likewise objects to the Income tax Imposed by Congress as making an unwlae discrimination between people who are all willing to contribute to the aupport of the Government in proportion to their means, and discriminating between United States and State securities. Referring to military affairs, the Governor states that on the first call of the Preaident 93,000 men volunteered. The number of men from Ohio now in the three years' service Is 77,844, of which number 45 9?S are In active service outside of the State. This does not Include citizens ef Ohio who have entered military organizations In other States, because of the want of luthorlty to receive them in Ohio. Tbe total amount expended for war purpoaes to Jan 1, 1892. including unpaid liabilities, is f2,339,457. The Governor thinks the ultimate effect of the war will be tbe extinction of slavery; but be deprecates immediate emancipation. I'tik Applylnf far Admlsslen mt? the Ualtl. Grrat Salt Lake, Utah, Jan. 6.?At a mass meeting held in thia city to day, rraolutlona were passed relative to tbe admiaslon of thia Territory Into the Union aa a State. Delegatea were elected from thia county to meet delegates from other counties on tbe 20th Inst . to draft and adopt a conatltution and form of State government to be aubmitted to the people for their acceptance or rejection Congreas will be memorialised for tbe admiaaion of Utah during tbe preeent session. Frem Hew Mexlce Kansas Citt, Jan. 6 ?The Santa Pe mall has arrived, with datea to the ifcid. It bringa no newa of importance. Fort Wise ia garrisoned by three companies of Federal troopa Tbe amall pox la raging throughout the whole Territory, and Is extremely fatal to children. U. I _ I? i_ ?* rn > *?? cptcie ii vrry scarce in me 1 errnory. rot weather ii cold on tbe plains. A large number of Indiana were met on the road, but they were friendly. The Wltconain State Government. Madison, Wla , Jan. 6 ?Ths inauguration of the Governor and S'ate otfirers took place to-day. F.x-Gov. Randall, on retiring, thanked bit frlenda and co-workers, and expressed regret at parting from them He wa? followed by Gev Harvsy In a few appropriate words. The New York Leglslatare?H. J. Raymond Nominated for Speaker. Albany, N. Y , Jan. 6?The republican and people's caucus met to-night and nominated H. J Raymond for Speaker of the Assembly. Gen Sigel Tendered his Resignntion Si. Louis, Jan. 6 ?General Sigel haa tendered bit resignation. The cause ia not known BED liLANKETS, COMFORTS AND Sheetincs. Quilts. Ticning*. Towels, Table Linens, arid all other kirdi ol Housekeepers' Dry Goods, ft 1 ftt our proverbial!r low pnoes. marked in plain fi{mes. PERRY * BRO? ift 7 fit Penn. avenue and Ninth at. 'T'OSUTLKKH I I AND RK8TAURANTS. 10"* baskets very aupenorCHAMPAGNE WINE for sale oheap by WM CORWIN BUR6Y. No. 34T Pennsylvania avenue, ja7 entrance on ?ix?h it C* BALMORAL BOOTS fOAT Tipped Doable sole Balmoral 91 fiO r?lf Kid do do do ...?...S2 00 Glove Calf do so Al?o, a.l other styles of Ladies' and Misses' Balmoia! Boots, the cheapest ar.d b*st assortment intheoity. J. ?Ot*ENTH*L, No. 18 Market Soaoe. ja7 eo Pann avenue, between 8th acd 9'.h sis. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The copartner*hip heretofore existing b'tireen the undersigned under the firm of Lot* ? Bull, ia this day dissolved by mutual oonseut. F. A. Lutz i? alone authorized to uae the name of the firm in liqidation of the bnsinews of aaid firs'. F. A. LUTZ. 1 (ft "An A I- -?. nunAIIU PBALb. Ir<OOT WARMERS FOR CARRIASES OR BEDS. We have this day opened another lotof those excellent Foot Warmer* f>r Carrisceaor Beds C. W. BOTELER * 8ON8,, UCOUGH?COUSH?COUGH! SE MOORE'S PRL'Il.l DROPS, an agreeable, ?afe and eff?otual oore for C<'ugha. Bronohitir, Croup, 4ta. 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The United States Agricultural Society will hold its Tenth Annual Qretinr at the Smithsonian Institution, on \V KDNKSDAY WoRNlNH, Januarr Bth, at 10 o'clock, when tke eleot:on of oftoers will ba held, and the other bss<ness repaired by the oons itnt on wili be transaot?d Officers, neither* and delegates sre respectfully notified to attend. It is to be hoped that niere mar be a general representation of A?rionIturalists "in Congress assembled," to protect and susttin their interests, aoting aa a national organisation on sueh matters pertaining t<> agriculture a* mar be desme 1 appropriate. Gentlemen from other lands who may be interested in the acquisition and diffusion ot agricultural knowledge are also invited to attend, and to participate in the prooeedisgs. Tbe business offioe of the tooiety is in Todd's Marble Building, one door west of Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue, where all interested in the cause < I agricultural improvement are invited to A&li Vh?D ID W??hinstnn rtitw A 1 ge?a humKa. . - . ?..v?uu vi. n *? * ?iIHU^I vi arrisoltural newapipera, periodioala. and reports, (liberally contributed) are p aoed on fiia for inapection, and the Library la also f ee to all who ma? de*ir? to examine it. Models or drawinca of a<rioultural Implements, and other ol jscts of interest, are plaoed upon exhibition witf-out charge. Gentlemen vho mar wish to become Life Mem bers of the Societr can do ao by paring, or remitting 91? the Treasurer, Hoa B B. French. Washington city. Thia will entitle them, without any farther payments, to the fall privilege of membership. Tne fee for Annual Membership is 92. W. B. BUBBAKD. President. BEN. PERLEY PO??Rt, Seoratary Washington. Jan 6,1862. 7 2t RENAL'DIN BOLLINGER * CO 'S CHAMPAONB. LEFMAN. K1EFER A THOMAS8, SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Drain Stxxkt, ja 4-lni N?w York. CHARLES S. FOWLER A CO., 1MPORTER8, WHOLES* LB AND XBTAIL DI1L1II lit CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS, BLOCK TIN GOODS. TINCHAMBER SETS JAPANNED WAITERS, ETHERIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, fe. 004, Odd Follows' Hall. Sxvrntk st., ja*-lm,if W?hint ton City. BOIWELL'I Medicated Cough Tandy, For COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, And all incipient stages of Consumption. For alia, wholesale and retail, by O. BOSWElL, Droifiit, Corner Maryland avenue and Seventh it; And by Z. D. OILMAN. Pann. avenne, naar Brown'* Hotel. And by Droggiata and Sntlara generally, ja 4-3t* IV| ETROPOL1TAN HOTEL. WASHINGT'N, 1*1 (Lati Biown'k > The nnderaigned beg a leave to inform hie Irieada and the traveling poblio t hat he haa leaaad for a term of yeara the well-known Hotel kept for many yeara by Mr. Marahall Brown, and to aaanre them that they wiil find in him a hoat determined to keep in every partioalar a firat-olaaa Hooae. Hereapeotfally eolioita their patronage. ANDREW R. POTTS, ja ?-'w Proprietor. rMfAM nrvi ? -? mmnmMA vsj^V A COAL-COAL-COAL'. We, the underngned, inform our on?tomera ud the oitiseaa of Waahincton generally that we are ell'nt COAL. <R*d and White Aah En tid ttlove Sue,) d*li**rtd, at the following prioea. vix: Net Ton (S.0U0 lb? .) for #7 36 6roM Ton (2,340 I DO for *8 U Also for eale, a ohotoe lot of HICKORY, OAK, AND PINK WOOD. MoKNEW A. MARLOW. CZT" OfBoe oor ner 7th ?t. and Canal. Ja I 6t Military overcoats' MILITARY OVERCOATS!! Ready-m'de or made to order. The moat extendi** aupp'y oonatantly on hand, ranging from 930 to f75. Overooata, Dreaa and Fatigue Coata, Pants, and Ve?u. made to order, on ahort notioe, at oar aaaal low erioea, for caah. noah walker a co., da?7 3wif (Intel.) 368 Pa avenue. kitten HO use, fant * co., 3)3 PimtiTLvmu A?.?r. (Hear Btoim't Hettl,) lwue DRAFTS on all parte of the United States, in umi to anit Oftoera and Solnie-e. A 1m, DrafU on London. Ireland, Sootiand, Wales, and ail parte of the Cont nent of Europe Jaa lm T NOTICE. HR RULLION BANK will open their new Banking Hou?e in the Colonii%tmn Building. oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4H ?treet, Washington, D. C., on MONDAY, January the 6th, 1862, for the purpoae of transaoting a general banking buiinnee. B&nking houra between 10 a m. and 3p. m )aI lw WM, T. THOMPSON, Frwt. 1AA malaga grapes. JUU LBS. Of the lateet importation, aad of perior quality,just received. ^ KING * BURCHELL. j% 4 Co'ner 15th at. ana Vermont av. ^O MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHMLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE* The Bent in the \Vor!dT Tk* Only RtliabU and Harm I* it Hmir Df* Entwm. Sold bj all Druggiate; also, at Bantnon'a Patent Medioine Store, ap. Patent Ofioe, eor. F t, nh, Giim'i Hair Store, Mt Penn'a avenue. where Ladioe oan have it aapiie^, if desired. Faotory?SI Baroiaret. (law as Broadway) N. Y. oo S-tv Iini A Drnnwn OP ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A largt stock ju?t reoeiusd. JOHN B PUDNKY. 334 Pa iv? (btok room) or ti$ D at. WOOL cy*8 COMFORTER*. GLOVES 6ADNTLET8, SHIRTS. DRAWERS. Bo..frMh goods, at JOHN B Pl'DNKT'B S*4 ureet, btw en 9th and Hth. Buffalo * wolf robes, lap robes. horse b14nrets. and CAMP beds. J.,tr?ofiT*i at john b >udnrv% SVI Pa. av.(baok room) or 3H D streat, bat 0th ana 10th. fcjUTLERft !?Satlsrs yoa will alvaja lad ohaap ULANKKTS, BLANKETS.?Lvf. >Mt, br I ... ^jsKaaBaw ; LAB.Er CLOAX" HI-*xci* Btal-tfcia fllnatii Hsarr Plata iMwnjf' Trlaot CMk Gloakk. a it - m am? ?a ? ?? Jsi J. d i. ^ 5, i, ?, *. AMUSEMENT?. | T^HKATUR?*d night of th? ?-wm*a?t of 1 Mr. J B Ovwi MinBaita Dnls utekvMtora. TneadAT. Jm't 7. will bo *orfono?d Ck? fftroe of ' Th? &?n??on Low, Mr J. Orai; Mo ion, Mm D?aia. After wuok. the oomedt#tt?of "Tfce Hi??ioot D*y of ifliter Mr G1 .m?c. Mr J. K Ovm: hojhifc, Mm i D?zub. To ooaelodo with the fiN of ''Forty Whp>?"-Hm?'1q B?r?fm?>, Mr. Uwwi It' CANTERBURY ball! V/ /" FIRST PRESENTATION 6REAT RAVKLVANTOMIMR. LBS AMORS D & S A LP ES WARD in bis (liit Coeds Volants! Afternoon Porfonnsco* Wed need* y After mood st 3 o'olook, for LtdiM aad CMldr#n. witk <?*sU bMof Pr?Mou A superb jl 28 Silk Dfsmlr) All of the ImmttM Coaptny st ?T?rj ?t?rt?;r.Tn?r.t. . J? 1 t&ISS" d rniNGCRyp ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR ONE NIfiBT ONLY. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jenaary tth. J?J7:R QCTH ANNIVERSARY BALL Oil or tii Franklin Fire Comnany Will be liven at oar H?". on FRIDAY EVENING. ITth of <rb*n we sh?T. be JA most happy to the friendr of the Com?any. iu#"'' sing that, if oar exertions oar.^B^ be of avail to visas* every ons preeent, ici ihall b* leftandone to arrive at that end. Tiokets, acmitt;ai % gentleman and ladies, fl. .. MaHA?E*s. _ ? GraftonPowell, A. 8- Dant, W. H.BwrdiMT, JTW. Hattoa. W. H. Fencing, L. Poreey, P.. 0. h'ekloff, J. M Kid ox, Henry King, R. Mooney. L.A -/ At? -V L ??a ? -sr.rKgprcr ja 7,9,11 14,15,16 Trnwrtr. w A8HIN6TON ACADEMY OF MU8I0. Pinw. Avii*ri, ( s*outh Sin,) No. ??, Bttytttn 9tk and 10i4 sti Every it*bid( a remarkably fin* Frw Coaotrt, embrao in* lection* from the beet okaeaie nsio, and tbe most popular operae?rendered id better style th\n at any other American oonoert eaioon. The guests?and the public are freely invited, without charge for entraaoe,?may rely ?pon hav ing every comfort they deeire. In addition to the finest mnsio in Washington, they will obtain, on oall, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreahmrnta for sale in the Federal Metropolis. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja 8-1 ro Proprietor. Look out for the THIRTEENTH GRAND ASSEMBLY Of the g% HIBERNIA CLUB, id To he held at /In. Franklm Hall. tom*r9tk mmd D ttt , (0^ On MONDAY, January 20th. TiokeU 60 oenU, admitting a gentleman and ladies. ja? 31' A0RAND IUL L to begiven by TUSCARORA T D I DU +J - * /\ n as -* W* -1 i aidoi iiu.u, i. u. n. ra ,ii vyu rbi- vm lows* Hi ' Navy Yard, on THURSDAY fit EVKNINrf, Jacuary 23d, 18? >gE The Brother# of oar beloved order, and theMA comnanity at large, are reepeetfally invited to at teni. Tioketa #1. admitting a gentleman aod Ladiee. For partiociare ?ee future advertieemenU. j a 2,4,7,9* RING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. Kid* Sole Leeeeeaod Manager C. Boott Aeeooiate Manager F. Whittaker ?Eqaeetrian Manager J. Protperl. Mntioa! Director The management re?peot/?lly announoee a brief engagement with DAN RICE, Pie Celebrated AN HUMORIST, BLIND^T^E I''Lf:^SCl SWM. Jl, T" at The wbol* Amphitheatrioal Troupe will aeeiat in the entertainments to be given by DAN RICE, Whom engagement will oommenoe oa MONDAY. January 6, IMS, And oontinae Evkst Evimihg Drama tbi wni, ohimioi. Rrasrved Seata .. 75 oeata. Dress Ciroie Jo cents. Children nnder 10 years old__ 96 oenta. Galery . -36 oenta. Coiored 6&i>ery._~ 25oenta. Colored Boxea 60 oenta. Doora open at T o'olook; performaaoea will oommenoe at a % Barter befoie ft. On WEDNESDAY, DAYLIGHT DISPLAY! jb? /^EORGK CHRISTY'S V* OPERA HOUSE. Tbktb Strut. Bbtwhr E m P. Open Every Night with GEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS From Broadttay. .Vm York, Comprising 16 of tne Piokbd Stabs or MiitarBBLST ! The entire entertainment under the immediate di reotlon of GEORGE CHRISTY, Tkt ark*o?UAimA Piam+m. > This Evening, and every evening until further notioe, will he prodaoeri George Cnriety's great Extravag&nsa entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day George Chnety Other characters by the company. The asual melange oI Singing, Dancing, Bar league Opera, Ao. co., by the wnole oompanj. Admission?Parquet, SO oents ; Gallery, 26 easts. __J*_S Fashionable dancing academy at Teinperanoe Hall.tin the main halllE % street, between 9th aad loth- Claseee every IS Tuesday and Fiidar Aftar^ooc and Krtr ng.^B All of (he fashionable Dances taugr.t. Pn-lpA ate elaaeee attended to. For efrcnlarm. fc?i to., miuraol WM H BARNES,fttThompson's Genu' Furaiehicg Store, 370 Pa avenue. C. T. BAftNKf?. denim* Profeuor of Dftooinc. PERHAM'S GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOBtOH. EXCURSION TICKETS Tr?m Baltiaen U BhUi, retars, *b1j SIS.to Te New Verb ??H mop. ? Tiok?ta tood to Iwt( Bealtimore from the Do pot of the N orthern Centi si Rail way ,on Cehrert Hint, peeeini 6rer the Northern Central Riilvn. b*beno n Valley. Eut PenntyraLv L-fc.th Va ier,aa4 ?'entr*J HuroM of "New Jersey to New York, and from New Yo-k o Boatoa by the StoninitoE Line, leering New York by the ateamer* Common w*e.th and Plymoath R ook, at 4 o'oiook p. at., on Mr day, (8 an day exeoepted.) UPTO JANUARY SI. 1?, AlfD TO tlTtll IT IAMB B0VT1 ON OR BEORE MARCH ifT. fT^TiekeU for Bale la Washington. D C., at the Nationa: Hoief, ia Be timore, at tne Depot of the n u?i?f ?lijote "k uta wH on ae,^ d^il 62" Two throag h Train# daily froa Baltimore to New York.leaTtaf Be.t.moreat 8JSa.m. end 130 a.m. To oonteot with tuee? tr&iLi, paeeengera from Waehington moat leave la tne 6 a. m. and S p. m train*. II r All oommamaationa in recant to the Exoar lon moat be addreeeed to J081AH PK R HAM. Natioi.aI Hotel. Wa?r .r.(tton, 0 <57.1ia bea?iqBarter b. He will elan be reprM*ct?c by hie aieuUat ? uartera in thoee oitiea. ia t-lw vy B. 8 T R O N 0. TRUNKS, HARN*E66<AtfilI,rTARY OOOn* 966 h*hh?tlvawu av-wca, S*utk rid*. Kiwi 1 ttk mmd 1X4 CT Trnnki, Hwmm and Military Baaiaaaata rajialrad at hort?t antioa. da? ! * T> THK BILLIARD HALL 1 HE Unci pnrobaaad Area Mturi. Nut k Piihtr the BilTari Hall at tha aorn?r of Paaa. aranaa aad fciaraaU atraat, and raittad tha aama antiraiy with naw oiothi, aaila, ta. Inritaa hi* rrlaoda and tha pablia gaoarall* to gira la? Slw JOHN W. HAirB a*abo?^k^5't>a * ?-"g? 4 AUCTION 8ALBS. THIS AFTERNOON k TO-MO H ROW. Br J. C MeOUIBE * CO.. AaHtoMra. CPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF SILVKR VVTltflLS,411 AT Atctiow.?( ? M'^IDAV A FT EE NOON, juua ui, at t # ta? aooopd floor of oar Aoouoa Room*, w? thofl aa . a ajlaodil Mtortm'it orSllaor f *"* w RUulMUr*d IXt ll r* J tor oit* ro<aii ?o4a fc? * oalabratod maaiooinrar la Naw York. W a Fh^od MX Pom Tea Soto. Wutora, Pitefeora, Bob *u, Mat*. Soar wd Oyator Taroooa. Bauar Diafcaa, S*b Boakoto, Otatora, Ur*a. lhn minm,g?oo? Ml Porka, ft a. joY ' ' J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AMU. CT THE ABOVE WALE WILL BE COM tiTMrf THIS rawteT) AFTERNOON. at ? o'olo?k.Md rwni*1 iitk?E>rai>| ?tT*'wo?k, on Um krst floor of tk* hMioi roo?? _lt J C McGlHEkCO^AiM'n, By J. C MaGUIRE A CO.. Aftotioaoo*. 4 iuitrr III. it 1* o'i mi, li frost o/U?Amuoi Room*, w* vil 1 Mi ft *p*rior Saddle How*, voll broken, of Aim stylo ftod tMioa, tat b?t m rnn old. ToraMOMh. It IJ. C. MoOUlEE A CO.. Aooto Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Awtmiwi SV^?I^SS5io'.WfiJSV SffM NOON. Jftraftrv -J.ftt 4 o'oloek. ftt the AnoOoc Room*, wr aha!. Mi . by orier of tbe honorable Orphans' Court, in ma to wittjao QaftrWrlf Corporation of ^ aahingtoa f I bar.!; ^ha'Mfttroftoiiaftnek. tik rw&fc JMMMWfcpi >%* d J. C. MoGUIRE t CO, Auota. Hy WALL * BARNARD, AuUOMwt. Ccner Scutk fidi ??. fl r. mmd Atmtk ttrttt GOVERNMENT BALK op horses AND Mem AT Accrion ? Will be Bold At M*UOt OB TUESDAY. January 14, 1MU. At t*e Corra.i. n?tr the i)bwrT?u>7, i lot of ooadoacBd iio? OTBIBBQt UorBOBBOd Ml!*. Alao, twelve Blooded Mcn with fool, eon dewned aaaafit for pahiie eernee f aj? to oo nrneuoe at 10 o'clock. T?rmi cash ib apeoia. By order oF J J. DANA, ? Captain AaaiatAnt Qaartennaeter. J%7 WALL A BARNARDTAooto. BtGRKKN A WILLIAMS. AaeOoaeora Banosome two story brick house Ard Lot at AreTiow?Ob TUESDAY the aioaiMt. we shall aall, ot 4 o'a.ook p m . ia froat the premises, a rood TWO STORY BR If K HOUSE AND LOT. it beta* lot lettered E, of eabdmeioB of oncinal lot No. 4, ib eaaare numbered rm, with tha lan aroTamaato, which Are a good Briok Dwei.inc Hnaae, Ao . Ac. Tha above property ia situated frontmt oa aa alley rann ng frooa North D ib tbe oenter of the eaaare. between Niath aad Tenth atreete. Term* : One half oaah balaooe is aix aod tweire Moat ha. for Botee beartnc intereat fr<m day of ale; a deed siren, ana a deed of traat takea. All ooareyaaoinc at tbe ooet of tha purohaeer. JaTeoAda GREEN A WILLIAMS. AaoU. VI7T1TU K Tt A WW ? V A W M w By WALL * BARNARD. \??Coi?m. Cerasr a muA il'wl ?<< ? . K-niu f^ROCERlES. LIQUORS, *r.t AT AUCil Tion.-On THl'KSDAY MOtfNING, Jaaearj 916. cosniuen nog at in o'clook, *i vi. mi ,01 tbc trst floor of oar A get on Room*, withoat roB*rre, a large stock of Groosnos and uiqnora. ft* , nob??- a Quarter ciaaka Leg" Fr??re. and Otarri Brandies, ? Bar'?- DaFenpori'a. Ward'a. Crow'a, Pike'a Whiakeys, Barfeia Mononiahel*. Caak Jamaica Spirit#, 50 oatka Hovrboo and Old Rya Whiskeys, ^ 9 : arrala N'sw York hires. Box*a Pike's Oystere at d Pro? rrad Peachea. Fruits, Da tee, oasea C areta Ca?ea Gorman Wmeaand Braodie*. 100 paira Haatj Boots, dozen Woollen Sock a. 3 dozen heavy Under Shirts, Boxes Herrings, 30. 00 Cigars diff-rent t ratds, Wron sate. ith many other goods la the Grocery line. AH of whioh will he eold wit' ou? reeerve. )a 7 WALLA BAhNARB. A nets By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Asoboneors. EXTF.NBIVB AND PERKMPTOftV BALE or FciKinti-Un FRIDAY MORMNG. Jwii'T lvth, ftt ! o'o oek, on tba irai floor of Cftraa/a Sa.ooe, oord?r of fetaraath and D atraata, wa aha. ae, without r ?? **>, for ftoo? ant o' who* it mi aonoarn, ft aria fta?>rtaaaat ot mi Rami Mfth"ft!n' ftnd* VVa.nat Bofci ftnd T?U-?-TlU*. of ranona pattern a, doi'B Cat e aeftt ftod back Rookina Chftira, oo Cftoe aoftt ftod book N nraa Rookrra, SO dosan Cftna xftt Chftira, Tftriona aty lea, St dosea Oftk French Dining Omii, It Mahogany ftnd Wa nut Dreeaing Bareaua. 15 do do do Book Oft aaa. 16 palatal DrtNini Birma, Round Leftf. ftnd Chftnber Tab ea. joo pwabT* ftnd Bind* Co'Uft Bad at?da. Ckil 'a Beaded B?dttMoa ftnd Crib*. 0 doiea Cane ud Wood eett Chftira, Barton Rockera, OAm Chftira. Chi'dren'a Chftira of rariaua kinda, Bleda. Tor ' C%rti. Portftbla Writing Deaka, Towel Rftoka, Pi a ah corared Maaie fctoola, Hftodaome Cottftfa Chamber Bote, Together with anar.' other artiolee of Funiitara 1 ALBOtno Heavy Doobla Comfort*. SO Simla F?ath?r H+tim &?H Err^^uo. of the trad* i* particularly ?ailed to tint aaie, whiok will be Bade la loU to jaT-d J. C. McOlIRE A CO., AicU. By WALLA BARNARD. AnoboiMn. TRmtfS PALE-Br nrtee of a deed of 1 trust from Cbarlae William*, dated Ayri. a, 1*66, and of reoord, we will offer at a?ebon, on THURSDAY, the 13th day oi F'braary, at ? o'o.ock a. m . on th? pramiree, tttat lot at ground la Waahu gton known and d Men bad a* th* corth ern part of lot No twenty-aix, <*.) id *a?ar* No. on* bandred, (100,) fronting forty-eight faat oa Twentieth treat, and &fty faat on M atraet, with the improvement*, ooaaiating of a two at^ry frama bo mm. Taraia of aal*: On* third of th* parehaae money bo ba paid in oaah, th* reaidae in thr*a raual m ataiment*. at thraa, aix, aad Dine month* aftar date, with lataraat, to b* tec urad. Tba term* of aale ma*t ba ooaplied with Withia 4 one weak after aale, or th* property may be resold, at the riak and ooat of the fiat paroLaaer. aftar oae weeks' aotiaa. WALTER S. COX. HUGH CAPERTUN, * Traitee'i Georgetown Bm.d'g aaeoo,atloa. m Ja7 >awta BT WALL * BARNARD. Anotioneera. TKUBTKBB' BALE ?By rirtne et i dead of i 1 trust trorei N W. Wi ker. deted Febrnary M, 1JH. and of reoord. we will offer at uotj i, ot F HiDA Y, the )4th day of February. ?t ? o'o.ok p m , on toe prmiMi, th?t lot ?/ g 'otic in Wu?irgton knows and deeonbed ae tot D. in ?? No tt? beg. c rang for lU boned* on tag hth street, SS feet from the northwest ooroer ol Mid Ud riBQlBC thenee sonth with the liae of k-(sU street 16 foot; thecoe *ul 63 foot I inot.ee to ?? foot alley, thenoe north with the line of naid auey 16 ntt Ih noe went fl feet inohea to th? beginning, with the improvement*. Tor ma of Mle: Ob* third of tho Mrebut money to bo pud in oaeh; and the routine in thro* equal iQitoiniMti. u three, an and nine months, witn inWaet, to bo eeoL roc The term* of m>9 mn?t be ooiaaliod with within one week after aale, otherwise tae property may be reeold at the rink aac ooet of the fcrat par? beset, after one week'a notioe WALTER 8 COX. UU6II CAPEETON. Trnateea Georgetown MmJd'f Aaeooia'n. JaT hawta_ W ^L k. Ba K N a K D. A note _ By WALL * BARNARD, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE** SALE-By nrtna of a deed of 1. traat from Cynthia B. Mwot end others, dated Mnroii It, 1157. ate of reoorc. we wi I oior at aae tion.on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fakraary, at 4o e ock p. m. on the pronieoe, that lot of groat d in Waamngton known aa ot No. a ghteea, (16,1 in Knar* No. eeventy three,(IS.) with the uwrovamk "firm of aale: One Uurd of the pnrohaee mammy U be paid m oaea; and the reside* ia^ three *eee wtZ on* w**k after Ml*, or tt* property Mr b* reeokd * " n" "40,aMrYiT>"?Sx. HUGH CAPEBTON. Traetee* G^orcetowc Buiic i * moo ?'*. jal ?awu Wall a bAENAKD, Aaot*._ By 0REEN k WILLIAMS. Aaotio-*?r?. I^OMMIWIONEKe BALK BY OBDBB Of V/ rm? Cucvit Coca*.?Sal* of Hou?? wd u* IB Gaoott'* t?mb4iTl?ior. ofi?aaf? mmmtmitn, ^rr^MXt^TsSJ^Sk the Dietnetof CoiamM*. j*ud *iU??*t4ii< ( Oetober. INI. ia the matter of the petition nrtk* b*lr* of Mlofcael M?)Nt,dM1Md.U? foliowia# un.mad property, na? , , . Won half of lot Belabored oae haadred eadfov toon,i'U), m MB?r? n?nbor*d *1* l?adrw aad eeveaty-*evea.(?nk, ta CaboM't eabdiriaao*. wita wow'i dower. _ T ftrai *a pr*i*riM by tk* Coart, m oaa ffcird tkirtf oaah, ba ia ?<*a uMaalaaota. m aad twelve moeths, Uw farcha*er 10 pao .b?d*' to ta* *atui?4tioc oflk* Co?a*iaalneer*. a*d will wfithoH ta* d*?rf mnu ta* fail payment of ta* laM awaU. I' U* t*ra?* of aato are aot eompl?*d with.a <*wr?. Ik* Coamiaeioaere ra*arrr itf? ngjit to rte*ll la* 7n?? riM Id momci iMim ptre'MT. ; tCrnMu not n^li utm ubm ta tte WuklDltOB f M. TJMR?_ ?* Htdi 9KBKN * WILLUSTTJH '*' ?= RPCraiW eADNTLETS, UWAJ WM. B.