10 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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JUL ' TV\: EVENING ST A11. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY JAN CART 10, 1M)).( (n^Tbongb Tn? VT4* It printed on tb? fc-nm pwaa Id q?? toath of Haitimor?, tta edition I" ?o larjje a* to require It to bo pat to pr***? at an o*tIt hour: A4rcrti*t*fmt?, tbrwforo, xbonld be mi in hoforp tl oT'or* othorrrl.He tboymay ?n?v net appear until the nnt day. lETTb? sew Dollar Weekly War, ftiller than ever ?f Metropolitan n^wi aid geastp, and ebolee literary reading. la now on onrcounter ready for deliver? to the public. Embraced la its entertaining contents are the following article*: The Last Shot, a sketch of frootier ltfe; ttrange Adverture of a Picket; The Ericsson Battery; RoPiiiM of an Old Couple; Doesticks on the W#mfn and War; The Ganae of Life, by John Saxe; A Homily upon ? Homily; Southern Navy Item*; The Great Fire In Richmond; Matters la Sew York; Mercantile Indebtedness of the South. Execution of Private Lanaban, of the Second infantry, hung for shooting his superior officer; The Bnrnsids Expedition; Lecture of Horace Greeley at the Smithsonian; Serenade to Gen. Shields; Report of the Commissioner of Public Buildings; TbeKerrlgan Court-martial; Money Matter* throughout the Country; The Demand Treasury Notes. Interesting and Important extracts from late Southern papers; Comprehensive Budget* of military movements, appointments, promotions ?cuiu*tti? in ina aooux w a?*ninm<>n; aq in onthe Potomac, at Port Royal, flattens, FortMonroe. Pensacola. and Cairo, In Missouri, Kentucky, Western Virginia, Gulf of Mexico, *nd the seceded States. Latest news from Europe; Telegraphic dispatches from all quarters; Proceedings of Congress, Supreme and Orphans' Courts, and United States Agricultural Society; Agricultural, horticultural, and gardening miscellany; Household Recipes, Ac , Ac ; with several columns of selected matter, local news, poetry, snd general Information. This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or *1 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit at the M?rali( Presa. Tbe Jmtelligenttr commends the speech of Senator Sumner upon the Trent question. The R'publican again bestrides Its favorite negro hobby, and talks about " the pro-slavery fanaticism of the great body of the officers of the .regular army, which has thus far parallzed the war " ' A Parallil?When the Brttivh landed to attack New Orleans, (in the war of 1912,) the people Jn their consternation besought the Louisiana Legislature, then in session In that city, to *id Jackson s measures for defense by taking certain necessary legislative action They besought 1n v*!n, however The patriots controllng tbe body had more important work in band just then ?the hotly contested election of a doorkeeper' * in;, liuwcm, pivuiuca to gtl ru(ui 10 worn for tbe city s defence at toon as tkat business was concluded When the British had > ot baLf way acrrst Lake I'onrbartrain, another ?u~h appeal was made to tbt-m; but found them more deeply immersed In the more important business than before And they coutinued immersed in the election of thHr doorkeeper until the British cannon ho thundered around their very ears, as that they broke up their session iu fright, and fought personal safety, of course in ttight We are forcibly reminded of this bit of well remembered history, by the fact that though a month in session, the House of Representatives of the United States, whose first duty In connection with the war Is to enable tbe executive branch of the government to raise the money necessary to pay its expenses, have cast that obliiritlAn K?kin/4 ? KsaVs ? ? ? " .avi. ?in tailing promptly to enact the necessary tax bills to sustain the Government's credit?to devote themselve* to the lnter-st of the eternal 5?grp, to manufacture buna i combe capital at home for tbeir personal ad van. tage, and to gratify their ever prevailing passion rtf "pitching into any and every thing, by picking bolea in the actions of those who are serving their couatry effectively in the field and the Cabinet, and thus embarrassing the letter's patriotic efficiency, beyond measure. Verily, the spirit of the Louisiana Legislature of fifty years ago still lives on the earth, and?flourishes in Washington. Apropos to the above Is the following from the Ntw York World. Thi Cos?&xmio!<al S*pltttkb. ?Gold three per cent, premium In Wall street yesterday, and (he rate rising; yet Congress does nothing but talk. The tide of specie aetting In heavily for Europe; vet Congreaa does nothing but talk. The exchanges of the country, foreign aud domestic, In wild dlaorder; yet Congreaa doea nothing but talk. The currency of the nation In proceaa of degradation, while value* are unsettling; yet Congress doea nothing but talk. Not a dollar to be found in the Federal Treaanry on the 15th of January (aee Mr Cbaae'f speech); yet Congreaa doea nothing but talk. An irredeemable currency, inflated values, monetary discredit, commercial dishonor, repudiation , certain dlaunlon, an abrupt and tgnomlnioua termination of the war?all imminent; yet Congreaa does nothing but talk. * * There ia a tern peat brewing for theae " spouting wretcbea," as Carlyle once called a similar r1>u In mwmmM **-- ' ... UHp,M>uw. ?f uu tunsumc ID? limf of Congress vbtcb ibould be Riven to the gravest practical problems that ever taxed tbe train* of statesmen and financiers Pir*o5al ?The Hon. J. Glancy Jones, ex-U. 8 Minister to Auatrla, reached Washington on tbe day before yesterday, and la at the residence of Wm Flinn, Esq , on F at., between Thirteenth and Fourteenth HI> large circle of frlenda here will be gratlted to learn that he la in admirable Itealtb Brigadier General Thomaa F. Meagher, of the Irlah brigade, left thla city yesterday evening, tor New York uy From Hudaon Taylor, Peunaylvania avenue, we have Blackwood * Mauaxine for rv?. eember; especially good in Its literary department, bat rabidly "aecesh" politically. If Blackwood hit?yes, that's tbe word?as deliberately and unsrrupuletnly upon borne affairs as it does In be. balf of tbe Confederates (**d? "A month witb tbe Rebels," and -Some account of botb aides of tb? American War,") it must be a precious authority amongst tbe John Bulls ff"T* The Honae of Representatives ha? struck oat tbe annual appropriation for tbe Coast Survey. Tbla bit of ecopomy Is of a piece witb tbe kindred sstsll potato bjqfness of cutting off a lew loads of msaare for tbe White House grounds' Meantins, members of tbe Bonse make a atrenuoua fight for the franking privilege, with Its enormous abases, and for their mileage and 93,000 per year! tHSii N4MBi.?The Nebraska leglalatare have changed the namea of Shorter and Calhoun counties, In that territory, to Lincoln and Seward, respectively That go-ahead repreaentative of Yankee energy. Geo. Francis Train, Esq . Is doing yooma service, we see, for the Union cause la England, both as a writer and a speaker. Mohbt Martens.?1The New York Express of yartarday evening nya: Gold has advanced thl* morning to 4a4j{ premium buying, and 4? selling Early In the day 3* waa the buying rate, but the market Is now trn at 4 p-tmiua Demand Treasury notes, payable ont of town, are Mleatle at 80 cents discount per tl.OOO The two years' Treasury bills are held at l-ioth dlaeoant for Custom House purposes Clean 7-30 par cents tall at 1 par east discount, and endorsed at 9 a 9 per cent. The banks are gaining specie In the face of sn eutatde demand at 4 per rent premium. Boa ton aad Philadelphia are alike creditors to New York, and tberc ta brisk demand for exchange upon botk eftiee. Meaapaeallauea easy, aad the rate oa call ta ssx Jssswsaas voder tbli rile The Government la feat approaching a total auapeaaloa of a peel e r-rmtati and will aoon be okli|?4 to bar men cold a* muat be obtelaad for military parpuaea Today nothing bat Interest on the rundad debt ef tbe United mate* la paid in gold All paat do* Treasury notea, and all laterart opoa Ueaaary aotea, la i?v paid la paper, and bay era of sold are abut eat from that resource Am mm at tbe Treaaary tiiiifiat a eta open m Mttra paper baala, aooaa tea Dili mat be praaeated aadpaMd WHfcwt tbfa la daaia, ttnafint paper will Ma go to a lar,f? dlaooant % Orit MILITARY BlIMiET. W. T. S.MtTIIaOl We regret to have toatate that It Is understood In oflclal circles that the arreat of W. T. Smithson. private banker of thla city, under which he la low either In Fort Lafayette or Fort Warren, wan made on what Is regarded as ample positive testimony that he bad been for a ronaiderable time engaged in moat flagrantly treasonable correspondence with tbeenemr to the end of aiding snd abetting the tatter's cause. We shall not be aar??J 4- i *1 #- a a?? t? i.l .J priara w iruru, mvmurc, tosi nr ? uicu auu dealt with by a military court, s'.mply aa a ?py. In which capacity it ia charged he acted. FLAG PKE9KNTAT10a. Colonel A. W. Clark, of th*? Houae of Repreaentatlvea, yeiterday presented a beautiful stand of colora to the Thlrty-Bfth regiment New York State volunteera, formed principally In hla dlatrict. They were manufactured by Tllftny A Co., New York, and are among the tinest In the army. The responae by Colonel Lord waa patrlotic and appropriate. A ROOKBATS. It la not true, an the Boaton TravtlUr allegea, * ? - * ** a ? A* T\? J. n ' - -* ID81 JD6 UOITHC (IP rarn ana ido uuc ur vuoim?, the two French Orleans Prlneea, have resigned their positions on Gen. McClellao'a staff, and are about to return to F.urope. They are simply absent from their posts here on ten days lea re, with the design of visiting Niagara Falls. JUVY YARD. There has been no arrival from the flotilla since tbe Anacoatla came up yesterday That uteamer went down again yesterday afternoon, also the Resolute, which has been thoroughly repaired. The Penaacola will probably leave her anchor * * -? ? ? -> ^~st..?l agf 10-aay', uouna uowu, uui urr uriunauuu i> not known. . MRS GIUKUOW The story alleging that Mrs. Greenhow,wbo Las for some time past been In confinement here for treasonable practices, lass been seat to Fort Lafayette, Is untrae. She has not been removed from tbe house in this city, iu which she Is held to prevent her from indulging In treasonable practices THR SVMTBX. The Department of State has information that the Sumter was in the harbor of St. Pierre, Martinique, on the 22d November last, tnd the IT. 8. steamer Iroquois, that had followed her up, was one league on me namor, waning ror Her to come out. Sailing of the Baraside Fleet?Action ef the Legislature?Office Seekers, etc. [Correspondence of the Baltimore American.] Anxapolis, Jan. 9.?A portion of the fleet bearing the troops of tJene-al Burnside's expedition, consisting of the First and Second Brigades, nailed this mcrning about nine o'clock, and the vessels bearing the remainder of the troops at the present writing have steam up and will probably move in a short time. The Legislature are uniting falily under way with their work, and, judging from the activity displayed in the various Committees, we may *oon ook for the introduction of important bill*. In the House to-day leave was granted to the Militia Committee to report a bill providing extra pay for the troops of the Stat*. I understand that it is contemplated to appropriate tbe sum of Ave hundred thouesnd dollars for tbe purpose of paying to tbe families of the soldiers from six to iweive dollar* per month, according to the num heref children in the f.nnilies The Committee on the Judiciary are engaged on a treason bill of a stringent character, which will probably be introduced to morrow, the provisions of which make the punishment of toe several grades of treason frpm six months In jail to death Governor Bradford to-day was besieged by quite a number of otBce seekers He to-day sent In to the Senate tbe nomination of William B. Hill, of Baltimore county, for Secretary of State. ACARD?The managers of the W ashing k5? ton City Protestant Orphan Asylum, acknoiredge the recupt <>f ten dollars sent them by Mr Hutchin*on, as half the proceeds oftheronoert givau by the Hutchiceon Family, at the Smithsonian, on thesnth December. A eo,twenty uuo ouiivi ana niiy cants irom the concert given by Mr Thunder. Decernt?er fflth. it ry^-SMlTHSONlAN LECTURES-Re*. H IL5? W. Pibr3oji? President of Cumberland CoTiere, Kentucky. Will lecture on TUESDAY EVKNINli, January l?tb, Subject?"Jefferson at Montiofclln." The pah 10 are invited. A"mittaree free. The doors will to opened at7 p.m., and closed at 8 o'olook, when the lecture will cora| m?no?. j> 10?41 (VV-" NOTICE !?An adjourned meeting of the lAJi Mefugees from Virginia will be held at No. 347 Eirhtee itn street, between H and 1, ? n FRI | DAY EVKtXlNG, the loth in'tant. at half-past 7 o'oloolr. (Jom'nne, o>n?? all! By ordervf the President: ja9-2t* THOMAS W. GREEN. ?'c. . nrg3"WASHINGTON LECTURE A8SOCIA IL5 TION. The Sixth Lecture will be by REV. GEORGE U. CHEEVER, D. D. < -? ? at ? ? hi ne* v orr, on FRIDAY EVENING. January 10. 1862, At the Smithsonian Institution. Sutjeot?Th* Jpstick asd Nickssity of Military Kmanc fatio*. Doors open at 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. Tickets 25 oenu, to be Lad at the Bookstores and at the door. j* 9 8t (YW" *15 UNION PKAVLK MEETING Will L*< be held each day ts.is week ia the New York Avenue Church, I Rev. Dr. Gnrley' ,) commencing at 4 o'eloak p m., to be continued one hour only. de3" fXIAli Oil.?COAL OIL!" S. W. M'LAUGH LEWS Coal and Etherial Oil Manufactory, Corner Maw Jersey av. and E at. A a i, Sutlors supplied by E. R. BURDGE, j* Ifl-tiri* Agent lor >*. W. O'Laughlen. J LIME-LIME-LIME! LIST Receiving and for sale a choice arttola of Potomac Lime, in lota to suit customers Also, keep constantly on hand SAWED WOOD of Ml kinds, COAL, PLASTER. CEMENT, HAIR. fro., fto. ja 10 St* FEN WICK A STEWART. FOR SICKLES' AND HOOKER'S BRIGADES? A steamboat will leave Carter'a W liarf, foot of 13K street for tha above >!?<?tinaUon, on SAT URDAY MORNING. January II. at 10 o'olook. r or ireieni or passage apply on b;ard, or to JOHN PETT1BONE, Agent for the !>U(nn Propeller Coiupinv, No. 479 Ninth street, (up stairs ) The boat will carry Kt) toes ol freight. It* yothh ladies of washington. MK8.M. A. HAMILTuN, No 346 Pennsylvania ave., between 12th and 13th atreeta.^^R haa just received a naw assortment of hand Qmm soma Bonnet*. Ac . and as she wubee to olosa^^a business in this city,she is now selling at very r duced prices. The I adiei will pleas" oau and aee her new assortment. ja 19 eo3t* Banjo taught-banjo taught; Hy FRANK P. DOBSON. (F om th*> Baltimore Daily Clipper. Deo. 12, 188'.) "Tm* Banjo.?Mr. Frame P. Dol>eon, for many years connected with the minstrel profession, is now in this city te*ehicg the banjo. He ia a scientiho player and a skillful teaci?er." Terms?Six lessons'eaoh lesson atane profioient i for 85. in advance ; after six lessens a thorough idea is guarantied. Apply to FRANK P. DOBSON, 42 Louisiana avenn ?- ja lt> ?m f^uckley's army chair. u~r The ?ub?ctber? have secured the agency for Maryland, Diatriot of Columbia, and virjinia, for th" sale ol BUCKLEY'S CELEBRATED ARMY ^HAIR. A atr > i C?ne 8*at Chair, with ba"k that fold a op a? close aa a common O&rap Stool aud baa been rrninann?d by all who have imd it aa the b-sat Army "'hair in uaa. The trade i..d cutler's ferniahed at a liberal dia ount. J AS. C MoOUIRE A CO., ja 10 W (Rep.) Corner 10th and D atTeota. DI8KOLUTION OF COPA RTNKRSHip.The Copartnerahip heretofore rxiatins between the urdcraigned wm cM?aolved by mutnal 0>raent,on \V*iine?day the ?d of May laat,aud by th? terma of tnat dieeoluUon the aette-T.ent of the affaire of the ftran ??< left to?and the bnaineea 1 baa aince then?a-d will hereafter be carried on by the undersi&ned, Maria Ta*lor. A ] | Mrl ml i lk* *? ^ ?r?- - ? kii* hi in wao nave not c!o?m! their aoooonta, will pleaae do no without further delay. HARI* TAYLOR, Jan. 9th, 188?. KDOAW > HUTCHISON. A CAKO H? UnderaiiEetl r*tom? bia aii^we thank* to the ?at">D? of t'-e !ate hrm of Taylor ft Hptcii laon, forth* liber* pat'onag e beoto wed on them during their oop*rtner?h and ho?*a br ?'riet at tention to baaiaeM.and to tke want- of thla community, to laeiit a ooutiuua?oe of the aa.aj m the fatare. MA HIS TAYLOR. Jam try 9<h, l?s?. ja 10 at BOS ELL'S Medicated Cougb Candy, For COUGHS, COLDS. BRONCHITIS. INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, And all inriptent stsge* of Consumption. For aa , wholaaala and retail. fcy O. BOSW KLL. Drucgiet, Corner Maryland av?nut and Bsventh at. rkarlra Allan, < harlaagiott, 1?. B. Clark, W. B. Kntwtate. L, M. Hmith John R Major. fcfer?' ?. J. T Milbara. J. D. O'Doanali. Aadfcy ? Z. JD. OILMAN. Peon- avanaa, a ear B/owa'a not*!, ad by l>m?|icu aad Batlara gaaarally. ia 10 CONGRESSIONAL ! UXYIIth CONGRESS?Seoaad l?uln. ft Bs*A7i.?Yeelerisy, after the clow of our re-1 port? Mr. gunner addreeaed the Senate, entering Into a fall explanation of the clrcumatancea attending the arreat of Mean Maaon and Slldell, and the International law oa the subject. The conclualona to wbtcb be arrlyfcd were tbat the arreet r 0*1 Id not be j oat) fled oa any of the polnta Involved except by Brttiah precedent, and therefore that j the administration waa right in giving them up. Mr. 9. also explained tbe former poaltion of Greet - " ' K.. W. ItrlBln. and won sue now nmcnr? wr Inc against the nvprhaullng of the Trent and tbe arreat of Mm*n Maaon and 8Udell. Tbe bill for building twenty Iron-clad gunboata j waa taken up, tbe q neat ton being on tbe amend- < mwt to anbatltute toe President for tbe fiacfetaty of tbe Navv aa tbe peraon under wboae authority tbe work abonld be doae. Mr. Hale aald that la a recent visit to New Ham pah Ire be met old men who declared that J they had greater anprebenalons from corruptions and frauda on the Treasury than from the rebels, j Two and a half per cent bad been paid Mr Morgan on purchase* amounting to mllllona, when one per cent, waa the lawful and usual price. Mr. Dixon undertook to ahow th*t there waa a very great saving to tbe Government by thass parcbanea, and defended the Secretary or the Navy aa of Roman flrmneas In his rectitude. Mr Morrill opposed the amendment an undignified, as, If there wan an offen*, It should be 1 dealt with tn a different manner. He dtd not believe Mr. Welle* amenable to piialshment. Mr. Simmon* aafd that 2% per cent, wan the usual commission, and that private Individuals generally made better bargains than Government officer* Mr Sherman regarded It as an unfortunate fact that in September last, when ft5l,(MJ0 bad been paid to Mr Morgan, the matter wan brought to the notice of the Secretary, and the agency was till continued He was unwilling, In view of tbis, to piare *"20,(100,000 In the hands of the Secretary for disbursement. Mr. Doolit'le was opposed to the amendment the act was either a mistake or a crime; if the former, there should be no cenaiire; If the latter, sentence ahonld not he pronoioced wttbont a trial. I f thia amendment be adopted, the Secretary would ( be compelled to resign. . Kir. Wilkinson did not believe Mr. Welles to Ije an honeat man,or the tranaaction would never have occurred Waa there no honeat man, be 1 asked, who would have done thia aervice for 810,- i OtKi. for #2,000, lnatead of f 100,000 ? 1 Mr. Doollttle defended the action of thesecretary. He caid that #400,000 had been aaved by . Mr Morgan in breaking up a fraudulent monopoly In chartering vessels, and that It waa with the purpose of saving the tieasury from the graap of ! narplea that he wai appointed Mr Hale?How do yon know ? Mr Doollttle ?1 would advlne the the naval ( committee to gn the aecretary and Inquire. Mr. Hale ?When we want your advice we will ; ask for it < Mr. VVllaon said wMbould hear the aecretary, j and by unanimous coMent presented a resolution, ( which waa adopted, Inquiring of the aecretary 1 why the appointment of Mr. Morgan waa made, i and how much compensation waa allowed. The J uciimc aujuuiUCU. HorsK ?Yesterday, after our report closed? The bill abolishing (be franking privilege was , discussed at length; and the House adjourned 1 without dlflnlte action upon the subject. [This bill provides "that all persons now enti- 1 tied to the franking privilege be authorized to send all mailable matter through the mails with- . out pre-paywent of postage, the same having the name of the person sending it written or stamped thereon; and upon all such mailable matter the . postage to be collected from the recipient; that the pottage on such mailable matter be at the rates now lUed by law, except that speeches and seeds, stamped as such, be sent in envelopes, as : how, at the rate of one cent, if not exceeding two J ounces in weight, ar?t one cent for every additional two ounres or fraction thereof; and public t document*, printed by the order of Congress, and I stamped as such, at two cents per pound or J fraction of a pound For any distance exceeding 1 two thousand m lei double these rates shall be t charged and collected on printed matter thus sent"] t 1 LIST OF UNCLAIMED FRKIOHT found at RAILROAD DEPOT, And now in the Government Warehouse, near the Depot. H B ?tarr, 57 ReKt N Y Vois, 1 box P P 1'itkin, Qrmr 2d R"gt Vt Vois. 2 boxes uoi i) H Willi?nw,3Ut Penna Vole. 2 box?? W A Benksr, Sftth Regt N Y Vols, 1 keg C C Dvight, 75th Regt N Y Volt, I barrel Rev ? H Hewea. 14th Regt N Y Vol*. 1 tox Lieut V V Van Patten, 3d Refit, 2 boxes Thoi Dunaan. Berdan'a b9,l box Co! AlcL Murphy. 1 box 7?th Regt N Y 8 V. 2 boxes Maj P M De Zeuz. lat Regt Li V,1 box Company K, 35th N Y Vola, 1 box * I Col D H Vinton,43d N Y Vola, 1 box 1 J W Mantelme, 18th N Y Vola, 1 box Col 8 w Black, 1 box 1 Col G W B Tompkins, 1 box 1 Miss D L Dix, 2 boxes Lt Coi Bnrtis, 5th Regt Ex Brig, 1 box [ Col. Berdeu's 8harp?hooters, 1 box j Company F, 5th Conn Regt, 1 box i Capt N G Throop,S7th N Y V 8,1 box 1 M Stonham. 43i N Y V 8,1 box Lt Col J A Suiter, 34th N Y V 8,1 box I 31 Maine Regt, 1 box Lt Col Marsh, 16th N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Russell, <4 Mr 18th N Y Vol, 1 box f l.i uoi Benedict, l box Col W H H Davis, C<>md Light Baitery, 5 boxes Sick eg Battery, i'J boxes Company A, 2<t Rett N Y 8 M, 1 box * Lt Col G T Thomas, 22d Rest, 1 box Capt Ytates, 221 Regt, 1 barrel and 2 boxes 1 J H CuRiimau, Q M 5th Vt, 1 box , R Proctor, Q M 3d Vt,l box O B Braiueiii, Q M 5th Vt, 3 boxes J W Clarke, Ci M 6th Vt, 1 box < Penn Reserve Brigade, Gen AloCail, 12 boxes De Kalb Regt, 1 box Capt J H Jenkins, 17th Regt, 1 box 1 W Hetcher,2i Maine Rent, 1 box < H Hennessey, 2d Vt Vols, 1 box . 2d Regt N Y 8 M, 2 boxes A T Severance, 6th Maine, 2 boxes 1 Col McCuiin. 3*7th N V Vol? 1 hn? B Atkininn, 231 Rett, I box K L B&tohelder, lit N H, 1 bag j F Uubbeu, 26th Regt. 1 box 1 Capt E D Bryant, 81 Mioh, 1 box j Co A and H, 6th Maine, 1 box Capt 6 W Lambert, 6th Mioh, 1 box Gen MoCoinb.l box v* H Covert, ISth N Y8V,I box W Mernllj 3d"N* Jersey, 1 box R s While, 2d Vermont. 1 box J L W Price, Q M 6th Maine, 1 box L, U Snydem, 33J Reft, 1 box ttidney Til ey, 2d Vt, 1 box vtr nr rooie, za N Y ? V,3 boxes , Gapt Reynolds, 4th N J, 1 box I btu Mask Militia 3 boxen M Smith,6th N J.l box * A Ernest, ?th N Y, 1 box J Miss Foweli, Gov't Hospital, 1 box i Lt A D Winch Iflth N Y 8 V.l box < M H Rio#, 18th N Y 8 V, 1 box J M Lewis, Stewart's Enjr Rejt, 1 box i O F Watts 3d N Y Vols, 1 box < 8 Hennet, Ca;a R-nt. 1 box | Rev 8 Wilson, 86th Penu\ Reit.l box , G B Guliok, Fire Zouaves. 1 ho* Ca?t J R White, 88th P V,1 box j C F Niehereon,*i Maine, 1 box I II Draper, 13th N V V,1 box. I D. a RUCKER, j jaio lw Uovtonnultr, Ac. j ^ O L i) 1 E R 8 ' PAY!! ] ^THE HARNDKN fcXPRKSH COMPANY i will remit tumi of ftMand under, from Soldiers to their families,&t a charge of twenty-five oenta. The money should he piaeed in an envelope and < efoarelr seated, the fall address. < inelntim* r>?.. nifi-* ? ' r>u?w>; aiao, atreet and number, it in a large oity ) of the person to whom to d? aent. raut be legibly marked on the envelope it haa been de mons'rated iLat the Kxprese furniahea the moat pliable dimm for rioldiera to aeud their bumt home. Knvelopea and blanka wi!l be farnuhad on appliottion to osr office. E. B. SMITH, | Agent H&ruden F xp'eaa, 3d at., aeoond door below Pa.. ar?., ja9 im Waahington, D. C. ' Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will voswats i SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES. At u?n J""* " , i/? uh ii?j oj their Express, At * ohaie of twenty fcve muU for any turn not by oonaecUng Kxprauaa. The mocey, whether GoId er TrMiwy 2V?ie?, houid be nolaefd in an euveiope and eeoarety number,) of the per?on to vbotn to be sent and the amoant legibly marked thereon. Knre.opee for thu parpoee mar ? oar oAoae. To foot itata prompt dalnwry, Mo atoarg* for romittanM

euou.d ho pre Mid, ADAMI KXfRE?i? COMPANY. W?kmttm, Jan. 9,1HSU * pa^iEiK^ ??<| 1 i I ,.:* ) . : *) vt-...i ?- ru.,s<n? t ' ?II 1 , .;?*< - U-*? \ / . Omlffft ud Aarht. DR. r A VON MOSCHZISEER, Fro* Cflatoa Plaoa, Nov York, hu arrived in the oity ud ohm<I kis oAoee M No. S MISSOURI AVENUE. whtri he e ia be oo?Mtltod on Maiadiee of the EYF. AND EAR requinnc medical and ?arfioai treatment. Dr. Von Moscsziikkb ia the inventor and introdaoer into the medical praetioe of the EF HE RIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oaaee of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD 3a is alio author of the lettera pablnhed to tha New York aflj Philadelphia patera treatiac on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANhtnK >* ?W<T| J ? Dr. Von M. haa lor tue rut fourteen years devoted hia tpecikl attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, knd paeeeeeee the teatimoninla of eome ol the beet known yublic men in the Union, who h?re been most auooeefully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amon(it hia lettera may b? found the following i&mea: Hona. G Pugh find John MeLean ; Rev. 5. G. Mullen, Major C. L. Rilburn, U. S. Army ; Right Rev. Biahop Bl&no ; George Gordon, Em , Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Eaq , Preeident of the Good hue F. I. Company, New Lf?i. . r? ~ i * r* i -? ? *? ?v, ? - ? iun i niMwnuiuror, r,e* , l/ireotor 01 Ut Niiocal Bank Note Company, New York ; G. B. Lamar. Er<|., President Bank of the Republic, New York ; and many other*, amongst which are nedioa) men of well known refutation. The*? etter* may be examined at hii office, No 8 Missousi Avmi. Patieru wishing their family physician to ae>ompany them t> witness operation* or for the turpose of consultation are at liberty to bring them* Medical men will te at all time* welcomed to ritcess Dr. Von M ' operation*, and examine tome of the instrument* he ha* introduced for the aoilitation of Opthaimio and Aural Surgery. Arti fiolal Bye* inserted without oausing any pain ;o the patient. Oitioe hour* from 9 a. in. to 2 p. m. and from 3 to > p. m. Ja? lm tJHAWLS AND CLOAKS? Mmt atvliah C7 other atsndard atyiea at i&rielf and recently reiuoed pnoea. * FERRY A. BRO.. Ja 9 6t Penn ft venue and Ninth ?t ^ C SUPERIOR SADDLE AND HARNESS fat) HORSES juit in rom the State ofgy \?w York, at the New Stab ea on Sixth rreet. anuth of the Avenue, near the Na ^* "* ;io:.a HotH Peraona wanting wi 1 pleaae oall and nnat tx? auited. ja9 It* J. C. COOK * CO. PRIMERS FOR NEEDLE SUNS.? J. B. KLtlN. A Third avenue. New \ ork City, jriginal patentee of the Pruaaian Needle Gun, iifer* bia uteat improvement in Primera or Fnae* for the aame. He will guarantee teat not one of ua primera will nnaa fire, f he Needle Oun la irorthleaa without tbem. ja9 St* A AT REDUCED RATES, LL Cloak* and Khawla ! Ail Fine Dre*? Good*! All Medium D'eaa Goods! Also, onr nau&l fiae stock of all the Dry Good* Requisite* for f?miliea. One price only, marked la plain fl tores. PERRY A BRO., Ja9 6t Penn. avanue and Ninth it LIARNDEN'S EXPRESS. LA (Established in 1839,) tf*g Irave to ioform the pub'io that the? have exended their Express to Waahinfton, and are now >repar<*d to Trana^ort Merohandi*e, Bank Not**, Sj>eoie, Jewelry, Ao , to all fa-ta'of the Middle, **ew Eugiand and Weatern State* anJ Canada, >onneo'inc with the moat reaponalble Eiir?>M? .hroughont the oountry. VV* are enabled to cffer inequaled fao !iti*a to all who may favor na with heir patronage. For term* and further informa:ion apply to E. 8. SMITH, A*ent. Thud at., 21 door below Pa. avenue, ja 9 Sm Waah'ngtoa. D C. inO COAL-COAL-COAL! iuU TONS of rery anperior Cumberland Coal or aale at moderate prioea. Inquire at BOUCHER'S Wood Yard. niiMii ?-' - , v. ? ?uw i/i lU^v VH ?UC VDlUli WW* vt mo Market Hoom, Georgetown. ja 8 St* I tn BARRELS EXTRA FLOUR, IOU 450 tox?? CHLESE, firkine New York State BUTTER, V> t?rrela and firkin* BOOL BUTTER, an do DHIKU APPLES, 50 boxes RaIHINS. J uat reoei ved ana for tale b v O. W ANG ELL, ja 8 2w* No. 6i Lomnana aT*na?. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLANDOYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Hill continue to receive dai j thoeefamoaa planted PATUXEN1 RIVER OYSTERS. Reatau-anta and private fam, / .J rould do well to oall and trr them. wlUf Thoaeoyateraare eoid 36 noura after they come from the water. IlT office No. 49 Market Spaoe, below the kvenae Hoaie. jaSSm >QQ JOHNSON * NAGLE, QQQ &Oi7 IXPOKTKRa o* &0?7 WINBS. LIQUOKS. HAVANA CIGARS, FINE VtiUCAKl US, fcVo. 989 Pa. avenue. between 9ih and loth streets, Warning ton, 1). C. No. 10 Royal at, near Kins, Alexandria, Va. k>!e Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINKS of the Hookheim Joint Stook Co., in Hookheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sparkling Hoci and Moselle Cabinet Win*t. Connoisseurs are respectfully invited to (ire k call. ja I TO SUTLERS AND DEALERS IN ARMY AND NAVY GOODS. 100 oarer of Ion* grain Cava'ry Boots, whioh we >ff r below th* lowest New York prises; it will be ?the Interest of all Dealers to examine our stock ?efore purchasing Also, a large assortment of all other kinds of Soots and Shoes, suitable for Ladies,' 6ent.em*n, knd Children, aoout half prioe 1 117 *- ? ??' uuavu ?t uvicu r>ai nil 1/nWI(IjlOTM iBOOkli krd Comfort*, with a lars e assortment of Sosp?n lnri, tiauntlets, Leiens, Night Caps, ri aver looks, far Collars, Ao Blankets. Buffalo Robes, Horse Covers, An., with a fall assortment Fancy Goods, Inkstands, Portmonaie*. Pens and Ink, Pap?r, Envelopes, Portfolios, Memoranda*, Panov Soaps. Cutlery, Hardware, Pistol*, Bowie Knives, Pistol Cass Ao. Also, gweet Cider, Apples. Onions, Nuts. Dates Haisins, Fit*. ^urranU, all kinds of Candy, and Sweet meats. For sale by MARSHALL A PAGK, Commission Merohants, 40a Seventh "t., iaB St at very reduoed pnoes. r^| U s I C SIMPLIFIED! New Method of Musical Education. Mr ALEXANDER. WOLOWSKI, PI ANIsT AND COMPOSER, Honorary member of the principal Philharmooie Jooietiee of fcorope, eto , hu arrived Iron New V'ork.and oeenaa ooureeof ieea >n? by hia rxtra>rdinary method, whioh hu ?rc?iuoed the greateat legation in Europe, and lately in America, for dinging and Piano Forte. By Mr Wlioweki'a nethod a person having, on'y aahght knowledge !>f mace will be enabled in a very abort time to read iruaio with jr?at facility, and at the aame time execute Operatic uwelaa Claeaioa' Mario with a rare per action and make them able to aojompany themaeivea from every key by a new icaroh of harB'>n?. A? to the Vocai part, by hi a way of voealixa ioa, he arrive* at moat extraoriinary results, renders the roioe powerful, and the linger ia enablea to vooalise the moat difteult paawuea with great faoilitv, aocaracy, ana fine tuality (I tone. Mr. W will begin hia osree of lessons immediate!? in Wathinstoo, and all perlone who deaire to become fine singera or exoeilent performers can anal* *t Mi afld Eleventh street, between i and F street*, from 10 to It a. m.. daily. Children above U ye* re of ace ire aoceeted. Leotorea at eemicanee attended to ?n liberal terme. jat lw DEADING ALE ANDLA9ER BIER DEPOT. iL of the celebrated brewery ?f Mr. Felix, to be imd in lanre and mall quantitiee. Also, Ploklee, Ceienp, Ploklrd Onions, Peeper Sanoe, Vinegar, tndBour Krout, hy the barrel ca'lon, or in jara.at CHARLES MADR8* Reetaaract. _de2? ;m* oorner Pa. axentae and Third si. AIR. BANKS'S T STANDARD SCALES, For eale by .i t3?Ja?*25iSs!:AR^ ?>nth street, b-tweer. Penn.ar and CaaaLoeeosif> nnd of Oent*r Market <U tf-tf MILITARY OVfi^jgO^XSJ ?>ui?AKI VVJSKCOATB!! Bead? - m* de or mui to order. The moot ex teait ?e ante y oMtUotlj on hand, rtn|L| iron ?20 to ftSi Overou&u. Dree* Ud F?bfie CocU, PmU, u4 VeeU. made to order,an abort notioe, kt omr asm*) low prioea, for tub. _ NOAH WALK KB. A CO., defrrwif (lst*U 368 Pa ST?nne. G0.i^N8^N.0&"SEBNJ.!KiSBi^ifc /VT * CO . Bankers, No. UCYau. evanae, j* Vim nof Browa'eHotel Thk RVLLION 'baSJS will omi (Mr now Bsckiag Ho nee in the CoiouisaAoa B ntkUei. eorsSp&SESlwiSS ^TTSNTION, 8UTJ.KB8. OFFICERS AN n *: 10K1 J*)'-- 1 "ft | AMUSEMENTS. | 1'flBiTIK-Mr Joka K. 0?m'i Emit h4 I iMtwrnrwot 'at on? Miea !?ae%? Paun M Do*. FRIDAY. Jaoaary loth, the MrformaoeO vtllooiaaaDo* vita ih? druu of 4,Ca>h nan mar." token iron Dick-'?' " Crirkti on tb? H?r?N"-C?l?bf mmm. Mr. J. E Ovrn lo ooooina* With '4T? ? V UIM T'^n.ttet Ktagla, Mr J B. Of?M. ~ 11* CONCERT! ^ THE Hutchlira^n Family, JOH*, HK.NRY. VIOLA, AND FR'NK, Bt f-?oo?t, wi ) five oioUmt Co'eert at the Yoang feea'a Cb nation A>eoetotion Rro-ra. P nr. IT., upeoaite B oin'i Hotel, on SATURDAY KVKNlNO, January II. lickttaatthe door. ? oenta to A i parti of tb< rooir. A ohoioe a otrtmm* will ba introduotd. J% in fll T 1 V 1/ VW I .?r ma/ 11 nnb IUr . HE TH1RTKKNTH GK AND A8SKVBLY of thf Hlberma Clab, woioh wae t > take ?laoe |>t Pmnklin Hail, on the oorcer of math a?d J8 1 D afreet, on the SPth. vtll now lake MN?>M the Hall of the Krackho Eatiae Hoi a. ooflA I MON HAY. the TTth of Junrr. T.ekete ?n mdU. | admittiDf a nentleman and ladie*. ProMernfthe J?10jt* COMMITTEE. THE UNION MUSIC HALL, J Comn Niitra kin D Bra., i Will p?en shorter with a Mammoth Compaay of Mar Performer*, comroead of the fret WliiHl ia the oouDtrr. Alao. a boat of Pratty Waiter Giria. ' Ba?ineea Agent iLtin Romamrt MA-r.acer Jon 1 ? **Y . AdmiMion ?cept?. )aHf ^ANTEtBDEY HALL! FIRST PRESENTATION or TBI GREAT RAVEL PANTOMIME. iiao jimun.cs ju n ss a i> ir n a : WARD m his hut Coeds Volants ! Afternoon Performance Wednesday Afternoon at 3 o'clock, for Ltdies and C*>ildr?n. vitk <san titles of Presents A superb fii Silk Draes 1 (D * All of the Immense Conyu; at ?T?rr entertainment. ja l matinee to-morrow afternoos. | w A9HINGTOV A?A?EMY OF MUSIC. Ps!i!f. Ar*wn,<?orTH Hmsj No. b*tw*m 9tk mud 1?*a its. $ Every evening % rem&rkab.r ftse Free Conotrt, embracing selections from the beet classic masic. and the most popular operae?rendered m better stjle than at ary other American eoaoert saoon. The guests?and the publio are freely invited, , Wlthont Rhurm fr>r ?ntr?n?? ? mav m'? ??*? k?? ' in( every comfort th-y dee ire. IneociOon to U? fineet amino is WaekiBgtia, they will obttia, on OBJ!* from the attentive attendants, deoidedly the beat Refresh mrnia for aaie id the KederBj Mftropo'ia. . HENRY ROSENTHAL* ja8-lm fwnwnai RING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. Kill? . Sole Leaeee bq<1 Ma&Bfer C.So'Ht Aeeoaiate Mumer F. Whittaker _ ..KquMtnu Mutra J. Proeycrt... Maaioftl Director The macaiement reapectfnlly bbbobbom b brief ncBceroect with _ DAN RICE, \ AMBRI Pi O R I 8 T . BLIND SlrEJrOl*5fr*7s/OR. /R. Tn* Dancing roiti Fbahe Rowtok, And ' THEM" MULK8 ! The whole Arophitheatrioa! Troape will awiBt in the entertainment* to be cives by 1 DAN RICE, W hoit enttf ?mMt will oouimim on 1 MONDAY. J Bnnary 6.1862, a And oontinoe T F.vbbt Kvimks Dnm# tmi Win, J Admicsioh. I Reserved Batti 7S oenta. I Dreee Ciroie ? . - - AfoenU. ( Children under 10 vearr old ? oenU. ? Gal'ery S5 oenta. 1 Colored Gallery. 26 oenta. I Colored Boxes ar oecU. ] Door* open at 7 o'clook; performaaoea will oon- ' menoe at a t Barter before ft. ^ On VVkUNKSDAY, DAYLIGHT DISPLAY: )?? fJKOEGE CHRISTY'S U OPERA ROUS*. i Tbrtb Stbbbt. Bbtvbbn K and P. O EORG E'cWflfrM1N8TR ELS From Bromdwrn*. tipp York, Comprnice 16of the Piokxx) 8tiu ov MinnniT ' The entire entertainment seder the ianediftte di reoiion of OEOILSrCHRlBTY. TKt acknomUdtrd Pxomtor of Mmstrtln ' Thie Evening, and every evening aatil farther * notioe. will he produced George Christy's great Extra van ansa entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day. . George Chnety Other character! by the oorapfeoy. The nsnal ir.e ante of Slnirtcg, Daooinc. Bar leMae Opera, Ao., Ac., by the wnole ooapaw, Admission?Par*net, 90 oenti; Saliery. tS cent*. J * <. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. FHASHIONABLK DANCING ACADEMY AT Tem?eraDO? Hall.(in the main halDE etraet, between 9U> and inth. Claasee *t*n B Tuesday and P id at Afternoon and Erening.^^A A'lofine fashionable Dafioea taifkt. Pn-HB rate claaaea attended to. For otrcuiara, flfrrma, *o., icaaire of \YM H BARNR8,at Thompson's 6 en a' Furnith:x.i Store, 37 0 Pa avenae. C. T. BAKNES, da 17 lm* Prof?or of Dano>nf. Rftalto How**, Basement corner D ami Ninth ttrttu. O'BRIEN ?c VENGJCL, j PmopBirrosa j Where do yon get the beat of OYSTERS in Terr atyle ? _ _ i At the RIALTO HOUSE. 1 Comer of D and Ninth eta. Where ao vou cet MEALS at ail boa re, tad . REFRESHMENTS of every krrd? ! At the RI ALTO HOUSE. 1 Corner of D aad N mth eta. Where do yon get the beat of LIQUORS u4 i CIGARS at the ohe* peat ?rioe f . Atthe RIAi TO HOUSE. f ja 4 61,10 1315 Corner of D ned Ninth ate T? BUTLERS 1 AND j RESTAURANTS. IN beeketa { very anpenor CHAMPAGNE wmfc J for eale cheap by WM. COR WIN BUR6Y, No. SAT Pennsylvania a venae, 1 jaT entraaoe on Sixth atRITTENHOl'SE. FANT k CO . 359 PHS'TLTAHU ATUVI, (mar Etorm't HeUi,) Issue DRAFTS on ail parts of the United States, in turn* to avit Offiors and 8oliie-s. Also, Draft* , on London. Ireland, Pootiand, Wales, and a:l parta of the Coat mm of KiroH ja? iss 1V1ETROPOL1TAN HOTEL, W ASHINOT'N, L?1 (Lara Brow*'* I Tha andersigned begs lea?e to inform his friends ' and the traveling public that be has laasad for a term of years the well-known Hotel kept for aasr 1 years by Mr. Marshall Brown, and to aeeare thea j thai they wi'l find 1a hin a host dsasrwiiaed to kwf { in every partioalar a firat-olass He as*. Hereepeet- ! Fully solicits their patronage. i ANDREW R. POTTS, i )aHt Proprietor. CHARLES 8. FOWLER ft CO., ] IMPORTERS, wiolhili awd akta.il dsilks in CHINA, GLA88, AND EARTHEN WARE, ' FINS CUTLERY. FLATMD WARM, ROLL MBTAL GOODS, BLOCK T1K nnnn* VTtnm* * we?? MMb ' ? ? ? ? ? ?* ? v w mr ?-TJ ? J V 0 AM 0AJI OA I O { JAPANNED WAITERS, ETHEhlAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, < #?. #e. i?aum r*l^w'' ^bbsm*,. S'HOICK OLD HAVANA RUM. INERVA WINK?ft oftlftbrfttad VuUSuW WINK?*n Italian Wim. moh m4 fti ft tome, CHAM PAONKS, CLARETS, CORDIALS, Aft.. pLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! i PsflS* rot Ml*low by .... Byo.T?"oY ***CAVA{.RY AND ?OLDlBR4T BOOT* ? HAECMrtfl HOtt I A^.^yo^LufeeWi eoiieited 1 vitlin liknillyMJl vim I ^ w,r ' * U-y <*ot> ACCTCON BALKS. TBI! srTbKNOOlt ? TO-MOKROW. Br WALL k BAKMRD \ietoawri. A firwr A xmik ?*wf mmi h. trmmm l | AR0K AND BLBOA NT COLLkCTI' N I * of Si* Prill*. NmtKiU. V*?i?. T??:i ?wp Pia?<i Cor**?, at ArcTio*-^'? HIDay MORNING, m# iMlul M M ?' . k. ? wiu ell. at lb* A actios *oo??. a iarj' *?<! eie?aat oollect on of over >>d? tWouaa^H ???cin>en? of 9>ts.A fHKI.l.f AND MINKRAi.S The public. ao<l lakiaa partiealarlj, are ia*it*4 Ut xamt-e taia apleodid o Ileotioti nfth#aotJ?iW the atigkcr Jeep the larieet fou a??t b?sb<? oollMtioa ?T?r < flared m this citj. _ . _ Alao, n oollao'ion of beaatifaf Vi-n. TurkiA A *??<? muu rliCO ? OTHfl. Al*o.aiOG*i(t>ni*' t of ??:? M?"W Pia? * Oin Card Ci*i. M"C(mu)?mi, ud P?cm B ok*. Term* ca-.h * -? WALL * BAIMIP.AMto. ICT THE ABOVE SALE WILL BK COffc U>?*?l TBI* fVKNtNH md TO MullOW EVENING. tTo'oloo*. _ WALL A BARNARD, Aaat'w. Bt 6BEEN 4 WILLIAMS. AwiOMtn. ONE EXCELLENT 1*1 A NO ANU w BITiko Dpi ** Arcnoji?*>a *ATLB1>A\ , MOKMNo.il* Uth iimiabi, at l| o'elook aw, v* ?ha>l M l, at oar Aaotmt Rooai.ito ha aoid o? arc Mint of it may oonoora.) ONE PIANO AND WRITING DESR. ja to GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaata. By GEEEN * WILLIAMS. AjMtioBOora SUPERIOR BI FFALO ROBES AT AGO^ Tion-Oa THIRSDAY. UiM ia?taat. wo kball m> .a oar Auo'nr *'ora, oortor of r?rntk arid D ft'#- U. at Ift nV'nrk * m ? 16 Fid# B. r% o Roto* of tt>? tmmt ?aa.ity. bau? aantjroa of iarc* Iota MBt oa aa MinrM Term* caah. Wa bava *lao. at jrtra'a ?,!?? larra Doabto Lk> >r I roc l?ofa, w^ich wo i'iIInI! ror< lev U CK&KN A WlLUAMt. AnU. 4 ET THK ABOVF. t*Al,K IB FOBTFONBD. >?i aaaoaa' of tho ram, aabl CATlRDi V, tfta nth luatact, ?ant? hoax. . _lt 6 BEEN A WILLIAMS. Aaofra. . By OftEKM A WILLIAM*. AMtWoMn. ? POMW ION KBH SALS BY OKDKR OF ^ thk Ciicvii CoviT.-|Ut of Hoin tad lot a Caurtt'a ttabdiviaioo of ti^aar* aaiborad fTT. t b?in? th?? *Nt half of 1<K naahmd 114.?FRIDAY. the loth da? of Jaoaary, IMt. o? hall aall n ihf prtmitM. ?t4c'c "oi m aw.at aablie aao ion. by TTtae ofan or?lor orth* Circuit Coart of ;he Itutrici of Colambfa. aaa^xi oa tk? Slat day of :>eu>ber, 1mi. id lh* matter of Um poutioo ml u? tairaol Altoaaoi Vayaoa. dMNMd, ti?? toUoviac tamed property, via? . . . ^ Wa?t ha f of lot cambered oa* he ad rod aed foar *ai .11Ai - .it kaailpai atwf (evenly (#n>, in C*tH>tt'( aabdiviaioG. with M* iitprovemtLU, which ?re ft toft-fttorr Dw?lla<-Hou?*. Jt e? Ac . to ba old bj*ei to tbe niiow'i dower. Twmiu prtaerihed by th* CoirUii eoe third hird caeb; bftlftaca in a^aftl inatai meets. eiX en(* ? tad twelre nmcttn, the psrchft'er to kit* bonde, teoared to the eatiaiactioo ?( Um (joniatMm. Mftriof Inter Mat parable to tba a?ir* rifiitlf r, tad tt? f iin?mnnra will withhold Um latil the fallpftyment of tba mata gmti. I' tha araa of ?ale ?r* aote>mr .,ed with 'a It* dan, he Coraauaeioaers raearre tba ri(bt to mil. tba >roper.y. at tha rtak aad ooatel tba brat perefee?r, ^ fth>tortoft^ftr*?'> rrM'* biaaa >a tba 8KNNET T 'rfRNMNe, Oommiaa opera detft-eoAda QREKN t WILLIAMS. AacU ? > By WALL A BARNARD, Aaotioneara. Corner stmt* t id* Pa. ar omd 9(b ?l I ALSK BALE NEW AND SECOND BAND lj kcuhtrrmi at Acmos.?oa BATItDAY IORN 1 NO. nth i&atant. a< ! < "ow ck w *1 I ft all, at Um Aaetion Kwmi. lUrft aaaof **w and Sao?.rd bead Farnfl?a, cwtnmr *iidt Liod and Cottage end IroM Medaiaade ?<! Co ta*? -ft lair, cbnck u d Cotton tad Skiol MK'mm. kmtM, Lout**, J'abJeaMMl WeehxftaU, X'.HnlUd Wool Ckairaand Roote-a. <i?j ? Md Cuba. Warden* ?, tflilf S-w?. [Yiat 9*t?, Carp* and Oilcloth, ' la. Bedding Ml li.aLktta. iilova a&J Bolatare. ><Bh?r and Cook in* Stowi, j*>? WALL A BAVWARD. Aattk Br WALLA BARNARD. Aaetioaeara. Corns* Pa mm. mmd MA at. A DMlNlPTB M OK'it f ALK of NEW M?\PTL ic** Misirc Sioci at Ar^uo*.?Ob feATJRDAY, at 12 O' doek tna I1U inatent. >.y order ?ftke Orpkua' Coart. I will Mil M tk* A action Iomm ol W ail A Barnard. tt oruiaai akaraa of Hock in N?v M'x ou M it in* Covmi /. m itiint tfa* bolder to tvm that nanator?194 iHt* rithoal **v *dditi>i>%; ThiitoMUT koiCi? irut fro* CM<t*afn kboat IV/Atertt of umjoc lud witki* twenty i>? ofmdU F*. aboiod.nf in nriou kind* m rtiubn miD*r*Ja, ?rino> p* ly jold Ob* of ik?* lira*, the Ort'i, i* ao* jnid to * r?a>>?*!?* outDT fir IWHT mon'h TdOM ASH. LANE, AdmtniBtralor. j?M WALLT BAENAED. A?? ruruiLB DATS Br J- C. MeGUIE t A CO , E| XTKNSIVE AND PKEKMPTOBY ?AL# or Fn*ncti.-Ci FRIDAY MOBNIN6, MMTT loth, 1 N o'? M^,oa IM M Imt of ;*run'a H&iood oornor of E.ovaatiaad D iW*??. r* shall toll, without r**arr*, for Ma?nt?f?Mai i imt oooaara. t ?m Maortant of mv Far&i ra.ooapriainc? _ _ _ . / Kakofant tad Walaat Bofaa u4 Tm a TO?, of rtrioii pattrrni. * idocaCara mtud bark Boekiac Ckaira, I ao Gu* hw ud kid NirM iNktn, fl B do sen Cuf mm Chaira, varioaa M (!<'** 0?k Pronob Dicinc Ctut, * Mahoracj and W a not OrMis{ Burma*. IS do do 4? Book??. KM) I> dW? and 8;at lo C< tta?e b*d*ta? Chil 'a Head ad Botf'taMa Md Cnba. 10 dosoa Cana and wood mm CUi ra. Barton R ock?r?. Oflae Chaira. : ki d roc'a Chaira of wkoi kinda, ftleda. Tor Carta. Portable Wntiu Dttki. Tr.wil lui? Pi?ab oov#red Music Stoola, |u>deo?ra CottM* Chamber Beta, r otei her viu mi; 'tar artiatee of Finitan no H"*v Doable Comfort*, fin Simla Featber Bods ud Pillowa. . Tenni rub. N. H. Tb*attMtloo of tba ind* u jutMlirlr ial!ed to this ava, which w?.I ba aaoda ka lata to nit jaVd J. C. 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