15 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? ?r f S5^2^^^^2S5ff55S5SSS^555552555S25525S5555S55SS555252555^^^j^^^^S^SBHH^PBHEHB!BSSHHHSSS5^HS^HH5H5HS^S2HSH I h fii* r s IS E9/^R^^CAr pjy H y ^^1 BBS H| S?* |^B BMP 69 # ^3 jp * .....I .... v%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1862. N?. 2,777. a * ; THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERTAfTMRNOOIt, (SUTV0AY EXGBPTBDJ AT THE ITAft BVILOIIGI, fcrMr / ftmufitwiU ?iww mmd Xir?mtk it. mr W. D- WALLAOH. fapcr* m*?4 la piekifffl toy owrlm it Ml ftm, or 37 cento per month. To mall euhecrlbcn ike pries to S3 JO a year, to ?<?wn,- 01 In MX Mtkti SI tar three bmUh; ud lor Ma Uu tut mobQi at tto mis of It cento t week. Sialic eoptee, oiti our?; la wrappem, two cim. 1^ AiTUTimnm should toe aent to the tftce betorm It o'clock ; oltoerW** ttoey may ?et >ppeu natll the next day. Affaire la WnUri Virginia. t from tt? Wheel!Df Intelligent*? of Saturday WV extract the following : We learn that Colonel Gariield'a expedition np Paodyhaa b**n reinforced. Col. Llndaev'a Sad Kentucky r^lof.-t. atat toned at Aahland, have Ven ordered to L?eulaa Col. Bolea'let Virginia ravalry regiment han? left Camp Paxtoo. at Guyendotte, for aoae point up Sandy to co-operate with Col Qarteld's forces in looking after the rebels who are Invading Eastern Kentucky. The 1st and td Kentucky regiments, after an ar* duous campaign In Western Virginia, were removed from General Roeecrane' division lsst week, and ordered to theOrand Army at Bowling Green The 3d Kentucky regiment is tbe one that. tinder Col Woodruff, (now prisoner at Richie end) took possession of G iyandottelaM summer. After tha rebels burned the bridge over Carapon river, last Monday night, tbey proceeded to tear bd lawrnv q'unuiy ox ireci, enougn, 11 la estimated, to fln'*h the road from tVinoh?eterto fltraubwrg It was a great misfortune tbat they ware allowed to gat aeceaa to the road between Cumberland and Hancock. The design of ?or . force at Bath was to hold them in cheek, but ii * see ma that we quite '.nder-eet)ma>ad ttalr strength, and that thev brought more than a thousand tor every hundred we had to oppcae their march down ?lr John's Runa. The Intelligencer urpes a keen lockout at Romney, baring learned that the force which appeared at Bath recently, and compelled our Sou troops to foil b?k on Hancock, numbered at least 15,000. WttK w oannAM an^ aara> W?w?a HCW J WHliVU, ?H? MJ?. The next news that we expect to hear of Jackaon*a force la that thev have flred Martinsbure. preparatory to an attack on Roraney. It would aeon aa If tbe rebels bad about concluded to give tip tbe former place, or rather the atteoflt, to Baaka'a command, and to attempt something decisive at more decisive points Romney, undoubtedly, la one of theae point*? perhaps Cumberland. The latter place la being put In a state of defense We believe that our troops In that vicinity will whip the enemy bad yet, the first good opportunity that la nrwaoBtoa. And we do nc,t see h-w ft collision of mor? or leas Importance can V rv*ded any length of ttnoe We are pressing them south of the Baltimore road, and as a mat er of vital Importance to their cant* they arc endeavoring to retain their bold upon It. > f trength of the Array. [Correspondence of Cincinnati Enquirer J . Wii8i!i>TOR, Jsn 2.?The Commander.tnCbtef has determined on a simultaneous attack, aid la ao drawing the cords, by difttributing the d troops, making ready tbe transportation sunnlies, 1 etc , that a k and forward movement of 433.MO men will he mad" simultBseonsly, the lmmens? mlnmn extending from lbe Potomae through Virginia and Kentucky to the Mississippi. The army on tbe Potomac are now ready for that movement Oen. Banks, near Winchester, is also ready. Gens. Rosecrana, Buell and Halleck are wot yet read? Commodore Foote is not ready. Th# fltmnat mr%A i n<inat*i> ??? ??- w??l||VHVC I it* 1 f OIC VTIU^ CA" erted to have a complete preparation Rcaecr&rs will be ready by the 20th, Buetl by the 15tb. and Halleck and Foote by the 35th. The Burnslde expedition leave in about ter. days on a mlaalon that mast necessarily be highly successful; while a fleet of boats will come up the Potomao McClellan will advance steadily on Manutu Bank* and Rosecrans will take the enemy to the rear; Cox will strike out toward I <e wit burg; Garfield will move toward Cumberland Gap; Buetl, with his four dlvlstons, toward Nashville; HaUaek, Wallace, Grant, Foote and others toward Memphis overland, and down the Mississippi river, and the forces at Fortress Monroe and Beaufort will move Inland to take the ???v la the rear General McCtoilan will aot, "forward" until be is entirely ready, so that a sadden and triumphant victory may be the crownin* result of his patience and preparation. The health or the army bore la exceedingly I -a .a u... m m ? ? f |wu,mu uuupw uwiuiifuwcarrin^.coiii^ifu with the InnMiiie number of men in the field Bjr return* la the War Department up to the 3tid of December, 1 learn that the mortality tn out army aince the war broke out will reach 92.000 man. Tbe number hilled in battle, akirmUbfla. do., la about 11,000, and the number wounded 17.000. Theae figuree may appear atartling to a great many, bat they are reliable. Tbe number of prtaonera Sooth, and aoldlera deaerted and mlaaing, la about 9.000 Tbe entire strength of o?r army, m by returna la the AdjuUnt Generate o?ea. facta up Ml,000; about480,000 now reported aa fit far service. Tax Rbxxl Bxidob Buksixs ?The martial court for tb? examination of chargea agalnat various part lea accused of participating In tbe reoent criminal transactions on tbe North Mlaaourl Railroad, convened at Palmyra on tbe 30th alt, Col. Oroesbeok, of tbe Ohio Thirty-ninth, acting aa President T he session* of the court are not open te tbe pablle, nor a re tbe witnesaea allowed to listen to tbe testimony of each other. The number of para >ns now held at Pa'mvra, aubject to the present Investigation, la thirty. The majwity of them are ordloary farmers, of ages ringing from ttxtaeo to alxty Among tbe lot are t>a panfitna a 11 a#u!anant nf prlarmv Divers pleas art entered by the prisoners in dffcK? lomatef having had any hand whatever In the riotous ana diabolical proceeding*. Other* ay that being under the orders of Gen Price, and having bean commanded to destroy the bridges, they are not responsible agents, sny farther than being subject to the treatment of prisoners of w The court, we an informed, have aade considerable progress In the examination of eases, and are expected to coaclode the investigation In a few aays, tending the finding te General Ushock tot approval ?Musoun Jtej>ubl t*m, ttk Caaieis AtiiasTOra The following is a copy of the letter disposing of the vexed question In rtfcrtBM to the cnaraea asalmt Gen 6?nbam: ffudfirlifl / tk? imy, A4ft GtnTt OJJUt, > Wit?biDgton, JdQ 7, lo6al. > Bnj 0*n W. ff. .-Major <ien?riii MrCielan directs roe to my that the charges filed by yon against Brig. 6m. Ben ham cannot besent to total an til Ike Mate of Military operations will permit a court martial to be convened, and the witnesses bow la active service In the fi?ld to attend to It. At soon aa tbls can be done, be will appoints court The delay ia unavoidable, but as tbs charges are too grave to be dlamlaaed, tbey moat be reserved for total when the convenience of (be service will permit. 1 am, Ac., respectfully, your obedient servant, (Signed) L Thomas, AdJ't Gen. 1 11 < Witun Wrv, Etc ?(Ftmm. Tssh? N?tt*n?.) ?A ews Isss layette*. Botha's Rata ?Why Is Jeff. Davis's anessaire like the entrance te Charleston harberT?Because It aboends Ia shsilow psifM. v ?Nuts for ear Navy?Anything they can tk-.ll ?The ftteae Fleet frem Massachusetts Bay ? A let of Boetoa Rocker* ? wd? vru scipio'f wife. MlwlHtrpl of eoam -Tb# ioth?r of tb? fnrtgotag bi4 fl?xl In diamine to tbe rebel llnea to cacape condign punMant ?(Iratlnwtil?Tbe beat pert of man's "Day" oo eartb am bla Eaea." Q^Tbe ?af- paaaage down tbe Potomac of tt-? aloop-of-war Pen?oota, draplte the Rebel batterlea, la confirmed by the fallowing dispatch to tbe Nary Department: Umiitd SU?p of-War P*n*mctU, ) At Amtkmr ?.f Livtrp001 Point. > -* I - It ..bUe W I tO tOM 1 w?vr w 4? u7w?. | Tit tu B*m. Old*? WfiUi. SterttMry of Nary: W? p?afdtha bttterln crectcd at C?ks|lud Phlpp'ag Potato at5:15i m , without W n^lt. .TWylrH about fifteen ibella at ua from the two hatievlea, and nearly all of them poaaod ovor th? hip. Their firing wm very good, hot aimed too high. Hint W. Moiaia, Captain. ITT k oorraapoodaat at tha New York Trlbano, wrTtlnf from Mnmfordrrtlle, Ky, atatea that the foreeaander Oea Buoll'a command eoaalata of dm hoadrod and a baif roglwauta of Infantry, too regimeata and AI no com pan lea of eaTalry, and nineteen battertea of artillery. Of thla total forao, atooat 75.000 im* aro already filly dlaclpllaad and orgaatfsed, nod are la Use irli. The r?m tinder aro at'.ll kept la earn pa of laatnwtloa, ot are employed ta poet daty Tha arma of the mmlo-aa? w.? a* i-#--.*? -* ? j mmm mwmmwy uu? iiiwbmj tuu wvuIwy in ipltsdlil* armed. Tb* nuterltl of tbl* trfe? Is of tha best dseorlptloa of tsra moo. 9n Bvtlsb'* Kupitimc.?Th? order fcr ft* dtbvkitlM of tk* troops of Goo Bailor's ? podlttoo oo hoord the Oon*tl tattoo, et Boston, ho* hseo eoaatmoaaded The Coosttrotlon. wIOl hor troops. Is ordsrod to *eC et ooee to Fortrem Moopm. there to await further order* Thr*e <**pssl?* of Owl Kwvth'i rwlwai end two issds of freight hod leaded el Fort laderradeoee, ?*i hoys hoso imsiWM ob the OiostM iWao Dbathi or BeLom* ?The following dee t ha of aoldWa hare occurred tince oar laat report: Elliot Baree, com pan j E, 4th New York Tolan* teera, at camp. Prank Angel,*U New York bend, at Indiana Howt'd. Mara Wlneoi, company A, Rocket Battalion, at camp. William McDongle,oompanv B, 4th Michigan, at camp 8. D Storeyecmpanj P, 11th Maine volantoera, ?? v 'luiuois vuuf^e novpiidi. Win a. Whit?, company H,?d rsgl/n?nt Berdan'a Sbarpahootera, it camp. Auburn Woodbury, compaay E, <th New Hairpuhire TolunWra, at camp. James H Calbrath, company E, lfith Indiana, Indiana Hospital. James H. Coraon, company H, 4th NawHtmpah ire volunteer*, at camp. Mom 8towd?r, company K, 19th Indiana, Indiana Hospital. , Richard Eliaworth, oorapsny D, United States Cbaaaf-ura, atMMa Jchnt; AiflVMrnpaair G, Ad reglmsat Berdan>* 8b?ri #bootera, at camp Frank Ktdle, company B, 08th New York volnnt??fa at n??u Denote Gfiffln, company P, Tammany (N. Y.) rcjftrnent, at Semlhary Hospital. Morris Houleban. company G, 5th V. 8. cavalry, at Seminary Hospital. John C. Douglass, company D. 5th Pennsylvania volunteers, at Seminary Hospital Ernest H Kachell, hospital steward In 4th Pennsylvania regiment, at camp. Horace Hunt. 36ih N Y volunteers, at camp Jerome Dowd, company E, 1st New York - n < II " m a* ucuciai nuvpiidl Guauv Kndorf, private In 4th New York cavalry, ai camp. A H Fuller, company L, flfltb New York volunteer*, at camp Lu' lui Bell, company A, 84 regiment Berdan'a Sharpahnotera, at camp. N?tbanS White, company H, 3d Maine volunteera at camp. Waabtngtnn Hubbard, company ?. lat Michigan volunteera. at camp VV. H Abraham, company F, 11th Penr.aylvanla ReaerveCorpa,, at Seminary Hocpltal. Albert Anderson, private la Oapt Steele'a company. 2d District volunteers, at the navy yard. John Bailer, company E, 86th Pennsylvania volnnteera, at Tenaliytown. H K. Thaver, company O. 4th Rhode Island vo'unteers, at Columbian College Hospital. Geo. VV Rthble, company K, 19th Indiana volunteer*, at Eruptive Hoapltal Fred'k Seltaer, company F. 5th artillery.(Capt. Ayres',) at Seminary Hospital Corporal Mana'uan, company A, lat regiment U. S. chaa eurs. at camp Solomon ChadMev, company E. 11th Maine vol unteera, at Eruptive Boapittl. Thoa W. .McClellan, company B,8'h Pennsylvania reserve corps, at camp O Holbrook, company A, 77th New York volunteers, at Columbian College Hospital. Henry W. Potter, company A. 57th Pennsylva nla volunteers, at General Hospital Daniel Gleason, company ?, 1st Michigan volunteers, at camp. J B Bexford, company B, SOth New York volunteers, at camp C A Brings, company E, 79th New *ork volunteers, at Columbian College Hospital. Private Willis, company C, 5th U. 8. cavalry, at camp John Deener, company F, 55th New York vol umaera. as seminary Hospital Sebastian chafer, company F,6th U.8 cavalry, at General Hoapltal. George Wllber, company A, McClellan Dragoon*, at Eruptive Hospital. fc*nm Couit, Jan. 13?Mr David L Follett, of N-w York, Mr Henry B Fernald, of Massachaaetts, and Mr 8. B. Gookins, rf New Vork, Mr Richard Goodman, of New York, and Hon. J B S Todd, of Dakota Territory, were admitted Attorney and Counsellor of tbis Coort No 56 Roger Cf. Welghtman, plaintiff in error, vm Tbe Corporation of Washington In error to the circuit court of the United Statea for the District of Columbia Mr Juatice Clifford delivered tbo opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment of the aald circuit court, with coats, and remanding the cauae with directions to award a venire faciaa de novo. No. 47. The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al , rialntiff* Id error, v* The Proprietors of the Meeting-house in Palanl I- Ik. t? .# r>?. . * ?? *u wwn vx Diniun in error it tbe circuit court of tbe L'nlwd States for the District of Massachusetts Mr. Juttlce Grler delivered the opinion of tbe Court, dismissing tbls caute fcr tbe want of jurisdiction. No ftl Llovd N Rogers etal . appellanta, ys Jovpb EMaw. by Mary Roblnaon, his next fMend Appeal from tbe circuit court of tbe United States for tbe District of Cclumbfa Mr. Justice Nelson delivered theoplnlou of tbe Court, afBrmlnt tbe decree of tbe circuit court in tbls cause, with coats. No. 75. Samuel 8 Bacon etal., plaintiff* In error, vs. Wm. Hart, Jr. la error to the circuit court of tbe United States for tbe Northern District of California. Mr Chief J usMce Taney delivered tbe opinion of tbe Court, dismissing tbls cause for the want of jurisdiction. >o. 74 Lewis H Meyer et al , claimants of the ateamer st Lawrerc-. her tackle, fte . appellants, va Willi am W.Tapp?retal The argument of thla cause waa commenced by Mr Donohue for tba appellants, sod continued by Mr. J F. Williams for tbe appellees. January 14.?No. 74 Lewis H Meyrr st al., olalman:aof tbe at<am?r*t. Lawr-ore, ber tackle, Ac ? appellants, va William W. Tapper et al. Ttte argument of thla cause was continued by Mr J f William* for the appelieea, and concluded by Mr i)?an for the appellants. Not 7V4 te. John O. Woodruff et al., survivors, Ac , appellants, vs. Win Nelsen et al j Jobn O. Woodruff at al , survivors. 4c , appellants, vs. Wan Nelson et al. Tba argument of tbls causp was commenced by Mr Dean for the sppel* lasts, and oontinned by Mr. Oaodmaa for the appellees. ^. Akothss Attacs on Jsri Davis ?The Rlchmand Whig, of the 4th lnat , In the course of an attlfila on tbe Davis Administration, say*: if they have not subj jested ua they have In. *a ru*n ? 1 **- V -4,,t i upvii vui tun. aiiu fcurjr BUiQ tLJIHUiry possession of s part of Virginia sad of three 8 lave holding State*. This, ws coufe?a, haa always Vwen to as an unmixed bitter And wbat render* It still more disagreeable, we cannot divest ourselves of the conviction that It baa been owing to tbef-iult of our Administration Our army, composed of the best material that ever abouldered a musket, went to the field to flght, and nothing else, and has been panting for an advance from the moment of enlistment to tbe present hour. Doomed to Inaction, and rotting en straw, we base lost eaore toy disease then n dozen victories have cost, and we have lust the national reputation we enjoyed far and ihs Unless there is a promise, and one to be relied on, of a total change In tbe policy of the great Cunctator, we ahall have ne Store volunteers after the expiration of the praaent term- Thleiaavltal matter, to which all our authority, should at once direct their attention rnn<r?- ntu-r. ? ? U antruate4wlth~ thepublTc'XTInXffl exert tbemaelrea to the utmost for the common aaffety ud the fortune* of as all are at stake. 117" Mr. CharknAstor Bristol says. In Wilkes* Spl It of the Tlntf, that In 1869, In Paris, he bet another American gentleman ?1,000 that Loula Napoleon would not bo Urine on the ninth analreraary of the ctup d' iw The party bettl ng In the amrroatlre Insured Napoloon'a life In an A?erteaa compaay for the amount, by paying per cent, premium On December 3 laat the ln?urerw?k liiki. ' GOVT.... ... ralf KM, do do do #2 no Oloro Calf do #9 JO A(?A m il AtWa- I ? - J-' ? * ? ' aim > "Mi ?|I<* WI L/NIH' NU 1BINM' Biimoiai tieou.tha ohatpaat ud teat mortmnt in Lha01 If. J. ?0?BNrfiTu f4 o. 16 Nirltt 8mo*. j?7 >o Pong ?Tan?at bafrw?n ?th and l;h ata. Ta? y^SS^LJV^ *Mnwi. Nftrr k. rlahaf the Bf Hard H*U M the eornar of Paoo. ud Klavanth atraat, and rafittad tha a\M *?Uc*ly with B?t eiothi, D*Ua, As., tnvitaa hiamaoda tod tha pnblia gatiar&lli to (iti him ? oall. ja? aotm JOHN W. KAHf. i^sr~ "tora ifiiiar .J** Corner VTmont ? . Mil tttfa ?tre?t< Tb? MUatiou of su Qe?rtw*?ftwe of U* R?(*. v-mrt* t Q mutm mJL frJKJIffk ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. iMlhtr Tcriltn ef the Sarrtader ef Htri< phrry Marshall. Lovisvill*, Jan 13 ?A letter from Cattlebnrg, dated tbe llth, to tbe Democrat, says: On tbe7th, 00 Jennl* oreek, tbree mile* west of Patntville, a skirmish toek p'see between a psrt cf tbe M Virginia (U. 8 ) ctvalry. under Col Bowles, and a portion of Humphrey Marsb*U's forces, under ?? Shaw. The rebeia lost six killed, fourteen wounded and seven prisoners, while the Federal loss was two killed and one wounded. Before Col. Bowlesmadethesttsck. Humphrey Marshall addressed his men, advising the iurrender of tbe whole force. I he m^n refused to sobart to this di*?race, saying th<-y preferred to fight, even with tbe prrspect cf drf'at, than such a coward If course Af-er tbe skirmish, Marshall's whole force fled and 300 p'eked F??d?*ral icf?ntry and 900 cavalry p ir*ue<l them, wtth tbe expectation cfovertsking them and oocupylng Preston burg ea (be linn. Frm BMt?. ^ Boston, Jan 0 ?The steamer Constitution was at anchor off Chatham at 4 o'clock thia afternoon The Houae to-day paaaed a b!ll assuming the proportion of the war tax imposed on Massachusetts. A resolution wfi passed calling for tb? correspondence relati\e to the recent military Imbroglio between Gov Andrew and Gen JJntler G A. Terrell Is onder arrest, charged with obtaining 91*2,000 by forged or altered drafts and chocks In one case he altered a check of 925 drawn by the Brighton Market Bank and got the money at tbe Bank of Mutual Redemption. Considerable Hums were also obtained from Blake Brothers, BrewsW. Sweet & Co , and Burnett, Drake A Co. by similar fraudulent means Terrell whs recently a member of the grand Jury of Suffolk county. Order far Troops Countermanded. C|5C!!?!*ati, Jan 13?Th!? rooming's Gazette mv? that the Governor received dispatches from Washington on Friday ni^ht, Informing him that there was p rem in " necessity for troops in Western Virginia. General McClelian was advised that fourteen regiments ef infantry. five batteries nf artillery and two reelmsnts of cavalry could be thrown into Virginia by Tuesday night, and that more than half of these, which had received ma'Chlng orders, would be out ofjthe State by last Pundav night. On Saturday Instructions were received countermanding tne orders of Friday night. The soldiers, however, have Instructions to hold themselves la readiness to march. Frcm the l>per Ptumac. Frederick, Jan 14, p m ?Intelligence direct from Hancock refutes the report tbat Gen. Jackson shelled tbat town. Up to noon yesterday he bad not left his position at Bath. The published reports to the effect tbat the enemy captured two \ of onr wagons near Hancock last week, are without foundation, as are probably also other statements in the same correspondence, from the fact tbat the force* at Bath were, at the time of the attack, under Gen Kelly's command. No official report cf tbe affair baa been received here, but officers entitled to full credence, and who were present, represent that onr repnlse was of insignificant importance, and our loss trifling. Frem .Heath America New Yo*k, Jan. 14?The steamer Champion, from Ainlnwall. brinsi SftftSOAfl in (r?unr? The U. 9. brig Balnbrldge and atoreahlp Falmouth were at Asplnwall, all well, 6 h Inst. From the Isthmus it Is stated that Gen. Paaon occupies Baena Ventura and the entire coast except Tumaco, against which he had aent thrae veaiela and a land force of 000 men, and there waa no doabt of its capture. Tbe Governor of fiuena Ventura had been made prlaoner. Among tbe pnaaengera by tbe Champion la late Flag Officer Montgomery, who la aucceeded In command on the PaclSc by Capt Bell. Captare af a Slaver. N*w Yen*, Jan. 14 ?A letter from 8t. Helena reporta the capture of the alavebark Lyra, of New York, with 625 negroes aboard, by an English gunboat The Fleet Eagle Is supposed to have got clear with 900 slavea. Albany Hag Market. Albany, N.Y ,Jan 13 ?Ten thousanddrented hoga arrived at the Central railroad depot thla morning, for Albany, Boston and New Pork. Buyers offer 4 cents for the bent?light sales?and S4 06*81 12 for good lota. Aaapeaalon af the Tray Banks. T*ot, N. Y , Jan. 13 ?'Though the banks of thia city have not auapended specie payment by concert of action, atill, by common consent, they have refuaed to pay apecie alnce the 28th ult , the day of the auspension of the New York banka. Ex-Senator Jobnson, of Missouri. St. Louis, Jan 13?Tbe Republican learaaj that ex Senator John?on, of Mlaaourl, lain Frlce'a camp with a commission from tbe Confederate pove'nment to raise a regiment of Confederate* In this State. Ota Matter'* Expedition. Boston, Jan 13 ?Tbe ateamablp Constitution, with tbe Maine Twelfth and tbe Bay State reel meet, aalled at seven o'clock this morning for Fortres* Monroe. CHHHHC QBHHBHD HARNDEN'S EXPRESS ( EST- >LI-H*D IS IS7*,) H't I'Are to inform tbe pub'io that the* have extended their w xpr*ii to Waahinf ton. *nd cow prepared to f ace ort Merohaidi?e Bank Mote*, fp?*oie. Jewelry, *o ,to all of the JUiddlt, >rt# England ard Wt ttrn Matw ant Canada Connan'inr with the moat .eaponaib!* Kxprs throaf'iont the onuntry. w* are er,a>i?d to <ffjr ttntfuslltd facilit'ts tc all who may favor n? ?ith ih?ir pa rouago. For term a ard further information apply to K 8. SMITH, Agent. Third at.. Annr )M!n? I'a. i>?nn* ja 9 3m Wsthinttoa, ?) C. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVKRLAN OOYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still oontinue to receive ilai y thoaefamous planted PATL'XENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ i#r-x Restaurants and private temilienjRft /_ j would do well to oat I and try them. wluif Thoae oyntera are sold SB houre after they oome from the water. ICT Oftoe No. 48 Market Spaoe. below tbe Avenge Home. ja 8-Sm RENALD1N BOLLINGER fc CO *8 OHAMPAGNU}. LEFMAN, KIEFER A TflOMASS, BOLE AGENTS tor the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 130 Ddaai Stkiit.

N*w York. JMPOITAN T T O LADIES. The rabeonbera hare opened the ?tore No. 16 Market Spaoe. Pa av.. bet.gtb end 9th ?U. m a first ola?* Lace and Fancy Dreaa Cap Depot. oon?iatint in part of Point d'Alenoon. Appli* ue, Meokles ana Valenciennes Lace*, anoa ae Collate, S)eev?e, Handkerohiafa, Cape*. Flouncing, Cape. Oapa, Coiffure*, and madeap good* of the fineet enaiity, and at Nev York prioee. COHEN * DUSSELDORP. from Nev York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoee vaabed. mended, and done np eqnal to new, at abort notice. de <8 tin* TPIANOS?PIANOS?PiANOS ! HIS Morning received again a anppiy eotave Roeewood Pianoe, among tbena err bandaome oarved one from ike oele brated factory of W. Knabe A Co., Balti-UIIT i more, wbioa 1 will eell or rent on very aooommo dating terma. A *eeond hand one of* octave* aJao forme or to rent at my Piano Room, No. 498 Eleven'h atreet, deae-lm* F. C. RICHENBACH. *pO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MRS. M. A. HAMILTON, No 940 Pennaylvm.r.1*. AM Ka1?? IM ?! IMk i?. bM just rooairad a na* aaaortmaat of hand boom Boonau.Jfco . aod aa aba vubaa to oioaa^^ buiinaaa ia thU city.aha la now aailiag at vary rrdiaad prioaa. Tba Ladiaa will plaaaa oaiiasvi u3 for ml* at nil Pauirhriui avanaa, but actar yarbac ^ JTKAH TFAP? TEAM! ITS AID 111. i (to. 887 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrocTi WILLA.RD'tS HOTEL. Oculist and Aari?t, m. r. A. TO!f MOACHZISKEIt, Ptmb OUaton P1m?? New York, hM arrived intfee ( eity and opened hia oAoee at MT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, i *Imi h? out bo anraltod on Maadiee of the J EYE AND EAR I NMlnnc modioli and eari loal treatment Dr. Ton MoecaziHia fa tho invent >r aai Intro d?o?r into the modical practice of the tfHERUL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obetinate oum of fiiTtntraa and noises in the mead He it fcleo a?U>or of the lettna pnbl ahed ia th New Ycrk aal Philadelphia papera tre&tinj on the p-evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAtr 1 NON, tc. _ __ _ ( Dr. Von M. hM tortne past fourteen rnri devoted his speoial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of aome ot tne test known pablio men in the Union, who h?vs been m )8t suooesfully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SJOHT t HEARING. ___ ( Amonzst his letters nny be found the following names: Hons. G Pugh and John Mo^ean; Rev. I 0. 0. Mullen, M&Jor C. L. Kilbum, U. S. Army ; Sight Rev. Bishop Blano ; George Gordon, Km , , Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Base, Esq , President of ths Goodhue F. I. Company, New 1 Yo>k ; Robert Glover, Esq , Director of the N?- 1 tional Bank Note Company, Nd\r York ; G. B. i Lamar, Esq., President Bank of the Republic, ] New York ; and many others, amongst which are , medical men cf well known reputation. These i letters may be examined at his office, i No. 9 Mssrocri A vinei. Patierta wishicj their family physician to aoeompany them tj witness operations or for the i purpose of consultation areat J'berty to bringthem 1 Medical men wil' be at all tim?a welcomed to witness Dr. Von M '? operation*, and examine some cf the instrument? he has introduced for the < facilitation of Opthalmio and Aural Surgery. Arti fiola! Eyes inserted without oausinp any pain ?v.? ? VI UiO fOkiruk. Office ho art from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from S to 5 p. m. ja8 lm Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit auits of 4 / FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Psox SOLDIERS TO TEZIK PAKTUXS, [ At a ohargeof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be plaoed in an ENVELOPE . and securely sealed. The fall address, (includt+r Pott CJlc?, Stat*; alio, strtrt mnd mum- ' btr. t* a large ettp,) of th? person to whom to be sect, j MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ? ENVELOPE. ' IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TH* EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MKAN* FOR SOLDIERS I TO BEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FUR- J NISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. i ~~E. 8. SMITH, " Agent Hirnden Exp'eaa, Id at, eaoond door b?lov Pa. are., j )a> >m Wmhinttop, D. C. Soldiers' Pay. { THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY \ wiul ru*w*?u C SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THXIR f FAMILIES, J At any place oh the lines of their Mxprees, Ataoha (6 of twenty five oenta lor any sum not " x?rMtDf fifty dollars, and a pr< poruonate additional charge to plaoea reao.ed t by aonueotinf Expreaaea. ' Tbe morey, whether Gold or Trtatiir? Notet, ahouid be enolo?ed in an envelope ai d eecurelJ sealed, and have the fall ad "ee?,(Ino udinc town, , fo*t office, and State; and ia citiee, the atreet aid cumber ) ol .he person t.> whom o be sent and the amount letib y marked tfeerron Envelope* I for this purpose may be had at our oA^es. To faoi na'e pro apt del very, tae onarje for ra- . nitiaooe suou d t>? pre pvd. > AI^MS EXrRESS COMPANY. W*tki*ttm, Jan. 9, Uta. Ja?-lm ] Wall, Stephens Co., 1 MILITARY AND NAVAL. 1 MERCHANT TAJLORB, AMD Dlil lbt IN ttUTAD fkJ w a c tl L u UL?I 0 ** rAtrar.Oi DCILJ 1 o, EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLuVES, Ac. Acd a very variety >i READY-MADE CLOTHING. 1 At RuioNtiLi PxicM. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. SS3 Pennsylvania avenue, betwten ! J%11__ lintel. A Repub.J 9th and 10th ?t?. BOOTS! ROOTS!! ' BOOT*"! , WHITEHOUSE A UNi ELKS, S48 Pa Aviidi arc 311 O (T\* Arte Y or* Wn oUtalt Branch Houtt. wan Have on hand, and are daily reoeivinf,' vm ! large lota of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS MARCHLNti SHOKS. moftlr of their own manuf&otsrn, to be eold tt the J lowest ma-kst rate*. A oa.li front all dealer* eo!ioitad. Butler* liberally dealt with de U-lm* j LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMKNTS. GLOVES, HOSIER Y. HAND KUKUHIEFS, SCAKFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LlNKN COLL A RS. SHIRTS, Ao , Ac. i THOMPSON, under Brown's, <le IB E. A. Lake A t'o.'s Marble Hall Banaar. j T NOTICE. i HE BULLION BANK will open their new Banking House in the Coioniittion Huildiuc. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4H street, Washinston, 1). C., on MONDAY, January the ?th, ' 1862, for the purpose of tranaaoting a general bank- / jSppiMMbetween 10 a ro. and 3p. m 1 J>? 1W WM. T. THOMPSON, PTWt pHOlCB OLD HAVANA RUM. 1 Vy in Dennijohn#, I MINERVA WINK?? oolebrated ttptaub Wine, VERMOUTH WINE??n Italian Win#, much I CHAMPAONEd?'CLARET8, CORDIALS, Ao.. ' or vanov* braadi. i ITALIAN MACAnONI and VERMICILL I, t ICoHer*a New Vork Patnt Cot LOAP SUGAR. t ForaUflby C. 9. DiGARMEN DIA, Importer ana D-*l?r 10 Hmnt d? Mm' No. 18 Commfrw >t. Baltimore. 150?*?.^chIKIE.a flour' | Mo .ftrkiMNcw Yortfciate BUTTER. 5 5 ESft'u'V&Llfe.BUTTea' s ttboxaa Raising. J ut reo?iv?l MM for wl* by 1 O. W. ANGELL, 1 i?? tw* Wo. < Loairtma N-C'Ni'imWo???T1?, , An miy?m!i*ll?d MaortnmU at 1 .. ?r Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Hirr.i rcceiretf aoccaifnoaant of Zimmirmmm t C?.'t C.neinnati UbinCtttvhtWiMud BraooiM: we therefore offer to Dr?KCi?ti, Oroow. Hot?i and ?a oob Keeper*. Aa , DRY CATAWBA WINE. Light and Srcci-1^? former lc hox?e lor tab'e dm, and the iatwr in half-barr*!s far maiai and sookinc parpo&M. SW^ET CAT AW pa or _ LADIES' WINE, iu ww r?ii Aim ris riVTTJiB* IOT AD10 V99 % ft!7 taparwr wuole for tki teoiida) a. CATAWBA BRANDT, ii occur pa* tabrtuBalaat. and vrj ?>effcl for Brandy Punoh. iiTL^ * COFFIN. de lg lm *9 Loqieiara >ren?>. yo MILITARY OFHCERB ANDoTHKRS. BATCHBLOR'S GKyUINB HAIR BYE. The Beit *n tho WnrW. Tk* Only RsitmtU and Rmrmlui Hmtr Pm Imm ?<>1J i'T all Dmccute; also, at Hkbkitok's Patant Mmioib* bU>ro, c p. Patent Oftce, our. F A Ttt. S;b??> Hair Wo??, rV.1?v. lnn< where I LadiM can bava it >ed, if deairea. Faotor/??1 Barolatr ?C < law -30 Broadway) N. V. oo S it CLOTHS, CAJ*S1MI?KKS* AND VK8TI.NGS*A fn'l ai uck of ohoioe fa*>rio? M ie?? ti*n the UftU\l l&tM. One pnoe on'jr. marked in p'a'n fifnree An rximnation ?>l stock >lioited ; do ob lotion to purchase incurred thereby PEP RY k, BPO., ja 7-6* P?"B avenue ?nd Ninth et. ^ DAMS' KXPKKSB COMrANY. IfOTICE OF REMOVAL. The de'ivery cffoeof tbia company 11 runorwl from Third street to the large depot on It -treet, t>etween 2d and 3d sta. de arv-tf TO OFF1CKRS, SUFLKRP, Ao.-For sale, at a noderate price, a New York bnit four wheeled light oovered WAGON, with haiuaonie l^S'lier oust 10 s, Ac , having been utei three time? ooat $!82 Alio, a New \ ork made set of Doahie Harr.en, with plated fit'm?a, whicti ha# Bfvrr twn used al a,<. Aiao.aaet of pain J*n>ts e Harness, quite u'* Applv at 4*7 Seventeenth itreet, corner vf 1, for addreaa of ?^hle ai.o [room- <ie 31 UOMt;TUiN0 XKW?SUPKHIOK. MULLED ? ? COR iV.?Tire nbcrifxr, havta* got "Ik n^net to supply Washington and Georgetown with this ieiioate pr- paritiou of Corn. would leapeotfuUr uk of hie frieLds. and thepubho at larje, to give it a trial. Aieo, Popped Corn, p'ai n ard eveared. WM. BlAULV, A?w.t. Fa. avenue, between leth and 19th eta. n. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table Tops, &,e. A targe asfcortmect a waje an hand. o*i is 9ra HEAYY WOOL ROftK, SHIRTS AM) DRAWERS,aofAAMV t-rilRTS, at 3 24 Pa aven-'e, hack foots; ?? 353 1) street, be?w??en Uh acd nth da4 tf All kinds op pansy groceries and Sutier's Goods oa rand and for sale low by BROWNING 4 KEATING. d* 4 3>awtf 313 P*. avenue, near 6th *t Just received ten BHLS. t*. hor1ne S superior OLD R*E Wfll^KY, eight years 4(1, warranted. A'to. prune Monongaheia W hienes for tale at 363 Pa. avenue, b* de i Siawtf BROWNING A KEATING. CHEESE, CHEESE !?N?w \ ork Cream Cheese; Wiitahire do.; Hamburgh do.: Sap fe**godo.; Grujeredo.: Panneren do.; INna Apple lo. KING k. BURCHELL, de corner Piftww*h wt. au<1 Vermont ?t. IlENJAMlN DaWOLFF, D No. 3S4 Pcxm. Avisr*, -gv Adjoining ttia National Hotel. Knu Washington, D C, WKm Kmh oonstantlr on hand a n n* assortment 01 SOLD AND SILVER WATCHEj, 8ULJ) CHAINS, JEWEL* y.aicvi- R WARE. rxrrLBRY spectacles, opera and FIELD GLASSES, *c., fe. _ N. B. Repamnr done by K. C. Rtcha*c, late [rem No. lOiiS CbMtout street, Philadelphia, a ikiiful workman lo Chronometers, fine WatefcaaJ. ko. de 7 It1* ' HFOR CHRISTMAS PKESENTS! ANDKKRCHIK Pa. HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS:-Alli rts.itock now an quailed. for ladies and gentlemen?ju*t the thing ror ChrMtm&s Presects. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake & Co.'# Marbl? Hall Basa--.r, _dejr> Fraler Brown's HotelW Diggers a henry's" ASHING TON A NO ALEXANDRIA exPRE?8, bearing each city t wioe a day. Ordet^ left on slate k kt Gregory's Store Store or M*rin's Franklin Honse, Washingtoc-^faUiF ?? sill me?t with prompt attention. wwy*y? | ?"?* . , XT EWS?N K W2-N K \VS l! Jpkt Or*ifiD? SEW YORK OYSTER AND EATLSO SA LOON. The undersigned bog respeottally to inform their riends and th? pnblio *ec>milr th&t^g^. / her rave opened their ertablishmentY^a f mJ >n New York av . near 16th at. We^ikJr ihail spare do raina to proenre for onr >Qj0r sustomers the b??t the market can ?1- ? 1 ord. Parties, famines and satl <rs sapplted at the itmrtest n >tioe Our establishment will be opac , iailT, Sundaps excepted. de*-ln?# DORIAN A SWORD /#V 13A\C HfcKZBERG, . /flv iL^JL The Only L.ioens<d K^M. ? O pawnbroker. 9 'I S10.UU0 to be loaned on Uold and Silver Watches, : rewe'ry. Guns and Pistols. Silver Ware, and Wearing Apparei?at the o.d stand. No. 381 C itrseti baek of tbs Natioca. fiotel, between Oi knd 6tn *U. de 18-8m* pOLUMBIA MARKET, U Pa awnu*. td+*rr 7Vr(M*f * ft. The sabsoriber wou d most respttoitolly inform 1 he eitiiens of Washington trar he has retsrned to iii nlil aiiartur. vhArn hointAnda kiuknin# A. first ate ma ket mail its branches, as in tin ea gone. Ma will be happy to creet hir old fnende and ousomera. _ _ _ . N. H ?Goods sect free cf oharge to any part 01 the oity. de 13 . C. MALLARD. |MPORlANT TO *ll,lTARV MEN! Army Regulation Hate, MeCbltao Fatigue c*ps, Ch&asedrsae Pans Cape. Stad" Caps made to order, with appropriate denoes. B. H. fTiNEMETZ, 836 Pa. srecae, near oorner lath st, Between Willarda' ana K>rk woods' Hot?'e fry Aceuof fat Gvtten's Cork Cap Havelook. "lenly reeoroaanded for the uae of our rank and ' i!e by Lieat Sea. Winfield *Q"ty de tl-lm ' Notice t<? watchmakers, jeweller*. and pr dlars. t*. & J MY Ft 8. of 90 W a* Jung ton street^Jlcson, oaaaed their Branch oaee, Room f* So. IN WM!:in(toa Building. Pa eetiu*. >n Tu^siay. Deoera>wr ffst. with a >*r?? itock of Waaohes, Jewelry. Watch Mate ials, fee., at the loweet wholesal* pnoes. Watch rorK qod? lor me iraae. rosiTiTXLT 1*0 woosi ?olpoh Wok po*? ?t R?ta.il de 3ft-lm* ^TTENTiON.RANK AND F1LK1 ( ROTH ROCK'S, At 460 NincbSiiui, Nm E. the place, of all oth-re, to eoppljr y unreel yea with 1 all kmd* of CAMP FURNITURE, At ihi Vuiy Lowut Paicse. He also keep* on t<aad and make* to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMPORTS, >f all qualities. Com aad render youreelree oombrtaoie for the winter bf a very email oatlar of nop. Remember the pia^a. detl-Stawlw J (JLES JOIT,IVKTt'IrrirI r. tram Pane, ju?t arrived,inform* the ladiee of Wuk gton that lie has opened a .arge taetortrnent of *eiix Head Dreaeae, Wretth* ai d Bride*' Wreatht, .he most splendid ohotoe of F lower* for 4rMN; klao. Go d and Chenille Nets, aillkinda of Hair Work : and attend todreistac t?diee' hair. ti9 D ttraet, between 9th and 10th. * It ! ? V WOOD AMD COAL. SiSTjaa, f&immxssjss^jx Mr v 8r?m1k iiritt mmd Cmmmi, (#E0. PACK, 1 UMt.) Ther sell cheaper and rr?e batter MUira iian any others in the ait/?cut, out, Md delimited free of ?h*fg* Urm do* t ! eiiers ,n he Piobmr Milia tna^ aa4 fee ?Urtrt y-\r j C'??a at?, !*pacikh ar.d French OliTes, Freeh Ruf!?riet. Wa.not Cttsay, Math room aUnf, H-wrrey'i , noe.Ao.Ae. KING * BURi'hELL, 1 de 19 corner Vermont ar. aad Fifteenth rt. ] [TlGHEeT prior paid 1 FOR U. S. TR&SUHY N0TM8 I of the o fferect leaver, and Nonlwta C*rre?er. Ixet.fcage on the pn*cif?.l oitie* North pajabie 1101,1 "SZUZLEXh ^.WKfc. ?i a i oi^avvdsii r ?ri a vif., ist-ii ^^^SSfefrCTAi. ^EEAT A.TTEAGTIONR.?Gr*ai ruk tor da 11 la (k*?j 1 oo L^Jt&&?gjsaL.-. w - j )+4 oototlufc*. mm VmMllf. 14 \ %" " aaiAL I C14K< Mtolmlaf fNBtoTfWrttif tf taMh|Mi TKX-M#?O+Sk. MMMl 9lRXla Wf^t f MB ? ??9l ? Fmeepl. fti OiplW????? ???M? ? ?<???? ??? ?? I W 11 la variably smMm ttc "TTwfcff ra Neva' %a? hm inade Tkt Dmiit W*m*m Stmr oliwi* wo generally throng Wat lb* oouatry C7"8ln*lf copica (la wrappers) aaa ht pea snred at Uic counter, immediately altar the Iva* of th? paper. Pr1*-THEEE CENTS. FTTTT \f HOT TVC M -iimwiiy u GEM1NE PREPARATION. " H0HLY CONCEMTMATaD ? Compound Fluid Extract Biehn, 4 fMUiti ?U Sr?\ju Rtmmdf For Dmmh of th* BLADDER, KIDNEYS GRAVEL, u4 DROP SMCAL. BWELLIN9S. Tht? M?dioiM iDorawM U>? low ( Di(Mwv and cu-i ta? ab*okbe!tt? into hMJt&r kru<>* br trhioh th? witut o> r*Lrnov? ?l|lWr rt ?<id ail oks/tbral ixuuu^ti vt r?a??* ' V V?il U PAlK a.>D 15rLAMM*rioh. UBLMBULD 8 EXTRACT BUCHl For WMkowM r ?>Bf from Kxc * . K ?(mU of Pt*?ipat?otK%rlv irdiaeretion or A~aaa. Att*ndtd with tkt Following Stnnptom*. IndKfKibon to Kiartkm, Loitof Pow Loot of Memorr, DiAoalty of Breathing \Vfwvk N rrm, Tmot?Hi. H irrnrof UiiMM, \\ Akrfu?i.e?>#, P rr v < ? of Viaion, ran is the rmv?"??l Laentudeol the Moscuiar HriBt, lot Ukndi. Plunincc 01 tSfeeHMtf. Drynaaa of the !%n, Eruption on the Fie*. PALLID rorWTMOTSra. Theee ijinjUiHii, U go on, whiak Uua medicine in vari&My remove*, eoon follow* IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, FPILEPTIC FITS. fc mm of vkuk tk4 Patimt mat Eoyim. W%o no ?4?Mt they arc not IWlowec by urn* "mm' Piiitm," iNMANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mm; are i**? ?f the caoeeoMheir nArai,. flVT MONK WILL COSFBCC. HF. RECORDS or THE INbANE ASYLUMS And tkt Rltlntkoli D'atK* t>? Centwmptitm. IUK AMPLE WN NOT* Tu THI IirTH OP TB* tfltlTIOI. THE constitution once AlKKCTID with organic VeaknIRp. Require* the aid of medteine to atremthea mul 1 CTlA)I#lA tk? M*afr*?OT whieli HLLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCMt Mi r?ra' /? 4<?M A 1*1 A.1. WILLMNTINCI TBS MOIT MSTT1CAL. FEMALES? FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG. 8INGLE. MARRIED, OR ' CONTKM PLATING MARRIAGE, In Mrntf Ajftctxons Ptmltat to F>maitt the Extract Baoha ie aneeaalled by an? othe-r?* Nf, m 10 Cfcloroeia or RetesUtiu. !m|i ?nty P?inni!n*se. or tfuppreenou of Ofcatomart bru n&tiuDi. L>o*mt*0 or Sohirron* at?te of the Uteres, Leaoorrh* or White*. Sterility, ar d for all romylaitw incident to the eep. whether arieia* from IndiecretioB. Habita of DiMipatioa, or ta tae DECLINE OR CHAXQK OF LIFE! CSK eTMPTOMe 4ROVI. NO FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT IT. Tmkt no awri Biltam, Mtotmp. m UrnfUmmml Mtdtcino /or VnrnaitMi mmd OnfifWH Dimmoot. HBLMBOLD'B EXTRACT BUCUV ccmae SECRET UU1AUI la ftU ttau ^ AtlittliKiMM LutUe <u mo ct,*Li?ju Diet; No l|M?watl Iteentee ft freqn*nt>&?irrtnd#ftveo etroatfk ? Urinat", thereby Removing t'Oet uotioca. Preventing and Cu r.nj rriotnrta of tbe Urethra, Allaying f?iu and 1 n lev* ination, ec .' ?enent is the oi&ee of dieeaeee. aod ?pe mi mU Poucm*?u. i>iie?tei am irgm mi JWaraer. THor?*.i?i>? tiros TforuiiM WT/O JUrf BFEfi THW VICTIMS OF QUACKS, od who have paid kearw/ttn to be an red IB a abort time, nave found thry were deooivoc, flkd that the "roiaoN" ha?. by the of'r+wrfm ui'MfMit1' been dried n p id the e*dMn, to hreftk out ui aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFIMR MAJUUAVM. CM BKLMJfOLD*fl KXTRAOV BW0B9 hll affMUous and ditoaaM of to* CRIRAAT OftSAXIS, wQvtker cxistinc ia KALI OR nyui, from vtoimr aaaaa oncina&ai aad ac laattar of u/inr ama * a ? ai#i ouff a4v1vv bi a.lill.lu. Dihum of tb?M Organe re^oir* tfce aid of ft Ihnnio. HELMB0LD 8 EXTRAU7 BUCHU LA THE GREAT OTURkTlC, ?ad it ta oftrtfttn to tavo tka dwirad afWt la PuiMM/W mktCA U U rNMIMMM, tduci op rum mo$r asaroaama am? u l1ablb c?a*act*? vtlCftooomyaay ttoa nedioiaa*. 0 EE TIF 10 AT E8 OF CUEBB. From > to SO jmrr FAN* -MTMIC1ANC FLKASM-HOTtOK." wb haxb "so BBOBBV" op "mumvti.'' HELMBOL1VB EXTRACT BUCHU * oonmoeM of Kucha. Cnt>?bt aod Jamper Bum*, selected with rre?t oare by ft outnyeUnt Crmcsiat. prepared in vacuo, BY H. T. KEL9IBOLV, Pmotiofcl ftod AnftlyU<mi Chemiet, ud Bole Mu BWItlrr OI HKLMBOLDB GENUINE PREPARATION 6 affidavit. Mi? dftly ewor?,do& eey7ki? prMrtUoMM [aid no ureoUoiM oun. of offer iijirtow helmrold. Sworr and ?u been bed WS^rtioitS^' ** November, ISM. WjJ- fjUJISfc RJ>. AMeran, Ntntt et~ft^Te Rftoe, tUI*. v' ? ^ r?* ' 4 _-*< v } >- t PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM e A. M. TO If Jf. rrlM ?1 p?r tottto, m Iti In M. Itolltrmd to My ftddraw, pirtii trwm ?>? niim A^rw lMni for inferMtm la Mt<wi ' B. V. HBLM0OL0. Cktmim, D^o?. 1M 80^ fMtk al^ tatov GkMMft. rkU? VBW41B OP OOVNTWim AltD UNFMINUlfLMD DMALMMB '*??sps&? j&nzLtsusz r tfckuM/i #|MMN M *4 iMiMft, ? H.t J f? M m fm ynjw,"?. gTwtk ft. 0 \urD *JLLL DMwimun irrMriracM*. JI >*W9P ^ - u ? -,*wt nx rt\+*A A . tj V^T~,- 4 m I**, UK VQK OUDHil * * mm< > - ^ < ** ULklBO UtKm. unATouiKrcniuii ?i U^MU m ;F. .-* 1^ IT ? ' 4 ~ * *