15 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

15 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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* t/lt'AL N2WS.' [ >or:r* ?Af**r b?^.juj fPf many yvars printed tbe H?u of letten r'^aining uncalled for In the To?t ott.ce of tb' 4 city, (under the Inw authorhin* their Retention (n the newspaper having tbf lwg?t 'jjrcuUtlon within the usual delivery of tbe the proprietor of the Star has at leag**, felt compelled to decline their farther lar^rtion. beeauee of the greet space they have Ooine to occupv. and of the fhet that for montha -past be ha? "been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing the liata, advertisements tie insertion of which wonld have paid at least double aa much as tLe law allowed him for the letter Hat. * in addition to this paaitlye pecuniary low by tfceir Inneftloa aioce thoea lists hare come to be m lar** New York city letter llsta. they bare entirely?on the day on which they were printed-defeated his purpose of making the Star always a mtttspaptr?new? being its well-known apecialltf. \ AMnasMKHTs To-nioht. THiiTit ?The exciting dram*. " Madelaine, r the Belle of the Faohoor*." and the capital farce of " Good for Nothing " On Friday night Mr Bland will tike his benefll. and mav eip?rt a hurrper in recognition of tbe patna taken by him to cater handsomely for to? public amusement. c a* tubus y Hall ?K grand bill of original- 1 performed by new treats and aome of the t old favor1t*a Talbot, the great Ethiopian actor, , and Ward's feats aa the corde volante to-night. | CBRiaTT'a %"ido ?-.I- < songs, joke* and dYnces, "with' Christy, TJell" t*tratton, olalnrllle, Hasl&m, Scott, Japanese i Tomrav knd otbera, in spirited pieces of uproar, ous f^a Go we G. C as ''Jake," in the "Statue Later." Kim'i A mphithxatkk ?Another grand proerwnt of performances by Dan Rica, with hit trained animal*; the equestrian Eloise, and all the smpttbeetrlcsl troop. New arrangements for the coaventeece of ladles and families, reader (be ampltheater unusually attractive a Academy or Mrsir.?Good music, excellent refreshments, and sttentlve waiters at this popular resort. Open all day. Concert from 3 o'clock till late at night. Tat Hutchinson Family at the Navy Yard, in a capital bill. Lictc*? ? Last night, Rev. Dr. Plenon delivered the first lecture of the Smithsonian course at the Institute; subject, "Jefferson at Montlcello " i Previoua to the lecture. Prof. Henry made a few remarks, disclaiming on the part of the Smithsonian Institution or its officers responsibility for ? lectures of a political or partisan nature not under j their control. The lecturer Introduced an interesting narrative 1 of Capt Baton, wh" had served many years at < Monti cello as Mr Jefferson's ovemeer.and which Baton related to Mr. Pleraon in Kentucky, where ' Mr Baton now resides The lecture treated almost exclusively upon the domestic and every- ' day life of the statesman, describing his farm. I servants, ftock, manufactories, lie Monti cello was upon a mountain verv much like a sugar loaf \ id abape, upon tbe summit of whlcb ten acres had | been cleared. Tbe basement of tbe bouse was used ( is a dlntag room, kitchen, fce. No negro quarters , were near the mansion, and the grounds were laid j out with great care and planted with shrubbery and j flowers of tbe rarest and moat beautiful varieties , His garden was upon tbe side of tbe mountain ] where It bad been necessary to blast out tbe ftolld , rock and make soil upon tbe terrtfeea. Mr Jefferson ] used to send home great quantities of shrubbery | i while in Wssblngton. most of which was ob^ talned from a Mr. Main, near Georgetown , and so much attention w?t paid to home matters by | tbe statesman In the midst of political life at the j eat of government, that in bis letters be wculd | direct his overseer where to set the trees and i pianis, ana enumerate such a? were dead and to i ba removed, proving, u bad been before affirmed. 1 that be knew the name and locality of every plant and tree about the mansion. There was about trn thousand acres In the plantation, bat it 1 waa not very profitable. Mr Jefftrson waa 1 paaalonately fond of tne horse* and atock? < Importing conaiderable of the latter for hla own oae. Upon hla estate were a large planing . mill, a nail factory and cotton factory When j President he bad eleven of hla servant* with him; <ilao a French cook, ander whose inat/actlon he J placed one of hla servants, who afterwards did all hla cooking, at Montlcello. The President's House st that time wss surrounded by a blgh atone wall with Iron tfatea. from which the atreet led directly to the Capitol. There was no market In Washington, snd President Jefferson did ' all hla marketing in Georgetown, paying out . dally aboat fifty dollars It is believea that there wss no post office here then, aa all Mr Jefferson's letters from fbiscity bear the post mark of George- , town His library was sold to Government, and I wu very large, requiring sixteen teams, each , r carrying three thousand pounds, to remove it 1 from Moaticello to Washington. Mr. Jefferson ( rarely conversed upon the subject of religion, but ? bad i gmt number of religious works and was ) very fmd of reading the Bible, which he always kept Id s convenient place near his favorite seat in the library. Interesting descriptions of his ! corses, carriages, and daily bablta. were given 1 by tbe lecturer, who concluded hi* discourse < with an eloquent appeal for the delivery of tbe i resting place of tbe author of the Declaration of < Independence from the shadow of treason and i seccaioB. l The Mbi?s Fibi-Piuo ?We give below an abstract of the Water Registrar'* report cent to the Board of Aldermen at their last meeting. He states that on the 9th Inst he made some experi- < m?nts at the request of tbe Mayor for the purpose of illustrating tbe probable value and efficiency of hose used without either hand or steam Are engines in combination with tbe four-way fire-plug 1 of Oapt Meigs' invention He reports the result I of sooie tan or twelve experiments, which were < vsrv satisfactory, as may be seen by tbe following abstract of tbe report: 1 Flf.v feet of hose were attached and laid ont in L 44 seconds, and the water thrown to a perpendicular height of 85 feet, and to a horitontal distance of M (hmnaK nA??U Another aectlon of 50 feet to attached to 45 aeconda, and through a \ Inch noxzle the water i waa throws as high and f<ir aa through the \ -Inch noule. The third aecttoa (150 feet) of hose wuattached aad laid out In 1 minute 15 aeconda. STbe fourth aectlon (150 feel) waa attached and laid eut in 1 minute 3 aeconda Each aectlon of 150 feet threw water about 55 feet high?over tae top of the Conatltatlon prlctina o?ce There waa no diminution In the atrength and volume of tbe flow of water from the 30 feet aeetlooa while the other arctlona were d lac barging. All four attacbmenta were made and the at ream AM ! 1 tO Through 500 fret of hose and a \ tncb nozzle, water wu thrown to a height of about 48 feet Through 300 feet of hose water waa thrown to a i height of more than SO feet. The preaaure on the pi pea at the time of tbe experiment* was about 48 lba to the square Inch. The full pressure of the aqueduct water la about 54 Iba EniTon op the 8ta??Sir: Having read In your issue of yesterday the Introduction of a bill tn Increase tbe pay of non-com missioned officers of the array, It la but fair to say that when tbe pay of soldlets' was lncreaaed bv an act of tbe laat session of Congress, the Staff Corps of the Array Lastneer* aod Ordnance were not Included Tbe soldier who fish's the battles of his country la not more exposed to danger than the soldier of ordnance, who prepares material of war for the field soldier, and who la liable at amy aaomeat to be the victim of ahi leas honorable death than that Incurred on tbe battle field. Bir, I remain, very respectfully, e - . - s < is\ ?? ? January n. (??/ a> uishtii. Focmr* W a to 9ta tioa caa* a?B$f?rt Justies Walter?Geo Goode and Ju Hvrlejr, aailora on a drunk; wot to thelrahlp. Thoe Grnnler, drunk tad diaorderly; aent to hi* camp, L 1. regiment , N Slack, drunk; diamlaaed. Franklin Hughee, 1 mendicant, fortune t?Uer, and atar of the weat 1 Frank waa found strolling about the atreeta, and ' was taken In for aafe keeping Frank la rather a favorite with tboee who know bin, and tbe arreet waa made for bla own good; bat Friuik "eeuld'nt , aeett la that light." and when rr leased from tbe rellabe pronounced p-wltlvety tbat "themetropola la bad alga " C bar ley McDonald, disorderly; i d'smlsaed tkva amd Ea* ?Suffering humanity, in any , thape, la pitiable; but tone draw more beartly upon oar sympathy than tbe deaf and blind, and 'boee partially deprived of eight or bearing. We call the attention of all each to the card or Dr. t. A Von Mnachzlaker, which will be found In another column. Hia fame came before klm. Tbe ! beat war for tbe afflicted to prove bla aklll. bow J*?er. Is to consult htm. His offices are at 07 Pa. ??enee. oppeelte Wlllarda' Hotel. lt < Almost a Fiaa?Patrolman Calvert, of Um Plrat Ward, day before yesterday morning dls' oTwred the roof a house?oee of a row of frame banding*?oa Tweuty-drat street, between L and -m ?twu, to be ea tre It bad caught from a ? e-ptpe wfcteb projerted through the roof. The c'roes were extlagoished by the officer, assisted by the neighbors, before much damage waadone. The house was the property of a colored man *?ed James Lumsby. j Aioraaa Accidbht raoM tn est or Exflo- < v? Oil* ?The wife of Mr Abraham Mack, < While tiling a lamp with burning told or eamPtKM oa Saaday evening, wae aererely, sad ( Perhsp* fatally, burned by the explosion of the 1. Fkok Soebotd * Brothers, No* WlCeater II*/**s?d I3t Nortbee* Liberties Market, wa bar* r"eWe4 a ran of superior toir.stot* For excel ' peoeb*e or twiutoee call on tbe See bo Ids ^TTisriaa to call- 4 to tbe new pla? of lawtn|?micui tMUodTortlMdeloewhere by D? L , No tdl foata street weat J PoLtc*.?Yesterday, the patrolmen of the Tblwl iV ard arretted Stephen A Hunter, for assault an<i >eUeryi h* wo taken before Jut tire Bamarlo tnd committed to Jail, Israel Croft, for a llk< >fKsase, was committed to jail Catharine Mr Don ild, for larceny of variooo article* of silver ware wi committed for a bearing by Justice Barnaclo The Fourth Ward patrolmen arrested Mary lr In. for threatening C troll n Rue; dismissed bi lattice Rowland. Isaac Clark, do.: do. J T *csges, malicious mischief; security for a hear ng before Justice Rowland. Mary Maloney Irunk and disorderly; S3.M by Justice Walter dary McN'emara, charged with profanity, heU Tor a hearing Bridget McNemara, do ; paid !V wnts costs Wm Horner, violating hack regu atinna. ruled for trial. Charles Bruce, do.; fined II 56. Patrick Bran nan, do.; dismissed. Cocldm't Stams tbb Prissue* ? A numbei >f persons were in a drlnklng-house near tb< rallr ad depot yesterday, when one of them, i told let, suddenly missed the sum of S15, whlcl lad been prestldlgttated out of his pocket. H< it once proposed a search, when one chap, wb< rave hia name as C. Jacobs, made tracks for th< loor, seeing which the soldier made tracks foi lacobs, snd seising him, shook him until he dls forged bis plunder The soldier then started wltn bis prisoner to hand him over to the Dolice out the artful dodger was too much for the tntll ary man. and disappeared In an uaaoccUdtabli nanner, ainee which C Jacob* hat not turned up Csstval 0tri*t?H0C?? Caass? Befort Juttia Thompson ?Daniel Ball, drunk; flned SI M \ut>uatua Miller, do; workhouae 40 day*. A wldier, do ; turned over to the military. iam? Mullen, do ; do. Augusta Eye, charged wit) the laroeay of article* of Jewelry from Mr. J Walter After a Searching Investigation?front which It appeared that the only Important wltnea had had several quarrel* with the accuaed?Jus ;lce Thompson dismissed the case, advising th< parties If they wanted any further Investigatloi o go to the grand jury Charles Boulouls ant Emile David ware taken upon suspicion of th< theft of a ken of cider; the caae was dlamlased ucjuvi^pvpiiiK i p iae street; aismissea. Fvllt CoMxtTTSD.?Tbe twoboya (Goady snc Breanaban) who were taken on Sunday night foi >reaklng into Mr. Fridley's book stand la thi Z7ity Post Office, and atealing tbe drawer contain ng a dollar or two In small change, and commit *d for a bearing by Justice Thompson, bad i Inal bearing tbis morning. Although the boyi ire botb under 15 year* of age, tbey appeared t< t>e experts, and were provided with tbe tools foi aurglarlous operations They appeared perfectly sareiesa while In prison. They were fully com nltted far trial at court. CaiMinal Cocar ?Yesterday, Benj Franklli Fohnson. colored man, on trial for the larceny o wo f-20 Treasury notes, stolen from a letter be onglnc to a soldier of the 1st Long Island Regi ?ent, was found guilty as Indicted. There sr< >ther Indictments against him for similar offenses John Murpby, a youth apparently 15 or 10 year >ld only, was tried for stealing a box of gauntlet 240 Dlirl) VllllM) atttin f?nm InaKna A fimlik >n the 27th day of November last, and"was founc lu?lT Postponed ?Last night a number of the mem >ers of the Pons of Temperance and other tem perance organizations assembled in the room o the Good Samaritan Division, 8. of T., with th< expectation of bearing an address by the Rev \lr. Hera, of Baltimore. Tbe day proving un favorable, the lecturer was telegraphed not u some, and tbe address may be expected som< future evening. Tbe company present was ad iresaed by some prominent friends of tbe caus before tbe meeting adjourned?among them tb Rev. Mr. Crane and Mr. Savage. Chabqx o? Laacrs't.?John Horrigan was ar "ested this morning on suspicion of stealing a coa rrom Michael Carroll. He was tak>*n before Jut :lce Donn bv patrolman Leach, and the coat beini recovered, the complainant would not make oatl to th? felonious Intent of the accused, and the cat was dismissed. Govxkhxknt Salk or Hoksks.?Wall St Bar aard, auctioneers, so'.d yesterday, at the Govern inent corral, about two hundred horses and mules it an average of about S25 each. Coaxs, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, En targed Joints, and all d'aeases of the feet cure* without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropo list, 4*2<J Pennsylvania avenue, between Four md-a-half and Sixth streets. Room *24 up stair* Dfflce hours from 12 m to * p m. Orders to cal it residences promptly attended to. lm* Plka?axt Fck518Hxd Rooms, with fuel anc [as, with or without board, at 415 K street, be ween Eighth and Ninth streets. Table board*ri jan be accommodated. lm* WHiTiHiniiT, 431 Penn. *nue, furnlshei ahotograpbs from miniature tali fe size His col ectlon of cnrtj dt visit* likenesses embrace al prominent men of the country. Remember IVbltehurst received seventeen premiums In thii country, and a medal at tbe World's Fair at Lon Ion: alio, at tbe French exhibition at Paris. itsrancvrases for holiday preseq^. de 21-eolm? Soldixbs to thk Rucn !?Young men rush, ng Into tbe exposures and dangers of a soldier'i ife should prepare themselves for tbe fatal fevers be dysentery, tbe sores and scurvy, which ar< 11 most certain to follow. Holloway's Pills, use<1 occasionally daring the campaign, will lnsuri lonnd health to every man. O ay 25 cents pel x>x. ail India Rubber Oools. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, fl 25each Rubber Ponchos and Blanketa combined, ach. I ndla Rubber Coats, white or black, S3 50 each India Rubber Leggins SI per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Gooda. Including Rub >er Boota and *hoe?, Rubber Stoppers for bottle* Door Mats, Under Sheetings for b*>d* In slcknetis kc , Ac , at mannAtcturer'a prices, at H. A Hall'i ndla Rubber Warehouae^306 Pa a*., oetweer Slnth and Tenth streets. janl-tf [adverti*emknt. TaKK SO xoix U.fPLKAaAKT and unsafe MkDI :i5*a ?For unpleasant and dangeroua disease* ise Helmbold'a Extract Baehu, which has re :eived the endorsement of the most promtnen >hvsicians in the United States, is now offered t< ifllcted humanity as a certain cure for the fol< owing diseases and abase of the urinary or sexu tl organs: General debility, mental and physlca! iepresslon, imbeclMty, determination of olood U be head, confused ideas, hysteria, general irrlta >Uity, restleaaness and sleeplessness at night, 1m >f appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dys >epela, emaciation, low aplrlta, disorganisation >r paralytla of the organa of generation, palplta Ion of the heart, and, In fact, all the concomlanta of a nervous and debilitated atate of the vstem. To insure the genuine cut this out Ail 'or Hembold'a Take no other. Cure* guaran eed. See advertisement in another colomn. 31 THE IBDIA* HUB Doctoi, "rofn Canada, will describe dlaeaaea and tell hit patlenta the nature of their compl&inta or 111ness, without receiving any Information from them. No charge for Consultation or Adviet. OCR MOTTO. IVe uk such Balms aa have no strife .V ith Nature or the Laws of Life: kVlth Blood oar bands we never stain 4or poison men to ease their pain. )or Father?whom all goodneas 1111s, * Provides the means to care all ilia; rhe simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well aaed, relieve our pain complete. 1 simple Herb, a simple Flower, 2olTd from the dewy Lea? fbas*,^tow^iball speak with teaching power Watkinfton Mtnldingt, Pm. arnnw, about Jivi missui mmlk from Brnn'i Haul. No charge for Consultation. ja 10-Xw* .Y1AJUUKD! Ob the lit h instant, at the reeidenoe of the bnde'i nother, in Baltimore oouaty, Md . dj Re?, Wil lam B. Kvans, M?. JUBTOB H FHLEB9 U Miss KL1ZABKTH R. HOLBROOK, all of Bal .iraore ooanty. Md. uiaifi On the uth instant, at 10 o'clook p. m., ALIBIi W. MARTIN, in the Slat year of her ace. To 10 buried from the residenoe or her father lobs W. Martin, oorner of lith and P streets, to sorrow at t o'olo ik Friends of the family are in rited to attend, without farther notioo * [lnt*lh?eaoer and Baltimore San oopy.] Bl'R NSIDE'S Patent PerUbfte House. The inventor calls the attention of Batlers ao< >tners to this asefai invention A Hone oan tx Milt by this Inventor without Bade, soreve, 01 rrooves. Barnes aad Stables built in the saosoway. 1 im be eat as and taken down with oat injury t< VTUfI MU UV tvi w i ?i 8AMUBL WISE. Bailder. No. 146 ? street. near Thirteenth. J* ?-* Waehiegtoa. D 'c. KITTEN HO (JSE, FA NT * CO, B AWK1I21S, SH Pmmuini Amni, (ntar Briwn's HoUl,) QOAL OIL?COAL OIL?COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHEBIAL OIL cCorner New Jereey i?, and E et. jaia lw* J-JEBMAN PELT SHOES! JKUUBBSiA stewjswr. vie lot of 6EBMAN FELt etrtOEB. je IS M' ( AMUSEMENTS. i _ - ?^ > lYf THEATER! ! 1*1ISS SUSAN DEN1N AS JULDELFINB. WBDNE3DAY, Ja?>u*rT lftth. willb* periormed , the drama of MADKLB1NK-M**?iem?. Miw I ? _ _ ? ? ?\ i_ ? _ ' -? - * ? m ouwj 1 o cononae witn tne woeoi inr, : <HWM> FOR NOTHING?Nan, Mts. B'and. I ll-^~ Bland's Benefit on Friday. H* THE Hutchinson Family t Smg at the Navy Yard THIS (WniDMdkt) BVKMNS, January 15. I ODD FBLLOW& HALL. , , 1 Ticket! 25 cent* ; ohidren 15 cento?to be had at the door. It 1 WASHINGTON THEATER! MR. BLAND takes ureatp'easnro inannonncf int that he has made arrangements with the prin5 oipal Artists of the ITALIAN OPERA! From the New York Academy of Mnuo, for 3 GRAND OPERATIC PUR FORM AN CES, To t*ke plaoeon MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY, Ja.mua.ky 90, 31 ASD 88. When the following celebrated Artiste will appeals MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY, thediotingnithed American P-i;n* D M'ME 8TRAKOSCH, thef?rorite?Contr*lto, BIG- BK.I6NOLI, the renowned Tenor, 81G. MANOUSI. the eminent Baritone, 8IG. 3U8INI thesre*t Bae*o, f^IG. BARJTI, Bum Cantaate, HENRY MOLLBNHOVER, , the oelebrated Violonoellist The entire combination under the muaioal direction of CARL AN8EHUTZ. Conduotor Academy of tf usio, New York. i MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 20th, will be presented Donisetti's oelebratel Comio , Op?ra of ? DON PASQUALE, [ with the following fctar Cast: > Miss Isabella Hinkley as (a role she has performed with immerse *ucce?s> - Norma * Pignor Brignoli as. Eren*#io Sign or Manouii a? Dootor Malateeta . 8if nor ttasini as (his world renowned character) Don Paequsle s TUESDAY, January 21?Doniietti's new opera, . BETLY, and the last aot of FAVOR1TA. WEDNESDAY. Jan. 28?Rossini's ohei'd'renvre 1 1L BARBIERK DE SEVIOLIA. Prices or Adhimiom. To Paranette and Dress Circle - - - 91 Orohester Chain 91.50 Private Boxes $8 Pit.~^. SOcenta Seat* may be *eoured for either of the three Opera Nighta at Mr. Mets?rott's Music Store, commencing Saturday morning next. 9 o'clock. Do?raopen at 7; parlormanoe to oommenoe at I o'o oelt. ja i? fEORGE CHRISTY'8 OPERA HOUSE. Tenth Street, Bktwii^ j? and F. Open Every Night with GEORGE CHKJSTY'S MINSTRELS Prom Broadway. Nt 1# York, Comprising 16 of the Picerd Stars o* Minstrelst The entire entertainment under the immediate di rection of GEORGE CHRISTY, The acknovtltdgtd Pioneer of Minstrelsy ! Thia Evening, and every evening until further notice, will be produced George Cnriaty'a great afterpiece entitled I HE STATUE LOVER. Jake.(one of hia beat oharaotera.)..Geonce Christ* Other characters by the company. The asual melange ol Singing, Dancing, Bur e leg*ue Opera, &o., ?o? by the whole oompany. e Admission?Parquet, 50oents; Gallery. 2ft cents. i*H - j^LNG'S AMPHITHEATER. - T. King. . Sole Lessee and Manager y C. Soott ? Associate Manager - F. Whittaker -Equestrian Manager 8 J. Prosperi? Musical Director SPECIA L NOTirE ?Owing to the eng&gemeat of the justly renowned Dan Kick the roan\gement * has been compelled to adopt the following regula - tion in regard lo reserved seats: The two front , rarges of boxes are to te devoted to ladies, arid gentlemen accompanying them, and will beoharged at 7ft oents eaoh; they can be seoured daily at the . box offioe Persons who have no cixtificatbs will ?ava tbemse'ves trouble and the management annoyance bv refraining from attempting to take * possession of any box marked "This row is '1 aken." Second and moit oosi'iv?!? Last Week of 1 D A N R I C E , THE P'- DPL.E'S FAVORITE THIS EVENING, I D A N R I C E Will introduce . Thi Dawctno Hohsk. Frank Rosston ! THE BLIND STEED, EXCELSIOR. JH., Trained and educated by Pan Kioe, will perform under hi# immediate auspices ? Dan Rioe will also (per aid of Frank Whittaker) prodnoethe COMIC MULES! L In the position of Humorist and Conversationalist, Dan Rice viil eaoort to the Circle | ELOISE, the Child Rider. Admission. , Dress Cirole .CO cents. Children under 10years old. ... . ?S cents. Gallery?? 25 cents. Reserved Seats 75 cents. Colored Boxes Vi cents. Colored Galle-j.. 25oents. , Doom open at 7 o'clock: performances will oom menoe at a quarter before 8. { On WEDNESDAY, , DAYLIGHT DISPLAY! r DAN RICE'S BENEFIT Will take place at an earlv period. j*14 RICHARD P J ON KB. Agent. CANTERBURY HALL! J FIRST PRESENTATION or TH8 GREAT RAVEL PANTOMIME, . LBS AMORS D K S A LP E S ! WARD IJ? HIS 6KEAT CoRDK VOLASTK! Afternoon Performance Wednesday Aftanaoon ' at. 2 o'ol'Ksk, fur Ladies and C' ildr?n, with quantities of Presents A superb 928 Silk Dress. 1 ID * All of the immense Company at every entertamm'nt. ja 7 \\7 XHK Vf ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF M"3IC, Pk.IN. A VKHP1, (^OUTH SlD?,) No. ?89, Between 9tk and IOiA its. f Every evening a remarkably fine Free Concert, 1 embracing selections from the best olassio musio. nan ine ill "si pupuiar upnria?renuortu m uei'er tvle than at any other Amerioan oonoert saloon. The guests?and the publio are freely invited, without charge for entranoe,?may rely upon ha* inc every comfort th*y desire. In addition to the finest music in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metropolis. HENRY' ROSENTHAL, ja6-tm Proprietor. ballsTparties, &c. QCTH ANNIVERSARY BALL t Ott or THE Franklin Fire Company Will be riven at onr Hall, on FKIDaY EVEi NINO. Iltli of January, when we sh?ll be a% most happy to meet the friends of the Com- ?pany. guaranteeing that, if onr exertionsoadJ^M be of avail to please every on# present, noth-MB inc shall be left undone to arrive at that end Tiokeis, admitting a gentleman and ladies, $1. rainuuii Orafton Powell, A. 8 Dant, W. H. Benrdsley, J. W. Hntton, W. H Fane tig, L. W. Dorsey, *' 0. fc'ikloff, J. Mtddox, Henry Kmc, H e. Mooney

Tickets oau be had of any of the above-named. W. H. FANNING, Ja 7,9,11 14,15,16 Treasurer. Fashionablk dancing academy at Temperance Hall.(in the main halDE treet, between 9th and lutb. Classes every f9 Tuesday and Fuday Afternoon and Eveniot.#Ht All of the fashionable Dances taught. Pm-MHm ate oiaaaes Attended to. For oircu.ars, terms, Ao., tnauire o( WM U BARNES, at Thorn peon's 1 OenU' Furnishing Store, 370 Pa arenas. c, T. BAKNBS, de 17 1m" Professor of Daneing. , EDUCATIONAL. I i^HEGARAY INSTITUTE, v 1S97 a.nt> 15'29 Sracci St., Philadelphia.. This Institute, oondnoUd lor two years past in the oity of Philadelphia bj Mm?i Chkoarat ftuQ nor Uieoe . * 1 A 11A A B AJ nUVlLLIi upuu III? same principles u the one in Now York, nt?b 1 liahedtbere in 1*14, will reopen, after the Christmas holidays, on Monday. January 6th. with ita ainal ample and oomplete ptcvivion for the edaoation of ' Young Lathe*, under the direouon of Madame ' D'Hervilly. Ciroulars. and ail requisite information, nb be obtained on applioation to tbe Princi, ttL ja7-lm J VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Profeesorand Teaoherof the above, traders hie s? rvioes to the publio. Terns 11 per lesson. Referpnc<?s to any musician in the oity. Several of his sapilsar* now the best violin i?U In the world. VI?* Le Petit Ole Bull, Fred. Buokley, Jto . Ao. Address Rullman'i Hotel, Pa. avrane, near i% street. de >11 m* BOSWELL'S Medicated Cough Candy, For COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS. INFLUENZA, HOAKSENBSS, And all incipient stages of Consumption. "'""5'SyS^LL Dr.,,*. Cor aw Maryland aod S**ontk?t. 1 ChftriM Allen, cjwrjM Btott. D H. Clark, . W/B. Kntwiala, i -TtoSBPfc-.. mf.S:or A? 4> Mr vVj + ; Win, GtottMownt-R 8. T. Oln*U, J. L. lidwell, n ^Aadbr Drnfjirtaftad SatlwigWMrally. J??-* 9 WANTS. ONE HUNDRED CARPENTERS AND LK borcra wll fird eTrip'oTment br apply in* at No. 436 Elrrmth tr^uinimotftatotT )a 15 St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A Irit e m **. CCOK. Good ?a?ea gi*?a. Call 415 E at. betwf n 8th and St h aft. ja1?-8t* \EJ ANTED?A gocd BLACKSMITH, vho bb" der?tand? Boraoahcuing. Cat", lmn.'diate'y, a? the oonwof <* and M at. Iumd. Jal?8t* VVANTED? A HOY botweon U and 14 yeario'd, ^uiub. iKuiiTti ?uu inieuigeni. n' mn"i m Able to read and write. Apply at the Star Olloe coanter. ja!5 ?t WANTED?An active WOMAN, to aasist in the store room of the Metropolitan Hotel: most be able to read and write. Applr at the store room, on C st. It A RESPECTABLE GIRL Wishee a S.taation a* nurse and to do ohamberwork; can be seen for several days at bar present place, No, 497 13th street, near F. It* \VANTKD-Br a yoonc nan. who has had four year*' experienoe in a grocer? store, a SITUATION m tome retprotable basiness wbere he nan make himself useful. Rest of reference siren. Please addroe 'J T.," Star^Ofltoe. ja l>-2t* A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A BIT ?. nation as seaT?tress, in a private family, and is willing to do other work. If required, food rslbromoe can be had from h*r 'a?t employer. Can be Men for two day?, 340 Fourth street, between F and G. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two competent WATCH MAKEftd. Apply to J. T. BLACKFORD A SON. Georgetown )al4 3t* %VANTKD?A email brick HOUSE within flr# " minutes' walk of the White House ; rent not toi exoetd ?2?o per annum. Address "P. D.." Box QAO. PftitTlffi/** 1A YVantED IMMEDIATELY*?A nioely fur*? nish'd HOUSE, lor a small family of adults, f r the rent of which amp'e security will be civen. Address H. C. S., Star Offioe. jaUSt* WANTbO?A steady and competent WOMAN " asoookandto wash, to whom food was** and a pood home will be riven. Apply at No 430 Twelfth street, ea?t side, between 6 aad H sts. j a W-3t ROARD WANTED, in.a respectable private *-? lamny where there are few ordo hoarders, by a n*ntlem?n, his wife, and two children; terma moat be moderate ar d the accommodations rood. Address (by note) WILLIAM HAMILTON. Willard*' Hotel. jal4-*t* \V7 ANTED?B? a youns man. one SEAT in ft y * pMT in the Ckurek tj tkt Epipkmy. for which a rood priee will be paid. Address "J Box No. U. ja 1?-tf \17 ANTED? A sir.de MAN who understood* *" farmint thoroughly. Call at oorner Seoond and F streets south. Islind. ja 18 ?t* GEORGE F ADAMS. C<UTLER*HIP WANTED-Any ?ntler wishlnt n to dispoae of his position will find purchaser by applyinz to C. H. C JOYS. o?rner 8th street and P?iu<vtvania avenue, Kooai 13,at 9.3,or6o'erk. Ja 13 3t* 117 ANTP.n?Rm tinfflu ri wall.fnr. * riahed PARLOK ana BHD tOOM.on one of the lettered streets, not too far from Mth at. If foond oonvrnient, would be encaged for a long time. Address Box 39 General i'oat Office. J\13 3t* A SITUATION WANTED, by a reapectabe young woman, aa nuree ana to do plain sewing or ajaiat in honaework. 492 Pennaylrania arena e Ja9 117 ANTK I)?In *. rirntr mtrtrft. m. VOIfTH hAtv?#n TT lb and 90 years of ace. Candidates mnet {! ? I mtiffaoiorr references aa to qualifications and character. The preference will be Hires to one who has been engaged in the drne hnsiness six or twelve months. Addreaa "A B C,' Washington City Post .. i i_? V/UiUVl ja 1 I 111 WANTED IMMEDIATELY. at~he U. 8. vv Nfcvy Yard, Washington, a number of LAND^MKN. de J6 Jm WANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in the market, ready to pay cash for al! article# in the hmpefurnuhing line. Those leaving the oify, or having a surplus, will do well to oaJ>. R. iJLCHLY, 42*? Seventh St., between G ana H sts., ('&st side,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Furniture. no 16 WANTED.?We are now buyinr SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVfts and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a turplus of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to give us a "All. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, le 13-tf No. 36?7th at.. I>etw. I and K sta. LOST~AND FOUND. w ncnn na ?l. n..: tv/ci-Dwwnmi m? rnieni t/iiMr ?::u tno uipr J tol,a t>*y PONY. 14 h*nde high; long tail. Tbe finder wi'l be suitab y rewarded b? leaving ft at the Go>ernmtDt south tide of tii* Capitol. It C^AME TO PREMISES OF SUBSCRIBER, J 11th street, between H and New Vork <rv avenus, a large bay HORSR, oa Motidar,^2Fl 13.h Inst. The owner is req tested tooome^0forward, prove property, pay expenses and tak? him away. It* WM. J. BERKLEY. Qrn REWARD.?Kan away from the farm cf the late George A. M. Turner, near Woodvilie, Prince 6eorge'? county, on the tfjjr 6th January instant, NE6RO MAN jpi CHARLES, who o&Us him*el( Cfeas. Iwokett, about 21 years of ace; he is very hlaok;jQL* stnutand ttronr y made. His clothing when he left was a suit of o'aret colored keisey. bat ai.d a heavy pair <>r new winter shoes. It i? believed he has attempted to make his way to Washington. We will give $25 for the apprehension of Charies if t lr Jk n in fKa A.mnts an/4 OLA If * L-.? ? "?* ?1 ? 1 mm * wu <u ?nv uvu i j v j ) au j qj j>? 41 VCkftfll UUl U1 fcliO State, in eitiier case he is to be delivered to the undersigned PHILANDKH A. BOWEN, and C. C. MAGRUDfR. ja 15-3t* A dminist'rs cf Geo A M. Turner. STOLFN.?On the nisht of the 13 h from the stable of Jarah Gannt, between >1 and fry N streets, a ha* HORSE. with large hsau / n* and neck; heavy mane: and small starint^e*^-*^ forehead; one white hisd foot; light flanks. A reward o'$i0 will be giv?n for trie recovery of the same, or the apprehension of the thief. her SARAH X 6 AN NT, mirk. ja 14-8t* l"th ftt., ret. L aad M._ Q ;r R E WA R D.?W an ?*? from the anbsoriber, on "a'nrday nuht, the 11th instant, a e\ dark grey GELDING, between 3 and 4 j2l3' Tears old, hind feet white, with of har peas. Inquire at F. H YDER'S, !i7K Seventh at, between L and M. ja IS-St* Lost-a seal SING, and a fox-head seal, attached to a rise, with oorne^lian Nt. <f5 reward will be given to whoever returns the articles to this office. de 2 tf FOB SALE AND KENT. Desirable boom* with board for families, and gentlemen, at 372 C st, oorner 4K street It* |j"vnnonriv nuuma 1U JlC.il 1, W 11" M r board; in a ?lea?ant looation, near the Capitol, Inquire at Star Office. ja 15 2t* A STORE FOR RHNT. AND GOOD VVII^L FOR SALt, nearWiilard*' Hotfl. Inquire of J ALEXANDER. No. 440 Pennsylvania *v , Washington. D C ja!5 3t* |?OR REN T? Two or three unfurnished r ROOMS, to a small genteel family. Also, a Furnu. ed Par or, very low. Also, a second-hand Wheeler k Wilson's Sewing Machine for tale. Inquire at 60S H street, between 4th and Mh. It* A FRONT BASEMENT ROOM, suitable io' an ut&oe. for rent, in a convenient locality and pleanant neighborhood, in house 411 Thirteenth street, between Q and H. luquire at the premises. j* is-y FURNISHED ROOM.-For rent a handsomely Furnished large FRONT ROOM. seeond floor; fire and gas; tuitable for a single gentleman, <>r a gentleman and wile; at SA5 F street, between Ninth and Tenth. ja 15 at* A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (ths onlj first oiaaa Hotel sow open in Alexandria Va.,) is desirous to retire from basinee*. and will sell, for a fair price, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES and GOOD Wl< L of the house. Mia lease will terminate on the 1st or January, IMS, but the property oan no doubt be leased for a rauoh longrr terra at a moderate rent. This Hotel is now doing, ana has lor many years done, a large and profitable business, rho aeaire of tfae uodersignea to retire from pablio bu<in-ss is the only inducement to eell, as he could not hop* to engage in one more profitable. For terms and partiou ars at>eW to J AS A. KNfil.lSH.?hni???. the'i*d to negotiate. or to th* andrrcTruaiT.* ?ais-tf Samm, heflesower. F'UKNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, with Hoard, at No 'JS9 6 ?tr'et, between ISth and 14th atroeta, near State and Troaaury Departraeuta. )a H 4t? ROOMS ro LET -Two ro ?nu. PAR LOR and BEDROOM, Fmuabed: within firs minute* walk of the Cut Hall. Po?t and Patent Olbosa. can be obtained by application at No. 347 Ma etreet, between H ana I. Either oan be had eparately. ja?-6f fj'URMSHED BOoMf?Two comfortably fnrat<h*d Koomi, with or without Board, at No. 346 on Fn at street eaat, north aide of the Capitol, in the rear of the Railroad Depot. Apply on tee premiaaa. ja l4-?t* LOFT to REN r. eeeond floor- *16 E street, near WUlerds'Hotei. 22 by l'Ofeet. Inquire in the atore * Jal3 LMIR RENT?With or without Board, a neatly r furnished iwxt cmfortible SITTING ROOM and a fine BED ROOM atiaohed. at No 460 Twelfth itrnt. eaat tide, between G and H aim. The location it oae or the moat pleaaant and oonvniant in Waahintton. Al?o, the rooma ara rery detirable. No ohitdran in the houae. ja lViw U ANDSOMKL.Y FURNISHKD ROOM8.Il Poar hfttdaomaiy Famished Rocma, acaptied vith iHtno v&tar,and oonvenient to the Patent and P at Offloe Deyartr,?i ta, for rent. Ayr r at ?9<H< Maaa^haeatU twm. north aide, between 4th aad Kh ata. . mat* QBOftQBTOWN A.DVEET'MTS ^ROHeBTOWM CLOCK DKTOTf J T. Br.ACKPORB ft SON ara oona'anUj raoeiwine all the new atyTaa of CLOCKS; a farce 'VfiMWBwM*waatod immediately 99 Bridge atraat, Georgetown. D. C. ja 14 It* A'' B s. *. PIKE'S I ARMY CORDIAL. c I In praw^tlng this delicious beverage to the v public, it la not our Intention to herald It w i t quack medicine, that will cure all disease* aad 1 affection* that human nature la heir to, bat that ^ it la purely a combination of moat delicious j, frulta, dlatllled under our ova peraoaal super- t lsion, hating no deleterious or injurious admix- t< tares so common with many compounds forced F upon tbe Public in the shape of Tonics, 4c. f PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one d of tbe most useful and at tbe same time healthful n beverages that has ever been offered. We take a much pleaaurs la thus presenting It, particularly c to Soldiers, who are exposed to change of weath 1 mm olii>?fai - k. .i.kl. u > W, W.WW mm toe Dsn l|Tl(OrilOr that can be found. s SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., f EMILE DrPRE, a 3?0 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. t i Cincihuati, October 39,1961. c 1 hereby certify that, la accordance with the j law regulating the tale of Alcoholic Liquor* In the 8tate of Ohio, I have inspected 8. N PIKES 1 ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from pol- s sonous impurities. I also believe It to possess high medicinal properties, of a tonic and astrln- f gent character. In testimony whereof, witness my signature t this 29th day of October, 1861. 1 DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D , 1 Chemical Inspector of Alcoholic Liquora for Hamilton county. 5. N. PIKE'S 1 i ARMY CORDIAL! 1 No Househould should be without It. 1 I I J 6 N. PIKE'8 > < ARMY CORDIAL! i The moat healthful and uaeful Tonic ectant. ' i J 1 S. N. PIKE S 1 i ARMY CORDIAL! Hit* th? drllclnm R*?mo< at h??>? 6. N. PIKE'S * ARMY CORDIAL! ; I* distilled from delicious FrulU tnd Berrles.| 1 t 1 8. N. PIKE S I ARMY CORDIAL! i i Sutlers In the Army supplied on reasonable * terms. ( < 8. N. PIKE S J ARJIY CORDIAL! 1 Every Officer and Soldier In tb? Army should * use the Invigorating Cordial. li a 8. N. PIKE'S A DVV PHDnT * r i AXilM A Wftl/XALJ I Not only Officer* and Soldiers, bat the most delicate Lady, will And this Cordla a C uaeful TONIC. 11 tl * a S. N. PIKE S * ARMY CORDIAL! S I* not a quack medicine, but the most healthful r and pleaaant Beverage In use. v ?J a.. V B S. N. PIKE'S I ARMY CORDIAL! e Better than French Brandy, Whisky, or any r o strong Liquor. r t R w ?nrn'R ARMY CORDIAL! If yon with to keep la good health and spirit*, dm this Cordial. FOR SALK AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUGGISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY 8. V. PIKE ft CO., t i IS mm* 39 YCAMORI ITRKIT, ? J CMCIHBIATf, OHIO. .%Hv ** *- " ' . k OLE AGENT i I IN i WASHINGTON, D. C., J B9ULE DVPM, ' * . IM PBNRm.U?U ATIRVB. . . . . J ??n-UM04 * SECOND EDITION. ram yww, r, . OUR MILITARY BUDGET. wTxasaTiM run tumi ainatoa [Special (ormpendtBoc of lb* Star.J PcoLflviLLBt Jaa. It ? Capt. Yooif (aid U M. Baker at Baila Bmff.) who bMbwaoMlnW f rr tor aome time oa aerlewa cbargee wae laa> reek diacharged from coatedy and diamtand from be army. H* ?l?Ballted hla rrleaae br attacking be Aaalataot Adjutant Oeaeral. Capt. Mart, i,ora vinf rnrp<?i ) n w a ? urd. Id which the California captain *M handled hia Lordship In fearfhlly iMMi?ty*e, whoa be police, la the abapc of the Piu>aat Guard, la* >rfered, and like the oth?r International t(ht at 'amborougb, the coateat was draws. Gen Stone having been abeeal la Washington or Kimf day*, the comaaand of the dlTtaton levolved upon Brigadier General Goraoaa, for aer'y Colonel of the Ft rat M' nnraota regiment a:uable and fttcleat oflcor. He was Lkont. :cmnel of tha ladtaaa rile regiaent ta Macloe, nd waa r*peclaITy distinguished for gallaat and nedtoroua conduct at Boena Viata. The health of the troop* continues goad, la plte of the oold weather. THE LATEST Br TELEGRAPH. ARRIVAL PROM EUROPE. Ntw Yobk, Jaa. 15?Tbe ataaaaahlp Arable. om Liverpool oa tbe 4tb lost , via Queaaatcwn >n tbe 8th, punrd Cape Race last al|bt Tbe Anglo Snon. Haana, and tha Glasgow, rrlrrd out on th? 3d. Tbe Arabia taa two btUerlea of artillery on Mrd. The eonfldence in peace baa gained atreng-ft tally. Tb?re waa a atrong feeling to Eagland that ?be t remit hip Europe, wbicb eras doe at tbe depart-ire f the Arabia, would bring the aointlon of t trlason and Slidell affair. A suspicions '.earner, aeen crulaln* In the E/i? I ah channel, waa believed to bo tbe privaW* lumter, but la more likely the U. 8. gunboat ruacarora. Tbe ahlp Sheppard had left Liverpool, boa ad or New Or leant Conaola have advanced to tbe qnotations current tefore the Trent affair?tljfaftt y. Tbe cotton market waa excited and j^d. higher rhe aaiea of tbe weeh are 80,800 ha tea Solas of ?.(<! . ? oc nrm I luaj , W,wv. Breada uff* dull tnd with m declining t?dewy, md slightly lower. Provisions quiet and rtrmdrNO BOAT FROM OLD POIFir. Baltimoek. Jan. 13.?The Old Point boot bu lot arrived. She is probably detained by the torm of last night, which ( suppooed to bar* >een very heavy on the Bay. Latest froas Cairo. Caimo. Jan. 14 ?The gunboats Essex. Bt Lioui*. and Tyler, made a reconnotoaaoco down lv?*r to-dav. Thev annroar hed within a mlU ind a half of Columbus, and IrndneveraJ shots nto the rebel camp. The rebels returned the Ire from three or four sum, without doing nay lamage to our boata The effect of our shells la in known There was no obstructions In the river, and no ti asked batteries on tbe shore were discovered in Heretofore It Is reported that Gen. MrClemand's column noved in tbe direction of BlnndviUn, Ky , to-day. ion Palnr'imnml forward thli mornln* from Bird'* Point. The Second Regiment of tbe Dou*.aa Brigade will arrive to-n.^t,.. The Seventh Iowa, Eighth Wisconsin and Forty-fifth Illinois nay be expected to-morrow. { ^ riaBt frsm New Mute# Kaxu* City, Mo., Jan 13?The Santa Pe nail bM arrived with dates to Decemhe- 20: b. Two thousand troops are reported to b< uvvrc tang up tbe Rio (iranae river for the purpose if stacking Fort Craig, and tbe aame number are narching up the Pecos river to attack Fort Uniea. ?Tb" troop* stationed at Fort Wiae have bees orlered to New Mexico. Fort lTnwin is well prepared to receive an ittack. but fear* are entertained that Fort Craig trill be taken, ..nd tbat tbe Texaas will advanee>a Santa Fe. Considerable excitement prevails n the latter place In ceeaeqaenoe. The War la Misaeen. Sksa.ua, Jan 14 ?Adrlcea have b-ea received bat tLe 1st Kansas regiment,wblcb was aent from icre tome dayi ai..cc, arrived at Lexington last Friday, and arrested several of tb? most promllent and active rebels of the town, captured and destroyed about 1,500 bogs, which were being tacked for the use of Gen Price's rebels, and took xisseaslon of a good deal of other valuabls propsrty About 60 rebels belonging to the regiment of Tol. Alexander, now a prisoner at St Lou la, were captured about six miles from here last Saturday. Mere Traap* frta CilKmii. New Yo*k. Jan. 11 ? Tue aua nt-r CUamp.on , vbicb arrt. rd at this port this afternoon, hat cm panics D and E of the Regular Caralrr, from California, aboard Captain Mag ruder, Lieut ..ens, and Dra Quinan nod Perlln, of the army, re also paaaengera. General Sigel at Raila?!* lateitiu at R?l|ila| 8t. Lorts, Jan. 14 - Tbere la high authority or aaying that General Sigal la atill a brigadier n tbe United Smtea service at Rolla, Mlaaoarl. nd baa no Intention of resigning. CONGRESSIONAL. XX\Tilth CONGRESS?Secesd ?eul*a. WiDXimt, January U. Skmatb ?After tbe presentation of memorials? Mr. W ilaon reported back fram the Military rwiutmtvr^ *uc WUI luvmwc VtC( IM1 iWVC W1 be War Department On motion, it wi? so amended aa alao to Increase be clerical force of the Nary Department, and, a thus amended, It waa passed Sundry unimportant btlla were introduced and sported Mr. Sherman presented the petition of Peter loo per and others, of New York, aaktug Congress ot to authorize an laaue of Irredeemable paper aoney; ref?rrtd. On motion of Mr. Lane, of Kai.^ta, the joint ^solutions to increase the efficiency ot troope erring in Kanaaa, waa uken up Mr Salisbury oppooed the feature in the bllL rhlch be alleged gave the power to command era bere to muater free negroes, negro runawava, fce. Messrs Lane, of Kanaaa and Harlan replied to ilr Salisbury, urging the propriety of arming the lave* of rebels, until the expiration of the mornng hour; when the Kanaaa con tested-senatorial cat qucvuuu v% nv lairu up. Here* ? A joint resolution to promote the Acieacy of tbe troop# serving In Kuw wu e/erred, also s bill providing for tbs establishnent of a military post at Evansvilie. lidltM Mr. Bckrr, from tbe Committee on Roadi and ;anal?, reported a resolution requesting tbe Becetary of War to report to tbe H ouse wbat a?angementa can be made to lav side tracks at eerain points along the railroad wtwwa Washington and New York, (one side track to be laid between Washington and the Relay House,) and uthoriilng tbe Secretary to InTlte pro?>os?is lor he construction of a aeparate and distinct miload between this city and New York. Mr. Corning reported, from tbe Ways and rjenuB cuuiaiuwv, m jviui WJUUWB bat Congress Impose a tax which, with tb? tariff id Imports, ahall yield do anaaal Idcoum of 1150.000,UOO During the disc nasi on upon this nbjeet, Mr. Campbell ashed Mr. Blnf ham If be wds dm wiling to deprlv* "ur enemies of the sinews ?f war, j well as to supply ?-?o to the GorerDibeBt, aad rhetber the Judiciary Coaaasltloe (of which Mr. ItDgham t? chairman) iotended to report dmires for the eoalaeotloa of all property of every tereon engaged In the retoelliea against the United Mates ! Mr. BlMkui replied, la the cowee ef his renarfca. that for the stippreesloa of the rebel lie 'ongrees should authorlzs by hw Dad the miliary execute by arms whatever to Decenary far the terpetolty and existence of the Goeernaaeal, and irged the paeaage of a tow axteDdlog freedom to very uiw In mm rfwdlwgi BUf, nutn? iMtio* to the ?U*?, to ttw CMutry tU w wr LOCAL NSWa. Imfoatamt, if Tbci ?Tb? Watligto Mrwpee?wt ol the PfalUdr>phti fcaqutm wrvto * yulerdey "Th? Ww 0?|NttB<o( to-4?? l?rf rHUw ft Atrtft tai !! ?ii 6u> Batti?A wttk Wo*bnstoo TIm work ww w meilaNly kcgdFaaA i (acm to to-night at work to Pit (to tookMwa >??/ Long Bridge, oo Ike Mth 44* Itwtll tokr boot too fey* to pot U lo raootag ?ni api rom Waoklagtoo to AinooArto, whtek will glvo <?"t ?'