15 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

15 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVEiNINW STAR. THC COCHTft> RUGS. Aim' th? boon pa? alow, w Tu night It t?? dark and Kill, And la tSa maribee far below 1 bnr tbe bnrd^d whtp-pr>or>wiU; 1 arareo oao aee a yard a^oad. My ear* are trained to e?Vh each aouad? I b?>ar tbo laavea about me *brd. And tbe spring* bubbling through the ground Alnn? the beaten pefh I pace. Where white raf^ mark mv sentry's t'Ack ; la fornlfH ?t>ruba I ?'fm to trace The foeman'? form, with bending back ; 1 thiok I m him rfiwt-hlne low? 1 stop and Hat? I stonr -uid peer, Catil the neighboring inilvckt grow To greap* of oiilit;*, far and near With retdy piece I wait and watch. VntU my eye*, /aa.lliar ^rown, jVt'et wrh harmless earthen notch* And tnrn enerillae ln?o s'one; And toea amid the lonely gloom. Beneath the tail oid cb??aut tree*, My stleot marches I resume, And think of othT times than these "Halt: Who go? there!" My challenge cry, ? It rings along the watchful line: 'Relief'" I hear a voice reply? ^ ?* Advance and give the countersign." w With bayonet at the charge 1 waitThe corporal give* the mvatic spell : "With arroa aport I charge rny mate, Then onward pass, and all la welt But In the tent that slight, awake, I aak, If Jn the fray I fall, Can I the raystle answer make When the angelic sentries call i And pray ihai Heav^i may ao ordain. Where'er I go, what fate be mine, Whether In pleaaure or In pain, I ?tlll may have the "countersign." White rags are frequently scattered alua# the tjtinel'a p<>?t of a dark night to murk bis beat ti|der Bushea v?. f urcnlio A few weeks since I visited a garden in this la.nity. and iiw several plum tre?? heavily laden wilh fruit. I was requested to examine ao-i see III oeold discover my traces or marks ef the onreuiio I did so upon frait ul (be tree* an i ripe fruit thai hdl Mien off and lay uu-jn Xho ground. I could <lUcover no marks and no larvse in the frufc I gathered up fruit from the ground and carried it home; it was all p?rfect. I thought there must have been great ia(i* taken to kill the inMoto, hut there had oaen none at all. Haying riiaed plums m"?ro r lass for twenty years in Michigan, out never without the effect* of the euro alio more or lens, and sometimes to.the entire destruction of the crop, you may judge of my aurpru* wiien informed that ajl t.'wit had been done waa to proouce sommoD elder bt*bes and tie them to the bauchei qf the trees This had been done very few d%y* frum the time the fruit wv fairly set until full gfown. This man has lived upun the place five yea? The treat were upon (fee plase?Waring trees?when be took poaae?>k> H-.? 1 * ' " " mw uik *wv jvara ne jrifi io save his fruit by i"h?kir? tbo trees and gathering up the ourculiqa upon cloths spread under them. He bad very po*r suecoaa; the fruit was alt Aung aud dropped off prematurely. lie waa in deapair the second year, when be was told by(as be a&id) "an old Frenchman" that if be Mould pat eider busbes into bia trees be would raise fruit, lie baa tried it three year? with the aame succeas?* full crop of perfect fruit.?A. (J. Hubbard, m Mt'hiifan rarmer. {*jjr>8ome pretty stories are told of the courtfhtp of Prince Albert and ^ueen V ictoria. one of which if not true is at least graceful. It is Itated that he played the part of h royal lover _C?V. _ a? ?i - - - - " - - wikii an me grace peculiar t<> bu hou*e lie neTer willingly absented himself from the Queen's society and presence, and her every wish was anticipated with the alacrity of an onfeigned attachment. At length Her M*jh?T!ng wholly made up her mind as to the issue of hi* visit, found herself in some measure embarrassed as to the fit and proper means of indicating her preference to the Prince. This waa a perplexing task, but tbe Queen aoquited berselt ot it with equal delicacy and taet. At one if tbe palace Oitlla she took ooeacion to present her bonnet to the Prince at the conclusion of a dar e. and tbe bint was am loei upon me poatc aod ga'iant German Hi* clo*e aniforsi. buttoned up to the throat, did not admit of hi* placing the Persian-like gi t *hare it wouid b?s moit Euncrcd, so be immediately draw hu p-enknifa, aad cat a jlit ia bis drees ia the neighborbowi of his heart, what* he jrraeefaily deposited the happy oro -n Wiolksom* Aovica?ih?* Sieolo e*ya 'Generally speaking. during winter, apartment* are too DU?h heated The temperatore in them ought not to exceed 13* Centigrade?59* Fahrenheit?and even in periods of great cold, scientific men declare that 12? or 14? had belter not ba exceeded. Id th? ward* of hospital*, and in 'he chambers of the lick, care is taken not to have greater heat than 15a. Clerks in uffice, aud other persons of sedentary occupations, when the rooms In whieh th??T ?i? ?? L 1 1 tw? uiuca ues'iW, are liable to cerebral ouojeotion and to pulmonary complaint*. la be<i room*, and particularly th jio of childreu, the temperature ought to be maintained rather low; it ia even prudent only rarely to make fire* in tbem, especially during the night. In addition to kt<eping op only a moderate temperature, the window* of all roome, whatever tho weather, ought to be opened for time every day, so u to renew tho b." m U B1C SIMPLIFIED Ame ATtt/u*d of Musical Education Mr ALEIANliER WOLOWSKI, PlANlzT AND COMPOSER, Honorary member of the principal FH.na-nionie poeietiee of fcorops, eto , arrived trom New York, and opeu* a course of ie?? >na L? h-? .*! ora.tAry iu*th'*l which tM 5" (lucsd the greatest MD'Kun in Korope. and lately in A uier oa, fur Mincing ud fiaa-j Forte, tsy *ir Wi owiii'i method a person having on y a e ight knowledge of muro will t>e euab'ed in a very ?r.ort time to re*d idimMc with grt?t facilitj, ami at the iirae fine asecaw Operatic mwiIh C!atsio& Munu wita * rwe per eotion an?i mak* ttieru atle t-.>nc coir parv th*r??.v0s from every ni t y a Aw atoh of harmo: * to tne Voe&i part, by bis way of v c% ,m .03, he arrives at moat extraordinary ^salts, renders the voioe powerful, a>d the iiMter ia eriatuea to *oc?iis* the moat dithouit paisnxlfegreat ftoihty, accuracy, ard fine *o?llTTor tooe. Mr. VV wi'Miegtn fciac-nrse of r-n m irimf^i" t in Wa nmcton, and all per?oni 01,<> Mfire to bocoins fiue *i.ae. * or excellent performs* o*:. apply a* hi* rearaenoe. No. 4?'J Kioventh a'M. ti?lw?in a: ?.n/l f * . .. IIUIU HI to 12 a. m., adr*. Children <Nuve U jevi i f uo are *c??BtAd. Leetarea at asminanee attended to ?w? nhpral terrqg. jag 1 w H. 1. rHANUa!l, acIXXTirir t PRACTICAL UtTiCIAN, ?? reaa'a ?t., north aula,/ '^et. Ut:i ato wz ?ia. SPECTACLES auti KVEG LASSKS, >rovid?d vita the Soeat Peaeoopia acd Pebble Leuaea. eud eaited with utmoet oare for every aga, eye sight* aad Mtaal oonUition of the visual or jan*. FIRST CLAW MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. HlerMo^ee*. Coir.pasMs, aud Mathematical laaii^uesta. at the loweat Eastern f rioea. t* _?. -rfT.TT" ? A AT REDUCED RATES. ALL Clovkj nod ?h*wla! Alt Fine Draaa God?: All Mw'iom D-mi Good*: Aim. oar ? ?%! fin* stock of *11 taa Dry Oooda R*?ai(i?aa tar (uinm. Om ?iM mdj, axwfcad la aintn Aii/m . ... ? * w?., Ver E fcranna and Nin?h ?t pDWARDC. OYER, mU rlwntra tirenn'ii* W1NRS, LIQUOR*, mnd CIGARS. *AA r* tr? Imivnii lSUi *od Hia aia. Ht? in atora 900 oaora of th? foUowmg aboto* br^ndatnaw ??rof CH^Mr/.ONKSi Jum Minm'i P-.vnia ?to?fc. >t*a ba*t Win* on m La tAia ?< ac i.-y.) * antfDry Van vary. ^raCmjioc^yoo t A O*adon'a Or mo tta*l, 400 Ctua Boofca. CilMti, SuMaia, Car*o*o Mar*sohin?, AOaynUk *wiaa Hark Bitter*. " W?U" Otab Buaa* win. Ao. fart in* O'i Phnot. Ca!stil?on A Co.. and Jaaa Robin A Co.'a Cot**?. imported la glan. rmiT-t rv*/ ug. r fr*'A *?II WeM4 swersi MioruMac of BrMdiM. Wipw, Robu, whwkiM, *0 . la wood ud cutr? iDj^xMt vftrtrt^vholMft]* ta4 rttaiL ' gseE5^ssg Baft Inula of Mztv-ffT* *#? rt*:-. lei 4 miii bm Um tf>-? uMt d*ho*t? oob s. ufflrATO-raui-aja.. % rk k1*> pM, tsd U WtiiiatVw br B. C. KiU^i , '.to-. 1 i ji % LIST or VNCLAIMED FREIGHT vovva AT RAILROAD DEPOT, And nnw in tks Govmment Wanhru**, n*m* tJu Depot. a B ei?'r, rt Reft N Y Volt, 1 bo* P PFitfcin,Qmt M R?t( Yt Von, ? box* Coi D B WiAiftioc, Stat Pnu Vols, t bo&M W A H?nir.r Bur M V tfnl. 1 k? C C Dwlfht, 75 h Rf<t N Y Vole, t tarre? Rer E B H*?ei. 14th Regt N Y Vols, 1 to* Lieut V V Van P*tten, 3d Heft, 3 bcxee 'Char Dunotn, Berdnn'a & 8.1 box Co'. MaL Mnr^hr.1 btx 7Mi Kfgt N Y ? V. % touxes Maj T M D? Zeuz. lat Re*t LI V,1 box Company K, 35th N Y Yo'e, 1 box Col II H Vinroe.o! N Y Vole, 1 box J W ManUl b?, 12tit N V Voia, I box Cot 8 ? Black, 1 box Col G W B Trmpkina, 1 box Miaa D L Dix, 2 box >e LtC-'i Burtia,6U tf.*tt?x Brij.l to* Col. berde.-'a Sfcap-hoolera, 1 box Companv F, 5th Conn R?tt. 1 bo* C?d. M ft Thrnoo. 57th N V V H. 1 ;?ir M btooham.?IN YV ?!,1 bos Lt Col J A Suiter, 34th N Y VJ, 1 bg* , Si Maine Rett, 1 box Lt Col Mvib, lS'.h N Y Vol, 1 box: Lt Rueeeli, Q Mr l*U? N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Col fccn*thot, i box Cd W H H Dwie.Comd Llfht Battery. 8 boxe? Sick ? Battery,30 hoxea Conipiny A, a.: Rett NY8M.I tor Lt Ccl (3 T Thomas, 22J Rett, 1 box Cape Yeatee, ?21 Kegt, 1 barrel aid 2 boxes J H Cuahmaji, Q M Mt? Vt, 1 box I K P> ootor, UM3d Vt,l box 1 O U Bramaru, Q -M 5Ui Vt, 3 boxes t %*r - -i-- r* a* I?*l if? . ? j >? v arisi >.i .n om ? t, i 1K>I Feim Re??rve Umaie, Gen MoCail. 19 boxea Da Knlb Kegt, 1 tox C a* t J H Jenkins, 17th R?*t, 1 Vox W Fl*tcuer,2J .Maine Rsgt, 1 box I H HenneaxPy. 2d Vt Vela, 1 b< x 1 2d Ra*t M V ? >1, 2 boxea 1 A T Severance, 6th Maine, 2 box;* Col MuCunn, 87th N Y Vola, 1 box | B Atkmwn,23J Rest, 1 box R L Bitchelder, Ijm N H, 1 \>%t . P Rubl-??, tfti R?gt. lhox C^p fc D Bryant,Si M.aii, 1 box j Co A atd H,6tti Maine, 1 box , Capt f? W L.umD'rt, fcth Mj3l>, 1 bo* (Jen McCom^.I hex W H Covert, 12th N Y 8 V, 1 bo* W Merrill, 3d N Jemey, 1 box R !? White, W Vermont, 1 box L W Price. M M bt/i Maine, 1 box L H Snydeni, S3J B eft, 1 box Pidnej Tiliey, 2d V^, 1 box Qr Mr Foote,SJN Y8V,t box** Cftpt Reynold*, 4lh N J, I box 6th Mu* Militifc. 3 hoxos M nfliith.Sth N J,! tox A braui,29tn N Y, 1 bcx Miu Poweli, Gov't iJoapit&i, 1 box i HAD VVinoh Hth N\8V,1 to* M H Rice, '8th N Y S V, I box \ J M Lowii, Htewart'i En*r K^et. 1 box O F Watts Si N Y Vols, 1 box ' H Bonnet, Ca t K'tt.1 box Rov S Wile< n 86th Penai Rett, 1 box tt H tin licit. Fire Zouaves, box I Cft?t J R Wh,te,8S?ta P V.l bo* ] C F Nich?T8or,2J Mnin#, 1 box , U Drapor, UUi N Y V, 1 box. 1 D. II RUCKER, ja lo lw (Ju&rtenraster, Ac. 1 SUTLERS AND RESTAURANTS. ] 10) b&eketa very auperior CHAMPAGNE WINE. 1 for Bale oiuip br 1 WM. CORW1N BURGV. t No. 357 Pennay .vania avenue, < ja7 entrance on Sixth at. , I'iilS IS TO GIVK NOTICE. That the ?ub- ? ?. scniier hath obtamfU lrum the Orphaca' n??.? . -?* * " w?i?i ?*vanty, in inn metric t ol Columbia, :ett?rsofa.'niiDi>t aticn on the pnraonai ' eatata cf b?? rs? V. brush, tat* of Waatnn*ton ' C<uni?, deceased- All t?v?ona Ka*ict claims \ tne na.d .Vetia.se.i are hereby warned to i ext. ihit t.'ie ia?.e, wnh th? vvuob'ra thereof, to the aabaoribar, on or before the fourth day ol Jan?ary ue-U ; tb?r mxy otherwiae by a* t-e excluded frosi a!! benefit <>f th? a*id eatate. Given under my hand thia fourth day of Jano arr, 18fi2. O. W. ANBEI.U j?Rlr.w3v Adininiatrator. Military BooIh (tti 91V AT IV H O L b SALE, fll , We hare aov in st:r*? ' )ft e*aes Stitcae^ Knamel Let BooUk *> " brain 2i 1Mb " 44 ( ? > " - Quilted But. I.. L. H , ?' " * Cavairv 3? ibofc " 1 i5?> ** ** heavy drvaU aol? leaie ir.ob " to - Caif ** " 16 tuoh " A lac., a va irty of Caif au<i Kip Boota, B - ya' and ] ?'oBtbf Hoot a, and I adiea* Jlaiinorala. J J. Tt WHlTKlfOU0B, mo. 16 Market da 28-ln: * Penn. at.. between 8th and 9th tta. g E W A N D J0 E .At' T 1 F U L! J ?eo NINTH STREET. 1 aa?e Ju?t received Irora New Yoik a very * oho'oe teieotiou <ii ih? *ood?. Tti? ftt- r twAtioD of thuas in want?ouoi!ea. PAPERHANtf 2.N69 I Vok ia.-.Drs. M?r1 Kaouia. Veetlbuies, DiiCf Rooou, and Ceiling*. GumI Baud t and other etylea of WLNDOW SHADES. J' &jtda Liuet and Tnmntir <v, . I Picture Loops, T?<?se!? an* Oorda, Shade ?'ordt and TmkIi. r MATTRESSES ANV CUSHIONS Of all desor ptions, made to order. trUOLSTUY Won AHO Pa P?B H*!<<.!!??, I la a.; iU va-ious style*. eseooteJ promptly, at tie I r^i AMi if n h . mv nrv mm a i ' K?J <4 STORK i*HAULS Ma:eand Let.orad. T?rin? om(l _ aVgl sa?3w L. J HOTHRQCK 'I* THK WHITE HOUS'E 1 I HE Well-kcswn Wbita Hou?e> Raatanrant, on Huh street, t.ea, cal?I. -p iwta I > . A J lowi., hu b??n i nwi pa> *' ? can YjrTWty . cow t>e aouoraio?-l*t->d with omforiab e JiiyHLA , cr we rooms. iii:r.c. Fi?h, (?y>.ler?, and tlu Dr?t Wines, i.squo.B and S*ear*. aiwa?? on h*nd. I Famil.ea furmi^ad wjtliOj.t? a.as usual. 1 ? >- T, * bnruL'B -*? r?< a%1/ILilli ft I WFIIPWr t1 WA'JTHKA fi V*OLD AND Sli.VrK KNGLI8H. bWI8B # AND AMERICAN. n I have no* on hand a *'** ?t(>ck of a'l the moit 00.4I'rated Wa'ohes, that 1 am selling at the very ;o?m pnc?3 fhat <<>0(1 and reliable time keepers can IP e9<>nled at; and eveiy dstoription office t JEWKLH i <>n hand; all new sty tea received as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest f rates, Silver ?%re nuaitiEaotnred in ray own shop, f All kinds of MlT.ITA* YOOOD8 on band.euoh aa Revolvers, Hwortte, Beaties, Belts, Bowie t Knives, docket Compwjes, Ao., Ae, Also strong r Army Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other ii tilings useful to4 ornaineutal at 33* Pennsylvania ( avenue. noSH if fi. A. HOOD. a / 'KNTLEMKN'SLINKN COLLARS,LINEN " w COLLaKS, l.HKN COLLAES!-About7<? a dossa now in (tore, a!! styles, at about half t-.? usual price for the came goods?ail of our own manufacture. At THOMPSON'**, ( At E. A. Lake k Co.'s Marble Hall llaiaar. de 20 tinder Brown's Hotel. \y u. strong. ( trunks, harmn"military goods, 333 pksjuti vasia avm'k. 1 Soutu ?ute, b'.twu* Yitk andl&k itTMit. ICP Trunks, Harness aud Military Equipments p repaired at shortest n"t'oe. de 30 lm* I WATCHES?WATCHES' I 1 HER EMV Take pleasure is infnrmifi{ the publio of my return to my oM stand at W. Vo?s\ J?\ s Ba. avenue, between ttth and 13th streets ?it avian enjoyed tie reputation of tM' ng an ex <fcJu3E u pericnoed Kartryean Watchmaker. ! flm now p.-?pared to repair Ofcronom-iers and fine Watohes at suort uoitoe. warranted to give en'ire satisfao ion. ~ JOS. KULI.NSK1 * Persons desirous of obtaimag Jowelry and * WtiAku ?II ?? ...?...? w?? II tu moir MTtDIMe til fUlll- ' i'.e my eaoeilent *u>ct Ail kind* oi Hair Jewelry aeatiy &ud promptly executed. n deSlSw W. VO88. p UHAWL8 AND CLOAKS?Many atyliah cod . C5 otaor et*D4aru style* at ,r.r*ei? and r*oeatf c unodh price*. PERRY A BKO . J' > St Penn aveuga and Ninth at PRIMERS FOR .NEEDLE GUN*-J. H. ? KL.rIN.ft Third avenu*, New \ ork City, original patent** of U>e Pnasian N*<h11* Gun. ] off*?* hi* lUMt improvement in Primer* or Fa*** % for the tarn*. H* will inarant** that c?t on- of f hia primer* Will Miaa fir*, ill* N**dl* Gm i* fl worth!?* Without thru. j%9 St* a ?HEESK! _____ CHEESE!! A,i c. b?iot-r&g t co _ 483 D at., facing Pa. avenn*. b no 26 tf Pniiharroonio Buildini. p ftUfUJPB. BUGAR COATED FR- 5 hall Kt.UULATl.N6 P1LLB A * ilsku tii* fohovinc aiwol iottMl noomi ""* ownot obumwI K>w highly" ^r** J "Th?r vt Ute bMt btmajt pjlU extant." **( h?*? uMd thmi with ounplM* oomm.'* r "Would not t? ?ttNMW apontny oocaiJ*/- I "They ofr?l? odlly utd ? Prioe ! b*ct 6? agtfi t*ojb? ft. C. UPMaM, c J 1 0 CbMBUt alrMt, Ph!.*del?ht?,*ad IB W??Slc4toc by 3.C. Fy HL1, oofMr Uui atrMt tod PV _ ??ecn? i T f < I |TMT A i.ii'i Ot- ifl.T \'*m 1 i 1 PRIVATE PRZVATS P R I V A T H DR. LA BOMTA Carea all Venerial Diaaaaaa panaanantly ud laictly. vitaouttha tNof diaguatiof or yolaon?ua draft of ut kind. No dieting or iata<faraoos with buaiaaaa. Consultations fr*e. It is sajrinc aooagh >n it* fivTor, vhaa I Bay :hat m> praotioa ia that which ia in uas in all tfea Maw York citj ho*aitala. .Naw York City Collage and HoapiUl Taatimoci&ia fnrniah?*i._ MdiH vt'li White* and Dia?aa?? ol the Womb snrpj and saved & conauicpUve'a frar? by my treatment. There la rotiimg cjrmsiv* or dttmtrttablt in any part of the treatment. All core* warraiit*d, or money refused. Comniunio&tionaln writioE, with return atM&p, promptly attended to. Medioiaea for t avrlera and othera p&sked, with fall inair notions for uae. and warrant?". ortoe-RooT No. 5 Wa? infto* Bniidiai, Pmo. wmm 4nJ Seventh at., Waahi&gton. D. C. /^v SOMETHING NEW Dlscor"T At ?8l C itrtit, orpotitt wB9jr ~ tktTk***r. ? OYSTERSSTEAMED Lb theflhei) and Thornagkfr Cooked (far nperiwr to a roaet) in r?o minuter, tk* fatttit urn on rteori. Ca'l and ???. The nnderaigced reapeotfuily mlorma hia friend* I In tbe District, and viaitora to the oity, that he haa ; refitfe . h;? n:.n Und wtn->?n?? in a tuoat thoronth manner, and ha? made oom- : p.eta arranfema. U t?; far&iah OY8TKR8 in tg? atyleand in any quantity 400to S0? ta ionaahueked : **5 yi .? to S.?? o&n* oi 5*p?oe<i and Kreab ?u up^ily^n.herraeucal'y a-alo*. Kurntahed in the ahei, by the kmM or barrel, Peraona wiahin* to have Oyatara formatted re*o,the winter, at Baltimore arioea, without fear of failure, ahoald oall and make arracceirient* ftt onae. Freight, time, and money aaved by porohaaiPK of me, aa I faroiah an artiola ea<ia| to the oeiebrared Baltimore eetabJiahnMr.U. at pnoea juataa low. Ci"?< ^wittva, imitaiuci, no r^i, i ripe, A0S 3to..Ao. A so, Piokios, Cstsup, Sauoes. Bread/ pAftohos, fco. Also, 6aineand Fresh Fish. Tnrt!o?, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, fco. In fact. every thing fur sale id the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge t any part of the Dutriol. in season, t' the money is sent with the ordT. My e*t?kr?>ishmert is open from A a. rn. to 13 at iiicht. every uay. except Sunday, when 1 close at Wto'elock a. in. Jat tl T M. HARVKY. LWW. CORWIN BLRiiY. ATE With the olii and well known house of WM. S. ' OK WIN * CO., Nkw Yomi, Dtaltr i* ckoie$Jlr(in4ie$, Wtnrt Qitnr*, _te.j amd jmp rier or Teas am ( tin*st tone* lioodi, No 357 PEJiNAYLVOUA. AVK.WI, (Knt'fcjoe fr'ixth Streei,; Waikintion. D. C. The atteutson of oo&noisrenra in<' the pablle gen- j "T?l,y .g invited to my pt?"k -fitce Brandies, Winea J Ci8% *.Teas, Ao . o tnpminc Mer.neaaey Otard j md sajer t>-atdi?a, Widow Olio<ja"t. Moct & ChandoQ, iMum'i, Heidaick & Co , nod AMOciates vet* ut;. Cha't;p\gn*a; Permartiua,Araunt;i*Jo vad Yriarte She'rieF; Wanderer, Rei-erre &ed South JSid? Mveiiae; H rm<>ny and Bnrmsrster P<?ta; tire ce.^brat^d "WSO" <'l?b Hon* fiin; Irieh Koo ?h, Bourbon aid Mono gahsia Whune.: Jamaica a-d St. Croix Kami; Cabar.a, Kifvo LaKosadatfan ta?o. a li*paio a an? v*rtnua branda of C tao and very fine Young Hyson, H yioq. Imperial and English Breakfast Tea* in oatty 3ox?p imported by myself expres?ly for family use, jue 13 lm SMITH * BROTHER'S | DAT t "? ^ ? a* * ? ?? ? 1 r a u i'i K Tj A M ALE, SUr^RIOR AMBER Ar H, PORTER, amd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT, i The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN 1LES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARjKY MALT and HOPS, and h:{h!y e* teemed by taoae who have aaed them. Purohuera are relocated to rail and examine oar auperior atoolc, laanred that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST krtiolee. i We have at all timea a large atock revly for deivery. in wa^le, half and-Hcarter oaaka, mutable br the TRADE, HOTELS, and FMHILY USE. rhioh we offer on tae MOST FAVORABLE iiiKiua, I KM 1TH * KROTHKK, Brewer*. No. i..? & 1?0 \V*et mil at. New York City. Order* by Mai or Kxpre** promptly exaoutet!. Ce ?-?tn A BALMORAL SKIRTS. I fx NEW acd choioe assortment of *e'ee* oc'ora ki (1 pattern*. m?ny ttylea, not fonnd elaewhere. In addition a Sue and airpie atock of a'l kmdt of 'oreign and Domestio Dry Good* in all the departnenta of family want*. An in paction of *t->?k mcura no obligation to inrehaae. One pnoeonly.maxked in p;ain figure*; henoe, ko puroliAMr k* deceived. PERRY * BRO, _Ja_7 6t Penn. avnn<? *nd Ninth at. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORK, | lid Pi?hiti vmii B*ti*ren 19tA ind fuh sit The nn?ier*i(ned, h&Tiru looated himself m take* thib method onnforrnici ttie citixeaa ' >f the First Ward that he has opened a first-o.ass 'rovision Store, oonrtuoted similar to those for rhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here oao be Jnun'1 at ail times a targe and fresh npply ?r POULTRY, GAME. . KEF. MOT- . TO*, Ao. FRUITS and VfetoKtAHLESu! sea- ! OQ, ' Particular attention Is called to his stock and noes of HITT TER, CHEESE. Ac. Philadelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Beiuf determined to five me strictest attention o the wants of his customers, ami to keep, every rtinle in ni? Una nf tK* K*?? -? - ? ? * *MV ^ HHillf ? BUU icLI tkb mc r>v?*t market prioea, be hopoa to rrent & *t&r? of tublio patronage. Famine? will be waited upon rfailf for ordera, If e*mred? do 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. I fATAWBA GRAPKS! ? U CATAWBA 6RAPE8!: Freeh Catawt>a Grappa in excellent order aad leiicioua iu f aror. Tr? them. t KING A BLRCHELL, de 11 corner 16th at. and Vermont a* EJOH PRINTING, VERY Deacription of JOB PRINTING reW_ t * - ?- * " anou ut an; imwit?o.Uiens, 01TU functionaries. .ririT &nc r:?vj oittoers, sutlers, to.?eieouteu at btfl'AK OFFICE. in aatisfactorr style, at low ar?? fur ** l?t>T GRADES HOOP SKIRTS Opened Uiia L> da7. Alan, f>ur usual fall stock of all k'od? of select )rj Goods for the general aud spooia'wauta uf . miihes and bou&ekeepera one price or)y. marked m plain fijurea ; hence, o purouwer la over cu*j*9d. PERRY A BRO.. ia7 at Pwnn. avenue and Ninth st. rUE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their patrons aud the pubiio cor era! It of be-. s? , lie amp! j surpii^d with a aupurior at^ok oi^flB 1 ALL and WINTER GOODS. WK j The* also reapeo'iul'y invite attention of J* heir Army and Navy customers, and those"-^ e^nirmt outfits in that line, to their rnperior anal- < uee of Svords, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps B-lts, /hapeaus, HaU, Caps SAshea, and Gofd Laees, Mu>aauii} vu uauu, wmcn t,*c TArnuilM u repro er.ted, i

Wh;i?t tendrrinr thanks for the liberal patronage njoyed, they will eudeavor to merit aoontinuauoe, F. J. HKIBKKGER A CO, (Suooeasors to H. F. Loudon A Co .l CITIZEN, MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 362 Pennsylvania Avenue. | oc 16 ea9m _______________ ' \NE NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKERING J PIANO for $75. One 7 cetate four round oorner HalltiMHl t Dav.s Piano for 3 200. Ill \ II | For sale upou easy terms at the Mosio Htore of \V. G. METZEROTT lole Ageno* for bteinway ana ben's and Raven. Baoon A Co.'s Pianos. oe 18 ^Att?K^.rCO L 4^OVQ g We have just reoei ved a s??ply of the above Ate, rhio*t we recommend to be or a very eupwricr *na4ty. Persons wishing to purchase. t>v mating ua- | aediate appueaUon. oaa be famished. iUMv u aaiiuu 1 m ? hjiunili POT ftwitow. JOL.DIKRS NEKDING DRY GOODS for the J "folk# at borne" are aoiioited to ?sep?ot oar ut etook, now complete in all department*. One prioqonly, the aotaal ouh etandard raJue, narked in plain figoree. An examination of atoek inonra no obligation to nrohaae. All faroels carefully eaoked, for expreaa or other onveyaioe, free of charge PERRY k. BRO.. Penn. aveoa* aod Ninth at. d? 14-yt Perry Baildtpg." kV o TRUNKS. - ouici iut mo mo IWTMt Mlllllwnl TRAVELING TRUNKS to ke found id ? mum, hla city, eom^iiBin* beet dole LwUitrMjl ?eaiee' Dreea and Paekmc Trenke, Vt[ms, Carpet Bar*, *o., which we arc now mUmc i vary low ?nee?, ROUGHS, COLD^HO^HSKNKBS, to. ^COMPOIWD 8YHUP OP Q UM ARABIC, Thi? fleeeant and popular Coutn Remedy hM Mo BO long known and ext*naiYely need tbatmoat eraons bar* become fau> liar with iu extraordtary efficacy. It oan be had at all the ?naci* 1 rag etoreje^at St and m ottli a bottle. de 11-lm (Re> > T onilOil-iy?Hfln_pniioe< I Jsb MGORK"* fariTLT?R oK>,'m*<:? * la, ufe ud (S?ota?l oure f r Cuiiu, Bro?til til. ? *** ^RnwafeaSS'iSWO J>1<W 113 r?iw K)^ 1"*"? ;' ? tuitm i *1 . * ewliSweTj; 9 v DENTISTRY* ] OR. (HARLEI R. BOTKLER, NO. U? PENNSYLVANIA a VENDS, Brrvrrw 9tb uo IOtv Bt?. of _ HDRJ.L61VBOM) AVING Removal from No. S8S Now York ftveuua, to No. 372 Kb itmt. ft few doorafrofl ' New \ ork fT? ?. r*now> tho offer of itrofM m>i<m, ?iTinjiw ana BiriioM > to to* oit iena of W&ebtntton. He mar be found at hi* oflioaatall houia,when not profeaaiou ly encased. fc*peoiaI attention will be paid to female dimm tie U t*r2w~ ? J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHB0PLAST1 BOX* TEETH, 1 Without Plat* o* Clasps. DR. 8. B erSERMOND. . , . #10 BroaAMti, jVrw York? Q60 Penmsylvmmim A* ?*?, b*t%*u? ISt0fc?hi 13(4 <11, irexkMMtoM, Calla the attention of I be public to tbe following dT&ct&cea of hia improved vatem : l. The Teeth of hia iranvlecture wilmKS neror coroda tior chanra ooior b? aeida, being three fourths ligbfer than an; other. t. No teeth or roota need be extracted, aa tba artificial ooaa can be inserted over them. The roota will be made woffecaiye, as carer o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent onei can be made immediatej, thereby praeercsg the aatura. expression of the face. which ander the old ay stem la frequently disfigured. I. Thia work baa been rpuy tested orer five years by man; of the first ofcuciau and paraioiana of thia ocrontrr. Dr. has a'ao Invented a white andestraotiTe metal fi'ung, with whie? the most sensitive teeth oan be ailed without pain, and oan baf Id np a per feot, sonnd tooth on any aide roots, whioh wL' ?aat through lifetime. The beet of references riven? to Dr. V. Mett; Dr. Dorema*. Professor orChernistry, N. Y.; Hon. Jndge Wayne, of tli? 8u?ren.e Court of Washington, and Uioasar.da of others Ca*t and exair, iue for you< ?elf. bo ita GAS FITTING, kc. AW M V. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoata any ardent wltt Wtnob the? rc?,? be favored in the PLUMBING, CAS OR STEAM FITTINU BUSINESS. TZT Store an ?th atreet, a few doora north of Pa. averae, where may bo foana a ooneleto aaaortraeat of CHANDELIER8 and etber UAB, STEAM and WATER FUTURES. tafT-It WU AS PIXTIRE81 E Bit* in atore, and ara cai j reoeivtnj, fifl 91XTVREi>of feutiroiy New Pattern!and Deaigna auo Fisiah. anterior ia atrie to anythin? horetoiora effei <d in this market. We invite citlaeaa aeneral It to ee.il and examine our a took of Gaa ana Wator Fix tree, feeling confident Uiat we nave the teat ?eie?tod stock in Waahicrtoc All Work ia the ahove Tine tn treated to ear eara Will be prvisytly attended to, MVElRii M^aniM EUrl-tf " " IrVDrtrW INDIA RUBBER GOODS. 1 OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A large \ aUek Ju?t reoeiosd. _ . JOHN B PCDNFY, , 394 Pa at., ( baok room) or 3i& D it. I Wont. r<ps COMFiiRTKKii, QL,OVE^ ( GAUNTLETS. SH RTH, J?RAvVERH, Ac., froth cood?. *t J< HN B PI DNEYTS 336 ' D a.reet, berw 9 h a- d M1>. Buffalo a woi f robkb, lap rorf.s. ? MUR5K Bl 'NKETji.ind CAMP BF.D"*, J ju t r> o*~iv?<1 at JOH \ B PL'DNKV '8 3*4 Pa. 1 av. (b%ck room) or 352 O a?ree% bet 9th ana 10.h. , gt'TLER^!?fntlere *oo will always find cbe^p ] C5 and depimble gooda at the fur'.er a f up? y D'*ggt of JOHN B PI TNEY. 343 1> ai.. between ?IU 1UU 1UII1 BLANKETS, BLANKETS.?Large atock, by < the ba.e or pair. JOHN B PUDNEY, de 20 335 Djtreet, between 9th and 10th. J ^ENERAL ORDER. Navt Dktaktmk.nt, Deoember *?, 1161, The Navy i'lrAitxm fta? a rendeivnaa for ahippint men at eaoh ?t the following place*; PorUmoath. N*w Hampshire Hoetoiacd New Bedford. Masaashaaetta. New York Piiiisdw ohia and Erie. Pennaylvania. I Baltimore, Maryland; an > Washington, District of Colombia. heamen, o'dicary teamen and landsmen who oan paai t e ua^ai surgeon a examiu*uon. by preaentine themselv-s a. the rendu vo n nearett their residence, witnan oflioial oe.tifio.ate from theoity ' or town clerk sigr.ifjic* that they are re?identa J ar>1 have f-xprenaed a desire to leave to enter the ' naw, will >> received on the following inm ltt. \u allowanoe o! three oolU a nulefor travelline expeoces. 2 J. AnidvisM of tire* mor.ths to aeamen and ordinarr *?a?en. and of two m^nthe to lardamen. ?i. Peru..>.?:on to leavean ailntreentof hal'-pay to their famillea. to c?.mmenoe t?e da!* of thetr enliat^ent . _ ??h To rn on board 42np in their ordinary clothe*, where an outfit Will be furniahed and charged aa per liat, being the preaeit prioea, vis: One pea jacket?? ? ...?11 00 One pair b ue oioth 'rowwra 9*9 One blue flannel overahirt. 190 Two nndtr flannel ahirta tSJ Two patre woollen drawa >19 <?n ' matt e-a... 4 90 T?? blank eta. ?. ? 990 Ou? earn!'*** cap ...?? 100 One black Bilk Uaiivikarehief ? ... 1 00 931 27 The pay of petty oftoera average* #? to $U par mo- th The pit of seamen $18 per month. Do. ortiiuary aeamen.... 14 do. Do. land amen. - 13 do. And food fonnd. No ia>:dfman wii! be allowed to take the benefit of thie regulation vho haa not been lour mo^tba at eea or on Uie lalea or river*. GIDEON WELLEB, de M-eoCt t*joretary of the Nary. pREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY < WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. ?aoo,oo?. QgU* ?*rv*r C ttrut *nd ImitiM ae^ ever ?mnk tf Wm<i\*fion. INSVRE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOBS BY F1RK. Dulbcyom. fMSS1.?: SnSttfia. Richard Jor.ee, John D. Barclfc*. Jacob G'deon, Andrew Both well, I boa. Parker. Ri?hard Barrj. . -B, Fri-r.oh, Dr. O. W. Da via. j No onarje for Po'io.ac.. JAM KB ADA MB. Freesdwit. 1 Alii. 9. PavT?,S*crrtary. an 9-eoto ' NOTICE. \ Sahmw m1 &aem . " ADAMS' K1PRE8S ??MPAfiT " ^ Ttii? Company offer* to tne ?abtle** L'ne^ua.isa I Advautagee" f?r tie Safesia Quiok loapatcb of ileavy Freigbta Puuin, VaJneblee, Mosey, Ao. . Ac., to all porta of theUnited 1 Expreaean to ami fro?p the No-U aad W eat do- 1 part from and am ve iu Waahi^aloE tw;oe daily, c All Exjpre??ea arc tn q'ua.(* of +z?rt iMHtd and , r$hobit Meaaenrera. Alt Package* for Tbo ffoidlera cameo at **ons 1 halt" our tuaat &(?*. All Good* fur the ao-oalled "Confederate Btate*" and al! ArUolea " Contraband of War" will be RcroKKD. On-- Kxpreaaea leave New York at t.Aand * P. M .^arriving in Washington at 6A. M, and ^Kxpreaaea leave Philadelphiaat ftJO A. M and 111'. M? arriving in Waatungton at K> P. M, aad i A.M. Rxpiesaea leave Baltimore at ISO A.M. and! P. M.. arriving in WaaLmgton at I AM. aad **> _ Kxariaaea for all aoiPta North ud West leave I Waabinfton at 7J0 A. M. and tJO P. M. dai&. j ftpeoial Contraota for large auantibaa of Freight oan bn made on aapliaatioe to tkia * ifltoe. Ali Sooda Ml fd for and delivered Jrm of kxtra obargee. K. W. PARSONB, ( Waabington, Angvata. 1W1. aa B-tf WfkSrtraSnt <$6 MI^1TA ? t a''V.8,RCA?l'p BLANKlSfft HALP-Hwl^4?.t ' loh we invito *1] oud pnroheeerv to Utaitl before rn&kmg their ?e.fc'.ion? WALL. 8TEFHENS * CO.. *#? P?. ?t? between 9th wed 1Mb at*. aB (Intelhteeeer and Romb'me?.) T HK Bnbeertbef'harftg'mS* eddtttoeete hu frrc "sryai ewot^WII^SW VifKsKSS I peued, end from hi* lose exeeneoee is tbe beat'W&tt-S SWStu tw ' *Al) REPAIRS aeeWy dene, tad all erden ? SB? < t] 1(9 it ooruvf oi ponnwwib ? W**-LkiiV3SS.i?V?? 1 AND RKADY-MADK CLOTHIERS, , ^DJS5S^(JfiWrS^SR,8?N?L?- ] Boots mo BHOKe vo ??it tu j ? vVI|f? B?^ msxtteetmrlM all ttrsOm ?f BOOTC ! >WmJ h IV.. ??It -tJL. I 'toll mwUuA^* T<nMiSt?*i a 'JtVl M liWillBMtUti., i'u ' Dikyiatik LOOEItirifll, J? <? ? 144 #T3, FOB. ALL D18*A?E80F IMP* VDSltOft. t Mi vn Bi ? ? ?? ~ - ? ? ?J*4 4^ v rAX-1** 1/OLJtJl r f KM* BUT ATFLyIMMRUU1BLY. I 9WKE WARBJLXttD. OJt JCO CIUM.9M, in MOM OHM TO TWO DATB. ffNbn rf M ltd, (UMHii, IfiwtiBi ft * BMitn ?ii4 thMir awwiii; lHwmh?, hfiUMT, Cm>r*i Of tatty, ?W ? IH. I iy, C?Mm rr>?b!u?*. rw-4rflfrffafr Di4?m^ Dmw w i* l*U, Thr?M, * * Lm, hw xi w t?WM -th? ttmM Plwlm fMuM *??tn Twk-U<M DTMATM M4 DiwHWUT. rooa MXN h^iili?jrt? * Mknf ? . M ?nu!*sl? pt" ikMtWl ?T Twr| Msa ?f tk* MM lulud ttisacs s*4 kriilwat Inutlssv vto atftl I iKJUHd hniiif l<uui wMk Iks MiIiii ?r sk*. iiwm ?r nk*4 v? NiMf tk? U?M tyr*, Mf Ml vHk Wi? wcMiiUv MAHRIAOM. muiiiib fnini, ? Thb( Mm iMinfliiM Mw* iV"V,"" wpitt IsMltty, twiii* ?4? Dt J.My itfatwily tMMi is bis Iwssr ss s rautau ss4 nillisls rsty span his skill ss s fbftitits. OFFICE If*. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK IT. ftk?Un4s|?s(frm Butimars m s h* S??w fr?s | Iks sarsis ful mmtwns ?i n< i?>n. Umh mm ks piM mi im?u swwp, DA JOHItaTOir, NoUi?r tksJUf^ CMlsfaaT Bmjiisi, Uste, |nl? KB II i wnm m taa am I?in CMItfM k ika V*Ma4 hiui, u4 i*? riMMi >wt af rtm hit ku b*M tyaat k ka af UtitbTuit, nua4alpkaa a*4 ilHfMtt, IU iflHU Mdl 9t m MM U<Mllkll( |WH it*! ?IN ??tr knnwai ntat trwfcla* tM naftor (a lb* Lta4 ac>4 ten vUt uli?m fTMl Hrmum, \<iu iltmii *t Mm ta?4a. batifclatta wteb fra^aaoi mmM amiuaH anik ?HM(?I af Ma4, vara aart4 taM bat?Lr. k nrt PARTICULAR JTOTICg Ytaaf llit aM atftara wka ktta lr.)ar*4 tkanaalvaa k; t tanate praatiaa tad?lfa4 te vfcaa aiaMMkahit fraaaaatf* Itmai from t?U eorapaaiaoa, m at flM. Ik* *v?Ma af ahica in aipfeily fa It araa vkac ula^^l if aat eara4. raaitra ounui Imf?iMa. ul linw;? Mk ata4 tadv, abaald apply uruadiaialr. TV taa art aaaa af tfc* tad tai atlulM) affaau mWmi< tarty kabita af ?oas>. fill Waaknaaa af ika Back aai Umaa, Paiaa w tka Hat *, Diaatta af kfkl, baaa af kataaai i M u>< bmhi inm* ulny, Dirtifiaiit ?f iba Di|nc.<i Fucuwi, Saeirai Dibility, Symptom, of CwitDVlin, U muTiLit.-T*i fwrtil i(k? ?. tka Mad in Back la it draadid?Lou af Mimry, Uoataa af Uw, Dinnmi f Ipnu, Cnl Forabadu>ra, Atirm, of aociaty, 4atf-Dtamt, Lot, af fcxr.adi, Timidity, iu^ui mm af Ua mil Tt?V?oc? PBIilitt -rbmuditM orw frdfi ^fctt >? hi cimi of Uiir di'.lisuif ( 1th, Ma* Ifcair >Mia Lf iiU, pc,?, ntr?o*i ud imuuu}, b?lt( a M*|iiU L|<pim>ci a bow Ui a?n, aaaft ar Wii af f?r DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whin til miafaidid tod tapradiM nuryifpiiufN bit ii ku labiM j>i nidi af tko ptufU itiiui, k (m aflaa uppaai that u m-unid mim a?Uim a 4im4 af fciimiy linn Ma fiaa applying la thooa vfca, baa adacaiiaa aad raapicubtluj. tu aloai bifreod Ma. Ba talk u>ia Iki ludi of ifuonn- Ukd daitfrtof prtuadm, rtt, tacapaMi if tannf, ftltb Ma fMis'.uy labauw. kill Ma tnlla| aaoth aftir maatfc, ar u la? u tea aaallaat Taa ui ba abajoad, ood is daapair lai-a lua arttfc taiaad baaltfe ta aur* >?ar au nllitif dmppai.maoi; ar by ibi aaa af that daadla maar?Mircary huuu u>a canmtatiiaiI lymnaaa af tbu ambli dutaai, ?acti ?a Aliauaoaof tea BuruTbiaat. >aad. firmm rwmmir.f <1U irifnUW r?f ifliVJ, Oil ?U? ftUI Mrfed ta hie are ad fa I eaf erlnf* ky eetidlnf Unt ikal ?< ?* itt ffo ?m kttRi m traveler mux dr. johtraorrs remedy for organic weakness and impotencf. By tkle (Teat and iBMtui renedy weakceee ef tke etfui ? ireifll; cm< ul MiTlfHttMni. TheaeaaAe ef tke eet BVnu u< deklttated. vfce ktl Met all key a, kave ?aam imaadiaiaiy fettered. All ImpeUiaeala te Marriage, nyatdai a* Meau.1 PleaaalAaatvana, beee ef Faeeraattva raver, Verve Be Irvttekunr, rramklmr and We* kneee er Kjkaaauea ef Ike aeet fearnri rtad epeedUy cared. endorsement of 7he press. Ta I MakT TktCUROl cared at tMa loeutaoen vKkte *e laet eeveo'.een rim, u< ike auaeteaa uapertaat hrnItl ayerauetia performed k* Dr lebuja, viiaeeeed ky ie reperten ef tke paper* and naay etker aereeaa, aeuaee ef rkick kare appeared afala and apie kawa tke pak'.te, ka I'dee k a atac liof aa a faoiliBu ef ckaraeter aad reeeeealtUtty, le e eaVeieat yaeraaiee le tke aCteted. nar le-ly TZIIESBMAR. prouettd bf royal La f fart panmt / englmmd, nmA ' ' - -* ~ ' - w>?? pwmvia v| 0l?H WJ * ? JIC9N r*?'* marM 4? pMrit, and tk* JmptTfi C0iUf Mtdicxn*, ftenaa. TRIE*EMAR No. 1 [ the effectual r*irr??JT for Kiuitnon.fPIIHATOKKBfilA ud h XHAVITIOB OB TlTB BTITEK. TR1 fcSEMA R f*o. S. Dom^etelr acu aimr^ly ersdiostee all bMMof pioae disorders, for which Copaiva tod L iMbi r.ave tenera 1? baen thoanht au antidote, ?o the rum or ths health of a tui portion of the popaiaTRIP.9EM AR No 3. [ the (rest and sor? remedy of the otntisad w?r'd lor all iisennUe* of the lyitrm, as trail as taooadtT Bymp'oir*, obviating the deatraotira aaa of Merom i, a* we'! as oihs- d'letariooe mr'^die&U". uid whiah aii lit* Sarta^ar, .a in the wo'Id cannot em ve ^ninsaH.p Nop. aad ft are aiika da ruiu vi im? or *me:i. ?ra or a:. otuMtiat iu iim. Ther are in the form of a loaet r?, aad mar i* oo the toilet tab.* withoat tkeir im beicj ?eoied. hold id tin aaeee at M ruk. or fotr 93 oaaw la >L?:or#9, and in 9?7 oae?*. thn* aavtug |9.u Mlauunered by Va.peao^ La.lemaod, Kuax. 4o., e. Who eeaie^id retail by 1JR H. aTb^K<<? W. 194 Bieeoker street, (i door* from MaoDomtal *treet). New York. Immecu'ely on r*teiet of remit'nnoe. Dr. Biaaow will forward rrirremar to any *art of the world, eeeorely >aoked ,apd tddreaeed according to the instraetioaa ?f Ui" water. P?bli4h'd a.eo by DR "ARROW, that aoyaiar tod b-aotifn.It i! nitrated ipedioa. wo k, Human ~ra<ity. Prtoe M oecte. T'leeeg^r a"d book o?a >eobtained by cpocial aathorlty from8-C. FORD, VMti.&rton. li. C. dels Sm lea t riKRiiir ciumrn Worcestershire Sauce. P.-oaonnoed by 3j EXTRACT JONNOIS8ECR9 |l of ft Letter fro* a to be ti>? If Mtdie*J Bmubmmm "ONLY GOOD ^ V ? Mftdrftj /SSjt B IV Hit froUUr SAUCE.** MKornvm. - r..! ?V*Ttaeiett Wm zzsA'pi p^ftttbie,M veltM OP DI8B. &?Stne rau?t vboleaome Ujrfn mftde." The kbore SAUCE u n?i ooij tM Met end moet orrLAi oowtauawt known, bet the moet Jmmm Mi, M ft l?v droM in S*up. Orwy. or viU #!U4. jot ftod eoW ;*wii, Sh*A. &eeu, #*., tapvt Ml ca^umic IFIl, WHICH BM?* ?*"" Lfaotnr#re have la wo endeavored to imitmf On tUa Btt*kfM, Lmmikttm, Dmmtr, or Cuppa , TkbU, & cruet containing ** LEA k. PEERING WO H CLSTtE&HlEIS SAUCE" u ?le. To appreoiate tie aamtttmt immHHu ol thie 4*Hitm* preparation it ia only foiiwry to pnrohaee k ?m?U bottie of the of a reepeetabJo |re>er or ^ea er. as many Nottl awl K?i?r??' prouietora ee don piaoe Uie P*ri Saaoe bo/ore their :oeeu. Dot enSetitate* genuine B<x*U filled with k trurumt mixture. For sale by Qrooors and Fruiterer* rr*rywh?ra. JOHN DUNCAN A teO*B. Cnum ?t?f? amd 14iA tint, >? Tark, Sol* WhoiMalo AfMte for U* UalUd Bwtw. A Stock alway* ia stora?Also ordsn ismivM ( or dirftct a hip meat* from Kacland. ILT" BnMr* ?/ CmmUrftilt mmd iaUMUteu. JH) ie? J-iT.oo TOP HAM'S m r R K M I V M TK ? N K wtSE BUmt Modal *warte4 by Maryland brilMt - At Jjtm Frtct. ~ "w^m MMbmotCounnuil tr?T*l*ra vUl ?>? ] Superior Lwtkw aad Prw Trmaka wdi to .< trd?r. tagagsa ?. j it* ^ JASIM8.TOPI A M. iozm for om4o;i&r- fimjr.rM trnMkiiriu > ah&nfM is i WW MMBdi to ? W klMk mr > rown, by ncg Upb&tn'i La<*M Bur Mat ' Ad ckMHftU Ui world, mmImUi.m bombI In |? 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PuMnl*n *"i tue>h><k.iii an 0 p- m tram*. artvmc in Baltimore a. i.M' * ns ud C?sp. m . wber?cloM oomu*etioi>? *ra .* witfc lift" oa tb? Norther Ceotra K K.vdU'rixii Uar.* bar* at I p. in and 1 *5 a U>??* ooaseoba* with itie train* on ia* Ptbtitj.vau* Caamu Ka.UoaJ far ail ?arta of the wml FRKI?*#TB. Br tkla root#, freight* of alt deeor.p k>** mi be fur warded to and from any point on to* Saiiruad* of Oi.to, K??i tuo*j, m iarja. Illinois W nitm?, lo?a,or Mi*?oorl. by Kat'rofi dtrttt Toe P?h)b*t rati'* Central K ailn-ati a'eo O'xaeeta at Fittabarc with f*t?am?rr. t>y wh eh Gooc* "aa t forwarded to any pert on the Ohio, o*k'a?*m, tatuek*. I tmaii. Camo'nand. lUinai* Mjeei*aip* , Wi??oMii,MiHM>?ri. Kauaaa. Arhaifc*, and Rnl K ivera; and at Cleveland. *^da*ty aod Ct 'o*.fo with iteamer* to a: Northwe?tera i akea. Mrrehaot* and tbipaer* er.t uot n* the .raaapor tattoa Mtheir FreijM tothi* Company, oaa mir with oonbdeoAe oa it* -aeed* t a^ii1. 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E.?i:l h ocbr-Ur, Dai/kirk.Ca adaigaaand Niagara Fal a.anfl forBf* York 01 ty. The Si a. m. train from WaiMtTM coarooto yiU Ik* a. a train fr. BaWoto to W?4 North a* d $ ort&voat aad Elauva *o4 Buffe?o a-2 flttrtraia from Waah mrtot eoasooto ?1U tb* UD a. m tiaii fma Unti" ? SS^TKSrei JSa*?^?s6fiswaasw rf? if!"KVn 11R>T ^* ,t-AJMla _ ??"* M. W. fAl.lA. ?-w mZflJ&IV*001' Stm Vfrt lad fM I ><?**>? |S:^?^rrs am mrj l?Ur*ir,UiMa.lNa Pi?rM,N*rtb _ urn or ruu?E T_ _ *? Dc. loHni_ ? Do. tolMkwi j t1l"W?. i*T?ij*ir~zizzzri g Tk> to l * _?-? ?B Do. to Hmr.tnr? _ fiiwiin frrwirtiito bwuektuiliov mtM for Unkm ialnnaMina ***ir M tfc* CoftMM oW ~? IT^daiX. 4r?* flvto Q.A.IBIIHI9, i'uirLi irW b*-titrvocu lu ?H?d, bat MrUauife-Tj frtafte^ ?? U>* MTifftlm of Loot la.fciw fto?rcj ntc.nf isiob> MiopintadEaPUrjGvW anTOid Co?mjWLm2 Ai^hwjwSZKri ftpbu*' 9*-'L ?ro,rmt-2 fiMtri. 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