16 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

16 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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* I 1 t fc I'VKMNIJ STAR. * , . _ WASHINGTON CITY: lltMMI.... JA.1I.ARV l?, IWIi ? ? I ftpirft ?f the M*rain| Prru. Th* warmly applaud a the retolv* *>f 'be popular branrh of Congf^a veaterdsjr, to rata* an annual revet.ur ?.f $130,000,000. The Rtfmblirf continue It* war upon the racnlar army and lt? ottcera. and tn thla connec Hon My* : " We aha 11 aee what w* shall aee. but If General I/?n? ? make* no more advance or headway' fn tfce 8*ld, than tbe generals In tbe regular army bare done, we will agree never to aak tbe appointment t?f another 'Abolition Genital *" Healthful reading, thla, for our aoldlera, and well oalculated to lnaplre then with that rrntl- I dance In their leadera which la all-eaaentlal to military aueceea i Marshal Lamon. We trust that the dlatant public will not measure the character of Marshal Lamon altogether by tbe standard of the bested nenatorlal tirades agalnat htm delivered a few daya since, and now being rapubllahed right and left, tbe country over. He it neither a harsh nor a cruel man; out at kind-hearted and considerate a gentleman as Washington contains He la responsible for the <aft keeping of twice as many crlmtnala as bis means of keeping them safely?the Washington jail?justify. Congress only is responsible for the insufficiency of those means. A prison, and especially such a prison, must be governed by fixed rule*, all know; end among those rules there must betegulatlOBs prescribing wbo shall be permitted at all times tod under all circumstances to have free access to any and all incarcerated wltbin Its portals The list (frequently referred to In the course of the debate,) embraces all the public functionaries, who, under ordinary circumstances, may be re girded u guardtans of the public interest In such a mattar It failed, bowever, to embrace evtry rorOiber of both house* of Congies*, all of wuom "svere required, under the regulations, to preeetit a permit from tbe Vice President or Speaker, to the janitor, before being paa?ed in. There, and there only, is th? bitrh It will readily be perceived that there la no hardship upon, r>r JU-'reatment of Congress designed in this regulation; as any member by simply asking he presiding officer of his House for a pass, can obtain one. Marshal Lecron's rules are evidently designed _ i _i_ * - *t_ ? - - ? ? :mpiy w me e?a or uiuriDg tbe safety of the prisoners and Imposing thedlelpllne among tbem >M>eesaary for thrlr rwn good?nothing more? nothing l??x It is to V regretted that a gentleman so sensible and usually ronaid^rate as Senator Gr'rnes, should have be*n betrayed Into bis unjistittablr r. marks against Marshal Umco, simpiv because he wax dented access to tbe prison without the " jss. Had he called the Marshal's attention to tbe fact, a mn^le vrprd from bim would doubtless have Induced the latter to extend his " fre?list" to ?verv member of either .Tong cssioua' TJonjiuittee on the District of Columbia; a vt-rv proper amendment of it indeed, though ooe that hid evidently escaped the Marshal's attention. It ! greatly to be hoped that all tbe now con taBtly-rerurrlng vnsaOons lu tbe Senate Cham, b?r, over the affairs of this jail, will ei.d 5n such ifvlllstion for the IBirndnwnt nt I * i>nnlH?!nn ?? our court* and grand jurtea have been praying for aatll they a:e hoarse, bnt up to 'bit time cnytng (to Congreaa). In vain. Risbt, rot Oscr.?Tfce New York Trtbunt is ^?mbtJws correct in interpreting the appointment rt K.dwin M Htanton to the Secretaryship of ^Var, as Involving the initiation of a rigorous (fort or the part of the Governn.ent to disconnect ti?e proxeei.Uon of the war from suspicion of the purpose of making that the mere pretense of working ontthe th rty yeara acbemea of the abolitionists, which brought about the war in accord. Jng *o the oligarchy their opportunity to mislead the people of the South Into their present deplor*Me condition. It mean* i deliberate reiteration from Pres1. mm <i .m Lincoln, or th- fact that ba designs, In the further prosecution of the war, to keep faith with "the {rrit mau?elybt tenths?of the army, who while gladly taking up arm* for the defence of the Union and the Constitution, would have been Jaat to do aoalmply to work out, by fire and sword, the peculiar idea of Greeley, Garrison, Cbeever Jt Co. Tbs Ho** CosFiscatiox Pchem* -We tLluk that the countfv may now be fairly congratulated c pea the fact that the scheme for confiscating the -money of all In tha loyal Statrs who really have coin, for the benefit of speculations in exchange, dishonest deb'ors. Jtc , under the unconstitutional guise of making Irredeemable Treasury no'.es a legal tender, la d?ad dead ' ' dead ! : ! Congreta J* fast coming up to tbe point of levying tbe ne??If taxes to pay Interest and establish a proper Making fond for tbe extinguishment of the priori p*l rf the war debt In reasonable time To jaake Treasury note* a legal tender, would Lave been to have authorized every autpended bank and suspended debtor In tbe loyal States to have compelled their depositors ai d creditor* to receive repayment for their gold and stiver?dollar for dollar?In ahlupl&ster*. worth. It might be. ere long, not more than fifty cents to the dollar Capital finaaeeerlng that, poasibly, for seeesb; hough hardly for tbe United States A* InTBiasTiTfs Kxriiiai.iT?We take It there wlU be* large gathering to-night to witne*s the axploslon of tbe Ortfk Fire Bomb-shell of M??sr* Short k Smith Tbe experiment will take place on this (Thursday) evening, at pre elaely eight o'clock, on tbe ground* between tbe President's Home and the Potomac A tine, safe view for ladle* and gentlemen rrny be Lad from tbe Park on tbe aoutberly aide of tbe President's Rouse. Entrance at the head of Pennsylvania avenue, tbroagh the carriage way under the Southerly front of tbe Treasury building. The Are from this abell w 11 cover a space of one hundred and fftv feet in diameter, and will burn with intense beat from t??n to twenty minutes tt cannot be extinguished with water, it is sssert d, and it may also be used In war rockets, submarine vairinnvi witi. ?, itonui rBtXl I DP proprietors claim tbat it Is the most perfect atid terrible Invention for destructive warfare, and burning anything combustible known to man CoBTrfeMis ?Yesterday afternoon, tbe ?<?nat?, fcy an almost unanimous vote, confirmed tbe nom. laatlsa of Edwin M SUnton to be Secretary of War. It was gracefully and patriotically done, and tbe body deserve much credit with tbe country tor refraining from making It, in tbe present state of public affairs, a theme for an Interminable forensic wrangle, to Interfere sadly with the rajMaction of the public business CZT At It Is bow pabllelf announced that Com Fairagot if to command the great naval expedition that la to operate la tbe we?tern part tb? it m?.y be stated that tbe fleet will rooalat of tbe Rlebmond. Penaacola, and otber large steam frigates, a great number of ganboata, aad tome twenty or thirty veaaela carrying mortar* ad ?>po?rdert Tbe opinion Is exprew?d In naval clrct?? that few for:! fled place* can bold oat against such aa expedition. CT From tbe publishers we have the Indispensable "Trlbone Almanac" for 19ti. * ? ? ? ?*? ? ? _ ! n lAMOfl Building, *bo baa U for aale, we have a copy of the aarae I ???????? Tat Evacvattck or Rumn.-The Wheeling Intelligencer of Tneaday aaya { We l?arn by o?c#n who arrlvrd ait evening i from PtttonoD'i creek, that our forcee left Rout- i My la coaalderable of a burr* ? Friday night I | about alx o'clock, and reached Patteraon'a creek oa Saturday morning about five The order to rack op waa rccdred about two o'clock oa < Friday afternoon, and the greateat excitement and cnrleaity exlatod la the camp.1 borne of thocompaalee were compelled to da dm their tenia far tha want of tranaportatlon. ' . ? - mh gubiiMrioie qaiDD'T of proTMoli, net u | bacon, le , ?u dedxoyM for the Mine rtuoi ?en L?ndcr )Mu?d aa order, which ?u read oa d/M parade before the evacuation, that any one caught settiac Ira to the town, or perpetrating aav other outage, w?>uld be laatantly ahot t Our force* are now at Patteetoa'a creek, about aerea mi 1m mm of Camber land: and about ttfteea fro-i Roaaaey, bat am oroMiag tbe railroad bfld ?e Into Maryland, and are no doubt by this tiaae eacampad an Maryland aide. " . _ _ w or ft UIMT4HI RID?KT. l"A*r*iaSlt!?0 ASRAI??IMK"?TS OFOIJI. M'CLSLLAH AID STAFF Tb?re was in Inspection yesterday at the We*t end, of twenty-four wagons; also *f two traveling carnage*; the wagons and carrlaees ra?*ta being drawn by a team of fonr home*. The wagons are desiened for the conveyance of the tent*, hajrgage, Ac., of Get McClellan ar.d staff", and the traveling carriages, ing^nlous'y fitted up for sleeping^ asllnn w.UImo L n <? ?rp l)kA fr\T f V> O \ T . OTIJljJIjr, Ut-f ",v v ?v? accommodation The horses are among the finest in the service, being in excellent condition, and nearly matched In color and atze. Tbey are all dark bays. The teamsters for the train have been aelected with care. Each wagon baa painted on the canvas rover the words, Commander I'nlted State* Army." ?iavy y* jid. The steamer Baltimore went down to the flotilla yesterday, with purser's stores, and returned last night She reports all quiet on the lower Potomac, and tbe situation unchanged. An oyster punga ran the blockade in davllght on Tuesday, and although twenty-six shots were fired at her from <be Confederate batteries, she escaped unharmed. Two or three other oyster boats ran up yesterday, but were not flred at i oe iipaintr jacou Bell Las joined tbe upper flotilla again. The Pusey bat brought some heavy timber from th? sunken schooner O m:i Wave. sr PArL'S CHtRCH, ALKXANDRIA. It Las been stetrd in Alexandria by leading Episcopalians, that the Rev G A..Smith, 011 Inviting Gen. Montgomery, the Military Governor, to be present at church, at the same time Informed him that the prayer for the President wcuUMbe omitted. Can this h* an* AFFAIR* I* ALPXANPRIA At rxx.NDEiA . Ja:i 10, lfcO'2 ?E/htor Mar The building ooeupifd at a hotplfel for the Morgan artillery, which was dtatroycd by flre on Sunday iiJuht Inat, waa the property r.f Wm G. Caienove (delegate from Alexandria county in the rebel Legialature of Virginia), and rot sf General Lee. aa ita'ed The Honor nuiaanre among 'he soldiers in and ajound Alexandria is dreadful.end is inereating. All the vigilance which cun be exercised here to a bite It 'a vain, so long as to much looseness prevaila In Wathington in recommending pssies to be granted to Improper persona There are only two methods of mmagtng thlt matter?ei'her 1 * ' * -- utvnr (uc uusirtii ci importing it into tl-U place opeu to "11, or forbid it t. all Our own citizens, who need a little for their usur-1 trade, find much difficulty iu getting i*; while certain new-comers, ronnec'ed with army officers or favor1t?? s?t Wa'blnnton. can pet It with ease, at the rat-3 of a hundred boxes a dar Parties appearing to be utters, or supers' ntnrfkeep? pet large quantities of barrel-d liquors and In cases, packed in hogsheads. the re?'due of the hothead or other casing btinp fllbd with po'atoe?, cabba^?*s. Ac., and holes left, so that the vrgrtables can be seen. This f-auduient parking is ?aM to he done by trading merchants In Washington These doings ctll loudly for the attention of the A'aihington police and military authorities. Unless something ell'?:tive be done there, the anny Trill be mined bv these knavef, vbo wcu'd s-ll their country ? t any ironunt. to put montyln their purs*-# It is boned tii*t po: " pr* ?-"l .? i _ r - - MV 'V Tt for tbe purposecf <???' ?-- nnd and glv.njj pr >p?r r.ot!ces to lb? ^niitv pirties, ai<d that measure* will be tikcn to follow up tbe notices with prompt punishment for violations I annex the general order of D'Ceatber 10 on thin subject. Kespect for this order nq ilres rigorous irensures fir lis enforcement on the part of tbe Provost Marshal in Washington: " No wine, heer. or ardent spirits, unless they be for bo?pital cr subsistence s'o'ea, or the private storrs of m officer f -r his own u*e. when they shou'd be so marked [a dangerous exception this last], shall pass the guatfls at any bridge or ferry on the Potomac, or the jfuardj of any camp or b-.rracks,without a pas* fr. m the Provost Marshal of Washington, to cover tbesUms. or from th'se headquarters." VOiVUii ESS Id NA I. XXXVllth COMmKSS?x^rend fte?st?a. Cs5AT~.?After the ?*?o?e of our report yesterdav ? The Senate discussed the contested rasc of Senator Lane, of Kansas, and, sfter an executive ion, adjourned Hocoi?After the close of our report? The joint resolution declaring that Congress Impose a tax, which with the tariff on importa, bail yield an annual revenue of not lew than 8150,000,OliO, whi pasted; also, a bill for the suppretsiod of the Chinese coolie trade by American citizens in American vtsatls. [ This bill imposes a line of S2 (*<i and one year's imprisonment on each offender J A resolution Instructing the Ways a?d Means Cominittee to innni -? * " . . ? wucvue any? aiiU II SO, what legislation may be necessary and proper, In view of the preheat and Impending events, to prevent the exportation, meltinv, or hoarding of the domestic and foreign coin of or circulating In the United St tes; the same, alio, of the exportation or hoarding of bullion; also to inquire Into the expediency of revising tne a' ts anthorlzlng the currency of foreign gold coin, arid making them a l?-gal ter.der; and whether any changes In the law* relating to th<* value of domestic and foreign coin is necessary and proper, and to report by bill or otherwUe, wa? adopted. Tne bill authorizifig an appropriation for certain parpoats of fo titration wrs discussed aad left In an undnisht-d stiff* Adjourned. -i? ? u, L >|3 NATIONAl. UNION LPAtiL'K, TsispjiKA.rcii HUL, THURSDAY r VKN1NG, Jan'j 1#. 186i Evert men.ter expected to te pro.ent at 7X o'clock. ja 16 It Yli^SVllTHSONIAN LKCTlf K*-?*v Dr. ljl Pi?**os w.il le ture or. PK1DAY EVE ?,4, vi ?*uiu?i j i /' n a' 8 o c! >Ck. huvj*ct? The PfiVita Lifi ot Thomaa Jefferaon." Vlml'taLO* f?e?. Tu0 putt 13 are invited. Ja i?-2t WASHINGTON LECTUKE AtiSOClA JJi TION. The Seveu'h Lecture RKV. M. P'1 ON WAY, f. oi Oijt'MnnKti. AY EVEM G, Januarr 17.1862, A> .re Smithsonian Institution. Sat jeat?"Thk boLDS.f Horn." Doora o*** at 7; L*ctur?? m 8 o'clock Tickea 25 oenia, to be i ad &t the Ucokstorra aud at the d-tor. j? 16 at YVTHK ANNUAL MFKT NG OF THE 1 R Mockh nl tit* A.MKKI A TBI ?_ f>D ? TIM . rwv-i r n l.U.M t"A~S V W: 1 ! ' ,i? tl at t'"? offo? of the Company, m?. 115 *<roariwa<, m the City ?f h* S'urlt, on WKi?Nt }?UAV, 'ho 2)th day of Jaunary insta t, at 12 o el ok m UAMBnIUGE LIVINGSTON, jalS lw' yecreiai j. ICENfcE:- FOX I ? HegiiUr's (fit*. Jan. 14.1>?2 Notioe ia hereby ^iveu tha- io;iiK*a iBHued to owner* of LK>s? <xpi ed Le emt^r Slat, and tl<at aid licences h u?t l>e ten>w.tl id c< tutiiaiica with a taw to tbia efl?e? is i?u jil&4t 3AM K DOLCL A SB. Kegibter. YW"NOTICE TO f)IJCK?THRg. J " Htntter't i fi ?, Jan. 14, '8P2. Not.ceis beihr a. vet tl:at cimee laauad tn Huokntera expired Dee-mUu 31*t, and that ta d lioeweee mn;t !>e renewe n o mpliauo* witu law, at thia uIKm, within t?n rtaya *i5?t 6AM. P.. DOU9LA99, Reciater, -Ttt-ILMO* BUILDING ASSOCIATION IS An adjourned meeting ?il be held at the CSincil ?han?Ler. on IHl'KSDAV EVKMM6 next, the lt> l matant.at 7 o'olook, for the tranaaot.on ofimjoriant bu-iceee At tiie same time there will be otlered and ao'd at an at ion in th? hi?K??? ? * ? - ' . . ?wn c<wiioriar>i0 two ?tory Br ok Hons^s eligibly situated in the Northern J.ibe.ties. Washir ctnn. Term*: Oce third cash the ba.'a ce in six and twelve mouths. THOS. 1a u at* "^inretary. T ' ItfclFtUfcK- iCUV VIRGINIA 'Lq AND t'Tf'fc,K:-'.?Th? First Keninunt of F.a?te?n Vtrjinia B ijtvie is It i-iSSi 'H to provide lortho'8 who h?*e driven fiom their M ime*. ar>?i % 1 faci itieaof transportation will be famished from sn/ *ua'eratbe; u,*j be. The heedsii'.rters is iu Al-iaixirta Titis is m-ta uome(Bard, bat for act va tervio iu Vir.iuia, and i* rapidiy fitlinr up. Knfure** sti ^nlo not !.e misled by statements or itpre?t .lalions to tfte contrary. LULIH F. VVHlf^h Y, Captain ro.ipan* A, jal?-eo4t Ffr?t Resume t K. V B. j^^NOTiCK TO TAX FAYKHri. CoLLtcfoa's Officb, i W'?>kington. Dumber *1, 1M6I. ( Notice is hereby ?iv?d to ai> peiioue in ar, ears for HIM >h?ll>?r ?? - ' __ r , ? M r^crviSl| V (U1UU&I IAX< iH&I nalw Ui* same i? paid At th.i office before tbe Ui Ht of * *bri?'T next the property on wtuoh t) e tax la due will ii?ea be adve.ueed and sold, as the m* direote. J bow* who wieh to avoH the heavy expeuee of verUainc will tleaee pa? within t?*? time *peoiled. WILLIAM DIXON, de 2t-eotKebl Collector. > TH E UNION PRAYER MEETING WiH JJf be held each day tmawerk ia tue New Y<?<k tvenae Church, (Kev. Ur. oon.rn?ncin< U 4 o nlook p n.. to beounUnutd one nouron r. *e? f\IOW 1* YOUR HMK TO BUY OVERi^ o? ?ta, Pant* ami V? i.tt Now Y<>ik pumi, it fMITa'S, Mo. 460 8.? at. at'aat, oppo?u? Pot <>? A la If. dim THB*;RAN. AhMY IB ?IiVANC.Nti TOvarui i .4 i'i'H' . No. (to Si . .t. .trtot, to ttl ruaoufhuGroftt !?a*vna in Uo.niu?, Furs- I [atom* t?*xxl?, Hmi and C*m- ja 16-dlm I * . . . Fijiajicial ?From the New York Ettnmg Erprett of yeaterdav we take the following: There la great flrmnesa In all Federal securities growing oat of an Increased confidence In the administration, which la now regarded as ooearn It ted in the strongest manner to a conservative course In suppressing the rebellion There la alao s growing conviction that the lone military preparation* of the Gevarnment are to be speedl! y followed by extended operations In the field, with such a degree of success ax will make the Ft-deral GoTcrnttifnt fully masters of the lTnioa, in a military point of view. For 7 50 per cents there 1* an rctlve demand at If discount buying, for the clean notea. For the e idoraed note* rate* are Irregular. Demand notes are selling at 5 centa discount per 9100. The two yeara' 6 per cents are about par. :Mnce the suspension of specie payments, currency* has been In increased demand, and throughout the Went the want is dally (growing A part of thla demand la to aupply the place of gold which baa ceased to perform the functions of money In ordinary dsily business. Private advices from Washington are to the effect, thst the bill of Mr. Spaldlntr providing for an lsaue of S100,000,000 of demand notea to be made legal tender, will be promptly pasted, followed In a few daya by an rffldent tax bill, the latter being delayed only to make H complete In all detalla. The majority upon tbe tax bill 1c expected to be large, contrary to tbe Impression crested by tbe del*v? of the pa?t Gold la dull, and 2# premium ta the top of the market. The paowge of the bill making governpaper lawful money, will noon check the demand (or coin, by lessening the uiea for It. No law can check a demand to hoard Hoarding aod exporting will goon be the chief employment for gold, end neither direction promise* to inquire ouch. The Post aay?: The bank specie 1* rising, though slowly; including the California receipts of tha reserve today la probably over S*i6 500,000 against #23.290, 000 on the morning of the suspension. The bank* are paying Into the Sub-Treasury to dav the final inatalment of ft3.SoO.UOO on the second fifty millions of 7 30 Treasury notes. This call Is i>avable In pant due Treasury notes, tha Two Year Six per Certa. and In Demand nofea. Business at the Sub Treasury goes on smoothly, but it seems scarcely to be understood that there Is no reason for discrimination relative to the place of payment named In the Demand notea They are received without regard to this, as the government does not redeem them at any cf its offices The Asia, for Liverpool to-day, takes out only 3*M3.UU3 in specie, which Is leas than w.tsexpected. In the present Inactive condition of the exchange market no large shipments can be trade with profit, and the foreign news by the Arabia, Just at nana, 11 calculated to still rurther discourage exports of specie on speculation. Tub Oovkrnmbnt Financi*?The results of the various conferences held In Washington by representatives from boards of trade, chambers or commerce and banking Institutions, among themselves and the Secretary of the Treasury msy b* summed up briefly as follows : 1 The general vl^ws of the Secretary of the Treasury are assented to. 2 The banks will receive and pay out the United States notes freely and sustain In all proper wavs their credit 3 The Secretary of the Troasury will, within the n< xt two wfplo. In addition to the current dallv payment of SI.500 000 in l.'nitert nntM pay the further sums of a'least 820.WW,WW in 7 30 hinds to such public creditor* as desire to receive them, aud thin relieve tbe existing pressure upon the conriirin'.ilfv. t The Issue of United States demand notes not to b* increased beyond the fifty millions now authorized, but it is desired that Congress will extend the provisions of tbe ex'stlng 1 ?an arts so as to enable tbe Secretary to isaie, in exchange for United States demand notes or in payments fo creditors, notes payable lu one year, bearing 1 65 per cent interest, and convertible Into 7 30 three years bonds, or to borrow under the exis'lng prottUt.in A -* * * * * . w aiiK'uui in two uunarea ana nny or Uire^ hunaied niillton dol!a:s 5 it Is thought desirable that Congress should enact a general law relating to currency and banking associations, embracing the general provisions recommended by the Secretary in his reports. rt. It is expected tbat this action and legislation will render the making of the l.'nited States demand notes a legal tender, or their Increase bey\.i. J the fifty millions now authorized unnecessary. All men discharged from service can g?t fitted out lu a nioe suit of Clothes at less than New York pno-s, at the People's Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh street. ja 16 dim Soldiers ju*t returned from Richmond can hu* their ClotMng and FnrnuhiLg 6opUs at_SrMlTJi'j?, No. 460 Seventh st. opposite roat umoe. at Northern prices. ja 16-dlia ifOR SJVLK-An indepecdent SUTI.F.RSHIP 1 now doinc a good and thriving business, in a splendid ioon.ilty. Apsly on th* premises, about ?<> rods north of Columbia C?lle*e. at or ssir>? of Georgetown road ; or to H B. FENNEK, 34a D street, near 10th. j> 16 6t* CAMP STOVE?! camp stoves:: camp stoves::: A large stock on hand, which wilt lx? sold l >w. H J. GRF.QORY, jalS sal Pa. a?cune. G^ENKRAL BURNSIDK'S FXPK OPTION I wi.l land within some distenoe of SMITH'S C otMrg t?tore, so that every one in want of Clothing, Hats and Cap*, oin have free access to the People's Cioihinr Store. !No. 460 Seventh street, ODSOSite Post tiffin*- OI *??!.< ? - K1UUB VA V Uili 1U| can be booght at Northern pnoes. j? 16 dim DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.The partnership hith?rto exiating b*twe?n F. Kroeger acd J. K alien acn, baa been thia day dt?Bolvrdiby mutual content. F. Kroeger will eon tinue the St. Charles Restaurant in Ms own name. P. KROEOKR. J. RAKEMANN. January 16th. 186?. Ja 16 3t* WFOR THE ARMY. E Have ju*t received, by steamer Araio, a ^argw assortment nf invsiifoent Frenoh Brass urumi is-yaiem* u-atoire:) Krenoh liuglea, lor iniantry. cavalry, and arti't?ry ; Martin Prere'a CalaNra'fd CWrioneta and F ntaa ; Bra?a rnanta o| all kinrta Also, the ftntat qna ity of Venice strings. Buaaon'a Aceordeona and Flntinaa. T' gather with a tare* assortment of lataat Franch Mua'.o ior Banda. Muni* ftora of W. Q MF.TZEROTT. ja 16 Comer Pa avfnae and lith at. ODEON HALI<! ODEON HA LI.!! Tha Chra?oatand Bait FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING car. ba had at WIESENFEID A CO.'S. MILITARY OVERCOATS, at loweat rntea. at WlESENfr ELD k CO.'S. MILITARY DRE>S ?n I'f.m a'uudanoe, at W1K3ENFELD A CO.'J*. MILITARY OVER?HIRT?,of all atjlea. at WIESKNFELII no ?? ARMY ^LANKV.TS.Six Pounds. a*mv BLANKETS, S x Poui.d-t, ARMY BLANKt i'S, Six Pournia, at t hree !) >'!& ? and half, at Three \)< liar* and ha'f, at Tiuso uoilara and hall, can be had at YVifcSKNFELD A CO.'S, onto* H i l. j?16-lw con er 4>4 street and Pa- av. Treasury notes wanted for W A I* H inttton CORPORATION M('NEV-We hare oa hand a few huwlrtd dollars 10 Wa?h'inton Corporation mone?, whiob we will eli in at m? to aoit puroh&aera ( aa far aa it w?ll go) a* a discount for Tie&sury note* W. M. bHUSTER A CO. District op Columbia, wasmihstoh cocstt oruerea m?i me adnuDietra'nx on Ihi personal eitats ol Georje Bopp late of WMi.ingtoa county aforesaid, deceased. *iv* the Citioe required by lav to the or editors of Mid docrued, by adrerii?em?nt orce a vMk for three weeks to the t. veiling Star Test: MOtJES KKL.I T. ja 15-St* Ren titer of Willa STAR YOKE SHIR1S! Ca . and see my 91 50 SHIRTS, with aod without Collar*. TWEED SUITS .' Fashionable fruits. realy-made or trade to order.

LINhN COLLARS! Fine COLLAR? of the latest style*. CLOTHING! A geaeral assortment at fair proee, at HKNNIN'B'S ja 15 3t* Seventh street, Ul&ad. 50 fi9. 1 BUFFALO ROBII I 400 Dozi!* BUCK ASD Phii? ?nn ARMY GLOVES! Ja?t rco?ived f.-om New Votk and will ba cold at low prioen at J . PBAR8U City and Sutlers' Supply Stort, Ja 16 4t 4?1 Ei?hth at., near Peon. ar. I N P R E ? B. INFANTRY TACTICS FOB TBI INSTRUCTION, bXKRuISr, AND KAM/VHifnno ? ? ? t^vpv tkdo ur 1HK SOLDIER : A Compauy, Lin* oi Bkirolabor*, BMOiiot, Krigtdr, or Corf* d'ArniM, By Brti. G?n SILAS OASEY, U. S. Armj. Jm Thrtt Will ba n?*f *bot!y. D VAN NOSTKAND. PablUkor, | ja is at No. 19* Broadway, New Yort. I |?Vtii. OUUk uybs TO nMlTH*Bt No. 49# f&crwdsJ6" > * / * ' ? . nrrrn ahii wofndkb ioldibm in HOSPITAL f?WuW Hi wtli lit riHtolM / ik4 Bmmn Cf Jmtf 1?, 1 ?1 At >mw?n Ffotpunl, Otorgttm, Jam 10 so yj.o. iimiiuy u i7(ar<U voinaiwra . J 5th do Cavalry 1 1st do Rerrvc.... let do Artillery.... I 31 do do...... 3d do do 2 6th do d<v..(a) 5th Vermont Volunteers 2 11 tb do do 1st do Cavalry... 1 1st do Rifle* lit Rhode I (land Bat. l|4th do Cavalry 6th do Art. 3 11th do do 6th N HampshlreVol. 6 1st do Artillery... 17thNew York Vol... a 4th Michigan Vol 33d do do.... 1 3d Wisconsin Vol.... 58th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 63d do do.... 1 6th do do.... 64th do do.... 5 Kxcelalor Brigade.... 89th do do....II Cameron Rlflea....... 3d New York Cavalry. 4 10th New Jersey 6th do do.... 2 McClellan's Dragoons. 6th Penn. Volunteers. 1 Cupe* Battery 87th do do...... 4 5th Irlah Brigade 36th do do 1 3d D C. Volunteers.. 36th do do 1 46th do do 1 Total 10H 63d do do 9 (a) One officer At Otntrnl Hospital, C7?iwi Hot*!, t?Mr Bridft and Washington strutt, OitffiWM, 10. Sth New York Vol ... 1 SthVermontVolunteon' 17th do do....11 l?t Now Jeraey Vol... 18th do do...* 1 5th do do*... i9d do do.... 1 8th do do.... tfth do do.... 1 9th do do.... ff9th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 33d do do.... 2 4th do do 35th do do.... 1 3dWl?ooMlndo 37th do do.... 115th do do..... 43d do do.... 3 lit Minnesota do...... 44th do do.... 2 lat California do 45th do do.... 1 lat Exeelsioc Brigade. 50th do do.... 3 2d do do.... 5-2d do do.... 1 3d do do.... Mth do db.... 2 4th do do.... 55th do do. ...2 5th do do.... 56th do do.... 2 lat Maryland Vol 5Hth do do.... 3 lat Indiana Rifle* 79th do do.... 3 Stockton'a Mich. Vol. 86th do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guarda 2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 De Kalb 4th do do 2 New York Mounted 6'h do do 1 Rifles 2 a wr t. r? i m _ _ te no uu qo.m.m z rvanci i*i......... io 8th do do 2 Cameron Rifle* 3 llth do do 2 1st Penn. Cavalry .... 1 12th do do 1 2d do do 5 23d do do 1 V.h do do....... 1 26th do do 1 5th do do 2 35th do do 3 Harris' Light Cavalry 1 4uth do do 2 Ut Rhode Island Art. 1 45th do do 2 2d U. 8. Artillery 1 52d do do 6 4th do do 2 57th do do 4 5th do do 1 104th do do 1 1st New York Artillery 3 2d Maine Volnnteers.. 1 Mott's Battery 1 7th dn fin A Hnmp nn#r^O h n 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 ' 3d do do 8 Total 153 At Hotfiial at Columbia * ColUgt, Washington, J?n 10 4th I) 8. Cavalry 1 3d Berdan !*harps'rs.. 5tb do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry id Maine Volunteers.. 1 2d do Vol.... ?th do do...... 2 3d do do.... Utb do do 31 Otb do do.... 5tb N flr?ni]>,<h1n? Vol 1 lit Penn. Artillery.... id Vermont Volunteers 1 4th do Cavalry 5th do do.... 1 6th do do lOtb Massachusetts Vol 1 1st do Volunteers. 1st Rhode Island Art . 1 id do do 4tb do Vol. A 3d do do...... IstNew York Artillery 2,5tb do do...... 2d do do.. 1 8th do do Rocket Batt 1 13th do do 1st New York Cavalry. 123d do do 2d do do.... 5 27th do do 8th do do....2oj31st do do Harris Cavalry 1 53d do do 9 17th New York Vol... 7 57th do do 1 32d do do.... 8 96th do do...... 1 34th do do.... 1 104th do do 1 37th do do.... 3 1st California Vol 2 43d do do,... 1 8th Illinola Cavalry... 2 44th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 94tfa do do.... 1 5th do do...? 1 64th do do.... 2 7th do do.... 1 77th do do.... 7 letMlnn?ao(aVol 1 Anderson Zouaves.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 3 lat Excelalor Brigade. 13d do do...... 2 3d do do.... 1 4th do do 3 De Kalb N Y. Vol ... 1 8th do do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 1 Stockton^ Mich. Vol. 1 McClellan'a Dngow. 2 Cameron Dragoons... 5 Total,... 174 I At f U.Mu'i.l 'rM?i- v j?- ? ?> uww **!/?/'? ?? . \vttch,/ r*ainvnfitni, Jaw 11. Engineers 1 24th New York Vol... 1 lit U. S. Artillery.... 1 Ut Michigan Vol 1 2d do do 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. 3 3d do do 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 6 5th do do 3 9th New York Vol... 2 1st do Cavalry 5 *Jd do do.... 2 2d do do 12 2d Penn Volunteers . I 4th do do 4 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 5th do do 2 Stampfleld's Battery, Oth do do 5 New York Vol 1 1st do Infantry 1 22d New York Vol... 2 2d do do 5 15th do do.... 1 3d do do 7 49thPenn.Volunteers. 1 4th do do 7 45th do do I 0th do do 7 Cameron Dragoons... 1 8th do do........ 1 ? 10th do do 5 Total ? At St. EKnabetk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Jan 10. 4th Excelsior Brigade. 3 50th Penn. Volunteers. 1 2d do do.... 1 8th New Jersey Vol.. 1 let do do ... 1 Excelsior Artillery Vol 8 53d Penn. Volunteers .13 52d Penn Volunteers. 5 8th New York Vol... 1 41?t New York Vol... a 2?th do do ... 1 15th Penn Volunteers. 1 Cameron {Often 2 2d New Vark Cavalry i 35th Penn. Volunteers. 1,8th do do.... 1 6th Vermont Volunteers 5 57th do Vol I Brtckel's Art. Butt. .. a 61th do do 16 59th New York Vol... 1 6th N Hampshire Vol 4 tf-.'t do do.... 1 ? 36th Penu Volunteers. 3 Total 77 1st do Reserve.... 1 At Indiana Hospital iPaent OJJUt), Washington, D. C.. Jan 11 19th Indiana Vol 30 1st Michigan Cavalry. 4 l*t Berdan Sharps'r*.. 8 Stern fell'a Artillery... 1 ad do do 7 3d Indiana Cavalry... 1 7th New York Cavalry 2 Uth Maine Volunteer* 1 9th do do... 3 4th Rhode laland Vol. I Ut do Artillery 4 ? 53d Penn. Volunt*r*. 4; Total M Sick r$maini*g t* ike Hospital ft* Erupt*** Dutastt, ?t Kalorama. Jan 10. id U S. Infantry 5 10th New Jersey Vol . 1 5th do Cavalry 4 45th Fenn Volunteer. 1 6th do do 3 5'2d do do 4 7th Maine Volunteer*. 3 S3d do do..M.. 1 11th do do.... 5 85th do do...... j lid VerinontVolunteer* 1 9ftb do do...... 1 Uth Munrhnirti Vol J - ? Ut New York Artillery 6 l?t Michigan Cavalry. 1 9th do Cavalry. 1 7th Wisconsin Vol... 1 13th do Vol 2 19th ludlam Vol 3 44th do do 2 McClellan Dragoons.. 1 96th do do 12 Quartermaster's Dep't ? 57th do do 2 Civilian 1 77th do do 1 ? 87th do do 1 Total.. ...81 At Omutal Hospital, Alexandria, Jan 10. 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 3 15th Penn.Volunteers. 3 2d do do 3 3d do do 3 bth do Infantry.... 3 53A do do 17 2d do do 1 35th do do 9 3d do do 1 33d do do 1 4th do do 3 29th do do...... 1 t At K Ha lm? a , j. * ivvu ?w vuioiij l mo fid aoim##l 3 5th do do........ 1 40th do do...... 1 lit do do 1 11th do do s V 8. Engineers 1 86th do do 3 37th N<.w York Vol... 4 54th do Firj?Zouave? 1 ttth do dj.... I ltth do Cavalry.... 6 l?th do do.... 6 ut do Retfrve 1 Seth do do.... 3 1st do Artillery ... 1 ltth do do....36 Lincoln Cavalry...... l 3*d do do.... 4 2d Michigan Vol jg 6Cth do do.... 9 1st do do...... l 7?th do do.... 1 5th do do 8 ttth do do....?3d do do lu 334 do do.... 1 1st Massachusrtta Bat. I 31st do do.... 1 -id do Vol 18 ?th do do.... l?th do do.. 7 54th do do.... 1 lat MinnesotaVol i 3Wh do do.... 4 1st Mew Jersey Vol ... 1 i?m ao no.... j 5th do do.... 6 4W do do.... 4 tth Rhode Ulud Vol .10 17th do do.... 9 lit do Bat.. 1 Mth do do.... 8 6th do Art.. S 4th do do.... 8 5th do Bat . 1 C9d do do.... 1 5th Mai oa Volunteers. 9 35th do do....10 4th da do 3 61st do do.... 1 *d da do S fflth do do.... 1 3d do do 3 30th do do.... 1 87th Indiana Vol 10 18th do do.... 1 5th ConnecticutVol ..16 791h N Y State Mil.. 1 6th Wiaeonsia Vol....lS th do do 5 lit Escalator Brigada. 1 9d H. Y Fin Zouaves 1 5th Wlaooaaln Vol.... 4 3d NawYork Artlllarr 1 3d do do..... 7 8th do Caaalrr. 1 l*tfc Vermoat VrJ ia 1* do do.... 8 5th New York Artillery 1 Cameron Dncooti... 3 Quartonnaator'a ?. Harrta Lliiht Cavalry. 1 ploy 6th IUImIi Cavalry... 4 6th N. Hampshire Vol.13 lOfthPean Volunteer* 13 4th Connrcitent Vol.. 1 Md do do 10 let New York ArtlUory 1 67th do do I let Wtecooatn Vol.... 1 6th do do ? Mth New York Vol... 1 Cameron Klflee 1 73d Penn Volunteort. 1 7th Penn. Volontwr*. 2 4dtb do do ft Total t? Mth do do i At Fifth Diitriet Sek?l Horn* Bt mmtk %f Qtntr+i HirfU+l w E iirm, J mm K. , K?ataekyC*nlnr.... 1 ObloCiTtlry (nut). 17it PenncrlvanlaVol. 1 3d M1cbt*an Vol 6U Bbode'UUad Bat. 3 CM N?r York Vol.... ftb do Vol. 1 10Kb Peon Volunteer* M Vermont Voluntem 1 3d V * Artillery.... td U. 8. Cavalry 1 D. C. Volunteer* 4lV J ivu UU UU. 1 ? Mh do do 1 ToUl n Cameron Dragoons... I irr Washington papers please oop? ud tmi I bills to tbe W sr Department. jt 1*?*t 1 WASHINGTON. D. C , JAM Alt Y, 1*??. t , REMOVAL. A. BINIXGER A CO. i MT| REMOVED TO !? . 919 PKNNSTLTANU AflRTI, OPPOMTB WILLARW HOTEL. k I W? invito the tftentloa of oar fhoftdt fc&4 , patron to tb? C?rd bokrur i No. 819 PimiiTiTisu AriRti, I (oppoiiU WiUard'i HoHl,) ( The Subscribers, hiring opened a Bnocb E? tabllsbment la thii City a frvr months since, six! feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage al reedy received from l a friends tad the lover* ? pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other article* in their line, have determined I upon a continuance and extension of their bunt. 1 neaa Tbelr assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES l (of various age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA R CM, GINS, 4c. Also, several valuable Tonic*, Bitter*, and Stomachic*, which are reinedlrafor bowel complaint*, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS. BURGUNDY, CHAMPA0MB, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA t*EGARS, Of all Varieties and Price* FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, FICKLE8, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS. SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. Th? Stock was particularly selected to nit tb# wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac They are InriWd to visit the establishment, which Is under 'be direction of Mr. Jos. P W ILSOfV Owing to the fact that they Import most of Uk articles direct, and to tbelr ma or buslnees facilities. thev are enabled to offer their stock Goods at ?i<rtr 1ais? tvi j ?vr t? |/i iv^* Your obedient aervanU, A. BININOCR fc CO., Importers / Foreign Wimtt, Lifyort, fc, ja 11-tf NlW VoftK AMD WilBINTOR. nKPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, \J Wuhixsto*. D. C.. Jan. 14th. >tBSkalio Pkoposa.1* will be received attbis Ofl.t nntii 12 o*o!o X m , l#th in?tam, for plaoini: ib depot at a point to be emigrated bj the I>. pot Qa*rWmaster. near the Ra'liotd Depot In thia sit*. (5,'Wi FIVE THuUSANl) COKDi ? HA*D WOOD, thejroo-t to he out foar feet long, and split io mo * is o: ordinary oord or merobaa^abie wood, and to he o?>rded in r*nke lour feet tuck, tne whoie to b? delivered on or before the 9Dtli day of Febra ry. '80S, and at the rata 01 (160; ore bandrad and ti :1y oorde per day, the dell vary to ooramanoe within five daye aftereignmc tue o <ntr*ot, pa;meat io be made on the da xve.y of every (flOo) five fiaadrad oorde. Separate bid* for iJ.A00) twenty five ban died o?rde of the wood will be reoeived. Go* d eecunty will be r'qBKad for tbe flu thfal fulfilment of eajd contract The undernf D*d eeive? to him'elf the njat to rrjeot all bide that may be oonaidered too high. D. H RUCKER, Depot Q oartarmaatar. ja IS (J. S. Amy. f ADIKB REAL PARIS KID 6LOVE8. Very beet quality, all eis?e and ooioree. Aleo. e new aud ?t?IUh lot of Embroideries, at maty h?dM unier former arioee. One pnoe otiy. marked in a lain fir are*. PKRRY k. BROTHER, ja 14 et Pa. av. and Ninth atreet. 1 THEATRICAL SCENERY FOR SALE. The Scenery. Wlofc. Curtain Pnllfa, eU. all n*w?be ocgmc to tne hall now need by theOhrietr Micatrel*. embr*oiD( PtVK NIW T:F.NKl>, with all the Fixtures, for enlelow. Apply te J NO. WKLLH. Ho liday -treet Theater, Baltimore, or JOHN P. SMITH, at the Hall, Tenth etre*t, V\ athinjton. ja H^t HKPHERD'8 PLAIUS.f r adiee dreeeee and mu: Cloaks &navl*,aut fine# Dree* Oooda, all p aotd ou a rHu :ed aoale of prioee. Al*o oar uanai fine atook of all kind* of Dry Ooodi for -he reneral and special wants of Caauien and housekeepers. Be prioe on y. marked in plain figures ; benoe, no parohaaer ia overcharged. PKRRV4 BROTHER. Ja 14 St Penn avenue and Ninth at I ~ " mOIQia^kCiW ainw.no ^ ? ?? ? 'I'BIDIO IVUIID11UI IV>Ei. 1 Dll Ut SI MOT) 1. ber hath obtained from tho Orphan#'Cosrt of Washington oonnty. in the District of Columbia, letter* ofaiministration on the personal estate of George 81 pp.late of Wa*i:r.?t ncounty ajwreeaio, deceased. All pe'sons baring olaims sgainst the eaia deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, vith the roaohere thereof, to the smbaeri bar, on or before the e eventh day of Jannary i n&xt; they mar otherwise by lav be exalodad from a.l benefct of the said estate. Given under my hand this eierer it day ?*f Jan > uary 1862. LUBUEN U ZZ Ja 14 8t* Administratrix. I POR HOOIER'SJ)! VISION, MATT A WO a MAN CREEK | Tb? ateain propeller C. RALPH toflubNl onartored to run ontbe abors ronre. _ JP"? ^ in pleoe of the Teiecr&ph, which audergoicg repaira. mint aeoeaear y in ooaerqae&oe or the ioe. will Itin Oarter'i Wha f. loot of UH at'net, awry MONDAY, WEDNESDAY ana FRIDAY, at f o'eotk, line. Tho?e b*?inf fretj ht are rm?ni to eead it to the wharf the afWaooa before aa far M r?ao' tioab e, to enable the boat to leaTearoMtly to the , tp. jaU-af 479 >U etraet,cp etatrmQ A NOTICE. LL Pereona harmc aoooanta with aee aeeettled ; will pleaee oall aad eette ik?m try aota* or other wiae. if not the* will h* bIamhI in *k? ? - oolleetor to bemade. RbBT. H.ORAflAM. Coaekaaker, Eighth et eet. 1 N. B. Parties kaviac bills ecaioat me will iImm present them for pay ment >a 11 ?i* gCHWKKlN'8 RU8S.AN INV1QORATOR. A sere remedy for Ferer ud i|H, Diiyiyiifc Dimuas of the Kidneys, Aeidity of ue atomaek, 1 Cold, Heart Born. oh of Appetite, Coeti*ee?ee, i Pilee. v^eekneMofany kind alodairwiouftfeoUons ocnaeeaeot anon a aleordered etumaek oi i liver,and is especially reooamended for eaek M . ohange* of elimaie and water. T ke R a setae la uorator kit for tke last keif oentnry Wee my saooeaafn ly need in Kaaaiaaod all over K a rope, aSa?&k&flwisl ?eot?bt?dra?gUu." * ~ 486 OVAL PlAMkft. t1= muti' araKfta, 0OAL Olb-COAL Olb-OOAL CM Li COALANDRTIMltl. nH. Cm?r N?* jfmf ? . tad ik at frWH?* 486 ,,w?WW?y'"" 486 O'fcrMl Coior?d Pietw* Q?r? ui TmmU, from PhotomM t0 Portrait lia?, PloCvra fttac*. N*tU,fc?. Ci-Mf ??? OMh *1 C~ -^SSHSfe. ? j AUCTION bALI^ HTFr mAT Smlt, ?_<r?* p*#* i THIS AFTERNOON b Ti>-MOKKu'w By SHEEN 4 WlLUUB,AieuAMr. E*XTE**1Y? PALE OF BOOTS * BROW, ?4 ?T Arrtiow.?0?> K* IDA V. U*. l^O> iluM, > 1 Boot " :w3 Bko* Hor* 01 rk ?>. < ro ? .? ornw r iim, oypo?u? U* tit; Fort Oftee. at l?o'? ;*k i n ,u xe*HMt 11 Html a*aorua^nt o B'K???>nd bt<M?, vti. > Bratnod. Ca'f ar.d Ki? Ct*ftln ^??ol?cj and Pldiac Boots. 9>nfl? ami DcaMo folt mvH ?nd Pi||ti Boots Halnorel. M< Oxlora Tim !*ho*?, Congress and Kid Gt tc i Patost Lxa'har Boot*. A l?o, La ta. ard all other tool a holoatiac to a Boot M M os Mtftbliahwit )a l? It _ 6 K EEN A W ILLl AM?, Ascta FUTURE DATS. Br 6REEN * WILL1AMA, A??tioas?re I?INE OOLE AND_ BlLVKE W*TCHBB SB. ARD < mm ARB PltTOL AT A r CTIOR ?0? KTL'KDAY, Unlki it vol ? ..II U. im roet or oar ?tor?, No **6 7th ?tr *?. at IB r'euwi B B., BB rx<? iBBt BMOrtBCnt of Cold Bod StlTBT WatoJm.'U s 8a*ta*0n|l B*bMbc Lmriad 9?M Chata. B iHtB^had tiO d LofBt. kniok>? lOOfBBiBBi. Um IfwrmGoift'tink WBteii, ThroA Borttag D tBr hed SiItbt. Ooo Opae-food Fog ii riiMtUm. Qa? ?bb Fr* oh F tw.tki'i. Ob*Con ? rihoo or ao, bIbtco lot ofF?'M'?rt Bid ( '? > ? O^l. ark*n ft William*. J> It r (Bofub-l A?-"toi.?f. ASSrX#K& *V3%l?S2.Sa Ml Bt AlMpoll' Jll UOF.OI *ttB'd<?T, Jtr, fMk, a'!1* Mm ot Wood L Brd, b i>c. nj on the nil . Wood ooatrBot r? ?r? ibtiuwi t? M'oatf. | _ ? _ a _ r\ - i r ? r p?r ?< HP7 Ml A* 0AMU * ^ P?J 1. JM !?.?* By J. C M.OL'IRE A CO . ModcMM. O*J* fTYLIBH REY ROxtKS. TOf i 4M> HaIUFI' iT ArcUi'iUi!>AH KDAY MORM.NO. J w-Btr ItiA. M 1 o' look, iM trout of ta? Aootioc Kcow, w??fc*Jl U? I 1 rair?y'lkGrey Hot f?, 1 T->? Bifn W**on, l > i Doable flftrtm*. - 1 8'?ieh, for aoocact of vhon it may mm for <1 . hrvry due ierieo*?n 1 JCHV6REGWPI, MStrop lUB LiT*rj ?U t?a J C McGUIKE A c??.. A?ei?. Notice to livery stable, express, HAtKMKM. HJTl;KR?: Ao-Tko HlMn o-r. u?ti | i penN in'ii ii ui* r.ooe?r mn , oorntr f??enth atraet and t*e ('ana', a< uth aide. ia ?-epar-<l to baitd al kind* of Expreaa and futtar** WMi>ni, Carta, Ac. Particular a*'ent on paid to RffMirKc. Et a* ahoeitg,and Mnittincjo ja 18 4t* A. bTBLOOP. Ddkniistrv. . L LF.VETT. O^ntiat. < branch cf r?.a *?taK iB'Bt No I* WnvaMy Piaaa, New Vork)/^^ won d call taa attautioa to who mayfcJBaiS need hi* terv.ee*. that in addiU'a to ia***" '" great (koi iti?a ia operative DeitiaTy, tie is ia mmmior of a new and important invention fo? theinaertion of Artfioiai T?e:h wi th?priB?ip>* of Atmttrhtnt pri -tart entirel? dU-rent fr< m IM old modt, and neonrcd by let'.a?a latent grant* i April 6*h, laNt. Thia invention ia of Ike greateat value, there l>einir lata plate aaed to ?<>ver the r(H>f of the month, aud w th an iDorean?d anoint of aaotioa. Tna puldio ar? mvitad to ca 1 and ** ?mmeap?c:m*na ftca owuiKftief from torn* or M atoct prominent ua aoitiuifie c*tlU?in*n, No. 4*1 > T?ati itrto wwt. wf pi. >w jt it-tola* Notice lo Watch-Makers. , S. A J. M V K R I, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDINS. C'o??Mf of Pa. ar*n*? and Seventh tf J art Neatrai a fin# KtorUMst of WATCHES i ?t i ?*?;*. QOLD CHAINS AT WHOLESAL^ R , 1 10 WMulDtt'oV BtlWU|. YY ATCH MATEKIJV^A^ WHOLESALE! 10 WMhintton Building. WATCH ?LAB8KS AT w HOLKHALP. * V? B * J MVEEB. 10 Wt'kuttoB Kol dint. W ATCH MAKERV TOOLS At W* P4J. MYEI-. 1? Wiihimto.1 Bwildiitf. s'ywtiiff?- f?4f{&?*** j* >3 tw' 1* Wuh-niio^ I FAIRBANKS STANDARD SCALES. i rot liLK BT J . r. BARTBOLOW, Bol* A tent, arlvtrc 4 Agricultural Varrbtut, 6S*> ItTtiU Street, B*twM? Pmm**lvmumi iimw mmd tk* CM, ^ 6Mt end of C?itn Market. Dayton's Bakery. fie? NEW YORE. BRANCH, No 466 Eleventh St., between 0 and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. V VAi run-B riumet oybtkk ckackbrb, m sponge butter cracle*s, BOSTON CRACKERS. WATER CRACKtRS, M SODA CRACEKKf. WATER (RACKEES. - LEMON BISCUIT. . - CalebrmUd~MINCE PIES. HoW kMftn, H?4i of PMiUtM, Mi Mlm I irtlanUdto try ?ir wli?t MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott. Sept. I. Ml, Ml Dattow? Sir i All of ?, beth oCmn ab4 fhntM, bin kU IMj of your PUa. I ?i mmMMMtlosaly it?U that mo bu ia oa tha aiek hat from pArtakiar*of them. 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