17 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ X I 1 ' . . V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1862 N?. 2,779 ?^^ ft ' THE EVENING STAR u rUBUSHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXOBPTED.) AT THE MAR BUILDlKM, 9ermm 9f m?m< mmd BUv?tk it. n W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* served la packages toy carriers d Wl fttf, or 37 centi per month. To mall subscribed the price U S3 JO a yew, im Unm; tit for tfx Booths; f 1 for three months; tnd for 1cm than ' three months at the rate of IS cents t week. Single copies, om cmt; ia wrappers, two canTS. CT AsnaTimuis should he seat to the | oOce before li o'clock a.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. VAYLE VEST*OR, PRIVATE. The music wandered off from Flotow to near er home, playing the "Star Spangled Banner" in bold breesy bursts. The large, long hall was filled with the sweet sharp shocks of the cymbals, the bright blowing of the buglen, and the great drum-beats rolling through. People let tnrir Ihnnrhli flnv t? mut tli* as suited them beat, out upon the piaiits, in the ptriors, or in the large, long hall. Walking up and down the latter, girl voice went singing the first line, "Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light!" then ceasing, beating her palms together in tiire with tne striking oymbals, she said, "Oh is.-'; it lovely?" lingering inn pretty draw upon the "lovely." The gentleman walking beside her looked down, smiling mischief, as he replied, " Very lovelv, Carlotta, sing it again." " Nonsense ' I do not mean my singing. Ah, but you know that I dont!" looking up laugh\ ing into the laughing face. He bent lower and mere meaningly returned " But I mean the singing. I like it better than the baud." " No. no, don't talk sc. but listen?ah, it is divine! divine! better than any musio in the world. I don't wonder, listening to it, that iinMi??ri rtiliiA ill fK? . ? _ ?? .w ?MV vagcuUitill auu UUL LUC danger when they march to the battle-field to aoh inspiring strains. Raymond, how did you feel when the men were dropping round you at Manassas ?" "Oh, as most men feel; after the first shock and dread passes, the nerves grow steady. Thus easily we get careless of human lives." " Ah, no, I do not think it is that; I think the soul rises to the occasion. But will you go again ?" " If I can get a commission, yes. if not, no." ? Why will yen not go if you do not get a i a commission ? " Well, I don't like the associations generally as private It's too hard work, and if I ruk my life, I wsnt to choose the way." "Yes, I see,'' she answered absently, as if ! she did not half ree 1' " You would be glad to have me go, Carlotta?" bending again, with eager interest. She knew what he meant, and a llitu of erimson fused into the faint pink cheek. l and she unfurled her fan with a quick, ner? rous slide, aa the replied, " I would he glad for every man to so that can, specially those without wives and children." ' They may have mother*; yoo forgot that," he said, with an irritated, jeering sort of a laugh. But aha was very serious, almost solemn, as aha returned, " Tea, that is very trne; I didn't forget. My brother went, you kesw; and he goes again, with our mother's oonsent." " I know." That was all he said, but it was said in aofter accents, under conviction. Then in a moment more he began, "And the tie of a lover, Carlotta?" A little tinkling clash, and the pretty pearl fan was lying broker upon the floor, making grievous interruption. Stringing it to and fro, it had swung far out, and tell at a gentleman's feet, who was sitiinp on one of the aide couches. He brought it to w ?, ? ? ner, ana received a little airy "Thank you," and a smile of which ber companion looked envious. "I wonder who he is?" she exclaimed, watching tbe "gentleman" as he returned down the hall. " I've noticed him titling j there all the evening." f Have joa?" with satirie emphasis, to ' whiob she paid no attention, but went on be*dleealy: ' Yes; and did yon see what an air he has? how loftily he carries his head ? Military, too, do yoa notioe?" He must be a new arrival " ? Very likely,'' was the reply, cross enough now, and snapping two or three more sticks of the fan he had taken from her. Whereupon such aeunning little smile went flashing whiter p?ir!a than he held into view, and a~pair of merry brown eyes dropped their white curtains. for modestj'a sake. The gentleman who had been the innocent cause of all this, from his plaee on one of the side ooaobes observed the pantomime of the eonversation with an odd amile curling his heavv mostache. It was evident that he understood. On the next morning, Miss Carlotta Delevan ?in other words, Miss Charlotte, the sweet Spaniah rendering being the work of her Cuy ban nurse?migbt have been seen, somewhere after breakfast, when the balls are mostly vacant, running her little finger down the list of arrivals, as she leaned over the office desk. Smillx ..J J : AH?I? WIUK ua Muu ULUJ IUCB, BUU OTISMJ* 1 crmtic Howard*, and Vans, and the Parisian Da', bat only one military Captain Jones; and following thia, making it mora noticeable from fL the sharp oontrast of euphony, waa one name, the last, Vayle Ventnor 44 Vayle Ventnor!" She ran it orer in her > mind. The oddest name in the world. Bat she had found what she sought; her military hero of the lofty carriage waa Capt. Jonea. Bo, satisfied, she went sauntering out upon the piasss and met the military hero, "Captain > n A? - * u uu?>, uuui?niig wv. ooc aroppea ner pretty hesd in pretty remembrance, and received a graceful "reverence" in return; then, with gentlemanly courtesy. be turned off from hia walk, leaving her alone. So she sauntered alowly, thinking, "There's something fine about the man?not so handsome, though, as Raymond Mays; horrid name, too, 'Jones' Heigh ho'." (yawning) u I wish I bad the morning's paper. Ah! there comes Raymond; I'll ask him. Raymond," nodding and smiling her greeting, "is that tha paper yoa have ? Yes 7 Thank you'" nodding again ^ and dropping into a ohair to unfold and look T it over, talking meanwhile to Raymond, who seated himself naar. Looking down a list el oldiers, what should she come upon but those two names again. First, among the oAoara, 'Jeremiah Joaat, Captain;" then, lower down, "Vayle Ventnor, Pnrata." This Capt. Jones, how he haunted her. Jeremiah Jenes, think of that' she thought, and lauched ontri*ht. a little tinkle of merriment. " What is it so fanny, Carlotta? I eoald not find anything fanny there Yoa get all the sunshine of life what is it?" bending over. Bat Carlotta chose not to tell, so ihe pat s little slim hand between his eyes and the paper, saying, with a merry malice, "Carious*" " No; only interested in what interests yoa. I want to oateh your sunny wsy. Can't you teach me bow?" " Yes," demurely, " I'll teach you to oatoh it," rolling the paper into a ball, and tossing 4 It lightly to him He caught the paper, and the fun too, tossing it back again softly. And to and fro they . kept it going a moment, until, in a backward [ bend of her bead, all laughing and flushed, and brees*-ruffled as the need was, she recti red a glanoe of admiration from a bearded faoe looking down from an upper window opon their lauchTn2 play. It was sheer admiration. t nothing 1ess,~for the girl herself in all her bright momentary abandon. Ai she met it, her color roe* natnrally; the dropped her eyes to raise them furtively, bat tne geaer bad withdrawn. It was very fanny. And then there rashed over her mind?"Captain Jeremiah Jones'" and another pool of laughter tinkled forth. " What does possess you, la Carlotta, this morning*" yoang Msyeqnestioned,smilingly. She drew a long faoo, and answered, "(Taptain Jeremiah Jones possesses mo, Raymond!" And flinging down the paper, she ran away? tinkling forth her langh again to her henrer'a HOT o/iuiioauoD eo ID* ran Bp IM tUlra, aloof ib? bail* u?l puM|u, laughing Mill, for th? rtry drollory of tho whoU thing? i laughing anl aayln* orar gleefully, Captain Jereaaiah J?a?, Captain Jeremiah Jooea," wban Captain Jeremiah Jonea. in a ?u<Heu I > Urn aroirnd a eorn?r ne?rly ran btr do?ro. Off i*M tk? plained hat, and pardon *M nM *rj humbly, with u I hop? I baron't hart yon; it was very awkward of me, bat yoar ! step was so light and mine so heavy " She I leaned against the wall, not hart, bat startled < so that she coaldn't speak for a moment. She was hart, then, he thoaght, and very < gravely and respeotfally be approached to I offer some assistance, when she regained her- i self, and explaining, sped away. Bursting ' into her room, the persistent oddity of tho affair overcame her again, and she flang her- < self, in another peal of laughter, on the bed. < Her mother looked op in amase, asking Ray- 1 mond's question, " What does possess you, Carlottar" With a little silver shoot she answered, "Captain Joremiah Jones possesses me, mamma:" and as soon as sho was able to , speaa iurtner, sne gave "mamma a history of her adventures with the above gentleman. 1 "Mamma" took the sunshine of lite like her daughter; so there were a pair of laughers when she had ended. The uneonacioas cause 1 of all this, standing at the office lighting a cigar, beard the merriment, and recognizing ' one voice, wondered what it was about. After dinner, a servant handed her a card : "Ward Wyman." She ran down gleefully, for Ward Wyman was an old friend, and there she found him in close conversation witn Op- 1 tain Jeremiah Jones, who was for turning away ' as the lady approaohed, but staid at the peremptory command of Mr. Wyman, and the 1 words, ' I want you two to know each other. Carlotta this is my friend Ventnor?Vayle Ventnor, Miss Charlotte Delevan." The gontleman bowed lowly, "was very happy," etc.; but Carlotta was too amazed to say a word; and all the while trying in vain to control the tk.t J: 1-J J 1 ** ojviiiujouv iuab muipicu ruunu cor mouin. Through her mind went running, "Captain Jeremiah Jones"' That night when Mays, Raymond May?, came up to their hotel she had to tell him the whole story; it was too funny to keep. How he laughed? "Why, you little goose, can't you tell an officer's dress from a private's ?" " No, indeed; how should I ?" she answered " Ventnor7 Ventnor'" he repeated. "Ward ( ?K> Wvman, who was just pas^Lg?who is this fellow'" " What fellow ?" ' This V?ntaor?" Ward Wyman twinkled with suppressed amusement. "This fellow, Mays, is the son of Richmond Ventnor. whose house you visited with me, in Paris, five years ago " " The dickens it is? What in tbe world is his son serving merely as a private for ?" i " You*must ask him." , " Why, his income must be a small fortune, J L:- * - - sou aia associations ana lamily advantages such that he might have almost any post. What does he mean?" Thus, in his surprise, Raymond Mays ran on, unoonscioas that he whs adding still more interest to the quondam Captain in the mind of Carlatta. He saw his mistake by-and-by, ; when the band struck up ''Die Schonbrun- , oer," and passing by, Vayle Ventnor, eDOOur* i/ed by the oordial smile that greeted him from la Carlotta, approached and asked her. Would she honor him with two or three turns ?" adding apologetically, "that he was scarcely a fit cavalier for a lady in his rough , soldier's costame." i D..? ?i * ?- * -" * >? v/anvua (oongQi amerentiy. and said *ocie'hing very pretty and patriotio to him as | she accepted the invitation. The fact was, Carlotta was wild with curiosity to know how inch a fortune favorite caine to be in his present position is "Vayle Ventnor. Private;" and so she determined to follow up the acquaintance until she had satisfied her Eve-!ike propensity. It wasn't a pleasant waits to one person there Raymond Mays stood chewing the cud of bitter reflection. Poor Mays! he thought he was dying for Carlotta Delevan; and perhaps he was. but it would be an easy death ? because Mays never took anything hardly, not even the small-DOX. which once visited him, leaving one white mark ?n the i aide of his handsome nose. It wasn't pleasant to see Ventnor'a splendid sliding ea?e of step j as he whirled past with Carlotta. If he had ] made a bangle ef it he ooald have forgiven < him, but that perfect movement defied oriti- \ cism. After the waits, the two strolled out upon the piasta, and here suddenly the gentle- j man reeled, and wonld have fallen had it not ( been far the alight little arm that was linked within his. He sat down, and presently explained. " I have been ill, Miss Deleran, and the change of air after the exercise made my head pin-1' Oh, you are off en furlovgh, getting well ?" < she asked, with some satisfaction. < " Exactly," her replied, not a little amused at ber direot simplieity, "off on furleugh, getting well?that's just it, Miss Delevan." She colored a little?had she been too curioos? But his manner was very frank and kind, so her mind eased itself, and the talk flowed so readily that she found it was eleven a'AIAAW WAA-wwa ak A * fr ~ ? ? v w.w? arvavsav ouo auvw ib. ikiaiu^ wv gu iu, she Mid to him : " Come to our private parlor, Mr. Ventnor, and let me present you to my mother; abe will be glad to make you oomfortable if yoa are an invalid, and to ask you about the army, for our Will's sake." He thanked her kindly. He liked the ?ordial freedom of her invitation, and told her how glad he would be to come. [TO IB CONTINUED.J Gene.-ai McClellan's Plaa of the War?Ita Immediate Success Certain. [Prom the New York Timw J The following extraot ef a letter, written by a person who speaks from the highest possible suthority, relates to matters already familiar to our readers, aad ahile it does no more than jaatiea to the distinguished subject of the correspondence, holds out the most gratifying mi ?? mat ugiuia iuuiu?r aiuaia nan hare puitd, the war, through his admirable combinations, will be brought te a close: Washihotoh, Jan. 12, 1862. Mt Dear Si* : You do quite right to hold fact to jour faith in Gen MeClellan. I ean i understand jour own impatience and that of the public?but the greateat faultfinders, and moat timid aod faint-hearted patriot*, will be all aglow with admiration, and admit, with mi ogled ahame on the part of the carilera, and pride in the hearts of all true men, that the > delay baa bee? imperative, and that the appa vMii iniAtiv4t? ftf Utn 11^01*11**1 ka? kM* a oompulsory part of bis grand plan of the campaign, and a precursor of vaster and more comprehensive resnlu in eonseauenoe. There is, I am sorry tasaj, an active clique here,who are trying to injare Gen. McClellan, because < be but carries out the present purposes of the Administration in not no%o making this a war of emancipation. Let the "on to Riohmond" set be patient yet a little longer. The war will be over, and I tbeir dearest wishes, perhaps, be realised, bv the "logia of events," sooner than their wildest dreams anticipate In trying to influenoe the President against Qen. McClellan they bite a 111*. Tbe only possible effeet of this , hooting and boondiog. by eorrespoadential i and telegraphic missives, a man who made himself teriouily siok?more so than the public know?by his aieepleea activity and untiring i energy, will be (bat it may, perhape, some- i what impair bU usefulness with tbe army. He j has now tbe entire oonfldenoe and affection of the whole army, general! and privates, such j as no other eommander can hope to attain, i Any attempt to weaken bim with the army, in theee respects, wonld be a calamity to be da- < plored by tbe whole nation. Tbe mil fruition of all ear bo pee is at ban4. I repeat, keep i steadfast U your faith in Gen. MoClellan, for i *hleh too baro good oauae, tad til will aooa i to wall. i Look at bis earner. Ai a man of prtrata worth, and a Midler of pnblto Mrriet, who i hows a fairer record ? HU raperior military i kill end knowledge have been written with bit own pen an4 oarred by hi* own aworl He j need* neither eulogitt nor apologiat. Sea what bo baa doao ?ince tbo rebellion broke oat; < Devised and carried into aucce safal execution the admirably digested military organisation t>f the State of Ohio; cleared the rebela out of Weatern Virginia in one of the moat energetic ?nd brilliant little campaigns of history; brought instant order oat of perfect chaos, and made riotous Washington as quiet m a country rillage; out of a completely demoralised and disorganised mob, created a thoroughly diajiplined arm.y as victorious Drainaville and sven disastrous Ball's Bluff attest; and, greater than all, has borne with most exemplary meakness and silence. " Tbe spurns 'mat patient merit cf the unworthy takes," and overcome the little envies, jealousies, bickerings and gigantic difficulties and obsta:lea that would hare appalled and frightened back In dismay from his Herculean task a less bold or resolute heart, t write warmly about Sen. McClellan, because I know and lore the man. Your suggestions to attack Manassas, even at the risk of defeat, on the gro?4 tk*t we had better be beaten than rot to pieces, is not like your usual good sense. Any military man would tell you that to hurl our forces against those strong intrenchments would be sheer madness. But Gen. McClellan has them caught in their own trap. They are like a fox in a burrow with ene bole, where they must Bson bo forced out, and then Qcn. McClellan will fall upon them like a thunderbolt. The public will not then complain of his want of energy. I tell you it will be eo fearful as to have wailing and mourning from PVflrV Sfttl V* Atl A 17" m^af ' - . ?. j ?uvi u uv/uouuviu. nuumug nuoi A do, and but have thus barely binted at as the grand plan ef the campaign, I repeat that the rebels are doom"d, and Secession will never again raise its hydra head in the land. The folds of the giant constrictor are now tightening around the Rebellion, and the coming month will see it crushed out completely and forever. Again I say, look out lor "a short war and a desperate one." Yours ever. . CONDITIO* OF- THE USIOIf ARMIES. Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted the indefatigable secretary of the Sanitary Commission, bag prepared, from the voluminous reports of the agents of the association, a highly interesting and valuable abstract of results, which gives a very complete view of the condition, moral and physical, of a large part of the Union armies. The returns on which Mr. Olmsted's abstract 19 nredintiH innlnrlA knn/)i>a<l . Of these, thirty-seven were from New England, one hundred and one from the Middle States, including Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and sixty-two were western. As nearly as can be ascertained, about two-thirds of the volunteer army is native born, and one-third foreign bom. The average age of the privates is somewhat under twenty-five, and of the officers about thirty-four. Preliminary inspections Becm to have been conducted very carelessly; r?f 1 620 men discharged from the army of the Potomao in October, fifty-three per cent were individual;) who, under proper inspection, would never have been admitted to the army. Drainage of the c*mps has become better .is the soldiers eet nraetiee- ami now ?Ka mainritv 0 r - 7 ? " "" *" "J "" " Di volunteer camp* are tkat least as well drained its those of the regulars " It ia remarked that even yet, however, " it seems to be nobody's business to lay out a system of drains." Ninety per cent. of the force reported on bad tents made of good canvas; and ten per cent, slept under cotton drilling or leaky oanvas. "A limited examination of the disease* of the army indicates tbat the largest proportion of those of typhoid type occur with regiments sleeping on rubber blankets, the least with those on straw or boughs; the largest proportion of catarrhal with regiments on wooden floors, the least with those on the groand; the i?i jcai. ui iucuuaLioui miu muse on wooa, mc smallest with those on straw or boughs; the largest of malarial with those on the ground) the least with those on straw wr boughs." Privies had been established in all the camps, and in eighty per cent, of the force they are kept in proper order. In seventy-seven per sent, of the camps the slops and offal are regularly removed. " Of the camps inspected, five per cent were in admirable order, forty-five per oent. fairly clean and wall nnli/>??l Tfc? nnn/Jitinn twenty-six per ceat. was negligent and slovenly, and that of twemty-four per cent, decidedly bad, filthy and dangerous " In ninety-fonr pej cent, of the regiments men were provided with two shirts, and in sernnty-four per cent, these were of regulation quality, eighty-two per cent, bad good overcoat*; seventy-five per cent, had good oloth body coats, and eighty-seven per cent, were sufficiently supplied with pantaloons; seventyfive per cent bad a blanket each, and twenty per cent, two each?but these mostly of infe rt? quality. Id about tight j per oeot. the officers claimed to give aystematio attention to the oleanliness of the ueo; but it ia remarked that they rarely enforce the washing of the feet, and not always of the head and neut. Food was found to be universally good and abundant. Dosiccated vegetables are used to aome extent, but the men n*ve not learned to cook them. Company funds?obtained by the aale of surplus rations not consumed by the men, and used to purchase fresh vegetables, butter, milk. 4c., are slowly coming into praotice; but it is remarked that the volunteers are with difficulty made to understand the system? which is strange, considering the readiness with which Americans comprehend what bears nnnn thflir Anmfnrt Prnhnhlv rft?imontul o&oers do not take sufficient interest in the matter. Hospital funds exist in only a third of the regiments in the field. Only ten per oent. of the furoe inspected used cooking stores, and almost all preterred fires in trenches. The pieman is an institution in the volunteer force, and the surgeons strongly desire his abolition. Sutlers are held more mischievous than useful. Intoxloation was found oommon in only six regiment*, of two hundred, and our volunteers are believed to be more temporate than any European army. "In 31 regimenU the sutler was allowed to ell liquor. In 169 the officers reported that the sale was prohibited. In 177 it appeared that the men did, in fact, get liqaor with more or leas freedom and faoility from the sutlers or

otherwise. In 23 the insDectors were satisfied that tbe men did not often or readily obtain liquor." There if an intenae demand for reading matter. One regiment gives aiztj doiiara from its ration savings for newapapers. About one-fifth of tbe regimenta possess libraries. 143 regiments of the 200 inspected have bands; and the men are said to be very croud of them. Borne regiments support their bands. The men are general!y disposed to send home from half to three-fourths or their pay. "when it oan be done safely," and the reoently passed allotment aot will be an added indueement to * *.?L _ ui to ao uu. In 106 regiments the otmp hospitals are in good order, and in twenty-six bad. Tha remainder ware indifferent. Tha health of our armies ia eridently not above tha average of armies in tha field. The mortality in the army of the Potomac, during the summer months, averaged ii per cent., and for tha whole army it is slated at Ire per eent. Tha report ealls attention to the necessity of increased precautions against typhus ferer and mall pox- " There has been no general rawaMinatUn A# ?Ka a I'm w >? causes the man to huddle together is the tents, to the obstruction of sufficient ventilation and Mueqtut danger of typhus. The report aslerta that the defective hospital arrangements at and around Washington " ooctinne without material change " "The Com minion feels thai the duty assigned U by the War department require* it to protest, as it has already protested, against the groesly inadequate provision for the eoutinganoy ot a Beneral aotion, whisk eertainiy exiited daring ke summer and autumn, and which it beiterec Kill te exist" TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Flew Yark Legialatare. Albany, Jan 13?Tbe State Senate to-day passed a resolution requesting tbe President to make arrangements for tbe Immediate exchange of prisoners. Bills were introdueed in the Hoase. appropriating 25,(100 to furnish the priaoners of this State, held by tbe rebela. with provisions, etc , and to support tbe volunteers' families by a State tax; alae, a resolution asking Congress for an appropriation for harbor and border defenaes. A Anew Storm Accompanied by Thunder and L>!ghtnirg. itt"i niowj, nomersei uo., ra , jan. 10.?uurinK the an w storm this morning there were vivid flashes of lightning, accompanied by the roar of thunder at intervals. This nr.oit lingular event quite itartled us out of our propriety. ConKaM4Csh, Pa , Ian 15 ?A fall of snow in thtevlclnltv, this morning, wai accompanied by MMlw aAd lightning. Strike at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Philadelphia. Ian 16?The workmen at the Navy Yard struck to-dav, refusing to accept the new regulation! of reduced and extended time of labor. They resolved to communicate with their fellow workmen at New York, Burton, and Washington, and rerjnesf their active cooperation in urging Congret* to rtpe&i the "th section of the act of December. iiomiciae ax titiiiriiie. Locisvillk, Jan 15.?Three police officer# this afternoon went to the suburbs to arrest SanitiOi Kook for mule stealing. They found him at the bouse of a man named Finlev, and broke open tbe door, when Kook shot policeman Benj Rust dead, and slightly wounded policeman Klrby. Policeman Williams then struck Kuok, breaking his jaw and capturing bim. From Fairs. Cairo, Jan. 16?The force sent hence to Paducab, Ky., has been nineteen regimentsof infantry, four regiments and two companies of cavalry, ana seventeen batteries of artillery. Tbe steamer January is aground twenty miles above Cape Glrardeau, and the regiment aboard will be put ashore and proceed to their destination by land. Breckinridge at B?wling Green, Ky. Louisville. Jan 15 ?A thoroughly reliable gentleman, who has ju?t arrivd, report? having seen John 0. Breckinridge at Bowling Green on Friday laM. Notice to Watch-Makers. S. V J. MYERS, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDING. Corner of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. Ju?t race, vad a fine aaiortment of WATCHES at vhoiecate. CHAINS AT WHOI.VSKLE! VI 8.* J.lMVKRi. 10 W&. Kington Puilding. AtCH MATKHl^l^ AT A nOLESALE ! 10 Wl h .(tor. 'Jaildirr. WATCH GL' -Sk.-> *T vv-HOLKJALK' y * J MYERS. 10 Wa-liincton Bui dine. WATCH-MAKERS' T? OI.S At Whriwal?! f* A J MVtR". 1? Washington Mmliing. Ct|I K r.lHlilW. I.KATHK.H RI14RM *r. a Wholesale! s. ? j. to VKm 3, j* 18 3w* 1*> W??htfig?on fin ding. FAIRBA NK'S STANDaRI) scales. i I / jW r. Jciwrr^ \ aJaS ??[ iljid> FOR SALS BT J. P. BARTHOLOW, Sole A sent, Hardvare k Agricultural Ware home, 03S Seventh Street, 2??rire?* Pennsylvania axtnue and lA? Comal, ? ppoiitc eaat end of < eutre Market. Ji H-U ? REKAIDLN BOLLINGER * CO ? CTIAMFAONE3. LEFMAN, K1EFLR &. THOMASS, BOLE AGENT9 for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Ddanb Strut, Ja4-lrn N*w York. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. The sub'oribers have openM the store No. 16 Market Space l'a &v. t?et.8tb and 9th sts. as a first ola in Lace aaJ Fancy Dress Cap L?epct. cooMsune in part of Point d'Aienoon. Appliene Mecklec and Valenciencei Laots, such as Collars, Sleeve*, Hardkerohiefs, Cape<, F'ouncinp, Caps, Caps, Coiifure* and made up goods of tUe finest quality, nr.11 ?.t IMe\r York nricea. COHEN & DUS9ELPORP, from New York. N. B.?Ail cortaof Lace? w&sb?d. mended, and done up equal to new.at short notiow. dea>lm* PIANOS?PI ANOS?PiANOS ! 1 HIS Moraine received again & unppiy oota?e Rosewood Pianos, among th in n? ? very handsome carved one fr >m ihe oele ESmKO brated faotorj of \V. Knaba & Co., Baiti-M I * f ' more, whioh 1 will sell or rent on very, acoommo dating term*. A seoond hand one of 6 ootaves also for sale or to rent at my Piano Room, No. 498 Eleven'h atreet, de 3iMm* F C. R IPHKN BATH. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL romWA?D SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Erpres Ataoba'fe of twenty fire oenta for any mm not exceeding fifty dollars, and a proportionate additional obarxe to places reao .ed by oonbecting Expresses. The money, whether Gold or Trtaswy Notts, sbomd be enclosed in an envelope and securely ealed, and have the fall adJress.uno udin* town. Post Ofhoe, and Slate; and in oiti^, the stieei and number.) of the person to whom <o be sent, and tne amount .Ofiby marked thereon. Envelopes for this purpose may be had at our ofieea. io laoi.itate prompt del very, tue charge for remittaooe aaouid be pre r% d. _ Al>\MS EXfRL83 COMPANY. (ftuAtactow, Jan. 9, U62. ja9-lm jn (kstablikbko in 18 ?,) H?| kave to inform the pub'io that the* have extend rd their Kxpreaa to Waahinfon. end are now prepared to Traoarort Merchandise, Bank Note*, j*p o.a, Jewelry, &.o . to ail ja-ta of the Middl*, Arte ?ngland and (Tuttm oiate* an* Canada Coaneo mc with the moet reeponaibie Expr<v?e? thronrlioot the country, w" are enabled to t ff#r vn qua ltd faciliti** to all who may favor a* with their patronage. For terouacd Inrther information apply to K K. SMITH. Agent. Third at^tl door boiow H. a-.enue, Jat ? Waehtngtoa. D C. /.JREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand raaa lor VI 7tu atreet, to aee the new atook of Clothing, Jaat received at SMlTtl'B, No. 460 7th street. dall lm iHi>p.) 100 . - .WA&X*est* ? ? VI Ni? l?A)rvi Miuva? ?UM VI u perior 4 utiity, jaat rcoAirwi KING A BUROHELL. J*4 P?Tcor 13th t. HM VartnoTi %w. r>x EXCELSIOR CRACKERS-A freth ??W7 ?f Pox's Csisbrated Ex< e'kior Crick C? J??t W 0?" SUM >9 dMl?rs*tth? w?.irMM. KING A BURCHEL.L, )?> Ctb*T V?'mnmw. mints ?tr^t, NECK TIES AND 8CARF0! . . fCARKb AND NECK TIBS! An assortment at j ;> 1 HOMPSON*B? __ |a ywt at E. A. Lsks k Co.'s, <?P Unv?r Btotb'i goto!. EYE AND EAR. No. 297 PENN9YSL.VANIA AVENUE. OPPOSITI WILLARD'S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. DR. F. A. VON MOSCHZISKER, From Ciioton Plaoe, New York, ha* ftrrivad in tk? eitf and op?r*4 hia offieea at 827 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where he otn be consulted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and turcica! treatment. Dr. Von Moschzukik ia the inventor and introdnoer into the medical praotioe of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate case* of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD He is also author or the letters published ia th New York and Philadelphia papers treat: ni on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, #e. Dr. Von M. has lor trie pait fourteen years devoted bis epeoial attention to t?o TREATMENT OFTHE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of some ot the hwi known pablio men in the Union, who h? ve been mitt suocesfally tre*te-l by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT $ HE iRING. Amon*?t hia letters raty b? fonnd the following ouiei: Hons. G Pugh and John McLean; Rev. G. G. Mnilen, Major C. L. Kilbnrn, U. J*. A^my ; Right Rot. Bishop B'ano ; 6ec>rg? Gordon. Cm ? Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bate, Ktq , President of the Gooihue F. I. Company, New York ; Robert Glover, Est , Di'tator of the National Bank Note Company, New York ; G. B. Lamar, Esq., President Bank of the Republio, New York ; and many others, amongst which are medical men of well known reputation. These letters may be examined at his office, Patierta wishing their family physiolan to ao uumpaiij mem n wiwcH uperauoni or lor me purpose of consultation are at liberty to l>ring them Medical men Will be at all time* weloomed to witrea* Dr. Von M ' operation!, and examine aomeif the inatrumsnti he has introduoec for the facilitation of Optha mio and Aural Surgery. Arti fiolal Eyta locerted without oaaaing any pain to the patient. Ofhce ho art from 9 a. m. to 2 p. ra. and Iron S to 5 p. nu J?8 lm Soldlern' Pay! THE HARNDKN EXPXKMCOMPANY Will len.i: eu ra of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, FaO* SCLD.KKS TO THXIlt Faxiuxs. At a ohsrjeof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. TLe Ooai-t should Ue ptaocl to an ENVELOPE and nxjure'y sealed. The full address, (teetadt^f Pott (Jic.. St*i'; al'o, strm a*d *wm b*>, tn a larg- city.) of th? peison to whom to r>s sett. MUST CE LKUIB'-Y MAKKKO ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBI EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEV HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Afsm narnoen np'Mi, 3d at., second door below Pa. are., j a 9 1 m W as hi n ?ton, D. C. *yo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHMAOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beat tn the WrrldT TK* Only Rtluiblt ami Hermitst Hair Dp* Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at Banrroit's Patent ' Med loins Store, c p. Patent Olfioe, oor. F k. 7th, and at Oibbs's Hair Store, MS Peon's avenue. where Ladiea oan have i\a#ehed, if desired. Factory?91 BaroiaseC(laSe 2*3 Broadway) N. Y. 1 oo 3-1t " ^DAM8' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE 0T~REU07AL. The delivery office of thia company is removal from Third street to the large depot on B street, between 2d and 3d ate. de 30-tf j TO OFFICERS, HUFLF.RS, Ac.-For sale, at a moderate price, a Ne* Yorlr bo it four wheeled light oovernd WAUON, with handeome lea her oaiMo n, Ao , having bicu uied three ' timea. coat $182 AUo, a New York mvle aet of Double Haruea , with plated fittings. whioh haa never been uaed at all. Alao. a aet of plain Single Harneea, quite new. Applv at 467 Seventeenth atreet, corner of 1, for addreaa of ataMe and groom. deal 8OMETHIN6 NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED CORN.?Tbe aubacriber, haviug tot the "gency to ajpply Waahiogton and Georgetown witn thie delicate preparation of Corn, wonld rerpeotfully aak of his frienda. and the public at !arg<>, to give I* trial A t) -4 i ? J l? w "Ml AID"( I V'UIU? PIBlIi IUU Ilea' r- 1 WM. BKADLV. Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monument*, Table Tops, to. A large assortment a ways i on hand. . oc 19 8wi ( Heavy wool musk, shirts and DKAWLKS,ao<T*MV KH1RTS, at 344 Fa avenue, back room; cr 353 D street, between 9th and mth do 4 tf All kinds of fancy groceries and Sutler'* Good* on Band and for sa^e low by BROWNING k. KEATING. de? Stawtf 113 Pa. avenue, near ?th ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. HOR1NE 8 superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eight years old, warranted. Also, prime Monongahela whis- i kiea for sale at 343 Pa. avenue, bv de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. H FOR CHRISTMAS PKEVENTS! ' ANHKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS!?All sorts, *tnok now an eanA.ltxI. for l&diea *.nrt rantlemen?init the this* for CbrMtmaa Praeecta. At THOMPSONS, At E. A. Lake * Co.'a Marble Hall Utwr, di? so Under Browd'a Hot*!. NBWS-NEWf-NFWU! icfT OrrnnKD. NEW YORK OYSTEH ^AXD EATING SA The onderrened beg respectfully to inform thair friend* ?nd the pnblio general It that^g^. /?\. the* lave op-ned thtir a?tabliahm*n1 [m. J on New York a v., near !Sth at. W?mA|Jr hall (rare no paint to proo*< i for oar ouatornei the be?t the market oan alford. Parties, familiaa and autWa anppiied at the aiinrteat n tioe. Oar eetabliahment will be open dailr. Sundapa excepted. de tt-lm* DORIAN A BWORD. C2 BALMORAL BOOTS. ?n i T Tln.nii Bmhln .nil Bll-nrtl AIM 8 i'd "ifo"*" """?r Olor?C*ir do do 2? ? , siiftuisirttRt: of " T0'"- 7?K?r5 ir% tooti^s^SpjL W<Q / ^saa? d? It In^* I I COLUMBIA MABKTT. V/ r? ?**??. earn* Tk*rU*uk at. Th*M>t>?crb?r wot d trott n*f?ciJvllj la/orm th? oitUMU ofoWft* jior ioa trft' to ku ntutM to buoil ???rt?r, vitriht intend* a ftratr*u> Qi?rk*t i* aii iu hranabM, u la nan goe*. h will b? happy to (root hi# old friccd* aco Met fr*o ef eh*rv* to urr ftrt at I tho city. 13 C. XALLAED. Jew d6 4 3U*t/ simifWM,B?r?tl4 I % THE WEEKLY STAR. FW4*y Mrmiaf. 'It w Him*If ocpy, per IUUM....M,..J( ? Fl*e eoplea umh> ???!>!? 4 y% Tea copies Tweaty-lw copki. It la variably cobUIm Um "Waahlaftoa N?W?' thai haa nude TV Dmxly ?mus 5Mr alfastate o g?My tiirouf kout tbe coaatry C7" Single copies (la wrapper*) eu fee procured at tbe counter, 1 immediately after tfca Im of the paper Prloa?THREE CENT*. . HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HMiHLJ CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A P?*itiT4 MW SfdJU X**w df For Diiimii of tfco BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, bs4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tkta M?dioiD? lnor?m th? fowt of Dtgoatioa, ? .d kcitxi tii? amobbint* icto br vhioh tho witut ok c?LPMft?? ii?w?ti . fc&d a. VNBATBaAL MUUUIffitl ajV M wail M fAlR Alio lKVLAJUtATlOH. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For W MkMtNV Aria.nt from Kxo<*?m, Habita of Dlaoiptttoa. Hurl* Itdiacration or Abiao. Attmdtd wttktkt Following Symptom* : Indisposition to Kzerfeon. Lou of Paw. i.om of MrmorT. DiAositj of Rrafttkiagt Week Nerree, Tr?mt> in?. Hi?rror of iliwM*! WiMUmh, Dimneea of Viaion. Pub in th? HmI, Univ?r?* Laaaitud* of tla* M uaouiar e?T?tortj. HolHa di, K'ninti or the Dry net a of the Plrin, K/o^tiou on tht Fit*, PA! LID COVRTUk^NCB. _ . These a?fn?t< ma. if ?'*ove?Co 10 on, which tkk medicine mvm.r?*hlf remove*. voon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. KPILJIPTIC PIT?, M ?? of wkuk tk* PatMM mm y Wild Mil ? tkKl IkM " "?l- *-* lowed by those "naarci disbasb*," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are of the oaaee of their infer tag. BCT KONB WILL COHFBea. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Melamckol* Dttukt fry Piiiih??Xwi. IU1 AMPLI WTTMBS* TO TBI TETTH OF TBI a?w?. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Require* the aid of medicine to aUeogthM *ad IcTijorate the Syataa whiob HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU imcmhaf a TKIA.L WILL CeNFINCI TBI noli uimcu. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR vmJNG, SINGLE. MARRIED. OS contkmplati.no Marriage. In Uanf AJfttt\oni Ptcui'ar tt> Pr mtMl the Kxtrivct Buchu ia ousauv.-d byftnr fthar rw??dy. as in lUlO'Otit or Retmtroo, Irr ku ?nty P*ic/a!ut<w, or Huppre??oc o? 0??Uimni kvM <j*tioi>a. U!c mtec or HohirroM at*?? of thy Lt? 'ut, Leuoorrara or Whitea, Sterility. *i?4 lot *11 oon,p.?? iu mcideut to the i?x, wi eth?r ?naiM [rum iudiscretioD, Bibiu of DiMip*tM>u. oj is tM DECLINE OR CHAX?E OF LIFE! Ill ITKPTOIII ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD B1 WITHOUT IT T&*4 no wi?ri Baitam, M?remr% m V?pUmmmM M*dic*nt ft* Onvittisami our X>uf"?M HB r MBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU evui secret diseases BeiiOe!'Stages; At uttie Expeaae . fcle or no cha; ?-e in Diet; No ic?ocTeiueoee iW M It causes a frequ ai desire a u jives streetth to Urinat, the' eoj Rem Ting ? est. Motions, Preventing end Curing 8> notures o 1 ttie Urstare* Auajing rein u.d iLflammatioe, aO frequent in the claaa of disra-ee. tud < ipe.liag mil Poxsono* s. IHimii ssi irmi mm Mailer. THOUS4KDS VFON THOUSANDS ITHO HAVE BEEN THE T1CTIM8 OF QI7ACES, ma WUO Li" fmiu ?c?ry/cf? iv iw onin in m ?nvi i time, HaTefoano tr.fy were deoeired. nnC tiiat tlw? ' reiBon" fans,br the m? \>t"rvwrful been dried up m the ajetaui, to brent oat iiuiiirnvated form, *nd / PERHAPS AfTM* MAERJA9M, Da* HELMtfOLD'9 EXTRACT BV0M9 bli nfleoUuni and diMMN of the llUNiRI 0&8AM, whether exiettni in MALI OR FKHALB, from whatever oun on* ionUnc and no ?Oar of HOW LONG STANDING. Uiiruoi Ui iflvn \J i |?na i^unc uiv mu ws m mrr IBBVNi HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU 19 THE GREAT DIURETIC, utd it is oertein to have the tiMirad effect la Disease* for imktck it ij r**owimmd*d. tipeicb or run mobt kbipomibu in k? LIABLB CBARAOTM rtll^o?osnycziy the mediomM. CERTIFICATES OF crRES. From 8 to ? y *at?' aUadl*r Vtth Nun?i known to SCIENCE AND FAME. ? -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE ~ HOT ICR.wi hau "bo nciif or "ivakbdibjrra." HtLMBULU'S EXTRACT BUCHU m oomyowd of Hnoba, *e<! J sniper B*mee, le.eoted with rrett oare by a oompMMt U.acgiaL. PREPARED lit YACUO, BY H. T. liKLIWBOLD, Practioal and Analytical Chemist, and Hole Man u&ctnrer of hxlmbold'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS. . f AMD A TIT. Personal)? u^wrsa oefore as AJIi?a af the oity of Pfei lad entitle, H. T. Hkx.aaot.tk, wka hei? duly ?a?rn. doth m?. hit pre?aratiot.a ooa tain oo narontie, no merourr, or Cher tajerwae 1'"'' """" "?H&. BEU.BOLD. NSsuftj?-"- W5r?3BB8r Alderman, Ninth su. above Raoe. Pkil* ? FHTSICIAJfS llf ATTENDANCE FROM e A. M TO 8 /. M. Prtee *1 par kettle, ar alx lav M. ruiiMMii to ur iMmm. Msiret hiM (mi o bs#rvslioiu Add raw letters for mfonMtM ta H. 1. UKLMBOLD, CUM, Depot, 104 ttovth TenU eC, Mit Chief > Pluto MKWARK OF OOVHTUtrsm AJtD VHTRIItCITLMD D MALM AS vko eeiearor to tiiiwi "oi U*r ?n" u4 44otoe?' irtiolee ob tie repetoUoa iltoiiX br H*imb?Ur* Otnmiut hiyMMai, Ml w 8.b. Wiin.X d. tajui, jm> Wumw. ft. C. Frn. ft. ft. Karvuru, ft. O Hi)ei? D. B. Cuu, limu * unw . UirD all DMmenn irj*nr?**A. fcJID A VOIP IMFOVHOft n HHM - * :4 9 I . i