24 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f ^ jj H p! K B H JjH H ^ f\. I t4fft"*r i ' > .?.* ? 4 f S4, VSt. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . FRIDAY, JANUAKY 24, l?62. N?. 2,785. h , . ?^ 1 ?M?? 1'HE EVt.MMU STAR M 'JBu&H&D EVERT AFTERNOON,' {SUNDAY SXCEPTEDJ AT THE *T\R BCILD1JI8I, lr? ?/ F<mu)Jm?m ham ?U fimsti it. BT W. L). WALLAOH. nrwn rrvnd In iwfV-TH hv etrrlm it Hi ru, or 77 cental per month. To mall subscribers it* pr!r# Is S3 50 a year in *dr*nc*; Ti for all cams, II for um months; xnd for lea thai tkrve months at the rate of 13 cents t week 91mgle ooples, oita cbtt; la w appera, two cms. |]7 Aurniiini^TS should be sent to the k sflce before IS o'clock a.; otherwise tbey may tot appear aatll the next day. NIWI FROM THE REBEL STATES. Now and then we hate Indications of the terrible strsitMo which the Soethern States at* pat, snd the impatience with which the people submit to the hardens imposed on them by the lesders of the rebellion. A gentleman from Memphis has furnished the Bransrille (Ind.) Journal with a copy of the Memphis Argus of the 6th, which oontains an nrticle that occe ti.i.. A -a it. i? ? Ciuuou vuoiuviauiQ caciicilioill Kb IQO " DIUQ City," and induced the vigilance committee to wait upon the editor. As it goea to show that everything in the Soathdoea not "go aa merry as a marriage bell," we copy it in fall: INJCRISG THE CATTSB. [From the Argus of the 5th. J "A knowledge of the disease is half tke care.'' This traism is as applicable to political as to physical disease, and a knowledge of how the fraetwre came ia the beat key the surgeon can have to obtain him mental view of the shattered bones. We measure the value of a v household servitor by the efficiency displayed by bias ia the paat; and aa should we that of public and paid official. Hew is the household? means what kind of a housekeeper. I wi ?? - ~ n nere oraer mna nappmess reign, there we say rules the good steward; where confusion and needless want exists, we censure the steward, and so it should be with the rulers of nations. We have yet to learn that this Confederacy is the private property of Jefferson Davis, cr the joint domain of his Cabinet, and we find it still harder to comprehend how either the President or his Cabinet came to be considered the autocrat dispensers of weal and woe to this people, untrammeled by any responsibility to to tne same. We, for one, were and are far from eonsidering that in voting for the secession of Tennessee from the despotism of Lincoln we were merely making a choiee between two irrespon1 , a % ja * *? Bi?ra Buiiaus, propped oy duplicating divans. We never meant in abandoning the Union to | abandon vith it the righto of speech and of the press, and as long as we can wag a tongue . or wield a pen we shall do both in the assertion ' of troth, however palatable or unpalatable to Presidents, Cabinets, minorities or majorities. Oar assertion, last Tuesday, of the true state f our affairs, has caused quite a flatter among k a few home soldiers, irresponsible and illegal wielders of authority, etc., men who, holding their positions from the higher servitors of the people, think it sacrilege, and " weakening of th? cause," to fault any of their acts or no acta; and who, unable to deny our statements, would cover the sins of their superiors by asserting that a statement ,of the results arising from tins ? m -n ~ * * Al oaiu BIU9 ia ouuuuia^juicub IUU COZDIUTI lO ID6 enemy. We seldom anathematize, bat in such connection we tan scarce help saying something of the enemy. We spoke and speak of the state of this Confederacy, which, judging from the policy of both cabinets, is already better known to the Federal Cabinet than it is to oar own. We spoke and speak of the ill-condneting of this war, which has now taken from our homes some three or four hundred thousand of oar best and bravest; which has paralysed all business. save that which pats the money we can so illy *pare into the pockets of the creatures of said President and Cabinet. Of this war we spoke, when we said so mach might have been done in it that has been left undone. Those at the head of affairs were leaders to the war. We ask how are the* iMdimr tkmnvk it? When have been made to aland still, and such cuff* and kicks aa the Northerner chooses to give, when he pleased and where he pleased We have beard oar generals blamed for not doing whst it sppears thej were not permitted to do. The smothered report of Beauregard has made that troth elear enough. We hare for month* and months been told that England would do our fighting for us on the seas. We have been told every thine, save this one thing: that in the cities of the North lie the keys of our bloekaded ports, and ths peace we seek and need. We see access to that peace rendered more and m?re distant 1<y he k ondrously-accumuImng power if" .i. ral -mies and navy. W< 'he >lv . . i,*1 w-.-f?sy six months ago d.ficu.t u>-d?y,'?ts<i likely to be impossible to-morrow. We see that from a shoe latchet w m m i mm vuauiv w? lack tferjiuiug, aou inn' the familiea o? our obedient soldiers are suffering from the teeming fabulous prices they have to pay for everything of domestio use We l look to the future, and, seeing nothing but war, ask ourselves, a*k oar readers, ask our rulers, why all looks darker and darker, as day follows day; and our rut armies prepare to rot in their camps, while mothers and sisters suffer from their absence at home. Three times since the inception of this war has the road been opened nnto as into the very k heart of the North. In July, after Mantua.when Fremont resigned; when Johnson moved to BowlingGreen. We blame not Beauregard. Priee or Johnson; bat we ask why they were not tr> do vktt tK?? wiAa^ ***. r ? ? ? - ? ? - mmmimj niouvM IV UV, and eoald then hsre done?secured oar peace and oar liberty ? Whom do we blame ? The men at Richmond. Not oars the place to ask whys and wherefore*. We aaj oar people are ao moated. We say the leaders to the war bare been the leaders through, it; and we simply state the results. One year's reticent suffering is enough; and as we never were, and never intend to be, a paff-sheet for Jefferson D?vis, or any other statesman or politician, in or oat of place or Kwer, we speak the more plainly. We believe is adnlation, real and hollow, of oar pablic men, who have yet done nothing, would have i--i ? * - dsvq iiieuaoti wiio more Deneocent result*; and dare also believe that the sooner oar press ceases this slavish adulation, and confusion of t the cause with anj set of men, the sooner is the cause likely to prosper. Via BvansTille, Ind ., we hare the Memphis Appeal, which oontains the following significant editorial?which means a good deal more than they say outright: Price is in full retreat seath ward. Price will probably continue in full retreat, for there are several?indeed, no leas than three?Federal armies, each as large, better armed, and baiter equipped, converging upon bim. His put victories have been rendered valueless. Pedtol forces bare been a Meed in Kentucky too great for a man of Sydney Johnston's calibre to venture to attack, and tbe paralysing of Prise through tbe withdrawal of McCulIoch has rendered the overrunning of Missouri to the Arhansas frontier an easy task to the Federals We're forced back out of Missouri? cheek-mated ia Kentucky. Chase has obtained his money ia Wall street. The blockade is unbreakable by us as yet. Ia one word, we're hemmed in We're al lowed the Beoeseat of victory to pass. We were so anxiously watching the operations of England, that we stand aghast on turning o?r eyes homeward again to Ind ourselves ten-fold ti A# 1 eV? ? ? of Priaa's last forward march, and that iooarsedly utd MQUtioniim, the arrest of Mmri. Mmod and Siidell. Day follows day, and in 11m of bains weakened, we find the Fed-ral armies, at all points, being strengthened almost every artiols of manofaetaring and domestic necessity aaadrupled In prioa, and oar money will soao be exceeding saaroe, for laek of paper and pasteboard werewilb to make it. Wa pay Afteee aants apieee for spam eaadlas, and are told wa oaf bt to be glad to get than at that. Oar twelvs-maathe soldiers time will eooa be up, and wa aannot balp asking, as tbey do thasBselves, what bare ibey been permitted or led to do ? It is an old and overprices truism, that where two nations are at war, that which bas the least means must find soaaass ia aarly aad rapid action, for it oan rtln lirtl* aw ?K? *tw?? '? tiflM tko power to bring icto?fficieat mm hi# oro roriod duu I7C?- - w Cobiaod, wibM, ooafioed u wo wore, md fnioatfj wooid bo, oar ihoru?t, eloorost, tad .9 * f i - I most noble policy wu to find in the rapid use of oar early revolutionary enthusiasm an overmateh for the slower and less spirited but mora enduring Horth. Where shall we ask relief? Where should we ask it sav? in the camps en whom have been lavished our hearts' blood, onr hopes, our wealth, our whole; where bat upon the banks of the Potomac ? When shall we see an end of the farce there being enacted at our expense7 Indirectly, every mouthful we eat is taxed; our babies wear taxed caps and shoes, oar boys write on taxed paper, our girls wear taxed calicoes, our men do a taxed business, and hope lessly ride in a taxed hearse to a taxed grave. and we, forsooth, are hurting " the cause" if we dare to torn from Messrs. Mason and Slidell to look at the coantry we were born and bred in, and, having looked, we are horting the cause if we dare tell what we ?. Our eause is right, it is holy. Our suffering nay be God's price of snoeess, bat who, seeing what might have been, and knows what is being suffered through its being nndene, ean refrain from cnrsing the selfishness or idioey that stopped the conauering Beauregard, that arrestea the march or Price, that checked the gallant Jaskson. We have gazed imploringly on the lion, while the fox has been weaving his tnila. Our nr?m and oar people bare trusted long enough We now ask, are we tooontinue hemmed in for another six months, and lack all things, or shall our armies on to Washington, and lack nothing. Lost Man.?A gentleman named Mr. Forward Movement has been missing for several months past. He was thought to have been neen at Manassas Plains, but it proved not to be him; it was Mr. Trotter, of the firm of Street Walker A Legget. He was again supposed to have been seen at Leesburg, but it proved to be Mr. Diver, ef the firm of Sinker, Swimmer <fc Traveler, who left without paving Mrs. Po? % ? ? - romao ner waan bill, lie wu again thought to have been seen in Missouri, but it turned out to be Mr. Extravagance, of the firm of Woolly Horse, Rooky Mountain. He wu a few days ?inoe thought to hare been near on one er both sides of Qreen river, Ky , but his friends met with another disappointment; it was not him. It wu Mr. Slip Bfck over-the-river A Co., 'loins; a forwarding business backward to Squire Linkin. Mr. Forward Movement is about 28 years old, more or less, five feet ten or ten feet five high; black whiskers, dresses fine, wearing a heavy gold fob chain manufactured from the ?n?? V V- I- _ '? '? ? V?UUI?DIICK urow, ug IS a llll, IU1Q, I DICK ?et man, with very large feet; some think be | has gradually wilted down in his boots. He will deny being any relation to James BuI chanan, tbe Last Rose of Northern Snmmer. He is a blood relation to Mr. On to Richmond; his mother is almost distraoted on his account, fearing he may be burnt. On account of his sluggish temperament, she avers he was, when a child, so laiy he would not break out with the measles, or whoop with tbe whooping eough. The old lady is grieving for her sprightly offspring, but is yet willing to surrender him to the country, eoming to tbe conclusion, on aooount of bis monstrous feet, that he must have died standing. * - ? ~ aii papers mendly to tbe eause of Mr. Forward Movement will confer a favor open the surviving relatives bj giving this one insertion.? JV<uAvt//? Gazette. Diaths of Soldii*? ?The following soldiers [ Have died alnce our last report Josiah Ford, company D, 10th regiment New Jersey volunteers, at camp. Henry Stevens, company G, 23d Pennsylvania, at camp Isaac W. Deane. company 1,2d Maine, at camp Edward P. Scales, company I. 2d Maine, at camp. Richard H. Webster, company I, 2d Maine, at "amp. \V llliam H Searles. company F. 2d U. P. cav nlry, at Seminary Hospital." John J Cornelius, company D, 33d New York volunteers, at Seminary fiospltal. William H. Stearnes, 1st New Jersey artillery, at camp. Thom*s Harper, company A, 62d Pennsylvania volunteer, at camp. Dudley K. See, company G, 77th New York volunteers, at camp. Henry Tubbs, company A, 77th New York volanWrs, at camp. Joseph Cross, company D, 5*2d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. n??4 o -lit ? ? - - ? v/wiwu nuuiM, compinvr,za ueraan's sua pthooters, at Eruptive hospital Edmund Briggs, company A, New York Rocket battalion, at Eruptive hospital. JoanC. Moore, 56th New York cavalry, at Columbian College. J Benton, company A 4th United States cavairy, at Eruptive Hospital William Hall, company F, 13th Pennsylvania volunteers, at Eraptlve Hospital. Joseph R. Day, company E, 7th New York, at camp. Alien Steele, company 6, id Berdan's Sharpshooter*, at Indiana Hospital James Lataon, company C, Engineer corps John Brown, from Washington prison, at Union Hoepttal. Geo. L. Cook, company L, 56th New York, at Carver Barracks. Benj. Tutbill, Delaware Battery, 56th New York, at Carver Barracks Andrew Cadv, company G, 50th New York, at Seminary Hospital. M M B tldwin, company F, 1st Michigan infintrv Rt Sergeant Smith Merrick, company D, 77th New York, at Columbian College. Jamea Donnelly, company F, 5th New York regiment, at camp. Thi Asms Puichiiid 11 Eoaopi?Colonel Schuyler who purchaaed arma In Europe for the Government haa reported at Washington. The entire parchaae of arma from abroad amounta to near 3U),000 stand. The arma ought to be good as the hlgbeat price waa paid, averaging, Tt la aald, SIS a gun?making about 16.000,000 worth. 6u. RosBcaAsa' Body Goud.?Gen. Roaf erana' body guard, consisting of one hundred mounted men, under command of Lieut. Klrtly, reached (Wheeling on Thursday night from Gauley, on the steamer Den. Bi-anklln. CETThe Empress Eugenie it the possessor of the largest of the pearl* found near Patterson, New Jersey, during tbe Jersey pearl fishery ex cltement. It Is valued at ft^SOO. U7*Th^ are trsublsd for the want of arms in Canada. Logs mud to be qalte ss aseful as arms I in modern wars, says tha cynic of the Traveller. The New York Post has been mulcted to the tune cff1,000 for calling one David Smith a secessionist. flT In some of the Western States it now requires font boshais of cora to bay ono pound of ITT The mslIs between Bay City and Saginaw, lilrh - now ?>? ?- ?w- " ? Mama ?} WW OTUU UO fcllCir trarelMng on ikate*. , PBRHAH'8 EXCVR8I01I. Fraaa BalUmr* U New York tad r*t?ra |8.00 T* Imim, a?d r?tara..? llS.fO Tiokata for ?U* at th? NATIONAL HUTKL, Wiirt fsrtkar jartiouar* nay t? had. Tub* for laartag Waahington *X|iiM oa MM Jaaaary. Ticket* good to rxaimy day bafor* jalT-m* W? ? , FO* THE Aft MY. praoi (SyaMMr* ?rafora.) Kranoh Hag 1m, lor lain.try o%rmirj, and artlUarr; Martin Krara'a Oelehra'ed L UrioaMaal FlaUs ; Braaa I extra man to of all kiuOa Alao, the fineai *aa ity of Vanio? tttrlnfa. BuaaonV Aoaordeona and Flotmaa. T<>g?ftlMr with a lartt aaaortment of iataat Pranoh ttaaio for Baoda. MKTZKMOTT ' CoraarPa avfnneand 11th at. /^OLD AND UNCI RKENT MONEY PUBo ???T^daaS"* *** *' nm*r Aoooaata ?HM0 RN'TENUOWM./ANT A CO , n&B?o?.S7&o*L J r&fcLs i Brown. Hold, ^ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival *i tk? Steimir City ?f Ifcw Y?rk. 1 ' # The Neva of the Release of Slidtll and Mason Received in England?Great Satts f if" tion at the Result?Large Advance in Con/-?_?? * i ij Wl aire.*?v/(/ui//r zictn f hi w/t ii?v?ncr?iiw Pirate Sumttrat Cadiz?She lands FortyTwo Prisoners taken from Three Merchant Vessels Destroyed by Her at Sea. Nsw York, Jan 23 ?The ateamahlp City of New York, from Liverpool January 8th, via Queenatown on the 9th, pa?aed Cape Race thia morning. The Europa, from Boaton, arrived at Liverpool on the 6th. i The pirate Sumter bad arrived at Cadiz, and landed forty-two prlaonera taken from thrae Ame rlcan merchant vessels which she had destroyed. The sales of cotton at Liverpool for the two days prevlous to the 8tb amounted to 20,U00 bales The market was unsettled, but the quotations were unchanged. Breadstuff* bad a downward tendency, except corn, which was firm and prices tending upward. Provisions were steady. Consols closed at 02^a92^ for money. The Latest, (via Queeastewn ) Reception of the New* o f the Settlement of the Trent Difficulty?Great satisfaction at the Result?Con solt Advance 1 to li per cent. Qckknstown, Jan 9 ?The steamship City of Wssbtngton and steamer Jura arrived out on the 8th, Just after the sailing of the steamer for Liverpool. and brought the first announcement of tbe adjustment of the Trent sffair, which news was received in Eai?land with theare???it Consols Immediately advanced from 1 toljf per cent , closing at 93for money. The sale# of cotton on Wedu^lay at Liverpool amounted to 3,000 bales, at ffsonsiderable advance on the receipt of the new? from America. The market closed excited, with an upward tendency Breadstuff's cloaed quiet. The United States gunboat Tuacarora had arrived at Southampton, to watch the steamer Nashville, now reedy for sea. The vessels destroyed by the Sumter were the ship Vigilant, bark Ellen Dodge, and schooner Arcade. Some of the London journals complain of what they call the "ungracious manner" in which the Washington Cabinet proceeded. Others accord due credit for the act and the graceful manner with which the settlement was conducted. Previous to the receipt of the news the London Tlint s asked why the decision should be delayed If favorable for peace, and said an Immediate surrender would have been a greater blow to the Confederate* than a vlrtnrw on ti?? Pntnmnn mr*A worth million* to the national exchequer the latest commercial skwi, Liverpool, January 9?Cotton 1* excited, and prim have advanced # to id per lb. The Bank of Knglau^ haa reduced Its ratea of discount to '1% per cent. ??___________ Farther Particular* #f the Battle in Kentucky. Louisville, Jan 23 ?A iet??r from 9omers?t aays (hat citizens and soldiers are straggling in loaded with trophies from the vanquished enemy. The Union people flocked the battle-field in I j > * *- ? - * uruTrs, iiiouam at me mull. 11 is thought that Gen Crittenden It taken priaoner, disguised as a tirgeon. Cmcuimati, Jan. *23 ?A Soirerset letter received h'-re says, In reference to the retreat of the rebela, th*t early on Monday morning a steamboat was discovered transporting the reoels across the Cumberland rlverj when a battery was brought to bear upon it In a few minutes afterward the boat was in flames The 10th Kentucky and 14th Ohio were ordered forward by Gen Thorn to advance on the breas works, and moving up In line of battle, and asal ing ilip entrenchments, our troopj found to their surprise the camp entirely deserted, and everything standing as when occupied by the enemy-* bouses, tents, horses, malts, wagons, baggage, cannon, ammunition and firearms were found in perfect preservation. The enemy 's forces engaged In the attack on the Federal camp on Suudav morning were ltd by Generals Critt nden and Z >liicoffer, and were eight thousand strong. The Federal forces actually engaged in the fight on Sunday did not exceed three thousand. Arrival from P?rt Hsyal with 1,500 Bale* _a ? VI VUVV#U. I Nkw Yoke, Jan 83?The steamer Atlantic haa arrived from Port Royal, which place ?be left on Monday, the 20th She brings 1,525 bales of ginned cotton, and a number of passengers There were over sixty veaaela at Port Royal when she sailed. Mtstn and Slideli. Niw Yomx, Jaa. 23?The British gunboat Racer, from Bermuda, states tbat the Rinaldo arrived there on the 11th, and sailed for St. Thomas with Mason and Slideli. Notice to Hatcb-Nakeri. s. a j. myers, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDING, Comer of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. J aft received a fine assortment of WATCHES

At wholesale. Gold chain* at wholesale: 8. a J. myers. 10 Washington Building. | WATCH MATERIAL* AT WHOLESALE! 8. A J. MVERS. 10 Wa?hinfton Building. WATCH CLOSES AT WMOLIUU! Vf 8 * J. MYERS. 10 Wa?hinrton Hui ding. WATCH-MAKERS' TOOLS At Wholesale! 8 A J. MYfcRS, 10 \Vasbingtou Building. CJILK GUAKDS, LEATHER GUARDS. A u W'boieuK! 8. * J. MYKH8, ja 13 2w* 10 Washington Building. At Military Boots dji VII AT W H 0 L B S A L E. WW* We have now in store? W cum Calf Stitched Enamel L?| Boots, *> " Grain M J2 inoh " S" ? SSlKSIih1" " wo - " hsary doofe. sole Hal8 mob " fiO " Caif " M 1? inoh " Also, a variety of Calf and Kip Boou, Bays' aad Yonths' Boots, aud Ladies' Balmorals. J. T. WHlTEHOUSE, No. 16 Market >*paoe, de gS-lm* Penn. ay., between 8th &nd Sth aim. IRENALDIN BOLLINGER ft CO 'S OSAMPAaXS]. LEFMAN, K1EFER A THOMAS8, SOLE AGENTS lot the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Duma STRUT, j* 4-lm N>*w York. 9UQ JORNSON A NAGLE. OOQ Soa uiKiTiai o? & 05/ I WINES. LIQUOjiJ^HATAffA CIO ARB, FINS VKUUMMJiS, ft.. No. 889 Ft, venue, between 9th and 10th street*, Waehinfton, D. C. No. 10 Royal at, new King, Alexandria, Va. Bole Acenu for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINES of the Hookneim Joint Stool Co., in Hoekheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sparkling Rock and Moselle Cabinet Wines. Connot*ee?* are recjeotfullj invited to five ae a call. jai 486 n<m?SS?3?iN0 486 . Different Colored Ptetara Cord and Taudf, mi-w f'BNTLKMEN'B ESH COLLARS. LIN B|f < uLLaRS, UNXn COLLARS'-a boot km doM- io# la atore, all atrw*,atftbout h*if aal KIM for ta? mo* roo<l?-ail of o*r ova ^ *zis?w; WASHINGTON, D. C , JANUARY, IMS. REMOVAL. A. BIMIMGER & CO. ATX H. JS TVT O V 33 ZD e TO . r#r i . N*. 319 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrociTB WILLARD8' HOTEL. invite the attention of our frlenda and patifctu to the Card below: No. 819 Pkrnstltaxia Atekui, ) (opposite Willard't Hotel,) $ The Subacrtben, having opened a Branch Establishment in this City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from lis friends and the lovers of pure and genuine WINF.8, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined upon a continuance and extension of their busl new. a uc-ii oowikuirui cujuracu FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel com Dialnts. fever and acne. headache, and the like. 4 MADEIRA, SHERRY & PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA BEGARS, Of ali Varieties and Pricea. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock wu particularly selected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are Invited to visit the establishment, ..kl.W I m i?H/4ap ?Via A I If > TAO D WUILU im uuwci uc u11tvit"u vi mi. ?uo. A VV1LS07V. Owing to the fact that they import moat of tbe articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BININGER It CO., Tmm? <ji m ?/ UTaaa * S T nu A? irnj'vrier? ?// i-vrci^n r? j t. Ja 11-tf New Vosk and Washinsto!!. pARAKFINE CANDLES! MEUCCTS PATENT PARAFFINS CANDLES ! .?__ * Manufactured by the Niw York PaiFnsi Casdlb Co. For sale id ^uan'.it.e* tc suit purchasers, by tie Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON * NAGLE, ac? Penn avenue, Washington, D C. ja 21 10 Royal, near King st., Alexandra, Va. Dayton's Bakery. nov NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 4M Eleventh St., between O and H, WABHINGfON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC ft OYSTER CRACKERS, " SPON6E BUTTER CRACKERS, " BOSTON CRACKERS, " WATER CRACKERS, " SODA CRACKERS. " GRAHAM CRACKERS, M LEMON BISCUir. - C?lebr*U>d~MlNCE PIES. Hotel-keepera, H?Alt of Families, Sutlera are mrited to try our ?zoellent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp ?cott, Sept. 9 1861. M*. Dattoh? Sir: All of ua, both offioers and private*, have ate freely of yonr Piee. I can ooneoientioaaly state that do man ia on the siok list from partaking of them. To tell the trnth, we are heart-aiok beoauae we ean't get enough of them. They are the only real luxary we have had since we left home. W. F. Dimxiho, M.D., Surgeon. fT~y Discount to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, Jall-lm 456 Eleventh ?t, Washington, P.O. WEW CLOAKS, _ AT LOW PRIVES! Owing to the annual d?nand for Cioaka, we have just received another large supply, whion have ~r? pgjuaaOTu h mj iwiuw WiiWi ?HU win op old astoruiOing low. Oar stock of FANCY BILKS ftnd LADIES' DRESb bOODS is still ?a "{FXillT* co. ja ll-eo?t Bnooaesors to Tsylor A Batchison. JM PORTAN T_T O LADIES. Ths snbronber* h?ve opened the etore No. 16 MftrketSpftee, Pft av.-bet. 8th sod 9th eU. ft* ft first olftse Lftoe and l aser Dress Cap Depot. oon?istici in part of Point d'Alenoon. Applijue, Meoklen and Vai6LC:enues Laoes, tuoh as Collars, Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Capes, Fiouucisi, Caps, ('ftps. Coiffures, and made up Roods of the finest toautr, ftnd at Nsw York priess. ? COHEN * DU^BELgOR^^ N. B.?All aorta of Lmm waahed. mM, and done op e*ual to new.at abort notioe. de?lna* rPHE SUBSCRIBERS b?? leave to inform tbeir * p*troc? and the public generally of bo-e? mf aia?.j auppued with a aaperior atuok FALL and WINTER GOODS. WK Thar Sao reapeotfaliy invite attention of WW their Arm* and Navy ouatomera,and thoee"^ * ra^airini outfitainthat line, tothetr aaperioraaalltiea of Sarorda, fcpauieta. Shuo der Strata, Helta, Ch&p6&as, H&uf Cap?, Goid Linoiw oouatantly on hand, vhioh are warranted aa repra I Whilat tendering thank a for the liberal patronage , enjoyed, thy ? oununua.ce. m?BeiSKffiSfelUa 1 ^ ^ _ JM Pennsylvania A venae. T? BUTLERS i AND RBSTAO?*NTB. ! """" ^CEAMFAeNB ! fcrntoobtiito WK. COR WIN BCJR6Y, N?. IIT P?CMylT*ai* im*?, I J?T narnooe on Sixth rt. Soldiers9 Pay! THE HARNDKN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit rami of FIFTY DOLLARS AND L'SDBR, FKOM SOLDIbks TO thsik FIHIUM, At a oharfcof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Th? money should be pl?oed in U ENVELOPE and tecurel* te&led. The (oil address, (including Pott Gjfict, Stmt; ?1m, itrmt mmd number. tn a I arte city,) of the person to whom to b* sent, MUST WE LEGIBLY MAKE El) ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBI EXPRESS FURNISHES TEE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIMRS to * SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent Haniden Fxp'-ess, ad St., second door below Pa. are., ja9 1m Wanhinston. D. C. Snlrifora' Paw. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL VOIWAI D SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, At a charge of twenty five cent* for any com not exceeding fifty dollars, and a proportionate additional charge to piaoes reao^ed by connecting Expresses. Tbe money, whether Hold or Trtarury A'tlo, should he enclosed in au envelope and securely sealed, and have the fall address,(mending town. Post Office, and State; and in cities, the street and number.) ojf the person to whom to be sent, and tbe amount legibly marked thereon. Klve'opes for this purpose may be had at our offices. To faoi itate oromet del.verr. the er.&nB fur re mittancs mould b? pre raid. . A0AM8 F.XfRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jan. 9,1*68. ja9-lm FAIRBANK'S standard scales. jS^F- 'IP \ v -OKa**' ? I J FOR SALS BT J. P. BAKTBOLOW, Sole A cent. Hardware k Agrlcnltnral Warehonse, 5.5"* Seventh Street, neuettn renntyivnnx* atmut ana me ( anai, opposite east end of Centre Market. j? 14-tf ^pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYB The Beet In the World, 7%* Only Rtliabl* and Hatmuts Hair Dy? Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at B&iketo*'s Patent Medicine Store, cp. Patent Office, cor. F k. 7tb, arri at Gibbs's Hair Store, ii*4 Pt:.n>. avenue, where LAdies can it a# piled, if desired. Factor/?!?I Bare *7 K,' late Broa<iw?j/N. Y, oc 3 IT A DAMS' EXPittSS COMPANY. NOTICE C fREMOVAL. The delivery office of this company is removed from Third street to the large depot on B rtreet, between 2d aad 3d ?ts. de**-tf HARNDKN'S kXPR Ka?Si. ( fc.?t/?li>hed in 1939.) Beg l'ave to inform tiie pjL'io !nm they a?v? extended their Kxpre*? to VvaeUin?t*>n. and are now prepared to Transport Merchandise, Bant Notes, Specie, Jewelry, Ac., to ail pa-te of the Middle, Nnt England and Western Statu an i Cmnada Sonneount with the mokt responsible Kxpretses rouihoutthe oounX y, w? arc enabled to olTer untfuailtd facilitxti to all who may favor u? with their patronage. For terms and further information apply to K 8. SJtf ITH, Agent. Third St., 3d doer below Ha. avenue, Ja 9 Sm Wash'ngtoa, D C. /^REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rash lor vji 7in atreei, 10 *ee mo new stock oi coining, joat reoeived MPMITd'S, No. 460 7th atreet. dell-lm (Itep.) TO OFFICERS, tsLtLk.RZ, &o.-For aale, at a moderate price, a New York baiit fonr wheeled tight oovered WAGON, with bandaome lea'her cual.ioia, &o , having been u?ed three time*. coat ?183 A!?o, a New Y ork maJe sat of Double Haruee*, with aiaieu fitting*, whioh haa sever been n*ed at all. Alio, a set of plain Single Harness. Quite new. App!? at 4t>7 Seventeenth treet, corner of i, for ad J res* of eta hie and groom. de 31 SOMETHING Xc,Vi-b~l RRIOR HULLED *3 COKN? The aa > ?a-er, having got the agency to aupply Waahington * ueorgetown with thia delicate preparation of Corn, won Id reepeotfaily mb vi Ills irieoua. ana inn paui c u ?r|?, ivim it* trial. Also, Pepped Corn, plain and snrared WM BRADLY. Afaot. Pa. avenue, between I8ih and LKh eta. Nt b.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, MonumaaU, Jafcte Tup*, &o, a large aajurimenl* ways on nana. oc 13 3m Heavy wool ot?K1 jhirts and dkawertt, anildRM y HHIRTt*, at 9*4 Pa avenue, baok room; ar 323 I) street, between 9th and Kith. de4 tf All kindb op pancy groceries and cutler's Goods on *e> d and for sa'e low by HIinWMNR A KEATI-yfl. de ? Stawtf Pa. avwppe. aear ?th ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BBL>8. 8. HORINE'S nperior OLD RYE WHISKY, eiiht jcin old, warranted. Alio. priin? Monougahela Whitkiet for sale at 353 Pa. avenae, by de 4 SUwtf BROWNING ft KEAT1NO. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AN PKERCfllKFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKKRCfllEPS 5?All *t?ck DOT IBe^uaile<f, for ladies aud gentlemen?ju?t the tiling for Chmtmaa Preaeits, __ At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. I.xke A. La** Mirbie Ha. B&xmar. de? Under Brown'a Hotel. 1\I K WS-N K Wtf-N F WS 11 JmOrmD, NKW YORK OYSTER ANb BATIXV 8A LOON. m The underaiinnd beg rtipwilo j to inform their friendi and the pnblio genera.: j th&t^^. /?v the? I ave opened their etablinhmei f mJ on New York it., near 15th at. We^^A&flr hall (pare no laina to proenra for onr cu atom era the Mat tho market can at- ~ ford. Partiea, famihea and ?ntl?ra anpp'ied at tha ehorteat n >tioe. Our eatal-liaiinient will be opan daily. Sundaps excepted. _ de at-lm* DORIAN * 8WORD. G BALMORAL BOOTS. OAT Tipped Double ?o.eBaircoral f 1 JP raif Kid do do do M? Giore Calf do |) JO Aleo, ail other etylee lof Ladiw and Mihm' Balmorai Uoou, the oiieapeei aud beat assortment in Uwoity. /.ROSENTHAL, Ja7 eo Penn. ayenBe,^fr?aa?tUa?Hl ^ufaim, /n '^jKasa*- " / * 110.000 to beloanM on Sold wd*ilUr Watol.5 Jewelry, Gnna and Piatola. Silver Wirt, ai.a Wearing Appare ?at"tlie o.d attnd, No. lilO utkk. dmi 01 toe niuoni. notei, L><tween *H udwiili. ' < !? * * /COLUMBIA MARKET, Viv ^ __.v ** W*"4' Thfrt?ik ?t. Tb? aahMntttr ?ou ?i.io?t rwpMtfally l&lu.rn tke citiseoi of WwaaituE tr?r ue au rr>taru*c tu hi* old uarier, where he mtsnda keeping ft ftrat y j5"' flood* ?t froo of ohff >?M> put ?( C.MALLAEIK I liLB y*xu^i i .si Alt. a PrM*y Mtralag. sugle copy, p?r FItc cipltt 4 1 Tea copies 11 liwttMy eoattlM U*" WaritiagtOTi N?m? thai km bOc Z%? 0mJ? !? ? ( flW cliwim w gcMraUy UTMgbMt tt? coaatry tnr?i??le c?pie? (la wrappers) eu to pr? cared it tfee counter. Immediately iAn the tow of tfce paper Price?THREE CENTS ~ HELM HOLD'S (;kviime PHPPiDiTwiu ? ?? w mm m nut 111U1 A 1V/11 ? HWHLT COXCMimATMD" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Ptritm tmd S?$c\JU Ktwudf For DtmM ot tk? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. 6RAVEL,u4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tkia Modioli* InorcMM the mowr ot p*t?a?*, and flKcitf* the amorbihti into be*/Uij mUod, by vkieh tk? witiit cm riLcnori a*?o?moM , &Q<1 a ! CH!fiT?AL BR1.4&6(?a>T* AM MIM< mm wail m riii abb ibbu?j?*ati?b. HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV ?F?r Ijiiiii jinnif imm umm, HUhU of DlMtftlKi, Eju-It Irdieer*tion or Abm, Atttndtd with th* AU?wm| S]r?f(?M .* Indiepoaition to Kiwfeoi, Lom ?f fowr. l,oea of Memory, DiAonlty of Brnthiii, Weak N?rvee, Trembling, Horror of Pi?*M. W?k?l?liiwt, Dimneea of Vision, Pus in 0Mk, Universal Laaaitade of the Maaonlar Hot Hand*, Flaahinc ofthe Hi/r, Dryneea of the Skin, K-uptioua on the Faoe, Tbeee imn?tom?L,'U a? o ^ULn'to'r?n, vhieh this medicine invariably remove*, eoon foiiown IMFOTKNCY. FATUITY. KPILEPT1C FITS. At mi ?f which thi Partial mmf Krpirt, Who oan ray t*>at they are not fre*aently followed by thoee'*D;sarvt. * INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are avan <rf the eaaee 01 tiioir tnflerinf, BUT HOSB WILL COIirul. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk? Mt'.anctolt Dentkt by CnmipliM, 1U> AXPLI wnnw? TO THB TKUTH Of Til AMBTtOM. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the atd of medioine to trengtben and Invigorate the hyateai which HELM ISOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invrtm/ hi dot* A TftlAL WILL C0KTIBC1 TBI HOST IKBPTICAL. FEMA LES- FEMA LES? FBMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, J? Mm? AJfeeStcm Peculiar t? Ft main the Extract Buchu ia uneeuaUed bj toy other remedy, aa tn Chloroeis or K^teotino, Irr'nuanty Painfulnesc. or t)op?re?eion of Ooetomary E?m uatiooa. V Joaratao or ?ofairroiia *tata of lit* Uta rua, Laucnrrhaa or Whitaa, SMertlity. and for all complaint* incident to tha a?a. wf.tttar anainc lroni lndiacrauun, Hal iu of Diaaipauon, or in Uta DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! in srvPTOMa abovb. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. T*k* aa mort Mtremy. m VnpltmmmM Mtdttum /ar VnjtltAfnt mnd lM*ft'r+* Dt ******. Tier rur un r n o r to j # f ? urmtrri 0 ?ii i niii/ i ?> C-WJC cum SECRET DISEASES Ic all ineir Sta?ee; At little Expeoeo Little or uu ohar.ge li. Diet; No n.oobreL.ecc* And no axpos*?? It causes a fr^u ut desu? a ?1 give. strength to Unuat*, ther* j Kent ?vitic betmetiori, Preventing a?<l Oh rim Sineturee oi U>e I reiitra. Allaying : am ai.d iiifls-iimii ?v frequent in the class of di?oe<-es. ana x?e ict ** ftwMw.'. lh**a*4d, **U ttvm ? < Matter. thouuxm cp?s mors4.ti?s WHO HAVE BE EX THE VICTIMS Ot QUACKS, ard who have paid ktar* fees to he eared id a short tirnn ia*a 1. >n n?i th > ar r. r m A aa a> ?'4^1 an/f ftkat IKa ToisoV U&c. by the us of "pewJul bws dr:ed up :n t> eaj?t?ni, to break out in an ac g; a rated form. au<l rEKHAFS AJ-TM& MAKKJAUM. Bi? UGLMHOLD'8 EXTRACT BVCHV all atfecUona and die**:* 01 tke URINARY ORHAIII, whether existing in mm a. w w n aw mm m m mm .hali. un rtnALftt from vhaterer mom origiLatug aad no mattor of HOW LONG ITiNDINfl. DiutMl of thMM Orr&D* require the aid of a I>lnmc. llELMBOLD'S X1TRAC1 BUCHV IS THE BRtAT DIURETIC, ud it la oertetn to have the dMirai ifirt ia DlNUM/fl' wktcA t> u TKomwwuUi. ITIDUCI OF KOST RBlPOIdlBLB An MML LA BUB CBAR.ACTBB trilllaoMMBVMT the medio me*. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From S to y?or?' UnClai wtth FAME. - ?f. I -PHYSICIANS" PLMA SM * NOTWK." ww am "?o iicut" or "tvaKBDWTS." HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU b7r?wsj7rsar PREPARED 1 If VACUO, BY U. T. HELMBOLO, PrMttoal m4 AnairticeJ^Chee^iet. and Sol* M*?HXLSLBOLD'S 01NUIM Jt PREPARATIONS. j j AFFIDAVIT. XtoTSSTo? rhrtoe^jhSlflP W?B*Lu$3K?m*Q i?ih dnlT ivcm. do& ht. hia *r?Mr&Uopa m biulrt ?ar5if ?UW IEjerWee Sworn and tabMnbed b?5<<r* jms Uua<i day ( "" ifcisu uS JESB^fGL thtsicians in attmmdahck from 8 a. m. to 8 f. m. Prim* SI ft * ?! , *r iU tor ??. l>?. w*d to uy s44r*e, witfly |il*^ (Ma A4*f?mT5TbSlmjiolo.1 OfcUSj-*"" t . t ( w ?f ! 4 ~\> i *j d& . ..' ,( } *? ki J#?; j H. > KBWilE OF CUVRTURITI AMD WMFAUKUtLMD PMAJLMMM **^a>sar jgyaeruaa w ? (i Bmm+miM*, " m J"" " 1 M*m9m? \ SoM by a. I. Waits, X. D. taua, Wow, ft. C, ^fwuw ajl. JtatwMtLa. B. C MJTA 1JLL MIM/m irurtitlU. u *; .'V *' 6 3 ajui avoid lMPoamon al bxpowu ' -^- - - /