28 Ocak 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Ocak 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ ======?=? Vfife. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1862. N?. 2,788. ?^??? THE EV E.MING STAR m FUBLK3HBD BVBRT AFTBRNOOI9, (SUNDAY EXCEPTKIM AT THE IT All tf^iLOlSOS, km* / Ptmuflvmmi* v?m iiu Eitw?** **. ST W. D. WALLAOH. Pmpen rrvrf la package* by carrier* MWl year, or 37 eenta per month. To mall rubecrlben Ik# i?1m ll?tt mmm, > ?i?U for BlX Month*; tl for three month*; and for lev thaa three month* at the rate of IS oenti a week 81afta ooptes, ona caar; la wrapper*, two cairr*. CT A^xarisajfanrs should be aent to the Ace before It o'clock na.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. THE PLA* OF OPERATIONS OF THE Bl'RNSIDE EXPEDITION. The New York World'* Washington correspondent says: Considerable dissatisfaction is expressed among prominent military men with the risks to which it is alleged the Bornside expedition is and will be subjected. These prognostications of danger are ba*ed in part upon the incompleteness of the equipment and mobile facilities of the 16,000 troop* concerned, bat principally on the exposed point* of debarkation and attaek selected for their operations. An officer of hi?h rank uul k.. tbi? morning exprened to ma hii anxiety on this subject. Ha says (and thU, owing to the latenesa of tbe preaent date, without any violetion of official retieenoe) that the order* nnder whieh the Burniide expedition left Fortress Monroe embrace the followingeommanda? the first peremptory, the aeoond depending on the judgment of the leader : 1 The entire fleet waa to paas through one of tbe mleta below Cape Hatteras, rendezvous in Pamlico Sound, sail up theNeuse river, and attack and possess the oity of Newborn, on the North Carolina coast. 2. If matters should progress favorably, and & inlan/4 ?* :VI_ r* . *? ^ ? w? >ui>uu awiu loMiui*, vreuerai uurnsiae ?u to make forced march with his army to Qoldsboro?sixty milei from Newbern. (Qoldsboro ia at the junction of the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad with the road from Raleigh, and thus a main point on the great through line from Richmond to Charleston, Savannah, and the Oulf. Its occupation would not, how rer, completely sever the rebel railway connections, inasmuch as they have a roundabout track from Ridgeway to Raleigh, and the "North Carolina Railroad ") But if the march te the interior should seem too perilous, the leaders of the expedition were authorised to re-embark their forces, make a two days sail for Cape Fear river, and occupy the important and strongly-defended seaport town of Wilmir.gton. The lat er city is also a main point on the grand route from Riohmond to Charleston. But new, as I have said, that we have fnrlv akipped off the gallant Burnside and bia brave v little army on tbia business, so vital to the > raeeess of General McClellan's extensive plans; ^ dow that sbipa, men, and leader have been [gone ten daja, and we have jet no distinct tidings of their fortunes?now we begin to realise the grave nature of the enterprise, its possible successes and reverses, and to listen eagerly f>r every breath of intelligence as to th? actual result. It is believed that Burnside, aft t Newbern should be taken, would suffer the dangers attendant upon an inland mar?h to weigh very lightly upon his determined nature, and would dash f orward as rapidly as the roads, die enemy, and his means of transportation wonld permit. Now, although we sincerely believe the Matem portion of North Carolina to be largely loyal at heart, this expedition has not been planned in any reliance noon ?nnh a*ntim*n? It ia felt, therefore, that fifteen or sixteen thousand men are, ?f er all, a very small force to ieolate in an enemy's country, sixty miles from theooast, and to attaok a point where the enemy's railroads intersect and afford him every means of concentrating large bodies of troope at the shortest aotiee. Let me. however. *dd that much of the anxiety ia question i* allied by the confident avowal in hi^h quarter*! the rebels' inability to spare any force fur the defence of Qoldsborough and other North Carolina towns. General MoCIellaa ? ?? tW AnnntiAia aitK. oat badly exposing Norfolk, Richmond, and Charlestoa, one or all. In faot, between dread of oar position at Beaufort, p*ni jover Schoeff" s success at Mill Spring, solicitude for the safety of Norfolk, and necessity for maintaining the entire present force at Mana^as, they can hardly find heart or hands to mist Burnside's most exposed movements. The Pert Royal tettoa. , TIB WOtK or GATHERING ? THX CONTRABAND9. The comparatively-moderate amount of confiscated South Carolina eotton arriving at this port is really no indication of the extent of the work of picking or of the quantity vet to be gathered. It is true that much of the cotton whioh was grown very near the large rivers and water courses in the vioinitv of Pnrt Rn*?l and not burned bj the rebels, has been brought forward; bat a very small proportion of the whole amount on the islands has yet been brought to Hilton Head for shipment to this port. The work of gathering goes steadily on; large quantities have been oollected on the inland plantations, and ginning is carried on to a considerable extent. The number of contrabands engaged in the work is increasing, and the chief difficulty at present is a want of transportation facilities. * When the federal forces landed at Hilton Head all the horses, oxen, carts and conveyances of all kinds were taken possession of and ppuou tu loo us' * oi mo ^usriermaster's department As oar troops penetrated to the adjacent islands and took possession of the main land, the sama process was continued, and these means of transportation have been retained for tha uses of the army The cotton now coming from Port Royal is carried on tha shoaldera of tha negroes to the banks of the streams navigable for steamers o< heavy draught, and it w noteworthy that, al. though the bulk of tha eotton is inland, or on the bank* of shallow streams, the only Teuel of any oonsiderableeise employed is the transportation service is tha May flower, an old ferryboat drawing nearly ten feet of water. Under these circumstances the business o( taking tha eotton from the plantation is exceedingly slow and difficult, ir not in many oases impossible of aoeomplishuent, except when it u carried for miles by tha negroes?a work for whieh tha comparatively small force of the contrabands is entirely inadequate. Besides, mam aajuuwjr sanngi approacn Y9TJ DUr till banks of the rivers, and the cotton in inch c<m U neeeaearilj got on board by the om oi small '<>au, which 1* a tedious operation. What is required for this work more than anything else is a number of flat-bottomed boats, drawing eighteen inches or two feet of water, and to he loaded from carta or wagons adapted to the conveyance of large loads. It I* understood that the contrabands at Port Royal are ia need of medical care, and that ma?ores to aapplj this want are now in pro* grass io this aity.~?N. Y. Pott. Fovoor Molassbs.?At oar bosrding-houaa, ? bar* a character in the all a pa of a alar*. He is a half-wit tod negro, answering to th< nana of Levi. Levi's mm of snpreme happinaaa aaaaaa to be in an indalgenee in molasses Ton ean't gat him to mora sprightly nnlaaa yot promt** hiaa some'laaaee;" and than ho makw hia long heols ftj. The other evening my room mat* wanted a big fire, and to get Levi U bring ap an extra quantity of wood, proaaisad bin a jag of his favorito article. In n sborl tine, up came Levi, .bearing something leer than a quarter of a eord of wood on his arms Laying it earefnliy on the hearth, he turned to mr room-mate and said How much laaaeris job guy in' to gib me?' A jug fall." > " I fdlj' (smacking his lips.) How much too cnarga m? tor lit" Hothing." " Nafta? I golly! (aa?oking bit lips.] Shall I foieh tba jag" " Yao " " Gib mo wholo jog fall for aafia?" Yao."- . " 1 gollj!" and Lot! diaappoarod dova tb? tairwaj, amaokiag bia lipa. At tba foot of U>< autre ho a cop pod a laomaat aad aoliloqaitod M f >llo?a: "Jag full?I golly Jug fall for aafln?I follj. Niggar, too ao goyin to hob a boll jog Toll of laaaoa Whaw: Oo loaf, Samaon J*roaaJom. I oily." L . Boforo daylight aozt Morning LoH wu oa I flortooa tlaia ?uh bio -l-mFT-L?ur fr*m LATE FROM TOT SOUTH. From late Southern paper* we gather the following The Richmond Examiner of the 23d loat., has a long edltoral on the manufacturing interest* of the South It seta forth a bold atatement of the need of the rebels for material* uard in manufacture*, whlrh they hare not, and c*n only get from Europe. To secure these material*, used In the arts, It propose* the organ 'ration of a grand governmental smuggling association, with a capital of fifty millions, to be invested in goods purchased in Europe, and to be aent South In vessel* which are to run the federal blockade It thtnks that if one-hilf of tbe vessels thus employed should he caf turtd, still tbe enterprise would pay one hundred per cent profit. DKSKKTIONS TO TBS KXKMT FBOM PXSSACOLA. From a letter in tbe New Orleans Picayune, dated Warrington, Fla , Jan. 4, we clip the following paragraph: Since my last writing nothing of moment ha* occurred except tbe desertion of? rr arinea to iheenemy. It wi* a bold step They belonged to tbe romp?ny of Capt. Van Benthuyson, of the Confederate States marine corps, and one Sunday, just .ft? .lit- I- *% ? ?<?n irTciur, in me vrej oi mc morning, tbey took a boat and rowed rapidly across, Laving pre-' vloualy spiked with wood tbe guns of the batter v to wblch they belonged It is believed the aentry himself spiked taeni elae It would have been discovered. They were a considerable dlst ince from th-m and rapidly gaining the other side before they were seen; hundreds of soldiers stood on the beach awaiting tbem. It waa very aggravating. A DRUNKS* ICm-IIIMCIICT OI GOVERNOR JOHN LITtlU. The Richmond Examiner of the 23d aaya a wne of indecency, drunken or sober, occurred in the House of Delegates yesterday, while that body wm occupied with the question of the election of Confede-ate Senators, mortifying to the hundreds who w'tnessed it. in th? midst of tbe debate John Letcher, Governor rf Virginia, came lata the legislative chamber drunk, and sat on the steps leading to the Speaker's cnair for the full opace of half an hour, with a segar In his mouth, making himself a spectacle for tbe whole bouse and a butt for the jokes of the gallery. Tbe apparition occurred just is both paities teemed to be in a deadlock as to who should be Senator. The occurrence might naturally have originated In a drunken imagination tbat a display so dramatically made at tbe nick of time might suggest a compromise to botb parties, and inspire a sudden enthusiasm for Jobn Letcher and bis rennhi lr*n W???? ? -*1 ? f ? . ?* ? v?u I lie no Viiirr PI* plnnation for tbe Impertinence and indecency of John Letcher on the Speaker's rostrum, displaying hi* segar and making htmcelf a spectacle to the '-assembled wisdom of Virginia " TBS RkBBL PRODCC* LOAN. Tbe rebel Secretary of the Treasury baa determined to Introduce tome changes in the p'an and management of the produce loan. Agenta have lately Deen appointed in all tbe principal cities of the South to make collections, a d they will also be charged arith receiving subscriptions and reporting them to the central office in Richmond. There has been of late a considerable filling off in subscriptions Tbe aggregate on tbe superintender 'a books Is estimated, In its equivalent of cotton, -t 500 (MO bales. ni aaiiAMtl KAIL WAT CONNECTION The Houae of Delegate* baa paaaed a bill to authorize a connection between the Orange and Alexandria and Manama Gap rallroada and the Richmond,Frederic kaburgand Potomac raiload. Thia connection haa been urged aa a military neeeaaltv, and the commanding generalaof the army of the Potomac cordially approve the acheme The only polnta of protection to Northeaatern Virginia now lie between Aqula Creekard Mana^aan Junction. Thia work wilt materially dlmlnlah the force neceeaerv to be kept there, whlie at the aame time faellitating the tranaportatton of auppllea. The bill aaka for no appropriation; and, while it ia true that it exenipta tne property of the railroad from taxation, the great value and Importance of the work at thia time plainly sbnwa that it la little KiOQffb to tyt caar#dwl The bill la now before e appropriate commltu* at ttim Menate.and will probably paaa at an early period. TBI KBBXL8 ON THE POTOMAC. [From the Fredericksburg Newa, Jan. ?2] Friday morning Captain Frobell, at Cockpit Point, aucceeded !n forcing the federala to abandon a large achooner by hla well directed lire. Without boata he could not take noaaesaion On Satu-dav, we learn from one of the "bomb dodders'' at Cockpit Point, that one of the largeat merchant ateamera yet aeen to na?a up or down waa fired at vlgoroualy by the Kvansport batterlea?at leaat forty shot and nhell?and from thla fact he hardly thinks that anything la "under arrest" there Aa ahe approached, Cockpit thundered, and the face of the blnff was a circle of are. It waa admirably done?better than ever before. At the exploalon of one of ?? ahella great man/ beard th? exclamation, "Oh, God!" rapidly repeated aeveral time* and In accents that indicated great bodily pain and anguish. Our batteries fired about forty shots and none were foolishly expended. The day the Penaacola went down the river the Cockpit battery turned a steamer back. Louisiana. The Federal FLttt on iht Suuth'rn Coast?Escape of Rebel Steamer from Btloxi? Collision itti"mm a French Stemmur and am Americaa IT-tr Vessel?Stampede 0/ the Inhabitants of the Lake Coast. ? (From the New Orleans Delta, Jan 11 ] , Tue steamer Gray Cloud, which t-aa been lying concealed from the enemy for some time at Blloxl, ran out on a venture on Wedncaday and came thriuiuh tk? 4amnA aafal.t 1 1? *li , i .-v ?<.ij, mKiug ucrc eariy mil morning She report* only *ix of tbe enemy'* vessel* around Ship Uiand. although there have been aa many aa twenty-two In sight from the main land at one time. Col. Janx-a, of BUoxl, who came paisengeron her, furnlabt-a u* wlthibe following bud?:?t of new* from a quarter that la aow Invited with deep Interest on account of lta prox.mlty to the enemy and to our own home: On Tuesday, the 7tn lnat , three French naval oMcers, with alxteen men, landed at Hiloxi and desired to communicate, by telegraph, with tbe French Consul at New Orleans. The office at BUoxl having been closed, Lieut Pradat, who had acted aa interpreter on their arrival, volunteered to accompany them in their boat to Hay St. Lonia, wbltber they went accordingly. Tb?-y reported the fact tbat their vessel, a aide* wheel steamer, bad been run Into accldently by one of tbe United States steain vesaela of war,and tbat their craft bad bten badly crippled in the i wheelbouae, and waa lying outstde of tbe Ship Island. She waa one of tne Anglo French naval squud'on, which they reported to have arrived otf our coast, twenty-sail strong. On Wedne?dsy they returned and obtained their answer by telegraph from tbe French Consul. Since tbe visit of tbe enemy to Blloxt, on tbe 31st ult , they have not been near tbe main land. On that occasion they came In tbree gunboats, one of which, the Uenry Lewis, towed thirty-two launches, aad was crowded with troops. The two little cannon of the piace were given up to t them, aa It would have been madness to re*l*t; but the Home (iuard, conaiatlng of about sixty i old men. kept their arm*. Captain Smith told tbe Mayor of BUoxl, Captain Fewell, tbat he was , ptrieciiy well acquainted with the number of their arms and all their resource*. All of the tovma on the lake coast are being deserted, and the people are moving into the Interior. It would be useless to send troops there while the enemy have command of the Sound and e?a shell the whole coert with impunity Seven negroes have proved traitor* and gone off to the * fleet. Four of them, belonging to Mr. Alfred Lewis, were chased by tbelr master, when a Yankee gunboat came to their reecue and took them l on board. Two ethers belonged to a widow lady l in Biloxl, and one to Mr. James litggtns. All i tne other negroes are sent into the country. > Telegraphic News te Rebel Newspaper*. I MOBB STOHB VgSSBLS SUnK OFF CHARLESTON BAR. 1 ChaBlsstob, Jan M.?This morning twenty I vessels were seen off Charleston bar The enemy were bnsy stripping the rigging from the hulks, I evidently Intending to sink more stone vsssbIi. CAFTVBB OF CBSAB KITS,FLA. i The Savannah papers state that Cedar Keys, the western term In as or the Florida Ra lroad, was occupied by the enemy on Thursday, aad that ear troops DM INDOOOM IM place Z FURNITURE! FURNITUREf fk FURNITURE! Look to roar latorwii, Fiwbmn of CABINET FURNITURE. ' ?t *18 Irom Hall, wkm yoo will lad the l and Mil aaoorted etoak to b? fraud in Waanafton, ?m'>raoui| ever j oouoeivable varie j i oeoaaaan to fkraieh a jkoaea complete, and at "'^nK^twiLuoij. Pans?yfr an a arena*. b?L Kk aadjotn ita |a IHe? gaooad aid Taird Floor*. RLRMRLssifiegE^ eaasr* ;a Ooraar VannonlaT. atodutkatraot. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The War la IWisssarl. OFFICIAL 0ID1K?TBI OATH OW ALL18IAKC* TO Si ADXMISTKBKD. a St Loris, Jan 26 ?The following spetfil order will be i(sued tn the morning : Hindquarters. Department of Missouri ?The president, secretary. librarian, director* and other olBcera of the Mercantile Library Association, the president, secretary, directors and other officers of the Chamber or Chambers of Commerce of this city are required to take the oath of allegiance prescribed bv article 6 of the State ordinance of Oct. 18, 1S61. Any of the above officers who shall neglect to file In the office of the Provost .Marshil General, within ten days of the date of this order of the oath so superscribed will be deemed to have resigned, and any who, after neglecting to tile hie oath of allegiance within the time prescribed, shall attempt to exercise the functions of such office, will be arrested for contempt of this order, and punished according tathe laws of war '2. It 1< officially reported that carriages bearing the enemy's flag, are in tbehabltof driving to the vicinity of the military prison in McDowell's College. The commanding officer of the prison will seize and take possession of any carriage bearing the enemy's flag, and the horses, carriage and burners be confiscated. 3. it Is cfiic i ally reported t hat certal n women are In the habit of approaching the vicinity of the military prison, and Waving hostile flags, for the purpoae of Insulting our troops and carrying on communications with the prisoner! of war. The commanding officer of the prison guard will arrest and place In confinement all women so offending. 4 Any carriage or other vehicle bearing a hostile flag in the city will be seized and confiscated. The city police and patrol gu trds are diraeted to arrest persons In vehicles under such flags. Also persons wearing or displaying a hostile flag in the city. By command of Maj Gen. Ha'leck. M. H McLean, Asst. Adj. Gen. rao* socTHwasTaa* Missocat aid arkansas Rolla, Mo., Jan 28 ?A prominent citizen o* southwestern Missouri, Just arrived from Mount Vernon, Lawrence county, says that Gen Rains, with about 400 rebels, staid all of Tuesday night, the 14th, at Mount Vernon, on their way to Granby, wurre, iui- uiuirra ma, mey were gr ing to wurk In the lead mines. Threat* were made to arrest all the Union men connected with the Home Guard and put them at wofk In the mines, and in consequence a large number of Union citizens were leaving the county. On the same night that Rains staid at Moun; Vernon, report said hat 176 or 200 rebels were encamped at the head of Spring River, en route for Caaeville. in regard to troops in Northern Arkansas, be ays from good authority that there In only about five or six hundred troops at Cross Hollows afld Cave Hill, Benton county, but a body from two to five thousand strong was at Tillsforth Bend, fifty miles below Van Bergen, on the Arkansas river. Several secessionists Informed him that fi#n fnrroa AKA ? - ... . ? uiu iivv nuuiutr over 10,000. He met the acotiU of tbe Federal army four miles b-yond Lebanon, and other troop* at various points tbls side AFFAIRS AT ST. LOCIS? KBLIAIK OF Ml. COX. I 8t LotJis, Jan. 2<> ?Samuel En?fler, tbe banished sece*s!onlst, was sent across tbe river under a guard yesterday. His destination Is unknown. His attorney (Nathaniel Cox, of Baltimore,) has been released from the military prison. Attachments were served upon several other delinquent irece?s!onl?ts to-day. Judge James H Burch announces himself a candidate for Governor at the August election. Virginia Csnstitnt:onal Conventlon?Proposl lis f?r the Enaiclpttisa of Slave*. Whiilikg, Jan. 27 ?In the State Constitutional Convt ntlon to-day, Mr. Butelle, of Ohio county, offered tbe following proposition relative to slavery in the new fc-tate of Virginia: v bi?? uan wc uiwu^n* inw ion rwic jnr permanent residence after the adoption of the constitution. All children born of slave parents in this State on and afte* the 4th of July, 1665, shsll be free Tbe Legislature may provide general Jaw* f r their apprenticeship during minority and- > subsequent colonization " It was referred to the Committee on General Provisions, which committee will probably report some time this week. It is notexpected, bowever, that the committee will report any provision of the above character, the majority of the member* being averse to the consid"ration of the slavery question, but whenever they do report tbi? proposition will be brought forward, and from present indications be fiercely contested. The War in Kentucky. Davisvill*, Jan 27 ?At Lpzan Cross Road* on the 15th Inst , the first Tennessee regiment vtes next to the Tenth Indiana, but they were or* dered to hold tbe Cross Roads, and therefore were not In the thickest of the fl^ht at Somerset. The report that Col. Fry, who shot ZolUccffer, was k'l'ed himself Is fal?e. The wounds of Col. MrCook and Lieut Burt are net serious. Watmcr-'s bittery, attached to the Twelfth brigade, Gen. Carter, did the most essential *ervice of the field and upon the enemy's Intrenchments on Sunday evening. The rebels In retreating b'urnt four gun carriage at Montlcello, but their cannon and guns were scattered all over the track that marks their flight Gen Thomas' forces have not yet been henrd from, but it is supposed that they will occupy Montlcello. Terrible storm In Yermant. Trot, N. V., Jan. 26 ?A tremendoui gale prevailed all through wwtern Vermont yesterday morning The train which left Troy for Rutlaud encountered the gale In the town of Shaftsburg, and while passing an embankment 30 feet high, a fierce wind broke one of the cars from the coupling, and threw it down the embankment. Or. H. Dwight, of Boston, was Instantly killed; John Robinson, the roadmaster, was severely injured and cannot survive, and two ladies were severely injured.

Boston,Jan. 27 ?Rev. H. 8. O. Durgea, mis sionary to Turkey, wax the person killed on Saturday on the Troy and Rutland railroad. He was on a visit to this couutry, and has two sons In the Union army. Flew Yark Bank Statement Niw Yoke, Jan 27 ?The weekly statement of the city banks shows a decrease of 83,313,733 In loans; an increase of 8577,869 In specie; a decrease of S541,0U in circulation, and a decrease of 3,452,374 In deposits. Niw Yoaa, Jan 47.?The entire specie of the Fulton Bank has been removed safely from the vaults since the Are. Fire at BhUb. Bostoji, Jan. 37 ?The Quincy market, owned y itie cur, bu been damaged by fire. Lom 50,000. Dr. dupontb bugar-coated female regulating pills ^ Retd the following nneolioiled enoomiWgf una: f MI cannot ooremand them too hijbly." W r3 "They are the beat Female Pills extant." "1 have need them with complete snoeess." "Woeld not be withomt them upon any consideration." "They operate speedily and effectively." Rioe 91 Sent by maJTl Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, Chesnnt street, Pti.ladelphta,and in \VaehIncton by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th street and Pa. aveaae.; la Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. DranisU no?-eoly rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GBNUINJS HAIR UYB, The Beet in the World, Tk? Omht MUliakU and HmrmUti Hmir Dv* Known. Sold by |U1 Orunisu; also, at BxniroiTi Patent Medicine Store, op. Patent OAoe.oor. F * 7th, 9ma's Hair Store, fi?*Penn'a avenue, where Ladies eaa tevilkMf aed. if desired. Fm>m I ll wr ' oe ?-lr ] " IX _ (bmiuaiiD m 19SI,) u*c leare to Inform the ejbho that the* have extended their Kxpraa* to Weehinctoa. and are now (MimitoTruirort Me'atiiDdiie. Uuk Note#, Specie, Jewelry, ?0..to all parte of tht Middlt, Ntm Mnglund and Wutim 6'WM ani Ommmdm. Conneoun* vita the nioet reeponeib.e Kxpr<*?aee thronghoat the ooantry, v? are tabled to offer ?t?e?wf fmcilittu to all who nay favor a* with their pat rosace. For terae and .farther informa*" "* ^?.??5 SsTfctts* *?? Waahimtoa. DC. fJRKAT ATTRACTIONS.??rand rath tor sse AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD & BUCKEY. Auctioneer*, Gtort ttown, D. C. TRUSTEES' BAI^.-Br virtue of a deed of 1 trait from Wn. W MoNeer, dated April 24, 1WT, and of record, we will offr at motion on the Uth day of February next at 3 oVlook p. m , on the premise*, all that lot of ground in Georgetown known a? the easternmost part of lot number one honored asd twenty-eight. (188.> in Beail'saddiUon to Georgetown, fronting Mleeton Dunrarton street, and runn'nr back north, of the same width, 1% feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two story fraii>e house. Terms of tale: One-th'rd of the purchase money to be ?aid in cash ; and the residue at three e^ual instalments at three.six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. WALTER 8. COX, HUGH CAPERTON. Trustees Georgetown Build's Amooia n. ja6?awts BARliARD A BUCKEY, Ascts. oj OAlinAKU * BUCK K Yj Auctioneer*. Georgetown, D. C. T*USTEE8' SALE.?By virtue of a d?ed of tmat from Jets- Chiok- d?te<1 May 20. 1856. and of record, we will' (Ter a- anotion.on tiellth day of February. at S\ o'clock p in., on the premises, that lot of ground in Georgetown, bounded as fol low*.Tix : Begicntnc at ?h? end oftw?"ty-six feet measured eatt. od the sooth line of AVest otreet. from '.h) ?ootheasl intersection of WAS and North streets, acd runr.ina thenoe easterly, r.y and with the south line of West street, twmtr jeet. th?noe outnardly. and parallel with taid North street. ei?hty-*ix feet, thenoe westvardly, and pa-allel with said West street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eighty six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sale : One-third of the purchase monev to be paid in oish, and the residue in three equal instalments, at thre*, six, and nine month*, with interest, to be secured. The term* o'sa'e mast be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be re?o d, after one ? eeks' notioe, at the risk and coat of the first purchaser. WALTER ? POX, HI'OH CAPERTON. Trustee'* Georgetown Building Association. j%6-2swt< Harvard a huc key, a acta. By BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auot;oneera. Gtortttown, U C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed rf trustfrom B. Hutobins, dated September22, 1856. and of r*oord. we will offer ?t auction on the lltn d%? of February. 1F62 on the premlsea. at 4 o'oloskp m , that part of lot cumber nir.e'y om, (91.tin Beatty A Haekina' addition to Georgetown, beginning for its bounds on the couth aide of Prospect street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 6ft feet, me**ured oast, from the west corner of said lot. and ruming theroe toath aad para lei with the w st line of caid lot 63 feet, more or less, to thelice of Mrs Meaner'* lot thenoe east on the line of sa d lot25 feet, and thenoe north 5S feet, more or ess, t? frosteot street; thence with Prospect street 25 feetto the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of a two-story frame honse. Terms of sale: One tiird of the purohase money to be paid in cash; and the residua in three equal insta ment*. at three, aix and nine montha, witA interest, lo be aecureu. The terms of sae moit be complied with within one week after aale, of the prcpert^ may be reaofd at the expense and risk of the pnrchaeer, after one week'a notice W A LTF.R 9, COX. HIGH CAPERTON, Trustee* Georgetown Build'g Aasooian. JI6 2&VU HAKNAKl) A B CKEY, Auctfc Br BARNAKD A BL'CKEY, Auotiuneera. Of r/ttoim D C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Henrr Dade, dated April 2>, 1SS7, and of record, we will cfTar at auction, on the llth day of February, at 3% o'clock p. m., on the premises, part of lot No eightr, in Holmcad'a addition to Georgetown, bounded as follow*, viz: Beginning at the northwest corner of ta'd lot, and run mnf thenoe south, along North atreet, forty feet, ther.Ce eaatand at right angles with North atreet, forty a i foet, ther.ce north forty feet, and thenoe west fcrty-aix feet, to the beginning, with the imgrovamects, oonmting of two two story frame Terms of aaie i One-third of the purchase money to be pind tn oaah, and the reaiduein three equal Instalment*, at tnree, six, ar.d nine months, vritd interest, to be aeourcd. , The terms of sale mast be romplied with within one week sf'er sale, or the property may be r*aold, St t..? rick sad oust oi ik* (rat rai?bu?r. af.er OES weeka' notice. WALTER S_,COXt. nt?n ?j".rr.it i um, Trustee's Georgetown Uniuinr A?aocla*iuu. ja6 2awts BaRNAKDA BOCKtjV. Acots. 6y WALL& BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE?Bt virtue of & deed of trust from Charles Williams, dated April 23, 1"56, and of reoord, we will offer at auction, on THURSDAY, the I3lh day ol February, at 4 o'clock p. m , on th? p remit eg, that lot o; ground in Washington known and described *a the northern part of lot No twenty-six, (26.) in sauare No. one Hundred, (luo,) frontini forty-eight feet on Twentieth street, and iiitr feet on M street, with the improvements, ooniiating of a two story frame house. Terms of sale: fine third of the purchase money to be paid io cash, the residue in three eaual in stalments, at three, six, and nine months after date, with interest, to be secured The terms of sale mutt bo oomplied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, at the nak and oust of the fust purcLasdr, after one weeks' notice. w a i Tt'D a pnY HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Build's Association. _js7_tewte By WALL ft BAKNAR I), Auctioneer*. TRUSTEES' fc*ALK? By virtue 01 a <Jeed of trust irom N W. Wa ker, dated February 23, 1855, and of reoord, we wiil offer at aootion, on FkIDaY, the 14tb day of February, at 4 o'clock p- m , on the premises, th*.t lot ot e round in Washington known and descrioed as lot I), in square No 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth street, 52feet from the northwest corner of said squire, and running thence south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thecoe east 63 feet 8 inches to a S feet a'ley, thence north with the line of said alley 16 feet: th noe west 63 teet 8 inches to tfce beginning, with the improvement*. Terms of sale: On' third of the purchase money to be paid in cash; and the residue in three equal lusta mei.U, at three, six and nine months, witn interest, to be eeeured. The terms of sa*e mu?t be complied with within uuo wpi anur p?io, uuiorwiB" me property rzmj be retold at the risk and co?t of the firat purchaser, after one week's notioe WALTER 8 COX. HUGH OAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build'g Associa'n. ja7 2awts WaLl. & HARN.vRD, AucU. By WALL A BAR^AR 1), Auctioneer*. TRUSTbEte' SALE?Br virtue of a deed of trurt from Cynthia B. Mason and other*, dated Maron 13,1857. and of reoord, we wi 1 o er at auotion,on SaTUKDAY, the 15th day of February, at 4 ? o'ook p. in. on the premwee, that lot of croo- d in Wasnington known a* ot No. aghteen, (18,1 in square No. seventy three,("3,) with the improvement ?. Terms of sale: One third of the purohate money to be paid ic oasii; and the residue m three rqu&l instalments, at thre-, fix and nine montha alter date, with interest, to be teoured. A'ne terms of fate must be oomphtd with within one week after tale, or the property may be resold JLf f H A rialr anH n/n t i\f (k* 15 ral rnrnKs Or WALTER X. COX, HUGH CAPERToN, Trustee* Georgetown Build't Assooia'n. jaTSawts WaLL 4 BARNARD, Auots LOVELL, COLLE8 4 CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, t>6 Front Street, New York, and 3I? E Street, Washington, D. C . (near Willard'l Hotel.) Having sUrted a branch of uur New York estab> lishment in t' is oity, we invite Sutlers, Orour$, Rutauranteurs, and Hotel Kttrert, to call and examine onr stock whioh is well assorted and comprised of foods of the best ?Ba'lty. We take orders for anything in oar line, and exeoute tnen sromDt *. i* ? tf Gold and $}8gj$jssp?. swim I hare now on hand a large stock of all the moat oelebrated Watobes, that I am selling at the very lowest prioes tn*t rood and reliable tims te?p?ra oan be aflorded at; and every description of &r>t JEWELRY on hand;all new aty!sa reoeived as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in mr own shoe. AH kinds of MILITARY GOODS on h&ad.suoli ri kevolrers, Swords. Sashes, Belts, Bowia aires. Pooket Compasses, Ao., Ac. Also strong rmr Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other Uua* s ssetul aad ornamental at 138 Pennsylvania a venae. pel tf H. A. HOOD. COMETH IMS NiW-S 1/PERlOh HULLED CORN.^Tbs s 11 iuer, heving got the agenoy rial "g' I. ""' A;~Pi. ftTMtM. b*tv?w> lttb and 1Kb it*. N.U.?Manaftwjtarpr of Marble UaatiM. Monnnwcte, Table Ton, \o. A large aeeortinent a'vaya onkaad. <x> 18-am UKAVY WOOL iWK. BH1RT8 AND n DRAWKK*,m44*mV PH1RTB, at S94 fitsna**?1" " u 'sfr WASHINGTON, D. C., JANUARY, 1S69. REMOVAL. . BIMIR6ER Sl CO. un H.Z1MOVZIS TO No. 919 PENNSYLVANIA AYENIE, OPPOOITS WILLARDS' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of car friend* u4 patron* to the Card below: NO. 919 Pl!CI*YLVAXIA AviffTI, ) (oppatitt WxUardU Hottl,) ( The Subscriber*, baring opened a Branch Establishment In tbla City a few month* since, and feeling encouraged by tbe liberal patronage already received from it* friend* and the lover* of pure and genuine and other article? In their line, have determined upon a continuance and extenalon of their busl? neaa. Tbelr assortment embrace*? FINE COGNAC BRANDIE9 (of varloua age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY & PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of >11 Var<?t1*a *n<l P>Im> FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock vai particularly (elected to rait the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateur* Ac. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jo*. P. Wiuon. Owing to the fact that they import most of the articles direct, and to their many business faclll< ties, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at very low price*. Your obedleat aervmnta, A. BININGER A CO., Importert of Fortign Wtntt, Liquors, fe. Ja 11-tf Niw Yoke asn Washih?to!?. pARAFFlNE CANDLES! MEUCCI'B M'A1JZJMT rAJkArrinn CANDLES ! Manufactured by the Nbw Yoke Pasaffim Cahdlb Co. For sal* in qaantitiaa to snit parohaeers, by Lb* Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON * NAGLE, 899 Penn. avenue, Washington, D C. Ja tl 10 Royal, near King at., Alexandria, Va. Dajton's Bakery. mo* NKW YORK. BRANCH, No. 456 Eleventh st., between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTERCRACKKRS, uuerun UKAV&EKB, " WATER CRACKERS. " BO OA CRACKERH, SRAHAM CRACKERS, - LEMON BISCUIT. - Celebrated~MlNCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Heads of Families, and Sutlers ire urn ted to try o?r excelled MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott, 8ept,9 1861. Mr. DattoH"Sir s All of at, both olBoors and privates, have ate freely of jour Piea. I oan eonaoienUously ?tate that no man ia on the aiok liat from partaklnc'of them. To tell the trath, we are heart-siok beoaaae we oae't get enough of them. They are the only real luxary we have had sinoa we left home. W. F. Dkmmins. M.D-, Surgeon. r~r Diaooant to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, Jall-lm 446 Eleventh at., Waahi&gton, D.C. RENAIID1N BOLLINGER kCO'l OELAMPAQNB. LEFMAN, K1EFER * THOMASS, sole a8ent8 for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dca.hi Bnm, . j> 4-1 ? V?t New cloaks, ATLOW PMICKS! Owibc to th? nwiMl 4? nil for Cl?fck?. w? h?T? inat rAoMivatl B.nuih?r Urta ?u??.T. whicfi Live t>?fn purcharfM at Tory niuoed priaaa, aod will aa ? aold utonubiDi low. Oar atock of FANCY , 8IL*S and LATHES* DKESts ttOOOS ia Mil ? ~ "S'-PYC.Tv CO. ja 11-aoK 8MBggw to Taylor * flatchiaoa. JMPORTAN T T O LADIES. aiubaonbera hivi opaoatf U?a mtowm No. IS MSmk?. ?t||lUdIKfcata. aa aftrat i HacdkaraEMb, C?f?a. FIoudoim, Xm?, Cms, i Coand m&dla-ap gooda of tha (aWfMWi and at Nnr York anoaa N. B.?All aorta of Laoaa waabad. maodod. and dona a> aqaal to aaw.at abort aotoaa. <?? ! * ; T? SUTLERS AND , -. ... MWAUEANW. '"CHAM *, . . . WINE, fnr Mlt tint trr WM. COEWIN BUEfiY. No. MT PouaylruuA tm?, 1ST ?BtruMNNiUE !<*. TT.iW *f TBS WtfcKLV STAR. ?jVSy*r?nitM" ' to ^ 1**+* Fit# Wyt<wwMimniiiimtMw I fll W6B WP'W fwwtfin iipia.... M haa nil TV DrnHf Mmmtmg Btm tXimimm aa (CMnlly tkm|knt tfca otutry. C78iafU copies (la wrapper*) ?i be favoured at Ute coaster, lirwilaWy after tta lM* of Ue paper Prloe?THREE CE.NTB. HBLMBOLiyS GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HMiHLY CONCENTRATED ? * Compound Fluid Extract Bichv, 4 ?m<mn ffper^U Benatfp For Diaaaaoa ol tbe BLADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, aa4 DROPSICAL SWKLLINOB. Tin Medieiae tnereaoM Ue aovor af DiiaMm, I tod aseiuw the awoiiikti into beaitiiy atioa. br whicn the witiit oa cticnoci dapoaooaa . lid all mimit ? M trail M FAUI AND wKSSZZZ mrm ,Wm ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For WnkMMN Aristae from Kxo*ss?s, Habits of Wrtiilii. Ktri* UdiserctioB or Aba**. Aittndtd wttk tk* AOmmi Brmftmmt: indisposition to Kxsrfcoa, Low of Powar, Low of Moaaorr, Dlloa ttr of K 'satkiac, Weak N-rr?s, TrwrhltS; Horror of Dmsaao. WakwiM, Dimnn? of Vision, . Pats in Us btofc, Uui vorsa! Lassitade of Us M ososlar RtsMt( Hot Hands. FtaSlaf of Ur J*ty, Drrnoss of tkt Skla. Rraptioaa oa Us Faos, PALLID C0CHT?!1AJ?CB. Tbose lymptoms. it a owed to (o na. whiofc (Ua* ? medicine invariably rontons, soon follows IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY, EPIL&FTIO FITS, M mm / whvk tkt Ptimt sisy fqnri nn>? ? - >K.> k-? ? * * - " I-. TT ^ PnMm iOIlovad by thOM SUICL dkkaim," M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mfcny are l?w? of tba n&aa* of their aaffartat, BUT XOHl WILL courts*. THK RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt M*lmmck?ht Dtatks by ftiwuprtw. IU1 AHFLB wrriTM* TO TBI TftVTI OV TBI AIIUTTOa. THK timwSLWcWtf* i_prT" R eqalraa tba aid of madioina to ttrao^Uiaa ?ad lariiortt* tua Syataa wiuoh HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCUt immmrim/ k>d?*t k nui will cowtijicb rmi most kspticil. 4 FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMA LES, OLD ^^MNp9uA',r^>H.T.W.,ilD' ?* 1% Many AJgictxont Ptmltnr it FtmnUi the Extract Bncba it uiiaaaa.led by My oUar nae?iy, m in Ckloroaia or RetsuUon, Imgaianty Pain. fu i;p?i, or^uyyroaaion o' Ktm uuvua. \J "wri bktu wi cviiiiiui* ui iuv fm* rua. Leucorrbea or Whitee, Sterility. and for Mi compiainta incident to tbe in, whether arising from Ibdisoretioc, Haiiita of Dieeipatioa, or in the DECLINE OR CHANO MOW LIFE ! cis symptoms abovb. NO FAMILY SHOULD B1 WITHOUT IT. Thk* me mart B*Uam, Kirm m Pnylunwl Medietas fm Vamlmtmmi ?ai IMafcovi Dimmtm. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT JiUCHU cvaas SECRET UUBAIU In all their Stag m. . At hole Kf e?e* UttU or no ehaoce la Diet; Ne iiooaTeiNBM It oa.ee. a Urinate, thereby Removing obet ucliooa. Preventing aad Curing Strietaree of the L rettira, Allayiag rain and I nflMaratoea. m freqaent in the class of diseases, and expe liag Pou?a*m, Instated, mm d worm mi Mmift. THorsaifds Iran thocsards WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid Atarp/aaj to be eared la a shart time, have foaad tnry were deeeivad, aad that the "poison" has, by the use of tutnmtmtt been dried up in the system, to break oat laaaai gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARR1AVM, Vee HELMBOLDU EXTRACT BVCEV all affeotiona and dieeaaee of the (JKINAJIY OROANE, whether exiktinc in MALI OR PKMALB, from vhturtt omm orig mating ud m Ttw ml HOW LONG ITANOINO, Dimun of tfceee Orgaui repair* U>? ud ( ? Di mm. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHO 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, |j>d it la certain to have the deeired effeot la DiMtui/tr which it *t r*?mmm(Ud. insnoi or TBI VOtT KBIPOHSIBU ABB MML1ABLB CBA&ACTBB wtlljBOOompdiy the modioicea. CERTIFICATES OF CUR KB. Frois > to o yearr With Nunea known to SCIENCE KSO FAME. "PHYSlCIAltr PLM ASM-NOTICE.WM IUII "BO SBCmBT" OF "l*?ft?D!ft*Ta " HELMUULD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU m ?odm?1 ^ VKki, Ci*?ta u< Juimt lltrn?. MlMtad with fraftt oere by ft oomyataut drftf girt. PREPARED IN VACUO, IT H. T. HILNIULIi Pmotieftl ftnd Anftirtioft! CMalM. ftftd Sola Mm ufftotorer of mLMBOLD'8 eSNUlHK PB.BPA&AT10M AFFIDAVIT. tiEflZtj**? Wj55j2[k5ftf1C I* JftiT woraTJ^fli ftyTkli pnpmrmiinmt mm Iftm no oftroobo, no avMn, * oik* Mumm I **?* bBt 'ireTy ****. bbcmboud. Bworr ft Ml nhnnM H^p# a ft,1 Slf* * | N#T*"6S<uSUa. Nl-l^ftL^ PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 6 A. M. TO P. M. MM 91 H* NsUtwM. D?ll w?d to ur iMrai, eeeerelr mti< pmm ilwiuliiw. ^ M. 1. HELMttOLP, Ckmmim, Dm**. W Boitt TMk it, k*Mf GhMNl tiwiii or oovirrcantrn ilU VNPAINOIPLKD DEALERS .i'cr^Lgug: , Bold by B. ft. Watra. ft. ft. tau. J?"i Wan. 8. a rai. ft. ft. MlWftft? ft> 0 Him. D. ft. Culm., Kuwm * If? J8. WMkmM aHMftMnb linn xLt DIVMJIfl MfMMJWMMMM, ibiwdumm ! ? SO QUE AMB AT OLD OKPNTOQII ?HVQmi IMIINlf 9 ?: I