1 Şubat 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

1 Şubat 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THE SHARP-SHOOTER'S LOVE. The finrat friend I nrer ko*w, And one with whom I dare not trtfl*? Who In all danger eees me throogh, Whose Aim la ever good and true la m? rvreet Miiixrx Rifl* She gently reais upon my arm. Ia alwaya ready, alwaya willing. Ard though, in general, ao<uewhat calm, Wskea up, upon the l>-?t alarm. To afcow ahe can be Ruling And ahe ia very fair to ?ee. i ne mmi raaimious iwy ?Uiwna, Her Locks are bright aa they can be, And that her Sight Is good, to mc la Jaat as sure aa Shooting. Though used to many a fiery spark, She's never caret?m In her pleaaure; Sh? always aims to hit tb? mark, And wbea her voice the Southron's hark, Tbey find she'a no Seceaber Tb* heaviest Load seems not to weigh Upon her more than 'twere a trifle; She's highly PoliJb?*d ; and I'd prtrv, Were I bereft cf frlenda this day. ?'C>, leave me MixJUir !" [Vanity Fair. WHAT THE KiliCLS SAV. Biu from the Southern Papers. From the latest southern newspapers we glean ths following items: ' A DAKOVKOCS SYMPTOM ?The Memphis tTenn.) Appeal deronnces the act of tfc? r?-Se1 Coneres*, p ohiblting tb<? publication of military new*, as "a symptom dangerous to Republicai; fre~1fTi "andadds: - it is the .udir?iu tttetl, if It is not the concealed parpuse of ihls measure, to restrain the free expression of journalistic opinion upo* **e eonductcftbe wttr, Inasmuch as the 'dr~ <x criticism involves the necessity very freqnently of alluding to the movements of the army, as in the rnse or the campaign in Missouri and Western Virginia. In snch a light we mhst regnrd the movement aa an attempt to abridge freedom of opinion and of the press, under the same specious apology of self-preservation which dictate] the vilo censorship over newspapers in France and Austria, and which wsi nrged to j jstlfy the suspension of the writ of kabtas corpus and the indiscriminate incarceration of mere political offenders throughout the dominions of Abraham Lincoln " The same paper raps Jeff. Davis 4 Co. over the kaurk es: " Tae administration, Wrapt up in the army operations on the Potoiuar , may see Ct to neglect the war in Missouri, and allnwa gallant people to go on in a struggle, fruitless nnles* aid~d. and yet the press, as the p*>teiit voice of the people, be forbidden to mention the mere retreat of Oeneral Price to Spr'njjfl-hl, cr to proclaim the necessity of hi! bavin? reinforcements " 1UU a.NUSTMESTS EXPIKI^G. A PenaacoU letter, d^ced January 15, In the AIobi!e Register, has tLJs statement: "Several companies of the 1st Alabam^ regiment aro out of service to-rc.orrow: most of the men Save re-eniist d for the war, bat are allowed a thirty days' furlough ' > visit home and attend to business matters before resuming the sword or musket Tbey er* veterans of twelve months, and tbelr regimental tanner bears honored inscriptions. " The Mh Mississippi, also a tv/elve month orps, has been reorganized for the war, under the cbivalHc Chalint-ts. This regiment, too. la Mostly on furlough. arsd 1* to c ^acentret? at Corinth, M ssJssipi'i. probably for immediate active duty In a dstfrrent portion of the Confederacy. A number of the regi nents leave to-nigLt for that point, 1 understand, via Mobile." " A TOHMIDABLK AR.WACA " The same writer Kiiys: " I must confess to some anxietv at the r.ear approach cf the Yankees to your city [Mobile]. If the approach to the ritv 1s brland only, I know they are welcome: but of th'.t Af ? ? k... 1 1 1 > f >u?'. a.wHuu, w? " uilu ?c un?c uu^ucu anu treated so lfghtlv, fears may now be truly entertained That it is formidable, both in gum and hips, there is no donbt; and if some half a dozen of its small boats should escape the Are of Fort Morgan, Mobile would lndetd be In a critical eitration." ?irp*!rxK Copht, Jannary '2?> ?No M. Tb? Commercial Transp?' :twa Company, claimants ?f th? *t??nal>oat Commerce, appellants, vs. Henry Fltzhugh et al. The arznm"iit of tL is cause was eoruluned bv Mr Grantand Mr Sedgwick for the appellees, and conceded by Mr. Btnedlct tot the appellants r.>u/>? W linn tur..Ju.L' > > a ^ **? ? 0 y w tivu. Jiauuei ?j*ajj?. 11IU L*CYIII | Wale, E*<} , of Maryland, nnd Jabez R.AVerd, Esq , cf New York, were admitted attorney* and I eocnsello^ of this Court. No 85 Tbe conntvcf Beaver, plaintiff. vs. Maxwell Wrodbull a certificate of division of pinion between the Judges of the Circuit Court of tb?? Watted States fbr tbe Western District of Pennsylvania. This cause Laving b-en called f r argument, and neither party beltg prepared ^ Q to argi.e the same, it -v?, dis:;.:. ? d, v. :th coaU, under the 1?!h rule of Court. No 98 Edmnnd Rice, plaintiff in error, vs the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad Company. Ttl? cause wai argued Mr. Noyesfor the defendants In error, and submitted on printed argument! br Vr Stwm for the plaintiff in error, and Mr.'Reverdy Johnson for tne defendants in rror. MA 1(13 AI#TBnd?p f* *\l? !*> !?'?? vs. the County of Lawrence, a Corporation of Pennsylvania This cause was arsued by Mr. Taylor for the defendant*, and submitted on prlotpd arguments by Mr Smith and Mr Hamilton for th? olaintltt. aad by Mr. McComb for the defendants No 1C3 Jonn O'Brien, plaintiff in error, vs. Eliza M Perry etal. I'bis cause was argued by Mr Noell for the pialntiff in error. January 31 ?No. 104. Joseph Bryan. plaintiff In error, vr the United States Tht? cause was submitted to tbe consideration of the Court on tbe record and pr.ntrd arguments by Mr. Bradlev, Mr Stanton and Mr Carlisle for the plaintiffs in error, and by M Attorney General Bates for the dtfendant* in errer No 109. The Ohio and Mississippi Railroad (!ofnnnnv nUinriff^ v? n r j f r * ? **' * ? ?? M- t?C> M U I 9 cause w i Jr^.ied by .Mr Vinton for the plaiiitilT--, end by Porter for the defendant. Adjoun ed until Monday. Aimi Grainii ?Sotn- r>f tue rew?paper? advise th' oilier*, especially artillerymen, to wear oiled w<>ol la -? lr ear? to pro'ect tbem from the ooacuv'bu A ro respondent of the Philadelphia Ledg?r who prof aae* to know, says No m*a!i eara will be hurt by ti.e report of artillery, if he will o fen kis moutk. Just as we throw up a saab topreventonru.au being ahattered by tb<j diacharge of can ioq, awe ahou'd open our mouiLa \o arve our t'irs. The concession <.orr.??* t'^en on b"tii aides rf 'be drusi of the e : ai.a ha no ill ur.ct." W .'o She:.: ? --T l>rliia i?n? from U*e c*ti.bl.?ianent ot suujuel Ashcraft, of this city, three hundr'-t tims of bomb ?hella for the use < f the Army. 1 heir first destination la O!-~>.uua, la Little Mlam-? Railway, where th*y will be filled and plugged, # d held subject to auch further orders a* niav await them. These shells are about twelve Inches In diameter,and are made after an approved style. The entire amcuntof shells of this kind made by Mr. Ashcraft, is about six hundred tuna.?Ci nemnati Gazetu. fZJ" Ho? ^ Co. have receive! an order from Trrkey for ten j*>wer pr<aee*, wtiich are now being iranufactnr?-d at their works. WATCH Eg. VlOLD AND SILVKR ENGLISH, SWISB AND AMERICAN. I have oow on baud a large stook of a.'! the moat cclebrsted Watches, that I am selhnz at the verj |HWB?t ? -%A ..li.ki.TH J fc. >\ hi.lv i oa citiiii aaw at;lea received &a oon aamaunkotur?i. and offers at tlw ioweat Sifrar w*r?, r.?n jfcotured in rar own uhoV. All kmda al AiiLiiAKY liUOiftjoo hand.auch t? K0TotT?n, Swuioa. S&s&es, Halt*, Aowte I'O'kPt <*o,- paun,*?. ftc., ?o. Al?o strouj Ariny Tro..*a and Bed Combined: ami many ether thinri eaeist and ornamental at 33*? Penn**lvania aw.ua. C.-3TMI g. A. HOOD. ^ GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE " <?ONORkHIEA. la six dara >0 ctainjeof di?< ret?ii*d. It ia an En;uah J*t<?oifie ?>f aixty-ftrs year* t&am mtroKSte. au?l wi not *ara> me no?t delicate oon-^E^ st.luUoa; it coutai'-e no tntneraU. Price i. ?o:a vy S.C. UF UAM.310 ob<M&at street, rhiJatiaipi in WwihiEston br S. C. FORD, oorner ins c *n<i K* *??; in Alexandria. by HK.NK V ; ?**' i< * C'i . O-^Kgmtg. co?^T (2EOB6K M. V. OiiL A CO., M Ir-p rt*r? and De* era iq WINhS. LiOlHmX.CIOAKS.ttc.: And S4- NkRaLCOV, ,il-?n>N MhRCHANTtt Ab nwortin^nt of Merchandize at every description oobttaai.; or. >ar>4. UFOK'-K M. WORL, A CO., Ji U kU( atraat. fc?orir*towD. ja Sl-lra* Uy tbe R?;pe Ferry. RBADINSALK ANDLA6KR HIKR Dh POT ot tMot WAM ore voir of Mr. Faux, to t>? had in ianie arii m.ali quuilities. Aiao, I'ieklee, Catsup, PioHed OuiOLj^J*. pper Saao?, Vic- >r. aad Svur Kro?t, ; * tr'<s^^?tra:ic,n, or in jar*, at CflARLhi^^^TOKS' Restaurant. deM-'.m* o?>rner )'? ?tH ThirA ?t|{UTTE&! 1^, BUfTE*:: 0v ? ? r.R 160 ktc? ehoio? Goctiea 3utter, just r?cured had for ttt* cheap by F. B- HASTING * CO. ?o dM-ir f\c\nt p* ?*>B? flFHAM'8 HAJR DYE\-TOCQIOR BLACK. U oh BROW#!!?Gu> 3!* c?U a l*.x. Thro# ho*e? for one dollar. Gray, red or auwn basr can >*4 eba=;?d ia a f?w ucoul* to ? H b!;wlc or bravo, bp mil* L'pr&ra's Liquid Hur Dye.tfeebMt wi cm?wI io lit* world, prouuc.^?. Uf, mooioat it, ? mUfd. a rjoU catur*.! appoaranc. fcaoJi 6?x ofl'PHAM^ HAift DVBii wairapod to con taia tu inush OA iy( a* otbera sell lor mm doflatl ??o!d by jJ C. Ul'iiAM, *fn "h-Ia (Uiphia, ana . OA; A fcJUT FORI), orwr Uth L ' ?? SICK AND WO UNDID WI.WW IN j HOSPITAL. 1 FnktisiW to ton formuy with tin'0/ tU Stnat* tf Jnlf 16, 1861. At Otniral Hospital, Union Hottl, toner Brtigt and Washington strttts, Gtorgttoten, Jan. 94. l?t Exceliior Brigade. 1 52d Penn. Volunteer!. 6 3d do do.... 4 57th do do...... 4 4th do do.... 1 104fbdo do...... I 5th do do.... 2 3d Maine Volunteers.. 1 13thNew York Vol... 2 7th do do 4 ltui ao ao.... 11via cr.auai?ui mi^n * l?th do do....? 3d do do * 19th do do.... P Sth do do 1 20th do do.... 1 l?t New Jeraey Vol... 1 25th do do.... 1 Sth do do.... 1 ' fWh do do.... 1 Sth do do.... 3 31st do do.... 1 9th do do.... 1 33d do do.... 2|2d Mlchlgmn Vol 5 37th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 >th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 43d do do.... 2 5th do do 4 44th do do 1 lit lUlinMAti Vnl 1 50th do do.... 2 Ut California Vol 3 54th do do.... 2 1st Maryland Vol 2 5.~th do do.... 1 1st Ind ana Rfflea 1 r?6th do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 4 V-th do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guards 1 64th do do.... 1 De Kalb 1 <I9th do do.... 1 New York Rifles 2 ->fitn do do.... 3 Kane's Rifles 15 2d Pern. Volunteers. 3 Cameron Rifles 2 4th do do 2 Harris' Light Cavalry 4 6 h do do 1 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 7th do do 2 2d U. 8. Artillery..... 1 ?th do do 2 4th do do 2 41th do do...... 2 5th do do 1 12th do do II 1st New York Artillery 3 2.id do do...... )|Mott's Bat! " 1 26iu do do 1 Home^'ardi, D.C.. 1 35th do do...... 3 f>th do do r. Total 157 461* uj do 21 At Hotpitml mi Columbian Colitg*, Washington, Jan. 24. 1st U. 8. Cavalry .... 4 Cameron Dragcona... 2 4th do do..l 1 lit New J oraey Cavalry 2 5th do do 1 2d do Vol.... 1 6th do do 3 3d do do.... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 6th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 10th do do.... 1 7th do do...... 1 lat fenn.Artillery.... 2 11th do do 16 lit do Cavalry 3 5th N. Hampshire Vol 1 4th do do 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 8th do do 1 5th do do.... 1 lit do Volunteers. 2 Iftth MsaaachuaettaVol 1 2d do do 1 lit Khode Island Art. II 3d do do 4 4th do Vol. 3 5th do do 1 1st N?w York Artillery 1 8th do do 1 Rocket Battalion 1 13th do do 1 lit New YorkCavalry. 1 27th do do 2 2d do do.... 4 52d do 4p.??, 9 3d do do.... 1 57th do do 1 8th do do.... 10 96th do do 1 Harris Cavalry ! lit California Vol 2 17th New York Vol... 6 8th Illinois Cavalry... 3 22d do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 3Cth do do..,. 1 5th do do.... 1 , 37th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 44th do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 1 53d do do.... 1 -2d Michigan Vol 3 1 54th do do.... 6 3d do do...... 3 1 tvM do do.... 1 4th do do 3 94th do do.... 1 Pth do do...... 2 I 77th do do.... 7 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 j 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 1st D. O. Volunteers ..1 2d do do.... 1 < De Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 1 Total 16* McClellan'aDragoons. 6 At Gtntrml Hotpital, (Circlt,) Washington, Jan. 24. UlU.S. Infantry 1 24'b New York Vol... 1 2d do do ft 64th do do.... 1 3d do do... 8 2d Penn. Volunteers. 1 4th do do 4 45th do do 1 8th do do 0 49th do do 5 9th do do ;*|2d Vermont Volunteers 1 10th do do 5 3d do do 1 !?t do Cavalry 4 4th do do 1 2d do do fc 5th N Hampshire Vol. I 4th do do 5 *'h Maine Volunteera. 1 fith do do 5 Cameron Dragoons... 1 2d do Artillery.... 1 Sturgls Rifles 1 5th do do :t 1st D. C. Volunteers.. 1 24 New York Cavalry. 1 ? >d do Vol 1 Total >th do do..... 1 At Fifth Diftrict School Howe Hotpftml, Branch of UincreU Hospital on E strttt, Jan 21. 02d Ne\' York Vol... 2 6:h U. S. Cavalry 1 79th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (ucat). 1 let U. 8. Artillery.... 1 ? 2d do Cavalry 1 Total 10 4th do do 1 otc* rtVi'ifnmf tm ins no5piia( /Of JLTMpilVi Diseasts, at Kalorama, Jan. 24. 2d U S. Infantry 8 N.Y. Rocket Battalion 4 1th do do 1 N.Y German Artillery 1 4th do Cavalry 2 3d New Jersey Vol... 1 5th do do 2 SthFenn. Cevalry.... I 6th do do........ 3 45th do Volunteer*. 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. 2 .V2d do do...(a) 6 11th do do.... 3 ^5th do do...... 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 'Hith do do 1 4th do do.... 1 98th do do...... 2 14th Mamachaaets Vol. 1 104th do do ft l?tNew York Artillery 3l?9th Indiana Vol...... 3 *2d do Cavalry, listurgl* Rifle* 1 nth An Vol ola?l r* r> v. i. 44th do do '2 (^uartermaater'a Dep't 3 56th do do...... 8 ? 6 l?t do do 2 Total .....77 77th do do 3 (?) One offlcer. At Indiana Hospital (Patent OJJlct), Washington, D. C.t Jan. 25. l?t Berdan Sh&rpa'r?..*2l 53d Pmn. Volunteer*. a 2d do do 15 Srurnfel'n Ltgtot Art.. 1 9th New York Cavalry. 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 7th do do... a 19th Indiana Vol '20 1st do Artillery 4 ? 1st Michigan Cavalry. 4 Total ...60 At Gtntral Hospital, Altxandrta, Jan 24. 16th New York Vol ...36 lit Pen a. Cavalry .... 1 17th do do....11 11th do do...... 6 13th do do.... 2 12th do Reserve.... 1 19th do do.... 3 ist do Rea. Cavalry 1 22d do do.... 3 2d U S. Infantry.... 1 25th do do.... 9 Id do do 1 2?$fh do do,... 5 4th do do 1 27th do do....25 bth do do 3 2?tb do do.... 3 2d do Artillery.... 4 29th do do.... 2 5th do do 3 J2d do do.... 3 4*h do Cavalry 1 >>4 do do.... 1 5th do do 1 i7th do do.... 3 Cth &j do l ><th do dc.... 1 U-S. Engineers...... l 39th do do.... 1 4th Connecticut Vol.. 1 Iftth do do.... 4 5th do do... 9 4Uh liw do.... 2i4thN?wJertfcy:.... 5 ?ith do do.... 1 {1st d? do.... 1 57th do do.... 511?* uo CavalrylH or-... ao vol.... 3 Wd do u?.?. IjJtuRhodeIsland Hat.. 8 66ih do do.... 6 6th do do... 2 69th do do.... 1 6thN Hampshire Voi.ll 79th do do.... 1 id Maine Volunteers. 2 2d N. V. Fire Zouaves 1 3d do do 3 1st New York Artillery 1 5th do do 1 1st do Cavalry. 1 4th do do 1 8th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 13 9th N Y. State Mil... 4 1st do do l 79th do do 1 3d do do 4 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 5th do do 7 5th do do 2 1st Wisconsin Vol.... 1 7th ?do do...... 1 3d do do..... 5 lltt?o do...... 2 5th do do 7 26th do do.. .... i #th do do 7 29th do do...... l 2d Maasachasette Vol.15 i 32d do do 9 12th do do.. 7 35th do do 2 1st do Art . 2 4ott* do do l 8th Illinois Cavalry... 9 45th do do 3r5th Vesmont Vol..'...16 46th do do...... 3 27th Indiana Vol 10 63d do do, 23 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 73d do do...... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 fe3d do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 fcfeth do do 2 Cameron Rifles 1 83d do do 33 Hameron Light Artll. 1 yyth do do...... 2 Cameron Dragoons... 1 ao......i4 reameier ana citizens. 3 54th do Kir? Zouaves 1 lit do Artillery ... 1 Total S37 \TT Washington papers please copy and tend bills to the War Department. ja 3U?3t A LL KINDS OP FANCY GROCERIES AND a ijttinu iKojvmi!^ Mm. de 4 Stawtf SIS Pa. "\venue, near 8th at. BALMORAL BOOTS. IOAT Tipped Doable sole B&lmor*]?_..tl so trail Kid do do do I* 00 Glove Calf do is SO Also, all other styiee of Lad tea and Misses' Balmoral Boots,theoheapeetaodbeet.assortment <* j. ruriviiinaii, ho. 1? Market Spacw, ja7ao Penn. avenue, between 8th and 6th eta. IUST RECEIVED TEN BHLS. tt. HORINE'S J a par lor OLD It YE WUWKV, eicht jeftra old, warranted. Alao, prima Mononjahela WkiaKEitte. FOR CHRIBTMA8 PRESENTS? ANnitKRCHIKFS. HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS!?All aorta, stock now an<-?a*lIed,for ladiea and gentlemen?jait the thing f ji ChrMtmM PreaeLta. , . At THOMPSON'S, ALE. A. Lake 4 Co.'a Marble Hall fta?ar. a? *j Uadw Browm'a HoUl. I COLUMBIA MARKET, V?, , ? ?*? Tkjrtfmtk tt. ,ruf aiiGaoriberwouid moat raapeotful'.y iniorru < Uie ejta*?n? of Wat>.nciton that h? has returnac to t hiaold aaartar, wbaroMjnt?iid? ke?p:a? ? ira|. ' rata market ir. a a it* braconea, aa is timaa cone, h? %t.l; e happy to aieethij old frieadt and oaa < v>mmr?. ?i? ^iL"&oodM Mat ttm ?t obMtf to mj fart af %T 0? MALLARD. ' * ?I 0 T L K k 8 , ^ATTENTION!! S00 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, Psimx Quality, For ib qaantitiet to nit the trade, at low figure*. JOHNSON A NAGLE. 2?9 Pa. aveaa?. Waahington, I). C., ja 21 10 Roral at., Alexandria, Va. H. I. MIWILlWt SCIENTIFIC t PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 Penn'a av.t: uorth side,) bet. 12th fcud lit;. *u. SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES, provided witu the faoest Peruoopic and Pebble I 9n?ea. and nited with utmost oare for every a?e, eje-sitht, and aotual condition of the visual or?ans. FIRST ?- 4r^rj CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mlcrrpc-vea, Compasses, and Matli eraaUoal InstnaDenta, at the lowest Eastern prices. ja O-tr Wall, Stephens &, Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, A IU.. ... SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ao. And every variety of READTMADE CLOTHINU, At R easonablk Pricki. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 332 Ppnnsylvania avenue, between W Ja 11 [Intel. A Repnb.] 9th and loth eta. Highest price paid IN GOLD FOR U. S. TREASURY NOTES of the different issues, and Northern Currency. Exchange in the principal cities North payable in ivm ui Durruouj buiu to suiT puronasers. RITTENHOUSE, FANT & CO., Bankers, No. 359 Penn. avenue, ja 3-lm near Brown's Hotel. SMITH k BROTHER'S PALE O R K A M ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER ard NEW YORK UROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, anil highly estoomed by Ihose who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine oar superior stock, Msured that they will find the BEST and PUR EST articles. We have at al! times a large stock ready for de Iiisij! iu WWJTJ, |||? I *uu ^uaner ouil, laiHOK for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. whioh we offer or the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER, Brewers, No. 13$ ft 160 West 13th st. New York City. Orders bj Mai or Express promptly executed, ce &-6m A S. WERTHEIMER fc CO . A(\A lOa No. 4t2 and 464 Seventh St., Opposite tht. Post Office, OTar their stock of WINES. BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS,*to.,a!*o their larpe Knaortment of SE6ARS, TOBACCO, FANCY UOODS, eto., for *sle at Wholesale Prices. They keep oonstantlf on hand fine PHILADELPHIA OREAM ALE. in k?rs and botties, for bare or family use The publio in general are requested to give them a call and examine their splendid stock of goods. 8. WERTHEIMER ft CO., 4o2 and 464 Seventh street, da 21 -8m oppo. Post f )ffioe. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS ^ COMPANY ?.tiii.c?"t,nu?to r?c?i ve dai y those famous planted PATUXENT HI VER OYSTERS. Restaurant* and private famihes(Wu /_ J would do well to call aod try them. L^W Those oystors are sold 36 hours alter they oome from the water. If ?* OffinA %' r* AH V?rlrA* U __ l.i _ . ~ -? tj un .n, ue uw I ,e Avenge Houge. ja8-3m fHEESE! CHEESE!!CHEESE!!! L1QUOR8. TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS, CRACKERS. Ail on hand and for ?al? cheap by *. B. HASTINGS & CO., ? g ??3 D ?i., facing Pa, avenue, no 25-tf Phiiharmonio Bunding. W B. STRONG. " ? _ mantfactttr** or TR JNKS, HARNESS 4 MILITARY GOODS, 25ft Pkshsylvania A v?nub, Soutk side, between 12lA and 13iA fTT Trunka, Harness and Military E^uiamenta repaired at shortest notice. de 30 lm* Tthe billiard hall. HE Undersigned, h&vicr purchased from Messrs. Marr A. Fiaher the BilTard Hall at the oo?ner of Penn. avenue and fcieventh street, and refitted the same entirely with new oloths, balls, 4o., invites his friends and the publio ieneralU to give him a oali. ja? eotm JOHN VV. eaRP. Philadelphia provision store, 119 Pknnstlvani* avkxub, Bttwten 19(A and 20<fc 31*. I ino unaerngnefl, harm/ located himself as above, takes this method of informing *he oitnens of the First ward that he has opened a first-class Provision Store. oonducted similar to those for vhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here can be foun^ at ail times a large aad fresh supply of POULTRY, GAME. vfcEP, MUTTON, Ao. FRUITS aad VEGETABLES in season. Particular attention is oalled to his stock and pnoes of SUTTER, CH KESE, Ao. Philadelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give tne strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to keep every article in his line of the best ?ualiU, and sell at the lowest market pnoes, he hopes to merit a share of publio patronage. Famines will b? waited upon daily for order*, if required. no IB THOMAS R. WILSON. OQQ JOHNSON & NAGLE, OQ(k &OiJ IMP0RTBH8 OF ?dO%7 wines,liqvoks,Havana ciu/Rri, fine GROCERIES, ire., N" SSS9 Pa. avenue, b-twpen 9ch and 10th streets, Washington. D. C. No. 10 Royal st, near King, Alexandria, Va. Sole Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINKS of the Hockheim Joint Stock Co., in Hockheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sparkling Hock and MosMe Cabinet Win*s. Connoisseurs are respeotfu ly invited to give us a oall. ja3 SOMETHING superior hulled corn.?The su^s-i iber, having got the agenoT to.sapply Washington ' Ueorietown with this aeiioate preparation of Corn, would resj>eotfully ff! TfodBiw,dj? ??b?P ?t large, to sit? it InsL Alio, Popped Corn, plain and surared. _ WM. BRADLY. Agent, Pa. avenno. botween 18th and 19th it*. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monnm0?t?, Tao.a Tops, &0? A lMga assortment a! ways on hand. op 13-3m BALMORAL SKIRTS. NEW and ohoioo assortment of seleot colors and patterns, many styles, not found elsewhere. In addition a line and ample stook of all kind* of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods in all the desart

menu 01 ramiiy w&nta. o in*peotioD of atook moon no obligation to pnron&sa. i* 7~tr Penn. ay^nacand iffpthat. S,^1l:toa^rsSfRTT8\^t&AVATs; ? ? 8-A. A RMY GLOVES! AJtMY GLOVES" A* wv VIUTV JOX _ PTB. HA8TING'8 * CO., 3fl3 p ?t.. agjgg Pa. > .? ^TTENTION, 8U|TLER1|.;(>FFICBR9 AND A lane (took of CA MP SrTOV EB, manuhotnred I ard for Ml* at SAl Panaaylvaata amniln?r H.J. eRESOEY. EVERY D??onptioa'o1^jTiB 9PRIntin? v br any bcxlj?oitUMJ* civil fuKlonnM, fcnnY_*nq_naTj ofnoera, smUen. ?o-? Man*?*! * uta UTAH OFF1CJC, un aatiaikotory tyla'at low rataa for n?mk. - *> ? tf mmmm wiiioh we la Tit# an eaak turoaaaers to examine * oo? 388 Pa. a*., bdwma ?Ui and lCth aU, f> (iaUUueooer aad Reaabuoan.) MVim^wriUL . Wa haveJaat r?etyedaeaaply of theabove Ala, which wa raoommaod to be of a Ttrr anterior ?uino 7 Seorratown. O piif?o?r f?aKWOOD cmcKEew. For aal* upon nuj terro? at the M??e Stor* of i TisruatitB^^fer -n+rD. L. LEVETT.TjeimBt. (brmaok of the aatabment No la Wwverly Flsce, NewYork)^*^ wo*ld sail toe attention to thoM who wMB naed hl? aernoaa. that in Aridities to great f?c: iues in operative Deatutry, ha ia la oaaeauonof a new and Important invention for the insertion of Artileia! Tee'h. oo thaprinciata of JttnaipAenc *rtss*rt. antirair diflarant frras the old mode, find aecarad by letters patent eras tea April 6tii, 1KB. This invention M of the gruel?t value, there being leas elate used to oover the roof of the raouih, and with aa iLcreased amoant oi anotion. Tne publio are ictiiM to ca 1 ar^ examine specimens and certificates from tome of the moat prominent and soientifio gentlemen, No. 4*1 Tenth street west, near Pa. ave. )a 14-eolm* OR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bbtwisn 9th ard 10th 8ts. )a4-eo8m KIT IIT i vn aena?rvt*?^M - |\n? am? inrKUfCiU m v&i>lliun 1" or ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BOXM TEETH, Withovt Mnai, Plat* ok Cuiri, DR. 8. B SI6E8MOND. 9W Broadway, .Vr?? York?'JdOPfnHsylvanii A* ???, bttwttn 12 tk a*d 13*4 iff, Waihintton, Calls the attention of the psblio to the lolloping advantaces of his improved system : 1. The Teeth of hfa macj'tofc re viliSSiM never corode nor change oolor by acids, heme three fourth* lighter than aty otter. S, No teeth or roots need txi extracted, as the artificial ones can be inserted over them. S- The roota will be made moffenfive, an never oaole. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, ae permanent ones can be made immediately,'theuby preserving the natural expression of the face. whioh under the old sy stem Is fre^nertly dishfcrod. m. auib in>i&nikv iwcii m:ij imu\I ovfr nvt f0?n bj many of tiie &rat oheraiata ana phyeioiana of thia mntn. Dr. S. hu aieo Invented a white undestruotive metal filling, with whinh the most sensitive teeth can be filled without pain, and can build up a rar t?ot. sound tootft on any aide roots, which will laat thioiif h lifetime. The beat of reference river?to Dr. V. Mott: Or. Doremu*, Profeseor ofGhemiatry, N. Y.j Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahingtan, and thousands of others. Cail and examine for yourself. noMm OAS FITTING, &c. AWM *. DOVE * CO. RE Now ?refar?i to exeoate any erieri with fB'oli ther ma* be favored m the fiWMBlNt, 9AS OR STEAM FITTUI* BUSINESS. ^ fOT SioreoEjth av-eet, a few docra north af Pa. m ? uutvi w no: o uai l>? IQIIQ t OPIDVI^U IUorHB(ll I OHANDCL1 ' 'KS and etter AS. STEAM an? WATER FIXTURE*. We AS FIXTURES, E Have in store, an<i are dai.y reosirlnc, fia FIXTURES of entirely N?* Pattern* and Deeigca and Finish, tuperior in style to anything heretofore efler?<d in tnis market. We invitecitisect general ly to tail and examine our stock of tta? ana Water Fix4 ires, feeling confident that we have the teat eieote<i stoskJn Washington. All Work in the atove line lstnurted to air mti Will be jr*TE*tly attended to. KYEKB * Me?HAN. BUMt 378 D street. LOVELL, COLLESJt CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Frnni ?tro?t V?? Vn?k and 316 E street, Washington, D. C., (near Willards' Hotel.) Havinc started a branoh of oar Nev York establishment in this city, we invite Sui'rrs. Grocers, Rfstauranteurs. and Hotel Lispsrs, to call and ex amine our stock, which is well assorted and comprised of goods of the best quality. We take orders for any thins in our line, and execute them promptly. jaSStf NOTICE. at inAMCI rTnoro? rrtMWisnw - avaitj I? t nCi'ld VUTir Ail I Ttits Company offer* to tfse public* Unequalled Advantages'' for tho Safe ana Quick /)ispatch of Heavy F<-ei)?hts. Paogate*, Valuable#, Money, &c. 4c., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West deom and arrive in Washington twice dally, I All Expresses are iR charge of trrtrinutd mnd riliabl* Messengers. Ail Paokages for The 8oldier? carrieu at "oiri half" our usual rates. All Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all Artioles " Contraband of War" will be Rmira. ? Our Expresses leave New York at I.I, and P. M.-^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and *J0 Expresses leave Philadelphia at s.Jn A, M and 11 arriving in Washington at IJo P. M. and 'Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 2" A. M.andS P. gt.^arrivin* in Washington at 6 A. M and tjn r? mi Kiireuei for all point* North a"d Weal leave Waahinrtonat7.30 A- M. and 2.3" P. M.daiiy. Speoial Contracta for iarje quantitiea of Freight can be mode on application to this office. All Gooda called for and delivered Jrtt of Extra ohargea. E. W. PAfiSONP, Scp't Adama' Expreaa Companr. Washington, Angnat a. 1861. an tt-tf /~\ SOMETHING NEW 1^, mVl f ?^iG*aiTMT Discovert o rVKfaJ THI Ass! At W91 C ftrut, orrositt ? ike Tk*?Ur. ? OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far anterior to a roaat) in twonianiM, ik* fcut*:t Unit on rtcord. Call and aee. The nnderaigced respectfully intorma hiafrienda In the piatnot, and viaitora to the city, that he haa refitted hie old and wii.L-i?nw* **T??r nwmv? in a most thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any style and in any quantity. 400 to fiOo ga'lons (hacked per day. 2 000 to 3,too cans of Spioed and Freeh put up daily?cans hermetically sealed. Furnished in the shell by the bushel or barrel. Peraons wishing to have Oyatera furniahed regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, without fear of failure, should oall and make arrangement s p.t ouoe. Freight, time, and money saved by puionasing of ir.s, a? 1 furnish an article eaua! to the celebrated Baltimore ostablishmeaU, at prices jast ".s low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ao. Ac Ac. Also, Pickles, Catsup. Sauces, Branuy Per.ches, fro. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtle*, Terrapins, Freuii Lobatera, Cod. Halibut, 4o. in fact, overy thing for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable pnoea. Hotels and families supplied w:tli Oysters, delivered without oharge to any part of the Distr.ot, iu season, if the money is sent with tho order. Mr establishment is open from fi a. in. to 12 at eight, every day, except Sunday, when 1 close at lOo'olooka. m. _ ja a II 1. M. HAKVKY. J^IRKMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6EOK&ETOWN. apiUl. S800,0M. QJki wrMT G strut *md Lamuimm* *9., ?tr Bmmk *t VutwrtM. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AUAINST L.OH3 BY FIRE. OiiitroUi Reo. ShoemAker, Sairiual Redfern, SAmuel Croyler. WilliAm WiIboe, RioiiArd Jone?, John DrBarolay* Jacob Gideon. Andraw Rotbwakfl It tioe. Parker. Ri ;hard Harry, B. II. Frenoh. Dr. C. W. Dans, No onarce for Policies. JAMES ADAMS. President, A?ai. fl. DAVis.S?oretary. an 9-ao*a WAkL.STEPHBHS * CO., "" 33'J Pa2tnvn.TA.inA Arunra, AND RKADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND ? fr-if (I?tal. k, Repub.) Lu.Towiai. J. M. Towaaa. J. B. Towaaa. L. TOWERS & CO* STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Conur Louxttana mvtnut and Sixth tt. The attention of the buainoas community is reapeotlullT invited to the New Book and Job Pnct inc Eatabhahment, which haa been fitted up with new materia!, in the moat oomplete manner, ia aow prepared to ezeoota, in a satisfactory style, every variety of Printing, via: Books, Sp' Achea. Pamphlets, Cards, Ciroalars, Hntlera' Blanka, Ao.,4o. The attention of members of Conjreaa ia eap*cialiy requeated for our feoilities for prlatinc SMNMa,uv?ttTtut Urtut itwm power in th? QitT. d? 7-Uw6m gOOTI 4MB SH 0^ ?0 ffVIV VU tU kfaUto^TOOini ssasag^g WM BOYS' CLOTHING. K Have r?oeiTM within the iMt day or two ft MaeasxEwS R?S&.0?s?i and fine ?o?Utiea. wkich v* ara a?lhn< a t rarj r?ri^.\s^H&N?/i?Vk ?g flnfllipapow fcnd Reyahlio^n^) 0OU6H8, COLIMyHOARSKNBSS, fee. COMPOUND s\ Tto yw^it Mi iwpaft Oopgk KmmtM dvod bo long inowstuo witMMivsly iMd that most I in^il^ereryii-1 ' Boat. joHTvaron, illlHOftl LO?K lOiriTAft, fl?l <wwwi ?k n? Oil Hh, hMiiMiwi v?hml to ui wsrm, FOE ALL PIBKABK8 OF IMPS VDENGK. jurr KO false delicacy rXffXjrr, AFFLY IMMKHimLT. i ?rjur iriaju.vrf i), or *o cjiamsm, ih *uom one to two dats. Tr??hun?t, Dumm ( Bifat or OUtum, Dkan W *a aad, Thraai, Ron m Skia, Kkuwi W lb* Ian. ti t aeb ar U>??( Ttnibl* Diwrdan uitki Sw M??ry Babiu ?f YmU??U?M Draadfe] aad D??:r*tor. PntttcM Which rttdw HinUp fynrtli, u4 tummy MM fad; ud MM. rouse mmir Etpaeuiij wha h?r? fcaccu* U>? nciuaiad MHarj TIM, thai draadfal ud dtimrii'i htMl vkifth *-tv"j ivnp M as utiail; jrt?a Ucwacdarf Tn r Mm at ika mm tiakad laltnu and feritllaM in?alla?t, vha nifta aUtarvtoa h??t (Dirai :.ad lutimoi oaiM wna tfca thiBdin ml ala. oatiiC* M ti>?<3 t? K?ujr ih? Ut?( tyr?, ? Mil ?nt rail MoldaoM. MARRUQX. MUliU rui?Rl,v Tni( n?a MMiNUif Nw> vh? fUcta Inmtetf andtr tb? mm w Di J. mt r*arv am?i? caalda kn Lit bouor u a ffioil?o?u ud t?aA4ft*uv raly ?p#a hit akill u & phjaician. , Ao U0!7 Frederick ST. lift hand aid* iwn{ frtaa B&liiacrt airaat, a ftw daort fna tba rntr F?tl o?t to bcir^i onrrt ana astcfcar ktttart iDd c?r.uu>a.Ump. DR JOHNSTON, ?t ?. E.M1 Coll.,. of ll?Mci,kNin, rr?4? U fMtt M>?*f tbtir.Mt iniuat Coll.r.. io tb? InttM utta, tud lb* nn'.ir Mna/ ak u i.r. k.. 4 th? Maputo* Locdau, Pari., Pfcuadalphia tad iVuMn, " Ct# MQI #f iht DHWt HtKnthifl| !/ ! Wtf A *?r knowu; ??oy trcrbiad wit* nnficf Id tfea fcaad tad MT? vh.D aalaap; ma* Cfrremu.M. \,lv .|,n?a? at aaddan ??,!?>, baabftinaM with fraQsaat tlmaEina, atiaadad wiittuaM wiji daruiftmaai af and, ?ar< carad TjtKi* PARTICULAR NOTICE. T*?nf MiniMtttimvlMU'i tatvad UiMtlfN ki i arta.u ?raetie? irdbif *d in whan alana?? habit fraavaedy iMroca from ?ti| cMapaoiona, or m tcbool, in* afaru af whica in nifbtlyfaltatan vh? aaiaap, ud if Miuid, Mridirt narnw Uopoaarbla, ud daauvya b?k Mad J * ??, thoBid apply tromadiataly. Tk?i ara hoi of tfc > ud ud malaoehaly ificu cradacad ky aartw btMu af litkom af tka Back ud Lu?ba,Pain. rnih. Haad, Dtcnoaaa af Bijht, Laa* af Mmmi P?wa?, Palpiuuan af la* Baan, Dy.papay. NtrTa** irrita Bifuttaim of tha Difaauva TtauiMa, fiiaanl Dability, Byraptoma ff Cooammpuoo, *?. MlKTtLlT.?Tfii fwrill affacta on tha mind ara Mtk u ka draadad?Low af Mamorj, CmImm af Idaaa, Daaraaaaaa r Spirit*, Evil ForabodisM, AxriiM af Saciaty. alf-Di?iraat, Lot? ?1 BaUltda, Timidity, ai*., ui aama af lb* paadacad. NIlTori DlllLITT ?taJI vtalla Ua una af thair daclimof baaltfc, toaiof tkatr *1for, kiwotag *>U, pal*, naraoaa u4 inukul, ht'iof aiafaia* appaaraaca aka?t Lb a ayaa, caajt ? aymptanaa af iwrniyD/SiMSES OF IMFR UDENCE. Wkan Uia niaraidad and irrpradamT?ury afplaaaara tad* ka kaa Unbtbad tfia aaada of ihia paitfai diaaaaa, H taa af:aa kappana that ao ill-uuad aaiiaa of ahataa ar draad af diaca' ary daiara kin. frara apply uif la iboaa arba, from adacauao and raafaeukility, can alor.a bafruod turn. * fall* lata Ua kacda of ignorant and daaigninf prataodara, vba, ineapakla at canor, ilch kia pacaoiarv aabataaea, kaap bim trading aaalt aftar month, ar aa leaf aa Ua aaaHaat faa can ka akUinad, and in daapair laa*a kirn vilh raiaad baalU (a airt a?ar aia railing diaappolnuraot; ar by Ua aaa af that daadly paiaar ? Marcarj?baatan tha tauatitattaaal aynptama af lb la tarrikla diaaaaa, aach aa Af *<tiana af tba lain. 1%raai, laad, Mia, Ac., prarraaaior vitb fligbtfal rapidity, till daalh pata a Sar-ad la bia (Traedfal amf ari&ga at aandic g kiat a lAat aaUaaTarad etaaln f ram whaaa kaarna aa Inralar rataiaa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANI9 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCT. My Iki* imt ud >T.Nruit r*m*dy vntam af tk* w?ui art *p*?dily ciriiuil fell rtfar raatar*d. ntduii } Ikt Mil Dtrrcii u< dtkilitalad, vka kad last all kap*, !?? bill. lrorj?di?Uly r*U*?*d. All tmpcdmaata ta Minttfi.nriM m Maatal DtMltlUwuhi, km tf rnwiiUfi Pmr, Rir?ni LmtaMUtT, Titatl cc and Wukatu ar IrniaUM af Ut aaai faatfU Had ?p**dlly cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF I HE PRESS. Til Maht T*or?a?D? earad at ut* Innjtauae w.;kia Ik* laat *?T*n:a*o riiri, and tka cininii tnpartarl Sarriaal aparauao* pimmait kf Dr. Jahoilaa, vitnaaaad ky tk* rtaanin af tk* ftpin ana many athar aareaoa, aaucaa af vkiak ti'i afp*u*d afaia and again kafara lk? aaklic, ka 'd?* ki* (landing a* a f*ntl*ia*n af akaractar aaa n*?*a*lMltty, I* a *?aaiiDt pirum ta tk* aftitlad. Bar li-1 j Protected by Koyil Ltttett Patent / England, and secured by tki Stals of the Ktol* dt Pkmrmacut dt Paris, and tkt 1m ferial College / Medicine, Vienna. TR1ESEMAR No. 1* la the effectual remedy for Relaxation, Sp?amatokkh<sa and exhaustion ob tbi gtstxm. TRIEStMAR No.'i. Completely and entirely eradicate* all traoesof those disorder!, for which Copaiva and Cubebs have generally hear, thought au antidote, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the population. TRIF.8EMAR No. 3. la tii* (reat and sure remedy of the emlixod world for all impurities of the ayctem, aa well aa eoooadary ymptoma, obviating the destrnotiva uie of Mercury, aa well as other deleterious lnaradianu. and whioh all tne Sarsapariita in the -world cannot remove. Tkik.imau No?. I, S and s are alike devoid or taate or smeii. and of ai: naueeatfh* anaJi*iee. Thej are in the form of a oienre, ana mar He on the toilet tabie without th?ir aw beinr pecteu. Sold in tin oaeee at fs each, or foar #3 ease* in one .or 90, and in oaaee. thus saving 99. aa administered by Vaipeao, Lallemand, RoaxTfceT, Ao, Whoieeale and retail by DP. k A BARHOW, 194 Bieecker eueet, ^ dior. MaeDougal street). ,*lew York. Immediately on receipt of remittanoe, Dr. Baaaow will forward Trfetemar to any part of the world, aeoarely MLrkfwl KnH r?Bajkrl UM^I.. t. >L. L-. Tr.1 m ?... ww! uiu| m/ wc uuiu iiouoqi of the writer. Hub.in tied alao by DR BARROW, that popular and beautifully ?ilu?tratod medio&i vork, Unman Frai.ty. Prioo 24 ocdU. Trieeemar and b<x>?t oaa be obtained by apeoial authority from ft. C. FOEi), Waahington. D. C- dtU-toi LEA * FERRINI* oiumri!) Worcestertiblre Sauce. Pronoaaood by ^ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS II of a Letter fron a to be the E l Mtdictl GtmtUmam -ONLY GOOD UlUdTM .... J^K. Ji To Hit Brotktr we*.- afe.a aad applicable to May.iau. ? Tell Lta f perKvt?> ?^p*ySi,u,^55a viBiL-fv SrS^'l1? I no la, and ie, in attibii vtaf&kr*|t,iopimor, the moot 1*?*"^r Bpai M wel'14 V.* mra. ^TnSdS!" The atore SAUCE is cut ocly tiie ixst and moci rorvLAK oonmif but known, bat the moat E*mowtie*?, aa a few drops in s<mp, Gravy, or with .wj*. hot and oold Joints, B?t/ Srtak. Oamt, tc., impart an exqniaite goat, which vaprineirUd Saooe maxuiscturere have in rain endeavored to imitate. On the Brtakfast, Luneluon. Ditmtr, or SMJf909 I Tailt, a cruet oontaiwni " LEA & PER.R1N9' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la iodiapMUftbla. To appreciate tbe txctUmi r*alu\*t of thia 4Mci*u preparation it la only neoeeetry to pnrohu? a amall bottle of the inimu, of a reapectabie gro oer or oe* er, u mftmy Hottl and Butamramt pro Ktotors seldom pi&ce the Pun StiM before their iubbu. bat uUtitute & cenniue BottU filled with ft arwriovi auxture. For eftie by Grooera ftnd Fruiterer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A BO**, Union Stuart and lit A ttrttt, Now York, Bole Wtaoleeftle AjenU for the Unfted State*. A Stock ftlwftya is store.?Also order* reonred for direot ahipmenta from Emlftnd. LTBrwrt of ComUmftiit mnd hntfn'iirtr sap 3-1 y^o TOPHAM'S HR MAX OFACTV/lTt 499 Bitot* btu1t, Wudmim, p, e. M~' ^sss^fer1 1 am MaateklT m*kln*. aod alvars kM m %um. lr"i2SW Wo*c Box,?o4 sum. Jl Lm Men. Nmbin of Concress ftnd trerelwi vill plate* txenune my rtocf before eerciiMla* eleevhere Yruika tkettre made Uk other e.uea. Superior Leather aod Droea Truka m*4? le Vri'Dki oovered ud retired ai abort soCee. eoda delivered fr?? of ehfcrce to inrjuit af the VV TUVEUlia TRUNKS. Heee, C*r?et K*f a, 4e.t hleh we ere nv eel Urn* 'SPBHBSB&O -f* TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. p""""jams ? reoi ' """" f ;'EC!AL NOTICE TO fflTILlEI. SiS^S?^8'STmuac im N?>T?iM>|iyi>i>' iww WMktBftM M n A. .; AfTiT* fcl Ii*.U.nor* 11.AO ?. ? - gJD r. M.A N0W \ork 16 t. n. ' 4Btr. K?rL;ri Exwrew?Iwre WMilartM * F.V. Anivril BiTQ?ei? ?.?jp.u., f*kuM??fei? t*M r.Unj^ew York 4 *. u.[ H?rn?b*rj l a. a. On J*ond?r* M s.?6 and 5 r a. only. .The ft p. m. train from W uliiiftoi mmoU (krotib to N?? York every tfir 4ann tki vnt. Lmr* fCrVort *? pV ^>fci? 11 J? * M.i B*.tuaer* 4 onp. K. imw >t WnMrciwi MB lx?ve Nrw York ftt6p. fkiiAtetokift ic> ? W. KRiMI W a. H. ArnTest WeSu^icaeto Now York et 11 r. rhtlMolpfc* IJ* a.m. b*ltt?roro7j6 a.m. Arrive IWaSlACton %MA.U. rrm^AiioE Trains HM? Baittaore at* a * r.u^K> Wa*Jun?u>?. arrive tkere a? On rundAyi At 4 v u4 7JB A. V- Ollr. f>i|W|B Tmaif> .MMii.ii r.a..H<i BiiuBorauiJii.i mmv<p f. u , mala iiraaiooaanlioMfox iuv*lliUUi JtneticE Tniia Anna*oii?#or Baltinor* and Wutlsrtoa ?t a., n. ard t? r. u Pmwliw Tra*o? imn&i W kikliftM at M? a. *.. 11 a. H-. and $ *. ant tta timort at 4JG aad IjKa. .,aodU?>. *..wul txm mUat iaavdu Juncrum mmd i' a twrtM (Hum*) ;MKhM. Way Pa?Mn(?ra mat take tM Itwwwwlwiia TV??*j ' ?/? Traica will laar* WaUimtos aad nalti?ra rrtavillWMMr^MU. _ ...... v. p iwltb d? If Mutw Of Tr?M?or>?tooa. Ak IMS] THE [IMS Penaiylvania Central Railroad, (with It* OOBBMtlOBB) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE I t-.a** caily t*aih? rmoti PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two Of UtMB wHi CUMI vOX5*CTIOH? AT lUHIITtS with tr*1n? on th? NORTHERN CRNTRAL RAIL ROAD. and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE run WASHINGTON AND IALT1MOIK to all pointa in the WbCT, NOITU-WMT A.HD SotTI WUT. ETFor Through Ticket*, oppty tho OAoc of the Northern Central KmI R<>*c Cob p&tf, Calvert Station, Baltimore. Sp!*ndid Slesfing Cars on mil A'irA/ Trains Smoking Saloon Cart on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Puunitri will ute the 6 a. m. aad 5 p. m. trains, arririnx in Baltimore atlJOa. m. aad 6 44 p. where close oonneotion* are moae with trait* on the Northern Central R. R..nod arrive in H?rn at m. and 1.45 a m., tbere oonn?>otiri with the trains on the PeaciTlvuu Cnui Railroad for ail parte of the weet. By thi? route, freif hta of ^dMoriptioaa ou he r 10 *D<1 frum *ny point on the Rai. roada of Ohio, Kectneky, Indiana, Illinois, Wiaoonam. lojra, or Mieeonri. by hat I read dwrtt ToePenniy ranta Central Railroad alee oonneete at Pittabargwith ii/MDfri, by wh.oh Gooceoaa be forwarded to an 'pert on the Ohio. Maekiagnau Kentucky, Tenneee. , Cumberland, Illinoie/Miee leeippi Wieoonein, Mieeonri, Kanaaa, Arkataaa, and Red Rivera; and at Cleveland, ITftaki aad Chioajo with ataamera to ail Northweetarn Lakea. Merchanta and si.iprera entrnetinx the truaar. tat ion of their Freight to this Company, oat raty with confidence on its *peedy tran?it. rail KATE!1 OF FK LibHT to and Iron ut fo:ntia the West, by the Penney t*cm OatraJ Kaiiroad. art at mil itnu ar fmrarmll* m* are charted by otktr Haxiroad Com f mm** J \TT H- partioo tar to mark package* "via Pa*n. Cbntbal ITr " MaCKAW A KOON8,PrM(ktA(?U, No. SOMo'th itreet, fc'i t ince ENOCH LEWIS, fr -rl 8??ennt*t, Altaona, Pa. L L. HoCPT.GaoM Ticket Aft. Pmlatfatrtia H. H HOUSTON, 6n'1 Freight Ax*ot. Pfatkdelphia ja 4-dlf j^OKTHERN CENRAL RAILWAY. TTu Skortul, Qwitkut ami But Remit from BmtHWE8T, NORTHMAND*NO*THWEST. ? WINTER SCHMDILE Cumi or Tno. Ob and after BI'NDAy7*U NorMba, PaMoa cer Train* will arnva aad depart iron Oalvart Station aa fu.Jova: ? ? Tbaiih Nobtb Lbavb Mail at t ? a. m. Buffa.o Expreea p. m. Parkton Aoc.'mrooflatioQ* P. m. Pittabaig BLd Ham* be r. ExprMatJDp. m. _ t . Tbaims Horn Abe;vb Park ion Aoouiumuaauou at I a k. H offalo Ex pros* t ? a. m. nnooorg uo nirniDfi Ft|cmi lp.a, Mail 6 90 f, nr. The i k a. train from WHbiirUi ooumM with Ue 8 JO a. m. train from tiamaore WHI w : and for bufalo, Elaura, R-creator, D?dkirk, Cauvdaitaa iud Niagara Fall*, and for New York ertj. The 21 a. m. train from Washington oonc^U with toe I a. m train from Baltimore to Weal, North a?d N orthweet and Llmira and Buffalo aai The 6 V" ra. train from Washington oonnecte with ?e8J0p. ra train from Ba.timore for Putaburg, arritburg and the Weet ana la a direct oou Motion for Lebanon, Laaion Alientown aad New \orkrta Cebtrai Railroad of New Jerecy. Try thu route for New York. Sr The only train leaving Baitimarc on Baaday e 2 p. m. train, for Bameburg, I'ltUDurg, Catoaco and the U'eet. The only train ainriag la Baltimore on ?u:,c.a* is th 8.2? a. in. train. J Aft. < CLARIS, no >6 ly Saporiat?4?. T NOTICE TO TkAVKLKES. RE Pcctnaator Conerai har.ng ordered UC ma. aervioe betweea Waehmitoc, J. ^ Baltimore, aad Old Point jrc rtreoej^^ita^p Monroe) to bo rwamed, ea aad Monday, tLe ?*h inatacL the Bar Line of eteamore will leave Baltimore EVERY DAY keiofK i*ua day ) from taoir wtiarf, foot of C r.ion Do ok, at U o'e ock*. m., or immediately after the arrival of Um Waahiactoa Tr?i? whuk *? *' *" M. W. FALL*, rrwtfad Wtarkm ptflnim H w^NirY or* and Pkll*d*l?ktA M?*rr ?r.,? ComMf Irtfr.d M -owe rc Cjc^bmltlroi ^wnitj^ufwovii Alc every 6Mard?hy,?l?ooe<fro? PwuTNwtfc irrer. UTB OF rouai. 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