5 Şubat 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

5 Şubat 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY FEBRrARY 5, imj. Piiioxal ? Silex. you irr right. When and where can the person vou addressed communicate with you ? Ttx E<ITnTAI*l(lXT oh Wkdsksday Niqht In order to prevent confusion, guests are requested to present their Invitation cards at the door of the Executive Mansion on Wednesday evening, the 3th Instant spirit ?i me .iitrnmg rrrii. The J?ttUigenc r thinks it is greatly to be deplorrd that the Committee of Way* and Means could not have matured the project of a bill for levying Internal taxes In advance of the passage of tbe Treasury note bill, tbat this latter measure mlgnt rest on a basis more appreciable than a mtre resolution of Congress. The Republican thinks tbe South will raise tbe tandard of emancipation to secure a guaranty of Independence from tbe European power*, and thinks we should checkmate her by raising said tandard at once A Mus ma CornxMni,?VVe sec that the Parisian correspondent! of the National Inttlligencir, New York Timtt, and other papers, are In a bleb state of agitation about presentations of Americana at the Taillerlea These correspondents say that Mr. Dayton has submitted the case to the Government here for Instructions, and they are anxious to have tb? (Mr. Dayton's) report y bllahed By all means let us have Mr. Dayi"i*a statement. Do, Mr. Secretary of State, give 8 the papers. Tssia Last DoDg*.?The ingenuity of those vrho are laboring to turn the present contest into a war to free the slaves of the South and establish, instead of the Union under its time-honored Constitution, a consolidated government based upon abolition principles, Is remarkable ludeed, as Illustrated in their shifts and aulrks tinon th* James H. Lane question. They first made him the hero of the war, out of the Javhawkine?robbing, murdering, negro stealing, and universal plundering?of his followers, for the brief sesson lie was in the field; which did more than aught e?se to make it so difficult for the United States to bold Missouri, ty forcing thousands on thousands of her citizens who were loyal for munths after the war began, Into affiliation with the rebels. They next proclaimed that he had been commissioned by the President to undertake an independent campaign. Then they published that the President had fully authorised him to conduct it on abolition principles?to murder all the prisoners he might %ake, burn all the houses he fancied to burn, and curelv to set free and arm all slaves he might lay hands on, whether the property of loyal citizens ?r rebels. One by one these shifts of theirs have been eiploded How they essay to break the force of the President's recent refutation of their story that Lane was to have been independent of the authority of General Hunter, who commands in the Department cf Kansas, is amusingly exemplified In yesterday morning's Republican, as follows : 4 One thing la certain, whether Gen. Lane or Gen Hunter command* the expedition. It will be conducted upon anti-slaverv principles. Gen. Hunter ?urpr1 net even Kansas men by his abolition utterance* He desires this war to be nominally and really a war for freedom." Bak ' Ger Hunter la an officer of the regular army, notoriously as well balanced In all he does as Gen AlcClellan himself, and as reliable to violate no law of the land, and m obey the orders of his superiors, aa any other in the service. We know of our own knowledge that there is no more abolitionism in him than in the Commander-inChief The public may rest assured that the una bo'jui - an acromion uuerances" in Kansas are aa utterly without foundation ;> ail the world now know the late ttorlea alleging tbe President to have premised Gen James H Lane an entirely Independent ?p?4, fca , u k?o? fc>??. Pkbsosal ?Tbe beautiful and accomplished daughter of Col De Trobriand, of tbe55tb N. Y. (French) regiment, la on a visit to her father, and la lodging near bis camp In tba vicinity of Tensally town. Miss Morris, daughter of Gen. Ge? P Morris, la at tbe villa near Tennallytown, on a visit to her brother, who la an Assistant Adjutant General with Peck's brigade. Txknsssek a Dftaciti*.?A London correspondent baa mad* allusion to tbe happy effect produced on Change by the announcement that the State of Virginia had remitted fundi to pay the interest on her bonda. We are curions to see how the newi will take that Tennessee haa not. Her agent, at the l*t ult., announced that he Lad received no ordera to pny Interest, and the creditors may now whistle for their money. The pirates confined In the Moyamensing prison In Philadelphia, are to be removed to Fort Warren or Fort Lafayette, having expressed their willingness to be transferred from the civil to the military authorities _ There are not" at Fortress Monroe "ver live thousand contraband* under the protection of the miliary authorities. Financial.?The New York Poat of last evening says: Government and State stocks are without special change. The sixes cf 18efl are a ahade better tban yesterday, the registered selling at 86>4 and the coupons at 69. Gold is firmer to day with considerable doing at Hj3)(alU3? . It closes with sales at the Inside figure The rate will not probably vary materially until Congress has decided upon some financial mm. The money market continues moderately active, And 9 per cent is generally paid on call. The banks are not lending freHy, and some of the large Institutions are not offering money below 7 percent The paper market ia better supplied, and few names go under 6per cent. The benka are paying Into the Sab-Treasury to day the Instalment due the Government. It Is payable In demand notes and paat due notes The banks will probably In a dav or two decide ~"?l ?? -* - ?* * ?m.uvi .mvj nw'i ?.viuimana noies on lieposit. Mr. Cisco received from Washington tnis rooming S3,S00,UU> 7 30 Treasury notes, aud 91,600,000 bonds The banks took yesterday some 6,500,01-0 oar.di and notes, which accumulated during last week Tbi Pottk* Committex, *tc ?The intellU gent Washington correspondent of the New York JE* press says: "Well grounded indignation exi?ts throughout he community, because of the *e.ry many base and maligna:.', charge* of disloyalty preferred before the Potter Conuoitlee, and that upon the sanctity of aa oath The parties In many instance* are unreliable men. aud known to be almost exclusively prompted by malignant personal and political preiudi'-e Voltynes cf evidence from unprejudiced and reliable sources can be obtained to scui'er to the winds all the charges so Vaao*lv trnmn*i4 r*?*? "-11 L- * u|< "en kuuwu aiia unroot procs lain g Union gentlemen who are Implicated by this exposure." TutMiaiKic Goti? to S*a?A Naval E.i aoimim Almost Cektaim ?The.Fortreaa Monroe correspondent of the N. Y Commercial write* or. th?; 1st mat The nr vai < flmi a' this station have reliable Informal.ott that th* M nil mac la actually ready for service. The hloop-ofwar Plymouth U on Craney Island, -r.d the rebels are rtmovlng the obstructions In the Elizabeth river, ao as to allow the Merrimac to come down and go up to Newport Newa to engage the Cuoiberlana and Con^reas no* stationed there When the Merrimac comes oat the Yorktown will come down the James river. It will be a tough engagement The Merrimac mounts ten luo-pounaera of the Armstrong pattern The Plymouth mounts fourteen 9-inch navy guna. Sue wtll be assisted by a Jeetof small boats, each armed with rifled guns , We are ready for them. The ahips here on on. side are the Minnesota, 44, Roanoke, 44; Jamestow.i, 90; MvnticeHs. 6, a bark, , and aeveral tieawiu rifl^a giu?a. Al Newport f J.^ere V*tt? Coogreaa, 50, Cumberland, 344, J.id Dawr, 6. ' I f A letter from Louirrllle, (Ky) Jan 3u, my Ijla here predicted that Gen. Thomaa will be i ! Knoxvtiie by Ihe I5'b or 20tl? pro* 1 am tool diviaioo coaalata of the b igf.dtra under BcLapff, Boyle, R L HcCook, Mama sod CarMr, with Ave to ten batteries?each brigade averaging 50W or mart men Hi* command may be RRM* Will stronger." ' ? -\ OI7R MIUTART BTDGET. * IXCHAHOID P1ISOSEJ*. The following is a Uat of the rebels, prisoner* of war, who were released from confinement in T1 the military prison In thla city on the day before yesterday, and sent to Fortress Monroe to be exchanged there for as many of oars of similar rank : A W. D. Farley, captain 1st South Carolina volunteers, and ald-de-camp to Gen. Bonbam; F. de Caraduce, lieutenant 7th South Carolina volunteers; F. Hlldebrand, private 30th Virginia vol- ^ unteer cavalry; A. M. Whitten, do.; Robert R Moss, private 10th Alabama regiment; Jas. Williamson, do ; Patrick Hughes, private 18th Kentucky; F. E. Long, corporal 1st Kentucky volun- T, nntaer eavalrv: Wm. Nelson, do.: Wm. Morris. private 10th Alabama volunteer*; Alex. Maxwell, a ( private ?th Virginia cavalry; Wm H. Dennis, do.; Thomas H. Dunham sergeant 8th Virginia cavalry WHAT KEN rCCI V HAS DOS!. bl Kentucky Las a voting population of but 156,("00 *? In all. The portion of the Slate In possess!on of the Union troops contains 100.000 of that total 'ri number of veters, and of that population sh* has c0 full 30,000 enlisted under the banner of the Un on Sj for the war: Who will dare say that Kentucky is not loyal to the Unlon ? su As our arms progress there her sons liberated from the despotism of the rebel armies, will surely increase this greatest force In proportion to population, which Kentucky has In the field for the glorious cause. T re 1*TT 1A>1> w The Auaco?l!a, Lieut. Badger commanding, Rv arrived at the Vard this morning. She reports that the Stepping Stones went down 18 to the lower flotilla on Monday night, passing all the Confederate batteries without being fired on. Capt. W yman, commander of the Potomac fleet, cl will go down to the lower flotilla to-day, prob- *[ ably. KOANOKB ISLASn. Ot It is known here that the reoel authorities at Richmond profess to be sanguine of being able to ? bold tfaelr fortifications on Roanoke Island (at the entrance of Albermarle Hound) njrninat e Burnside expedition. Within twenty-four boura, A however, we will probably learu how far facta ry justify that belief of theira. tJj RKTCK5ED. ?t Brig General Marcy, Chief of the Staff of the te Army of the Potonnc, having entirely recovered from hia late protracted Indisposition, haa re- ry t uned to this city, and !a again on duty at the Head Quarters, his host of frleuda will be glad to of learn. N 1 " * " ' is Reply of Postmaster General Blair t? the to Potter Committee. Post Offick DsrARTMKNT, J Washington, Feb. 4, INK. j -f Dtnr Sir : No one, I believe, has more cordial- H ly sympathised In your efforts to eradicate dis- ^ loyalty from public office than I have At the fo outsrt of yourlabori,! expressed thla to you in pcison, and slnre, in writing. lu the midst of the ar panic, created by the emiwte in Baltimore, 1 put !jj? a stringent oath to the employees of the Depart h? ment, which was a t?*st both of loyalty and cour" age, and all who failed to staud it, were dismissed; ca and 1 have since removed of those who remained ?4 ft* i.ot only all whose loyalty I had any reason to ? doubt, but many others who 1 believed were for I the Government, but not with sufficient earnest- ri ness to entitle them to public employment. * Having manifested. In this manner, my dispo- of smon to cooperate with you, I had supposed there could be no ground for misunderstanding between D us, and yet I find you take a controversial tone jJJ | with me in the report juat made to the House, tj when there has been no controversy, and not the slightest int matlon from you, ip the many inter- m views we have had, that there was the least diffsrenoe between us t:< 1 noteeapecially in this connection, the manner rtl iu which you speak of the retention of a few in 1 dividliall In ?? *" ... iu tuaanjueuce ui satisfactory explanations having been made of tbe charges made against the n before your com- of mlttee. ft, t It uru not InUiulad. I mnpnMit.ln nUlng tranr ?J committee, that tx part* testimony Uken before it p* should be decisive. For this reason,with respect il to those of the list you sent me who were still in &i office, I allowed exculpatory testimony to be of- *' ft red, and In three cases It was of such a character re la te satisfy me that there was no ground for a fo sutpicion of their fidelity to the Government. I rv stated this to you in my letter; but not supposing j* that you wanted to revise my judgment, I did not u send you the evidence submitted to me by the ^ pjrties, as I would have done on the slightest In- ~ tlmation that you desired It, or intended to make an issue upon my action before the public. As at you have made such an issue with reference to the ri cases of J N. Gordon, Samuel B Beach, W. L * Davis, J. H. Mattingly, and D. D. T. Leach, i |Jf think >t proper to make the following brief state- l?; ments as to each of them : 1 (1st.) J N. Gordon ?Against him youhadonly _J the opinion ef one person, who stated no fact to Justify ais opinion. For him I had the testimony of Hon.- John Wilson, herewith enclosed to you, I which was supported by the decisive declarations of loyal men in the Department. [Seeexhibit A.J 1 (id ) Mr S. B Beach ?The evidence does not J.JJ show that Mr Beach himself is disloyal, but that tii bis children are so The member from his dis- ' trict, and many other republican members from an the State of New York, and of the State commit- C( tee. Dressed me to retain him 1 w?? b?i i??? ? aible, either, to considerations of hi* great age and acant means of aupport, and consented not to turn him out of office during the winter. 1 send herewith the applications of Mr. Franchot and otbera above referred to. [See exhibit B.J (3d ) Mr. W. L Davis'The same considerations apply to the caae of Davis as to that of Gor- g< don, the evidence being only matter of opinion of one witneae His Immediate superior, occupying the same room, (Mr. Guest,) whose loyalty ^ and patriotism is positive and warm, and who is also a man ol good judgment, was examined ou 'J the subject by ine. He vindicates Davis on his personal knowledge from the opinion expressed before your committee by Mr. Burns. Hj! (4th.) J. II Matting!)/ ? The voluminous ex- >?" hiblt (C) herewith sent presents'some of the testliiiouy which satisfied m>; that the charges against ?? him were unjust, and originated In personal dif- ? ferences between him end the witnesses before of the committee. W Cll (5th.) D. D. T. Lturk.?The only evidence wj reported to me, by your committee, against him, wi wu that of J. M. Parke, who aubsequently informed your commltten that he did not mean _! !?each, bat Shellds, who wan removed. On this * tate of the case, I did not, of course, think Mr. ^ Leach questioned at all; and It was not till I saw tue testimony of Messrs. Boyd and Sidney pub- NJ Ushed In the newspapers, that I knew of any ^ reason for removing him. If these statements are not satisfactorily met, he will be removed. In conclusion, 1 think it proper to say that, In j the view I take of the subject, 1 have not thought 01 it necesnry to decide that officers were disloyal, ? in order to remove them, and In fact but few of ^ those who have been removed were so regarded. r<ic?pi iua?c wno nave tome peculiar fltneaa for ^V or manifest devotion to duty, 1 do uot regard I thoae found in ofllc>' aa having any clalna to be ^ continued there; and eertalnly none otkera will St be retained In tbla Department; nor will mere . clerical excellence auttce without the exhibition J of an active, patriotic *pirit. Very respectfully, your obedient aervant, ? (9igned) M. Blair, Poet'm'r Gen j Hon. Johs F Pottir, Chairman Investigating 91 Committee, Hoiiy of Representatives. *e to I ? 1 ?t< CONGRESSIONAL. ft 1UVI1U CON6RESS?ftfcwd I*mUi. 7m Sxhatx?Yesterday', after our report closed? f?' Mesara .WUaon, Grimee and Henderson were appointed on the part of (be Senate to act In joint committee on tbe bill making appropriations for tlie defen**e of Wathlngtou ~ Tbe subject of Mr. Bright'a loyalty waa diacusaed by Meesra Browning, Dixon, Dooll'.tle, mi Wllley, Stunner and DaTlsj and after an eierp- W tire aeaaion tbe Senate adjourned. W liousK?After our report eloaed? / Tbe Treaaury Note Bill was dlaoiased Hi eo?h mittee of tbe whole by Messrs Morrill. Vail an- fi dig bam, Hickman, Tbomaa, dteveM, sbefleld, I 5 ?ud otbera, aud flaSMv left With unflu- |z! jibed bullae* Adjourned ' H -V*" " ' 1 TELEGRAPHIC. ^ Latest from Europe. BE LONDON TIMES OPPOSES EURO- f, PEAN INTERFERENCE IN AMER- v 1CAN AFFAIRS. 1< ii BRIG RUNS THE CHARLESTON BLOCKAPE IN SAFETY. <? [Special Telegram to the Star ] N?w Yosk, Feb. 5?The Ktramshlp Nora a wnau hai nrrivpo n rur r:uu. wim Liverpool ^ ites to the 24th ultimo. r Contois 92\#93 for money Thk Lo?*dos Times editorially oppose? im- J [rferesck in american affairs. The brig West Indian, from Charleston, with 1 cargo of turpentine, has arrived at Liverpool. ! FROM FORTRESS MONROE. * Baltimore, Feb. 5,1602 ?The Old Point beat 'lngs no news The following we take from nthern papet* Norfolk, Feb. 4.?A special dispatch received om a reliable gentleman of Elizabeth City J mnty, N. C . state* that a steamer went down on * iturday to Pamlico Sound, to rcconnolter. No Men or tne Burniide fleet were seen, and ltwa? ppoced they bad left. From Gen. Banks's Command Frederick, Feb. 4?Capt Patterson's (late [ apt Saul's) company of cavalry arrived nere ' >sterday from Hancock, en route to Join the hird Maryland Regiment at Baltimore. They port that Ave of their number and three horses ere killed when Capt. Saul was ambushed and lot In Virginia. The examining board, of which Gen Hamilton president, stands adjourned till Frldav, In conquence of the absence of that officer at Waabingn. The snow fell yesterday to a depth of four lnles. It has ceased falling, but the heavens are 111 overcast Every thing in the shape of a elgh is out this morning. The only stcknvss in Hancock now is measles In le or tne regiments. but they have not been folwed by fatal retnlU. ^ ?- f ^SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.?Dr. J? Hayb* will lecture "n "Arctic Explorar>ns" on WEDNESDAY EVENING atto'o'.ook. a dmittanoe free. U_ ^^PERSEVERANCE PIKE CO.. No. 5 __5 The regular morthly me?tinp wili l>e held at e F.n?ine House on THURSDAY, the 6th inst. half-past 7 o'olooK in the evening. Punctual atndanee is requested. GEORGE A DARLING. fe 5-5t* Assistant Seo'y. "vr*MEETING OF H?>T? L AND RES3 TAURANT KEEPERS.?A put.lnme^tinr tae Proprietors oi the Hotois J*n;i Kesiaurants this oitj will be held at F;a'ikiiu 11*1. corner of f inth and U streets, on WEHNfSDA\ AFERNOON at.1 o'clock. A panotoa' attendance requested at that hour, as u.v.y have buiiness attend to later in the diy. By ordwr of the C.'mm tt.es f? 4 "*?DR. TRALLM LF,CTnRP?.-Th# ' ec,3 tures of Dr. 'i hall, cn WEDNESDAYard . HIirsday KVENINtfSof this <*Mk. at the a If of ?U .. OI a ? b.i \?i ?no \jit-im:sn a nroo:a'ion. wil be in expotioaof the Medio*! hTbtun whch be Ivooates, and an exp anation of the Haturo, * rms. rationale, and treatm 'nt of particular, and pecia'ly with rtfereno? to tn? a.se?*es so prevant and so fata' in the carros ard h??pita!s of the mies. Tickets oi almia'ion ?:j c"Dt?, for which e purohase-wi'l receive tha vaWia in any of Dr. ? rail's publications explaining th-J astern wb^ch , ? teaohes. and giving <l!'e?tions fjr ro'.f treat*nt. Dr. Trail will examice au< prison he grjkitously for suoh Mivalids as wi'l present their tses before the audienoe Tho*;? wu<i prefer can \ msu't hi in privately at 49? Sixth street, frciu in m. to 3 p. in. It* {, -w?MKDICAL LK^TtJFE8 ?R. P. TralL, P _3 M. D., of New York. Principal of the Hyeo Therapeutic Col'^ne. and author of several _ orke of Modical, Phrsio;o?ical *nd Scientific . ibjects, will give a oourse of lectures at the Hall the Christian Ass< oiat on- Washington city, tposits Brown's Hotel, commencing on J'L'ES- . a Y, at7X p. m., and continuing through the week. 0 r. Trail claims to have discovered the true pr?-. . ises of Medical &cienr>?- ?nil ?<. ??/.?. ?k-.._i- i . .??V.I .>!?? UU1J icceseful Healinf Art; acd he prof?s>e? In* abilito explain acd defend ihe system he advocates id practices aiainst a<l posiiEile objections, oriti- smsandoavi's from any source. Ho especially vite; medical men < fail echo >ls to hear him ard ? keexoeptio-s if they c*n He will show to the F .tisfaotion of ev*ry o%ndid mind that tho app'.ica J un of his system to the treatment of the prevalent h sea*es in our army?tjpboid fevers, pcnmocia. o easlee, &o . would save thousands of the live* of ir officers, soldiers and cit zing, and n ill.ons of oney. For particulars sue programme and l&rte lie. First''dure free. N. B Dr T all rray be consulted by all olasses t 'invalids ai No 4*7 fth street, from 10 a. m. to 3 k m. Patients who will present tneir cases before ? e audience will be examined acd prescribed for ' *tnilnml? fat t i??A FAIR, for the benefit of 8t. Vinoeut's t t? Female Orphan Asylum, wili be opened on t HUR8DAY, 3Utn inst. at tie Aeylum,corner G a id loth streets. \ variety of usfful and fanoy e tides wi'l be offered for sale. 1 There Will be a Ivnrth rnnm vh?< ?n freshmen's will be Yerved." lo9 Cream and", n- e QtiocerT, in th?ir var?ti?-B. j*29 tf ? TS?THK UNION PKAYEK MEETING Will ? _*2 be hoiden ev^ry day this wat-k in the L,uther- i i Churoh, (Kev. J. G. Buyer's,} a? the comer of I th and H streets, commencing at o oiook p m? c id continued but oue hour. j* 20 ft IADAME S. CAN BE CONSULTKD upon J, ,?'! Affairs of Life; never known to fail. ? aJ 1 No. 2ST 20th st., near L. fe > at* J r NOTICE' t O ALL WHOM i I MAY CONCERN !?A!i f rinna r a haraK* ifio/i ?u.? -1 h uvwu-u mat ?n*ni P?J CO " IUor ?30<>anU contracted by J D Wooley.Sut ^ r of the 67th Kegiment New Y^rk Volunteers, or r ly person aa?aiuiui to act for him. UAKNESkGO., [e * 3t* 4**! Ninth st., aar.intton, I). C. | JAY COOKE A CO.. \ BANKERS, t No. 452 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Washington. In connection with our Philadelphia House we ,ve opened at No. 452 Fifteenth street, an c ffioe r the transaction of a general Kxohange, Coileo>( and B&iktiig business. Vve buy anJ sell C< m, Uncurrent Money, Stooka p d IJonds. (on oomruissi'jn.) Drafts on American d European cities, reoeive Deposits, and make >!leotioaa upon all accessible points l let Im JAY CuOKE A CO. 1 FRANKLIN Ic CO , J; OPTICIANS, I >4 Penn'aav.,t north aide,) bet. 12th and llth ati. f EYEG LAPSES, \ MAR1NK AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, *o., t the beet qualities, oonstantly on hand. fai-tr [] ^O QUARTERMASTERS ? HIGH I. Y IMPORTANT. ; ARMY IJKEAD, | The new AERATED BREAD is pronounced by _ edioal and Scientific Men the purest and health- it ever made. We propose to turuuh it in <iuan- g ies to our soldiers, or *e will arrange to take " or and deliver Bread, fresh, pure and sweet, $ ery day?a pound of bread for every pound of G mr. G rrus procea* of makiae Bread has the sanction 0 the highest authcrities. and ia approved by the | nita'T Commiesioc and by all the leading pin si- c in a or this city as we,I aa by Major General Dix. L toae aoldiers have been tor aoine time supplied th it from our Ba1c?m- in * J|?? "* KVqua~& oT?.', " 34 ?>? strait. Washington. o 4-3t* or Hex S04 Post Office. 1ENTLKMBNS READY MADE 6AKM- ~ I ENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. We offer citizenUaud atrancorft a inge aswrt S sot of OV-KR COAT*. DRESS COATS HUSlK5*S COATH. PANTALOONS and VESTS, all colors and qualities, equal in make and iih to th? best ouitom worV. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., v Merohant 'tailors and Clotbera, C 322 Pa. ave., bet 9th and 10th >U. aa-tlil (Intel, at. Rep.) _ A J. MYKRS. R ' 10 WXOUIKOTO!! Buildinc. . . . Pe*n. Avenut a l?rg? gtoak of Amerioan Watohef for sale, at A l *' b* 8- * J- WYKH8. * n?rl?t? Cio?k? at who Xta'e by S, & J.MYERS . br 8 & J. M YKJttS. 1 ^^.^^ twhote^e brB.AJ MYtR* ' Moll Work don* for ths trftde only, by * piao'ioal workman, at S. A J. MYER8'. ?* and ?lU Ke3,fr^t,,^ol?*?i? 8. * J. - . ,, . t iHYKKo. All wholeuia dealer* in WatcLei aad Jew- r .&** ?- s JPjP^/SftL,,hi?f ; fafefe; J it I hare jaat reoeivtd from the north a large n tiltt.AADlES; R LADY- N ?vo unvsiA-viiUiiimttj mob ObeauMi & I htTJreesea. Warto. Ladies' Dnnri, Ao, Ac.. \ nob I desirs the l&dies to impact, as they were n ported before goods fot ao high, and are there & e rerr cheap indeed. No.li-MRH R O. ETCH!SON No. 19. ? P*?ina.. Avim. ti Between 8th end 9th streets. B. Pinking done to order. fe 1 lm id? by one of the best carnage manufacturers in aching toe. Also, a nioe n?w Express Harness. r ill be sold oheap if applied for immediate ?. Ad- J )is 'O. J. D.,*' Washington Post Oftoe. I a3t-lW & OLD1ERB JUBT RETURNED PROM 1 1 Kiohmond oan hsy thsir Clothing and Para- J ting Boods at SMITH'*, No. 460 Seventh at. pi posit? Poet OSes, at SUxihern pnoes,

% 16-dim i}?? i? * ;* Mfs**., / AICOMPAN^.IS OYSTERS! OYSTERS 1 An Oviter Shipping Company bu been formed jr'he purpoa* of ?upp'?mc \\ aahintton and lt? ici^ity wi h Or*ters. Ail perton* whioh n?e from J ?to>100 colons pe' day, can b? supplied. Oj?t"M \ a fMu Mnt in bar* or a car load of from ISO to 28) 1 Jinela can be had on on* day's actio?; for a ieai aitlltlt* Mil ><< lln/l.a raat Ruiialnwn II i The Oysters shipped by thU oompany is as < resh. irnot more so. than any others that oan be i ad in the Distriot The Ovstors are opened 'ha t &me day they are taken from the water. and are t ent to the Diatriot the same niiht. All orders I ireoted to WILLIAM H \NCE, Anrapois, Md,. imager for Company, will *>e prompt:y attended o fe 4-lm* INCH HEAVV SAIL DUCK. \ )W 28 itch Cotton Dock, Blteeneu ami Brown Sheeting. row?!a Napkins, Table Linens, 1 led Comforts, Blanket*. "lannel*, Shawls, Cash&erea, Jaliocee. Closks. Gloves aod Suspenders, Lnd oth?r kind of Dry Goods, on sal* at the lowest prioee, by WM. R. RILKY k BRO., I No. 36 Central Stores. Between 7th and 8th atreeta. fe 3-1 Qt oppo. Center Market. uaa.au swiwnoi ivw* ed with OYSTERS ! 'ire with TANGIER POUNDS of tip-top enaliy. And iter sohooner Wild Pigeon wim t.ie naeet !HKRRVsrUNK6. He it now readr to serre al! who mar aeeire rime Craters at ths lowest market rates. Tfre inblie are invited to oa.1 and examine his fine stock >f pi valves. fea at NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE* TO SUTLERS. TO BUTLEEi?. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In consequence of the great demand for oar MoMiei Ginger Cake and Sugar Cake, we have appointed W. H. HAMILTON k CO , 479 Nintn Street, * prinoipa Agent for their aa'.e, from whom tbty an be bought at five dollars per barrel. SNAPS, JUMBLES. MOLASSES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES, * IN QUANTITIES. hostonUrackers, ? rre?U every day?w?rm from the oven makede- < lioloua food? ' Ten Cent* Per Pound. 1>a * hill b CELEBRATED MINCE FIBS. ' Hotel-kfeperu, Hrad< of Families, and 0nt|er? re invited to try our excellent Miooe Pies. ( Our MINCE PIES need only to be tried to he ppreoiated ; prioe .?lf and $12 per hundred. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakery -456 Eleventh etreet. feft 3 between 6 and H 11 ME NOURRIT A SEEUW8, *1 ( Latelv from Paris ahd New York, i Are now in t.*>i?oitT with a large and splendio as ortment of RiUH LAUEP, FuOW EK?. HEAD )RK8*iE8. and a large stock of ladies' FANCY kRTiCL.ES. The above firm have enjoyed the atronage of Paris and New York ladies, ard hope y diligent attention to business to merit the aprova'i and patronage of the ladies of Washington. <?i K,? iTl l'lr^ rxuuitltl I A BEBUWB, ja 31-8t 303 lltn st. near Pa. av. Vj#TlCE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE 1 1 copartners' ip under the firm of Meyer A Conj t*en dissolved to-diy by mntnal consent, od that CHAS. WALTER, Esa., 397 D str*e;I pposit?tha City Hail, will receive all bi!Isdue ' o said firm within three days < NiCHOLAS MEYER, ?T . - ? GEORGE CONRAlt. Washington, D. C.. Feb. 3,1862 fe 3 * l,.u? _ ATTENTION! r r..,hTr Re?f,v,;d ? ,l?rfe assortment of New 1 Comfortables. Blankets, Bed*teadi, . Carpets. Persons wismnr to re1 nested to examine ray stock before aurhasing, as 1 am determined cot to be undersold. , *o* ,fk. . . . R- BUCHLY. 1 fa i im? 428 7th ,trMt. betweju G and k. -f9 '~lm esst side. ( ^CrKE-iELM^ FI3I;HeR--SO/?A-S ORrHESf ?Meaera. Mcheel A Fischer re ' jpeotfullt inform the admirers of Kood0S3H .u re?arf<LbummI** If" i rateHeoeptions and Soiree*, with Any r umber of he beat performer a < f the oity. and be* leave to as> , nre their patrons that they will prcduoe the beat elections of Quadrille Mnaio from approved eomio?era, and will, at intervals, perform Concerted . 4ueiofrr.ni the moat admired Operas. and other lompositiona N. B. The best of referenoes oan t a ;iven if required. Orders left with Mr. Scheel will j n?fet with prompt attention, ti at., 29#, between i 3ih acd 14th ?t?. fe 1 6t* . NOTICE.-The undersigned, who ia known by ail to be a law-abiding acd loyal oituen,aca >ne who desires to keep an orderly, quiet eitneu'a iou?e. at the sam? time claiming from the oity auhorities proteotion from enoroachment upon his use rights, under his lioense, and under the laws of hie oity, wou'd respectfully represent ti:at under nililvy iaw he ia oiroumscribed in hia busioe>>, .nd does not desire to violate any order of the miliary authorities, he respectfully requests that no ofioer or ao:dier of the United States army will enter us house for the purpoae of obtaining refreshments ir liquors,as he will not sell to t&em. Aone but nvate citizens trill be a'tommodattd CHARLW KLOMAN. fe 1-lw No. SOft 7th ?t., between Hand E. pHUloE OLD L.lQL'OKf<_?The ^ubsoribera U(aTV vu uvuai|buiyu? IIUIU au UlU tna Will :nnwn hnus* in Georgetown^ the remainder of heir stock of Liquors, comprising? 50 barrels eupenor Whiskey, from eight to nine year* old. I 20 ba re!? Cabinet Champagne 5 quarter casks Bourdon cherry. , lit dftfan Ynarte Sherry of 1317 and 1823, (im- > ported by Gf>n. Walter Snatn ) All of which we are prepared to sail at redaoed < noes, to olose business. JAM. C, McGUIRE A. CO., ja31 6t Auctioneers and Commission Meroi anU. * [ CARRIAGES. L Have now on hand a large and fine assortment of CARRIAGES, superior to an? in ttaex^liB. narket, whioh 1 am prepared to eeltVoKJiej^ ow for cash. Persons in want of good , rork. will do well to oall and examine uy stock : efre purchasing elsewhere. All repairs neatly done, and orders promptly at- . Bided to. I I have Mso one verr fine olose Pannel Carriage, i rhioh originally oost ft S26, bat little used,ana J rill be sold low, as the owner has do farther ase , or It. ANDREW J. JOYCE, ja 31-lm Corner Uih atd E stieets. 1 i*R. PEtntUT. / ' 1 Pari*, b*c* to inform yon that he ou effect uai- ] r remove Com* and Hunion*, without pain, so hat the ihoe can be. worn immediately after the | peration. without inoonveni?noe. Al*o remove* I N art* and other superfluous fl esh from the hand*, * 0 that they will arpsar aioail and delicate. No, 1 1 m street, n^ar City Hall. Charges moderate. J Refers to the doctor* of Washington gener CENTS' SILK CRAVATS and NECKTIEBT" 1 J Gents'Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, lents' i.men Cambric Handkerohiefa, > lent*' 6Jove*. J lent*' Umbrellas, I lent*' Undershirt* and Drawer*, 1 ine Cloths. Vestinxa, and ? Msiiuerea, for neotc, otton shirting* of the beat trade*, ,in?n Hhirttngs of the heat trades imported. All of the above at oar proverbial!* low pmcm. ia<-aea in plain li(tores. ' 1 An luapeotiou of ?took aolioited ; it ihvi do I blln&Uon to purob&ae. I PERRY A. BROTHER, j j*31tr Fenn avenue and Ninth il. ( P E R H A M ' S ^ >ECOND GRAND EYCIJR8IOIV i TO ! NEW YORK AND BOSTON ! ] rora Baltimore to New York and Return f 9 roin Baltimore to Boaton aid Return #13.10 J TiokeU for ?ale at Mr. Perhajn'* n??? < latiouai Hotel, where fu ! particulars mar be had. > Two throush trains daily, leavm* Washington 1 t 6 a m. and 5 p m. I Tioketa good to return on or before Mar 1st. i jasi^Mt* fALENTMB^ VALENTINie" ( . ^ 18fl#- 1 A large aaaorbnent of I SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC I VALENTIlfES, tora the boat bosses, for sale, wholesale and re- f ul, at the low^t eaak srfoea. A *eryUberfi dia- ! ount to the Trade and Sut.ers?at the National ! S&S? wo. & ? ^flBL ; Jfcv NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. Xk 1 UK 8. * i. M VERS - JSk ? lake , ***** t ie? Watah MAkera'Toola. Glum, feUk UaanUi. 1 .eather tin am*, Speotaotea, baaide* a nri*tr of J ooda too numerous to menUon io o nil nary idnr ; which U167 will aall at Lha loweat ?m ;rn priMa. S. k J. MYKRS , No Goods at ratajL Watch work done Tor Um i adeonlj. Printed price hat of Watch MateriaJ, S 'oola, ko., sent poiyree on afpliofction. No oon j action with aayoiwFhoM* mUia aitr. )??Mg* * s &g^&fthgg,u' 00 LB8. Jftt!tfiMiJn|?rt?ioa,u4 of ?- t 4* ari Slit Virrt.* - * AMUSEMENTS. WA8H1KMJ^;iL. Mr. H. Bland. . THIS EVEVIKO. Pir?t yarform&no# ia fow years of the brilliant, ntoll?cttia. arc (loricni American Cotntxif. (by VIr?. Sidney P. entitled rhioh hMexoited throachout the ertaeipal oi'lea >1 the Union a furore of admiration, oarfly ittNtn| ita refined me it, and resembling a aatire n?oa he yrevai.ini fo'liea of nar own tine, mora tail .h* aooist^med rola ?f European ehara*tera im moideiita frequently preeen'.ea in a New P.ay. Tk* Ihstinrmisktd Cvmuiian, MR. JOhN K OWfcNS. rhoee maaterly rendib'n of the peonliar and incharacter of John Unit haa eieitad U? iraireof the Cntloa and Public dnnnt the ?noseeafnl performance ol ifcu 6real Traneoript of Faahionah.e > ife. ia enr\*ed and will appear on THIS RVKN1NG, Febraary 4, In Kit Onttnal Character. Doora oyen at 7; oommecoe at? It* CHANTERRURY BALL Ettwern iZt 'and itkStrutt. laDenn 8?ob?? of th? bSoS! WfiiSS.'SS 88BFiHf i PEOPLE TURNED AWAY EVERY NJUHT! OVERFLOWING HOUSES. To Bight, The L?uc habJe Comic Paotomitr otllMl the SAILOR'S RETURN S<A/LOK'S RETURN f In vkioh MR. ROBERT BUTLER >V; lap peer M Hah* VawdntsinE5 Extra vacmt 8boo?m of tk? Comio UUrind*. V 1? T/MTB nil U a forvM tsfoum BEmHsON! A Nation*! and Hiatonoa! Tatleau, WASHINGTON AT VALLBY FO,RGK: SILAS BAL D WIN. Tki Brit Juetltr in tkt World? WILLIS ARMSTRONG, Clows, Pa?<tomi*i?t, ahd Ethiopia*. To nijtht. Ml?S AMKLIA WELLS. The Beautiful Sonir?U*M, In skktimkjntal so5?? ! The Fthiopltn Comedian, ai?i?ted by Dick Piiin. Mm Emma Mils*, Miss Vhpoh. M'lle Fbani La Follx. and Lim* Ella. Om Week Longer, WARD on hU Coxbi Volawtk! Bt: I SliUk-rer* Perform** ?* imtrv* Notwithstanding the large Company dov at the Canterbury, tnere will f>e rcr SO ADVANCE IN PRICES. UJl in?r..nr <? i "v.u? >rery WKW.NEMtAY and 8ATufiuAY'."wTlS luaatitieaof preaenU-oue a aoperb #2* Silk Oreaa. rbe dreea can b? iwn in the wtndov of Meaara. rerrj A. Bro. All onr dreaaea are boufht from thia jouae. Doora open, afternoon, at a o'oiook. Admiaaion: Ladiee, V< oenta; children. 10 oenta Doora open.evempicB, at6\ o'clock. fe I r\DD FELLOWS' HALL. U SXVXJtTH 8TXXIT. George Cbrlsty'a Minstrels APPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 4nd continue every evening until further notict. NEW SCENERY laa beer added to the State, and every arrangement made far the proper production of crnBr.c rnsisTi 'a CELEBRATED ^ARCES^ BURLFTTAB. fto Ac. Ac Admiation 26 oesta ; Ore heater cha:r?, 80 otcti. Door* open at 4 carter to 7: oomveno* at auartor o t. John p. smith. fa 3 Baaipe? Agent. KIN6'8 NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, Pasii. Av. asd E St., Ntar WMaris*. r. King Sole Leaaee and Manager C. Soott Aaaooiate Manager F. Whittaker ?Equeatrian Manager THIS EVENING. Firat Appearance of JOHN WT LAN D I 8, Tkt Great Ethiopian Clown ' The Funaieat Man Alive. In conneotion witn 11-L.L.K HKLUISK. First night of the Beenttftl Pantomime entitled DON JUAN Seals of Prtttt?<>rc: eater Chair* 76 oenta; Dreaa Circle M oects: Children under 10 years of age to Dress Ctrole 25 oenta; Social Range 25 oenU; Col?red Gallery 25 oenta; Colored Boxes SO oenta. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will oommence at 8 precisely. fe3 PA I ENT orriCE CURIOSITIES? Gwde to Paten's, Catalogue of Curiositice and Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Oftoe; Rare antiquauan Books; Governmert Books; Dooumtnts furnished; Railroad Reports; MlJitarv Re sorts; Burnt Pai nt Offioe Reports; Cheap Hooka Furnished to Pedla-e; Military Tria-'sTjUliTitary Law*; Army Regu atiou; Panorama of theCoart showing over 2.WX' mi ies; many thousand Cheap Books. Reoohect cheap rest. Larce salee, low >rieee. I p stairs, over Ban* of Washington. ja2?-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. Washington acaSemy op music. Fzxx. Avbtci, tSooth Sidi.) No. m, petwten 9tk and I0t4 Hi Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, ?mt>racing se;eotions from the beet classic music, WlH thA *T\/ at ?va?II ? - ?1 * " .... M*vw? r?/f ulut wprviat*?i OLUorru ID UOKOT ityje than at any other Amor loan oonoert ealoon. The kumU-and the public are freely !cr;t#d, nthoa* charge for entrance,?may rely upon Kay iDC every oomfort they deaire. In addition to th? inert muaio in Waahington, they will obtain, on ia!l, from the attentive atter danU, decidedly the jest Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metrop?ia. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Proprietor. " BALLS, PASTIES, 4c. r| HE SECOND GRAND SOtKLS will t? civenatTemperaneeHall.EttreM.be- ? veen9thand 10th,on FRIDAY EVENING. fi February 7th. H&noing will oommanoe atlK^^A >'o'ook. Ticket*, admitting a gentleman ana adie?. ft. Prof. C. F. HARNESS fel lw* Manager. illK 8ALK AM) EH)1 imtrWtt * lU>!ll.lpMi, at N?v i wrtun nmii dmi HQS; 0*nr#?n U tM 9 atreeta, & oommodiooi FRONT P 0(>M. seoond itory, newly and nratl* Iarnisbed. The location it >ne of the most desirable in the oity. No ohiidraa n the home. jaSI-lw HANDSOME PARLOR, and CHAMBER 11 cammnnioatiDf, with private tab'.* if deal red, kpply at No T Indiana avenae. It* Fm OR RENT-A comfortable FURNISHED BED ROOM. Terms moderate Apply at 179 Second street, between U and C, one block rom Peon, av. f* V8I* FM URN1SHKD ROOMS. W TH BOARD, at 173 1 streat, between 8Mh and gist ata. fe4 8t? FOR RENT?One brick HOI SE. containing 4 rooms, sitnated on P street north, between4th knd Mh streets west. Inquire for THOS. HOL..I DOE. oorner Kh and f sta. !??->* E70R RENT-A small H008E on N st .next to r 6*h st., saitable for a store. A Furnished toon for r eat; a Cellar for rant; a Stable for rent; louses and Lota for sale, or rant, or leaae on rea lonable terms, lnqaire of JOHN 6 ADAMS, leal Estate Af ent, oorner ot 8th and L sta. north, fe 4 3 * F1 URN18HKD HOUSE FOR RENT, with every modern improvement; will be let on eftsonable tersaa to a reeaoaathle Mrtr. Aealv l ? * boooiki atreet. between D and K. "!?>?*' UOR SALE?130 aoreaof LANDf in Montcon" ery eoutr. Md., on Cheeapeake and Ohio 2anal; ifSOOoordioT wood ou he out. There ia? tord? of wood now oat on the land reedy for hiret, whioh will be void to tlia jaarohaeer of tke land, nauira of JOHN A. GRIMES, Georgetown, or HthotttarOftce. fta ? j EXTRAORDINARY CHANCE-STORK mmd lliFIXTURHS FOR SALE,-A Store m the dott approved baameas locality, mo udiag Fianrea and but a small (took of La'Uae' DmiTrin ninga. Embroidenea and Millinery Gooda, will be iderad at a great a&ontoe and eoaeeeaion given orthwitk. Thia ta a obanoe of the rareet ooccrenoe, and all apalioatione be made at No. 19 La. ivenue, between 8th aad 9th ata j<? >?' FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET with liberal CHAMBER, oommuaioa&ng. Tfeoee willing to ay a fair prloe for good aeooiiwodaheae. aaaj MlTattlMBtarllCaa. li fc - tronti north. This u mm of the rarr bast b?*j>*.. tud. in WwJuBxton oitF. ^ feojT? ?? T *?d oonvrr.iMjt, tbe atore room inlt&bl* for he a&le ot any kind of maroh&adise Thi? vroMrtr rou d be dupowdof on U*mostroMontbto tormt >r exohucod for property m?wr Ha. * ?.: um ropriotronn *l?h:o? to nmtbcm bnucoM. Any nformntion om be obuuooj on tbe premiaee.frorr SSWi^mSt ^K'CSSKiilS Era st pfasSfes >x January, IKS, bo: the property mm n? iartlW ?wd for i bm! ibafw una at a bom%u raaL rhla Hotel ii now aoiof.anq baa for macr rmn ra4*?,^nd fwiUble bnainaaa. Ttt <E3?o ? (tie anderaicMd to retirofrom pah!ie hiuMi illMoLi; iacuooinont towM.uhiMtid aotfeoM 0>c|!i(? uouBor* piuUMki Por t?naa tad ju-Uo u ar? apply to J Ac A ENG LJBH.vfco u as L OFFICIAL. rEASUKY DEPARTMENT. PiuiiiT 4, isau HoiHM or rum Bon* of tM lalted fun* payable la (fcut year* from date, IIm Coopoiw of teml-iBBUl latnttl Ibareoa be1ag do# on the lfitb lnatant. are bacaby Bottled that proTlalon la made for t*e payment la tali of all aock Ceapeaa, agreeably to tbotr teaor, at the cMet ef tba Aaalatant Treaaarar at the United Sutra la tbe city of New York. AUaMk Cobdmh BWt be oreaaated at that of ?ee, aocompaBled with schedules showing Ue number u4 uwiil of neb CMptt, together with the aggregate ran of each parcel, three full boataean d?r? for rxaaalaattoa u4 verlleaUoa be fbre ptyant. ft Mlftb TKEA8URY DEPARTMENT, PlUdlT 4, I8N. Notici is rebut eivsm of tbe read lneas of tbti Department to redeem tbe Treasury Botes , parable la oae year from date, authorised by tbe act of Congraas approved December S3d, 1857, and tbe Treasury notes payable la sixty days from date, authorised by tbe act of Coegraas approved 9d March, 1M1. I nterest on Treasury notes of the above Isoue will erase oa tbe Tth day at April next by tones of those aela respectively fe 8-tap? DtriBTiiin or Statb, > fsiiisftis, Jasssry at, 1M ) dim : l dc rreaiaem ? w ioiwi maim d?i i , satlafled that the following lastroctloas coitrt r?&? do law la fore* In this District. and that ' they can be executed without a waiting for Irgli latlon by Coaf r?H, I am directed by him tocaavey theon to 70a : Aa Marabal of the District of Colaaabia yvo will not receive Into custody aay pmoai claimed I* be held ?e service or labor wlthla tba DMrlct or ctewben, and aot charged with aay crlsae or misdemeanor, unless upon arrest or commit, ment, pursuant to law, as fugitives from sorb service or labor; and you will aot retain aay such fugitives In custody beyond a period of thirty day* from their arrest and commitmeot. unim uy BfTLini vrun ui wui^irm ti?n mi* thorlty. You will forthwith cause publication to be made of this order, and at the expiration of leu iiy therefrom you will apply the Mane to all peraor? ao claimed to be held to senrloe or labor, and now la your custody. Thla order ham no relation to any arrests made by military authority. ! am, >lr, your obedient errant, jan 31-1 w WILLIAM H PL WARD. Department of state, \va<hinwtoh. January 25, IMC The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturday* commencing with Saturday, the Ant of next month. Jan 2"-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JiUVABt II, It**. OisniD, That the War Department will b? closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Fridays against all other business but that which relatea to active military operations In the ftotd Saturdays will be devoted to the fcaalnem of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the bnslneas of the Public. EDWIN M STANTON, JaSS-tf ^- Secretary of War. AUCTION SALES."" EFFor other Auction Ssl *, ? firtt fg*. THIS AFTERNOON TO-VOKK^W By WALL A BARNARD, Aa?tioao*ra. Comer South ttdt A. ar. Mi fhmik ttntt. CL.?I 1NG, 6tb instant, at 10 o'tioU,Ue ^a %M? of toeit of* Merchant Tailor, ooneiatlnt of? ?u(>*rioT enalit* Beaver Sack Coats. Extra superior B aok Ur?r Cotto. Do do Ho Frock Coat*. B>ack Ca??.m<*re Vena, To. anette, Cmim?r?, A*.. A Wo. a few pieoae of Caewewre It WALL A HAANABD. A?ie. By J. C. MoGUlAE A CO.. Aartma?a CALK OP VALUABLE OBJECTS OP A*T. O Covpruinc Carved Vaare. Dmawu. Orm? a Cioeka. Brocsas, Ac., raomty ;mportod from fcaropo b? Mes?rs Viti Broa. Ha * VIto Vttl * sSr?H?^D7no*E,wrN?. raws: at li o'olook. on tAs saooad floor o." oar Aaeiion R Kima. The aoilection will be arrarced for ttTwrnnaUor on Wodaaadar. Ute fttta met, atd wil I oo^eiet of? Superb asd eleiatt Agate acd Bartiglio V?aes, Larre Kronae" Candelebraa, hi lig fate. Bojarti French (Dt Clock, and C?Tiititt>r?i to LarcaBi??aot Ficarei, rarrooentinc Lou* XIV, tad Madame i>*r*ietve, tne iar(oat mm Irak TOT imported, Choioe Pariaiac 7" a:.oy Good a. eompnemc Card K noeiTera, UdiM' Work Cum. Cajof a****.. Act. The wbolo tnvoioe ia of Mmti. ViU B'W.on direot in.?orutioL, tad oomariaea Utfuwlto i action of oMeoU of art otot oCotad at pa b lie aaie. Termi #taah fWd J. c. MoGUIRE 4 CO.. A?to. FUTURE DAYS. By BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. Auotlonawa. P>BITIVD BALE OF SHAWLS AND FANct Good*.?On FRIDAY MORNING, Fab. nk.at 10 o'Ciook, IB Ir< r.t of the AaoUon Noom, wo afaaii ee.. a lot of Goats' Ska v. a. to ao? aoi aigcmect. The above will bo ?o d without retard to coat Bale foeiuee vithoat retard to waatSor. Tcrmaoaak. l??-d BONTZ A GRIFFITH. AaoU. Bj J. C MeGUlRB A CO.. Aaotioaaora. rpRUSTEE'8 BdLK OF NEAT TWO-STORY 4 FlllCI Hwal I ma Hnaa* AH T??1? ? - - tnut,uOwi OctoWmh, duly reooa?* l Ubar J. A. SNo M. fo'ios ?i, A a., onb/im laixi raoortli for WastiiLitor: oonnty, 0. C . 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