6 Şubat 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

6 Şubat 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. "HJCH." AS BE SAW IT. Such ribbons and rosea, such ringlets of hair; Such feathers and flounces, so white and so fair ; Such rosy baed cheeks, such teeth and aucheyea; Such a tr.owv white nock, of sucb delicate size; Such a bit of a waist, such a love of a band; Such a foci, such an ankle, sucb an air of grace, and Such "aline figure of a woman." AS SHI SAW IT. Such a fair, manly brow, such a modest moustache; Sucb a sweet winning way, no swagger or dash; Such love-lighted eves, such an aquil ne nose; Sucb a neck, such a neck-tie, such nice fitting clothes; Sucb an air all at ease, sucb a model of grace; Sucb a form, such a figure, sucb a beautiful face; Such a (rem of the species human. AS SOXXBOPT KX.8* SXW IT. Such a swell cf a chip, such a gay flaunting belle; Sk>me brains, but more hair, no wlidow to sell; Vnctmear sighted tve-giasses astride such a nose; Such earnest desire for the largest of '-shows;'' Huch motions, such gestures, so vulgar aad rude; Such a pompous young snipe, such a mincing young prude; So queer is the human vision. [Springfield Republican. Hints on the Pat at* Disease. Prom an elaborate article in a recent number of the Journal of the West of England Soeiety, rn the potato culture, fron* the pen ol l>r. L&ng, in which many curious and important truths are diaoussed, the following may be regarded as conclusions daduced from his treatment of the whole subject: 1. The desirability of early planting in dry, clean and well-prepared grouni. 2. That white potatoes are least liable to the disease, and therefore to be preferred to the colored sorts. 3. That the soil in no caso produces or in?-.ences the disease. 4. That the disease is of a fungoid character, investing many varieties of plants and increased in activity by atmospheric causes. 5. That all the heterogeneous manures arc Injurious. A. That lime and saltr mixed in the proportion of eight tons of lime with threo hundred weight of common salt, is tho best manure; and tbis is the proportion used to the acre. 7. That potatoes that ripen earliest should be " exclusively grown. I 8. That as soon as the disease appears earthing up the stalks repeatedly with fine eartti from the centre of the trench is the only effectual preventive to its ravages. To this operation the author consequently attaches the greateat importance. 9. That when exhumed sunlight appears to arreet the process of the murrain, and prevents the further decomposition of the tuber. Without committing ourselves to all the above statements and suggestions, somo oi which are. we think, doubtful or open to wellfounded objections, the attentive reader will find much useful material for thought, which, if carefully considered, cannot fail to impart valuable aid in eeming to sound conclusions, as far as our confessedly limited and imperfect knowledge will as yet permit, on this very important and equally difficult subject.?Cartaihiin Agriculturist. Use el Sweet Apples. A sweet apple, sound and fa*-e, has a deal ol saccharine in its eomrwisitinn ft is nutritious; for sweet apples, ra*, will fat cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and poul ry. Cooked sweet apples will "fat" children, and make grown peoplej?/\j?y?"fat"' not being a polite word a* applied to grown persons. Children being more of the animal than "grown f?lks," we are not so fastidious in their classification. But to the matter in question. In every good farmer's house who has an orchard, baked sweet apples are an ' institution*' in their sea ?on. Everybody, from the toddling baby holding op by its father's knee?children are decidedly * household commodity?away back to our revered grandmother'" in her rocking chair, loves them. No sweetmeat smothered in sugar is half so good; no aroma of dissolved confectionery is half?>simple as the soft, pulpy flesh of a well-baked npple, of the right kind. It is good in milk, with bread It is good on your plate, with breakfast, dinner or supper? ire don't "take tea" at our house. It is good very way?'-vehemently good," aa an enthuaiastic friend of ours once said. B Pasturing. It if pjoor economy to feed pasture* very cloee. They will yield much more if the grass has a fair start than if fed down so low that it can scarcely grow. Cattle which pick a pasture down to tne bone nearly always run largely to bone. John Johnston supposes a case, found on repeated observations, in illustration ?f this truth. He says. 4 A has a little field which ho thinks will keep twenty cattle, and he puts them into it. L hag a field of the same 3ize and quality, but he ruts only ten cattle into it. Now it will almost always be found that in the autumn the ten have gained as many, often more pounds live weight, than the twenty. The ten with first-rate pasture would gain four hundred pounds each, and it is doubtful if the twenty would have gained two hundred pounds each. The ten would make extra beef, and br ng an extra price, while the twenty would only make third-rate beef, bringing little more per pound than they were werth when the; were turned to pasture. The ten paid $25 each for their pasture, or perhaps more. This 1 have often seen." COIN WANTED! The Highest Pries paid for GOLD AND S1LVDK! tirstn For Salb m Scjcs to Bbit. LEWIS J0HN805I Ic CO., BANKERS, PSHSSYLVAllTa A7K.1UI, ja a tf Corner Tenth street. \VtHI3KY! WHISKY! WH1?KY ! ?? 8 N. PIKh 4. CO. 5<?barreis MAGNOLIA, vwt " XXX ion Mi ier's RYE MONONGAHELA, WO " Kilo OLD RYK. V* " Fine OLD BOURBON. Just received at Ciaoinnati erioe*. EM1LE DUPRE, 3U0 Pennsylvania avenue. V~T Also, Agent far 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY COR DIAL. fe 1-ly POTATOES, CHEESE, BUTTER. ONIONS, r HAMS. Ao. .VO hcshels prime White Mercer Potatoes, '/tmboxes Eastern Cutting aud Kng'tsh Dairy cbsesa. IS' kegs asd firkins Goshen and Gladea Hutter, ??ea?ks sup.rior Sugar cured Bams, 90 barrels Odious, 3?10 * snps ior Rye Flour. 3 .wo " Family, fcx<ra and Sapetfine F'.oiii. In store and for sale low by D. L. MORRISON A CO . fe i ? ~r .O.K ?- r, ... I VI UIII Sllli D IMPORTANT TO LA D I E S~ rb?.ui ?T.oer? l.ave opened the store No. If larket r pace. Pa.tv.. t>?t.8th and 'Hb rte. u % hrsi . **? ! s<-e and I ar.ej Dre? Cap Depot. oocaistiai : p*rt r { Point d'A enc"! , Applique. Meokiec anS Va:fa?.d^a*< Lum, Bttoa as Collars, Sleeves Handkerchiefs, Capet, Flounem*, Caps. Caps ?'<ntfu e*. Kb j nuwie upfoou^ot Ihe finest <uautj aua at New York price# COHEN A llUHSELPORP, XromNew York. N. B.-A sorts of Laces waehed. mended. and rijpe np e?u.V t<> new.at slort notic*. ^e 3B 2m* ("TAMP STOVES! J CAMP STOVES:? CAMP STOVES!!! A lar(? ttoek on hanJ, whioh will be sold low. H. J. 6RE?ORY, ja!? .Til Pa. a?euue. ?OAL OfL?COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHF.RIAL OIL At Ridocid Pbicks! S. W. O'I.AlGHN't* , Coal m/i Etherial CHI S^tanufactory, . .. , ' '*"* New J?r*f ? . *nd fc ?. j?lVlm* I^EURQK M. WOKL It CO., ~~ vi hi , ^ wtyns. liouohs. cigars,tu.; A?4 UtNhRAl, COMMISSION M t.KCBANT? A a M?ortm*nt of MerehtndiK of evorj description oo&suaui oc a?od. fcKOItGK M. WORL 4 CO.. , ... ** Water itTMt, 6eorc?tovi>. J# >1-1 m Bj th? Kope Ferry. 11..,.. _ JIl&M&fDK'S Patent Portable Home. rhiinventor calls the attention of Sstlert and otnwr* to tk&s aieiiil taveii'ion A Hoau can be baiii i? iui? inventor viiAoai na.i?, screw*, ct uroom. Barnes and Stable# built in the same war. It e?n be r?t ay mad takeu Jowu witUoat tujurf to tte boards. ' OrJer? can be left with MAHUCL Wldt. BB iifr. No. 346 E street, nenr ihir'.NOtii, >a ll-lm WMnuitoa. l>. O JJLACK TEA! D BLACK TKA! v? ekeeta t> ack T*a ka*e bean reeetved U^-oxj A >. oho:oe Green Tsa. -KINO * BURCBELL, * }af ' - earner 1Kb meet and Vermont ?v. PRIVATE. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA~~BONTA Care* all Yenerial Dimum i-ermanently and cuiokly, without tie use of diacaatinc or poiaonoas drags of any kind. No dieting or mte-fer-nc^ with basinet*. Consultations free. It is saying quit* eadngh is it* favor, whan I say that civ practice it that which is in use ia all the New York city hospitals. ? . . ? Nr-jr York City College and Hospital Teitimoma's furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb ou.ed and saved a consumptive's (rare by my treatment. There la nothint ofanivt or disagrttablt in ?ny part of tiie treatment. All oures warranted, or money refnrded. Ccmmunioations in writing, with return stamp, pron ptiy atter.ded to. Madieines for travelers and others packed, with fuli matruetiona for use, and warrantee, Otiice?Room No. 8 Waat-inftoi Biiildinr, Penn. avenue and Seventh st? YVashi&cton, I). 0, feb I-lm* uorse blankets *f.. ? . . and buffalo robes, All styles and prices, at _ J. B. PUDNEY'S, 324 Pa. av*., bv?a room, 388 P utree*. Rubber coats, ponchos, leggins. Blankets, Cap Covers -vnd Caps, at J. B. PUTNEY'S, 334 Pa. avt?., ha*k rooni, [ or 1 Si D street. HE A V V REGULATION BLANK ETS, sale cheap, by j. b. PHONEY. 324 P*.ave? bank room, or 355 D street. PA NEW THIN9. ATENT Comprest&bis Cot, an be folded up into a space 24 inone& long hy 6 wide, an ingenious contrivance, lor ea!e by 1 J. B. PIJDNEY. 324 Pa. ava., i>aok room, ja 21-tr or 3 'Hi D street. Soldiers' ray. THE ADAMS EXTRESS COMPANY WILL FOE WAV D I SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of thrir Express, ^ Atacbarze of twenty five cents for any sum not exceeding fifty doilarn, ai)d a proportionate additional chars;o to place <j readied ( by coimectii* Expresses. lThej money, whether Gold or Trtnsury Notts, Buubiu do eneiOBeu in an envelope anil necureiy sealed, and have the full ad? res*, < uiouding town, 1 Po?t Ofhoe, and State; and in oitie*. the street a;i<l number.) of the person 1? vimm to he sent-and the amount legibly m*rii if thereon. Envelope? for thin pnrpose ma* be ha 1 at our othoe*. To fact.itate prompt del very, tUe diar^e for rem:Uauod should be pre r* d. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Wd'hineion, J&n. 9, laj. ja9-lm SoIt!lcr?' Pas! THE UAKNOEN EXPRLSS COMPANY YVtil remit sun s of FlbTY UOLLAliS AND UNDER, ItLOM &OLOIEK3 TO TliBiii 1"aS?1U1<S, At a cbarjeof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should he placed in in ENVELOPE and securely eealed. The fuil addre??, (tH'Judmt roa: rjRce, State; alio, stmt mnd number. in a lane city,) of the person to whom to l>c ?ei.t, * MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED 1 THAT TH* EXPRESS FITRN1SHK3 THK Mfi8T DL-r nni ?-" r means"" FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND TIIEIit MONEY HOME. envelopes and bLANKS WII.l IIP. FUR, m3hed on appmcatjon to our office. E. 3. SMITH, Ae^nt Harnden Kxpress, St! tt.,eeco&l door bel >w Pa.ave.? ja9-lm Uiihimtor, L). C. FAIRB ANK'S STANDARD SCALES, ft VOR SALE BY J . P . IIAKTHOLOW, Sole Agent, Harif(rare fc li?l?i>ltn..l < < ? ? n^i?un,uiai naicuuuJC) 539 Seventh Street, Ettxeun Pennfyivania avenvt ani th? Conal, i opposite cwt end of Centre Market. , j* 14-t! W NOTICE. E Would renpect(u!!y l^iorm persons indebted to us their ftcoouuts must bo pvd. Wo would say to parties who we wish particularly to rememhsr thiB, that the induipenrie granted was not with the view of presenting tr.e acoouut, but to give tmio to IMIMntS. fn^Please remember, call with the money or %f isfant ,ri!?r ar>H * * 1 -wva?MVW?t|f uu'i ' : ' i Qi. CUUIl U5M>. A (IU1 o;;??3 r.o longe- answer. flyi'hose disregard' j this notice can look for the proper . s in win on them Ver) respettluliy, T. J. A. W. iM. (JALT, 382 Pa. av., let. lltli and Kth ?t?., ja 20-eo2w opposite atar Offioe. OANKING HOUSE OF O SWEENV A HUVCK> No. 517 Sf.vsnth Strvet. Drafts on Europe ana on the prncipal cities in the Union, in sum* to suit. fnrcmhed ny us on reasonable terms lo citizens an-i soldiers. Coin. Treasury Notes, and Currency bought and sold. Deposit accounts opened with oustvinsrs. either in Coin, Treasury Notes or Currency. ja 20-eolm SWKKN V A HUYCK I7INE BLUE CLOTHS T ANDCASSIMERES, For Arrry men. PERRY A BRO.. ja3l St Pa avenue and Nintli street. jllOURNlNG DRESS GOODS,and SHAWLS, it I. a new fcuppiy openei to day. One price on y, marked 111 plain figure* Onr whole soaie of prices reduced to the cash standard value. PERRY A BROTHER. >* ?' bt i * avenue and Ninth ?trewt. / V ISAAC HKRZIIKKti, 4?V X A The Only L.ioenseil pawnbroker. 0 A ^lo.non t<> f'6 loaned on Gold and Si'ver W'atnhea, Jewelry, Guns and 1'iatnia. Silver Ware, ana Wetiiiic Apparel? at the oid mand, No. 351 C ,tT??v ?* th? National Hotel, t^tween 4H l ?ad?theta. 4e U-3in* NOW IS VOI R TIMK TO BUYOVKReoate, I'auti an<f Vesta, at Now Yvrk pnoea. > at SMITH'S, No. 4tt0 Seventh street. opposite . I'oat othoe. ja 16 dim f|^0 OFFICERS, SUFLF.rfV, &o.?For aale, at A a moderate price, a New York bujit four wheeled light oovered WAGON, with handsome [ vuaiiiu'iB, a.o , n*vmj neon dhi] thre? times, cost 9182. Also, & New York made set of Double Harnes.*, with plated fittings. which hat never been used at all. Alio, a tat of plain .Sineie Harnett. *uite new, App!? at 4?T Seventeenth street, ooruer of 1, for adiress of etablo and groom. dn at _ f>KAp?N?ALK AN1) LAtti.R U1ER DEPOT IV o| thecaleorated brewery of Mr. Fell*. to t* had in a^e and small *uantiti<?t. Also, _Pickle?, Cattnp.PtokledOniont, Peeper Bano#?, Vinegar! and bour Kront, by the barrel, radon,or in jart.&i CHARLES MADKS' Restanraat de3?-;m? oorntr Pa. axentie ati<1 Third st. BL"tH BUTTER "t too ket* choice Goshen butter, jut raottved and for tale oh->?f? by ,P. B. HASTJN6 * CO. no 2S tf 383 R tt '*oirr Pa *venu P?xea *?r omdo; &r. Gay, rod or tl&zen hwi c&n wnc#4 in ? few Apojula to a7ft bKoic or brown, bj uciiig UjhanTf Li?ui4 HairPje, the be?t and cheapest in the world, pro<tfK<inj, the moment KJ{;i n#??irs?itswa.tf?; and OAXVKRT FORD, mm lltb ! * *?351" chart# of diet required. It is aa Eng-^HHfc^ listi !?peoifio ot i ixtf-five rears itanc inr WNaEii and wnl (x t Imrm tfci>ir>^t deheateoon-^RK^^ ?lilut*>n. lteobi*i> ?M Frita >' ? ?'T ?. C. I'l'H AM, :<! Uie-juU street, J iulaJ* -u.a.aad \V*j?:uGiloa Uf S. C. fV&li. ooner ilth xtrent sirl Pa *? : tn Alej^ndria, br HKNRY COOK & CO., Drncgiats. koK-wly LI MEN DISCHARGED PKOM feEEVICB ?n|?t fitted MtimmM stirt of Clothes at .?>.? uiau.|ew V wk pxiaei,atuie Peopl*'?CiotJaiDf fftore, No, <60 Seventh street. 1 FURNITURE! FURNITURE! FURNITURE! m W. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Mom* &. Peokham, Phil&d'a,) Manafaatarer and Wholeaaloar,<l Rota:! Dewier in Cans-soat Chairs, Cotrage, Parlur and Dininr room Farnitara?Thorn'a Buildme, AO* Seventh street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exoouted. Store open day and evening for the accommodation of the pubhe. Purchaser* will study their interest to oa!l before locking elsewhere. ja&am* ^ U T L E K 3 , ATTENTION!! ?UU KAKKKLS GINGER SNAPS, Prims Quality, For sale in *uantitiea to rait the traJe, i at low figures. JOHNSON A NAGLE, 499 Pa. avenue, Washington, L). C., ja 21 10 R <..,?! it., Alexandria, Vr., Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And paslsks i* SWORDS. SASHES. BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES. Ao. And every variety ol READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT RXAfONABLK PRICKS. WALL. STEPHEN8 A CO.. 3'2'i Penaaylvania avenue, between _ ja il [Iatel. A Repub.] 9th and loth ata. Highest price paid in gold FOR V. S. TREASUKY NOTES of the different iaaut>s, and Northern Currency. k',nhtn,a * '?*? - * 1 . . i 1'iiiivipiw u.tisa .lorui p?.isi::o in cold or onrrfaoy noI<1 to unit purchasers. RITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO., Banters, No. 353 Penn. avenue, ja 2 lm near Brown's Hotol S. WERTHEIMER * CO., ,\(l\ No. 4?>2 and 464 Seventh St., Ttv)-* Opposite the Pott Cjfat, Offer their stock of WINES, BRANDIES,GINS. CORDIALS, eto., also their larte assortment of SEUARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at \\ iio'esaie Pricen. They k?eo o inslai.t ? on i.and fine PHI LADE!. I'HIA CREAM \l K, in kejs and hott!e?, for bars or family use 'l'ho put>;ic in general are ie guested to five them a call and ei8,nr.;n? th'ir splen-li 1 etoc* >>f go?>d?. S. WKK'l 1IEIMER A CO., tbV an<! 4<>4 seventh etreet, de 21 Sin oppo. poitOflce. OysteM! OyHterfi! THE OVERLANDOYSTER EXPRIISS COMPANY Still continue to raccivedai y thouefvnous p a- ted PATI XEN* RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Restamants and private famihesfl^U {m J Wfnld do w?!l to oa a'.d try th->? - ^IlLw Those oysters are eoW Uqu; a after th?ycoai? from the watT. Il7* Office No. 4* Market Spaoc, lieiow Avenue House. j a ft 'Jm pHEESK! _ CHEESE!! UltKKSE!'! liouors, tobacco, cigars, N I TX, RAISINS. CHACKKRS. All on hand an?l for ?i!? cheap by K. B. HASTINGS A CO., 3*43 D at., facing Pa. avenue. no 26 tf I'liiilinrmonic iiuiiiinc VV B71TT R O N G. *V MA!?UF*CTCRBK OF TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, U4S PXNN?YLVAN!A AVSNCK, South fide, between 12m and 13:A struts, P Trunks, Harness and Military E^iipm^nts repaired at shortest notioe. fig 3" 1m* WFOR THE ARMY. E Have ju?t received, by steamer Arato, a large assortment of magnificent Frenoh Hrae* Drums (System" Gregoire;) Frencn Hur!***, lor infantry, cavalry, and artillery ; Martin Frore'g Celebrated Clarionets and Flutes ; Brass ln = tmments otal! kim'.s Also, Ihe fines', qua ity "f Venio? Strings. Busson's /iccordeonR aud P utinas. Together with a largo assortment of latest French Musio for Bands. Mumc Store of W. G. METZEROTT, ja 16 Corr.er Fa. avenue and 11th st. ? ' JHK MILLIARD HALL. 1. HE Undereirnod, havm* purchased from Meaera. Marr * Fisher tfie Hi %ri Hall at the oorner of Penn. a /er.uo and Kieventh stroet, and refitted the wine entirolj with new cloth*, Ml'i, Ao., invitea his friends ud the public teueralU to eive him* call. ja 2 eolm JOHN W. EAR p. Philadelphia provision store, 119 PKNN8TLVAN1A AVKOTB, Bttuten 19<a and Wtk sts. The undersigned, hMiu? located himaeif a* above, takea thia method ol informing the oitisens of the First Ward that he haa o pone J a firat-claes ProTiaion Store. conduoted tumiar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here can be iounrf at ail Urn** a large *sd fresh supply of POULTRY, G AM E. ' K KFt MUTTON, Ao. FRUITS and VEttE,TAULEI?in season. Particular attention is called to his stook and price* of MUTTER, CHEESE. Ac. Philadelphia Print Batter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Heinf determined to sive the strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to keep erarj article in hia lino of the best <ualitr, arH sell at the lowest market prices, he hopes to merit a share of pnblio patronajo. Families will t.e waited upon daily for orders, if repaired, no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. WATCHES. IjfOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH. SWISH AND AMBRICANT" ' I have now on hand a large stock of a'! the moot oe'ebrated Watches, that 1 am selling at trie vory lowest prices ttiat good and reliable time keeper's oan b<> afforded at; and every description of fioo JEWELRY nn hand;all new styles reoeive*! as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver war? mani'factnred in my own enop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand,such as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Dolts, Wowie Knives. Pocket Compasses fto., ko. Also strong Army Trunks and Bed Combine*!: and ma.; r other ttungs useiul and ornamental at 33 ? Pennsylvania avenue. noS' tf II. A H? M ?U JOHNSON A NAGLE, OQQ fc<0?7 IMPORTERS O* htO*J WINES, LIQ UORS. H 4 VA \A CTUARS, FJNS GKOCJUil&S, *e? I No. 3*9 pa, avepne. between 8lh and !:>th streets, Washington, D. O. No. 10 Royal at. near King, Aloxaudria, Va. Sole Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and I MOSKLLK WINKS of the Hockheim | Joint Stook Go.^in Hockheim i on ma Kiuoe. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sparkling Hoci and MostUc Cabinet Wines. Connoisseurs are respeotfu ly inrited to give us a oall. jaa SOMETHING HiZVi-Sl/tBRIOK HULLED CORN.?The saos'i iber, having ?ot the agency j to supply Washington p. Georgetown with this delioat* preparation of Corn, would respeotfally i ask of his friends, and the public at large, to give it a triai. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. | WM. BRAD1.Y, Agent, Fa. avenue, between i8th and 19th eta. N. B.~-Manufacturer of Marble Mantle*, M ?nn j menU, Table Tope, Ac. A lirseasewitinentalwMS i on hand. oo 19-3in | BALMORAL SKIRTS. j NEW and choice assortment of select odors j ai'd patterns, many styles, not fonr.d elsewhere. I In addition- a fine and ample stock of all kinds of ; Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods in all the derailments of family wants. An infpeotion of stock incurs no obligation to | purohaxe. One prioe only, marked m plain figures; heooe, no purchaser is deceived. PERRY A BRO, ja7-tr Penn. avenue and Ninth st. f ADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHI 1I j DKEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. UNDKK GARMENTS. GLOVES, HOSIERY. HA*1> KERCHIEFS. SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LINEN COLLARS, SHIRTS. Ac , Ao. I THOMPSON, under Brown's, tie20 1 ? ~ ^ v"" UIP nft!' DSZ&Jir< AHMY GLOVES! Al the Glove I^eot of AKMY "* 8 F. B. HASTING'S ft CO., 3j3D.t..froiBE P?.av. ATTSN r.OS.^TLEHS.OFKlCEKS ANU A lfrxeetook ofCAMP STOVES, manufiujtu.ad C?tSVSk?C S5<1 ,'e, n,y,Ta i,a ?*>"? , near ttoll-tf H. J. BRE6QIV opened for depowtere ^wwunw RiTTENHOUSE. FANT A CO. i? I-, Bankers, No. ?5a Penu. avenue, ja?-lm noar Hrow'i Hotel Sr-ciit * S ? AIsa KII < !<? ...I.. .< .ai _ , _ n ?o. IB Market 8mm

J* . *> Pana. avnua, b^raeu mhiu U iuTek. f?rac/motmL'r ??n^.K*Bti*TOen~iU't ? <* *> Uo?w Br^T^ /COLUMBIA MAKKb'f, v'rtl ??o r i b?r w o uTd m .>? t 'Karss?sgcr.& suua&tts: yBjfr-SWdiMWftwtfoUii.toMj ran of 3 *->??' ? ii-: . w. C. MALUKU, $ / ff? PEirnsTBY. D. L. LEVE-rP!p2SSflbi?'noW>f theartabment No 13 Waverljrlaoe, New York would call the &tt*ota?o to those who iwrMB nMd hittervicoa. that ia addition to tu^mi? great faciitut in operative Dentistry, he it in po.*i?euon of a new and important invention for the inoprtmn of Artiftoial Teeth, on tha principle 01 Atmofpnerie pressure, entirely difierent frrm the old mode, and reoured by letters Patent gran tea April 6th, 1858. Thit invention it of the greatest valne, there being leu pJate nted to cover the roof of the month, and with an inoreaaed amount of motion. The pnblio are invited to ea I and examti e ?pecim?ns and certificate! from tome of the mot. prominent and scientific gentlemen, No. 491 Tenth ttreet went, near Pa. ave. j& 14-eolm* OR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BSTWIEN 9TH A?D 10TH STt. ja?-?o5m J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONB TEETH, Without Metal Plate ob Clasm. DR. 8. B 8H5 ESMOND, 910 EfocAway, JV#w York? 960 Ptnnrtl'tnia A* ?*??, bttwttn 12tk and 13th its., Watkmfton, Calls 'he attention of the public to the lollovtng advantages of bis improved system : 1. The Teeth of bis mannlheture wi MS never oorode nor change color by any^** * acids, being three fourths ugater than any other. 3. No teeth orroota need be extracted, as the artificial ones can be ir serif-1 oyer them. S. The roota will be made inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones can be made immeJ.ualy, thereby preserving tua natural expression of the faoe. which under the old system la frequently disfigured. *. This work has been fuhy tested over five y**ra h? mm v *Ka c--1 -u?:*' 'A ' j w4 ?uv uiDt uuviuiBUi ?uiu pOTBlOlftQH UI UUI country. Dr. 9. hM also indented a whit* nndestruotive fi liu?, with whioh the most sensitive teeth c?-: r* fclieo without pain, and can build up a P?rfeot, soud 1 tooth on any tide root*, whioh will last throuth lifetime. The beet of referenoee riven?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremu*, Professor of Chemistry, N. Y.; Hon. Judge WftTte, of tiie Supreme Court of Waahiaf* ton, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yourself. do 8 6m GAS FITTING, 4c. AWM *. DOVK * CO. KE Now ?re?area to execute any erssrs with Vnieft ther b? fa?ored in the PLVMGlSff. CA3 OR 8TKAM KITV1KC fZJT Store ?a Hh street, a few doors north af Pa, e^Me, where mar t>e found a ?ompl?te aaaortmeut f CHA NDRMK.RS and ctrer ?A?, 8TKAM an4 Mr ATW'D fl* ' ? - ?* m a.*mm. * j% K ? n I'jtT. 1ft Tf~ IT W?A8 F111V K E 9 . K Ua*s m and arodai y reoeivin*, 9AS fJXTUHJSSof eniireiy Now Patterns anfiPeaigoa a"d Finish. anterior :n syieto any thing heretofore iu this inarkft. We iimteoitiaeca general It to Mil and eiamiue oar stook ol 6a? and Water Fix' ires, feeiiug oouLdeat that we have the baat MiMted stock in Washington All Work in the above Tine lct-astei to air tart Will be prernjt'y attended to. MVK1B & Mo?BAN. atari U S7ftl>atre?k. LOVELL, COLLfcSA CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, cc tr ? -* A. n?_ ? 1 r lum auNlt mow 1 Oft) Mid 316 K street. Washington, D. C., (near Wizards' Hotel.) Having started a branoh of our New York eifchIis'imeut in this citj, we invite Cuilrrs. Grocirs, Ri?taura*ttvrs. and Hotel Keepers, to oall ard exarruue our stock, whioh is well assorted and comprised of goods of the best quality. We take orders for any thin* in our line,and execute them i promptly. ja23 tf NOTICE. i fiEamHBBsaHB "ADAMS' E*PHE*S COMPANY." i This Company offers to the jiublio " Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe ana Quick Dispatah of ; Ileavj Freights. Packages, Valuables, Money, &c. | &o., to all pr.rts of the United States. Lxprossos Ui and from the North and West depart from anil arriTeio Washington twice daily, Al! Kxpresses are in 0Uarje of tzrtrxnutd ?%d rtiiablt Messengers. All Packages for Ths Eoidiers oamea at "on* Ealv" oar usual rates. Ail Goods for the so-oalleri "Confederate Status" and a>i Artiolos " Contraband of War" will be R nviin Our Expretae* leave New York at 1.1,and P. M.. arriving id WTa*hington at (A. M. and *? P. M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A. M. and 11 P M., arriving tn Waahington at I to P. M. and A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4J0 A. M. and I P. M., arriving in Washington at C A.M. and f Jo P. M Expresses for all point* North and West leave Washington at 7JO A. M. and 2.9) P. M. daily. Spooial Contractu for targe quantities of Freight can be made on app.iaation to th s < ?ffice. All Good* called for and delivered Jrm c? bMra Charge*. E. W, PARSONS, * Bnpt Adam*' Expren Companr Waahingtin. August a. 1861. an tt-tf SOMETHING NEW rx f syJOsaATK?T l):*cov?ST onfoJ f gyj At U*1 C ****{ owitt , .w ? OYSTERS STEAMED In the Sheil ana Thoroughly Cooked (far ruperior to a rout) in iwnntniu, ikt fmma utn? on r$tord. Call and see. . The underairned reapeotfally mforma hie frier.da IB the Ihstnot, and Tialtor* to the oity, that he hae rentteu h:a old and wbll-inowji bstablirrmxmt in a most thorough manner, and haa made oa?apiete armcjomenta to furnish OYSTERS in any ' atyio and m any ^uanti?;. ?<!?to 600 ga'Iona ahtioked ! per day. 2 to 3,one cana of Sp><_<ed and Freah ! F"t up daily-Hsana hermetically a?ialed. Furnished in the shell by the bushel or barrel. J Persons wiehint to have Oysters furnished rera; lsrljr throaih the winter, at Baltimore pnoea, ; Without i6Ar of failure, hoaid o&.: and make arra a r amenta at onoe. Freight, time, and money e&ved by aurcliaain* of me. a* I furniah an artioie i e?ual to the celebrated Baltimore eatabliahmenta. at pnoea just aa low. ^ ? TO 8UTLER8. I Canned Maata, Lobatera, Sardines, Clama. StrfLwh^rriAa. i'dimL.Ac. Pi*a> L'aa* t,.-- a. ^ .. * A lifOf tt? U? fto.,Ac. Also, Pickles. Catsup, t'sooes, Brand; Peaohes, Ac. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lolisters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. ! In foot, every thins for sale in the Northern markets always on hana, at reasonable prices. I Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, de! Iirered without oharice |o any part of tne Distnot, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 6 a. m. to IS at nirht. every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'clock a. in. _ ja2 tf T. M. HARVEY. tflREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY A or WASHINGTON AND 9EOEOKTOWM, m ?cplt*I 9300,0m. Qfiu ttrn.ii C mni Ltmtim?a ?., s??r Btmk ?/ fsiiisriM. """ WHmmWAll0 Dixie rout. eo. phoemaker, Samuel Redfein, I Samuel Croptey, Wiihara Wilson, R'.ohard Jot.ee, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, I ?jios. Patkor, Richard Barry. v. U. ? iuuvii . i/r. V> , XlkTlI, No charge for Folie?M. . ? _ JAMKt* ADAMS. P.^idwrt, Am.0. Dtvu. Secretary. &a n anlm VvALLi,8TKpHeiw *' *88 Fimwnnm* Atim*b? ""ii^dAVs^LS&r4*AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, j ?e 6-?f (Inf 1. A K?y?h.> L. Towiks. J. M. TOWKKS. J. B. Towiks. L. TOWERS A CO.. STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comer Louisiana itMtu and Sixth it. The attention of toe bnaineaa community ia reapeetfnl I? invited to the New Book aid Job Printing ?.?tahli?hnifnt, which haa been fitted up with new material, in the moat complete manner, ia now I prepared to execute, in a aatialactory at;la, every I varietyof Printing, via: The attention of members o( Conneea is mmeiftliy repeated for cur fccmtiea Tor printing Speeohea, aa we have the i*r?wi attain power id theoitr. de7-law6m IJOOta AMD EHOE^ VO BVIT 111 Wear*m* maalMttnnji all klndaaf BOOTS aa? SHOEJS, and m: eucuy iwoeiria* ^tnau In want ei Beats aa4 SfceM at aaatora ex at It made ark,-will shrariiMajrMd Maartnai aa l-? at a a aaaa W HOYS' CLOTH IN 8. E Hats reoeived within uw last d*y or two a Iftrie ftneortment 01 BOYV SPRING CLOIHING. embr&cir i 11 etrlee of low-prieed, Mdiira, ud fire ?nftlitiee, wfuoh we are tellinc ft t Tory >? flntelluenoer ml Re?nt>lioaii.> ROUGHS, COL1W, HO?R3KNKSS, *0. ^ ^JXPMND ? BXUt JOHNSTON, i&TinoRi if*4 AimntmI tJu m*?t OrMto, |m?# wt ak Rtmtif m fit W*U, FOE ALL PI&BABKS OF IMPK VOKNCK. ixr JTO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 1 9WRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAM9B, /Jf KROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WMbM af 'Jkt lui, Mnaarw, MWwm fe? KMOlKIUp., I?!*UMT,?? mj MUny, IU>MUW, rWaf.paa, Um., CWM. ' Lr? ?pmu. . i.fiuuaa af ihatfaan. Tuaidwy, rramUtnfa, Ptaoaaa af Bipit ar Otddiraaa, [Im?h af tba ad, Tbraat, M?? a* Skin, Afuiint af tha Ian, lu? ?? * Ba<wala?lhaM Tambla DwHhi iM|fw MlU.TJ Batata af YMLb?Uiaaa Draad/a. aad OnvmUm Pn?ST WJ!-" Marriaf. impaaaibla, aad daaua- M B+iy tad Mind. TOUNO MSy Bapaalallj ?? K?r. ktun lilt muw af Mturr Ttea, that draadffcl u4 daatracura habit vbick a on Bail 7 rvaapa I* aa acumaly pari wbaoaaada a/ To?| Mm af li>a mm aiakad ulanta and Willia.ni mialiact, wba nifht aCiarviaa ka?a acmnead Uataarf Saoatai vttfe tba tfc?a4ara af tla. Sanaa t vakad ta acatac j (ha Urhtf lrra, aa? Mil artik I McUiM*. MARRIA9E. Muiiumwiiil?YwVMM MtaaHOif Muria*a, kaiumra af phyaical waUaaat,atfaala da Witty, dafarmuat. Ac, apaadil* carad. a wba F]ae?a hiirnatf aadar Ua aara af Of. J. aaaj raUft wwmij WHiH.umgi U a fNUMU aad MBMaally fly spaa hta akiii u a pbyaiciazu OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FEEDER ICE ST. left bind aid* |??| (rani Baitnaaraatiaat, a bw 4nm(?m Ua htmi. fail oat ta ?k>in? m?i aad tukti. bauara mm bi paid aad (Mua a a tamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Marahar af Uii Karai CaUara af lirriMi, LtodM* fractal* fram aea af Ut rocat amiaaat Coliara* la tba C u.<J ?W". ??! H* r * wfcaaa Ufa kaa baaa apaet la tba baapaiaia af Laadac, Pan., Pmiadalphia and liaiaHrt, kaa aCaciad aaoa af th? mm aatoniafcicg aaraa that vat* ?ar koawo: many traablad with naftaf la Ua kaad aad aara whan ajlaap; rraai narraaanaaa, kaiar alarm ad at aaddan aaacda, baahfa'.naaa with fraqaant btaafciaf, atiaedad aatnatiniaa with dart&fanaot af mind, wara caxad kbbi* TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yaaag Mao and athara wfaa ha?a tstarad Uamaalraa kr a artatr. fractica u>d?! jtd to vban uwi?i hahit fraqaaativ laarntd frwn a*il carapaniaoa. ar at aebaal, U? iftcu af vtucb art nifhtlj fait im. whin ulwp. and W aat eual randan marnafa unpoaartla, and daairar* taU Mad and adr, abaaid iffly iiana<,iaiaiy. Tim ara aoioa <?f iba aad aad ma Lane half afaeu aradaaad T aarly habita af roath, ?i*: Waaknaaa af lha Back >j>d Unba, fVim intha Hatd, DivinaM af Sifht, Laaa af Iikw Pavar.Palpiuuaaor in. Haart, I?7.par*y, Narrow ?miaJjhty, Oaraafanaot af tha Di(aau*a Fancuaoa, SanaraJ Dtbility, Sympioiri of Cor??mr:iof?, 4c. Mihtallt.^TIii f**rfni n?ct oo \Jb% mind arc nick t# V ^imwT? #f Idttt, OtrrtMtM f Spftiu, Kril frtrtbodjn#t. ArtrtMQ *f tocitt?, 4#If-Dft*irtai, Lo^t ?f liiitidi, Tuniditj. ?ic^ ui imbi W Ui fWiCM. HiRTori nKiiL!TT.-Thnm<i eu mv tidfi vbti i? ca*t af thtip dtelini&f haalth, loainf thtir rirwr, frtcom" I wtik, pala, ntr^oat and tmaciaita. havior a imriltf apptaraoca ibtit thi #yt?, CHfh ir lynpumi of in>id^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan iba miagsidad aad imprmdant 'aiaryofpliutii ftoda It hat imhibtd tht t?ads of thia paiofal diaaaaa, it tm ofito happtnt chat an ill-tirrad ttntt ofthamt or draad of dtteovtry datara hiro from applying la ihoaa wha, from odacauoa and rtapaetafcility, can along bafnand hizn. I? fails into tha handi of ignorant and daaigatng praiandart, who, mcaptfclt af caring, CI eh bia ptcor nary tabaianca. hie bin in ft tag oath afiar month, ar at long at let axnailtat ft# can ta afcUuntd, and in dtapair loa*o him with ntotd boa 1th la ?igt tTar Aia railing 4ia*nr*iii,tm?nt mr hw th? m*m mi iK?t fataati?Marcary?tuin tM cauamauaaal af tfc.i larrikla diiiui, aach u Atacuaua af tfca liu^nrwt, aad, kin, *c , prafraaainf with frifbtfal r*piauj, ?:il daalb irj t triad t? hli araadfal taftrlnfa by Mat a that m0'.aaa?ara ' ctiour frara wk?i torn m trava.tr ratarna. DR JOHNSOTTS REMEDY FOR ORB AN 10 IVEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. My Ibla fit 11 and impartial raraady waaknaaaa# tba trrui a?a apaatnij tara? aad faii vifat raaiarad. Tbawaada af tba tt nmu aed daktl uiad, vka bad iaat ail baaa. tara bata imraatftataly raliavad. Ail tiaptdlmacia ta Mariiaf a PkyaM at Maatal DtaqmajUaauaoa, kaaa af PvaaraaUra Faaii. Rar>n> lrrttaMH*. *t>d Wa&kaaaa a* Aiaaaatiaa af Ua mmt faarfU ktad apatdUy aaiad. ENDORSEMENT OF] HE PRESS T*i Mint TatruKDi c.?i<d u UU InaUwuw vlUla lk? lut d fiui, and :b? iurm irayim in kiflml pcraticn* f*mm* J k? Dr. JAdiud, wubmm4 k; hi riMruri kf tit *o*n ui minr mkw Mrmt, much ?f Tk tl li'i e.pp?u?d if*Jn and Af*Jn !?% ik? pmkUk, k#aft** kit (Uodicf u a gml Ukniuiul Ullty, It a ( tltni puuin w Ikk ifltul. bii li-lr THIE Proitcttd by Royal Lttttrs Pattut of En*land, and Mcurtd by tk* Seal* of l&? EeoU dt Pkarmacu do Paris, and tk* Imptrial ColUg* if MtdiciH*, Vienna. TRIE8EMAR No. 1 la th? effectual remedy for Relaxation, Sf*mmatob2hcba and Kx h atjstion ob tbi UliTMM. inir^r,.MAK .\io.w, Completely aqd entirely eradicate *11 traces of those disorders, for which Copaiva and Cubebs have centrally been thonjrht an antidote, to the ruin of the health of a rut portion of the population. TR1ESEMAR No. 3. Is the great ana sure remedy of the cmlised world for all impurities of the system, as well as -eooacary symptoms, obviating the destraetaT* aM of Mercury, as well as other deletions ingredients, and whioh all the Samapar;;!a in the world cannot rem ore. Tbikhs.mah Nos. 1,S and 3 are alike daroid of taste or smeli. anc of ai! neinterim ' ties. They are in the form of a loieBce. ana mav peoted^e tabic without their use being sueSo Id in tin oases at fs each, or foar ft oases ia one for *9, aiii m *n oases, thns urin. * .. administered by Valjean, Lalletnand, Rou. Ac., Ac. Wtioleaale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 Bieecker ?reet, (4 doom from M&cDoucal atreet). N?w York. Immediately on rooms t of remittance, Dr. Barrow will forward Trmsemar to an; sart of toe world. aeoarely packed,aijd addressed aooordicg to Uto instructions of the writer. _ _ Published alee by DR HARROW, that appalar and beautifully illustrated medieal work. Hamas Kraiity. Price 26 oenU. Trieeemar aad Book oaa beo^taiDodby a^eoiai authority from8. C. FORD, Washington, o. c. de tf-Jm LEA k FE&RIPI1* CBItBRRAT V> Worcestershire Sauce. I'lCnoanaed b* flR ? uaakavi CONNOISSEURS Vl of a Letter from te be the II ***** OmtUmmm "ONLY GOOD ^Km To Hit BroUm SAUCE," IJJM - at Wo roaster. tL4.?lio.bl..o ggjjg - r.ll SiVSrr vvn v ?92P: rww that their Snu hirhly MrtMmM ? . SgS ii lnoit. ted ii, u VARIETY mr opinion. in* moit MmyptitUQle, aa vail aa OP nisn KE^^Khe moat who>aome r m3U* that n made." The above SAUCE ia not only the aaataad moat rorvLAJL OOITSIMBJIT known, bat the moat Ecee?iteml, aa a Jew drnpa ia Sour, (rrar*. or with fV?4, hot and eotd J omit, Buf Sua*, Cam, It., impart an ex<niaite seat, which imrw??rM Sauoe tnanafcctnrera hare in Tain endeavored to mttati. On the Brtmkfatt, LmtuXtom, Dinntr, or Swpper THblt, a cruet containin* " LEA it PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia ladiateaaable. To eaareaiata tka ?miiKn ni t >. ? v?ii. cttms preparation it ia only neoesaary to parohaae a email bottle of the fmwu, of a reapectable trooer or dea er. u ina^y Hottl and lUstawrmmt pro puetora eeliiom plaoe tee Pun Sauoe before tkeir cneeta, bat svbstitntea teouine BcttU filled with a twvrunu mixture. For sale by Grocer* aad Fruiterers everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN A SO>*8, Umiam Stuart and 14(4 strut. N?e York. Bole Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Stock always in store.?Also orders reoa. red lor direct ahipinenta from England. Uy Erwrt c/ Cou*itrftits amd lm.tft\o*t.-Tn JUST RECE1VEDTKN BBLB. 8. HORINE 8 superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eiskt inn old. warranted. Alao. prime Monongahea Wkiekies for sale at 333 Pa. avenue, by de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. 1CA8H NOTICE. N Coaee*uecceof obt ban at to pay ea?;. for every article of toadi w ??wh?? am #<???* to reduoe oar buaineea to exclusively, tor the sr^W-iiriwn'LWff^rKra boya1 wear, which are eliinzal a mnch lower rale than aaaally. WALL. BTKPHENS Jt CO3811 Pa. avMue. between Kh aaa Mlk et . f? <latol.A Raeeb.) XMta^SESrg* thi city, romfnui* beat So'e LeatherHHfl U*eaToar>et"fla?a, fco., wVic? wt are bow ailing at van lew ifioee. M la WEJ.Iiawt^ voht U,. _J?*Jtutf rsoMTeda raeply of thtshore Ai'e, wluen we reoommen <1 u> u off,** anrwr tu? ARNY A !?1NN. no 7 OnorgwowErW""' iff AWlftA KKAT1NV. , d??-8Uwtf 3HFa.?WiM.WMfa4 (JNL NICK ROB#WOOP COJCKEJUNe OttfMliHftv rooad eorMT UlidaUb * IMruPiLio for t*o. TTTVil Mttrr5SLtfissi,^^^^i" 9 TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PASSENGER TRAINS Om mmd If** MOHDA Y, F+rtmry I. IM, Puiimn mm mvm WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE Will ran u follows : Six Mv IV??m Jlmw ? Dtpmn /?** |fj D<a /Lur\mm 1 ad cm . For Philadelphia acd Nev Y'ork?L?aro YYaafc inctOB at 6.00 a M, 11 00 A M, ana Mem. For Baltimore?Laaro Waa&iBKtor. at 6.<*and 7.40 a *. m>4 s'0 an<TT?0 p m For Annapolia at7?n am and (Mri. For Philadelphia at tM p M. ForHamsborx atd the North aad Wm, iwrf WMhtngton at 6 a M.aad ? on or ft.w> r m. For Frederick at 7 a* a m, and 3-JO r m. m t WiiAS Jfor//k-e NORTH. Motbws Kxpreu leave \V aahiortoc ? oo a. h. Ar nre at Ba, ti more 7 jo a. *.: Phiia2e>&ia I up p.m.; Nov York r. Harnotmrr 1-1* r. v. Moruicj Aooomnxxj?tioa leare Waaftirtt^a 7.40 a. . Anjnat Baitn?.or* ?jo a.m. No oonaart o M h Baltimore. Thio it the Moraine ooaaexion for Annapolia. Nov York Mai'. Train?leave Waah nctoc at 1! A. arrive at Baltimore ll?o p. Philadelphia kXt P. New York 10 p. n . rnna-e phia Trmin !?*? Wttlunfton US?r M. reaching Baltimore M4 SB p x, and Phi.ad* phia It M T K. Aft*fuooo AooomjBooMKm? lain Wmhinc^c at 4 pm. arrive at Baltimore at int. No ?x*naextona at Baltimore. IhiaieUie afternoon ooo nexion for Annapone. ffiaaiar liimi Imw Waahtartoa * p. ?. Arrive at Bid&cre MS p. a.; Philadelphia inAS p. m.; New York 4 a. M-. Hairubmrt I a. a. (?ci SnnJaj a leave Waakiacton at 3 w and 5 p. m. ft. 5 P. M. train from Waehiaftoe oonaeot* throath to New York every dap darifif the week. TRAINS MOTINB SOUTH. Leave New York at 7a. Phil*;. paiallJ^ ?. a.. Baltimore ? w p. k. Arrive at WauiActoc : b") p, a. L^are New York at 6 p. a.; rhiiAdfMahia 1ftJ? p. Km Baltimore (JO a. u. Arrive at Waabinc tot li*J a. m ; <-*v* New York at H r. a.; Piuia<J?ieh.e l> a- m., Baltimore ?J5 a.a. Arrive at Watt mtm aM . w Local Aooomrno^ataer. Tr?in? !?v* Ba tmore at a. K.. ten 4 31 p. w . for WaaAinftca. arrle? ti?-e fct It A.. M. and 6 4i P. M. OnSaadajaat u>u< i-X> a. m.oulj lron Bau roor?. No Accarolia or Krttiariok ooaaaxioaa on Suxftya Paaaeu?rTrmi? Iwnc; Waahi.utoii at 7.# a. M.aod 4 00 p. and Baltimore WU4 a. m Arc 4.31 p. , mala dirtot <*oun^o?ion? far Annapolia at tM> i u cotton. The 7.4" am, and 3 0 j p m oonnectat RelftT lor Fre4anck, Ha*cr?tjwn, Ae.. Ac., ax rapt Sacdara fraiaa l*a?e Annapohafor Baltimore ard W aab tnctonat a. m. and a 4ft p. Paaaenger Train* (aaving Waahingtor at M* *. li a. aiM) ? p. m.. and Baltimore at and TJ&j A. M., Will flap irnit) <U ilMwIu J?HKIta?. Way Paaaenjera muat take the AccommodAutm TVo?m> only Train* will leave Waahmfton and Baltimore promptly upmnemfi ezooptidfc that the 4.3''a m,7S* a a, and l?m traioa will wait tn mtnatea if n?o?aaai7. to aeoare Ike fMMm and Mai a irvm r ml ForS.ck ar.il YYounued Solaiera?A iMoitl Mr. with u atucdaat. with w*l?, will ]? ? M aahinton twioenwwi for Philadelphia dir?*>t at II * m, for the aooommodaiion of tick and voanowl ?dl?* M _ ,_ W. P. SMITH, f? * Maator of TmaayortaUon. Bait l?6ii] tee (ims PennfylY&nia Central Railroad, (with ita ooDitahoMi 18 A f1r8t CLA?S route to all the western cities speed, safety and comfort: stone ballasted and free from du8t! baggage checked through from baltimore! TKSSI DAtLT TSAI1M SSOH PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH ! Two of them ir.ikinc CLOU CONNSCTIOM AT BUIIIICh vitb train on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rioa WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all pcicta is Um Wv?T, NOHH-WMT ASD 8octb-wmt. B^Vor Throath Tiokatt, apply st the Oftoe of Uie NortSera Central K?il Roe? Company, Calvert Station, Raitinore. SpUndid Slontng Cart on mil Ntrju Train* Swtoiing Saloon Cart on nil Trauu FROM WASHINGTON. PMMogars will tats th? 6 a. m. mm 6 p. m. traina. fcrriTin* in BaJUmorr at 7.40 a. m. ud C?S?. m.. wh*n> cloa* oonrectiora ar* male with train* oa tit* Nortk*rr Central K. R.,ud amve lb H?ti* t ar* at 1 p. m. and 1.46 a. m., there oouNtini witi Ui? train* on the PhuvItmm Contra! Railroad foe ail part* of U* vml _ By thi* ron forwaroed to and from any point oa the Rfci!rt.acs ofOkio,KeLtuofcr, Indiana. lilinoia. Wiooonsin, Iowa, or M IMC on, by Ka*troti dtreet. Th? PeonayiTania Contra Rattroao alas ooaaoota at Fittoburc with Ht*am*>ra, by vhioh txtooaoan t> forwarded to any port on th*Ohio. Ma>kincam, entuoky, Tenneaaee. Camt>?ra..i<i. filino:*. Miaai**ipji, Wlaoonain, Mtaaouri, Kaoaaa, Arkai.aa*? *"? mi *_,icv ? i?.a, BBOamtT 4.:.a CfcioMo W'ltk teamen toall Worth*?torn Lake*. Merenaatt and inirfer* eptruauac U* traaajor tattoa of thair Fmgat to tfcia Company* aaa rely o?tAd?Jpce on ita 'WCj tracaii. THE F ATKB OF FaKIGUT to and from aaT EintJB the Weat, by the Jr*enn 171 ran 1a Central ui road, arc a* aU riwut a* /areraMa at are cAarted k? e?A#r R*Ur?md Ctmpmrnu*. CI5T?al CR0'1"* HeiM?"mPaui. AlI*AR A W A KOON8, Fraijht AgeaU, c-wr^o . ?ra*t, lAlt,Br,ore. H. H HOUSTON, Gae'l Frmgat Agent, Pfciladoi^hta^. ; iwviiiabnn Vybill ftAb HAIiiVT AX* Tk4 Sktrtut, Qmxtkut mmd B*tt RtmUfrmm FtUlx WEST, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. fllHW?tJW WINTER SCHEDULE CliMI OF TIMS. Onud afUr Sl'NDAf.Mt* Norseber, |Wr ?er Tra.r.? ?i.i vrm ud a? pari Iron C*lv*rt Btation m fo'.iowi: ? _ T?jli?? North LBAVI hikb'C Accommodation 4 ?. m. PiCUtmri ?cc H?rn?h?ri bxyrMiUBp. Wk, _ . TRAJM* SOUTH Aun rirktoc AQCbmwKtU:uitU m. b u5?Jo Kxyraaa 830% m. Pitubmrt ud Harriabart Kxprmt 2 p. m. Mail *.a> f. m. The I a. a. train from Wacfcinftaa oonmk Vita tk( 1JK k. m. tr*iti frnm IUlii?n?' L. iE for B?4ak>. tttmira, RT-chaalor, D?dfark, Cfct&o&.jti tad Nuiart Fa. .*, aadfor New Yora oitj. V^*.u y * tr*?B from WubimtM ooumu with tnala. n tram from Baitwnoi" to WmL North^ Nortiivwtand fcinumaed Buffalo and .w*?o7p. ? *nun from Waiiinftoi wunU wiU tr.eUOa. Bk train from BaiUmort lor r.itawrg, himshurc aad tho Wait a&dia adiraot ooonoetron for Lobanon. Eaato* Allaatown and N ?w York rta Cofctral Railroad of Mow Jeraov. Trj thia roato for Now Vork. TM only Mit arriving la BaltlfWf? M MMU uNMtjni.B.tmii. JAB- C. cLAMKE. o ? If Bfwlilwwrt i,K Potwirtw *Vc??r?. ijrDf order* U? MlMmM ;?itia WuluutN, ?1. Baltimore, and Old Pwnt i FoKtm* Mol'o#)to if aay) from their wharf, foot of Dei on Dook. at ?* SawJjuajrlM **? ?M? *' M. w. FALLM, Pf?X HI TOP RAM'S MBM I r M X M I 9M TM WNK Wfi MJLPU FACTORY, 499 Bimn Snnt. WuiJiiia n. 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