21 Şubat 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Şubat 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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m. LOCAL IN'RWS. P VmiXKNTt To-NIBHT Thkatvk ?Benefit and last appearance bat one of John E Owena, with tb? Ant presentation of tbe "Chimney Corner"?Owena as ''Peter Pro A with ?Ka *>?i\ '?\uc cnwi WIIWCOI uuuuuuiu^ ??* roaring farce of 'Toodlea " Cantvkbvkt Hall ?A novel programme of fcongs. dance*, burlesqnns and comicalities by the minstrel, pantomime and Canterbury companies. Look out for the grand matinee and presentation of a superb silk dress to-morrow afternoon. Philharmonic Hail?Choruses,songs,dances, >>nrlesque and Ethiopian comicalities, with Dapont, Gay lord. W. A. Christy and others In new characters?a bill Immensely attractive to the funloving public. King's Axfithratzk?A brilliant programme of equestrian, acrobatic, and juggling performance* by the entire amphltheatrlcal troupe. Tomorrow night benefit of Odell. Musical Hall, comer of Pennsylvania avenue end Sixth street ?Free concerts at 5 o'clock, excellent refreshment*, Jfcc. Hall open all day. Acadimt or Music.?Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Hall open all day. Free concerts at 4 o'clock, popular music, excellent refreshments, Ac. Fair. for the benefit of ?>t. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylmn, corner of Tenth and G street*. let cream, confectionery, fancy articles, Ac. Tkmpkraxcr Hall?Fourth grand cotillion party of Prof. C F. Barnes A capital entertainment is iu an ltd nation. Smith so* us ?Lecture by Hon K. IV Culver, of New York, before the Washington Lecture Association, upon '*The Rebellion, 1U Crime, Cause, and Cure " \)r IIatzs \t thk Smithsonian.?Last night, jJr. Hayes gave h.s fourth and last Smithsonian lecture upon A<ct!c explorations to an immense siudience. The lecturer treated principally upon ue (iroi'rrsj nj rxpiorationa lu iuc Arctic ickiuik, -concluding with a brief description of the religion and corernmentof the Ktqulmanx. and exhibit :3? specimens of arena, animaia, ai< aces, ?c. The Northmen were the tirat Arctic explorers, and penetrated as far east aa the White Sea and west to Iceland in the latter part of the eighth century. In 970 an Icelander named Eric discovered Greenland, and in 1001 a son of Eric, driven in a atorm from Greenland, discovered the American continent, and it ia believed traveled south as far aa Maine, traces of settlements having been found In Nova Scotia. When Columbua made hit discovery of the western continent It waa suf posed to be the east coast of Asia, and Europeans at once aet at work to find a passage northward to the Indies Cabot sailed from England soon after the discovery of this continent, ana peneirsiea to me sixima aegree norm iautiide. whe'f he was driven back by storm* and Ice. Other explorers set out on the same errand, prominent among whom were Frobisher, Hudson, Davis and Baffin, ali of whom made important discoveries, and named many of the bays, sounds, strait*, Ac. Attempts were made from the northeast, northwest, and from the eastern extremity of Nova y?mb!a by Barres. to And a passage to Asia, but none got beyond 80)* degrees of north latitude,^ ?jn?n in/, wnen pi.j% aegrees were immra. These regions became the favorite resort of the whalemen, and 'n the 17th century the fleet of whalers at Spltxbargen numbered annually over 00f> aail. but now doea not exreed 90. In the 16'h and 17th centuries the whalera congregated in Baffin's Bay to the number of 300 or 400 annually, but this ha< also decreased verv much. In 1919, Rom, with two vessels, explored northward through Baffin's Bay, and in 1919 Parry went as far west aa Melville Island. Parry made several other trials, and In l"^ reached aa far aa 52 deill rrinntpfl nnrfh frnm ^nltTh^rcr^n In 1(31(1 the Risalan* iwnt out two expeditions from their northern coast, and found open water -i) mile* from the Siberian Islands, and fiosn ICO <o 130 miles from the rout. In th? lntb century, Captain Cook attempted to Bad a parage eastward from Bebrlng's Straits, only reached Icy Cape and Cape North. Other expl ^rations were made, with ?o better success until 1815,when Sir John Franklin sailed along the north coast of America and entered Lancaster Sound, where the expedition was lost to the world until tbe relics of the unfortunate party were orougni Dome, inree years ago, ny Capt. Mc CUnlock The fate of Frankl'n was the more disheartening from the fact that when caught In the ice he was within thirty miles of open water,whlch had been previously explored, and which would have enabled h'm to pass through to Retiring1* Strait, thus accomplishing the object of hl? expedition. It Is believed >hat some of Fmnklia's party are still living anions tbe Esquimaux, and an expedition beaded by a vouujr it,an from Cincinnati la now In aearcb of tbeir. In lf-30, MeClure paaeed tbrcugh Behr'r?*,e StraiU, and ?ltbin aeventy mile* of where FVinklln waa Icat.and finally succeeded In reach5 the Atlantic; but it wai demonstrated that the p?*?spe was not available an a commercial route. In 1&>3 Dr. Kane, inaearch of Franklin, pamed ?v. ^ tr a 1 ? * -* * ? i wrou/u n-onray cuannci ana cipiorea iucve.il coul of Greenland to 80 degrees 5ft minutes north latitude, where he found open water. The lecturer sailed In 1861 for the purpose of navigating this open sea If found, but did not reach it In time to enter it. He went an far a* 81 degrees 35 minute* with hia vessel, and then pushed on by land, attaining a higher degree of north latitude than anv other adventurer. Tbe lecturer concluded bit account of explorations with an argument in substantiation of tbe theory of an open sea of from two to three thousand miles in diameter, and occupying an a/em of two or three millions of square mile*. Cumisa:. Coubt ?Yesterday afternoon, Peter Meyer, t ied on the charge of receiving stolen goods, was convicted. A noil* prostfut was then entered by the District Attorney' In the third case against the prisoner, and the Court proceeded to sentence him; and in doing so took occasion to advert to the evidence which disclosed the fact (bat the prisoner's house was such a notorious tor stolen properly, mat a motDer baa been there to expostulate with the proprietor for encouraging her children in a course of crime, by buying from them article' known to b? stolen property. The prisoner, in the case of Wednesday, (an amount less than 96 ) was sentenced to three months' Imprisonment In i*U and to pay a tine of SI In the case of yesterday, be was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in the penitentiary, to take effect from and after the expiration of toe first sentence. Th? Ckf Nirhrtlft* Thi?Ms fnv stealing a ptatol valued at 940 from Frederick Beck was then taken up. Mr. McNelr appeared as counsel for defease The witnesses for tbe pros^-cutlon being Frederick Beck, his comrade Burgner, and Sergeant Nolan, all belong to company B, 5th cavalry. The evidence of the two first was to tbe effect that they two w?re out on a jollification. and Beck being, as his comrade te?tifird.not drunk but Intoxicated, gave to Burgner his pistol to keep. They went to friary Helsler's, and while there a row occurred when the two retreated Buraner wu pursued \ty two men, one of whom pinioned bit arms, and the other took the pistol out of bis pocket. He recognized the prisoner at the bar as one of the men Hergeant Nolan, indentifled the pistol, The witness occasioned a little merriment by his reply to a question of the counsel. Mr McNeir. "Did I understand you to say your name was Mr Nolan* Witness, promptly. "No sir. There are no M sters in tbe Armv. Mv name is Nichols* Nolan " i Mr McNetr. "There are plenty of Mitten about here " The trial was not concluded when the Court adjourned T*m N*w? in Camp?We have glowing accounts of the manner in which the intelligence of the recent victories was received In the various encampments about this city At Hall's Hill, where Gen Martlnsdale's brigade is encamped, th? General himself read tbe oflcial dlspatc on Moodav. about 8 o'clock, in th? nr?>? about 4,006 men of bts command. Breathless silence pervaded that large array of brave men, while 'be brill lant conduct of tbelr brother*. In tbe West and South wu being announced to tbem. But wben tbe General gave tbe word, 4,N?w let it go, boy* " such a scene of entbusia>m aa followed wu, perhaps, never before witnessed. Four thousand caps were swinging In the air, and four thousand stentorian lungs seat cbMr aftrr r.h. tr over the hllla anrf ?!!? ** * did Dominion'' in honor of whilhu been dope. The predominant sentiment of tbe army of tbe Potomac la an impatient de/ire to win similar laurel* in their own field ?/ux. CkronicU. b ' Sscosd Rhoos Island Rioixxst ?The gallant officer* and men eoraposlpg the Second Regiment of Rhode Islajid Volunteer*, at Camp k Brightwood, Seventh street, near Rnek frwt Church, have, with characteristic patriotism, re ulrfd to celebrate the approacbtng anniversary of Washington's Birthday in a spirited and appropriate manner. Tbe programme announce* a national salut-*; actional and patriotic "Irs bv tbe band, prite shooting, address by the Hon William P Bbrfldd, of Rhode Island. Professor Sweet's surprising skill on the tight rope; broadsword txercise, root race, and the whole K> close with a Khodt Island cWm chowder, which only those who have enjoyed can appreciate. The cstip will be brilliantly Illuminated at night. UontfOL Mohbt ?Tbe city la being flooded with smalt notes, and our eitlteo* are Imposed upon daily by counterfeit and wild cat money. ->om?? 01 our nj?rriwau Lave bee 11 complaining to tbe detective oAcen of uten doing buameaa In W iahingVin, who u? bat the agenu for wild c t inatl.utioaa. Una la particular, who haa been having 00: bundreda of dollara of the Firiwi and Mccbanlea Bank of Mllfard, Del . oue'a, i**1! and three'a, which are not counterfeit, bat L are regarded aa doubtful We mention thu by W request ef tbe detective oAcera, to w?rn oar ctu;ca? againet ioaa. Beau Hiciman thi Victim or a Miasmshissio*.?La*t night, a gentleman from St. Louis met with tbe Beau at Brown's Hotel, and b-lng Inclined to chat about matters and thing* in Washington, entered Into conversation, In which be Became v?ry much interested, col Hickman being, u Is well known, thoroughly posted la tbe " varieties of the Metropolis," and especially upon the value of "white and red chips," so popular with the enemies of the "tiger." Tbe stranger left the fascinating Beau after a protracted conversation and walked Into the bar. and upon looking for his watch to compare with the clock mlaaed both watch and chain. He at one* summoned a patrolman, who proceeded directly to " hitch on" to the Beau, and carried him to the Fourth Ward station. As soon as the charge was made, Sergeant Cronln told the stranger that he had doubtless made a mistake, for though he had known the Colonel 1'fteen years Le never knew him to be guilty of anything like larceny. In order to fully satisfy the gentleman, Colonel Hickman was searched thoroughly, and no watch found Tbe parties sat in the guardroom talking, and Col Hickman, who bears the ups and downs of life with true philosophy, to relieve the mind of tbe stranger discoursed in his most genial style, till good humor being restored, the Colonel bid the Bergrnnt and the stranger good night, and left with his friends. The stranger then began to explain to the sergeant bow he missed his watch. It was a large jrold hunting-cat? watch, that cost over two hundred dollars, and he alwaya carried it in his fob, the chain hooked to his lower vest-button-bole. Upon turning tbe comer of the vest to show how it ww fastened, the t^aick eye of the sergeant uw a glitter, and turning up tnc vest, there was the chain, not hooked to tbe vest, but to an upper button-hole of bit pant*, and the watch In the fob. I'he gentleman wai not a little mortified at his mistake, and hardly knew what to do. The sergeant suggested thit a little ' testimonial" to tbe colonel would be the correct thing, under the circumstances ; and the gentleman immediately started in pursuit and made an apology to Col. II., which was accepted instanter by the latter, It being exprtascd In a manner that made it a ?' legal tender." Thi Illumination?The bill of the House of Representative*, making appropriation to Illuminate the public buildings on tbe :Md instant, was passed through all Its stages yesterday. It appropriates SI 000, or so much thereof as may be nccessarv, for the designated purpose, by the agency of the Commicsioner of Public Buildings The Commissioner asked for $5,000, but the House of Representatives cut it down to 81,000. Mr. Wade took occasion to state thai his attention bad been called to a misapprehension which exists in Washington on (hi" subject, l'he appropriation is mide to illuminate tbe public b,ill<1ing(?. and not for a general illumination, against which opposition had been raised, based on the necessities of the times, and in some cases the loss of friends in the rebellion which may disincline many to participate in the celebration; yet those who are unable to incur the expense, or who?e bereavements make It unpalatable, fear that .heir abstinence may be misapprehended, and thsv may be suspected of disloyalty. The idea which the Senator from Ohio wished to be conveyed was that the Government buildings would be Illuminated, and all beyond, without invidious comment, would be the promptings of individual citizcns. Wkdd ngs this VVkkk ? Ou Tuesday evening last, at 9 o'clock, Louisa, the youngest daughter of our highly esteemed fellow citizen J . 1* Keller, Esq., was married to Capt. E E. Camp, U. 8. A The cercmonv t?ok place in the Church of Epiphany, which was filled v? ith a gratified audience, amonst whom were miny friend*and acquaintances of the bride and groom. Rev Dr llatl < tflciated on the occasio-i. The sub-cqnent reception at the residence of the bride's father was a splendid affair. Yesterday there was a considerable number <>f army and navy officers and distinguished civilians gathered at the residence of Horatio King, Esq , ex-l'ostmaster General, to witness the marriage of that gentleman's daughter. Anna Augusta, to Sir. Andrew Lawton. chief engineer of the l ulled Siate? Navy. Ttie ceremonies were performed bv Kev George VV Sampson, President of Colombian College The bappv couple have ^eft on a wedding tour. Military Eqcifmkkt* axd Fink Tbuhi* ? We bave aeen, at the establishment of James J*. Topham, 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall, a set of rus*< t embossed equipment* for Colonel Berdan. of the moat superb desr.rlp tlon, comprising saddle, bridle, holsters, brra?t collar and valise The valise in something new, and is made of sole leather, will stand any amount of hard usage, and when attached to the saddle is an ornament to it, making It much easier to mount than when the old straight valise is used. We recommt*nd officers and others in want of superior goods in the saddlery and trunk line, to patroulze Topham, as he has a fine corps of workmen, a large stock, uses the best material, and sells at low prices. Thx city will be all ablaze, judging from the large quantities of fligs, flrew?rk%and illuminating lanterns sold by Fucston A Scofleld, T> Louisiana avenue, b twern Sixth and Seventh streets. They are agerts for Lilllendahl's celebrated en tablfshmen', New York, and have brought on a fine stock of goods. The city will present a brilliant appearniice with the great display of flags throughout the day and 111 urn'oat ion of all public buildings and houses of loyal citizens who y'ory in the successes of our navy and army, and honor the memory of the Father of our Country. f Htrglar y ?On Wednesday between the hours of two and three In the morning, dwelling So. 4(|W K St.. between Ninth and TVnth wh? mlnmil by a burglar who stole a pocket-book belonging to a lady, which contained a due bill for from W. D Bell, some change In gold and silver, some jewelry, and papers of value to the owner. The rogues had also taken a quantity of lady's clothing, which la their hurry they dropped uear the front doer. Thb Capitol Hill Prison ?8ome of our fellow citizens residing on Capitol Hill complain tbat the prisoners in the old Capitol are allowed ? little too enlarged an area of freedom In some respects. The guards very properly a'e strict in preventing outsiders from standing about the prison peeping In at the windows, or talking to the prisoners; but oassers-bv are frrauentlv re Ti.ed by the rebel prisoners at the windows, and sometimes are called by names hard to endure. Special attkstioji is called to the advertisement elsewhere of I)r. Dlmond, Chlropodlcal Surgeon. Those aSlcted with corns, bunions, calositles, etc., would do well to call upon the Dr. at his office. No. 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Cor?i?, Bunions, Caloaltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chlropoil I at A >Mt DanMatfl irania A A K?tiifaAn C Aiir UISI, 1*U I uiuavifauia a * cuuc, uriwc^u r uui* and-a-h&'f and Sixth strata Room 7?'2d floor. Ofllce bons from I'a. m to 6p m. Calls made at private residence* when desired. feb 17 Ths miasma and foul vapor* generated by the hot sun will be far more deadly to oar volunteer', thin the enemy'* bayonets In the Indian r.od Crimean Campaign* Holloway's Fill* wcr? u?ed In enormous quaAtltles. They kept the '^oops In perfect health. Only "iS cent* per box. Soldier* suppiy yourselves. 917. lN?TANTAMors Cukb of Corn*, Bunions, CalloMties, Inverted Nails, Wart*, and all diseases of the feet. Mr. Dlruond, Surgeon Chiropodist, Is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excreacenses in a few minutes, with the least pain or the slightest inconvenience to '.ae patient. Consulting nours from nine a v.. to five p. m , at his olBce, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Beat reference given In tnls city. feb 3?lm Familim who have never used Boston cracker* are lr.vlted to trj those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all reapectablc g.ocers. Ja 88-tf MARRIED. On the lith matant by Rev. Dr. Rob j, JOHN A. W. WATKR8 to MAGP.K1TU T. CHAMUfcKLbN, both of Goorge own. * ? m i m i MUi In thia citj. at 4 o'olock a. m on the 21 at inetant, MA i. IN Da A- BROOKs. ai-d 19 ye*ra B munlha ana 14 daj a, third daughter ol Richard and Harriet Brooks. Fane-a! will take p aoe from the roaidenoo of her fm>uu. ?o. loma r. eireei, iniiiu, on run iar. 8d inatant. at 2 o'olock p. m. Her rema*n* will be taken to we?loy Charon, from thenoe 10 Kbeaeser Cemstery * On the 19th instant, WILLIAM OWEN, aged 17 month*, beloved cHid ofGoorge W. and Marion Benson. [Baltimore Hun copy.] * At Te&aliytovn. thia inorn.nf, i? tbsttth rear of hi* ace. JAMK8 pONELl.. Y, a native of Ireland, bat a oit sen of this ooanty for 26 rear*, and a resident at ine ureat Ka:1a, lor roine tore# or four yea* pa?t Hsu weU and favorably known in th-* city. where tie lived for a long time iiia friend* and ao^oaintanoei will pjeate attend hi* laiierai from Mr. Conrad'*, in Tennlljtown, <> 0-nday afternoon, at half put 2 o'clook. fe21 5s At Hutf Anna, California, on the ad of Ajf aat ro, Brasii, and formerly of thia city. A TWATER'S ADJUSTABLE AKMOR. ttiat xx ha* been *o taor?achiy tested at .n%m of the gamp* in oucd Waahicgtoa, mar be procured at t&e oftoe of the *nbecr:t>er. Ceriifioatea of oomlaaiidicc oftoera. ahovinc the power of thi* Armor to reant the furoe of Duller*. b&?onat lkimu. ud mfcre tirokM, mar be *o*n 4* U? same pjkce. HKVHY L Kl 1'til, AUoimt lor <h? Oon^ujir. OAs* on UUi OrtM, next to Ripgajt Co., P Kit SONS in v?ni of nMrior llowi or Back- I yea, ru*ed in u? loyal oil of N?w i*raey. ?1mm l?v? order* M N?. 4K wh?r? ? *?in*l? mit*frM-lw* Order af PrMf?4li|R ?( tkf tw? Htniri of Cangrm ou the Twtnly-wtond day ' February, iaetaat. At one o'clock, precisely, the Ferate will pro cerd to the Hall of the House of Representative", with invited guest*, la the following order: The Vlce-Prwld?nt and the Secretary of the enate, preceded by the Sergeit-at-Arnn. Senators. The President and He&ds of the several Departpwto. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. Representations from t oreign uovcrnmena ear this Government. Invited Officers of the Army aud Navy. Dlstinguised citizens and other invited guests. Preparatory to proceeding to the Hall of the Honse of Representative!, the President and U as A m A# nonaHmanla ?tr< I I n m Vi 1 m (n tlia P rfit. UCOUi ui ?uicuv? *r ui nsv^iitutc u lur a *? ldent'? Chamber; the Diplomatic Corp*, in the Marble Chamber in the rear of the Senate Cbnm>ber; the J astices of the Supreme Court in the Vice President1* Chamber; invited Array and Navy offlc ira, in the room of the Supreme Court, (the old Senate Chamber;) and distinguished citizens end other* invited, in the Senate Reception Roo m. Ptoch .dings ?? the Hall of Representatives. Prayer by the Chaplain. Reading of Washlugton's Fa Jewell Address ; after which, Flags raptured from the Rebel armies will be presented from th s Army and Navy Departments to Congress. Entrance to the Capitol will be found by the North aad the East doors of the Senate wing, and by the East and West doors of the House wing. All other means of access will be closed. Washington. Feb. 20th. 1S6J. I AMUSEMENTS. Theater-benefit of mk, john"e. owens! FRIDA Y EVkNiyG. Ftb'v 21. Willba pre?entr<i ?n original drama, callad the CIIIMNEY *JOHNKR. Peter Protity Mr. John E. Oirew To conclude with TOODLES. Timothy Toodles .. Mr. John E. Owens |> THE OLD FOLKS' CONCERT DY Union Bethel Choir ia POSTPONED to MONDAY and TUESDAY NEXT, th"24tti and 9^th initanfr r.n a n rtn nut r\ f *1 a . n I <1 in n >, /> f t k . * Utll Iitav?uvt VU VWbVBIIk * ?I ? .iO 1 UUICIIIfUVJ ??I I lie weather, and the death of Mr. Dfitcher. la 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL, HALL-FREE CONCERTEVERY NIGHT, from 5'.'clock to 9 p. m. Best of Kefreslimoats. Fine Fem%ie Waiters. Open all day. At the routtieist oorner ci Pe-.us? i vain* avcuue and oorner of Sixth street, under the Central Mouse. opposite the National, Brown's, and Olarenden Hotels. fe IB lm* THE CAVPHELU* HAVE COME: THE CAMI'Illil.i-i HAVE COME! TH E CA M P B E L LS HA V E COM h ! jva;w op era houam[ iic w vrrnA nuv&ts: I.ATK PHILHARMONIC II AM., LaTK PlULHAFMCVne H A Lt. Penn. Avemie, above Eleventh SUeet, Penn. Aver.uo, above iilev*nlh Street, OPEN KVKRV NI fi H T ' OPEN F.VERY M3HT ! HIXTKF/N ST Mi PER FORMER 5 ! SIXftEN yi'AH PERFORMERS! Go Hew Them-fin ?#e Thfir.?*Jo :*ee Th*m ! Go See Them?Go }M>e 'fiem G<> Them! AHingglon 2> rve.-.t* . rtri-'iMtJf wi! mlr.rftft *?l Imn'M, "fell i C1 A N i K X H U K V ! J CANTERBURY! Fir*? prraepfRtion of 6ABRILL KAVKL'S ? FAIRY I'ANTOM IMK, R A O U L, K A O U L, R A O U L, OR THE M\GlO STAR MAUli: HTAR! w *. fi t o'rt * wauiV( riAn. with New See>vrry, Tricks, Transformations, i\-c. Robert Butier (Gftbnei Ifavei't- pn.tt) Ag Hirtolf Wiil'B Armetrong {Jer< nn Ravel's <ul Seecnl Week of the CMNTERBURY MINSTR ELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS GreatSnooeaa of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! on-mrrfritrnr n it V a r > iJAAVAAA VM v w r ^ u . Immense acdienoes enraptured with SIGNOR ABECCO, SIGNOR ABECCO, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "Sirnor Abeoco won'd create morn enthusiasm with ttie Boli'.ifirj, upori the eve of b%ttle. the" a'l the bands of a brigade."?a Lrttint*\sh'd UJK<-tr% Admission 25 oents ; Oroheater (Milira SO cents. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladies acd Families, on W Ki?? fcBDA Y A>U ^VnniiAl AUtKNOONS, at 2 o'clock, When a avi?h distribution of Ki*e *nt Pressnta is made: Riots and Goat y Jew:! y. Books, Toys. l-anoj Artiolss. and magnificent Si'k l)restp?. Admission 20 cents ; Children 10 cents. fe 17 U' THE ' ? ASHINOTON ACAUKMY OF MUSIC. i*BNN. A vitriDB, (South Sid?.) No. ?P9, 91 h and 10/A itr. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Co?'trt embracing selections from the best oiaMic 'meio! and the most popular operas?rendered i"u letter t?le than at any other American oonoar* saloon The guests?and the publio are fre' invited without ohar^e for entrance,?may r' ,, Upou hav' lag every oomfort they desire. In Edition to the fiuest inusio in Washington, the- will obtain, on call, from the attentive attenJ'^u. decidedly t.'.e best Refreshment* for sale i?-. the Federal Metropolis OJRoers constantly ln attendance to keen good order. Concert,oor imenoing at 4 p. m. H P M u \r U/?o L'V'ru a I IV i i naii, feb 7 1 m Propri&tor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. PliKN. A v. and K ?T., N'jtr Willaritf'. T. Kmc? 8ole Leasee and Manager C. Boott ? \snooiate Manacer F. Whittaker ??ueitnan Manager THIS EVENING, Tom Kmc wul give ni? Comio Imitations of CLASSrc STATUARY H'^ftttLBACK ! H'^ve yon seen old DAlv GARDINER In bis great ^urleejae Dance. A La Cubutttr! ? AND nrAKAMorcfl! ? The M'Ue HELOIBfc Every Evening! V , %J <1 4 rvl * ?V - IAA U- ? ? ? --' * mo luu^nmmBruuit ait.ii: The Great Zouave Halt Muit be seen to be appr*oiated. SON JUAN lght until further notice. Niw N9VKLTIB8 in Pkefahatioji ! Sc*lt o/ Prtc?J?Oroheater Chairs 76 oetta; Dreae Sirole ft) oenta; Children under 10 jeara of age to reaa Ctrole 36 oenta; Sooial Range 25 oenta; Colored 6a! lery 35 oenta: Colored Boxea SO oenta. Door a open at 7 o'clock; performance# will 00mmenoe at 8 precisely. fe 7 PATKNT OFPICE CURIOSITIES?Guide to IT Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Office; Rare Antuu&ritn Knnka * RnvArnmAi t RdoItr: Hn^.u ments furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re sorts; Kurut Patent Office Reports; Cheap Hooks nimiahed to Pedlars: Military Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of th* Coast showing over 2,WO miles; many Uoueand Cheap Books. Reooiieot cheap rent. Large ealet, low prioes. Us stairs, over Bank of Washington. jaZMm* ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. If nMITMVMTil y f M TU L' Dl L I Ik i n 4 I M i | v H&un a. a A uci riiii-i' niAl.^. L"1 The membtri of the Monumental? ub M take great ?lea?ura ia announcing to their many frienuc and the publio generally thar/nA they will give their Fifteenth Grand Asaeni-UHk bly at Frank in Hall, corner of 9th andDsircete, MONDAY EVENING. February 24, 18^ Ticket* 60 oenta, admitting a gentleman aid ladiee. By order of U>* Committee. Floor Manager*. Wm, Rab1 itt, George Miller, Miohaei Klamgan, Geo.Pola<ki. fel9 At* THE MEMBERS OF THE F11 (EN IX SOCIETY rake pieaaare in anncunoiug to their military ami omo mends that ther will five a ttRA.MD BALL ? 5?.IJ.mP*rano* Hall, on MONDAY EVE NING. Maroh 3J. Particulars in fatara. U0M Bj order of Committee of ArrangemacU, 19 4t TW 4TH GRAND COTILLON FARTY"" TBMPERA^CE^HALL, 31 E street, between ath aud i"tn, Oa FRIDAY EVENiNtt. Peb'y SlOb Douiof will oommenoe at 8* o'clock. ManoTS Prof Arih'afuli band. Tiokeu 91, aduuitiuc a gentleman an J ladies. 1 * ftmw PROF. C. F. BARNES, Manager. F&OP. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Ten.eer?noe 3* Hall, b street, between tin Mid IHh Ciau e? m every Tueeday and Friday?afternoon at S, evenius olaie at 7. Soiree ?var* Fn Jay laA veninc atSo'olock. Mu?io hy Prof. ?eo. Art#.

Temperance HaJl will be let (or Balls, Partite, Ao. Apply as above. fe 14 lm* r?HEESS-CHK^SE! dun alio. bKllah "'Jm, rH*HA?I, , imuuof r. t..m. f? U It Ntt* to N?UojB lnUiiig*ao*r. ZJ if *sJ 4# 0 9 V,rAMm WANTED-A ?"-'! HOHPEor part ofa J~ for a mi**'! family, in Kir?t or S?oon<t Ward. Acdr*as" Jaimafin," sunOfta?. feii WANTED-A SITUATION *o do (tenors.1 "" kouxevcrk. r r ?s iiurnlrsss. Apb'.t No tiaS L ?tr?-t. 1 tw*?n i8-h and l*?th. " If WANTED?A Rood pl.vnCOOK. imm*j!j M No. 3i* C Btr??r, between <S *nd th. fogi-sr WANTKP? By a r*-p*ctaMft Toung ?omw with Afroeh brca*tofinilk,aBAHY TO NURBE; o*n ctv?the h*?t referenes. App'y at 330 1 tt'eet, tetw?*n <th and 5th. U* \1TANTICn?Ten WOOD CHOITFRS, to cot I * ? Rl>nnt n AhnrrfrflH n?lr rr i.>.l wit! -n tnjoe ini'rt of the Capitol. AppIt to Mr. W1NDm.KFt F. p.par Aragoatia Bridge. 10 81 2t* YVANTED-A rood COOkTwaSHKR. and * IRONfcR, for aprivae fair.ii* : 'efer?noe? required. Apply immediately at K st-ert. M..JT? w r-r-u !tT.n linn IOU1 w\m* 1 " * 1 T' " WANTKD.-Any perron witihin* t> empl >t a '&<'* to operat* on an* <-f the eevrir* ma^fctcM in cfncral dm, will pl>>%i?rft'*dr6?* a has t j "Maggie O. Batter." Poattiffijf. H* HOARD WANTFD? K :o:u:e man d"'re? a pleasant Fnrrnlied Ronm. "*itii permanent Hoa-d. Location 1-etnwi 9-h street and Gec.rgctown, north of t'?iiui|lT*iii% &v. iSccessi ni??e reed not rep>. Address,atating t*rmi k."., "H. I Jm^Kox ?, Star Olfoo. ie 21 2t? A BOY, IP years of aee. is rfesirons rf obtaining a SITUATION in none fu'ler supplies ito-f-: is a good ?obcl?r nn<i can cme we'l reoomm#nda<l rii ?i K? l?? m A ? M n t f ? in ? mi iru i Vii iJ J nu 1*1' *1 11 i'or.n a?enuA. or l>* filling in person a* tue "ffioiof th* N&ionai Hotel. U* WANTED?A TENANT for two cflwly and " oomiort'.Mr ftirnishtd Room? on 24 floor, with Board,'n -v pnva'e Umi'y, smtiLla for a *?nt!em*n anil Si s wifo, or two einjle eectlemen Pome?iinp riven imniati*t?'?. Hf f^jnoe eivon if required Apply at No. 40'2 Ei|'>'h # T**t, batween 6 and H. feSl St* ANTKp?Ty st>a.l y BOYJSto feed ado iMe u?iitui-r j>ro>F. r*one oui moso ulc? : uivimc the busi: o.'B we!l nscd apoly. Arp'y at tho i|tar Office. fe20-3t_ 4 FKW ooon HANDS FOR PREiWMAK ?\. ine wan'ed. at IIKKIIN J*"K'S I'aui Dre?s irt?kinr Kstab iabrneiit No '1O6 ! 11h etreet, be tween Pfc. &ve a'id K st. N. B Ouly K-~od bands n?o.1 apply. fe 2o at* WANTKD-A Clerk in on* of the Departments wishes BOARDING fjr hirase!f and wile, sornewhare between 3>1 and 16th struts, and north cf Penn. a v. A private fami'y fffsrred, Address, Sivinc t?rm? and location, Post Office Do* fean 3t* lir ANTIC n?A ronnr !?.!? lartnlnnmil In teachmn, d**ires a SIT I ATiON liialanil'y, or a* an a*?i?t?nt !ii a priv at* or pifMio ftchooU-o teaoh tn-> tut inh hrancnas. w?Ui a moderate or m pwfifcS'jon. The r eEt of reference given. A<?iJr?M Box *iQ* Pot Office. fc '*? 3' * Vl/ANTF.D?A hnne?t, trwgty BOY. to carry a ? rente on?hi* paper,rone ether u???J arply. Cal'.atthta offio-, (to morrow.! TUartda? afW r.oon. at3 o'oiojk. fa 19_ WANTED?* SITUATION, ?.y a rcFPfotaalo yoe?it fitl.as chanih?rmai(!; i? a fl';trat? n%na a? aoiiif up \ui9g r nonea. (;&n bring good recmniTjJation* if ricurci. Ca!! at 2i fa ave., SO'lth Bill#. _ f<> st* VVANTKD?a plain ClXtK, WAfKKR and ? IRON FR. (c>lrre?< t t->r a *rr a ! familr. Appi? at N<- 4il K?h eiween I' aii^i K. fe '9 3 WANTED?A FURNISHKP ROOM < rro?.?n?. " F8i?ab e f<?r a tPiit'inin ait-i h;* wif-?, wit'i <mt Vuai.i. Muit kitaat'd w??t ?>f inth r\rret, a'<i te-ms ?Tti>d*ra'P. A<K'r<>e?, w.t.h location, tMmi? Ac..f Kooaomt." at tin*? (Bo*. f* 19-4!* ^PyANTHD.?A> *n-?Tc* -c n* u??? MAN may 1 "f ?mp:- T'rri V '.j tn JOHN wv, FK r. CD , ???.-V i It. f 17 \ATANTF-lfc-Two cr ?1 rc* FURNISHED ? ? R ?M>, I y a n*>Tniai <*m ! *? won I * . Aftfi ! if ii ?.rl * .... .<< nn'i i r.iti 'vciihw m;u ii 'i? rvi. AMkm P.U. B"i !I lti >'*' i " vi"!.. kc. ______ f < ' 1U A NTKD- !.vpr? pora u t< kv*'!\t i n*u t? ?? li;* n.4f?Pt. ? * !? ! . p\> -hliir# .vuci's uitlie -Ir.Mi'.uiiii.i .ii". iWo rrtf, nr ii\T!n* * ?nri. (lo wv looi: K. UrcHI.V, . ill i*!> uC ftci 11 s *, (east Bidt.) DaK'i.r ti. N x rnirl s . <? ? ! Ldrc K< r r,>!u'*. ns'i*tf \\f AN TK.D?Sat ?t?; %rrt lr> ku' w :hilt " t rj cv. hi T Sf AKSmn r-N HAKKohfiWfti 11 J. OH I'GMKN , .U'l V n | ?v*r?f. _ ?X_I? j %JU A \ I K j) - W * rtir ! ?. i. * v i t .M* I I ? I* A 1 i-'UK IT1?It K, 5*T?> V l'\ - ?i ! ! : ") ! I J3INO, lor v r-.v* or> ??*?ns -he ik fit J mi prices. I up.i d?< .i.'irs i - or .v\.jj im>i farnittir*. w ' f ' ' >. -. f ? * ivp - a . BONT7. A GRIFFITH. )f lS-?f Nr. ?., -jr. r K nv?. _ i b>Sl' AND FPU Nik TO?T-!n the :?v ( f !) 'i ?c! P'.infjlvan a J a^niiP. & HtiNOH OF 'IIie finrior wi't i.e reward-d I Ifa-vj^s* t?iTn a' No ?11 S;h ntr?ei. ?t<ova Kx tv. It* CAMK TO Vi Y FRKMTSI.S. ON THE riieht. of ^ th. about 11 "'clock, a !>? <rv HOK JK, with ''lc and t-id.e. s.wcerj^SR | tan nave 1<j ea J n>; at 1 savinc cMrt"a u- _ e. w."BWAt8itT. fcJHAWL M1?I.A!D.-TM *our? **nt!i;tnan P who vn< su kiti'i '.s to tskfl chaise ofa.a>rte ir ' SUA WI,. wh cii wm h*ri<l?<i to him by one ofthpbr * p?.r?T tlm vefctil>a'?of uroh of th* Kpiplj^u). <>q Tnexl&y Pten 15 coErer & favir if ho ooj*Fn?i ic*?te t<> Nu. 4B9 18t>i street, whofg ?*'ti a.'1/ w 1 in*? b? f?ur.t' It* I | (tST-D'n ThH,.il?. 1- ? "? I - ^ i i i.'. rum uni ; 4' 'ii? a 1 tt?i j e .j new vL.t o! F L RS. t>e?ween ?h? rai road depot ana A *t*.eet north am! 1*' rtrest e -.st ' he tentlew'..o was *een to pirk th.i.u up. will receive a tuita'lie reward and tha jtrVelul thanks of the "r, hy loaviae then) at thePt?r Office. . ?*S1 2t* T*AKKN i P-On February ")th. 183, a hlnok 1 COW. w!.ite face ar.d beli?. "J he own er c\n h&ve her br *r<"<* n* r-fper'* *"<1 Ti limc- il ViC <AM, Mc '''V. fc. Correr H and Third Mreet*. No. I "5, fe 2" St* tje->rnetowc, D. C._ F^STKAV?Cfme to th? prena-p* of T. W RIj LKV. 9'h. o in r II ttr^*t. i?i?rd. a cv hi? MARK, hiind in one ey?: had on * I *ai!d!9 ard brid e. The owner i? r^ue'ted^-*-^?/. - f 1 J ? ' W'/I iq I'M i*om, O pi VJIDHJI pfi) UJIf*TR**B. Slid Uk? her Mr jit. fj aC-3t* pAMK TO THE SLBSUftlBER'S STABLE, I V/ in Georgetown, on Sunday, the 16t-. <c\ ! instant, i (trail b aok HORSE, ono f foot wiiteacd one hind 1 >ot white, ani * x whito ? arir. nis forehead; had o> a new halter. The i.wwr will <-ome forward, prove r^P^rty. pay Charges, ar.d taUo him away. He can be found on Fourth street. No. 72. between Frederick and Fayette streets. Georgetown. fe 2n at* IO?T-CHECK No. 34"S,for one hutdred and -* fifty eight dollars, drawn by Bru* Cam-r^n. Paymaster U. 8. A , on the 'I>rasury of the United States, dated Washington, Febraary lst.1862.ia favor <fi'apt. C. R. Lowe'l or bearer. Ti e payment of th* ean;t? haTi! g been stopped. ait perstr.s W9 forbid negotiating the same. The finder will be rewarded by returning it to Captain O. R. LOW ELL. catnpof the6in U. S. Cavahy, or to the offne of Major B Cameron, corner K and 15th stg, feao-iot* .'uu.iu-a etna. ; jmhi ui , w: mh I the loser oau obtain ! ? descrtbicg the same and p&jini for this advertisement. JOHN D. CI AKKK, fe 19 3t* Twelfth street. No. S'2H. IOST?On ra. avenue, a GOLD BRACELET; a supposed to have dropped from the arin whi e walking between the National Hotel and (lie Metropolis Bank. A libera! reward will be given for it if left either at the Star Office or with I)r- S. A. HOUSTON, Sixth Auditor's Office. fe 19 3t*_ f OST?On Saturday. Januart4. a LKATHKR li TRUNK, email siae, russet culor.erejTB marked "Ueorre A. Parker ' on one end gt'jitA and "8. M. Fwton" on the other. Twenty^M ,, dollars reward will bo paid forth# ?au:eon delivery to the subscriber, at house 471 Fourteenth street, or Any wfoimatio:s that may lead to the recovary of th? same. ? fel9-lw*_ A. B. KL\ BS. RAN AWAY?From the subscriber, livini near LurratU?ihe, Prinoe Georje's county, m Ma., on the 7th February, 1MJ, my NEGRO ?g WOMAV ..D.* 1 - .. ?.ni? ucmo, who ubjIS j.eraen betti-Shorter. Hie is about twentj-five ^jV years ?f ate, four fret 10 mal es '"f '*'u ?Bo?per colored; thin viaared.rf a liirht muniuar I raine; has 8<>m? of her toes on one foot injured from a burn whsn a child; had om when she left a h ue oountry made ram frock; ai<d had other olothee with her. sbo took with her. her ohild Oiivia at>out !2 months old. ?s?will be given for apprehension oi the above iuiwi and ohild, provided that they are tie ivered to ineor secured in jftil, so that 1 can *-u t>iem ai.ain STANISLAUS BRADFORD. fe II 3tdft2aw2w* \|4'rBier nv f-r?i rrn t>i ? ? I >!>/? v/ Vim 111 U1 Ai 'Uilll U ? \f Washington, To I het?by o r- c\ tilv tt'&r J&mee S !ir?vt>,s. ?>f this county. ) ?T* broughr before n o. o^e of ttio JuMiees of"*-7-1 the i'eaoe, in and for Ui(l connty. this 8tb Febrna r 1862, a da. k brown MARK-about 15,l? bands ]i *li; having lUUfi hiud foot white up to tkeanole; iti ncht hind f>ot with a little wiute unde, the feiiook;a star on it* forehead; and its back anr*. ?aid mare when found had on it a in:::tirj saddl* and hri I e. Given under my hand and sea'. W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner will come forward, pove property, pay charges,a&d take lbsabove uaiue 1 mareawe.y, or she will be ro'rt to pa; <-vpemtts. Call at office of Metropolitan Polio\ 316 llth at. fe 11 2awaw 11 NOTICE. O 8UBSCRIHKK8 OF THE SUNDAY Morning chronicle. i Subscriber* in the Fourth, frilttt ai<d Sixth W ards, who have heretofore lailejt to receive the CHRONICLE iftuiATii. will oopfo- a favor upon | the uaderaiiDed.bj makiDR the fiaot kuowk at the | publication office. Seventh etreet and Peun?xlva i u,a avenue. HaviRf ? ?urned char** Of tha < liverr of the CHRONICLE ia these and Lie other wards oi tnocity.it will afford the uud^reifut-d plraouro to rectify ail mitUkft. tod see that the < paper iiumnw promptly etveu. BubtonOMS i it the cr.y who <lo noi pay at the publication omco, j will Fi?fc*a p?i UO luOuey oa ao?oa?t of ?ulM"ptlou to ftuy ottier ca.rriwi than n?yeelf of my auti?ri?e<lM?J?t?DiiiilFNJAMIN ROADMAN. 1 WMb'tKlOB, I). 0 , KW>-!??1>B- fc?>t ( tfsVii >KCT'~~7) KDmuT THJtEfc OTL?TK, r. M. Thi Cask or Gkoigi w. J one*, or Iowa.? We feel very sure that among the reasons for the late arreat of George W. Jones, of Iowa, is the fact that wh'le an U. S. Minister resident abroad he actually wrote to Jefferson Davis, Informing the latter that his son was an oflirer In the rebel army, and that he (the father) designed follow Ing his son's example on his return to the l.'niU'd States?of which fart the Government is DCiievea w> Dave lira me mom conclusive prooi. Thk Fcsmal. ? William Wallace Lincoln, (second con of the President.) wfcoie death we announce elsewhere, was born 1c Springfield, 111., on the 21st day of Peceicber, 1S50, and was con scq'iently eleven year* and two month* old. We learn that the funeral, attended by the personal friend* and relatives cf the family, will tike place at *2 o'clock p. to. on Monday next. Thk Cabtskt.?The Cabinet (owing to the death of the President'* *onl met to-dav at tLe State Departnn nt at ele~tn a m. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Till CABINET ADVISE THE OMISSION OF THE ILLUMINATION. TO tut Senate and House ej Kiprttentative' : The Prudent of th; United States was last evening plungtd into * Miction by the death of a beloved child. The H- adi of the Department*, In consideration of this distressing event, have thought it would bi agreeable to Congress and to the American people that the official and private buildings occupied by them should not be illuminated in the evening of the ?!d in?t. (Signed) William H. Seward. S. 1*. Chase, v 11 a-.? ? *-/. m. c*i a.I I'M, uiukox wills*, i.dwird baiek, m blair. wasblnoiom, February 21, WrJ. a riolit atotcoljua!*. The steamer Stepping Stone? arrived at the Navy Yard this morning from th<? npper flotilla Yesterday murnlng this steamer, with a launch and boat's frrnn thr \ :u kpp t"?nt am rcconaoiM&nce up Occoquan Ccek about frur miles Lieut. Ivistman sent out Acting Master Lawrence with the launch, who vis'led the north and south e.des of the creek, penetrating a short distance into the Interior, bat without findlugiuy signs of the rebels. Just -it the launch *.;s leaving the south side of the crw k a brisk fl'e from fi ve or six ll* id (>iec?.s, posted in a clump of wotds. was t>p< :d upon them by the r? b? !s Nearly forty shells w< re thrown the enemy, all of which flew un:omfert?bly n^r ?he !*U?pp'n;( Stones. Out dolrg no U image *?v-' slight! v tearing the flag. The fire wm returned from tho Stepping Clone* and a howitscr in the launch plunging a shoWer >1 r!fl*d shell into the cori cr of the rebels, which evidently did coiu! Jcraklc damage. a% the ti-e of the eneuiy soon slackened. The Stepping Stones, af cr f>hellii!?; the er-u?y a abort tiiue, Laait d elf tud returned to th' Potcno-.c with " nobody hurt."' The Kr;g Phillip went down to the u; per E?t;'i;-. thl-i morn.n:; tvilh a j tr'v of ! td!es. Arrangements are being mad?; for a ^r?tnd Ulu?l nation of the gateway and shop* of the Navy Vsr?\ to morrow nlgLt. TUKNOILK NOKTU ALABAMA CSIOSisTS The *et of tbc North AUlnms Unionist* in d iffoyin^ a spen ??f the N?-rtli Alabtma railroad bridge ne*r Decrtur in that Sr.Ve. a night or two nee. Ii it doubtless caused the tt r to surrender kf..L..iii? ...I : .u u? - * - ? lionuvuir, ui wui' ti v* r uqti lit (ir??lli SOU C- j ern oarer*) to-day. The destru-tion of that b'idi;f cuts off tb? rebels in Naihville from any succor whatever from their forces in Memphis ar.d Columbus since we have possesion of Clarkrville, through which their other remaining railroad connection passed. There were three lines of railroad between Nashville and Cclumbus and Memphis?one which wc broke up by taking Fort Henry, another by Clarktville, and still a third (roundabout) by Decatur, Ala. At the tame time ihe d?-?truc?lon of these tbree lines of rail in that quarter has destroyed the connection between the rebels In Virginia and those In East Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas, by the line of rail they have m<-st depended on for their supplies of men, munitions, &c., from these regions, which have iin fn tills time hern trantn-vr rrl nlmn?! n-hnlln Ktf r r 1 -j those lines?the s ii!th<?ast : n lines bring poorly equipped and very Inefficiency managed. THE TRIS'lMtR# TO BE REt.E&PKD. The following i? tfce fornicf appl cation for a release to be made bv all t'.i? ?tate prisoners now In confinement at CuiUd Stjtei military posts, save tbcse few ex^rpt'd in the general order to which it refer*. It has bem furnished to them so that they can be sent Ltre In fme to have the orders for the relea es made out to-morrow?the glorious :?id of February. '1 he application is of course to be addrtsfed to the S?crrtary of War: I, , of ?. a prlsor.pr confined in Fort , hereby make appMcitton to be released from custody on my parole of honor to a ri Mm M A /V fl /I AV ^ AMI / I f /I f A M 4 M J ftfti ? A M L A ? A. 9 ? c ? 'i rr ft u uct vr > u rr< / u? i iv ? it r r?c rr? fcj ?n 1 (ii ity to th' Governm'Ht of Ik' VKited Slnttt, in accordance with tin- terms of Kxecutive <?rd<r, No. 1. of the Wir Departiren'. d l'd February 11, l-'".2, in rtfcrt-nce to political jrisonera. CONGLL ESS 10 HAL. UVVlith CONGRESS?Sec#nd SmiUb. F*idat, February 21 Senate ? Immediately after the reading of the .<,/!/?.?? ?r *uA Jo.tv. in juurnni, u;i anuuiu ui lur uraiu in iuc i icaiurm family, a motion was mad? to adjourn, which was agreed to. ?o the bcdy stands adjourned over until Mot day next. Hocsk.?Speaker Grow briefly addressed the House upon the "homestead bill," (Mr. Washburn, of 111 , In the chair ) In view of the affliction of the President in the lo*s of his son, a resolution requesting the Commissioner of I'ublic Buildings to omit the illumination In the anniversary exercises to-ir.orronr, was adopted, and the House adjourned. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Military Movkmkms?Tk*. ttl.wa* ' 99<A Pennsylvania Regimentt en route for Kentucky.?From the Alexandria Chronicle of ye*terdey we make up the following account of the departure and arrival of troop* In that city on Wednesday: The Cl*t rVnniylvanla Regiment, Colonel I . H. Rlpp?y, wn the first to arrive In Alexandria from camp, proceeding through the atreeta in the drenchiu? rain, chterins? luiulv at the Droinett of a brush with secesh in the West. Thia regiment is composed mostly of Germana who have seen service in Europe, and formed part of Gen. Heintileman's brigade. The 99th Pennsylvania, Major commanding A. Leidv, was the next to arrive. This regiment numbers about bOO stalwart, soldierly-looking men, and, like the 61st, were received with every demonstration of Joy As the above-named regiments were about embarking on the cars for Washington. the 87<h New York State Volunteer* (Brooklyn Rlttea) debarked from the ateamer Eagle, from Washington, and are to supply?with another regiment?the place of the regiments now on their way to Kentucky. Tbe 87th waa encamped at Meridian Hill, near Washington, and belonged to General Casey's Brigade. Tuk National Railroad Convention ? Shortly after noon to day a few of the delegates to the convention had a>irmbled in the concert room at the Wlllard Hotel, when the secretary, Mr. Barlow, announced that the committee to confer with with CJaartennaster General Meigs > .n.it.. ? _ ?* ?.0 . 1.1 ana nr. mci/Oiium, uii iu- ?uujevi ui arrangements for the transportation of troops and armv supplies on uniform term* mutually satisfactory to the (ioverament and the railroad company would not be ready to report to the convention until 4 o'clock this aft.-ruoou The conveattoo is composed of more than a hundred delegates, and not only represent an immense amount of capital, but much of the ability k&d business t&it of tbe country. Flag om thk Moscmfnt.?We learn that it la Ihe intention of the Washington National Monuruent Society to ralae, on tomorrow at 12 in , in honor of the day, on the summit of the bhafr the large national flag recently presented for tbe purpose by A. O. Widdicombe and other citi>en<>. [>wing to the condition of the grounds, and other in&voldafele circumstances, a?* ceremony will :*kc place on the occasion. Catt. Poitii ?We regret to ltara that Csjt. Porter is seriously til from th? acaidlng be rf:elved on the Essex at the Fort Henry bombardnent' His lungs were dangerously affected bv he Inhalation ofthe hot iteam.?si, Leihi Dtm. | >-i ; V THB LATB8T BY TMLBOBJLFB OFFICIAL AlOOrNCnnnrT OF THB TAKIKO OF CLARKSVTLLB' ALSO OF THE LAST DEFEAT OF PRICE IN MISSOURI! HbaktLor;? Mo , Feb JO, W To Major GtHtrai MtcCltUmm Clarksville la taken, with supplies enough for or artnjr for twenty daya. Tbe place l? occupied by Oeueni C.F. Smith'* division. Price, being reinforced by MrCullougli's command, made a stand at 9a?ar creek (erased late Arkansas on tbe l^th), and was defeated after a abort engagement, and again fled. Many rebel prUoners were taken, and arms which Price's men threw away la the field. U W Hallbck, M?J Gra Com dg MOST INTERESTING FROM RICHMOND A GREAT UNION ^LEAGUE THERE ' DESPERATE CONDITION OF SECESH IN VIRGINIA ? THE REBEL ARMY FALLING BACK FROM MAN ASS A3 GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NKWS' Kaltimokk, Feb. flat. l*?*. Cmpt. G. V. Fox, A*si*tant S'trttary / JVarjr: 1 hare had an lutcreatlng Intei view with one of oar prisoners who ha* been confined la Richmond seven (?) months. He gives immisUhle evidences of tbe fart of srong Pulen organization In Richmond. Tb? I'nlon men claim to be three thousand strong tbere, and are eagerly waiting an opportunity to fling out tbe stars and stripes Out of seventeen fortifications erected around Richmond only one lo armed Tbe city could be taken eaaily. Desperate efforts ar* miking to get recrutta for tbeir army Tbe Srcervioniata admit that unless tbey can secure tbe Fervicea of every male in Virginia betwreen eighteen (1-) and slity, tbey must yield Virgin* tu thirty days. Tbe Union men Lave a league rezuiarlv ore an lied, with ?ign? cud pduwords Many acta of klndne*- hive been ihown by (hem on ever? pot. lble opportunity to prtaoner*. Our informant ha- a handftonir gold guard chain presented him by ladies, acrompanled by an anonymoua note expreaalng tbe b 'pe that tbe liakt in tbe chain of tfc* Union would toon br more firmly united 'ban ever. Union rr.cn Informed fcim that the army at Manaasit was falling beck; that from three to five fgi menu wr re daily arriving at Richmond, Tetine?Neeaus on to TeniK?*ee, and Carolinian* and others t.? thrir neveral tfta'es. It is ui.deratocd that only aome 30.W0 naeu would rcirai.. * Minimi. that the new? of the aufrender of For.. lK.n^aor. b-td a roo?t dt?*# l)w A ? ? V. ? J Utai *'.i il'r> tu v.ii a? 11 m. uuiv. uu, u^i n i utrrt U the hopps of the I'nion sU, who My they wanted It to be k town by ?be Federal Gonmnent th?t tLey are ready to welcome ibe old flag, and fi^ht .of it. TIIK LITEST tVAll NEWS* Espfd'ttpn to Ctmrk?i-ilt'~n? (H'wty fV'inp to ymskrilU? of h' itbnttt and of W'?r?Dtftrflytng Kntlroa/ft >r. Louis, Feb -J0 ?A. Cairo di?pitrb uv? the 1 .* a #..,m L* ...t * ?L.a iavr?' euf ico in'ui r i?i? 4/i'ucwii n |Wi? ion the gunboat St. Loulaptased up the Cumberland r w on a reron:i"iastnce to Clarkaville, and found the eucmv abandoning thtt place In a pmlc. Two lar?>f flatUoata, laden with munttlona ?.f war wre raptured at the rolling tnlH Ju?? beiow Clnrkiville EmytMii; wh bring moved to Nashville, where the next rebel stand, It la ?uppu?d, will Im* made. | Sx Lorn, Feb. 2U?A I'ulonacout hat reached sure, and repo ts (bat om? (pan of the Memphis xnrl I * L* r 1. ftfuri H n rnaH hr A%'*? rrrtMlrij th# T?n. nessee rfverat L>?-catur, Altb?m, w*s destroyed on Saturday last, by toe Union men In tut vicinity. It wit reported also that the bridge nt Bridgeport. some s?evt nty-fl ?'e miles above, badal?o been diaabled. but this bad not been confirmed LATENT FROM FORT DO!ftLKO!f?TRK CA.FTCER OF St Locit, Feb. 19 ?General Hal leek received diopatchea to-day from Fort Donelaon slating that one thousand more rebels have been taken prisoners They came down the river to reinforce tbe fort. n^t knowing it had ^'rendered The ntm.1 of tbe rebel officers captured at Warsaw on Saturday last were incorrectly reprrtel from Sedalta this morning. They are Br'gidle.General Price, Col Doraey. Col. Cro?a, C?j>t Jud^e, and all of MaJ Gen Price's at IT THE Kt'MBhR ?T PaiSOXKRfi Tbe actual number of prisoners taken at Fort Donelaon was 13,(00. Among them waa Brie. (ien West. M>t previously mentioned Tkii number does not i Delude the one thousand prisoners *ince captured near Fort Donel?on. GEN HALLBfK KHOWIS6 MKKCT TO TBI KKBKL*. JSt. Locis Feb. 20?Gen. Halleck has Issued an order that In considers'ion of the recent victories won by the Federal forces. and the rapidly increasing lovaltv of the citizens of Missouri, the sentence of the eight bridge-burners heretofore condemned to deatn are provisionally mitigated to clo?e confinement In tbe military prison at Alton. If, however, the rebel* should again destroy tbe railroad* or telegraph lines, and thus render it necessary to make severe examples, the original sentence against these men will be carried into execution. No further assessment will be levied or collected from any one who will take tbe presented _ m oam oi aiir^iance. A board of commissioners will be appointed to examine the caaea of prisoners of war'a application to take the oatb of alliance , and on their recommendations order will be issued for their release PORTED EVACCATIOS OF roLCMSl'S. St. Loots, Feb 'At ?Sii additional boat loada of Fort Donelaon prisoners have arrived at Cairo and will be speedily forwarded to their destination. Private advices Indicate that Columbua haa been or la being evacuated, and preparation will undoubtedly be made for an immediate advance on Memphis. THE PCBSC1T or GtS FlIlE SrRi.KGriKLD, M>i , Feb -Hj ?It la not probable that the army will follow General Price's retreat1 nit urmv vc-rv far (nt/t Arkanaaa ? ? y ? v> J * ? WW u ? ? There la considerable talk of fortifying Neosho and placing troops at Caasville A letter found in Price's headquarters reveals a strong Union atn'iment existing in Arkansss Albert Pike Is working wonders among the Indiana. GEN. HALL EC It'? THANKS TO GKN. HVKTKB. St Locis. Feb 'M ?Gen. Halleck in an ottclal dispatch to Gen. Hunter, says; "To you, more than any other man out of this department, are we Indebted for our succeos at Fort Donelson la my strait for troops to rcmforce Gen. Grant, I appealed to you. \ ou responded nobly and placed your forces at my disposal. This enabled us to wlu the victory." caiko. Cairo, Feb. 20 ?There remain* only sixteen regulars of Company G, Eleventh Illinois Regiment, who are not killed or wounded or taken prisoners, and of the whole regiment not over one hundred and fifty effective men are left. Two thousand prisoner* left here last evening, and two b;at loads have jOst arrived from Fort Doaelioa. PURSUIT or PRICE ? AT TAT 1 OR BIS REAR CART. Cassvillk Mo., Feb. 10.?We are la pursuit of the et emy. He 1* encamped at KeeUville, eight mil-? soatbwest of tbis place e i perting tt?e arrival of Ave regiments from Arkansas Perhaps Price will make a ?tand at Keetsvlllc. bu? it la doubtful, aa hi* army seems demoralised. At McDowell'*, on Flat creek, we attacked bin rear guard, and tbey made a weak resistance and '.hen precipitately fled. A Letter frsm the Secretary #f War. Ti thi E'/avrt vj ikt y Y. Tri'mnt: Si.:?I cannot sutler u due xuetlt to be ascribed tr> tr.v n't;, lal action The i lcrw of our recent victories belongs 10 tbe gallant otters and Midlers that fought the battles No ?uaie of it bcto me. M ich ha* recently been said of military combinations and organizing victory. I hear such ptns<s with apprehension Thev commenced in Inlidtl F.ancc with the lUliaa ccmpoxb and re suited In Waterloo. Who can organize victory ' Who can combine the dements cf soixena on the battle-field ' We owe our ireent victories to the Sj.lrit of the Lord, that moved our s -idlers to rush Into battle, and Ailed the b? arts cf our enemies with terror and dismay. Toe in*; iraiiou that conauered in battle was in t*.e h*-art- of >bc sold cis and from on h'gb, snd whtreter there U the >un? insplntlen Ihwv will be tot sanx r?>suits. F*t'iuUc spirit, with reaoltne courage in f 61 crs and mm. is a mili ary combination that uevor f?;l?d ?Vt luay well r<joice at the recent victories, for thjy leacb us that battles a ? to be won now and by us In tbe same and only manner tbatthfy w?r? W ? !!? U> UU>* Ik. CYCT wuu uj auj v. -"**7 ?. day*of Josbua, by baldly pur?umg ?"d str.king tuc foe W bat under tbc hunting ot P o.ideoc*, 1 conceive to be tbe true or^a?u.tiua of victory and miitary rouiUont.ou to ?ad tni? war, wt> derlarrd In few wnrda by Gen Grant's m>mg( to Gen Buckort- f prtf t>? t? ?wi < imm 4i*rt If M yettr trork* " Youra truly, Eowin M Si4*ivn -4