21 Şubat 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

21 Şubat 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE BVENtrre HTAK. Fab bt at Ho?ti Docm.?A Rateable military r*vi*wer at Rlctmcbd write* : McClellan boldiMr mtarmv at Manaara* as In a vice." Thrs hv tbe enerm *8 ndrnt*aion our Potomac army biarotVen n?e:^M It Las par&lvzed the lai _r?t. raveat and most aulyccnnnaodtd umy U>at toe Ccnfcder- te Sta'ea ever gathered Tb? T Iwji rrrr^jhanH?n( i? ?*? bltvr and cruel war upon O-n McCleIlan"by tLe Tribune. Po*t end others. In order to my: ,;It ' acarcelv two weeks elnce his persecutors, boldly grown, were flattered Into the belief .hat the nnbappv man wae already their vletlm, and th*1 P-esld-itend the new Secretary of War. erasing upon ?be arena with so much ttlat, bad virtually sope^edrd him In his command, aud thrust him a?lrte a? unworthy to direct the vast Itmrhict* V># MA ' ftn rw e nnt?nl 1?<4 ? VI. ? ? ? - ? * ... ~ ?-?? ?- v vu?ivnra IU II i I W 196 BtlU all-embr?e?nf ?ra*p Do yea not recollect the gloating *atitfart|on ^ndthe assiduity with which theie rump's fr?m VVnbUi(t<in were scattered brmdesst Ihr^aiih th? country* capture of Bwnfgard. or the H"WnMl of Jfff DsTl?,eoul(l not have spread name undisguised joy among a < ertala clesa of our i eople U an did tbe malign rumor shat Gen McCI-ujii had been degraded by th# Government, and reduced to a mere local command And not here even was hi* hum! 11a?4am ?/>.?* * W? ??? * 1 J -* " " * ?... ... ..?u- iw i* u'-privea ?ITO Of mat, *nd rfinif. from aj-rvice! The autbora of thin bltW nod cruel war upon Gen McClellan are not be frand now. Tbe crM<-t?in? on hi* campaign are reviewed, ane the juat reward of merit U b*atnwed on It Ativan aee tow that Hen McClellan did j jhl the right thing, at the right lime, and In the rlgh^way." Thw who we'e In Washington on theSlat and 7-j(i m Juiy, and r*r two or three weeks after and who have compared onr defeated Array on the Potomac tbn?, and what It 1* now, will give 'jeneral McCMian credit for performing more han berrulean labor*. It is mean end cowardly all blnr?, but he will aurvlve It and 'om' ?eld purified in tu? furnace.?JV. Y. ?0 out Ilka ? _________ ^i " t t v nv mil t c- -- Nkw? o? the 84?. ^tt?elrfVm8prtnJ I" . hot*.?The newi of the ~*vm L id not yet } -d just arrived out. and th* p?. Advertiser of n,ada their coa mmti. IheC.rk*. ~t of the tUm 13th has sum* remarks on the conitib. re'oeU not complimentary to tb"m : 1 There b?a be<*n a battle m Kertuck*. ?nd :ch a battle' !*eventv-fl?e killed oi the aide of h*1 federal, and two hundred and something on he side of the Confederates Vet the litter tied, leaving their caan^n in the hands of the former! Thev might well, for tbev did't know how to '.at' 1 hem How often hare we laid tbat they had better gtve np, for tba: of fl'ghtln^ the- had no * * ? ? *l-- " *?>??*>? (uion in HUrC ilUHUQ man ll a Uitioa w ua\i ucfii w v. u j u their hands. Tbi? is thoronihly tlisgracefuMcd wf prnnme it occurred under one of their be?t General*, Sydney Johnston .Nothing is said on 'he sut jrTt, but it *?-ems not improbable, a* h?in Kentucky, General Bueli surrounding blm vrltb a superior force If it be, and if McClellan / an rout the other Johnson (Joseph) and licaure _*rd in the same fashion on the Potomac, und >et 'hem flying in the same 'confusion' we don't see hat business the South will have prolonging the struggle Her soldiers will be dNb?art?*ned, in Tjrr mrrr win w uu guiiuucmr, anu in her citizen*, deprivt-d of their agriculture and coirm* rc?, there will be no ability to supply the sinews' which hav? been so sbamef'illy misused Months ago we said that a score of French ?r Kng'.ish officers would hav? been Invaluable on either side, and every additional Instance of native iuci>aipetenca prove? It." Thurlow Weed writes from Paris : Archbishop Hughes. 1 regret to say, has been q'i.te ill for a fortnight, eo::tlned most of the time to ta's bed Though nv;ch wnsred, nothing s?rion is apprehended Tbe Emperor uprftM disappointment and regret in not aeeing Gen. i?cott, for wbow character and service be b*s great reapect, and fiom n-bom be expected useful Information." LADIES' RUIIlinR BOOTS AND SHOE*. All aliw st J. B. PUDNEY'S, 334 Hmu l ack of ClEgett'a Dry Ocx ita store. . ? MEN'S Rl HBI.R BOOTS AND SHOES, At J. B PL'DNEY S. felS-tf 324 Prnn. av.. Btoic Koom. zSk\ /^v ANNAPOLIS /-> COMPANY. OYSTERS! OYSTERS! All t)TEter Shipping Ce.-n;&n? h&i b^en forn ed for 'he purpose < f *upp jiaj \\ aahinstcn &n<i it* Ticicity wirh Oyster*. A;( person* which u*e from . HMolOuga lon? pe- day.oan b* supplied. Oy*ter< in the'i r*nt iu oae* or * ca. io*U oj trom 150 to 2?J butiielceau be ia<1 us one da?'s m>ticr;for iImi *iia&utj cv) at ttft Urulrf" atreet, (je?r& tovu, 11. a ? Pk A /~\ at Vl I A */4 V _ V. . . . A a y?. lilt V/ JB'wt' UJ kU 3 K> vi tfaUT I0SB If ah i'not niof* J 'har. aaT other itliit nan 1.9 had in the Dutrmt . 0?*tsr? are opene-t ?<> umedij ta?y are t%iea uom the water, and a e ??nt to the lliet.net -u* si ne ,.1 e h t. All ord?. flireotetl to WILLIAM H V NCh, > nai.o.18, Vi t mata.e; lor Company, will be e.-oifkot'* attea, % Ui f<? 4-ltn* fiHMHSi UAK.> 3 bAI KtfS, BLISH1D IN 19'!9.) H?< l?ave to inform tne pjb'io that ther have ex tended their Kapre?? to Wu'iinitoi). and are now reparsti to T-aitSPOrt Merchandise, Hank Note*. J*we'r?. &o.,?o ait pa'te of the Mvldlt, >?# Ann and asd IVutim States an! Canada Cog ceo lai ?ith the moat re3i>~.rs;b:<? Kxprr* ?<-? throughout the country, w? ara eiiarnad to offer untiuaiud foci latt to ah who may favor us with thesr ?a*ror,a^e. For terira and farther inforinaBcn&?p y to K. 8. SMITH, Ajert. Third ?t.,id door below Ha. a venae, la ft Sin W aehingion, D C. PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI. PUxfSTAND COMPOSER. By rer.T*! re*u**t *i.io>#ns cia?s for thoFijno and ttincict. by s:? t?w and simplified ^?~Jtea tn'tnoa. In this wa?, a-i o ppo rt u n 11 y]TT?tT! wil: be extend e to ail whode?iret-> ?otaire knowledge of Vocal and instrumectal Mcsio.on tb<9 m'?st '.i^cai term*. All those wflo d ?!' to joic tius o>~nrse will aapiy at onoe at his resident**, No 303 "ixth street, between K *tr?et srd New York avenue. Hoars r f reception between 9and lio'clock a.m., ot. Tuesdays, Tbu/slayi, and Saturdays. lm tf. WUTBE1MKR A CO., ACA No. 4851 AXD 464 Sxvx*tH ST., *0"X Orront* the Pott O&a, Offer their stock oi wines, brandie8, gin8, f/OHL?lALSjetc.. aiso their itrie assortment ci 8e6ars, Tobacco, ancy gooiw, to., for sale at Wholeude Pnoos. They keep constant;* on h&cd fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kegs and bottles, for *?rs or tanuJy nse The public in general are re?vested to give them a call ar.d examine their splendid stook of g.v>ds. 8. WERTHEiMER A co., 4?>? ica ?t>? seve&ta ?trwi, Ha a-am oppo. Po?t o&ca. Oysters! Oyster*! THE OVERLAND OY*TbR EXPRESS COMPANY JUiloontinnetoreoetvedei j thoaoiamoua p.anted ATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Kojtaa'-aata an<l private famUlead^ik /_J Vonid do veil to call and try them. Thoae orator* arc ao.d SB noara altar lBPff tUeyoome from tha wmter. '*** ICT o?a? No. 49 Market Spaoe, below the A'sana H ?uae. ja 8-3m ^ DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. iroricM o7~kemov?l. Tha daltrerr oftoa of thia aoppsny la removed from Third etreet to tha I arte depot on kf treat, l4tVMD 2(3 snH Sd <U lu tf SMITH * BROTHER'S P A L, K C KEA M ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER aid N2W YORK BROWN STOUT. T)m afcova CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES ar* Braved from tiie CHOICI0T BARLEY MALT and HOPS, aod b^hly teamed by those who have Died them. Parohaaora are re?nested to call and examine our auperior atock, a*?ar?d that they wiiliad the BEST and PUREST irtnln We iiaee at ail time* a large tuxsk ready for deJirery. ir, wi^H, ua f atul quarter oaaka, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS.and FAMIL.Y UBK, wfuoh we offer on too MOST FAVORABLE TERM*. SMITH A RROTHER, Brewer*. No. 16? A 160 WeetHth it. New York City. Ordere by Mai or Kxereea fromjtiy executed, Cm a-??n ll'JOTS ANI) TO SI'IT THE O Tl M KH. We are ucw mauufoatannK ail kinda of BO'?TS a-jd HHOCS, ard e< uttast.* reo*iv.a(r a_^< e*j?r?? of fa?t*rn w*c? work of every d?-M] <<rt>Uca, made 9*pr..??jj t<>u'd*r,aii4 willy VJ t-e ?ol.J at ewsob !<'W* pr.19 *.hac Kte b? en * ' ^-e'.oior* <7 < tit ? urv for maolt inferior RrMciM. Heracna m w&.tcf UjoU sad Slnea of eaatern or eftjr mace work, will at w.jn find a jo~d oa?u?t :! it store ?ud at the to?o*t pri?*e. ftive ue OKll-r-iN * HKO . if yt 314 P'sniilTun avenue. \tAJ?SEY, COLLINS ft CO.'S 1?1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have lust raoeited a of the above A,a viiO.'i *? rNomnwod to be of a reri napwior quality. rtriODi wuti.cj to purcr.&M.by flQAkicg in inctiiAt* a#pua*t;oat oax be furai?h?d. ARNY A &HIN.N, UNDIE^SKD AND OTHER LINENS. mrd Kird ?-?? Di?p?r?, of t&? proper kinds for etui* Pin* * Mucked Bar Cfclnti, p".*i2, for oMMrtn'a 0?* northern acd ciitwn onrrMpcn *ent? ?? ??! DUMV UtMlilM MiltPERRV A BROTHER, to 15-1' Pill.??. Md Ninth at, s pRUPOSALB FOR WELL8. PUMPS, *o. MATOK'S OTIIC*, WABRII?OTOM, I Mbra&r; 14, !?62. < Proposal* n tin* wiii t>t r?oo:ve 1 at thu offlo?, up to 12 o'c'ook m. th? Mth d*j of March n?*t, for mtlnn* Pnmp*. H*dr?ats Lock for con ty n< waw.aud f\>r k.ait eg Walla. inciod n? All nfc??'T m&t?r!*u and w rkmsn h;o m digging. aTiae, fixicf ?n?i errrnsirtirg in he best manner a id for ueep ng th* in veneot *a pair for job ?'* * u e.'n tr.e Urst D?etr:ot, composed or the First an-1 second Warrfe; in the Seo^nd Uis'not, rt-inp ??d or the Thiro, F >urth ant! Seventh Wards-, and in the Third lhstnot. composed of the Kilta a d t*tita Warda, (etch i'utri-itto be bid for ??p rat?'y and to be mven ?o d ffe.-ent e ntraotora lor the term ol onsyear, oomiueueing on the 1st day of Aprr, 1862, agreeably to the following ?po?ih oauons: FOR WELLS. Digging and valirg ^eii?, ico'uding materia* and removing the dirt, per loot; iineai. The waua t > be four inches thiOK, of a good h&rd brio*. Cleaning oat veils, each. ^iiiking o'd we'Is deeper, per foot. Taking out o.d wait* atd pu.ticg ine&rafc.P*' foot C-sea of eight fret lerglh. per f?ot. Cases moie tiaa e phi f<*<t length, per foot. Covering new w< Its, inn?di. g matonals Tn? covering ?o be rf the t?o-t Kut m shi?re joist, a?* I ie-s thau three ir# >es tt.io? 'a*d d-^efo'o. i faviag new we.U, including brick aai pump 1 tore. opening old we'le, and ocveicg same with oil mueriau. osoh. oid well*, and oov?ring tarns with sew timber. FOR PUMPS. K??? at f-e puinp* in repair, viz etoppi'-i? a.. e*?a. *e? whflu it can be doue without t&l ;ng ont Uj- pnnir, eioh. Taking uu' an J pnt'ic? id old pumps,per log eacn Making UfW joint* ia old oge. N-w log* put in >J<1 pi* np?, per foot. N?w boxe* an-1 rt'B'j ia old pumps, ea?h. New p ;mps. p?r fw-t Hoxfuau j r pouts for n??w pump?, eao'i. jOopp&r chain hera lor rumm. Th^t 'plog of the cuinp* toiaof t^e h'e' s*a ?ned w.iiu- oak. and tj? re n-.airi Jer?.f the t?eet sea soaeu jwi.o\r pine. ? ? . , FOR HYDRANTS. Kooptng th" h?i rant* 1 v:x. atoaMM all Ieaka. Ac . a!! n-w valvra a'.d /"J*J th* ?)!U one*, an 1 repvjn? th?J 01 d irenabel c SIwi tj tU9in? w n jit it c&u Ln> iiouo witnout takin* 1 ont. raoh. . . ..?h Tanir? out h?dr-uit? arrf puttl** l*nw" *9 Nijw hydrant-, par fort. -nt< I-?r r jrdrwts, taas. >P"U'a.occ? do do. Pain tine pumpa a^d liyuranta. ?* ehIKON WORK. ... . axles. (DflliK- ?.!**? - i>?? ,s nan rM* H %Dfl! 9t* _ " r ?m ? w ? 113 r<?ont and low4? i?..x irons for pcn^ a.\ch. NjWj mte to ??.<J sp?:\i?(Vew -pout at.d vaivivirops f^?r hy?)rv*,*sTn? w.-rk a^u in\tet.? 11 > be a I o? ' I)?tt ^ual liy oft reir t r^pecti v? knOs. Nnoifw wiii>>e received tteCia not jv ade by a pract.ca pump ma*or. The rsr-un or pers^ta whop? off#r m? rbaaoceatel wi.J b* required to enter into ounii for one t'ousacil d >i!arK. vittt two go.>d eu-eties. cocditif n'?l !or the faithful perjofpi^noe 11* his o * their contract; an J ahoui a:<y contractor or ^jmtr.aotora f% 1 or r?'u e to r mpn wirn at y of rhe <Vndtinacrurnn of his,, tti?r c Tiirac t. or to tx? cu e a,:y wot* wi!?u:i l.c :i *. ; an cl a th<? order of the (:omm'?iiir t chroc?' r ? itto -ki done, the uia Author,z-d to eniaiiv a-.* other P?raon cr p-r ?.ni to ex'O'Tte ihe *bdI*,or to"furnish "D*t >1\ g upon 6uch tcr.r.s v< ;.o n s? tlc-snif* flsoient, in which r.rent ?i;e cun'-^m . r cintrac *> r*i i.>< aha ?wp?cm:'!e to this Coryorati u? lor tNT lo?s <> tianisge ;t v\zy tinffotiy, -i thi> Msynr n ay a: hi? diuor.iio . ,naulth> ooutra M nl such con.ff.'jti-.- or ccrf ?o*ot . HICHAK0 WALLACH, f?s H-1aw4w Mayor. f r\(!V ! AGEf. 1 Haw n-i* <m hand * . ir^e ami fine ftsnort nrnt of UARKlA*?KS, superior I > any in the.* amp, iRMk"t. ?hio)i 1 Am prcpi^.i t > ?ci YjgSijgSt Iiw for cash. P?r?on i" want o, e'*K5JfflCrr3Sfci; work, wiii tio -sreil t? ''-all ?2.i *A%uiiud ui; stock 'jei-n* ptuoiia>?i!.f r i>av fieri*. All re-pairs seat'y dor*#? ss.1 orders promptly alter ''?d to. t l *?B ?l<a ono verr ii a p.one P*rr?i Carriage, wh'on orieirally coat .31 3.5. bi;' litt'o , and rili be sola !ov, as the nwupr iM : <> fwra.er o?e for It. A N DK K W J. JO VO?. ja 31-lm Ooriie- 14'S A d K ?twwi i J. MYi'KS 10 \VA?H:S3TO*? DriLDiJw, Penti. .4r?n?4 A lar*e st->ck of A r.ca : . <\?ohai? for sale. a,t wl^'esa.e. ltS.4 J. MY* HS. American c .ix ks a- w; o esa.^ ijr-.X J. MYKR3. I Watch Materials &l ? .' ie?* ?br d A J.MVhKS. Plated ' hams at w!;o>-a e by S. A J MVKRS Watch VSTorlt d-i-ie lt?r the cra i-s only, by a praotical workman. at 5v A J. M \ KRy'. 3teel and GCt Her* at vrho!e?a.e by S. tc J. W KRS*. IET A!! whoieu'a th in Watches and Jewelry wou'd do we.I t?> oai: s H. A J .MYERS' t>?foret n?oc Eaat or fW?h*e;nj lsewhere. pOK I AULK WOOHKK i'liNTS f Tb# und#rsifP_?-5 has f r 6C'? and wi!! make to order horHv> o Wcnlen ki aiit re*uireu i Bizo, at a verj low pr fio . n-s? i an be put j up or taken <o?rn in a Ipv i/rin ar.dcan be seen | at the corner of Fourt<-?utn and H at.'. i ia jS->>n* J< in w v JORDAN. Z FURNITURE! f7\ FUR N frUK E ! VL FORNIX VMS! W. J?. M OSR8, (cf the firm of Moge* A I'ectiiarri, Pinlad'a.) Manufacturer and \\ boleta.e aa.l Re'ail Uever in Gan<? nest Onairc. Cottage. Parlor and Dining room KDmiture?Thorn'a liaiiJiDj, S(J9 t^eveaih street, above D. ? - - m \ t OTDO iKin ii livery va*i*:ij or truv/uoiriiiiiia prumpuy ano neatly executed Stor<? oaeu a? aa-i ?v#mnk' for the accommodation of tli- putijjo. Purot a-ein will atu-ly lUeir icos.-eet to ca'l before lookiag eisewher*. ja <U-3m* Of? INCH HEAVY SAIL DUCK, 0"l ?s ir,cti Cotton Duck, 10j< Lieacn (1 anl Hrowr Sh^etiEf. Toveia, Napkins, 'J able Linens, Red Comf-ris, Y> a-.k^u, Flannele, Shawl?. Cashmeres, Calicoes. Cloak j. tr.ov-a and Suspenders. And other kiud of Dry Goods, or. aaio at tuo lowest pricss, br WM. R. KILEV * BRO., i\o. jd central stores, Botwten 7th &ud 3;h ptreet*. fe3-10t orpo. i>< ter Market. WALL, Ki J&PHEN8 A CO., 3ii'2 fINXITLVAMA Avmi, M1J.1TAKY \ N 1) NAVAL MERCHANT IA1LOR3. AND hEAD\ MADE CLOTHIERS. AND frXTENgf V? DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. 83 6-f V17 FOR THE ARMY. TV E Have jnat reoe vcd. by steamer Arago, a large assortment of mv.ni?oent Frenoh Brass Druon (System* (ireio're;) Frenoh Hugles, lor uiiaatry. oavairy, and artillery ; Martin Freres Celebrated Clirioneta aad Flute*; Hrvv? ments ot ail kinds Also, the finest * oa it> of Vento* Strings, tiusson's AoooriJeons and Fla.tinas. Together witu a large assortment of latest Franco Music for Bands. Musis store of W. ?. METZEROTT, Ja 16 Corner Pit avenue and 11th sC n ISAAC HLUZtifcKtf, /m\ The Oury Liot. sed X" A tAWSBHOE P. R. W < $?u,.joe to be lo' ned on tioidand Silver Watolios, 1 ' C* (1 - - u:-- ?* rfnwoiryi wuub auu riflu'.B. cuiver waro, aiju Wearier Appare:? at the oid stand. No. 391 C tract, back of the National lioUt, between <X and fcth ?ti. <le 18 -jm* IMPORTANT TO LADIES. The sab*enber< have opened tl.e "tore No. 16 Market ? pace. fa. a v. bet.8thaad 9th ate. aa a first o.asa Laoe and Fancy Drets Cap Depot. con?isiinx in part of Foiat d'Aieucon. Appligue, Meck.ec anu Va:auoience* Laoes, *ucu an Collars, Sleeves, i Handkerchiefs. Cape*, F'ouneirg, Caps. Caps. Coiffure*, and mad* up gooda of the finest quality, and at New York prices. COHEN ft DUMELDORP, from New York. M U k .. I 1 ' in ?Mu avi m ui ijowro VMUVIi IIIOIiUfKJ? UUI done up **ual to Dev. at ahurt notice. tie 2b 2m* 4* WATCH KS. UTOLD AND SItAE* ENGLISH. SWISS AND AMERICAN. I bare now on hand a tars* etook of all the meat oe.ebrated WatoUea, tl.at 1 am aeilicc at the vary lowest pnoes that food and reliable time keeper! oan be afiorded at; and erery description of fine JEWELRY oq nan?1; all new styles received aa oon ae manufactured, and offered at the loweat rfttM. Sl?v?r ?*r* in?n?f??liir?.l in ?- n? -k~ " ?- ? ? >11} VWU U?'Fl Allkindaof MILITARY GOODbon hand,such ri Revolvers, Bworda, Hashes. Belts, tf^wie nivei. Pock at Ccmpaates. Ao., Ac. Alao strong Army Trunks and Hed Combired; and many other tiiisga oseiul and ornamental at 33s Pennsylvania avenue. H. A HOOD. ' DINK, NVHITK, BLUR, AND CORN COLOR a naa bawdier filks, for evening Ureaa*s, lor mer >riee 92.2b pet yar<|,odered now nnd for U? a*zt ten dajs at 91 IS par yard really a ueoided ? t?ar<ain PKKK\ k. BKOTHKR, , la 13-f Penn av. and Nictrt tt IIUCK ALA! o ___]H^CKjrEA! ? ;*? cbcih i uiMk i n?Te Deen reoeirea to-Uay. A.. 10, ohoiM Orwi T?aKIN? A BURCHKLL. i? > Gonw ISt.i itrMt and V?miont it. Iflrt MALAGA GRAPES. IUII LB?. Of the importation, and of pwior ? aa.it?, ju?t reo*iv?rf. KING * BL'RCHKLL. I* 4 'Vwr U?h ?U n.nfl Vornrhnt tf, m ? u/> n n i' a r *??-??? m nvi\uc, ,u? v? i'hl it UU., * J Importer* ?ud Pe*l#f? In WINKS. LiqUOKs. CiQAhS.tte.j And GENERAL. CO HMI-SION MERCHANTS An ft&iortmeot <>f M^rchlndiie of every deeorlption oosetaatly ?n h*id. GKORGK M. WURL A CO.. 73 W?ter etreet. Georgetown. i> 21-1m* Ot Rr??? Ferry. ROUGHS, COLD- ^HOARSENESS, A a. COUP (J UND S1 h VP Of 0 VM ARABIC. Ttu? pleasant axid eoerlar Couib R viced y has bMi to !oo( knowntsrt extensively gied that ntoit pe-eor.e have becoma familiar with tte extraordinary efficacy. It <mb be had at all U? tricot* I Iruc etoree, at It a d to orati a bottl*. ?? U-<lfii?a?4m' 1*7 BOW CLOTH IN?. " B Have receive! withm t*e laat day or two a tare* auortmtnt of JtdVH' 8PJ11N? CLOTHINu. viutraeing all style* uf low prietd, aMdiaa, *.<<J 6ue eaaiitiee, wbioh we are eelllfif at very low pricse for oaeh. ^ ' WALL. STEPHENS k CO , 339 Pa av .between tthand Wkm m a (Intel, k Re*.) IMPORTANT TO FAXILIX8. RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, IUTLKBB, GROCERS, APT? OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 30ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 33# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having btrn pttrehmitd / Bankrupt Merchanti and otheri. fM ?t r% it r* t a 1 U U FV L IV ' O TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, j FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T F.AS, FINK. U NION CIGARS.* 0 RAGKURS, BOSTON. K ETOlHUFS, IMPORTED. E XTRJl COFFEES. R Al#H??, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES! READ OUR PRICES ! Kxtra Brown 0 cent* per pound White Sugar..? cents per pounu Fine Green Tea SO cents j>sr pound fair Black Tea SO cents per pound Extra Coffee 20 cants per pound Good Coffee ? 16 cents per pound I Wax Candlea 35 eenta per pound Malag* Raisins...... L3 cents per pound ! Codfish 6 centi per pound Imported Cigars... 30 cents per 100 Havana Cigars.. 91 to 93 per 100 Almonds 12 cents per poand Salt .20 oents a bag Good Butter. 16 cents per pound Extra Butter '20 cents per pound Fine Wines SI per bottle Whiskey 25 to 30 cents per bottle .au omer *lnd? of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and ?ee for yonrwflf. TUCKER'S, 3*15 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, a< n o %f M ?? %? ? *f a *? ? ? - ? d<v r o ;i 11 o 1 In V A n I A A V en U L, 335 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bt** purcKajtd of Bankrupt Mtrtkanii kand otktrt. Stuart'* Refined Sugars from 0 to 12 cts per pound .Extra Fine Green Tea 75 ? ? Good Green Tea 50 " " Extra Fine Black Tea 75 " " Good Black Tea 50 ?' " Old Java Coffee 30 11 ? Good Coffee 16 " Every thing else In proportion. REMEMBER, TUCKER'S, 3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, Si* PENNSYLVANIA AVKNVB Washington. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RBBT A USANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. 1 WILLIAM TCCUE'I CHEAP WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 335 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 395 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having b t? purckattd /" Bankrupt MtrcAantt and otKtr*. T U C K E R|> 8 TUCKER. >8 WHOLBSALS AND KITA.U. Groceries, Liqnon, Clgart, Winet,fto FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, PINE. U NION CIGARd C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISIN8, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 339 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTO'B VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. GROCERIES AI ult rmm usual FKICKS, Hmmtmg b$m pmtkaui if Kmftrapi MtnkmmU mUtthtM. REMEMBER, TUCKER'S, MS PENNSYLVANIA A VRNUE TUCKERS, Stt PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE * w""i"*TO* v r / I l? "a I>ENTI8TKY. OA.CHARLIIR. BOTCLER? NO. ISO PENNSYLVANIA a" KM K BirvmOnimi llnSn. * Jt?2S55 J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CBSOPLAST1 BONB TEETH.

Winuft Mitu PLAT* om CUIM. DR. 8. B ale ESMOND. , 19 Bnnuhray, Nrm Torfc-360 PmiyJfMM A* anu, bttwttn ink amA 1 *?k ? ? 2??'.Hi*fiblie to th? followinf "ran^fs'zEsssi -.^ao nerer ooroue nor ehacie ooior by ' acids, betnc three-fourths liihter than aty other. S. No teeth or root* need be extracted, M tae artiftoia, ones tan be lccerted ot?t them. ?. The too** wiii be uv:c i&o?ecaire, an rerer che. 4. Mo temporary teeth are seeded, as permanent one* tsar. be ma le immediately, thereby ?re?PriDi tr.<j natural expreaeton of the fboe. winch aader the old rmteni Is frequently disf.cured. I. This York ha? been M17 tested over fire year* by many of the brat ob^Siista and physicians of Dr. S. baa aleo invented a white nnde^Tnctire j etaJ^Uiwj, wi th whioh the moat aMttitive teeth I '..Ul **in- ?*> i'Ulid np ? per AThSt^oa"* "* "** wblob win^gt K -*" %' r?fer?B??nw-M Dr. V. Mott; Dr. 1?ITw'. Profr?!?r OI Chewntry, N. Y.; fron. ?tth*8*rr*me Conrt of Wm<ub( "?' ?^d thoss&cda of ctherg. 8 _*^?4l_*nd_ciarmna for your??lf. no n ?m GAS FITTING, kc WM V. DOVE * CO. " RE flov yr?MrMI to nnciW U] ir(tri vltk mt<\nh th?r ?n*T b? h'ow jo th? riiVMBiN*. a|o? J^sam nt*m? fET" Store on ?tb tr?*t,a few ,o6n nertk ?f Pa, averse, where may be foand a .^mtBieU aefcortiLeat ' ?" y W? AB F 1171 X E8. E Haw in ito? ? and are dai y reoJinni, WAS FIXTURES ofesorely New Patterns ar.d De*.cts and Finish, sn~.er.or in Hue to anything beretorort ffer <d in thr^ market. We inviteoitisena genera, ly to tail a jd examine oar stock of Baa and Water Fix' ?re^,feehng confident that we has* ike ha?* vv.coijfl stoolc m Washington. All VVork in tb? ibore Tine iitniiM to am Mr* .1V pramptlr attm-'ed to, MYKZB * MeVBAfl. aar Mf ST6 D straet. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Care* all Venerial Diwmm permanently and qaiokly. without the nseof distasting or toiscnousdrng* of any kind. No dieting or interference witli business. Consult&tioue free. it.. ..? 1 * .. . s?;iui <|uivo ouuuku in mi iatot, wnen I My that mr praotioe it thai whioh ia in aa? in all the Naw York oity hospital*. New York City College and He*pita, Testimonial! furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ot the Womb oured and saved a oonsumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing otftnsirt or disafrt?*blt in any part of the treatment. II oures warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with retire ttamp, promptly attended to. Memoines for travelers and otheri packed, with foil instrnctions for us?, and warrantee. Office?Room No. SWyi1 ington Building. Penn. avenue and Seventh St., Waehi -gtoc, 0. C. feb 1-1 m* F AIRBANK'S 8TANDAR D SCALES, i | FOR BALK BT J . P . BARTUOLOW, Sole A cent, ItHwire k Agricultural Warchtnse, M9 Seventh Street, Btlvun Pmnsylvania n?mv? cm-f t&< r?M.( opposite east end of Centre Market, ja 14-tf g U T L E R 8 , ATTENTION!! *00 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, I'SIVX Q*AJ.!TI, For eale in ?uantitie? to nit tko trsJe, at lotr firir*e. JOHNSON k NA?LE. B?? Pa. arenas, Waching ton, D. C., jaM 10 Royal rt.. Alexandria, Va. NOTICE. g*? mmi? " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." tThia Com?U7 offers to the eublio" Unequalled iYantage*" for the Sale ana Quiok Dupatoh of ea*y Freight*. Paoxacee, Valuable*. Mosey, <ko. 0., to all parte of the L mtol States. I Ezfreesee to and from the North and Wed del aart from tnil irrm In Wmmh.?a? - . j, i, _ ' T ?W4WB UBil T . All Expresses are - *h*rr? of tmvnmtul mmd riltmilt Mensncera. B 9 " *** 8oldI" <*" ? ? "?? S5X ii^fsr^Esaatftf'AVas .& Pt M. " " * w i Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJO A, M. and 11 P. M? arriving in Washington at Aft) P. M, and 'i^'xpreaeee lea re Baltimore at 410 A. 1*1. and I p. pi. ^arriving in Washington at A. M. and i.30 Expresses for all points North and West leave W&stiuxton at 7J0 A. M. and 2JO P. M. daily. Special Contracts (or large quantities oi.Freight can be made on aep.ioation to thta < ?flloe. All Goods called for and delivered/res at Extra barges. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't A da rua' Kxpresa Company. Washington. Angaat a. IWl. au a-tf Sm utlfrs and others should thjrSCRIBE lO THOMPSON'S BANK NOTE MEPOK-TbR?Weekly, 92.50 per year; aemi monthly, 91.80; monthly, 75 ?ents; with two oopiee of deeoripyve list free to a'l who pay in advance. Orders promptly executed l?y enclosing the mo^ey tn a note a'dressed to WARREN CHOATE, 33* Pa. avenue f? 7-6t? Wall, Stephens & Co., MHITl D V AMD MlUil .. M*ann I Ail A/ 1VATAU MERCHANT TAILORS, AMD DllLUI IN SWORDS. CASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS. GAUNTLETS, GLOVES. Ac. And every variety of RBADY-MADS CLOTH IN to, At RsasoNiBLB Piicss. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. SS9 Pennsylvania avenue, between Jail UafL A Rayab.1 9th and loth ?u. rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DTB, The Bwt In the World. IV Omly RilimbU and Hmrmlut Hair Dy* Known. tfJM1L F Medicine Store. t|< nMnt umo?, oor. r x tul. * ?"LSSiS SafS&SOTKJ. Factor j?si Barolaf ?.<fiU 3? Broadway) N. Y. 1~~ GASH NOTICE. ~ N Conse^uenoe of oar h&vicg to pay cash for ererr artiole of goods ? puro liue, we wi lorc^ d to reduce oar buen-seto Cash exclasivety, for the prevent. Wt ka?? id itorta rrrr ivnano'faMit of R&ADY MA1)K CLOTHING for nsrn and beys* wear, whici' are eeTlir* at a much lowar rate than isaally. VVALL. 8TKPHKN8k. 00? 388 Pa. av., (*tween 9ih and 10th iti. i?7 UnUi. tlw.] . QOQ JOBNSON * NAG LB, OQQ 50i7 UtPOITDI OW S03 ?* ^Tasssftw^""**No. IN Pa. byiryp^t^aad 101k itmta, No. 10 Boy&l ?t, sar Klag, Alexandria, Ya. ?Ei 4 SpmrUtmg Mod xnd Motelle Cabinet Wins*. ^ OompoU?are wo twfMtft ij imiM U> |iv? ma # t BCH jnuasTca, iirinoRfc LOCI FOlMtilt H?i ?W#tirW III ? ? Ort?*?, Fpttdf mmd mJy lytefMU Rtmtdf %m tkt W0X14, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPENDENCE* AMT ItO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APFLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 1WRK WARRANTED, OR T10 CM ARB M, IIT FROM OXE TO TWO DATS. VNfaMrf 2k?Ba?k, *? ??M*, Af*?0?m?r th? Ufi 10". Bla44*r --mwww Impataac*, ?nt Dtbliilf, ????? III, CftJHM, LaMgwtt, CllWplli f ld?s?, U?? P-:pu;?fc. ?r ta? inn. Tt&U '??. f>i iiim? ? Sif-M ?r Gxl^irtH. I ?- * ? iMi, ftmi.N'W * Mir, *r Laay*, li?nIU *i EWvti? * Ihicnin r.ntmgtrwm MlUJf Mlt'.'.t tl YtmC.-C.tt* 0r?*4<?l ar,?i 0mii%cu*? Pn?jj?M rtadtt W-.rn*f? UupaMikU, *n<l Wk TOrrw BTPtf lit Ticti...i Mlwry tktt Ama'to! uid d?r.r?cuT* kcbii vkteb * icatlly iwttf* ? ?i iuun?i; (t. 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'r.aadad a*m?t>mm *l|t uittrftnnat ( m.ui, wara c*r?d muh?ta?l?. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. T??n? tHmm * - * * ^ nufovnf irrtf I r ?rtf ? "* If I MRtio poxtic* ir.dLlg?i la ?b*<> f- * t; fr*c?*i.tt? | l??rc?d frox *?i! *r *; tcL^el, tfc* iftcu *1 hied ar* ? *e)t lr?. ?h*i uliif.?td if mctrll ! r*od*r* impoaalbl*. *od b*?H ?<->i had k*dr, ??,o%.d apply ftHi >n ton* of tli* **d ! >' ? t:?uc.?ty *f?eujpr*dM*d *y **H? h*Nt? ef 'il : Wist ?f tb* B*cfc *jd fcirob*, Pf ? - Ci* i)?? d. Dir ,in of HtjU, U'M ?f V P?w??, r.piuuoe ?f tn? H? an, . N*r??m? imu?ki'.lty, n?-?Bj*m*nt *f ti.* Ui|?tm t'ac.cu?o*. ?*o?r?l Dl.ltT, Symptom* of C?o*?ni|>tiaii, *C. M'T%* f**rt?i tf*ou or. 'h? retol ktt m?eh M WW ortuno-LMi of tn?T-rr?, ut- t: T1?aa, Pirrttaiaa ( Ipinu, E?il Tor?b?<!i g*. on af Becit'.r, #? f Di?irti'. U'nt musda, Ttnudl'.y. ara m* ' tfc? ?*i1b indKil NtRTurt OllTMTT.-r; ??* ru r?* ?? *.? *k>lU Iba eawa ?f thair uaeU.iirf ! ?'->.' r : :?ir ?if or, kae?i?t?f vaab, pit, nmm %- * a- ^.cifXta, a gtiumt ak??t ?k? ?yat, n ITKIIWM MoiWfCIS EASES OF IMPR VDRXCR. fl bar U>* B.*v - ladavii vataff ?' f!?a??M to 4a ba bu inbvial iba aatda af th'i r. ?; rf-attaa,U rt a*l?a bappatta lfc?t ar i'' -ina* i?- * i t e* rfrat*. a: 2'l:a??rr datara Urn 1r%u apr'?.-if ta *'*a? !?. f..-~i a'seatiao and ???pacukility, c M ? tfrtaud la Ula low iba banda of ifrwrant e*>d <a?i?ft?* prata. dara, ?ba, uicapabla ml mm*..- ?!??. ?.?- i ? u^a mm j ?.-l..3f T ?E3?ULT. lilt DHL inllDf MctS ?r t? Itor u u<t raall??; r?? c?a ? ?k*:.d in littpr-tr lar.*t C'm with rmintd bttlih t? ?ifk ?? ? ni? rillinc die prelum*' t; ?r by tn? ' tk?i yiii?t-Mirt?7?t*? cn?'. ?f ibi* Mrnkt* diiiui,??ch Alir;in.i?l;.'i K(-.r.. Tf.r?*i. td, kin, At., pr??'?M'r( ?i.i. frtftifii r> ptdity, uil dtilk p?u ? ??r ?d t* kn at*n "* ?* >?) j? k? ??r.d f hirr.t k i??t todi?????r?l cmm? fr??a itm k??-i. n? nit's! DR. JOHyfOys REffF^Y fVR ORG AN 19 WEAKNESS AND I'lfOTENCY. j Ikia (Ttit ui! i-ap*rwat rtrnmy *nki ?i *f tk? wrui ill ipMii!* t?r*4 u.4 fcj l (?i TktuudiM U? x\ titnji ixd d*kU't*:?if, ?k? kid .?*: ?U tefi, um TTbir?<l!?t?!y r? tiered. AH Impdiacaw ? M?rrt?r?. !"kT???ii m Muu Dto?*lIIuum, k*M ?r r>??n>.:'i frail, Imm IrnufclUtT. TMiaaillig 130 WUtHIl ! kllMtlH ?f Ua at faarfal klad tpttdUy mil EXDO&SEMEXT Of 7 HE PKSSS. TBI Mart Tasiil.'Otdriiii; ih-a iciutauao w.Ula tfca l?i? utirtlli Taara, * <t lha raraaraas i~pariae; VaratMl 9ftni'9t.t yarrar-r.ad ? !' JaVa tan, vttraaaaf. k??? llfartan ?f ikipatanuJ r.riy iu<> para*.a, aa?cn a! arkitk her* ippnid tftiii uif ?ffln a a ' r ua kc ?!Jaa k:a w<< r,| u t gt : ? -mu a! (kaucai and raapaoalMlttv. la a aaHa'aat fUmm i? tka ailicad. an 1?-1? TRIERS2VE A.n.. Iji He fa! Lttlirs Patmt of Engl+m.-f, ftLuna:y 11$ S a;< of :.i? ticoU -It Pkartunic d$ Paris, anu t\i Inp$riai ColUg* of Mtdici**, Vienna. TKIE^KMAR No. 1 la the p'Toc'ca. r ;u?dy for Relaxation, fru ATOUIKBi &Tii KlHiS^TiM OX TUB SlfTI*. T K 1 LSsKMAH No. ?, Completely a 1 er!ir*!y eradicates at! titenof those disorders. Tor which Copaiva and Cabeha have (tei.pr&.lT be??i t! arht an antidote, to the rum of the health c* & ?a*t por^on of the pcpalataou. | TRIKSEMAR No *, I latLecreat au>l sor* remMij-cI the ci?ili*ed wor e for aj!lrr.pur.ties r-?j?: ? >. at- well aa secondary sympto**i?, oSr &: - f1- structive use of Mmaif.U v?'lafv:i.t; . (t-ri.'js icrredier.ts. and wtuoh a : the Saii-a>a.r...a :u the world cannot remove Tiimxil n " . ar.a Sareahltede| Told of taste or imr, a: i. -.aseatinc ^ca iI ttea. They are m tjie i._--m of ? * u? on tha toilat Uihif without Ihoir use t*eiuf suspected. Sold in tin cases at <3 each,or foar S cmm in I one for $3, and m 5?7 casos. thus savins S.aa duu,i**.t?.-od by Va.?rau. L.allemand. Koax. Ac., Ac. Wbo'.eaale and retail uj bR. H. A. ii ARROW. 194 tf!eecfcer st'#et, (4 doors from MaoDo ut& street;. New Yor.. Immetlia'elj cnr?eeist of remittance, Dr. Harrow will forward Tneserr.ar to any sart of tt.e world. secarely peolted.a.ijd addressed eccofdici to the .Letruufcons of the u -iter. PabUsbed also by DR HARROW, that popular iat beaatifully lllastratod roed'orl wo k. tlvmaa ?* "* . ?. .7. t-rir-S3 own**. WB: .V a-d liO 'k CAB bo ol tAtn-Ml by *?e<:'.a! authority from S. C. FORU, WtmhirgTon. 1). C. rte 12-Sm_ 80METB!!*? NEW! A /^\ ^^G??AiWTj>roov??T orfg^^ At 3*1 C ffrMl, ?rr?.nt) ^?r rVi Wtsttr. OYSTERS 3TEAXED la the gh?!r*n<! TnorgutMy Cooked (Ikr nyon?r to a roaat* in ?*?? i'i lifu or rttiri. C&.1 and re. Tha acderairned reef?etft'ly tulorma htafrircdf in the Oiftnot, anrf ri'or* to tLo c:ty, that be bM ret?tod kia clb im ^iix-rnow'* *? : afliphmknt in a :co?t thorrnrtt master. ai d ha* re vie oonpiete arir.rspn;#au to furci^a OYSTERS in a:.y atj.eauU in ?nj quantity. ?< to sa;u*c? sioct <d per day. 2.000 to 3.W cans of S?>cect acl Freak tit up daily?cann harmatioai'y *rc:ed. Fanuahed tutaekbeii by the bn?h*' or hirr*! Persons w;~ehisc to hare Ojrtera furtiahad regalarlr thronch the winter, at Baltimore prioec, without fear of fa'lnre, eh* aid call and make arrauiemensa at cace. Freicht. time, and money aaved L?y nrehaainx of e.aa I furnish an artiole eeaal to the oelehrated Baltimore e?tabiuluMnta. at puoea Juat u low. TO SUTLEBB, Canned Meats, Lobster*, t?*rdinea. Ciamm, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pies* Feet, Tripe, fee. &0..A0. Alao, P.eklee, Gain ia, t^ejpea, Branny Peaches, Ac. Alio, Same and Preaii Pieta. Tardea, Terrapin* Freely Lobatera, Cod, Ua!i:>at, Ac. In f*ct, every thine lor saie in t!?e Northern market* alwava on h*.n<f *. raa*AMl Hotel*acd families ?upp led with PT*tr-a, daliver?d wityorit charge to any P*'t of 'he Distnot, in ?M?on. if the money is sent wit :i the order. My establishment is open from 6 a. in. to IS at nishtteYvry day, exoept Buuaay, when 1 oloee at 10 o'oiovjt a. a>. j&3 tf T- M. HARVKT. LK& k PEKHimi oiunuru Worc?ster*li':e Sauce. Proneeneed by M EXTRACt OONNOIS8EUB8 JT| of a Letter from a ii Mfcdru -OMLY GOOD Ml ^ ,, Tr"T,. JhB T? Hit Broth* AUCK." IBJW it WoroMttr. aa4?F?lioabI?to gjjg - 1*1 fiftTfc. KTKEY VARIETY rVnpio"ti.'i<J5 i?>f? dm?aN?. ? -wei: M OP DB9H. The abov* 8AUCS la tint only the mt and moat (vriuiwnii lalKT (LOVQ, DUl IHC moil JICMMIiaai, aa ft few drops in So?p, Gravy, or with Ai/k. hot and oold Joints, B*t f Stuii. Gam*, tc., impart as muiaite seat, whioh mmrrincijfUd Sauoe oaauffccturora have in vain emiaarored to imuua*. On the Breakfast, Lmmtktm, Dimmar, or Cwnt TtMs, a araet oontaininc " LEA * PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiepeaaa bla. To appreciate the auslUmt tuahtiss of thia 4Ui turns preparation it is only necessary to purchase a small bottle of the immm, of a respeotabie crooer or dea er, as maay Houl and Ktstanrant proprietors seldom plaoe the Pmt Sauce before their raaats, oat substitute a teavute BottU tiled with a trvrtotu nux tare. For eale by Sroeara and Fruiterers everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN A SONS. n?w? Sf*mn asi 1M (treat, ffw Terfc, Sole Wholesale Areata for the United States. A stock always id Store.?Also orders reoairad tor direct ahipmenU from Ea*lft?diry Bmmmrt Cemmtmjnti mmd Iw^H Kan.-TH M?Hi^o boxea for oMdo.i&r. 6iv. or Sun Mir su be ot?M.je<i la ft Um Moorxla to ft i?t hitok or brovnTBy B?i?g Uyhftm's Liil d HftirD?e, the beat ftnd cbeftpeat In the world, prodnoing, tM moment ? mueh hair rfy? tta other* m!i tor mi mmp! Sold fcy S- C. UPHAM.4A3 ChMrat Mmt, Phfcdatpiiift, ftnd 8. CAt.V KUT PORD. ooraar Utt SJSkrSMK;.!!,.4'?*" ^JSiP of ail ooTotf tea ?uahu?a. muI m wUi ud _ 388 Pa..are.. bet Mi ?o4 ITth rta, jiMU (IbuU fc * *.) | TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PASSENGER TRAINS iHKBatHE On mmd JL/Ur UOUDi Y. J, 1ML PiuDHn mm iitwih WAIMIJIOTON AMD BALTIMORE Win rnn aa follow* : ft* Dfih iftiw ?* m*A tUftt AmU A?? tk* wmk, **4 N?l M Pr>r Phi'ft-^e'pfci*?r-<! Naw Y'>rl-l,nr?Wttk. inftvn ?t?ntAii, llWti.uiifMn'. Fv>r BMttnor^?W???U*Un at t.M and 7.40 a m.aad l.f fmldt": t m- m I .."Airju.;' i?t 7 46 A m and IT * )\>r Ph .'nde pl.ia at SOT p *. For Harnshur* ard th* North Md Wast, !? * W ^IBttOB Bt ? ?? A M.ftol 4 BO r.r*_T? * it. ( or Frwierioi at * ?n * *, and -00 r a. rSiyjvs MoriKU HOFTH. Mors IDS Lxproca laava WMiitBch aiNiil. Ainu at Bb timer* 7J>* a. .; Pfcilaoetftua IIM r. N#?w Vork P. *.. Harntburr 1.11 r. m. W or nit i Aef-.rr.modBUoE if?*e Vt 90*i\vr+r. t,-* a.m. Arriroat bftlgjppry%JZ (, & .so co?neo bona at lU.l'ir.ora. Tr.ls .a t ha Morning connexion fr?r>Bn*#o;iiL N**\ ork Nail Tra'.n- aarp Wtrlj catoe 4t il L arrive at Bait aor* Jt.? r. I'fcriB'irtftB'a UTMi iNf* VflflWf *. Phi)a*a>hia Tra'n Mt>inr*on itl? r rt. te*cfela? BiiLmor* itiym and Pu .ad*. p bia t ft; m. A;i?rLoor AocorT;?r.txin:ca-lp*T^ Wa*hinrton at 4 pm. arrive at Ba timore at (r?. No aoaB?xi?ni at Baltimore, ifcu n toe aftero???? ow"nexion for Accapo.i*. fcTfusc trr;?sr?? .. * n^ui i p. m. Arnve *4 HH^ore U. p. x.; lauadelpiua I?JI r. e.;N?w yore 4 4. w.: HirritborrJ a.m. OnPsndaM !ea\e Washington at sn? and ft p. w ?VV. 5 p. m. tram from Waal inftoa oonaaet" thronsh to New York every ra? dai*Q( the w#?t. TKA1S6 MOT 1X0 SOVTK. 1 \ pf* /r,rk mt "T * a4 P..i!4/ m i it ' 1 f a tV.tiy.cr# ?aoV u.'. "in n rV Wa/Jasu>iTsy> *'is?T9 titw Ycrk at r. Pf- .r V-jp *. it- Baitunor*if!a. K. Arinu MUu?(U>i<*J< Lmw Niv York at 1? r. P> ijr a- BaiU.aor# 7.35 a. M. Arr rc at With 14 ton Ml a. M. _ Looa: Accoir.r"vUt1on Tr?;t? 'ear* Dlut tro-# M it .,vrd ? ? r. * ,1'T W^itiOfioB. antr* | th**a ? fi a. m. u<l ? ?s r. *. Ot Sueayaat 4..%. aim ?? A W. on'j trtmt RaJti Aior*. Nn Ansipo.lior FrrtW?? WBMf iuu n SuaMfB. fa?aai rar Tra"iB i?tru f Wacfiinfton at V?B ?. M. %ai u" t. *.. lod Baltimore at ?Jo *.. v ar>d r. fi , make f? Ar??af?li? Junction. The7 4"? aw, arrf am r m oonntata* R?-1*t 'or Kr^tie.iok, rt\< >r?t >wn, A?., fee.. ? ??i SiUiri. frftici inave adll*?o.i? for 111 hmorftad W hi. 1 dc toe at U*> a. m. bbd * 0 T " ru<tci9r traj'-* le"*i-.j wlh.mfion at w> a. * . li a. ?.. ?"d I p. it., and Rat inter* at 4jn and 7* a. ft.. Will *te* oniynl Annawohf War Panen(?:a ir.uet take tne Actommo4mitm JVilWI MijL Train #111 leave Waehincton and Baltimore prnmvti* npmm rmrd excepting that toe 4 * * m,7 35 a m. and 4 on r x traioi will wait >r miuiih if nooeeaarr, to eecn.e the paseeocer* MmIi from i he b a?t. I For J*i*k and Wonnled Holni*ri*? A Apecia1 e&r, with an attendant. wit* heda, wi.l eave Wathiai ton twieea ,or f hiiade.paia uireot at II a m. fat the Aooommodauob ol a" t and woaaued eoi'<ier?. W. P. SMITH. fe 4 Ma# ten of Transportation. Bait. IMS] TBE [!? Penniylvania Central Railroad, (with its connwt ocil 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT: Si ONL BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM EALT1MORE! THRU IiilLT TtAlNa rtOH PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of their making Hnt* MfKSrStAM a* with tr^iM on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and formiuc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROVTB non WASHINGTON AMD BALTIMORE to all point* in tha W*BT, NOIIB-WIHT AND ftOCTHWWT. (IT For Throath Tiekou, apply at the OflM of the Northern Central Kail Road Company, Calvert station, Baltimore. Splmdid, SUfptvg Cars on all Nigkt Train* SwkolriS.iVnMa Ca~m mm mil TV--. FROM WASHINGTON. PMMctera ?< ! take the 6 a. m. am S p. n. tra.ca, kmrint e Bai'imcre at 7.V a. r.. atid 6 45 p. Where cloee connection* are ma e with trates oa the NortheruCentral K K ,a:d arrive to Harnsbarg at 1 p. m. and 1.45 a ia.. mere oonaeoUc* with the trains on ih? Prnu?ji varna Central Railroad for all pa: u of U>i wmL FREIGHTS. By this rocte, front.ts of all dcaeriptiom oar be forwarded to end from a- p-.m? on the Kai!rce<is of Ohio. k<*'.tUCk?. It ir'ih. i innlL W hikiiuiii lo?a, or Mi*ftouri. 6> fta* t-haH dirfl Trie Pennay van.a Central a ?o O DMdi at FitUburc wnli which Ocoffi <?d bo forwarded to &i,y pert ot tii?>Oii:o. Vla'kibcoin, Mec'uckv, corner ar4. I.Ixeo ? Mim taairPi, tViacooBin. MiM"Uri. K&ifM. ArkUM. and Red Kivere, a:.d at Clrvio ', sandatky and Chicago with iteani?n t" alt Northwestern i at >?. Merchants and rhiaoera entraatinc the transportation of their Freight to tins Company, oaa raly viUi confc'ier.ceon ite pcedyl.anar. THE RATES OF FREIGH I to and from any point in tit3 West, by the Pennsylvania C-ntrrl Railroad, ar? ai all tiwiif at f*rormbU at an thntttri dp clktr Kaiboai CvwipmmU* irr*Ba ?articu;ar to mart aatirvia p?m? CINTEAL R- R." >lAfc R A V\ 4 KOONS, Preuht Ak?bU, No. &0 North fti-rct, i!t more. ENOCH LEWIS, 6er.'lSttf*rint t. AUood*. P*. L? L. HOUPT. Otc*! Ticket Aft. PiittetielpliUk. H. H HOUSTON, Gen'l Freight Atent, Philadelphia *4-dly J^OKTHtRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. T%* Skortttt, Quick*ti end B**t Rati* from BtM mort lo tk? WEST, NORTH AN1> NORTHWEST. 8RM m LJW WWTRR SCHEDULE. CliLMl or 11KB. Ob ud after Sl NDAYTittt NnMlar. > tor Trains will arrive and depart Iron Ct'nrl station u follows: Tkaihb Noitb leati Mail at ?.* v m. Dutf* Exf'pi>? t p. m. Parktun Aocoaimodauon 4 p. m. Pittsburg and HarrieNirf fcxpreetgjpp. a. T*A.IWB SOTTH AtEiri Ps.-ku>n Aeoomirixi&t.on at < a m Baftalo Kaprose 8 sn a. m. gtuUri aoc Barr;&bar( Lxitmi S ?. m. The 6 a. m. trafr. from Washington ootmacts with tlia t?- a. n. train from Da Timor * for tae Wn! and for Bnffklo, Eimira,Rochester, Dbd kirk, Canadaigsa aad Niagara Fail*, and for riev York oity. The XX a. n. train fron Washington oonnsc'* with the a a. ra tram fiwn Baltimore to Wesi, North a"d Northweetacd Llmuraaod Buflaio an<R.-cuortar. The p. m. train from Washington oonnects with tneb-SD*. m. trats from Bvtiiaore fo- f.tuourg. Bamsbarg and the We?t and tm a direct oonMotion for l^ebar or. Has ton AUeotova aad Nrw Yorkna Ohtral Baiiroad of New Jersey. Tr? this route for New York. EThs only train Searing Batlmar* on taadaj 9 Hi tra<r frv? U* ?.?- r* ?? ?v? i,,w iwmi|?r IH?U1I|| \>Ai ouo and tbt Wml Tbo oaly toain arrina* in BklUaoitM u tbo jo a. m. tmU. ja?-C. CUaRIE, , BQ?ly Pcpenr.Ur.dact T NOTICE TO IKAVhUIB. H Pootonaater Iwrn. hanac ordered tfca Mii MrriM bttvwa Wuhiirtat, _ ? ^ Bi umon, lad Old Point Monro*} to be im*" on uc %t AB/ia? ttyiil?ii mater-t u? -? * will inn BaTtimonJS V K a En" day > from u??it whar/7 fuot of Union Doct. at 4* o'o oct p. m., or tatmodiatoly aftor tko amni of tbo Wishing ton Train, vhiofc inya WasbingtoB at U4 o c * oojt p. n 11 mm-a M. N- FALL*. Nrt TOPHAM'8 CB <n u.?. Unr Mwrlaad rinntta - -'HSSBS8"?- I sasirayaasrJr* IraaFita*, UcTDbb, ? Uii, ta4 gnuria ->p ... ? 'j&hasa ssa^?sc? * rAM?Tl.TOP?A?.' 1 T "jyLmi w."?MEtfnut { - c;~i?3;r 1 1