1 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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_ ' ??^ LOCAL NEWS. AMr*RM*!?T* To-NieH*. Trkati*.?Laat algbt of Mtm Cbeetaer, end kw appearance la two character*, aa the " Dutchem" to "A Filit Heart never woe a Pair Lady," and aa ,4?ertrade" la tbe oomedy of tbe "Little Trraaare,"?the eatertalameot conclndlng with the drama of " Lake the Laborer." Cacti antra v Hall?Last night of tbe Leon! Pantomime Company, and tbe pantomime of Raonl. or tbe Ma?lc Star," witb Mlaa Duvall, W.rH Farkar Butlet and a boot of Otber atari In a huge bill of eonga, ballads, dancea, barleaquea, and slde-spllttlng comicalities. Rim'i Ampitbbatxb ? Benefit of Whlttaker, and an or Is la*1 programme of eqneatrian, acrobatic and comle performance, with the great English "Steeple Chase," the "Maypole Dance," and other novcltiea. Pbilbabmohic Hall?The original Campbell Mlnatrela in an Immense bill of Ethiopian tonga, burlesaues, dancea, Ac , concluding with a beitstretching afterpiece, together with Barnum'a wonderful?'What ia it," the celebrated Albino family, and other attraction*. SutTHsosisn ?Lecture by Hon Gerrlt Smith, before the Waahington Lecture Asaoeiatlon, upon The War." - Acadbmt or Music ?Free concerts at 4 o'clock, embracing choice selections from the moat popular operas, aaperior refreshment*, Ac. Hal! open all day. Musics Hall, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth atreet ?F ree coo certs at 5 o'clock, good music, excellent refresh menu, Ac. Hall open all day. ????? ? a _a _va n?m DI.I u._t I liKTiBi.?uui nielli riui rmuc., ui nam11Ion College, New York, lectured at the Smithsonian, before the Washl>gton Lecture A*?ociatlon, upon "The Great Rebellion " Theaudlence wai quite meagre. The lecturer reviewed tbe progreaa and development of the nation, and compared the characteristics of the Government with tbe principle* of the rebellloui States Theae wore directly antagonistic?one of which must reign supreme over tbe whole land. We could not tolerate defeat, and we must conquer, or , slavery would sing Its peans in this Capital. War never left a nation aa it found It, and thia struggle was bat a stage In oar prog ess towards our destiny The system which bad so lone blighted onr nation must fall, and it was decreed that slavery must eventually meet its fhte in this war in spite of opposing Senators, Representatives, or Generals. Be predicted the full, final and speedy supremacy of enlightened constitutional freedom, when there should tx known "no North, no South. no Eaat, no West, no white no black, no continent and no shore;" and portrayed the exalted station of thla nation when, lncmaed to a hundred millions of people, we ahould Infuse our spirit and principles into the natlonaof the earth. Fet?ht?cl Accident iw Gio*o*tow!??Yesterday the four horses attached to an army wagon pot frightened la Bridge atreet, and ran off They came eastwardly at a frightful rate of speed, and passed over the Bridge-atreet bridge across Rock Creek. Juat at the Waahlngton aide of the bridge the team came in contact with the feed wagon of Mr Baker, of Georgetown, damaging It considerably. In tbe general smash up tbe horses became detached from tbe feed wapon and * atarted acro*s tbe bridge Two young girls, tbe Misses Ritchie, who live In lbe vicinity, were crossing tbe bridge at tbe time One of tbe frightened an 1 mala ran through tbe side walk of tbe tridge, and tbe girls having no chance to t escape, were run over and knocked down. Tbe eldest escaped with a few slight bruises, but Roberta, tbe vonngest, about 10 years old, remained Insensible for some time. Her bead waa bleeding profusely, snd it waa feared that her skull was fractured She waa conveyed to ber home, and ber injuries were ascertained to be of ? very serious character. Thi Pavbmmts ?There are many complaints made of persona riding and driving on the pavement* Frequently arrest* have been made, but the parties are usually dismissed. The pavements are paid for by speclsl tax upon the property owners, and It may be said that the pavement belongs to the property owners At any rate, It is his duty to see that it is not abused by persons driving and riding upon It, tearing and breaking it op, to the citizen's cost. Yesterday, a fellow mounted bis horse on H street, and took to the pavement, riding along it as >f It belonged to him Two citizens seized bis horse and turned him Into tbe carriageway, and lectured him on the Injury he was doing to citizens by this violation of law. He said he'd " be d?d If he rode his horse in the mud.1' He was let go by his captors, but they had not passed him twentv yards when he again took to tbe payement, and Started ahrnrl on his rnnU> Fvmmals yksthdat.?The late John Sessford. who h?d identified himself for many years with the progress of our city, and was universally esteemed in this community, was burled yestert day The funeral services were held in the E-st. Baptist church, and the ceremonies were of a most Impressive and solemn character. Praver was first oflWed by Rev. Dr. Samson; after which Rev. John C. Smith read the 10th Psalm. A sermon was then preached by Rev Dr Hill, from the text: " He was a good man and just " A arge number of the friends of the deceased and bis family were present. Including several veterans of 1P12, and many Government clerks About the same hour many of our citizens attended the funeral of the late VV m Gordon, of the First Ward?a good citizen, whs was for many VMN rUsk In IK* < IMma ?v*m? *? vki iu * tuaiun * iuu > Bad Fellows in the Home Gcaed?A number of complaints have been made to the Metropolitan police force by residents of the Island, of 'be bad conduct of s portion of the company of Home Guards" quartered in Island Hall. On Thursday James Dunn, John Moody and John Ourbrlght, three members of the company, were charged with stealing a coat from Mr McGlnnis, stated that when hs followed them to recover his property they turned npoa him snd beat him. They took refuge In their quarters at Island Hall, > a where they resisted an arrest by tbe patrolmen, but were finally captured, and taken before JusMe? Btratton, who committed them to jail to an wer tnecnarge preferred against tbem. Pflosix Socibtt 'The attention of the lovera of the dance and a gmalpe happy night ta eMled A to the hall of the above society, to come off next Monday evening, at TetnperanM Hall. On la?t St. Patrlck'a day thla aoclety gave a -rand affair In the way of a aupper ; and from Its entire aucceaa we feel confident thla ball will be the moat splendid affair of the aeason. This ao' rlety is composed of some of the most Intelligent 11 and respectable portion of the community, and I their efforts, we are confident, will be untiring to i render entire satisfaction See their advertisement In another column Thb Alixa!?d?ia Paiaowaas.?Yeeterday afternoon, between 3 and 4 o'clock, the Alexandria " Relief Association" party arrested in Alexandria arrived In this city, In charge of a lieutenant of tb? Provost Guard, with a file of men, and wers marched through the city to the military prison, to await the order for their transportation North They attracted much attention as thev passed along the avenue?maty of them befog well known la this elty. Accidbst.?W B Sluyter, Esq., sutler, while riding to the csmpof the 87th N V S M., In his wagon,was thrown out and bad his left leg badly fractured, which will cause him for weeks to be coataod to his room. It was bv a miracle he was not killed outright, aa hla boraea bee a ma frightened and ran with the driver, who waa thrown aome fifteen feet from hla aeat, and, atrange to My, was not Injured In the leaat. DuxiaacD ?Thursday, the case of John Adaromd, charged with the larceny of a watch from J Whit taker waa dlamiaaed by Justice Walter, there being no evidence to sustain auch a charge, and Mr Adair son was honorably released from bell Whlttaker, who was taken to the station house drunk, was fined S1.30 IVaL.nicToai -Dr. Thomas Miller, President of the "Washington National Medical College," delivered hla valedictory to a large graduating clMa yesterday, and stated that the number of itadaati In the seat rndaitlns rl??? win h* I much larger than in this. Bacon* WiiD Casks ?Michael Cuttle, drank end disorderly, wee lectured and dismissed by Jastlce CUrk. Wm. Slater was arrested for soiling liquor wltnoat a lice nee; the esse was dismissed. dyke* k. Co , selling on Sunday; the com was ruled before Just ce Thompson No *ltaemes appeared, and a aoa pros was recorded. PicarocaiTs ?An expert named Peters, was arreeted at the railroad depot yesterday, charged with picking a gentleman's pocket. The stoles pocket-book containing SI* and some valuable papers was recovered A reporter of a morn lug r?(TW ? vnimHIH| fi? M IBS rost Oflee on Thursday. ?. AccnxnTAi.LT Bcasao ?The dress of Mrs. ophla Curtis, daughter of tos late Com Cnsson, v-oiden tally caught Ire, at her home la Georgetown, en Thursday evening, and she was badly burned before the flames could be extinguished. Ciitui OtitMOSai Casts?B*fm* Jmtttc* Tkrmpton ?J f. Suewdea, profanity: fined (1M Michael Taoey, drunk; iaedtlJl. Nine ledgers were accommodated A so this Cask ?John Wilson was arrested b* : C? TkliJ fVanrl Mtml f.? rIAlnm an IK* Mn. I a*?r Heiratakm'bifore' JaetTce^unacilT?nd dismissed __________ Attkhtion is all<4 to (k? notice of i public meeting for tbo boneftt of the soldier*, to be held to morrow ereaUut 1? the First PreebfterUn Church. _______ V Attmtio* is en'led to the eolama of loot ud if f Hind (o? Mt:r? of Ion of 3 carb??cle-?et gold Till Latest Dooon? Otto???fig Mmtf ty Fhlsi Priun***.?1 O Bloom tag bery (i German pedler) and Samuel Myer wfre arretted Than* day bT Patrolmen Seaaford and Vernon of the 1 Seventh Ward. They were charged by Henry , Selta with obtaining money from him "by fklee pretencee. They wore brought before Jnstloo St ration, who. aher a preliminary examination, held J. O. Bloom.ngber* to ball for a farther hearing, and dlamtmed Samuel Myer Aa there la a nag of expert windier* and confidence men In the city at thla time, we will *tat? | briefly what aeema from the evidence, to have own Bloomlngbery's metbcxl of operating, ao that oar citizens may be on their guard He ta a ltcenaed pedler, bat represents himself to be a member of a rellgioua order of Jew*, whose principle* will not admit of their trading for profit. The goods he offlsra are (he states) the effects of a sister who died on the paaange from Germany to this coantry. He then offers a number of amall articles, handkerchief*, towela. Ac , at merely nominal prlcea, and to these add a lot of tablecloths, table covers, Ac., which he aaserts are equally cheap. He makes up a lot amounting to fifty or seventy-five dollars, and will not aell a part without his customer will take the whole. In the meantime he la joined of some hotel or place of business about tbe city, and being poor, would like to make a speculatlon by purchasing such a cheap lot of goods if be only had tbe money with blm. He recommends tbe victim to take such a bargain, and be himself will return in a few hours, and give an advance of twenty or twenty-five dollars for the lot. If tbe ruse is successful of course that Is the last seen of tbe pedler or his accomplice. Two caaea of tbe kl nd wire sworn to before the Justice. Fifth Wui Policb Casis?B*for? Justiu Ferguson.?Jacob Stokes, drunk, was let slide. Reeves, a youthful bootblack, for disorderly conduct, was dismissed. Wm. Harman, fraud; for a further bearing. F D 'Narn, Jas Lyons, and another drunken soldier, were turned over to the military. Michael Fgan, drunk; dismissed. M J. Holley, drunk and disorderly; do. Csxtek Muiit -The attendance and supply at the Center Market this morning waa much below the average of the Saturday morning markets. The tremendoua gale that prevailed during the entire day and night was one cause of the absence of a large attendance of marketmen. Tex Rxlkaskd ?A very large number of the released Richmond prisoners appeared upon the avenue yesterday, and received the conqratulationa of their friends, as they proceeded to the Departmenta to transact business of Importance to themselves Gxoxoxtown Polick Casks?Before Justice Reaver ?Michael Caton, for an assault on John McCormlck, waa fined flOftt Thomas Price, fnr an tMi 111 f An lfi?? nirl*tAn vara* aanl "v Pk' ?V1 WM VM (U*l J VKtVIVUi w?o *V II to tail. Attbktion la Invited to the appolntmenta for thla ovenlng and to morrow of the mlsalonary of the Young Men's Chrlatian Aaeoclatlon, in the apeclal notice In another column. Liqtob Cabb.?W B. Butler wa? arretted In the aecond precinct for Belling liquor without license. He wag brought before Juatice Ferguson, who fined him ?80.58. Thb finbst assortment of gold apectaclea, with pebblra or perlacoplc glaaaea, la to be found at Meeara. Franklin & -Jo.'a optical establishment, 944 Pa av. Field glaasea, opera glaseea, microirnn^fl snr! fill nth#?r anH aiinr?v1tirr lns'rumtnta, are kept there la the greateet poealble variety, aa In any auch an eatabllahment In New York or Philadelphia. It All rxaaona can find the beat stock of Clothing, Fnrnlahlng Good*, Trunks, Hata and Cap*, at SmttVa, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27 3m Bibt Coal Oil, (warranted,) by the barrel 38 centa, by the gallon SO centa. Lamps, Cana and Shadea, aa ch?*sp at can be bought In Washington, at Stuart A Son'a, corner of Twelfth and H streets fe2<5?#t Wbt la it Utft families and keeper* of boarding houses tend trotn all sections of the city to Dayton's BikerT. 4M Eleventh street, between O and H, for pies ? Amicr ?Because they are made by experienced male And female operative*, who have be*-n engaged In the manufacture of plea only for thirty \ears paat, and everyone admit* that they excel all other piee made at any other bakery In thl* city. fe 26?Ot PlVEX HUWVBKD VoLUItTISX* SlCK IN CAMP ! Youne men be warned In time, supply yourselves wltn iiolloway'* Pill* and Ointment. Thev are guaranteed to cure the worst cases of Sore*, Ulcer*. Scurvy. Fevers and Bowel Complaint*. Onl\ 55 cent* per Box or Pot. 213. in?j at.11_ i.? ? uuk.ii) iiuuiva?) ^ twBiucB, nou dolarged Joints, and all d'Mues of the feet cared without pain, by Dr. White, Burgeon Chiropodist, 436 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-haJf and sixth streets. Room 7?Sd tloor. Office hour* from 9 a. m to 6x> m. Calls made at private residences when desired. feb 17 Familim who have never used Boston crackers are invited to try those manufactured fresh every da? by 1. L. Dayton. Bold by all respectable grocers. Ja 28-tf MARRIED On th?27th aiMmo b* the Rev. Fath'r Knight, EDWtRDM ?RINER to HANNAH B ,d%ojh icr 01 ? oomd? t>reenweu. ? '*., ?iioi "n ? cut ( Baltimore and Nashville paper* copy 1 * On the ISth of February, by the Rer Mr. Kennard. Sergeant Ma or WILIIAM YOUNG, let Rermsnt D. O. Volunteer*. of Georgetown, D C.t to M>sa MARTHA A. RITCHIE, of Washington, D. C. DIED, On Patnrday morning, March 1, MORRIS P.. infant son of Joaeph and Annay L. Gawler, aied 2 ra <ntln The friend* of the family are reepsctTally invited to attend tte funeral, to morrow (Sunday/afternoon at S o'clock. * On the morning of the ttth nltim ">. after a lingerI n m aainfnl ,ln?aa nf aah m m B ? 4k n ? ? ki aL ak a iMA rwii'iui I luoaa UI wwmumfi'UUi w mtu "UO bore with Christian patfenoe, a* th? will of her Divine Msster ADELINE C., danghter of Matthew and Ophelia Baud. "And the weary are at rest!"' Friends of the family are requested to attend her faneral, from K ttreet riaptist Ohuroh, thia (Sator*a i) afternoon ?t hal'-pa?t 2 o'ol^ok. * [Baltimore papers copy.l February 3*. at 10.20 o'clook, PA RAH. daughter of John and Oraoe MoCullom, in the ftth jear of her age. The friendaand relatives of the fatnily are re quested to attend the funeral, from th* reetdenoe of her parents, N" 11? East Capitol street, on to-morrow (Sanda*) at2K o'clook. * [New York papera copy ] Jn this otty. on 'he 17th nit., of soarlet fever, ALTER RlCAUD, ag*d2 years and! months, eeoend eon of Jamee and Helen Martin. G*ntly. very tently. atealeth O'er m? ear a r uta&t cry? Hark ! tla angels' TOicM o'lllng. Calling from their home on high? Call 1 dc for another Jewel For the bleat abode? Calling for another flower To deok the throne of God ! He vu too pare for thia cold earth Too beautiful to ?tay ; 80 the angela oarae from hearan. And bore him gently away ?8. B. In Washington. D.C. on the Mth nltirao, after nahort iHneea, HARRY, yoaogeat ohlld of Andrew J. aad Auga*ta 8. Amoa, aged 1 year, 9 mor^thjandi* day a. ^ ,, _ .. a irirouB oi me iinuir ?ri reipeonauv inviiea to attend the fnneral, from the reeidenoe of hie per?cti, 49T I itrMt, onto morrow (Hunday) at I o'oiook. (Baltimore Ban and Kent New* oopy ] * In Baltimore, on the nth altimo, after a ?hort lllneea JOSEPH < ON8TA.NTIl>E.?oani#?t?on of JimN and Christiana Randley, in the 10th year if huac*. The funeral will take p'aoe on to marrow (Banda*) ??f>riinr at 3 o'oiook. Tom the reaidenoe of toerph P Hodgson. on Seventh street, near fl. 'he fneodi and soqaamtanocs of the family are reepeotfv ly invited to attend. * I?OR BALE?One rood HORSE, and a sisT spring New York BAKER'S W>?-<v ON.lmiiriUfl PRANK * fill * Ponnay Ivaaia "lietwesn letb'snd^QX 11th ata fa ?-?tF Great luxuryj ROLLS! BREAKFAST ROULd nade on tha nrw prinoiplo.at tM Aaratad Bread Bakery. 96 Leaiaiaoa arcana, bdTM 9th ud iota atrwts ; to bo ku at ail hour a fan n* BKQUA k. CO. MNAVY AGENT'S BILLS. ONEY Adranoad on bUla ag amat tho Waah lactoa Nay^f^n,jY.b*OOLLlN8 A B? ACk fc?-lT* 476 Karanth at.. batwoaa B and F. M?N"Y' MONEY. To lofta ! mail aiaoun , oa grod aoourlty ; or >*11 noWa otiktd, vi>k food endorsement*, r?t! name ad addrett,to OTTKK _ AN 0 IS 98. SotheB Bitter exoellinc freeh print, f r?ati Hoi aad tt.tsiM Aiao, Wm?m Hatter, for btkiri'iM. For m low b? D. K. DUTM OW, f St No 410 Eltbt? rt pww ay. | UOTOOKAPBIO O?KM I . AN1> Al-B' MSI rho l?r?*atao'< in^?t M*ort e.it in the oitr of vs>l7 P.'K i CMS TKIN. I N>w ujt?r-votv?1 d?.:y. w?>w* MIUTi*y"UU" MILITARY BOOKS I At Uo NfriiooAl Book*t?r*. No. *78 r?ai.*yhr?uiithu, ail tb* N*w Military Bookaarato bo fo a ml u soon u taaaod from Uo rr*i. Call ud iuwDio?r nock. WM. F. E1CH8TKIN, HUH* TirtuiflmtotfNM. AMU8EMRNT9. THKATKR-Lui AMonsM of Mlu r hert1 noy. 84TURDA?, March lit. tha aarfpraIim will oommvBM wi'h tbe omadiatta of Paint Hrtrt N?r?r Woa Pbu Lady**?Dnohwa d* TorrwiMt, Mif Cbea'atr After ?bioh tb? o ^B?dT ofTha Uttls frtMnri*'-_9ertrnde (the LitMa Tnaaira>, Mi*a Chcatn** To oonolnda with to* i mi oi * Laka> the La borer*'?Palilip, Mr.K.jl. P*- nit. It* P T. BARNUM'B MUSEUM OF LIVING WONDERS! Chance of Location to PHILHARMONIC HALL. Open This and Every Day during the wt*4. The Wonderful ALBINO FAMILY, and the MYSTERIOUS WHAT IS IT, will hold tteir LEVEES FOR LADIES*, JUVENILES, AND FAMILY PARTIES Xath Day. from 10 a, m to 6 p. m. And at Night in oorjnnotion with the CAMP BULL MINSTRELS ! Admission 15 nents: children and Mrnnti 10 oenta. PHILHARMONIC HALL! P*HH?TLV4.J?lA. AV15UI, ABOV* 11TH ST. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS! ib ? ffne Protramm* Event \igkt ! Id coBcfctjon with P. T B K K N " M ' 8 CABINMT OF CURIOSITIES, ALBINO FAMILY, anrtthe ^ WHAT IS IT? Grand Matinee Every Wednesday and Sat urday Afternoons, . FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, mh 1-lw CANTERBURY! CANTERBURY! Last Wee* of the LEONI LEONI | LEONI PANTOMIME TROUPE! PANTOMIME TROUPE! PANTOMIME TROUPE! To-Might, the Last Time of the Comie Pantomime. LE STATUE BLANCHE! LE STATUE BLANCHE! LE STATUE BLANCHE! Sroond Week of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Suooeia of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! B K A U T J F U L D U 7 A L! r>a wtppnimv jfrv.?tb KTJ9 i V /11 I A AJ A V A/ V/ A < Kr A CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' Admiaaion 26 oenta ; Orobeater Chain 60 owt*. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladiea acd Familiea, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY APTERNOON8, at 2 o'olook, Whtn a lavtah diatributiou of Elegant PrMenta la mad? i Rioh and Coatly Jews! j, Booka, Tr.Ti. kinrtv ArtinUa ftnH ma?. nifioent Si'k Dreatea. Mra Stanley, No. 41 ?K atreet, reoeived a aplendid Silk Dreaa on Saturday. Admiwon SQoenta ; Children 10 oenta. fe25 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALLr-KREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, from 5 n'olock to 9 p. m. Beat of Kefreahmeata. Fine Femalo Waitera. Open all day. At the ?ouftieut corner of Pannaylvania avor ue and oorner of Sixth atreet, under the Central Houae, oppoalte the National, Brown'?. a^d C larerden Hot-la. fe 18 lm* \\r THE ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, P?w:f. Ajbhvb,(Sooth Sid*.) No. i*8?, fittwen 9tk and 10?A its. Every even.ng a remarkably fine Freo Conotrt, embracing aeleotione from the beat cla?mo mttaio, and the inoat popular operaa? rendered in better atyle than at any other Araenoan oonoert saloon. The fueata?and the puhlio are freely invited, withoin charge for entrance.?may rely upon hav id| cvwy comiuri i/iwj uonro. iuauuiuuo to wjc fineat muaio in Waahington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreahmenu for aale in the Federal Metropolia Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Conoert commencing at 4 p. m. HENRI' ROSENTHAL, feb7 lm Proprietor. I/INO'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, IV P?ni?. Av. aifD B Sr., iViar Willardf. T. Kin*??? ....Sole Leasee and Manager C.Scott ......Aaacoiatc Manager P. Whlttaker Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING, Y*vq King will give hia Comio Imitation* <?f CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK ' Have yon a?en old DAN GARDINER In hta great Bnrleeeae Dance. A La Cvhmttr! 4?d Scabamowch! Me H F, LOISfc Ererr Evenlnc! RINCADK, the 100sammernalt ManI Ths Groat Zouam* Halt Mast be MeoHu be appreciated. SON ;uan ight until far'her notioe. Niw Notxltibs in Pbbpabatio?*: Seal* of Pros*? Orchester Phairs 76 oents; Drean Birole M oents; Children under 10 years of Me to reai Circle 25 oenU; Social Range 25 cent*; Colored Gallery 25 oenU; Colored Boxes 50 oents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will commence at 6 precisely. fe 7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOBITIES-Guide to L Paten's, Catalogue of Cariosities and Wo vein ment Gardens. at the stand in Patent Office; Karo AntmuaMan Books; Governmei t Books; Documents furnished: Railroad Reports; M Hilar* Re forts; Burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Bookn tarnished to Pedlars; Military Trials: Military Lawa; Army Reflations; Panorama or the Coast showing over 2,mo miles; many thousand Cheap Books, ^.eoolfect cheap rent. Large sales, low prioes. Up stairs, over Bank of Washingfon. ia29-?mf ALFRED mfaTER. BALLS, PAHTIES, Ac. HPMB 6TU GRAND COTILLON PARTY A Will be given at *4 TEMPERANCE HALL, M B street, l^tween frh and loth, On PDiniv eiiUM.Ma u..A ilA vu vn u ? jut?asw%*| mm vm * ! D&ic ng to oommen oe a'8K o'olook. Musio by Prof. Arth's rail band. Tioketa 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. mh 1 1W PROF. C. F. BARNES, Manager. May tk* Mint of Andtrttm ne'tr wither, Nor tk* tkrttu of kit glory r<no dim I THE MEMBERS OF THE ANDERSON Cinb take treat pleasure in announcing to their many friends and thepnbiio general- Si It that the* will glva thoir THIRD 6RAND/M ASSEMBLY at Franklin Hall, oorner 9th and Datr'ata, on TUESDAY. Maroh4th. 1863 The Committee pledge ihemtelves to leave nothing undone that will add to the oomfort and pltamre of thoee who may honor thtra with their areaenoe Arth'a celebrated Cotillon Baad has bee a engaged for the oooaaion. Tioketa 91, admittiqi a gent'eman and ladies. F.oorM*nagtrt. P. Kelly, J. Braaneara. J. HijtM, H. Keeiide. mh 1 ?' ROBERT E M M E T . GRAND BALL ! To CiliiUti tbi Birth or Robskt Emmbt, Under the Auipioeaof The Fenian Brotherhood or TBll CtTT, Will be held at TEMPSRANCB HALL, (B atreet. between 8th and 10th atreeta,.) On MONDAY EVENING, March 3d next. ^ No effort on the part of the matuLf *r? and m*na u?r? win oo spared w> renaer mil Bail truly % worthy of the oauee and entirely agreeable to SB lta partioipint*. W A food Br mi and String Band it Mf atedUMk for tho ooomIon. The gnpeer ud other Refreehmenta will be faraiebed by an e???r1enoe<l caterer. TICRET* ONE DOLLAR, admitting ? i*o- , VThalia?? Rw'aTo^eBsatt o'clock p. m. Commiut* of Arranttmtnis. J.J.Kane, J,. B.Phillip*. F. H. Doiecap, fe/> ?t* PJffic&A^IWT.. KSgSSfSk" Hall, R etreet, between #th and loth ftae>ee jf eTery Taeortay.and Friday?afternoon _ olaee^^ at S, areolae ola?ei at 7. ttotnse gey Friday \Mk evening a-1 o'olpok. Jfta*i? hT Prof. ?eo Arm. TMNTUM IUU Will M Mt for Balle, P?r|i-g, t.9. Apply MWIOW. TOWBU" TOWBLA in T0W'"-B,! 140 dowi RttUbMk, Pi?fc. u4 Bird-eye Tow?U, 1JM yaMa W ataia Craeh. ^ Sreoee heart Bnta%baofc Towel inf. aieoee Dainaak labia Lii-en, 1M d?**n Table Napkma, ^ Bleaafced and Brown Co loa akirtia?, , LiaenBlieetiiiC. Blank eta. Qailta. and Fvinitai* WluW?oo*of ail Kinds of Dry Oooda, for

f LOOT AXP FOUND. f 03T?A lar*?0Ql.n EfNfl. with* oarbonole JLt Bering, inscribed "Maris, March lttk. 1?'? The find * wl 1 be ntUtlr rewarded by leavinc it at No. SIS Fi iett, bitwND 14th and 16th. mh \ Si* LOS r ? On WedieadaT last, fmn a wa?on, mewhere frjm 1st straet. batwsen ? and H, to Qlanwoad Cemetery, a BUNDLE, (ffcawl.) ootsieting ot two ladies' dreises.3 pair frma ee" gaiters, and a nan's iimmir onat. with other artiolsi. Anr one leaving them at the Star OfEoe, srB BnTood Cemetery, will bo rewarded. It* QOn REWARD WILL Bit PAID FOR T*" 'he return of borae, and no qaes wv uon* asked. The home v&i hired on the jwD ?.h inat .by.a person aigniog hie nawe ?. Hamohn, Surg. 10th PTA.i*. V. The horse ia about 15 hands Mgh; ?orreli in color; with on* white h'n<l foot, the white extending from fjar to ail inoh*a above th<* fet'ock joint; white in the forehead; with a la-ge rear on th* left ahonlder. fmm a collar calif; %!"o on the earn* ahonlder, half of the ie?ter C, made from aa imperfect atte-r pt to Lracd the letter O KIRKLAND A DOW LING. mh 1 8.* Wo. 170 Bridge at.. Georgetown, I). C. CIA REWARD?Lost, a white Corne!i?n MASONIC MARK, with the initla'a "fc. D L" The above roward will be paid to th? finder. at H PEMKKN'g. 330 Penn.av. f 26 3t? LOST-A POCKET BOOK containing ?99 m notea and gold, and several important memo rancums Mtween the Nation* 1 Hotel and corner of Penosylvani* avjnue and Third st. ?rj person returnirg ti eat">< to JOHN RILEY. Drug int. at the corner of Third street atd the Avenue, wl II be we 1 rewarded. feg 2t* ?Q REWARD.?Strayed from the premlsea ef V') VVm. Babbington, between H and^C^M I streets west.one red COW. with whiteSaar* baok; long, straiUiorne; and near calling.Aak fey gt' DOO LOST? $9 Rawa*d.?Strayed from No. 339 Eighteenth street, a large white?^_^\ Newfoundland D<>6. The above rewardt^^pwl will he paid for hie delivery, or lor in ** lormation that will lead to his recovery. fe aft-lw* f OST?CHECK No. 349, for one hundred and 1-i fifty eight dollars, drawn by Brn* Cameron. Paymaster U. S. A ,on the Treasury of the United States, dated Washington, February 1st, 1MB. in favor of Capt. C. R. Lowell or bearer. The payment ol the came having been stopped, ali persons aro forbid negotiating the same. The finder wi 1 be rewarded by returning it to Captain C. R. LOW ELL, oamp of the 6th U. S. Cavaliy, or to the oJ&oe of Major B< Cameron, oorner F and l?tn sts. feSKMOt* KOiRmva A/VliWA/i.lS \jr BOARDINS ?A gent'emau and lady can be aooommodated at 334 New Vork avenne. he tween ?th anc 10th at?. ft 77 3V_ /CENTRAL HOTEL, (*>w* tkt En-optan plan,) oorner of Pennaylvania avenue acd Oth *treet, opposite oorner to Brown'a and the National, ta now furpiahed throughout with new and bandaome furniture. The proprietor mforma hia friend* and the publto that they oan be aooommodated with rooma, by the day or week, with or without meal*. The Diuing Saloon open at a 1 hours. H. DCRilAM GfcL*TON, fe 10-eo2w* Proprietor. THREE OR FOUR GENTLEMEN CAN 1 be aooommodated with Board, at 963 Eighth atreet. between M and N, in a private family. fe 85-lw* FOB HALE AND BENT. I70R RENT?A firat-elaaa furniahed HOUSE, r No. AO A K atrtii. BAntmn1?nfA. Pnnatiinii given immediately. Apply at No. 39i E atreet. mh l it Furniturk for sale and rooms to FEi>T, anitabia for a boa'ding home, in a *ot>d locality. Inquire at Exoelaior Pie Uak?-y, 4'il Seventh atreet, between Q and H. mh 1 3t^ F|M)R RENT-A firat claas RU9INESS STAND???tor? baaement ard Fixture*? n?*r Pennaylvania avenue and seventh a tree'? No. 61 Louuiana avenue. For terma apply on the premi?ea. mh 1 at* Furnished house for rent-no. ms Nineteenth atreet, recently occupied by Brie. ?en'< Stonfman. For term* apply >o JoHN 0. CLARKE,at the Ua&k of Meaira. Rigga A Co, mh 1^1 w* BURNISHED HOU-K FOR RENT-The 1 three atory brown HOU*L. win? and baok building. at thf corner or H and Slat airteta, gaa and wat*r throughout Poefecion gi*en immediate y. Apply at No. If ft H atreet, b*twe*n Si'th and 2Ut Hreeta. __ mh 1-3" A RARE CHANCE ri?P A PKRSON TO encage in bu?in?aa, . n W&ah'iwton, in a veil eatab lahed Sutler putply Store, now dome a g< od btiameta, bave a flne oonaexion w tb Sn'la 'a, and the beat looatiun iu the mty. To the ri(ht kind of aman.thia ia au opportunity *?icom met with, j Will either a-II < ut entirely or acoept a partner. if n ntn it!* ?tnr? I- r\w *a rt i? ?1 * I .. . U . I i? xwcvi ; a VI yu> tiuuiai D ouui roi "H T.,"Bo*7?7 Post OlEos, VV&shtns'o", with roai D'Mf and addreaa. n*h 1 3t? LMIH R K N T?One newly FURNISHED " ROOM, with iicard, in a pnvete family, on 3d floo-. at No. 408 8th street, between 8 and H ata. le 28 V AN Ef.KGANT FRONT BOOM. ON SECood fl or, with flrat-eiam Board, cic be ob tamed at 4'25 I3tl> ?tie?t, t>:tweea G and H U ree dc.ora from (i. w^at Bide. fa -7-3t* I^OR RK.NT-A we:] H'RM?HKf) PAR (.OR. 1' with chamber attached, will bo rent*! oheap to one or moro gentlemen, a* nay he disired. No onildren m the family. A coed Btiok stab e on the premises also for rent, inquire oornv Maryland avenue and 11th st., Island. fe?7 3t* P)R RENT-A PARLOR and CHAMBER verr neatly famished, on the first floor, eievated ft feet above tf-e eiiifwallt; loca'ion very pleasant and Ii6althr. near thi Stat* Department and President's House, on New York avena*. be tween ??th and street*?No. 460?and but a few yards east of the omnibus line to the Capitol. fe 26 tf v aiiro run sale -two Karma, contusing r together 600 acrea; one at Annap?iia Junction, the other adjoining, at Savage Switch, fronting the Washington Railroad; either of wfaioh will be old, with the quantity of land to auit puroha*era. The improvements are of the firat oi**a, and land of th? beat q uaU'y, with orchard* rf ohoioe f uit in full bearing ; tailro&d atation within 5 minute*' w* k of either dwelling. Term* easy. For partioi'lars apply at the Wine Store of WM. H CAV1PUELL. 4tsi Pa-avenue. HK-iw' L'OH RENT-A three atory HRICK HOUSE, r with every modern improvement, containing seven room* and kitchen, for ?720 per annum, to a satisfactory tenant. Location No. 1SW Second atreet, between D and E atreeta north No propuaition will be received to rant for a leaa period tban two years. Apply to JAS. C. MoGUIRE* CO.. _fe 25 6t Auotion and Commission Merchants. A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotnl, (the only first o!ass Hotai now open in Alexandria. Va.,) n deurous to retire from business, anu will sell, for a fair ?noe, the FURNITURE, F1XTURK* and GOOD WlLL of the honae. Hi* will turminn th? i?? of January, 1968, bu: the property can no doubt be leased for a much loner term at a modem* rent. This Hotel is now doing,ana has for many rears done, a large and profitable business. The desire of the undersigned to retir* from pablio busineas ia the only induoement to self, aa he oould not hope to encage in one more profitable. For ferma and partiou ara apply to J AS A. ENGLISH,who ia authorized to negotiate, or to tiie undersigned, Jalfr-ti SAM'L HEFLEBOWER. V OTS FOR SALE OR RENT.-We have fir* Li unimproved Lota, situated in the lmm*di?t* vioinity oi the Raiiroad D?pot, which w* will s*ll low for oaah, or leas* on reasonable terms. For particulars inquire of BARBOUR ft 8 EM MLS. f* 18 ateo ANY PERSON HAV1N9 A NEAT FURNISHED UOUSE to rent ata moderate price oan find a good tenant by applying to th* subscriber. Will take a house for a term of y*ar? or purchaa* on fair terms. Will tike tb* bea' oar* of a good plaoe Apply immediately to UENRY L. KlDhR,o(Coe on 15th street,next to Riggs ft Co.'s Bank. ft* lw* AMERICAN SPECIFIC^-The only aaf*. (V speody and oertain ear* for a certain Pnra.n Utttaf?cure In from three to ilx days. Bold tt 11JK Fa- avenue. (e IS 6t GEORGETOWN ADVEitT'MTS inn Ann ?V?HSI.8 OP LIHG. for ?rriiyUjUUU cultural ?ur?o?M, ou hand at d for ale. (mnl Sfl K1RKLAND tt DOWUNtf. 1 nnn bushels potatoes. 1 jUvU auo* eje and Peachblow Potatoee. in atore and for tale by john J. BEALL, mh 1 St* No. ST, Georgetown. n fl T i T ii v u I ! r " ------- POTATOES!! We have just received a prime lot of BaoKeya and Peaoh Bl?w Potatoes. For tale low in loU to uit outomera. Al?o, a lot of Dried Applea for ale at loweat rates. BUSBY * BARNARD, fe >4 eolw Georgetown, D. C. pUOIBUN 8LOTKB! Ramibarf * Ebert, 105 HlSB BTUIYi OKORUfTOWN, D, C. MITTENS in the Dtttnol Ottoer*' Qaanfaete made to order. Bnoktkin Drawers and Sb.rta. ja U We hare Jaet received a isk t of the above Ate, Wtuol". we recommend-to be or a err euprior ?uaiitf. Pwioai wiuin: lo tuehtM. hf m**.nf :ir 1 mediate Mp.taaUon.ca: *beluriii?heu, | A*NY k. iHJNN, da * t? fort ate wn 1* ? MBURKDlTKi) BAA KB. Hj Buie ol Ui i >Juviai &% .k* ?riji be UAen at pr for goodi at m? store, until further wti*, met | Farmers and Mfot.*n:oa' Bai.k Mi lord, L>*u ? p.?M ??? nphb fkoplk'tf i'luthino btorb, no. A 4?0 eeventh Bi. Alvaia ahead! N-warrnral Si^s&ti&rzsvr " t&s? SECOND EDITION. THKKl O'CLOCK, F. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET BlNKS'S COLUMN iJI l0Olli.1T MOUKISt. General McClellan, accoraptaled by the m?mben of his personal staff, left this elty on WMdw day last for the line of the upper Potomac, and returned this morning at 2 a. m His visit to that quarter was doubtless to superintend la person an important military move- . meat, that commencing on Monday morning la?t was accomplished ere h? left the ground. Vl?: j The transfer of a large body of troops. kc., on- j der Gen. Bsnks from Maryland across the Potomac Rapids at Harper's Ferry, Into Virginia. urn. Sank* now occuplea the country around Harper'a Ferry, Charle?t?wn, and Martlnaburg. No trace* of the enemy In any force to apeak of have been dlacover??d In hie vicinity by hla acouta. Nevertheless, we feel certain that the dlviatona of the rebel Generala Jackaon and Kirby Smith are in poaltion extending from Wine heater for aome few milea back in the direction of tftrauaburg, the northern termlnua of the Manaaaaa Gap railroad. Yeaterday morning, however, tbe rebela attempted to throw a few anella at tralna on tbe Baltimore and Ohio railway peaatng Berlin. They cannot be In force there, as they made no effort to dispute with us the possession of the Important Loudon heights that overlook Harp?r'a Ferry. While with that portion of hla army, General McCIellan ia aald to have been constantly In the saddle, paaalng from point to point, and cheered most vociferously by his men wherever he made hla appearance. THR LAST EXPBDtTIOS CP THK TSSNKSSSK ElVia. Lieut. Owlnn, commanding the U. 8 gunboat Taylor, has reported to Commodore Foote, under date of the 33d ult , that In his laat trip up the Tennessee river, he penetrated as far as East Port, Mississippi, passing along Hardin, McNary, Wayne, and Decatur counties, Miss., where be found the Union sentiment stronv and a?n?ral At Clifton, Tenn , he captured 1,000 aacks of wheat and 100 barrel* of floor, Intended for the line of the rebel army; alM, 0,000 buahela of other wheat, Intended for tbe same uae. He write*: "The glorious aucceMea of our arms at Forta Henry and Donelson have been moat beneficial to the Union cause throughout South and West Tennessee and Alabama. " Union men can now begin to express their loyal sentiments wttbont fear of being mobbed, especially along the banks of the river " " 1 brought down, under arrest, a man named Wm P Poole, who had been active In oppressing Union me i In his communitv. " I have warned the inhabitants of tbe different towns along the banka of the river that 1 ahould bold secessionists and their property reaponaible for any outrages committed on Unionists in their cuiuniuaiiicD. " 1 have enlisted 17 men and brought down 14 refugee*." OVVICUL EEPOBT OF THE S.NO AOEMENT AT WIJITOJI U 8 Ptbamkk Philapblphia, > Off Koanok* Island. A'. C , Feb ?1, 1HK J Hie:?The reconnolUriag rxpedttion up the Chowau river, about which I wrote you in my communication of the aoth, bat returned, having found it Impracticable to ascend the stream beyond Win ton There the enemy, in conaldrable force opened a heavy fire upon our vessel in advsnce, the Delaware, with a battery of artillery and musketry, which Induced our force to attack it in return, both by landing tbe 9 h New Vork Zouaves, and with the guns of the r. ss*t? ?hM c?*jld be brought to bear. The enemy now took to flight, nnd the houses he OflCUDlsd a* nimrtfn hnfne^ V?? men on our side, of either >irm. wu injured. Your ob't serv't, i. m Uol^iokoch, I'lag Officer, *c. Hon. Gidion U ellk*, Secretary vt the Nary. LATE LOCAL XEIV3 Bvockiko Ctir. ? Karly this morning a hack drove up to the ?tand at the National Hotel, and the driver told roundsmen Turner and na'rolmau Thompson that a colored woman Lad died In hi* carriage, and the corpse waa ntlll th?-re. The roundsman at once bt-gau to lnqa're Into the matter, and was informed that the deceased, a woman named Brym, had b*-en living for two years pa.-t with a colored weman named Sophia Harvey, In the Seventh Ward. She was taken sick recently, aud being enclente at the time, a miscarriage wss the result She sent for her mottaer, Josephine Bryan, who lives In the First Ward, and the mother came and nrAcnmf tk* back to take her dying daughter home. When tbev arrived In front of the houae, ahe told ber mother that her disease waa small pox. Her mother having other children, declined to take her In the houae. She waa then taken to the Flrat Ward station, and the of&cers would not receive her there. The backman then drove to the hack stand where he met the roundsman. but the woman had died In the meantime The roundsman set to work with patrolman Thompson, to arreat all the parties, and aelxed Josephine Bryan, the mother; Sophia Harvey, the woman with whom the deceased bad Uvea, and two men, J. Bennett and J. Green, who were supposed to know aomethlng of the cans. The matter was laid befors Justice Walter, at the Fourth Ward atation, by whom the prisoners were all dismissed. The body was taken to the house of th? mother, In the First Ward. Axtili xkt Rxvixw ?There was a review of ? Si 1-a . ^ IUC oa tmvi J irvci ?c, uu lur piiio erii OI u>e ttpitol, this morning at U o'clock, by General Barry, chief of artillery. The Line wu nearly a mile In length, and comprised portion* of the id, 3d and 5th regular*, and several batterle* of New York State artillery. There were about 80 plecaa la all, including howlttera and Parrott and other Improved rifled field piece* The General and staff were saluted on their arrival, by flrlng from one of the batteries In the center of the line. Men, horses and equipments were in flne condition. One of the caisson* broke down a* soon as the column moved. There were but few spectators present, the day being very disagreeable. Polici.?Henry Sluaher was arrested for mallclou* mischief, yesterday, aod taken before Justice Barnaclo. His case waa ruled for further hearing. John Wedon, for refusing to take a passenger, waa ordered to pay 88 cents costs by Justlce Walter. Both eas?* were reported by the Fourth Ward patrolmen. r utitb ?? aid station tillJustice Walter.?Samuel Ridgelejr, drunk; fined 92 W. Parker, riding on the pavement; fined tl. Joaepbine Bryan, col'd, auaplclon of murdor; dtamlaaed. J. Bennett, do ; do. J. Green,do.; do. Sophia Harvey, do.; do. ?UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! AND BBINOTT WITH VOU ! The eabecrlber wi?l advanoe. ia the v?y of faroh&ae or iou, traiil aama for ahort peno.a, on DIAMONDS. WATCHES. VALUABLE JEWELRY, or any deecnytion of aauifiotory aeoaritiae Any ady or %en ilemaa vno would Uka to obtain % lev donari temporarily, in a manner, may do ?o ayp yit| U 456 Ink ?ueev. baiwaen 6%. H. from it toio'otoe*. f-H-lm If VERY FKBiyN'i! INTf:RK?'ff-TL?: fi ? J tlutk rf0'?tniD? for sft's omr ttvti' ; ?-? rj Store is row elf?r*il at i*s* thtu wboi??at* ?rie*?, No. * ? ^ v?a;h nrMt r?r..?lte PottOfloa. __ fl?V7-*n CM>R A FEW DAYS ONLY-1 h*ve rmmortd r m? ftn* r?ek cf ClotJ'inr fro?? ow ttalV Jew?irj store to J. H. Mill H'#: >o. 4*0 Sr? itu ?tr?v>t, near F. vhere I >>?.)! i iie uM i.m til a Wr;o.*?fci?Ou4l foi % 1 'f' ftr tm 1 W Krkp. U A?ON FOR &AbK.eBU? ?r* t?uur iv?r " bona*; m?d? in Cooeord, N U.; eoMh uie*. untiiluM itjle; fcM be?a is km4montfea: wiil be ao a tboy. imvuf J. c. CdoI A CO.. C JKttffStfr .. . w - ' V> _ i late pro* tti e mfvi, * r*?rg?mw!i r??ir to aaajrora am MM mnti. rrni It appears from the Nmpbti Anluwbi of tbo 17th nit., that the surrender of Fort DomImx created great eic'trment la that altr The people of M:>h? were getting alarmed foe the asMy of th*1? own city A meeting of eitlaeaa wu beld oa tb? 15'h, to oon?ert mensuree of 4aftence. Mar or Pvk presided. and speeches were made br Oen irf Thompson and Col Tito* The latter, according to the Aealaacbe, "wu caustic la disapprobation of the spirit of speculation wh'ch crued iranv to neglect the patriotic dotf of defending their eoaotry Col Titus said he had labored npon tha Safety Committee for nine months without par. R?-?t menta were being formed for bone defense B Deaha Harm an and J oh a L T. ftneod were arronir tboae organising regiments Propositions had been aaede to burn Memphis la preference to letting it be occupied br Federal troopa. The Avalanrhe aoberly treats the question of burning, snd enter* a mild DfalMl thrrrUi It rktrm that the proposition la from those who arc too -apt to talk large and act small," and ??vi ' Certainly wr prefer to follow the advice or rtmmandi of our chosen and lawful leaders aa to tbe beat mrde of conducting tbe war. It la tbe business, and duty, and right of tbe military chief* to plan and direct tbe proper meaauraa In tbe exlg^acy If ttaev say Ijbt. we aav tgbt, if tbey asy retreat, we acquiesce, bow*tot pstuful It mxy be; If tbey ssv tear up tbe railroads, so my , we; If tbev ssy burn the bridges, burn tbem; If tbey order tbe country to be laid waste, execute tbe order; If they con.msnd tbe city to be laid ta asVuM lav f Wm ?! ? ? ? . .? v..? 1 M ^ foundation* and ?ow ailt over tbem " ["Jiwry ?Where will the? get the anW" That article la supposed U> I f rather toe ' ecaoe" in Dixie to be devoted to pickling the foundation* of their cities.?Ed. Pta* ] no* racbvillk. The Avalanche taa a Niahvtlle letter dated Feb 15 It reporfa the arraat of persona ibere an Federal spies; one of them, John B Gillmore, wu handed over to tbe military for punlahmevit Tbe correspondent atataa that ? Johnaton aad Beauregard b-re their henda together, aad tbey will mature plana that will secure as victories " rcxokid arrb*t o? ?i<i Brass at kobfoli? tbi aOWDTISH at bicbmojd?mats board at coLrMsra?sloomt nxia fob thb cojfbps [From Raleigh Reglater editorial, Feb 311 14 Rmoxm Asssar ?It !# reported here that t?en. Huger Laa been placed under arraat, and will be tried for negl jrence and lncompateaM r?. / - - J?f WICI, ?r? (00 (CM 10 M lr?M " The Register alao has the following : TBS MOftALS or RICHMOND If we may judge from the police reports of Uia Richmond papers, that city baa become as rite with rowdyism and crime as ere: was 8tn Fran clsro in Its "worse days " The Memphla Avalanrbe. of yesterday, saya that Gen. Beauregard waa at Columbua.bat In an tlclpat'on of an advance by the Federals, he was a bo it evacuating it at laat accouota The Raleigh Register of the 90th says:?" Twn men were brought up prisoners to ibis city en Monday, on 'he charge of having piloted tbe Yankee* to Roanoke Island Thev were arreeted on board a schooner a abort dlatance from Plymouth They were committed to Jail The same paper In an editorial begins by savlnj that "It would be criminal aa well aa Idle to deny that tbe credent 1? tbe moat gloomy period il ? as? o ** ? - ? mai ibc pouib dbs wi<nea?ea iim \xit commencement of the vrtr," and the Ml tor goes on In the moat earnest manner to call upon the people to remain by their rolora and flght to the laat. J kfr Da via'* M a?c ?The fl rat annual tnr? aage of Jeff Davis to the so-called permioeot Congre?? of tbe rebela baa been preaeoted. In which Ihvli states that recenta events ban de monatrated that tiiev Lad attempted more tban thev bad power auccessfully to achieve, and that in the effort to protect the wbole territory they bare encountered aerlou* disasters, owing to a misplaced confidence In tbelr old aaaoctatea and tbe great destitution of tbe meana for the prosecution of the war upon 11 gigantic a acale Re had not vet received official reports in relation to their defeats at Roinoke Island and Part Donel un, out rnouga wn ir.owa to m.ike tbem rwi that the surrender of Roanok* Island wu dee pi* htimlllatiMj;, however lmoerfect might have b?en the means of def-nce; and In regard to F rt Doneiron he was 'no' only unwilling, but unable to believe that a lave army of our people have surrendered without a desperate rffort to cut their way through the Inventing forces, whatever may have teen their numbers, and to e ode a* or to make a junction with other dlvialous of the army " To the policy of enlistment for short terms, b? attribute* tbe recent revers?? tf their arms, which policy now rendered it difficult tc furnlah an aecurate sta ement of the armv. The fnreea are latfd at four hundred r<-gim?uU cf lofanUv, with a proportionate amount of cavalry and artillery, but the pro~*?i of furlougha ?nd re-enlistmrnt In progress for the laat month had ao far disorganized and weakened their force* a* to Impair their ability for anrceaaful defence, b ?t the furloughf d men bad now returned to their p~st*. "In tbe meantime (becaya) atrenuoj* effort* have been made to throw forward rein forcemeats to tbe armlet at tbe position* threatened, and 1 cannot doubt that tbe bitter disappointment* we have born*, by nerving tbe people to still greater exertion*, will speedily *eeure result* more accordant with our Ju*t expectation, and as favorable to our cause %* tho*e which marked the ?at - Iter periods of the war." Of floaoce he says" The financial tyWeaa dev.sed by the wisdom of your predecessors has proved adequate to supplying all the wants of the Government, notwithstanding the unexpected and rery large increase of expend! tares resulting from the great augmentation In the necessary means of defenee The report of the Secretary oil the Treasury will exhibit the gratifying fact thai we have no floating debt; that the credit of the Government is unimpaired, and that the total expenditure of the Govornment for the year has been, in round numbers, f170,000.800." [This Is tantamount to an admission that the a ? ??a ?-s ? -?? * - irmpj arc not paiu, u me lom ramea 11 not equal to the pay, eubelatenee and transportation of an army of three hundred thouaand bms far twelve month* ?Eo ] The condition of the Post Oftoa Department la repreemted aa Improving, Ita revenue lncreaainc, and affording the aaaorance of Ita being eelfaoatalnlng at the date required by their CooaUtutlon. In conelualen he ealla the attention of r.onvn? to the necessity of an immediate org*"'cat)on of Supreme Court of the Confederate States, and. pledges his heartv co-operation In all their efforts for the welfare or their country U WORDS FOR FR K8E NT AT! ON. TIFFANY * CO., Not. 340 and 342 BloiDWii, Niw You. And No. 79 Res Ricsiuir. Parts, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WAFK1, Solioit the attention of Cms and Mihtarr A<m ciation*, Command* on Nat ou or Stale mi-vim. Patriot e Club* and individual* to thwr iarg* took of RICH STAFF AND DUES:* ARM? AND NAVY BWOKUS. Their a?a?rtment moindM the cAulMat BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical with thoe* made for Wi.kinson. of London, worn by theoffljer* of the Bntiah Army, and roo*t approved hv experienced turopsat atUuntle* the elegantly w oucht BLADES OF SOLINOEN ON THE RHINE, in fil>re and finiah the reoopmsed modorn typM of ii4? uoieuiftwu MmoMbJ BLADE* UP COLLINS.OP HAR7TORD, Beeidee those of other dome* tie fe(<r,oaa u. The mocbticct cf tho hiadac.in all oa*ee eoted within the eetabiiehment, will bo foaod to comprise *11 requisite ttylee of ornMBObtatioa. the oabhard* b-inj ofSiLvaa.tfiLvu Gilt. Bbohz?, Plai* or Fie.bGilt.mlvu Plated Steel. Kick i UT8BK. eto , with bw.de ?l Pum. 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