1 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

1 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I I I ^ ^ TUB EVENING STAR. DEPGRR HP LOCAl. ARTICLES ' ' ? DiaTws o? Poti*irt? ?The following d?atb? *mnne lb* rldters hnve occnrred ?lnc? car laat ^ nort Qt orpe Brown, company C, 8?h New York cavalry. at Colombian Colleee A. Rc*-d. pomiwity A. 3d Vermont volunteer*, ? a^rolmnblnn John 6 Wei?*, company I, 1st Pennsylvania |cav*lrr, at luminary Hospital . htnry Badger, company E, 11th Maaaachuaetts artillery. a* camp (Francis Ettinzer,compiay D, 1st Long Tsland volnnteera atcair.p Private Grleaman. company E, 104th Pennsylvania *<'lnn'ee*a. at Warren Hrsp'tal. H Daniel K ne. company O, Sth New York cavalry, at Columbian College LfTi company r. sia rennryi*aai? >uinp'^ri, i?t Carver Barrack* D*nl?l D W tllHrrw. private In 59th New York volnitetra. at Gwd Hope. Major Mor>k?. company A, 7th Maaaachasetts volunteers. at camp. Jo**?ph Hnrna, company F, 36th New York vo!na'wri, *?e mp John Warren, company D, 2d Maine volunteera, at ramp jrwpb Slack, company C, 13th Indiana volun? teer? at Paten' Office. Theodore Rollev company F, 104th Pennsy'vaDla volunteer*. at Carver Barracks "?l T f)owc. company t?, 11th Maine volen'erra, ?termp H*?nrv P. Mvera. company?, 50th New York rolnnt^n. at camp. ? ik- ' ? a k)j ?a1iiii Aiuru L.>uu, nui.pa iv A. ?cuuyui teers, at Douglas Hospital A S*rott, company H,8th New York cavalry, at Columbian College. Pe'rr Kelly, company E, fcrth Penrsylvauia ! volunteer*, at nmp. Wna. Bonnet, rompany F, Sth New York cavalry, at Columbian College. IJohn Sayport, company I, 8th Pennsylvania cavalry, at Oeueral Hospital. Wni. P Atkins, compmy A, 24 Districtof Columbia volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. Frauds Neddo, company B. 62dNew York volunteers, at camp. CMs Sbepard, compay B, 21 Maine volunteers, at ramp. G. D Howard, company F. SPIb New Yo^k vclun'eer*. at Pemiuary Hc-splM. G Rhodes, con.pnny H, b'.fc New York cavaly, at Columbian College N. Fletcher, company F. 91st Pennsylvania volunteers at P.ilnmM^n College I'. Hick?. fnmnmiy D, ?th New York cavalry, ft* Colombian College. Jonah B-ndal, company E, C3i Pennsylvania I volunteer#, at camp. L Sullivan, member of bind, 1st Long Island olantee's, at camp. John Morgan, company E, 9th Pennsylvania cavalry, at 0? nera"l Hospital. Seru-ai.t Patrick Cunningham, company A, Pennsylvania volunteer*, at camp. Henry P Davenport, company 1,7tli Massarhu etts vlnntee:*, at camp. Cotrtland ^-hotiield, company I. Utpenn?y!vania Reserve Corps, at E. upt.vj Hospital. Wm. Paduork. ccxnpsny I, 1st New Jeriey Icivalry, at camp. Jobn Tayior. r--mpanv E, 1st U. 8. Cavalry, at Columbian College. Kbenei r" Houston, Sappers and Miners, at Serr.lnsr,' ho?pital Thomas J-nes. company K, 58th New York m twiunicti^j di raiup. W m Mil'.spangh, company G, 55th New Ycrk volncfc-ers. at ramr?. G W V -.n D"z>-a. cnrT>par.y C, 61ft New York volurteera at L_upMve Hospital. Ctanrle* Jo><n?on', roinpiny K, lOtli New Jersey Cavalry. a' Enit.Mve Hospital Wm Hitw?'m7t. corrpany D. 10th Pennsylvania volant era. at camp. Klrbard Cliff:, e *rpany H, 52d Pennsylvania o'uutefi*, att-'er^-T barracks. LvnaderS I'b'lllps, coirpnny F, w5th New York voluntr??'a, at camp Daniel L ila-i, cctapany E; 11th Maine volun ?crm, o* rsoip Wtn B Potter, coirpany A, ?6th New York jlunteera, at camp. Wm ?* Beech, company C, Jih New York cavalry at mm p. Aahhel Pn?, company C, 2d regiment Berdan's Sharwihootera, at camp Charles Osbtirn, company I, !01th Pennsylvania volunteers, at Oarver Barracks. Samuel L. WilMama, company 1,9th New York votuntr-er*. a; rrap. Thornaa t odr;i t'^n, company <>, .'?aJ Pen nay 1nia volunteer*. at ramp. Jn^a L. Gre^n, company K, "Tth New York volunteers. at camp. Railroad to Alexandria ?The newly repaired railrcad irHween this city <nd Alexandria '.a likely to become something more than a milltvy rout- -re leng. With the view of aocotnmo dating passtnger trstfc. as well the large transportation of g.\rei?.aitntfr5egh?, work is now {joins on for a iecoisd track from tfce opposl'esidc Of the river to Alexiudria. This second track will also ce extended across the Loot; Bridge as g?on as that structure cha be prepared for It. At preser.t the cci.Tcya :ce of p*?seogers from one city to the other is solely by the steamer#. ?\ Trouble is tub Wigwam?Tnia mornin;, o2i er A. E L Ii^se went to the t thee of Justice Joiicsoii, to uukkf Inquiries relative to the authorship of mu aniile s:i a n.o'rninj; p^p?-r, reflecting upon uiui. The conversation grew to be v?*ry , ?.arm. ar.d e. collision feeni-d to be imminent, the ii>s ice asserting tte truiufuioem of ttseartlcie, and the efficer druounong it an a "d-J lie, fr/? fTi ivu?innln<* ^ %_ ? _ t. vim */\._nu I UC UlU^CI a vuwI oil determination 10 ?avw up the wLule matUr before the public. Patent Orr-o ?The Patent Office business is '.ncreaa rig. i here aave been ulnety patents is a"d tais .veek. Tub most gkaiifvino infohma t; 'f!?' ?t w- rtn ; ito ?? oar readers w! :i art> suff rinf f n r id?, is *.ht.f?rtth?t PKAHsuN Nir.l?i^A I> l> Tak UK< Pa ?re reaii? a go"d ren 'hSt. Mil* oi < ui fne. il? Live tried tinm with succ-?lor< ?.-i.rhs. ^>re Tbro<t, M> *r?en?<- aid A. if i.i\ <:ias- cox.;>ctiu! i k'm |t?* iHiel to Co-. ..otivfg S urer* arid Pub ic ; #eilter? who ar<s truuNe - wi-.U t braat liit?-a**? bodreiefby usiar ff?-' c ' -at.- TarDio?s, *> -i clear r;.? throat cf i u-kj aud tiokiiug sei.sauons. pro dnr.-d Kt tiMi n.Bih /vf ,l - * _ ? WV > a II " I WVU V ( WO * ucai Ur|ftQ?| end itive s rcnjth. tote and fal ness to the voio* frtptrei a: J *o.d by bLU. PtA8S< N, No A Noun L'bcriy *t.. tt&iuaon. Po;d al*oat491 Eight streff, ?s: Lfcton; >o. 4 Fairfax ttrreA xu ???; A. H. It a-J, Fr< ierioi; a_J by tua friri.ifal t!i uggists ar>i c0Lfe0ti0i;era, at 1** cents pot psotao. l'? M lm CORNS?KUNIONS \1 ?t i t : UH|A l". S i ?eoi t mrop'Uist. frorc. 1*1 r"ar t, 1 u> -T'Tit- y.'c '.:iat ce oan effeo u&ii? r- iiiov - 0"'ts in4 Kuutou.-. without p?m,so that ;ue'hoe can be woru immediately alter t&e oseiali'n, witdout iB0 'uveni?:.a9. A so rerioves \v arts ft'id o.har s Jperftaous fl esh from the hands, fo trst tney \ri arpsar snail and delicate. No. lft 4H str- .t, r City Ha ;. Charres ra-xlerate. M.ci-:r? to the aoetors of WMnis^toa ^ener < * - 1UI 1 ?|?~H L~A RT O w A H BARON UK JOMIN!. ! .sr.a.&Wd h C?pt. M tdell and L.eut. Cr&uhili, U. ?. Arm*. Ot.N. CASEY'S INFANTRY TACT1C8, i 71RIB VoLUX?* A Mi; ttury Books fur ra> at Northern P"ce? < HUDSON TaYLOH, Bcok*e';sr ? : h at oL?r, 334 f fr.i.. a*. f? 7-2w I trt^i . Kwrnh ft ? h^n .2^1 VVrALL. STEPHEN* A CO., 3:12 PBN.X^tlvanu. AVBHSS, MILITARY AND NAVAL, MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CL.??THIF.RS, AND KXTKNMVK DEALikH^ IN tthNTLEMEN'tt FURNISHING GOODS. a a **/\ n tn ? ? - v*/ rwR l ti f-? AKiUY* " K hive jBfct icceiviU.'.J ttramer Anuo, a lirje tatortmcnt of marni::06nt French iiras* L?mms (System* Greto.re;) Frwh Huflea, for iafj^try <*v?rr, aad artillery ; Martin Fran's C^Isbrs'f J ?uil F;ate* ; lir&ss Inrtra wut* oi ah fcifi ? Ai*u, tar fine#'. 4-a it* of Vcuio? t-triiiic. Hi '.jOu'i Accor<l?oas and rloti&M. T <f<U?r with a iarse a??or*mn? of lat#M Frecoh MiUkOi?>r i-'Midi. Mu-ic .-tore of W. ?. MKTZKKOTT. )a t * Corew Fa avfBP" ami nth at. i CASH NOTlCli. IN Con?"*o*!ie* ol our it&virg to pay ca*h for <?ri t tieitM goods ? puronaae. *s are forced iu i' u- jr gcr uusm *? to cua excmsi vefy,f't in* prs <>l: w?h?>eia note a very i*rgeassoitin?i?t uf K -A 1> V .1 AUK CLoTHii>G lot men and boys' war, waioU are tsUir* at a mncft i<i?w rale UiiauiuaLi. W ALL,.A ("O., -94 P^ a,-.. h?twe^ii 9th Hi 10th ?t?. jal (Iwtftl > kw.) i/i K THK FOLK* AT U'JMK.-OI*?ri'ud 1 !?c (tiers' newoin aay kind of Dry ttooos, fur (o9 fv ks at h> ui , are itTa. *' tiie most choice ialrtcs that oar v&?i stock offers, at oar proverbu t lo-V p ier-, lasrkeJ in pkua hcaret, one prtoe oily. f> li ee ? t>r eouveranoe by express, or other A r< < *?, ?ror*rly pvked frre of eh%ri?. V f<?19 6t PEK ft Y 4 uao? [| ;'a tyrm* Mil %m'h , Kfe.-T CA "i G M.MS IN CLO'illi N??, ?l me ' i Po<.'plu*? o.ui t-a- Sum-, No 460 7th street. ^ 1? In ^PlUJHti CMi.N iZES ?Opened to day. ,1'KKRY \ KKOTHKR. fa is ft Pv *n ' Nfwth lit KAV Y AOU!. ki)>K. HHItfT* m.MM .. U J>K.\V\ L A*?V SHim *S,~at*S?4 Pa ar?gn?, fcacs 'wv* or <14 U ttnet, bet?'>9t ?>'< ?* 1* ? If AFINb Maortm^n: of Tim Collars, t?wsp?rder?, tofurta, Trunks, HaU and C&ps, at No. 460 :Jt street, cpp site Post Hnr~iurir^r^TirToMTrTirT7Jir~Bt>T arC. thiac?No 4b0 Seventh strs- c foarr-5in JL'-T RKCbl V't'D & 'Ml* lot of IJOYS' J ACHATS, froia Auction, wtuoh wearsssll|in< ?> y*f oant Mlo? Utefr first oosi. at No. 460 no Strm. fs U-Ub I i _ ?p J to N-CL AD STEAMERS If att dinimiit. _ ^ i<n;^?ic5, Airwra n. 1M- . The Nary Department will, aabl the Mtk of March n?xt, row re proposition! lor the eom?lete construction ard equipment of Iron ol?d vowels lor rirer. harbor and coaat defence. The?e TeeeHa. with the exoeption ofthoa* for the VI ?.... - ?A _.il ka no Vliv 1 I?a? ?U'I IM UIVDMN W 111 ?? r- ? | pe !e4 by screws; those Tor the Mississippi n?*r I and tributaries may be prope'led by paddlewh*n. I fne hulls will bit either wholly of iron (which I wonid be preferred) or ol iron an? wood oomt?ine?i, ? the projector* m*T oonsider most s?itabl* for the object proporei, bat their sides and deck* roust be projected with an iron armature auflcient to ? sist the heaviest ?hot aid shsls. The vessel 11or the Mcsissippi river and ita tn buaries are r.ot *o draw more than six feet water when fn! y eqnippec an?l armed,at wh'.ah draft they are to be able to maintain a pe-maneut speed ofrido knot* per hour in still ?ater. and earry sufficient con! in t*e ' ankers for six date s'aaminj at that speed. Thei>- armament will oonai.it 01 not lea* than six eleven inch nuns. The vesse l for 'arbor delenoe ara cot to dr. aw irore than twfl*e feet water when fully esnlppt "d aLilarmed,at winch dratc the? are to be able L r^ai' tsin a permanent speed of ten knots per hoat in eiiiOoth water,and carry suffisient coal in U?? bunkers for seven davs rtearainc at that speed. Their armament will consist of not less than frees two to four eleven inoh suns. i he vessels for coa t defences are not to draw more than t?euty feet water when fully equipped' and armed, at whica ''rsft they are to be able R> maintain a p?rinan-nt speed of filteen knots per hoar at era, anil carrv sufficient ooal in the bankeaa for twelve days stesiuin? at that speed. Their ar - ?- - - r _ c r?... - 1?HH' ' wi mu..u?uivii? ui b*u Kimu vi i*>utr inch cunt. I ti" f.i.n of the veirelt for harbor And oout d#fnnce firs to t a.i. to & I points of the compaia vithoat cfc&njo if t<w rtml'i po?i'ion. The proposition* muat ?tatethe lumber of ves?ei?, cut ject to tuo e eo'lon of the Department, which the party proposes to furnt?ft complete in ov^ry Teepee , tmhraoing armour, plating, ateanr machine:'? and eqaipmenta of alt kinda. rea^y for aarvice, exa^ptitg on y the ordnance and erJaaooe f^jreaand p'ovii>ir>r8: the propoaition mmt heae compan e>l t'T i!'~9o :rtion8,apeoifioationa,dnMriD#v an<> modeix of anoh oharacter that the work eouid be executed from them. Th<? pi&ce of (5e.iT<rrr mnat be atatert; the time wittiinwi ioii tiie vi 8?el or veaaela are to be com p:ete<l. and a> > tha total sum to be pud for each. It will t? stipulated n th? oonir/>ct that one-lif h the tota! araonut will be retained b? the Governin" ' un*i: nxty da*a after the reO'Ption of the vc??l, in enter to give it a trial, tne lemaining payments beine ma<'e w,th due regard tff tfc* proper n,-?r orir.AnAA anH nrnvrptanf thnvnrk? fhA^ntf&Ot wili &1k> < iif race forfeiture for failure to perform tii* condition* ?p?ci6ed. The bii!? niU t be accompanied by the nuaranv*? required by iftsr, that if a orntract isawarded, k w' l be promptly <?x?cutei: ani the names of the part-es vho are to become the sureties to the r*m u t if the fa^a of the contract will alio be stated. M t>e Department will oonsidfr anf other tima :r?i maj be preset ted in which the draft of water above rawed is not exceeded, ill* Uepar'm^ntwitt beat liberty Jo aooeptor rrj_2 t air or Ml the propositions. feg law4w PRO I'D SALS FOR GRAD1N9, TRIMAllNU Ac. Mayor's Ovfics, < Washington, t-ebrnajr 13,1662.\ 1'R'?po?al? will be received at this office, up tc 1^ o*a usk ni aa the Uih of March next, for ijrad- . BK,UimmiBK, o ;r ineacd laving the brck and . . _ i _ . ; * i * -J ?li ~ ? I ll-JIi.-u.Wf*-.'> - .U V -viiij; UJC RUl'TI ?au B.iOJB IU tnc I- irt' fta ! *&:' nd \Vard? o' Ihb oitv, formint one ?ii?ir;ct; tor the Thud &nd Pou-th \Va*?, t >r :.i ? tlit second rfi?trict: and ihe Fi th, S Xtta v-d J*evn h \Yn.rds. firrr.inx Ihe third district, (each > 1 t'ic. tj be bid for Separately, and tc he given to 'i'lfd out coLt>aoior<i,>lor the year commenciog trio lir?t day of April, 1S62, agroeably to thn follow if * ep-^Dificatiocs: T e o, r j?t ne to be of the b?st New Yorfc North rver cu-!. 'one, in pieoesof not loss than two fee? l?"S.a' in- ess than sixteen inches wide,and not tors t..ac t.uee and a ha f inches in tiuoknets. tneupp'i eu'iace or efge to be dresseu to that tlrck a end set in ana well rammed with clean era.-r. , f f,,:n o>y orloam, to the proper grade, aa ' t' jointj w? 1 ti't?d. T i:e > !"ir to tn ot the be*t quality hard rei paving t rick, i ; be iaid on a bed of shv p nveraand, a.-roa i ur raftiua i.eep on a bed of fne o'ean frare. f e? fr'?i c!*y <t loam, three inchea deep, with two c> urae? on edge next to ourb.and oneconrae oatx'*eo the ir.E'r m,e, wh?re tne pavement ia lo*a thnr. t?,e n width; i o extra measurement for brick on edge will be made. 'ins **o- ? pavement to he of common qnarts.not ficpcin* fo >r 1 -.shes indiameter.except the stone cn ti.e outcK e line of the gutter*, wnich mast he oi ixiuch'8 in diameter, Uid on a bed^fooa'ee "\nj s.ii cl-an g<avel,free frcm elay or lcam at n?5.t nine in? hes d<*>p, ani to be twice well rammed, th? ceoor.d tune alter being weil wet. and, &l>er being examined aud not bMore) by the Commis'iocer, to be covered with fire olean gravel or c>>ar?e end, and the ii.tefs.l??s between the atone* we I fa led w.tn tne same material. The 3sgf lug t > be f th* *?st quality bine rook or <r.ei . in pieces of not le?s than tro feet ?ix inch a 1o::k !>f ei^iit^en inches wide, and not less i: an ttire? it.cties th cfc, to be laid on a bed of fine c-:? vi j'nvel. free rom olay or loam, or sharp river pan.I, ix i: oh** 'leep. an 1 with o ose joints.i gr ' r.g LotexoecdiEg six inches to be rated as trimntinc. I ii - to be done ic the best manter and to the -at afactiou of th? Mayor, and to be oomr or.Oi i wi'hin ten days atter the truer is givea to thee i.traotor.and to be completed within the Mine naned in the uriler directing it to be done, an'l w&rrv.te-' to stan<l twelve months after it* coir.p.t tn i Atd up >n th? failure of the contractor or uur.tractuis to o- minence Uie work or to compete .1 v.ihi': th?* ti'na named, or upon hit or their ar ure to f x?: d?e the work of th? materia'* and in the in^, ner liTfin required, the Major to have the riRkt of employ'kg other person* tj do tne same, DM3 cnct: tt:nn an r.e may deem extediant, in which e?e.-t i ;<J contractor or centractora *o failits ?ha ! 'ay suj 1 as or damage the Corporation may sus'.a u in con^equenre thereof Any repair* o< ru ajn.g which m?y be required tel r- t'* expiration of iho time for whioh the w->' It is wvt> n'. d to stand, lo ho done by the cont.act.r fr- oior.a-ge or:torn five day* after notioa from *h" C mrci si rer of Improvements of the Ward; a'd upon la Iur? of any contractor orcoi tract -ib t n ake &uy rt p*ir* or to relay any pave : . -"t w t id u e cms after nctioe aforesaid, the Mamr i>? to 1'ave the rignt of employing ary other p-r* n or p-'fons to do the same on such terms aa he i> ar ?Jer u rtoe'ie'it; in which event the contact r or en' rract ?rs no failing shall pay any lo?s or damage the Corpoiation may sustain in oonsequcuce thereof t'r.r the Una pAr'c-manoe of the work and the fur-i - inr < f mat-ria a a- herein required bor d H. *iti w 9 (U * itv tii th * mint nf torn thnuna nJ Ha U.. _ -j ?. - "' ?* ??**? UV.tOl iind of IM toitiHlin '1 nj t idder* \?i!l rtat* the rates at which the curt.'irg p*vi k &!.d lls?gini wiii ba executed, moiud'CK luaieria ?. h or eetiibg u? vr nurb of New York North river eurbft te. per running loot. Fi?"a?ing tew ti'icx pavement, per Muare yard. For ln?ir g new ?t<>r.e pavement, per square yard. For n't ids, (whether excavatin* or nllinci) per eubto yard. For minting p?r running foot. For spou guitor, PT fout Kor laying down flagting, per e?nare foot. For ayn.: tbr ?? and five courses ?f briok t'cn a? required by law, in gutters and alleys, fer ra> Ling foot. Ar.d tUe ratea at whioh the followinc work, ex c';vc if jr. it ria a. exoept the g-avel and aand wr.i.ihi ay le required : For ?eft. g l.w curb, loolauiog dreaaicg, per rut n;n? loot. 1 For ;?>irg new brick pavement. per square yard. Fur i& ins ui anJ relaying old brick pavement, per oqiiarr> yar*. Fo- aking up and resetting old curb, per runzucg foot Fur ?akirg op and reliying old atone pavement, p?r square ysr!. Fortatint tip ani relaying old flag flootvaya. per tqiutra foot. I\i>oi<lwi.t be received which doe* not ino ude i t offer for eacu aspirate item of work and mate r:a!a Br law the Mayor la prohibited from awarding cf?:;tract? for the akava wore to *n? ... --- on* who ere not ursc'ioa' p&vera. fe IS l?ar?w KICHAKli WALLACH, Mayor. Ampfr." OYSTERS! OYSTERB!^j|P^ been formed , ?. ?r..rv?v vi nui yijiu| t? nsniuiioD ana in Ticirity wi.h Oysters. All person* whiohn*e from 1? to 100 (& ioas p?? d&y,c&n be supplied. Oysters ia shell tefT.t m bae* or a car !o*d ol from 150 to 550 oan be it&d on 010 day's notion; for a less *ua-U?y oviatfctt Rndxe street, Ueor*?town, l?. C. 'i'uo Oyster* skipped by ton eompanr is as rrfih, if not more 10 tlian any others that oao be had in the Lhstnat 1 t Oysters are opened *asame day tney are tv'rcn lrom the water,and a s sent to the /tiulio.t Uie avne wight. Ail order aireotedto WILulAM HANGh. *mapolU,Ml maimer for Company, will he prompt' r at tenv. t t>v fr4-lns* ipx r-N OV8TKKS?OYBTKR8. TiiifiiV Great ?oi*utifio imvrov6-^?L^Av 'VjCV inoat ir STKAMlN*8 and " ? K'lAfeTlNG OYSTER*. ~ by wbich the eiUro flavor and aiie of tiie Oyita in retam?4. The PK \RI, SALOON, 913 Peon, avenne, op poaite Wii&rda' Hotel, wilt open this evening (Fifn of tiio g!<.be lichta) riU ita improved manrer cf ttaaui ne, x.eatneaa of nctinc.acd order of aer v:oe. Ali cssiriuga iuiury will be rewaided by oiiiitK- Superior ?oa!ity of Frosh Salt Oyitera eonat*n?(y on h&u?l to aupply Hoteta. Bntlera and h vnilioj. 11. aheh, kef, or oan. F&mihea' ordert fleji vereU ou abort aotioe. Choice Cigara at re* ponabie latea. to >-! * UNDRESSED AND OTHER LINENS, and iiirda-eye Lhapera.of the proper klnda for ehllJren'c aproua. Pink, Blue ar.d Buff Chints, plain, for ohildran'a wear. our northern and eastern oorreepondenta tend tew aappusa daily- _ _ PERRY * BROTHER, <o !3-?r Fein, a*, and Ninth at. Oyster?! Oyster*! HE OVKHL.ANI) OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Mill aortlnut to rtotlm dai PATCXEN # RIVER OY&TKRB. U<Mtaur?uu tuU private fisailies^Rft t J would do well to call and try then. ViUI Those o jatere ere void 96 boars ami ther ooiTie from the wat^r. ICT O?oe No. 48 Market Bpaoe, below the \<isne Hoate. jat-aun \10l KN1NG BILKS OF NMW AND MODIT I eri\ atylee aud finiakHack and White Plaid and Checked Bilks for niack"&Ca?h Bilks. hxtm Ginasr Hiaok Hilks all widths aad prloee, Evening I)re?a Bilks, _ .1 nw rsna Kid ?10tm for ladiaa, all aisea U(! ooiora. All kiLds of Dry Goods. Our a it, ern and mtiro oorrMfonrirnta Mod ca ne* cupp.iea daily, cm pnoo only marked ta p!%ia figoroa An inapootioa oi at<>ok ;oonra as <-t to porehaae. PERRY * HRO., fa it at Pun. araaiiQ %ad ftta at. SWSW???SW,,,M VW IMPOETAIT TO U?TiDlAHT?i JlOtKU, SUTLERS, OReCCRS, AITD OTHERS ?* ? WILLIAM TUCUm*t CHEAP WHOLESALE AND KKTA'^ GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 380 PENN9Y LVAN1A AVENUE, 396 PENSBYLYANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF |THE USUAfl. PRICEP^ Having kit* purckastd tf Bmmkrvpt iMtrckmmtt 0*4 othert. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquon^Winet, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA?, FINE. *r krtA&T n?? ? U Iliuil 1/IUAH9., C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES K E A D OUR PRICKS! Ektra Br? Sugar..... S ce^ts per pound i Wfelte 9u?ar 1* 'cent* per pound Fine Green Tea 50 centi per pound Tatr Black t ea SO centa per pound Extra Coffee*. SO cants per pound Good Coffee ...16 cents per pound Wax Candles. ? 35 centa per pound Malaga Raisins.. IS cent* per pound Codfish..- 6 centa per pound Imported Olgars 50 centa per 100 Havana Cigars... f 1 to t3 per 100 Almonds 12 centa per pound Salt 20 centa a bag Gofltl Butter.. ? 18 cents per pound Extra gutter. 20 centa per pound Fine WIi*?i ................fil per bottle Whiskey 95 to 50 cents per bottle { All other kinds of LIQUORS in proportion. Call said tee for yourself. TUCKER'S, 325 Pennsylvania Aveauc. * WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 386 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 886 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROOERIB8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having *??? purchaitd of Bankrupt Aftrckantt |and otktri. Stuart'a Refined Sugar? from 9 to la cti per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 << ? Good Green Tea .50 <? ? Extra Fine Black Tea.....75 " < Good Black Tea 50 " << Old Java Coffee 20 " < Good Coffee 16 ? < s Every thing elae In proportion. REMEMBER, TICKER'S, S9* PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE TUCKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA AYENVK Waibiimtoh. IMPORTANT 10 FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TCCIiai CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE. - 9 39*PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 39# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PfclCES, Having bt*n furekat$d of Bankrupt Mtrtkantt and atktr$. T U C K E Rj> 8 TUCKER'S WHOLESALE AND EITA.1L Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines, &o FOR FAMILIES, FOR 8UTLER8, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, F1NB. U N10N CIGARS. ; C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. < E XTRA COFFEES. R AI8INS, MALAGA. | READ OUR TRICES t READ OUR PRICES! > ? I WILLIAM TUCKER'S ( CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3 2 6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'B VOLUNTEER TOBACCO, j I QROOERIE8 j A* H t I F ' Hwtaf htm / Jartwjn Mmtkmmtt 5 Mi otktri. j . REMEMBER, ^ TUCKER'S, 190 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB " TUCKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA AVRNUB I Wamiimimi. MT4? w t Ba d*. Mnvareii, lkTINOIK MmmmU tkt awn OknM,%Mfei mmd mtf JViiivci Jmiifi #n jftfij. TOE ALL PISBAgK? Or IMPENDENCE. iir #0 OS Lie ACT PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 1 9WRE WARRANTED. OR NO CMAR9E, IN FROM ONE TO TWO HATS. Wwtam i Ui luk, Bimiarti, IfHtfMi ?f tk? KM T?

IUMII ^aniucui lmpawner, ?*! Dimity, L>j?p*p?T, Lupn, Caofwlaa f Id'??, U* tpinu, rvpiu-j?u M tb? in, Timidity, twwjMisf*, Dibbm* ( tiftt it 6?44iA*?>, Puim ?f tk? *td, Ytirwi, Has* * Skin. Aftcuoo* ?t lh? Lun, ?'U ? ? !??U>m* T?mbl? DlMrdir* anaiac ffa? Baittor* BlMta af ?'? " =*-i " ~ - , umuu ub IMitmtm rraaI (kit which rasdai MirrUfi Uapattlhit, u4 ititn; Ml Bady ud Mind. TO UNO MEN Bapaalally wha km k?cwi tht rtctf m af tallury TtM, Uat drtidfal tad diiwtU'i htMt ?Wih uu.uH; avtapa la u inlin?l; (rs'i tf-amaoda rf Tmi Mm af tha aaal Uk*d talanta ud brilliant Intll'.aet, *h< raiffct atbarviaa h*?a antrancad Iuumd( with tha thandara af a laamaoea at atkad M U? llriua lyra, say Mil wiU fall iwHoca. MARRIAGE. rnilRI, ar Tato| Mas MtMfUltaf Muaalof lain af pl)T>ic*l vaakaaaa, aifull aaMltty, d?/r rnitfta, Ac., tpaadify earad. a arha pUcaa himaatf andtr tha Ufa af Da. I. may rallftaaaly aaofda in Ma baaar aa a pallaau aad taaldaally raly apart hia akill aa a phyaieiaA. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lafl hand aid* rain | fram Baltimart atiML a fa? daan fraa Ik* aaraar. fail oat la afcaaraa nana and iiaHl. Wautn ?ut ha paid ted can tain a Mump. 11R TtTfTrtfM^ ? ?? ^*1 !* i Wit | I Nmmi af tkt Bayai Cvil*f* af Iu[imi, Lwdn, fradaI ata Iram ana af tke itMt eminent Callefea ia Ike Boited I k'4Mi and tht (iMdr part af wheat Itfa baa bate rpeot ta I .at baeplt&lt af Landau, Ptrie, Philadelphia and elttwbtra, baa elected aama af tha matt aetaniehinf earn that vara var koawn; many traablad with nnfuif ta tha hbad and aara when aaieep; great nerreaanete, tiiaf alarmed at eadden eeanda. baahfalneea with freoaeot klaahlnf, atttnded tame timet wilk deranf emeat af stud, tan im4 louBt||lUl|? TAKE rARTICULAR NOTICE. TN1| Mao ana ettiera wba ha*a injared IhtmeeWee ky a certain practice tndalfed in when altot?a habit freqatnthr learned fraco a?ti ceiopaniane, ar at tcbeel, tha tlteta el wkieb art nlfhtly fait am whan aalaap, and If nat cared, randan tsarnaje impeeatble, and daeireye bath Mind aad badr, theald apply immediately. TV.tta art aama af tha aad and melaachely afaau predated k> ear It habtta af yeath, fin Waaknttt af thb Back aad himbe, Paint In tht head, Dimnata af tif lit, Laat af >1atca.ai Nwir, PaJpitatitc af lot Hurt, Dyapaptj, Htrreat irritability, Derangement af tha OtgeetiTe rmncuetit, Beoeral Btkilry, Byseptetae af Ctotampuao, Be. Mihtally.?Ttie feirtal tfftcu an tha talnd at* mack ta ka dreaded?Lett af Merrier?, Canfaaiao af Ideae, Dt crtttiea af Bptrita, BtII fprtbadinge, ATtraian af Seciety, Belf-Dlatreei, Lo?e af Balitade, Timidity, etc., are tarae af tha avila Nllfoci DlllblTT.-nnwiii tu aaw )adf * what to Ui CIMI af tfii-T daclinlnf baallb, laainc lhair rigar, k?e?ing waak, pail, nartaaa and araiciatid, baring a iingaiaf tjppwut'. kbaat thi lyti, cilfb if lyioplarai af DISEASES OF 1MPRVDENCB. Whir. ;*i cijudid and impndiet votary afplaaaut tnd* ha hit tmbibtd isi nidi af Ub'i painfal dlMut.it taa aftia happim that ?o !1-urnid unai of ihamtar draad af diaeavir* dittn him fram applying ta than *Ki, frim adaeiuan an# raapi lability, Can alaca bafnaai him. fall* iota lb# handi af ifnaraat and diugmng pratandtn, vha, incapsbli af airing, fich hi* picni.i.vy aabatanca, kill him triling nth a/tir man .h, ar ai laag a* tr* araallaat fn can bt ablainid, and in daip&ir liavi him with ramid baalth ta ugh ti? an railing d?iaprv?inimiot: *r by thi an af that diaalt paiiao?flircw-cuiaa tha eaiiatiwuaoal iyrapti-"a ?f thfi tambli duiaat,'t?eh ai Aficuana af thi an.Tt-riat Bud, kin, kc? KTarrawtnr vtth fiigiitfal rapidity, till diath pau a pmad ta hit dra?df?r ???? <-? ** . . wj mmmuih| aimi t&il M* ; I'll, it - wknt Mr I ? UttlUintlni. DR.JOJJNIOtns REMEDY FOR O ROAN 19 SE ALU ESS AND 1MPOTENCY. By t ?u nut u< IniMtut fmtij *itkn?Ni(tki wui " .paadlly mil ana f?U ?t jar wtarad. Tkimtdi a? tk? '/ l cimn u 4 daklltlatad, wka had iMt >11 kapa, kar* '/? ? Insadlttaly r?ll*T?d. All tapadlnaau M Murtifa,Pk/ilwi M MaaUl DU??al* Xwllm, baai af PmrnUx hvn, Riitiu Irrlukfiliv, Tramklin* ud WukiiH n IuiuUm tf ik? aaai faarfaj feted ipaadllj und. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. l Mart Yboviahd: tjuad at UU Idjuuum viuu ikk Ual Mftoliig t??rt, and tiia canaraaa lapartanl tarflMl aparauaoaparfanaad k? Dr. Jak r.atao, vluitaaid ky ?? intfttn af iki papara and rainy athar aaraaoa, natiaaa al lilt kara appaarad af aic and afalo ka/ara Ua pakixc, kaa'daa ku tiiiOuf at a (aotlaaao af akarattar and larualI Mlltf. la a itluait funatit ta ika alltui Mr lf-ly THIX2SX1MAR. Protttfd by Royal Lttttrs Patent of England, mnd stcurtd by'thi Seals of tkt Etolt d* PKnrmacu Ji Paris, nnd tkt Iwiftrinl ColUgt tf Mtiicxnt, P??**a. TRIE3EMAR No. 1 fa the effectual reined* lor 8 *r ? ? katokkhcba. and Exhavbtioh oa thb Ststbm. TKIKSKMAR No. 8, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoea of thoae diaordera, for which Copaiva and Cubeba have aeneraily been thought an antidote, to the rmn of the haaith of a vaat portion of the population. trik*?::mar no. s. }a the great and 2.? remedy of the civi'.iaed world or all impnritioa of the aratem.aa well aa aeoondary aymptomi, obviatim; the deatrnotive uae of Meroury, as ? ell aa othor deletenoua intredienta, a^,d which all the Sara.parilla in the world cannot remove. Tsiesxmab Noa. 1,2 aod 3 are alike devoid of taato or ameli and of a!! nauseating ^naiitiea. They are is the form o( a losesge. ana may lie on the t>iiet table without their oae being anapec ted. Sold in tn. oaae? at 99 each, or foar $3 oaeea in one for 99, and in 9 f oaa?a, thna aaving |).aa administered by Val?ee.n- I u-?- ? fto. Wholesale acd retaiPby JJK. k. A. BARROW. 194 Uieecker street, (4 doors from Maooural street). New York, Immediately on r?ceipt of remittanoe. Dr. Dakkow will forward Trienemar to any part of tbe world, secureiy packed.-ir t addressed according to the instructions of the wnwr, Fublt'h'd aiao by 1)R HARROW, that popular and beautifully illustrated modioai work. Human Fra'.lty. Price 55 o?lti. Trienemar and Book oaa be obtained by speoial authority frcm 8. C. FORI), Washington, 1>. C. de 12 Jm vfiCv. /~\ SOMETHING NEW! ^C\ f*\ SKBaim DMCOTBBT QfW&fmJ ^B0T #81 C ttrut, tmtil* lit Tk?tqr. OY3TERS STEAMED la til* Shell and Thoroughly Cookod (fikr np?ri*r to a roast) in Iwo tk* futtui timi * rttord. Call tud see. The andsrsigued respectfully informs bia friends i? tk* ?? --j?" - *p;- ?u? 10 ue oily, that he has r 'ittec. ju ou and wsll-knowr jre tablishmtct in ft most thorough meaner, ftnd hae made oompletean^ngoraeuUtoftor&ish OYSTERS in an* trie and in any quantity, too to *? gallons shaoked 4*j. J.?X) to IJMO cane of Spwea and Freak J"*?* dwlj-MM herinetioaJly sealed. Furnished in the shell by the bushei or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished reti- ( if.lJ[?t^rf0aih#^0. wmt?.r? ,V Baltimore prioes. without fear of ftulnre, should oaT and make arrangements at or.oe. Freight, time, and money flared by euro Rasing of me, as I famish an article eeoal to the celetr&ted Baltimore establishments atprioesjastaalow. WO SVTLS1& 1 ? Canned Meato, Lobsters, Tjardinea. Clams Strawberriefl, Tomatoes, Pigs' K5, Tripe, Ac." ( fto.,Ao. Also, Pioklea, Catsns. SaJOee, Brandy Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Torties. Terrain*. PTMH Tr~< u. 1.1 a . In foot, every thine for sale in the Northern mirkati always ou hand, it reasonable prtoes. Hotel* and families supplied with Oysters, da- 1 livered without oharge to any part of the District, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from f a. m. to 11 at nirht, ey^ry day, except ganday, when 1 close at loo'olooka. m. _ jat tf T. M. HARVKT. | LEA Is rKRRIRI' OmB&ATU Worcestershire Sauce. ] PrOM?n?ad by S EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of a LelUr from ? ! U be the II MUieml SoMm ] M\ at Madras " OMLT eOOD n MhJ| IV XTM MTOtAMT AUCK." EBffiSl at WoroMtor, ^ M4?p?iieabieto Cfg ? Fell , wci v T'itI^ thftt thoir Sauci "'kmY ipSfisi'**lit highly esteemed j ^Z5~-S:|ia India, and u. in TAKIKTY i?r^JCf=r- [my opinion, the most MwuMpaiiiU bie, M well m 4 OP DIBH ^Bj^Hthe most WMMW UlBrt' ^ymPsoMM that n made." *he ftbore SAUCE 11 not onlj the BMtftnd mo?t " rervLAX eonsiMiifT known, bnt the moat Btonom- J Urn I, u ? few dropa in Soup, tfr?w, or with #*jA. hot and oold Joints, Buf St**k, dam*, fe., 1 mpart I m extuina seat, which *mpri*tipl*d Uun manofaoturera have ia rain endeavored to miMti. On the Breakfast, Limtkton, Dinntr, or S*ewm Tahi*, a cniet oontaiuinf " LEA ft PERKINS* I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u indiapeaaable. i To appreciate the txetlltmt ?mmlitiu at thia tUU- l nom preparation it ia only neoeaaary to parohaae ? I email bottle of the ywaiai, of a rea pec table fro- * Mr or dea er, as many Hottl and Rutawramt pro- i Kieton aeldom place the Purt Saaoe before their 1 [seata, bat aubatitate a gennine Bottlt filled with ? i spwrtena mix tare, , For Okie by Grooera and Fruiterera everywhere. i JOHN DUNCAN ft SONS, i Union Sfnari amd U(A strut, Ntm York, Sole WhoIeaa!e Ac enta for tha Uaifted Statea. i AStockalwaya in atore?Alao orders received * lor direct ahipmenta from Enclaod. J Byjawn tf Cnmttr/tUt and Imitutimt /H a*? ?-ly.eo a wsaa for one dollar. Grv^red or luMM|reaa j rovii, by nai bJ $ phacn aid Haar JDratua\eat ?d oheapeet ia the world, prodaolng, tie moment b Cm maoh hair dvt m o'tEeri "ieTf for mm ! Id by 8- C. UPHAM.4PS yieenel etreet, PCla- I M>hXfc, and 8. CAX.V KfrPOED, torsar11th I itrret udPa. ? ?.; ia Alexandria, by HENJLY r, ;OOK & Oo,. DntggitU. wyMofr DHNTI8TBY. M. CIAELME. BOTILIE, IfO. SM'pKNN?VL Y A NTSVBN0B. Brrwmss #n a.x> 10th Or*. ft'-"*" J^BW AND IMPBOTOD INVENTION iiiiiriwii' i/iAUfBOWM VESTS, WlTHOWT Jt?T>: 1?LAT? O* ClAtf* ... *, MM, titmo Itti ?V lia (II , witkimtlcm, CftUa iM^tterrcu of the jublio to the tollovtac irWfl&^TSiKSE never oorode nor ofc?a<e oolor by my IMltl. hahlf thr- * - rnrmt ui? 11IVWT (DM IB| ether. iTNo toMh or root* m? m extracted, u U* art;6c:*; ones can be rr ?*-:* oyer them. >. The roote will be made l&offtoni**. Mi Barer 4. No temporary teeth ere seeded. ?a remanent O&ee e*n be made imr-.;xi lately, th^re: ? the Mttrii ex?re?non of the fac*. wiuefc aoder theobd a?eterri la fre^aectlr diafirnrert. > Thla work hu been fully teawi urer Ire year* by many of the firet ohraii*1t lud phy aioiana of Uus ??5 [ bti *??o invented a white andeatrnetiYe mefellUliic, with whiofc the moat aeositiye teeth o*?. be filled without rain, end can bmild ay e t*rfeet, acund tooth on any side rcote, wmoh will lest thjWBfh lifetime. ? i The beet of reference! to Dr. V. Mott, Dr. Doremna, Profeaaor of Chemiatry, N. Y* Hen. Jmdce Wayes, of the Supreme Court of Wwhington, and thoaaacda of oth*'? ?M Mfl IMMW for yoaraelf. no t >m OAS~FITTING, kc. W* t. WOVE * CO. ... KE Now freeared to exeoete a&y order* Witt thw >#?T ?* hiorw is U< ffclMBINw, #A8 OEj^TEAJI FITTIM* ny Store ob ftfc etreet, few door* oertk of Pt ay*nae, where mat be foeid a oomotote assortment of CHANPELIf Ki? *r 4 otker *?, ST LAM a WATER FITTWSKfr. l?ti i? W. IAS FIXflBIl ?? t him in store,and iref recemnj, 0AB FlITOHSSof entirely Nw Patterns and Design* s_d Finish, superior n stj.e to ax.yu. nj heretofore sffepd in this market. W? invitooitisoes general It to sail and examine out stock of 6u and Wits Fix* ires, feounf confident ibitTi hare tie last MiMtod stock in WMhingtoa. AH Work in the a.t<ore :ne mtrastod to air oar* Vili be frMcytli attended to, MYKK.B * MoClAN. mar i-tj ST6 D strMl PHI VATD. PHI VA.TH. FRI VATB DR. LA ROMTA Cure* all Veneral Diwun permanently Mtf tuickly, without the use of diagost nz or joiecnou? drugs of any kind. No dieting or inte'Terence with business. Consultations fr?e. It ia *ay: ."f ?n:'? h in lta favor. when I Uf that my praot.ee is that whioh is in use mail the New york city boseita a. New York City doiiese and Hospital Testimonials furnished. Ladies with Whites and Disease* ot the Womb cured and saved a consumptive's crave by mj treatment. There u rothing aftntivt or du*rrf+bli IB any part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or money retarded. Communications in wntins. with return ?t*m? promptly attended to. Medicinea for traveler! and other* packed, with hi! inatrnctiona for nee. and varracteo. Office?Boost No. 9 \va*> ingtor. BcHdini, Pean. venae and Seventh at., Waaiiiactoe. D. C. fob 1-1 in * FAIRBANK'8 STANDARD SCALES. | f/ - TOE SALI BT J . P. BAKTUOLO W, Boie Agent, IiNvire It Agrlcnltaral Wtrchtui, Sib SertDlh Street, B*tvr**m Pmsv^mia itnuu mn4 tin O?if, opposite e&ef end of Centre Market, Jr 14 tf _ SUTL.KR8 AND OTHERS SHOULD PUBSCRIBE 1 O THOMPSON'S liANK NOTE RFJPORThR ?Weekly,L #2.M? p?r year; semi Di"niniy. 91 w; rr.ontnij, 75 ceLic, with two copie* uf deaoriptivA li*t frM to til who pay in ad ran?*. Orf*er? prompily exeoutad b? colo^irf the money id a note a'dressed to WARREN CHOATt, 33if Fa. ?T?7inn fe 7 6t* Wall, Stephens & Co^ MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Ann Uuliis in SWORD*, PASHES. BELTS, EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES,*0. , And rrary variety of 8XADYHADB CLOTH 1KB, ^ ? BHWMUI rilCHi WALL, STEPHENS A GO.. 333 Pennrylmnia avenue. between Jt 11 [Intel. A Heynb.) ?th and lOtb ate. rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, j BATCHELQR'S VENVINE HAIR DYE, The Best in the World. I\? Only Rtlimblt mmd IlxrmUit limit JDvt Kmnm. Sold by nil Dmcciata; alao.at DmnnfoVi Patent Medicine Store, op. Patent OSce, oor. r A Ttn, Sim'i Bair Store, Mi Pe&r.'n arome. where Lathee can hare it gxplie'1. f<:?-?ired. I Factory?81 Barclay at < late 2S? Broadway) N. Y. ' PC >-lT g ^ wtvnarta VJOLD AND SILVER" ENGLISH, BWI88 AND AMERICAN. [ have now on h&na a large stock of all the matt selebrated Watches, tnat i an eelling at the very owest prices tr.at good and reliable time keep*- > can be adordeti at; aud every description office JEWELRVon Laud;all new styles reoeivad as io<m as manuf&otored, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware mannfactured in lay own shop. Ml kinds of MILITARY GOODSob hand, such 1 is Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Be.ts, Bowie } Knives. Pocket Compasses, Ac.. Ac. AUo strong j Army Trunks and Bed Combined; and many other ' things nseiul and omsmental at 33S Pennsylvania tvenne. noS1' tf H. A- HOOD SA J. MYKRS. 10 Wa?HI5?T05 Bcilcik?, k large stock of Aiaenoaa Watches for Ale, at wholesale, by 8. A J. MYERS. \merlean Clocks at waolMale by 8. A J. MYERS. (Vatoh Materials at wholesale by S A J. MYERS. Plated Chains at wholesale by 8. A J MYERS ffatoh Work done lor the trade nol*. a* 0*1 work mm, it 8. i J. M V kR8~ r i Steel and Gilt Keya^at^w^okeeaie by 8. * J. c inr All wholeeale deaJera in WMoLn and Jew- i >lry would do wall to call at 8. * J. MYERS' beore coins on EMt or purekaeiac alaawkan. Jaft-lnfr [^mPlE ?rYG Uli^NGRf^ ! Lr ALALL tVC<u vLAlliXo rlLLo ? Read the following uneouoited enoomi-^K f una: ] " l cannot eomtnend them too hi* hly." w r i "Thar are the beet h etnale Pilia extant." d "I have need them with oomplete euoeeee." a "Would nut be without them upon any oonaider- t itioe." "They opcate speediiy ud effectively." Fnoe 41 - eut by mail, bold by 8. C. UP HAM, I 103 Cheanct street, Philadelphia,and in Wackufton by b. C. FORI), ooraer 11th street and Pa. I tvenne.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK ft I )0., DriKHU. noS-eoly I IhMMi "^L thane e of diet repaired. 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WMl.inttoc ?: 6 w a . and ? on or S w> r * For Frederick ulliii,and S.H> m. TRAMS MOT1XH irOKTW. Moraiac kx^raee teeve A Hhm(t*?? "* A. Arrive at Baltimore TJP a. ? ?Ft Uteelytua MM r. New Yt.rk 4 T.* , Hi. rint nrg i.u r. a. Wo-r.iac JL 'r ^r.mociatiot leave waofeiugtoa T-4* a.m. Arrive at Baltiiaere * * * No ooaaeo uaae at Ba biaore. This ie Ue Morning eonnezioo for Annapulie. Nt-w ^ or* Ma Tram? - " a. arrive at Baltimore U.40 p. M.. ^hTladeipBJa Mi p. New v ?rk 10 p u. Pl.iifl? pkia Train ! *.? Waahin*t?B ?llff f m. moh'h| iiaitiator* it 4 40 p u. andPBiiaOolpfcia Bl 10 P M. AlWrcoOB Aooomjoocatit d?!?? W aahiBf toa Bt4pM.Br' re Bt B-timore at Bp*. No ooaobbiobs Bt Baltimore. I bn i? the afuraooa ooad?xiM for Aitapo.ia. Evening ExproM?IBBTB WuMfiitol IP.* Arrive Bt 1 % t.icor# 442 P. H.. Ph..Mf.f :B 1- M P. M >>ev or* 4 a. Harntfarr' a. Ot $iada;i 1?ti Wuhu(toi) M ).0( Bad & p.m. only. ThO 5 P. )btTBin from \v?thir.|trc eornoc'a through to IW York vrory oar dariag U* vroot. l?? ?e; jr?:'i!A?seku fcB emcraa ? p. . Amva at Waakiagtoc ' r, b. i^rave Notr York at t p. m^ Pa ikadeipbia Ibj* p. tl~ Baltimore ?J0 a. a. Arriv* at WaafcingtoB *jr? ^Leave Nbv Yoik Bt H p. M.. Pti-adepkia Ijr a-m.; Baltimore? a.k. Ait:tb Bt Wum&ikia Ji A.M. lxK3Bi Aooomtr-- :at.oa Trains laavo Baltimore Bt > A- m.,ar J 4 31 p. m .for VYa*b?tOB, arrtva lb re M it a. m. and ? 4S p. m. Ob SGBdaj 1 at 4Ji ud 7Ji *. b. o>lr from Bati more. No ALnapo.ia or Krcderiok aouMztoaa ui Sunday?. PaaMiger Trains Ibbt^dj Washington Bt i.#n a. k.B(!d4i" r. m., ar.d Baltimore at 'A a. m and 4 ? P. H , make direet <*ome?tior? for Annapo < at tfe? Jor.jt.o-. '1 he 7 4" am, bog ID' p i oocnaat at Reiay 'or frede- .ok, haj?r>t >vd, Ac., 4oh axoopt Sur.dit*. Traits '.eav? A'cb?ou? *hr or tccton at ?>> a. m. and S#r . Paue;.t?r l rain* i*a*:nt ^ aahtnftor. at M? a. m . 11 a M-. ar4 f. and Baltimore at 4.S auc Wi. W:.?Hop cm,* at Anmapoltt Jumttttm. Wiit Fawntera matt takath* Accommtdmtfm Traint on If Trail a will laare Waabiofton and Baltimore wromwtir mr?cmrd ttm*. aiorptisc that th# 4 ? a M.7SS a M. and4 09 p m traiua will wait i<> minatea if cro?B?arr. to aavBja the paaaecgara and Mat .a | from the Kai>t. For Sick arid Wonnded Solaiara?A bmcii! oar, with an att^s^ant. with t>?da. will leave Waahincton twtoe a ww* for Philadelphia direct at 11 a m. for the aocouuaodatton ol airk and wounded aoldiera. W. f. f.MlTH. te ? Maafr of TranayortaUoa, Bait IS62] THE [1MI Pennsylvania Central Railroad, summmmm i With ita uonnaotionai 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND Fit EC FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! TE1II DAILY T*AI*? FSOW PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH*. Two of tharo nakinf CLOB1 COXKBCTIOJW AT SASnlSWM with trmjLa on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAl>. and formin* THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nou WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to ail pomta in tha W*JT. NOKTH-Wlft fHS SOBTI WMT. IC^For Throtth Tickvte, apply at tha Offloe ot the Northern OctraJ Kail Road Company, Calvart Matiun, Baltimore. Spi ndid SlerptTig Cart on all Nigkt Tratnt Si>mo4nng Saloon Cart on all Traint FROM WASHINGTON. Paaeert arc wnl UK* the 6 a. m. aoo A p. m. traina, arrinu* n Baltimore at 7Jt> a. m. and 6 45 p. in., where cloee oonuectiooa are Bi*3e with traiua oa the Northern Centra! R. R..as<i arrive in Harnaburr kt I n m a?*H 1 ?^ _ ? T ?. ?.w m ?., urax WUIWUBI with the trm.ir.ii on the CeiiBijvania Cectrai Railroad tor all part* of the weat. FREIGHTS. By this route, frenhta of all dmoriptiona oaa he forwarded to and from acy point on the Railroada ol Ohio, Kertucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wiaootain, Iowa, or M laaouri. b* Rnnroad direct The Peons? vama Central Railroad aa? ooncects at Pittabcrg with SUauiTS, by wkian (iootfanan be (orwarJod to auy pert on the Oh.o, Ma'kiacaia, Kar. uck?, Tennessee. Cnmb~riabd, niipoi* Miaateaippi, YY laconain, Miaaoiiri, Kanaae, Arkaiaaa. and Rod Kivera; and at Cleveland. Haaduaky and Chioaco w ith ataainera to all Northwestern Lake*. MtreM' U and shippers aatrasti&c the transportation of liiaii Freight to thia Company, oan rely With oon_51e. ee on its t-Kiy transit. THE RATES OF FREIGH f to aad from any Kintin U.e W ret, by the Per. isylvaiua Central ulroad, mrt mt aU iiaut ?. ' ver+bU at art tkmrgtd ty oikrr H*\b*md fwiiwi. E^Be paitiou.ar to mark packages "via Pnut Ca/mAi R. R." M A fiII a u.' a. r??? ???ma ?. w. kuu.i ?, r rti(Di ^ leiiM, No, 80 North atrMt, ii% trcore. ENOCH LE^ Jp.een'lSBiermt't, AlwoM, Pk L L. njll'lT ??>a*! Tickw Af t. Piir*delpru?. B. H HOUSTON, 6*0*1 Freifht Agwt. PhiAd?iptu? )> 4 <>ly ^OKTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. T%* Smtuh, ^nukii m^d B?t Routt fromi IMH|p|Of| |p WEST. NORTH AND NORTHWEST. 5SIHHU? WINTER SCHEDULE. Ciimi or Tims. Objusd liter Sl'NDAV, Mtk Norwnb?r, PlNN:er Trai;:? will &rriva tod depart from UItH UftflAn . - r ^ > M lUHUWB a T*a!R? Noetb Lbavb Mai! at B.2P a. m. Bnbaio Expreee t p. m. Parkton Accommodation 4 ?. m. ritlM/urg aijd Uarriabnrg Ki?rMi Ijr p. mt*ain? soiti aum Parkton Aoooromudauon Mil m. BoHalo Expreaa 8 *> a. m. Pitiabarg and fiarmburg Expreee I }. m Mau ?.3i> f. m. The 6 a. ra. train from Waebinftoa oor.necia nth tiia f Jo a. in. train from Batiroore for tka Weat and for Bat?a,o. Elm rn.K o<vhe?l?r, Dan[irk, Cauulaigna and Niagara Falia,and lor New fork oity. The rf a. m. train from Washington oonaMta rtth their, m train from Baltimore to w?4, xorth and N orthweat and Elnura and Baflalo and loowelBfe The t p. m. tram from Waaiungton oonneeta wlta he 8.J0 p. m. train from Baltimore for Pittaourg, iarrubnrg and the Weat and >a a direct ?osdoc loc tor Lebanon. Eafton Alient;>wn and New fort via CehtraJ Railroad of New Jeraey. "fry hi* route for Nov York. IH^The only train Imtuu Ba.timare ot 9anday a.the a p. in. train, for Rarnaburi, Pittabarg, CkflUOtDd the WetL The on. j tram amrini la Ra ' rr.oraon tfanoay a the t&> a. m. train. JA.S C CL.ARKK, no ? ly BaperiEfndeat rNOTICK TO TRAVELERS. j1 _ . atj.aster ttenra. hk? 4 ordered U< naii nrnet b^tveoo V? a*:.in*v>i. . ial&more,and Old Point (riTin 1 fa floaroe) to be recnmed, on and ionday, thy JOth Lncta^t, the Bar L.neof ateamera rill leare Bv iniore KVERY DAY' (except Son ay) from tbair wharf^foot of Union bock, at ?M ''clock p. in., or immediately after the arrival of he Waahiiirton Train, whieh ieavea Waaliiaftoa 12* <yeiock p. m. rTfc-tf M. N. PA1.L3. fr?X Btopbaji'd en* T B. ? M 1 ? m fl IM WS mas v f actor r, 4 Sri BlTTOT* SHUT WuiiMTM, D. ft. RJvwr Med?l avarded by M*ry.?.r,a iMtttau Ml MWteBtly msfaae, and ?iv? y im M kui of iMbMt matarfal, fwy M la* Sole LaatWr, IW>Fr*m?J_ W?a4 Box,and PMknst T:mi r?Ukur,CvH?.wi Mutbaia of Oowrr*Tfcadt??V?:#r? wi'l > .mm camta* my ttocf tafcr* paruhaaiai tiaavhaM 'ntoka tkmt ar* mait ? other Superior LmUmt and vmm Traafca m4i to Truka Mimd aad nmuad at Mart pHim. 6tx>o? dahrarad frm cY cLarca to aartoart? hm ALF Wfo* . HV/fTWfr&YKirSZ wyi on haoa.or made to order at the 'hortM itie*. Hur W?rkrtMind?rueukL|?<, ia<rDrW I* Hi# ?o?i c*Hr?l HHE GR\*H ARMY IP ADVANCING It*. I v&rd* BMiTH'STN'o. iM Cerent>. rtreo?. o (C wmaol hi* Wreat jmii C c Uunr. Kara lilac Hau and Gate. > ?-dl u