3 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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. T - *? - j-iriAHii UKiT ' I ^ (M* JH I AT* "* At ''^k a X I^Bm a . ? Jk ' ^^C'r' c|/^k /Al/ V?t. XIX WASHINGTON, D C . MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1862. IN-. 2,817. ??^???? ?? ??^??? ?1^???^?^?????? THE EVENING STAR PUBLMHBD EVSRT AFTMMJTOOH, <t*3*DAY UXOKPfBDj AT THK ?TAK SULUI^S, 9+rmt' / imm< ma ft. wt r~"v>i ^ W. L>. WALLAOH. " rieen served la package toy curler* it 04 fW, or 37 cent* Mr month To mill ?aliuilliw the prioe la 93 6b a year, < 99 for all ontha; SI for three months; and for len thaa three moatiM at the rate of 1* centa a week 31a fie copies, o:?b ci^t; la wrappera, two eaars. U7" AovaaTuaMaNTs should be seat to tha Stce before is o'clock as.; otherwise they may aet appear until the next day. Taa Naw Iron-Clad Steamer ? H*r Arrival fio** Mystit?Vf culiaritie*?The ironclad war steamer which has been building at Mystic, Connecticut, since September last, has been brought to this port, and now liej at Qreenpoint. The vesael?which has not yet received a name?was launched a few days ago, and will be ready to receive her armament in aoout one month from the present time, when she will be immediately prepared for let This is one of the three iron-clad vessels whose construction was provided for at the last session of Congress. The Erieseon Battery? also one of them?has made her trial trip, and will soon be afforded an opportunity of testiug her fighting Qualities. The third is building at Philadelphia, and will soon be clad with iron plates similar to those used on the British steamer Warrior The Teasel just arrived at this port has most of her armor on; the engine* arc finished and partly in; and a largo number of workmen are employed on board. The work will be hurried rapidly forward. fTL- J - ? rtit * * me enure mouei i* new. 100 vessel naa been constructed under a contract of Bushnell A Co., with the Navv Department, and was designed by Samuel II Pook, an experienced naval architect of Boston, wfeo has superintended the construction on the part of the Government. The design was to ao comtruct the sides that thej should slope inward from the water's edge, and thus cause the missiles which should strike them to glance off. The idee of the vessel, and even the upper deck, present none but curved lines?a point heretofore unattained to such a degree in naval architecture It is believed that with the comparatively light iron mail, the rides Of the vessel will be entirely impenetrable to the miasiles now generally used. The hull of the vessel is about 200 feet over _ 11 _ * 1 i < i a* ? ? ? ?u, Hirane oread; n n I eel, and depth of hold 12 feet ft inches Her entire capacity is 1,060 tons Her sides, from the frame which lies on the keel and the " build" two or three feet from the frame, are of solid white oak abont fifteen inches thick. This thickness extends two feet above the gun deck. The walls extending to the upper deok are at the base fourteen inches thick, and at the top thirteen inches, the whole being quite as solid as the sides prop?r. The width oi the upper deck is but twenty-seven feet. The hull is pierced for eighteen guns, hut it i? not de.-ig&ed to use so large a number.?N y. j'ost. whv brckvkr nin not Escape fro* I'uRt D iNtLSO.v.?The Louisville Journal of Tuesday. in giving an aecount of the transfer of I (Rni?lrn?r artri K? a ainff other officers, from Cairo to Jeffersonville, Ind , says At the railroad depot at JefferaonYille. Col. Dant, who was in command of the provost guard, conversed freely with the prisoners, many of whom made him the bearer of messages and other favors te their friends in this eity. Many of tbe prisoners were disposed to enter complaint because they were not permitted to visit their friends in this eity while on their way to their place of oonfinement. General Buckner expressed the opinion unreaervedlv that nn osm! h!> nintivito <a tlia fnllv of Gen. Pillew. The commanders of the Rebel forces at Fort Donelson agreed upon a plan of retreat after they became satisfied they could not win the battle. Pillow, witb his forces was to cut his \?ay through the right flank of the Federal forces, and at a given period was to signal Gen Buckner, who was toattenpt a similar feat. Pillow succeeded partially, bnt in the weakness of his joy over his supposed escape neglected the signals, and set about telegraphing, a report southward that he had won a great victory. In that deluding his Kebel friends, for he was driven back to his old quarters, and only escaped by stealing out after nightfall. General Bucknor *nte? that 'beopportunity was tendered him his naff ? j^nke their escape with Generals Fleyd and Pillow, and the plan was submitted to the ifficers. After consultation they, with a single exception, determined to share the fate ot their men. We blush to make the admission, bnt it was our quondam friend, Dick Winteramith, who proposed to sacrifice the men and sere the officers. Dick, it should be remembered,was himself an officer. It is useless to add that he escaped. Gen. Buckner expressed the opinion that the Rebels would not make a stand at Nash ille. Capt. Walker, the commander of the oompany who had been detailed to guard the priaoners. says the Rebel officers, notwithstanding they had been generously permitted to retain their aide arma, formed apian to take possession of the boat on Sunday night, a abort distance below the oity. It waa discovered, however, and its consummation prevented by the vigilance ef Capt. Walker. Tin Roaxoki RtvBKsaa.?The Richmond Examiner publishes the following : To tks tiJitor of t/10 HickmtonJ hraminer:?The independent conduct of yonr journal emboldens me to venture a criticism upon the late reverses at Fort Henry and Roanoke ill ? ? t- ai? i mmh, ouivu uiajr u? grsung 10 ears poir.e, bat ia rendered necessary by the condition of the country It i? high time that these surrenders should cease, for, considering the character of the war in it* consequenoen tons, the* have been truly amazing, commencing witn that of the cavalry at Alexandria down through that of Col. Pegram, at Rich Mountain, that of Commodore Barren, at iiatteraa, do., le., to the present lamentable instance. At Fort Henry a Brigadier General unwoanded. having a garrison almost intact, lowers his flag over a doxen guns of the largest %r' ealibre, and with a hackneyed compliment, yields up his bloodless sword. How withering ,. and humiliating to our Southern manhood was the sorrowful reply of the Yankee Commodore. That the General should have neglected to make preparation for preventing the enemy from ascending the river and burning the railroad bridge, may be pasted ove~, because no eommission can make a man a commander unless it b? given by natare; bat if the state ?bvw? mm w uw flutiouuiui'^ wv n uv. ?J uv iw b? retained upon the rolls of the Southern army u an officer ' The Roanoke afT?ir is perfectly incomprehensible. The newspapers are filled with extravagant laudations of oar valor?the annals of Greece and Rome cffer no parallel?whole regiment* were defeated by companies, and we yielded only to death. Oar men finally surrendered "with no blood on their bayonets," aad what is the lots 7 Richmond BIum, two killed and five wounded; MeCulloch ? Angers, on* killed and two wounded; the other four eoicnanles lost ia all two killed and eleven wounded Comment is needle*;. The whole army had better surrender at once, for it will eventually oome te it. I aa>, air, Ac., Ax OrnciR, OiS. 5i?*L.?A correspondent of the 8t. Louis Democrat states on aathorltv of a private corres. pondence with ilgel himself, that he is prepared to deny the genuineness of the letter recently pubItshed in many of the papers, and ascribed to him 80 far from complaining of personal Injustice, ha feels grateful for ths privilege of serving his adopted country, and confident that those nndsr whom ha acta will adequately appreciate and reward him. ITT Patrick Welch, s private In Cap* Ti?olie coibmuji Tilrte*o? Conaectlcot Regl u*at, whllson a furlough at hU l" J*?1} ; lngton, Marlon District, an Monday night, nad the forefinger of hla right hand cut off by hi# wife. Ha was In a stats of intoxication at the time, and the alleged reason la that she ws| ap> ww?H tn hla mnina tn the war This malmlnjl II .<* aSutr iMaonolfenee ' KT"N? dm In trying to collect that bill, dr." said a collector to hiaemployer, handing the dlahonored d?cument to the Utter. "Wtiy?" "The man who ahoaki pay It la noa eat." replied the collector. "Then take it, and eolleet it, air. A non mt v hooeat) nun will not fall to meet hla obi I . v t, ?* - , ' ? " - , " J 1 Western Exuberance ?The Frfcnkfort Ky.) Commonwealth of the 19th contain! the following letter to tbeBebels: My Dear Rtb??I now take my pen in band for the purpose of holding oommumon with you through the silent medium of pen and paper. I have just learned that the lines are now open as far as Fort Donelson. in :enne?see, and I arail myself with alacrity of the opportunity now presented of resuming our correspfn* dence. Your many friends in this section would like to be informed on various topics? for instance: How are you, aDy how ? How does " dying in the last ditch" agree wun your general Health T How is the " Constitution" down your way? Do you think there is any Government? How is l< King Kotting?' Is Yaacey well, and able to eat his oats ? When will Buekuer uke his Christinas dinner in Louisville ?* Is Lloyd Tilghman still hanging Union men in the First District ? Is Floyd still csnnon and other small arms ? How is Piliow's lost " ditch," and when will he gratify his numerous friends ly "dvio^" in the sauic ? How is the " Southern Heart?" Are you still able to whip five to one ? What is your opinion of the Dutch race ? Did the reoi gnitiou of the 8. Confed. by Eottland and France benefit >on much? Where is the " Provisional Government" of Kentucky, and what is it kept in ? Where is the Louisville-Nashville-Bowling Green Courier now published ? Say ? And lastly, what ao you think of yourselves, anyhow ? A prompt answer will relieve many anxious heart*. wYours, in a horn, A Lincoln Man. United State*, February la, 1?62 Discoveries at Bowling Grim - A letter to the Cincinnati Gazette, dated Bowling Green, Feb. 18, say*: Oar success here is much more important than was at first *>appo3ed, viewing it merely in reference to what property we liave taken possession of. Ths rebels did not destroy as much of their stores as we imagined, but concealed them in various places about the town | and neighborhood, hoping that they might possibly isoape the vigilant eyes of our quartermasters and commissaries. But their h?pes were vain Such quantities of provisions of all sorts, flour, pork, etc.. have been found, that we should have no difficulty in subsisting our army for a considerable time, even if we should receive no supplies whatever from the North In every imaginable place these articles have been found?up in garrets, down in eel-1 lars. in well.-1, in cisterns, in houses belonging to professed Union men, and, indeed, in every situation which any individual would be apt teselect as suitable for eonoealment. This organized system of hiding was not confined to the town. A great many hundred bags and barrels of oorn were discovered conoealed in the woods in the vicinity. It wu astonishing how speedily and su/ely these wer# hunted up. I shall not pretend to estimate, the value of tb? property thus captured. I have not seen tne wb'.ie of it, but C. H. Groavener, the abl* and efficient Major of the 18'.h Ohio, who baa beea earnestly engaged in the work of ferreting out Confederate stores, informs me that littie leas than a hundred thousand dollar* worth have been found to-day. I A Sharpshooter's Dcil.?A distinguished duel occured on the battle-field of Fort Donelaon, between one of Colonel Birge's Sharpshooters and a crack shot inside tne enemy's fortifications The Federalist wm stationed on a hill adjoining the entrenchments, and at an early hour in the morning the 8eoeJJion foe placed his rifle on a ptrapet, and fired a ball through the Unionist's hat The Sharpshooter returned hii fire, received a sec-nd shot, and sent ii_ - - - ? " nuuiner ; ana trom tnat time until 4 o'clock in the afternoon the two continued discharging their pieces without injuring one another Botn fired accurately; but both oonoealed their persons as much as possible, and endeavored to deceive each other by putting their hats on thoir ramrods, and thrusting their ooata from behind the fortifications or the trees Whatever waa exposed almost invariably re eeived a ballet; but the two were so wary and skillful that it seemed they might fire until doomsday without danger to either. About the hour I have mentioned, however, the Rebel forgetful of prudence, thrust his head over tile breastworks, thinking, no doubt, as his enemy had not fired for five minutes, that he night be dead. The movement was fatal. liis head was not exrosed five seconds; but in that briaf period i he suarpahooier's bill passed into the Rebel's brain, and stretohed him out i - * - corpae nerore toe unfortunate fellow bad been able to determine where his enemy was lurking, or by who?* hand he wad deetined to fall. C^The determination .f tbePru?i!an Government to u?e the (jerrr an Urij luitlead e( the French, the medium for diplomatic communlrstlona, baa i>rodui?-d ; me |*-rpie*!nj( reaulta. It N *il<! U>*t th? envova f Itisala, Holland and f?w-*de i. have def iared tb it they will adopt a ..? Bii*! course and will make tbeir rommunlratWna the Berlin Mlnlatrr of Foreign AUa'.ra In Kaaalaa, DutcL and Swedish. WJ" The number of gaa light companlea In the I) itt-d St.itea 1a fit>, einf ioTlnjj fcSi Mo.ftlOraplta!, of wblrh nine-tenth* Is In the loyal Statfa. lI^Tbc New Vrrk Uible Society la la debt SGu.MX), la eonsfiuPM of tht* extensive publlca uons ior me army, \c. The leu by the recent Are in Commercial street, Boatou, sm uirit*d to 81,OuO,(M), which was inaured tor half that amount. |?7"It Is calculated tbat there are 1,500,000 Catholics iu England and Wales. inr Hermann Is prestidlgitating In Columbns, Ohio. SKALfcD PROPOSAL Are irvired till the loth day of Maroh. 1862 &t 12 o'clock m., for sueDep't fc.t'Ou head of UbTiT VA I 1 liCi OD U6 aoci. The Cat'-e ?o be deliverer at Washington City, and eaoh animal Id average 13W pounds (roe* weight; no animal admitted which weighs lee* than 1,000 poutds i ro** Tne Cattle to be delivered st suoh times and m aoii ^eastitiee aa tne Government mar reaair*. No Cattle will h? required n .'ier t?;s oontraot before the let day of April, 18*3. Heifers, Stags and Bulls not waited. A bond with good and suffloiert Heonrity will b* fgovernment reserves to itsatf the right to fty tn Treasury notes. No bid will be entertained when put In bv oon tractors who have previously failad to oomply witli their oon tracts, or where the bidder is not prtoont to refpon4 to his bi' yiui lo ne air&otM to M%j. A. UKCXWiTI. C. 8.. U. 8. A., WMhiwtou. 1). C. u* Fou or Bio. 1, A B. do hereby trofoee to deliver u> the Boter&mont food Beef Catie on the hoof for Mr bn-udred pounds (row weight. The Cattle to bo dehrerod at . acoordicf tot ho term* of the aaoloaod advertisement. The Coatto to be weighed on the aoMM, and tae weight ao determined to be tha Durohata weight. I nerebr at rae to five a coodraed avffeieat oond for tho fulfillment of the yontryt^ud to reooive Trewury no tea in yayaut S*for8?v moukr4lr,<i anuwktsy biuftb, Bl?ok ?ilk?, mor* than our usual l&rg* tad ooenpi*le aaaortmtnt. itflnh Dm* good*, for ?ar!r String. ^ , J4 A.?o.onr iuu* anipia ituok or at! thelH^'n? Dry goq4?, ??tapleB, for jj,# ourient Tar* ?ay wmU of_cum lie* aad bouaakMMrf. 5aSosfcid^H m??. <?< ?a^<n it vrni.vnim. \ ?+* TELEGRAPHIC NEW8. LATER FROM EURO Pi!. THE STEAMER ARABIA AT HALIFAX. Halitax. March 1.?The steamship Arabia, from Liverpool, on Saturday, the 15th. via Queenstown, on the 16tb, put in here abort of coal! thla afternoon She report* having experlenctd strong westerly galea during the whole passage. She haa alxty passengers for New York. I be sales of cotton on Saturday, at Liverpool, amounted to 18,000 bales, the market closing firmer, but unchanged. Breadstuff* steady, but sales small. Provisions quiet and unchanged. Consols are quoted at 02^'a9O. Austria having protested against the view* ef Prussia, with rnerence to German affairs, the latter covernment, in a note to Austria and tbe ntho* ?i ?-11 " w-? viciuiau vays lucre ttpj^unJ liU wcu founded motive for such a protest. Tbe French papert express the opinion that the Mexican question will lead to the fall of the Palmerston cabinet In England ? It Is positively stated that the Archdohe Maximilian ca> accepted the Mexican throne. The United Stales gunboat Tuscarora Is reported to be at Gibraltar, where the pirate Snmter till remains without coal In the House of Lords, Earl Russell, In reply to Lord Stanhope, stated that the British government had protested against the permanent destruction of auy cf the harbor* on tbe southern coast of America by the stone bloekade, and the United Statei Government hflfl ?n?troruk iU r\rr%t*tmi hw ? ? ? ?y denying any sucU intention. Tee expense to England of the Mason and Slldell alCeiir is understood to be ?X54,(lOO. It Is understood that the address from the French Chambers in answer to the speech of the Emperor will contain a mild rebuke to the Pope for not listening to the conciliatory propositions of France for the settlement of the Roman ques- , tion. The Austrian Concordat was to be revised, with the consent of the Pope of Rome. i Gen. Haileck Taking Measures for the Better Protection of Prisaneis of War. j Sr. Louis. Msrch l ?Gen. Ralleck, In a general order issued this morning, In regard to prisoners of war, directs that where any considerable num. ber of prisoners are captured, the officers shall be separated, as soon as possible, from the privates. A complete list should be made as soon as possible, stating the name, rank, and regiment of each Ceraon. One copy of the list shall be sent to eadquartert, ana another furnished to the officers in charge or them. As a general rule, officers will not be Riven paroles until they reach the depot, and then only by the authority of the Ueneral commanding the department. Medical i officers will not be separated from the privates, but will be required to attend to their own sick and wounded. For this purpose they will be given special mw1***' 1 **? ? a ? --k .wvui v?c?y luguiiy . ! ln|thecaseof the tick and wounded do distinction will bp made between friend and foe Preaenta from friends of the sick and wounded will be distributed to all alike. Prisoners will be rationed the same as oar own troops. The commanding officers of departments will receive articles of clothing and comforts which may be sent to prisoners by their friends, and will pe> rait them to receive from and transmit to their friends open letters.whlch must be Inspected by a proper officer. The money sent to friends should not be delivered to prisoners exceDt in ama<i ??m? an account should be keptoV such sums to be disbursed upon orders from the prisoners to which they belong. When a prisoner Is exchanged or released he will be paid the balance dae him. Chaplains will be allowed free Intercourse with the prisoners to give them religious Instructions Their friends will be permitted to visit them only when the commsnaing c tllcer may deem It safe aud prsper, and then under such regulations as he may adopt. Cnflsirstlta at Milwaukee, Wis. MtLWAtKBB, March 1 ?A destructive fire occurred this morning, destroying the entire block of buildings kiown as the "Albany buildings " The first floor wss ocmdImI * **" pre** office, Leshay's gu fixture, Bell'* liquor stores and Wisconsin seed store. The atock was mostly saved. The aecond story was occupied by the law offices of Finch, Kynd k. Miller, Brown 4 Ogden, Casey & Pratt, and several other*. Their book* and paper* were saved. The large concert and opera hall covered the third fioor, which waa entirely destroyed, togetber wltn the scenery and stage fixture*. The loaaoa the buildings 1* estlmated at *75,00), on which there la an Insurance of 850,000. The amount of the other losses has not been ascertained. , Geld C*ali| f/im Oregon and British America?Laid Weather. 8am FaAHcisco, Cal., Feb. 27?The steamer Cortes, from Oregon and Brlttah Columbia, baa arrived here, bringing S180.000 in gold. The weather throughout the northern coast haa been very cold. | Many persons on their vravfrom Portland. Ore gon, to the mine*, bar* bora frozen to deatk. Thousands who left California for the new El Dorado are detained at Portland until the spring open*. Retara at Released Prisoners. Philadelphia., March si ?About 400 released prisoners arrived hvre by the Baltimore train, at one o'clock thU morning They were received at the depot by an Immense crowd of frteads, who had assembled In expectation of their arrival several hours earlier at the vt luuleer refreshment saloons, when the Philadelphia portion, compos, log the majority, dispersed to their homes, made happy by their return. Disaster to the (J. S. Frigate Vermoat Bostojt, March 9 ?The schooner Plying Mist, at Chatham, reoorta "on th? 97ih nit oa r _r ? ? ? ? - ) <"/ I11IIVS from Cap" Cod (poke the U 8 frigate Vermont with loaa of rudder, boih bower anchors. auit of ulla end four boata ^ he wanted a steamer to tow her In." Com Hudson send* to-night the steamer Jan Jacinto, Aroatook and two boats In

search of her. Arrival of ( a!. Lee at Utsttti. Boston, March 1?Col. Lee, Major Reevf and Dr Reeve, were received attbedepot last evening by Uov. Andrew and steft, ai;d a large crowd of citizen* They were received wltb a neartjr welcome and moat enthusiastic cheers. The citv government of Roxbury propose giving uoi. i.re a public reception next week. Arrival af t'aptared fatten. Niw Yobs, March * ?The bark O. W. Hall, from Key West, haa arrived. She brought 2J0 bales of cottan, the cargo of the schooner Llrzle Weston, captured ofl tbe BalUe by the gunboat I taaca. Celebratlaa af Kecent Victaries. Phil a u>lr b i a , Mar.ij S?The recent victories of the Union army and navy will be celebrated on Tuesday evening, the 4th of March, by a grand military and naval bdll at the Academy of Music. Tke I'asspsrt Order Resciaded. N?w Yobk, March 1 ?Secretary Seward has rescinded the order requiring persons leaving mn country 10 procure passports. Captive sf i Rebel Captain. Lovirrnxa, March'2.?The Journal has ad lcee that the rebel Captain John Morgan, haa been captured near Scottsville. Departure ef the Steamer Kaagaroe N*w Yokk, March 1 ?The ateamer Kangaroo sailed to-day for Liverpool, with f 179,0u6 In p<*cle. A On 8. WERTHE1MKR tt CO., A(?4 lOi No. 468 AND 4?4 a?VEHTH Sr., 4D4 Orrostti tkt Port Offer Umt stock of WINKS, BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, etc., also their iarre assortment of ?.^.RS^?RlS.cfe<irA JSSd8- ~bare or family ass Ths psbLiola general are re ?.?-? "jSiTWoK* Ths VAfafc >? '-?" " JAMBS H. BHBEYE, fa th ttr?i, ??vw?y H ^od I, ^^Bsr flMWMtfik?** to." OFFICIAL. rEABURY DEPARTMENT, Fbbbvavt 4, l#m. Nortci it bbbbbt s:vkn of the readiness thla Department to redeem the Treasury ootM payable la one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved Deoenber 83d, 1807, and the Treasury notes payable in alxty day* from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved Sd March, 1M1. Interest en Treasury notes of the above issues wtll cease on the 7th day of April aest by terms of those acta respectively. fs9-tap7 DEPARTMENT OF STATE, \VA?m*?TO!f, Janaary tS, 1992. tm secretary of Stat# will hereafter receive Member* of Congreaa an buatneaa on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, tbe Aral of next month. Jan 47-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. XT7AR DEPARTMENT, W JamraaT 21, 1S62. Okdirsp, That the Wsr Depsitmen' will be closed Toeadaya, Wednesdays', Tbursdaya and Fridays aealnat all other bualnma tout that which relates te active military operation* In tb? fit1.*! Saturday* will be devoted to the bnalweaa of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to tbe bualneas of the Public. KDWIN M. HTANTON, J* ?-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Ne Mara English or French Rubbish, made ta ?ell, bat net to keep time. Why shouU an American bar a foreiga \Wx>b, whan ha oan gat a better and cheaper ons at home? Why ahould an American needlessly eztriob foreign Watch manvfaotnrea at the expense of cur own artisans i Why should an American sand gold to Kng land and France, on roo vert bnt bitter enemies, a hen gold is so muoh needed at home ! Wtj should an Amerioan buy an import*! Watch, whloh, in nine oases out of ten, will cost more to keep in order for o ne year, than its original prioa, and whioh was never intended to keep time under any ctrouinstances Why ahoall Americana not patronise more generally American roan ufactaree, and thua errano<pate themaelvea from the thraldom of Engliah capital, French faahionc.and Continental gewgaw? ? The Aicenoin Watch Compani'a Watohea are particularly adapted for aoldiera' nse, being moat aukatantially made, and not liable to get out of order, ei'her in marohing, riding, or fighting. | Bold by M W. CALT A OHO., 344 Peonaylvania avenue, Waahington. Wholeaale ordera ahou'd be addreiaed to % ROBBINS A APPLETON, Agenta of the American Watch Company, f. ftn ? ** ?o <D-ini im uroaaway, N. Y. j Smith & Brother'8 EPPPP AA LL EEEEEEE P PPP AAA. LL EEEEEEE F i?p? AYVA LL P.I PP PPP AA AA LL EKEE PPPPP AA. AA LL KKBE PP AAAAAAA LL EE PP AA AA LL EE PI' A A AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE m m m ## m ## xxxxU X^XXXX XXX XXX WW vtw WAX XOTX JXCfc AVx^Sc MMkmmiim AAAA fcfc ||ee?E? AAAA jL 5S A AAA A iL EE a\a a*\ ? ipi AAAAAAAA LL AAAA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE Dftlldl AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND NEW YORK BROWN STOUT, In Whole, H*lf, and Quarttr Catks, BREWED FROM TBK CHOICES* BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 18lk Street, between Tth ami 9tk ATeatii, , _ . NEW YORE. fe 3T-dtjefl NOTICE. PKOPnmi fi rou piTBMtouiuc ?? a . a.vs ?? a. vi* l VIVHICMinV V* D? NOTES AND iiONDS. Trsaivkt Dktaetmikt. Feb. 9e.l8f8. UKALED PRO PUS ALB will be rec*iyeJ at Uie C'ffioi of the Secretary of t&e Treaiury antll Wednesday, the 5th da* of Mar oh next, for furnishing ninety million* of United st&'ea Notes ani two hundred million* in Bou<la, to be lsaued under authority of the aot of February, 18R3, outitled "An aot to authorize the tune ol United ^tatea Treiaury aot'e*. aaU fur the redemption or refunding thereof." Ac. Note* and Bond* will be required of the denomination* and in the proportion* a* follow*: Thirteen million* each of United states Note* of the enomination* of5'*, If*. 3?>'?. to'*, 100'*, and 5c0'*. and twelve million* of the denomination* of OF REGISTERED BONDS. Five million ot the denomination of. ?60 Fiftetn do do do? ii? Fifteen do do do.. 510 Forty do do do,. ..... lj,M Fifteen do do do...? S/W Ten do do do IS 000 OF COUPON BONDS. Kighty millions of the denomination of. J,(W Twenty millions of the denomination ot?..... no Proposals will be reoMved for the delivery of all of one or moredenomigatioBs of notes and bonds, ooraplete, in-lading the engraving, prilling, numbering, and paper, or separately for the engraving, for printing, and for paper The engraving mast be in the highest style of art and the paper of the beet quality. Proposers must state the naiaber of sheets and thesKrecateresresentaiivevaJMo/" nation whloh they undertake to furnish daily, and the Inst number of day* required from notioe of award before oommenoeraent of delivery. Model* for note* and bonaa must b? submitted and specimens of work aoeompany them. Models of noteeon the face will bain (he eame form as now uaed, and on the basks will atale t-e privilege of ls<al leader and other privileges stipu*Mod#la of bonds will, In addition to th e nsnal stipulations, have the statement that they are rslmbaraahle after five and payable twenty years from date. It la expected alao that, as tar aa practicable, the diee and p'atea wil1 be sssa aa have not been heretofore aaed ezoept for work of the United States. Eaoh proposal must be aooompamed by a statement of the bidders' iaoilities for ezeoattng the work, the nsmber of prasses in nee, hand* employed. aeourity of bnildmgs oeoup\ed, and capita! Protocols by incorporated oompaniee nut be accompanied by a eof j of shorter end the namee of the o?owa; end propoaala by mainoorporated aaaoeiebeaa by the articles of aaeociaUon and nanea ? iJonda for Ike faithful and prompt executioni of the work aa proposed or Anally agreed on in the eumrt&fto thouaairtdellere will be required: tha aajnee of the partiea o(Tared aa aereUee aad their written consent to beeoau mlt, together with ? etrtifioate of an Awatut Treaaarer aa to their aaieiepor .jBeet aepeiyaay eaeh propoa^l The Seeretary of the Treasury reeonaa the ruM to rejeot an? or all of ***~ ' hW * "*?. 380 PENNSYLVANIA ATKNIK. EXILE DTPRE. J tut Received and Opened, A large and ftrct*laaa ateek of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: 8V6ARS, of all gradw, TEAS, turrtt, BUTTKR, LAHD, FLOUR, WAILLARD:* CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All cf which he offer* at lownt cash prioet. PIKE'S CELEBRATKH WHlSKIEtl 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrel! XXX, 5?0 barrels Millers Rye MoaongaLela. 00 barrels fine Old K ye, 500 barrels line Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All tba favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumai Venenv, Green Seal, Hr.d?Wk, wblcb, being bought low. we ott?r at unuaually low rate*. Alao, Sole Agent Cor PIKE'S AH M V CORDIAL. feb 14 tf JtS> NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. JCK Ok 8. A J. M VERS ? having OMntd a branch of their Boaton House at No 10 WaahiuitOB Bui i dine. corner of Fa. ave and 7th street, invite the attention of W*tah Makers. Jeweller*. Pedlera, to , tc,o..lo their .arte stock ofGold and Silver Watches, Watnh Material a, Wateh Maker*' Too,a. (i'anset. Silk 'iu&rdc. Leather 6na~ds, Spectao e?, besides a variety o' foods too nmnerons to naa&tion in ordu.ary adver tiaemaota, which they wili sell at the lowest eta tern prioea. 8. 4 J. MYERS No Gooda at retail. Watoh work dor.e for tha trade only. Printed pnoe iiat of Watch Material, 'foola, fto., aent post free on app'ieation Nc oon nection with anr other house in thisoitv. lay im' JAY COOKE ft CO., No. 469 Fifteenth Street, oppoaite Treanry Buildings. Washington. In oonneotion with oar Philadelahia Honi?? h&ve opened at No. 4tU Fifteenth street. an oBoe for the transact ton of a general Exchange, Collecting and Banking Baaiuess. We bar and sefi Com, Uncurrent Mone?, Stock a and Bonds, (on commission.) Drafts on Amenoan and Enropean cities, receive Deposits, and make Collection* upon all aoccssiMa points Ie4 1m JAY COOKE It CO. COIN WANTED! The Highest Pnee paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Brscis Fo* Saxi in Scms to Stit. LEWIS JOHNSON la CO., BANKERS, PlimSTLVUni A V S5T 2, Ja22-tf Corner T?r.th street. BOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manofsctunn* all ku.da of BOOTS and SHOES, acd constant * receiving suppl; of eaatern made work of ertrj ?pwuMWiy uu"un,nLiU Wliif mf be fold at a muob lower prioe than la* been" heretofore onarjed m ttra city for much inferior artiolea. Persona in wait of Roota and r*h?en of eaatern or city made work, will a.wsya find a cood aaaort mentin atoreacdat the loweai p loea Give oa a oail. OKItFi.N A BKO, *.p S-r 314 P'unMlrani* avenue. nOTWB. ? iDlMI' UfilEM COMPART " ?>hla Company ojfera to u.e public " Unequalled vantfjeg ' fur fi.e Saiea&t' Quick Dtrpatoh of Hoavy Fra.j;.t3. I't^kjea, Va-aa'-.;?*, Money, 4.0. kg., to a!; part* of trie I'cited Sate* Exareaaae 10 aad froiu the North and Wee: dapart from at.d arritetn Waehington twioe daily, ^.11 ^^reaaee arc ln oharge of tmptr%mu*d mmJ rsiicciii rri. oczf ?. tori. All Packata* (ji T-? Bo.dUra uunN at "our *al?" our upuai rataa. Ai. Booda for Ike io-aa.?^ "Ootfedr-aw Btaiaa'1 iad all AiUoi?a M Cocntaa ! of War ' wil b* Imin, Our Kiire??i 1 ears No* York it 1,4. *BJ t f M., arrmui m Wa*Lj:.jk>u at i A. M. aa<l il" KiirtuM P':l'^ie!fhta at 8 JO K. M. a: J 11 P. W., arnriii* in Waafeiuxwm at ;.?> P. K. ai-u A. II. Kxpreasa? eare tf*. time re at 4J0 A. M. as.: 1 P. >I.^arn?iLx iu WaaitUi?td& ai fc a.x. aa^ *JG Ea?ra*?3* for a'! points Norta aad Waat ear# WwBiu^toa U7 *i A. M. ar.i Sjn p. M. da!j7._ wumowm ^vi mno ?,u?iiuuci? wl i' TOlf LI o*u t* icAUe &k IMUM fiu iiiis <>rikca. All Qooda uaUed for aca d?^v#M?l 'w u1 kjeWa etiarjea. K. W. 1'aRsONn tiap't A.daiu?" Kx^rw <*o:r;pai?. WaaUmtoc, Augaat ^ Itfl. __au ttu_ |MPOKTANr TO L A U I ? S. The anbeorUwn nave opened the ?tore No. 16 Market 8pac<5. 1 a av. t*t.-u, and -u: *\t. uai.ict ol&aa Laoe and Kaaoy Ureaa raj Depot. ouf!?istiue in part of Point d'Atesoon, App.iaue, Mook et ard Valenciennes Lao*a, auoh a? ? e*ves, Handkerchiefa, Tape*. F>?inon*, Oftpi*. Cap?, Coifluren.ana made upj.'iJdaof tiie iineai qu&.ity, and at New Vork prioaa. COHKNA DUS5ELDORP. I'i uia New York. N. B.?All aorta of Ijuvw vuh?d. mended, and done np e?ual to new, at bt.ort notiae. de ? ?m* 1H. O. HOOU 9 0on?ta?t'.y receiving,and haaa waya on hand, I a full aapply of a:I ine mort celebrated >v (IT A *n a* - V? *.u-: * - - nai^nr.s laiit'D iMDUIlOlirN in Kng-f31] Land. Switzerland %rd America, both in Go i. and Silver oaaea. He alao Imhi arge atook of Sine JE WELR V of the most desirable atylae aet ! with Diamonda, Emeralds, Rubies and at) other Gems. He la alao manufacturing all kinda of Solid Standard Silver Ware, and keep* 8woicU, Kevalvera, Sword Belts and Saahaa, Uowie Knives, Raiora. Sois?ors, Sold. Stiver and Ste?l ppectaeUa. and a great variety of other things nana! t ept maJtie rr Store, and a'i at the vary lowest price. No. 33S Pa avanne, between Stn and loth a tree u. fe lVtf I CARRIAGES. Have now on hand a large and hne aaaortsient of CARRIAGES, anyen^r to any in tht.an?p, market, which t am prepaid to ?litfflgjSy; low for oaah. Pereona , q want of goodSC=3KZ work, will do wall to oall and examine as* tank a m- * Tparsarxaa. Ordtfl |NBfUj at-1 I have also on* very fiie aloae P&nnel Carrier*, Which ornirJUty oat #1,385. but litfl* aaad.and ,5jn? jk oT'-\,.ssr^rJujfiW?H-la Coraw Utk a:d K rtraeta. f?s^ fun future ? yiTRTVt TITK K ' M* a|^B FURNITURE! m SSS rT^p^i.KTJW ??& ?f OPHOL8TE*IIt? fromrUy ^imi^wnUy tod ?TMiac for tlio iooo*m<1? w?m wtfMw. " j? !>-> * ?OU?K?, COLD;-, aOARftBNEaa, u PQMPOwifD afitfcp or 9r* ajuj/c. ttkl? llMKDt uc! ?o?olA.r CousMKeieedy hM bMB to tons koovntM ajpaaiTtly fjfd tUt bm< ^W?|VJU WMJlkLV_ SIAli I ? ?!?!?C 4 ? *?** WVT ?t mvnvwck^ wl !?f Uu MA k? (Mil . Ukf Km ? pHimt* M KrtiAV tum <il>. >iMfw*<r. ?* MMxi MPT, P? UIU ^..r M Flw NFl? ?#<? fxifMtf > X>MI % Tl 1f NfWtMMIMtMHMli W H It iavtrtoMy inUu lh? "WaafclagtM Hew that fc? mUM Tk* Dmtif Star HiwJM M (CMrmllf U/oaflkoml tfcc wufty. |^81affle oeplat (la wrappcra) tu be pr? aretf tl tbf eocster, Immediately altar (hi law ft** paper Prtoe?THI K8 CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HMrHLT CONCENTKATtD ? Compound Fluid Kxtraet Bicba, A r?M?M Mi 9p~i/U lUtuif For Dihwii of BUALDi-K, ElD.Nh uKA\ H ?b4 URCr S1CAL SWl uLiNt? T1 '? ' - p?w~- ' 4'-ttaou. a il ftfitr* t.'if >t- 1..I0 t * !hf ?ol> u. bj W" tl.. .. A'l mY < fc. ..?L. kr . ? U-f .. t? & :? WNiTrmi i' a* ??: ii r? >4NDiM!t*n*r?!( HtiLMBOLfiS EXTRACT BUCUlf ? or \N Mi Ar1? m f'om Kxc^fc.-*, of Di*?;pa- a E*r'v *i 0' ? ?r. 4tttndrJ ulrktkt : InJlr, 'P,:.. OtO I I < ** bn?*?i Mrraorr. L .ffloa tj of Hr?r.t h.i W -ik Nerves, Xrepiiifin, Horro- of t> W%kefs.x Dimieii o( Vic-.>r. Pet* t'-.f li%c . ytuv?r??: l^ai.tuJeof ttoMutuMlirf'ttMn. Hot livid#. Ftuamnc of tto :4? J? l)rjce?? u.' _: < i> ... K ipUocioathit M* tA.Ll.lD C<- I'KTISillrl. The** F?rr?t. nji, li * owed to |> . r, ? m^dicr* invariably removal, woe fuilowt IMWI I'KNCY. FATIITV. CWIUPTin rem ? - > ?- ??w ria^ At MM ?/ which IM P*XlWU way fiiyt'l Who ?n it! ?i*t they * a not fmrrt r toi loved by 'ioN"uimL bi?ka?m," "IMMMITY AMD CONSUMPTION.** M*i? are iti't of the caaeeof their eaflerin*, BVT lh>m WILL COIfTMa. THE RECORDS or THK IM>ANK ASYLUMS And IA? MtUnekoiy D'*tki by OnntwiiM. IU1 mill WiTSE*# TO TUB TftVTB tl TH? ummi. WFVffmmftBE*" a^iurM Uie aid of medicine to atrencthen ?nd Icvifcrate the Sretea Uieb MFLMBOLD'8 EX'IRACT HUCUt toMrw ?i d?a T*IAL WILL COMVIUCB TBB ?T atBTTlCaU PEM A LE3- FEMA LE3- PEMA LE8. OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CO.NTKMPLATIN6 \*AKKIAGL In Af<*ay AJfttMon.' Fttu.iar to J-'tmaUi the Extract Baci.u la dlmu? ad l j ar.y oU.er *?r eOy, as m Chioroaia or Retoutiac, lrr?*u a'it? Paicfulaeaa, or Scppreaatoc o' Onaiomarr Kvao nation a. L'oerate: or Sohirroua atate of the L'tarua. Leucorrhea or Wtutea, Eternity. and lor all oomptainu incident to tha ? <*. whether anatug froiu lndiaoration. HaUta of D.aaipatioa, or is U?a DECLINE OR CHAKUE OF LltEt aaa araPToa* tiori. NO FAMILY bflOULD BK WITHOUT IT. IUk? aa Mara fialiaa, Mirnrf *> rayUaiaal JM?cuM/ar Vnpitasnnt mm iwafrtai Dim?i. HhLMbOLD'8 EXTRACT BVtUU cvbm SECRET DISEASES In all their "tages, At litta Ei >eu* Litfie or bo eaanrein Diet; No iaoo&Taiuaao And no cTvorw*. ltoaaaea a freaa^nt deaire and htm ?tran??h t* Uric?te, thereby Reinv.nt obstruction!, PreTeutiti fthd Curing Striotvree of tfce L rettr* AlJky-a? Mm tud Icflfci. n.iaon, ee frequent in the el&M of diittMi, tad uyeimi Dxt?std, and worm out Malt IT. TBOVI&KC! rroll TBOC^Nti WHO HAVE BEEN THE rjCllMB O* QUACES, and who h?re Mid 4?r?/i?i to beeured * fbort time, h*Te found they were deoeired. iii. that La* "rouo.i" hat. t y Use ate of "row+ruf Mtrwrn'i been dried uriatne ayeteu, to biwk ni hum (itnud form, an* IEEHATB AWTEE MA MIAwM nsuudtovv.v'9 BITIA T IVOII ailfcfftosoaa?nc <um>wm o i the LKHAKY OKOAJIft, wfcotkar axiauuc ?c WALK OK fERlLl, front *ta??er ac-a rrr - ca$ tad bo a*ttor a j Loi?? 7Aiiome. Diimwal UM6 Orftat rKii tie 4M t( * Ui fUTlC. HELM-BOIaD'3 K1TRAC1 BVVMU MS VU? BREAT DiL'RKTiC. *BC la oerttit to Ikra lUa ienrtki mkI 1* Ihaot rei'm teAuk il if rM?M?uid<i. ITUIICI Of cu Mv>#T *S?vuJUia?J * ? B? Uiilb cnr?,ru wti ! >?tt? iiauw.i. cetvifriCiTLts u.' ovs FA. rr.vre tfc o ' fclfeMia* uhiysician?" fleaZ* * sonar Vl HAH "DO ncut''or ' iiHirimri HLLM iUJLD't* RXTKACT BUCHU > *.j-<poBr' of Wuccu. Cc- i Ju . ?er Uc,.':m >e.M?d with r?' caro * r a Urdf<i?: PkkMHSD iN VACUO. II T H. T. H E L in BOLD, IMLK*I kbU A&alTtioai C' ftuitl, tul Ao - M?? uf%oturei of HZLMSOLD fl QKK UINE P&KPAKA X ION a. m rami P*nona!!f ??p?areu aefore m?, ar. Aider'.-iac ? the city or Phiiadalihir., H. T. Uk.Mtoi.. woo beiac duly wern.aofV tay.hfe preparation* ooataio no narootio, ao i.-iToarr, or other injurur*. Jr*"-b" *" "**%. a kluholu. Sworn auJ aaboanbeo .-efore m.uiilt ?day November, 1864. WM, P. HiBKfcKl). Alderman, Nlath rt.. above Rao?. tki a FHYSIC1ANS IH A1TXNDAJICM FKUM b A- M- TO b F M. PHn SI par touia, ir iU 1h fl. JPelMrered t? uj addren, Momreiy paeteA4dr*aa lrt?? tor InformatMa to mM( M H. V. IKl MUii n n? D<M*? W TllU at., Mf* OtMlail PaiH BKWAJLK OP COVNTEftKBin AMD WMtElNCltLEi) BALL EE* mttnfrmtV1- - > ? ? ZwMkTflli'e, it m < BmrmjmrlU*, M M Jmyi Ilirf f rfl WSM WnJT. B. G. P?Ui 8' EWTWMTLa. B. 0 Mum, D. B. oiat, &iiwu * fcinii t ft. HUM, W?kiMCtm m4 liaiiaiavii gAMD ALL VMV&&IBTB MWMMTWMMMA OK IW DUDOWI. fiiHooin AWATOlAlMrOllTlOH ?hn " ' ,biiiit it