4 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 ' 11 1 ?? THE EVENING STAR a PUBLISHED BVE&T AFrBRJfO&n, (fcVNDAY fcHOtKTKD.) AT THK STA.Q HriLDlMS, >mif / PtnmtyhMil ham ?U EUvmtk it. IT W. D. WALLAOfl. hpen aerved la packmrf* by carrier* itKI faar, ar 37 o#ots per moatk To mall rabaerl^ert kr pric* la f3 Jo a year, m mdv?ut; 90 tor ail aafti; at far ?,m> Mtk? ?u an* im ikn mttt anetta at t*e rate of U enta week. Sla |U copies, out cists la wrappers two e*nr? CT AoTnTTtraiiTi ihonM be ant to tfc# *toi before ts o'clock a.; ctherwi* they auj Ml appear until the aeit day. THE MOVEMENT lUW^i THE CCM BERLIMD. The Proftr / the Vallru?Union Demon strations and Rfbtl Drnance?GeneralJ>" illation?Steamfaatintr *n War Times, and in the Sett of War?CuwtArrland Trad9?Valneo f the Tiro Rixers?Vnion Camp Fire* i* Ten/ieuee. viiuiiiuiii nivtx, | Abort Tchm*9s** Ltn*, Ffb. 22 ) A narrow, muddy stream, that ran* full to tb? banks, and with a flowing current, aboat u wide a* the Little Miami, bnt with twenty* fire feet of watef in the channel, covered with drift wood, rafts, plank* and bits of the burnt rebel boat*, winding through a sparsely-set tied. Ill-improved. and not over fertile coun try. here among gray old clitti and pine-clad bills that remind you of your approach to the Swltserland of America, and again through flat woodlands, or flatter tobacco flelds, with iacea.*ant curve* and numerous i?lac<i?, break ing it into swells and tbat U'.he Cum berland. as for the la?? thirty-*!* hour* we have hero "lowly Mfcmmlcg it? swollen current The Vin aimur nn liAtni r..l U we ero?**l the T^nne***# line, nature cele brated the Ki wi'h the flrat thunder storm <>f the spring. Keeping clo*c to the boat at the Padu<*ah landing. to avoid getting within the dcfcin iona of Gen Sherman, (not Sherman #iib dyspepsia. b?t the otie with the other tLing.) We reached ?mithUnd in aafety. aud earns under the gun* that command the m?>tith of the Cumberland yesterday f..re?r?"?n. K?(,re Donel*>n was taken the Cumberland river wrs debatable r?g<ot, and a? a ?ort of base of operation* for our movement up th? river against the rebel forts, our troops constructed a couple of earthwork# oh the heights com mandin* the river, whare some thirty-twos and sixTy.f..urr are mounted, and where ne till keep small garriaon'. Every cabin d->or 1- open a* we pa?. and in very one a woman'* flattering hanikeroLief u aeen. Everywhere w?men, children and oegro?o crowd to the banks to see stenmU.ats once more pluwing the neglected mearu end wave their welcome ba<?k to commerce and the flsg, tut f<?r d> ten* of miles not a white man u to be ??tu They hare either bt-en driven off by the rebel?, or are of doubtful u/nnj, auu uniu 11 |>ruucuv i" Biecp oui ui the way. There ara two inarkal exception?. Ellv Title, a pleasant lit'le rivwr town, pereh?d ?n the bluff* Mme f-r:j miles up the stream run* up the iturs an I stripes as we approach. and gr*y-bairej men are sera at the lauding waving their hata. atd huutin.r and checring till the tears rau down their' agei cheek*. And at Caaton. lv?n? btfrre we tea ,h thepla.?e * -1-iJ 1 e -_ - m i ugfru-imiaii mi, uuim u'i>vi>;la<fi| I inner 1J j oeu on the hank shouting till one wv.uld think him eraiy. " I ve been ground down." Le yell In an estory of delight; " I've not dared to apeak a word?I've been threatened with hanging, hat I knew it weald all come right; glory to God, it h%s eorae!" And more about*, and ecstatic hat waving, while the boys cheer the fine fellow u if they were splitting their throats. Three or four women are seen at a eabln door waving their handkerchiefs. A soldier carefully recnnnnlters, ?nb'>unee*. " Boys, there ? a gal up there that's got hoops on! Three cheers for the gal with naops in this onantry'" And the "gal with hoope" get? three stnaning cheers'. At a forlorn-looking little <jal>in on the other bank, a woman appears, broomstick is hand, and for want of handkerchief, stakes her houMwife't weapon aloft. "God blew yon. ' boats an enthusiastic old M?j>r, who stand* perched on the top of the pilot boaae, " tou and yoar children, and yoar children's chil dren forever. Yoa're one of the right tort. Three cheera for the woman with the broom stick. IItil CoIuiabU!" And then the old Major, unable to contain his feelings longer in mere word*, goes off in a prolonged 41 Youp, youp, youp, to which the lads on deck give iaitv ' faurrah for Jeff. DavU!" defiantly pipei a Jjod-looklng, half-grown urahin, i& front uf a ouso considerably larger than its neighbors, la the door of which soma ladies stand looking at the boat, bat waving no handkerchiefs. "Oh, you little villain, roars the excited Major "You re Secession, are you ? Ileitis your portion, thank <iod ! Hail Columbia !" At another of the large houses, a group of ladies stand looking at the boat. ''Hurrah for the Union," yells our Major from the roof of the pilot house. No response from the ladte*. " Hurrah for the Stars and Stripes." yells the Mtitr IMin rn rajrw%naA (( j - - ? VI'VMiJV . ?? UJ U"U V you wave your handkerchief??" angrily roars the M-j >r, while the leeks and )tu*rd.<* exp!<>le with uncontrollable roars ot laucbter. ' Hav'nt you got aw feeing*! Secesh! (fainting the Soger, of the manner of little boy.', crying fhame.) Sec?i"h! seresh! Oh you tillain'. Hurrah for the Union' l?eath to rebels! Hail Columbia!" And *> it goes all the w?y. Within we have soldier* returning froui th e hospitals, officers hastening up t?. j.in their eummtnd*. chaplain*, who have been accom panying the wounded to Mound City, officer*' wives breaking all blockades to find out whe ther their hasbauds are wouaded : at?tcg?r? from faJtm*nolh ?r,.l >J41 *1 i ?: ^ 1 patehe* for tfoc: Morton ar.d late* who have been off to Fort 1) <uel*.u to see the result < of the great fhtorj; a tin* Kentucky family, that for uontha bare beea e*i!-? troui their h >idn. and tre going back und?r the d*g for whose sake they were expelled ? C~r Cin Gasttu. - ? ? lilitd >#. 10. TitU uUad. 10 which tie rebel* talk of re treating on evaoaaricg Columbia. U aituated in the cornt-r of ui? bend of the Miwi-wippi river which tonehe? the border of Tenne?ee, a few miles farther ?p the river than >Uw Madrid, although (.earl/ loothwect of that point It is loeaUd ab -at tiu hundred and forty mile* fr<~m 3t L^ole. and nine hundred and tiity icilii from New Orle?i.? TLe ?[?ra lion ut the rl?er at tbi* p^ibt ia abont two hundred 1m( above the level of (be <iHu, at Ita month The averaj* depth of the water at thia point U from cinetr to ene hundred and tweatj foet, and the t-reaith of the atreabi from mainland to mainland about nine but dred yard* The current run* by the Ulani at a moder ately-fast rata, and with the power of the three mera?lliaai?*ippl, Minoari and Ohiv?com bmed. The l?land ta near the southern, er what might he termed the eastern bank of the rirer, bat that at tbii point the ?treau Tariea from ita eouthern eourae and torn* iVimcttf to the northweat, leaving thl? island in theiouth era angle of the bend. It 1* about 4J wilea, by the eeur*? of the rirar. aouth of Colombo*, and aboat M mile* from Hickman It U near OMmtUIi. Obionvilie ia not a very important point yet In g*?fturl**r than that it la looated in Obion county, which ia ailaated in the north waat extremity of Teuneasee, where it bordera on Kan tacky and Miaaoari. The .Mieeiaeippt rirar paaaaa to th? north nad to the aouth of OUaafilk. Uavin* land diiUnw )wt*Mk the two water* very incuajuierable. nd eavtly walked aeroae bj a healthy penon In lea* than an hoar, although the voyage by water between the una poinu, owing to the bendi in the river, U about twenty mile*. The (nrfaoe of the rarronnding country if nearly level. ObioaviUe U oonnected by turnpike road with Colnmbw, in Kentaeky, via Hiekaau, and with Trey, the oapiUl of the eonnty. Paaneg southward, we next come to tfcolart* bordering ?n and threatening the paaeage of the river. CIT Gov. Jtobtoaoa. of Kaneaa, lUtoegh loo ptached bv tbe 5taU LftMsUture for def'cudl:ii the trteeary of UMBO, e&ll betde hie cBL.cs. b f\ .? } i k ?i !- ???' T?rpt?4o'?. A great deal has been said abont the torpe does sunk by the rebels io the western rivers to destroy oar boats. Eight of these engines of intended destruction were found and taken up by Lieut. Phelps, In reconnoiteriDg before the MPtnr* of Fort Hecfy. They are thns de scribed by a correspondent of the 5e? York Tribune: " One of them was taken apart this erening It consists of a stout sheet-iron oylinder, point ed at both end;, about fire and half feet long and one in diainater. In the interior ia a can vas bag, containing seventy pounds of powder. Conneetid with the upper end Is an frnn lever, three and a half feet long, armed with prongs, nesignea is caicn in tne oottota 01 tfce t?oai to be dcmoliihed. Tbe belto?n cf the boat is e* p^et-d to *srfc this lever sufficiently to moVe in iron rod on the inside of the cylinder, act* inj'upon tbe trigger of a lock, wbjch in tn^ex plode a |t#t-cum?9P wp atd Ere tue powoe*. The machine fa anchored, presenting the prongs on the upper end of the lever in suob a way that the bent* goirg down ftream will slide uver tham, but ih..pe c >uiirg up will cat?b the point* and work Ihe leref. " Litut. Pbelp* dragged lor them, and draw theiu up by rope*, at twlT* distance aa to be out of danger, which proved a nsele*s precau tion, a* not a single one exploded, and tbe powder In ?ho?a he opened wan completely soaked and worthier They were designed t? have the r>rona? come ut) within a lew inctitd of the rnrtace. but as the fre?het has raised the river ' * > f??t above low water, they Were far below ILuse taken cut were found in the west channel (the river, threo mllej below the f-rt, U divided midway by Panther Inland), bill ?f I?>trq they are alao glinted in the east eLanucl, and shall dr.ig that for them whan ihe water tall#. As they are rendered buoyant by the air chamber in the upper end, ihey tand at an angle uf about 4."< degree?, the top* pointing down stream, and are held in plac9 by two rop*?. attached to anchor* In the bed of the river." The eiUUbt'e of tLt?e turpeduea waa di.sob ered singular!r enough. In c>nae*iueno? of the too ftee n*? of her tongue by a w^man who wa* thoroughly aeowiaionUt. Being met by a acout tog pnrtv and told that the gunboat.* would i ? a ?i?*troj i on u?nry oil lue urnst aay, i-ho ex claimed, w..man-like, >' Not a bit of it; tbey <ri!l be all blown up before they get past the Ulan.I.' On that hint our < tUoera acted. Thi \\ ublt '? Pair ?itcannot hut be a source oi re* ret to Am-rlean Inventors that the alr.it appo'ntnt to represent our Interest* at the coming World's F'ifr has be<?n dissolved. The f!lcTilar ofSeietary Reward annour.ee* that In ronsequer.re of tic failure of a Conarrsstr.sal ap propriation, tr.e suthrrtty cf tt.r CotrimlMlon Las ceased; bit exhibitors ?tT swired that tlie articles already approved will be reccinm^an*-d In the rof'd-raUon oi the Royal Comial??,or>-r'*. In dividual exertion, however, must take th? pla^e of government supervision, and our Inventers must rely u^*on their own r*snurre% If thev desire to compete for the prz** v^hirh the British ^ov ernioeni prop :?e to distribute. fUTIn H'lny the salute from Castle VVIlium, In N'fw York harl>or, ou Washington's birthday, r>riii m tur guua rir inn run VIII OI IU? [><ri hole* bat were llr?*d lr th? ea?emtte?. aud the ronaequ^pce wee, tlie furniture of the Sergeant In charge of the <'aatl? waa considerably dairug >d the nslU In the tl or* wer^ st'rtfd, and the gun ner? were almo*t urflt'ed for duty, by the tre inendoua ronc^nlon. A HlSortA* AtTTCtTt OF EXVUET ATIrt* ?The schooner Quilt, which cleared this port ye?t?r day for G bra>Vr a"d a market, had on boa d, aa part of her cartjo. a e*lloM>s' TW1? la a aln^ular artlrle of exportaMro. Doobtl?sa there may be nvd of auch an Inatrumcnt in aeveral of the porta th* schooner may vl?lt, though v/bether there will b? a demand reroa'na to be rea ?Motion SVojmcHjh. \ ?lgn of reluming proaperltv la found bv a Poll ld-lpbla paper In the (act that *mall bouse* are again at a premium la that city, and rent for hlzh tlgures. Neat two-atory and a half Louaea In decent localities are ilmoat Impossible to be secured Tbe principal* b-il ?i?-r? ata'e that with tbe opening of spring, operation* will be :i extensive aa aver. TbU la in tbe very face of In creaeed taxation. t7* At Fahfieid. Conr., on Monday evening tbe wlr.d wdi ?o violent aa to b'ow a freight car, uhlcb waa standing on tbe tvrnou . up to the main track, when tbe englre of the N*vr York train atrnck it, diablng It to pieces Ore b^gga^e and one smoking ear were considerably broken, bat fortunately no peraon waa Injured. 1^7" Louisville papera expoae gro?m fraud-* which have been committed tn tbe imklnu nn at clothing foe ibe federal arinv. The Journal is - fdlbly informed that several hundred thousand dollars.of elo'h'nj; la stored In that city that la Wd/th hardly the room it occupies. IE7- Th- Immense business trannacted it petro lemr. oil in ?e? forth bysr.m* retnrus rf tntti~ ov.-r the Philadelphia and !>le RUIroad during the month of January The uumiter of barrels of oil carried was 7t> Ouu, and the cartag* alone amounted to #v1,Uo. |?7~ Fogs have been frequent wnd very thick In London this winter. ThefcishMbeen kept lighted In street lamps and houses all day on several oc casions. ?7" The I ulted States Treasury notes com mand thirty per cent. premium in (he Southern Sl&'e*. 1 bey are rated equivalent to gold, and much sought after. 1^7" The revised assessaieiit of propeitv In l>K;l>.UlnV.?a 1-Jl ' uuaw<i| u.a ?U. I^TIS, n^w nuiuu me TUV BDU htate tun ar<* to be levied, give* the valuation of r*al eatate at &IS>.4!<MW. JT^ A leiter from Fillmore count?, Mlnneaota, mvi tii* cold in ttai region la greater (ban Una been known f.?r nv? yeara. N?vi- Voik city contains forty #1* Weaby. l?rian rbitrrbea, the nnmber belni; at>ont equally divided bflw?a IL* Old and New H-bcol 5^TL? lllinal* Central Rsilroad bavr allowed 9fly of ttelr best mfbanlr* to work on tbe Gov eminent mortar ganbnata at Cairo JJ7?Tbe entire < cnatabulary forre t.f Ireland w.il atortly be arired wltb riflea and ctUlaaaealri pia. e cf carbints and bayonet* | Le Cologne Gaaette ataie* tLat out of U.<? 10.000 houaea tn Merlin, Here are only rii wtileU arc eat I rely free from mortgage fry Fj-Fraauitnl Mlraicuo. of la a prlaoaar on board an Logliab war vnael at \era Crui to* Adore* troir. Japan ?ay iuat tlre* fourtLi Of iLe city of Riiuawa ha< been de*?rov?a hv Are K7" The Parliament of Canada 1?3? been eoa* ?ut'U for tbe *mh Inst , tar the diapatcL of bust rieaa J7" Ti?e personal liberty bill* of Wlsr?n?tn have been ''eapunKed" bf a resolution of the lower branch or the Legislature, ?4 to 7. [TT" During the month of January, they had bat 43 hoara of aunahlne In Louisville. The C&lUe to delivered at Wiehln?toe City, tod eaoli animal to average iJM jouude (row vrialU; do ftAiisal admitted vliioh veif he leee thin at Joh ttmei ?nd in ? ;ch easntitiee a? the Government may re?ulr?. No Cattle vill b? repaired ander Una oontraot be fore tno Ut d?r of April. 1868. SS'w^^Jd'ia^rUSnt, wm U Vdovernmencreeerreetoiteel/lke rlshttoHT >* TRJW.Tte entertained when tot la br con trvstofa vho have preriouily kljed to comw Wltfc Jhrir tv>r.tr*ou, ?r where thefcuUar 11 not proenl font or I, B, do hortbr ?ro*oM oniiMct cood BW C&ttlo ?i ttn#dr?d pound* |toh fini dWVrefed^fct ??. teoordipc to I oa Uta *^?386 [. The e*ttu wb? mn AT WHOLBIUUA, """KEiweppn *co.. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THfe LATEST FRO* TEftHEMEE. isorssiss or ?ail?oa6 eoa*r!?ieiTio?? to ifashvilm?mf5ic1pal KLECtlO*. I#ori?vm*, Feb 3 ?Railroad communication bflvfreca here iNaahvllle haa lx?*n rnnnifd, except o*er a cfeek ten in!lea north of Naabvllle, vbleb Was *ama <ed by the bfgh water of Satur day, which Will be repaired by to morrow night Ao election waa held on Saturday tot mtlnld pal othcera, and paased off quietly. The retiring mayor lamed a proclamation aaaurlngcltlzena of protection by the Federal troops If they quietly pursue ttelr accaftomed avocatloca s*??<fai rebel prisoner* h?v? b?en brought to NathVUl*. Twenty five nejjroe* aclled by the rebeli In tbe vicinity of Bowllna Green hive been recovered at Pfa?hviUeand sent back. Geti?ral mill communication la re-e?tabllshed to Bowling Green, and for military lettera to Naihvllle. Toe atartani atrlpea are floating over i'u* p?".t o?cs lh*Ws orprr or 0*1 lULLKCK RWfLATlXG TRaDRON tiie eraus*land axd tk.vxr8*ri kivirs. !*t. f.ocia, March?! ?Gen. Halleck bsa t?aned an important order r"tabl!*Ulng regulation* for tbe present conduct of restored Intercourse l<e twe*n ?*ctlona lit thp depertmeiit cf Missouri an J tbr country "n tbe TenuenaAe and Cumberland rivera. tbiii allowing Aotnmerr# to follow with the po*t cOlce, cloae npon the advance ftonihwnrd of lb*- armiea of the Union. The order provides for granting ll<vn<c* to steamboats ai.d otber water craft running. In trade or travel, on th<>se waters, in addition to the customary requirement* of the revenue iav.s tH? LAT&ST V ROM CAIRO?prortbi.K P*?TRCC tlOJI OV coldv*13. Cairo, March??A great light was seen IntLe direction of Columbus last night, aud It I* gen erally believed that ihe rebel* there have burned Ifl.l I V, a I AAlll/l 1 .It AAt.Alt MA J t*ri|iuni^ ?ii tuuiu rr \ uil?U llir-u Tbe Memphis Appeal of toe *i-?tti am?un<V>. tbe occupation of N.-iabvlile by tbe hede-al troupa, but contends tbat tbe feeling there ta ttrongiy Southern, etc TU?? aatfte p?p?r saya: "Gen Beauregard ta *?ld to be making en<*< getic pr^parattuna at Ootumhr.a " Hnshrod Jobn?on arrived from Nashville on Saturday Jet! Tbonip?on lcfi hia uld hend^iiaMeri day bef>ne veaterday on a ret expedition. He will turn up ftoniewkere. 'i'be rebela arc ial?l to te foitllylng Island No 10 Tbe talind Is well ad&p'ed for"piantlng bat terlea to corum nd ih? river. f roiii'inont oiftrera ttere believ# tbat Culurnbui wji burnt laat nig LI THS MESIPHU ?rp?*t. on' TnK ?UD*TiOS OV I?K RiBPt. earn Cairo, March U ?The .Mruipbl* Appeal *ay? tbat the cltl**n% of Nanhvllle avoid tntercour?e ui any BIIIU w IIU iuh illVBUf ri TWO LIfH.iL. have been ralaed hv property bolder* tbere, tbu? evincing nn intention to claim tbe protection of that t(oferritDPnt Tbealck are bein^ removed from Cuiumbui, and wi? pJeaaed to le&m tbat lien B^aiiregnrd ta making prompt and energettr preparation tn reala' en aitark, Wfcleta now a'Prni ao Iramlnetit, on Columbin Hu>brol JoLn?cn ttflv-d from Nasbvllle on Saturday, Laving etraped frcm tb? handa cH' tbe enemy. Un'.li bouaea of the Tenneup? I/*i>Ulature met on tbe 47tb and adjournal for want of a quorum. Conrernlnp ? President" Jeff'* meaxage the Appeal aaya fc4#? la free to eonfeaa the error of bla paat policy aud tt>e extent cf (be dlaaatera wbl<*h bnve followed frcm It We tblnk war win toon d<> maae on the advancing columns cf the enemy?tuat we will atta> k, pursue and de atroy, InaUad of being attacked, piiraiied and de atr.jed ?? I'be apad* uill l?9 dropped and the bnvonet renamed In otb*r words, the policy of Fk&iVir Davis will y!e!d to that of Xnpol-onic Beauregard. In view of these facta we can see Uyht gleaming through the dark cloud* that at present envelope us, which will burat forth In leas than ilzty days In full and resplendent luatre " tows or columbus is ruMts Chicago, March 2 ?A special dispatch to the Tlmea, ditel Calra, .'./arch 1, r? porta t?at the unanimous disloyalty of thecltlsena in and arout.d Niabvllle la conflrmed by every arrival from the Cumberland. The difference In aentlment between the people along the Tmneaaee ar.d Cumberland rlvera la Is very nmkt-d On the former there wt re many Unionists, but on ttu? latter nnrw h?*? ??l tbelr apjt-aran<*. Reports are curr?r.t,aud credited bere that Co lumuui baa l?a evacuated ?ud deatrovtd. Tbe to\vr. was in 11 -ine? Itat al^bt. Great qui?tn?sa and inaction reign at Cairo. UCHENCK'S b'i.V WEED TONIC, FOR C5 the euro of Bjtpepiia, Nwvui WMknMi, General Ueb'I it j, IS jut arid ick ftoinach, Falpi tatioL of th? bea't, a d *11 di?t>ai??aruin* frcui a ciaor^ersd cor.umon cftae 8.emboli and Organs of Dictation, wmcn are iritaeut.y grrat'y iic pa<rtdin Consumption. Ti e 3EV WKE1) TONIC ia a stimulant d*s t: led airefnltjr iroiu the sea weed an t kelp, which ar? iousd in great ahnnaaLoe ?>o Hie aea shore. The 8ea We?d Tou-c ia a bjI pl aiar t drink, a* pore ae the heat Frenoii fuar.dy, ?i d ks** the peculiar prope-ty of enabling the steiraoh .o con vert ine food let? hea thr chiue,and thai for* ?i>rj'u< the prroJss of dige*turn, without which i io ;?.nm iina...n m,>i nra.-utn oT tin system can ) rot be maiatwced Tfcia wordarful pawer al the Se.% Weed To-fa %?ili tecour* Jor tUo rapiditj w.th whio'i most person* Rain H-*h wt.:l? takwi it, and which, untile* o'her stKuuian'a, doa? n' t latva th? frystem prosfrafrd iu use hag been abandoned, asii ia distilled f'om rea twl after ! the same irannar a* JfUoaioa Spirits is fro:;: tin sugar cana, It *a, there'ore, entirely l-armles*. and free from the injurious properties of oora whisky or a oohol. which form the of a.inost every bitters Tha directions are to take frout a ha'.f to a vina flats fail immediately afi?T eaoh mea . and for tiie patient to find out what afrean with tha stomach, anri taie what ha eats wail mas'ioated. When tha stomas'' )s very walk, and apparently iu an uloerated state, it ia better to aat nothing hut sta'e hren'i and t>uttar, fat raaat, fat of fowls ot any kind, beef, inn.tou. lamb,but no fc:od cf tait meat, bf el's marrow is alio vers rood Tha Tnnm />? direot'y on the l?>cd. and luriin it to a ?ou?j ?uff nanoe eallaU ?ctijme, Hi* brat proce.* ofiii(N lion. DR. J. H. 8CflKNCR will U at ln? ax*nU(S. H Wmto'i, t ccrper l.ouinini avenue anJ 7rh at. uit V\ e<5n?tia7t February :oth, and Wedaaaday, Ma-bii 2u(Q. lw *et> pant-tit* o^iupia.Hir.c wit-* <*uacha, CdPJ#, l.ivor Coiopliint, Djapeptia, or any uikaM .. Ua.j.nt to C<"?a?uwption. He ( advio# v.th'ut obfge, uul#*? th^jr want a tho rt urh ftxaiotnation viiti Li* Kespiromaicr, then !*> ( *<? ia th'ee Jolia'*. P/ioa 01 u.e f'ulUiUDio *? rup. $t par tuttla or 96 per h%'f Jos .ti. l'rio3ui Mia Wc6U Tob'.a, 31 per battle or 9i J>9T hi!f.iowri. fnjsui Mawltaka Pilla,?* u?at? p?r box. i?JS-TutF.lin* OKCONb MniifiMND ?wnni?wv an _ - - - ? ? ? - ....... W O, j fcr Mpring wear. Bl*ok mors uan our uaual larfa com ?ist? i??of'iaer?l. . Fancy Sllka. a aateot &?orcuer;L ?. Mo?ubt' i Gcoda. our mual l\?'i iud expiate 4'f?tflitb Draea OooJi. for aarlp Pprinf. Aiao.our uiu& a mi p l * a took 01 ail tr.a laadia* l>ry Got*le. "taplea, for the ourieut every cay variUofianulteeaod bouaekeepera, tine pnoe only, marked is plalb bturaa, tV at twa/ t*M tttndard vxlut. An inaptotion ol ?t>cn toliolted, it tDoura no oblication to psirchaaa fKRHT ft BHO., ? 53-Ot Pa. avo. and Hthth-atreet. 462 i*<^BSlf??!!ftk. 464 fiBU wlock 1>IKS, WINS. a?ssr?ili keep oonataatly on hand fine PfllLAOEL CREAM ALK, tu kect *?d bottles, tor

tiara or laaiUy aae The public i& general are ra ?ue<it7d to give tUeiu a oall anc examine their apI^dTu a lock ^ _ -4?ra 4?4 b?w5 <U tl-ta o??o. Port Om?*. The BU?of IJ?at BrSfSili u taken M P&r for coodi it mr tor*, until farther notio*, UPtnHri and M*ohfniq>' Bank. Milford, Dal, Northwtitmn Bin\c, Warren, P*. irrtiH' lUnk. Trenton. N J. _ ^ HAMVKL W. THOUrSON, tf IT? Pa *t., arder Hotol. |oil8jfitt F tt THB SvbicntHr'hu flirt I fin* JAMM H> bhrevk. fe int* fe< vnU ?tmi. b*-w?a H ind I. GKNrS Pumuhin* &o<xU, Trmnka, Ck?thia(i Trick*, H*ti *nJ Caj?, ?J1 ? Norihe-n pnoM, at tb? Pelp.e'. CloUun? ?U>r.. N?. 460 Tth iu. C to U M ?,,TO .?JSS^*5fci^^gS m OFFICIAL. Treasury department, FfBHTAST 4, None* ! intBT ?itkh of the readlnrat of this Department to redeem the Treasury notet payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December . Ii57,and the Treasury notes payable In alzty diya from date, aathorliod by the act of Congrea approved 2d March, 1861. Interest ott Trtmurr now of the above l?<*ne* will cciie on the fib 7 >rf Ap?Jl next by terra* U Washikotoh, January 23, 1?<>8 The Secretary of State will hereafter melYf Member* of Congre** on builne** on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the Ural of n?-il month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H HKWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JllViKT il, Obdehsd, That the War Department w'll b? clo*^d Tueadayi, Wednesday*, Thuradav* and Friday* apo-lnst all other bu*lne*a but that which relate* to act!** military operation* In tb? flvid Saturdays will be d<~vcVd to the bottneaa of Senator* and Re-prrtentattve*. MOiid^y* to the bo?!n?**i of the Public. of those act* re*pectl*eiy. fe 5-tap7 EPARTMENT OF STATE Ja 28-tf EDWIN M. STANTON, Sep.retary of War AMERICAN WATCHES IVK AMliRICAXSr \? >lere English er Frfick ItnliMik, m*>te t* tell, t ui not to keep llur. WLy ?huu'd American buy & foreign Wa'ul., when lie oao eel a better aati cheaper ono at imnuf Wby sbonlil *u An>?iiuan r.ced!?sis!y ot.rio'i foreign WAtj!i mar.utaoturaa at tt>? expn.*e 6: ctir uwu artieare? Wby (bould a i American set;.: go J to Fr>( if nJ acid F ranee, &?r covert bet t.itter cneniies, a N-n *oUi ie si in jeS n?3u?.i at burn* > Wby aliocld an American !<oy an imported Watcb, which, in ct^e oaaoi but of ttn, will eo;t mors Jo ko#> in r>r<ler lot one jttr,tia&Uier1|l nal pnoe. an l wliioh was never InUuooJ luketp tin * awCer ary olicurtistano** i Wij kii ttlJ American I.ot pi!ivr.;ae moie gti.aral)f AnuMj&n i?>a< ufai-Mre* an J thita aii.ar o.p\ie l!.c.i.,?t,lv?e tifiin tl.e U.raMoin f>f Kaihtb npUal, Preu?ti f&aUioue, antl C?>Dttn*&tai *tw i?w> t The iMriini Waich Cuiiiftm'a Witoi.e* a?e pi'tfcj'ftrly a.l4(>tc<l f.-r aoldieia' uit, UiEt in'.ti luUiiaatall? iuVe, at*J cot liab'e to get out ?f outer, ei her iq marching, rtdlrjc, or tiihtiiis. e?ld Lit M W. GiliT * UKU., i-4 nn a avenue, W&ahington. Wholesale ordera ahou'd l>e a.ldra>ad<l to KOBUINS 4 APPl.KTUN, Agrn'a r.f the American Watch Company, left'm 1?2 Broadva*. N. V. ppppp pp i'pp pp p?p pp ppp p>? ppp smith & Brother's .L ? ft 1:1: - 1.1* f>: ,1,1.m.i, ke AA AAA aau a a a a aa a a ipl'pp aa aa pp aaaaaaa ip a a a a pp aa aa pp aa aa clllll, ee kfcl> kkk kkeeeek ek kk t>er. v.kek ki; ef.f.f leek I xxx xxx xj<x xxx ix xx xxx xxx xxxx> xxx xxx x*x xxx xxx xxx ixx xx\ xtfx xxx xxx x x x x x xA x<* <xx XXX x?x?it XXX X X X X X X XXX XXX XXX % * ^ XX* XXX XX* XXX i1 t Xxxx * X X X X X V X \ X X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA AAA AAA A A AAA V AA AA AA AA AAAAAAAA AA AA AA AA AA AA FKEKKFF. .EEEEE LLLL<I<LI< LLLLLLL crKRioa AMBER ALE- PORTER, AND *EW YORK iSROWn STOUT, 1a Wkcl'. Half, and G*aritr Caiki. BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. l*th Street, between 7th ind stl? Aftittt, NEW YORK. Jtje? NOTICE. PROPOSAL* FOR FURNISHING U. S. NOTE3 AND BONI>8. Trea?crt DurARTXtt-r, Feb. 26.1862. QK ALED PROPOSALS will be rwlwi at the Waduafday, UiaMh Jar <>f March next, tor Urn iihing tin?tir nnlliwit <-f United States Notts ani two hundred millions in Bond*. to he ii>u -d un.lar authority <>fth? act of February,!*^, entitled "Ad act to auitionse the i?au* of Lifted ttaUs Treaa urv noiea, ?lJ lor the reuem>tiou or letartdiuc thereof," A c. Now* and lionds wi;i l>a ra?ul-*d ?>| the denotol nations ai.d in tha ?ro lemons aa follows: Tuirteen million! eanh of Luted St Me* \ <> .? ai t^ie (ie nominations of 3'?. SO'a Wt-, ltW'*a, txU i o'e, and twelve millions of tha denominations of OK HKCISIfcRKh boND*. Five million o/ tha Jeu-~ininat-on of. f5o Kirte. n do do do t- >1 Ftf een <lo do do 5X1 Forty ilo do Uo..? ... I,t4)l Ftf eab do do Uo ~~ 4,?? Tan do do d . Ifi flDfc OK COUPON HONfH. i .i?uit mii'ion* ot ir>e <]onorr>lnalinK of. 1,iX*j Twcutj n.ilnoneol ihe denoiiitnaucu t.t.. 5W Propoeaia wl.i bereoMvaa for u.e deliver* of ail of one or moie Jenomicaticne ot k- Im and Y'f-'la. complete, in lading the engraving, ?ritiin|,T.iit , l?rin(jnj piper, or eep&rateir for tt?e entravirg, lur print)nc, iii'J far piptr Tiifl ooxiaving muiI \ t>* m the hi (heat etjle of art ani the paper of the teat quality. PropoaeramaataUta tba nimUr ol nh'eta tod | tup rggrrgiite repreeentati ve val ie of rich JeruOM nation wnioh f>ef ouder'ate to furniab daily, and the ieaat Lumbar ?I dara le^uired from notioe of urard I.core comirieneeineRt of delivery- j Modela for notee and bonus ntuat be m bmlttad ud epeeimena of work acooiupany l hem. Mouela of ootea on ihe fvse win be id t<ie i&iue lorm m now need, and on tb laoka aill atate fe rinvilege nfletal tender andother priviitgeattlpa atei in the law. Modela of hox.da Will. In addit on to ih e nauai ati palationa, hive the (talemant that they are ra ImMraable after live aed ?*??.!? ' ?? ? from dat?. ons It IB expected also that. M far a* practicable. tue diee and o'atee wtJt be men aa have not been here tofore need exoept for work of the (United Siafe. E?oh propoeal must be aoooinpanied by a ?tate mentoftue bidder*' utilities for rxeoatin* the work, the lumber of ereerei in uee, hands em ployed eeoailt> of buildings ooeapied, and capital Propoea't br Inoorporata^ oompaniee mast be aooonyanifti by a oopy of ehartor and tba names or the ofio*re; and proposal* by asiaoor porated as eociadoae by the artioles of aaeoouuoa aad names Ytt thft right | to'raj*>t any or if th? bl^?. ?** wnonnU MIb fci?oBtauon til* of tk? y bt*o mttio* ty iMnIf. ?* n Jimr FmUmti , Comfort"? B1"fc nftttTMMflf And I ss.'attsi HO P t 51 R :? Y L V A * I A AVCFIIE EMILE DITiPRE. JuM R?w1tM and Openfd, A large and ftraUclaa sUck of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting oti Sl G*KP,Of all grade", TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, NAILLVRD'8 CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac, Ac. All of which be offers at low?t cask pr'e**. FIRE'S CELEBRATED WHIRRIED. GOO barrels Magnolia, 5oO barreia XXX, ? SuU barrel* Mlllera Rye MoncngaLela, Sou tarrvla tin- Old K ye, 5uu barren flne Old llonrbon, at cincntsati phut:*. All lb? favorite bra'.da of C h A m P A o N ? , Mutniu Verzcny, Or^en ???al. ?h!i L bitag boa/Lt low, w<> oa-f at uiiitfiuUy Ivw PlkKfi ARMY COKUlAl.. tH, 11 If Jts. NOTICK TO VVA'fi'H MAKhR*. Em 8. ft J. MYk'ft* (Tav;n/ o?fijdJ ? bianoh ?I Ibair ll.atos Pot'm r.\ No lit Waihi:.ctoti co'uer ?I nil ?tli street, itvit? the attention ul aloti M&kera, Jewellers Pedie'e, *t> , 4c ?to tto^ir :arr i!i. L . ,1 tiGNl H'd H.I.. r Wilrtti i. ? at, rtaiJi MalceTt:'Tials U i tik ?,l? ?t?. Uui'di. S^ouo >r, ? (<kkI> too luiu*touh to n.niitiun in o'?ar j vJve> '.Ufni*' to, vhicii tnoj will Mil ilitif "5?t &i tern ft loos. i>. 4 J. MVI No Gor>j? at retail. W atoJi work Joip for ti e I'r'nMw >rtea lut <>f A'a'ch .Material, r..olg, A.o.. e?r: *?-i itm ori a>J loat.uu N-> cot ?rit)i ar ? othor hoa?c i; tf ?<?;t? i* * 1??. * JAY COOKK A CO.. B A WHlKIiEj, Nu. 4?J I'lt reijt-i Street, opposita Tr&asary tiuilaiii?/r, Wasiiiuctou. Iq connection witj our Philaddi^l.ta House w 'j&ve i ?;n?J &t \o. <i i I'tfie-M.tfl tfcet, a.i for mi- tranaac'tca o( a ranerfc! hxokir.j?, Oc>lco mpamj Bat.kiug Uu?u.t-*3. \ve buy ar.d ten Coin, t*D6srr?at Mune?, Stcc?s? aril Bcnda (or. eommiaaiua.S l>rwu ou America.' 4B'l Ecroaeaa c:lie?, revive li*? aita. and i..ai_* oo'teotioj c ui. i ati aooeaubt* point* fe? jm jav cot'rfk St TO. COIN WANTED! t1' hif h??t prim paid for 6 0 ij ) and lillvek! sratis i- .& alb m fccxr to 6?;y. LK\* is johnsc* fe co;, BANKERS, th:iksiivuiia. avcnvi. ja it if Cvrmrr Te:.th ?? *< i?oora asu bhoks to suit the t> tt.mss. We ar# sc* ia-vnuf\otn si! ki'.ili of BOOl ? sad ts'ioks, jvid otnt'.i^i r rtcivni of rm.-L-a rr.a_e wcijt of everr at-* jt j s. rijucn. ?ca-:'? ?>; pre?*'? :o o-d#r, fttd w:l f *1 t>? ?old at auii' !i 'over pnoe than i at been* l-. *\r,{'jTi kit'i i > lu't city l'-r n.ucb r.le:.?.r PereeM tn w%r>t cf Btcti Jkd t*hoe? of MsU'ii or c.ty inns ire: i, -vri!l s!w&js find a t<x-d ase .,>1 mm iu sU/re a.. 1 at ta? p.-icu''?. Bit? at a nt'l CI 77 1 '<Fa*t ? k L D It "ADA8IV L'ifftEKA CO'IPAnT." lit nomiA v <1 f *rm trs thA inh n 11 ! nAa m puil zr?c! \ui rnr-jia WMlnati-;a tfiwdaily, f.11 ; rjft t0 eiujo of ?x?ttua+M <*ta THi*blt iitMS ZVTJ. All Pacirajf- .'or The B-Ulia:a carries at "ca? w*?,t" our atvi. -sfca. & i 6^>od? U\ the *<>-oal!ftd "I'o^rfe^erato Stew*'" iufl akli ArOcus ' of War" wil! be iirnn. Oar le&vs Nev York U l.f. *M1 6 1' OA 11. t-9 h-r GRIrV'N 4 liK'J, 3?4 *-*e u?. NOTICE. "a., utitihi ia Wu:u<(Wti hi 4 A. M. ?J?-1 ?r p ill ^xvraAea l-iw Phii&delfu&tt tJX A. M. a&o tl P. M? arririu* in Wuliixrton t: i*> P. M.&ac birWti Bftitimore ki ?J0 a. K. and S P. X.j^trrivinc m Wkesumij- *t A. M ?ad U VlxprMiM for (til Boists NorUi fcutl W?rt Mt? WfcLmtU't; ?t 7 m A. .M. Hid SJW P. Ai. Jwli. BpooiaT Contracts for iirte *c.ant;f.?? of FretcU ttn >j* msae ol tip io^tioa u> this < >So*. AiJ toooua ofttioa for ftM deli*or?d frtt jjf fcjtl C.. tV, rAB3UKB| Sof'l AUau.*' KxfrM Ccn<HE7, Wuunttol, Augur! i3, INI. tu 23- U j N PORTA N T T O L A D I E P. Th* sah?erit>erk have opened t' n ittrt No, 16 AItrk?t8p*oe. 'a.fcv.. hot. ?th an?l sth tii. a?aLr?i ouu* Lace arwl H aiioy l)re?a f*a? Depot. onntistic* is part of l'oiut d'Meuoou. Applieie, Me^k'er ai.d yaieneiocpei Laor-e, auoL u Collar*, alee***, H&r.ikorcriitfi, C*p?w. FiuBQCiEt, Cm*. Caps. Coince*. am :nul* up cood* of the fine*: ?e*.it?, aid at New V?*k?rioee COHKNA l>Ud*KLDOKr. from New \ort. ft. tt.?AU ecrUuf i loo* inmued, end a? e^wftl to E6?.ftl ai.oft bou?Ht. d* M- ji* IH.O. HOOl> 9 < ob?*.*?t!v r?-e.Tir.i,tx-J uiaft *m> on UftM, ft full sappy of tl! ta?j noil o?lehr*t*d Jg*w WAICHr.8 tiOLl ft ? ir.t.Lufv:iki roJ in iftr J Swutff ft :i! acu Am?i ioa, i.oth it Go?aMF c<J !*ilvrr oft?f? lltilw t>?kit art* aio.k ci i'ne JKWhl.K Y of ih? rao?( t*?irftb!? itrlw tu tiu iiiAinuLila, Kwerftiaa, RuUm and til otuci Uetua. He <?ftl?o mftQBlftaiunntftil klntlaof&o ij t*fft Jfti-J 9il?ar Wftra, k??M Hworda, jjlarol vara. Sword BelU &i?i iUzbM, iiowia fcmvea. BttV/XTA Wai *tl\ra *2^.1.1 "? I * ?* <" i tv'q-v a, %?* ?*?# c?? i i?uu 5*rwt rpocn oIm. ftin! a <rc-M van??T *>i utiter uuata aaut. > kept in a / eve r? Store, aQd a'l at the tot; lowest jrior Nu. 335 Pa averse, Utvtoi #ta and :iH*i *tr?^ta. lo l*-tf CAEHIAUKS. _ Have nuVoTi hknaaiargeaadtMaaeorbntnt of. OARKlACKS,a'jperu<r to ar? in the. mark*, which 1 ftra prepar?l to *?' \ Uwrorcaab. Hereoaa tn watt ofiuoJ-?? work, will do well to caJ! aad examine mj atook before M^ohaaini aawhere. All re^aira uratlr aor.e. and orders promptly at I ?? ?i?o <:?> *? ? 6M OJOB8 r*n?el Ctmui, vhloh oririLA'.r ou?l $1,335. l?nt htte UMd.fcnd ill b? wTw low, M lh? owtar h&i do farther k? feMt. AHOKKW J.iQVCK, jHllm Corner Hth n d K rtr?u. 2" FURNITURE ! (7\ ' FURNITURE! vL FURNITURE I m b^Si B.TOU wwu 01 irauUTS&lNS proaytiy uwnnHjJXfouUi 8tore ofm Hj tod rreni&f for the tton of th? tu\ iC. PtiokiMri will Kmdj their laMretMHI lookinfUewhw. J|1 QOU6HB, COLD|, HOAKSKNl OOMfOOyD 8YH bfoH I ?sggi?fl3l THE WEEKLY STAR. VUl ?smAu? rtmctr ni Mm /nmu wtniiltc s pwir TV"??T ?( b>ci?v wi I t>n ui U (nU 11 axy ?Uct?to ? '*??* n FrHhiT srt'n.v Tnc-Cui, tm <w K?|l? *??Tj P" >u ? Pl'l t'fitlwi? ???!?? I??????? 4 1 - 'In IIMMIMI ? ? MIIHl 9 TwhIjIti ct^'i It tfe? "WMklmftci HwwW All kaa au4e T\? l^ilf l - m<v &mt ? gtMnlly ttrorjrhncl Uf -<?*jwy. ||fil|b cap'.M ;!* VRfpm) cu pi* rsred et tie ccrrJer Ictaw iUUJj i/Vt U?c? ?f?iep*-*r Pr!c*?THESE CE>T?. HELMBOLIVS UENl'INS POEPAIUTION ? U&HL r COXCMSITUATED - * Compcnnd Fluid E* not Bach a. A F*rtlt+i mmd Sftri/U Rtmudy F?r Dinum ( u* ? DLAPUKH,IIDNKV? 6KAVEL M< DROf WrAL PWKI.LIN90 Thii M ft aics (nc. ?M?w tt? ? v?> of D^??boft, *xcit*? tit* tMoiinn ilu t?T letfi, br wticfc loe wtiui '>* f ' LrFvor* oep*?ii.>r?, *2(1 *:l tfHirrtiii it rttfifrsc, M we;l u rAiit and 'xrunsat:o?. naL,mbul.u a BZTKACT BUCUU For WwlffiMi Aria; lit from Kic???,i. Halite of DMhIM, F vi? I dkaci t;o? or At dm. Atttn'. 4 ?rf<4 iti Fo'Jowtug Ewmptemu i loAitfonr.oa to Kiwteon, l<ori?t Powtr, Losd of M iiiOff, ll &cc ty of Hrattkiag, \V*a.k S*rrt>m, Ti mUu|, ll'icrnr 01 lurtitf, WaJtafalnaaa, !l:inne?? of Vi?i"b. ra n tu to* Dm , UmvArtt l,a*g'tuoe ot Ifca UtroGlsr 9vttam. PiLLlfc rc^NTCJUNCE. 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