5 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VSk. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 18f>2. N?. 2,819. THE EVENING ST AH M rUVl*13HBD KVE&T APTJMI4001V, (8UNDAY ttu,) AT Tllf STAK blILDOril, Ir w *v u (m *1. II W. 1). WAHJVOH. Mf.?n rr?d la package* by cat fieri it Mi f*M, of 37 iwnti per at0*tb. f o mail aubacrlbm toe price !a S-1 50 a yr*i, * dvntt; t"-i for at* oatba; Si for Uim mon'.La; in J for leaa Iku uree r-a^i at Ui? rate of IS ctnte a week. Sla (le copies, o*a (Wii la wnppera, two cuva. (17 AcvBiTiaa JiNTB aLoukl be seat to U? Mce before li o'clock m ; otkcrwia* ikcy is if mot appesr nntll tke aext day. THE WAR IS T?IF WEST. \ brki^v in* m * i' i hum vr \ xoi 3 Rr*0*s FROM KEFRL SOrRCM. [From the .Mem phi* Appeal, February 19 ] <}en. Polk issued orders yesterday that the track of the Memphis and Ohio Railroad -hoald he t?rn up and the brides burnt? which order was obeyed, and by this time the work if destruction is complete on a great part of the road. A mmnr prevail* on the direct* this after noon that Polk was preparing to evacuate Co lumbus to-morrow, retnore all the gun?, Ao., and demolish the fortifications. The forces at New Madrid and Fort Pillow, rv^ether with the Columbus troops, are to re pair at once to Memphis and make a stand? making an army of about 50 000 men. We nave the rumor in such form as to give credit, that an order had been issued by Gen. Polk for the evacuation of Columbu*. which movement is understood to be executed under the direction of General Beanregard. It is stated that preparations are hpicg made for our army to fall back to Island No. 10, or Fort Pillow?a Tery necessary move, it seema to us, in view of the capture of Fort Donelaoc, and the surrender of Nashville A; General Polk made a call two or three dnys since upon the planter* along the Mississippi rirer for a thou rand negroes, for the purpose of completing and strengthening the toriifkations at Islaud No. 10#?e were not unprepared lor this intel ligence. Indeed it bss long since been per I v r\>] n? Vi' a ta iij eventually be evacuated, and our line* drawn in. so ?oon a. the central column of oar arnij under General Tohn?ton at Bowling Green gave way. or Fort* Henry and Donel*:?n foil into the enemy'? hand* The csptura of tbe?e position.-* r*</t tavtiriROHH' to i tnerfitful fhml.in? of loth Bow(i?g Green >wd C'ol.unfit j, and hence it required no experienced military eye to foretell mm of it* more immediate confe rence*. TLe^e r?a*on* ?'rer.?theu our con rieliuB of the authenticity of the rumor Island No. 10 i? a at rung position, but far from Hickman, Ky.. about 1 j mile* below Co l'ltnbua, Uj above f ort Pillow, and ISj above Memphb. It completely cnuuudi the Mi* et.-Mpi'i river fr<r iniies ibove and can be so fortified wiih ht-Jtvy ^un? a.* to be lua.ie i? jre/nable against any river attack A? it i* .leiuon-tratei io the late battle? at F'irU U? ury and Donelson that tbe Federal guiiboats are it-it invnlnerab'e to riried cannon and beury o lumbiad*. the pusiii>.-ii i- well ehoiea, and with tbe ai-1 of a g<?od land force -'an be uaio :aii.?<l .15litis: *be arproaoh of i '.xito'* flotilla. if it i? true (bat C jiu'u'?u^ <a (<> be eraeu* t?*d it will require. we presume, several >l-jys >'<jr tiu -xifuin/n of rfits of J r. aj ??re *b ull be taken that tone of cur tcasitio&g or ord nance are left beiiibd. ieii li>-aure^!trd now. iw diabt. direct: a!l u tli'ary operation* in thi* department? a t -i whi<*h insure* so^esa in everything po-sible 10 x?j ?'?4in*a i y intrg;, sk &n.i expemn:#. I p?'U which Ihu St L ais I'cUivvTat ob serves : inland No. 1'J wbi-h the liebeiH arc low re ported to t?e fortifying, his Deter been hereto fore poken o! as a pusilioii of great strebgih. Id thu niic-U >( our miliUr) u<en the C<>lum I?u3 fortifieati-.r.i were ibe only really formi'l ?M? i:npe<iim?nu to the easy descent of the .Miadi^ippi river. No oih^r i> tut cau to w&de imi strong sr the of C'< itiu.-dore ! _ _* 2 . ? I - - 1 * ? 1 *-* r it: i c msLj .\o. iu ran i'xliow, ami Memphis wilt be completely at tti? in trey of our mortar-boat* and gunboats. T* Avoid Ruuning Unt ai Hay. E?ery faruitsr naturally La.-' hu aversion to running nut of hay in spring liefnre gra-s t>-aiea. No one derire.) to buy that which he f ight to have raised. to keep Lis cattle from starving; and the only alternative, when iboft of fodder, namely, placing them on ?b<?rt allowance, U ^rill wo-.?s The firmer should know before he enters winter whether he has enough feed for *11 his domestic animals. j.u ascertain mis many ree>urt tc part ex perience, determining as nearly as thay can oy gae?--often by a very vague kind cf guearing Thow who have kept carcful record of the nmnber of tons eon?nsied by a given head of cattle, or a certain number of hone*, may determine more nearly. Where the rattle and horses have been neighed, and the aggregate weight of the herd thus determined, vtie estimate may be nude with considerable Httcaracy. Some animals eat more than others for the woe weight; a greater difference is occasioned by the severity or mildness of the weather; or the degree cf shelter given from the cold ; bat as a general rule, a horse shculd have three per cent his weight daily in food thay or grain): and cattlc, which digest better. two and a naif par ccnl. If the farmer ha-' ascertained tha number of tons of fodder he his deposited in hi* b*rn ho may now. if he understands arithmetic, determine pretty nearly bow hU bay U likely to rua before grass time. If he ha* so record of the amount of his hay, he may determine very nearly by me? string. First, by finding the length, breadth and depth of the hay he at once knows the Dumber of cubic feet. Oood soiid timothy, the average of a bay twelve or fifteen feet deep, will wei^h a ton to about fire hundred cubic feet. If the hay id clover, it will require fix hundred and fifty for a ton ; and if the hay is only lire or six feet deep, add one-sixth more. After determining the number of tana, and the whole weight of all hi* animal*, he may at onae know if he ha* enon^h. The re?u!t will, however, be ronaiderably modified by cause* which he ha.' iaore or lea at hi" control. Regularity in feeding will have it* influence; good feeding rack* will preveut much wajtc ; and comfortable shelter w<ll ?t?ve many tons in every large herd. A skilful firmer inform* u? that formerly when he had juat erected * fine new bam, with ample shelter of the beat kind, he bad learned, a* be thought according to bis tuual estimate, that be would bare to buy bay to complete tbe wintering of hi.* animals; but on trying hi* new tbed* and stable*, to great was the saving actually ef fected, that be bad aeveral tons tbe next spring to epve?Country Gcnttenuzn Kx> EBrrs VROH Xasity Fu*.?Natural H'toufk.?When tbe rebels see our Foote tbey want to !eg it. Rtevlar 41 Suapntrt.' ? Utele oaui < MU *i*ippi -Turtlei. ' L?mis Napoleon't iait*t Maxim. ?Max iwilian for Mexico. Polite Way of iMj^acfting a gmtl, man's t tr.irtty.?Sir, jou tell telegarm. U??ftU to La.JttJ Itaruing to iSXutt.? strapping fellow* Ik* Iai Tih.tnis ? W Len Brt>(kiDriiJg< wtt first mvased of treason be a^kcd a ?uj peciion of Pablia Opinion No m Public Opinion sk* a iu* tension of his*. Hit<it Rtbot Conundrum.? Why did tt?n * l?,yd fail to win glory at Done)>>on ? Because of hia Retiring Disposition. A Cong re siunul Co?Q. Whj ia the word ' Ten'' lika Jeeae Bright f A Because it ia X spelled. A Fossil Spse.wun.?'Q. Wby to Congress like Charcoal ? A. Because it baa ben W'ood. [^TA Rnsslan a"ident at Heidelberg baa rom m: tied mlrlde la the canae of srlenea. He wished to try oa himself the effect ol cyaaure of potts stum Be did so, and has lefts record of the 4:ff? -eat phases of tola self poisoning. 117" Henry C. Burnett, the Con*r??? (riHBthe #r*t district of K^ntockT, w" at Fort Doo'lwn during lb* recent Uutee ?-aped with Floyd ?nd Flliow the uigbt the c?pltaUt,oo l?T Ita fruanltn Gnxeite tnnouuc*? tbnt KT*? kutin are to be Introduced m i romponnry ortnet ?t education in aehocl* of every decree in rrawta. UZ7""Tue sirkne? among tne willed ttoopn 1# Mexto* In reported u frightful. I PirutkMttl. Snob wan the dicplay ?f white flagsin Clarfcl rille on the approach cf our gunboats, that they look?*<l in the distance like an immense tlock of white ?ranea or pigeons. All the lead ing rebels hung them out in hot haste. And it was particularly observable, that, in pretty exact proportion to the intensity of each man a treason. we* the profusion of white flag? he ex hibited. In onr oiiinltin ?i?i Mi'Cli?ll?n ha* 4 much bravery In bearing calmly, silently, fatientiy the unjitnt sneer* and calumnic* of ] nlndieinus and conceited e liters and members of Congress as Commodore Foote did in taking Fort Ilcnry or tien. Grant in Stone leg Foft Donelaon. The Memphis Appeal complains that the leader of the Federal army in Missouri does not a^t 'in pursuance of tho laws of war." The last we neard of him he was acting in pursuance of Price. The Tcxans, Missifsippian^ and Alabamians must procure longer bowis-knives. Those they used in their late disastrous fights were oniy a&out tnree teet in lecg'U. wonder Ihey got whipped. Fort Donelaon wag named after Hoc. Andrew J. Donelson. Andrew J. turned from loyalty to treason, but hi* far more formidable name sake has turned from treason to loyalty. The Memphis Arguscalls the functionaries of tpe rebel government "foul birds." Canary bird? are treated to Ihe seed of hemp, but thoee foul birds should have the benefit of tho fibre. The Nashville papers advise the undermining of some of the river bluffs near that city, and blowing them into the stream ??n the approach of our gunboat*. We g-.c?* that tJnasnville will ' cave in': so-m enough without any ^ucb undermining proses. Let tbo*e who " fired the Southern heart" Consider whether a change of wind i* not alter ing the direetiou of the flimef. Hfrparai'iou ?i Mu k for >?aunrr. Farmer? il<? uot like to Jig xnuok It is nasty biudnea*. You are apt tu soil yi?ur hoots aud your -Lirf Meere* and occasionally j$et a >=p!9?b of it or your shirt boaon. But if ? man is a iarui<-r he Hiuw i faint at the sight of >U'*h things or ?*arry a smelling boltle to keep down the stench*-* Being a farmer, ami * !K>"Jfir.g else," a- itie boys pay, [ go in for mi^k and more of ite^cry y*ar lr make el?*an corn. yellow ?j gold and the sweetest ot porn meal But utu?*b is not good for mwh unl^ - lr ia th-t prepare I or doctoral; indec 1 I \nid*>* I- tn.tst cHt?i t. ?* ? # K c?.a*?? muck in it = ciu-le ? ??? Bur il properly pre pared ii i; *.rth full r-ce >1 liar per cord of li?:: bushel* it li?s tu -vr&ujp It car. be dug Mid tUruwu 'iii the baok ?f the diti'h f?> 2j oenti p?r cord and will Lave to lie theie a year :o t-e cared by itself. Hut if you cart ii to your liaii-yapi. niid ?>.i* it with one-third bulk ot ?ai?io :ainui? it will le rated in a rh<>rt time without the Mi or frost It I bnji cuuide maaura 1 geceu!!; take it U> whert the tnuek 1-ea, and totx ii ou the hark of the ??ntiii> where it is lag Ihia saves one cart age for tiie nmck. 1 would give 6g tiifwU in -ii?y for an acre of murk &s lor the sauit quantity of the be^t wheat Und. A VlXKD Pol Jit EXPIA1*?I>.?A guwd .leal or speculation, to say the least, ha* been ex pended on the failure of the rebel* to follow up their victory at Manama* by mar.'hing gainst \VashiO|i'->n Indeed. this point ha* bscn a vexed one in other circles than loyal onta The point ii at length effi'ialijr e.\ ;>l tn; ed We have before us tfen Jos. K Juhu.^t?n'? Uicmt report 01 ine usuie ?r .".iaaa?SKS. \hf closing paragraph ih a follow?. ' The apparent dimness at' the (Toited States tror.pj MlCenter* tile who hnd not been engaged, whbb checked oar pursuit; the strong forces ooeapying the worlt? near Georgetown, Arling too. ana Alexandria; the certainty, to?. that Gen Patterson, if tended, would reach Wash ington. with his army of .'W^nOtl men <?ooner than we oould ; and the oondi'ion and inadequate mean? of the army in ammunition, provision*. ?r 1 tran*r?ortation, prevented any serious thoughts of advancing against the Capital. It is certain that the fresh troops within 'he w-?rki were, in number, quite mifioient for their defence; if not. f?on. Paitereou a army ViDlii certainly reinf<ro? tiiem soon enough. ' We own this appear" to our unmiltfary judg ment a very *uffioient explanation, and. we content our?elve* ith laying hef.iro our rend er*. and celling attention t? the historical in tere<>; of the explanation in respect to the point involved The statement of tjcn. John fton will not impowibly be rea l when the va poring of General Beauregard ifl forgotten.? LoHMville Journal. Pissws or tiie Wab ?Since the commence ment of the war the three foundries at West Point, South IWon, and Plti?l>irg, Pa., hare idniiki iuiiiuiociurru ior toe "lovernnieni? 11 Inch rifled can non.. t :20-pcund<?r? ...153 ll-ineb II 30-pound??rt 141 10 Inch lo 50 ponnden ofl ft Incb T"J pounder* 1ft 6-lac h 0/ l'?-pounder? 5 7-lnc b l|150-pounder? 0 10 pounder* 2lft| Rifled siepe sons... 'Jo 12 pounders KK Gumof small calibre -w l?-pound*r? 31) Total number of cauann l,Ul?> Of mortarg end bowitj^r* tioey ware made? 13-lneta mortar* Sl'-'-lnch mortjr* 20 l(t-!n?h morta w ut'^-lnrh howitzer* 10 iory uave ni?u ttu'itea 0111 8U0* ana bell, of various r illbre, from eight to thirteen inches. SKALKD PROPOSALS are invited til! the inth day of M^rcn. 1%2 at 12 o'oiocH in., for nub ?ly.nc the V. M. Snh. Ues't with tf.mo u?*<j of UKi-K CA l'ILK <<u th* boot. The Cattle to I* Jeliveied at W%ahtuKtoo City, bed each ?. . ma tn avermis 1 3*> bobihIs *rr.?? wight; bv auiinaJ admitted which wen he lees Uiau 1,1# poau<t? iroas. Tne f ait e to be delivered at ajoh times aud in auo.'t tuaiitiuee at the Government ?-&7 require. So CatU* will t>r required nnuer thic oontisut he ir* the let day of April. 1363. fiaWeri, Kta<s and Bella m>i wauted. A hoiul With good aud sutooiaat cecuntj will he required. Gove'tuiajn reeet vee to iu?.f the right to hi in *No asrjsns euterUlued when put la Lv Oou trautore who have fraviouaiy failed to ootuflj with thair ?ort-aota.or where tha bidder ia not praeanl ^Hr'^o'ti'diVlottKl'to MaJ A. UUOK WITH, C. a.. U. 8. A., Washington. D.C. rent or liin. I. A U, d? fcerobr ?(??oea to deliver to the S?? ruiiittit good Beer CaiLe on Uk? IukiI for Mr buulrftlfoujkLi croM w?i?ht. Tke Catiie lu be <l#n??rw at , acouruiM to the tfrui of the an a!o?ed adTertiaeiutnL T?e Cattle to t* wei?hixl on the aoalee, aa?i the veigbt ??. determined to be mo |>umiM0 weient. 1 nereoy acre* to five a (owU and euAuientWuJ for Ute fulfillment of Ibe punt/eot, and to receive Treason uotee in payment tor the cattle. ft 18 L.Towni. J. M. Towiu, J. B. Towns. L. TOW8K8 * CO.. BTKAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING JCB TABLISHMENT, IWm mmm aU Stitk ft. The attention of Ue besioesa ooramamty U re apeoUullr invited to the Rev Book and Job Print ing Establishment, wbioli baa been ntted up with new material, in the most oomatete manner,la tow prepared to exeoata. in aaauallotory atyle, every variety of Pn&tiDj, vtgt Ui?t. ' " I * Mfiuww, vmui| \>(ivuuuat Buiiera' Biac*s,*o.,*o? The attention c! memlwi of Coainu U mm MUf rnwud for oar MIUim for prlnUBf gpaachea, aavakawtke Urgut mm tovtr id U*?tT. dil-UwH <6COND MOURNING AND G1EV SILAS, w? fc Sprint wmt. _ BlMkBilka, more than oar mui l*r*eand ooo PanV/itiF/'a aelaet anortuant. Mouini' i Go<*da. oar aauaTfail tod ooaiplaM Mat St? litb Drae* Gooda, for aarlp Bfriag. Alao.oar ueaa ample atoak oj ail taaltadiaf Dry Gooda. *t?ai?a, for the sonant ever; oar vacta of ramiliee aid hoa??kaaa?re. f^Qp? yriea ofi^r. wwrhed ia plain figure*, tki a*? Aa leeptouoa *f >t??l eolunud, it locum a' *asss uh-um. ?,BO'. A ?-?t Fa. an, and Niau atraat. S CHECK'S PULMONIC dlfiUP ? ? THE tiREAT ItLOOD HUttlFlKB Thii BiftJp W*!1 se&roh through efery blood res sei, cqnaMsiai; the 4ir?i*)*tion, preventing heroor rnag? separating the Mia from the b!ood, inakmt il healthy and the oirch'atica Eatura' wjtii tb? a dof the *EAW EKO TONIC and MANDRAKE PILLS, the system reoumes its healthy cocdiuotj. the purnlent mattrr. ahseetseg ard all ulcerations of the lures most tie d to their cower. Tu almoit every square of Philadelphia there are p*T'oas who have cosn o?rtd of Coosnmption in its severs; stages h? the tu cf 1/r. Schoook's mrd triads, Many p'rcoQs have been leufc-.red to health by tarts remedte* aftfr betnj confined to their te.ls, redttft-d W rtiere ulrslftniis anrt troubled with ooujh*, ntsh* sweats, heo!ta:evef and ail the other led c\tiors of mi ivdvatoed stage Of the disease) hut by an exarairation with the Me*piro".et3i oce Ipng has s,e?n foii'd to bsia a toleraoiy i ealtiiy oonaiuon. it oauitoi necouotea mat msr.y met hsvo b?n aa?id by a tinse'y reacrt to these reme dy. It is true that ic A'l oaaen wt.ero cnre??re e(T?st*f thepa*i*:t ir.?st hir? entfie lung* remain ing; feat tho 'tscdi or VICTIMS ?>F CONSUMPTION hare d.aoenaedto thfir grave* who initht have been curd if they hs<! come to Or. Seho^oa in tim?, and piaend ?tnmn^l'ea under bia d.reot:o3* It n ot denied that aome who take fcheook'* h'nlm.-D ict Sirup die alio. Ther ocmmenoe too late. All thit Dr. Sobenok claims ior hu medicna 1* their ability to regoiate am inriKorate the whoi-?yatem. to r'pen tin abMeMn, ana laoilitatt the duoharge of the morbii ma'ter, to relax the mucous meir? b-ann of the bronchia) tubes, lad to aisicdge fum thosetuSes tft* touth phlegm or puru ect muter which ob?:ructs ihem and produoee lerioua di? mw> of the o ?an* o! renpira'lon SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SIRUP will pro ?'M? HI" lill.CC BCftJQl Ilil'U I1F| VJ tCC91U| UIO brouohial tuba free frooi the putrid matter which impede* their functi?iu. when the lucfs ar? tuo tar frue cure There is no modioine that can oare Consumption when both iunga are difeased, Dr. t*efcenek would rather e*ery one would Know their true condition before takirjc his rnedi Iite. Ua treat* no disease but those ot the Lunes, a?e: and Stomaou aid makes n<> charsea for ad Tins, or examining iuigs in tUa ordinary war, or an physicians cener*ih do; bnt for a thoioush ex amnat on with trie Respiromeier he oharjtra three dn l&rs, and wi ?ii!?s every one. rich or poor, that haa a l.'oush, Pain iu the rtide, or blioulder-blade, troubled wiih i vstiveness or l)iarri.n?a, fallow Ccmp.extva !< )?? ni A pfiet.te. Low Mpuiu. Kest ie*i>nesf at or any otl er ditea.e iead;njc to Consumption. to call on him and get his advioo. OR J H ?r;iIRNCK will beat 1.1* a<<mts < S. B. Wane'*,) oarner i.ouis:ara avenue and *th ?ta? on Wednesday, F'e! ruary 2"th, ax?J Wednesday, Ma-eh >th. to aee patents complaining with C,utln. Cold*, Liver Complaint,D>gpepcia.orant d-HfnJe fading to (Viuscmption H* gives &1vio-> without charge, nn'e-t tboy want a fn?>r<Mish?x mn-ittrimi with his Kee?!rometor, then htajseir tll'St? tfollui', Prin of hie Puitiiouic Sirup, #1 ^er bott'e or 6' ?e? half J' 26 r., Prioeol tne St a \V'e?il T^Lic.f 1 p*r !><itUa or J5 par h vf dnz?n. Pric* of tks Maud rake Piils, 25 cMlta per leJM Wftd.lm* MJ n W A. U.l Oculist fttid Aurtet. i l.ftte of Clinton Plist, Now York,) Can b? o-.Ltulte.l oti all Di?ea*et ol tl?* KYK AND fciAH tl.at <~*qulj* maJioai of feui(icul < >p-raU?>i?t. Dr. VOM MvKUilMU is tt.e lUftUtOT WiJ IIjIIO Juoar iufcu U.e lnodio&i prao'ic* of tlx* KTHS-klA.L EAR INHALATOli, tOi the traat-nsat of ohcMnat* oase? of DEAFNESS A tilt NOISES IN THE HE AM. Hundrkl* jf Testimonial* mar i* *xaimiie<l at th* Doctor'. fc?rii:? from ?oineof the ni'wt exinent men in the Union ; also, a iette>r of referaooe from lae foiloviDf g?ni'?m?Q now ii'Uer Ins treatm'nt: W. H. Cooke, Treasury Department; H. Wuh ln?U>u, Purveying IWar.ner.t; flanfr Heard, Interior Department; John Woo?l, Capitil Kxteti inn; F. i*. Walsh, Eighth street e?t; N. V White, lie;;'! Henry R. White, Haniltou Johnston, E(?. Kev. U. W. Read. I'atisnta wi?hi> j their l&mi!r pSiys-oian to ao COiiipsbT them to w'.taess operations or for lite purple ofooa^nlmion are at liberty to Siring tii^m Medical men will bo at ailtiinea welcomed to witr.eaa Dr. Von M ' operations, and examine oir.a cl tti? malrumsfaU ho iuu introduced for tiie facilitation of Opth*'R>io and Aura! Sorcery. Artificial EjtmieMrtad vithoat oanaini anr ?*Id to the patient. OAoe h*nra from 9 a. m. to 3 f. m. and Iron 3t* ftp. m. OFFICES, N?. MT PBNNSYBLVANIA AVENUK, orrosm WILURD S HOTEL. mil 1 1m gWORDS FOR PRESENTATION TIFFANY fc CO., Nm.UO ud Hit Broadwav, New York. And No. T9 Rui Richzmbu, Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTL'RERS OP ALL KINDfe OF MILITARY WARES, Polioit the a'tendon of Cirio and Military Asso ciations, Commands on Nat'ona^ or Ptate service, I'a'riotia Clut<> acd iiidiviaaala 10 their large tuck of RICH rtTAKK ANI> PREM ARMY AN1J NAVY ?W(IKI)?. The?r a nutriment includes tha ololoeit BI.ADK*OF K.V0LI9H MAN17FACTUKK. i lrntical with thos* made for Wilkinson. of Lon don, wora br the offiser* of the British Army. aiH nx>et approved 1>t i < .cimJ burnetii iiHMti ties the elejantli v oathl BLADKS OF SOLINGKN ON TUK RU1NF hi til>re si.d finish the rrcocair.cii modern '> pes o| the oM<M>r%Ud Uamuscu* Stttl; the excelleutauO serviceable HLADfcS OF COLLlNtt, OF HAHTFOHU. tfcaidea those of other domestic fabricaata. The mounting* of the blades, in all oa?e? exa ou'ed within the ettah'-shnient, will be found m comprise ali reunite strlee of ornamentation. the rcatit>srd? heing ofsMLvxK.BiLVKB Gilt. Uboxzb, Plain or FraiuiLT.tfiLVBK Platbd. Bckmiuii Stbbi.. Huh t'lTATHia.eto .with hands of Plain, Oh?>iii or k)M?ot?Kn Hilt, or Solid biLVBR; tin Guips and Gttaris ol the tame variety of material and LsisU, and of either regulatiou pattern 01 original design Should an artiole of Exr&aoai>(i?AaT Kx.ee aSib, of a riobneea and oeatlitesa not represented is atook.be rtquired for presentation, tne oapaaili tiea of me establishment for the manufacture el the ohcieeat works in cold and ailver, and its tee rat amino resouroes are nnutual guarantees ol its aatiafaotory and ipeedf produotioo. In ansvei to order*, designs and eetimatee wiU be promptly ionrarded. Individual* purohasic* Swoids of 'liaany k Co are informed that every blade la subjected to teati eves more severe than those eojoiue.t by Govern ment, beiore it ia plaosd on sale?the testing block is in the establishment, and at the eominnnd of all ho prefer immediate proof of the exoellenoe ol their swords. feZa-dtf B0TTBR AND K? 8. Vu'heu Butter excelling fresh ariiii. * re*h Roll and trades' AW. W?Un Ratter, for baken' ?m. For talo low 6? D. K. DUTIOW, No. 4?0 Eight* ?.. near Pa. a?. S\AT9 AT WROLKBALlk. * CO " vasEm....

(> vswaaawa ttnHRas* fo U->? rri ' MVLB8POR BALlf. _ 1 KIC Rabttriber kai for ?aU thrao fain of fiat latg* roam Jaala*. , JAMER-H. 8HREVK, f*?-St* HeVMutu air?ct, bnvm Hand 1, " " CHlftTS BWRTS. SHIRT8!?J??t raotivad 0 1'Oduatn ShirU. vktak we offer at old pmm* at SMITH'S, No. 460 Beveatk at, OFPIC1 CI A L, nratKA8?KY DEPARTMENT, J| , \ FiitatT ?. NoTW* *a Hum IT** of tbe reedlneaa cf tfc'.a Department to redeem tb- Trea?n>-y notes pdyaMe In tone year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 83d, 1*57, and the Treaauiy note* payable in ality diy? from date, aatborlaed by the act of Congrew approved 2d March, |M1. Intere?t o* Tretanry notea of tb* abore Imum will rf>? #? an th* ?th (lav of Artrll next bv t.'-rmj nf those respectively. fe 6-tapT DEPARTMENT OF STATE, W*shixeTTTf, January 25. Tie Peet^Ury of State will hereafter recrlvr Members of Congress on bailuess 011 Saturdays, oocamenelq^l With Saturday, the irat ot next month. Jaa 27-tf WILLIAM H PKW'ARP. WAR DEPARTMENT, J A.HVAU1 21, 1N?. Orc***b, That the War Department will be closed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and rrioayB against au oujer ouainesa out ttiat wticn ?elate? to active military operations In the flwd Saturday* will be devoted to the buslne* of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the builneas of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS f >o More fcoglUb ?r ireach RubliUh, made UkII, but uot to keep time. Why ehou d *o An erican boy a foreign Wa*.eb, when he can get a better and oheap?>r oae at home? Why ahouid an American needlessly enrich foreign Watoli uiauuuwjtorea at the fiprnsf of < ur own artiuana? Wliy rLouiJ au Aiueriuau b?u<! gold to LugIsnJ and France, car covert but hittsr ea-mies, a g<>!>! 1.1 8<i uiaoh o'l at home : Why should an A.n?ri?an buy au !mporte-d Watoh, which, in aire o%?e* ?>ct of ten, will cost 11.. re to it re* tn eider for one year, i< an iu onji ual ^rioe,au<i whmh va< never intended to knrp time yjiVi a j uiicui><siaau?a . \\ t>y elioii! I Aiuaiu^at e >.ot patronize in..10 grf.?iiwiij Aiufns&ii ?> ?; ui*ctufe?,ki.J time en e.:; O.yMc tl.ru.ec-lv?? iimu iLe [Li 4.tif ill t.( tL| iktl Fc*iu>h is^uioa*, ku<i CuU'.inrnt*'. ctvt' 1'tib Au.tila>li \\ ?icli Mc |>*ruau ftrly 3uUpi*<1 tor Mi*. bMn? in rt fcut.aiA3t:41lf Uitje. SkU'l Bu! ii*u.* to l;6t iVut Ct iiel 111 Atililiilj(. I tJllJK I ?( fi|ll(lB(. fulU r.? M W. G ALT A UHu, 364 l'? Lfji vfti>ii &ver.u*. W&iLiagtun. >Vli?l?fa:o oi<l<?f e ?iiuu tl be fciMremei! tu KOUUIN8 A APPI.I. I ON. A(tiiU iff llio Ak.iilitb W&Uilt Coil le Xf\ 'in l"?'i jr.N. V. Smith & Brother'* ?' Kll-V p>' PPK PP PHI* Pp PPP PP PPP PPPPi* A A A A 4AAAAAA A A A A A V AA A A LL E F. K * K' K IL FHEKF.KE 1.1. FK I.I. IK .1. F>KK 1' F.Kfcg .1. EF. F.?: v \ l.i.L1 l.i. FKKiT.t::. AA LLl.Ll.l. F.f.KFFl.i. XX XXX XXX XXX Xxx XX XXX XXXX < XXX X X X X X X X x X X X X XXX XXX xxxx xxx\ X XXX XXX. XXX XXX XXX \\? X\X X.X.V XXX X\x A \ A \ \ A \A\ AA AAA AAA.V KWAK K\ A A AA AA A A A. A AAA A AA A A AA AA AA AA A A A XX.X XXX !:fc \? Ei EEEEEKR RKi K?: :eekke EE tM.LI.LL eeeef.ee LLLLLL eeleeee turmos A>1BLR ALB, FORTER, AMD KCW YORK BROWS STOUT, Jn WH9K, JtiiiJ, ond Cask*, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND I10P8. BREWERY. 19lk Stre?t, bttweeu Tth and Mb Atcdois, NEW YORK. fo NOTICE. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHIN9 U. 8. NOTES AND UONiig. TMASrRY DKFA.HTIKST. Feb. 36,1863. UFALKD PROPOSAL8 will be retired at VUe i offioe of the Secretary of toe Treasury until Wednesday, the Ala day of Maroh next, lor furu , inhiuj ninety niilli-mi of Cm led St*-?* Notes au^ i two hundred million* in lioude, to (> istur>i under authority of the aot of February ,1802, ectitied "An I act to authorise the tasue of United Ptat<?* Tre*? ury notes, aad for the redemption or refunding thereof," *e. N?te? and Honda vill i>e required of the denonif nations and in the proportion? a. follow* : Thirteen millions each of united ?r\ies Note? uf I the denominations of.Vs. l'fa, *u*s. c??'a. !<*?'?, and and twelve millions of the decowinauons of l,??i. OF KKOIsrKRKn BONDS. ! Five million ol tto denomination _ ?> Fiflein do do - , lift i Fiftoen do <lo do._? 5*> Forty do ?]o do..__. l.i^J Fifteen do do do Ten do do ?lo 1??? OF COUPON BONDS. KighiT million* of the dtoumiuUnn oi l.o-O Twenty millions of the denomination of. Propoeals wtil be reoMvei for the delivery of all of one or moredenoraicaticna of uot*e ana bend a, oomplete, iu'lndiug the engraviM* priutinf, rum berinf.aad paper, or ?*parauUy lor ti>e engraviDK, lor pruitini, and for paper The engravta* must be in the highest atyle of art and the paper of the beet quality. Propoaere muat etste the number of aheeU and the aggregate representative valoe ofeach demoni? nation whloh they undertake to furnish daily, and the least ouruber of day* ie* aired from notice of award before oommenoeinent of delivery. Models for ootea and bona* icust be submitted and apeeimena of work accompany them. Model a of aetee on the faoe will be tn the tame form aa now need, and on the baeka will atate t-e privilege ot l^jal tender and other pmiieg eaatlpa poj&l of bouda will. In addition to th e usual atlpulaUona, have the atatement that the* are re. imouraar.ie afier fire and p?ja!.:e twenty ]Mn r from date. It i> UHetcit aiao that, ii tar 11 practicable, the , iIIm and p>U? wtl ?:? ?uoh aa have cot l>en here tofore ?aM exoept for work of 'he United sMatca. Kaoh proposal muit be aooomptmed by a ?tato a en tor the bidders' lacihtiee for exeoating the work. the mm bar of areae** in sue, n?pU? em ^oyed^teourity of bailainga occupied, and capital 'prnpoaala 1>? Incorporated oompaniea matt be attMp?M by a copy of obarter and tte name a of tbe o tfi 3*raj and proposal a by an incorporated ae nociahona by tha articiaaol aaaoei&uonaad aamee r k? fattbfal and proaipt exeaataon of nair.ee of tkt part tea offered aa aoretiea and ueu wr ittaa aoaaaat to tma* aaah. to?ether with a orrtifioateof an iuiitaot T??frm aa to their rSKis*j??!2.iit2srs - - ^?25* *?o isSI-m#c^g?{Si. to ?*rk oiiMU^.M^wSeterS^Jnot to fc? tn^erMfT B. BUOHteY. , 496 7tk street, betveeo tt tndfa^ 3*0 PEfI!f5YLVAXIA A V E * T E . E1IILE nrPHE. Juit R?c?lTcd and Op- nM, A Urge tud fint-el&n ?r->ck cf tfcolcft FAMILY GROCERIES, fOMlsllOg of: Pl'GARB. of 215 grades, TEAS, COFVEB, 1IUTTI R. , FLOTR, JtAJLLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , A:. All of wbitfc he offer* at lowest c??b f-r'cr*. PIKE'? CELEBRATED TVHISKIF?I. 500 barrels Magnolia. WO barrels XXX, 5?m barrel* Millers Rj-f li?aorg?tela, W>o barrels fine (lid Rve, 5<*i barreti Cue Old Ronrb*>n, AT CINCINNATI fMCE8. All tbe favorite brand* cf CHAMPAGNE, Matum Verxeay, Green Saal, ileidsick, irhlrh, b^Ir.g bon<M Inw, we oti-T ?t nncrjMly lov; rs Al*>, ?V>!p Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. M> lUf NUTicK TO WATCH M ?.K c.Ii3?. J|j\ *. k JTmvvr* ?& no* 7 ? r*-?? * r fk ?w?r n u . No I?? VV fct-iU'ifUi. .'"u: L-- i- r. r i, l*? \v? ir.d 7'ii strict. jrvt" tl?? rf Water Milker*. Jew*: ?r- f yt, ?i e . Ac..to ,itir lock ofC^iii &-itl r \V* \\n ' V& t-r. *'?, \\ sv:. M?ktn* Tool* U ?. e*. t.J: f?i:*rde. l.?MU<?r Gll&rrirf, y^e:;U0.8*, (>w:c<-? ? fiOHi I*hi Li)'?~Tc? :n l.if. j * + V*X fi-eci.-rii, vliica '.f.p> w; i ? <,??: '**! f . w ten prioer. 8, t J. JlVhH? t%u at ieu .V'? ?tv. V ?" l/t. ' I-*r > ? hCv. ^ ^ !.<: f V, ' j v-t"--' TtX>i*,fto ?-*iitf * li-. .v->T'~m '?pnj MU<>?ll'iU|i>bl I-.- i ?-* -! * ! I ' Kfi A C-) 2Li uXT -k^L 3j JiT-1 g3 , No. h fc-f -i. 3 liuitr) {, = . *T*i!?U. ' ? la ciitne-ytio.. truU . .u ! -V* H v; !.?*? ufifilL i: Ski N ..< < 1 .. I ? . Ml !< : iL?"trsn*r.?*i9r? v>l & Miuj wckib,; tinrirfn W* b4f auui 4 C-Jtj, L cocrf^nt S! >t*t, ?;< <.. fcvi J>rai;* oc AKuriy?., K-ii i I"ii .nuji. j .' i, & .i C<> bVtXI ?- fjH'.. > p > :.'i f?S 4 (,f? i I, 'tli'.V, i 0*1. C O 7h~W~Aii'F&D! The t7r! ? f\\ lor COLD A N J SlJL V KR I ?*? ..* Fuk .1 t<xa to Li:t< x.sv. jcii '.sr i ii co., jb i :t k ;; k i?, fCiMtLTUll AVSRfS, la & tf Tft'i ?*??? ._ pooii AM) Srii- ?Xo~k~~ i T" L L? -5 \1 Kt*. V\*ftr* t./iur n.Hi. .' . .... . 1 . - ?' U / t .** U u\ii ft.id HiiOK*. ?rd ? Mirf t rf<< iv t r lpplf ot e%*l+rr i. r.-la . it* o! ?v?-r? -,?-??-* * or.^fiot, maid ex ,tW.j he ?oiiJ at ?ir;r.?M >* % r * ho-etoforo in l . - ciij i?.n jU =tf :net aniolcs. I'pTfor^t" "f *' ' ' *' .of Met'ii or oity mad? work. v..i , ?.-? * r :1 i <1 v *: r?*ut ?a ?tora*Eiai tu? iov--e'p i<??? " v t. ce-l. ft Sii<?. ap 3-* NOTICE. rt** MXt**BL ??3 55?fo ife 'J 14 Al>i >ls' ? V* Mf/ 1. TkisComp&sy oi or* %m . ? ^ - tj iec lor thi> t :*< . . * . o' UetT' Fr:;tiu,Pjur^-iea, V . js r.ioa-;j, 4c.,to al: AtuM th? Lii". . iju. . Uxfr?2?es to cr.'J i-Cm. t. ? fi ? IWcatds part from *nd artrrt m tt'rf ?! ?.< -r. Ail k*?.<>zse* t>r<? ia ccc's' ?'f ?tyurimeti cs^ rtltmbU .?I<*;*^rj'.f6. All P*ck?g?^ tor Th# Fcl ?_.?:* c*.riod tS "?*r Ealj" our usual r&tee. All ?oo2s for the ' "CitfsJ S ' *'' *nd ail ArUoios "Crutz&.ina Ci V.'a.' t-_ !.? Hums. Our F,?r?uw !*& ? Nft? Tor'* M 1-#, a,au P M.., arrmar in Vt a&iiiBrua h< t A. ii. u j ^xpr&sces 1o.*.tp Pbli*de!^ s.t 3.?> A. ?1. tx.i 11 P-MTiTlrs iu V?'ftelur.ctoa *t i *? P. M., Bid ' k'xk<*?*5 lears it <.5* A. W onr 1 V M.. ftrrivtac ia V. atiuajtcn et t * !M xjm k.T P.U. hUp.-eeaM for til ?o.nts Norm and Wert leave Wasniuto:; it MO A. M.&uditX-' P. M. Spec;*! Contracta f;.r lir^o trautitice cf I .''ithi oan be iiude on apy.to&Ucs ?c? tl .? ' All ?ood? ^*!ieu for au-1 dofire-T-M /r*? rrf ha?fra b&rce*. K. W-. Pak&OIsS, fltfk't Adftr m> It *'*- ? rAi?*?n? Wasbingtoii, A'afuat 23, i&=t. ' I MPORTANT TO LADIES. The fabscnbers have ttie tore No. 16 Mm kel J*paef?. Pa av. bet. )?th arw *h r.ie. Kg % first olaea Lsceai;.! Kai r l>rets Cap Depot. c<*:iai?i>' 5 la p&rtof Po et a'A -?io?"j, A?f ;?.e Meek *n.. VaiecQienne; L&o -i, Bu:ii m Coiiati, Slwvsi, K ouBcmir, Oa^s. 0*?a, ur.in? ai.<t made 11 p coc-uit oi tbe 2ce?t 4?vi;j. aad at New k ork pr:w?. COilfcN & 1)163ELIXJRP. Hum Aie* V ork. N. B.?Ait ?orU of Laoea washed. ?adisae<?. fW dona up e?nAl u> ceu.it soon fH O. HOOD S ron?t??t?T recemnt.ac 'jma vay? on h?ci!, a fu.'l sup? y of ai the mo*t o-lcbr*ted Jfcv VVAfObr.d tufti are raanuisctureJ in lacd, Switxeriatd a d Ameriev t *>tti in So? WuSf ard B:lver oa<es. lis aiso t ?js ? arc* ?U?.t of fi'ne JK WKL.HV ofth? inert ue?irai'> ?ly .e? ?e>. with lKarnands, Etnsreldi, Rubi?* aud ai! cth*r Umi. H? > <*lso manufactu. tr1* all kl?ds of fo id t*ia-iu&nl Sliver W ir#,*r(t l*?pi Bwords, Revol vera. Sword ilelu am llowie Knives. Raxors, Boju'ors, Sold, friivrr aid N>ei r p Peti oles, and arrrit variety of oi..er tilings b?ualy kept in a Jfcwe rr Store, aad a i at the very lowest jrfee. No.Sttupa aveuu*. hetweec Htn ao<1 trtti streets. fe 'V?f ICARRlAGbS. Have now oa baud a large ai.il Loe aseortnt'nt of CARKlAti KB, superior to any la tUe^jsna^tf, market, which I am prepvn to *1 SctC^C?^ lowioreasfe. Persona in Trant ofgooJ * rat work. Will do ^el I to eall ana exui>ce ny stock before psrofcasiec esewhere. All repairs teaUy tloca. aud orders promptly at . ? also r ne very fcv# oloss Paixel Carnac e, j onrinally oost 91 SO. b<it litt'e nsej.and will be sold low, as the cwner has lo farmer use for It. A.NDKKW J. JOVCU, ia81-lm Uih ard K streota. FURNITURE ! FURNITURE! FURDtll URE ! % . L ^ MOSES, ( f tb? firm of M"sw ft Peckhan, Philed'ftJ Maoniaoturer and Wholesale ana Re'ai! t*ea er In Cane-saat Usal's, Co'.ia?s. parlor and Uininc rootn Fnrnifjri-Thnrr.'t ?mL?ir.? ^ .. gcvanin I %liy?SS of DPHOL?TERIN? rospt!? ana neatly exoeata*. ? Store MM cm ud avaalcc for lha teMmwiU Uf>areba?r? wiM rtndy their l?'ereet to call bafora looting cleewhero je&a>n? QOU91UI, COLi*u, HOAMfcKNJO*. Mm. m compound s\ ttvfor urar aramjc, Ttua fieaaant aa* popniar .Coa^h k>ice?iy kaa Mb aoloaf taHraaaa* ?t-c?ve.j ttad that moot aereona have bcooi^e Jsjuiliar w?tfc its exTrardl ff?pF?K8;f fc;roCK0KCi.0 4Hl>? .VtTTI X ?itr. at No. 460 ftavaatb ?U feSKta TILS WR3K1Y afAK mrx;r 1-4 Rj*i MnW->r ftb ? t f *.v>rt Ar?<f ? mi 1.1 w ** W f?* x* r* u| m*0 ?* f^Jqr i| m iW??n r t rrrf, m; fvi ?r Vn t*4 ^ ct? -ipt ^ ill*vmabhreeeWB*ttw? w?Mi?/tca til to* ?s4* n? '%iJf IT?m Star dMiM U fnxntUy lifcvVt? v*>tT<r l~T'S5.-u:le ?i>? '!* ?r >.**??> r^a ? r*? ?arr<* ?* ta-t?rr.fli \ r*kr ??i? aflt- Mr t. Caw-TrHKKltM? itr j^i cut^ira C&JTIWE RATION. ? Hki HL T mifCE fTKA TMl ? Ccmpc:u;?i F:uii Extract B*nhn? A /nuim n?i Sf*.. A? Kmu<) Fr DitrvMi ?>f t! BLADDER, KID.Mt** HKAVKL.wd DIOF SICAL SWELLIN' 3. Tti't mc fM* : r*.wt>r of l>if *ti> D> * <f ' . '? ??- m# f .' j -evr-r uuva. >r *.!i? w>tmi r? CitrrtoW * r. a i *n: fcav:x -s.? rcJ? :>? fc: *t.. i. .. u( .4. Ht'LMFOLP'S EXTRACT BUCHD K?>r WnNkr,*",-! Altlfls tr"i^ f i"1'' v I* of ; : voretf'4 wi A*i??r. A:lt*~Uu vi.*iM 5ymr/^?: Ind "foiiMaato LxotUh Lets of Powor, Uo?? < M-nicrr. Piftcn ty of Utiiaci, W<?Ak N "?*?, Tre%i?b'.int, r| .rrror t i L>'?3&?p, W'ikelu .eao, D'rice-r i Vi*:os. i*Kt in *h* bM , Ua.wik i.tiutada of tt? tiJt U\: $?. ! luxkiLs of the L id* O-yc^v of th? r*lf*n, K-u^ti oc ia? l'Ace, ?I L! T> roBHT* * "W*. t .* i ?. "" ' ?%' mcik r.n rvt' r f *[ IMP 'TEW KvrriTY ? J'lj.FP flC FITS, M o*? ?/ ?Mrt >u Pcum nwy Who <*c -.r t v t?? *? # rM f'e?ueuUy JOi iCHv - yj .^'UtlfCL - lNb\'?.TV aM? CO-.FUMi'TlON." fcto of t!.? cnu???: th?ir soiicua*, pci sons triu co^rui TBK RECO* f?*o? THL: rvsANr A:*\ H"M<S And Ht y..'mutely Drtik* bi Con'uwiy:to*, 1H*LS WlTXr*? TO TH* TiPTH OF TBI UMtriw. THB CONSTlTt'HON ONCR *HFi;CTED WITH UUANiC WEAKNfc.S*, viirr* tiiti &.<i oi ni?u?ciae t;??irer.<tiiPn -cd I: * t a" t: ? " j'tfai hJChHHLMBOLDt KXTM ACT RUtU'li ?% lei i ftlLl WiLLCOSX:*-* TP'S UvJI SICfTlCaX. FBMALES? 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