6 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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WASHINGTON, D C, THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1862. N2. 2,820. V2fe. XIX. JM L ' THE KVEMNG STAR n rUBUSHRD EVERT AFTER ffOOfl, /SmfHAT EXOBPTEDJ AT THK 4T.VH BlfLDl.tOft, / I Hf)(M ?k9t*u it IT W. D. WALLAOH. i f?e?ra r-rM la *? ?MM it ?4 f?ai, or 37 cento per month. To mall ?ub?rlben the prlee U S3 50 a yew, te mdmnmtt; S3 tor dz > onth?; 91 for three month*; ud for tarn the* 7, fer<? meatha et the rate of IS ceato * week. Bta fie ocplee, on cnnr, la wrapper*, two eaim. rr Ar/ntimnn ihoald be MBt to the *?? before U "'clock m ; otfcerri* may Catcbin|8ilp? In Bags?Hiw t? 4* It. Id one of his sketches of ''Egypt"?which - m<*anj Southern Illinois?Haiael Greene, Esq., gives the following account of snipe hant : The Egyptians have* oostom of -taking the green ones a sniping,"?id est, sniping those who are from the East, and whe are not posted wi;h retereneeto all the things practiced with ip. the American Egypt. No matter how Well a man cs?T b? educated, or how great may be hi? accomplishments, or how pelished his man ners?he is a green one in their estimation, un he knows all about the ways of the woods. -* i r* ai i - ?? - - * - ? ?/* aHf^ar uaUl tfce *"*t 4*y. in? x.gjpu3Qs ua>o sousicm 01 sniping mem did we sa?.' Very well, sniping them is the ord, and now we will commence in a rounda bout way. to tell yon how it is done. " A fine evening this," said a native, burst ing into onr presence. ' Very." Nice night for snipes, I kinder think." "Snipe' Are they plentiful in this ra * gi?n?" ' Fieaty! 6h?Uy, I d tail a man they wm ! Why. sir, do longer ago nor last week, me and two ether tellers, we west cut and cotch four bag-ralls. ' Caught them ! Why, how upon earth did you manage it?" said we. looking forward to a new item for Wilkes's Spirit. ''Yea, cotch 'em; and we done it easy enoaxh. Drove them into the bags, sir?dreve tame as you'd drive quails into a net. Four r fire of us going out to catch a lot to-night. how it'? (ion# if vna f**l lib* ?itfc ? , ? /? w*** Uf" Of course we felt like going ; how could we feel otherwiM ? A little after dusk found ua on onr way to the snipe swamp. all anxious for the sport. Our company was made up m follows: Six Egyptians. John Anderson Augustus Javer, from New York citj, now visiting an Egyptian relative: llazael Greene, Esq , author of " A Tour of the American Egypt, and two empty sa:ks. "Here's the place?keep till," said the Egyptians. when we had reaahed the edge of a marsh, about two miles from the village *. vr ? ? * - - - - iiDw, you two ieuers ?Dit aon't know how to drive. joa bold open the bags, while we as knows roe* into the iwtmp and drives 'em out." The ' two fellers'' referred to were John Anderson Augustas Javer, from New York city, and jour narrator. Of eourse. we were willing to assist in the sport as much as we could, and so they stationed us at favorable points, about one hundred yards apart, in structed us how to hold the sacks open with their expanded mouths near the ground, and desired us to remain immovable and silent, and to keep ooostantlj puffing awaj with lighted cigars, in order that the fire would (show and a. .1 t ?* ur?ci me snipe into the tacks. We oonfesa that after having taken several philosophical views of the matter, we did not exactly like what was going on; but we held the bag, nevertheless. Having arranged us to their entire liking, the six Egyptians struck out on their drive. Away into the swamp went they, hissing and shewing,-andAaking bushes with aright rood will for a few minutes, then all became silent. And silence reigned ?wfally supreme for at least halt an hour?not a leaf rustled, not an overhanging branch scraped against it* fel lows, and? ' The taking of my watch, boys, k Was all the sound I heard " rreitj soon i beard a Toice,' Hello,Greene!" * Ay, aye, sir." Caught any aniM yet'" This was from Jehu Anderson Augustus Ja er. To make sore we got up and shook the bag after which we felt warranted in reply ing N.?! Nary snipe; bat I think thecon'emp tibJa sniped have faugbt us." And so they had?leastwise, such was our conclusion on ooming together and holding a council of war \\ e were indeed sold, and with feelings none the best in the world, we ciimlg vut OBV&O up uiu ids iutk oi sapling, and roiled oat for home. It is needless to add that we found the six Egyptians already there, and that they laughed heartily while wo didn't, not being able, ourselvee, to see where the laugh came in. t'slaakai aad Fert Kandelph. Columbus was bat a small post village, of roe or two hundred inhaditants, aad the des true'ion of property ia not therefore large. The FebeW have also removed their guns from the island below, and retreated to Fort Ran dolph, sixty miles above Memphis and about <>ae hundred and forty-six miles below Colum bus. or one hundred and sixty-six below Caire. Of this position and its defences we have the AVIiVf* 1U^ CCUttfll . | ' This is anything bat a weak position, it if tmilt upon the tnird Chickasaw bluffs, mora * hac one hundred feet above the river, and im mediately south of Island No. 34, the lower part of which command! the three months of he Hatehie river, a stream (navigable at good tageai that empties into the Mississippi just nbove the town of Randolph, at tha upper edge ef the bluffs. These bluffs form natural parapets for batteries, and command a view of the Missijeippi river for six miles each way. By silencing whatever guns may be plaoed on the Island, iron-clad boats, in the present condition of the lower Mississippi, might enter the northern mouth of the Hatehie out of range of Fort Randolph. The town of Ran dolph. near which the fort stands, consists of b ail a dozen or so dilapidated frame houses, and is approaehed ia the rear by several good roads, but the oountry behind it being full of ravines and gorges is capable of being fortified to an almost indefinite extent. The position, however, is of no manner of use or benefit, ex cept to dispute the navigation of the river. It has no railroad communication, and as an army lauunsq mere would bare to depend on the river exclusively for the traaaportationof ?up pliee. it would not require long to atarre it oat. So Gen. Polk may take hia ehoioe. If he coaoentratae at Randolph, the capture of Memphia will be eo mach the eaaier. If he falla beck on Memphia, that much more terri tory ia reclaimed to Federal authority." Lot* Lioi't DtiriTcan oa Ambkican Av r *iaa ?The depstebee of Lord l.yons, Brltlah Ambeaeedor at Washington, to Etrl Russell, have been -laid before Parliament Few of the blue hooka, we venture to aay, wlU be found in powii equal Interest, whether aa rrapeets thta country or England Tcey abow, Indisputably, that the English Minister haa never been ani mated by any of those unfriendly feeling* toward us that were at oae time so freely attributed to hiss by fm?d nmi at the capital 80 far from this, we have the clearest evidence of the very opposite, wltrout a trace of any disposition to take undue advantage of oaf straitened situation laat Summer. B^Tbe Paris women are excited about an electric head-dress Invented tor the Empress Eo ff? lle It ts a crown formed of globules of glial ghted by electric light, and set with dlsmonds, rubles and emeralda It emits such an effulgence as to light ap of Itaclf a dark room, and if ever put In general use will supercede the necessity of gas Jets or wax candles. Every lady will be her OWD rhftniallar [IT la hi* oflelal report. Com. Lyach of U>? reoel nary states, that at the cloae of the flrst <lay'a light at Roenek I land he had not a pound powder or a loaded (hell remaining on hi* flag btp, and few of the rebel vesaeia wart better off. He aayo, too, that the Federal the Ik reached a greater distance than thla own, which he attrl h"tee toauperlorty la the powder oaed bjr the I'aloe veaaela. CT la the 3d Wlaeoaaln volunteers, ft la a rale that no eoldler caa leave the camp without pass The Chaplain one day was distributing tracts; among them was one headed i "Cms*-, sinners, come"' 8000 after the tract waapicked up In ramp. end under the heading wet penciled i.'aa'tdelt! Col Roger* won't sipn mjr peso ! The late Cot. Colt, of Hartford, Is reported u hare left a fortune of 10,080,000 Mre. Lincoln's Ball. The Bo<ton Journal publishes a Utter which it says was written by on# of the moat widely known and distinguished gentlemen in Wash ington, himself for may years a resident of that oity, and universally esteemed for his sound judgment as well as for bis kindness of heart. We make a few eXtraots : I regret eteeedingly that Mrt. Lincoln's hospitable assiduities to gratify the multitude of strangers drawn together in the capital by the interest of the war, should have been so misoonatruea in tne press. it wu certainly not her purpose to tarn the deep, earnest feel ing of the nation engaged in tne grand effort of crushing the rebellion and restoring the re publio, into the frivolous pursuit of pleasure, and to run itaelf out in danoes and balls. There was no ball or dance at the White House, and surely the attempt made by Mrs. Lincoln to admit the throng of brave and dis tinguished patriots and their wives and daugh ters to the oivilitias of a repast at the Presi dent*! house, to make the acquaintance of ea;h Other and the publio oft sers engaged ih tbfe civil administration, under oircumstancee making it notable and agreeable, ought not to be considered as mere frolic and amusement. Uen. Jackson acted on the idea that all ii * _ . * loose woo cams 10 nasmngion, ana were really the representative men of the country, whether In or out of Congress?civil or mili tary men?were entitled to the courtesy sad hospitality of the President. These could not be extended even to the numbers who came to Washington in his day through ordinary din ner invitation. He, therefore, filled his house occasionally with large evening parties, and the large room for dining was spread for a grand repast, constantly renewing, as the guests filling the table one time receded and opened the way for another. The old man told me that he had left his farm with an outfit of five thousand dollars, and he left for his Hermitage again with barely enough of his $200,000 salary to pay his expenses back. He felt that his salary was meant to enable him to perform his executive functions, and to ac company their discharge with those attentions luwara iqb puouo personages 01 oar ina omer nations due to them and those they represent, according to the customs of all civilized coun tries. From Polk down to Buchanan the suo 'ceesors of Jackson hare thought their paj was meant merely for their own emolument. Mrs. Linaoln intended to invite on succes sive occasions all our army officers and their friends and vUitoro in Washington, but after the notes were out for the first, her children siekened, and she had to /eceive her visitors on the third nizht, and then the death of one and watching by hia side and with the other has broken her down She is indeed a most unhappy, broken-hearted woman. How cruel, then, to misrepresent and persecute her in the newspapers, when she made a sacrifice of her feelings and exhausted her strength and means to do what she thought her duty and what so ciety expected?nay, soli?ited from her. The Literati on thk Generals.?John S. C Abbott la oat In a letter abusing tbe campaign, pretty much In the style of the Engineer KIM. Great men on paper, critics, such as these ! We never wonder that Napoleon ever associated his savans and asses together. CI^A son of George Sand, who accompanied Prince Napoleon to this country, has published, in the Revue des Deux Mondes, portions of bis diary made daring his Ute visit to America. He writes warmly in favor of the Northern States. H7" On the morning of the Fort Donelson fight Bushrod Johnson, whlie tiking his coffee, narrowly escaped aeaib. A rine txiU sKln.med off the bottom of hla coffee cup, leaving the empty idea in the rebels nand. UZTMr P?abody, the London banker, is about to #i*e 8500 000 to ratabllshed a free home for the destitute in London C^Of 17,31? persrna employed In tbe con struction of the Roman railways, 8,7?l are women who as 1st the maaona JX^-Oil wells are now added to the other re sources of California; they hare been lately dls covered in Sinta Cruz county. 1X7" The quantity of manufactured tobacco im ported into England laat year waa about 400,000 puuuus ins imo auring ice preTious year. The State debtof Indiana iieleven million four hundred thousand dollar*. gWORDS FOR PRESENTATION TirrAvy k co.# No*. 490 and 532 Bboadwat, N?w Yori. And No. TO Rub R.chzlikv. Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KIND* OF MILITARY WARES Solioit thea'tention of Civic and Military Asso ciations. Commands on Nat on* or State service, Patriotto Clubs and individuals to their ;arte stook of RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY S W O it DS. Their assortment inolndes the ohoioest BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical with thos? made for Wilkinson, of Lon don. worn by the officer* of the British Army, and most m proved b^ experienced European authon uoo mo oio(?nuj w' uuftuv BLADES OF SOL1N8EN ON THE RHINE, in fihre and finiah the reoot nixed modern types oi the o*lebrated Uamuseut She!, the exoellentand eervioeable BLADfcS OF COLLINS,OF HARTFORD, Beaidea those of other domeetio fabrioaata. Themounti&gs of the biadea, in all oa*eeexe onted within tne establishment, will be fonnd to oompriio all requisite styles of ornamentation, the Kbnaris b?in?_of Silvbe?8ilvex Gilt. Bbonzs, lis ? Fiee6ilt.Silvie Plated Htrmi*hid Stiel, Rich Mather, eto , with bands of Flai*. Chasid or t xaoeiEo 6ilt. or Solid Bilvke; the UEiri and 6uaeis ot the eame variety of material and finish, and of eithsr re*u!ation pattern or orig.nal design Should an artio'.e of Extbeoxdihart Elmencb, of a^riehness and^ooatlicesa not represented in muok. U9 rc^uirou mr prpiBUHiion, UB oapa>UI ties of the a*tai>a?rnn?ut for the maLuiauture ol the ohcioest works m gold and silver, and iu gen eral artistic reeouroea are unuaual guarantiee of ita satisfactory and speedy production, la answer to ordera, designs and ertimates will be promptly forwarded lndivnjuaJa parohas'og Swords of Tiffany k, Co are informed that every blade is aubieoted to teats even more severe than those enjoined by Govern ment, beiore it is plaoed on sale?the testing blook is ia the eetablishment. and at the command of all who prefer immediate proof of the exoellenoe of their ? words. fe?-dtf KAL&D PROPOSALS Are invited bil the luth day of Maroh. 1863 at 12 o'clock m., for sup plying tus 0. H. Hub. Dep't with 6,ooo bead of BKKF CATTLK on the hoof. The Cattie to be delivered at Washing ton City, and each animal to average l,*io pounds gross weig hit; no susal admitted whioh weighs lees than I A* pounds groes. Tne Cattle to be delivered at aaoh times and in snah quantities as the 6oven.m?nt may require. No Cattle will be required under this oontraot be fore the 1st day of April, 1863. o{ wanted. oient security will be fore ttie 1st day of April. 1863. Heifera, Htagi and Bulls noi A bond with good and sufloi itMlf the rif ht to > [when pat In by i failed to oorajiy' I bidder ia not era failed'to oompTj with *1 praeent C. tlooad adrortitetnent. The Cattle to b? iretg bed on tit* Maiee.and the waiiht o determined to be yin&>et^?a4 to reoMve Tr?mry aotec la p*^n?n' ^KCOND MOURNING AND GREY BILKS, B.?ck sitae, morttkaaear mi Ml large and ootm "Rr^'iCTJ eoieot aeaortnant Mowaiag OoMi. ou aaaal fell sad oomplaU fgbfc Drdai Goodi, for early Spring.. aibo, our am* empie hook oi All me Ieadiof i>ry 800ji, *taplee, for the current every Ur tuii of feauliee ?k1 b<>u?ekeepere. < *ne prttaon'p, ?*rkH in plain igvree, tki * yn^il f#i4 ffin rfcI* j t'diul Ab lt s^retioe ot ' t>ok ep Hoi ted, it iaovra bo obUgMioato pjrouue PERRY ft SKOh 41 X P*. ?Te. *n<i NintSetreet. QAT? AWHOLESALE I. LANBOON * GO* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. Halita*. March 9 ?'The steamer Canada has arrived fr< m Liverpool with advlcea viaQueens town to the 2Ltd Ult. Lord Palmerston bad stated In Parliament that the negotiations with the United States relative to the Sao Jaan affair had been suspended In con sequence of the civil war, but a Joint provisional occupation of the island had been arranged The British government had refused to produce any Information relative to British vends running the American blockade The anniversary of Washington'? birthday was duly and patriotically celebrated at the Free Ma sons' Tavefn, London Bishop Mcllvalne, of Ohio, presided, and Minister Adams responded to the toast, " The Memory of Washington." It was reported that the traitor Slidell had sev eral Interviews with all the French ministers, but of course of an unofficial nature. The Grecian Insurrection continues, but la con fined to Nanplia Madrid, F eb. 23.?The Spanish squadron for tha Pacific leaves la April, to cbnalst of three 43 fun friga'es. O&er Shins trill go to Montevideo r*t. Tcrjs, Feb. 23 ?Antl-Papat manifestations continue In the provisional town*. Bbhlin, Feb. iJ3.? It ia aaaertfed that the recog nition of Italy by Prussia is an accomplished fact. Vimma, Feb S3.?The Austrian negotiations at Pesth, to bring about a reconciliation with Hungary, have failed. Frooi Havana?Yancey on hit Way Home in Disguise?Later from .Mexico. Nbw Yoan, March 5 ?The steamer Columbia, from Havana 1st ins'ant, haa arrived. Gen Al monte parsed through Havana for YeraCriz. Mr Yancey, the rebel commissioner, aiiiguised, nailed on the rebel achooner Wide-Awake, for the South. The captain of the captured English steamer L<aoauQ Lad arrived at Havana on a rebel schoon er, and made a protest before the Englbta consul, and left in the Columbia. The Harriet Lane had arrived at Havana She took as e prize, off Matanzaa, the schooner Vir ginia Ada. It It stated that if the aloop of war Portsmouth had waited another day before capturing the Lab aun, tie would have got $200,000 In specie. The dates from Vera Cruz are to February'21. Gen Prim had a conference with Gen Doblad* at Saledad. twelve leagues from Vera Cruz, and the preliminaries were arranged for opening ne gotiations at Orizaba Tbe French troopa will be allowed to advance to Tehuacan, the Spanish to Orizaba, and the English toCerdora. Sickness and de?ertions continue, principally among the Spaniards. Ab Attempt to Administer a I oat of Tar aud feathers. Grbat Bktip, Pa , March 4 ?Last nlghta party of men proceeded to the residence of Mr. Eggle sfon. of this nlace. intending to ?iimini?to? t,iTu on a ooat of tar ar.d featben, or something of that nature, for ill usage, it is alleged, of bis wife They broke In the door of the house, when young Eggleston attempted to escape through the back y ird. He was discovered and pursued, boweve*. by the party who sought to administer "Justice-' to him, when, it is stated, he turned and fired a number of shots among them, of which Noah Griggs received three and Isaac White one. Griggs and White are still living, but both are considered in a critical condition Lggleston is now under arrest. The War in Missouri. Bt Locis, March 4 ?Gen. Halleck, In an army order, says: "On the recommendation of the Governor and several Judges of tfa<* State, It is directed that all licensed attorneys, counsellors and proctors he re quired to take tbe oath of all'glance prescribed by the sixth section of thc*rdlnance of the State Convention, passed October 17, ttfil Judges of the State courts will refuse to permit any one to practice wttbin court who refuses or negl^t* to take such oath. The board of assess ment In tbecltyof St Louis, for the benefit of the suffering families driven by the enemy from Southwest M issourl, having completed its labors and rendered its final report, Is hereby dissolved. Municipal Elections. Trot, NY, Mareh 4 ?The charter elect! n held to-day rebuked in tbe eltctlon of the d?mc? crdtic ticket, vit: Jamrs Thorn, mayor; John S Flage, city jui'ice; B'.ephen C Legg^tt, ,!Me?or The city council Is about equally divided Orwioo, N- V., March 4.?1> G Fort, rep., wai elected mayor of Oswego to-day. Roras?TER, N. Y., March 4.?At the Charter election held here to-day, tbe mavor, board of rueteea, and the entire straight republican ticket was electtd by a larg# majority. Fur??al of Prof *elt*n Boston, March 4 ?The funeral of President Felton, of Harvard College, took place to dny, at Applet on Chape', in Old Cambridge In accoid ance with the wishes of the df-eeaaed, the cere monies were simple, wlthor.t display The at tendance was very large, Including the faculty, -<?uuuiiaim Iiimiji pertuna riiiincai in literature and public estimation." Tbe body wji deposited in Mount Auburn Frtm Pert Koyal and Kauiiuali. Niw You, March 5?The steam-r Erii*8?on has arrived from Port Royal with advices of the 1st inst. She brings 320 bales of cotton. A passenger from Savannah reports that there were 3U.OUO rebel troops there. There is very little news except relating to army movements, which for prudential motives is not published. Bteaaser Ashere. Niw BxoroKD, March 5?Key West dates to the %2d ult., state that the steamer Richmond was ashore on tbe Florida Reefs, but would probably get off next day. Seat to Pert Warren Cincinnati, Mareh3 -Forty-nine r?-N-I officers were a?nt to Fort Warren from Columbus, Ohio, yesterday C URE-COR NS-B UNIO NS MR. PERDKlAT, burgeon Chiropodist, from fans, begs to inform you that he o%o effects ally removj Corns and Uuni?r,?. without pun, so that the shoe o&n he vorn ini r ediatoly af er the operation, without inoonTeni- nee. Also removes Warts and other superfluous fle?h from the hands. s-> that they will appear imal! and dolioate. No. la I 4X?treet, near City Hall. Charges moderate. ID- Refers to the dootors of Washii (ton ?ener ' allyT inh 6 tf SCHtNCR'S MANDRAKE PIlLS.-THs is one of the THREE H RH> T REMEDIES wbion have made DR. SCHENCK more sooossfol in In A nt aAwMal *? ? -* . v. -vi? uMgoruus aL? fatal dia^aaea that any other mrd ioaI practitioner oathe United State#. The Mandrake Pills are a"ub>ititute for calomel.

DR. SCHENCK av#r? that hit Mandrake Pill* Will effflct every oojeet for whioh the preparation* of merenry can poseibly be useful; and he rteclarea most soleir.uly and conscientiously that theae PiUs may be oa?d with perfect aafety in all caeea where alteratives or pnrgativea are required. R ia not muoh wonder when we reflect thnt the liver ia the largest organ in the hnraan organita tion, that it becomes ao fr* quent'y diaea<ed. The yellow sad sallow skin, the o<>*tol tongue in the morning and the dull pun m the limbs: t*M at onoe that thia treat dapurating organ la doing :ta work by halves oaly. Any pwaon who will he*? k111? ** nlJht w"' not onl' ** r?~ beved of diarna*, but likiwfM ito4iZ, rS&vi it tendanta. each aa headache.aour atomaoh, ooativo *l'd y* da 11, heavy feelmns oyer the whole frame, which ofteatimea make life bnrcen aonae, and render the patient wholly unfit for en joy mentor bonceea of any kiud. iv wT ^ i ^CK rill bt it hit ueoti (8 B. WaAfo fnerLouiaianaaTepae and 7U atroet, a Wednesday, February 28th. and Mareh aBih. to Comumption. rie |ive? ad*i<>e without ekarge, n 6m they want a tboroufh pi ami nation wtth hit then hit fee la three dollars. Prloe of Pmlmonio Byrsf $1 pec bottle or 96 ?er Price 'of&eawMd Tonio 91 per bottle or $5 per PriM of Mandrake Pills a6 oents per box. ?H-M*Th.lm' Nevj Bine Cloth*. Flannel*, and C**? latere*. kSI"ir? 'vzxeo&vs&ez OarfMorthara ud Ku!?rs oorrMpondenta asid ?Md?r4 , !?. niArki?u in pl%m (?' . An ln?Hotiottof stock inoar? no obliiHion to purch%ae. _ fERHY fc BRO, mh s-tr Pann. *nd Nmth at. fcSHIKTrt 8tilttTt9. SBIRTSi-Jut rewtiyad t M 1 * veaikS? ** OFFICIAL. rEASURY DEPARTMENT, Fibruart 4, 1808. None* w bbrkbt ?ive> of the readlne* of thla Department to redeem the Treasury notes ptynble In,one year from date, authorised by the act of ContreM approved I>^einber'f)d, 1967. and the TreasOTT notea payable In alxty daya from date, authorized by the act of Congreas approved 3d Marcb,1961. fntereat oa Treeaury note? of the above 's#uea wtU cease on the 7th day of April neit by term* of those ?cta respectively. fe 5 tap" Department of state, Washington, January 15, 1?*8. Th? Secretary of Stats will hereafter receive Metnberi of Congress on bnstnew on Saturdays, ?oo? men slag with Saturday, the first of next month. ten MJ/ ' It'll ! I H REWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, January 31, lbCJ. Oriikhud, That the War Department will he closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th# fl?!d. ??U1 Via Ia Mia V>ital >i a mm r\f kj?luiuajrs nut wt ur ?u?ru v*> vac uuviu^m ? Sen ate n and Representatives. Monday* to the bualnps* of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, ja 22-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! No !U?re English ?r Freach Kubbith, made to ten, DDI not to *ffp time. Why ehou'tl an American boy a foreign Watob, whea ho can get a better and oheaper one at home? Why should an American needlessly enriob foreign Watol manufactures at the expense or our oirn artisans? Why hould an Amerioau send gold to England and Franoe, our covert but bitter enemies, when gold is so mac', needed at home Why ahould an American buy an imported Watch, which, in nine oases out of ten, will oost more to keep in order for o ne year, than its origi nal prioe, and vhioh was never Intended to ke*p time under ary circumstances i Why ahoul 1 America! a not patronize more renerally American manufactures. acd thua erran o.pMe themaelvM. from the thraldom of Eng'ieh capi'al, French fashions, &nd Coctin?ntal gew gaws i The American Watch Companv'a Watohea are particu'arly adapt'd for soldiers' u??, being most aubataatially maJe, and not liab'e to get out of order, either m mar ohm?, riding, or fighting. gold by M W. GALT 4 BRO? 354 Pennsyl vania avenue, Washington. Wholesale ordera ehou'd be a ldrejsed to ROB31NS & APPLETON, A |tuts of the American Witch Coirp&ny, fa 2' 'm 1?2 Hroadway, N. Y. j;H 9. A. Vos MUSCHZISXKK, Oculist and iurist. (Late of Clinton Place, New York,> Can b? consulted on ad Diseases oi the EYE AND EAR that repairs medioal or suxflcal operations. Dr. Von MoscHzisxaa ie the inventor aid inlro daoer into the modi sal pr&o'ioe of the BTHERTAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oases of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. Bandreds of Testimonials ma? bo examined at the Doctor's Offiee from some of the most eminent men in the Union ; also, a letter of referenoe from the following gent:emen now under his treatment: W. H. Cooke, Treasury Department; H. Wash in* ton, Purveying Depar.n eut; Henry Beard, Interior Department; John Wood, Capitol Kites ion | F. 8. Walsh, Eighth street eut; N. P. White, Km., Gen'i Henry R. White, Hamilton Johnston, Em - Kev. H. W. Read. Fatiet U wishing their family physician to ae oompany them to witness operations or for the purpose ofoonsulUrtioii are at liberty to brine them Medioal men will be at all time* welcomed to witness Dr. Von M 'a operations, and examine some of the instruments he has introduced for th* facilitation of Opthaimio and Aural Surgery. Artificial Eyes inserted without oausing any pals to the patient. Otfioe hours from 9 a. m. to ? p. m. and froa 3 ! IP. as. O F PIC E S. N>. PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUt", orrosita WILLARD'S HOTLL. mh 11m Mat} ^ 8. WLRCHEIMER St CO., A {14 lO? No. 463 a.!?d 464 Sbvknth St., *04 Orrosiit tkt Pott (jjtrt, Offer their stock of WINKS, 1JRANDI1?S, GINS. CORDIALS, etc.. also (heir large assortment of SEGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, ?to., for sale at Wholesale Prioes. They keesoonstantij on hand fine PHILADEL PHIA CREAM ALE, ib kegs and bottles, for bars or family use The pwblio in general are ra ques ted to give them a call and axa&iine their apisndid stook of roods. 8. YYERTHK1MER * CO., 464 and 464 Seventh street, 4* B i? of ?o. Post Oflloe. ft BON'S UtLtURATED FI ? ANO FORTES.?These instruments?^^ are adfi'tted by all musicians to be the beistflO^B| manufactured m this oountir- They have"' * ' ?t all times received the first premium over all othTi, wherever and whenev er tber came in com petition. Tbey are warranted for five year* A 'arte assortment of these lnntrume&U is al ways to t>e fonnd at the Musio store of W. Q. MJITZEROTT, Sole Ax Pi.t. One 7 octave 4 round oorner Checkering Piano er sale for $jjs. fel? J ATTENTION! UBT Received a large assortment of New feathers, Comfrrtabies, Blankets, Bedtleads, Mattresses, and Carpets. Persons wishing to buy are requested to examine my stock before pur chasing* M1 am determined not to be^tndmold. ouvnuit 428 7th street. between O and U. ft 1-1 in* ofttt aide. B UTTER AND EG 88, Goshen Better excelling fresh print, Fresh Roll and Glades Also, Western Rotter, for bakers' ue. For sale low by D. K. DUTKOW, f?M ft* No. 4*0 Eighth st.. peer Pa. ay. IIEAT BAUOAIN8 IN CLOTBINO.at the ' I t'rople's (Nothing Store, No 160 ?th street fr 1' tie U 14-11 320 PENNSYLVANIA ATINEE. EH1ILE DTPRE. Just Rccelred mi Opened, A large and tret-claw stock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, a# V\ HUGAR0, o{ all grrdw, TEAP, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, VAlLLARDfJ CHOCOLATE, Ac,, Ac., Ac. All of wblcb he offer* at low?*t eaah prlcea. WRE'3 CELEBRATED WH10K1E*. 500 barrel! Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX. 500 barrel* Millers Rye Monongakela, 600 barrel! fine Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Heidslck, 'bleb, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Alto, Sole Agent tor FIRE'S ARMY CORDIAL. ? frb 14 tf Smith & Brother's PPPPP AA LL EEEKEKE PP PPP AAA. LL EKEEEEB PP PPP A A \ LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL KK PP PPP AA A A LL KKEE PPPPF AA AA LL KKEE FP A AAAAAA LL EE HP A A A A LL EE FP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE PF AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX XXX* X X X X X XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA AAA A A A A A A AAA AA AA A 4 4 4 XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxx xxxx xxxxx XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX fcb JUL EE II XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxx xxxx xxxxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX EEEEF.EE EEEEEEE BE EE EE v v. V" v A AAAAAAA LL. EE AA AA LL. RK AA AA ir.Ll.LLL, F.EF.EEEK AA AA LLLLLLL EfcEEEEE avrnioE AMD FR ALE| I'ORTEH, AMD NEW YORK BROW!* STOUT, In Wkoli, Hal/, nni Qvnrttr C B1BWFD i iiU.M THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT JND JlOrS. CREWE R Y, 1Mb Mreel, beiwera 7 ifc na?i Mi; Aveaa??. NEW V >HK. h 21 drio9 JAV COOKK i OO.. Jti a. isr js ?. iw . No. Fifteeith Str-rt- orp->ssre Vreasarr BiuMiejs. w ithirif-'-'C. 1b oonneotion with oar Philadelphia Hume we hare opened at No. 4#ii Piftoeuth street, aa office for th? transaction of a ceneral Eietui|t, Colleo Onj and Banking Hueii.esa. VVe buy aud sei Torn, Uniurr??nt Money. Stock* and Bonus (on combu?sit e.) Drafts oa American and Europe-, cities, r-xsoive l/e>?us, aid n^Mie Collections usoua.. accessible points Ie4 lm jav COORE A CO. Boots amj khoes to ^uit the times. W e are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and shoes, and cotuta-.ti) reo-ir.nc a Rnnr.lv nf m*. ' a wikrir nf mvi.rw * chftion, made exprra?ly border, an<f be mid at ft much l^wer pr<o? thftu l.aa hran* Vlb> ne etofore ohar<e<1 in Una city ior muoli nfonor vtioies. Periuoa ?ii w& :t of Boot* and Shora of ratters or city made work, will a!w%y? find a food acaort meat is atoroand at tiie loweat p-ioaa. Give ua a oali. GRli FiN A BRO . 5-y 314 P^miaylratuft aVecne. NOTICE. 'ADAMS' EXFHEM COMPAHf " Thia Company ofiera to tna anbli?M Use^aaUad Atlraiitaiea'' for the Safe asd Qnlok l)i epilog of Heary Freif hta. Facxaira, Valaatitoa, Mosey, Ao. kc., to all parta of the Unived Btatei. Klareaaea to and froiqtue Nortu and W rat da par* from apd arrira in Waaulnitos tw:oe daily. Ail Kxereaeee are 1- ?harg* of ipihimW mU Meea(nj?n. A>1 fr'ookases for The tela!** carr:M at "on ULi" oar uaua! rates. All Soowtior the ?i>-oal.<*i "CoitfeiierfcU tjtotee" knd *11 ArtioiM " Coblral-aad ui Wn" VlL U SS'ExVreMM 1mv? Nov York II 1.1, UJ I P M.j^krrlTiai is WuhiactcB ?t A. M. u<l IM kspreeeet leave Philadelphia at ?JD A. M and il 1*. A1-,arriving la WaeainctoniU tJO P.M.and '^iv'umi leave Ua-Umore at 4J0 A. M. and t P. M.^arriving In Waaamgtcn at A. M. ana fcjn 1 .ivrrfltea for all eelcte North and Weet leave W aeuincton at 1JD A. M. and 2ju P. M. dailj. Special ControoUTor larce taantitiee of Freight e?n Ka .. VL-e.~" e-"A ? vau i/o lurvuo vu Mp.iuauuu IV VJI1? * 'BiC, All Good* called fortcd delprered Jru <rf Extra ehargee. E. W. PARSONS, 8a pi Adama' Expreae CompMf. Waahlagtoc, Angaat a. n?i. h i-n IH. O. HOOD . 8 Oonataatly receiving,and haa alwaya on hand, a fall ?*pply of all the most celebrated -*v WATCH tvS thai are manufactured in Eng- #7%) lar.d, Switienar.d a'.d Anerioa. both in Go ddNv and Silver oaaea. He alao keeaa a arge a took of fi'ne JEWKLRY ofthe most "neeirable atyleaaet with Diamond*, Emerelaa, Rnbiee and ail other tteme. He la alao manufacturing^ kind* of Solid Sia :dard Silver Ware, and keep* Sworda, Kevol vera, Sword Belta and Saabee, Bowie Knivee, Baaora, Soia?ore, Gold, Silver and Steel Ppeota olea, and a great variety of other tiling a oaaai'y kept in a Jewe r? Store, and a 1 at the very loweet prioe. No. 338 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ioth * ** IV TCTTI I Have now on hand a largea!cd fin* assortment of CARRIAGES, aupanor to ut in the^^a^s^ market, whioh I am prepaid to "1 VJirag[ lowforo&ata. Persons in want offood^^^?= work, will do well to call and examine my aloek before purohasiDt e sewhera. All repairs neatly done, and orders promptly at tec dad to. I bare also one Terr fiae close Pannel Carriage, which cni'.na! y oo?t 91,325. bot little uaed.and wiU be Mid low,aa the cwe?t haa no farther ue for it. ANDKKW J. JOYG?. JaW-lm Coraar l?di MBvBk Z FURNITURE? f?\ FURNITURE! til, FURNITURE! . W.B M08EU, (of the In 01 keaeo It PeokhM, Viuliwd'e,! Xuiiulttiw ?ca V*boleeeloMd Retell Ummi i* Cut Met CkMf?, CottAje, Parlor ami l)itin room RnrmtMe?Tuorr. Building, *08 SoTeoth ''^IVy^IrietT of UPHOLSTK&INe ?rcn?ti? ua neetlj exooeted. .... Store of>?c d?r ud evening for tke ooooe-moda tionof tl.r- pu:> to. PurciiMere wiU iti4r tbeir intaroot to eat 1 coking cliywti>fg Je ti li__ f^VKKY f KR iNTklKit -Tf at fto? u atook of Ciotinu* for aeleovor Gelte* Jovwry More ia cow oa?ro* KMN t?>Mrtal?nl? THB WHKLY WAR. ft *?* lag >tot mi w? ttiH la as? <* ?? It hM*<< ? KrHUy Tnv-Dil; kWrW.|, m ? ! ? **<U opr. N m ?cpl? to cvpia. fwe??rlTi wpiatHi.NM.. ft - It iawiablvMiUlu iv "waekiagtw Rm' Itai hm m?4? T\4 omtif 1mi<s &'??* M geMrtliy ttroagfcost Uf o*uty BITSMnffl* copl<? (t? wreppwa) eu fe* P? vare4 at tb? coaster. ltnirwdt??ely *1Vt the )*n? ft*., paper Prloe?TkiRKF. CENTS HELMBOLD'S G&NliNE PREPARATION ' HMiHLJ CONCVITTBATBD" Compound Fluid Kxtraot BuchTL, A /uUm mmd & <%*+ iiwiiy For Dinum ai tt? Bi,Ai>l/?A. EIDNEYS. 9R.\TfcL,u? SICAL bWELL1N6B. Vaia Msdifine laorut? power of ar.d Axctte* iho tsto hafeUiy Mlto*. 'J ai.iog MnwJiTllT UI nfffMltiUt, *::<! *'l vjiiiTD&Aii imuu7hm<ti tr? rtanred. m weii u rAirt am* lrrnmiATion. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV For Airct from Kxcacvm, Ilabita of Earlr I -id.aoretiOG or A'sae. *r<Hi tk* foUow.mg f ywtff mm : I&dinpoaittoE to fcUcrfcoD, Lou of Powor, | Ivws of Memorr, Di?culty of Rrwthi&r. 1 Weak N*nrw, TromNlnf, Horror ol DireA*, W?k*itla*M, D n t.ees of VU.ui;. P*.? in th? M%* . UniTftraft] Laacitdtleof lb# eco .nr Hut Htcdi, h iubikf of t>? Bad* Drj :r:t of the Skin, Krupti?n* on t?.e Kaoe. PALLID CO?>TXXAI?C?. ThMe nymptoirn. tf a otre-j to |o on, vklob tt'.e ir^diotne ihtv?blf removes, toon fo.lova IMPOTENCY, FATU11 Y, EPILEPTIC FIT*. M emt ?/ wkuk tkt Fatimi mnf Gayirt. WLo o?a m tt.?t th?y ?' rot f'e?aeatlf Joi lowed by thow "dbvcl myut-in." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." M?: i are a war* of t.ie caaeeof their cfleruii. BCT noxa WILL CC.MtM. TUK RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLCMJ And tkt KtUuukoiy Dtaikt fry Cwwmw. Ili.1 AJtTLM WIT!1K?? TO THI T1CTH Ot Til AIIKTIOH. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, HBir-t tie aid of me<iicin? to ?trrn*then ?ad I r Titorate tue Svctm t;oh HELMIiOLO'9 EXTRACT BUCHt imvrUfif d Ml TUU WILL CCNV i.-in TBI *"?T PIBTTICAX. FEMA LE8- FEMALES- FEMALh*t OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING SlARRIAGh. In Many Aff*ction* Ptruitar to Ftmiiil the Extract Bocim la uue?ua ifd hy any otftbr rem ody, aa in Chioroaia or Relation. Irr ?uai*.r Paiula nci.?, or Supp'eaaon of Cvitomar* try uaticca. L crrat^d or S^chirreaa eiate of to* U te rm. Leecorrhea or Whitoc, Sterility. tad for all compact* incident to tUr eci, whether an?ii? from ludiacretion, HaMts of Ditaipation. or in the VECLiyS OK CHAMiE OF Htm ?** sTKPTOMt JlBOVI^ NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT I\ui ? ?Wfi />??'? ?. Mofff or Mtdicin* /<* C?r .?aj?MH ci in fh*4miu. UhLMiiOLV'a EXTRACT tiVCHU cnn iECKfcT JHM'tSEt la aii 01911 :? * Ltiiue or t " mum in i>?^*, irao&?*?in*n? And ?" azTfiwi. ltoaa??s a f>^u t; deein. a ci g!?e# ?tr; c*'.. ? Urinat*, the-eby Hem >nce <'t*t uei:or?, ['rertfctint and Curiuz e-moturfc* c* tri V reu.a A ...nti t'wct'.d lUJUn-.tUoB. ?; frt joeai la the ci- s* of <)i<*(ieflc, and Peumox?. Di*e*nd~ **4 verm M&iU . T??? ?8AlSt>} CPON r/<o axv.z iHjt w.. 'i '? acd w so nave pa.t v 'n- ; hare feci.1 tfc?y wr Im. { * '.h? ui^?t ?i?<trt?'Ck ? 0?"i dllMl IS ICR f . fr ?aDV li> ft, '-V fo-m acd r*ZJHT8 1IT** * / JV4S1 P^BELJ*bOui"C 81**/ S BW1I ah 4i?et?*? cf ti># UttlSAKT t'EQV/fi, wfcrtkcr exisuac ta S3JLLX OH I frca vktiorer las* ^rr!g?Hiu ?d no d).r LOIIO irAAUIK9 Dieeweaof taeee Orffcca r?? n? tae uc ot D? VSBTUb UELMJHOltD'8 EXTKJCT BVCHV IB THE GREAT DIUAKT1C. |fi4 ueertelo to L*ve ti e effect la DiMui/<r w*u4 *? i? jiTionoa or mc koct rstpooeiu.! amr ?* MAULa ctm-fta rLiL'^tisw.! the nMicitct. gfihtlfich"*! ? o" rrrr a io c-; ra&titf tltt AKV famk. u*iiYhiC*AH8" TLEAUX "XOTlCMr tra iun "?o ?bcmt" or "iickboibits ' helm hold's kxtkact buchu ifcorayomd of bnctin, cabatw m.n<l Jumper ninttd wtt.n trmt ?n by a ooiii^ment dnirgu' FEE FARED IJt VACOO, BY H. T. UELMBOLU, rMUoal ted AJUjyttoft! Chem.il, lad gu:* Mia tlicturer of H1LMB0LD B0INTJINK PB.EFAKAI10.N8 Air IDA . PtnoniUf iMWrM before m*. it l.itrmui the airy of Philadelphia, H. T. Uklmiolb, vue beioc duly eworn.aofh mt.LIi proMraiions oou tun no birootio, no mercury, or other tioarura drnc?, Dtt IN pure.y ve?eub.e.^ , h. r. uklmrolu. Sworr. ind iuhnnbed More nK.ti.nW oai? 9 November, 1864. WM. I*. HIBixhKJN Alderman, Ninth at.. 11 ore Rac", r*tu 1 m i/rc rnr a mc t v a r wnj L*r? M MM ? IViAl'V ii* fli i Oifi/Ai<WO FROM 8 A. M. TO * P. M. Trie* f 1 r*r or ill for !? D? iT?r*d to any ft40ra?, Moir?r p?a*o bMr ration. ?dr?aa ietfeia for Information lm oom&t?o ? B. V. HKUtfiOi,!*, ( h+mui, Dotot, 1M 0oaU InU at., beiow Po\ to 8EWAJLE Of COVIITEKFEiTto AND VMFBJNOirLED LbtLk&S who "cdMTor to dimos* "?f U<*-f ,7otfcar" on Uie ra^itauoa -maum.? Htlmbeld i fhmmitm frifirHiw , " " * Siitmi ?m ?, ?? ? ? Smtmfrn " M Anyi Mitf Ami *?? B?M bf B, B. Wait*, Z. D. tiuu i?n Wiurr. B. O. Pn>. S. B. twiwu a. n Mjjob* D. B. CLOtt&DVSu * J *, 1Ui?*. WMkUdN u4 lw?w>i?> |i/T0 4LA MWUiSTK uii m> uyjja*. AIOAVOi?iatf<?iltO* ? .