8 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR ? .. : ^, PUBLISHED EVE ELY JLFTERNOOIt, (SUNDAY KXOKPTBOJ AT TUS STAR BV1LD1KM, tnwr %J Ul*W mU EitnnU it. ST W. D. WALLAOH. Pmpora atrved la pxokagea by e&rrlen at ?4 y?ar, or 37 cento per raoalfe. To mill rabocrlWrt ?k? prlee to t3.? ? fear, m SS for tlx ontfca; tl tor three month*; ud for lew Uu aontba &t the nte of 13 cenU a week- 81a fie copies, on* c?!?r; la wrapper*, two c*nt?. CT ADraiTimnri ahoold be Beat to the mcs before li o'clock aa , otherwise they may IM tppeer aatll the next day. OFFICIAL REPORT OF OEM. PILLOW. We find in the Atlanta (Georgia) Confed eracy of Sunday last the official report of Oeneral Pillow, who commanded the rebola at Port Donelson. The report ia very long, and wotld fill OTer three column* of our pa per, and is in striking contrast with the short and pithy report of Gen. Qrant. Oen. Pillow took command of Fort Donelson on February 3th. and he says that he immediately set to work to improve it* defences. This wa> done under the supervision of Major Gilmer, chief engineer of Gen. A. S. Johnston's staff. Be fore tbe works were completed, Pillow states, <ten. Floyd, his senior in rank, arrived, bat he does not say whether the great thief took eommand or not. He then says:?" I had placed Brigadier Oeneral Backner in com mend of the right winjf, and Brigadier Gen eral Johnson in command of the left. By ex traordinary efforts we had barely got the works in a defensible condition, when the enemy made an advance in farce around and against the entire line of outer works." He then gives the details of the fighting on the 12th ana l.n.th, (the gunboat fi^htincluded,) all of which our readers are familiar with. 0?R LISBS CLOSING AROr.VD HIM. The General continues thus : On the 14th instant the enemy were busy luruwiug uia 1UIL-CB ui *>ef J arm iruuna UB, extending his line of investment entirely round oar position, and completely envel oping as. On the evening of this day we ascer tained that the enemy had received additional reinforcements by steamboat. We were now rarrounded by an immense force, said by prisoners to amount to fifty-two regiments, and every road and possible avenue of departure were cut off. with the certainty that our sources of supply by the river would soon be out off by the enemy's batteries placed up^>n the river At a council of the general officers, called by Oeneral Floyd, it was unanimously determined to give the onemy battle next day at daylight, ao as to out open a route of exit for our troops to the interior of the country, and thus save onr army. We had knowledge that tho prin cipal portion of the enemy's forces were massed in encampment in front of our extreme left, A COITXCIL OF WAR commanding tne two roads leading into the interior, one of which we mu.?t tajte in leaving oar position. We knew that he had masked in encampment another large force on the Union Ferry road, opposite the center of our lef! wing, and another in front of tho lett of our right wing. His fresh arrival of troops being encamped on the bank of the river, two and a half mile? below a?, from which Utter encampment a stream of fresh troaefi wan eontitin?ll? rw,nr!p? round ua on bid line of investment. and thus strengthening his general encampment m the extreme right At each of bis encampments and on each road, he had in position a battery of field artillery and twenty-four pound iron guns on siege carriages lietween these en campments on the road^ was h thick un let growth of brush and black-jack, making it im possible to advance or maneuver any consid erable body of troops. Tnt P11EI PI i<i ItTtl D The plan of attack, agreed upon and directed by ?ien Floyd, to be executed, wt*. that with the main body of the foroes of our left wing I should attack the right win* of the enemy, occupying and resting upon the height* reach ing to the bank of .the river, accompanied by Col. Forrest's brigade of cavalry; that Briga dier Gen Backner with the forces under his command, and defending the right of our line, ahoald s'rike the enemy's encampment and force*on the W inn'a-ferry road; that the forces under Col. Holraan should bold his position, and that each comnaand should leave iu the trenches troons to hold them WHAT PILLOW COrXTBD TPOJI DOINO In this order of battle it was eMj to be s?en that if my attack was succcssful, and the ene my rooted, that hia retreat would be along bi* line of investment toward* the Winn's Ferry road, and thenoe toward bin re?$rve at the gun boats below. In other words, my success would roll the enemy'a force in retreat over upon Gen Baekner, wben, by his attack in front and rear, we cculd cut up the enemy and put him completely to rout.* Accordingly, dispo sitions ware made to attack the enemy. At 5 o'clock a m., of the 15th I moved out of my p?aition to engage him. In less than half an nour our forces were engaged. lie was pre p?reu w> m?Bi mcei ice in advance 01 nts ?n eampi^eat. and he did meet me before I bad assumed line of battle, and while I ml moving against him without anj formation for the en gagement. For the first half hour of the engagement I was much embarrassed in getting the com mand in position jjroperly to meet the foe. Having extricated myself from the position, and fairly engaged him, we fought him for nearly two hours before I made any deoided advance upon him He contested this dell moat stubbornly. The Ion* of both armies at this portion of the field waa heavy; the ene my's particularly, as I discovered by riding over the field, after the battle, with Gen. Floyd- The enemy baring been forced to yield this portion of the field, retired slowly to wards the Minna-ferry road, Buekner'a point of attack. He did not retreat, but fell back fighting us, contesting every inch of ground The fight was hotly and stubbornly contested on both sides, and it consumed the day till 12 o'clock todrive him bick a* far aa the center, where Gen Buekner'a command waa to flank him. While * command waa advancing and alowly driving him, I waa anxioualy expecting to hear Gen Buekner'a command open fire in hia rear, which, not taking place, I feared acme miaapprehension of order*, and came from the field of battle within the the works to learn T *W?? * -J ** ? wuat oar mv lll'UDI. 1 IUCOIUUUU IBS CUD1' mand of Gen. Buckner laaaaed behind the ridge within the work, taking shelter from the enemy'* artillery on the Winn* road, it having been foroed to retire belore the battery, a? I learned from him. My force wu still alowly advancing, driving the enemy toward* the battery. I directed Qen. Buekner immediately to move hi? command roand to the rear of the battery, turning its left, keeping in the hoi low, and attack and carry it. Before this movement was executed, my force, forming the attacking party on the right, with Forrest's regiment, (cavalry,; gallantly charged the battery, supported by a body of infaatry, driving it and forcing the battery to retire, taking sixpieoejof artillery? four b'rau enemy falling back from this position, (ien Buckner's forces became united with tuine, and engaged the enemy in hot contest of nearly an hoar with large forces of fresh troops that had now met us. This position of the enemy being ear hod by our ioint forces, I called off pursuit after seven and a half hours' of con tinuous and bloody conflict. After the trouns were called off, orders were immediately given to the different oommanda to fonr and retire to tbair original poaitioM in the intrench menu. TORMUra or BCClVKIt'* rXTRB^raMEVTI The operation* of the day had forced the entire command of the enemy around to oar right wing, and in front of Gen. Buckner'a petition in the entrenchment*, and when hia command reached his position lia found tht enemy rapidly advancing to take poeeession of tkia portion of tha ??rk. lie had a stubborn ' c onflict, luting one and n half hoars, to re gain it, and tbn enemy actually got posse? ai/vn r\f tk? m ?k# ? .f lata en/1 beld it ao dm It tbat he could aot dialodga kia. The poeitioa thua gained by the my *u a moat commanding on#, being Immedi ately ia the rear of oor river battery tad field work for iu protection From it he could readily tarn tha entree shed work oeeupfoi by 9en. Buekner, and attack bim is rereree er ad ranee under eorer of ^n intervening ride* dlreotiy upon our battery and field ??I. W bile ba held tbia position, it waa manifeat * *?uid aot hold tba mala work or bnttary. THE CONDITIO* OP THE TKOOP8 ON SATl'RPAY. Such waa the condition of the armies at nightfall after nine hoars of conflict on the 13th instant, in wbieh oar loss was severe, and leaving not less than 5,000 of the enemy dead and wounded on the field. We left npon the field nearly all hi* wounded, because wecoald not r6meve them. We left his dead anburied becau?e we coald not bury them. Sach conflict and courage has, perhaps, never before occurred upon ttiis continent. W? took about three hundred prisoners and a large number of arms. We had fought this battle to open the way for our army and relieve us from an investment which would necossanly reduce u? and the position by famine. We had occupied the whole day to accomplish oar object, and before we could prepare to leave, after taking in the wounded aid the dead, the enemy ha<t thrown around us again in the night an immerse force ef fresh troops, and fe occupied his origins! position in the line of in vestment, thus again catling off oar retreat. We had only about 12,000 troops, a!! told. Of these a large proportion we had lost in the three battles The cernm nd had been in the trenches night and day for fire days, exposed to the snow, sleet, mad, and ice water, without skelter and without adequate covering, and without sleep. TUB FAMOUS COPHTIL OK WAR BETWEIS FLOYD, * PILLOW, AND BUCKSKR. In this condition the general officers held consultation to determine what should be done. Gen Buokner gave it as bis decided opinion that be eauld Dot bold his position one half an hour against an assault of the enemy, and said the enemy would attack him next morning at daylight. The proposition was then unde by the undersigned to again fight through the enemy's line and cut our way out. Qen. Buek ner said his command was so worn out and eut to pieces and demoralised, that he could not make another fight; that it would cost the command three-quarters of its present num bers to cut its way through, and it was wrong to sacrifice throe quarters of a command to save one quarter ; that no officer had a right to riuw ?m?h a aacrifief* (lnn?r?l Plnvit ""I Major Gftiuer I understood to concur in thi# opinion. I then expressed the opinion that we could hold out another day, and in that time we could get steamboat* and set the command over the river, and probably save a large por tion of it. To this General Buokner replied that the enemy would certainly attack him at daylight, and.that he could not hold his posi tion half an hour. The alternative of the proposition* wa< a surrender of their position and command. General Floyd said that he would neither surrunder the oemmand nor would he surrender himself a prisoner. I had taken the same position. General Buckner said he was gatisfif?i nothing else could be done, and that, therefore, bo would surrender, if pla< ed in command General Floyd Mid that be would turn over the command to him if he could l>e allowed to withdraw bit com rnand ; to this General lsackner consented. Tl)A?aitr\A? llannvo) -- ? ? 1 ?uvivujrvuncM?i m ?' I v/| VB mi IJQVI IUO UUIUUIHIQ over to me, I pacing it instantly to General Buckner, raying I would neither surrender the command nor mj*elf a prisoner I directed Colonel Forrest to cut Li* way out. Under these circumstance*, General bucLner accepted the eommnnd. end aent e flag of trace to the enem.v for an armistice ot niDuun to negotiate for terms of capitulation before this flag and communication was delivered I retired from the garrison Tm* Focrth or March - One year aijo to- ' d*> Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated Preai dent of the United States What a difference in tlie situation of public aflsira then and now! At that time the ship of State might be ?aid to be almost wholly dismantled, rolling in the trough of the sea, and threatening to ro to pieces at any moment. Good cfficrs7 in JeeJ. were on the quarter deck, bat they were new to the situation, found everything in diaorder, and met with all aorta of em barrassments Even the President hurried to the capital fa disguise to escape assassi nation. The public offices swarmed with trai tors, and .-eemed to have a hand wherever mischief was possible. Orders transmitted to a nary yard never got there?when they were repeated, they were disobeyed?and even when a national vessel was got to sea, its machinery was likely to break down io a vital ? k..? r? 1- * i. iuoio ncic uui mui ?oiwi! in war navy accessible. The army was well nigh disorgan ized. and the armories and arsenals were plun dered. The North was npaihetio?the rebels full cf jlee. Jeff Davis, boasting of his deter mination to make the North ' smell southern gunpowder and ta*te southern steel," went in a triumphal procession to Montgomery, where President Linooln's inaugural was read " amid bursts of laughter." The year has gone, and what a change it has signalised ! Aroused by the fall of Fort Sumter, twenty millions of loyal citizens rose up aa one man to the defense of the Govern ment. An army of six hundred thousand men. as well equipped as any army iu the world, baa been put into the field. A powerful I a it- ? ? amrj dm oeto pui upon ia? tea ana upon our inland watera. Iuimenso stores of warlike material hare been supplied in abundanoe. All things have demonstrated that our Gov ernment is of all others ui the world the strongest, and the quickest to act. The day of preparation is hardly over jet, but still we have turned back the tide of secession by the relentless gallantry of our a^my and navy, have quite redeemed three States, and are at this moment in the full career of saccea* at every point. On this fourth of March there is deep gloom and dejeotion in Richmond?confi dence and cheerful serenity at Washington. Long before the year is out the rebellion will have been given over into the hands of the his. torian.?Los:on Journal. A&caUftHop H routes ah a Candiuati rom tiii Papa? t ?The Paris correspondent of the I.ondon S?ar(Peh. Itth) write*: Of all the projects said to be agisting the Im i>?rlal liratu, that of nominating Archbishop to be ibe surc?~?eor of his spiritual father is (be newent and, lo tome, the moil astonishing, while to other* It la onl v a further proof of the re source and penetration of the Third iNapolron. The project hu not been widely rlrrnlated a* one fall? decided by tbe Emperor: but It In suffi ciently talked of In XHr.e circles to be worthy of mention, however, under all tbe reserves which Vv- - ?? ? J"- - ? * uiuii ur luiuc in m|nvuu)( me on aiui 01 rant. The different late/view* which the Irish AioeiVta Prelsta has bad with hit Imperial Mi Jeatf would la themselves hare been sufficient to ?tv? rise to aa extraordinary amount of goaalp; but when It was generally understood that he waa aaked aeveral time* to lonrh at the TullerlM, and positively binned the Prior* Imperial, what sensatlonlst could resist the temptations of specu lating on the chances of the Archblabop of New York finding htaaself aoate fine morning the possraaor of Cardinal** hat, and a little later tba occupant of At. Peter's Chair. C EALK1) P?qPO0A.LS Ar* ist 1 tod till the lath The Catti* U>T* d*lir?nd at Washington City, nd each Animal to average pound* (row itht; no aninai adjoiUM wfeioh weigha I?m than TfceCattlV tot* delivered at a a oh UmM and to ich ?aaabliM aa Uie wovernnient may reaoir*. ioCattUwil! t>!? r??uire<1 ur.dsr it. a oouttaot W . r A bocd with good asdeoSwwitewmnti will ba TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Lalnl Irta the Tmuhm River. RtSVLT 0? LlItTT. Gwis's KWCOMTEE AT PlTTS Brio Laxdirs?Tax Rnext Sufbbe 3*vic*? lt?Twkrtt. Killvd ahu Two Hcxotn WorsiDiD?Heavy Urior Vol* in Socthebr TtHRnm. Cairo, March fl ? Lieut. Gwln, commanding gunboat Tyler, reached here last night from the Tennewee river, and gives a highly Interesting account of his last visit to Southern Tennessee. The enemy had not resumed their attempt to fortify Pittsburg Landing since the lesson they i-^-i * sl. rt ? i m ? * i a ?? rrcriTcu irum ids union lurcc* ijieui uwin landed under a flag of trace, and wan permitted to go a mile from the river before being stopped by the enemy'* picket*. HI*object wai to ebtala an eicbange of prisoners which had been taken lent Saturday. Oi the morning after ffce engagement nine dead bodies and 100 wounded were found in the ene. my's encampment, which h>.d been removed three miles back from the river after the engage ment. Lieut. Gwtn thinks their los# wi lis> than twenty killed and 200 wounded. Their force en gaged was 1,000 Infantry, 500 cavalry and six pieces at arMUery. .At Corinth, Miss .eighteen m lies from Tennes see river, the enemy had 1,500 or 2 000 troops. At Henderson Station, a mile from Tennessee river, there were one or two thousand more, and at Bear Creek, seven miles back of Kastport, Miss , there were 800 or 1.0**1 innrp It ( alun nnnrtrd that the enemy are fortifying Chlcahawa. The result of the recent election In Hardin and McNatry counties ahowt the strength of the V nlon sentiment In 8 uthern Tennessee Tbs former fare 500 out of 1,000 votes for the Union candl ate.and in the latter county 1,000 majority for the Union candidates out of only 1,800 votes cast. Lteut. Gwin ssys the erf of the people Is: "Srnd us arms and a sufficient force to protect us In organization, and we will drive the rebels out of Tennessee ourselves " THI LATEST VIOM COLFMEFS. Cairo, March 6 ?A second visit to Ool'imbus reveals many facts of interest In reference to that place. Col. Bufnrd, who bas made a complete exam ination of the earthworks, says they are six iniles long! Trade sn the < uinberland and Tennessee.5 S*r. Lovm, March 6 ?A general order Issued this evening states tlia. surveyors and other cus tom-bouse tfflrtrn and agents in this department, as Well 8S on Ihf Cumberland and T?r.:.mn> rfv. era, are eipertpd to respect tte permits Issued by the Mfryonof elttiei of the ports of the Ohio river, and tearing bM official signature and Meal. Military officers la coirmsnd c.f posts where there are no custom-house officers, or acting In concert with such officers, wi.i la like manner r aspect thes? permits Sealed baggage, while the seals remain unbroken, will also be respected by the officer*. Goods, warea or merchandise In transtl, tbua sealed.will be Mlowed to to forward to their places of destination, unless there is good and sufficient reason for their detention, en Informa tion obtained from reliablesoun-s. I'ntll further orders, the transportation of this department is not open to munition* of war, except under regu lations with the military authorities. WhUkv, for the time beiug, is prohibited In the resumed commerce of th? Cumberland and Tennesee. By command of Major Gin Hallick U*nirttttc ( ?t ilU'tilgia. bsTBoiT, March 6 ?Tbe l^mocrarr State Con ventloa, wbtrb met here yes'erd*y, was attended by 600 delegate* Resolutions were pawed rt pressive of tL? poj?ltloa of ibe democracy of Michigan la tbe prrsent crisis, promising the support of the government In all constitutional metni to suppress tne rebellion, and opposing the termination cf the war until all realataace to tho ar.VAmmanl iinH^r ?Ka .v...?.?? mhw* ?a*c i/Wia?iiii?ivii auan everywhere crate Abolitionism It strongly de nounced at tqually guilty with secenslnauni, and the speedy extinguishment of l?r?tU. u-prd for. Tbey approve of the Piesldent's mod nida tion of Fremont's proclamation a~d Cnmeran's report, and the appointment of the present Sec retary of War ni an Indication of the determina tion of the President to adhere to the constitu tion The resolution* also denounce corruption and extravagance, and demand honeity a..d econ omy In the administration of the government l bs War In Missouri. THE RSftKLS AT SIW MA.DR10 BKHIXGKD BY THI CHIOS TROOP*?TBI flack I*Vt*TKb. St. Loci*, March T ?A special dispatch to the Democrat says: A gentleman wbo left General Pope's command yesterday states that the rebels at New Madrid bad between five and ten thousand men, and four gunboats anchored off the town It baa b?en completely Invested by our force*. Some skirmishing had ensued, and sereral of our men have been killed by shells thrown from the rebel gunboats when they came within ranga. Our cfllrers, howevei, are conlldent of an easy and complete victory If the enemy's gunboats are driven away. It Is reported that the enemy is fortifying Sa vannah, on the Tennessee river. Some of the anchors left by the rebels at Colum" bus have been appropriated to complete the equipment of obr gunboats. Reoortii from Charleston. Mo . ?i? thst n?? forces are constantly skirmishing with Jt-ff. Thsmpson's army, and three or roar of Jeff.'a men are captured dally. Kanu Lt|Ulitir?. Liavmwoeth, March 6?The Karrnaa legis lature has adopted a resolution, nearly unani mously, Instructing the Kausaa Senators and re questing the Representatives In Congress to aid tne passage of the Rollins Pacific Railroad hill, and a ratification of the treaty with thj Puttawata

mle Indians. C?l Li* at Kaiburv Boston, March 6 ?Col. Lee, lately released from prison at Ricbmrad, Va , bad a formal re ception from the citizens of Roxbury last eve nine. Governor Andrew, tbe Mayors of Boston and Roxbury, bide him welcome, to which Col Lee responded in terms of patriotic fealty to his old flag. ' Trade with ftaihvilla Ke?peaed. Louis villi, March 7 ?The military restrictions on trade between northern ports and Nashville h^ve been removed. C UR E?CORNS?B UNIONS. ]VfR. TKRDK1AT, Purceon Chiropodist, from lvfl Paris, bags to inform you that he oan etfVjotn ally removj Corns and Uanjons. without pain, so that the shoe can be worn im cediately af er the oMration, witnont iRoonvem>-no?. Also removes Warts and other superfluous fleah from tbe hands. \am\ uir j win mf pr?r ?ma:i ?na a9:ic&ie. INO. 10 4>a ?treet, Mr City Sail. Chartee moderate. jr7" Refer* to th* doctor* of WaahU (ton ?ener ify: ; m>?tf ? WORDS FOR PRM8BNTATION TIFFANY Jk CO., Nun. and 43J Bioadwat, N?w You. And No. 79 Rub Richelieu, Pa*u, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WARES. Bohoit the attention of Cmo and Military Aaao oiationa, Command* on National or State aervioe, Patnotio Cluba and individaala to their large took of RICH STAFF^^ESg^ARMY AND Their aeaortment inoludaa the oholoeet Hi t nf< op vNnntB " v t ux?sa? identical with tUoMMdafor Wilkinaan. of Lon don, worn by the offioer" of the British Army, and moat ajproved by experienced fcttroj>ean anthori tiea the elegantly wrought BLADES OF SOLINBEN UN THE RHINE, la fibre tad finish tha raooc nued modern tj pea ot tha celebrated D*m*tcut Stui; tha axoallaat and serviceable BLADAB OF COLLINS, OF HAKTFOftl>. Bantdaa thoae of other domaatio fabrioaa ta. ii^sss^razst comprise all faqauita styles of ornamentation, tha scabbard* being ofSinrna.SiLvt* Gilt. Bxonxi, Plain or FinnOiLT.SiLvnn Platid. MvanisBBn Stul. Rich l*athix, ato .with band*airPaai*. Csakm or KiiaoeaKS 9ilt. or Solid Silvix; tha Bxirj and 69a?14 dKhaaama variety of material OFFICIAL. rEASURY DEPARTMENT, PniviiT 4, IMS. N^rtcx is hcbkbt itiii of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury notes j?f#>ie In one year from date, authorised by the act If Congress approved December 83d, 1867, and tberre&aury notes payable In sixty days from dat? aathorlied by the set of Congress approved 9d Marrh, 1881. Mpsrest on Treasnry notes of the above lmes will cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those sets respectively. fe S-tap7 - "DEPARTMENT OF STATE, XJ Washinotok, January IS, 18?l. Th# fWrptarv nf fttata wHll Kama*Ma* Member* of Congreaa on batlneas on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the flrat of next aratv jtkCT-tf ? WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Jimu 81, IMS. TV*? *V. TIT.. T\ a ?111 W. vkusmu) * **? kuu tt?i i/cpanuicui win ur cloaed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business hut that which relates to active military operations In ths fltld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, J* *i-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Nt M*re English or French Rubbish, made U tell, bat n*t to keep time. Why ihon'd an American buy a foreign Watch, when he oan get a better and cheaper one at home? Why should an Anierioan needlessly er.rioh foreign VV&toh manufacture* at the expanse of car own artieana! Why should aa American tend gold to England and Franca, cur covert but bittsr enr miei, when (old is ao maoh needed at home Why ahouid an American buy an imported Watch, vhioh, in nine oases out of ten, will oost more to keep in order for o ne year, than ita origi nal pi im, and which was never intended to kef p tine uoder ai. y oircum eta noes t Why ahoali Americars not patrtnise more generally American manuiaoturaa. and thu? err.an O'pata tfcemaelvm from tie thraldom of Kngliah capital, Frenoh iuhidna, and Continental gew gaws ( The Aix.eno'.L Watoh Company's Wsioi.es are partteii'ariy adapted for roldteri' use. Uting most substantially inade, and cot liable to get out cf order, either in iua<ohing, rwlii ?, or fighting, fold by ,YI W. HALT A BRO, id* Paauyl f?U!? tVIUHB, TV MIUIlglOQt WholDr&i? urJara utiuu J t?? to ROBUIN8 <1 APPLKTON, Aienta ol the AawnotD Wttah Coajptby, ( a tin 19-2 Bfc&Jwaj, N. V. THE EAR CR r. A. VON MOSI'HZIS&ER, Oculist and Anr 1st. (Late of Clinton Plaos, New York,) Can be eocsnlted on all Di?ea~es oi the EYE AND EAR that require medical or aarcioal otsratiota. Dr. Von Moschziskkk ia the inTentor and inlro dnoer into the medioal prao'loe of the BTHBRIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oasee of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. Unndreda of Testimonials mar be examined at the Doctor's Offioe from some of the most exiaent men in the Union : siso. & lntt?r nf rar*r<tnn? (mm the following gentlemen nov urder bii treatment s W. H. Cooke, Treasury Department; H. Wash ington, Surveying Depar.roect; Henry Beard, Interior Department; John Wood. Capitol Kxten Ion; F. 8. Walah, Eighth street east; N. P. White, Esq.. Gen'l Henry R. White, Hamilton Johnston, Em. Rev. H. W. Read. Patients wishing their family physioian to ac oompany them to witness operations or for the pnrpoee ofoonavltation are at liberty to bring then Medioal men will be at all time* weioomed to witness Dr. Von M ' operations, and examine some of the instruments he has introdnoed for the facilitation of Opthalmic and Anral Surgery. rtifioiaJ Eyes inserted without oauaing any pals to the patient. OAoe hoars from a. m. to X p. m. and from 3 to 1p.m. OFFICES, Nt. 8S7 PENNSYLVANIA AVEN0E, WW WILLARD'S HOTEL. mhl lm OYSTERS?OYSTERS 6 rMt aoientific improve-^SVfAr ts^n^ ;w by vbioh the entire flavor End use or the Oyetei it reto'ce?r ThePK&lL SALOON. 918 Peon, arenne, op K>?ite waiwda' Hotel, vlil open this evening, ( lm of the Jo be lights) with its lmprored dumt OI itna ?lin n ?fii Af iw-A ?4 lrAl b? rVwi'dedlly Fresh Salt Oysters Hotels. Sutlers and Families, in bell, kef, or ~ean. Families' order* delivered on short notioe. Choice CUars at rea onable rat?. te t-lni* ttPRINS CAB91MKRES, Also, median and 0 fine Cloths and Vestincs Nary Blue Cloths, Flannels, and Casslmeree. Cravats. Neck Ties, ?1 ores, ,Hal^ Hose, Um breilns, Puoket Handkerohiefs, Undershirts, Oir Northern and F.M'orn correspondents send u uviirpliu dailj. One snoe only, the aotaal oath standard valoe, marked m plsin firaraa. An inspection or stook t uonrs no obligation to ? FERRY A BRO, Fena. av?n? aad Ninth st. Si bin WAY * SUM'S CELEBRATED PI ANO PORTKS.-ThM? ia?tru?nent?_?^ ErasWW at alt timH reoeivad the first premium overall ott?r?i wbsrever and whenever fbe 1 cam* laoon yatiboo. Tk?r are warranted for fir* tear* A tare* aaeortaeat oftheee iontremetiU laal **" .?25I8f"* 4 re*M*orBaT Cklekenni'j*UKio GJBKratiSSl jsassssa: EHILE DFPRE, Jurt Received and Opened, A large and lr?t-claje aUck of choice FA MILT O RO C B R I?8 , conalstlng of: SUGARS. of ail endm. TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ao?) Ac., Ac. All of which he offers at lownt caah prloes. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WH18K1EK. 900 barrels Magnolia, w wrrcu AAA, 600 barrela MlUera Rye Monongabela, 000 barrels line Old Rye, 500 barrels line Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. 11 tbe favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mamm Verxcny, Green Seal, Heidalck, wblch, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. A Lao, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, feb 14-tf Smith & Brother's PPPPP AA PP PPP AAA PP PPP A A V A PP PPP AA AA PP PPP AA AA PPPPP A A A A PP AAAAAAA PP A A A A PP A A A A PP AA AA L>L LL I. LL 14 EEE*KFE KKLEEEE EE EKEE KKEE EE ER LLLIXL EEEEEEE LLLLLL, EEEEEEE XXX XX \XX xx x:_ . xxx \xx xxx xxx X X,X X X XXX XXX X x\ XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX x ?x x x A AAA XX X X X XXX XXX XXX XX XXX XX XXX XXX xVx XXX . A AAA XX: AA AAA A AAA A AAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA AA AA AA AA AA vrniai A>1BER ALE, rOKTi:R, AND MEW YORK HKOW1 SIOCT lii WKolt, Half, and Quatttr Cmtks, HMUWK1* FKOM THK UHOICKST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. 19th Street, 7 lb ud 8th Atmim, NKW YORK. fe 27 dtjei* JAY COOKE ft CO., No. ?#4 Fifteenth Street, opposite Traaaarr Buiidmjs, Washington. - In oonneotiTO witb oar Philadelphia Hons* we have opened at No. 4*11 Fifteenth street, an oAoe for the transaction of a cecer&i Kxch&nre. Cc i? tidc and Baukinc Business. We bay and sell Coio, Uncurrent Montr, Stoofcs and Bond# (on eommi?-.i >u.) l>rafts on American Mid European cities, reoeire Deposits, and make Co'.eotioas upon all accessible point* fe? Im JAV COOKE k. CO. Boors AM) fcHObrt TO SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manufacturm* ail kmda of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooneta&t. j reo?inni agAi supply of eastern made work of arrrw de-**I soripuon, madeexpr*e?iy too^der, and willr II to cold at amuoii lower prloetuan baa been" heretofore oVaried in tilia city for muoti inferior artioles. Peraona in want of Boots and Shoe* of eastern or eit* made work, will always find a jo?<i aaaort ment In store and at the loweit pnoes. Give as a oall. GRIFFIN fc BRO , ap &-r 314 Pfcnsylrania a^-ewe. NOTICE. ? ADAMS' EIPREM COtlPART ?? This Company offers to the pnt.Uo ** Une^uR ? AdTfciUieg'' for the gate ana Ctukok D.rpatah c' Heavy Frai*hU.Puoiml VtlublH, Money, fcc fco., to all parts of theUiuUxi States. Expresses to and from the North and West da part from and arrive (a Washington twice dally, All F.*?re???i are <- c' arcs of ttytrimtU mmd Messengers. All Pack at es for The BaMiara earned at "on lur our nsnal rates. uu Ml Jtruoiee " VSCBBHUM ?I WW" VUl M Eniira. . Oar ExireHM lam Ntv York ilLi,UdlP. M., nrlrim u Washiagtoa at I A. M.. aad Ut Eikmjm lwv? Philadelphia at Ml A. M. and UPT?U mmii( is Waahiaxton at i.so P. M, aad Ki fre?M Inrt Btitimore at Ut A. M. ud a P. M., arriylag la Waehia^toa at A. *. aad fJt JSwimm for all folate North u4 WmI Mti Waii. nrVrn at 7JO A M. lad UO P. M. daiir. Special Oontraots for large quantities of rretgkt an be made on a>? lcation to this Ofkoe. A Goo- ? oaileafor and deli Tared Jr?gi kitra ahargea. K. W, PAftSONft, wmjubx*?. p.n.is*sn*?"~ IH. O. HOOD 9 Con?t?*t; j receiving, and has always on hex<!. a fail supply of all the nost o-.ebrated K WAVCUaS thai are laanafaotared in Eai-4K) land, Switxer;aad ard Amtrioa both in and Silver naeee. Ha aleo keaaea large sto?E ?l fine JKWtLRY of the moat desirable sty lee set with Diamonds. Emsr&ias. Rabies aad ail other Oema. He is also maaafaotannc all kl?4a of 8oT3 Bttwiwd Bilw Ware, ud kee?? Sword*, *erol er*. Sword Balta M 8uhn, Btvit Kutm, Raaor*. Senior*. Sold, 8. *er acd Bt^el f'ppct* c.e?, and tftMt variety of other thl&x* a*aal'y ( ft la a Jew* rr Store, and a'l at the vary lowe*t prior. No. 338 Pa. are cue, between 9th ud leth kr?f. fa i>-tf 462 aJNSHSWff e&SPfc. 464 ttj<4?JFofw/?j?s!B^UNblKS, BINS. fanS? > at wnoiMMU* Pnoe*. CO. "t^ kM? ooMttauT?i hand Am PHILADEL PHIA OILRAM ALE, is kecs and botflaa, for bar* or faauly aaa The pnbiio in jaaeral are ra ?aaatfd. to giva.Uia^ a call and examine Uair THE1MER * CO., id 464 Seventh atrWt, oho. Pot OHoa. % 46# aad < FUR NITURB FURNITURE! FURNITURE t n iinrtikif MttelMili "W?Ui|t?i Km' that hm m4? IV Dmitj K+m*mg Stmr almiato M filly Unrnghcmt the ooulry copjei (la wrapper*) (U to ff nied u the wuatti, InaMliMy aflat Ut Mi Hue paper Price?THKfcE CLNT? HELM BOLD"S tiENl'LNE PREPARATION - BmHLl CONCXimATMD Compound Fluid Kxtnet Bvohm, A FM*tf4 mmd Sf*c\/b R?u'f F*r Dimmm ( u? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL. lW DROP S1CAL 8WELLIN0S. *hia Medicine inerwtw the mowr of DitMtMt, ?'.d ascites tii* iuoiinn ipto tMfclur Mbot. by which the watkkt ui c?lc?kor? d?po?itioaa, ?od &.1 (ilRtTmi IRKMUMTI fcre rtdiM. M vail M f AIM A.HB IKVI^JUtATlOp. UELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BVCHO ror Anatai (run. Habits of Diea.paMt, F.*rW diecretioc or A'oe. Attmvitd wit* th Fo~ow.ng *vmrtomu: MiiM'ti"! to Kw^iob, Loea of Po*?r, LoMofM'morr. ofBr^tliaii, Weak N*nr??, Ti-tn' lTf. Dtror of Dimm*, Ru> Di ranges of Vision. f*<? in 'h , L'aivsrea I aeaiUde of IM MnaouUr +yt*n. Hot (Uudi, Flwlioi of tfc? On ir Dryness of the Chu, *>?': r* ? the hmu covNTBiuiri Theee aymptoma, it a .owed t- (< wki?t. V medicine invariably rercov**. e?ttn fo.lnv* 1MPOTENCY, FATl'ITY. rPILF.P? '0 fr ?*3 J? on* / wktck tk* Pt<?m ?"? F<rjx?? Who oan tay t^B' th?y are uoi fra^afr.tr M lowed by tAor* "swarm. dibkakk*." "INSANITY AM) CONSUMPTION." Many are avare of the can?e of their lolerm.. in Roita will cowraea. THK RECOKDBof THE INSANE AB\ LUMfc And tAm Ilutii k? mi amfli wrrnn* to run tbvtb op m UM1TIOR. ?oirM the aid at dio:oe to strengthen - n4 Itmromte the s**eta? hiefc HLLMBOLD'b EXTRACT BUCHU tar arta> dmi nuL will coktiucb tu Mot* usttic&l. PEMA LtiS- PEMA LES? PEMA LBS, OLD OR YOU NO, SINGLE. MARRIED, OB CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Minn AftetiMLt Pteuluir tm ft mta.it i the Extract Boci a ia r.ee nn! ed PT any other rem edy, M in Chioroeia in Retention. Irr>i*?ntf Ptiofi!s?M, or 8up?reevoa c* 1'ntoiurT Ktm antioua. Uiceratod or Sofciriona aiaie of the Uto rua, Leucorrhc* or YVhit?a,3fterii:ty. and lor all oompt*iDta incident to the eea. whether eriainf from Indieoretion, Habiu of D<?aipttion. or la Um DECLINE OR CHAXOE OF LItEt bbs avMrroaa uora. HU FAJIILT bfiuULP ?1 WITHOUT IT TtM* a* MOM Mtmrf m Payiiiim MW?na? /er l'n.i<t<ai mm* Oaafiriw XHmmii. HELM*OLD a EXTKACJ BVCMV etui Sfcc&CT OUEAIEI in ?li uetr rUgee. At Uttie Eimm ar ia aii^hia i? n**t- N? /f^ ItSMMt ft fr?4tt?nt desire ftrd flTM ?0>ftflh Vr.E*t*, the eLy ft?muvic| ((tictructioc^ t'reveulu>f ftfcti CtmLc Siiictur** nt tL : I'rittii, Ao&tic( t'fciii&iu latj&i. n* Uot, (re^?"nt 'c the clwa of oiieuM, ai.a ex?e lag PMIMvkt Otita. t i. "Ad if a cwl AfalUr. THorsAND* CFOM TTffTUTi r/rfo HJfJC BEEN THE TlCliUS OM JQ VACKS, ftt<2 who h?re ffc'J ktavy jtt* to beurtd id ft fccri liiiie, h&ve found tb?? wtre deceiyod, ftiul tiat tM hAr, by th* r?e ot"*owmfiU m$t*t%gmu$ wtidrMi up iu u-e tc frsu oii.ntiu |riV?t*d form, ftu4 ft Eli A *S xn-ll MA AU1Z, VmlKLMBUyD? fclflA V ?rC*? til?r . d:a?a???ofika i ftiNiAT oEeun, wkiUc exiiunx in ttiU or riHui, am wfcw?*er -iipi ?r,rir?nci asd no uattar tl J ? LOUt HA?")I!?o DiyiNNl lJ9?e Ortui rMtl Ue ail of a Ol ntrif. UELMHOLD 8 HZTKACT BVCHV 18 TEK eiltAT DILRKTIC. u4 1* ertain tc hiT* tfce (twirad effect la iaa mAa /a* - tdmk ? f *, ? ?< ? tisbiu or m vol* Eseromuui aid a? OK CBiOm TillMNSjUT Ua medici^M. CSKTIFICATKB OP GftRKS. Frosts to c r?*ri' otvKtij Vltk 1AMC. thtsicians pleasa notice.* ? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU > oompoMd of UaeuB, Cubebo fcbd Jicipor B?mM Mleotad wrtc groat owe by a oompetoni drmcgiot. J?ii J PARED in VACUO, '? netiml a&d Aaiirtiofcl Chernial. u4 Bon efmcturer of HSLMAOLDS etNUIJn PBJPAiAllOlk S. AFFIDA . rtnouilr Defer* the city or PhiUdeifhit, H. T. H*lxboli>, wee being duly eworn.aoih HI. die pre??r?ucue tot tun no narootie, no mercury, or other iiderio*. drutt, out ire pare* 7 refeUble. f. T. HELMFULD. Bvorikid tubes ri bed before me, thi?<4 e?ay November, 1864 _ WM. PV A i ribfcKl?. jjdennfcn, Nlatb ?l.. above Eece, fu * IHYBWlAltS IN ATTMNDAirCM FROM 8 A- M TO 6 F. M.