10 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I 9 I / I $ T^__, _____ rrrr? -TTT~~-~~iri~ i >L" .-*< > ... -> -." - - '-* at f. * | A? v-?ir>V ; At \* * >,? *?*- -r > > > | . " * * ,r 1 ' ' ' | (ft , "lllvj ' ? >1 t V* H H I H I ._ |H H H H 1 I . ~ - / * * * ^ .,. , , ? - " '. ., r V2*. XIX. WASHINGTON, U C. MONDAY. MARCH 10, 1862. IN2. 2,823. - ?? 9 THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERY AfTBRNOOlf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THK STAR BCILL) 1.1 OS, fcriit %f ihcm Mi KUitntk rt. sr W. D. WALLACH. Taper* served la paekagea by carrier* it K I f?u, or 37 centi per montk. To mail aabacrlben Ike price Is S3 S? a year, to ?Jwmu; S3 for all Month*; SI for three months; and tor lea thai feree Months at the rate of U cents a week. 81a (le copies, on caur; la wrappers, two cbhts. CJ" Ai vax7:?a*a,STi ahcald be sect tc ths ace before \i o'clock a ; elherwlio they may aot appear cat! I the next day. " ? ~J" ~" 1 r THE EVACUATION OF iOLrMBVI. Further Detail*. fFrom tk? Ch'ram Trikun* 1 Only a part of the machinery of Gen Hullack before which Columbus has been vacated was made to appear in the earliest dispatches. We wish to do the KebcU the justice to atate that they were not driven headlong d *n the rmr oj me icrc?ienea ?av?nce ot commodore'Foot*, though we believe he would have Droved that a sufficient ground for their with*, drawal The completeness of Gen. tialleck's plans did cot allow this as the sole depend* nee for the fioal squeese to Rebel possession in Kentucky. To scow this, the accompanying digram will come in play, and other facts we shall present, will intelligently explain with its help, ja?t why the Rebel* found it - convenient to leave. Gen. Iialleck's official dispatch tells a part of the story Our advane* guard from Palucah rode into CoI tnhus on Mvnday evening. The Rebel Genera!*, at their leisure, may taake np their di*pfttches. If they tell the trutfi it will be about as follows : Gen. Pope, in Missouri, left Commerce, but a few miles above Cairo, and marched his strong column to New Madrid, a point on the MU-ismppi river due east of Union City, on the Missouri side A large force from Padccah, and withdrawn from the Cumberland, proceeded to May field, and thecue the advance directly westward upon Columbna. Nor wa* this all, far a third strong column cf troops, flushed with victory on the Tennessee and Cnmberland, seized, or nms SUVUk IU KIl*, I 111DU VHJ, CUlIirJ <11 retreat by railroed to Ma$phi?. Thus it will be seen that the Rebels were cooped like rals in a trap, and had thoy remained, could have been everhauled at leisure. They wisely withdrew, and with this explanation oar readers have oar dispatchea announcing the event. The Rebels hare done many more cowardly acts in this war than to abandon Colnmbus. The correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette gives the following interesting details : The fortifications at Columbus are erected on a bluff about 1">0 feet high, immediately north Of the town. The position is admirably adapted U> lirfrnm. R( #ntlin? - - .v.?g M <? UUUiUOi Ui tree* on the Belmonf point nearly opposite, the rebels were enabled to command a perfect view of the river for a distance cf tour miles. The bluif fares north and projects slightly into the Mississippi beyond a ndgo extending a mile above it. There are, or rather thert were, three rows of b&tleiies upun it, ?he first boat about fifteen feet above the water, the bcr-ond about ? fe*t above ibis, and the third on the top of the hill. It is difficult to say h?w many guns either of these mounted, as the rebels threw moa*. of their heavy piece* into the river or attempted to dw so tbiu<rh many of them faiiei to reach tbeir destination, and stopped' on the bank, where thoy are no* tiMble. It is presumed that the three main batteries mounted fifty guns, and we have the evidence of citizens who frequently risitcd the enmp, to this effect An attacking party would have h*d one preat advantage. There was no shelter erected for the artillerymeu: and those who worked the gun* in the lower batteries would be exposed during the entire action to the fere 1 of the ganboats. The water lattery wad on *> sort of table About fifty feet long aod twenty ttfctfkf .Iaatv It fftpmaH an ? -? ? m-wm m*v va ?? ? * 1CU % Ui^It 1VZ a g>>i gunner, and if the gunboati could have held out against It for any length of lime, it < >uld hive beenaiieactd The upper batteries were not qui:e to much ei}?*od. hut in none of them were the men sufficiently well sheltered trom bursting shell, graneahot or canister. The eatire works on the summit of the hill c-.veri an area <d a Scut four iaiiea The fortifi'atious are equally string on all aidea, and ealoelated to repulse an srmy attacking from the sjath ai aell aa from the north. The fcrt can be reached from the town of Columbus by tour diffsren: roads, out through the high hills at an immense outlay of labor. The quarters for tha troops are fm ill cabins t.r hr.tl. all.>ut iHr pf ?r.n* linilf /if ,.l?w k? - 1 "1? -~J I "J Jibing into the earth three feet, for the body of the teoemeo', and making oat of the toil thus evacuated a slanting mof, which in a majority of cases is well ?hirgled. There are f enough of these apartmaaU to accommodate thirty thousand men. Kegimental and company officers' quarters aro eon*?rafted in the sam" manner. t:ut a little more tastil j finished Near the river, below the water battery, is the principal magaxine of the fort. It is a subterranean work, about 20 feet n^uare, easy of access from all parts of the fortifications. About half way up the bluff, 75 feet above this, is ano'her magazine, equal in size and similar in c.nstruotion to the first. xae i >ri is so pp. tea wttn water from the liver. by means of a foraa patr.p worked by an engine.' Among the objects which oxcited curiosity to-day was Pillow's great chain, designed to span the Mississippi, so as to prevent the downward paasag? of tbe Federal gur.i^.atj. It is a very strong and' heavy-looking sSVir, stretching Jowu tbe hill and into tbe river, where, I believe, it Is broken. Th? rohai fnr?M 1* PnlnmKn? t.nmV.ap^ l ?-? ??? . ? ? -- ?- VV.WW'MO UUHiVCIV^ Wf CI 2" 0<?0 on Sunday w*ek, wben the gunboat fl?ot catre down the nvor, ar. I vu prevented by a flag of truce from rcconnoitering or attacking. Ibey were under the impres?ion then that they could cot reaiat an attack from the gunboats The evacuation of the place commenced a week ago to-day. It was carried on rapidly. Every wagon withia tales around was impressed to transport stores and ammunition to the depot of the Mobile and Ohio Riilroad?a distance of about three miles. Civilian? were entirely excluded.frou the camp on cud after the 2-9th nit (ieneral polk left Colombo* on Thorsday, the 23th. tmr point South, supposed to be New Orleans. By Sunday la?t all the infantry had gone L?nnral Piifiithflm .la^a*i-? .. ,UVM ?psi itaiUJg IOC fort* in charge of abcat 1,30.1 cavalry, with instructions to barn the camp, and tiy on tha upf,roach of th? Federal*. This la^t command eft <>n Monday mining, having destroyed everything on the previous eight. They pet fire to all the stables, and burned 18,000 bushels of eorn, and about i>M0 tons of bay. They also burned a quantity of stores which had been left behind hy the evaouatcra for the want of transportation. The tnoM that left Columbus went to three different place*?one-third to Jackson, Tenn.; one-third to Ialaad No. 10; and the remainder ? a a ? staruM tor ^aaoviua, uui wnere tu?y went to 1 am not informed. Tt>? rebels did not bam the depot of the Mobil* and Ohio railroad, nor did they destroy the track in the rkiaity of Columbus. They left in too great hast* to ijo any damage tc> this end of the road I believe they destroyed a culvert or two beyond Moscow, about twenty uiiiea from this puce 1?7* Among the charming custom* ol the Hiatus people Is oae wkicLi parttrulvl/ commends I tar If to people who hate children and are bothered by r.olay boy*. Homlcid* in !>!ain Is paotsbable a: a r.-galar tsrltfof prl. ea. Thus, tte penalty for killing a oube of from one to three months la aU "tlr ul." or about 93 56; for a child vf four years about 9lu, for a boy of 13 about 915; and for a man between *> a? d 40 nearly 30 Bevoad the age of 10 years the penalties decrease, so that It Is no more expensive to kill an old man i ^ucawwyrartiMu a> itiwi of two men lbs Women eaao* kilted at two-thirds of tk#rttM for mile*. Another ?iea?1ng custom U that which allows a at&&.?> hire oat hi* wife to hU creditor at a alave, and (has canoel hi* debt by ??a?4 of her toll. " ? On iitltra Cphalstery. 14 Pulow mar ride, W 1th a sword hy hi* ?ld#, J A.ad with pistol.butts sticking tiosa LoUtdt\ Bat tie piala, after ?H, That a pi ilow ao araail Can never be aaed for a bold stir [AT. Y. Sunday Timu, A ML'inCR TRIAL IN ARKAN'S i?V. Thomas Tod, who traveled in the Arkaneaw country many year* ago, before it became a Stat* of the Union, relates the following droll trial for murder- He had stopped at a log hat called a hotel, and had a good healthy night'a re?t, bat wn* awakened at taoriM by Ro*. a roagh atranger who had been hi* traveling com r> anion the Drevioua Jav 'stranger," said the rough customer, ''I'm orry to wake you up, but the fact U I've got something on my mind, and couldn't wait no longer. Won't you go out a little way with me'" "Whet* to?" I atked ' Well. I want to go and call on Judge D.; I've got something on my mind ?mint oat? I tried liquor laat night r l>uf couldn't keep it down. I aint a drinking man, no kow, aad feel like a dog. Come along with me and be my friend." There wa? a bold frankness in hi* manner hat I cnnM not withstand. I accordingly arcs# ami equipped myself, and we walked to the hou?c of 11?? mf?g'>trute. who sent word that he wouM up in a oouple of hours. "But tell him," said my companion to the servant, "I want to see him on a matter of life and death." " 'Da's no use o' dat," grimmed the negro, l?D:if.s-a don't core 'boat life and death till h& git he pleep out." We left the house, but John Rox, M he called himself, did not allude to hi3 pressing ba?ines* more than to say, "When we see the judge you'll know all." We returned to breakfast, and I observed tint Ko* r^f??ed the morning dram prosented to htm by the landlotd, and ate sparingly. Something wna evidently preying on his mind, and I anxiously awaited the hour to hear it developed Tbe time came, and we were ad mittedto the presence of the dispentor of justice, who tv?i a man of wealth, good spirits and roiitn lity of person. "Well," said the judge, '-what's the matter ' Why, you see," said R >x, "day before ye^terdI staid at 'C.' all day and h&du't a confounded cent, and as I wouldn't chisel, I went without eating. Ycstarday morning I started of a- hungry as a panther, and so 1 rode along, thinks I what am I to do 7 I'm above cheatinir in* man ntit r.f n rllnntF Knt dinner I munt have. Juat then a fellow oame riding along the road I talked to him and tried to borrow, swearing to p<>y hina at such a place in a week ; but the critter told lae he pail bid way out of hi? owu pocket, and he'd too little Jo divide. How much have you got V' says I. "Two fitly, ' ?*aya ha. Now," think.) I "that Is too little to divide " Si while h? ws? looking another way, I ah'jl hi Li through the head, and gin him as decent k burial as I oould- under an old log, and took the two dollars and a half. But it won't dr., wy cuneoiccce torments me I am sorry for it. and wish the fellow hid his meney ba.k if be could only be olive, bat between you and I, aa it's too late lor that, I thiak I ought to be hung " Tba jndge called his black boy, ordered three pipea and tobacco, and we supjked in silence. "Then you really think you ought to be bun;.*' he asked with some compassion, as he< 4 . 1 -r l- * -? ? tt ; ?i ??* a uifiuu UI 71UvfKO lOWlTd IfiQ 3CliiDg "1 Jj ia tact," answered John, emitting ? aim liar volume of the >ame g*c The judge smoked and considered again. Well, we'll try to hang you," he added. There wa* gratitude in John a eye, as he nsvfered "Thank you that will ease my oon* science The judge knocked the aahes from his pipe and apoke "Weil, come here in half an huur. Ill try to get a jury ' R 'x and myself laying down our pipe* on the table, were about leaving, when the judge % * ? i assea us 10 tase a anni, wmcti having done, we bade him good morning. In half an boar we re'arned, when we t'ound twelve men smoking and drinking with the magistrate, awaiting as. We were politely requested to ait down. 4tX<'W."aaid Judge D., addrewing hiu'elf to Rox, "tell these gentlemen what yt.u hare already told me " Whereupon Kox made the ?ame statement ' Vn? 90ntl?mAn " rt.nflnn * ] ?Ka Jm.I 44 T wUb you to lay if thia gentleman?Mr. Rox your name in?eh'?well?there a *ome fine old brandy, make yourself perfeotly at hor 9? whether, gentlemen, you find John Rox guilty of murder. In addition to what he has call, I have aant cut and found the body juat u he has described." The jury jmoked, rose up, took a little lif ami r? ?nil vota? ond ?? ?" *?4 "' vi, nu<i ouivnni n^aiu, uutu a> last ouo of them, who appealed to be the foreman. paid : " The caw is tolerably clear, and we rather think he's guilty." " There's more tohaoco on the table," said the judge to Rox, 4 the fce?t yon csn fi.id anywfcere?you've bearl what the*e gentlemen have ?vid?well. I don't like to tell yoa in ay own hou!?e, but" ' Let there be no hindraaoe," replied John, lighting bis pipe. " V?'ell then," said the judge. " 0<>me here at 12 o'clock to-morrow, and I'll have you hatg." John looked disconcerted, and appeared mortified at the i lea of asking a favor. '-You have been so kind to me," said John, that I k?r,lU J... ..k -? r? .1-: " M?i'i.y uatc aca J\Ju 1UI nujimug wuro. Not *t *11," Mid the judge, "out with it, you are welcome to it before you ask." ' Well," said Rox, "to-morrow is my ague day. and the sbnkes come on at eleven?if you would be go good as t<> hang ine at ten." " With the greatest of pleasure," answered the good-hearted judge, shaking John's band, "ten let it be." Accordingly Jobn returned to tbo inn?paid up his bill; and he next morning was bung as the clock struck ten in j^WOti>3 *OR PHE9EMTATWN TIFFANY * to., N..?, " i > vi:u AA-i Bkoadwav, Naw York. A a J Nu. *< * Kr? Richsmbu. FA a, . IMPORTER* ANI) MANUFACTURER* OF ALL KINDb OP MILITARY WARES, Po'ieit tbP Attention of Civic and Military A*aooittione. Cubihiui'Ii on Natt^na* or fet?t? torvioA, Famous Clnts aid individual* u? their large stock of RICH STAFF AND DRKSS ARMY AND NAVY SWOj&DS. Ttoelr a??ortment inoladM the ehoieaat tf LAMES OP RNGLISli M A VI7PACTIH ? i teaiioal with Umh m&.le for Wiikioeoo. of Lot** dor, worn by the ofii jer? ot tiie Britiafl Array, an i ??frovfcII,f *j-rriM.Jo?xJ European aaUiori* ties the ?le<auUy wrout tit BJ.ADKS OF 30L.1NQKN ON THE RHINB. m fibre and finish tb* reoo/niieJ mo-tern types ot tha Oelebrated Damnum* Etui, the excellent aad ft?r > r?eat>:e BLADiS OF OOLI.1NB,OF HARTFORD, Besides theme of oihar domeetio fahrioaa ta. Ttn?ir :icn of tbe biadw.tn all c**m exaai'ed within the establishment, will be found to eninsrise all requisite style* of ornanMctation. the scabWds bauat of tf it van. Bilth Gilt. Biohi*. PlAIM or lM*lfllLT.PlLV** PlaTRD Rich i iituii,(io , with Linda of Plain. t 'uaksif or kmboasut 8ilt. or Koud ttiLvra; tno Gtiri ?ml Sfaeh 01 thataina variety ofmuriil \0n ftbiah, ?u4 or eithsr rrculaUon ^tturii or orif.DAJ d?ai*a bbould an artic'e of EtmoiMaiiT Kunan, of * rtokBMa w4 eoatlicMa not r?fr?MUUd U> acoek.be rt?alr?d for MMHWiw, to* ompniQti?softue *U'>!iaM?at for tS* mtniOaotiir* oi ! if ph;ioeat wcrha ui gold ftcd uivar, uditi|?na-a: arf.itio reaoiro?aftr? uuul iiMatmor i'a ?an?(act..rr fcc.t tpmdj wodaoUou. Iu&aav?r to orJ *ra, 4ut|AitM hUsmm Vtli U promptly fu t WTi'r li dHl tsafflff Is^^?2sha% ?W mora aararo una tfcoaa o1^(do4 by CkMMl> iMir rrorai. .. r>?OT i . inA.?a Malaga Jtl UflfMT iHk flit Mi VflTSftOftt *v9 * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THK UPPER POTOMAC. RmttAT O? TH* IIFBKLF Tloy U?jitP8-ini! tows axd to*tir:catro>t orctrpi*d it tm* ? rKDKRAL rOKCIi -WANT ??!e05KR? A>D>Tu*SJ fAXKK Pootmmis, tfurcb H ?Htl# Gen S. William*. Washington: I.eesburz wa? entirely evacuated yetteTday morning by tha rebel*, and the report* arc that Col. Geary'* advance la there N.J.T Pasa, Brig General. la. tib t.sssBcaa, Va., MarrhS ?Col Geary ha* taken I,?p?bur*, and driven Gen Bill wJth hi* whole rebel cemmand fretu the town uiid surrounding foff*. Th?i "Sur* and Stdpe*1' uaw w. ve over tti* enemy's work* Hen. HTil's irmvftll backtoward^ Mlddleburg. !.? < night, Col. (jury left l.ovetuvlilc with hui ftofarfiand. and m*reb*d through Wheallard and waterford, taking prisoners at both place# and piittlng the scattered forces Of the enemy to flight. Shortly after sunrlae thl* morning he took po**?esion of Fort Johnson which wit renam?*d by the ctfi er* 4; Fort Geary n He then entered the town with flag* tying and bayonet* fixed. Tha rear of the rebel trocpi, who b*d thought this one of their greatest strongholds, cou'd be discerned through a gla?* retreating The command took many prisoners and stores, and are In possession of the bank, po*t clflre and public buUdtnga. Forts Beauregard and F.vans waro ?!?rt iron This brilliant achievement, by a well-timed blow and aklllfil movement, ) of vast Importance. The command li well and In goad spirit*. A detachment of the lit Michigan Cavalry did mnch service aodtr Col. Geary in this move| men?. the xiwi confirmed. Charlestowx, Va., March'J, p. m ?The report of last night that our forces h?d occupied i Leesborg jg cSclallf cn.fi med. The enemy evacuated the town on Friday morning, taking all their supplies ard baggage to Middleburg, but It is not known whether the troopa retired thither or started towards Winchester Col. Geary occupied the town unresisted, yesterday morning, capturing considerable property | accredited to the rebel imy. | All was quiet at our outposts last night. capture or rer^l property ? seizure of confederate scrip. Charlr?toW>, March 8 ?Urmral McClnllati: To-day, a .Vlr. Carter, a member of Hay lor'a cavalry, together with tbr? e va'usble bories, carriage* and other articles, were captured and turned over to the division quartermaster. A considerable uitoi:nt of Confederal? scrlD was alsn aclrt-d. private Whitney, of the ilictaiijaii cavalry,who was accidentally wounded en Friday night, died to day. Col. Broadhead, of tfce Michigan cavalry, baa Ijeen appciiited^Llef ot cavalry for thla dlvUlon. Unring a vUlt to tbt residence of Col. l?ewis Washington, near HaU*town, your correspond dent wa* Informed that sufcst q'jent to tbe d?par> ture of The proprietor, in August last, tbe Confederal * paid *s visit and appropriated a large collection of the portraits cf fien. Washington and bis family, hsin" probably th." only collation cf tbe kind extant. It Is to he regretted that previous to the order ??f Gen. Brinks. e<>fT?e wanton dpnredntlnriB ? ??? roromuted on private property tn thin vicinity, bat It 1? probable that pfpetratora will be det^ct^d ; nd wavorely punUbcd There baa nothing of an lncportant character trtoaplred to-day TMI LATSIT. ' ( uae:i?rows, March ? ?p m?Yeaterday, for tb?' flri>t time alnee our arrival hero, country carrla^ea came Into town, and tbe occupant* held ?o< inl Intercoms* with our?11WM and soldiers. Hulls of *ecewiou prey a>e gradcaVly giving wiv t? other tatiM. and th?? i*?t -* < ? * "h?irfnnf*? . ? ?f, -6 to rrfuucnt the streets on bast ness-and pleasure Dr. \V in Alfunu-r, an eminent pbjMtdan and unflinching Unionist, J led at bis country rtrtctei.ee is thla vicinity laarf ir.onth His ?on yesterday returned home from Cbarlotteivlf e College, drvplv imbii d with Recession and bai been seat t?. Washington Hunareus of contrabands a?e arriving uom tte country. The court" adopted in rfgata t;> lh?ni t?, It luty Lave wen employed by ?he s? '?*loa authentic* to tarn them over to the dli iftlon qu>irWmasW to be employed by tue Feds ral gov*rnrr ent; but if proved otherwise, they ate returned to ineir owner* On Friday Capt. Cole?' company <M Maryland Ctvalry, 40 in numl'cr. pnrauea a aeotrt of Asbby's Cavalry for two miles, between Bunker Hill and Winchester, vrbaa h* came upon aboat one hnndred and tlfty of the latter. A ak'rmiski ensued, '.istlr.K about one hour resulting in killing ?lx ot Asoby's men and wounding Are. Capt Cold had three men wovaded. A se*f!onef Matthrw'a Batten came up to Cotes' support, when Adjutant Wllkins, of Gen. William*' stall", Lad bis ho:s? shot under bim. It is believed generally a? Bunker 11 lit that the t at WlnoQe*ter bn? l?eea greatly rfdved, leaving not over from three to six thousand men there Others again say that Jarkaon's forge has b?en otrt-n^ttien. d by the reglmenta from L*eS' bar*. Captain Cole's scout* last night rear bed a point only four mtleafrem W Itul^ter, bat encounter, d no resistance except from ft small euvalry picket. It is stated tbat l.ut 4fb of the lOtb Mississippi re^lm?nt remained In Leeabrm; at the time of the / evaeuarton. and these retreateata the direction off wMM W?p TbU morning the rebel scouts attacked Oen. ? Hamilton'* pickets m>ir HmithvlUe, killing on? [ a*ju wounairijf o.T'inpr pn vif or rrn -</i a inatan?. Tbey were pinaiied by th?:?J Wtaconaln, w>jo bad not returned at laat wroonnts^ nipoRTpT FROU nnr MEIICO. MSVEBATR BXTTLB TBS MIIB? SOVTH ?ir BOB! CRAIG- SKI;AT 1.088 ON BOTH *I9B& Dbsvbr City, Friday, March via Juleaburg Saturday, Marrb S ~Tue following newt wan rareivod tier* to-day by military expr<?c: A dtajxrate *nd terrible batti* mating all day. took place> at Valverde. tin miles nmh of Fort Craig, on the 21st of February. The tight waa prob mly rerimrd a^uln ou the Mil. The loaa la g eat on both aide*. Ho.b partita cintro tbe victory. A regiment of New Meilotua, commanded by

CoL Par.ton. ran away, no Gapl Mr Rae, wLo badcbnrge of oar artillery, and every one of his command were kilted at their po*t, and ttieir cannon nrii taken by the rebels. Kit Canon wa? witbin 1? miles of Fort Craig. Firing waa heard from his direction, with vvtal result wts not ascertained at iUptime tbe iue*eenger left. -?. " i ' Liltt front Kentacky.' TUIITT CASftO^IKTOVKSKD AT COLFMBl'S. Chicago, March 8.?a special dispatch to tbe Cilro Ttmra aiy>: Thirty cannon nave already been found at Columbos. which were thrown away by the rebels In evacuating the plane. A detachment of tb? Seuund Illinois Cavalry returned from Bertrand to-day, bringing several pilwoueni. They report the country atlulnfeated with roving bauds of Jeff. Thompson's marauders. ' ; 1h< Funeral of ?? , Lander. Bal?m, .Mh , March 0 The funeral of Uk? late Ceo! Frederick W. lender, tills afternoon, ; wm n aslemn and imposing event. Got. Andrew ai*l ?t.a w.-k- anjon^ tb* atte .a...u , rfi OOPARTNKRSHIP. I I HK Co?rta?ih it Itftefef?itwiaa Walter, Kirmann ft Bon. havicf t>een dtBiulveci In mdm^mbm of the deaii <? ona o! the firm, tha . awiaaMV-iUaeraattorb^oftrriadonanderthen&m* ftin&MaorWALra*K4SMA!hf. WearaUMNi to bwld to ordn, ?no o miAatij on uw), mil kiBJBof iLd mogt faikiontbieOAKKiAOt- ?of the Ttry boat Torkm&cihtp. Jtepfclrinj p/ompUj m4 , currfiilly fcttra<to4 to M the m<Ht re&tonabie prioea, Ikantmi for rut favors, we kop? For a oontinu- . ue?*ftb? t?in*,al oir ?id Mnblir mnt,oa J) ' rssr-~ zv&Mifli"- j MBVtr TOM ? ! ? - i wm wwvXkK I I nkw teas, 0LI1 BOVERKMKNT JAVA CQ> FKJE. j t : KXTJU su8ajuqu&bj) ha MB, r 1 2<- T St'JI lilotfMf kisiii of \ KAJIC Y ^OROCKKIKB! f i f ? wm. ooiwin Buae-v, . - < ]???* * oom<miu | j ??. mBUUSBA. 1 OFflOIAL, TRfcAiL'RV UEi'AR I^VIKN'T, PEBftVAftY 4, lS?. Notict m BB&CIT <4.vRm of Uie readli'.f-aa r-f thla IVp| riiutut to redeem tL^ Tre??n-f note* payable la one year from data, authorised by (be act of Con| rwi approved Drotaiber 43d, 1-57, r.n?l the Treaiui y note* payable In ality daya from dato, authorized by tbe act of Congreaa approved 2d Mircb,186l. fnttteat or Treanry not*a of the nbrre Urw wtll fttw rtn th* 7th day of April next by tenna of tb<% acta reapee*1v?-ly 4 i i i TAKPAR^MKW! OF STATE, IX. V Wub'.ww, Jnnttarjr?5, ISIR. Tfc' secreftiry of Suv will hereafter teeelre Membfra of Oonpttas on business on Saturdays. commentting wltti Saturday, first of next month. JanS7-tf WIULTAH h SEWARD. WAR DBPARlTtfENT, J A5UAHT 91, 1*3. ORsnn, That the War Department will be cloned Tnesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against *U other bnaln<?a but that which relates to active military operaV5on? In th? field. Saturdays will he devoted to the bnslneaa of Senator* and Rep*<qoRtatlves. Mondays to the bM'.nea* of the Publlo. KDW1N M. 8TANTJON, ja 1-i-tf f*ecretary of War. amjshiuan WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Ha Mere English er French Rtibblib, made to Mil, but net to lierp time. Wby shou'd an American boy a foreign Wa'cb, nfien he ?an ret a better and obeaper one at home? IVaj should re American nee ilessiy esrioh fort nil Watch manufactures at the <otpense of our oti artisans ? Why sbonld aa American ?><: *o*1 to Fntlsnd and Franoe, onr oovcrt but bitter enemies, *L:n gold is so urioh needed at home I WTy should an American fcay an imported Watch,-whioh, ui nine oases ont of ten, will co?t more to keep in order for o ne year, than its ordinal pi 100, and wtoioh v? never intended totoep tiire tt&?er a:jr circumstances i Why ehnui; Araenoarm rot ^atro*i*<i more generally American irannfaoturea,>od thus en a oipate thetraelrei frora tho thraWom of Km .rh capital, Freueii fashions an* ContinfLtal icewKawi Th' iMmia WtUk He? ? ?- wpiui m ?? *voitcs are j>?iticu ariy tor eoidiera' use, b*mc mo?t aabs'aatialJj i:ia<H, a.id rot liab.'a to get out of order, ? her ?u *a; otiiEic, ridir*. or fighting. Sold by M W. 0ALT A BRO? 334 Fe-oajlTar.'.a avt>n#d, Wa^k?iri([toa. \V orders shou d ba add r weed to ROBB1NS A APPLETON, Ateuu of ilia Awerioau Watch Cump\ny, - -1? a*-'ft? 1** Uroa'tray, ??. Y. *NKRV?U.- UFBILITV, TJr t-tPKlT MATO? K l iL A ?A re-mareat and !i?t 104. CI.'RK frr h'a terrible fi'eas* ruay ba obtained of the adverser, who ha? thee oureil bimee faad, au'-ee^ca 1 r. nurdr.de of others Ecolo^e one ctau.p, arid atireia Hox 17 4. Oi.arle.town, Huf. .alio lrr? C3 H t A T DA R ft ft i N H M roa fBii 'i'HADfc at* I) AtiTl.K&f! 1 ba uu'orttdr 1 itonoa clo i*i< out ha-i&ess on the 15?h March, ami will ?-II Mi entire ttock ot Prflv:?i."vn? J m..ui ' * ' *' * ' _ . - . n.WM. ?- vw- ?. r?tcv a <' *- 11 ri.iir v iJHfi t.f diff >r>*nt ir&3 s of ?f. >uibd,vh v<- w&ao; daimrd to turn ana wi i t* # id atiiiprw*' ?rt<?P OaH st i n??e Aisj, ?c?" ^f tao t a??"? ?? standa in liteofy u> let. JOHN P. i-HK?l>RB. iiih 6 Iw* ^orti-r f f >>tu ar.J ? m. ~c u&E^ccia NS-BVNIONS. Mr. I'ERDKiAT, 9urrftt>n Ct?i>-opodiar. from l'a.:s tct{sio inform jtu toat :no?? < rf-cta a-!y r?:nnv> Conn *cJ Unu;rtns wit!?oui (?in, ? ) tfc?t tii? ?ho? btf. worn iiur oU &telr ef ?-r lue oparstjon. iriu?''n? ioco..v?ni'-nc3. A!so r^iven WtrtaaaU ot^or ?upt?rd<i?>w* flo^h from the | a* tliAt t^o j wil' * ^;>riwr c(Tj\' 1 au?i do No. 15 f 4K i>aar City Hall. Chnrres iro iarala. t \nr Re tar a to tea dootora ol VVaaiu |ton*en?raJ.y. lah 6 tf s LAW H 0 H O O L f n? HARVARD COLLEGE, 1WJ Twb f# mi of maeio?a w?cka ?aoh, ooiumer/uo* Mareu 3d r nd J-apteini-er 1st. 1 Fw Catalogue and ciroii ar, addrt e? J 01. L V K K K K K , * fiyalt Prt Os 'or. Camiiridga, Mua? Fao. 'ftSt f* U 8 .it S^~C,HtNCK'rt MANORAKF. Pl'-IA?Thia'ia 4 ups of 1 ba TIIKbK i.?R R^T KKMKfUIH wu? uavo maut) 1/i\. aull P?1 H ftl'"1 T6 11 f in ?h<" treatment t>l seveml ? '? (iauge>r<Mis ar* latal dU"*""* tLat any other m^lioal #i?nri!ioBfr " in the I.'nited states. Tne Mtudrak* fills are ? CfTdrel a? _ 1 _ . A rtt'B^TlTUTK FOR CA? OMEL. DR. SCHKXCK avers 'hat nm Manorak* Pi! s Viil tfljotevory uoje-t for whion the ere|>ar#tiona of mercury oau fo?'it?y l.?? use!. and he dec tares most snleanly aid ceaaoitBiinnny that iliese | Pills rrftv b? used wi'.b per ect taletj in au oate* where alterative* or purgatives are repaired. Ills not mooli won'le.-irhei we r*fl?ot that the liver i* the largest organ in the iinni\n organs*- ' tl?>?, that it beeoinea 40 frequency d:sea ed. Th? j ye'low and sal.ow akia. th* nn*^ *>?? ?? a it the morniaf ti li thecull p*m in thaLmba; tell at ones that tma (res t d^puruint ortan u doina P its work hy hmlv<M only Aq? peraon ?Lo will take one of theaa Pill* at tizht will cot on' y be re- r ltewd ofrtiaeaa*. bat likewise its <1i?a*r*eaba attendant*. euob aa hoadacha, a<>or at^inaoh, costive howela. pitea. an?i ike cull, heavy f?fliB(ta over tlm whole uaiw, whioli otn :tn?amake lif* bnrcan eon*, Mid render ce patient wholly uu&: for eu * joy me tor boicena cf\nr kind. _ l)K. J M. ?CH KNCK will b-at hlaaf?!tf (9 W. J Waite's*, oorner*boBiki*Da *venu^ ar.'iTCn at'eet, ' on 'Wadneaday, February Sdth. and M*rol 3BJ?, to . aae pitieataooroalaiiinc with Consha, Col 'a. Lit- ? r complaint, D> :p?paia. or aay diaeaca ltaflmc to Connamption. H? give* ?Jvi<? without chare*, un o?a they want a tticrnn?h examination w.th kia ; ..?r->"inw vi ?iinn k*i iov ?aroo uoujtri. * trice of Palmomo Syrup (I pet bottie or 8 5 per . hafdo??o. ' P/i?o of Seaweed Tonic 01 par bottle or %b per ?* /dozen. 0 P?oe of Mandrtke Pills 25 oenU K' box. ieH-MfcTh,lm* /^v OY8TER^OVt?TERS.^r . vii|f *? ] if&ft fiSrBw&ia \ by wbieh the entire flavor and cue of the Uystet ? ' ??N SALOt. N, HI* Penn. Of I 5 eosita Wiuiunie' Hotel, will open Una eveoinj ? lejtn of the (Woe Itf bta) with its lmerored m&urer ? or teaming, neatness of fitting, ana order ci wr & vw*. All aesirics a luxury will be rewarded by E oa'Ilat. Bn peri or eaality of Freeh Salt Oyiteri Z oonstantly on band to supply Hotels. Sutlers and : Fanulie*. tn shell, kef, or oan. Families' order* Z dSUTSrMm th/irt nntTa*. nhnw? ''' ? ? 1 ?onaiWar??----- J UPKXNM ca8s1 kkkeh. aim, mauium ani ^haa Cloths ami V acting a A Navy Ulna Cloth*. Flan ne la, and Oa?ilnor?a. " Our iMorthara an?l Eaa'arn oorraapoadeataMid 9 aa n?v aappliat daily. " On* ar oe only, iha aotual eaah ata&dard raiaa, marked in flaln ficii'M. . F Aninataotioaof atook ioouri bo obligation to & ^oreh^aA, fKRKY k bHO, f fah 3-a- P*pb. ar?nea and Ninth at. ?1 B*?IHWAY ? BON'S CbLtUdATED PIANO POBTB^-TfcHe iutrinMti_?^ kr* ?dMi*tMd br all BMioiMsta b*ui? bMMBiHl i tfk"ra, wtiffwfr ud wMm?? ttoe? otmiaoompotitioo. Tfcey ?r? warruttd fbr H*? ? A ?rn BMnrtm-Bt of th?M iniitrumeiiU u kl U'U^ UM?&?&tiUoTT. .fains.*""" -" s G^ar?^ii3?JS13iJ?S.t.^L2- * ^UlttTri. BBlATB, BttlKHi-iut fece;7?i S 3d0 PKil.lSVLVAMlA AVKHS. EMILR DFPRE< J?i Rscfltfd a;.d 0#>?a?l, A ftrge and Srst<'an stack of ^h' lee FAMILY GROCERIES, coaaUtiuf of: 8UQ ^ US. cf lT. s:T-de*? TEAS, | COFFEE. BUTTER, LAKD, PLOt'R, MAILLARO'8 CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All of which he offera at low?.at caah price*. Pl&E'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. MO barrels Magnolia, SfO barrfli XXX. 500 barrel! Mliierj H76 Monongt*"f!a, 6U) bamla fine Old K vo. / -I 800 barrels foe Old Itourbca, AT CINCIXIfATl PX1CKS. All (be fav*rM* bra-id* of CHAMPAGNE. Mumm Verxcny, Green Seal, Hetds'ck, which, being bought !->w, we offer at unusually low rates. Xiao, Bole Agent tar PiKE^ ARMY CORDIAL. f*b K-tf Smith & Dro Iier's rrp PP AA EE KEF."K?5 pp ?-Pf? AAA Ll. V tEEEK PP prp A A \ V EE KK PP PPP * A A A > E L E P?* PPP AA >A Lli E' KK PPPPP AA AA EL. - K^l.E PP A AAAAA A EE EE i'P A A A A EE E?' PP AA AA LL?.*.EE KKF.F.REK PP AA AA EELLEE EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX V V w * ?? ? ? 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S'Co? u.d f: ?ndi (or octnn > !W.i>? on Air. rir., . m<i Kor.ip ^'j oitier, rjj^ir _* Oe?"!t??, M;d tuike /olieouona ttputi ali actc?? > * points fr>4 liti J A ? <' < " it K A -'O IIOOT& ANl> fcHOKi1 I'O H L 1 T T H E L? TIME". VV? DAW in*.nnf< r?i r n? '! !????< WfirtTJ .rul SUOfcS. a d ovui-'A r t receiving >A* ui#pif of p&atoru niaJfl work o' ev rt de-KHf iori;?iou, iua'?ex?r*s.\y to wt.-r, *-.d wsl W Si <e fold KtmuQMuver prioatI?..u ! <is ' .en" ic-*toforu charjed m tii * ci.y lor crach iuf;riur irtieles. Pomona m want of B>iti and Sh^*?? of e*?t*rE >r ci'y toad* -roric, will a!wtj* find a to*xt a??rnt a?st is store and at the io?r?s? prions. Giv? us a ?:l. GK.iFi.NfcVKK. ap Ir-T 314 H-T'DMi' .1U.I *re u-\ nones "ADAMS' X.iPRKS<i CO:tffA-ir '? Ttua Coit^Ly offers to t_o L'r?? n*U?c LdTAtta^e/' fox tii? SaJoarf Qr.iok of l?ry Kn;*fct?. "a Uuo?7. Xe ic,, to e.:! parts Wrtno Ujut Exsrescfa to *j;ti from the f jrth and WpI da art from end arriT* te WhLii.;Iog i*r:-od? y, All Kxymces ara ;B e^a:ta of i*??r w?.i. i m ihtblt Me<spnt?:3. Ail l'*ckt|M for 7b? Bciditti ovtm i! 'cm ia.lv' cur u<! i*l rates, iiTCn/vu r. ~?v- ... ??- ?--? ??' .... Y 'VW 1 s. w I vlUSUSlftA' D i?? nJ m " CoLtraiaa' War' ir.ib* lutiu Oar fe;**rv?st imt> N?w YrM* 41 1, i, ??j c r !.. irrmm in Wa2h?i?*&fc M i A. M 4fc' *.? ^vxirMiM Int( Ptu!td?I>*j* at (JO A. M. aac 1 P- M? arrWlcg In WuLUitoa at ?* P. Jd. aad ^uraim 1mt? ?ati,nK>r? at 4 T? A.M. and P !.. arnving la WaahiLxton ?t < A. hi ata U? k. Expr3K*e for poinu Noilh tnfl West I ear* * MhiErtonI47J0/. M.tndi& P. M. Hpjciil Contracts for i?rj? auititir* of Freiciit tn be rcvie ou ?ap.ioaticn u> t.xia All Oooda o?Un for mo delivered ft** of Ljrtra E. W, PAttSOWS, 'TXttuniw, tfti. II U-U r ? H. o. MOOII LoypoMBtur reoomuf, *n<i t tat vtfi on hu><<, ^WLaFM rL?f tk? iwnt c'lebratnl W VAXClir.iJ thai are inanufaotiirad in Fn?- #5M lS umW ^ ? d America boU? in 2m JUwSVSfv B^a *? k2ef? ?! ?U?-* Ol f-LEY oith? mo?t Jnairable *ty!ee ?ot r?U ihanonde, Kio-rfjiis, Rubin and a?l uther r*"B. ? \? also maonfaetariBta". kind^of ?<o:id ftrsssRssi Laxor?, Scia>or?, Gold, feilv?r ?cT Sue! rpoolvl#a, and s irut variety of u-he,- ;hku? iuiuJ y pt tn a Jew* rv Store, and a' > at the vary 'eweet diMti. '^ avenae, between ?tt ^ar.?noth LfiQ . ?? WKRTHElM?i: k. CO., A ft 4 [OX No, 4?* ana 464 Sktiwth b*., ll)j Omnia* tki Pott <&ft, ffer their otoek&f WINES, BRAN1>IKS, GINS, :0*DIAL8, et?.,a?ao their tarro aeeortraent of eoOD#' ~~ n?T k?M ADBriUtlf AH lilnll (? PDII i 111 I H>A CRfcAM ALg, ?1?"a ToVtJn, /& Biortolr (N The pvblie in feteral are r?ussdttira'ss.r *?a S. WBRTHBlMBft * CO., * . 46? ud 464 aerwth street, ? H-m ep?o. PoetOftefc Sf FURNITURE! f* FURNITURE! vL ] Mi FURNJl URE! | ^.UrHOUBTKKING ?roo^i ParoS'S'irifr I <***latOTMl toMU! t*f~n , J bVi* 1H-< -1^??lf*>L* h>a,w*? ' ? fric a. mrt'okcB. 8?v?uii TiiJS TTStKLV STAK. e??t ?ui>l imiilaUv ? ? ?? ?n?if ? < ?*?*Mtag H( <W> ?a t? uui u M? ?^0t?u rthiau?4 'j rr.fai airtji Vll ?t -**?!. M UM?M. RtH *??T l?? * ?*? * ** ?! * ilH?? I * tcpl*** ? r ? ? I ? * ? ? ? *1 ? ?** * ?S fUi <u r-'.4e fV? /?i>'| E?? h Sm? ?.rcm.st* M tftro?/-bo..t Ur r<. *rtry. ecpin fli ^r^rpm' **** * +?. nrt^ rt Uie Ktj kc, lD*'4|ti?l) tar* of ttf pt>x*. Price?1 tiH ET CENT? m ? i "' ' HELM Knurs ? GEM INK PREPARATION. ? HiUHLl COXCKNTAATMP" Compon&u F;iA Extract Buehtu A 3fcifU iUwutfy * t 'T ^wutr *f tt# BLA I>l>ril, K . DN 1 Y?* 8??T^ *W hiOAl *WL ,U* w*. TMr kW^Kic* ti# t* ?Moe? ? . *.'.* t.- a. .:- - f .;: ? - . i , r.? wu ;.' ? vn b *? u t r? aL?t " :.oa?f n. <1 ntt ^ , Urol, un:: 4 o : TiAWj;-* ?-*9ZJ5n^r'Utm "arr'... iff ,-.r ww??? wikrdMCirA'mn. 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